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Hope College, Holland, Mich, May 6,1931

Volume XLIV

Charles M. Mc LeanFinal Contest Passes Away In Oratory After Illness Postponed

Number 7

Scene from "The Lady from AUaqueque."

Seniors Present Play Tomorrow and Friday




"The Lady From Alfaqueque**

Highly Respected m f City

A Leader in Michigan BuBiness and Educational Circles. Father of Prof. Paul McLean Hope College experienced a great loss in the death last week Wednesday of Charles M. McLean, acting President of its Board of Trustees. A resident of this city for nearly forty years, Mr. McLean played an important part in its business, educational and religious life. ' He came to Holland in 1892 to be superintendent of schools, and a f t e r seven years resigned to become manager of the Holland Sugar Company. When he gave up that position he retained his place on the board of directors. He was also a member of the board of directors of the People's Stat^ Bank and of the Holland Furnace Company, both of this city. Mr. McLean had always been interested in Hope College, and in 1921 he was made1 a member of the Board of Trustees of t h a t institution. He became vice-president of the Board in 1923, and acting president last October, upon the resignation of Wynand Wichers, president-elect of the college. The honorary degree of Doctor of Laws was conferred upon him in 1929 by Hope College in recognition of his ability and achievements in educationaWtnes. The chimes in the tower of Hope Memorial Chapel are a g i f t from Mr. McLean and his four sons in memory of his first wife, Mrs. Ida Sears McLean. One of his sons, -Rev. E. Paul McLean, is professor of religious education at Hope College. Mr. McLean will be missed both because of his great ability and services to the college, and because of his character. In an editorial (Continued on Page 2) o

Sociology Class Makes Trip To Chicago

The final women's contest in oratory has been postponed indefinitely until a f t e r the men's contest which will be held on the 13th or the 15th of May. The Girls' contest was originally planned for Vorhees Day, May 8, but delayed entries have prevented its occurrence at that time. In the only preliminary held for the Raven Contest among the fresh man aspirants, Christian Waivoord was selected to represent his class in the finals. The other contestants were Melvin Dale and Archie Kawalk. o

Three Musical Events To Occur Within Few Days PAALMAN RECITAL TONIGHT —NIEhSINK SUNDAY AND GLEE CLUB MONDAY This week will bring the opportunity for the students, and /or the people of Holland to hear a variety of musical programs. Tonight, Miss Hazel Paalman gives her senior vocal recital in the chapel. Her program is as follows: "Lungi dal euro bene" P u r uiciati O' jocoa bellu"

Secchi Lotti

"'Lieti iSignor" from "Gli Ugonatti" Meyerbeer "Sapphische Ode" .Brahms "'tis Hat Die Hose Sich Beklagt" !• ranz 'Feldeinsamkeit" Brahms 'Aus Meinen Grossen Schmerzen" Franz - E r Ist's" Wolf 'O Thou That Tellest Good Tidings" from "Messiah" Handel "Elegy" "Mon J a r d i n " "'None But the

Massenet Foudrain Lonely H e a r t " Tschaikowsky

Full Houses Expected by Business Staff Selling Tickets

Scene from " T h e Lady from Alfaqueque" thowing Don Paacual to be played by Paul Brouwer; Rosita, played by Tillie Masselink; Felipe, played By William Kuiper; Femandita, played by Marian Lordahl; Blanca, played by Evelyn Albers; and Adoracion played by Betty Smith.

COMING Y. M. PROGRAMS May 5—"The Quest for the Infinite."—Mr. L. Greenway May 12—Mothers' Meeting— Mrs. H. Dykhuizen May 1 9 — " O p e n G a t e s to Greatness"—Rev. A. Rynbrandt May 26—"Education as a Vocation"—Mr. E. E. Fell June 2—Senior Meeting—Paul Brouwer

Profs Attend Schoolmasters' Club Meeting N I N E HOPE INSTRUCTORS TAKE IN SESSIONS AT ANN ARBOR Several of our professors attended the annual meeting of the Michigan Schoolmaster's Club. This club was in session at Ann Arbor Thursday, Friday and Saturday. It is an organization chiefly for college professors at which lectures are given, recent textbooks are exhibited and conferences on college studies and problems are- held. In connection with this club, the annual meeting of the Michigan Association of Deans and Advisors of Women was held. However, Mrs. Durfee did not attend. The Misses Boyd, Ross, Dykhuizen, De Pree attended, also Professors Kleinheksel, Van Zyl, Van Saun and Lampen. o

"Slumber Song" GretchaninolT HULL HOUSE AMONG T H E " 0 Thou Billowy Harvest Field" PLACES OF INTEREST Rachmaninoff VISITED "Expectancy" La Forge At four o'clock on Friday morn"Retreat" La Forge ing, a party of about fifteen So"Minor and Major" Spross ciology enthusiasts s t a g e d out for Chicago. Miss Fulmer acted as Sunday afternoon, Richard Niesguide for the party, and a f t e r a sink will give a Sunday Organ Ves.five hour drive, they arrived at (Continued on Page 2) their destination. Most of Friday wag spent visiting the interesting Hull House, the social center of J a n e Adams fame. Everyone Tuesday's Y. W. meeting was agreed that the visit was immensely opened with a song service led by interesting, one of the most interGeneva Dogger. Devotions were in esting things being the pottery charge of Hazel Paalman, and f o r class. P R E S E N T CONCERT PROGRAM our special music Helen Smith The girls of the party stayed at BEFORE ALLEGAN AND sang the beautiful selection " H e a r the beautiful McCormick Memorial GRANT PEOPLE My Prayer, 0 Lord." Y. W. C. A. building. On Saturday Martha Vandenberg was the dissome of the sight-seers visited the On April twenty-ninth and cussion leader, her topic being art gallery, while some of the less- thirtieth, the Girls' Glee Club gave "Cutting the Ropes." She warned serious-minded attended a league two fine recitals, the first one was I us to be careful of our actions f o r ball game. held in Allegan at the Dutch.Resomeone may be imitating us and Everyone was sorry to have to formed Church at eight o'clock. leave the "big city" and come back The church was packed and the using our life as an example. We to the less pretentious town of Hol- audience beard a delightful pro- cannot know how many are watching us and taking our every Christland. But one can't expect life to gram. like o r un-Christ-Iike action as a be all pleasure, and t h e class reThe next evening the girls jourpattern. " W e cannot cut the ropes turned to Holland Sunday a f t e r - neyed to G r a n t where they presentof influence." noon. ed their selections a t the Como In spite of a few flat tires the munity H a l l A large, appreciative Mrs. Olive's Sunday School Class t r i p was educational a s well as be- crowd attended. Before their re- of Hope Church had a pot luck suping f u n , and we expect t o see the turn to Holland, refreshments were per a t Miss J e a n Bosman's Wedmembers of Professor Mc Lean's served. The same program which nesday night. Elections were held with the following results: PresiSociology Class fairly bursting was presented in the Hope Me- dent, Miss Mary H a i p e r ; Secrewith their newly-acquired informa- morial Chapel two weeks ago was t a r y , Miss Edith D e Young; and presented at both places. Treasurer, Miss Lois Keppel. tion.

Glee Club Gives Two Recitals Within Week

ARBOR DAY POSTPONED Pi Kappa Delta The annual observance of Arbor Elects Officers Day, at Hope College on May first, was postponed on account of the at Banquet death of Mr. C. M. McLean, a man THEODORE SCHAAP I S NEW PRESIDENT—CLARK POLING, T R E A S U R E R The Gamma chapter of Pi Kappa Delta initiated into its ranks the largest number of students in the history of the chapter Wednesday evening; a t the parish house of the Grace Episcopal church. The president, C o c r t E y l a a r s d a m , assisted by Paul Brower and Gerald Heunink performed the ceremony. The thirteen new members welcomed ipto the Hope chapter were Miss Nella De Haan, Miss Jean Hinken, Miss Louise Kieft, Miss Josephine Rodenberg, Miss Arloa Van Peursem, Miss Beatrice Visser. Miss Alice Boter, Henry Kleinheksel, William Kuiper, Harold De Windt, Clark Poling, A r t h u r Ter Keurst and Leon Winstrom. A banquet followed the initiation ceremony. A f t e r the dinner election of officers was held. Theodore Schaap was elected president and Clark Poling, treasurer. The retiring officers are Coert Rylaarsdam, president a n d Theodore Schaap, treasurer. Arthur Ter Keurst was elected manager of men's debate. Miss Louise Kieft, manager of wonyen's debate and Miss Alice Boter, manager of oratory. o HOLLAND CIVIC CHORUS GIVES MAY RECITAL The May recital of the Holland Civic Chorus took place during the Vesper hour Sunday, May 3, in Hope Memorial Chapel, under the directorship of Professor W. Curtis Snow, with Mrs. Esther Snow and Miss Sarah Lacey a t the organ and piano respectively. Rev, Paul E. Hinkamp, B. D., the college pastor conducted the devotionals. The program opened with Bach's "In Thee is Gladness," played in good style, by Miss Sarah Lacey. I t was heartening to see how well petite Miss Lacey monaged the four-manual Skinner organ. A f t e r a hymn by the congregation and the reading of Scripture by Professor Hinkamp, the large civic chorus sang " 0 Rejoice, ye Christians," by J . S. Bach, and "Holy a r t Thou," by J . F . Handel, the latter accompanied by Mrs. Snow a t the organ and Miss Lacey a t the concert grand Bush & Lane piano. Next the college pastor offered prayer, which was followed by the H o s t ambitious number on the musical program, "The Wall of Heaven," by Johannes Brahms, who is often called the (Continued on Page 2)

very prominently associated with Hope College and president of the Board of Trustees. Usually on that date, the Seniors, garbed f o r the first time in their caps and gowns, plant a tree on the college grounds and hold special exercises. It is expected t h a t the service will be observed some time in the future.

Tomorrow and Friday night Carnegie Hall will %nce more resound to the busldned tread when the Senior players present "The Lady From Alfaqueque," a Spanish comedy in three acts. Work has been going forward night and day under the able direction of Gerhardus Linde Mulder of Grand Rapids, and the result will be an example of smooth and clever acting, charming scenic effects, and delightful comedy. The best talent of the Senior Class has been picked for the parts. The cast includes Marian Lordahl, the Lady; Paul Brouwer, her husband; Tillie Masselink and Bessie Schouten, servant girls; Evelyn Albers, ward of the family; Lewis Scudder, her fiance; Betty Smith, the sweetswoman; Nicholas Burgraaff, a neighbor, Ethel Cunnagin, his daughter; Myron Leenhouts, a sponger; and William Kuiper, the lover. The business manager reports that the tickets are going f a s t , and that he hopes to fill the house each night. The cast invites you to come and spend a jolly evening with them in romantic Madrid, and g u a r antees to make you f o r g e t the little cares in life. The curtain rises at 8:15. See you a t the Gym! o '

"Pegasus' Pony" . to Appear in a Few Weeks Y.M.C.A. Adopts New andShorter NOVEL BOOK WILL REPRESENT BEST LITERARY Constitution T A L E N T ON T H E CAMPUS

RETIRING P R E S I D E N T GIVBS TALK AT WEEKLY Pegasus Pony will make his apMEETING pearance within tbe present month. Last year's publication met with On Tuesday evening, April 28, sufficient approval to encourage an- 1931, the Y. M. C. A. had f o r its other issue. Mr. Ritter has again speaker of the evening, Mr. Clarbuilt up interest around a small ence Becker, the retiring president. group of students in his classes and He spoke on the topic " W h a t Y from last year's group. A tentative has done for me." He gave those list of contributors would include present a very enlightening talk. representatives f r o m all four Mr. Eikie Meyer opened the meetclasses, some of whom are not Eng- ing with the group singing a few lish students. I t has been Mr. Rit- hymns. Roger Voskuil was in ter's purpose to publish a booklet charge of the devotions. The music representative of student effort in of the evening was rendered by literary fields irrespective of class. Mr. Lester Vander W e r f , who sang The new "Pegasus Pony" will in- the "1st Psalm." Mr. Carl Waiclude a number of poems, several voord read the new constitution of short stories and feature articles. the Y immediately a f t e r the adThe cover will again present the dress by Mr. Becker. Since the old "Poney" against the sun, but the constitution was inadequate and appearance of the book will be im- lengthy the old cabinet decided to proved by a different color of paper propose a new one. The new one is and larger type. F u r t h e r announce- printed below and has been adopted ment of ^ " P e g a s u s Poney" will be by both the old and the new cabmade f r o m time to time. inets. A f t e r the reading of t h e constitution a short but spirited disABRAHAM NORMAN SPEAKS TO S T U D E N T VOLUNTEERS cussion took place. The Student Volunteer Band in its meeting last Friday was led in Devotional Service by Miss Laura Guigelaar. The chapter in Foreign Missionary" by A r t h u r J . Browrvfor review this week treated the relationship of the missionary to the people of the land in which he works. The interesting discussion w a s very capably led by Mr. Abraham Norman, who is the beat qualified of the Band to speak on this topic by reason of his varied contacts and broad observation of missionary activities in Arabia, Mesopotamia, and India. Consideration of a f e w matters of business concluded the meeting. o — The music at Third Church of Holland was furnished by the Men's Glee Club on last Sunday evening.

New Constitation of the Youag Men's Christian Association of Hope College, adopted by old a i d new Cabinets, April 27th, I f U . Article L Names The name of this organisation shall be the young Men's Christian Association of Hope College. Article IL Object The object of this association fKall be to lead students to Christian discipleship, to promote Christian feeling and practice, and to fnaintain a Christian atmosphere on the campus of Hope College. Article HI. Membership Sec. 1. There shall be two classes of members. General and Active. flee. 2. All men students and members of the Faculty Hope (Continued on Page Three)

Hope College Anchor




Entortd a t th« Port OfTIoe a t Holland, Michigan, aa Second Cliaa Matter. Aecaptod f o r mailinr a t special r a te of p o s t a m provided for in Section 1108 o Act of Contreaa. October 8, 1917. Authoriied October 19, 1918.

STAFF Editor— Ivan C. Johnson Associate Editors Harri Zegerins, Clark Poling, John Somsen Head Reporter Joan Waivoord Sports Watson Spoelstra, Herbert Marsilje Humor. Myron Leenhouts, William Austin Sororities Bernice Mollema Fraternities Bob Freeman Campus News Vivian Behrman Reporters: Marie Verduin, Edith De Young, Julia Hondelink, Preston Van Kolken, Christian Waivoord, Mayford Ross, Carol Norlin, Lois De Pree, Jean Bosman, Virginia Coster, Maggie Kole, Harold Ringenoldus, Ruby Aiken, Katherine Ives, Alma Plaake, Martha Van den Berg, Lillian Sabo, Ethel Leetsma.

BUSINESS STAFF Business Manager -Melvin F. Dole Assistant Business Manager Harold Ringenoldus Assistants .Lois KeTel, Edith De Young, Vivian Behrman, John Cotts


The Point of View



Alethea — The members of the Addison — The program last Alethea Literary Society met last week was in the nature of a debate Friday evening f o r a Darky pro- on the proposition: "Resolved, t h a t gram. Black mammies as pro- the Canadian system of dispensing g r a m s announced the numbers. The liquor be adopted in t h e individual devotions were in charge of Ale- states." The constitutionality of thean Roggen. Following this the question was waived. The a f came the regular business meeting. firmative was upheld by John EnAlethean Ayers led group singing gelsman and A1 Lubbers while the of negro melodies. "Dunbar's negative was defended by FrankKinks," by Alethean Marsilje lin Dietz and George Berens. The proved to be selections from Paul affirmative gained a victory by a Lawrence Dunbar's poems. Alethe- margin of a single vote. Many an Roggen charmed the audience clever arguments were brought with a plantation melody. An forward and disposed of by their adaptation f r o m Uncle Tom's cab- opponents. John Cotts contributed in, entitled "Topsy," was put on by; the music of the evening, a piano Aletheans Roggen, Koeman, and | solo. A f t e r many hours of discusKoie. This included a sprightly sion in the business meeting which negro dance by Alethean Kole. followed, the sleepy members Alethean Ayers gave a review of dragged themselves home to dream Booker T. Washington's "Up From of beer and wine and the Canadian Slavery." "Two Black Clouds," system. Aletheans Fox and Everhart, gave • • • an interesting skit. The new girls Emersonian — The singing of presented an attractive table lamp to the Society. Chocolate drops popular songs, with Sam Van der brought a tasty close to this very Beek as pianist and Larry De Cook interesting and enjoyable evening. as chorister, opened the Thursday • » » evening meeting of the Emersonian Delphi — . Thursday evening, Society. A quartet composed of April 30, the Delphi Literary Soci- Louis Cotts, Lester Ellerbroek, ety held a brief business meeting J a m e s Van Vessem, and Ray De in the Delphi Room, a f t e r which Windt also gave a selection. the Society adjourned to the movies "Henry Ford a t Home," by Orrin Ensfield was the initial number in en masse. Next Wednesday afterpoon Del- the literary program. This was folphians Boter, Champion, K. Skil- lowed by a vocal solo by Louis lern and Z, Skillem will serve a Cotts. A discussion of Ford's Activities Abroad was next presented by tea in the Delphi room. * « * Harold Hoffman. James Van VesDorian — Thursday night the sem wound up the program with a Dorians assembled at Alma Plak- side-splitting humor number. ke's home for a chop suey dinner. A business meeting involving The center piece on the long table banquet plans followed. around which the girls gathered Mosie, the new squirrel mascot was of lavender and gold cut flow- of the society seems to be growing e r s and the favors were of the rapidly under the mother-like care same colors. After the girls had that Harry K. Smith is lavishing done justice to the delectable din- upon it. ner which was served to them, there • • • was a short business meeting and Knickerbocker — Friday evening a social time. Everyone enjoyed the warm hospitality of the Plakke the Knicks met at the House for a regular meeting. Louis Scudder home. managed the group singing, and Sibylline — A regular meeting Fred Wyngarten led the devotions. of the Sibylline Sorority was held The first number on the program last Friday night in the society was a paper on "Steinmetz, the room. After devotions, led by Wizard of Electricity" by J a m e s Sibyl Schurman, a short business Zwemer. Bruce Van Leeuwen dismeeting was held and reports were cussed current events in a novel made by the various banquet com- manner. The humor of the evening mittees. A program, appropriate was provided by Bill Meengs who to Arbor Day followed. An intel- read a paper in the form of the lectual book review was very well "Anchor." The news was a bit sengiven by Sibyl Zandstra. The ori- sational, but none the less intergin of Arbor Day and its impor- esting and funny. The critics tance was presented by Sibyl Spy- deemed it worthy of preservation ker and several readings on "trees" in the Archives. Dick Van der given by Sibyl Hanson. Society Wilt acted as critic of critics. songs concluded the meeting. A short but important business « « • meeting followed the program. Sorosis — The Sorosites spent

There is a vast amount of misinformation abroad concerning the College Chapel. The so-called student revolt against authority is supposed to have been extended to Chapel attendance or indeed to have concentrated upon it. The widely heralded rebellions against Chapel requirements in certain wellknown institutions have led many to suppose that College Chapel as an agency of religious culture is obsolescent if not obsolete. Nothing is farther from the truth. At hundreds of colleges scores of thousands of students are cheerfully and joyfully meeting in chapels, convocations, and assemblies, both on weekdays and on Sundays, entirely unmindful of the question as to whether their attendance is 'voluntary,' or 'required' or 'compulsory.' Where such conditions exist, intelligent consideration has been given to the place of the Chapel in the life of the institution. Mere tradition for the sake of tradition, mere form for the sake of form, have yielded to more vital considerations. The Chapel meets the needs of the students, and when it does, the students come. In many instances the Chapel arrangements are planned jointly. Quite recently a group of universities, usually of the independent type, have been erecting cathedral-like structures at great cost which already serve as symbols of the institutions' religious aspirations There is evidence abundant that, on the whole, there is a renaissance rather than a retrogression in the appreciation and influence of the College Chapel. In this field, as in all others, very much depends on the attitude of the administration and faculty. The best judges of the value of College Chapel are those who have gone through it and can look over the experience with it through the perspective of years and with seasoned judgment. So President Coplidge wrote in Hearst's InternationalrCosmopolitan of August, 1929: May Day in a very appropriate "If attendance on these religious services even harmed any fashion, for the entire program of the men of my time I have never been informed of it. The. concerned gardens, flowers, and Good it did I believe was infinite. Not the least of it was the vegetables. The meeting opened discipline that resulted from having constantly to give sortie with devotions lead by Sorosite thought to things that young men would often prefer not to Coster. The next selection was an amusing story of Clarence Cucumconsider." ber's college career. Following —Dr. Robert Lincoln Kelly in that the names of several of t^e the April 15 Christian Intelligencer. Sorosites were drawn, and corresponding to them, slips bearing the names of various perfumes. HOLLAND CIVIC CHORUS CHARLES M. McLEAN PASSES GIVES MAY RECITAL AWAY AFTER ILLNESS Each girl was informed that the slip corresponding with her name (Continued from Page 1) (Continued from Page 1) was to be her subject for an exRobert Browning of tone poetry. temporaneous speech. Next, the While Brahms, like Browning, is last Friday the "Holland Evening members of the Glee Club, dressed appreciated only by the inner cir- Sentinel" said, "Those who have to represent flowers and seated in cle, it seemed good to hear the a huge May basket, favored us with known Mr. McLean longest will chorus tackle this great composia musical selection. And last of all tion, a six-part motet elaborately probibly always think of him as was a treat, gumdrops arranged as contrapuntal, beautifully poly- first and foremost a genthfman. tiny corsages. After this the meetphonic, with its entertwining They will cherish the memory of ing was closed, and the rest of the rhythms. Certainly, the chorus, un- this quality in him above t h a t of evening was spent socially. der Mr. Snow's baton and Mrs. —o his business ability, his interest in A number of the college stuSnow's never-failing assistance on civic affairs, his leadership even in dents took a trip to Chicago with the piano rendered this difficult religious matters." Miss Fulmer during the past weekcomposition in a very creditable Along with Mr. McLean's many end. The t r i p was made in place of •manner. We hope to hear the other friends, Hope College mourns the Sociology Trip t h a t was so unchorus render Brahms' "The Wall his death and sympathizes deeply fortunately called off. of Heaven" again a t no distant with his family in its bereavement. o date. — o Several of the girls from VoorThe program closed with MoMiss Geraldine and Miss Lillian hees Hall wen^ on a house-party z a r t ' s familiar "Glorious is Thy Smies were unexpectedly called over the week-end. They held the Name" ( f r o m Twelfth Mass), ac- home to Wisconsin because of the p a r t y a t a cottage out a t Waukazoo. Miss R a t h Van Dyke was the companied by organ and piano. death of their grandfather.

Phi Kappa Alpha — The Cosmos boys assembled for their usual meeting on Friday evening. The curiosity of the group was satisfied by Vander Werf's revelation of his "Philosophy of Life." Eikie Meyer assisted by two of his fellow Frosh offered a "strictly classical" musical rendition. Though Wathen considered the trio inferior to the "Royal Sons of the Bluegrass," he deemed them superior t o the popular boys from "Gobler's Knob." Harri Zegerius delighted the fellows with his parody on "The Charge of the Light Brigade and other of his original poems. In his usual witty fashion Louis Damstra with his number "Pause and Refresh Yourselves" outlined the "Five Rules for Growing F a t With such inspiring thoughts the meeting adjourned f o r a five minute recess and concluded with the usual business meeting.

Students! The College Ave. Barber Shop welcomes you. Quiet, Courteous Service* C. HUIZENGA, Prop.

(Continued from Page if per Recital. His program from the great masters will be; "Prelude" " 0 , Gott mit

Cherambault armen Sueden" A .7. JChunau "Allegretto," 12th Sonata—Martini "Toccata, Adagio, F u g u e " "Contaibile""

Bach Franck

"Scherzetto" "Pastoral' "Lullaby"

Vierne Vierne Brahms

"Fiat Lux"

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"I Got Shoes" Negro Spiritual The Battle of Jericho" jlNegro Spiritual Messrs. Friesema, Muilenberg, Berger and Vander Werf will render vocal, trombone, and piano solos. The Glee Club Quartette will also sing.

"The Soft Water Laundry"

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said; "Senorita, Oy! oy! what big feet you have! They rival battleships f o r size." She was charmed, and restraining her other admirers, who would like to have stabbed me, she said: "You may (landango this tango with me."

real smart feller t ' succeed with a good education. It's easy t ' see. Why any buddy would git discouraged with college with such poor parkin' facilities. Of course a feller can park in the court yard back o' Voorhees, but a f t e r all I'd rather fling a love scene on an honest to goodness s t a g e ; then the audience can understand it's only actin', and they won't be lookin' all over my vest fox a sorority pin next day. Now if I've said anythin' that don't meet with the approval of nobody I spose I'd better take this opportunity to beg pardons, propound apologies, and seek forgiveness. It'll save a lot of time for all concerned. Dazzall.

Fer a long time now I bin wantin' t e r speak my f i ' cents bout things in genral, but before readin' t h ' obitiary .1 alius thought a t r u e lady or gentleman usuelly stays a t home with a grouch same as if I seized her, threw her over my they had pneumonia. I gues they head, hurled her to the ground, ain't no use bein' observin' if ya stepped on her, bounced her against gotta keep it t'yer self. It's t r u e the ceiling and finally swung her Y. M. C. A. ADOPTS ther may be some good in every around my head three times. NEW AND SHORTER buddy but life's too short in this When we had finished, she threw CONSTITUTION f a s t age t ' hang around till it pops her arms around my neck and I out, and meybe it's good t ' be heard a strange noise. It was my (Continued from Page 1) meek but b'lieve me it's goin' t' be rivals spitting out all their teeth fun t ' watch an' see how long the they had ground out in their rage. College shall be eligible to the Genmeek kin keep the earth a f t e r they Senor, we were so divinely happy. inherit it. Look et King Alfonso— I would call on her each evening, eral Membership, and-shall be ensee what he got by bein' meek; he and a f t e r throwing a couple ta- titled to a General Membership just plain got the air and now I males at her would spend an en- Card upon application therefore to the Secretary. spose "The King's Horses and the chanting evening. Sec. 3. The Active Membership King's Men" '11 soon be no more. But one nite I said, "You don't shall consist of those of the GenAnyway the Lady f r o m Alfaque- look quite as bad as usual this eral Membership who make a finanque (pronounced "Alfakeki) will evening." This sentimental outcial contribution to the Association soon be in town an' if y' see her burst was the end. It made her during the current school year, and tomorrow you'll probly learn why mad. "You are just like the others who sign the Active Membership dear old King Alfonso found it so she sobbed," as she pulled her stilPledge. hard t ' leave Spain—by request. etto out of my back. Sec. 4. The Active Membership B'lieve me folks, yer goin' t ' like I never sa wher again—partly the dear Lady. She's different 'n because she had thrown vitriol in Pledge shall be, "I promise to atother women. Y' know it doesn't my eyes, the naughty little angel. tend as many meetings of the Y. M. C. A. as possible, and to particmake no difference what it is, most ( F a t h e r swoons) curtain. ipate as often as opportunity afwomen'll buy anything she thinks Yep, y' know love is a wonderful fords." a store is losin' money on. I wish thing. It makes brother wash his Article IV. Officers. women had Adam's Apples, I'd like ears and comb his hair. It makes Sec. 1. The officers of the Assot' see how they'd doll 'em up. It'd we college men go broke (or rather probably mean another million or more broke). It makes the coed ciation shall be President, Vicefour, five spent on perfume with a bid a diamond, and lose a heart President, Secretary and Treasurer. They shall hold office for one rUnere scent in return. trick. It makes the cook at VoorPerhaps maybe, speakin' o' the hees burn the ice cream. It makes year. Sec. 2. The College Pastor shall Lady f r o m Alfakukue I orter kinda spring poetry possible (except that git ya prepared fer it by preview- it's always impossible). It makes be ex-officio Faculty Advisor to the ing a coupla scenes. enemies kiss and make up, it makes Association, with the privilege of One of 'em is specially good. I'll girls make up too. It makes every- attending all meetings of the Offitell y' it as if 1 wuz playin' the one (except the girls who are try- cers of the Association, and voting hero part. The scene is on the ing to reduce) lose weight. It on such questions as may come up. patio of my dad's veranda and 1, builds up the circulation of fiction Sec. 2. The President shall prethe prodigal son, am just returning magazines—but it makes fat men side at all business meetings and on to "chew the fat with dad" as i^ mad. public occasions. He shall appoint were. (Enter, me: in a fog. Dad all committees. He shall conduct But I've kinda got off the sublooks over his specks at me a f t e r ject. What I meant to say was all correspondence between the Asthrowing aside the Herald, or that the college has showed a lot sociation and the International, NaPress, as yqu wish.) o' good judgement puttin' up a 1 tional and State organizations. Don Me—"Ah, Senor, she was new fence. It's only a question of Sec. 4. The Vice-President shall ravishing, but she was always sur- time now before we'll have an out- act as President in the absence of rounded, deluged, by admirers. My door Zoo, and we won't have t' be the President. He shall have genfriend, Juan, he said t' me: 'Be in- wondrin' what those Frosh are eral charge of the programs of the different to her. That's the only that're runnin' around with chains regular meetings of the Associaway to win ' e m . ' " and a telescope on a three legged tion. So when they presented me, I pedestal lookin' so busy doin' nothSec. 5. The Secretary shall keep

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in' thet they seem almost indis- minutes of all business meetings of pensable. The spoon holder is real | the Association and of the Cabinet, handy on the campus. There's I He shall keep an accurate record of room for five or six to sit when it's all Active Members. light, which all goes t' prove y' Sec. 6. The Treasurer shall have f can't tell much about a girl jest charge of all the funds of the As'cause she cries a t "East Lynne." sociation. He shall pay out money With June so near, I bin won- only at the order of the Cabinet, drin' why don't the profs shoot a and shall render a report of the little advice into the students each condition of the treasury at each day instead o' handin' it t' them Caibinet meeting. all in a lump when they g r a d u a t e ? Article V. The Cabinet Thnn they wonder why it takes a Sec. 1. The Cabinet shall con-


of the

Slotted Throat

Sec. 2. The chairmen of the Standing Committees shall be appointed by the President, with the approval of the College Pastor. Sec. 3. New Standing Committees may be added or old ones dropped as the Cabinet determines conditions make advisable.


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Sec. 4. Each Standing Committee chairman shall be ready to re(Continued


on Lraclc 1'age)

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The Principle


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Page Poor

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Track Men Get Varsity Tennis Hope Golfers Team Loses Good Experience Drop Close Meet First Match at Alma Meet to Calvin LOSE TO BETTER TEAM, BUT DISCOVER WEAK AND GOOD POINTS

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Ten Hope men, some of whom have already attained and some of whom still aspire to track honors, traveled to Ajma Saturday to be beaten by a squad of 25 varsity men and 15 frosh to the tune of 98-23. Hope took one first, three seconds, tied f o r two more seconds, and took five thirds. The one first went to Cupery who galloped a slow but hard and windy mile in 5 min. 10 sec. Seekamp took first in both the frosh events he ran—the hundred and 220 yard dashes. The trip, tells one of the boys, was tiresome and cold, especially since all had to take their turn ridinp in "the open car." Put we were well repaid by having the privilege to warm up in a dressing room of Alma's new gym, clean and fresh as grandmother's kitchen. Even the cement floors were warmed.



Last Friday the varsity tennis team went to Grand Rapids where they played their first match of the year with Calvin. A f t e r five hard fought matches Calvin won out by the score of three to two. The match was played a t Garfield Park. It provided many thrills and the best type of tennis was exhibited. The scores were as follows: Westing, Calvin, defeated by J. Wiegerink, Hope, 8-6, 3-6, 6-4; Captain Van Leeuwen, Hope defeated Youngs, Calvin, 6-3, 4-6, 7-5; G. Wiegerink, Hope lost to Vande Velde, Calvin, 8-6, 6-3. In the doubles Van Leeuwen and J. Wiegerink lost to Westing and Vande Velde by the scores of 4-6, 10-8, 6-3 while G. Wiegerink and Zanstra defeated Young and Hoverman, 6-3, 6-4. The date for a return match has been arranged to be played in about a week or ten days. The fellows are practicing every day now and by the time they meet Calvin again they hope to turn the tables and even up matters. o Y. M. C. A. ADOPTS NEW AND SHORTER CONSTITUTION

Paalman Leads Entire Field With Low Score of 75

Another pleasant surprise awaited us in the form of a "peachy" quarter-mile track of fine, springy cinders—just a track such as with little effort and less money might be laid out in our own famous mud-hole. All the boys thought that running on such a track might (Continued from page .'5) be called play compared with the "watch where you're going" sort of port at each Cabinet meeting. Article VII. Meetings traveling we must do on the hardSec. 1. The regular devotional baked, muscle-wrecking clay of the meetings of this Association shall mudhole. And the fairgrounds are be held in the Y. M. C. A. Room. worse. Well to begin the day, Koeppe Hope College Memorial Chapel, on took second in the hundred. Then Tuesday evenings, at 7 o'clock. Sec. 2. The Cabinet shall desigCupery and Zegerius continued the nate one of the March meetings for good work by taking first and third the annual business meeting. in the mile respectively. In the 220 Article VIII. Elections yard dash, Koeppe, who was leadSec. 1. Officers shall be elected ing the first Alma man by a foot, took a nasty spill (two yards from by hallot at the March Annual Business Meeting. the tape) and all the points went Sec. 2. Only Active members to Alma. Wiegerink took third in shall have a vote. the- high hurdles and tied for Sec. 3. The Cabinet, through a second in the pole vault. Reardon Nominating Committee, may pretook second in the half mile, run in 2:15. Wyngarten took third in the shot event, while Rigterink disqualified in the low hurdles. And finally Scudder, Hope's high point man, made seven points by taking second in the discus, tying for second in the high jump, and taking thirds in the broad jump and javelin events. The relay team composed of scudder, Wiegerink, Cupery, and Koeppe lost by about a yard, giving Alma five more points. / But all's well that ends well. And since we had a pleasant time Saturday running in our track suits while everjione stood around wrap ped in blankets, and since we finally got home—why all was well. The summary runs as follows: 100 dash: Wehrly, Koeppe (II), Brown—10.5 Mile: Cuper (H), Jacobson, Zegerius (H)—6:10 440: Tromoter, Johnson, Peterson—5C.3 120 H. H.: Wehrly, Tarrant, Wiegerink (H)—16.9 220 dash: Brown, Peterson, Johnson—20.2 220 L. H.: Wehrly, Tarrant— 30.7 880: Crowejl, Reardon (H), Koeihlein—2:15.9 Relay: Alma—1:40 Pole Vault: Wehrly, Wiegerink (H) and Borton—9 ft., C in. Shot: Borton, Wehrly, Wyngarten (H )•- 36 ft., 6 in. Discus: Wehrly, Scudder ( H ) , Rehkopf—114 f t , 8% in. Javelin: Borton, Brown, Scudder—139 f t . 7V4 in. M a y 7 High J u m p : Borton, Scudder % (H) and T a r r a n t — 5 ft., 8 in. Broad J u m p ; T a r r a n t , Brown, Scudder—19 f t , 2 in. o Miss Anne Alberts spent the week-end visiting Miss Edith' Kolin.



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sent a slate, but in all cases nominations from the floor shall be permitted. Sec. 4. One-half of the Active Members shall constitute a quorum Kodaks and Kodak Finishing, Gifts for purposes of election. Sec. 5. A majority of the bal10 East Eighth St. P h . 2230 Holland, Mich, lots cast shall constitute an election. mnoifn Sec. 6. Vacancies among the officers shall be filled by the Cabinet by ballot vote, a two-thirds vote being necessary to election. Article IX. Debt No debt shall be incurred by this Association unless previously proSAME QUALITY — LOWER COST vided for. Article X. Amendments Amendments to this constitution •muHiiun'miiniim shall be made by the Cabinet, a f t e r two weeks' written notice by a Cabinet member. Voting on amendments shall be by ballot and a twothirds vote shall be necessary for adoption. The well-known old standard make EXCEL-





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Under the able management of Clarence Becker, Hope is being rep26 West 8th St. resented by a golf team. Last Friday the boys went down to the Ridgemoor Country Club of Grand RapiAs and lost to Calvin, 3-2. This was the first match of the season and the fellows were j u s t a little nervous. Manager Becker's proteges made a worthy showing, however, and a f t e r a little more practice n capable team should be Are Shown Immediately in our Shops developed. Hope was represented by L. Serier who was defeated 1 up by O. Jelsma, R. Paalman, who defeated Dobbin 7-5, II. Friesma, who defeated Tahlund 7-5, M. W H R R E F"/\ S H I O M P f- 1 ( , N Kruisenga, who lost to Hosper 4-3, 37 East 8th St. Holland, Mich. and C. Meengs, who lost to Stuur3 imniutxiinwfuim nam 2 up. R. Paalman led the field with the low score of 75. •MuiiiiMiuMRiMaKnmnaMuinMHaHHmnoMMMMiai A return match will be held with Calvin on a date to be announced later.

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Mother's Day Sunday, May 10, '31, The one day of all the year set aside te honor the finest woman in the world—your mother. Give her your photograph.

w m s L o w STUDIO 52 E. Sth-EreninK Sittings by Appouitiii.--Ph.%08


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