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HOPE COLLEGE, Holland, Michigan, Wednesday, May 3, 19 16 -

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1 · ~~~~~S M~:. ~C· ~=~ ~~:s:~ l.___ _ ili_tr_r_a_ry_l-=---rp_artm __r_nt_----J

Oarntlie OJ'Dl. Beene of lrtirth and Jov- StegeDWl and Eltini Place in Half· Fellowship Includes $300.00, Tuition iaUtJ. Ex<ellent Pto,-ram Followed Mile and 100-Yt.rd Dash Free, and M. A. Degree nt -.. ,,.,A••" A_ .. Good Time End of Year. M3 -Bespe<.tively. Th


wns n tiCI'IlC or gny• et~· Thur11tln~· 1'\'Cning when t be U~lphi girl8 were \'nlcrtninl!cl by the ~<•ro11is ~tl'it>t.v . Thr hAll W!lt4 \' ~ry nrtilltil•oll~· •lt>roratctl wit~ J1illow11, l•t•nunnt t4 null fprnt4 1 uot Corgf'tt ing t ht• · · ··oz~· ••nrnt> rtl'' 110 unmmnl in the · • (;ym." A tll.•r rut hour of aoclnbility llllll mtt11i1·1 Auna Kolyu nthln•&~ed tlu.! girls A 'lllll lnlrollu•·ed the Sbnkespenre, or W rn 1hM &toll ill, plnycrs, pretten ti ng • 'l,ovf' '-c l.nt.or l .o~« t . " 'J'h~ piny wns inclerll clevl'r1 nud we uu sure thnt ~hnkt•11penrc 's peaceful slumbers in h~ gra \' t' wert> not disturbed by disrorda. t-:1ht>l llykslrn favored the girl11 with 11 \'Ue·nI t~olo, while between arts Clara Yntema played some piano sele ·tiona. l' utl ln1: nil formality aside evt>ryonc 11ow l'ulerl.'u in on an all around good t inli'. A grand mar h and games conatl· tutc•cl 1he rcsl' of the entertainment. lJainty rcfrel!hments were served amid ,jokl'll nnd laughter. The girls truly 14pPnt nh l.'ujoynhle evening, and after yriiK81111 ··hN•rK ror Delphi and Soroais, t lu.• hnt•PY htuwh clil'httn"ee1.



ll opr <Jollcgl! uuule it11 eulrnuctt iuto stn tl! tr:t ·k. drcll!a lu11t J;aturuuy u.fter· 110011 at ..\1. j,, C., 111:oriug 11lx poiula with u thrui!·IIIUU t11uw. All the otheJ SdlOul!l enterol.l huJ IJIOrtl lUtHI cU WV •ling, but iu vrovortiuu to the numbel of voiuts scoroo, they did not average 1111 high ns Hove. The arrangement ot C\'CIIIII Wll8 liOl US gooJ as it might have been, otherwise H ope might S(:Orell moru. Such ruces us the 100 uutl 220·yiU'd dash, the 4!0 und O·yarcl run, aud tho mile and two mile run, in which one man ent ered two events, were run so close together that very littlt' timP wns given for rf'rovery. llope took second ttlnt:e in two of the main eventR, Stegemau running sec· ond to Sheldon of M. A. C. in the half mile, nnd Elting taking thl' ROme )lOBi· tion in the 100-yard dnKh, bPnting lwtb of .M.. A. C's entrle.. Judging from thl! lime and tlislOIH'elf Of oth r t!V~Il l81 we hn ve enough mntcrlnl nt H ope to win su<'h a meet, and there is no reo· 110n why Hope, with a good conrh, ennuot turn out Much n t f'n m for ucxt year. And so may this be a gootl beginning for 11 good era in track nthlt, th·s for our Alma .Mnter. Good Luck to '• Stein.' '


ltatelJ Elm

~ttte1nbe ''-am u Pft to ~) Io., Jo'riJay, May 5, to complete his round of victories. He wlll meet the three best orators of the Western Di· ,·ision, together with the other two who ~lurrlllied with him nt Athena, Ohio. We plne·c imvlicit confidence in him, wet l'XpN·t to see him come away with llrst place.

Aad4 Impreaaive

CeremonJ and EnJoJ Bemalnder of Dt.J &t M&cat&wa Park. J.n'<l Wt•olllf' •IU,\' morniug nt 11 1111:\rtl'r o 't·ltll'k, tlt P ReuiorK plnntt'tl Jt n 1'1111 t rer IH'nr till' outhenst rornl'r or \'ull Rnalt e Hnll. The l·ert'IIIOIIY W:l!t opPIH'II h,\' u ' tllnrll'ttt• I'OIIIpOllt'll nf 1':. f'lip!H', ~·. l>t• .longl', U. Sh'in in~rr nn•l ~·. Douma . Frnn1·t·~ nmwh thru rl'ntl n lwenr from ' ' A:~ You Like It, ' ' whil'h Wllft foJIO\\'I'tl h ,\ ' (I miX('I\ lllllltlt't I'Oil· tt!stinJt of ll l'llril'ltn \'~1nz,,,., .l t•:tul'ltP ~lnlel er, K 1-'lip ,., an•I ,..CL . ll'inin~t>r. t )p(nrtt



~ntu roln.'' mnrning Arthur ('lol't l u~eb rt'l'e•h·cel a lt•tt••r fruu1 lht• l'ui\'NMit,\' nf ~uri h Uak•>tn ulfcrlng him a Fclhl\\ shi)J in lhnt institutiuu nf . :11111 f~~r unt• ,\'t•:tr, tnlliuu frl'\'. lit• will lll'l'e• pt , IIIII) t4fl£'· 1· iul ilt' iu Jo:n~:rli~h llru111.1 u mlp:tl:f\'~lulry. At I Itt• l'llol 111' I h\• .n•:tr ht• will rt'l't•in• h i:t ~I. A. tlegn•e. Tlli:t ulfor ill n fllliug rl' \\:t rtl fur th'! time 1111tl pain Inking lnhor thut · · Art' ' hns put on the )lagc.wt to he featured here in Junl'. Not only hn11 he plnnuell nnd tnkl•n supcn•ision of the entire pugeunt, hut he hns tot npo:~cd the whoh•, lwth nl'l:~ ll ntl iu t t•r luile:~J in I he ruu~h . li t• hn11 b0\'11 \\urk ing ou it now ..tllll'l' la11l ' eplclllbcr, untl Cew uf us rcul· izc Whllt UU in11110n!l6 UIIIOUUt of t iiii C nnd attention he hns ucvoted to it. \\'l• certninl~· rongrnlulate hint on his 111'·


LEST YE FOBGET May 6, FridaJ-Interat.ate Ort.· toriuJ Contest, FaJrfield. la. Xniekerbocker Bauquet. May 6, BaturdaJ- Bope vs. Ferru Institute, at Ferrla. May 8, Monday- Voorhees Day. Mt.J 10, Wedneaday- Seminary Commencement Exercisea. May 12, FrldaJ- Delphi Banquet. ltlaJ 13, a.tardaJ-Beli.J, Hope - - .....,. G.oo&.-Y Ill G,--A. May 17, Wedne'Y.lay- Ba.ven C~>n­ teat.

COUNCIL PROMISES ATHLETIC COACH Petition Receives F&vorable Consideration. Several Clwlges Also to Be Made 1n Staft' The Cou ncil of llope College 111cl iu :tJI it :tllgtt:ttlll'!lll on last \\',•dne!lelny, 11nd althou~h it:4 lmsiu t•:~:~ wn!l •·Uiwhlol ud in II KiltRII' tln,r , IIIII' uf it:t ttdiu n:! hrOttKhl nuwl1 juy :11111 Kil l i:tfnl'liuu lu ohe ~ lu o lt•ul :l. A )'H)'I' I' Wll:l l' irl·nlult•d, -.igut•tl 1,_ ,. prnl'li rnlly t'\'l' ry llhulcut in the IW'Iwul, J't'l itiuniug tho t!uum·il thnt Ihrr I'IIKilJ!e I he· sen·in•:! ur Sllllll' unf wl• o, lot•~icl ell !l•u..tlinl! a ft•w l'ttllcJte mllj•·•· l ~. ~hou:tl uiKt• ~ l' r\'O iu l hl• t·n· ,,ndl .' ' of an uthl\-'ti•· l'IHH' It . fo'r i<ln,\' tullru iul{ nl •·IIIIJ'l'l llr. \'t.'ullt' Jllll lt•:t<l a ll'!lt•r fru111 1111' !ll'o' rt•l:tr,\' u( the t·lllllll'il, IJ uu . II . .1, llil'kl'lllll, lwfurf· tho ~lu•h.•ut Bo•ly, !ltntinl! lhnt tlu• COII IW il Wil li ftt\'Oruhly eJispO!!t•tl IIIWIIrol the will'lt nr tho petitioner!!, 111111 thn 1 (Continued on Pa&e Four)

A. \'nu WPttlt> nltttrl.:, prl'llltleut nf tit~• }fr, BniSSO Gladdens the Hearts of the rhl14!4 1 th Pn IICt lio·ll ll•tl lltl' rim In W111 . Members of the Dutch Society. ShnkPll(lf'tlrr, th~ grenlt•!lt pnrt or ..l.iml'. Ho• t·OIH·hulull It~· lhruwinu iu thr 'l'ht• 1nrmlw rM uf lht• l ' lliln~C 8Ul·it'ly . 141 S)lCltlt'·fUI Of 1Jirt I 1'\'f'r,\' llli'llllte•r or lust thl' t•lnlll't follnwinj! in h i~ wnh. l ' r• •~Ci •\'t•ro• \'t•r~- plt':tl4:111tl.'· 1111rprl c•l ~lonolu,r ui.:ht wht•n l'ruf. n nop nntlc>nt \' l'IIIH'IIIII I ht> n 1nn1lt• n ft•w rt' · IIIIIIH'I'ol thnt ~lr. Willinm Bnu~so hnd mnrkll, nt'l'l.'flliuJt thl• lrl'r in tlu• 11111111' I ot tlw I'OIIt>g•'· l'rof. X\'kt•r k a"" •·ttu - l 'fl"ll'ulo·ol th,. llll•·il•l,\' wi th 11 Dut eh llnJ!. tribut t>ll 0 ft'W wnrtl :~ 11; 11 11, l·l'tl'lllllll,\'. I 11111 Mlllt' th ut all the• uwmltl'r:l uf lhr .. :tppn·~·iato• tlti" ~ i ft \' o· n• · 11111ch, 1 1111• rt'" 1 u r 11 u • ' 1:,,. ll'llllu Tl te on£'11 •wrs . nt .\-fllt'ntnwa l':t rk, whe•rt• lhc,r J{ll \.', , / '"'' ,,.,. a:c :t ,.,,.il·t y " i"ll In luke this th<'rnlleh•f'!l ll\'t•r lo nwrrimr ut, ltnol nlllw l'll'l'"rluuity nf th:t~olti uK ~l r. l3rn14lll' lltl' weather \\ ns not. of I ht• luost fn\'llr· fur t h i~ !~plt•lt~lid 1'ri •·olur olf llu• X eth::ablr \'Rriftl\' ,.,., all rt•pnrt a 11111 ~ 1 1• 1 t•rlnJul:c. w,, rr:tli7.1.' lhnl llogM of thiK 11 1 kinrl nrc• \'t•r\' llo·:trl·t• iu ~lidtigan, 11111!, · I II C' t 11110. ' · · JOVR I . . lht•rt•fun•, \\'1 ' \'!tllll' tlti'l uift \'o•r,v h i~h · - o -OFFICIAL NOTICE h·. Mnntuwriptll tor the RnvPtt ('ont£>st I . \V (• ntt' :cur1• thnt ~l r. ll rn:<:~r, :1:c wc•ll must IH• in Fridny, )fny ii. Thr£>e l ~·pH· I :t:c mnuy nlh1•r e·itiz••u!l uf llullu1111, h1111 11 written ropit>ll must bt> hnnlle1l to T. F. wnr111 plu•·t- iu his lwa rl fnr till' 1 ' 1111 u~ Delegate!! From Mens' Soc1etiell Meet 1 With McOiin. Zwt>m~r. prP"It.lent or thi' Orntorio•::tl Htwit•ty, :IIII I fur lht• '< ln•lt•Jit luul~· n lengue, hy :l P. M . :1 wlwiQ. .I. A. ~- . ' I X. Ou tlw 17th nf April , lht• fullnwin~

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.,._, '

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I. P. A. Elects Officers


fl_ll _ __ _


The Advance in Price of the




from $1.25 to $1.75, which took effect May lsi: applies to Stadeata of the Colle~e oaly AND NOT TO ANY


Alumni or Friends of Hope

Let "X'' Represent the Un-j Out of the Mouths of Babes known (By ARBA DONNEWOLD) ••01llu.1 t o see you bae.... '- Ho w cJ'd _., ~·it•n•·.''· Tltit1 hut! hl't>n tho cn11 of hiK you flnd things t.t our A.lm& llaMrt ht•t~itHIIl'~' before uniting hltns It in o Suppo8C you had a gay time." WlU. lil'u purtUI'!:.!Jltijl with '• tht• sweetc1t tb~ wortla my thuna of eoUep ctaya ~irl lu 1111• wnrltl. ' ' ~ot tha t lll\it•ie11 •y :u1tlrPsRecl me on my return li'OJD a vlalt iltlrrrl'rl'cl with hi11 lo\' O fur Mnry, I hnJ mnu , some years after gracluahut cllil-h•ut·y nn1l hil'l lu\'ll for :\fury tion, to tbnt sent of lenrnJng where we intl•rft'r('ll with hitt mnrrlagt• to hl!r. resurr ted Tacitus, Horace, t.nd Cteero, ll c hrul 8JI(!II I long hOIIrl!1 hcnt O\'er his only too glad to bury them aeain; elt•llk , ll~uring nucl thinking. lle hull where we learned by sines ud eoaines, flnnll.'' or'lh·t•el nt two re ull!l, both ot to measu re the angles and time the riswhit·b wert' tlil:lllppointiug. One answer ing and setting of the stars, but touncl Willi $1,!i24, null the other wns $1,140. more enjoyable activities wb1eh 'flw former sum revrl':~ ntcll whut John belong to their reign; wbere we stuclied hnll fount! was the lowest posttible one philosophy and practiced another. amount n year on whieb two rould ."Yes, I had a. good time,"-I re· romrortuuly exist, and I he latter wn11 plied, 11 and a surprise, too, that I wut John 's annual income. Now, unfor to tell you about. You remembet Kit· tunntPI,\·, .1,140 does not e•Jual •1 ,524, chell, don't you, who made auch a bril· and us John bad so much regard fur liant record in ll<lhoolarabipf" the happiness of his future wile, hu "The fellow that went to the Uniho1l !hot hu should wait until his ourn· voraity after be graduated, to t&lr:e up a iug c·nvswity was greater, before he ot- course in Yea, I remember him. tt~mpted to support nuothor with it. He was a good sludent, all ritht, and This time twe ulutl rather distant, for his morals were almost beyond eo· John '" firm w11a not in a very vrosper· sure. Yet, somehow, you felt u tho ous condition. there was. not mueh to baclr: biJ eharWhen John explninctl this to .Mnry, acter. He didn't seem to put muell ~he l1Bd listonod. atteutlvt•ly, h:11l mnd stock In Ohriatianity, or any ren,loa, a few scratrhes on t•uvcr (fur Mnry tor that mntter." l11o had n \Jusint-!lll hca1l), auJ hntl ttSaturday afternoon, u I wu crousnid, " WciiJ clMr, juttl listen to this,ing the campus," I resumed, "I met U,52l minus lfil,l40 lt>n\'t>S $!1, -t Now two students engaged in eonveraatioa. JUIIJtose Wt' let ' • X ' ' CI(Uill •9 Then As they paaaed I caught the worda, 'Go· ·:~ :.:_ ph•.!_ ~, 1401 you r aalary) &m!llla i!!l. to 4!ar Jijtehelltt .~t ~~~ .1 ,5!!4, tht> RlllOIInt we moat have. I did not think ol bia beine any one l'hc proltlem l11 to solvo for 11 X". An<l had ever heard of. However, I went fnhn , •l<'ur, lt't ':t-let 'K solvr for 1 ' X •' to old PJymouth church, where I knew lot;l'lhcr. ' ' .John ltn•l 11tnrNl at ht-r tor he was to apcnk; you remember we an Instant, and hntl I'IIIIKht her in hi 14 usetl to go there to hear Dr. Robln~Df arm1. Women will hnvo tl\Ctr wny. "Jiere I met my surprlle. It wu Sir months ufter the wo1hling, "X" the snme Mitchell we had known in ctill rl'mninctl un unknown qunutit)·· College daya,-yet not the same. When luhu , t~llll pnv.~liug h\' ()r the Kolution , he rose to speak an expectant hu1b leU ·lid uot •lnn• to flllk for Hll hu-rcnt~ in on thn.t crowdl'd church. We felt the llllllr,\', for It<' renllz···l that l•Ven his inflnenee or a great personality. He tiurt ,\'·lh·e elnllars u month strnine1t spoke with sueb warmth, eonvictlon, till' r~•~nlltl'l's uf hi t~ MIJIIo,vPr, und 81- nnd sincerity, that we see!JH!d drawn ' hnu~h hr hn1l 111:1cle luquiri ~ for 11e,·· out or ourselves anll our aurroundinp •rnl otlu•r put~i linu:4, hl• hntl n~t·eh·t't) no to n sublimer faith in the immediate tnti:~fylul:f ro~tu lltt. But tltill wns tho! presence of God thnn we bad ever exmly worr,v I Ita t marre•l t hi' hupvln~ss perienced before. I CO'!ld hardly be11111 •·umtort of hiM life. Tit~ two ('Orne lieve that this was the man who bad John, be it known, hncl Rludit'cl eiU·



(Oont lnued o n Pare Three


is one of the greatest fieldiDf 1hort· in cit her league. He Ia starting ol'f fine nt the bat. lt' he can keep nrounll the .2il0 mark, blat fiDe Jeldiaa c'onner Hope Star Settlng League On wi ll cnrry him through. " - E. W. Diek· Fire. Mlloll, in the Orand Rapid1 Newa.



.._,. _.........._.._,..... ..._........_n~•





the llrst t lm" since October 3,

.I oh u L. La \'lin, II Ultl' '!I mo~Ct l'ttlj 11('11 t ·pprC:4l'lltntivc in the f)Jlse bull world, 1014, tho St. Louis Browns won a ball game nt Comiskey Parlr: yeaterdaJ, & hns Ill II rh•t\ hill fuurth !lellHOII iII lti$: contest that wa11 foueht tooth nnd nail 'eague bnll with n lll·intilluting cxhi·

llition of hrilllnnt pluying not et1ual~d lty thnt o( nny other mnn iu oith~r ' l'Rgnl'. The fo llowing ox,·orpts voci· t't>rn l•• fur tltl'IIIMeh•£>s: " .Iobnny Ln \'lln has heen the ltig fnrtor in the SU('t· ess of tho 0rnWII8 80 fur, his hi I ting rtncl h1s fioldlng being rl'BJ>Onsiblc for most of their ttbowi111 to·tlnto. "--Bt. Louis Sporting News. ".John Lovan 's srnsutlonul flelcliug saved the gnme tor the Browntl., 'Grand Rapida Preu. u John La van, the Grand Rnpi<la hoy who ia playlng ahort·stop for the Browns, is starrin1 in almoat e\'ery game.' '-Grntul Rapids N ewa. "John Lavan continues to make good. He got one hit and one ron.''Orand Rapitls Preas.


(Ooudllaed oa Lut ....)

t•very stop of the way, cboolr: full of t be senantionnl, and only Ioat by the Whit Sox after Ln \•an, the short·atop, took n rutl-slzed base bit away troru .foe Jackson In the ninth by a halr· roli!ing sto1l ending tbe eombat and lcrn•ing throe Holte 11tranded in the run-wny. The score was 6 to 5, bene«' the ninth inning exdteruent. • • • Lavan desl'rvca plenty .9 f eredit for tho Brown vletory. Wlton .laekaon hlt . that bal1 in the ninth, no one on the fteld thot thnt tho ahort·atop bad 11 chance to .8elcl the pill, much leu ooa· vert It into a third out. • • • Probably no other ahort·ttop in tbe leape would have gotten the ball tlaat Jaelr:aon amatked-ft low. hard erouader to.ward abort and third that 1et tile erowd

eruy, for it meant rietory. They fail· '• Johnny Lavan, tbe Orand Rapida ed to count on Lavan. Be 1tarlecl wltb 1 amateur ranke product, who i1 play- "• uaelr:, aacle a wild •tab ucJ euae ._._.. of •Mirhlgan. ing tlhort·atop for tile St. Louil Borwae, up witla the ban, aever l01iq a m• of the eolle1e il lt'ltlng off fine. He had two aood mnt u lle lrecl to Pratt OD teeoad to a ebanee to aet men to beat out for tbe po1ltion, one of foree Foamier aad ead tbe tllt.''them a favorite of lluacer·Flelder Olaleqo H.,..tcl• worlr:. Jonee, ucl ~to dolt. Joba7

Pabllahed every Wednesda1 during the Collfae Year b1 Student• of Hope College. Board



F.dltor· ln·Chlet. .0. MAR\'IN BROWF.R AuO<'Ial e Editor ... , Walter A. 81'1\oltt'n LltPrary F.dltor ..•. Rophla Y an \' t'IISI'm Alumni f.dhor11 ......... Paul \ ' lu rhl'r Ruth Rlr kklnk Camrn• F.tlltora ••• . ... . Wllll11 .1. l'ott• ~: ,a\\', 1•.-.l'nhouh AthiC'lir F.tlltor .....•... Karllll'n Exl'hanr" Editor ..... .. . fl. 0 . De Boer Rapid Firl' ltou ••. .. . JI)' M. D01ter


' 17 "18 ' 17

'17 '17 '111 '17 ' lA '17 '17

011 VI! Bl'rl&l'll 'I II

BUAI.Deu Department Bualnr&l Man111'r ..•.• 1 • • Mu J. Rel'lll! Aut. Ru . Mana1Pr .• . . 1-' l'rdlnarul. \ ' oll'l Subal'rit•tlon MaDI(I'r .. . ••1. E. Hoft'rua n Aut. Sub. Man11t'r ....•.•lohn ll. l'o•l

'17 'Ill '17 '19

'l'mna - a1.26 per )'tar in advance IID&le Copies - • - - Five Cents Entered at the Post Office of Hollllnd, Mlchlaan 11 eecond-clall mail


its 11 E 's' '1 and nt the culmination of hi11 college career he dons his enp nnd gown, delivers the cln!'ls oration, and Is pronounced a suMe . Well, perhar>s he ls. If he enters the ministry or goe into teaching, his tho· oretltl BI training will stand him in good stend. Hut if he goes Into business or industry, he will r •cch·e n sudden jolt, ancl lund upon the rocks. He will dis· l'O\'Cr that during his college l'IHt!Ct hQ hds isolated himKelt too much from the outshl world, lhot he hnH lh·cu too X· clu11ively in one PJI\'Ironment, thnt he hBK fnilllll to broaden himself. Whitt> hi int t>re t has beun absorbed mt>roly ln thtl narrow limit11 of (•ollegl' IIC anti :wt i \"itle11, ho hns fnillld to llroudtln his !li'Opo to more }'rnctlcnl views un tl itl(lus. To lw rnore IIJll't'ifll·: how many Ktuclonts in n tollege conc·oru themseh•es nbout the nft'nir ot' lhl' dty or town in whic h the c·oUcgc it~ lc11·utl'll i how mnuy know who ure the men who han~ cbnrgo of its tltllllinlstrntion null whut their party aflilintiou i11; how JIIUny know a nything :1bout the charter lllltlt!r whi1•ja tho l'it~· .s run, or whether it hu11 su ·h n thing 011 a churtcr I Most or' them probably know une IJUrber, une •·lothil'r, one druggist, oue flori!lt, the whole force ttl tho Urecks, unci that is nbout us fu r us their· rnterest In the town goes. Thu conclusion to be drawn from th" (ore going is this: Live an intensive col· lege life, but not to the exclusion ot the outside world. By no means do we wish to conve~· the idea that college work und activity should be ncglectt>d. One 's interest In n rollege an nevPr be too great, nor enn he ever do too much

IL--------------I £1.1~t•tnrt•al




ltopt• i11 nt ln8t to hove nn nthlctic conrh I The shHlents ho ''E' petitioned for It, and the rouncil futhurs hnve lie creerl it. Jt is the fulfillment of a long· felt nPf.'ll, nnrl is bound to make n great nome for Hope along nthletie lines Ill! 11hP now XI'Pls in the forensic field. The ndvantng.·s · • hr Jt'r1ved frl'•ll t hl' sen•ices of a eoaeh are mnny, onil well known to you an. The.Y need no enumeration. The splendid athletic material that hns been gonlg to waste here for the past few years is lnment· ab1e, and it is well that this will now be turned into useful chnnnr1s. But what eoneerns us most now is the prob· . h t man f or th e lem of securing t hc rtg

for his school. But it must also be tnk · ,•n into ••onsiderntion that college life

is hut. temporary, nnd tbnt sooner or later the theories there lr arnrd mu."'t bo put to practical applirntion. Why not mix tl little prau•tit•e with theory While ln rollegr, and relievr the jolt that must place. He must be a man firrst or nII inevitnbly result if the ono is incul· of teaching ability; seeon dl y, he must , h l'tlted tO the eXClUSiOn Of the Othcr1 be a Christian man, an d lD armony with the spirit of the institution ; onrt thirdly, he must be a coach in the tru\' a, 18 1\1 aenae of the word, one who kaows· ..:?" letles from A to z, and who will be :1 -------------~ · good mixer and popular with the stu· LIUit week the Adelphlc Society held tlents, Md above all, who ean commantl its meeting at the home ot Prof and their respect. Such a man, at a nom· lirs. Kuizinga. Mr. Waalkes of th•• innl Mnlnr,\', will be tru1nifestlv difficul t " :-4enior Class letl the devotionals on tb l! to obtain . l(O!Jjoct, '' Intercessory l'myer. '' .M1. F.xprrsslonH hu vc bt>en heard from l'otgicter of the Junior r lnss read a pn· some of the more pessimtStlc of tbr stu· per uu thu ' ' .J uvenile ~ourts. '' dfnts ntH I Crorn t hr rlouhting Thomners, -:o:thnt tl1iK promil11: of thP ·COulu·il is hut n ~lr. \ ' an St ricu uml ~Jr. JJuiker of mere plntitude, nnil will in the Plhl ~l cCoruah· k Semiunry ,.i it cu with th.• peter out to nothing But if thc.r will .'f.'miuar,r hoy:~ thl11 pnKt week . Thoy, but o.Ntunlnt thenasr lvce with the fnds, togt•thor with ~Jr. Bilker! of th t1 ~ow nnrl rP:HI IIH~ sign11 nf t hr times, IIH•,v Bruuswi•·k Semiuury, will luke "I' tln•ir will finrl thnt the Counc·il iM rt>nll,\• in ... twlit•s :at lht· West cru ut•xt yt>:H . enrn~sl nhout thif4 ma?fer 111111 will •1(1 - :o: ~luud:l,\' t'\·t•uiul: the Se uior ~1!1!111 wns their utmo111 In Mt>eme th u t.1•st lll:tn possihlt'. 1n fnl'l, for !IOIIll' yt•:ar~ pnst ··nlt•rtnint>il ut tlinu('r nt tht' houll' or the OUnt•il h1111 hi'PII 011 lh(l lnnkoul for l>r. Bt'nrdsll'e. Friday n fl ernoou .\Irs. a mon of this klntl, anti whrn \\' t> '4lup llnrft>•· iudt erl them to lt•:t. - :o:to considPr that not only rlot•!l tla(• l'nun· Titt• .\ t· tu!l~ JIO!'II ·I iml'ri! were looking ril fn.vor thi11 mnllt>r nt hrurt, 11111 that for n lilt It> hnsl'boll prnd it•l' W cll rH'II


mt·nary r.""Ut.B

The New. "Arrow" Collars Just the thing to wear with the new

PIPING ROCK BOW TIES At 4 o 'rlork Prida~· l'. M. lnst week, ~lrs. J>urfN•, n11sistl'cl h~· the resitJ(Int (1wulty of the dormitory nnJ the ~enlor Dormitory girls, entertnined at tea In the re •apt ion room of Voorhet>s ll nll the Senior class from l'11 Bern inor)'. 'l'ho che{'r anll good will oC RO happily combined n group of &>niors,all beginning to think of tho surious things thut will follow tht'lr fnst np· proa<'hing grnt1nution,- it seems, c•nn not help but lie the workt•r of Homo go01l untl happy rl'!mlts. Bnt we enn so~· no more right now thnn, "De Patient , nnd watch t~lis ··olunlll fur ull un· IIOIIIII:I'nll'IIIS. ' 1 - :n :-

'l'hr Inn• of the grcnll'il_v Wllf4 •lonbly lll'rt'll!U' tl lnRt wepk .,y the fn ·t th nt 'owt>r!l' Thentl'r1 Grnrul Hupids, wu11 •r{'senting ngnln, ' ' Th e Birth of n ~~~ ­ ion. " .M11n~· were the 11tu•lents who rr· !ipontled to the 1•all, and just. us mnuy rome marching hotrl{' ngnin us full of lh{' horrors of wnr, sympatlay for th{' Southern war-suft'erers, nnd hntreJ for he vulgar type, and respect for th e more human type of negroe, 1\S any old \'eteran who went thru it nil himself. Everyone soon will have seen this :a tnlkt'ng about 1·t 11rama. E ' •c ry one l1J Jlt1 1 tl h ee it t or now. you ge Hl c nn<'e, s "If D 't m's• 1 " 1't • yours, · on ·o ·

Tllose who we-;e· 'in tho dormitor.v • h t trymg · ast atur dny mg to s t 11 dy, may hove been slightly annoyed b~· thr !louncl of heavy hooms rifling from the •lining hnll. The cause of this was not tiU"·- to lh"' ""XpJosiOD!I of bombs, but 0 the henvy de9Cending of hnnds on It"" dining table. Mrs. Durfee kindlv. Q))0\1/Cd .. n I I ffia()C 0p II party tO have a


able on \VItieh to play" Jenkins " ; and ' Jenkins " was played in earnest, ns the swollen hands on the following morning · testified. Thank you, Mrs. Durfee, lor the appreeiated favor. Notice is hereby given that wherens :\fiss VanZee, ommonly known as llrn· rietta, who hns hitherto heen calletl • • Hnnke,v, " Cor short, has chnugt•ll ht.>r uo rne to '' J1 ainio ". All people i 11 uti · drc!!!'liug ~!iss Vnu 7.~e will kindl~· Lc•ar I hilc fnl't I u mimi ; "HElN IE '' not " Hnnky. "


he hn11 rornpi1•IP1l hi ••our11t' nrul stancls rearl_,. to Pul t>r upon lh•• nduol dutie!l or life, ill that hi' Iii ton thcoretit·nl. Ill' ill wPII \'l'riiPII in rult•~ U111l r~gn latiou!'l, in hnWlthPilt'M, 011•1 finl' B(IUII tla cnrlr'~, hut of thl' artunl l'rnl'li•·l' !tllll nppli• n lion of th ing.c lw ill l'rtwti,·nlly igllor· out. The t'nvironmeul or n c·ulll'gP lllliiiPnt tend11 noturnlly towarcl this t'\'11. A •·ollege in 11 town he prnt-li1·oll~· out' t·Om· n10nity within another. The lltudt>nt livt'ft within thi11 11mniiPt mwlt'uA, nil lais interrsl!! Art> t•rntt'r('ll lu it, nrut he rllllrl'gnrtlll to a grt•!lt .-xlt•nt tlw lnrgrr rnnrmnnil~· ahnut him. Ht• 1'011· cern11 himf!l'lf onl.v with llat• U• ti,·itlt'llllf the st·honl ; ho llntnMhes lulu n(hlt>tit•s, or hl!'l hlustering voil•p is ht'nrtl ou t "" Jllatform of oratory tlllll ilc'hnl\'. For four long yenr11 ht ent a, tleepa, lives anlt th rivt'll in the tnvlronment of col1ege ~ttudtntl noel proft>uort. He appliea hlm.elf dilipntly to 1tudy, he i1 a mod-


~,ritlny morniu~ tlt P Jl,.\ . ~l r. Uoll· l.._____________ ....,. 'i.-ll!CI'fPr, milllliuuu ry '" lutlia, whu ill 1E.xr~taunr.s

IHHnl· t,,.,.awh• uf ill·hPalth, fu\'O rt'.l tlw stullt'ul ll ou.t fn••tdl~· with a few rt•· One of lht> t·hiPf rritit·i!IIIIR1 nntl justly mnrke. 801 Je\'PII'rl Ol lhl' t>OilPgf' MltHien l Whf'U

- :o: '!'It~• lti~ hnll gnmc of thr senllou Ill'· IWI'i'U thP C'ollogc Seuior11 onli the Ht•ua. II'Rill Wll>C pulll'tl uf1' J.'rhlo,v n£1\'r unon. 'l'h l' S\'m. lt>um look thl• flrltl with Jlr. BP:Htl!ller ill I lao• ItO'< :ln•l Prof. .1. r-:. 1\nit.f'n~J nl tlw rt•t•c•i,·ing l'lltl. Si 11r r the Rrulors wt•rtt nt.ll' to rlo nothiuu

with Dr. BcurclHiec 's lll'lh•My, Potgi••· ll'r rl'liC\' ('(1 IIIII) ,JJ\I'Oh!l Wl'llt ht>hinil fh,• h:tl. l l'in urul II OE' \'{'11 worker! for th r S{'raiorH. The gnmc:> wns 1•lo~r on1l In· tt•rc. ting thruout . At thr encl of tht> K:tlllt' tlw Nn. lt>nm wn11 lc:>ntlinl! 11ix to II n•. 1 r 811u nf Hnp••. '' ~lc•iu - Di.t


.'·on tnkP J1hilol4nl'h~· I ,J flt•k- J Wfl!l t'XJI0/1('() to it hut tlii)U 't tnke it. ~

Ashby 2 1-8 in. Lexicon 21-2 in. and SIDNEY, the new soft collar now ready ··-

P. S. BOTER & CO. 16 \V. Eigh1t St.


:.UALITY D.RUGS SMITH'S DRUG STORE · HOTEL CAFE SPECIAL 25 c DINNER Special Chapge Every Day. Lunches put up to take out. and see our SPECIAL LUNCH MENU 6 E. Eighth St.


Eye Glasses Perfectly Fitted Properly fitted eye glasses ndd much to the pleasure of li~ng. Glasses fitted by us give perfect eye comfort and satisfaction. A tr·ial will convince you of the thoroughness of our work and the reasonableness of our price.

Geo. H. Huizenga & Co.,

38 B. 8th St. HOLLAND

-: o·-

Spirit i11 runuing \'Pry high bl.'lwccn tlw ,·urionll r·lussrs of late. Sudllenl,\· 'l'hamulny moruing the . uphomores wrr~ .trOIHU•tl rrotu I lu•i r I'OIIHII 1)01(' Ill !Ito • , f :uiu tl, nn•l 11iut·e this :twnkening It'll the •·ollrgP iu llemonst rat ions of yelling and •·u1hu11inllm. -·o:Tht• nnnunl meeting of the Hope Col· ll'gt- t'nun.•il Willi ht'lll last Weduesc1ny. .\II I hi' pPnJ'IC whn eat at the 11 dorm" wonltl liP l'lt>fl'll'cl if the ~oum·il shoultl also our own l'rt>llillt>nt gin•11 it his .to.r nftt'rnoon , 1w lht• Scrniunr.' ' rncou ltll'l'l 1\'I'Pkly instenrl of auuunlly, :wd ht>nrty opprohntion, wr rna~ r1•st a!lsurPrl ta·irnuu~· l tlu.•ua to thr tuu e of ell'\'t' ll lu :nukt• thn~t· hig IIJIPcial llinn~rs n more thntthe mattr·r will I.e brought to a ,, 11 .,, iu four inniugs. , orn rnon t> VPII I. IUI'I'el!!lfU I i!IMllf'. BE MORE PRACTICAL





The ln~t nurnhf.'r of th e IJourentian, Jllthli!lht••l It~· 1.u11retH·e 'ollegtt, \Vi:~., n r ·p~nrt•tl tiS n 1'0 l' llltion. The Jlllper is wc•ll put out, uml Hhows what i'O·r•litors •'1111 tlo. 'l'ht• l:itutiE'nl 'mlltt•il ot' II iliRdnl1• ('ol· l r>~t> ha t~ ltrou~:ht 1100111 thl' purt·hn ~t' .at' n hunk ~tori' whi•·h is tn lu.' nwnl'tl :uul rnnnuge1l hy thl' !ltlltll'ulil of tlw I 'ollt'~~A uu•mher of \'nch <'OUIIE'I' II· th·e H1•uior urul .111u ior l'loss will be up· pointPtl to trunHo1•t thr huah~ess, ntul will r('(:ci\•c:> a 11tipuloted snlnry. Bc('nuse of tho rr11ignntio11 ot Olivet '" former pre i•l--ut, Dr. Thomns F. Knn , uf S..uttl" hnH b(len t>h.'<'tNl to 1111 his pint•('. T>r. Kt11aC' wn11 formerly preKitlent nf lhP lluh•erl4il,\' ot Washington, untl •h~rlng l!ll:l-14 wns nlso hca•l of thr Nutiou:tl ..worintion or State Univt'r~t· itie11. At·t·ortling to the Detroit New11, he is n man or tll' bola rthip ancl llll118110l nbility.

Mrs. Durtee-Franres, I t oltt you twire to have muffins for breakf1111t Have ~" no inttllertt Mis.~ Tlunt- Whnt Ia an omat\'urf Fra nrea--No, mum ; t h~~re 'a none In "B " - Any on a who eaa 1•t away •1 etucltnt, hie t•ard ia t•baraeteriud by the taoue. wltb it.

- - -o---

Hope College ANU

Pre paratory School

CHARACTER AND ADVANTAGES An institution of the Refornu:d Church in America. Established. maintained and ron · trolled by the church . Open to all who desire a thorough Preparatory llnd College education. CCH"ducational. Christian but not sectarian Bible study.

Careful supervision of the health nnd mornls of Lhe 5turlt>nts. l<'lourishing Young Men's and Young Women's Christian Associa-· lions Literary Societies for men and women School of Music - vocal and in· Prizes. Scholarships. Le-cture Course.

"Michigan should know more of this institution. Only recently have J come to a more comprehensive understanding and appreciation oC the splendid work done here. 1 have le111ned that out of nine Rhodes Scholarship eligibles in tht> State, five nre graduate5 of Hopt Colle~e. and from my good friend, Judge Steere, of the MichiKan Supreme Court, I hove the statement that Hope Col lege is doing the hiKhest, the best and the most perfect work of Its loind in America. 1 fi:td you rank among the world leaders here In the classics." Ex-Gov. CHASIK S. OSBORN

The Western Theological Seminary of the Refo1med Church of America is located In Holland adjoi'ling the College Campus. Corps o{ Experienced Instructors

L 0 CAT I 0 N: HOLLAf(D, MICHIGAN Holland Ia a city oC 11,000 inhabitants: on Macatawa Bay, opening into Lake Michipn; good boating. bathinJ!, fishing and skating; healthful climate; picturesque scenery; suptrior church privile~tes; boat line to Chicago; interurban

eltctrlc line to Grand Rapids; main line Pere Marquette ]Uil Road from Grand Rapids to Chicago; good connection• to all other pointL · AME VENNEMA, D.D., PRF.I ID BNT





H~.>nrr 0. Jlclgrim, Prt'll· 'llll, b:u:1 ht>l'n \ clnring thi ~·l•nr, thnt lw hnll rt't'l'in•tl n ,. hoileu l\il n tlele~n ll' tu t ho lteJin\lll,·un n.'· :t ppulu 1llhl ll I with rtmsirlernhl l• iII· IIUII1111111 I!CIII\'l'lltiOn. l'ri.':\1'1.' in !hr Ullll\1111\. of the lll'hOJnrshlp.

- : o: -


Itt'"· B. llnlt tll' hn t• f<•r, 'lltl, whn i!l n ut i !4ionnr~· In lnclin, vlsltrd th u t•ull,•g,• nntl lh t• 'll' nllnur~·. ~rr. lloll st• hn l'fM is he~ nu• Oil n Jll't·inl (urlnu~h hct~:tlllll' nf ill·hl'nllh.

The t•nngrt'gnlion ut' lh\• lmm nnut·l Rt•furntl•il l'hun·h 11 r Urunll H:lphlll cletli t'nli••l their ht•:wtiful th'W hrh·k ,•,lith·\! AutHlny morHinl!, April I (j, '!'heir pres t•ul JllllllOt is Hl'\'. I. \"uu \\'c·~lt·ttiJIIr~, - : o: '0!1. 'l'he th•t li,·n l inn 11ermuu wu~ ptt'lll'h ll r. Bt•rnortl J)e \'ril'll, ul' th i11 ··i t~· , t·.l hy l'rctf .•1. Jo:. J<uizlll~:t, '!l!l. On 1. !IIIII ~l iK.<o~ ~l iil)rt•tl '!11114 II ~lltllll'fiJICII'I, , 'I ' ·, 1 1 II , lttl•r'" ,, 11111. 1 Wt'rt• ltlllrrt I II I~ : I , ~IOIItill\'• 1'\' t•nl uj!, Ht'\', Dr .•\ . \ l'lllll'lllll, " II h.n \\I '7!1, !IIIII lh•\'. . t'. ~t·ltingon, '1111, th•lh·· .. r 1 I101111'. I) r. r) t• \. r Il'~ w hn Itl' rnr,· ' I' {' I ; Pro•ol !IJH'l't·ht•'l, \\ hilt• •lUI i n ~ I hl· r1'11111i11 Wilt! I111':1 I 1.'4 I Ill 11 o•r 111 1 ol'TIIIIIII\ 1 l:t;l . . . . . ., olo•r of lito• \\l'l' k ,., a 11\!t'lil'll io• ~· ·n it•t•O( lilt\\' !U'I up ufllt'l''l Ill ~l lttUl'll)tllltll. 1'' ltl'lol . - :o:.lttltn \'utt Htrirtt :tttrl Hrlt'lur lluikc r, ' -:o: Wl111 at p rt·~ ~·ttt 111' 1' :tl lt •nditt~ lh t• ~It · • ll n ..\ 1.. Wa rn ltuiM1 '!li, IIIII' ul' \lllr I 'nrmi t•k l:il'minnry nf I 'ltio·ll~"· :t il' ' ' " 'ldllo;iuu :tri••<~ i11 1111' A""'·' · ~li ll.'liun, hu:s itiug with rrit•lttl~ in tltl'! ·· it .\ . '"'"" o•alh•ol to I Ill' pn'litlun of Jo:\'IIII~C i is tit· Hvt•rt•lary uf t ht• l 'ltiua ontinuntion - :o: ~i ill<~ Clt•rrmlt• Brut'k 'If'<' III \\' l•tl lll'lltl:ly l:u mmittcc. Il l' tnok up hill IH'W· rcspon · in II Hi lnnol. "'illilitit• on ~ l nrdt first. )lr. \\'nrns -:o:huis' new po it io u opens up to him 1111 ll l•ltlw rol 1'1l1·~t'lllllll 1 'I :1, hns bel:' II en tlmost unlimitetl field (or sen il·c, (n r l!!l;.!l'd l u ll•n•· h iu th1• Dl•pnrtmcnt of ·.fri:'OII'r thnn he c·ouhl fine! in nny on•· l 'hl'nli"tr.'' in the Ohio Stntc Pni\'l'rKily 1tntion, no matter h'!" \"itnl his wor~ at ( 'uhunhus, olu ri ng the Ulllntl'r t rm. to thu t talion. - :n :Lo•nuattl Yntl•Jnn, ' l:i, who rcr l'h·etl n - :o: .l olt u \' nu l:!trit•n, ' 14 , of ~ll'l 'or mi t·l; M·ltcllurshi p in the ni,•ersity of Till· JlHi"' :tl l ' rllnnn n ycnr ngo, hu hl'('ll Uuin•rllit,\' 1 Wfl!ol u t·nm 1 111~ vLitor lhi •luinl! ~lll'h highly snlisfuclory work Wl'('k.


r ·

i ""

®pininn.& an~ a!nmntrttt.&


I t'or

Wt• nrc glncl to note th nl mnuy of you nrl' lak in~ nth antnge of the I'O hlm n of t111• A):'CJfOH to t•xpre s your opinion . \VI'! lwli£> \'(' th nt this rolumn should hr mw of lh<' "llpit·il'. t ., •lepnrtml'nt of tht• Jtll l"'r, :11111 W (' t ru t thnt mnny more ,ur ~·ou will tukt• IUl' oppudunit.' to tli I' ll~!! Whllll'\'t'r 111:1,\' inlcn•KI ,\'llll IIIOSI iu t lw lin I.' uf o•ttllt'Kt' :lt·l i\·it it•'4. ll uwt•\' Ur, 1\'t' rlu 11111 tlt•'!lrt• th:1l th i~ o•ulu tiiU !-ohuul.) lto•o'tllllt• :t J'l:tl furtu t'll r tlt•lmli'. \\',• tl•·l'\itt• Itt pn•st•ul lwtlt ... itlo•Muf 11 'l"''!lliuu, :tlltl 1111'11 h-1 it tlrup. 'J'hl•rt•fnrl', pli'U!!t' a\'uid all 111111 1'•·••-t'l:t r \' wrn tt ~lill).('. .\ 11 art i.·ll·~ 111 11:-11 lot• !'oiK"''" loy l hl• Jll'r>~uu w ri l i u~ tht•lll, It• 11hu w thnl tht•,\' 1\'l'rt' !iUitmilll'ol in guuo l f:li th. Nuutt•!l ''ill uul lu• publ i-.lwtl nn h·"~ l\0 ro•qno''ll t.•tl: ot h1•• \\ ist: tlw~· \\Ill Itt• k••1•l


selfis h purpost>s \\ On iJ l'Xl'Ct'tl tl11· ·111111 whid1 hl• nn nll'tl ns hndng hPCII I)Jelll UIISI:'Ifiishly 011 l itis 11nnunl Ot'i'll ~lou.

Y. W. C. A. '· Et·hoe ~ from the out·tl oor:~,'' I'll · .crt'tl the chnpcl Thursflny nfteruuon, anti hrot gluclnl'll!! to tht• Y. \\'. girl . \Lis:1 lf l'll'ua Fouken hnu rhnrgc of tltl'

lu st rid !ll'•·r·····' . Eolitur.

~ -

, •

t;irl ~11 1111: l•""'i"'~· ~qw nur fri t' lul h:IH the ri~ltt iolt•u, llll llll'ly, 111:11 \\t' fPJIIIWII IIUj.tltl IIUI Ill l\c1uan•l l'r uu r mnnt•.r , hut lt l' ltu!< ~i \'1'11 it nu allu~l'llu>r ttlhtl:tll•'ll :l)'('lio·:tl iotu. If \'till \\':1111 lot 1'1!1\4' .\oour 1110 11 1',\' , olutt 'I Ju•giu ''·" lwiiiJ.: ni~-t~ur•ll~· \\ itlt \\hat .' nil 11pl' JHitlll .\'ull r no•i~hl111r, Ioiii dull ' I t hrow 11n nl llo' h :t\\ ay '"' ynnr mi~•·ra ltlt• til' If. Wl• art• nil :wltiMJ. unuu ~n lit\ lltrtl wt.• •lu 11111 11Pecl :111y r•xhurl:tlluuiiK:tinsl oloi 11~ h th :nK f,,r unl' f1•1low Jnt•tt. We• ull think t•uough of flllrl\l'h't'!l 1111 I hnt if ou r fril!lltl hll tl 4'Xhllrtl•tl llll lrt. t'l':llll' ttll r l'X trn\'ngnu•·c on nur!lt'l\'t·!l 1t wuuhl lul\·o hcou muc·h lllllrt' :1 pproprialt•. li e m i~ltt hnve mcntiu•u••l th o "hnir hruinl•tl ,\' CIUih. '' who with l hl•ir III IJOIOt·)Ui~ full, t o the tiiJ IIIIH:r nf Jll'rhnp fiO or u hnn· tlrt•tl, tinily !lt)U:tu•ll'r l1•n •·••n t ~ fur n t'll )l uf t·ctfT••t• 111111 n . :ttiiiWio·lt, ttr lhnl t•rtiWtl ur l \\'1 111 )' ,\' 1111\hH thnl lllllkl' :t tinily 'i11i t I o tlw it•t• •·r(l:tJu pnrlors, or th l.' la rgo unmhor thnt frer1uent thr movies, or lh(' l' rowtl of fellows tbnt visit t hi' <·igor storf'l!. I fen r thnt if our frien1l hntl usefl his clt>terth'e nntl nmthcmnti t•nl nhility on these prohlt>mll of UJH'nllitnre, he would


e .


.. ·u: ' r l•t•rl' \\ :"- •·nu ... itl,•rulolo• iul o•rt"•t au.J 1 lit tit• t' \t·ilt'tll t'ttl :I roll~• ·.) l o~ 1111 ar I it·lo• whit·h :t('l'l':lrl'" itt th ill ··ultllllll l:t'<l \\'\'l'k si).('llt'd !..\' " 11 :11•1 l'p... li t• tolol 111, with lt•:tr!l iu hill l'.''''"• tlu• nld :o~ tury o( h nrtlwurkin~ f:tlltt•r, auol l''"' r 'i ~l4'1 nllio• iu h••t tn~ l 'lll llllllt'r ':t Ita I. :tnol lou~ !III O't•rlug Hrot ho·r Hill o,l :1yiu;.: :t' lthiiW, :all .... · riru)' iug- au·~ ..,:t\ :u;.: lu tU' II I 11~ l u !lt' lllltll, auol \\1 ' "l"' lloliu:.: tlwi t h:trol o•:HIIt•ol • ·Judo•'' I•• ~,. 1 11111 lw:tl


ftnd that the amount aquandere<l daily

l.rt'lt \\ l't.•k W1•ol nt•stlny prom ptly a l 7::17 o't·lcwlt, tho• l'Xnlt Nl Rcniors gu th· Nt•tl in full nrrn.'' in the hnc•k,,·nrcl ot \"uu Ylet·k ll nll, anti plnnh'•l n mlui n lurc fort'lll in lht> s bnpc• ol' n Iorge twig. Wt• t•:'h'l'll• it n g re:. t· prh•ilt>gl' to pro llllll~:tlt' lll'l'l'\\'lth the orolcr Of CXC4'11· tion: ~b'll'r nl' C'cn•mnni<•s ........... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . • \' nn \\' t'!IH'nhurg l'hit•t' llultlt>r uf I Itt• l:-lhO\ t•l ......... ... ...• .. ....... ... . 'J'(l(ltl i1• :l.wt'IIH'r ltinK n,•nrt•r . .. .... ,l'alho•riiH' lll•khui"' Wulo•r IIll,\' ....... .. . . \V illh• ltnzt•lteWill ll it·kut,\ ~Ill .•.... . •.. •..... .. ..... .. . . ....... . .... .. .. .. (II.'OrKill ~tei!1 llt•·ltl 11f l'lt:1in fla n ~ . . .. O,·ie ll n!<pl'r'l \' i ll u i 11 • • •••••• ••• •• • • llt•nrKit• \ ' t•t•n kt•r ll l'rtwllll .............. ~1'1111 \':~11 Hnalt•• lnl roolul'l"l',\' tf f' UI HrkH ..... ... ~1. 11f 1!. l'rt•lnolo• . .... . . . .. . . Ho•ttlnr Brnll!l Bnutl l'nllthltl\• .... . ... I H:-~hurttttttl)' Quttr t••':e ltc111 n rkll .. . .... ........... B,\'lllU rlll l'r'l llo•dio·ul inn .. . . . ... ~l. K ('llllt'rh l•'lipsl' '1hout ...... II. H:uuakc r, (in th t> •·ruw•l) ih'lll'l' .......... .. ' ...... nunn t•woltl · ' It is 0\•t>r'' . ........ .. . . ... F.. n. D. 'olo- " T uwt•ri ug- I n•e lolll•r It'll t inw. '' .. .. ........... Prnr ..I. n. N. Curlnin falls nnd tree l c~l\' t'!l .... ..... . -:o: Henrd in the Class Room .:\l r. Uunnewol tl, plea e II· ttuit•t. ) l r . .:\l oorc, present two !ln~·s In IIUt· ,•ession. 1't•d 7.w<'mer: ' '[ ext u c the t· lnss 111 'ollcgt• Algebm tomorrow. ' ' l t•an 't heur you, lth('n. Why, ~t r. Luitl<'n 1 you 're ou I in11• tn lny. ~o t prepnrl'<l to<lny- Ednn C'o1ok . Mr. Hnkk cn, .' ·ou r O\'erng(' th iH lt•r m ·s 9n~. Mr. lloe,·cn, t)on 't hide hr hind .""llr penl'i l.

IH:dill ~.

('umpu risous were mnJc betwecu life 11 naturl' :11111 uur own li\'l'il. \\'i ud, 1ur111~, thnntlPr, ··luuu11 unu ruin IJ ring !:11 k uutl ~1<111111,\' ol:ly:~, hut tlll'l!\l arc 11"1'""'''' IJy till' :tll 11 shi11~ tla~·s \\ hl'll • \t ' l .r thiu~ J,{lurit·~ iu lit',• aut! l,uu uty. 'J•I· iu~ ha'l t'tlllll! ugaiu. ~Ia~· llwrc uc 'e-('till).('lilllo' i11 n11 r !lttu l ~,·· tllltl lovl' In•I juy 111111 hap('inl'l>S l'\ t'T,\' \\ hl'n'. ~l a11~· uf the ~i rl:t ~an• 1t•~ti111ouic~ of tIll' 11 • ,:-ttll'~ lt·artlt•tl fru111 nulurt•, uml I ho• lol o •'< o,itt~'l rt•o•t•i \'('ol. ( 'yu t l1i:t )'ell· ti ll)! 1>:111~, '.\.,Jt:tlllt'.J u( 'J'ht•t•, '' - 0 . :-1., ' I'<. -


Y. M. C. A. NEWS · ' l•'otllu\\ i Ill-' .\ 1':11, ' • \\a t ht• 110\' cl ul•i•·•·t " I' r'u1 o l i"· u~ : uu I•.' the\'. :\I. ·.. \ . l:t'll 'f'UI'Kd:t,\'. 'l'lu' lt•u .lrr for the ., I'll i ttg wa" ~I r. l~•lt rnau, \\ hu l1y ttt':lll"~ of :~killfu l t'HIII('!II ;:;o11-1 ut' nol etl lil,:o• l' lt:tr:tdo•t 1 111:11h• iltj,. tupi1• Ulll' Of ,l't'll iuto• rt•-<1. II •· ~r: q•h i.·:tll .' tlt·t~•· rillcu lw ol4•uta l uf l't·lt•r :111tl tit ~· t',llll'll.' of h i~ lotl\111!111 !I" oluo• 111 lito• 1':11'1 llt:tl ''h.• liol 11111 fl'lllllill 11 1 .lo·""" · "i•l•·, hut 11 i 11 t:l ~··l with tho· t•flll\'d uutl t'ollowl•4l tfar :tlllttlll!"l ti ll' llll lot•l io•\'l'rll aw l !h:Of \q·~.' ~ l•'o1 u t• tUII J• u r i~ou hl· pit•t nretl lw t':rll ltlt·..,, t: r, . .. r .lol111, ·· t ill' tlisipll' ,\ hn111 . l t•:-.11<~ lol\'o•ol,'' :ttlll -.lul\n•cl !111\\' •." o·ltt"~t' o·twlal'l \\ ill1 hi ll 14:1\iur Ill' ' 1\ uiolt•ol 1111' J• il f:lli 'l uf ol1•1ti:tl :11111 hl' I r:ayal. \\' ha 1 tl11· lt''~"'llu lt rnu~ltl It tIIIII' 't•r,\ luro· iltl,\ \\'ll'4 thi11: " ,\\ ni•l r•\11. llun'l ry aut! Ill'!' ltuw far ,\'1111 •·:til \ :lltth•r .1 11tl ,till rt•ut:tin l rn1', lout t' \'t•r rc,llnw ·· lot~l·l.'· itt th l· fuut ll~ <' ftll 111' lhl· Oreal


Hy l>r. Jo'rnuk ('rnur. ~o

i" lll'X't I t1 ll11• :~hnriP~>I " urol In lh1 ~:n~li'lh Ia ngua~t·. It I llw t·unt'l'nlrult•ll lll'l·lnrntin11 of lu•h•JH'n•ll•twl' nf the Tlulllnn soul. Tt is the entrnl eitnllel of ('horncter, nnd rnn remnin impregnable forl'\'Cr. It is th e only pntb to r<'formntlon.

It is the steam gunge of strength, the hnroml'tt.'f of t('mpernnt>e, the elertric·

lntli<'ntor of moral force:


JACK FdrOiTifEliiii,..__

HOLLAND FURNACE CO. llolland, Michigan

World's Largest Dlrtct laatallera of Faraacea

Right Now is the Time, and

Tl1 e LaceJ' Studio IS THE PLACE

to have your Picture taken 19 E. Eighth St., Up-stairs




Prompt Senice · , • ·

~·lutlll , .. '"'· hurbmn. 'rh.· y~·:1r J •:l"~!ll'tl qu i•·kl.\',

auol to l uhu \ 'IU rp ri-.o• h~· fnuuol llw tlt•IJI'i, uf \\' hit·lt h•• hal ll\'l'•l iu ttltlrtul olrt•uo l,



IIIII ""· ··oulil lllll 1111 ·lt·t!'ol:lllol it: it \\':1.. ' ···)l)ttol lh·· Ml'll(tt· ,,f hi-. lll:lllll'llt:t lio·'l. Whcrl' t'tllllo l tltnl olt•lol uf ;!:::... 1 In•! l'erltnp!l' it huol tli o~ ·tpfh':trt·tl i n ~u 1uo • unl uf lh(' \\ H,\' c•nr ut•r. •·•·nrolittg:y, hr• !lllrrunntll'tl him . ,,Jf ""'' "'''IIIII~ with llw hil l!! :lllolnt· •'OUIII " uf I Ito• ,\'l':tl', :l ttol t'IJIIIUit'llt't'd hill li~uriu~ . .\ ., lu• wurhtl, ltlil U!lt uuiH h 1111'111 ~11' \\ . \\'h,·u Ill' hntl u•ldo•tl up nil Lilt' l'tol1111111 tl 1 Itt• t'lllllol 1111 lolll).!l'l' 1' 1111 luin hiiiiHo•lf. 11 Mnr.' ··" hl' KIHtut•••l, t•:llw ri nl! lil:e 11 ,\'llllttl..<,;lt•r '" o•r Itt wltt>rt' hi ll wift• Willi t•:tlull.' !11'\\ inj.!, •' ~la ry, luok nl tlti!C, . 'l'utal iut·UIIII', 1117.:ill; l ul:d I'XJI I 'II-11 ''4 1 ~)1 17 ! 1.1 :1, \\'h y, tft':t rt•~ l , \\'1' hn,·•· ~·'', l~t.'rl' Ill' Jtttnsl'tl fttr ltrPHih, :111•l In olu 11 littll' hu r rit•d tl~ot urittK, • · "•· 'n• :f:li-<.117 uhl'tlol,- nlll'tHI, .' ' 1111 uttdl'rlll:wol . uot $:1 I lll'h intl. " li t• lnoketl up nrul ~nw thnt .:\lnrr \\ fit( Hmilin~. 'Pi wn h1• nnt)(' r!ll nu•l. •' X" was 11n lnn~-ter nn unknown tpwutity. '' X " rcpn'!!t•n l t~tl }.1nr)' OJHI Mnry'!l frugnl mll~tl. he hntl r<'clu r t•tl hill • ' lnwt•sl JIOR!!ihll' ntnount I hut two (·oultl I'Ourfurtnbly exist on," without his t' \'t•r fiii!IJif'l' tlnJ.t it. he, nnt ht>, hn •l Jll:ttl•• " X '' plus I, I 40 l•ttlutl $ 1,!l2·1. ll o rt'IIH' IItlu'retl )l(lr wot·tlH, 11 Lt•l '11 snlv,• for 'X' t OJ!t'thcr." But tlwy ha1l not tlonc it loJ(ct her; she hnrl Arlh' Ptl it without his aid. " Anrl, ,John denr," Mnry mnnagecl to ~~.ny, " if you'll let me go, I'll get my bnnk book wi'th $S .07 on tho right ., ... " But .John only hehl her colo11er. 81, 1,



POST, '19.


97-99 E. 8th Stred

Dr. James 0. Scott DENTIST

Cnala& A,,.11t.ll1 T~tt. u • Sat. rr.. 7 tt 9 111 uJtdt•t lttntl l'lto·h ullwr a ~ oul,\· u IlOURS 8:30 to 12 a. m. 1:30 to 5 p. m· III ILII unol wifr 4'!111 1 :tutl tiu•ir 11111tunl tiC· 32 E. SOt Strttt BOW"D, IIICI · \ Otiou ittnt'aK•'tl olu il.' , if '"•·It 11 thiug ··uuld Ita \'I' ht'l'll l'"~lli hit• fur tl11•1n. Hut Itt .luhu, that "X " rt• tt taiuo••l llkt•



MODEL Laundry

(Continued from F l:-st PJge l


Holland, llich.

Send your Collars to the

1 t tutlent- Do yon kuuw thnl lftlt'('r ooking girl O\' ('r th l'r(' 1 !:!n•l turlcn t- Y t'll, s ht• ) :! rc·lnt h·~ o! - For Quality and ny mol h<'r. 1Ht lttlll'nt- ll ow nrnd Citz. Phone 1442

LET . . X


s. Spriatsma &. Son HOLLAND, MICH.

Wht't .mJ ~o-- CrOSS We have everything in 0 the line of "Eats" Ba rbe r Sh op for parties, formal or informal banquets, etc.

Formerly Red Cross Agency Baxter Laundry

Central Market Molenaar &· DeGoed 46 E. Eighth Stnet

If YotJ Expect To Win in tHe · Tennis Tournament You Must Have a Good Racket We Have Everything in the Tennis Line


The Old Oaken Bucket may be a fond recollection to many, but the celebrations in view for this year will be so to many more when preserved photographically. Remember-

Everything Photographic a~ COSTER PHOTO SUPPLY Co. 19 E. Eh~hth Street

Citl Pllone 1528

• ftlB


For suITS an.d I OVT~F t he 1a test afld .f . h. 01 ttest t tngs

GENT'S Furnishings SEE A

Nick Dykema Tailor, Hatttr and Mens Fu111lshlngs AgenCJI American Laundru

n. 'IICI .~.,. Students trade

Franklin Policies Are Registered

If you want to know all •bout them ASl MB

Wit J. OLIYE. Getenl A&at JtLUJJ, IIICJ

,._ IIU

o. J. Diekema. Pret.

H. J. Luldeza. Cubler Wa J. Wettner, Aat. C11hler

First State Bank witla aaviq• 4epartmeot Capital, Sorplaa and undivided profits

$127,000.00 Deposita $1,450,000.00 Holland. Mleb

Cor. Ida St. ud Ceotral Ave.

Patronize Casper Belt's

Barber Shop Nearest the College ~


. J.G. ...... c..... ....., ........... c.AIIr

Peoples State Bank Capital


Mic:hi.aa I~TL

,rr ,,en




learned or I he Bible in my hoy hood and

TUB llovma or BAJIII8. youth. Wns not I Jlraeticlug dee"it as

(('onlinul'•l from Page One) 1t-t>mlngly bad interest only in tho11e things whll'h might uld hiln In he •om lng n lawyrr of renown. I wondered whnt hnd 'wrought such n. change. r lletl'rmined to itud out from ltitcbell himself, it po8811Jie. Aecordingly, nftor tho on·i~o I join· Nl the crowtl or tho11u who sought to 11hake hantls with him. As he graspecl my hnncl, he gave me 11 s'urching look. 1 You ore ::\Jr. Lurkin, I belie,•e,' hr said. 1Come nlong to lliuner " 'ith UlP. llikl' nothing llrtlt'r thun to talk thing:. O\'llr with u11 ohl college frientl.' 1'Aflt'r llinnt'r whl'n, in uu"wcr to hi!l fllll'Ktion, l told him nbuul UI)'Relf 111111 whRt 1 knew of th nh1mni, I Rllkell, 'Hut, how is tlu: law l And lww !tors it hnppen thn t yuu como here tn ~penk In imrh u wa,\' aR yon dill th i11 mornlngt" 11 1The low i11 no longl'r m~· prO\'· irll't>. ll ow l 1'0 111~ to leave it nn•l tnk e up m~· present work, Is soon tohl. l t>n lf'rr•l the profession of 1nw contr:1Q· to 1he wishes of my father He was n Ootl·f<'aring man, and sincere, no doubt, but he made the mistake of influencing me to mnke profession whose signifi· t'IUlce 1 ditl not understand, and of leutling me to I hink tbnt I was called to enter the ministry, when I bod no convi<'t ions myself, realizing neither the neeri of the humnn heart hlr regen· eration nor I he forre of Christ 'a 'Oo yP.' ' 11 'I wruJ rather su<•ressful os a. law· yer and would probably be following that profession still, but for nu inci· dent tbnt happened About two yenr11 ago. I bad always aought to maintain my reputntion for honesty and upright· ness, tho often I .felt that, if motives were <•onsiderPcl, I wn11 rt>nlly not as honest as I was thot to be. My cases were sometimes doubtful, but never such that I was sure I had no right to support them. " 1However, there entered my oftler one day, a Mr. Brown, the bend of a ltllge firm. I bad long suspected this man of working a scheme by which be was stenling on a Iorge scale. Being unwilling to grant his request that I net as his attorney, until I b!W madt> further investigation, I told him that it it were convenient to him, I should ho\'e more leisure to discuss with him later. So n time was appointed. "'In the meantim<' I conducted my in,•estigntlon uJHl found that my sus· pil•iOilll were Wl'll·groundCd j that ~1r. Brown luul been t•nrrylng out most dnr· ing null l11w·defying schemrs. I also found infnrmntion thru whic·h I conlll prn,·e him innoronl tu lht• Kntisfnl'llou

jurv. Don 't f orget t0.t ry onr Frult· Iuf ' Ithe 'You ~\•ill npprrcintl' my position. Ice Cream. Brtck or bulk. I lt:ad 110 clouht tho! Ur0\\'"11 wn~ guilty. If 1 should clt>fend him, I was sure I

Waganaar &Hamm Citizens Phone 147;.0 55 West Ei2hth Street

EYerything Electrical at

Harman Da Fouw 8 E, Eipth St



c•Oillcl OU!Iily Will with 110 OltOntlnnt SUS· pi•·ion of tli~hont>llly. Drsirlrs, it wonlcl . 111 111r uo Hmn 11 rc t uru11, 1l O111 r·1111111 · Y"' c·inlly untl in pr('l!tigt!. If 1 rl'fusetl his c·n!le, however, it wou1•1 probably ml'nn rui n to ml'. 1r !101111' otht•r n'ttorHl')' l'rll\'f'<l hi111 iuutwrnt, nii(J I \\':1 11urr hl• woulti- Hrown wuultl 11:'11' hi11 inllu· Pll.-1' Hjlllillill lilt' ill :an t•fTurt lu kl'l'JI · c· I.u•ntK rrom lllr IIIII1 !11 IIII I 1l'rJIIIIIC lilY repllflllillll. 1'ht• lllllrl' f I'OIIIIilll'r!'tl thP tnnttPr tltt• grfllllt•r llt' t'llt1'<1 IIH• ath•:wt · a~,:t• o( •left•u.Hug thi11 1·:111<' nntl tlw gr('nl Pr t hP ri!lk uf r<'fmcing it. I lin· nll.1· ,Jc•,·i•h••l tn J,!ir • Hrnwn n ra,·ornblr


~ro. s 011 tbol or Ananins Y Of a sudden

L seeml'(l tu henr diKtilwtly, ' Yo han not li1'll 11111 o men, hul unto flod .' The l:il>irit hrot mo to renllr.l' thnl it was n c1uestlou of

Self-filling Fountain Pens

responsiiJIIity to my Maker; thut 1 m1111t chMRo between folluwjn~t m~· own desire or yeiltling to CIOtl '~t will. It wn11 a tn•montlous st rug· gil'. At ln11t, on mr k nee~t hctore the hell, T surrt>udcr<•tl. r now felt n prn,•t• unci joy UIIIIJIE'llkuiJII'. I kut:w there hntl Eljhth aud Rlv~r Av~. ht>l!n a changl' o( h!!urt,- ouwthiug I had ofl<'n bcunl spoken of i11 the Uttl l' · ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The Original Self-filler S2.SO and up


clum·h in tlw h1llllt' 'illo~-:c. ~· et hod .. ,., t>r untlt•rstoml i1 11 uu:nn ing. I hnnlly need tell ,rou tbut wlwn Rruwn n•turuccl 111 n1~· olliec he tlltl not r<•t•t'i \'l' 1he fu \'ora 1M nuswer I hn<l llo· ,. hll•d upon . T.nt"r h iii lll' 1wmos Tt'Ore ull unl'=<I>Cl·lc,ll,r dis~:lol!ed. I might 1111\\' h:l\'l' •·untinuetl 111y prucl it•o oC l11w witlwul frnr from thi'l !IOUr('l!. But, wltrn I thut nf the gn•nt numhor of stu· dt•nlll in hil{h 111·honl, l'ollege, 01111 uni· \'t•rttil y, whoso J'nith wna not firmly an· c·IIOrtlll in Ootl and Ilis Word, who in •·onsCituenre were foundering on the ro •ks of skepticism null doubt, I lrre· si tnbly felt it, nly work to inspire that faith in os many students ns I could retu·h. Tho my father 's wish was not fulfilled in exactly the mannor desired, yet, if I con nid in clirer ting the lives of those who nre to he lcndt'rs nmong their f('ltnw men, T Khull uot c•onsicler my work a fruitless one .. " My <'Ompauion wn~ sllrut n few min· ules. At length hi' Mid, 11 Out of the mouths of bnheH and su1·kliugs. He hns ordninecl truth ." ---o---COUNCIL PROMISES ATHLETIC COACH.

(('outiuurtl from l'ngt> Out> ) th ey would clo nil in thPir power to se· snrP 1111 in. trul'lor of the nho,·e nnmed requiremrnt ~. 'rhe r ontinuell applnusr nt this nnnounrrmrnt by the students inrll<'Ot<'R their attitude toward the proposition, nnrl we onlr hope thnt thP GounC'il may be successful In obtaining n good man for tho ploee. From further action or thr l'OUIII'il wt• :IIlio h•nru thnt Prof. Wnitlr nncl Prof. Elins will unt hr with Ill( n~-ain, that l'ruf. Yntcmu h 1111 rt•sig1u•d nftt•r a Sl'r\'i,•(' hl' rt• of 1\\'t:H iy ·lh rcc .l'l'!lrN, thut ~li s11 ~lurtlu hn hN·n Jrrant c~ l n .l'<'llr 's len,·c nl olrsrn,·e, :~ntl that John Tillt' nlo will J!O to Ann Arhor ns op· point~·t.• to tlw ~lit·llijlllll Stnl f' l•'cl luw· ~hip. Thl• t 'hui r of P,•,lngl.lg,' ' has il(•en ten•IPn••l In .fohn C. llot•kjf', Supt. of ::S.·hool:~ iu (iran•l Jl n,·rn, tuHI ~li ss l 'h ri~tilll' \' au Hu.tdl1• 111114 lorrn l' ll · ~agcol a ~o int~ l rudur fo r tIll' t•omiug




£n.pib lffirP

·--------------! - a,:II O(tt• 'l't>xl Hnnk A•"'lll·,\' lt,'l"" .·t t'OIIt· ... pctilorl Si~u iu \'a u \'lc,·k ll all, Hnom !itl::: '• l'ull ll·~ fur ~:t ! i•, ull kitllil~ ..• --o-



111 :1 11

1!lrc•1• 1111 :1 tl 1' 1 IJ,• I , : f •. l:o .g ltt if tlwr•• lll'r<' t•' ir· ~· iu :1. 1 1'· ul·rn 1ll·ol 1,,. out: uf '..'"' h,.,.., • ,1 Hll lo" )


lutto;lllllt' lt :t'~ (it'lll.' Flip~•· j,. c·arr.dn~ (ullr' ri'J!IIlur 1111hjc•l'lil, lll'!licl •:c hi11 1111! · . ;,tc• \\ nrk, out! ulim u I' OIIrllt' in u1111 ri· twn.' '• lht• f:wnlt y fl'nr11 that ht• ·'111111·!1

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Photographs That Please is the rich old Dutch Sepia

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Our Work Speaks for Itself

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2·Boxes 15c per box



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