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To the Students and friends of Hope College


OLLEGE men and all young men of HOLLAND: We ex-


tend to you a special invitation

In this issue of the Anchor we want to express

to visit this store.

our appreciation and pleasure in coming so closely al-

We want to

show you the most attractive

lied with the student body of Hope College. Cop1ricbH912, Alfred Decker ct: Coho

garments ever designed especi-

ally for young men. \\ c are most heartily thankful for their patronage




We are featuring-


and take keen pleasure in the perfect intimate feeling manifested by the students while with us in the studio.



i\blrr.n <!Tnllrgiun

What we have to offer from year to year coupled ~



with an intense desire for a continuation of your patronage, should make our studio a favorite one for the Students.


IDl}e ilarey &tubin 19 E. Eighth

The Acknowledged Authentic Fashion for Young Men

The fabrics and models are expressly chosen and there arc no other clothes in existence with so much style and so many exclusive features. Come in this week and see these new models, in the new soft-toned greys, the rich purples and browns.

$10 to $25


lly llr. anb •rs. ljarry



·. . I . . I



e .,.f•1....e . I. . ~


The BoSton ReStaurant Has the Goods

..l . I I





Opp. Interurban Waiting Room


They all

Barber Shop 1i11fE en1ploy nothing but first class Barbers. Good llltl work and satisfied customers are natural results. Two Bath Rooms in Connection We sell Razors, Strops, Hones, Safety Razors, etc.

R. W. CALKIN Cltilens Phone 1470




Brick and Bulle Ice Cream for Pic nics and Parti es. get th ei r lee Cream fr o m


Corner Eighth Street and Central Ave.


HOFFMAN BROS., Props. 34 West Eighth Street

H . J. J.UIDENS. Aut. Caelller

G. J . DIBICHMA, Preeident

We meet all Prices and lead in Quality



"There's A Reason"

Agency for the Baxter Steam Laundry,· Cirand Rapids




21 Meal Tickets $5.00 Regul~r Meals 35 Cents Hot Beef Sandwich 5o Egg Sandwich So Soup fOe Spaghetti fOe




-· .



PHONE 1129

CENTRAL MARKET Molenaar & De Goed, Props. DEALERS IN


Staple and Fancy Groceries Before you have that steak roast down the river, drop in and see ow-

A large assortment of Post Cards, Post Card Albums, Finest Stationery, Fountain Pens, Magazines Pennants-BOOKS

juicy cuts



The BOOK STORE MRS. L. FRIS Proprietor

30 W. Eighth St.


~- 1 3 0 8 Student" s Tailor Yesterday, Today,





. .I .





. ...-. .

ID4t i\nr4nr ..&ptrn tn lito ·•





i\ U!ributr From the Claes of 191 2


Fund m.emory's pictures ttnderPaintrd within thy walls, Ifigh visions of ser vice noble, Thy matchless name recalls.

Why Spend Your Time Darning Hose? BUY THE

For wisdom, fo r b"ght clernal, For l1'ght we had not known, F or pOl( er ourselves to master, Onr debt to thee toe own.

Guaranteed Wunderhouse Put up four in a box, $1.00 a box and guaranteed to wear forr months. Made for Men, Women and Children. l\1 ns 1n black, tan, blue, pearl, purple and black with white sole. Worn ens and childrens black only. Single pairs 25c pair. -·


Lokker-Rutgers Company

0 peerless Hope,~Alma Mat er, lVe come with joy u •td praise Fot· friendships strong- abiding, Laid deep in college days.


Old Hope, ·ma y the sons and daughters Who unto thee belong, Guard w ell the visions thou ga'L·est, With put· pose firm and strong. GERTRUDE J . HOEKJE, '12



A N C IT 0 1 ~


a ward ed 'l'CIIttd plact· i11 tltt· \ll·ll· ... ~tall.' lnle r~·~~t ll-gi:tll' Ccl lt lc-..t.)

T the l' lltr:tlll'l' tti :\t' \\ \" .. rk ltarh111', lltl' tt· -..tand-.. :t !--l:tttH:. ln·ari n~ 111 llJII':ti'l.' cl h:111d thl· ltt1l' h .. i irl.'l.'dotlll. I t j ... tit~· ~t:tllll' ,,j l .il 11.'l" l\. ' I ll~.· n tl \\ att'IH.-... at tltv n:tti• ltt' ... i'"rtal. J.... kitt .: " lit "'L'r tltl' . \ tl:tttlil· a ... ii t" \\l.' ll'•lllll.' tltt· itttllti~J.tlll t1• t ht· btH I ,,f ••JIJI••rtunit .' . Tltl.· Jll''Jik 11i l: t:tlll' l' c r e c t c d t 11 a t !'- ta t tt l' .. ' •II t It l.' t It r t' ... Jtc d cl " i t Iu: :\' 1.· ' ' \ \ " 1 I d . t1 1 r i.. l.' fr o m th e J,., ... ll tll cli t ltt' \\:t\1..'' :tlld npr1..· -- ~· ttl Lii :L·rt.'. l.'llli:..:,lttl.' ll ing the \\'c1r ld ... . \ lit till.:..:. trih u tt' it i-... '" :t g"' l' tlttlll'llt t1t11kr \\'hich alllll (' ll h:t\l' hel' tt ckclatl'd irl'l' :11td l' ljll:tl. lc• a tt:t tt"ll d ccli~..·ated !11 the hrt~tltl·r lt c .. ld , ,j tn:111 :tllcl dt' \•cll.'d t•• irl'l'd"llt. That :--tat tll: .:--y ntl lc• lizt·:-- tit~..· ... pirii .. i .\ tn u i\,·a.

Frcccl•1111 in'·"h l'' '"ri;tl ju:--tirl'. I t rl'lll'l''l'ttt-.. t ltl.' 1i:·ln-.. rt , ,. \\' h i l' It I H 11 n a 11 i t y It a ... . . I r l1 ~ ~ k cl :t II d ... u 1"!'1..- r l' cl a 11 d d i ul \.' \ \.' r l"i n ce the da\\'11 (If thL· c~nturic.:--. I t llll':tn-... "Lift·. JjJ,~.·n ,· . ancl the pur.:--u it of happinc:-..-.." in a larger :--l.'tl-l': it 1\ll.':tll ... equality o f n pp t~ rtunity.- ill . . c li-gcl\' l'rtt tlll'lll. i11 uhtl':tli cll t. in i~tdu--try. Frc c ct ~~ m impl ie...; l'-tlt'ict .' gi' ing t•1 c\'<:ry matt Jtj .... ju-..t clu~. But to in :-; n rc thi:-; fn.:l'd " m. t•• aeltie\ t' tlti-.. '"cial ju .... til'L'. it i-e,· ici cnt that there mu . . . t In: g•n·cntnH.· nt. That tltt• indi' idual ca nn nt defend hi s rights. that thl' t't llltllltllt ity mu . . t in ten l'lll'. is th e fundamental p rt~pt~:-- i ticnt upttt t " hi~.·lt all g11\ l ' rtll l t~llt j .. b a::-e<l. ll o \\'C\'Cr. th ere: i.:-- a Cll r cdlary l r1 tlti-.. principiL·. \\' ltl.·n t he c n mmu n i t y i. . n 11 a I , k t • • p n , t c 1.' t i t -.c I i. t It l' 11 i t lllll !'- t h c p r 11tccted hy a centra l JH•\\·er. This tr u th ha-.. J,el'll in:ttkquat~.·ly applied t o the :'fiC ial :-- it u atitlll. I a:--k . thl't'l'i"n·. tltat na ti1111al prn hlcms.- pruh lc m . . ttll:-- tl h ·altle hy c••tnntlllltttl'.:-- ur state. -hc scd,·cd hy the nati o n . Ttt\\'ard tlti-.. pri11riplt.: tit~.: po litica l life nf Am erica Ita-.. b ee n tending; thr" u ~lt it -..hl· ma,· reac h a n all!'-\\'C r (t, t h e . 11r ial qta.·:--t itt tt.

1. This prin c iple 11i frccclc•m. .~llar:tntt•t•d I'" . a ce ntral !.'"'·crnment. is cmbt~died in t he Ia\\' and .. pirit ,,f 11 ll r . \ mu·icatt n a tio n. )ur g·n,·cnt m cnt rt' :"" lllt e cl fn ,m thl' c"t)thin:tti"n 11f 1,,., , distill l' t. democrati c ideal-... the t~ tt l' . Ft'l'llclt. tltv ••lhl'r. Jl uritatt. The o ne empha s ized the indi,·idual and ...... u ;_:ltt pn• ..



tltr~~u~lt inckpl' tHknce and ~,·t• mpc titiclll ; the e~ther read a deeper tllfll:tlnH.:anillg in lti.:--l•·r~ and '' I . . tr"'·e t11 pay the duty tl f man t" m a n and ,,j man tn < ; .. d thr•lltgh a united ~.- ,, mmntt\\' C c.tlth.

. \ t lir . . t the tlllll'l' indi,·id n aJi . . til.· id eal prcdnminatcd. hnl g-rac\ua II: t h l' t t'l' 11 cl 11 f "u r l', Ill Il l r y ·.:-- p' .t i 1il' ;t] 1i fc h a... b t c n t • •\\'a r <1 a l:tr;,_:tT n:ttic cnaJi . . nt. Tltt• lir-..t -..tep in thi-.. dir~ctinn \\a' -.ignali/l' d l,y tht• :td• •J'lilltt , , j tltl· FL·dcrall'••tt .... tituti,llt. The t'••n:--tit u 1 i • ,11 I ,y 1'1'1..: a t i n ;~ a c e 11 t r a I 1H , " 1..· r un i t e d i 11 l" a n a t i 1111 t It i r t <.: c n . . <:pat:tlc -..tall.''· \\hi ~.·lt !tad J,e~.· n driiting l11 \\anl the red ... 11f :ttt<trcll\·. Tltctt. a .... thl' d oor tritll':-- " i nulli li~.·a ti"n and .. l'ce-..-.i,m "l'rl· -..u ,:l'l' ---i\ <: ly n ·pudi:ttl.·d l1y .\ ndt'l'\\ Jad.;:""Citl and .\ braham l.ith'c• ln. l\\• 1 m• •tT athalll'l'"' hacll,l'l"ll m :td e. The l'nic•ll had J,l.'l' n det·la r cd -..npt·ri.,r 111 a ... tall' itt nati •~ nal i.:--:--Ue!'-. Tlte cnactJttl'nt 11i Ia\\ .... autlt ••ri zin;.! Fc<kral cttt'l'l'tll'.Y antl taxatinn fttr ittll'ntal imprr•\Tllll'lll .... l'Xt<.' ttckd --till further the P''"·er.;. of t h c ~, ', T r 1111 n·n t. . \ n c1. a t t h c c n d • i t h c 11 in t:L c c n t It c c nlu r y aitt·r a JH:ri"cl 11i llll)ll'l.:t'C<lcntl'cl ~.,·,,mmcrr ial <Kti,·ity . the nati••na l .. , ~ ,·crnmc:nt cn·atcd the rnter:--tatc ·,, mmcrrc (',,mmi -...... jcltt, c:tahli-..lted the C •• l'J" Iratitlll Pnhli~..·ity .\ct. and :-:•• ha:; Lllll.'t'l'd up u n the p ~t lil.·y c1i rc~ulating the great public cnrpuraticlll'. ln earlt ra -..e till· r~.· . . uJt ... ha,·c heu1 hcncficial. 1f thi.; prin1.·iplc 11 i natic 1nal cc,ntr~~l in nati" nal affairs had lll ll hcen applied. the railr" acl-... aitc · a . . Jt"rt peri11cl 11f dc--trncti,·e l'1Hllpctiti ••tt. \\'ctuld het\l' .. cttled UJ)tlll the pe•1 ple a hnrden uf 111 ( 111 ( , p "I y \\ It i l' h m i g It t t H' ' · c r J, c I i i tc d : i i t h i "' p r i n c i p 1c It a d n tt t been applied. 11ttr ntrrcnry \\' n ttlcl t1• 1t he uniinrm. IHtr lt;t rl" •r:' ,._, .ul d Ill', L'r ha ,·e 1~~ctt i 111 pn n ·ecl : i i tIt i:' pri nc ipl c had 1111t J,ecn applied . 1111t "nly \\' t~ Uid c :tdt :--wt 11 i the L"ni n n Jta,·e tltL riL!ht t•· nullih· C\ery ~h·t pa--!--td hy the :\ati" nal Cnngre-.-.. lntt it " ''uld h:t,.l: thl· ri!.!ht t•• -.eccck : nay . murc. ii thi!-- prin1. ipk had n••t l1ccn applied. thi . . L'nitccl ~ tate:-- . thi:-: \\ clrl<.lJI''"cr. \\'••ttlcl Ill' j, ~n ~ -ci principalitic-... <li.:--tlltitcd . implc\·cri . . hl' tl. .. underecl hy iratri~.· id~d --triic. e\·cn at wat· with each ~~tht•r.-it \\'llllld ha\e falkn int tl the hand:' ui a fureign con <j tll't't•r. hacl t1• 1t thi .. principle hecn applied. Bu t guidt.•d l1y thi . . pri1H'iplc . . \ meri~..· a ha:' hcl'll led int u an l' ra ,,j J>~'~'"'Jll' rity :--uclt a-.. ic"· nati•m . . Jta,·c -. ccn . . \ thr cn ::anrl JtjiJ ... and prairie-.. ~I'll\\' lil'ld:-- 11i \nL\ ing- grain : \\'tllld-land and mine yit'ld tltt·ir ril·h~.· . . t11 l.'llterpri:- : c\·cry city i..; athrc•h "i th the 111) riacl \\'IH:cJ . . <•i indu:--try . . \ nd thi.:-- i:-o !Hit all· 1





in,·e nti1111 and cli~c~~,·ery . ~~..- icnn: ancl literature. ~talct.·raft and rcligion.- all hear " ·itnc!"-.... tu :\merira ·... l'lllllrihuti••n 111 thuu~ht. . . Thc~c arc hut :'ig11 ... ,.r a deep llJHkn:uJTL'Jll. F• 1r behind the ~rene~ ~tan<l~ the ~cniu"" ,,f <til thi" l"tiJllllJL'Il"l'. •• i all tl1i~ dc,·e lupmcnt,- lhc magician. < >p J)IWtunity. I t j .... the ~pirit 11f freedom. hN·k c~t lill;..:, th~.· immigrant "'·cr the ~ea . ill ... pirinr.:: the clay-lahnrer. clri,·ing ••n the millie~nain.·. l ' ndcr thi .... larger incli , · idttali:'m the laiH II' Cr may l)cc• •me kacler; th1.· pauper. a merchant prince . :\ ncl ... ,. lu ng· a~ the cl ""r ,,j ••PJ>"rtunity i.... harn·d tn nPnl'. ~~~long a:-. ea~.·h t.'aJl can·c uut hi-. II\\ II f,~rtunc ...... l •1n~ a:-. the P'"' r rail -:-- plittcr may hcl't• lllc Jlrc-..iciL-nt. ju .... t .... " l"ng· \\"ill A m erica r main the Janel 11f pn•mi:--~ t•• all the ••ppn>:--ccl. th ~ teacher and leader e~f the \\"tlrlcl. 11. 'f hn• tt gh g~t\' l'l'lllllental L'lllllnd. lhL'll . .\ mcri ca ha:-: attainecl her freedt11ll ancl pr,•:--pcrity. Thr••u g h thi:-- ~amc principle ~he nHt!"-t " ·"rk 11 UI a :'r,)utiPn i11 r th1.· :-."cia! prnhk m. Sha ll cnml> inatinn, "hl'lher 11 f laiH tr 111· t·a pital. ti\TIT ttlc incli· , ·id u al freedom and the t'tlllll111111 " ·cliarc? ~h a ll pc 1\\' l·rfu1. unr eg-ul ated bu~ine:--~ intc1·c ;-; t ~ under the g·ui:--e ,.fa·c il lll .... cc•mpclitio n. dictate tn lah,1rer ancl t.:11n~umcr alike? 1:-- g"'·ernment fur a cia:': or· fo r the pcn plc? That i:-. the i:-- .... ttc. Thi:-. prnhlem i ~ n ot merely indu :-;t rial· it challenge..; pcr ~t~ nal liberty; it inn 1h· e~ SCI<.'ial jtt:-'1icc. The g-rcalc:-.t quc~lie•n th:ll any n <~tittn m u ~t an~\\"er i ~ the ~ocial quc ~ ti o n; thi .... . \mcrit·a i"" fa c in·g·. The agents uf ci,·i<.: corrupt io n . contaminatin~ party ancl pt~ l ilil·a l office; the s lu m . h rcc cl ing \' icc and crime. grinding (Ill( the li,·c;-; o f its l ahnrer ~ ; the 111Pn s tn • u~ traflic in c hild l ~ dH , r ancl in \\'ltitc s}a ,·c:'; giant corpnratinn~. \\'h l:O:e aim i~ ltt e' ad-c n r . if P":' ... i~ll'. t d i c l a l c t h c I a \\" ; l h e 1a h ( I r till i I l 11 • c 11 rII n· i II g i l .... d (' 111 a 11 d :-. i 11 ~tr i kes and c1ftcn \\'ith ,· io lcnce; the:--e art' ph1·a ~c:-. uf the allabsn rhing :-otlt·ial pr"blem. P r()!--perit,· ha .... hrccl it..; tl\\" 11 infection; it has prn ducccl a phtt• •l-racy . <.:arcle~:- ~~r it:-. fe ll""' m t n. j ca l• 1l1 S o f it~ p o \\"er.- a plut ' 1cracy. exal't ing- a he a' icr t rihu tc t h ~n did· c\·er a n y clc:-.p11ti:'m. F llrc c:-: arc lllar;-;hall ing fnr a ~1 1 g-h ty nmOi<.:t. \\'ilh capital o n nne ~ ide. and . arrayed again:-;t 1t, lab o r. ln La\\'rcncc . ::\ I a ~sa<.: hu:--ctt-. . the str ik ers haYe t h reat ~ cd nothing- l c:'~ th a n anard1y. .\ ""ide- " JH·ead dyna -

m iting conspiracy, diaqolical in intent, has been unea rthed . T he e arc b u t forer u nners uf \\" hat may co me. ~a pital is d eterm in ed to d i<.:tatc the ter m s u f empl oy ment tu Ia bur; Ia bur



demand:-. its u \\·n ter ms. ] l i ~ \\'ar, indu:::trial war! And in t hi~ ~trug-g Ic . n n I c -.~ :--o mc hand in tcrfcres, ~o mc hand goyerns, \\'111 , \\'til fur tell the end? There i:- tlnly tlllC an~"·cr. 1\ lt )cality, c ,·cn a state, cann o t r• q>e \\'i th the :-.(lt.'ial pn•hl · m. It i~ a pro blem tutJ complex, too far-reaching. tun ,.~bl. Th e nati u n mu;-;l asse rt its ma . tership, IL::--t 11 11t· t.·i, il· frecd t• l11 he iurfcitcd. I t d~\·uh·cs up o n America te• r<:gulatc curp11ratiun and lah u r uni em, tn cu mpcl their o hcdiCill'C Ltl Ia\\. Let u . . . apply t11 the :-ot lc ial quc~tiun al~o. this principl e c.i gtl\·ernmcntal t'"ntred.- thi:-- principle \\'hich has hecn the watl'h\\'t•rd uf .\m rit.·a·~ progrc:-;5. Y et gt l\Crnment in i t~eli i"" inadequate. li it rcpre~ent n t the puhli c will. it j..., " ·or . . c than u sc·le:-'~. Ti lltt r in~tituti o n~ are 111 h e m a int ai n ed. ii thi-., prin~.·iplc 11i g-u ,·crnment i:-:; t < he upheld. it \\"ill he 11 11 1 t~nly hy thc ~.·un:--cnt hut by the choice of the pe t~ pk . The citizen j ... deme,L-racy·~ king; in him lies it;; i111pc til" it . . . de l\\ nfall. \\'e . the pc t~p le. arc <lcmt~crat.·y ' s p u .... peril! \\. hat then ii \\' t: lumber and :-.Jeep. if we arc indifferent te1 n u r duty a~ ~o·itizcn:-.? In c\·cn· hctra\·al u f office' ~ in ('\"l'ry pcn· cr~i"n ui :--uiTragc. in e\·cry tyranny of \\'Calth. in c ' ·c r y ' · i 11 k tll'e 11 f I a I>" r. t It e r c i ~ a :-. i I c n t p a r t n c r . w h l , =' c h a n d s arc :'tainl'cl "i th guilt.- a publi~.· that .... cc=--- and ig-nore~. ( >h! trca:-tlll Pi trea .... ll ll:--! t l• !-=ec bribe:-: g-i,·cn . crime~ com mitted, Ji,· e~ cru-..hcd (tltt under the ,·cry eye~ u i the Ia\\'. and. t u ~tand by in brazen incliricrcncc! Bu t m n re than thi:' , when. thro u gh the indiffl'rC il l'l' ui . \meric an c i tizc n ~hip . it he<.: o m c::-. po:':;ihlc t hal "Law:-. gr ind the p oll r. and rich m en r ule t h e law," when L ~triml'r-.. can be ekctcd tu the ~ cnate 11f the · nite<l ~ late" a,.,,\\"cclly te• :-- ub . . . en·e the l'IIJ")H•ratitlth. \\'hen un fnrtunatc .... \\'h e~ arc ~uilty ,,f thl' L-rime 11i ha,·ing had ll tl chance. ar\_; Tu-hcd in till· inL·:--"rah le mill• 1i the m tt nc,·-"'1(1. then the \en· - ~ .. "-lttne .... it :--l'l' l11' \\ill ri. e in prc iiC:--t. ·~~me\\ ith me . . \me r ican, let t iH: l' i ty and ltlttk liJll 'll it -.. pe t~ pk.- litlle children 11 tt t in thl! ... trect:--. ra~!-!l'd. :--l lllll ccl. \\"i .... e in the wicked !t1rc t~ f the undcr" ·"rld; fart.,ry-girJ ..... "ith ... le11tped ~h,,uJdcr~ ancl emaciated fal'C" . \\' ith the hltHllll ,,j maiden llli11 1L'elll'C flli'C\'CI' :.... o'tille · \\'tt l11l'l1. \\'ith bent ktt.: k"" and 1Jr,1 kcn heart:-. their face .... a Ji,·ing ....till ft1r t he chilcll'l·n wh,, "ill han.: nu dtanl'(' ; men. hardened. di:-- ....... lutc . <k-..pairing. \\'ith a ll their l' ll Urag-c, a ll the ligl~t u f






intc:llc.:ct ~tamped 41t1l by macllinl' and mill. men.· human aut u matcl ll "". ··,me\\ ith me int" the ll"l1 thfltl,a11d . . . " l·at-.. . h PP" (If ~ C\\" Y llrk Cit). inttt til. -..tee) miJI . . 4ti l'itt--llllrg. illt41 the c .. tt 1111 m i I )...., ., f t h c.: S" u t h . a 11 cl we~ p i" r tl1e . . . e l.' 'un t k-..... ...)a , ' l> ,,f ind u :--try . Think ui the:-- ·li,·e-.that 11l'\l"r hacl an•'JlJI"rtu nity to gr(JW a n d dc,·elcq) . the ... <.: "'4Jttl-. -hri' l'ikcl and -cart:d in "rdcr that the ic w may :-.ate thl'ir greed fc, r g. old. ThL· indi' idu;t\i . . i call:-: them free. F ree.:? when they !Ja,·c 11 11 ch••i1..·L· l~ttt t•' . . . l'J1 t h e i r 1i \· c ~ a t a p i t i i ul p r i c.: c- c1r cl1 e ! F l'l'L' : '\ IlL· 11 t h L'·' h a '· c llt:\·cr copCil<.:<l the J~e1c t k ,,j kl14 t\\kclgc. lll' \CI' kll•t\\11 ;tll~llt )Htt lc ' i I a n d :-. u rr 11 \\ • ! F r c e : I h a d r a t h L' r h e a i l' u d a I ... c r i t 11 a 11 ... uc h a freeman! F 11r the:--L'. wl1c1 han: ~···mmittccl 1141 crime hut that c,j p 1 ' ' · e r t y . 1 p 1<: ad . t h a t '' l' m ;1y r L' a I i if c t h l' i 111 m L' a ... u r: t1 ,I ' wr"ng- we ha,·c dc •l1l' tlll'lll. I a--k j.,r thl' lll 11• •1 charit~. 11 11t 1H~ n c \·ul c 11 c c . I> t1 t j ll .... t it'l' ; I h a t t h L' "' L' i L'I lc' \\ c.: 1l 1~ L'll ... . t Ill' .... L. IH·c•ther:-. tti n u r ..... may h:l\c an ''PP••rttt nity t•• ""rk f.,r a iair wage . l~> be ed u cated . tu gct\<.:rn thL·m-ch·c -: that tilt·' ma,· ri:--c tn the fu ll :-.tature ,,j thtir m:tnh •'"'l. I a-..k that t liL.'J ,lii,Ji·~,.· l'llll~cicnee may awaken ; that tltc.: \ m c.:ril·:tJ 1 n:tti' n m:t\' 1 i-~..· in t 11 c :-- p i r i l 1 1i t It c :\ a z a r c n e t c' g i ' · L' 1 It L' . . . l' c1 " '' 11 - 1 r" d d l' 11 c i t i~ c 11 .... ui her:-: a IlL' \\' l1irth 11i irceclc 1111. B u t the LTY ha:-. g-unc up. irc•m thL·Iip-.. ,,j tltL· ''' rkin~~ lll: lll , in •111 t It c \\' e a r i c d lt 1i I L' r i 11 t h c 111 ... • i r, ' 111 l ' ' L' r ·' tr ttl I' a t r i " t. A chang-e i~ at h:llld. The :--L·alc:-- Ita' L' lalkn ir .. m thL· L'\ L'' ,, j the n Hl:''C:' . and they arc ckmanding that m"n '1'"1.' ancl .p ri' i1 gc be ahPii:-.hcd . . \ Il l'\\ nalicllwl j .... j.,nnill!,!. a i••r\\arcl llHI \·e mc n t , deter mi ned tc• :--~'hl' thl' .... .,_- i:tl p r"hlcn 1 a~.·~,.·, ,r din~ tu th e m a x im 11f the grcatL':--t ).!4'"d ic•r th ~..· ~ rl'at L''t llttmi,L·r. E ' ·cry ci t i z c n :--ha ll c 11 j "y h i:-- rig h t . . ; tit L' " , ,r j, i 11 ~ 111 a 11 ... It :t II h L' g i,·e n tr u e ind u:-;t r ia l irced,•m. I :-.ct.' till· , i ... i11t1 ~:1 :t IlL"\\ era. an era a nn t~ tt llt'Cd l>y tht• a\\ akening publi c~_·, n--"·iL·th.'t'. I --l'l' a tran:--itlr m ctl L'lllllltry. where might i:-. 11 11 J,•:t;..!L'r r i~ ht. '' hL·re the weak and the ttnf••rt tt tlall' arc pr11ll'1.'l t' cl. I "'LL' tiH.· l:thc•rcr. \\hether he he Jl•t~•r tlr rich. lT41\\·ned kin:.:.. I IIL'Ih•ld .\n1L·ri"·a . Lxalt d hy rightL't•tt . . nc . . . .; ancl ju ... ti'-'L'. h~·lding J,L. i••I'L' :dl llll' ll the t~Jrt:h 11f lil>l'rty a land. in·c it·, ' Ill , 'I'Jlrl•...... j,,tl. ll)l••ll '' lt,, ... L. a I t a r ~ t h c fi r c " ' •i ira t c r 11 a I ), ,' c h a , · L' J, "'L· n k i 11 d IL· d . :t 11 : t t 11 t1 1. t hn nt ghuu t '' lti~_· h. in a iu lll-r. lrt lt'r :-.c..' ll ... l' th:tll l'\ l'l' I1L'i.•rc . thl· tJb ligat iP11 ui lllc,t hLT !11 l•rctiiiL·r j .... iulli lkcl II\. hcn~· lin· nt ;--. ' ' "\'e r n m e n t. I I 1·: ~ ~ 1·: I. 1·:. \' .\: T J·: \ I. \ , · l 2.




A SHORT HISTORY OF THE CLASS OF 1912. l'lll{< >~It'Ll·: 11i e\·cnt.:-. w-ually <lry ancl uninterc:--tin" 111 thL· a\-cra«rc reader ' and e . . . J>Cl'ia lh· ~ ~ ... :;n. i( that l·hn•nidc l'4tlllain.:- n• nhing hut the 11rclinary hum-drum tli c.,lkgc liic inter~per~cd with a fc, 11 1 ' t l' " 1 1 n It y ·tl·, •Ill pI i :-: h m c n t " a n d :u: h ic '· c m c n t : ; -.u ch a c:hr"nic ha~ hel'n ''rd;:1incd. I :-.hall write. ( ; I a d h \\', •t d d I p t 1H •IlL' . i" r a i c w y e a r.... . t h c \\' r i t i n g- c ' i t h i " l1i--t••ry .... II that in1111 a di-..t;!Jh'L' I might ~..·••ntL'I11JIIate and hettcr tltHkr . . tancl tilL· itlll'I'ITiati• •n cti tiJc . . . c L'\'Clll:-. and thL·ir rc:-.tilt:-; li)HIIl titl' L'h:tretCil'l' . . . and )·\ l'' 4cj l':tl'h cllll' tlj tl ..... nut the da~..; pn ,jcll:lll. \\ )t .. Ita-. imp"'L'd thi . . . ta . . . k lii H•ll 11ll'. \\'ill I)J·, ,uk 11 11 I'" ... 'JI"IIL'Illl'l11. and n1.' J'h-a i11r L'\l'll ail:" m~tre d:t)"' in ,,-hich 111 "rill' thi-- lti-.t~·r~ \\a . . ;_!rantl'd \\ itlt a illl\\11 that ic.Jr)Htdc.; n,, ;. :_·... .d. ~ ••. p •••1 1l~ l'q uippL·rl a- I :1 111. mu-...t \\rill' thi . . . hi .... t11ry Jill\\ . I t \\;1 .... ••11 ~L' Jill'llll,~..·r )(,111. JCJOX. at thl' IIJil'lling cxer.:1:-.<.:. I 'i I he l' I olll· g \.' I It: l I \\ l' I i ....... t ), \..' li l' Id l' a l' It I It It l' r. a 11 d :t 111 I I tlc .Y ,, ...... l·J111,1:tgL' \\L' \\l'IT . . \ c..·l'4tr<li1Jg tc• thl' l'l'l'4trd th~rc were j,rt.\-l\\11 coi lJ-. ~athl' I'Ccl ir11111 l'\' l' l')' part tti thl: land. ~lt lllC. "h" hac! Ill' \ ~..·r atll'IHIL'd chapel l'Xcrci:-.c . . at Il Ppe C"lkg;c t'd"rl' and \\L'l'l' u nan·u ... tci111C<l t 11 their ~urntlltHling-~. \\'ere 11~tturall_, "' L'l'l'"lll'-' '' ith . . IJ~ nc -. ... ancl cmharra:-. .... mcnt. while we, "htt had 1111t ~ ct rl'l'"' L'n·d in •111 that lt~itinc . . ~ 11i :-.pirit which ~·ltara<.:tl'ri:t.t.'' L'\ <.'ry ·· .\ ·· da:-- .... man. loc, kt·cl up" n them with pi ty and. l kar. a littk Cet tltcmp t. Hut thi:-. ... tate 11f affair~ wa;o; uf ... lt"rt clur~ti1111. f" r a lnt-..illL':--' meeting· 11i the L'la:-....; wa~ ~'"'11 anangl'd ic tr and held. I t \\<1:-. Inn natural that .\ nth (•ny l .niclt.·n . . . .:-ltlctllcl he 4•tlr lir-..t prc . . idL'11t. and it wa:-. due to hi:; ability nnd geniality, l am sure, th at w wcr o w 11 l aunched tlp••11 ••Ur c..·,.Jk~L' carL'L'r. . \l tlttiJJ~h llllt I;Jl·-.hlllL'I1 \\L' -1111n 111ack " ur-.<.:h l' - heard :tnd -l' L'll and 1..\lll il·l1 . :1 ....... ,,111l' ,,j the llll' lllhl'r' 41i the da.._..: 1ti ·, IIJ l':tll rc..·adih ll'-t ii\. . - lie •\\ \\ l·ll I J'L'11ll'tni1L'r 11 llr fir ... t da...;.;; i 1: t rt ·' . :111 c ut i 11 :..:. t • ' \ Ia,· :t t a \\ a 1•Ill' i: til '-' ' L'll i 11 ~. TIt L' n· . w h i1c :- \.·:ttl·d :tr• •tttld a J,)azill~ 1••:..:--l'lrc. \\T lllack iric.:l1d ... hip:; whi d 1 1, i d i: t i r t• 1 It'-' I i i ~ -I• ' '' ~. i" r i 1 '\ a... h l' r l' tit a t \\ L' I i r :-. t 111 d c a c h ••tlsl·r ••tll--idl· .. j tilL· cla- ... - 1 .. 11111. . \IJ c,lltl llL''=" «t nd rc:-traint wa..; J·lll a . . idl' a11d \\t' rl'tttrliL'd '" ll.dlancl with <tll added r e ~pe ct iur 4 ,.._




intellect :'tamped 11 ll t l1y m:tdtittc and mill. - llll'rt' human automatnn~. 'c nnc '' itlt me intd the IL' ll t Jt,,u-..atHl . . ,, L'; of ~C\\' Y ork City. int•• the ~tecl mill:-- t• i Pitt . . lntrg-. int 11 thl! Cl >llllll mill :' ui the Snuth. and weep i(lr tltl':--l' countk-..:-- ... Jan.•:-. of indu:'try. Think llf thc:--e Ji,·e:' that tlL'\Tr had an ttJ>JH•rtunity to g:ruw nnd de,·clt •p. the:--l: :--t~ ul ~ .... Jtri\ clkcl and --cared in 1•rder that the fe\\· may :--ate their greed f, ,r g•tld. The incli' iclual i ~t c a II ~ t h c m i r e. F r e : w It c n t h c y It a \ c n1 1 d t• 1 il'L' h u t t , 1 :-- d I their li,·e:' at a pitiiul pricc-•' r die! FH·c~ \\ltl·n thL'.\' ha\<.: ncn~r ••pcncd the h u•• k c,j kn~t\\kclgc. llL'\er kn ••w n aught hut tni l and :'mT~l\\'! Free~ I had rathL·r hl· a il.'udal :--cri than 'liL·h a freeman! Ft•r tlte:--e . wlt11 Jta,·c nn1tmit1ccl 1111 lTilllL' Inti tltal of }HI\·e rty. I plead. that we may rl'a li i'c the intllll':t .... \lr:tldc wru ng we ha,·e dt~lll' them. I a ... k j,n· thL·tn 11 11t charity. 11 11l henen tlencc. but : tltat thl· ... e iL·}J .. \\· t'llli'.l'll'-. tltl''L' hruthcr:' 11f our..; . lllay Jta,·c an t~ pp ~trt unit~· 111 \\ 11 rk i11r a fair w n g c . to h c c d u c a tL' d . t• 1 g" ' · e r ll t It l' 111 ... -.:I n: ... : t It a t t IH·' m: t ' · ri:-'c to the full :--tatun: ,,j thl'ir ntanlt~" '<l. I a-..k t hat t iH:. pttldi-l· cun:-.cicncc may a \\'a ken: t Ita t the . \ llt l.'ric a 11 nat ic •tt 111:1,. 1 i-l· in t h c =-- p i r i t u f t h c ?\ a z a r l' 1H.: t 1• g i ''l' t II l ' -..L' d 11\\ 11-1n 1d , k 11 - c i t i ,.. l' t ""' ui her:' a new hi rt It c1f irel.'d• •111. 13ut the cry Ita . . ge~nc up. irc•m thL· lip-.. .. j tltl' \\ t~rki lt ~ m:ttl. fr11111 the wearied te~iil'r in thL· .... lum .... ir••l11 L'\L'l'.' trt!L· p atri11t. A c h a 11 g- e i=' a t h a 11 d . T h e -c a ll.' :-- h a ' c b Ik n i n .111 t It L' l' ' L' :-- 11 i the ma:--:-'e:'. and they arc demanding- tlwt nt "ll"JI"I _, and -pri' ileg-e l)c aholi:-'ltccl . . \ Ill'\\ nati••1 1a li-..111 j .... j, 1rtni n;...:. a i11n\ard m u ,·c m cnt. determined t11 :-'td\c thl' :-..lll·ial pr"hkm ;tlTc•rdin~ l 0 t h C 111 a Xi 111 U f l It e g r l' a 1C :-- l g I Ill d j I 1I' I Jt l' ;..,: n..: a lL' ""' t I1t I 111 )) l.' 1'. E ,.e r y t: it i z c n :-.It a II c 11 j 1•y h i:-- right~ ; tltl' '' , , rJ, i11 g Ill a 11 ... It :t II he g-i\·cn true indtt :-'trial ircl·dcllll. I :--ee thL· ' j ... j1111 ,,j a IlL'\\' l'ra. 11 11 era anncntnccd hy the a\\ akening puhliL· L'•llt ... t' iL·tti..'L'. I 'l'L' a tran:-.furmed l'~tttntry. \\'hlTl' might j ... 1111 l~•ngl.'r right. ''he re the weak nnd the uni .. rtunate are pr.,tccted. I 'L.L' tltl' lal>••rcr. ''!tether he he pc111l' c1r ril'lt. cr,,,,·ned kin;..:. I J,ch~dd . \nt eri~·a. <:xalted by rightl' =' ancl ju .... ticc. Jt , .Jding· hL·icii·L' all tllL' n the lurch 11f )jiJerty :t land. ire<: in 1111 c•j>Jll'l':O. . . jlt ll, t!Jl llll \\ Jt ii'L' altars the lire:-' ,,f iratcrnal 11 1\' l' h:t\' l' IIL' l'lt kindled. a u;ttl .. tt. thrnugh u ut which. in a iulkr. tna·r --l' ll"L' than n L'r IIL' i"rL·. thL· <~bligatiun ui hn•tiH.: r tct 11r11tlter i-.. illlltllvd II\· . hL' llL' I'tcl'n t "1 :.... 1\'ernment. III ·:SSI·: I. 1·:. \'?\TI·~.\1. \ , '12.



l'lll{< >);ICLI ·: c.i c\·ent:--. u:-:unlly c\ry and uninterl':--l i 11g· 111 the a \-crag rca der. and c:-.peciall y :-- n , if that l' It n 111 ide l', 111 t a in... 1111t hi n g I> ttl t h c n r d i 11 a r y !tum-drum 11 i L'ttllegc liie intcr:'pcr~cd with a icw n .. tC\\'t•rthy al't•mp li:-- hment~ ancl ndtic,·emcnt:'... u d 1 a L' h n ll1 i d e . i t h a ... he e n 1 1 r d a i 11 c c1. I .... h a II w r i t c . ( ; Ia d h · w 1111 I cl I p ..... q )I •ttL' . i 11 r a i e w y e a r' . t h e w r i l i11 g " i l h i "' IJi-..t••r.'. ' 'I that ir••lll a cli-..t~~tll'C I mi~ht L'lllltemplate a nd hctter lltl< k r . . , an cl t It L. i till' r n·l a 1 i 1111 ' •i t h L'... t' L'' l'lll :-- a 11 d t h l' i r r e -..ult s \I)Hllt thl' dtar;tctl'r' ancllnL'" ,,j ead1111tl' ,,f u--. l~ul the da:-'~ prc~idL'lll. "''" Jta ... impt •'-l'd tlti-.. ta -.k llJI"Il llll'. will hruuk n n p· •.. lj Htlll' tllL' Ill. :111d 111 .' pk•a i111· L'\l'll a ie\\ lllttre day .... in \\-h ich I•• \\rill' 1lti-.. lti-..t·"·.' \\a--1-!r:tlltl'd '' ith a in•\\11 that j,,rJ,~,~dl':-' nu ~·.... d. S••. l''" ' rl.\ l'qttipJ~t' cl a I :tm . I 11111--t \\rill' thi . . . hi:--tury II t1 \ \

I t"''' ••tt SL' JliL' lllliL'I' J(, tll. l'JOX. at thl' ••Jll'11i n~· L'Xl't"t:-'c.:. .. j thl· l·•dh-;..,:L· that \\l' li r --t hl'licld L.·ach 11ther. and a m• •tky :t''L'Ill),J;Jgt• \\l' \\L'l'l'. .\l'l'tll'dillg \II tltL• l"L'L'IIT'cl thL'I'l' \\"Cr ... i••rt_\-l\\11 ltl ll ... ;...:athcred ir.. m e\L'l'Y part ,,j the land . S t•lllC. "It" !tad IIL'\t.:r attL'tt<lccl chapel exen·i . . e -.. at ll npc l'••llcg-c IIL·i··rt.: and \\L'l'l' u n:tn:u - t .. med ''' their :--urn•lltHling:--. ,,·ere n a 4u r ~til y " ' L' r c 1•lllL' \' i t It - It y ne ... ... a n cl e 111 b a r r a:--:-- m c 11 t. \' It i lc " · c, \\ htt had Jlllt ' L'l rec• •' etTd in•m that lt•itinc-.-.. 11i :--pirit \\'hi ch charaL'tL·rizL'' L'\ l'ry " . \ .. da:--... man. lt~nked uptlll them ,,·ith pity a 11 d. I i L' a r. a I i tl h.: L' 1111 t L'lllJ H. 1~ 111 t hi:-- :--l at c 11 i a IT air:-' \\'a:-:. n i -..Jt,,t·t dllr:tti~•ll. j, 1r a lllt:--illL':--:-- llll't: ting- 11i the c.· la:--:-' wa:-: :-'tlilll :tna n ;..,:L·d i"r and ltl'ld. I t \\a' lllll natural tltat . \nth e~n \­ l.lli<kll- -..Jt,,uld he 11llr lir.... t pre-..ickttt. and tl \\a ... due \11 hi:;

ability and geniality, I am sure, that w

wcr . o well launched

ttlll' l'ttlk;..,:l' l':trL'L'l'. . \ I t It 11t1 ~ It l•tt t F 1 l' ... It 111 t· n '' L' ... , " 111 111 a< k co tt r ... l. h l'.... h ear <1 :till) -L'l'lt and l\llt il-lt. a- -t •lltt· " i till' llll'lllllt:l''- ,,; thl.' cJa ....... ,,f '(IIJ c;ttt rL·:tdil.' tt· ... tii;. 1.. ,,. \\t·ll I rt' I11L'111hl·r ~ · u r lir-..t da:''j•:trt.\. :til ~ · utill!..! I• • \l ac:tt:l\\:t ••IlL' iallt.·\·ening-. TltL'tT. \\'hile -L·atL·d :tr, •llltd a ltl:tzin~ lt•;...:-1in·. \\l' mack iriencl-..hip .... \\h ich I , i cl f; t i r t " J,L. 1i it- -I 1111 ~ • i. •r i 1 " a.. h L' r L' t h a t " e Ii r .... t m c t e a L' h l•tiH·r ••ttt .... idl· .. j thL· c b-._ _, ,.,,111. .\ll nudllL'' ' and rc-..traint \\'a~ J·tlt a,idL· a11d \\t' rl'lurnl·d I•• II.,Jiand \\'ith au addl'cl re:-.pcL·t iur





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each other and a cnm nH lll ,·nw to =--tand hy each other in e,·erything- that lay hefure us. and, 1 am g-lad to say, that :-'piril has heen with us thruugh u tt l all the :.--ucceeding- years. f11r we ha,·e ne,·er fallen prey tu the petty JH)Iitics and facti o nal strifes that ha\·e marked so many o f the cla:-'S ':-' before ll ~. But r am wandering frum Ill_\" chrunidc . f :'aid that we made o ur:.--eh·e heard and seen . I mu:--t but remind y o u c1f the o ratorical co nte:-;t in February,}<){)«), and y u u will readily agree with me that it~r ch ildren uf o ur tend r age we Ct)ttld yell and parade ~pec­ ta.:ularly. The .\nch11 r ui that lllt~tlth critici/. d tt :-' :--e\ cre ly f11r a.:ting iuulishly. hut it wa!"' ju:--t atH•ther .... uch an ncc a-..i n a s Wt tttld hind us d u=--er tc•gcthcr in all uur ~ll· ti,· itie: . ( >ur banne r iur that on·a:i o n emphatically a~:.--erting that we cdip:--ecl e\'ery <1t her clas~ in cull ege . \\'a:-' a pn•phecy. the truth 11 f \\ hi..:h ha"' l,cen irrefutably pn1\·en :q. ,!·ain and again . < >ur makin ~~· CJttr.._eJ\·cs felt \Yas npnn a ,·ery cliff ·rent clccasitln. < )n .\rb11 r ))ay. I 1JQ< J, t h e S e n i u r s i n a d cl i t ic111 t t , pI a n t i n g· t r e e !"' a n d h e :t u t i f y i n ~ the campus con:-:.iclered it ncc e:.---..ary t• • impn.::.--:-:. their inq>t •rtatH·c upun the Fre:-:.hi wiping the earth with them. Thi:.-- wa:-- u f cuur:-;e su·~ nu u u :--ly re:-;entcd with the result that the table~ were turned and that .:\luther l ~ arth fe lt the imprc:.--~ o f many a '·~·enioral" bro w. In pa:--s ing- it might he well t ll :--tate that the whole affair was precipitated hy th Senitn·:-- thcm :.--e h ·e:-:.. and s u cceed ing Frc=--hman cla:--:.--c:.-- wh tJ ha,·c tt'Cd lhi =-- an · excuse fur attacking upper cla:-:.:-' men u n .\rh n r I )ay can not legitimately d o so. t this time we were :.tlm ,•=-- t at the end of o ur

Freshman year and it was thought necessary that our influence mu st no w be fe lt al o ng- mental line=-- as ,,·ell as in physical pruwe ·s and here. totl, we made g-c,nd. Ynt e m a and Luiclcn · took part in the Ha\·en Conte:-;t and ranked high in competitiun with upper c lass men while (;rant II inkamp. wh n has s in ce left u s . w o n a place o n o ne n f the debating team ~ . Th e=--e achieYements \\' ere hut harbingers t,f the remarkable ;tccnrnpli:-:.hment:-:. whi~:h were tt> folltn\". t\t the heo·innin o- o f u ur Sophom n re year we found c•ttrscl\· e~ gTeatly reduced in number. :\I any had decided to :--pecialize al u n g- certain lines nf wurk and therefure went to otlH.'r sd tt •ols. while others felt that they could not s un·i,·e another ~uch a s trcntttHts yea1·. In place of those wh o had I eft tL" we rece i ,·e el 11th ers w h u h a \'e s i nee :-- h uw n them eh·es W(lrthy wearers uf the 1 urplc and white. . t anlcy ~


:\lu c h m •• rl' ha ... h ct.:n time and :--pac l' . and



mu c h ha: been accomplis hed which :--hall J,c rcl-t•rdc<l . fr o m time t time, perhaps not in print, but in lin~:-: cun!'-ccrated to . crn ce. F. Z .\ N I >STR .\ , '12.

ThL' l'lllll''l: e•f true j,,,e th.!\Tr di<l run :--ntcJuth . ( ·an•li nc J ,•hanna l~ e~r~ard:-:: . \ ma idcn ncn.:r 1H.) cl : c ,f :--pi ri t :--11 :--till and qu ict Th at her dtcL·k:-: hlu-.h at hcr:--clf. lc.!111 \\" illiam Hrink: . \\'hal lll·ntal tni:--rhicf . . it-- upc111 hi:-- hrnw?

W H AT D O E S H O PE C O LLEGE NEED? ll o pe a llege partly i!' and wh o lly h• 1pc:-: ( tt he. lt is a n in s titutio n which has \\'0 11 a rcp utati () n at h n m c and ahruad c hiefly fo r the c ha racle r and (j t 11 C!':' fw· !'e n · it..·c 11 f l h C 111 Cll it has pro d·ucccl . . \ t h11111C ••ttr rcp u tat it lll re!'t!-- fnr the lll P'l part 1111 the hig-h m ora l and rcligi~tU!' tunc which dwr~t<: l cr i ze nur ~ tudentry. Rut thi ~ reputatio n is an e n,·iahl c r• n e n nly in t'n n trast \\'ith the n u tnri o u s ly had t..' tl ttditin n !' IH·c,·alcnt in cer tain o ther in ~ tituti o n:-: . l{ cputatiDn is what p en pl e -..ay we are. haracter is \\'h at we arc. I l n \\"C\·cr mu c h w e m ay h na~t o f the c ha racter n f 11ttr stud cnt ry . m e n \\'li P lta,·c ht·e n hL-rc hn1g en ug h to kn< \\', ha,·c too t~fte n J>c•intcd u ut tltc cli:"c rcpanry between religio tt!' tll en ry and pra ctice tn make their l'nntentinn in,·alid. JTo pc 'nll cgc need:-: :--tudcnts 111 11rc truly t..·nn:-:ct·ratcd. \Vhile its candidates for the mini stry s lw uld not b e hct e ru d•,x in church d o g-ma. neither· ~ h o uld they h e di !-' h e~ n cst til" co mmi t theft in the da s~· -roo m. Fro m the practica l :-:ta nclpo int w e need m o ney; fro m th e intellec tual s ta nclpo in t. we need m ore rc:--pect f o r Rcho lars hip; but fro m the !"tandpnint of rcli g-in n and m o ral s. we need co n. istency, rc ,·c rcnce. and a kee n er scn:-:e elf wh at con s titutes the practica l :-: ide nf a s tud e nt's ' hrist ian life. \Vc have attained much , bul we !--lill fall far !'hllrt. Let ll npc·~ tudenL _upply thi!-' their n wn need . and \\'C firm!\' hclic\·c th o other thing. will be duly added. A RT'II T, II. 1 r E . S I ='J J' \ . E L D. '12.

THE SE N I ORS. Snap-shots- Psychological and O therwise. ~\f iII iarn IT en ry At wood : \i\Then cc thy learning? Neither thy to il r book c o n s um ed the midnig ht 11 il. \Vhence thy learning? J o hn Bennink: Ah me! fo r o ug ht that C\'Cr 1 c n uld read, Could ever hear o f tale in his to ry.


H e may b e h onest, but h e looks ? ? ? Donald Living ton Brush: .\ --Itali c•\\" l•r:tin. l•thind a --crie•u . . . ma-..k: . \ 11 nrarle within an empty ca .... k. I da <>li,i:t J)~tnhe•f: .\ l )i,·init,· :\laid with charmin~ way:--. :\laL' J·:li/.ah(:th lh: l'rcc: . \ gT~H:ciul maiden. '' ith a ~l'ttllc h n1 \\. .\ cln:ck turned li;...:.htly and a d~t\T-Iikl' eye . ( ))j\'CI' (;errit l) l'l'))per:--: ll ali du-..t, !tali ch:ity. alike Ulllil te• ell" . .,. ,,a r. Lim ited in hi"' na t un:. inlinitc IIi-.. dl'-..irc--. ~ lattlt' \' Thce•<leH'l' Fe1 rtuinc: . \ ·],, ,,. '' ithe~ut. a matt within. .\ hrP tht'r te• all. .\ rtlntr llcll'nu-.. 1 rcn--ink\'CJld: :\'' churchman am I j, 11' t 11 rail an d te 1 \\'rik. :\ p :-:tate--man lt• pl• •l e• r tel li;..!.lll . ~ () :-- " . 111 a 11 I 1r Int ... i Ill' ... l' 1111\ r i \. i 11 g a --11 a r l' .F , ,,. a- hig-h e 11 y ·d 111 1 tt l c ·, tlt L' w IH •l c ., f IllY ~:a r c ·


( ;L' rtntck h:anl'ttc ll••ckjc: ~h· tl~~~u~Jtt . . ancl I an· ,,f an e~ thcr "'''rld. l ! ~ r II i c l' I I :t r r i l ' l I ), I rf Ill a tl : I'm ••'cr .\'el llllg. . I 'm ,,·L·r y• • llll~ . l'lll ,,·cr ·' ••ttng· t•• marry YL' l: I 'm , ,·l'r -' " ung. . ' t\\tlttlcl he a 'itt T ·• take me frc1 111 my mammy yet. \ ntlle l\1\- l .u iclcn-..: 11 brain j .. a -- dn· a -- the remainder hi-..c uit after a ,·.. y ag-c.


jatnc-. lh:rnard \lu ldcr: · In r~~ nn ... ,, dL'licall'. "'" ..,, ft lti:- :--kin . ~ ~· iair in ic~llllrt·. and'" :--t11 tHt th in chin : Quit~ I•• 11 nnJ;tn him tH •t lting \\'alll!-- lntt tlli:--.-



Put him ju pcttk ats, and he's a yery m1ss. Irene Judith ~ lape lkamp : The glas: of fa:-hinn and the mt~uld <•f furm. T'hc Clb:'cn·cd nf al l 1 •h:-.l' l'\'l.·r:--. llcnry \~an Eyck ~- legcman: Indi:'putably a great. gn••d. lland:--t~me man. \\. illiam Jnhn Stn•nks: li e h:.s the faculty uf growth . . Frederick John \' an Dyk: Ti c ra,· :-:.his \\'nrd:-. arc lu''"c a:-- lu.:ap:-. ,,f :--ancl. nd scattered \\'ide frUJn :--<: 11:--l'. Ccrril John \ ' an Z ucren: . uch w<:rc the man [,,r wh c•m a wPman':-. heart Shclllld heal with constant can: whik he c:-:i:--ts, And breaks when he c:-:pirc:-.. •

ncr l \ ra 11


z yl :

J\y! that a lllall .\fter the heart uf n achu:-- ! l:y my life. 'There i;; nu m orta l :-.tu fT. that ioob the earth . . hie to wear the form 11f man. like him. \\' illiam \V. \\'aJyoord: \\'h at a delightful thing re:-.l i:--! The bed ha s become a place <~f luxury tn me; 1 w o uld not exchang-e it for all the throne:- in t In: " '' H'l d . \\'ill iam \Vallacc Y1 ~ . chcr: cumpaniun o f children, and he lo\\·cr:-- aiHI\' t' them all. 1 I esse) Ed \\'ard l: n tema : s ix-fuol Htckling-. s hambling in hi s gait. AITcctcd, pcc,·ish. prim. and delicate; Fearful he ;-;eems, though of athletic mak e,

Lest brutal breezes should too roughly shake 11 i:-, \\'u o lly tup. and :'a,·ag-e mttti(ln !"]>read 'cr his p~Je check~ the blushing-. manly read. Art h ut· Forb c s · c h a cf e r : Dark eye~ a manly form. a lJdttgla:->. ln heautyhis u\\'n paratll. Frederic Zand · tra: For your sake, Tubacco, r \\' U ttld du anything bul die. h o · t of man·els !"mall and tall T o thee \\'C dedicate thi s all, thi · all. -Di~cip lcs of \\' illiam James.


THE ANCHOR. Published by THE AN CHOR ASSOCIATION, Hope College. Holland. Mich . BOAR..D OF EDITORJ

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Staff Art ist, H t•nd r int.• F.. ll osperf!, ' 1:1


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Addrl'ss nil rmnrnunlrntlnn~ to TilE AN<·n o H.. I hlllt' F or A d \'CrLis lng HntPR :l ii~•IY tn Jlu. lnl''- · Mallllll<' r Ente r ed at. th e P u~>L Ulllt.•t• a t J [olla nt.J. :'\lichl:cnu. u

't>ll<• ~tc.

H olland. M lc h faao.

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Tltl· -.t:tiY ck~· na· d 11 :td\ j,aldl' I• • a .... k thl· ~1..' 1ti • 11· ... 1, , pui.Jj,h I

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m :rdL" in thi--lll'\\ dc:p:trtun:- tlti'

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l· la,., ,, j tlti-. \l':tr ha-. m:uk an

c .. nfidl'lltlh a t 11 " llli . . t:tkl· j ........ lli.'


i a I •I t · n ,·• •r d : " l ' It • •11 1 • r I h l' 111 f • ' r t IH: i r d c l' cl-.. i' •r 1h <: c '\ :1111 Jl It-... 1 h a l a r l' \\ • ' r 1h y • •i i 111 i L:t t i• ,n . \\ t' ... i n c <: n · I y h p c t h a t l' ll '


tit~.· 'lh.' l..'<> --

\\hil·lt Ita-.. mark<: d tllt· nt a-.. a cia-.-. m a ,· rllararlerizc

th1..· li \l'' .,f

l':tl'it indi,idu:tlm~..· mhl·r


1111 L' .

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in th1..· da,., t 11





ALONE OR IN GROUPS ? There is a 111Ctl111cl ui -.. rudying· pre\·aknt lllllltJig :--tlldl'Jlts Ill tlli .... Cllllcge wltirh i~ 11armiul. \\·e r<..' iLT [11 till' d~...· pl~~rahle 11 a h i t ' ' f :-. t u d y i 11 g i 11 g r 11t1 p :--. Y 11t111 ~- p c 11p I e 111 a ·' l"' •llll' t , '~~ v 1 h c r in .~r• , llJb and lta,·e iun and plea .... urc !Ju t \\l' d .. uh t ... cri . whether a g"r11 up i:-: Cl • ndu~...· in.· t11 hard :--tud.'"- lltll likl' l'\l' r) tlling cl-..e thi:-: metlt ll( llla .... it-... ad,·oca te-... n-ll 11 'l'l' m:tll_, di -.t in~...·t a ch a nl a g c :-. in tit i... l'llll r :--c.


~r ...




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fl i..; ~..·Ia i n1 l' cl t h :tt :-- t u d ·' i 11 !..!. t " g c 1 Ill· r n·~..· t i Ii l'... 1ll i ~ 1a k l' ... . :-.a \·e:-. time. crcatL'' an iu~..·rea-.. ·d intt·n· -.. t ill till· Jc ...... ,n. dr:t\\ .... 111 11 rc id ea:-. :tncl hrin .~~ -.tudcnt' int1 1 tt hl':tltll\· . :1''"'·i:1t i" n w i t h <.'a c h 11t h c 1". T l~t· 'l' a r l' ... , •I Ill' 11i t I H • : t ... ... 'I' t i. 111 ... 111:1 r k J, ' t II e ad'·"catc::-- 11f thi ml'lh ~l( l "f -..t ucly. l.l'f u -. t.', :tlllilll' thv~e :--•Jcallcd ach-antag~..· ..; and cli ... r u -..-. :t ic\\· di -..ti tt •·t harmiul il·:tlttn:-. inherent in thi..; mctllllci. 11ttt

The pnwer ,,j CI •JH"CIItratin g the mind j..; v"tn·ntt•J, \:tlu ahle. l·:n' ry "PP••rlunity t11 ntlti\:tle tltl' art "i t·• • tll" l· l~ trati~t n :--IIIJttld ill' utili zed. llttt 1111 -..t tllkt ll c:tn . in :1 ~ r"' IJ'· :q1pl_, hint :--e1i with that intcn-..itr ui mind and clcternlinat j,n \\hi~..· II i" P•• ... :--ihle when he ma-..tcr ~ hi-.. "" n ~Lo ...... l• ll . In :t ~n t~tp th~...·n· 11 -..u a II y i =-- 1 •II e " h u <I " e :-: a II t II l ' t It i n k i n .~· a n d :d I t I11.' r l' :t --~ , t 1 i 11 ~ • he l.."llll:--equently n ·cei,·<.:-.. a ll the l•t' llllit:--. the " ti ter-. an· the '" er:--. Ue:--ide:', r•nt-..ider all the Yalu ai ,JI...' time irl'qlll' lltly wa:-.tcd in makin g· irrck' :111t r~...:mark~. in laugh in!.! and pl:1_, in~; and often it tll'l·ttr~ that c•lll' ... tuclent wh .. j ... in an c'cl'lk nt 1111 11 'd t 1> :-: t u d y i:-- I t i 11 d e n .: cl h y a 1111t h I..' r \\" 11 11 i .... l' x t n· llll' h · i 11 eli11cd tc• play. Tht 1:--e \\"hi i-..L ttdy in gr• •u p-. hurr_, thr• •ll~ll-tlll'ir Jc.., :'ll ll :-- \\'ith the de-..ire t11 111:1 !-- ter the Jc ..... " n i•1r till' f"ll 1• \\ in ··· :-. day on ly. 11 11t i1 1r all time. .\ncl tlti-.. 1-- :t clec i«kdh ,, r11 11~ attitude.



cont inu ally increase. Rely upo n o ther · n o w and y o u will do I ikewi~c in the f u tu rc. Now i • the time to learn how to think and tu act independently. ·orne pe o ple-student~ included-are train in cY diligently tu bcc u mc meek and humble fo ll o wer · . The world, however, call:-; fu r l eader~. But he wh n has n o tru~t in self need n ot xpcct t o plal·e tru:-;t in uthcn.;. The haLit uf · tudying togethe r make: the wurld fuller uf meek fo ll o wer · uf men and women whu cannul ~tand al o ne. cann o t act alone, cannot think alone. Lt:t us n o t underrate o ur~ch·es. Let u have m o re self-confidence. \\·e need it a~ indi,·idual:. \Ve need it a · a college. 1f th in di,· idual~ g-et 1111)re o f thi: sadly needed quality the c o lleg-e will e,·en t ually he the happy p o ··e .--or of a fo rce that will forge thi:-; cetlleg-e ah nd t n the fr o nt rank in all conte tsmcntal and plly~ical. Taking- a ll fact into consideration we arc furced tu 1.: oncludc that studying in g-ruup: lower.· schola r~hip and rub..; u..; 11f independen ce and ·elf-reliance.




The greatc: :--t harm ,, f thi-.. meth n cl lie-.. in the iact that i! d~:-. lr"-'"" :elf-reli~llh'l' :utd kat!-.. 111 a .... l:tll..' tt i ckpendclll".' liJ' Il ll ntllcr ..... l·.m e r:--1111 -..ay:--. "'~cli-t n~-..t j ... the lir .... t -..elTL't ,,j ~t~t· n: - -.. : · L' nclermincy c• ur f:tith in y cc ur--chL':-- ancl_, ,,ll i111p: 1ir .' •• ll r illt tllT :--ucre-.:-;. Jt i-.. a l"ll lllllH!nda!Jie h:tiJit nen·r t 11 :1--k a-. ... i ... t:l th·t· in an·· •mpli . hing :1 t:t'-k until 1111e ha..; lir ... t tried 111 d .. it ;ti .. IH'. T II en· i" a k l' l' 11 :-.a I i .. i a l . I i r Ill i II el l I i 11 g a cl i i ... 1111 \\ l Irk \\ j I h ll ll ( the help and a(h· ice 11i t~lht·r--. li a J' L'r ...... n ic•r m thL· J 1 ~tl 1 ir ,,j d l' P c 11 d i 11 g l1 P• •n h i m -.e I f h i ... ' l' ll- r l' I i a 1H "l' :t 11 d l'l 111/ i d l' 11 t ' l' \\ i II



. .

\ -c ry early in the ~...·areer u f c\·ery cullcge . tudent c o me:; the quc:-:li tH1, ··To what ~hall L g-ive my time:·· Out o i the many thing~ that arc continually making- demand::; up o n his time he must carefully ancl clcliherately ch oose what he . hall fullt l W and what he !"hall n eglect. F o r every :tudcnt means that hi:-: c n llcge life !"'hall d n 111ll re fu r him than cram his brains full c•f facts and fan c ies. The c1tlleg-e aims to fit a man t o fill his place in th W(lrld n1pah ly and h o n o rably; it is a training !--Ch"ul in which hi s charader is t u be de,·elnpcd to its highest, nuhle:--L manh 11CHl. \\ "ith thi .... end in view it 1s v c n· . f1ttin :...tY that the ~tudent :--h11ttld take part with enthusiasm in th e sucia l, intellec tual and rc:li~iuu..; l ife 11 f the -.. chcu d. n ul fo rgetting- athletics, that he may he ab le t u ~...·n J><: t11 11re l·l·e::sfully with life's difficulties when l1i-.. :--chu1JI and co llege day-. arc pa ::.t. F u r there\\ ill come time::; i·n life when (l ne may l>e , ·ery thankfu l fu r a kmnvledge u f human nature gained hy lecturc-c u ur:-;e ca mpaig-ning in college, f11r htt:-.ine ~:-:. aJ,ility that wa: de,·l.'lo pecl in the manag-ement o f a hall t ea m. fur a capal·ity fu t· leadership that is a direc t result uf a few years' lahur in theY.~- · .. . , fu r a cuu lnc:s u f actiun,




--- ---.J.lll' tHlalln.·.

a11d quickttL'="" ell mi11d tlt:tt \\:1-- karnccl i11 ltarcl l••n.:..:.ltt ga lllL'""· \"e .... ,,j l'lolll'""e there :trL' ""llllll..' \\h ll ~:1\' . tltl'I'L' i . . . oreal :-..



:t: . .


In a n c ' c ul ~ t·• •n t e :-- tc d d c I1 a t c II " p l ' (', d Ie g c d c i c a t c d t >I i ' l.' t i" r t h l.' t h i r cl c 1111 ..: L'l'lll i \ c t i m l'. I ; , •t It t e: 1m " p n> c n t c d tltl'ir :trgttnH·ttt . . . in :t .... piritl'd and i .. n:ciul m :lllner. :\It·. l,attcr....,,11 .. j C>Ji, L'l ••I•L' llL'ci the clela:ttc. de:trl: . . . tating tile l'"'iti"n ,f t!tc at'lirm:tti\e. :\lr. h:... L·ppc cd ll .. pc rl'pliL·cl i11r thl' ne~<tti\c \\'ith a ~..·ll'ar and I";...: i~..·;d argument in '' ltirh he ... tall.:d that the L.l1 n h.- ll I 1 i Jl 1'1 II I i r ~........ ll.: d \\ i l il t h (.' a ni r 111 a i \ l' a ll d I h a l l " l' J)l' ~ ... a tl\·e maintained. that IHthlk tl\\tl<:r-.hip and tlpt'ratit•ll i . . . iunclallH'llt;tll.' '' r~~n~~- < )Jj, ct· . . '-L'C1111 d "J>l' ak~· r. ~Ir. Pinn. ,c k. hc~a11 in :til intcll·-..ting mantH' r llltl tltl' end ••i hi-.. --peech \\'a . . . n"t \\ • • r1 h: ' i It i... • •p c 11 in g run ;1 r k..... ~ I r. T i lll·m a • 1i 11 .. p e p n , uTdcd '' itlt tile argttttH 111 .... in hi-. u-..u;d dirll'l and l';:rne-L m:tnJtlr. pr" ' in~ tltt• iailun·-.. ,,j municipal ••pt·rati .. tl. ~Jr. :\il·h·d a:-., j ( )li\L'l l'l•• ... .:cl tilL· ckhaLL' j,,,. thl' at'linnatin: in <t ctcditalll • 111 :1 n 11e r. T I tc I a .... L ..... p c :t J, L' r ' , i t II e Ill':..!" a t i , ·e. ~ I 1·. I ~ u i d l' 11 .... • t r e . lltl'JH!IIthl_, \\c~:k cnul tltL' arglllll<.' tll . . . 11i the al'tirmati,·e. Th\.! 1 l'lnllt a I ... "l'I'L' I i \Tiy and i 11 tcre:--t i ng-. .. \\ ' c nHt ... t llll' tttillll tht• L'X ..:l'llcnt ''a} itt'' hidt thl· pn:..... idin~ •lllll'LT. Pr"i. ~lilkr c. i < lli \'L' t. l'lltHlttl·tul the <khatL'. In acldiu .. n t•• thi .... \\L' \\'L'I'l' pll:t ... t·d \\ith tilL· l'"llrtl• u -.. attitude •• r th~ ;, ndi cllC(.' , till' rro.\;tll' lllL'rlaillllll' ll l ••til' ll·;tm J'l'l'l'i\c..' cJ ancJ the l' ~ c e lit· 11 I - Jl i r i 1 ... h, ' '\ 11 I 1y c )J i , ' L' t. < >ur l'•dl ... ~l· c.·:ttl n·j .. il'L' 11\Cr tiH· \ i~·t .. riL· . . . ,,j tlti . . . y ·ar. l'ir .... t pl;ll' L' in thl' \\llllll'll· ..... -l:ttl' l'l•llt<.· . . . t . "l'l'l •llcl in t he mtn ' ' · a d••ttl1k \il·t· 1_, illrkk11ill~..!· :tn• il':tl ... \\ltidt . . . IJ,,uJcl <.nc• ,nr:tgc ll-- t•t l' lllt•r !Ill• • lllo oi'L' l'•lllll' .... t...; :tlld l ' :liT\' Jt,,llll' lll• ll'l' pt· i/.C~. \\ c l'.tll c1., i1! I



A \l an\ :--tuciclll:-- a11cl pn ,k:--:--nr:--, whu !--huuld ha\·c



At H ope. Fri da , · L'\L't,in;...: . . \ptil 1.?. \'.:t:-- :1:. rv:ll l'\lllill~ j,q· •~ ur l.'•d it;.._l' . . \ dt~ttl•k 'i~.:t• 1: "'cr.. \lma and ( >li' ll It;, .... I,Ja,·'"·d I l "f' l·· . . ll:tllll' at tit~..· I• •Jl i11 thl' T ri: tn· ~ ul ar l>lc·l•:tiin .: · I ~.::" ~ Ill'. Til'"· qut· tir•n <o~..:l l :ttL'd t!Ji ... :1.·:tr rl'ad . . . a .... j., JI, , \,·,: "i .' L• ... ,,hcd . tlt:ti citiL~ . . lJ,.uJcl ••\\11 :tnd IIJitratL' puldic i ranc lti -.. t· .... " Tltc :tt'tirm:t ti \L' ll':tlll c••ll .... =~:i tt ;~ ,.j ( '. l>atnl·. L. lk :\! .. tt...., and II. IJ, ((::; 'l' • •l' l'cl :t ~hnt 1 111 1111 the . \lma ll'lll11 ~,.· .. tn p• 'l'cl ,,f . ll·~-r .... 1•. 1·,.,1\ 1111t·cl. < •• ~·;II1L'l kl' and J. IL J:ul.·ll. Tl tl' . \ lm :t J, .. , . . . "l'r. lttt:tldL· ill lln·;d : :!tH I l ' \ lll tr• --i:tlld thl' ra)'id ancl c) ari~ :tin t<. 1 ar:.._:ttllHlll·· ,,j tl \11' rflof,:t tl' J .... Tit<: juclg t• .... \\ere \ ttlll'llL.',. f.. If . t >""ll'l'lt " f c ;ra nd ll :t\ ~-n . Jud ~ e 1 ~. Tlt •' lllP ' ' ' ll ,,f .·\ lh-;...:: 111 , and 1 r•~l. l·:tl ••tl •~i till' c; r:tncl l';tpid-.. lli g h ~clt .... J. 'J I \.' 'kl·l·tJ:tl•IL· ,·l.'l', tll'l •·I· ·,· )1•' '" l ' \ l' lllll :. _: \\ ; I..., t I H: I 11 ~·; 1g l' I'


been there uut ni rc ... pcrt lc1 the , · i:--iting team and tu the judges an<l f,ll· tltc rL'JHltati,,n c•i the cullegc. thuughl it hc:--t tu he alP-L'llL ll11w mtll.:h llcltl..'r an imprc:--... ic•tt wcntld 11 Ur \' i:'ilnr:; ha\ c tTcei\Td ii the l·hapcl had J,ecn lilkd . . \ l ittle thc,ughl.,n \\·lwt i:-- impc,rtant :111cl ttttimpc1rtant in a l'ullc"e j...; •rrt·atl)· t., he dc ... ircd. lhtt ,,j r•,llr""l' .....,me lH:c,ple ttl'\L'r thi11k -except :tit• 1ll t tht'm .... cl' t>. At O livet.

danger that th ese thing which a r o nly sid . . issue's, t nl' • th (• -..tudcnt· . . time a\\':t)' in1111 hi-.. Jc .......•llh ;tnrl rc~ult i11 a I '"cr ~r:ull' ,,[ :-;L·hcdar:--ltip. Trttl'. then· i~ that d:tn .~ cr. l1ut "l •·· n :t -..tudcnt takL· . . up ... uc.: h a .. . . . idc-i:---..uc" hl· i:-- :th\a: . . . ;~,·,:·ely c.'••ll'l·i .. u..: 11i a ,,·atr hi11l iac.' tllt: '' h 11 arc ready" ith "lt:tt •ll H't i 11 H .... Ill a y .... d~ m t• , It i 111 a n i nc • 11 1.... i d ~· r a t L' It a .... tl' . t • ' p" i n t " 11 t t , , him that he nHbl c),, I'L'ItL·r "' t k in hi .... --tudil·. . . •11· ~i,l· it "I'· ~dl<L :-.CI he g""L':-. in\\ itll ;1 dc.:tcrmi'l:tti .. tt t•• . . . Jt, \\' llim . . ~· li ,·;t paldL' •JfI hancllin •~ kn 11\\ ing· iull \\l'll \\'hi~·h thin ........ c.· a ii i c •r lir .... l • ' c• lll~ idcra t inn. There arc . . . :il l .... utdcnt -- \\'1l11 lntt_ tlnm ... vh·e .... i11 ihcir IH III).;..: :lllcl cdi't·r :t . . . thl·ir ju tili•a~i •. n th: tl time \\111'11 jlll:l"l'. "\\' e <::tlll l' '" ..,c )t .. , .J t" tlld y." I i th:tt '' L'IL' till' 1111h • ~· :t-.••11. \\' C mi ~! Itl a-.: \n:l l h:t\L' l •u.n --hd1 11p in a tl H•n:t ... t L' J~ ,.,_:it 1 a pik "i I ' 11 • k . . : i 1 \' ul d h a ' e I •t·t·n aim " ' l a:- pre I! i t aId L'. : , " · , , • ~·amc I• • . . . ·It••• 1 1 1 1 gl'l a n L'clnc: ti i•• ll. I·• dL'\tl•~p p!t_, ... jl·:tl1.'. men tally and 111• r:dly . :-- 11 th:tt. --l l'I'P ill :.!, • lit ir• m tltL· ... t· "all-.. \\ · :-h;di I~· '· JliltHlicll_, l tjllli'Jtl'cl l f:l,l' ;)p• \\ 111'1•. :tltd I•• -.(;till l :--!t .. ulclLi' t•• ~l: .. nl«\·r \\ i:h ' 11 r i~ll ,._ tlllil :n tit~· -.;1ti ... {,- itt" ,._, l'lltl l' t.ltl ... Ill' t j : ; I I. ;. . I : . k \ ','l' I . 1'1: l i !1 I lll' l·l: :t i 11 I i lit; Ill :t 11 i l \ . i:-. :--t (Illig·. II. I> · :\1.


. ..

SOCIETY. ( >n \\ l.'c1ttl·- d:t\. \lar c h ]Oth. tltL· ~··ph"m"rc d:t ....... laid :t'-idc tftL·ir l•t•J.,\ul fl1111k .., f11 r all l' \l' llill~ a11d \\1..'111 tu ~laca -





---imprc,,·ing. and we h ope he m ay . l) i1calth an<l . trenf.{th.

taw a Park f o r· a c.:Ja::-s party. The w eat h er :-::eem ed tn h a \·e bro ken a JI b o und s, hut s wi r lin g snow and c uttin g- hla : ts f wind did n u t deter the g-a ll ant hand of pleasure see kers . After a ~ upp er '' fit fu r a kin g " an e ,·c nin g u f " j 's t and yo u t hful j o llity" began. The tri p h u m e w as n ut \\'ithllttt i t~ spice. for the l' a I' \\'aS .. · t l1 C k.' j 11 S 11 () \\ d r i f t S a C () lJ )> I e () f t i 111 (.' S , a 11 d 11 11] y man aged t ; get thn •u g- h when S•• m c uf the S• •Ph•llll u r e !Jra ,·c:; I tel p ed dig a way.

he reslu red l t.1 cun tpl ele

< >ut ,f l 11n~ and rc:;pcd fur their teacher the st ud ent~ who had pa~~cd thr.,ugh a cour~e in medi c ine und er the in s truction 11f I >L J ~~hn ( >ttt.: . 'N3. ercl"t<.:d a m u nument to mark hi~ gra,·e in the mi-..~i u nariL· ... · ecmctery 11n 1-tdonge n . Chi n a. :\b ea u tiful marldL' tT••=--=-- wa' :'ecurcd fr11111 ]], ,ngk11ng . ::l l1d hear:-; this in:--cripti.,ll. "lie 'L'nt them t•• preach the king-d o m .,f (;ud. and 111 heal the :--i . .·k. " \\ ' hat a hcautiiul tribute t11 a l iie \\'hil·h was Ji,c..·d j, ,r t~lher-- !

Thur:day e\·e n ing. :\l arl·h 21 .... t. a jt~lly hunch nf " f•ud lr e ~fak ers " gat h e r ed at the IJ.,nH.· , f ..\1 i::-; :\1 it~nic Sd 1ulkc. II <~,. can peuple, a~:emhlcd \\it II the idea (If makin :-"· that lTeamy· br0 \\'11 ~ uh ~ta n t.:c . help hut llct\L' a g•~t•d time ? On th e en? nin g- (tf :\larc h 27th the · · ~cxtet," in crea-.,ed fur th e e \·e nin g- ttJ the numb er uf twch·e . h:td a reuni•l11 at :\lacatawa P a ."' tiJ>J ><.'r had hc e 1l :-en eel a 11 t·,·enill ... wa~ . ar k. .:\fter . s p e nt 111 a n e nJ nyai> Je mann er. y, ,u ma\· be ~ urc..· that "latt"ht<.·r w as there. htllding- huth hi ..; side s. " :--


Re,·. ( ;cn·it I lun d ·lin k. ·oo. c•f K alanu,z""· and ReL J. \ ' an z.,mcrl'll . ·o-L ni Ck\cland. (Jhi4•. deli\ercd addrc-..:--e · at LI IL' 1·: i ~ It I h \ I ic h ig a ll I ) i ... t r il' t l' h r i "' t i a n 1·: n cl e a n , r C, ,11 ' · n t io n , ., ' h i •·It " a... IH' I c1 i 11 t h e ~ l' ~ ·, 11HI I{ e f, 1 r m e cl r lm r c h . :\ lu ... keg, m , \I :trch 2.~1 h I•• 2'>t h. The c"ngrl'gati.,n •~i ll .. pe ' hutT h. ll lllland. :\l ich., pre-


• • f

"'t'lltl'cl thl'ir mi----i ~ nl:try p:t-..t••r in ·h,·':t. 1\.e,·. \\ ' illi:-- <;, ll .. c:kjt!. :il1d hi-. "iil'. with a pttr-..e .,j !-;' 100 a:' a \\'l'ddin g giit. I ll'rman ~lc ..!.!em:tn . Prell .. '10. \\'as rc~·enth· cno·acr·cd as :"'t -- un ey, n· hy a :\l ttntana lrrigati.,n c" mpany. which i.; putting in l''n--i\' l' canal-- in and arc•tJtHI Cnnrad. l'n.r·. 1 ~ . I>. I >imnl' Jll. ·•)(,, read a pape1· nn ''\Jr. Crane. The l·-. and The l: ~~y." at thL· ~ . .·lt ""lma--ter .... · ' luh. at .\nn \ rJHIJ'. ~

. Saturday e\· ning. :\l arch 20th. :\Trs. Durfee and l•r.,iL·-.,su r Dm111ent entertained the 'ullcge Debating- Team~ in h o ll tll' 11 f th e \'ict11r ie~ <,iJtainccl hy th m "'·cr the ( )Ji,·et and :\ lma team =--. J\lth u u gh it \\'a:; a " :' (a~.(' the f<.:lluw~ were so elated tJ \·cr their victories that they h a d a ''mighty g"lllld ti m e .' ' ::\1 i:-;:-; \I art in and :\[i ss :\Iuo re helped :\lr:--. Duriec to sen·e refreshment:-;.


EXCHANGE S . The little anil'IL' entitled, "\\' hy J), ,e .... ~ li en L ~y an F ;..: ~ ~ .. :tppL·~trin g in the .. ~t u dcnt'-.. Bull eti n" is ,·ery intere:-'ting. I Ia-. "The Cttllcgi;tn" ,,j I Jill .... dalc llcge IHI l ~xrlwnge I kpartmcnt: Tlti"' " ·" uld he a gn•at imprrl\·e mcnt tt• the J•:tpct·. T h L' C ; i r ].._ · .\' u Ill I tl' r ' ' f .. T h e K c r 1111 ,.... .. i "' ' ·e n · n c a t a n <1 a tt r a c 1 n e . T h c c u l 11 i 1It t • )I) 12 h a . . ]~ e t kt II t L' a m a.... i t a p p c a r e d j ... 'er\· .'v;tr -.. :t"t' ~ - ~"llttd . .\ i~· w m"rl' n1t-.. " '" llld impn•,·e the '·Kalamazn., ~. 1r mal 1-\~..· ~·~~rd." <)then\ i-. l' it i ... an excellent paper. "Th1..' l .al c l: rL' l'i'C .. ,1[ ~heiHt\' tran i' the larne,t and lJ ...." ."' t . :--. :-. I';IJH' r rccci' ed f.,,. cxch;tnge during the nl ll lltll uf \larch . .. ·1 hL· l .ll tllet" 41i .\ pril i.: --trt~ng- in jukes, but rathct· weak

c ..


lrlumn1 l. ~.

\ ?a tHi c t· \ rrie..;, '<)(, , h ad uf the D e p art m e nt pf ~fathemat~t·s at the l 'ni,·crsity uf K an ·:t:-. . became ill la--t fall ~ 11 t.:u n s.eqn e n t.:e f \\'hi c h h e h as go n e to lJeil'll, Texa ..;, \\'here IS leadm g a tent li fe. The latc .... l rcpo 1·t s tell u s hi h ealth is Dr.


THE ANCHOR in its Literary Departm e n t. 1\nd \\'ll y llliX up ach·e rti:;c menls with li terary matt er? L." nder th e training <~f 'oac h :\lilb. the )}i,·et ba:--ket hall team , \\'hidt in }t)}l took the :\1. l. :\. 1\ . trophy, h c Ji c , ·e:-; il ha s a ~p l e ndid (l ppnrt nni ty uf taking the truphy again thi s ng-. 'o llc.:ge ha s chw.. e n i t..; d e ba ti n g t ea m s fn t· lhc triatPrubt· dckttc \\"i tll ~1. .\ . C. and Yp-.. ilanti. Tlti -.. clcl,ak un :--. th ''lnl"c•m Tax ·· \\'ill take pl:lrc the lir'l \\·eek in ~l ay a nd Alma ht lf> CS to pnt up a 'trung· fight. Th e :\m es ha--kl'l hall team ft,t)cf , thl' cha tnpi"n-..hip (li I uwa this y ea .-. , \ Jhit lll ·,,1Jegc. \\'l'll knt•\\·n f11r it..; hi g lt rank -.. in ~tralt•n· Alma

a 11 d d chat in g-. h :t s t h is y ea,. ' t1 f'fc r c cl t '' 11 c k f c a b i 11 i 1-.. d l' J, a t in gc•• nt c:-.t-... tlllC t o lkl t1il ancl thc cdiH:r t•• J·:a rlh a m. hut \\':t "' \' il·lllritllh tl\·c •· L a\\'re n ce lni\-cr:--ity.


....Basket Ball. On :\farch lG. D. 1\ . l'. nf D etrllit \\':l :-\ played and "' nt h u m e \\"ith the :-.h nrt e nd uf a J-t -2 1J sc11rc. They \\'Crc c:a llcd f) , :\ . C .. thoug-h t111l)' t hree ttf the urigina l tea m \\'l'rC 11n the fl uor. ( ·,,nqu ercd hy the hea \ y :-'lllJ\\ ' :-.t u rm"', the c •l her llll'll1l, crs (J f theit· team \\'Crc rlltTCcl l11 r e main at a di -.. tann: irum the '-' ity. Two the lu l·a l lli g-h ~c.:h.Hd tea m hl· lpt·d them o ut and :o the game \\' a' played. B •H•scy starre d ic•r the 'i:-.ito r s . ancl w e dar e n u t think t~ i what th e sct• r c mig ht ha,·c bee n h a cl their team J,ccn intact. \\' c " ·e re SIHT)' that •m t· ,·is itnrs h a d s u ch hard lu1.: k a"' !tica l ians think th e 1) . . \ . l'. a royal bun c h CJf athletes.


On ~I ard1 22 the ( )ran g·c a nd Blu e h11y s s ucn.· edccl in tro uncin g (;. R . . . '\' .. 111 true J)u tch s tyle. E,·e r s m ce

,. •

.1 ~ •• I



HA KET BALL TEA:\t . L ll· 1 c: Stt'"eman. R \' ttHIP., . . ~ ~~ nr, \l~r. P . \'~rhut:k. L A . '.'an H1 nn J.. I or:.l. . ·' mn n. · ... ,... t'. L u J...kc:r. M. St ..-J;!enL!a. I· . Kit ; nllt~ k c: l






y •


the holidays nur huy:-- ''ere chafin~ und er the odi um of '' 27-32" at (;.-and Rapid:-;, and when u n~e the whi:-tlc ~••utHlcd . Jl t) fi\·e men were m nre united u n a .:-;inglc Jntrp(l~c than wa.:o; the I lope quintet. During the first half. the Furnitu1·e City lad..; lnukccl real lnggy. while n ur lad:-. a ppl ied the .. Can't ll uu k'' meth nd . Tho ugh the :-.Cctmd half wa;o; nut quite S<• :-.en:-.ati u nal. the I [ c peites were n u t :--ati:-.ficd until they had e\·c r) inch uf ::-calp cn min g- tn them. and yuu can imagine the j11y when the final !'-C o re tallied 3-J.-20 in fan tr 11f ll••pe. Tt wa.:o; a great in:-.piratiun t o o ur ruoter: to !-'ee !-'n many (;rand Hapid:-- pe(J p)e in the ~allery. and i t <HI d e d m a t c r i a 11 y t u t It c c n t h us i a,:.; m. The theory of limit:-; wa.:o; :t~·ain tested and appnn·ed when t h e Z e e Ia n d ( >I .r 111 p i c s c a 111 e t ' ' L a r n c g i e f t) r t h c i r 111 <l i · i n e t Hl l\Tarl'11 23. Surely nn game 11f the entire :-.chcdule drew a m o re cnth u ~ iastic cr()wd o f r<tttlcrs and participant-.. But ag-a in brain triumphed o\·e r brawn. and-th o ugh pt•:-- ildy tltc lc~:­ said the better-it's a pity fw· an 11 rg-anizati" n o f :o-uch a kind not t< he able to take a defeat. I l ad the =--~ore been d o -.e at any time during- the c••11tc:-:t. there might ha\·e been ~nme rea!"ll ll for e\·en ]e-.s un!--pn rl. manlike hcha,· ior o n the part nf llltr \' i!"itors. TT n we,·e ,~. such wa:-. n ot the case. n mplctcly n u tda~scd n ut-played, and tntt-gcnera led in e\·ery ft.:ature o f play, the ) lym pic: :'ttccuml>ed t o a 36-R sc(.1 re. • n ci P tt h tccll y in d epcncient organizations ur thi:; nature will he pla~ecl tl ll the tah nned li st n ext yea1·.

J Lere enddh the JCJ ll-JCJJ2 chapter o n haskct hall at 1 fn pe. ]•ig-hting clll uphill hattie. n ot hing hut prai'e i~ tluc n ur h oys


the magnificent spirit exhibited in keeping !l ope's

banner al o ft.


. \ w o rd o f ~ o mmendati o n is due CJttr manag-er,

1\f r. \ and en Dcrg. fnr so s u ccessfulJy fin ish ing a "tno-Iah• 1ri•ms" ~checlule. . \ !--chcdulc o f a d tt ZCll games 1:-- hard. ancl lo ng eno u gh. \\ e w o uld n ot tell the wh q le ~ tnry if we made n o mentio n o f the H Rescn·es". wh o ,,·on fo ur o ut o f a ~ ene of seYen games frOJn the l I igh .. ch o l. T them t o a great extent is due the q u ality o f the fir. t team, ~ tnce they ga\'e the1n the required practice thro u g h out the sea ~o n .

.., .










oming E\·e nt: The ln te1·- 'Ia~:-. Field nay. ~lay 4. The IT< pe-(;. 1\ . Y. ~l. ·. :\.Relay. \lay lK The Third .-\nnu al Jn,· i tatiPn ::\lect at c;. 1~ .. ~l a \· 3 . This is certainly a tine ~pic y sch dule f,,r the J.,,·L-r:-- ••i track athletic~. :\lr. Steincnger has ,·c..:ry carefully :trranged a !-'hnrt hut intcn:--ely intcre:--till.!.!' prtlgralll r.... the :--pring term. By the time uf this i:---.. uc the F11urth . \nnu aJ ·r., ....... _( '•• ttntry Run !--hall ha,·e been :--ta~ecl. and the lnter-l ' la:-:-- :\feet will l•c recei,· ing· atl o ur atll' llti "n'. The \lu :--kcg•'ll lligh ~ch ••• d. Kalamazno 'ollege. ancl the <;rancl 1\apids Y. :\1 . l' . . \.\\ ill compete with u s for the :--pll'ndid trnphy. Th e ( ;. 1\ . Y. :\1. C . .t\ . expect~ t11 take the trt•phy again . hut the ll opcitc:- arc ju ~t a~ determined to keep it here. An exciting Ct ltl lc:-t i-. pro m i ~e d.

Each o ne of the eight cla-..:-c:-- ha:-- already prl·parcd fr•r a cla!-'s-party. and s uitabl e fe~ti,· itics fur celel•rating their ,·ictory in the J nter-Cia:-.s Field Day :\I ect. <Ht ~I ay -+. Thi" e\·e11t i :-; e a=-- i I y the g;a I a day at I I 11 p c . in the l' p r i 11 g· t i 111 c. and 11n that day e\·erybody get~ a chance tn show hi~ mettle. Thi:-- c\·cnt has proYed a decided s ucce =--~ in years. and we arc , ·c ry des irous o f making; thi ~ meet tll l lc:':' =-'''· The cia'=-' 11f ''lfJtJ·• al ne ha:-; the cn,·cted h o ner n f ha,·ing- it:-' ''year" in ~crihc<l thu :-; far. and it is u se le=--~ tn !-'ay what that mean~ to the ''thcr cla~ses. All rig-ht. Stein! \\ hnnp 'et· up f,,r the Field Day! The Annual Helay Race hct,,·cett l l• •pc and(;. R. Y. :\1. C. :\ .comes three week ~ after the r (l;o:;s C(Juntry Run. and i:-generally the ··cr ux", ~o far as retric,· ing !11:--t hc •nctr:-- j, n•ncerned . \\' c ha,·e tw o o f the :--ih·er c up:--. and the"\'" IJa-.. ••ne. \\'h o ':-; going to g-et the next llle? .\:-:k any ,,f the twcnly-li\"l' men trying o ut for I T t~pe 's team. FciJc,,\· ~. ' Ill\ kn"''. w~o· ·n· ~adl.r in need u f another cup. Th o ugh still a m o nth away. it 1~ nnt Lno early tn plan ern Yi~ilin~ C m ~ t oc k Park in Grand Rapid~ . o n \TcnH il' in l Day. Do you kn o w that TT o pe's team )f s ix men pcrfnrmed w o nders over there las t year? \Veil. they did. and the hny~ came h•lme with a pretty sih·er cttp . and medals gah )re tu l'huw f u r it. \Vho says we ha\·en'l got the material atll 1pe? Other "'d1uols

think we h;H·e. and e,·c•·.r time a I To pe man enter ~ it mean~ just that much lc:-.:' chance i••r (l ther cnmpetitor~. Lefs keep up 11Ur recurcl! ~' '· let':-- 111 1t he :-.ati:-;licu unle~:-; we beat our 1 e•.:nrcb.

Tennis. Th is branch , ,f athletic-.. ha:-- hecn rn n:--iclcrahly neglected at I (•,pc in )'L'ar:-- pa~t. .\ t any rate it ha:-- n nl had ju~tice dt 111e tn it at all time". :\Jr. •. :\ lu-.. t c. t h c n c w man ag-e r. i"' t h c rig h t 111<111 in the ri :..... .. IJt))Jaee. and i.._ :--t co·t• in :-..., •,. t11 n i\·e ll' SIJillethinn· M \\·orth w h i Ic t hi~ :-.prj 11 ~. ~ ulli I..' ic 11 t f u 11 d s arc (I n h a 11 c1 t () e q u i r the new court. ancl repair the n ld <lllC wi th net'-' and hack-:--l11p:--. a tllltch -nccdcd impnl\·e mcnt. < >ppnrt uni ty will he gi,·en h"th CIICd:-- ancl )"tlllllg 111Cn ft tr playing, and a:' Ja:-'t year. thuugh Ull a larg-er le. a t"urnamcnl \\'ill he arranged. the final winner:; l11 cr111lpcte with -..nme (;rand 1\apids team. Tennis i:-. a great game. and ,,. h 11 ktH I\\':o- hut that c\·cn at ll n pc a" Larned" n r a •· :\1 ay ~ut t••n" may he de' cit q>cd? ~

Base Ball. Fan:-- at ll• •pe arc juhilant (1\'er ba:-'c hall. ,0!c,·er hd"rc wet·c ~() mall\' tn· The merr}· rintrinc .. --: . .in• . . ... out ft r I) (J~ iti ll ll~. ~:--, crack 11f the a:-'h can he heard e\·c ry aftcn111Pll from ft,ur t 11 ~ix . Score:' nf enthusiastic a:-'pirant:-; f"r the n utficld hra,·e the c o ld wincb t11 get a stab a( a chance fly. while nearly a~ many are anxintts t n hurn their knuckle:- o n bt l { g-n,under~ in the infi e ld. l 11ppcn ancl \ ·a nclcn·clclc arc ~Jatcd a~ ''h ea,·er:''', th ug-h others arc n n hand tn :--uh. \" erhnek hid~ fair fur the recei,·ing- end, th n ugh he i~ hy 11,, mean:' alnnc in the race. The infield i' i;u- fn,m ~cttlcd . a-.. i-.. a):-'n the o utfield. fn r ::\Ianage1· Hiemcr:-.m a intends t n gi,·e allcandiclates a fair :-.h cnv. At the practire g-ame with ll (l lland llig-h n n . ~aturday . . \p ri l 3. snme pretty pl ay~ were executed . thoug-h (lt her~ of the cabbag-e head ntriet,· \\·ere ab(l in e\·idencc. Still we arc g-reatly plca. cd with the prnspects. nnd anxit•tts ft lr lhe first real g-ame. The . chedule i:' not complete to date, hut we can expect a g-a me with 1\T ar Lat· h Jan I >11:--ines~ n i ,· er~i ty o n . \ pril 27; Kalamazoo College. ::\fay 11; \\'. '"'. :.!. u f Kalamazoo. Jun e 1.













Lucillc-ccThen T'm fo r R o zy.. , Pn1f. N y kcrk (in Brown ing-)-" ~1 i ss Bo rgard s , " ' hat was the pre d o minant c haracteri::--tic o f the age o f hakespeare ?'' ~ li s~ D orgard~-" lt wa~ an ag-e of actio n and the men o f that l ime w ore their bean:-; n their coat . lcc ,·c-; m o re than they d t1 n n w .. , Dr. l'ro wn infor m ed the ed u cat io n cia:-;"' that Abel- am w a ' t h c ti r ~ t t c a c h r r u f m a nu a I t r a i n i n g-.

Sandy- ·'. \ man wlt 11 :--pea k:-- thc truth


calk d

mi ~t. ''

Yntcm a- '·f am afraid y •,u'lln c \·er

kt\' C

tl1alh•• n u r tlH' II..,

Ccrlntdc ll oc kje (tn Prof. Kuizi ng-a . whn wa · 'h u ,·e llin ~ !-- n o w) - "., l> ynu arc \\'orking-. arc you. Pro f e~'ur??" Ku izinga- " Y e"', l'm duing my road ta x."

\ 'a n %yl':-- ,·icwptl illt:

" T ltey


a ll the

Tc r K er t W t~ rld

\\ ' 11 i<.: h i:-- "i 11 d • I r ; Du t what <J,, I ~ "a in 1)\· tlte w •n·lcl l t~\· in g me, \\'heu the :-. .. jrJ d tle .... n ' t J ~,,·c me a h it?" T o ny- "IJill \\'a h ·cHJ rd :--cem:o; Prn f.- ''Tilat ·=-- hi:-- ~pccialty.' '



N ,·kcrk- " ~ I i:-!-- Lind e m a n. I ~ug-ge .... t that yu u pl•:-e !leiure m 1rrur.

c •ng-

h e a h ard w urk t:r. "

<>ne third Aoc1r in \ ~a n Raalte llall, J· u ur pair~ nf \\'indnw~. two in ann\·T\\'o pair~ e~f "lair\\'ay~. l'tlil lll fo r al L Thu..;e arc the p lace:' \\'h ere the ccmp le' gn.

T u n_y- " \\' hat. ,,.,,rking-?" Pro f.- · N u . ~ec m i ng- tu."

Oli,·er l riiJ>JH!r:' tt~uk tht: part 11f 1\. t~ nll!IJ anti P u t.,·etcr that o f Ju li u ~ Cae:--al'. The cia:--:' ~tltnt~:--l fainted when \ -a n Dyke ~ai d: "f>n•f.. itt the ca:--c ui J ulil!l . ii < >Ji, cr :--hc•uld Dn 1p-e r fn 1111 the hakuny. \\' u uld )'llll y e ll 'julitt :-- ·ac:---c r' 111 'Pu t-gct-cr' ?'' In

(tra n :-. latin g Crcck) -"Lc l·l ~ nf peuple ha,·e

In \ l':-- a lon: r. t ht: \\"( l r1 d . I ad Ill i l

E n g-li ~ h

r\h:-;cn c

mak e~ the m ark:-; g-rn \\' r n undeJ·.-I'...x.


1\ l r. f f•Jc hcke and hi:-; lady fri e nd lnxa me the Hthjel'b 11f the fu ll u \\'ing c u n,·e r:-- aticlll at the la :-:t J,a:-kct ball g-a me: Al umn us -" 1::> ~[r. l l uebcke making- a s uccc ~~ o f hi · P. <; _ co u rs c ?'' Stu den l- r' \ V e ll. look a L hi m .'' \~V h at cou r:-c y u u ta kin g-, Dilly ?? L u c i11 e-"l ' m fnr· Taft."

TI ospers-''Then y o u're a :--tancl-pa t lcr.''

1{ h .r n i c -"1 I ike date~." Lu c ill e-·· D on't ynu like them helter when m ade beforehand:-··

'"rhe Ge:rbe•• D:rug Co. llollund .. l'liela.

Open till Midnight E very Night



AN ' If






Rensseraer Polytechnic Institute

SCHOOL of Established 1824



Civil, Mechanical, Electrical lend for a Catalogue. TROY • N •Y •

Cox Sons & Vining

Sanitation in }\1etbods

72-7·1 Madison A vc., New York

Makers of Caps and Gowns Gowns for .Judiciar y, Clc r~ y ont.l Choir


/ JI

!. ~

- ... • ~ "'

Wh e re th e other fellows go

Around the Corner

!• .."" 1; ..

,· I


Courtesy in Treatment


.' - :• ).' .


Have your eyes examined for Glasses at


YOU CAN' T ALIVAYS TELL the valu e of a Suit hy i ts appearancP, hut tiH' actua l

test of wear

WILL PROVE that tailor-made garmPnts pny in th P end. Th nt's \\'hat count . A t any rat ' it won't cos t you anything t o look ove r out· l ine of woo l ' n s. In our l'urn i hing dept. w are showing an ·x ept ion:t l vnlu< · in a soft s h irt with Fr 'nell cuffs a nd debt ·h nbl c co ll ;u· at 75 cts.

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years practical

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A S K ME WM . J. O LIV E, General Agent

Phone 1124


Manufacturing Jewelers and Steel Engravers ( ;olnn•hnH.,

Class Pins a Specialty.

••a.; ..

F itst class work in the lin e of

Commencement Invitations

Chas. S. Dutton, Florist Cut Flowers and Bedding P lants Green Houses on Michigan Avenue

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TilE ANCHOR - --



-- - -- - --

50c books no\v 40c-75 books no\v G8c Collcg' Song\ Glee lu b Songs, Male Quartet elect ions, most popu lar son~~ , National ongs, Love Songs



BOORS- 8;30 to 12 a 1·30 to 5 p

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111 111

Latest \' tolin and Cornet Solos. and a so• d many othtr dtffmnt folios. Comt in and Stt them


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rteyer ' s

When you have your class parties out in the country, let us



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take you there

]as. A. Brouwer

BOONE'S LIVERY PHONES: Citizens 34: Bell 20

F u rniture a nd Car pets

Special pri es to Students

2 12-214 R iver Street

See Chas. Garvelink, at the Holland Printing Co. for your Printed, Engraved or Die Stationery. Finest line of samples. 209 College Ave. Bolland, Mich.

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11 •r Cl•nt o n Tim('

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YOU may get a cnpy of the new STYLE BOOK for Spring just issued by HART SCHAFFNER & Marx; if you don't, let us know and we'll ask to have one sent to you. Its a book every man in this town ought to see, and look through carefully; It's issued byJhe greatest clothes-making concern in the country for the purpose of letting you see ho\v correct styles look in men's clothes for Spring. In twenty-four handsome illustrations are shown the latest and best models in Suits and Overcoats for the new season. The STYLE BOOK has been issued each season for many years; it was the first, and for many years the 路only attempt to show men what correct style really is in clothes. It is stiJl the r ecognized authority in such matters.

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m. ~utit4~.a irug ~tnrr

Hotel Block





KLAASEN PRINTING CO. General Job Printers 34 West Eighth Street

Holland, Mich.


' I

Holland City News "The People Who Know How"





路- -

can make good use of a

and Preparatory School

Brownie or Kodak .






An institution of the Reformed Church in Ameri ca.

We have th en1 in several ._ ize and prices fro1n

Established, maintained and controlled by the church. Open to all who desire a thorou~h Preparatory a nd College education. Co-ed ucalional.

$10 to $25 Drop in for a Catalogue

Christian but not sectarian Bible study.

A poor Fountain P n i. dear at A good Fountain Pen is cheap at


Our Aim

In the Preparatory Sehoul three courses, Classical, L;ttin . and Normal Scientific. Th e last is planned es pecially for those who wish to fit th emselves for tcad1in~ In the Colle~e five courses the Cia sical, Philosophi cal, Natural Science, Modern-Language English. nnd ~J odern-Lnngungc Mathematics. Students enrulled in any one of th e five groups may fit themselves for teaching, and obtain the l\tichi~an State Teacher's Certificate wilhout further normal school attendance.

and allow you a \veeks time to try a pen.




L 0 C A T I 0 N:

48 East Eighth Street



of the Reformed Church of America is lecated in Holland adjoi'ling the College Campus. Corps of Experienced Instructors


Henry R; Brink

Careful supervision of tltc health and morals of the- students. Flourishin~ Youn~ l\lcn's and Young Women's Christinu Associations Literary Societies for nH:n and women . School of l\Jusic vocal and instrumental. Prizes. Scholarships. Lecture Course.



is to satisfy you

Then you can judge to keep it or return it


---路------- -

Every Student To take pictures of the c]ass group party on a day,~ outing


. .... .

H 0 LLA N D, M I C H I



Holland is a city of ll ,llO.l inhabitants; on Macatawa Bny, open ing into Lake Michigan; good boatin~. hath in~. _fi~hing and skating; be~lthful cli.mate; picturesque scenet路y: superior church pnvtleges; no saloons; boat ltne to Ch1cago; interurban electri c line to Grand Rapids; main line P ere Marquette Rail Road from Grand Rapids to (;hicago; goon connections to all~otber points:


A ME /

V E N N E M A,

D. D .. ,

P R &I I D B N T

• ..




.. .


--.. •

Let Us Save On Your Fuel Bills


You will find the Holland Furnace is not like other ;.nakes. It is simpler and easier to operate, more eco· nomical in fuel consumption and specic1l construction and materials where the strain is greatest make the Holland give longest service and satisfaction under the manufacturer's double guarantee which we stand back of also. The Holland burns any fllel-soft coal-slack screens-hard coal-lignite or wood, with the least waste. Patented heat radiator in Holland saves heatsmoke travels twice as far. The Holland is

The Graham &Morton

Gas and Soot Consun~ing

~~~Fleet~~~ Consists .of the Steamers Puritan, Steamer Holland and City of Chicago. • This line connects with the Grand Rapids, Holland & Chicago Double Track Interurban. A fine modern steamer is nearly completed and will be added to the fleet in June. The new boat will be named "The City of Grand Rapids. A daily service between Holland & .. .. Chicago is now on

Double grate surfacepatented cored air-admitting double firepot, burning fuel from sides and top, nature's way, are special patented features we want to show vou. Come in and see the Holland of just the size suited to your place, or ask us for catalogue, wb ich will solve your heatir.g questions more economically.


Call Today



Holland Furnace Co. MICHIGAN


. t---.