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Who'Will Bt 'Miss Democracy'?


All the news t h a t ' s wit to print Retort Various He—I have a friend yon might be interested in meeting. Studious girl—What's his I. Q.? Religious girl—To what church does he belong ? Athletic girl—What can he do ? Golddigger—What is he worth ? Hope girl—Where is he? •



"A blind date is like a bee", gays Holly De Motts. "Either you get stung or you get a honey." •



Volume L

Hope College, Holland, Mich., A p r i l 15, 1936

N w n b e r 12




Third Decennial Pageant Will Require 400 Characters



"I'm not so much interested in There have been many queries rowing," declares Don Thomas, concerning the "whys" and "where"but I would like to stroke the fores" on the " P a g e a n t of 1936," Vassar crew." which is to be given at Riverview • • • Park during Tulip Time, May 16, "I call my sweetie 'gloves' ", boasts 18, and 19, at 8:30 p. m., under Buys, "because she's always on my the sponsorship of this year's senhands." ior class. The class hopes that the • • • interest and willingness of the stu"A considerable number of boys dent body to cooperate when called and girls now going to college upon, will grow stronger as prowould be better off doing something duction continues. else", avows Nicholas D. McKnight, The 1936 pageant is the third to associate dean of Columbia col- be presented at Hope. The first lege. Or at least doing something. was given in 1916 on the fiftieth • » » anniversary of the founding of the A University of Rochester zoolo- school, the second in 1926. gist has devised a method by which Can Seat 2,000 he can make eggs destined to hatch To say this pageant is colossal rooster chicks hatch hen chicks. is speaking in conservative lanWhich, we take it, is something to guage. Four hundred gaily coscrow about. tumed characters are to take part, * * * there will be over 2,000 seats for spectators, modern sound amplify"Spend leapyear on the f a r m if you're a bachelor", says Prof. E. ing equipment will enable all to T. Hiller of the University of hear, and there will be splendid Illinois. If you do, you'll probably large choruses. The majority of music in the promeet the girls' glee club there. duction will be furnished by the • » • orgatron, a type of electric organ. The University of Minnesota is The whole production is pantoto offer a course in modem mar- mime, interspersed with readings riage this term... "Laboratory and choral music. course?", we wonder. Elaborate Staging * • • The outstanding feature of the Early to bed, whole production will be the elaborate lighting and staging effects. Early to rise, The 60-foot stage is to be furnished And your girl goes out with footlights—5,200 white, 5,200 With other guys. « * « blue and 5,200 red, all on fadeEpitaph—Here lies an atheist. away. Spotlights from the sides All dressed up and no place to go. and floodlights all around are to * * « play on the characters. George Douma has been working Now's about the time that most on the pageant since last October. men begin to look in the catalogues Funds gained from the production to see what they're wearing this are to be given by the school to spring. Hope college boys usually some worthy cause. The rose winlook in the mirror. dow in the chapel was purchased » • The clever co-ed is the one who with pageant gains.

Sole Concert in Michigan Features Organ Effects


Personality is requfred

Cook to Represent Hope in State Peace Contest Allen Cook of Coopersville, Michigan, who was awarded first place in the local peace contest last Wednesday for his oration, "Meet Your Enemy," will represent Hope at the state meet to be held April 17 at Calvin. Mildred Kirkwood's speech entitled "Torch Bearers of Peace," took second place, with third honor going to Lois Voorhorst, freshman, for her oration, "Disarming the Mind." Other contestants were John Van Wyk, Harold Leetsma, and Lester Wassenaar. Dr. J. B. Nykerk will coach Allen in preparation for the state contest, where he will vie for honors against Albion, Alma, Adrian, Bay City, Jr., Calvin, and the University of Detroit. Judges for the contest at Hope last Wednesday were Dr. Nykerk, Vernon Ten Cate, and Cornelius Vander Meulen, local banker.

Speech Contest HOPE ALUMNUS Raven Rules Are Announced LEADS EASTER John Van Wyk, president of Pi SERVICE HERE Kappa Delta, has announced that Rev. Harry Hoffs Pays Beautiful Tribute to Mr. Snow




"The alumni are glad that this special service is held every year at Hope college," declared Rev. Harry HofTs, alumnus of 1914 and winner of the National Peace contest while a student here, a t the Good Friday service which was held in chapel April 10. Offers Clear Explanation

the A. A. Raven oratorical contest for men will be held the last week in May. This contest is held annually, two prizes being offered. The winner merits thirty dollars and the opportunity to represent Hope in the Michigan Intercollegiate Speech League contests next year; while his runner-up wins twenty dollars and is considered alternate for the chosen representative. Subjects r a n g e from politics to religion. Time-worn subjects dressed up with different attitudes produce just as good results as do ideas which are entirely new. The women's contest is held simultaneously. The prize is a twentyfive dollar check and the winner automatically becomes next year's representative in the women's division of the M.I.S.L. contests. This year's coaches will probably continue next year as faculty advisors.

Organ effects which have made the St. Olaf Lutheran choir worldfamous, will be featured at the concert presented at 8:15 tomorrow night in the Hope Memorial chapel. Critics have named this choir foremost in America and among the best two or three in the world. "Letter-perfect, pitch-perfect, toneperfect and text-perfect in the most difficult classic choral music," is one of the many tributes found among the press notices. Christiansen Directs This illustrious organization is under the guidance and direction of the composer of "Beautiful Savior," Dr. F. Melius Christiansen, b o m and raised in Norway, b u t who came to America when he was 17. Later in 1903, a f t e r studying in Europe, he was appointed musical director at St. Olaf college, a Norwegian Lutheran institution in Northfield, Minnesota, where he proceeded to build up a choir of the fair, blue-eyed grandsons and granddaughters of the first settlers from the Scandinavian peninsula. His ideal choir is a "sensitized ensemble in balanced programs, submerging single voices a n d groups of voices." Dr. Christiansen himself says, "Soloists ruin choirs. Pure intonation and personality are what I require of my members. Sometimes I have to substitute a singer with less training f o r a beautiful voice because the l a t t e r cannot fit into our scheme of

Rev. Hoffs centered his message around the fourth word of Christ on the Cross, "My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken m e ? " His explanation of the reason why Christ was allowed to suffer on the Cross was clear and understandable. It was pronounced by several things." students in the audience to be the most acceptable explanation ever Travels Extensively heard on this subject. So the choir has grown up f r o m Why did not God hear when one pioneering a cappella work in Ek Buys, Jay Bush, Hope Jesus was challenged to "come America to one having traveled in down from the Cross?" Why did Affirmative Duo railroad coaches more than enough God abandon His Son on that Good miles to circle the globe three times in Meet Friday? Rev. Hoffs said, "On the Visit 3 States, 11 Cities presenting more than 800 p r o g r a m s Stanley Albers of Union High can make the boys believe she is "This is Radio Station WJJD, Cross, God was dealing with His in foreign and domestic cities and clever whether she is clever or school. Grand Rapids, has been se- Chicago, braodcasting directly from own Son not as a Son, but as a During Successful towns. cured as coach for the production. our studios. We are about to bring mediator; God Himself was not not. Singing Tour The 31 women and 29 men are • • • A novel advertising stunt has you another one of those interest- taking the part of a Father, but chosen from the college students "The American Blonde is Rapidly been worked up by the committee. ing and instructive intercollegiate the part of a Judge of our sins." Members of the Hope College regularly enrolled in the liberal Passing, Says Noted Anthropolo- The advertising medium is the radio debates. The participants in He continued, "He who knew no Girls' Glee Club returned to Hol- a r t s courses a t St. Olaf. They gist."—Headline. That's no help Youth Fellowship groups of Mus- this debate are Hope college of sin was made Sin." At Calvary, land fifteen minutes before the must maintain a high average of to us so long as he doesn't tell kegon, Grand Rapids and Kalama- Holland, Michigan, and John Mar(Continued on page three) stroke of midnight Thursday night, schorlaship, making up every hour zoo. A representative is to be shall School of Law of Chicago. which way she is going. April 9, from a two-weeks' tour missed while touring. • • » chosen from each church in these The question for discussion this Students Will Vote through the states of Michigan, The concert tomorrow night is The briKht wisecrack of this three communities as advertising morning is 'Resolved, that public Indiana, Wisconsin, and Illinois. their only western Michigan a p manager and salesman for the paFor Miss Democracy column is the one we think up toutilities shall be owned by the govThe group left this city on March pearance, so tickets are selling rapgeant. A substantial prize is to be morrow." ernment. 27 in a large transit bus which had idly. Admission prices r a n g e f r o m • • • granted the church selling the " E x t r a ! E x t r a ! Read all about If our radio sets are turned to been obtained from Kalamazoo. fifty cents to a dollar, which may "Oh yes, my dorm girls are very most tickets. Skits were given by 1130 kilocycles Saturday morning. it—the 'Miss Democracy' contest! They traveled to 11 various cities be paid at the office. bright," explains Mrs. Durfee. "At representatives in Muskegon Mon- May 16, we will hear the radio an- Extra! E x t r a ! " Tomorrow and Friand presented a sacred concert on o least, they burn the candle at both day night. Tonight they will travel nouncer iepeat the above introduc- day morning, the student body will Sundays and a miscellaneous proto Grand Rapids, and tomorrow ends." tion and then we will hear this elect the Hope co-ed who is to be » » » night to Kalamazoo. They will novel radio debate, the first one in "Miss Democracy," the honored gram on week day evenings. Miss Adelaide Dykhuizen was the chap"And my students are destined eventually appear before organi- the history of debating at Hope. guest at the All-College banquet erone. to be great", affirms Coach Hinga. zations in Holland. Bush and Buys were the winners of which will take place April 29 and The miscellaneous concert which Tickets for reserved seats may the elimination contest to decide will have "Democrazy" as its ' T h e y ' r e all going down in histhe girls sang consisted of the fol- Miss Democracy to Rule Over be had at 75 cents; others may be the Hope team. Dr. Shackson will theme. The contest is being spontory." Colorful Affair April 29 lowing numbers: had for 50 cents. sored by the Anchor. Voting will coach the team. Rain Curran ' Excessive bathing may mean take place at two booths. Students Waving banners, colorful decoraSlumber Song Gretchaninoff you have a guilty conscience," says whose last names begin with A—M Tally-Ho! Leoni tions, heated speeches, band music Dr. Mandel Sherman, Chicago in Van Raalte hall; those whose . . . Hopeites will be thrown into Glee Club psychologist. Very innocent, this lats names begin with N—Z in the humorous fighting spirit of polIf God Left Only You Brown by Marjorie Moody girls' glee club. Graves hall. itics a t the All-College p a r t y held My Lover Is a Fisherman * * * Rules governing the contest are Strickland in the Masonic temple Wednesday, And the Hope men's double quarNever let it be said Hope college planned by Dorians Agatha Wagas follows: April 29. Gertrude Young tette drew a laugh that wasn't in lacks style and class! The Blue Key ner. Marjorie Van Weatenburg, 1. Every girl is eligible. P r a y e r of Thanksgiving....Kremser "Miss bemocracy" wiU control the books when it appeared in an Formal banquet was the last word Edna Mooi, and Anne Selles. 2. Each student may vote for one The Lord Is My Shepherd the destiny of the various p a r t i e s informal concert at Jordan hall, girl. Schubert according to the committee in women's dormitory at the Univer- in high class formality. An elabor- Transformed from tea-drinkers to 3. The selection should be based Glee Club ate four-course turkey dinner ser- furniture-movers, the Dorians soon charge. Other duties of t h e camsity of Michigan. on both looks and personality. Cantillation—The House by the You'll recall the lines in "Swing ved by innumerable black waiters, cleared their room to allow for repus "Queen" will be made public 4. The three co-eds who receive Side of the Road....Foss-Hatton at a later date. Low, Sweet Chariot"; "I looked was enjoyed by the guests in imdecorating over the vacation. The the largest number of votes will maculate formal dress. Dr. and Mrs. Mildred Vanden Bos over Jordan and what did I s e e ? " Every political party will be repcompete in the final contest Hear My P r a y e r lavender-tinted room is also to be The answer appealed to the girls Wichers and Coach (in a tux, I'll Mendelssohn resented t h a t each student may find Friday morning, when a simple at Jordan; "A band of angels com- have you know) and Mrs. Hinga proud possessor of refurnishings Alice Englesman and Glee Club his place among them. E a c h table plurality will decide the winner. Brown Bird Singing soon. ing a f t e r me." Wood will represent a different p a r t y and were guests of honor, and John 5. The results of the contest will Giannina Mia * * • Friml will have its political speaker. Vander Meulen, toastmaster. not be announced until the AllAleatheans run to eats in any Not to be outdone, the 'girls Gertrude Young, Mary J a n e Kay Donahue, social chairman of brought down the roo f in the WisPiano selections by John Piet, form. A potluck supper, with the College banquet. Vaupell, Thelma Kooiker the council, announced the foUowconsin state prison a t Waupun with and a very short after-dinner usual satisfactory conglomeration, An added f e a t u r e of the contest Piano Solo Selected ing committees: their song, "Ope' thy door! Nay, nay that cannot be, for my door is speech by Dr. Wichers composed insured a "full" send-off, and the is the concession of the Steketee Barbara Lampen Cal Vander W e r f , Bill Vander the short but interesting program. presentation of a radio by the frosh Beauty Salon "to elaborate on locked f a s t . " A Snow Legend ...Clokey Laan, and Olive Wishmeier, theme A symphony concert at the Civic 'Miss D e m o c r a c y ' " (as an Anpromised much entertainment f o r • • • Meadow Solitude Brahms committee. "Politics" was sleeted If they look young, they're old. auditorium furnished a full evening Van Raalte hall in the f u t u r e . chor staff m e m b e r so aptly The Vain Suit Brahms as the All-CoUe^e party theme. If they look old, they're young. of delightful entertainment to com- Lucia Ayers was the capable chair- termed it) f r e e of charge! Need we Glee Club If they look back, for heaven's plete an exceptional party. To man, with Florence Meengs and her say more, g i r l s ? You have until Lester Van Tatenhove has charge Morning Hymn Henschel sake follow them.—Lawrence Tech J a y Bush, Ken Vande Velde, and violin supplying entertainment. tomorrow morning to "do your of arrangements; Clarence De Dee, The Little Damozel Novello News. John Van Wyk went the work, and stuff"—the lowest bribe acceptable publicity; Jeannette Douma, menu; Having been starved a t home, a • • • • Eleanor Stryker is a double "coke" with ice. Feltherefore the credit. Jane Eldridge and Hildegarde Boa, home-coming tea w a s in order, Sleepers Wake! A Voice Is I t may interest, but will hardly • • • lows, here's a chance to get a supervised by Gertrude VeneklasSounding Bach decorations; Patrica Verhukt, prosurprise you to know' t h a t -this isThe Dutch are weakening—tea sen. A trio, Julia Kling, Alice Mc " d r a g " with your "secret pash" by grams; Cornelius Hoesee, tickets. sue is dedicated t o the advertisers. Glee Club When bigger and better Anchors is f a s t gaining over coffee, a t least Clay, and Dorothea De Boer, sur- starting a campaign f o r her. Ralph De Roo controls caapaiffn The sacred p r o g r a m consisted of a r e pubished, advertising will fill with the girls. Dorians bade fond prised and delighted t h e group Be seein' you a t t h e polls to- the following selections: funds, which he will collect throufh them. morrow! (Continued on p a g e four) the sale of tickets. Ed. farewell over t h e - tea-cups, a s (Continued on page f o u r )

WJJD To Hold Hope-Marshall Radio Debate

Girls' Glee Club Back Thursday From Long Trip

"Democrazy" Theme of College Banquet



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HOPE COLLEGE A N C H O R Entered at the Poet Office at Holland, Michigan, as Second Claw Matter. Aecerted for mailing at special rate of postage provided for In Section 1103 of Act of Congress, October 3, 1917. Authorlted October 19, 1918.




ftssociaied Cblle6iate Press EDITORIAL S T A F F Calvin Vander W e n EDITOR-IN-CHIEF.. ASSOCIATE EDITOR Spencer Hulse MAKE-UP EDITOR Cornelius Hoezee H E A D L I N E EDITOR Willard Veltman ASSIGNMENT EDITOR Marjorie Moody TYPIST Orville Hine P E R S O N N E L MANAGERS Kathleen Donahue and Ralph De Roo S T A F F PHOTOGRAPHER John Vander Laan DEPARTMENTAL EDITORS ddminijIratioH, Tatenhove;







M a r y J a n e V a u p e l l ; Alumni,

John Vander M e u l e n ; Van





Peggy Bergen;

Sylvia Vander

Huxtable; Laan

Peter V e l t m a n ;


I f . C. A.,

T y s i e ; Chapel,









Ner H u U t ;


\ an L e n t e e ; Foremict,






Peter Ruth

\ anden Burkett;


SPECIAL REPORTERS H a r o l d Nobel Dorothy Parker

Lester W o l t e r i n k Stewart Gross

Jean Rottschacler

John Leland






Miss Metta J. Ross


ALUMNI NEWS A few days before spring vacation, Hope college received word of the deaths of t w 0 prominent alumni. Johannes W. Visscher, 80, of the class of 1877, died in St. Luke's hospital, Chicago, a f t e r a brief illness. Mr. Visscher had spent his entire life in Holland and was very well known in the community. He was one of Hope's oldest graduates, and was the only living member of the class of 1877. The other two members of the class were the Rev. L. Hekhuis and the Rev. Matthew Kolyn, D.D. "Class Room Reminiscenses" of that class, written by Mr. Visscher for the Alumni number of the MILESTONE in 1930, recalls those old college days when the three were college students. Several of the children of Mr. Visscher have also graduated from Hope college and have become prominent in their work. »


Henry Vander Ploeg, GG, of the class of 1893, died of heart trouble in his home in Chicago. "Little" Henry Vander Ploeg, as he was called, was well known in Holland, having lived here for many years. He formerly conducted the book store on E. 8th St., now known as Brink's book store. He was very well known and loved among the alumni and was active in the Chicago chapter of the organization. His school days are also recalled H E R E D I T A R Y SORE SPOT vividly by himself in the Alumni T h e r u s h i n g problem has long been a h e r e d i t a r y s o r e spot number of the MILESTONE. on college c a m p u s e s where f r a t e r n i t i e s and societies a r e • » *

established. It b e c a m e a p a r t of the t r a d i t i o n s of Hope College as soon as two f r a t e r n i t i e s engaged in open competition a g a i n s t each o t h e r . It is one t r a d i t i o n of which we can be justly ashamed. I n n u m e r a b l e round table discussions h a v e centered a r o u n d t h e evils of t h e p r e s e n t s y s t e m of r u s h i n g — t h e confusion, w o r r y and d i s a p p o i n t e m e n t of t h e f r e s h m e n , t h e financial expense and the b i t t e r society jealousies which FIRST STEP a r e enHamed a n e w at t h e beginning of each CHANGE OF school year. T h e pity is not t h a t t h e s e bad ATTITUDE f e a t u r e s exist b u t t h a t n o t h i n g is done to correct and p r e v e n t t h e m . Most of the leading universities in t h e c o u n t r y a n d m a n y of t h e small colleges h a v e effective r u s h i n g r e g u l a t i o n s in force. W h y cannot some such plan be adopted by Hope College? W h y ? Because t h e s t u d e n t body in general is not willing to lend active s u p p o r t to t h e m o v e m e n t . While n e a r l y e v e r y o n e recognizes t h e u n d e s i r a b i l i t y of t h e s t a t u s quo, h a r d l y a voice is h e a r d proposing a change, h a r d l y a h a n d lifted to im prove t h e s i t u a t i o n . Such a change m u s t come first f r o m t h e stud e n t body. And t h e first s t e p toward i m p r o v e m e n t is a c h a n g e of a t t i t u d e . HE

April 15, 1936



At a college in this city

He isn't the kind to chatter. But he knows when to keep mum; Girls can't see what's the matter. Hew could anyone be so dumb?

There's a young man in despair, And my heart is filled with pity. He may come to the dorm some Yes, my heart is torn with pity, night To see him sorrowing there. To ask you for a date; He is not tall with languishing Beware! He's not a social light, May you be spared that fate. look. He has a homely face. He works pretty hard with his old He isn't supremely witty. And he hasn't got blond hair, textbook, But he can't quite make the pace. But your heart would swell with pity, Yes, your heart would burst with He doesn't own an automobile. pity, And he doesn't like to smoke. Hasn't seen the latest news reel, To see his look of care. Doesn't know the latest joke.

Ship me somewhere east of Suez, Where the best is like the worst. He appreciates the aesthetic. Where there aren't particular coBut he won't make piles of money. eds. And he isn't athletic, Where the last man shall be first. And he isn't superbly funny.

H.R. DOESBURG Druggist 32 E a s t E i g h t h St. HOLLAND,


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Who is your choice for "Miss Democracy?" W h y ? DOROTHY PARKER—Because she gets a big kick out of living— because you can discuss almost anything with her, f r o m fiddle-de-dee to Hitler—because her chiefest prejudice is against meanness—because she does quite nicely, thank you, without the aid of Lady Esther or Elizabeth Arden—because she is a gentleman, in the feminine sense. WILMA DE YOUNG—Looks like J e a n Harlow, which speaks f o r itself. She has a sweet and likeable personality, is a good sport, is capable of being serious as well as silly, is well liked—a wee bit dumb, but just pleasingly so. My choice is Wilma De Young. Physical beauty together with charming and influential personality and a natural friendliness toward everyone, make her unsurpassed by any of her fellow coeds. Wilma De Young would be my choice. She is active on the campus, intelligent, capable of work, personable and not entirely lacking in physical appeal. I feel that were she chosen, she would remain unaffected as ever. MARJORIE MOODY—She's Greta Garbo's glorious glamour, baking soda's arm and hammer, an amateur's Major Bowes, Bill Powell's evening clothes. She's the Ellington blues, a Bermuda cruise, a Fred Allen wheeze. She's a Joe Louis bet, the national debt, a Jim Londos squeeze. She's a Winchell prediction, that McNamee diction, Sylvia Sidney's beauty—she's Marjorie Moody. My vote goes for Marjorie Moody, a "Miss Democracy" with a pleasant smile and a cheery manner. We can truly say she is "a friendly heart with many a friend." MARY J A N E VAUPELL—She is not snobbish nor is she selfish. She cooperates with her classmates and is liked by all. Although a bit



Next Tuesday evening a f t e r "Y", the second in the series of informal organ recitals will be presented. The guest organist is Chas. Vogen from Central Reformed church in Grand Rapids. He is a g r a d u a t e of Oberlin college and is a member of the national organists' gui'd. These brief programs are instructive and entertaining and can be profitably attended by any student even if he is not musically inclined. • • • A f t e r charming the eastern churches the men's double quartette, having returned to " t h a t dear old town Holland, Michigan", will present their entire program to the students of the college and the citizenry of Holland a t 8:15, Thursday, April 23, in the chapel. The week following t h a t the girls will demonstrate how they entertained Michigan, Indiana, Illinois and Wisconsin. »

Baking soda's arm and hammer

The first morning a f t e r the spring recess, the mixed chorus from Northwestern junior college. Orange City, Iowa, sang throe numbers. They were on their weary way home a f t e r more than two weeks of tripping. Miss Fern Smith, the directress said, "These singers are the chosen few from a choir of forty. They were chosen because of their dependability and punctuality as well as ability." All the students were able choristers, and the soloists have high ideals. The bass expects to go to St. Olaf college next y e a r and t r y out for the famous Christiansen choir which sings here tomorrow night. »

H a r r y Farbman, violinist, will come to Hope the first week in May. The delay was caused by an eye injury resulting in short practice hours. •


short, she has good looks and personality plus. She is ready at all Student organist, William Weltimes to utter a kind word and carries a smile wherever she goes. mers, has his senior organ recital My choice is Mary J a n e Vaupell. She is a girl who has a smile and practically memorized and will kind word for everybody. She is easy to get acquainted with, and once present it for faculty and student acquainted, she is not a disappointment. She is courteous, thoughtful approval Thursday^ May 7. and efficient in and out of the classroom.»

J E A N ROTTSCHAEFER—She is my choice for she is neat, considerate and a pleasant busy-body, remaining at all times the same smiling personage. She is capable, genial, friendly and yet not overby bearing and forward; these, plus numerous other characteristics place Jean as the logical winner. W . R. S T E V E N S O N K A T H A R I N E VAN RAALTE—Zestfu! ? Yes, xanthous, wistful visage usually transcending subtle reproving quippings; playful, offering Optometriit novel moments; languishing, kindly , jolly; inveigling; having glorious features; endearing: distinguishing charm befriending all. 24 EAST 8 T H S T R E E T J A N E ELDRIDGE—Along the campus pathways walks a figure whose shortness defies her height of personality. Her pleasing personality, in my estimation, puts her above the other coeds of this instituHighest Quality tion. She is brunette and besides having a pleasing personality, she is Groceries and Meats pleasing to look at. This figure is none other than Jane Eldridge. KATHLEEN DONAHUE—One great big vote for the Miss DemocMolenaar & De Goede racy of Hope's campus. To illustrate my point—If you happen to meet someone who has a great big Irish grin, a saucy pair of blue eyes and 46 E a i t 8th Street a cheery "Hi," why you know it can't be anyone but "Dinny" (short for Donahue). To cap the climax she is also a student. In fact she belongs to the upper strata as f a r as studies are concerned. Folks, you WE INVITE YOU TO JOIN OUR can't go wrong if you vote for Kay. She's personality plus!


6 East 8th St.

by Kathleen Donahue By Christine Ver Hulst

H a v e Y o u r Eyei Examined

Where you don't have to be attractive, Own a car, be a mixer, and such; He doesn't wear the fashionable Oh give me the happy heaven ties. Where the women don't want so And with dancing he's out of touch. much!

nicest people in this town?



Rev. Henry A. Vruwink of Albany, N. Y., former pastor of the Second Reformed church at Grand Haven, has been named ministerin-charge of the American church at The Hague, for the midsummer Sundays from June 2.S to August 30. Mr. Vruwink was graduated from Hope college in 1910. At present he is the pastor of Madison Avenue church at Albany.

He won't win a popularity prize. Too busy with lessons and such.

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THE ATTENTION OF THE SENIORS IN Hope College — w h o i n t e n d to enter a g r a d u a t e school or professional school is called to the facilities at M a r q u e t t e University. G r a d u a t e courses l e a d i n g to master's and d o c t o r ' s degrees. P r o f e s s i o n a l course in medicine, law, dentistry-, d e p t a l hygiene, n u r s i n g , engineeri n g , j o u r n a l i s m , business a d m i n i s t r a t i o n , speech.

BETTY GOEHNER—I choose her because she has unconsciously proved in the past four years on the campus that she is popular, capable, vivacious, athletic and sweet; and thus burdened, she has kept her feet on the ground.

M a r q u e t t e U n i v e r s i t y is on the a p p r o v e d list of the Association of A m e r i c a n Universities and is an accredited m e m b e r of the N o r t h C e n t r a l Association of Colleges. Each college a n d school is a p p r o v e d by the national bodies organized to set u p e d u c a t i o n a l standards.

Betty Goehner, a l t h o j g h hindered by coming from a town with the name of Flushing, has, nevertheless, shown enough to be entitled to the name mentioned above. Reasons are many. One, she uses Colgate toothpaste for that personality smile; another is that she is always ready to do the things that have proven her in the past to be popular and well liked by everyone coming in contact with her. THELMA KOOIKER—She is rather quiet and unassuming, yet she is capable of being a most delightful conversationalist. Her attractiveness is plainly evident, but she is apparently unaware of her charms. A cheerful smile, a genial disposition, and the ability to understand and sympathize with another person's views are the three main attributes to her success. Following are the students whose opinions are writen aboveVic Notier, Paul Vander Hill, John Henderson, Ralph De Roo, Cal Vander Werf, Lee Mahan, John M. Vander Meulen, Andy Vollink, Stuart Gross, Bob Haack, George Douma, Pete Vanden Berg Don Thomas.

• Address T h e Student Adviser, M a r q u e t t e University,

jor complete information.




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However we are and always aim to be WARM FRIENDS of Hope College


Ctyambtfr of Contm^rr^ An essential branch of any progressive city's activities is its Chamber of Commerce. I t fills the gap between the official city body and private enterprise. I t is looked to for leadership in the promotion of commerce and industry. Holland is well on the way to industrial recovery. Support your Chamber of Commerce and let's finish the job.

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April 15, 1936

JAYSEES MEET Cosmos Down Fraters HOPE'S NETMEN to Retain Crown Last year's history IN OPENER SAT. wasChampions! repeated Monday night when M.I.A.A. Competition Will S t a r t A p r i l 18 i n M a t c h With Kazoo

SEVEN VETERANS Unless Boreas stops sending down his cold and rain-storming, Coach Kleinheksel and his netmen m a y find their barnstorming spring trip tripped up, or sprung, or frozen up, or washed out, or, at least, not so pleasant as anticipated. With a meet scheduled at Grand Rapids with J.C. Saturday and another next Saturday with the strong Kazoo outfit, which has been practicing for two months, the team has been playing a round robin tournament, in which each player meets every other one, to give the coach an indication of how they stack up. Veterans Heeringa a n d Leland and Sophomore Arendshorst appear as the most outstanding candidates. However, there are several other veterans, including L. Van Tatenhove, Hulse, Westveer, Visser, and Vanden Berge, as well as Sophomores Loveland, Holland high champion; Plakke, Bruggers, and Abell, who will be out battling for the seven positions.

the Cosmos staved off a determined F r a t e r n a l rally to take the championship of the Fraternity League, 22-19. And thereby hangs a tale. The champs cashed in on most of their opportunities during the first half and left the court with an almost insurmountable 18-5 lead. F r a t e r Coach Poppink raved and ranted, (well, anyway, he talked to them) during the intermission and the F r a t e r s came back in the second half with murder in their eyes (ask Buteyn). They whittled the score down to 22-19 but that's as f a r as they got. o

H O F F S CHAPEL S P E A K E R (Continued f r o m page one) Christ paid for the redemption of the world."

Snow Tribute At the conclusion of his address. Rev. Hoffs made a beautiful tribute to the late W. Curtis Snow. Last Friday was the first time the speaker had been in the Memorial chapel since the death of Mr. Snow. Rev. Hoffs said, "Curtis Snow believed in Jesus Christ and he lives on because Christ died. The dead live on because Christ died." Special music was provided by Jack Bos, local business man, who The gift of the class of '25) which sang the stirring "Fourth Word" made possible the new tennis court by Dubois, accompanied by Mrs. W. C. Snow. with plenty of room for end play, and the addition of new tarred nets provide the team with good facilities. A schedule has been arranged, but some of the dates are still tentative. Schedule of Matches April 18—G. R. J. C., there. April 25—Kazoo, here. May 3—Olivet, there. May 4—Hillsdale, here. May 8—Albion, there. May 12—Hillsdale, there. May 15—Kazoo, there. May 18—Albion, here. May 19—Olivet, here. May 27—G. R. J.C., here. May 29-30—M.I.A.A. t o u r n a ment. Kazoo.

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schools," a new M.I.A.A. ruling f o r the year, should stimulate interest in yearling tennis to a great exCalvin and Ferris have joined tent. Attempting to schedule close matches, Tennis Coach Kleinhek- the Michigan-Ontario College wsosel has already made some ar- ciation and will play basketball rangements for matches, which are, next year in that association. This however, highly tentative. move will give Calvin plenty of All freshmen are invited to sign competition and a complete schedup f o r a tournament to be held inside the next few weeks which ule in their major sport—Mr. will permit the coach to get a gen- Snakely, football coach at Adrian, Hzewnqa ( HOPS ) eral line-up on the material. Al- has been appointed football coach (ALB/OA/} A though little can yet be said defin- at Albion for next year. itely in a comparative way, there University of Iowa man has been are several good prospects in the appointed Director of Athletics at Albion making complete their reclass. organization. President Boyink has played "Chink" Robbert and Hugh De tournament tennis in Grand Haven Pree are good possibilities for with favorable results. Gordon Major Bowes' amateur hour—An Pleune played with Grand Rapids eastern sportswriter has called the Central. (Pleune also plays stellar basketball foul line the misping-pong.) De Groot and Heneve'.d demeanor stripe — Prof. De Graff are among the better local boys. ARTHURS KxotzE A/ow/C Several other freshmen are fre- coached basketball at Holland (OL/VST) (/iLB/O/V ) quently seen on the courts, includ- Christian — There is a terrific ing Lampen, Timmer, Wishmeier fight on for places on the tennis and Vander Laan. With a few more team. The golf team will probably play turning out, competition should be lively, and the frosh may develop at Douglas and practice a t Saugasome valuable material for f u t u r e tuck — Wayne U's tennis team W i s h e s for H o p e College a n d T h e A n c h o r is taking a tour of 2000 miles years. t h e S u c c e s s it M e r i t s through south-eastern s t a t e s — Alma will play golf this y e a r replacing Hillsdale — T5% of the shot-putters in the M. I. A. A. chew tobacco — Rog Leetsma is now called a "messeur". THE NICER THINGS 70 EAT The indoor track meet showed that the all M. I. A. A. sports 186 River Ave. Phone 9162 trophy will be between Hope, Kalamazoo, and Albion with the result Fawn B u c k depending on every spring sport. Keep May 30th, Memorial day, in Brown Buck mind and go to Kalamazoo and see T a u p e Buck the M. I. A. A. outdoor track meet Gray Buck and tennis finals. If you w a n t to W h i t e Buck see good tennis played watch the Order Your New Suit Now to be Well Dressed the week of Select Y o u r Style at home matches of our team. Spring May 16th sports take as much time a s any sport and the fellows work j u s t as The Well Dressed Man Has His Clothes Tailored at hard. Get behind those teams and 31 W . 8 t h P h o n e 2821 watch the results of their matches.



Frosh Tennis Boosted by N e w M.I.A.A. R u l i n g

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(Continued f r o m Page One^

with a vocal trio selection. *




""promenade «

April 15, 1936


le F o u r


(Continued f r o m page one)

f a s t at Keefers. Merry adieus were The Lord Is My Shepherd said to the tune of coffee, tomato Schubert juice, and rolls. Glee Club • • •

Miaa-Ross exercised her usual charm anT'captivated the Knicks by a talk on the European situation. Harold De Pree, Don Shaw, and Charles Roberts added their musical bit to conclude the meeting.

Seaver Not only nation, state, and Solo—Just for Today Gertrude Young town are occupied with elections, but also our societies and f r a t e r n i - Prayer of Thanksgiving....Kremser Glee Club ties have been busy along t h a t Cantillation line. Mildred Vanden Bos Below are the honored f e w : Mendelssohn Fraters—President, George Heer- Hear My Prayer * * <> Alice Englesman and Glee Club inga; Vice President, James De Bo Peep, Boy Blue, and other I Heard the Voice of Jesus Say Weerd; Secretary, Bill Poppink. curious nursery characters (in Rathbun reality, the Sibs) gathered at Cosmos— Eleanor Stryker President Dave Laman Elaine Wierda's home f o r a fareHamblen Vice-President... Maurice Snyder Teach Me, 0 Lord. well stag party. A potluck supper, Gertrude Young, Mary Jane Secretary Pete Vanden Berg and appropriate games furnished Vaupell, Thelma Kooiker House M'gr f o r '36-'37 an evening of hilarity and enjoySleepers Wake! A Voice Is Rowland Koskamp ment. Sounding Bach • • • Chorister Donald Thomas Pianist Bill Jacobs Glee Club Baseball season returned rather Sergeant at Arms....Lary Buteyn The concert was well received jn prematurely this year, at least to Emersonians— every town, and total donations to the F r a t e r s and Sorosites a t their cover the expense of the trip annual joint meeting. The athletic President John Van Wyk F r a t e r s royally entertained their Vice-President. Foster Van Vliet reached the sum of $300. Because Secretary Wynton Hotaling the program was presented in the f a i r guest at "ladies' day at the Sergeant at Arms. Bill Heeringa church proper, applause was forball game". bidden in every city except one. The Sorosis mascots — Mary Delphi— The girls appeared in Three J a n e Vaupell, Trudy Young, and President Lucille Verschure Oaks, Michigan, March 27; in DeThelly Kooiker—represented the Vice-President Mina Becker motte, Indiana, March 29; in Chif a i r sex by song, while Bill PopTreasurer Hildegarde Bos cago, March 30; in Cedar Grove, pink's paper on "Ladies' Day at * • • Wisconsin, March 31; in Waupun, the Ball Game", and Bob WishSorosis: Wisconsin, April 1; in Gibbsville, mier's running radio account of President June Van Peursen Wisconsin, April 2; in Milwaukee, "Today's Game", creditably up- Vice-President Olive Wishmier Wisconsin, April 3. in Oostburg, held the tradition of F r a t e r n a l Secretary Ruth Muilenburg Wisconsin, April 5; in Friesland, " A f t e r the Ball is over" — the Treasurer Jane Eldridge Wisconsin, April 6; in Randolph, fence, turned out to be hot dogs Sorosis' newly elected officers Wisconsin, April 7; and in Alto, and pop, which was very suitable teed off a t the home of Olive Wish- Wisconsin, April 8. f o r the atmosphere created, ant meier Sunday. The theme was an sent the guests home " f u l l " of base- Easter one; the refreshments, tea ball lore. and cookies; the alumnae present, * * « We Are Proud of Virginia Kooiker, Ruth Allen, Delphians who could manage to Joyce Notier, Cornelia Lievense, rub the sleep out of their eyes were Lois Geerds, and Irene Kleis; and H O P E C O L present f o r a pre-vacation break- the treat, on the officers.

Each Candidate to Edit Anchor Issue Prior to Election

ALL ARE JUNIORS Cornelius Hoezee, Spencer Hulse, and Andrew Lampen, potential directors of Hope's fourth estate, have definitely tossed their hats into the journalistic ring. Nominations by the Anchor staff of the three, all juniors, f o r the editorship next year have received the official sanction of the faculty committee on publications. Beginning with the next edition, the three candidates wrl be responsib'e in turn for the editing of a single issue of the paper. The nominees met at the hub of campus news centers Friday, had their picl u r e s taken, and drew some numbers out of a hat. Hoezee drew No. 1 and will direct publication of the next edition, Lampen of the following, and Hulse of the third. The popular election, in which a majority of votes are required to win, will be conducted late in May or early in June in conjunction with the voting for the student council president.

They met at the dorm


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To curtail expenses, the present issue has been reduced to four pages. The saving will make it fi17 W. 8th St. nancially possible f o r the candiHolland, Mich. dates to employ the regular sixCleaning and Pressing page size in their experimental issues. Expert Workmanship

Meyer Music House

g r e a t with the passing years. F I R S T

Have Received Promotions Hoezee is the present make-up editor. Lampen is the circulation manager, college contributor to the local daily and ANCHOR free lance writer. Hulse has served as associate to the editor. All three have been promoted f r o m lesser positions since the beginning of the year, are indorsed by the ANCHOR editor and his staff.

Nominations Under Fire Nominations f o r the associate all kinds of editor, who is automatically to become head editor a year later, are TAILORING, ALTERATIONS, still under fire. Contestants f o r REPAIRING each of the two elective offices At Reasonable Prices must be approved by the faculty Lokker-Rugera Co.—Second Floor committee on publications, consisting of Chairman Miss Ross, and Professors De Graaf, McLean and Quality Shoe Repairing Shackson, before they can be voted Thai's Our Business upon by the student body. Heads "DICK" T H E SHOE DOCTOR of the business department are appointed by the publication commitELECTRIC SHOE HOSPITAL tee in cooperation with President D. Sschaftenaar, Prop. Wichers. Phone 9313 13 E. 8th St.

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Of 20,000 successful living Americans— 18,018 are college graduates. 1,960 are high school graduates. 22 completed the eighth grade only. The chances for becoming successful in life are in the following proportions— 1 for the eighth grade pupil. 87 for the high school graduate. 800 for the college graduate.

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