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!s it aH wool? Do yet: g~~~r~:: t c

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And whtit':; more, the price s •

range ffcm $10.00 to $25.00. You can't· get all woo! cloL .: .. t:~~c:;s yo~ b.!y Cbthcraft.


Lokker - Rulg"'rs Co. •

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Graduates OF HOPE

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COURSES lassical

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C 0 L L E (; E

p R E P A R A T 0 H Y






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either Black, Blue or Fancy in

Cnmpo~ itin n

T eachers

the Collegian r\'1 odel is ready ,.


for you. The




Be sure to visit us

before making your choice. We

of the Reformed Church of Ame:rica is located in Holl a nd ad joining t he College Campus. Corps of Expericnct!d Instructors

have correct shapes for College









On t he Pere Marquette Rail way, 160 miles from Ch icago, 26 miles from (;rand Rapids. E X PENSES MODERAn:. For further information or year book apply to P R 0 F E S S 0 R

(; .


K 0 L L E N .

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The Coster Phot0 Supply Co. 21 E ast Eighth Phone 158 2


Holland, l\!lichigan

lioffman Bros.

" i§> prra in D r u ·· VOLUME X X II





JURGEN J URGENSEN. Fr11111 h is pu~l ~ll till.' h~· ltn Jur ge n Jurgi.' JlSI.' Il could n o t :o.L' L· i a he1:tt":-o h. n :~ t h aiH::td. 1 I c unly lt l'a rd t hl· \\~1\· L ..., lap laz il y ag:t inst the stl: rn

T \\a.., a •nurky dark n=gill. PROPRIETORS




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H ngqtn I ,)aut at ion for ou r cun tulllers .


pl:u·e in t own fl)r yoHr ~l r:-~ 1 "" an d l .nn ·I11 •H •Jif •e :wd I ·: ~· I i ps • ( ' l1llit·e J .t p.w Tt~a . •' .xd 11:;i \'l' ly

intL n· al~ thL· :-.lel·py. lllc•ntllO!H ill!'. o utcn· o i th e ll ' :ttv..... ,~I! Hlin~ in thl' main-ch~~ : n-... :-u uJHling-. came t o h i.

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o i til~.· C" ll lll' r. th e ."'li!Jpro..·:-.scd C<lll\"l'r:-at iu n u i thro..' L' s a il c•rs in ti Jo..• ht•\\· ~. \\"hi le at she rt

Vander Linde & Vissets


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FRED'S 28 Eas t Ei ghth St.

Then \\' it h a -..a t isfie d grunt his ta ll,

\\'iry ira~llL' ~l i ppl'd dt~\\" 11 int 11 th~· naJTil \\' ca b in. .\ :-.~li p-la nl LTil . ~wing-ing i rom one of tiH· deck b e ams but in eficcttr.a lly l i t up thL· c :tpt ~ in's ia ct': IHn,·c , ·cr, su ffi c iently l l> ;-oh o \\' a .~till .y o u t h f ul Cllttntcnance. \\'l';lthcr-tanned hut end t.' n t h · nn t I> y t h l' p a k . \\'a t c r y b t: a m s o f 11 o rt h tor 11 :' u n :::.. ll i s




i t.•atnrt.':-' 'J ,.,kt.· oi l:ynit-:d indil'ft.·n ·JJt.' L' and .~!Tl ll l dl'll'l'l ll ill :ltiun . he i,:--.·htt·ncd J)\· - :1 crue l :':dnt.·- cut :.en•:--:- th'-· kit c lll'l.. k . Jur;..! C!l Jur-g-c n:'t·n \\' as the type u i man that llltt--t llcJt he trith·d. ,,· ~ tit \\'ith :;tt l kn lo11k:-- till' captain !_!:t%t.'d at t i H· :--\\JJI~Iil ~! la nt ern. H'-· 11111--t..'d. :\ t int<.' nab a Jll'l'\'o ll:-- l\\ itch \\' lilt ~ ·! hurt le ac re):'"' hi=-- ,<.·arred fan:. Th at ,,.;,:' ,,·ltc11 Jur~ ' I I Jur~L'll t h () u g-ltt







a h n t 1t t h l' n ig-lt t " ln·n t h l ' g L' n d a r n H :-- 11 a d cl c •"' c · in upun him :! nd he. a:-' a llunt<.·cl iuf.,!·it j,·t.•. had fkd frc 1111 I ~lll'llll l. I t \\' <.1:-' t•ig-ht yt·ar:-' ago \\'h t.·n ~-' i>r:tlll J t.' ll:-'l' ll. hi-. r i,·al f,lr th • h:t;HI o f I [u lda ( llli:-'L'll. h ad faJ-.cly :Jt.:l"ll'L' d hi111 1 1f thc Jlltlrd~..· r nf his iath c r. tilL· ;-;enior Jcn:-.t.'ll. llulda h ad ht·t·n IJr:t\' L' and h id him from tht.• l'_\'1. ':-- ni the :-<.·arching- pnlin·. .\t n ig-ht :-'iJ·.· had le t h im pa;-;s o ut hy tht• little g·at<.' that kcl tl••\\' ll to th ,· sc:l-:' h nn·. and ll C) \ \ ' , aftl'r t•i gltt years elf exill' !11..· c1it ·n ,,.,,u!d :'ee th e pale terrnr-: trickcn fare. \\'h<.'ll. UJll'll pas~in~ cltlt. t\\' ll ge ndarmes had fallen upon him. tln·ir \\' l':tpnn"' dra\\'11: a hitt•-r fig-ht h ad en:-'ued and he.: had <.'sc..· apl·d frum tht·ir hancl:' a n :\ taken passage o n hoard a ,.e:'sl'l. h()und i•\r t he.: g"cl ld -t.·• •a:--t. l 11 the . trang-e land he had ll'a rnecl that Hulda had b ee n taken by tht.· mc11 uf th e law as thl' arcomplke o f hi=-- t.·rint(', hut tha i ~,· brant knscn'=-- 11101H'\' hac\ :-.<:t hcr fret.' . En:n tht.•n he chi . not doubt hut that the maiden w o uld rc.:lllain true t11 hi m. l'\' t.·rt "hc.:n a tru s t ed friend :-:'e lll in tc:llig-cnct' that t he co\\'ard ~yl>r:ttll h:HI dri\'en Jurgen 's n ld father fro m the far111 to t h t· p•Hlrhnt t3:· and that llulda )hben \\·a s t marry J ensen t he TJl'Xt n11mth ,,f ~ J a,·. Th •n doubt h ad h c.:g-un t o kn nc k at h is h t.•an's dtu lr : he r ·fusC'd tn let the.: blaek s lw d11\\' enter. inr ht• 1-: JH' \\' it \\'a~ the shacln ,,· o i a dead }o,·e. ~e"· t iding-=--. confirm;ng· th~· fc>rmc r 11e\\'s brought him tu the.: \'l' rg-c nf ntadnc--=-- : he tk=--pa irccl . he \\'Cpt. he prayl'<l. he curst·d on t il<.' I•)JJt.'ly g"• llcllil'ld .. nf aliiornia. 1 Ie felt a dnublt· liit· gTt~\\' \\'ithin him:--t.· ! i. th ~· 11n e Clf the dc.:c<: i\'(?d Jurg-t.•n, filkd with an unnam;\11k ' ••rr""' hut sti ll cl inging· t q th<.· ,.i ... iun llf thl· g-irl":-- iace that had in r c\·e r bct•n stamped upn n his suul. thl' n'g-ht oi hi=-- l':O:C:tpt.·. Th ~..· (lther s p irit \\'a.- that of a dL"mon. t·,·c.:r uttering· makd it· tin n -ag-ain=--t the traitor ~yhranl. c ur:-:i ng. damning-. and plllttin ~ dire \Tllge:lnn·. \\' ith 1111 tral.'l' qf tht• bitternt.':' ... u f "'' lrftl\\', htl

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rat h er all i:Jten::t.•. fil'JHii:'h J" Y· .\nd this t•,·il ~pirit. he icit. ;~ ru-. :- tr~~n~u._ . and it battled \\'ith tht.· \\·c..akc r ~~~rro\\· ing- .~l'li. u nt il at la...;t tl!t• lt.'JH!er \'Pice.: g-r e \\' :--t=l!. and the hlad.; :;haclow had cn:--t tlt.t.• pall ,,,L-r tlu: \\'h!tc g-irlish face. tht· luad -=--tar i11 J:i...; 11i ~!'hl 11f :r. Tht·n Jurgl..'ll Jurg·t·II=-'L'll·, life had hecu mc.· Cllll' clark J.)tll. lit· ha t! j,,und g-nld. mtwh g-nld. a nd :--old h i:-- claim. Land Ill[..!' ; n a 11 I : n g l i ... h pnrt h ~· had cha rtl·red a ia:'t-:--~ i 1in g- ,·ach!. ... m;d l. IJttt -..<.·a\\·o~ nh.'. It \\':1:-' <.'ll t kr- rig-g-c.:cl. a llll';lll het\\'cl'n a .~ltH•p alt'l a knock -ahnut . oi li ! ~ht drau ~ llt. t•nahl i ng him t l :'lip tll\t lh:-t'.f\t'd insh• 1rc n\·cr the shoa! s th:tt ginkd h i:-- natin:

Thi:- t.·,·ep ing. \\'ith the ~l'tting- of the ~ttn . the keeper . , j l~u nJm )jghlhti\1St.' had :'t'l'll a :'ma ll yacht. flying- the c }(l r~ of a Y armnllth yad11 ing: cluh ht'ad ior thl' sh,,n•. as oftl' ll t h c~e g-y p :-' i c.·:-' t , f ~ h l' s l' a " t..' J'l' \\'on t t n d n. 1t had a \\'a k L' n <. d n ;; u-;JllC luJJ. . \t~d u•mntTcl \\' , ah lc1111Drrn\\· -tht•n Syhrant Jen ~<.'i l \\'nuld klltl\.\'. TonHHTO\\' . h • \\'ould ltlrt urc the traitor for tlu· 'ul'fLTing:-- ,_,j hi :- JHH>t' iathcr. tomurro\\' ht.• \\'CHdcl hlrtu r e the \\'retch f, >r · th t• munstro u~ lie=-' IH· \\'hich h e had ~ct Huld:1. • ag-aill'l hilll. T unH ,t'l'o\\· ! .-\h, \\'hy did the nH,rning tarry ~~> lllllg'?

·, •a:--t.


c ' •

Till· :--v~i n ging· lantl· rn bega n tn :' li H> k c. :\ t the' :;a ttJ~.,· ti1 t11..' the \\'h itc: li_g- h t uf llllll'lling cn· pt \\'an.· rin g-ly O\' <.' r the · hi ,·c rin g'lt·l· py \\'atcr ... and llltcred the port- hnil'=-- t)f the cabin. Jurgl·n· Jur~t' JJ.'t' tl lightly jump<.·d to h is fl'C't. .. JTo. Ill_\' 111C ll. turn t• ut !"he cril·cl lnudly. " Your \\'nrk a\\'aits you.'· l'nlllindiu l nf th l.. ' n ig ht':' \\':tking. h e.· impatiently p;1cc.:d the ckck of thl·· ' t.':->'L'I. ' ·h ich ~ln\\'h· hcg-an tP pid..: it~ \\'ay in~horl...' . llali a 111i('-. from th~..· h ig-h dikt· tht• ruucr came tt> ancho:-. l ~ig- ht strung- hand s quit·kly s\\·un g- the dory irl'c from the da,·its. and~" ithout t:t~ting- a mnrscl tti fond Juq.!Cll Jurgc n ...;en jum p t.·d int : 1 the cla tH· ing =--kilL n iclding hi:-- llll'll to kc..·ep thl· nllt t.•r 1111 :-:t1 1rt c hain . and h ol d ready t< l :--ail. \\'ith :-.\\'ift. ~tro ng :' t rnkL':' he .rn \\·etl to t ht• ioc t o i the.: dikl·. C r oucl!in g \\'arily like :1 tiger. tht· captain climbed the high dike . ( )n i't:-' cres t he pau~ed. almost P \·erCtHlH.' by the pann•


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··y~...... it " ·i ll

til t· , ·illag-c ,, j !J i ~ h"'·!J1)0 d .

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II 1111 g r ~ l'' •_, (jll ' ·.

• ' ' I I til .; '. ...

Y c:'. tiH' nld .!_!'r::_,

c h urc h .

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rFkc and tht• \· illag-t' !--lrt•tc h ~..·d and the cl,l::cl y planted potat o " "" " . n i m illinn;-; 11 f hln:-.:--nm:-\; t•n•d ditl'h ·~ . parcclill;..! tltt· J,.,

:\nd h t' t\\'v ·11 tit .·

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t h t• grL'l'll Wa\· ing- ~·rain fit'ld , p<llclt\·~. :'tn.·wn whitt· "i tlt


and the ~rl'(' tl. w :ttl·nTL'""' cnY d :;\\.. lrt l li!:t· ;~ c h t·<·!:e r! '>:trd .


(I f new

m o\\' 11

h ay.

n H l()tl \' th at ft)r a ll Wntcnt m ellnwcd lt i;-; llint~· heart.


:\11 \\' til ··

r! e

l I t• gazed a iter tht· ':t n i. hcd ~~~n ~ ... (t' r i11 bn Yi :.; h w o n cl<.• r. wh ile o \· •r th e :-:ra rr l.'cl fcatun.· ... ~pn·ad :t !...lrn . (j f joy . .-\h. n o \\· h e kn e w what h e had t ni:'~ t· d 1>1 1 t !Jl.'Sl.' Ion ~ )~. :-:iJc nt w :1. tes f th e w c~tl.' rll co n tint' nt wh en· natun· ha:--. 11 · 1 ,-nice a n d man h a;-; neit h e r tim e n o r e:u;o; tn !i~tt·11. Th t· hr :, i


hi g hw ay . leadin g- t o w a r d t h l' d u ~t

<..1 i k c . l

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drop pin g

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t h <:

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them camt· a

lll<tll .

t h ere \\'a~ littll.' nf g-r ici o\·e r his tn o th<:r·~


nl y Ii g h t Iy S ix 1>r Sl'\·en men. d r essed in

th e hn,\\· (li a child!

t ,

T h e t h ird

T h en. hat vd

"crl' lt u~!J(.·r).

Jtll'g"l.'ll ... t'll

1t wa s hi g h ll Oll ll wh e n th e ~..: x i lc re a c h ed t h 1.· ••ttt lyin ~ h o u se:-'< f th e ,·il lag-c . Frn 111 iar he h (· ard tlH' t•1lling 11f till' tl 1d w~..·dd i ng .

L' v id t' ntly h o rn

side stepped a fa ir c h ecked urchin i:1

. \ gTt·~t ~ ilt·t ll't' ft·ll . w!Jill.! tht• "omen :-: nbbc d .

q tt i e t. t'ht· fun l' r;d pn•t·l' ;o;:"in n turned intll the g-ate . Jurg-t·n

I' I H· 11 a l11u tl c 1 ' 111 1111 H i 11 11 n 11 k h · h n •k l' u 1H lJt

m ali c iu 11s h · ... a


lJ:1JltJ_\' . innuL't' llt cltildhllucl, that<.'\ ·n . c• i tcns the cruc·l

\\ · h~..· tl

l'hi" '' :t:-

c unmn g- la u g-h :-tc lc O\' C' r h i~ face a-.. h L' fingT r c d t h.



t h t' ;-;a c red

fl.'\\' kct ,>ff.• h e h nked 011. 111,>1 likl' till· hurried ftiiH: rab in tht· g-rt•a t .-\ mtTican -.I •HH I Inn


l· it il'.-.- a lll' : tr~t· . and h nr;-;c;-; in iull trot.

I \ · rh a p ·=

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i 11 ~ u 1h 1 n t h t' i r ~II" ui.J t' r s t It L' I> i e r nn w h ic h

Fllll(t\\' ill~

kind . ·J , Iul.'


h im

''' ''n Lilt· p:: tll l•rnu~ht tiH' tra in tn a ires hly dug gra ,·e. li <.: re llw it11H'rctl prn<: L'"""illn halted. the h ea rers g-t·ntJ,· It-t dnwn then· httrdl..'n. tit/ cll't'J> \·nltJJn intHb tont·s nf the h-l.'IJ oi a stHI <kn

g-Ha r <f .~ m c n pa ~ s by.

lo w e r - cl o d:: . " f (a h!" h e grunt ed


cu flin .



l :lllt' tht· p;tr~Pll lt.:d thruug-h the hig-h iron g-atl'. and :;triding-

Tn ~ ta ntl y Jurg n Ju q:~'l' n ~e n ';-; hand snug-Itt h i-.. l>e ii.

fl a t upo n thl.' g rou n cl h e

11 1v 11 .

\" 11n<k r came the iuth: ral pn,ce:-.!'i u n. til'..!

.... , d t·tllll pn ) ~l' ~:--inn \\·en t around the church-yard .

lll11ll1C nt.

"Th e. g-e n darmes.' ' h e lt i=--;-; ·cl hl.'l\\'ec n hi:' t~..·t·t!t.

lu: ~tnHit• nn:r the

:\n d then ln \\td a l11ng- Jinl· ,,j \\'0111 \· n . a tru ly pathl·tic :-.ig-ht. tiH:i r head .., .:'hrrHt ' h-d in !tnt ~ :-.hawl~ u f bl ack cloth. \\'hich lrnppi ng i r 11111 tllt·ir ~IHHJick· r-. almo~t tiH1Cht•d thl' grnund . Twic • the

fr om thl· ce n ter n f whi c h fl a;-; h c d at int · n·~tl;-; a br i~h l

glitte r ing-.


l•r";tclcloth. -canll' h~..·hind the ll lnttrning- hnshand .

fur dn\\· n th l' :1111 e a whir I i 11 ~ L' I I ) u d (If

ml y fo r a



" S y h r a n t J c n ;o;c n." m urm u red th e t""' ilt•. wltik dark p a!--~i t tll d i:tort ed hi ~ fl.! a t ur ="·


h a 11 cl 11 i a Fa t L' . " h i c h :- 111 i t e !'- s t r n 11 g- m e n b u t

" Pl'II w a:" h r nke n. a nd hi ~ e y e:; :'·w pt acro~s tht· fitld ... t'' whcr·· ;1

th,; dc:td.


tl ,l \\'11 \\ ith ;.!'r icf.

:'• m g- ra n g in hi :' car;-;.

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bl ac k s p ec k lo ...; t i t:'l..'! f i11 t h e bl ue ,·ault o f hc ·l\·t·n. hut :--till t h ·

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f,,r:-al.:c n.

:--111:tll lrridt!t.' that ~p annl' d the lll()at c i rrl inn· the r c~ti ll" :"

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Ia\· t'lllply a nd

lin\\· narn •w tlw :-.trl' l'l and h1 lW :m ai l From t Itt.· tower :-.till lloat(.·d dnwn tlH: l!••ll'll•lll•l\1 ... cle~kiul tnllt' . . \h. ;-;un:. h ..: ought to ha\·c kll l)\\' 11, it ''a .. the t•~ n;..!ing- j,q~ a iuth ral. J I i~ h11yi-.h i ·a r fll r iun c raJ ,·: ti ll t' •l\ t·r lti111 . .\ng-riJ y h~.-· :-.hnnk it n iL :\' ow he had r eac h ed l•!:ln·

F rom th l· dn:·l' dippt'd nw:t~l• ,,,., :t

), r n wn l:t r k snared up wa rd i n t'\·er " ·idcning- ~..·in:k;o; . w :t rhl in;;.!

c.f i:t 11ilia r ; t,· rcn1:... :1~~ !J"'.'d \\ay. I !11.· h• JIJ ~t·, · ... l.'l'lllt'd.


T il t• ~l' lltlc l:t nd - hrt' l':" l' t•l\lt'ht·d hi' ll••. tri l-.. \\ itl1 tilt.· ... , v··l

\\ ' itlt it Ill' had kilkcl a

I I <. · k 1H: \ '· It L' c.:' Hll cl t r u ·• t t it c ~ t L' d.

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tow er ~ti : l P"i n lcd i ts ;-;k tHkr s p i r t· t r :t ll 'lllilly t~• It ·:t\'t 'l. c} •• ~~.· h· til · J,,\\·-n•Pil-d. rt·d -l ikd t' •• t 't'.~l'.... c i n·!l- d r•11111d ti l\·

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a nd llHt;o;t ,,f tht• hearer:-.


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!-:<.-r\·e m<:, let him i• dlnw me: ancl where l <1m. th <: r c ::-liat l at ~., my ~~n·ant be: if a nv man se n ·e me, hint "ill m,· Father h"n"r... Thi~ m os t ::-uitabl · insc ripti n is



<li t\'

a lt •mh in th e middle nf a nn\· of snlcliers' gra,·es. in Aden . . \rabia. Th • :-:nldi c r s' gran~s a r e marked by ~ in g lc iuuncl


Cr<IS::-~:s. \\htll' a t nnth•'l o n e marks the gra\·


Io n Kcith -

1-'akntll..: r. tltt.• f1r~ t mis~ic•na n· th :-. t Scntland g-n , ·c to Arabia. Tltt• hurial uf thi..; n"J,Jc s , ,JcJic r n f the ern:-;~ am n n~ ~ me o f



· •l•z. l' J, ·tr·•J,· til k d th~.· - ·t · · 1lll • ... . • il..:. ~> i a 1 . ' 'll \\:trd l•· •und I \Ill~ "·:: :: c..' r. ·Fr,-, 111 th~_• rrt' .:'l P i tit~ d ! k ~ a ca p t:t:n•li :!11..· :..:''- .d:!r · ~· ~.- ~ ~ ·, ·c. l t h l' t r int - ri "!...' '-'d lillk n ·a i t :1 ~ it~ ··· ·d ~1.11 · · :~.. .. .. I :1..,:. n~ \


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in ·. \.·n ·.! ., .. , .~ :, ,.· :· : h '-· , ,,ic c.' ir ,, nt ,, , '-'r t h '-' "a t~.·r ~=n~ ...

" \\' ith :t :-:i;..: h an d :t I \.':\·. I 1 ~.· ad 1, ' 'c.' '-'' 'llll':-- t •' ·, ... t

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~ ,, "~''-'~t tlt ,J '-~.· 1..: :- th e.· J, i ~.r. ·~,, .. th~.· ~ :<1_, .. ' i t :.:' 1\c..·- : ...

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t 1\•r t l~_· -. 1-ttt~ . ~r. ~ ..: " '- - . H rl':tl,:-: t hl' -- l'r:t~ i•t .- :.. " .\ nd th~.· :-- 1'ttl ~ ,,c. . . i •' 7"i. l t ) 11 1 It c.· '-. r c.· :-: t • • f 1 l· l' " .t ' l n ~ : ~Ill ,, j i t ~ l'•'ri.

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r c..·cc..·i' '-'d th,· ::: ' ·'- :· • . ... ~ ::·~. . t' 1t · :-- .. : n ;;' .1 tn .t r i . . i tl ~ 111 ~ .q " i : I: 1 : c. " : •• c. : .: - · · · ' · ' • '~ ~ :· ,, ... : l:c t t.' ' cn~c i u l .t rnt , ,( l it e '\c t'' .... . .. ,, :· c. '''\' ' "

1h c..· ~-,,, ,1

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""' \ K F ;-.; ~\E -\ R :


l·: n ;,!' bnd'::- st 'n~ (If \\·ar is apprnj riat c . inc!c <:d. They gaYC their ]j,· •...; fo r th e' g-l o ry nf a \\' nrldly king-clt •n. hut ] ' cith-Falc ncr h~ c;tmc a n1-nrtyr ft ,r the g-1P ry uf a kingd o m w h ic h i~ tH t 111t\1tHI hy ca 1;thl y limi t:ni.111~. ~llld whi c h .:.hall n \·er pa. s away . E\·c n as a mem o r ial nf s t o n e i~ more la~ti n g- than a c ro~ s oi Wt h H I. so wiH th e mcmury 1 f l o n l' eitlt-Falcon c r Ji,·e l o ng~r th an that ui •tl H.' s old ie rs who li t.: b uri ed 1)\· hi s s ide . ' Jo n h:eith - Fakoner cuttld w ell he prnud of hi s lineage. li e coul d tra ~·c hi ~ anCl: ~ try l)ac:k throu g h eight ccnturic. . The title oi lll'rl'clitary (;rcat :\lar sch<tl n f ~c,,tJand w as g i,·c n t o Rc .J >crt Kt·ith itt th e yc..·ar 101 0 . hy :\lalcnlm 11. king of C)tla nd. io r di s tin g- ui s h e d ::-c n· i ce~ in the.· hatt ie against the Da ni ~ h in,· a d e r~.

''~· ith - Fakoncr was hnrn n n July

5. t8jo. at Edin-

burgh. ~cutl ;\llcl. the third ~o n clf the Earl nf l'intt) r e. H e di d o n :\1~1.\' J 1. h ~7 . IHt \·ing- liYcd hut thirty ~ : ll n rt y ear~ . hut in th:tt hrit..·f pc ri .u l h e " ·o n ~.· ,·e n ~n: atcr cli ~ tin c ti n n th a n his r~llo\\' ll t.'cl anc~.·::-tor. The :--tory ui hi~ li ie may be , ·ic w ccl irum in ur point:-; : hi:-; boyhond. hi~ culleg-c liic. hi:-; h ome \\'ork a nd hi ~ forl'i~n ""''rk . Uf hi"' b'uyh(ln d we kn nw , ·cry littll'. hut from \\·hat we d o kno\\' o f h-i ~ early liic \\'C can readily .·cc that the characteri~tics wh il: h t'1arkcd him as a ma n were air prc~ent iu th e chi ld . At tltc ag-e of se,·e n h ~ Yisit e cl the ccntag-es n f th e peasants atH~ tried t u exp la in th l ~ihlc to th e m . )n n ne nccns ic )n h c za , ·e all his fa,· t~r i te ca k ·~. j ,lr whi c h h e had been ' sa , ·ing hi s m cm ey fnr a J o n ~ time. t n a hun gry - lookin g h oy \\' h nm h e me.t on hi ~ return frpm th e ~ t ore. h c tH: , ·c r t o ld wh en at h t )Ill c.


the~c things





- - - - ·- - - -- - - -

.-\s a ynung- man h::l·i t h- Falcnnt' r was a _!..!"• lt~d reprcsen tati,·e of muscular Chri~tianity. li e lcc\' l'd Pllt - clue~r :-.Jmrts and excelled in athletic:-;. li e became a \\Tll - iclnlled man . six ft• t and three in c h es in heig-ht. \\ ' hen t w enty yl'ars cJicl h e w as elcc.:tcd president of the Lond t~ n t:ic.:y~o: ll' Club. and at twenty- twn h e w as the ch:unpion r<H.'t•r of ( ;rcat l!ritain. h :l\·ing- <J ttt -di~tanccd e\·cn Jnhn l'een in a fi,·t·- mil c rat·c . . \ il..'w y ea rs later h e was the first to g-u a di:-;tanc:L· ui a thc•usand miles 0 11 hi :-; wheel. taking- only thirteen d ays io r th~...· trip . In the uni,·ersity h e wnn many h o nnrs and prizes of th t· hi g h e. t order. Jl e was not the brightest ~tudcnt in his class . hut w o rk ed hi s \\'ay to th e frnnt by his cn n sciL'tltious pl11tlding-. lie became a master of s hnrth a nd and ri,·alled the grc:ltcsl experts in this line of work. I li s kn nwkdg- c1i ll chrew \\'a-; extrao rdinary. and he di s tin g-u is h ed himself in tht·P IPg-y and

.\it er his g-raduation irn m Cambridge IH' turned his atten ti o n Clltir~·ly tn the ~ tudy oi .\rahic. a nd especially l)[ :\l(llnunmedanism~. J l e C\'l' ll \\'t'!tt tl) .\ ssint . l·:gypt. that h e might acquire tltc co lcHptial di a lec t s . and I ant the custnms < f th e .·\ral>. Tlic tug-h he h:td n~l other con:-;citnts m•,t i,·e ind u ing this th a n hi:' !n,·c for the !'tudy . h e \\'as being- prepared fur his \\'nrk as mis:-.innary to .\rahia. The ~tall came in h g:;. whL'n h e had an intcn·i \\' with l;cncra l llaig-. " ·hn had tra,·elecl extensi,·L·Iy thnntgh o ut .\r:1l>ia . .\ ~l:rics o f articles on this t.:nuntry by (,cncral llaig came to the n~tticc of l on l'<..' ith - FalcPncr and drew his attention to .\rahi a as a mi ::;=-- ion field. It was l q ta lk (If thi:-; that he\\' nt tc'l sec (;cneral lfaig-. The imm ediate Clutcome o f this inte n ·il'\\' .was a r esoh·<..· tn ,·i:--it .\d e n and in,·estigate fnr himseli the ath·isahility of L':'t:thlis hing a mission there. On Octuhcr 7· t 8gE). he and hi s y u ung- \\i fe set sai l fc1r :\d e n , a rri,·in g { )ctuher 2X. After . J~pect in g in and about :-\d e n. he decided up~) n ~hcikh - Othman as th e place mu:-;t St lltah!t: fc)r the n c\\' mtss illn . TIH: Church :\I issicmary ~uciety air acly had a station c.1 t . \d e n Cl\~d were d n in g good work fo r the people c>i that c ity. ~hcikh-( H]1man i:-; a cnmparati,·ely :'mall place abnut eight miles frnn'l . \d e n. hut here hi s wnrk would n o t he hind e red hy gn,·en{ment instituti< n s. th e climatl! is fr c:' h e r and le ·s L'n n ·ati11g- than at :\den : thl·rc is abundance of water. and a site suitabte for th e mi:-;s inn could ca ... ily he pn>curcd. \loreu,·cr. t hnu~ands of :\ rahs yearly pas:-; threlugh . heikh -O thm a n O ll their w : t\' t o and frnm :\d en. J:\· \\'c l rking among th ese the (; o spel \\'oitld he carried to all part:-; c i the interinr. :\ m r e suitable pl.t\c could he iound fnr e,· angcli~ing all . rabia. . J' eit h..:F~· tme r's pl a ns \\'ere to estahlts h a sc h ool. an mdustrial orpha na g-e . and a cli:o;pen ·ary for th e di s tributi o n o f medi c in es. · I le considered the c hildre n far m o re h ope ful than th · adult~ .. There were many P rph a n s and castaways in Aden wh o could , >C t a ug-ht so me u =--c ful u·acle. A gno cl cl cto r would soon be kn.o wn far in the int c rinr and men \\'ould c o me fro m a ll directi o n s t o b e h e aled nf their bo dily cli ~c a e s. Thus he


. . .t e


The missio nary spirit burned in him e\· 11 in cullcg-e . and h e ne,·er fo rg t that h e \\'as a se n ·ant nf Chri .... t. 1 Ie w a:-; th e lead e r among- the ~ hristian st ud e nts of the cnlleg-c. :\nt cont e nt with w ork ing for "hrist \\'ithin c(lllcg-e \\'ails. he ancl :-;nme oth ers went among- the lower clas:o;c:o; oi l;arn\\·cll \\'itlt tit ~-: s t o n· of luist'~ ltn-c for men. J 1c and lti:-; fellow- w o rk ers raised about $ .000 tn purcha::;e an olcl theat er at n arn wcl l. in which they purposed t o IH lu meeti ngs for the rede e ming of men. In the East End of London the T o wer- I Tamll't:-- :\I i s~ i ~, n h as a building whi c h scat · fi,·e th )Usancl people. For· this building Ion K e ith - Falconer him self cnntributcd ~10.000. and helped cle\·ise Way:-; a nd Jll(.'tlllS f1 If l'UIIl'Cting the balance )j th e n ecessary fnr the building- pf the lar~e .\ s:-.L'ml,Jy }fall. Ile was a p ersona l friend o f i\1 r . Charring-toll. the fo under and leader of thi s missio n , and o ften \\'ent tu ,· isit him and aid him in thi s w o rk. though he seldom spoke in public. H c p e rfnrm t·d his e ,·ang-el is tic \\'C crk by h cn ·i n g \\'hat he ca lied "a t a lk with a man ... Thi s he did at e ,·ery nppnrtunity, tH >l e,·en n eglect in~ men \\'ith \\'hPm h e ca m e into· co ntact on his j urneys.




'') '




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A :-.: c·


II 0 H




the lH l<h· . J, rn abn in kadi·1~ many ~in-:-: id.- :ouls to Chri~t a:; • tlte (.;r~aL l.'h: ~i..:i~lll. ' lit ..: ~chtlnl i:-; <I· lin~ a good \\' ork fo r th e dti!drc:n uf :O:PU1 1h: rn .\ral,ia . and al~o fnr h undreds of ..·\ hy~::. i nia :il;t\' C children \\'h o haYc b('en rc!'cu ed fr m . r ab

:-. la \·c dri\·cr.~ and ~i\· en u\·cr to the care of th e missi o n . Kow, !h e pan: n t~ in and al>t)ttt :\d en arc hc~inning tl) send their dau~htt:r:-' ru sch<H'I. a:; well as their suns. and s the mis · io n is d c• ing- i t:-;:wnrk in lifting- \\'uman out 1 fa state )f cJccvraclatio n

'. lkp:t rtttil' j,,r . \r:thia . J...:l•ith - F:tlrtltH' r \\',''·"' .!...-~' 1\' C't l I) 11 1_v ,.1 \ . c Ill () 11 t 11 :; i 11 \\' h ic h ' ' ..: :1 r r.' · l"~ tt t I11:-' . P I :ttt:-. 1· ,,r . \ ra I 1ia. Th e ~tntH' lmng-al"w \\' hi ( h l l' l'X't ' l.' l.'lc.'d lt' ll~c.· ll•r . I 11:-. . mi :-:.,.icln could not he r e n t~.·d . .-\ l.1r~ l ' n :u i ,." •' I lll t _\\'a:-: rt' tlt l'< I templlraril y. a nd h e imml'diatch· J,,, l

:-:uita hk m i ~~ i n n huildin:..!"s . The tC'mp t;J.:r: l. ~ :t·kr..:. ,,~_.r~..,• I!• 'I ltt··dtllflll. :!ttd lw and hi:-.\'. i;"e \\'l'r ~ b~"' h ::- ri..:k l' ll ,,·it h f~,.• ,· c r in Fel>r11ary. 1HX7. ( )n :\lay l Ot h.

{1(·:..=-an thc.' Crc?l"li " n


Cllt~o' r ~-, ,ntinued :-: u n·l·rin g-. h e went tn slee p to a \\'a k e 11 0 lll t) rc ~·a n h · l -{(' Pa :-::; l' d ~ ""a." q 11 i e t ly d 11 r i 11 g t h c n i g h t a n d \\'3~ hu .n ed n· c·t· t It•' · t 11<.' l'l' tlH't<.·n· a t .-\ den. .. a t e\'<: 11 i 11 ...... .... 11" ... x· t c1··')· 111

0 11 1 h 1~

].net th u ugh hi:; pcri1•d ni w n rk at ~h e ikh-( )tltn~an \\'a:-' it

was 11 • t in ,·a in. lie influ e n ced nil whn came into c,·ilt ac t \\' lth htm. a nd hi ~ mdhncl of " ln,-1•11 :---.C"r a t ..-- It' ··· ' '.·t t 11 a 1n an ~~o) chang-ed t h e li\'(.':-' nf m a ny :\J,):·d c m s that whc.' tl :;pokcn to ab0ut th e matter th e y said . ··Th e re ar~ n n :\lo:;lem~ here." S t) great · 1 . \ \\'as . _the p o w e r oi hi :; p er:;o n a l innu (' ll ·c tlt""t " til"... • : rahtc lu und many \\'ht > purcha~ed a nd r ead th e ~cripturcs because they had ~ce n his g-qcf fy life . 111

Th e w o rk at Shcik h-O thm an \\"as c )Jltinu d u n th <: phn latd o ut .I>\' Keith ~ Fa! . \ . · ._ . . •. . cn net. : mcm o n a l c hurch h as l> l·c n utult i~.:; . Ill .\\ luch scrn - . ccs . . <ar C ll O \\' 1lC I t I • ~ rh c m ed ica l di :;pc n sa n · .

. cxcrtlllg a \\'Hie tnOu cncc n o t only in h eal in g- disl·a ses c~f


t o a hi g her :plane. Ion 1'-cith-Falcn ner·:; liic on earth \\'a:-. :-.ho rt. Y et in th:tt hri<:i ~imt' h e has clune a glnri.nt~ wt~rk for the :\laster. Th ' pca~at!l"' 11i l bnl\n.:ll ancl th ·>:-:c \\'ith whom he "had a t alk" in tht: Tow r·l h lil lct:-; \li:.::-- i· •n ne\'<:r furg-o t hi:-; work in tht ir hlh;tlf. I Ii:; nam e will ~1\\· ays be :1s:-;odated with the \\'• •r k j, ,r tile . . ;ning-c ;i . . . on l:; in l·:a~t L nnd·• n . nut til;: fil'ld uf hi ~ in fluence i:; n nt limited by the mi:;siun!> \\·ith \\'hi~·l ! he \\'as clin.· ctl y a:~uciatcd. \\ ' h e n the call \\'l'nt i11rth f11r «l! ll' , -"lttnlt:t· r ll ' tak · his pial'C in .\rabia. thirteen men ofiL·rt'(l t llemscln.•s tn earn· n n the \\'Ork he had hegun. I n t h c n .· r ~ · y L' a r u f K c i t h- Fa k c-•n r ·:; d c n t h . \\ · i Ide r a n d l:o r111an \': cr · ~!-••ing ai>Put :;ec uring- nduntcci:-' in the colleges o f the L'nitl·tt ~tall'S and ·anada. Th • ~t o n· of the n oble life 11i the mart-\T oi . \<kn kcl man\· to ll((cr thun~eh·c:; for foreign mi --:--i• mar:~ - \\'nrk. J li:; mcs~<.;f-'.'C t o all true Chri:;tians \\'~s: "\ \ ' hilc \·a;t c••ntincnts are :--hrnu<kd i1 1 almo:;t utter darkness. fl.nd llund n.•d:-: ni millicHl:-\ suffer the h 11 rrnrs of h c<l thenism o r l:·: lam. thL': llllrden 11f pr11nf li es ttfh )ll y o u tn :;hn\\' that the circum:-:tadcc:; in wltidt <;n d placccl yc •tt were meant by Him t tl kcc:p .\' • l ll out ui th e forcip:n mi..::--i ' \11 fil·lcl." \\'ithin ten y ~1rs ,,f hi..... d(:ath ten tlhntsn nd :;tudcnts had hec n leu to think of th~ i1•n•it.:n fit•l cl and its claims. lnn J...:i: ith-Faknncr. th t~ ttf.!h cll':-t d . yet :;peak~. The n o bility nf hi:; chat=act c r. tiH' un~ •lfi:-.hnc~:; of his li fe. and the g-rea tness ni his sa~..·t.ificc :trc kit IH· Great . .. all \\'ho h c:t r nr read ,f him. a!' he \\':1:-' :in liie . he is g-r ater ~till in dl·ath. Tile st\)1'\' f this 111 :1 11 j~ Ill•\\' and :tl\\- a \· ~ \\'ill be a p tl \\'l...'rfl\1 ractnr in uq~in~ me n tc ) ~.d\· e their li\·~:; rnr the upl i iting- uf t ht sc wh o .11 0;\. d ,,·cll in heath~.·n cl:nknc:'s. I Ii: name ,,· ill ah,·ays he a \\'atch "'" rd fur ·a ll \\'h n st ri,·t• tu fnlln\\' nut the Lnn l'~ last command. \\'h\' 11 J lc ~aid: '' (~o ye intn al l the \\· o riel . and p r each th e go~pcl tn th · \\'hok creatio n."

- :\ R 1.:. \: 0 T.



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THE MAN QUEST IO N. 1! .. ,,. ••llt'll .. ,h . .. . ' I II :t II q 111.::-- t I I IJ! :1._ <t Jl :-- I I!'-. Jc I 1111 Ill :t II kn c•\L \\ ' hy. inllll h:tl•.dtt 1u c/ tlJv :-.upt· t·iu r c:rt·:t ttJrv 11: 1:-- in "'Jlired tt\\"<.' 111 u:--! T11 cli:'gtli:-.l' n11r n ·al :t cln tir:lti••I J j, ,r tlh· ' •Pflll:-- it e :'<..''>. \\'l' !J a,·e hc.·<.· n uhlif...!t'd '" tft.rl:trc.• ' ' ltr ri.~h t :-. a 11 d 11 :tnll llltC<.' the inil' rit~rit\· oi 111~11. l lei H'c.' tltc.· rea :,•nt f11 r :--tl i lra.~l'tt<.':'. Yon r<.' ll1<.'1111)t'r IJ 11\\' a=- :1 t " dcllc.·r .' , ttl l'.trl'fnlh \\':tt<:htd Y• >u r :'lc.•p:-; and IJ,.J ,bkd C~lllti••u;-;1.' lljl"ll till' ..,irk \\'alk. while that bPi:'terclll:-- hahy next ch ut r. di:--daininf.,!' tltl' :-.ltpport \\'ltich hi:-; lll«~ther nlh·n: d !tim. ""truck 11111 lc1r th v :-.Ianting ccllar-d"ot·. an d ;-;lipped. :-- lid and 111111ldul ll llt il he had learned tn cc1a~ t cJ ,,\\' 11 thl' :--andy d n 11r . . , 11 l·cc.·-..:--f 11 1h·. y .,: 1 deny that _\"lltl c.· xp<.·r iencl'cl an,· thrill=-- a t "l'c.' ilt_g- 111 :tt li ttlc.· hlonmer-clad IJ11 Y t!Jrc,,,. rnck:-- :;t Y"llr dtid\v lb fn11n lti:-- .'i de · c,j the fence. hut th thrill.~ \\'L'rt· there ju ... t tl1v ...-1111 l '. Th .· rnan <j lll'~t iu n h<.·gin~ h <'re with _\'t111r a\\:tk<.' tlin~· itl ll're-, 1 i :t lti lll The next !'ta.~c.· i11 the man·~ liic tl1a1 itlt<..'n ;o;ll'd ,., lit j.., th l· pugili~tic ag-e. En.•ry "11 111>- nn~ecl Ill)\' elf :--ix \\ lt · l ·j, IIi :HI \' a cct ntnt. =-'Pt'JHI:' hi:' ~ pare tillll' fighting-. \\ 'ha t \\'t t111krf1:l hattie;-; you ha,·c.· :--c.·~n innn the curnl'r;-; of ,."ltr c.· \·1..·:-. a-... \"t il l w:tlkcd arm-in-n rm \\'ith _\'IJutlliul kmi lt it~c: . f ri~..·n t l-... \\ r tl· l 11 .\C u luok at a buy 11 ; thi:' typ l' wJt. ,m .""ll t· .... pc.T i.dh· likul : ~n .. If you llll't him <m the :--trc<'t. _,··•ur nu:--c.· \\ llilld ~111'11 tlj>. and Jt \\'as a curt little "ltcll~, .. he rc.' l'l'i ,·ecl. ii att\·thill "·. . l'p to thi~ ;o;tage in hi:' liiv thc.· 111 a 11 lt :1, · trl':t·~·~..·d ,. 111 1 kllldly. if indifTen·ntly . . \t tht· a•··~.· " i t·i ..·ht ht• 11, .. , • ~ ;-. :.... -. ,_, ~ t•• n ot ice t h a l t h c r c.• a r c ,!.!'1. r I ...: t1 11 1 ·~ ·' Ill It' \\'It)' I ;t h >ttt hi 'tl . :tlld Ill· ~ in g-l cs t h~: m 1 >Itt · · · 1• • a =-' \ · t c t t Ill s ' 1 I 1 1:-- c r ll d 1y . T" h j 111 co· j r 1... a r, . t " .. ·1 r " :.... .. 'fraid ca ~ . st tes . "t;:ttlc- tale:--" . and were ''"ll 11 11t c.·n titkd to these epi th et~? l~ l'JJH:mht.,- thl' talc.·~ ,,,.~ ,, 11 l. n u t dd 1


\ utl ~ 11 <1 a!':, ... a l,., ut th e he'-""' ni Y'' ur acquaintanc<.'. ~ ou puut. a nd run c~·ying innn th e ~'~ "' Ill. Y11ur iamil) l a ugh ~ and Lhin k:-- ) •Ill. an· a JH'rfn:l liuh.: p r ig: b ut tht·y an· t• u) polit t· I




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. \l' .'·, ,u i r11111 th e ••ld m ai d I :, ,., I,~ t• > 1I h: n ::--<.'ltt .' ·1 -ltt·,· ....:t ltah il. ancl· ~· · ·u 11•1\\' hc.·c•1J l1 L' a :'l'lltinw nt a l young llli!"' \\·i th i•lc:: tb . ~. ~" ,·,q 1 hq.,:in t •• aclmin.· l'\·cr.''r 111• 1re than \li lt cc ntld ·ha~·c.· rk-..pi-..ccl him hefn r l·. ~''""· ii n c.·\·t.: r hcft >rl'. ' "It arc h :~·d hit. l·:a c lt h a t - ti p th a t Y" ll t'l'<.'l' i\·c.· llll tltl' :'trc.·et ·~~ 11 11 ~:-- . ' (Il L· uni•~rtltlla\c.· y o~ ung:'ter \\'h" addrt':':'t'"' _\'llll prn b·1 hh· t'l'cc.·i ;.<..... t•nh· a hlu~h i n rl.· turn . . \ncl then . .Y•'ur fir:--t : c.· a j I>L·a u ! • Ynu ,·,·e IT j, 111 r t <.'c.' II.-\\' l' n·n · t _\'• 1\1 ?- " he 11 y o u r cn ·in:-d th a ~ lir t in ,·itat i• )Jl tP a t tend a party \\'ith :t y n 11n g- man~ \\ 'a:-- thl'l'l' t·.·~..· it~· mc.· nt at \ o ur h• 1 u ~~ that \\'L' ' k? lt 1~ n nt a J1 it t•H• 111 ~1 rh ll'llllllk tn tn· ••n a lit' \\' drl'~:-. nnw. I t is for thc..· <) · ca-..~ t~tl ! \\ ha t a ne~nrhalent air \'Il l! tn· L•' u:-- · " ·hen ,., ,u c.·tt :--ll :t'ly t c.· ll ~~~ur chunl:' that ynu a re ~~nng tq the pa rty . but they must not tell. < >n the morning- after thl' party. a p 1 ditc.· Y• ' l ng· l:tdy t~ll=-- , . 1,tt that nntr b ea u had in,·ited h l' r The next timl' li r:--t. , ,, 11 n ·n·i·: '-· :t il itl\itati t~ 11 in•m that y 11ullg 111:111 . y n u rcfu:-.l' him h :tll).! tlti ly. \\ hik .'.' 'll may l t:l\·<.· p I ayc.·t I .. :--l'('( 1nd fiddl<.: '' ,, 11 ~..T. ,.,1 11 lll' \L'r




t <.·l l tl111th e r all aJH,llt it. and r<.:cct\·e what c.·• o1 11 ic trl ~ •' \1 can. l~ut nntr ckei:--i , nt i=-- tHI\\ made. ne\·cr t el Y n11 hate tlwm and h :l\'l' anytlto~ tlg' t11 du \\ ith f>, ,y:-- ag-attl. :t\ •1i d t hllll \\ltc.·IH'\'l'l' jJtl:---...ihk. .\t tl 1i:--- time \ 'Il l! :trt a peril'l't littk ·dd maid .a nd iu ra flo" \ Ta r:-- , .,, 11 n ·;n :un :-.c >. \\ ' h en yt~ur ia,··~ ritc unci · tea ~c=-­ il ll'!l t..::•

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mamm a ahnt that rucll' lbt;-;ting:-- h11y and Lite ltatt·J:ul Smith \\'ho pulled _nntr lt at·r:.. ·1' 1 " ma matLL'r~ \\"111':-'c.'. tlt;tt ~am · n ex t -door n eighh nr \\'ft., used !11 ~lid<.' de>\\ 11 till' l' l•ll.: r-dl"'~'· now c ha ~es _nnt he•ttl• ' fJ'tltll ~.-· ·· ll tltl l • " ,..._ ('\· e n · alfl•rrt •ll lll . Y cH t cl11 11 ( I t k 11 () \\' '1 t (" t I I ' 1 r~ . \\' 1at 1c.· w " ltl <I , I1 , 1·1· 1 1 ll' ca11 .~ tt -"''11. Inti you son n fi no n u t. f(l r litH.' 1 1 1 < ay tt· cat c t<.·~ ynu <:n d rc.·fu ~e:-tn l<:t .'' <Ill R" until \ ' 1111 I 1· ltt\' <.' \tsse d him . ll all' ittl tlt••uo·ht'




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a~ain. hut rath l' r rc.·iu -.. t• <.'\l'l'_\' in,·it at ill l1

that l;tig-l{t JHI-..-...ihly hl· :-- c.·~·, ,n tl. third. 11r i11urth . f~cu1k-.. again t• 1 the rc.·..:rue! In li t t·t a lltrc.· ~~~11 lind a partial \' 1111 are glad \II ll'a,·<.· thi~ im 1 c-,t in 1111 ~ thl· nn11 q llt'" lilltJ. f"•rtant "tthjt·l·t l t l authnr:'. \\'lln '<Jitahhl(• ''''l'r him a ncl tn· tn in\·ent 11 1..~' t.'' Jll..' . c• i him t u ~ind n ·a <le r:--. - S<>R >S I S .. I.


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\\ ' t· ar c.· tn n " ·ell a ~ ... tlrt.'d 11i tIt' hL·~: 1ty en nnc rati o n Il l bcult\' ;~ nd :-.tmknt:' and . \llc.ih 'r ... ~a :'f tb·tt we :o:hould enter t:n1 ·1 1 <~i!r v:~ 11: \\ iili t,,. , ..,.__.:: t tr,·: li·l.t: 11 1. \ t • d·· t::n our. e h·c"' !!Ill ;1!,"\' C ···u r criti ~· i - m. ''.L' c·"ct : :-. •lit: it it. J, •n't "!,nn rk" • ~ • t..' ,~n · ·•n1 tl i! · tq~ !'- '• ll:l' ,,j _,· : IH hc :-- 1 -.; t• ' rics. : : i ~:' n : r ! ~! .. .t l· ·. r." '·!·' _ ,l ! l. .._ • I . 1 • 1;-. ._ II \ · • · L I~ cl :--. 1. .· 1(. t. l .t . h


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\\ · h c n y o 11 11 g- I' haL' t on a . .: p i n: d

c h :1 · i1 •t l 1 f Phoe btt:" : \ polln. it\\':\:" n n t \\'i thout gu11 d l'flll't' l k tt the ll rnry ~ire tn:mblcd. ~t'lf-co nticl<.•nL·e witiH•ttt underlying :t hilil,· i ... b u l . Y n o n y m o u =-- to a f<H >II! a r ci i 11 e:..:.... \\' lt i t ' h ~ 11 , n 11 d h t' 1r 1~-.. k.) und er no circum:-;tancl':". l''J>L'cially 11 11 1 " ' 11<.'11 a Ill'\\' .\n c l:"r ~ta11 ~hould sh o w .y n,ptnm .· 11f this l' \ il. It i:-; t rtll'. thl· ,,.._efll! nc:-;~ o f ou r co l ~rg-e p;t)><.• r cannot ht• ClllllJl:lrL·d w ith that 11f i!tl' brilliant orb o f thl' hen\'C.' n -.. and \\' <.' :1n: quit l' ~ttrl' tha t l'\',:!1 if an inc~m petcnt sl;tf)' \\'nuld ruin till' papL-r th<.' L'at ;J ..:tr"pltl· \\~Ottl cl ne1ther s<: t tht• \\' t> rld (l l l fire n n r ch;tng-e thl· palt- i:l<:t d :\ o rth crn <'r to an Ethinpcan. J1ut

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journ;t)i:-.111 i:' ~ll l11<..'tii11 C:- L'llll . . jdt'I'L'd \\'l' arL' 11<.' \ ' l'rt h ck:-;:-- cnn =--ci 11 11 :-- oi a l'L' -


i n~i g-nificant



\\'!t en tnthu:--i :l ~ m il)r P t';t'• lry run ·~ particularly l:i;..: h at I ~u;' · e . it i.: rath-..·r d i ... ;lppr~int' n~ t11 I ·a i n t hat the a nn !nl

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lt·1:.: b n· n h :trr e cl frP tn tiH' pre ~~r:l m n f nr:ltnric :d <.'\'l'P...: . \~· c, , rdin r~ tn prt'"C11t a r rn n ~L'I11 l'll t :-:. the RnY<:n c n ntc-t 111 J u n ~· ' ill IH. <:om c the ntH' illt p ort ;Plt c.' \ ' t' lll in o rato ry. th e \ \ it iwr n f wll;cll \-.ill h t· ll •')'t·, n 1 n · ... , llt;tli,·L' ;tt the ft nl r n•ttte..: t in the <.· n..:nintr ~h n· h . . \~ i dv fr••tn tht• ian t h ;~t th ~ \\': nnL· r \\' :!I ll ;l \ ' L' ti m e frn tn _lt1 tH' ti ll \ l;tr,·h tn impn ,,·c hi . .: n r;til·m th l're i..: little r t• -..uh =ll;..:· ad·;:t ntat!T. l · n·kr tht~ rc g ulatit •lt..: nf the l~ a \T ll nllltl·.... t all a..:pirant' f tl l' o..:t ;t tl' hl)n n r!' nrc !l(···e-.: -..arih· . . 11(1\\' :--li~hth· . li:n; tc d 111 thc·ir L-h,,i rt· 11f ~u hj c ct. F u rtht•r. t 'lt't'e j~ n nt Oih.: tnn m;~ny <.' n11ll' ' l elf thi' kind at pre~uH ~illcl thL· :'lttcknt hr Hh· fL cl -.: thnt ran· np po rt ttn i t i c ~ in • ! r:n .~ n· ~!n· hL'lll !'' t ·:k cn 1 •· •tn 1 !1~ 111 . thro •ll!!h th: 1· :-':-! n f th t· r c !..r~d~•r lew·; ) l'f'll l ' "t. :\l .- •1. ::n mL·t h :n~ tlll ~·ht tc 1 h<." dnne t•' Cll!l

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:-:tcm the tj dc nf t· lnq u t•nt:l' i~·( l lll pulpit - tr a ined. nr pr•lil' .;:"'i n q ;tJ t~ratnr" ll\• \\: ho111 lT tqH:: and , , tJ w r in ~ •irut iml' ha Yt· he l' n r C'I (' :I t l' d I y ~~ d L' .1 \c.' d i 11 \ h l' • 1:I t (' c I · Ill ~ .... i ... . T h I • \. : 1 tl ~ (.' IIi t h (.' c!i111inatietu nf the Inc;~) t·ont c•:-;t j.._ du(' 111 the c rn , \·cl<:d JW!'it:on



of th e l w~1 cl of th e d epa rtm en t nf n ratnry. ThL· unfai ling- n .> mc \h · \\'t Jttld ht· 'th a t g-c l H.' fl•tt~ a :--:'i:-;tanct· he g-· ,·c n him h y action 1lf

the cnuncil.

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t ile .\ : ma 11lh:lling ll':llll will S \\'ll••p dcl\\' 11 tlp,,n ll n p.· and thi ...; will a li'nrd n ·t•ry lo; a l ll npcitl'. he lu: nf th~o• :--ih· •r \\' <.'t' k

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larg-er ntuliellt't' enjt,_n·d tilt· =-' <.'C ••nd J>l.' ri•,rmance. F·~IJ• , \\'ing- this. arr:l llg"t' IIWIII :-- \\ v rt· rn:tdt· 1\1 Pn ·!" c n t t It e p I a y a I C <u 1p c r !" \ · i lie an d ( ; r a 11 d I I a , · t· 11 • \\' h <.' r c . on the C\' L'lling~ uf \ larch 20th :llld 2(,th tiJt•y f11r ther d l'llll111 ..;tratul tlwir \\.,,rtiJ hy tltl'ir ahilih· to :--tH't'L' t' cl ,, i t h a kss S \ '111 p a thctic a udi cncl·. l'nder thl.' :tu!'pice!' ,,j thl· l••cal .\ 11 ti ~altHll1 f. e:•g-lll.' the pl:t; \\<1:-- u n n: 111orl' gi\' L'Il at i'ri,·l'·:-- 1-\in k •m \larc h 2tJ. wh<:n tlll'y playccl it ) a h•ltJ S<.' pad.:cd '''th e cf,uw. It \\'fluid he !' Up crl1n tJ :-' In :-;ay anythin g- ahnut the piny i1 :--eli n r tht• acting-. :-:incc tlwy han.· :rlrl'ady recei,·ed thl' 0. 1...: . .,j all whn h ~l\· c \\'i11lt' :-':--(•d it. Tht· c haract ers \\·en· \\'l'll adapted t•• the indi,· idu al-; repn: -..<: nting them and \\'l'rt• intl'rpn.' tl'd \\ ; 11t t'\' C ll

tak e n a d c:-: irable :-: tep in a n ew di rl.·c ti o 11 :1


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s c h ot•l?

wi:-'h a l:lq.!'l: . rt )\·al s ize pap(.'r rcpresl.'nt Your ' . T n cn patrPnize our ad,·crt iscr:-' . Th e s e men do n ot

a ch · e r t i !'" i n t h l.' . \ n l' h o r


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111 ~ r e h ·

t u h ·1 p tt s fi II u p :; p a c e nn c1

ita :tdd iti nll. The,· want th e i r money·~ \\'t>rth. Th ey want .,.t,ur .trade in return . Our b11-;i n ~.:~:' manag-er cli.s likcs ttl pn~ c a~ a.r1 ag-ent for a charity in!'titutinn . You can help o-rr,at h.. · in rCIHkri n<T l I niland's hu:--ine:--:' men willing- lt) gin: :--. :-.._ hi m thl'ir a~b . . \ sm ik nf wdctlllll' is s o much mCirc plea.:--ant th a n a\\'1 or g runt. f .tu>k at the <Hh'l' rti:-:.enH.·nt :-: in our p:tp<.:r: tile m o!'t re lial ~lc merchant:-. ad,·crtisl.' in it .

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thl.'ir ;H·t i1111 mark -..

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Th · gTl.'':ttt-..t m u:--i<.·:tl tn·a t uf th e year ''a..; prt:'C ilt t' cl t l :• ppn'L' i~ti\ t' . :tttd;L' nn·:-: 11 11 \Jard1 2r, and '27 in C:1rn c ~ i ..: J !all ·, , lll'n t ilL' ("'I'l l ; t ;t .. l.!-- tl tl' ·.till· l :l':iu ti i ul C ltn·t•Jt .. \'." rt'lllk rvt . . The d ur i! ... , , j a hundred \·nit-e.: wa-; n ·n · imtJrC~~;,.l.'. I thPtlgh I:H· k':n~ :--l ightly in ,·n l nnll' . while g"t ll'l-!t' t ltb d i:'play t> i tilt· hC'atttiiul nr it·rnal rtlhl':' w:t!' Ye ry <.'ct ndul· i , ·l· \l) ;..!i,· e t it .· \\' ht~k :t \'l'I'.Y n ·:t !i-.t i c a :-' pt·ct. Thl' cnns.:--tl' llt act ; n g- oi :\I i:'' . \ '· i ;-; Y a 1l ' ' •\\' n 11 part i c ul a r ly l 11 l' fa ' ·, r :t n d a p p rtT i a t i •'n n f t 1w :1111lienn·. ~l i :-:...: ll t•lt•n l(l·ppcl':-:. :tpp t•aran l' l' a :-; Qt11..·en F.:'tlll'r ,,·:ts ,·en· • '~'". while .la ml':' Drkl·ma ·=' \'!)ire ancl actin~ d i d .. :--1 .,; ikin :-.... . : 1 g-rt'at deal toward p rc:-:.l.'nting- thl· cantata in the m o:l f:tn) !';thk a..:pt·ct:O:.

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Fr.,m a financ ial "tandpui11t till' re;-;11l t \\'<1:-. iar ht·\·, 1 nd "hat tilt• sl'llitlr:-: had clan·d ht~pc itlJ'. Thl· lllllfH'\' ,-; \II IH· dl.'\'UlL·d fq r :-'O illt' "'lllht<tntia l m clllnrial 11i th t' ria:--;. It i-.. L••


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:-:Pi ri 1 a 11 d .i u cl g-me 11 t. .\ I Ill' h c r<.'cl it is d u · I 'n , i. \ · ;11Hit· r .\ IL· llll' 11 i .. r hi:' l.'~et· ll ent c"a c hing 11i tht: pl:t_\'l'r:-:. .

1'': h np ~d that thi:-- e fi"llrt 11i the.: cia:--:',,, l':--t:lhli . . . IJ a • \\'dl h e ~ uppnrt e d II\· !'t ll'l'c.'l' din c·· c h• •ss<•s ' l'ltt· <· ) •·1""!'-• • • •







It . t• ·m:-:. al111nst ttllll ·ce:--:--: tJ'\' t" cnmllll.'llt Uf H li J a thin ~~ th a t has earn(·d :-'tH: h a rt' J>tlli11i•ll1 ;tnd mack s uch a 11 Jlllpre -; :-- JIIIl a:-. It a~ the ~l'lti••r l'lay. " l ' nder thl.· ~pcll." C:i\' l'll tir:--1 1111 Friday . :\l :trc h 1 2 . it was suc h an tlll<Jll ali lit-d ·· tH·n·-- ..... that th


wtll l:t ttn · l!t·d thi:--

tongue or :-. low n f =-' IH?<.' t:h an npportt111ity tn \'t•nt h i" Pl'll t -t t p 1: n t l 111 :-- ::1 s Ill i 11 tit c :-.u p p' 1 rt c•f I I ope·=' pi, •Ill' v r :-- 111 t Ill' 1j c 1d q r ck•hat in g-.


l• •y :tl l!c •ptik..; will ..:c._• 111 it ih :t t tlt r- :-:tandarcl ncn\· :-'l'l i:-- at lc:::--1 lll:ti111aincd. ~nd . i i pt•:--:-:il,k. th•!tt ~~ h it he 1111 =-- li~· ht t a:-k. that it II(: :-'ttrpa:--=-,:d . - I. ! I. I ) .. I 0 . kt:'

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A~ l' HC R




------the H' rtn':- \•: nrk r• u n til t h<.·, · h :HI an C \' l'l1 111 ~ u f

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t lt cm!'l·h·<·=--. 1t i=-- n<.·td : l ' !--:-i l •l !':l \' th at the :'d c leph u n i a n~ 1- nu \\; hn\\· t n ma ke a ~u·t'l'·:~ llf t lt~-1.' tlC\.·a:::;ion ~. Th e

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ll"rlll. a..: tt :--u;tl. IJ a=-' '' l'U l a i<: r n: 11 i 111~ ! 1\' I t=~ dnri n g thi=-- t u · t tl tll"rc than aqy ttlln.· r tl •at 11tt:·

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in a g-ood t i nw onre : II a \\hil c . and c ,·c ry o i11.·. \':J.q h a=-- t ake n a nH;i..:l· in tlk ~d~kph on e wil l a h,·ays rcm~.· m h e r t h e " blll\\'-f •tl t ... "

ina·rit r~.·d '' ilh. 1:u! :tl:l H· tt ~~ lt man_\ :1 i:r;d:1.' L' \'llling- h a-.. hll'll ta!~l'il l>y ha .... l, ct -J,:ti l. k~.tur~.·...; ::n rl t nt ~o.· i·t:lii::1 · ~.· :lt:- . •n:r :--·••.:i~.· ~ic..: lt :t\' l' 11111 .~i, · L n !1p th ~ 1.. f·':...!' \1 ~t r

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ml'et ·ng---. 11 <: ' I · n ;... ....

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Tlt e l lnp<. 'ulkg-~ I khatin!~ 'l11l h n~ made ar r :tn g-c m e nt ~ • fn r a d o~dll t• ~ k h a t c \\'it h . \ ltll:l.. T IH· cht<.' ha -- no t yet b ee n :-=.ct. Th e t ca~n \\' h ;c h w ill ck!Ja L' <~l .\lma con .... i•'l. o f Il cm y J ~ntt~ch~t·kr.;(;e• · q~c l~cHI:-, t a11d ( ~ra n t l~i nk amp. Anth o ny \ ·~. rlm bt . J o hn \\.<! r n..: h ui ... and \ 'e ntt' < > ~· g-e l w ill mee t th e

ta\ ~ lt l .

\\ L r L' h 1. d ( 111 T it u r :-- d a y o r ~ : ll 11 r d a y n · g- Jn ....

Tl ti:' .:-iill\\;-. that --< nat l' ih ing j.., I> ·ing tl•• tH: in the ..... ,c ic t i ;.·~. a11 I il:~!l tlll d '!'t'u··: :J1 t ~H·n: I>L• r-. cnn . . . i•kr ~.,ci~o:t \· \\ ork 11f til· ll l ll l•• '' i t.l J,IIr! ·• tt:: e. . \ tL'r:n ,, j ~;·and :-uc~.·, ~~. gn••d p r"grattl:' a n .! tlllll'h <:1 1j r s.' tlH' lll i:-- n pnrted hy all th e ~•)C i dic!' .

.\ lma n; c·n a t: IJ c,p '.

Y. M. C. A .

Th e Fra t e rn a 1 ~ ar k<.•eping- up th ei r o ld n :cn r d:'. T h~.· ( 'q_...llli•P"Iitan-.. Clll r <:ptlrt :o-t t 'C I.':':'. enj"·' ' Jllv tlt and 1·r • s :~ n '•' . lt..... ~~~l'.('i \ 1 1i'\.'lt l. .... tr:l !•:1-. J'l'l : \ ' !.' 11 l(J hl' :t ;~ r rat . ._ t H.·n·..:·._ Cl ll •l rtntain!' a •:cry \·a : uaiJic and attra,· t i,·e ie a t u :·e qf the..• ""·· i<.·ty. T h e :\ll· lc-pilt :ili · 11:-- ah· ku·ping- pace \\ it h tl H' l'' lk~<.' ... ,•. : .. ,i ·=--. T ll C' :\ I itH: n ·a rcp vr t.:-: j .. _, and p r n=--pcrity ; ~"~'~'~·~ and h l':t11i.ii.ti l ;:rn·~r:: m~.


TlH' Y . \ 1. C .. \ . cah ill ·t ui ·o~- · OtJ r cti r ~ ... w i th th e <1!' nctat i•ttl i n a p rP:--.))L' J'tlll:' l'll tHl i t it ,n. D11 r ing-t• tL' pa ... t y c:u- t he m em her~ hip h :t~ i;tcna~ed t o P I H' h undred 31H1 t \\l'n t y: at the r eg:n -

ti:n ·· ..,


\\ ' ~...: mn~ t

n ni f,,r;~<:t t lt l' J) u tc h :o-Pcilli l·~. th v l'l ;-: la-. a t l \ ':t n f ~nalte Cluh;-;. I ~u r=n;..•: a L u.:-:~ te r m th<.'_,. In,· ~.· cnd t a\ tt r ·.) H • d,> ll:trd ''-''ri ·. T. Jl·i r t1UJ11h l' r~ ;"tr l· l ~t rg· L· r than tt"ual. T it.· L 'lfi la~ pn•tn i:-:l·:· a ;....·•c:d .lll ii l!: tl pul.i i·· pr":.! r :il1l. arr an~ . : llli'ili' l u r \\' h ir: IJ h a \·~ a lrca<h· hn·n ma<k . F r id ay t: \·1.·n;n: ··. .\ l <~n· lt H ), th e.: ·~·~tllPJl(llitan ... L.:atiH.'f'L'd i11r a n <.'\' <.: nillf,!' nf mcrri!ll''ll t. T he :'milin~ hn· ~ ,,f tltvir lath ir =<.· n d;-;. h P \\'<.' \(: r. wc.:n· 11 11i :'1.'l' !l anll, ll !_!' thL· j<'.' i11lthn1!1~~. T h · Cn~mopnli t a n ~ caml' inr a jn,·ial g-c11H I time and n h ~.: t rt y l:t tt ·~h fp r \\'hi \:11 t hl'y in un d ab un d a nt nppnrtunity durin!.!· t h r· r vndl':i:l~ (lj a htli1H1rtlll:' pro~~r:un n nd l'Xet·llcnt ~l'll'Ct =,,n .... p'a ~ <.·d h _,.

. ..

t ill' n r chl:-;l r a . . \ itl' r t ht· pr ll~r:tm . u n=qul' r ~.· i re~lttll<.' t lt~ \\Trt.: !" (.' f\'L'd . n itt·r \\' IJ i l'1 1 all l'l' llll'll l' cl \\'i th i t tcn::t~ed l.'ill hu -. i:t.:-:Jil r.,r ...·11c i l ' t


\\' O


rk .

:\ lt lt n ug-h i hl' .\ l l'lt•,\ h•l tl C' ~ncic t y h a d t'ni : '.'<' rf : t l n n qtt t' t w ith th c.:i r b d ,· frit· t HI!" :1 tlll, n t h h dn r c.•. tlt <.'y <hi n •>t cqn...:i,kr


hr nH'c.:t i ng~ n n Tll ~.·:-.dny ni;.!'l ll ~ a n a tt c ncl anct' of a h rlllt e i!-!hty h ~5 b e 1.· n cn H ~ i ~tl' ntl y ma intai n ~ d: d l'L' P :-;p i r i t u al it y a nd faithi u l n e~~ h a \' l~ c h a ra r t ~ ri /~d th L' \\'drk in e,·e r y d epartm e nt. T o ~ttcce~~ iully C(llltinu e thi :' ag:.!r('~~ i ,· L· \\·.. rk 11 f th e r e tirin g cabi:lct. th ~.: a:-:~t,c i at i n n ll l'e cl ~ th .: h ea rty and pray e rful c o -o pcrati• 'll n f ·'.·e r.y y o ll llg" man in L'tt lkge. 1·.\·c ry m a n in c o lleg-e n cl.' d ~ th e a ~~oci :l t i<111 : th e a:--~1 1ci a t io n n eed :-; c\·e ry man . To d c \·l'lf) p ~ t n •n g . m a nly. l' hri :' ti ~ n c h aract e r :'. to m:i k e t ur li,·cs co u nt w hile..~ a t c"lkt..:c. a nd tt• lit nur:'ch·c!' j, ,r future a g-gr c:;~ i \· e w ork jn the t·x tc..· n ~ i " n n i l l i ~ ki nt!'d"m . we ne e d th e p ra y e r~ . th:e fc·lln \\':-.hi p. a n cl t he in=--p i ra ti.,n o i th e r eg-ul a r Tue:: d a y ni~..! ht nlcctin;_!;o;. \\ 'c ll l'cd ~ugg-<::'t i ·m~ a n d ttn :"e l fi~ h ~c r\'i ccs in ex t ending th e ,,·urk 1li t h ~ a!'" 1c iatitll1 a nd th e in f1 11 cn n.: p f th e e< 1JI ~c. F rc 1m J eni...:.,n Pa r k <.·nnH·~ th r appea l )f an XtllllS ,nl •lth c r!' f tr ;til ''PJHH' lll il ity t• 1 ~L'Il d th e ir c hildre n \\'h ,,m th e t n a ~und a *,· s ch nn l. Th<.•r t: arc ;1 m n n •~ tt!' m a:1\· • a ia ti ('n h as n e ,·e r re ac h t.'d . \\'i t h th e b a lmy cby ~ n i :'p r in g c o m es th e 't e nd c nc\' to re laxatii J!l . ancl th ' g-e n e r a l fa lling o ff in t h c a t t l : u d n n c c -a t th e 111 e c t i 11 ~·.. . F e 11 c l \\' - s t tt ch." Ill s . l e t u s lea rn to d) a li t tl e le!'s dr eam in g- abo ut \\'lW t we ~ h n ll d n . o m c d ay h y e~erc i ~ i ng- a litt le seli-sacrifi c inf! effort n o w in th e se r\'l cc o f ·n ur 1\J a s t e r. t




Til E



A~ l' IIOR

TH £

A ,~ C H OH


.• The.' );l:-.t 111Pnth oi tht.· \\' lllter t t• nn Jw, J,n,ught !"OllH.' \\' hat oi a !ull:in atltkt ic;-; . . \ lth 11ttg-h the lau r 1:-. \\n n l >c~t ha:·+ :d-hall :-.ea;-;. , n~

11f I inpl'·:' hi:--t n ry :--till


one of th -.·

h n ,·t· r~

i n th•'

:(li l'nthtt~in :--t : c :-.tudt·n t.-' . ~Tt t h e arri' al o f :--.prin~ ha"' turn ed tht· 111 i11d:-- ui all tCI track \\·n rl· and ha:--<..' h:lll. . \ nd well it mig-ht : i11 r ll ttpc.· nc.·t·d 111H ht: a...:;hamL·d ni h er pa .... t r eco rd in ha::c-bal!. and all in clicati n n...:; t>nint t 11 a ra ttli n ... •,. ;-... ("f'nnd rc.·am thi:o: 11H.. Il1ory

\Jr. /. . l{ •'l' lll ta n. ·d,, 11 i the \\ ' t':' ll'rt t Tl~t.· •d u;...!i·ai ~ t.· nt­

hl· prnrni :--l' "i t h n.·t· call..... Tltl''. are irn111 Ua k J l arht~r. \\ · a~lt.: l ':-. t ick . Ill .. and ~urtlt l~kn dntt . inar.' . h:t"' aln·:t dy n ·n· i' l'd

.\ I il' h. R c,-. L>irk


:1cn·pt l d thL· c~ tl l !{ ~· ,· . : 1 \ ' C IT




I >c l~ e y . ·/')·


JJ ,,JJand.

\:,·J,ra-..ka .

It ·~ : -- ing-, ll ! int~i ~.


\ I. \ "an ckr :\lc.-ukn. ·,J I . Ita ... pr« l\l'd lt illt 'c·li l«l h .·

t: fh ci L'Ilt itt .... t rtt CI•• r 1d dr;u na til· art.

atll'l' pl:t~· . "l . tl!kr the · ~ l' l' ll." gin· n :--n

Th L· gnat ::--lll'l'l' ..... ,jnJI_,



1\ c\·. La\\'I'L' tH 't• I>.' k:--tra . ·7_; . latL' pa...:;t••r 11 i the F ir . . l 1~ \· · i" rtn l·d L"ilurc h 11i f{ ~tt'll c:--tL' r. \: . Y .. wa" in::--tal lcd a~ pa -...lor 11 ! tilt.• (;ra ct· 1\dc •rntt·d ( lturch 11i < ;r:1 nd 1-!:tpid:--. t> tt .\pril 2 . He\· . ~ . ZanrJ . . t r a . 'o3. \\'i ll ~h(lrtly tini-..h hi .; p P:--t-g r a duatL' :--tttdit·=-- at (',.J u mhia l "nin·r . . ity . \:t' \\' y ., r k t. ity . \\'IH·n ·ttp•• ll Itt· intend:-: tn entvr upu tt tilt· a l't i,·t· \\'11 rk "i tht..· ~u~pd tn itti .... t r.\'. l: rtllll 11)1 1,;-l «~n ; Ill· lte d til L· \:t·\\·ln-rry :O:l'hld:t r --lti p in 11 r illc,·-

Th t.·nltlg·ic:tl :--;v rn:r tar_, :tru l in ICJtlK a l · ni\ t· r ...:;it _\· F l.'lltt\\' ip ti t 'f"l )umhi a l ' nin•r . . it,·. l. ;tl-- 1 .,·ear Ht· \·. /.:1 ndl'-t ra lll<t iTi, ·d .. ~ li :-;s ~linnit· \:iL·:-:. daug ltt L'r "i J{l'\· . II. \:iv'. ·/J. pa ,lnr "i til:· l · n i, m I{ d• )rr\H' d l h 11 rdt . l'a ll r:--1111. ~ . J. t tl tl

T h c I{ c Y . . \ . l. . \ \ · a n 1.... I llt : ;-; • · 'J 7. " i . \ Ill• , ." . l ·It i 11 a . n T L' 11 t I_, addn: :':--.c.·d tht• Y . \ 1. and Y . \\. l' . . \ . o n " Tilt..· .\ wakl.' tl in g ., j l ·h ; n a: · It a I \\'a y s a (( 1 ) r d :-: 11 "' gT '·at p k :1::-- u n · t " I i ...: I t' n 111 ; 111 i11.~piring addn: :-:;-; irn111 " " l' 11i nttr u\\"11 .. \lu m n i. 1~ .

\ "a n l lc.- un·k n. ·IJIJ, CJi l't pt ed tht: call to 1\ottcrdant. l'a11-.a:--.

. \ t\\l liH I.


I ( ' Ill Jll'l"

:--;en iu r da .~ :' . w a=-- gi\T il unckr hi=-- d in 'C ti•'n .

l~ t.· ,· .


:\lirh .. lw:-- ac-

\\ ' ill ard 1'. \ ' art d c r L aa n. 'o:;. ni t lw \\· L' .... ll' rtt Th t..•n ll•g"ical :--;cminan·. h a:-- hL'l'll L'u111pt·lkd t o gi\·t• up lti .... c tl !irtg- t 1• t ill· mini;-;try. 1111 a<.T•otwt 11 i :tt l :dllil'tinn ni tilt· t h rtt a t. Thl' . \n c h 11r iL·l.'i:' t h at t he m=ni .. tr_, '' '11 ltl:o-L' a g'tllu) tlla ll h11t \\i:--11 ·:-- hilll :' ll Cl't':--:' in w ha tl' \·Lr ••thvr li L·ld ill' lll:t \ ' (' tlll.' r .

!" t' a :-on . ·. ·a p t a i 11 I ~ k k k i 11 k i n f1)r m "' u :' t h a t t I H: n· i :' a n a h u n ct · ann.· of g:tHHI n tatcr;al. h u th IlL' \\' and tl ld . and althoug h tht• t eam j , m<ltk :up 11ltl·q'y 11i h t'l _,·ear·:' pl:lyl'r ..... thL'l'C i:' ~nmc n ew m ;n er:at ·that ma y pnn·L· ;1 hnnanza ior old ll tlpC. l~ut .t nil1t' llH'Il i:-: al l thL' rcg· tdati ~t rt:-- aJJ.,w n n o n e team. sn any \\'h ll i:til in t ht· tr_'-nttt f11r th l' 11r:-:t tt:lln ll C'L'd llfll g-L·t db \.·nuragt•cl i11r 11L' :-.t ;11 lin e re~tnc...:; the q•cn11d tt•am wlm;-;e ~], rit·..; last yc:1r w t·re n n t iew. I ~t..·:'idt..·'· C'ia-=~ team:' arc already bcingorg-anizc ~l. hc 1t h in th e prep. ;tnd cnlk~t· dl'parttlll' ttl:: \\'h kh gi ,·c::; aln~u =--t l' \ cry Ollt' ittt cn·:'t<:d in ha,l·-hal l a c h a n ce tn :-:"hn\\' t h~ i r ~k i l !. l t i:-' nt~w !dt tt• al l t hl· :'tudt·llt~ in 4!!"l. c'~"i\'\.' -- 'tH.: ral t o :--.. th e colic ~ ~· tl'arn it ~ tH: uh:d :'uppt•rt. C n ml· 1H1t t11 c\·t• ry game. han d (n"t" r ~ cn t r liitt.'l' ll n·nt=-- like a 111a11 and yt.·ll a~ long- a;-; t h e r e i=-- a breath kit. :\lan:'tger \ '<!11 ~trcen ha~ arran .:..!·ed th t.· fnllowing :'ch ed u l· · in r t h \? n o nth o f \Ia \·: :\lay ·: t- ( ;olden ~ a int' ( l f (;rand Rapid=--. \l ay ,'S--\Jc ghl in';-; l:u :' itl l' :--'~ l"ni\Tr, ;t ,· n f Crand

• ..

Rat ,id!". \lay .r;-Grand Rapid-.: ll igh . \) a , · 22-

rrand ll a \T il ll ig-h. TRACK.

The ~Httl oo k fn r a g oud track t ea m


m nn· encou rag-ing

e ac h yean I .ast \·ca r \\' C had :'nmc ~nn<l tnatl'nal hut lack ed :--ufficic nt ~nthu . i a ~m. Th i:--: v c ar " ·c· han.: h ut h . hut lac k that ~ h ining ro':td t o s u cc c ~:' that is pa \' ed w ith the brick::; o f f::tculh· ~ a n ction. Th e great apo:-;tlc has :-"aid . '·K no\\' y c n o t th at the,·





w h ich run 111 a r :t t' l' run a ' l. ln tt ' ''h' r l •·\: i\l'tlt the pri7.t•? s, run that ,.L" lll :t\ c•l>l :t itt. .. \\ v \\tHd d ... q:.,~:_:~. ... ~ tin· l.t-..t :-l' tlll'ih''-= . . . a.; tiw 111 ,,\\ ,, ,li 11\l r track t~.· atn .... n that in tit~.· l·••:nin~ r ::rc " · ny nhtain nnt •• n h · tht· l:tttrl'l ... h 11t al ._, , till appn,,·a\ u i h· nh the pnhli· ~t nd i :trult ~. Yl·;..; . all "i ll l'l' intl'n -.. tl.·• l. " l~nt ''hat i~ thi :-; r ac l· :·· i. d t '-' qu~.· .. till ll 101\l' ln::tr:-- in•:11 '-<litH.' ni t h C'

:\lu;;kcg-n n :tn d JJ ,,lll'· .\ 'a\ua' ll<.· t ~'''l'h'· \\ill l:t· gin n wh'ch mu~l he cnntt··,l f••r ~.·a\· h .' t•ar. . tlllt ' in =--n r in;,.!' a nH· ~ t C\' t' : .'· ,·car. lien··!' hoping t h :t l ll 11pl.' ''ill hl· t it ~.· (,r ... t t1• ,h·:ltl·r tl: ...• trc phy witlt:n ltl· r w all" a nd that ' t nny l••l't' \ ' 1.1' r vtn;tin thl'rc.

•• ...

in th :~. the o ne !" JH• rt in \\'hit It tltt·_,. t•n•. t·a n Jt ,· lp t•• r;ti:-.t' t h e ~tancbrd 11 i )l ,•pl· ·~ a thktic,?' Th t:- l' q tll' ' ii• 1 ll ' \\i l! },~, kil u11an ~ wt· r r d. hnt lt t' rt· i:- tl t t' Jl"i n t : gt·t hu -. y. 1'1~ tlJ' thl' nll trt:'. buy :t ra cque t and kt t ht.· cry. •i tlltt' I· ,,. ·. h''" It~\ 1.' t.• rhll thr mg-h il1l' dro0pi n g- pint':- " i'"ll t h l· ~.·, .Jk~l· c:ll iljl \1"'. hrt t'!..!" ll~ tn th t• car~ nf all tlH· a-..;. ; ur~nn· th at JJ ,,pl.· j.., all th~.· r~.· :utd th at :'he \\' on 't :;tand b :11.:k f11r at\\' c, >liLgc in tltl· ... ta t~.· . 11''· tt c• r ttl the unH>tl.



II p R


tvl. H. Airoli th· Res Aca d~mi cae: The V/eekly .Almanian; The Shawnee Ar~ row: The: C ol tegian; Dictum Est; The Echo: The I tern; The Karux; T·hc !viankatonian; The Normal College News; The Ne\-vs : Pt!rplc and Gold: The Picket; Winchester Recorder; The Re·.•C'i!le: The I-:Iigh School Review; Lowell H. S. Re ,.iew: ::1. /L C. Record; The Sunflower; The Stud ent, Eurel~a . Kas.: Ur~ in!.! s Vveekly; The Voice; The Volunteer ; !-Aon tg omery Bell Bulletin. The .College Index l'PIIta it t!' a \ 't• ry f.!'•'tHI o rati nn. "Th L· 1'••\\'t'r P ~ ~t.' li - ~acrifin· ... It ~h•J\\' :-. intt·lligl'nt ~tudy . a ck:tr •·tlt lillt'. :! nd i11 a p lt-a~i11g- and dir<.:ct :-t~ k m a l.:t·:-> an c ~trne .... t pll':\ f" r " ~ t·li-:-at·rif:n· ... l~e:-- ick~ thi;-;. tlh· l..: a7.tHI pap~r ::-hll\';-.. a J>"l'tic 'talt·n t 11i "hich ft•w :--dt•utl;..; can h•1a-..t. T he l.'lltirl rn:tkl' - ttJI •" i tltl· papl.' r i ... e~emplary. and ii tht· chid purptl:--1.· ,,j :t l'•'tr~· Rl' J•;qwr i..- t•l iurni:--h litt·rary prP'Iurti•H1:-:-a--. \\'l.' ht'lit\l' ii i ... - thi:-- i:->:--tlt.' may 'l'J'\.l' ,,.;, rthy lli emulatil)tl. \\ ' t· an: I•Htkin;.!_· for an t·~changL' cnlumn in Windom Record . . \ lhi:11t '- pirit 1;..; a:-; cnerg"L' tic a;.; l'\'L· r. and J·ud•,.in,· :-.... 1)\· her t11

ad.:lltl\\kdg-L' th e f, ,ll,lwing-:

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lt :l!' t'\' t•ry rca;..;n n l11 he sn. Th:t ·tk y nu. Wallace World, we'll try.


n:fra =n fr•1111 :--a_, ing- a k\\' ,, .. :-d:-- i n l·t·lnli i tt'lltll:'. \\ ' hv i~ tlt e r :!rqu ·t ''' n vgl·ctt•d and ... , , ... t \d tll\1 :"'l'l.' tl nn our campu ... ? \\ · It~ d•• P• •t 11ur iair 1.'11 - t.' d , take.: an intt·rc ' t 11111

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TENNIS. \\' <:can

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." n 1n g <: r ~: uuit· nt .... It j._ a grl.·;tt n: l:t: ra ~.·l· tha t \ l:tna ·..:l' r i 'a ... nu I a arrangC'(l IH·twt't' ll ' · "!H.' an d <;rand l' :lpid ... Y . '!'hi;.; i;..; :1.11 t•n t:.-ct,· n••'l'l -'~.- l h· nt·~· "hi l· h h :! .... tH' ~.·r lwi ,, r~.· lt t'l.' il ~\.t' tl 11 tl·(·:-t' p ·1 n..:. T en nr a dttZt' ll il\1.. 11 :!l·e 111 trainin~ i11 r t h i' c,· ~.,· nt :tnd a ltll(\ ugh till' \ ' :tl'l' 11 11l ,_,!•\ han•\' :tt trad · " " rk . tlH' \' 111:1 '· \l't ~h''"' th l! , . j ..... j t .. r:- that t ln·rl' i:-- at ka .... t a li tt!l· "i t h e J),tn Pat c h ;;pirit in ll llpt··, ru: ttH.' r:-. T ,, .. 1\1 ir·h ra n 1\tll Itt' ~·:a=d Ill p ra: :---.· n f L'••:!('lt ( o11 :~' r. tl tr•ntg-h \\' h ll ... t' untiring l'l'fttrt~ th·· u~ck me n h ~'l' m:Hk -..u ch rap :d .... tridt· .... t •t \\':trd p1.·rf.·ct:on. Tll('rt' an· ;d.:.,, gt~nd pr,, ... ·.l·l'l.:. 11f a llll' l in thl· tll':tr iutu r··. w h ich. if it cnllll'' lliL \\'ill ht IH t\\'l'l'll < ;r:tnrl l·~ api• l ... ll i ;~:l.



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I' t.' 1n:. :-- i tn i .... t i c:. Y n u r \ · ;tl en tin c ntllll h t' r i" :-<~'< u H \ . Cal~in C ollege Chimes. Y lilt r pa pt·r !'pt·a ks a!' Ill'\' ·r l>ei"n·. Tht.· Dut ch pnuh!ct i••n:' art' t·~ ct• lh·llt. \\ 'l' mP;..; t h ·artih· a~!l'l'l.' \\·i'th the artit.:k. "TI!n·l· l)utie ... ,,f tht· l 1 n· ~~.·nt .. 1~,· thi=-"' lla,·e " t.'\ ic 1r yt~ur~eh e:- a high ;..;tandard a nd we h npt· i :-- ~IH' _\'"li \ ' 11\1 1\l;t\'' " " r••lllilllll'. \\h at i:- .,-,,ur t' ~rh a n :--.. •~"t.' edit••r dt~in ~ •r~ --·

ll a ~ ha~ \\t·\·c -.. t't.'ll Y''li in thl' Mirror. Y11ur papt'r lno k~ g"tHtd. l'"-pt··ially tit~.~ artick. " .\b raham Lin ctlln.'' in;..;piring

th •ntg-ltt. ~ymp:tthetk tn·atnll.'nt and a ... tyk much m t· 11 d e d ~ Ore~n ge and Purple : tk:.:ign .



ht' rom-


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ill ; 111 j II I l' n :-- I j 11 g Ill : U II H: 1' .

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)'ka:--t·. Thi-.. 1:-- . \pril. rqo•) . I d .. n · l ktltl\\' ·" '' " J.,ng .""11 lt :tn: -.IL·pt. Inti .""\1 11111:--l J, v h1111g'ry . ~ ~~tC•lll and l'g'g ....... au :--:tg-~o..· . \\'IH: ttl nr huckwiH:at cakt· ... - whal "ill .""\1 ha,· ~..· it1 r hn· a kia.;t ?" "()h. g-o 1111! .\1,· ll<tllll' 1:--11 \ 'a n \\ ittkk. :tncl d• 111.t ";-u 1t ,·our hill "f iarv.

I-.. .

~c1 it i:--. attd 111 -..tart it, .,.,- right. th,· t~~~.· al t·dit •"' lh ••H ghl it ""uld 1, ~.. littin~ that tlw iandty l'• ' ntrihutl' " ' ' 11 11.' l"l·al -.. it•r th i!-- i :--~lll' . l~1.·i n~ l.'lllll'l.·tin·ly :u1d it1di' idu:tll:- tc111 Int ... : \\'it!t tilt~:-<: little rl· gi:--lr:tti•• tl -..lip:--. th1.·y lllt' rd:- aiiP\\t·d \1' It• 'i1 an d \\iltdl thl'lll " ·,,rl.; :tnd c:tt\·h what ... ll':t\ -.. park ... might th· i nn11 the :tn,·il.

\\t·r~o..· ... ,tlli.'\\h :tl •Ill thi-.. tll tkr : ,.,,\1 knc• \\' I \'tlltldn'l \en· \ \ l' ll \\rit1.· jod.;t: ...

Th1..· pn.-:-.idt·nt· ....

n • tt lark:--

111 \ ' ... t.:li. . \ncl

tiH'll. I'm

j,,r a timc- 1 tn u-..t ... ~.·t· :dH•ll t :--c lllh.' tnt~n: .""' 1 l·:tl l it. . 11\\ Y"ll l\\11 l t ~t•k pretty kn.·l-

,,., u•d i r i ~,•t td. :\lr. - -


li ,·c~ u d •1. I'll lllt:n li

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r nu I d 11 • t c a t c h a

Th1.• plat t' n.·c.:·mlt-d 1111 h · :1 ~tn·ak. .\ nd hi-.. t•ra in \\:t._,ll·l duL· \' t·t in r a half h n ur. l 'r.,i. !'It inl wk:-.1.'1 ,,·a:-- cl:ty-dn·aming in t<:rm~ Pi =-- - - ;. \\ht·n \\t·· t acl,k tl hi111. and all \\e g"Pt j.,r ''llr Jt,~.· a lcPiu mn "a" a ,~.,..;·y lucid t· =-- pl a n:ttie~n nf the hin••mi :d thcc•rt·m. \\'l· ... u; th· "h~:--llvd. ·· ~ing ~ll· t n ~k ·p" :. nd \\Tilt 11l'f. k<H· ing- hiPl t " dn·:11n c111 and •lll int c1 analyti ca l ;._!t.'nll1ctry . dirft·n·n ti ;~ l c a ll'lllll ..... tht' fc• t nh climt'll i·,ll. and nnht~ch· k nt~\\':-- wh:tt ~. · ,·t· tlth lw:t\' l'l l ,q··




1--:ui ;.- ing-a


wa-:. prnductin: ttf in:--pir:t ti.,n . a:-=. u~u:!l.

i k t••ltl u-... ,,fan l·pi'•Hk in Prni.- nh. nen.· r mine!: ju~t ··l' wo ft.:--:--·d t" ' '. ill cl 11- ill a n:rta in I 1 W il ft·~s~~h·:' c:"\pt.:ri enrcs in ntH' ••i t lw al·:·ckmit ='· ( >nc cl:l\· the air in the cla~s- rnom g-nt clu:-.t·. the l'"·"i«.•:- -..c•h ' :-- st·n:-.iti,·t• llt'SL' l>c~·<llt t11 curl up a td h e :'Cilt a ) HI\' aitcr· ..;" mt· ,. it1kt 1.':"\tract tt• rt' lllt'd\· th e clinicult,·. at ka:-.t . tt·m p"rartly . Tht.• IH 'Y· pt•:'S t·~~ l' d ( l i an • •rig;in al i dea. wt:nt t,, tl a· hh11ntlt• n-· and .~··• t a h c, ttk ,,f fn•.... h tincture 11f 112~ in :--l <.·ad. l,l' c::tmt' had-:. aftl'r a propt·r intcn·:d ui tim e . and :-.p rinkk• l; t hl' ~.~hj-.·t·ti,,nablc mcmh~.· r~ P i the drt ':-. . a~ per tn:'lruni"n~. In thirty ~l·c•HHb that Jl"· .,ft.~='"h had ll c d h ead Jt,n g ic •r . ~••llll' ••th c r plan:-a ny ••lh t• r plat·l·. The cia:':' di-..mi:-:,l·d iht'li and hi ~ t 11 n· cJ,,e~ 1111t :--tatt• what hccttme (lj the


It '-.. :\~,. ,,. Yt.·ar· .... in the \n clt"r ··•tl t.·n ~lU ll g" ; I).~· a Ill.

t~ll f

~11ap-..h ~• t ,,j hi n



:•g:t ill

11i a j• •kt.·r.

\\ l '


Acaden 1ia n .

"I kilt•! llappy :\cw Yl·:tr ... " llap py Fc,urth .. j Jul:-! \\ :tkl· up. ~ l r

1• 1


lnt:--.' . l' \'l.: r:- I•• '" -"· :ttld rv:t d a lllli'Jil v and :--ll:~ g·~.· ... t i \ ·· :1 nd illt('n --tin !..: :-- t1•n. "T il l' \ \ · ....d t.· tt ~ k;tt ~. ·:-- . .. It i .~ i·1 til ,:



iz i tt'' tit,· .\·"l lt·"~ l.' hdt~ r<.' I ~-~.·t had; . :---

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" .\h l'111 - \\' (' ll.


·l · ,.Jit •tti i'at i••ll.' :t ' ln·:tdttl ...... , I " i'h Y•'u 'd jt1 :--l hl'lp .lr. l~l"l.' llll'llclahl t n k l'l'!' tl w n ·. t ,, that Ill'''. . \n cJ t,,r :-.t ·tfl ir"tn rt•mpktl·l ,· r .,·,.Jut i·nl-

..., :- I I'

The Ve rd urette' . . pr" \ l'd .. a nd "l:~· t t.' tn tltt· l 'l-~l.·IH' .. :tr"· \l'!'_, ;.:• •"d. I II 1 1 \ ' • t! 1 111\l .... l 11••1 kt .\ •1 \11" :t tltktil.· ~..·d i\11 1' J'\111 "! \\:t~ \\itlt .\ '11 11. ll:t \'1.' , ... u r e ad ··~ikt ll' l'· ... ~~~~r:-" in 1h v Cue? 11· .... ;....•"'' !.


l· H

• ~!•!Ill;~ :t\\:.J.'

... t. t ntlard \\c ~ttld ht· t•• d~.· ,i:ttl· ir••ttt ex ce ll e n c e.

dar. I tell y•nt. .. .. ~ h Il l' k :-- . o... c 1


.\ ..

j, r ~· ·tt . ~>.•r l'111 t to• l llllll.'h

p: I I IJ :- IIi I Jw : utit 11 r i11r tilt• dt•\\tt - tr•l(ldt·tt :tncl lh t· "PJI I• ..... . ~.· d i ... apparent 1 t hr· •llght•UI . The D etroit Studen t: Tt• cl~.·,iall· ir• llll \ •'ltr prv .... ~.:nt



I ' I 1.: a i • •r I \ n·" g- 11 i t i1111 .' • i 11 1h , · A lln ani an

•• \

1:-- a \cry dl':--L' J"\ i11 ~ pr• •tlttl· ti .. tt. 'I hl· "rill r h:t-- .t th•lf'clllgh k " "" kcl ~ l' , ,j th l' ·. tJI Jj l·,· l :tn d h ·t-.. prv ... t.'llltd th l' ll'\\ · ..... ~.· lfl·ck ­ l' r l'


... ..

Iu "


\\ ' ht-t l l 1 r • •i. \lt· \·l·r \\a~ a child. thl'Y :-. ~1 _\'. hi:-. lllt~th e r h ad

It a r d \\'. I rl ~


Ill a

k l' h i Ill

IT Ill (.' m

h l' r t h l'

1l a 11 H>



t h l' ~ t at l.' .... .

t lw d ... ,r~ .. r 1h<.· diiT<·ren t rt>lllll S in th e h•lll ~l' . w·lth th1.· natlll' ,,fa 'L<lll.' nn e:1ch . The..· ~c hcn t~.· :--eemed Lt• " ·,.rk .'. :--" :'h~o..· c••llt.l.t.tllt'cl it. clwng-ing- the papt·r~ irom tim l' t1 1 time a-. lw gut the 'l<tk' le;'lrlll·d . ( IlL' day his ge11g-raph;. ~~~ :-:!11.· h t't n~· p :q w r-...



II t:






u J(



A :-: (" ...





\ . T . t•. - · ·_J II::--1 li:'tl'll t" th:lt n~t•:-tl"r . " ~ttn: t'lltl\lg"h in .... t r icknt accent:' canh.' tht· 111:\\"=-' . ·· 'hit·-

ntinutt: :t~ l cl thcn :--aid. 11~..· -..itatin~ l :. ··it u-..t·d I•• J,v tht• dittln .-. ·• flltJI11. l 1tll mama d1angt·cl it the.· ttt iH: r d :t :tncl I d•· n ·t ktt : •\\

'' h~.:n· it i:-- 1111\\' ... J· lu:-;:-;i'-·· on ~t. Patri ck ':--

I>a,·- ··:\J ,· ~

,_: 1! i c k-c h id,-~.· hi ck-a - n . :.... ,,_ ..

u.- \\:hat

j ..

wh ip pl·cl n·~·:ltll in tht• l.'l' llh"r oi a di:;h . f

p tt!d in~· :\ .- Tht.· 1 •a ... ::-- i 11 tlte dt·:-- ... t' r l .

I \\ i:--lt I h ;t d a :-.. "T n· •t

J,.,,.,, ..

"Nothing Doing." \\ ·~..· \\T ilt

Two on Prof. Patterson. ( ' hi ldn·n arc tltl· lll•1:-.l ki._-..<.: d :!nimal-.. ''" ~.· •rth . Tht·"ng m :t n \\Till an•und Jiiti n~ t·' tt •lta nt-... etc



·upid ' =-- ~arden. \\·,_. \\:ttukred n'cr tlw land: Th 1.· tlltHill \\'a~ ,h=nin ,...... <Y hri :-.. n ltth·. . I held ht•r lit tk-:-;ha\\'1.



How Nykerk \Vas Stung. l 'n,f. I J i mr11.: nt - ~a y . l'rok:'"'(•r. did \1111 !war ; tiH•\1 1 tlt.t ~ l!Trihk ac ~ i clt.· nt in I)JH: n i th e intt' rttrhall car:-. t ll v ••tl tl' l' d:t,· : Prn i. ~ykcrk - :'\n. what \\a :-'" it? l'rof. D. - \\ ' h~· . a ,,.<•J llall had h~.-r l ' U · (Ill a .. l'.t l and a

Y l ' ~. I lw Icl her I it t k ='haw I : ll o \\ fa:-.t th e en~n i n g llic:-;\\'e ~pnke in tnnc=- of lt)\' t'. I g-azl·d intn h ('r -lunc h ha:'kl·t.

I g-azed into th e ha . kct. I wi:'IH·cl 1 had a t<L te : Th<.'r1.· ~at my hH'ely c h a rnll'r. ~ly arm aro und h cr-umhrclta .

il· llt>\\' :'at nn it.

How Nykerk Got It Back. l }r of. :'\ .-~ay. l'nlie-.:'or. \\')1\· d•l l':' a i=ttk

-c),, ;-., ... rtllt


ll I'l

hi I! ? l 'ruf. D!mncnt- 1 ca n 't tell \ 'tiLl. Jlrof. :'\ . - l kl':t\1:-- l· thl' l i ttll' d n ~ i:-.

-· 111

lla\.l' you ~l' l'll that "(;irl \\ 'a nte d"

a hurT, .. :- 1;.!11

in \ an I >n·/.v r':.

r~.·-.taurant: . \ =--


t• i t h l' r I) i nlllt' n t n

li _\'()tl h c:1 r a in \\'riting. and a ~


Let us ftll your prescription. \~ e are reliab~e and our pnces are right

jnk1.·. kindly cxprc .... "' \'ttttr itnprl'''i••n


.\ hh ink. g-i ng- in r llurc hct~ral

Frntn lt-l'l:tnd· ...



:-lrand .

I kant in thl· cia:-.:-.. tran =--l ating .\ naha.;i..:: th

·· \nd l ·, . rt b


· mu d a n d h t' Ip l ' d h i 111 -. e I i. ..

T e I 1a:' k c a 11 d Ia d ~ f r i l ' ll d a t t h l' d <.·1u 't 1 11H• a i t l a ca r ()f rhkkcn:-- on a ~idL· - track. "]'II h ct I knn\\' \\' h t•n• that t·ar .,j chi cke n-.. , ... ~ay~

R. M. DE PREE & Co., Druggists



k a p l ' cl d Cl \\' 11 i n t n

:\ ric . L . f-. -"\\'11\·. \\'hl•rt·

-Ex .

r :'\ y k e r k a b" u t i t.

rt' llll'lnlwr th e -.. ayi ng·. "l.atlg"h and tlw \\'tlrld laug-h:-: \\'ith ynu. " aJ:...,, rc.·mcmh~.r tht.· \nd11 •r h •1X . tain:' to Ind ia·,

I·: m brac ing- her um hrclla. This charming- li t tl e m i ~ =--. I kr e ,· l·~ \\'ere full o f mi~chidI ~lyly !'tole a -. andwich.

r1 1t H 111

"tlll1" :-... :-..

A full litH.' of llast· n .tl l G oPd 5 haR arri n• d. ('o mf\ in and gPt




H. Van Tongeren

.. c) .,


t hink


w ill t

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T II 1:


:\ :-: C II






' TilE

---------------~-----·~----------·--~·---·--=-··------~ ~~--~--~----~---



' . · ·1t 11 n· d r c~~ t· :-\ :--- 1, ..- c' <HJ :di'<1r d

Be up-to-date.


fa~hioned ll ru ppc.:r to Iiil it. Cd a ConkEn Sclf-t i!linAfo :t: tt.sin



=? !~ •· .·~ ~~ . ~ ij

P.:u. fill:; and cleans i ~~c H !ty a m~re t c t\'c h of t1w:~~b !1lo ~ _~ ..... C res ce nt - ~'i ller. .:>ot ve5 i';;_-1 ~l tim~ . trouble and anf --:.··. f1 noy~nc e. {- _,:r. ~



Phone 15..:8


.r,.~~t~ uv r.N'S



~! ·~.:·~;..:~

'~ \ ·~~ ~ .


v.;:c,~ \ . r=--·<,. .:- t':: .· ~--:·~·:. S'-';,Xl, ~-:-.~~-'~·~mt1 ~::a~ .a. . 1\! wiH,iveyu . r uu lohls~ ti_!.lc- t~-i \ ~ "".



For a !.>ox of Choke Candies



wnt~ ' '. tth ) t,

2 C•6 Ri,·cr Strc ·t


The C'lllegc Shoem:m t;raduatt: in d :t: B 10t and Shoe Art






fJr bcltc:r and C05lS no r .r. ?{:\:-:._';'. ' mer_ t hJn g!her foun_;__:_;.:-:.~ fJ rain pens oi b~s! r.ra<l_e. ~ . j,':;. ~ Mad e by the Co~ khn } ':!)-::.. • !;; Pen Co.,T~Jiedo, Oh!o. 1 ". £.1 ~ C aB and see the Co~tk· --:r"T:~.~;~-;;.;.;c ~ lin Pen. B~;;. 1... ~. l'&~. UG!c:a. ~

F ur a nice


go tu t he

I-Iollatld Candy Kitcl1en 2!> E. Eighth St.

Try our Hot and Cold Drinks.


1 J



F· ~


This pen bas been on





years. \Ve halye watched • and kD"W • 1t grow v lS i• • 1 re.ta~ e.






., For nice Home ~Iade Cantlie!',




Citizen s P hon e 11 70.

[' . ~: u

T he ort.I!JTI~l l ; ; ·~J aml O<lly thcrntl;:!d:t S.lllS.-..i factory S (:lf-fi llt!:fl rcn. ~1-:t· ;

R . \ lV. CALJ{Iri



tio? ""vt:rv !im~ yon f d~ •.t o r




The Holland Cleacers 9 E. 8th St.

D o n't u se a

!ou n~;:in pon requiri n~ an old -



tI!· · f. j ~ ~

FoMntain Pen

l:et:-l' if :t t a~· w iI. I 't · tl sa p '

Y• ) ,. l ":tll . l. I f JI CI I. \\' C ( ', I ll ll t·fp _\' •I ll 1 •111 J:rit ,g \' IIII I' . . , 11 it ro '''"' · a1 1d \\' (~ \\'i l l r~: ­ l " n 1 i t I' u •I, i 11!.! I d\ • 11f' w



Th ey arc delic iou s.

Combinatinn lunches


The Candy M aker •


Pen11ants, Pillow Tops DU MEZ BROS.




\\·c· Ua \'C~ J'l-(.'(•i ,t•d a II "'\\' liur- t lw t wi ll 1.1• a:-:t• l' \"(.' f}' 11111 e tu d en t. \\~ f' ~IT ~ h m·.-in~ nt·\\' l• itnl s e:1nd "iz•·:->. ln.:p<'l't ou r li 11 e.


C. BLOl'v1,

S<' rv ed at all t imes.


Our Fountain ru nning at

box of

C"mh re)ln P e pairing, ~ e w Cnn' r:-\,


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I falldlt•: , e ll' .


COR. RIVER and i

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A .>.:C IIO H

----~--~~----------------------------- -------~----~ I I <I Y t , I . I~ ~ < > \ \ ' T I I :\ T

F or Up-to-date Picture Framing CALL ON US

i;n llattb

1Rtt!i ltn

Till' prize· t t•:t:- t u f rltt·

" ~~ rl.t - i ~

lllO~I dt· l ic ·iiHIK lll tll':--c · l I,

art ,,f' lmkin:,!: c·n JI \ i lll'l ·d.


Tr\' !ltt'lll

' ''

~1 111

i{ u sit

H 0 L L A N D,



=--=----------- -







CAPlT :\L. $50,000.00


1\'\ I C II l G A N


~HCI fit; A~

We Appreciate Your Trade







LI~ E . .\ ~1

PERFl ~ ~IE~

CH·AS. D ·. SMITH, Druggist



J·:a ~ t


~tref> t ,




fnr L . 1::;. \\•atvnu au nuu John II <Jllan,] F ouu taiu Pt>lls

. ..

There's No Strain on Your Purse Strings


If yuu hu y your j~wel~y and W~ltt:ht>s of us.


Corner f:ighth Street ancl Central An·.

-:\I ..l\

If c. A. Steve nson, The Hi·\~~~Lit- Jeweler II'\

\ , Ca .. hier

With Savings Department

{[ llllt.J.HH t !t

J~ 1·~



f., .

.\ I' P :\ I< 1·: 1. L


G. W.


We Can Save You Nloney ~




1ij nl hut~

B t· Y I


\\'e carry an ass urtnwnt t hat has a range In pnce ll) S Uit every purst: HllO t h(.• sanw prin· inducements are uffered on the cheaper J.!oocls HS on the more cxpensin·. Watches from $1.00 up. Watch our winnow.

Boon~s livery, Bus and Baggage line Horses Bought and Sold

209 Central. Avenue D~. Office over

PHONES: Citizens 34: Bell 20

JAMES ""0. SCOTT, Dentist


Drug Store.

·Dr. F. M. Gillespie, Dentist 50 Eas t

l ' u1 1-:i::lllh 'II'ITI and c·.. nl ral :1\' l ' ll ll t•


Te lephone 1033


Dr. P. Ernest Lloyd

Jacob Kloosterman, l.~(i





Hl East Eighth Street

: Dr. B. J. De Vries, Dentist

t ·: :\ ~' 1 ' I·: to IITJI ~T J : J·:ET

Cleaning and Repairin~ neatly done.


Trou s cn; and Overall~ for· sa le

2 10 River S tree t

Cal l and see u s .



Citizens Phone 1529



. \ :-: , . •= 0





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Vander Linde & Vissers 9 West Eighih Street 'p

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J. A. VanderVeen



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Spaulding Catalog Free


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