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Official Publication of the Students ol Hope College at Holland, Michigan

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CARNIVAL TO AID SAROSPATAK Hillegons Assumes YMCA Presidency New

officers of

P. & M . Helps Gammer Gurton Thread Needle!

YM i n c l u d e

President, Bill H i l l e g o n s ; Vicepresident, Peter Breen; Secretary, Tim Harrison; and Treasurer, Earl Kragt. On March 25, these officers were installed. Also on that date YM had as its speaker. Rev. John Benes from the Maplewood Reformed Church. On April 1st, YM will have as its speaker, S. A. Partington, superintendent of W y o m i n g Park High School, Grand Rapids. On March 18, Dr. Cornelius Van Til, Professor of Apologetics at Westminster Theological Seminary ot Philadelphia was the speaker. YM has also made plans for several meetings in the future. These include speakers such as Dr. Wichers, former president of Hope College, Ekdal Bys, a Grand Rapids businessman, a representative from the national YM organ zation, and a Jewish rabbi.

Sister College In Hungary To Receive Hope's Help Undoubtedly all students on campus will be interested to know that this year the student body will again send funds and clothing to Sarospatak College in Hungary. Throughout the year Hope students and faculty have received letters from this European college expressing sincere appreciation for the gifts which were sent to them. Above all, they emphasized the renewed hope which they received when they realized that a college in the United States was anxious to make contacts with them. Hope has maintained a particular interest in Sarospatak f o r several reasons. First of all, the RetormeJ faith traditions and practices of this old European college are almost identical with those of IIop3. Secondly, students and faculty feel the need of developing contacts with c o l l e g e s in other countries. Above all, Hopeites recognize the material aid which can n some way be given to Sarospatak in ord3r that it may continue its educational policies. It will not succumb to Communistic pressure; consequently, it has a constant struggle to maintain its principles.


New Members Join Hope's Chem. Club

Since the financial situation in Thursday, March 27, at 8:00 P. M., two plays will be given at the Women's Literary Club by P a l e ' t 5 Hungary has not been alleviated At a recent meeting of the Chem- and Masque. "Wienies on Wednesday," with student director Sonny Donohue, and "Gammer Gurton's and Hope students are genuinely istry Club Dr. Harvey Kleinheksel Needle," directed by Professor Avison, are scheduled. The doors will be shut at 8 o'clock sharp and will be interested in retaining contact with gave a talk on the positions being opened a f t e r the first play. The above photo shows the cast rehearsing for "Gammer Gurton's Needle." Sarospatak, the student body will filled by Hope alumni at the presagain have an opportunity to conent time. Dr. Gerrit Van Zyl spoke tribute to the welfare of these Hunabout the origin of the Chemistry garian students. Club, and a drive for new materials f o r the Chemistry Department was discussed.

uSn' Open House Invitation

Women's Glee Club Presents

Dr. and Mrs. Irwin J . Lubbers opened their home for the student body on March 14, 1947. About 150 students responded to the invitation, "The House Is Yours." This project was undertaken to give students an opportunity to feel at home in a home. More opportunities to visit Mr. and Mrs. Lubbers' home will be announced soon. DifThe College is continuing and ferent afternoons will be set aside enlarging its program of uniting to enable everyone to attend on "Town with Gown." Special emfree afternoons. phasis has been laid upon presenting student speakers before various local organizations and groups. On Tuesday, March 4, at the Western Michigan Convention of the Michigan Fellowship of Reconciliation, held at Grand Rapids, Vergil Dykstra delivered his oraOfficers f o r t h e y e a r 1947-48 tion "The New America." He was asked to repeat it in the evening, were recently elected for the Woat w h i c h s e s s i o n the headline men's Activities League. Chosen speaker was Dr. A. J . Muste, Expresident was Miss Marjorie Luckecutive Secretary of the Fellowship ing from Kalamazoo. Marj served of Reconciliation, who spoke on the Connie Hinga and Shirley Knoll on the board this year, and she is subject, "The Christian Church and were recently elected members of the Atomic War." Dr. Muste is a in charge of the Penny Carnival the Women's Athletic Association. to be held tomorrow. She is a mem- They will serve on the W.A.A. Hope graduate. On Wednesday, March 5, Miss ber of the Women's Glee Club and board for two years. One other Marian Korteling d e l i v e r e d her the Chapel Choir. Other organiza-1 s o P h o m o r e K'r 1 w i l 1 ^ chosen by oration "Renascence" in the Temlions to which she belongs are the t h e b o a r d ' a " d s h e w i l 1 s e r v e f o r ple Building, before the Foreign one year. Connie Hinga was in 1947 Milestone staff, Soroais, and charge of the schedule of events Mission Society of Hope Church. An intra-squad debate was held A.D.D. for the play day with Calvin, before the A. F. of L. Carpenters The new vice-president is Lucille March 1. Both Connie and Shirley Union, above Hansen's Drug Store, Yonkman from Holland who also have been active in basketball, volon Tuesday, March 18. The subject leyball and swimming during this was a W.A.L. member this year. was: "Resolved: That labor should college year. Millie Ver Maire from Grand Raphave a direct share in the management of industry." Participating ids is the secretary, and Phyllis in the debate on the affirmative Dietrich from Detroit is the treasside w e r e R o b e r t Schuller and urer. Laura Johnson will be chairHarvey Moes. The negative view man of the May Day Festival f o r was presented by Henry Shaw and The Girls' Glee Club Alumna Leroy Koranda. next year. Marj, Elaine Meeusen, this year's and the present Glee Club memThe next evening, another debate president, a n d M i s s E l i z a b e t h bers will hold a dinner at the was held before the Central Trades Lichty, W.A.L. advisor, are going Temple building March 29. Rose and Labor Council, above the Woolto attend the Intercollegiate Asso- Winstrom Muilenberg has sent an- worth Store. The affirmative team ciation of Women Students at the nouncements to all nearby alumni of Lambert and A r t h u r Ponstein University of Minnesota in Minne- and a large group is expected. opposed the n e g a t i v e t e a m of apolis, Minnesota from April 10 A f t e r dinner entertainment will be Robert Paul and Marvin De Young. through April 12. The theme of the the singing of old Glee Club numOn March 24, d e b a t e squads meeting is the Role of the Asso bers and recollection of old mem- again participated in an audience ciation of Women Students in the ories of trips and excursions. debate f o r the Kiwanis Club. In Post War World, Bus ine sf this debate, the Ponstein brothers meetings, speakers, discussions, and were opposed by the negative team a town hall meeting will comprise of Henry Shaw and Leroy Koranda. the three days.

Concert In Chapel on April 1

At the meeting on March 13 new members were taken into the Chemistry Club. They include the following: Phyllis Dietrich, Fred Miller, George Manting, Jay Rutgers, Jack Stegeman, J a m e s Yuk, Earl Weener, Edward Roberts, Russell Kraay, Paul Hinkamp, Ray Heemstra, Ben HofTmeyer. A paper on fuels in connection with detonation was presented by Ed Ratering.

Orators, Debaters Make Appearances A t City Activities

Majorle Lucking Elected

Women's League President


Women Students Elect Hinga, Knoll to Serve As Members on Board

Glee Club, Club Alumna to Dine Together Saturday

Dr. Schrier Speaks to Teachers' Group

P. Sfegenqa, J. Hershey Give Reading Programs Preston Stegenga and J e r r y Herahey, two members of the class in Interpretation 208 B, g a v e a program of readings at Trinity Reformed Church on Friday morning, March 21. Later engagementa will include pro grama at Beechwood Church, t h e S e n i o r High School and a number of other organizations.

This year's campaign will be directed in a similar manner to that which the W.A.L. sponsored last year. Proceeds from the Penny Carnival will begin the financial The Hope College Women's Glee drive in which students and facClub will give their annual Spring ulty will aim to secure contribuconcert Tuesday, April 1, in the tions totalling $400.00. Hope M e m o r i a l Chapel at 8:30 In last year's project, individual

On Friday, March 21, Dr. William Schrier, head of the Speech Department of Hops College, gave in address a t Cadillac, Michigan, )efore the Teachers' Institute of Miaaaukee and Wexford counties. The subject of his address was, "The Ideal Citizen." He spoke of the attitudes with which teachers should approach questions of a controversial nature, not only in their personal lives, but in their capacity for influencing students by precept and example.

o'clock. The girls will be directed contributions, plus the $300 netted by Mis. W. Curtis Snow and Betty at the Penny Carnival, reached a Van Lente w i l l a c c o m p a n y the total of $1,200 which was sent to Sarospatak. In addition to this, group. Also included in the proapproximately 1,200 garments were gram will be an organ solo by boxed and shipped to Hungary. Nellie Mae Ritsema and a piano However, Sarospatak is still in solo by Betty Van Lente. dire reei! of clothing and financial The c o n c e r t w i l l i n c l u d e the aid. Consequently, Hope College following: can again plan to send warm greetI. ings to Hungary by the means of Now Thank We All Our God clothing and financial donation. Arr. by Wohlfiel Committees have been selected to 5 ' 0 r 7 ^ w ' V 'u V ® u z z is * P e c c i a The Lord Most Holy ateren Glee Club II. Organ Solo—The Bells of St. Anne de Beaupre Powell Miss Nellie Mae Ritsema III. A Snow Legend Clokey Annie Laurie....Arr. by Branscombe A Spirit Flower....Campbell-Tipton When I Have Sung M y Songs Charles Glee Club IV. Piano Solo—Scherzo Moszkowski Miss Betty Van Lente V. Sleep, Holy Babe Matthews Echo Song diLasso Sings the Lute Horner The Two Clocks Rogers Battle Hymn of the Republic Arr. by Branscombe Glee Club

I operate the drive. direction



Hope Alumni Begin Science Fund Drive On February 1 letters were sent to three hundred science alumni of Hope College announcing a $35,000 drive for equipment and library facilities to be used in teaching biology, c h e m i s t r y , mathematics, and physics. Dr. Gerrit Van Zyl, secretary of the Science chapter of the Hope College


Association, an-

nounces already many pledge cards have been returned with a sum total of $0,000 netted. Sponsorship of this drive was decided at a Hope Science Alumni meeting in Chicago at the time of the American Chemical Society last fall. Fifty-two doctors, dent i s t s , biologists, mathematicians, physicists and chemists representing many states decided to raise funds for the badly-needed equipment.

Dr. Vergeer Receives Vice-Chairmanship In Science Academy

Dr. Teunis V e r g e e r and Tom Durkin attended a meeting of the Michigan Academy of Science of Art and Letters at Ann Arbor last Friday and Saturday, March 21 and 22. They attended the biology programs where recent scientific papers were read and thesis by a student seeking his Ph.D. was presented. At this meeting Dr. Vergeer was elected vice-chairman of the Zoological section of the MichUnder general igan Academy. VanDis and

Elaine Meeusen, c h a i r m e n have been selected for various committees. They include: Bill Hillegons, financial c h a i r m a n ; V i r g i n i a Hemmes a n d A r t h u r V a n E c k , clothing drive; Harriet Hains and Gordon Brewer, clothing packing; and Norwood Reck and Leroy Korunda, publicity co-chairmen.

Honor Society Attends Grand Rapids Concert

C. E. Union, Y's Plan Sunrise Exercises

On Thursday, March 20, Alcor, senior girls' honorary society, traveled to Grand Rapids to hear the Detroit Symphony Orchestra Concert. Preceding the concert, dinner was served at the Federal Square Grill for the group. Accompanying them were their sponsors. Miss E l i z a b e t h L i c h t y , Miss Nella Meyer and Miss Laura Boyd. Plans for this month include a pot-luck supper at the home of Miss Meyer.

An Easter Sunrise Service will be held in Hope Memorial Chapel at 6:30 A. M. on April 6. This ser\*ice is being sponsored by the Holland Christian Endeavor Union in conjunction with the college Y. W. and Y. M. societies.

general direction of J a y Weener, president of the Holland Christian Endeavor Union. He will be assisted by Angie Lam, C. E. representative; Alida Kloosterman, Y. W. representative, a n d W a r r e n Heitbrink, Y. W. representative.

Men's Glee]Club Concert'Tour Begins April 7 SS?" *-• 'M'/W**


Interpretative Reading Event Slated for April Mr. Edward Avison has announced that an I n t e r p r e t a t i v e Reading Contest will be held on April 2. The contest, which is open to men and women students, will include the reading of both prose and poetry selections. One man and one woman will be chosen from each section to represent Hope at the M i c h i g a n Inter-collegiate League contest which is scheduled for May 2, at Mount Pleasant

Left to right, front row: A. Vander Waa, H. DeMaster, N. Stegeman, E. Stetson, H. Meiners, R. Norden, Prof Cavanaugh, R. Rietberg, C. Swart, E. Eckerson, L. Sneden, G. Viening; second row: C. Previte, R. Thaden, M. Hermance, A. Van Eck, C. Conk, W. Boerman, T. Harrison, V. Janssen, C. Vander Meer, K. De Jong, R. Laman; third row: D. Stoppels, L, Masse, D. Hoek, P. Kleis, R. Westerhoff, D. Vreisman, R. Leonard, M. Baskett. W. Studdiford. W. Vander Yacht, H. Ritsema.

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Hope College Anchor

Hope College flnchor Member

Associated Cb0e6iote Press

For it is not only the material help that has made us happy, but the feeling that we have got new friends. Friends, who — although living far away from us—have come so near to our hearts. Friends who are our fellow-

IR u s t c

25 o x

students, our brethren in faith, and who are Editor-in-Chief happy, without having been asked for, to S@SSS8SSS@S8S8S@S9SSS88S ) Associate Editors help us in our needs. May God give such Well, it's time to open up the J box again, with a glance into the friends to many in this distressed world!

EDITORIAL S T A F F Vivian Dyksma Renze L. Hoeksema Robert Wildman Louise Ter Desk Joseph P a l m e r , J r Harriet H a i n s Barbara Bilkert Glenna Gore Owen Koeppe Mary Young

Business Manager Asst. Business Manager News Editor F e a t u r e Editor Society Editor ...Sports Editor r Circulation Manager

activities of the music department,

What can we give them in return? We one of the most busy d e p a r t m e n t s The latest scoop on Richard gives are too poor to send them even a small gift on campus at the present. What us the reason why he can't open just now. But we have two things which with Men's Glee t r i p beginning on the door. Naturally not, "He's a April 7, the Girl's Glee Club conhave nothing to do with financial welfare or cert on April 1, the remaining re- Harvard man and it's a Yale lock." material wealth: love and gratitude. So we citals, a Choir appearance at the T h a t j u s t calls for a little snicker. )Typists Civic Auditorium in April, and a "You ain't herd nothin' yet." Now send all the Professors and Students at J

Dorothy Davis J a n e t Pfeiffer

Hope College the love and gratitude of our Photographer hearts.

Dale Akridge

A r t Editor


Rachel Dykstra, Vergil Dykstra, Max Frego, Virginia Hemmes, Bob Hill, Carolyn Ingham, Elaine Meeusen, Ernie Meeusen, Jean Meulendyke, Lois Rameau, Beatrice Reyst, Ruth Ruys, J e a n n e Toussaint, Duane Vander J a g t , Bud Van Eck, Helen Wagner.

We believe and hope that the time will come when we shall be able to greet their representatives in Sarospatak and tell them personally how much their sympathy and charity have meant to us.

Dear Friends at Hope Collepe, Thank You Very Much! Walter Boerma, Dick Brown, Marie Buttlar, Marian J. NAGY. BUSINESS STAFF

Hanna, Carolyn Ingham, Jan Joldersma, Rodger Kempers, Lyn Lundberg, Don Vanden Berg, Robert Wildman.

Sarospatak Speaks . . .

CIRCULATION S T A F F Ruth Bartholomew, Marcia De Young. Donna Sligter, Evelyn Van Dam, Bonita Zandbergen.


E d i t o r i a l s Apathy, or Just Forgetful? It is easy for us merely to listen to reports of the desperate need in which European countries now find themselves. It is equally easy to forget another's need when several thousand miles separate us. Another reason

A comparison which shows how two things are similar puts both things in a different light. With that idea in mind, the following article was taken from the College News of the Sarospatak English College to give a few facts about the type and size of the Academy. Sarospatak Academy is an old Foundation School. It was founded in 1531 by Peter Perenyi, the owner of Sarospatak Castle at that time and one of those men who helped to bring about the Reformation in Hungary. Ever since then, it has been a denominational school, one of the strongholds of the Reformed Church in Hungary.

for the apparent apathy of students toward

The Branches of the Academy a r e : the requests for aid, whether it is clothes or Theological Seminary; the Secondary School money, is that we, having given once, sit with two Departments, Classical and Modern back and feel that we have done our part. (English) ; the Training Center for Elementary School Teachers; the People's AcadTherefore we promptly forget and little realemy, a kind of continuation school for vilize that the small way in which we partici- lage boys and girls. (The Law School had to pated is only a drop in the bucket when the be dissolved a f t e r the First Great War.) whole situation is considered. On the Staff of the Academy there are Many may say, "Why bring up Hungary, 50 Professors and teachers. The total numor Sarospatak, all the time?" Those of us ber of the students is about 1,000. About who have read letters telling of the present 350 of the Secondary School students take the Modern (English) Course, while the conditions in Hungary feel slightly different. rest (300) attend the Classical Branch. Since a warm friendship by correspondence The Modern (English) Department and has been built up during the past year and the associated English College were opened since the need is still as acute as it has been, in 1931, on the 400th anniversary of the Sarospatak Academy was selected as the Academy. One of the chief educational aims place to which the proceeds of the Penny of this new institute has been to help HunCarnival and the special drive would be sent. garian youth, as f a r as possible, to become acquainted with the spiritual and cultural The true mark of a Christian is shown by qualities of the English Speaking nations. his attitude and willingness to help those in distress. The present drive for funds enables each of us to grasp the opportunity. Do You Know That So instead of letting others carry the burden Sarospatak College is a 416 year old instiof the work, may we all join in with contution of the Reformed Church of Hungary certed e f f o r t toward our common goal. and that its history is a very rich one — That there were many exchanges between students of Sarospatak and Dutch schools The following editoral was taken from in the 17th and 18th centuries, and that the College News, a publication of the Eng- literally hundreds of Sarospatak's alumni spent a year or more in Holland — lish College which is part of Sarospatak Academy. The article was written by J. T h a t it is a school the size of Hope ColNagy, editor of the college bulletin. lege and that it has just won the Hungarian How does a new friendship begin? Listen Intercollegiate basketball championship — to the following story: That 350 Sarospatak students are enrolled In America, there is a College which in in the English College where all work is its organization is very similar to our Acad- done in our language — emy. It is Hope College, Holland, Michigan. That Sarospatak was anti-Nazi during the It is one of the smaller Colleges there, alwar and is now s t r o n g l y anti-Commuthough here in Hungary it would be one of nistic — the biggest. It was founded by Dutch settlers in 1851, and from 1866 it has been a That the present President, Prime MinisCollege of the Reformed Church in America. ter and Foreign Minister of Hungary, the only non-Communistic government in EastWhen the war was over, the students of Central Europe, are two ministers and an this College heard of the great misery and elder of the Reformed Church of Hungary suffering of the peoples of Europe and their who are close friends of Sarospatak — hearts, their Christian hearts, were moved by the terrible news that reached them. Then That the famous Dutch sea captain. Adthey determined that they would do some- miral De Ruyter, once sailed into the Medithing to help at least some of their fellow- terranean Sea to set free a number of Sarosstudents in this part of the world. They patak alumni, ministers and teachers, who thought of helping a sister college in Hun- had been imprisoned by a combination of gary. But which school was it they should Jesuits and Hapsburgs and then sold as galhelp? We are deeply grateful to God that ley slaves to Italian merchants — their attention was turned to Sarospatak That Sarospatak is in northeastern HunAcademy. gary, a short distance from the present Praise be to Him who sent us such friends! boundries of Russia.


dozen other things, we've really with Spring coming (maybe) Richbeen buzzing around. ^ v a r d ' s r o o m m a t e c a n j u s t say, Congratulations a r e in store for Betty Christie and Roger Rietberg "never mind Richard, I'll just pull for a very fine recital Tuesday. up a park bench." Anyone not hearing them, missed a wonderful evening's entertainment. T h e way.. R o g e r jumped around on the pedals would make us feel t h a t he had missed the mark of a career, and t h a t he should be right up with Fred Astaire. And the way Betty s a n g "When 1 Bring to You Colour'd Toys," would make one sit back and see toy soldiers and pink elephants. Yep, it was a swell concert. The Chapel Choir made another appearance last week and from the r e m a r k s of the student body, t h e number was done with g r e a t s u c c e s s . It always makes a choir feel good when members of the student body can bring in a compliment or two. A f t e r all, a g r o u p cannot know how it is doing unless it is told. King Bill VanderYacht and his regal voice really came f o r t h in good style. And didn't you like the organ-piano effect at the e n d ? I am sure t h a t anyone hearing Rudolph Ganz two weeks ago will agree that his appearance added to our knowledge of music, and also that his personality contradicted the old s t a t e m e n t that all musicians are h a u g h t y and temperamental.. For those who heard him in the afternoon, Rudolph Ganz proved himself a man of great brilliance, of feeling, and one possessing a v e r y g r e a t s e n s e of humor. In working with publicity for the Men's Glee Club, we've had quite a time finding a picture of the professor which we could use for our posters and programs. Not that there is no picture. For in looking them up, we found many. And yet, we have to be careful so that all the young ladies from the East will know t h a t he is.not only Mr. Cavanaugh, but also that he is Mrs. C a v a n a u g h ' s husband. We're really looking forward to a big send-off by Mrs. Snow. If any of the rest of you are around, join in the fun. If you want to give any of the boys a going-away present, we offer a few suggestions. What with only one suitcase a person, and 13 singing engagements, and everyone s w e a t i n g a gallon each concert, we might suggest some Deodorant, or maybe a couple j a r s of Mum. Or if any of you wish you might pack a lunch, because someone is bound to get hungry. Oh yes, up until now, we haven't revealed the fact, but Mr. Hinga is g o i n g w i t h u s , a l s o . For some reason he isn't quite as enthusiastic about this trip as he was the last one. If we only knew why, we could probably do something about it. If anyone has any sleeping tablets to give him before we leave, please do so; for he likes to share his insomnia with e v e r y o n e on the bus, according to last years reports. Well, it's time to close, but we have just one t h i n g to say. T h a t is, we a r e glad there is no Virginia Park Skating Rink to burn down this year, because we don't want any t e a r s shed on our trip. Vriesman

Ah yes. Spring and the usual old line about young men's fancies —

tutored by the Meulendyke Twins and a sweet potato. The paper said the other day t h a t someone had actually seen a robin last week and t h a t seemed to be a general announcement t h a t all people owning c o n v e r t i b l e s should button up their fleece lined Eskimo suits, let the top down, and let the radio blast away on "Spring will be a Little Late this Year." What a sensation!!!

obviously the p o t e n t i a l i t i e s of

Congratulations go to Del Koop

Spring are g r e a t l y o v e r - r a t e d

for an increase in population at

judging from the role call at Voor-

his house. His oldest reviews him hees on an ice box temperate nite. on economicri p r o b l e m s and the Winter is capable of the same youngest makes 'em up. characteristics. A l f i e and B a r b We realize new cars a r e hard to have started



Loafers' get this year but special considera-

Club. The r a t e s are lower for those

tion should be given to Deans of

couples who d e f y cupid and study instead.

women. Miss Lichty offered to take the Alcor girls to Grand Rapids in her "37 Ford chariot last Thursday. She has one of those cars t h a t g e t s places O.K. but can't seem to get home. The machine stalled at Grandville and the "petite f e m m e " and her g a l s begged a ride to Grand Rapids and took the bus home.

"Lam our Toujours I'amour" the girls dorms creek out the old refrain and a couple new stanzas have been added for J a n Joldersma who is sporting Don Lee's highschool memoir. (A little adhesive t a p e will make it fit better J a n ) and the last verse is reserved for a Harriet Myskens' special. She has decided to make her extra-seminary work a steady. With all t h a t star-dust in her eyes no wonder the Sibs won the sing. It was nice to see Jack French nnd Dale Drew back for the weekend. Who said Northwestern and Michigan don't have e x t e n s i o n courses at Hope. Speaking of the A l l - C o l l e g e Sing, we discovered t h a t a lot of so-called m o n o t o n e s did a commendable job. Top honors go to Barbara Archer who was privately

P.S. —to the House Board. They were an h o u r a n d a h a l f late. What's the decision on t h e Dean? The main topic these days is Spring shopping. The trend is lots of talking and no shopping. The most t a c t f u l thing to say this E a s t e r is, " D a r l i n g , that outfit looks much b e t t e r on you this Spring than last." Well cherubs, how are t h e exams coming. We all understand. Like good clothes, g o o d m a r k s a r e harder to get. B.B.

d m \ (fats


What do you think should be the Tests. If a veteran is on an equal qualifications for new students en- scholastic standard and an inteltering Hope College next semester? lectual apprehension with a civilian was the question asked of the fol- student, he should be given preferlowing s t u d e n t s :

ence over the civilian because of Marcella W e s t e r m a n : Since the his age, which is g r e a t e r , and a enrollment at college this year is good v e t e r a n usually is m o r e seriso much g r e a t e r than the average ous about his work. An entering enrollment at Hope, I think t h a t student must obtain a d e g r e e or a the qualifications for those stu- given accomplishment f o r a reasondents e n t e r i n g Hope in the Fall able livlihood. Bob added: If anyshould be somewhat stricter. In one, regardless of race, color or this way, the student body would creed is not allowed in t h i s school be comprised of a higher grade of or one like it, it is in my mind not students, both in scholastic stand- following Christianity, as Christiing and character. Hope will not anity depends on brotherhood, and be able to admit as many freshmen brotherhood knows no race, color, next fall as they did this year, so and creed. Let's encourage Demowhy not just t a k e the b e s t ? cracy! Ruth Q u a n t : Preference should Phyllis Voss: The m a j o r requirebe given to those of the Reformed ment f o r a student to e n t e r Hope Church or those of Protestant affilshould be t h e desire to become a iations; also to those with good p a r t of Hope and to uphold ALL scholastic standing. the principles it stands f o r , includManny Allara and Bob Young: ing the principle of m a k i n g Christ Required of c i v i l i a n s t u d e n t s a vital living p a r t of our lives. The should be a letter of recommenda- more tangible r e q u i r e m e n t s should tion from a reliable source, prefer- be at least three c h a r a c t e r referably a minister; two years of a ences, and scholastic requirements foreign l a n g u a g e ; two years of which will include a certain numm a t h ; two m a j o r s and two minors; ber of units in the fields of science, morally u p r i g h t c h a r a c t e r , and mathematics, English, f o r e i g n lanC o m p r e h e n s i v e Tests. Veterans g u a g e s and social sciences. should be required to t a k e Aptitude By Ginny H e m m e s

The Male Species Men are w h a t w o m e n marry. They have two hands, two feet, and s o m e t i m e s two wives, but never more t h a n one dollar or one idea a t a time. Like Turkish cigarettes, they a r e all made of the same m a t e r i a l ; the only difference is t h a t some a r e better digested than others. Generally speaking, t h e y may be divided into t h r e e classes: husbands, bachelors, and widowers. A bachelor is a negligible mass of substance entirely surrounded by suspicion. H u s b a n d s a r e t h r e e types: prizes, surprises, and consolation prizes. To make a husband of a m a n is one of the highest f o r m s of plastic a r t known to civilization. I t r e q u i r e s science, sculpture, c o m m o n s e n s e , faith, hope, and charity—mostly charity.

It is a psychological marvel t h a t a small, tender, violet-scented thing e n j o y s being with a big awkward, stubby-chinned, t o b a c c o - s c e n t e d t h i n g like a man. If you flatter him, you f r i g h t e n him to death. If you don't, you bore him to death. If you permit him to make love to you, he g e t s tired of you in the end, and if you don't, h e t i r e s of you in the beginning. If you believe him whole-heartedly, you cease to charm him. If you believe all he tells you, he thinks you a r e a fool; if you don't, he thinks you a r e a cynic. If you w e a r gay colors, rouge, and a s t a r t l i n g hat, he hesitates to t a k e you o u t ; but if you wear simply a brown beret and a tailormade suit, he t a k e s you out and s t a r e s all evening a t the women in

gay colors, rouge, and a s t a r t l i n g hat. If you join the g a i t y and approve of

it, he swears

you are

driving him to it, if you don't approve and u r g e him to give up his gaities, he vows you a r e nothing t u t a wet blanket. If you a r e the clinging


type, he doubts

whether you have a b r a i n ; if you a r e a modern, a>| anced, intelligent woman, h e d o u b t ^ w h e t h e r you have a h e a r t . If y a l ^ r e a silly girl, he longs f o r a b ^ ^ t m a t e ; if you a r e intelligent, h l W a v e s for a playmate. Man is j u s t a worm in t h e He comes a l o n g and wiggles around f o r awhile, and finally some chicken g e t s him. Evelyn Van Dam

Hope College Anchor

Soph-Moronic Playhouse Becomes Huge Success

Questions Provoke American Colleges Y W C A Discussions Schedule Program The YWCA had as its guest at For Jrs. Abroad

Page Three

Sibyllines, Arcadians Take All-College Sing Honors

its " Q u e s t i o n B o x " meeting of As publicized by the publicity March 18, Rev. Bastian Kruithof of Opportunities for a year's study The fourth a n n u a l all-college committee for the Sophomore class the First Reformed Church of this at foreign universities are being sing last Friday night was won by city. The meeting was in charge I Party, offered by various American col- the S i b y l l ine S o r o r i t y singing of Betty Timmer and Harriet Hains "Come on you Sophomore gals with special music by Myra Brow- leges. The University of Delaware "Lamps of Evening" and the Arand guys, With a realization that a miner, accompanied by Alma Vander is offering the Junior Year of cadian fraternity singing "The Sun On Saturday night the curtain Hill. ister without a wide reading knowlstudy in Geneva, Switzerland. This Goes Down." H a r r i e t Muyskins J will rise," edge is handicapped from the start, The question hour opened with is opened to students from other and Ken Lietsma directed the winA Good Friday Service will be n n Alpha Chi invited Rev. Hastian the curtain did rise in Carnegie the discussion of the ever-popular colleges also. The p r o g r a m is ' g groups. Judging the contest held in Hope Memorial Chapel on Kruithof, pastor and teacher of Gymnasium on March 22 for a question of marriage. The concluwere Mrs. E. Stanley Baughman of P. M. scheduled to last from August 24, Grand Rapids, Mrs. H. L. Dun- April 4th from 12 noon to Holland, to speak at their 18 March sion was reached that the most oang-up program provided by difThis is an annual event sponsored meeting on the subject "Huilding important factor in a happy mar- 1947, until July 9, 1948, with vaca- woody of Holland, and Mr. Harold i by the Holland Ministerial Assoferent members of the class, and A Minister's Library." riage is to place Christ at the tion trips to Italy, Paris, and the Geerdes of Zeeland. ciation. Rev. Kruithof began his address all the Soph g a l s and g u y s did center of the home. The question Alps. The estimated costs are $2,After the o r g a n i z a t i o n s pre-1 The program committee, comby pointing out the necessity of .-one out to enjoy their class party. was raised as to whether there is 3(»5. Full information is available sented their selections, group singposed of members of several of well-planned, constructive reading. With Ilerk lluter as the jovial a trend to embrace Catholicism in from George E. Brinton. Secretary, ing was led by Dick Vriesman with Holland's churches, Walter Vander In typical Kruithofian humor, he las er of c e r e m o n i e s , opening nodern day America, with the Mrs. W. Curtis Snow at the organ. 1 Haar. George S c h r e u r , William Committee on Foreign Study, Unisaid, "People have the erroneous light was held at the Soph-moronic final determination that such an The program closed with the sing-! Brower. Henry Looman. Gerrit Van versity of Delaware, Newark, Delaing of the college songs. idea that all one must do is prick M'U'hons?. Talentel Sophomores inclination is apparent, and can Zyl, and Neil Van Leeuwen, has ware. Applications must be filed ,, a minister with a p n and he just r.ipers') .ate(l famous radio celebri- best he combatted by the ProtEight years ago the Women's! announced that the f o l i o w i n g bleeds sermons." As to what to ie.;. "The Adventures of Sherlock O'Uant Church being true to its by May 15. Activity League o r i g i n a t e d this | speakers will take part. They will read, he asumed that the Bible t - n-formed the gym into calling. Other questions concerned The Junior Vear in Zurich, Swit- musical event featuring competi- speak on the seven last words of and books about it would be read •. hour" of horrors, and the comedy. the sin of Judas, its possible forzerland is also offered. The Ameri- I tion only between sororities. Mrs. Christ in this order: faithfully. Poetry should be read Trolley A-lloy." made it a house giveness, and the Doctrine of Precan director of this is Dr. Edmund 1 Fenton d o n a t e d a c u p f o r t h e 1st: Rev. Aldrich Dusseljee, KUh destinafon. as a means of stimulating the • f laughter. , E. Miller. 112;i N. Eutaw St.. Hal-j occasion. The Sorosis won the cup St. Christian Reformed Church. imagination. Fiction should be read The meeting of April 1. will be j timore 1, Maryland. the first year. Fraternity competiA big drawing was mad.' at the 2nd: Rev. J a m e s W. Baar, Mafor it is a portrayal and criticism •m Faster meeting, which will have tion was then added and the Emerloo.-, mi I »he right lucky winners plewood Reformed Church. of life. Sociological and psychoSmith College is sponsoring the sonian fraternity won the two suc'•.••Ilv (I •.! clean up. Toast master Dr. Fdward Dimnent as its leader. •trd: Rev. Albert Wright, Weslogical novels also have their place 1 Junior Vear of study in Italy, cessive years as did Sorosis. This Buter awarde I them their brooms Fast Tuesday's meeting consisted because it is here we see "people j mainly at the University of Flor- vear renewed the competition a f t e r leyan Methodist Church. of an election of officers for next and m< p •. an I gave them their turned inside out for us." ence. Applications should be made three years lapse because of the vear. 4th: Rev. Marinus VanderZwaag, cleaning assignments. I to Prof. A n a c l e t a C. Vezzetti, war. ( e n t r a l Ave. Christian Reformed A short business meeting was -o— An a f t o - f i e a t e r snack of sandSmith College. Northampton, MasChurch. held and it was decided to invite Dick \ riesman, acting as master \ Che.; I'm ! r o k e ; was served to the sachusetts. ••)th: Rev. M. Eugene Osterhaven, the Adelphic Society of Western of ceremonies introduced the numplayhou. e goers. Opening night at Hope College Pastor. Theological Seminary to meet with A course is at present being bers and announced the de-ision. he Sop'i-moronic I'layhouse was them in a joint meeung scheduled fith: Dr. Simon Blocker, Western .carried out at the University of Alma \ atuh'r Hill was the general well received by the "critics" of for April 28. Theological Seminary. Stockholm, and a similar course chairman. Betty Van Lente. Max 'he evening. Dr. a n l Mrs. John One of the most recent publicaFrego. and Joe Palmer assisted her Tth: Rev. Henry Van Dyke. 4th 'lollenhach and Mr. and Mrs. Clyde tions of the college is a new bul- will probably be carried out this (lecrlings. Th<» audience themselves letin which is being sent to all fall. For f u r t h e r information con- on the general committee. Other Reformed Church. thought the four directors. Marie prospective Hope students. Pri- tact the Legation of Sweden. Wash- chairmen were: p u b l i c i t y . Leroy The Rev. William Van Peursem. K o r a n d a ; chap-l accomodations. 14th St. C h r i s t i a n Reformed Uuttln.-. (".."n"' I l n g a . Walt Roer- marily a picture magazine, scenes ngton. 1). C. Russel Norden; decorations. Norma ( hurch will preside at the service. van. an.l I'oh Ilurton, deserved are shown of the various activities Mademoiselle is now holding its r.any rurta'n calls DeVries; programs. Dale Akridge, Special music will be furnished and offerings of the school. Among annual short story contest for woMax Frego; judges. Phyl Haskins. by the 4th Reformed Church Men's THIS N O O N TREK the general headings covered are: men undergraduates. This magaProf. Robert Cavanaugh was the Chorus. Mrs. W. Curtis Snow will the campus, student health, spirfaculty advisor. zine is usually well represented Mrs. Moerdyke he the organist. is to the itual life, student-faculty relationin the annual anthologies of best ships and recreation. Copies will Speaks at Kappa American short stories. he placed in all college residences, Kach of the two stories that Delta Me:t ng in the student lounges and in the show the highest r'erit will h) library. Kappa Delta 1 <• at the home awarded $'>1111 for all rights and »f Mrs. Fugci! • Osterhaven on publication In the August 1!M Monday evening. March IT. 1947. We do our own odorless cleaning issue of MI.I.K. The speaker for the meeting was All manuscripts should be from PHOTO & GIFT SHOP Mrs. Moerdyke from Arabia. Her Suits pressed while-you-wizit thre,' thousand to five thousand interesting talk about the difficulwords in length. Stories should he Photo-finishing, Framing ties and the joys connected with Quality Shoe Repairing typewritten, double-spaced, on one the work were vital for those who and Gifts s de of paper only, with the con13 E. 8th Street ire planning to do work in the testant's name and address clearly hristian field. Devotions for the 10 E. 8th St., Holland, Mich. marked (home address, college admeeting were in charge of CarnPhone 1056 6 West Slh Street dress, college year). Kntries must 'yn Heckler. Mrs. Osterhaven enhe postmarked not later than midtertained with refreshments. night. May 1, 1!>4T. |

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Emmies, Fraters Tie For A League; Fraters Take B The f r a t e r n i t y league schedule

Playoffs to Decide Golf T e a m P l a c e s

Intramural Basketball Action

Twenty-four men have turned out to t r y for Hope's golf team this year. Coach Timmer h a s been holding drills in the gym but is now waiting f o r the courses to clear up for outside practice and qualifying rounds.

With a victory over the Emmies

of basketball games ended this past and another over the Cosmos, the week in a blaze of glory. The high P r a t e r B team turned in an undeflying Emmie team continued on feated season. They vanquished the former by the score of 44-31 and their merry winning ways as they the latt e r went down 29-22. This defeated the A r c a d i a n s by the leaves the winners with a record score of 48-22 and then knocked of ten wins and no defeats. over the sickness ridden Cosmo An Independent team which had team by the score of 43-19. This been in third place all during the ended their season with the record second half of the season came through with two victories to take of eight wins and two defeats. over second place and drop the The league leading Fraters, who Cosmos to third. They did this by stumbled once before this season | first defeating the Cosmos 36-31 when they met the Emmies, were and then topping the Knicks by a score of 28-24. tripped up in a thrilling overtime Another u n e x p e c t e d t u r n of game. This defeat threw them into events was the defeat of the Ema tie for the league championship. mies at the hands of the Arcadians The team who managed to stem thus dropping them to last place the F r a t e r s string of victories was and a l l o w i n g t h e Arcadians to the Independents who played in- leave the cellar for the first time pp red ball to win by the score of this year. The other game the Ar .'{G-.'M. This was the second win in cadians played was more in keep a row for the Indies for they I ing with their season record. They routed the Knicks the week before | lost to the Knicks 28-24. The score by the score of 47-22. Before this of the Emmie game was 23-12. important loss the F r a t e r s had As this league ends one can look beaten an all out attack by the back on a season which was thrillCosmos by a score of 32-30. packed and exciting although one The Arcadians who were finally organization had much more class waking up and beginning to hit than the others. The F r a t e r s can their stride managed to beat the never say that they didn't have to Knicks in the other game of the fight a spirited team every time league and by doing so presented they went out on the floor. Each the Knicks with a half lease to the team played hard, some played basement of the league. well, others played well at times. Now that the league has offi- The spirit to win was always there. Own Opp cially ended and the only contests W L Pts Pts left are the playoff of the tie and F r a t e r s 10 0 345 208 the championship game between 7 3 274 229 the winners in the two leagues, one Indies Cosmos 4 279 250 can look back on a very enjoyable Knicks 4 f. 287 274 and exciting season. Most of the 2 8 200 323 teams l i v e d u p t o expectations Arcadians 1 9 224 318 while there were others who of Emmies course failed to live up to what they could or should have done. On the whole though it can truthfully be said that it was enjoyed by all, the competition was great, and no March 14 team lost for lack of spirit. High team game: Own Opp Frater A 849 Pts High individual games; Pts W Zwemer — F r a t e r A 223 281 361 8 Fraters . Huyser — Knick B 205 246 338 8 Emmies (1 Jalving — F r a t e r A 203 302 311 Indies 266 278 High individual series; 4 Cosmos . o Zwemer — F r a t e r A 510 372 294 Knicks ... Jalving — F r a t e r B 500 331 240 Arcadian Boersma — Knick A 499

Bowling Statistics

Spring Football Call Issued t o New Men Coach Vanderbush is holding a short two-weeks spring football practice this year. Practice started March 24 and will continue through all of next week. During the two weeks Coach plans to work entirely with men who were not on last year's varsity. He is looking for the necessary replacements to fill the shoes of those lost through graduation and t r a n s f e r . There will be no scrimmaging since the men reporting will not be in the proper condition. Letter winners of previous seasons may come out in case they were not back in time for last season's play. Last year's men are requested to stay away so Coach Vanderbush can give all his time to new prospects.

March 21 High team game; Cosmo A High individual games: Cook — Knick B Heneveld — Emmie B Rinkes — Cosmo A High individual series; Rinkes — Cosmo A Cook — Knick B Fris — Cosmo A

770 201 189 188 489 488 475

The qualifying rounds will be held as soon as possible a t Douglas or on some Grand Rapids course. These rounds will be a r r a n g e d in eight three-somes. The emphasis will be on both match and low medal play. A f t e r the qualifying rounds a competitive tournament will be run off. The positions in this tournament will be seeded according to the results of the qualifying rounds. A f t e r this Coach Timmer will select a six-man team.

Gordon Brewer has just put in two po nts for the Emmie A. team, who finished the season as cochampions of the league. They are in the process of defeating the Arcadians.

The Women's Basketball League has seen sorm rather hard-fought games this year with a few lopsided scores thrown in f o r variety. The final garner of the year will be played next Monday night.

Hope Places Three Hope to Play Five On AII-M.I.A.A. 5 {MlAA N e t Tilts Hope paced all the M. I. A. A.j

Hope opens her M.l.A.A. tennis

schools by placing three on all-! season on April 21 against Adrian, conference basketball teams. K a l a - ' T h e schedule was drawn up last mazoo, Albion, and Alma followed j Saturday at the meeting of conferclosely with two each. This Honor ence athletic d i r e c t o r s .


is nothing new for any of the Hope' these matches Hope will play Calmen. Mulder was chosen twice vin. Grand Rapids Jr., and others. previously. Van Dis and De Vette Hope's team, which placed second in the M.l.A.A. last year, has

each made it once.

been limited to light workouts so

The first team:

f a r t h i s y e a r . A s s o o n as the Forwards—Russ De Vette, Hope, ind Wayne Thompson, Kalamazoo.

weather clears the team outside


will be

for their first

165 164 161 156 155

Under the sponsorship of Mr. Jack Schouten, weekly swimming trips to the Y.W.C.A. in Grand Rapids, have been made possible for Hope College girls. In this manner an opportunity is provided for all interested to develop their swimming skill. During the two hour swimming period, Mr. Schouten coaches both the beginners and more advanced swimmers and divers. Non-swimmers may get pointers on swimming and spend their time in the playing of various water games.

Headquarters for . . . ROBLEE, AIR'STEP A N D BUSTER B R O W N SHOES

V Vivian Dykema is in charge of the arrangements. All dorm and Guards—Don Mulder, Hope, and tion. Hinga will apain be coaching town girls are welcome to swim Elkin Isaac, Albion. SHOE STORE the team. with the group. The second team: April 21 — Adrian — Here <=!883SS&S3S3SSSea3SS8SSS3SSSSSS&S3SSSS3SSSSSSSSS£ Forwards—Bob Van Dis, Hope, April 29 — Alma — There a:id Warren Hartt, Alma. May 3 — Hillsdale — There Center—Mike Hoben, Adrian. May 5 — Albion — Here Guards—Charles Stanski, KalaMay 9 — Kalamazoo — There mazoo, and Jack Walker, Alma. Center—Lewis Moon, Albion.

match shortly a f t e r spring vaca-



Four players received honorable mention. They were Forward Mike Budge of Alma, Center Gil Edson of Hillsdale, Guard Jim Champion of Adrian, and Guard Ray Emrick of Kalamazoo. Moon, Mulder, Isaac and Van Dis were members of the nine-man All-M. I. A. A. team chosen last year. De Vette, Mulder, and Isaac were on the last pre-war honor squad in 1943. Thompson was on the second team this same year.

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High Averages Boersma — Knick A Jalving — F r a t e r A Meengs — Knick A Fris — Cosmo A Zwemer — F r a t e r A

'Y' Pool A t t r a c t s H o p e i t e Swimmers

Only one member of last year's team has not returned. Art Timmer graduated in February. The returning team men are Don Ladewig, Howard Jalving, Baxter Elhart, Clarence Hopkins, and Paul Mulder. Other promising candidates to date are Earl Holkeboer, Henry Fisher, Dale Akridge, Cris Den Herder, Tom Joseph, Larry Lamb, and Don Lindeman. Of hese candidates Jalving, Elhart, and Holkeboer are "70 shooters." The rest shoot in the low and middle 80's. The entire golf schedule has not been set but certain dates are known. They include Kazoo there on April 23, Albion there on May 2, Adrian there on May 3, and Kazoo here on May 10. The Alma and Hillsdale matches are being arranged. Return matches are also being planned with Grand Rapids Jr., Muskegon Jr., and Calvin College. All of Hope's home matches will be played at the Holland Country Club.



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Page Five

Hope Cops Fifth In Track Summary MI A A Track Meet Two mile run—won by Nesbitt,


Congratulations to Russ De Vette on his selection as the M.I.A.A.'s most valuable p l a y e r . ^ H e w a s " unanimously selected at a recent coaches meeting. He will receive the Randall C. Bosch trophy. This is the first time that this trophy has been given to a basketball player The M.l.A.A. coaches have decidtd to change slightly the system for deciding the conference winners in tennis and golf. Instead of having everything decided by the two-day conference meet in Kalamazoo, the teams will get some credit for the matches they play during the year. In both tennis and golf each team will play every other team at least once in a dual meet, if they play more than once only one meet will be official. The teams will get 1 point for each win during the season. The all-conference meet in May will be graded as usual: 12 points for first, 10 for second, etc. The few points earned during the season plus the conference match points will determine the final league standings. Points toward the AII-M.I.A.A. trophy will naturally be given according to these final standings. (Again 12 points, 10 points). Track, however, will still be entirely dependent on the final meet. Speaking of track, it still seems to be the big question mark in Hope's quest for an athletic trophy. Right now Hope has 20 points, Kalamazoo has 1!>, and Albion lias 15. The other three schools are pretty well out of it. In tennis it looks like all Kalamazoo. As Hinga put it, "They're just out of this world." '1 hey drum up talent from all over the country. They play a schedule as tough as any big university They're going on an extensive tour of the South this spring. Albion has practically the same team this year as took third behind Kazoo and Hope last year. In golf Alma has last year's conference winning team back. Hope has plenty of good material around. Last yea:'s trouble was that men who often shot in the low TO's soared to the high 80's in conference play. The important thing here is to beat out Kazoo and Albion. But back to track. Albion walked off with the indoor meet. Alma and Hillsdale showed great strength. Albion had her men in several meats before the M.l.A.A. indoor. She sent a team to the Illinois Tech relays in Chicago. Hope's team has done almost no training to date. Half the men didn't even go to the Lansing meet. There's no reason why Hope can't get some more runners out and place high in the big May meet. 1 can't see much hope for that trophy if we place lower than say third in track. Well fraternity basketball is about over. I thin': all the players are to be commended for their excellent sportsmanship. Many of the close and overtime games might have gone the other way had there been a stop watch to keep accurate time. I'd like to know where the college keeps its watches. I'll swipe a few for next year. Also a hearty BOO to two or three sideline jockeys who continually made things tough for Higgs. They've decided not to bowl the Friday before vacation. Tomorrow's round will be the last for three weeks. Max (loersma rates a lot of thanks for the work he's doing on bowling standings and averages.

Hope's track team, with almost no training behind them, travelec to Lansing and placed fifth in the M.l.A.A. Indoor Track Meet. Albion, last year's champions, showed great s t r e n g t h a s t h e y easily walked off with first. Albion ran up 7 2 ^ points in w.nning the first indoor meet since 1943. Hillsdale was second with 40Vi points. Alma third with 35 points, Adrian fourth with 22% points, Hope fifth with 1 7 ^ points, and Kalamazoo sixth with 7 points. New meet records were set in the high jump and the high hurdles. Teixera of Alma cleared 6 feet, 3V4 inches to break the former high jump mark of 5 feet, 11 inches set in 1938 by Howard of Kalamazoo. Miller of Albion broke the 75-yard high hurdle record by running it in 9.9 seconds. The old record was 10.1 seconds held by McKittrick of Albion since 1942. Young of Hillsdale took individual scoring honors. He took first n the 75-yard dash, second in the 220-yard dash, and third in the broad jump for a total of 12 points. Xesbitt of Alma was second iniividually and was the only man to win two events. He won 10 point? with firsts in the one and twr mile. Albion took five firsts including t h e 8 8 0 - y a r d relay. Almr won four and were part of a three way tie for the pole vault. Kalamazoo, who had very few men there, was the only team that did not place a first.

Baseball Team Meets J. C . A p r i l 10 To Open Season; Roster Carries 35 Players A sixteen game s c h e d u l e has been drawn up by Coach ".lack" Schouten f o r t h e H o p e College baseball team. A large squad of hopefuls have been hard at work for two weeks in preparation for the long grind. About fifty men reported at the irst practice, but that number has been reduced to thirty-five. Competition is keen for each position, ind the result is that no player is uire of a starting berth. With the great competition a n d t h e large number of candidates from which to pick, prospects for a successful season are bright. Five regular pitchers are nowincluded on the roster with four )ther possible pitchers who are also slated for other positions. There are also five candidates for the catching job. so t h a t p o s i t i o n should be capably filled. Around the infield, the first base slot is going to be a knock down, drag out struggle with six men vieing for the position. Second base has four

candidates, s h o r t s t o p

t w o , and

three men will battle for the " h o t " corner. To complete the team, nine men have set their hopes on the outfield. A general survey of the outfield shows promise of some heavy hitters. The opening game of the season will be played at Riverview Park on April 10 against (Irand Rapids J r . Last year the Dutchmen defeated the raiders 5-3 here at home and played to a 2-2 deadlock in Grand Rapids. The schedule is as follows: April







Rapids J r .


MirhiKan State B falvi n


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Mile run—won by Nesbitt, Alma; Honess, Kalamazoo, second; Jacob, Albion, third; Paul, Hope, fourth; Webb, Alma, fifth. Time— 4:44. High hurdles—won by Miller, Albion; Rydholm, Albion, second; Kenney, Hillsdale, third; Roseman, Alma, fourth; F o r m s m a , Hope, fifth. Time—9.9. H i g h j u m p — w o n by Texiera, Alma; Miller, Albion, second; Morton, Adrian, third; Lewis, Hillsdale, and Hopkins, Albion, tied for fourth. Height—(5 feet, inches (new record). Broad jump—won by Williams, Hillsdale; Hopkins, Albion, second; Voung, H i l l s d a l e , third; Edgar, Alma, fourth; Fruehauf, A l b i o n , I f t h . Distance—20 feet, 9% inches. Shot put—won by Currie, Albion; Van W a g o n e r , A d r i a n , second; Martin, A l b i o n , t h i r d ; Morton, Adrian, fourth; Emery, Hope, fifth. Distance—39 feet, .'i'i inches. 220 yard dash—won by Smith, Adrian; Young, Hillsdale, second; Mulligan, Albion, third; Williams, Hillsdale, f o u r t h ; Thompson, Albion, fifth. Time—24.7. Half mile run—won by Snellenburger. Alma; Brown, Albion, sec)nd; Ward, Adrian, third; Honess, Kalamazoo, fourth; Forton, Albion, fifth. Time—2:09. 75 yard low hurdles—won by iiydholm, Albion; Miller, Albion, '.econd; Gregory, Hillsdale, third; 'iennett, Albion, fourth; Williams, Hillsdale, fifth. Time—9.2. 75 yard dash—won by Young, Hillsdale; Kraai, Hope, and Smith, Adrian, tied for second; Mulligan. Albion, and Robinson, Hillsdale, tied for fourth. Time—.08. Half mile relay—won by Albion (Reed, T h o m p s o n , Pavey, Rydholm); H i l l s d a l e s e c o n d , Hope third, A l m a f o u r t h , Kalamazoo fifth. Time—1:39.5.

P.M. and

All D a y S u n d a y

Four Short Blocks North of Campus

440 yard dash—won by Forton, Albion; S c h n e l l e n b u r g e r , Alma, second; Katz, H i l l s d a l e , third; ELEVEN Old News 10-7 Marx, Albion, and Boerman, Hope, tied for fifth. Time—65.0.

7 : 0 0 A . M . to 7 : 0 0 P . M .

Cloitd Wedoe.day

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Alma; McDonald, Albion, second; Rodda, Albion, third; Collins, Adrian, f o u r t h ; Hasty, Hope, fifth, 10:24.5. Pole vault—won by Ross, Hope, Edgar, Alma, and Thomas, Hillsdale, tied for first; Galbraith, Albion, fourth; and Biggs, Albion, Minster, A d r i a n , and Galloway, Hillsdale, tied f o r fifth. Height— 10 feet, 9 inches.

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Liechtenstein T h e r e a r e m a n y more i n t e r e s t i n g places to w r i t e a b o u t , c e r t a i n l y

Arcadians Consider Freshmen H o p e i t e s S e c o n d Childhood Cosmos Fraterni+y Quest, initiations Socialized Medicine Program Stage Mar. Conflux I w a s a c a s t - o f f , a n old condemn- Present N e w Song Occupies I n an i m p r e s s i v e c e r e m o n y , the ed school building on G r a v e s Place. Musical s t r a i n s could be h e a r d O f Kniclcerbockers A r c a d i a n P l e d g e s were f o r m a l l y T h e f r e s h m e n g i r l s m e t in W e s t

m a n y o t h e r c o u n t r i e s a r e much A y e a r a g o people still called m e s s u i n g f o r t h f r o m W a l s h Music l a r g e r t h a n t h i s tiny m o n a r c h y . E a s t J u n i o r H i g h School. I w a s Hall t h e first two a n d one-half Most l a n d s h a v e distinctive cus- lonesome and t h i n g s w e r e quiet and school weeks of t h i s m o n t h . M a n y t o m s and t r a d i t i o n s , but Liechten- serene, too quiet I t h o u g h t t h e n , h o u r s of e x t r a t i m e w a s sacrificed stein is d i f f e r e n t . H e r leading citi- but now I've c h a n g e d my mind. by Cosmo b r o t h e r s t o p r e p a r e f o r zens yodel to t h e i r g o a t s when no Since S e p t e m b e r 23rd m y a c h i n g the a n n u a l All College S i n g which was held l a s t week. one else will listen, and even t h e walls have been b u r s t i n g with 60 " I c a n ' t sing te n o r , so I'm g o i n g prince h a s been known occasionally to wish h e w e r e only a c a r e f r e e girls. S c r e a m i n g , dancing, g i g g l i n g , to sing bass. N o p e ! B a s s is too low shepherd, a n d not the r u l e r of and s i n g i n g g i r l s . Some of the g i r l s so I'd b e t t e r t r y b a r i t o n e . Yep! eleven t h o u s a n d people, m o s t of are f a t , some t h i n , s o m e h a p p y T h a t ' s j u s t r i g h t . " Those w o r d s w e r e h e a r d f r o m d i f f e r e n t Cosmo t h e m relatives. some sad. So m a n y t h a t a t t i m e s m e m b e r s t h e first f e w d a y s of pracThe p r e s e n t r u l e r is f a c e d by my poor old r a f t e r s don't seem able tice. Finally e v e r y t h i n g was in many g r a v e problems. T h e U N O to hold up u n d e r the s t r a i n . But readiness to g e t u n d e r way. Allisn't one of t h e m , and t h e control in-all a g r a n d t i m e w a s enjoyed by of the a t o m bomb doesn't k e e p him I've been r e n a m e d " W e s t H a l l " and everyone in being able t o particiawake n i g h t s . His problem is of a told t h a t I have to help o u t so these pate in t h e a n n u a l song festival. more serious n a t u r e . A f t e r all, who girls can go to Hope College a half F r i d a y e v e n i n g , M a r c h 14, ever h e a r d of L i e c h t e n s t e i n ? And a block a w a y , and t h a t until a new marked t h e r e g u l a r meeting of dormitory can be built they a r e t h a t ' s precisely his problem. T h e Phi K a p p a Alpha in W a l s h Music only people who give t h e i r a t t e n - jfoing to live with me. When the g i r l s c a m e I was in Hall. P r e s i d e n t Merle Vanden B e r g tion t o t h i s Alpine oddity a r e t h e opened the m e e t i n g a n d LeRoy philatelists of the world. T h e phi- p r e t t y bad s h a p e . I h a d n ' t been Sandee offered p r a y e r . latelists a r e a s t r a n g e folk, they cleaned up f o r a long t i m e , and m y B r o t h e r B e c k s f o r t led g r o u p r u m m a g e a r o u n d looking f o r bits pipes weren't w o r k i n g too well. In singing. B r o t h e r V a n D y k e reof colored p a p e r , and one of t h e i r .act, the girls had to go w i t h o u t hot viewed various l e t t e r s of problems f a v o r i t e b r a n d s is, you've guessed w a t e r for weeks. But it w a s n ' t too a nd c o m p l a i n t s f r o m people it, Liechtenstein. Now the Prince is long before, one by one, my r o o m s t h r o u g h o u t the world. The meeting constantly h a u n t e d by the f e a r t h a t s t a r t e d g e t t i n g painted and decowas closed a f t e r Cosmo Robins the s t a m p collectors of t h e world rated and I became p r e t t y proud presented his r e p o r t of criticism. might not like his newest issues, of myself and my girls. The new Cosmopolitan f r a t e r n i t y and he'll have to go back to milkT h e r e a r e d a y s t h o u g h when I song was f o r m a l l y presented to the ing cows. feel too old and worn out to c a r r y public f o r the first t i m e last week Switzerland is r i g h t n e x t door, on, especially when a couple of g i r l s F r i d a y n i g h t a t the All College and t h e canny Swiss h a v e made decide to chase each o t h e r t h r o u g h Sing. Music f o r the s o n g was comt h o u s a n d s of s t a m p s with Alpine my halls and e v e r y board in my posed by Mrs. Harold J . K a r s t e n , scenes. R a t h e r t h a n a n t a g o n i z e the body c r e a k s under the s t a m p i n g of Hope College m u s i c i n s t r u c t o r . Swiss and run the risk of not get- their feet. Then too, v e r y o f t e n a t Mrs. K a r s t e n and f r a t e r n i t y memt i n g a new musical cigar-box every 12:00 when 1 am settled down f o r a bers E d w a r d Stetson and Dale year, the Prince has to put some- quiet rest some room decides to Stoppels wrote the words. t h i n g else on his s t a m p s . His uncle hold a midnight s p r e a d , and I do Cosmo Stetson showed r e m a r k ruled b e f o r e him, but w a s forced mean spread. They have e v e r y t h i n g able ability in directing the g r o u p to abdicate his t i t l e a f t e r issuing from pickles and onions to soup anc s i n g i n g w h i l e t a l e n t e d Roland a set of s t a m p s . The controversial coffee spread all over, and includec Semmelink a c c o m p a n i e d at the s t a m p s bore the likeness of his with the food a r e howls and g i g g l e s piano. Dale Stoppels w a s c h a i r m a n lady love, a f r a u l e i n f r o m Tyrol. until the h o u s e m o t h e r h a s to g e t of the Sing C o m m i t t e e . T h e w o m e n of L i e c h t e n s t e i n out of her bed and hand out j u s t Congratulations a r e e x t e n d e d m a r c h e l o n h i s c a s t l e and de- punishments. But then when some f r o m the Cosmopolitan f r a t e r n i t y manded an e x p l a n a t i o n . R a t h e r of my girls a r e punished I feel sad to the Sibylline and Arcadian sothan f a c e the bloodthirtsy mob he because I know t h a t if I were only cieties, w i n n e r s of t h e 1947 All gave the crown and the f a m i l y a nice new building I'd have soundCollege Sing contest. yoyo to his nephew, j u m p e d into proof walls and then the househis Ford and went off into exile. mother wouldn't have h e a r d t h e m . His m e m o i r s will be published But, I g u e s s they have plenty of soon. f u n anyhow. It s t a r t s every mornLiechtenstein achieved its independence in the same y e a r t h a t Hope College w a s founded, which leads to some i n t e r e s t i n g speculation. I t ' s rumored t h a t the Prince has written a letter to Dr. Lubbers, r e q u e s t i n g a j o i n t celebration. Maybe he'll even put Van R a a l t e Hall on a s t a m p , and Hope could set up a D e p a r t m e n t of Yodeling. T h e r e a r e still twenty y e a r s to go, but we hope the Prince doesn't run out of ideas by then, f o r we'd h a t e to see him join his uncle in exile. C h a r l e s A. Daroczy

ing at 6:30 when some get up f o r b r e a k f a s t and ends a t 11:15 a f t e r lights go out and I can h e a r a f e w of t h e m still r o a m i n g a r o u n d groping f o r a cold cream j a r or lying in t h e i r b u n k s s n i c k e r i n g over a r o o m m a t e ' s l a t e s t joke. Then, all is peace and quiet and my girls a r e d r e a m i n g of t h e i r d a t e with J o e , the handsome cheerleader, or of t h e f o r m a l , and I sadly think of the day when they'll be gone and t h e i r l a u g h s will be an echo in my e m p t y halls. Jeanne Toussaint



initiated i n t o t h e f r a t e r n i t y March H a l l L o u n g e a t 7:00 on F r i d a y , Quest n i g h t and i n f o r m a l initia14. The t h e m e of t h e l i t e r a r y meettion were t h e chief a f f a i r s in t h e i n g was t h e medical profession. M a r c h 7. L o r r a i n e V a n F a r o w e Knickerbocker F r a t e r n i t y on t h e 14 J o h n Willits presented a fine seriopened the m e e t i n g with b e a u t i f u l a n d 15 of M a r c h . T h e pledges ous paper concerning the p r o s and showed up in f u l l f o r c e well p r e cons of socialized medicine. Willits ly led devotions. P r e s i d e n t R u t h p a r e d f o r a F r i d a y n i g h t of h a r d contends t h a t the W a g n e ^ - M u r r a y - D e G r a a f h a d c h a r g e of t h e busiships. A f t e r a s h o r t b u s i n e s s m e e t Dingell plan for socialized medicine n e s s p a r t of t h e m e e t i n g which i n g and an elimination t o u r n a m e n t would tend to c o r r u p t the medical consisted of the r e p o r t s of secreby t h e way of a paddle led by Ed profession and lower the level of t a r y M a r c i a Den H e r d e r a n d t r e a s K a s s i g , t h e pledges w e r e g i v e n the nation's health. t h e i r quests by P l e d g e - m a s t e r s Don H e r b e r t " H a d ' s " Schmalzriedt u r e r , A n n Wolters, besides o t h e r a n d Roy Walchenbach. T h e n i g h t g a v e an excellent h u m o r paper. p e r t i n e n t m a t t e r s of business. T h e w a s cold f o r Bob V i v e r s and h i s F r o m the content of t h e p a p e r , p r o g r a m w a s in the J»ands of M a r v b a t h i n g suit, and colder when h e c e r t a i n q u i k - w i t s w e r e able t o dew a s t a k e n to t h e "cooler." Pledges duce t h a t H e r b w o r k s a t " H a d ' s . " ian Reichart. She introduced MarMoore and S m i t h did well in t h e i r A t F r i d a y ' s All-College S i n g , t h e g i e A n g u s who s a n g " S u m m e r f e m i n i n e roles, but B u d Arnold A r c a d i a n s p r e s e n t e d t h e i r new t i m e " and Dot C o n t a n t who g a v e discovered t h a t t h e g i r l s w e r e t h e m e song, " A r c a d i a n B r o t h e r s . " a n a m u s i n g n a r r a t i v e in dialogue slightly r e t i c e n t about giving u p T h e music was composed by Wiltheir fingernails. F o r s o m e the f o r m . The m e e t i n g w a s concluded liam Geiger and the w o r d s were e v e n i n g ended r a t h e r l a t e . w r i t t e n by Calvin S w a r t , T e d Fla- w i t h practice f o r t h e All College On S a t u r d a y night t h e pledges Sing. h e r t y , and J o h n S m i t h . w e r e put t h r o u g h the final paces and h o r r o r s of i n f o r m a l initiation. S 8 8 8 8 8 S 8 8 8 8 8 S 8 8 8 8 8 g 8 8 G 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 ® 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 K Needless to s a y , all t h e pledges ended up sore and b a d l y in need of a shower. Though t h e evening was not too pleasant f o r the neop h y t e s , it w a s enjoyed immensely by all the old m e m b e r s . A literary meeting w a s held the 20th during which Bill S h e w a n and W a l t Kennedy presented a h u m o r paper. A s e r i o u s p a p e r on the origin of baseball by B r o t h e r P a r sons followed. Both w e r e well received especially by S g t . at A r m s Rodge Decker. Plans a l s o a r e being made for the s p r i n g p a r t y on May Boisterous Betty goes 24. The f o r m a l initiation will be into her two new songi held on the 28th of March b e f o r e the carnival a t 7:15. T h e m e e t i n g was closed a f t e r the adoption of a new f r a t e r n i t y s o n g w r i t t e n by Vice-President Eickelberg.


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