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HOPE COLLEGE. HoUand. Michiaan. Wednesday. March 27. 19 18 •

Gouwens on "The YAN HAZEL IS • NEWS REPORTERS LOllaltll of Jesus" E((CTED. PRESIDENt LUiDENS AND DOSKER IN TERRIFIC LEtTER OF Y. M. C. A. n Preaehes Able Sermon to Moun~1II Lakes OOIl(f..aUon

DivWty-8tudents·to-Be Who OIaJm Exemption Are Dla. Th&t

grace To Rope.


Z. Z. Luiuen , 'J7, and Jl\y M. 'Dolt ker of Gr4J~1 &pld& IUn tbeir oplnioil6 of cemalo ludent. of Rope ID th<! fol · lowing lelter: ,... Editor of t ll'O Allehor: PNllit WI ill y()\1t e8lCQ11lo(\ pa · pur, Mr. Editor, 10 eOOlDU'lIt ullOU th,' conduct ot • ..,:10ill HOIl{' stl1<1eJ.I-s of drnoft nge who h:we t'illilllCd ex,'mption from '" ~'itl\ry sen ' ieu 011 th groUl.d thl\t Ihey nro at present pr~p(lri .. g t h.,m""lv,,,, f~ tbe millistry. Obviouliy, they n.... vlolaling Ihe .pirit of lh' lecth"t1 8~n· i (-e regulation whir h provide for lhe ''''CIIII,lioll of divinity stud ent ~ . 1Ib(' rogulnii"" ue fin es Ii studelll fIo r Iho JIIilli try liS "a peraon who on or before May 18, 1917, was preParing for the mllI1at:y in a recognl%ed cllvWty or theological s< hool" ls Hope 'oil . '" 0 re<'ogniz cd theologi.. S<'.hool! ' hllreh Jlubli· ell.lions nd\' C'rti~ " t {~rtl nud New B .,.ns \\~ ~k n. 1 he theolo ,it'al s"hools of Ihe RcforJllcd . hllr"'., nllOl do 1I0t mell lion HOIl{' 'o ll eg ~ liS slI eh. lIow Ih oll ('nn th e ('llnt ellt iO'n or stU tl cllts r lt1 tJll in, {'x {,llI pt iotl 011 SliPII b3Sis br llIaintainNi l 'rIi ~ fll'" 1.hat I h ~ Alhll'lIts of al ,,:n Col !~'g" II. r c hi "hlill~ Ih lI.sell·"" behill,1 !ru(·h n Oillls~' uht er (111."-' is Iit" ~ ~xt e llunt io n for RDIIe slo den to f allow, . iuiJOT eou_. Wo do not prCSlIlll 10 judge the mo five". or in n n~' Wfly to im pugn the ill It'ut il}o-':, of n e t~rl..till (.(' w tu tl(l nt!l of Hoop" , bul Wp <10 1\S"O:rt "",t they ho," no right t o Ll('tnish hf"T fn ir nnln" ali I' t o IJi (>OU 1I1 Ih (l pntriotil'm (If th e mOrt th!ltl fvur ·....·orl' stll rlents nlld nlllnl11 ! wh n ore Iloillg Ihc ir dul), 10 Iheir G o~ th rir (, ollnt ·.~· nn ll thom. ('l n "s. 'I'ld, olnll er hns hN'l' l'nl:",1 10 OU I ntt f'nl ioll .Ii.\· t he s)teeifi I' ('n;;(\ of J nlluh J. n llrggrnafT. 0 si ll tlcni fi t Tlope Col lC'gc.. who l'inimecl rX l"mpt ioo 00 thl hlll!is Ih"l he e'flN· t. t o elll ~r 1\ Ihen logit' ol fl.' bool n ~'rnr frolll ncxl !leI' t('rnh~··. TIJl' {~l'ninl was Ili snllowMl .h~' b' loeal hnn,,1 nno ho illl medinl ely or .pea:rd 10 IIle ,Ii \>i l· t DonIl1 of AI' I""'ls for the .ecolIII ,lid".ion of Weslern ~l ic hi!tftll . The cla im "'os ngain arllir!! . aflcr wh i(' h he filed a second nppCl\I. S\lPll(lr t ~.1 h.'· n half dO"'l' '" en.o re nffi,itw ih .sign ed hy prOJl1i nrnt .enders ill Ihe e llll ·~ h. W" nrr ill(om, e,1 Ihnl hr ••H·p""t1r(\ ill hl~ flnal r f· fort nllti Ihnl he oLltlin ~, 1 II,c IIIO/It .Ic ffrrl"ll t.' in ~;i fil· atiuli . Whrlh f' r or 11(} tJl ' is fad, hi ~ ,oll tl1H·t in mnking SUdl R strell.UOll1f E'ffort to e \'otl c Uli.lita ry iWrvice is highly u111111lnly, i .. unbf'eo ming n eitiu'li of this I·o ullt r~' . nUll i" tI diog:aee .to 11 0" • . We belie,,, e III nl SII Pil n l . r!101I . IIulllrl he "ki ~ k ed Ollt" of . ,·11 001. Without t oor of r Ollt~ ction we u · _t th nl n lIIall'. fi rs t dilly b~fore God 10(lay i& to ri se to Ih o defells<' of hll ' mOlli t,·. With Ille SlIrre"" of Prussinn· Ism, . hristioll illslilllti()n9 WOIIIII Blnlltl 10 "" lfer n Jlrent,," IIlSll tlln1l political, r-otiol or e. onolll k insl itut io1ls whiel.

would mn intn in tlJ(!,r l) xis1 ~IIN~ , nt ICOlIt in part , wl ..1t pver Ihe lIalllre of Ihe rlllilll( powers. Th e gr.... te.'t\ cn Illy ot rhr~Uallit~· IOtln.y i. a"o\\,l)IlI~' th~ vhilosnphy wl,ieh (}t :olloIlY 1\'0111<1 im ' r' -f upon I he wo rlt!. Wil hMlt p!le'\,ending t n n~all)' settl e the Ilehnte bclw~n n tllM11l nntl h;" Ood we eonh'lId thllt that st llllen i fi llds aMw.r to .h .. laroyer rlenr!)' ollrined in tbe litull ion in whi ch till' wor ~ ftndl iuelf todo.'·. 811 SCCII ' (eo.tinued on ~ Pale)

On Snnd",y, Mareh 10, 1.111' v. Teull' i$ E. OOItWCII8, '09, of Moullinill Ln.kee, New. J ()I4IO)', olle ot the ri sing youlIg j>NlIIclw" of lb e EQjjt, premohC\l IL re marikc.tie .rlllpll 011 .. The LoYlLlty of J •• II\I," Tho BrOOklyn DRily Eagle pullli8bee-+llo Ill.ieou .... e in till: t,l\o nexi day. Extra ! sr; 8 -'ollow. : "Tho supreme teBl of I<>yaH." ~ dealh. A man t'all ,be " k~d 10 do 11 0 1II0T(' thOJ' to lay dowu his life for n C I\U~. J eslIs mel Ihi. te, t. It wn nt etl.!ly ~lIing for Him to die. H e sl"< frolll the If''INO/lU lllY vigorous,' hen:I"S young 111..111 with 'ye\1'1I of vro'mis ing Ii f, be(oro hilll shrinks. Jl o prayed tI.!I 111.'\'· cr mon prayed t1.tLt lh. hiller ,up ,"ighl pn-99 frOUI him. But when it i>eeulI1l' ovid"" t 11101 loyalty ;'I\'olvod tills lasl tok ell of tI ,,'otioll to R~ 'ouse, lit· l.n, 110 ehoi ee IJllt tf) gh.,.. it. 'l1J,e I\'orld lay ill da.: kness about flill. . The Iighl Hc IlIu\ 8I!nt into thllt darknesa ItlLd gone .but 1\ li l tle WilY nnd hnd bec, 8",al:owed IIJl agoill. Apporenl ly W I' sel f·deniaJ, lI is privalion, His patienl :,,"or, Ui s {'Ilfeful in-g, lIis te~ti mOllY to I he rbiDgs ot U.e ~'nUher hnd cOllie lo lIuught. 1Ie hlld foulld lIIe.1 iu dilferelll, 811a1low, prl'OcICllpil'd whell H r nll"'; He found bhelll SO uow at the , 10'" of Hi.< "ri.e! nlld 910rlllY r~reor. The ildflu ily Ihnt hod druggod .lown thf '0":. of 1II0l. ill lh,· fla , t wOll OOll rishlllg abou t H im 81 ill. No ' l\pprc,",nLle illl prCllSlolI li'I(1 been made 011 the life of nil! dny. He hod sl)OJ. t years lu lono· line s, ' 8ustILinjug His 8trellgth by the hope ot a ,,"ona r~rJ elll(\(l, bu now ot rhe end He fouud Hilllself in a greoler desolation thnll He hail e,'e.r know n bofo«·. llisunderstood, rejected, ILUlI per· .crut~", in Ih e ItlS t moment descrIed eV" n 'hy Ih e few i rielHIs He hod, witb e\'ery indicalion Ibnl the work of iii. lifo hnd tn 1:C!d , ~-J e sti'li Il oes 1101 . ur· rOlldor the greo t visio n Iblll Illul led lI im 011 , ,bul Is rCl\dy now at lite ~nd t lesl ify to the rilSelltial lrulh nlltl right ~ n,1 good 0.111 w»rlh o( Ih e "nusc r". "'h it h H. hDd Iin..1 I,y .... nlillg Tlis loy· 111)' wilh Ilia dl'1lt1l. "~'rum Ihe beginni ng to o the rnd of Hi. en ... r J esus " ":IS eO llstalltly rulling 1Ot'1I anll womrn to loyall.v to tloal Roml ,'ause for which Ho gtt"C Ilis life. TII r benut." of Hi. own lo."tlily did not .bin. ' urrh in iI , full glor.\' IIl1til i.e hlld made the .upreme .sn.t'8ifiee. Th eil be· ~nll nt OIH'e the Jltar\"{~lous (·uifi ;lmEtnt af th,u jl oph,· .... ' Alld r, if 1 be liflNI II )) , will d raw nil IIItn unt-o me,' fl)l : ouIIUe"" lII ill iolls IO~· D : I .\' 10 Ihe king lLom fl,r wltid. the Mal er lived 01,,1 ,1i.,1 Ions hreotn. I O~'nlty 10 rile ~!n" ," lIilll If. WI,nl d"eds of heroionl , \\'hal ih'C8 of selt-sor riflre Itnve Oowetl trolll 3l!egilul~ e to Jesll. I WtOtI!"'rfllI i. II .. "lchi(\\'(,lIIent t1l-:l.t in l"\'er~' place hn ' ' I'rllllg "I' oul <J f loyally 10 01" ist. Hi.

P Mr Baker Is Elected Vice President .,.L tho .rllgular llleeting of tho y.. ~L O. A. Ia6t Tue~day ~v~lIiog Willard VIUl Halel, of tbe Ju nior .lallS, who ~ame to Ullp 1\ '0111 Grill,,' Bntpll-\ ,11' , e~ pre..;IdenL. ot tbe a ~ I ati o n for thc yellf 191 ·19. Mr. Van Hazel i. one ot the mosl popular o"d prominent m~III ' bers of tlie Seniors-eleet. Bcsidee ad· IlIg ns IDlnnnger of Ihe b08ket ·bn:l team duti ng lIll' JlIlSt se080n he plny<'d ihc positioll of gllard ill a ,'ery rretlitable 1lIl\lIl1er. 'Il e wn _ rccen Uy "Iccted JlrcsWent of the SllIuent Volulltcc. Baml nll<1 seeretnry of tbe Prnl erna : Society .• Un,le, hi elllhusin.Ii,· leud· . rship the " . ~r. '. A. is certain 10 Oourish. Peter O. Rn, 'J.!! of Poasoic, Nrw Jer8 ~.", OmnJlII New« editor of lhe A. ' hor, WM cl.cled ,,1 r ·,,""lidM.\. Ado,n W~st"'O" 'eo, of ?flo kogon, was "Ie,·t ed to the seerelary hip while Wi iii 0 III VOIHler Werp, '~O, 0:' 0 of ~II1OJk egoll , \\'n...."" elect('tl tr('osurer. The now eobinet wiU 800n aoe select,,1 by ~fr. V.n Hnzel . The besl wi. 1 01 evc-ry mon on the (,Ampn s go \\rith tlJ(l~r new olTh·er. of the 1II09t ill' PorlulIl or· gnlli7..'lli on at Rope. d

Prepe EnJoy J'oint


In Mel!-



LOlIL Friday evonWg ocoo.trod the 1Ul ' UU1lO1 jolll,t mooth'g ot Lbo Minerva nlld M"Upbolle &cietlllOl itl old M:elipoono hall. ' Tho room hail .been tlUltetully deeorated wit!. the color. and blLnnol'1l ot'.IIlIr ,oatklll an,) of ,the two _ieti.,.,. After th e cOlllpany goth<ln.'il n prolfNlUl was rod, whicb was coo. eluded wiLh " brief hUlllorou8 Ilk teh, " Wives Wnntoo ill 8I'lunshvillc." The young lIIeu t hen -retired to 0 booth in O'U' eoroor of tho hnll to draw, nmid «igl•• lind Bhouts of joy the t lLi' III IInme of S()11I0 huly foir to eu.tolllnio tor Iho c,-clI;"g. Aimr a generol good Um h,'I.d bcell ~lIjo)'~d, tho lIIell ou ,,", moro e horg~1 th~ ,bOOlh, frllIll whieb oJI too good IhiJlg8 of the everting _lIIod 10 COllie. Afte r thoy hau robbed thc kCCIll'r llte.eot, alld Iho spol;. had been ,Ievoll red , I h ~ society 1I01rg~ "'ere 8ung. nlld our able r haJlor"n , Prof. ILIrd Mr!. F. N. PM\(Ir,-OIl, l:.repar"'" t~ I a,'e. A gCIIl'.(l1 good ' lI lght was ""Id ILnd Meli. "hollo haJl \VIIS lett in darkneM to olroo.m O~r nnolher plensant evening po. cd bCllealh its protee UolI(t). It hns been 1'1.1110«'<1 tllnl, AS the COm· 1'0'11)' <l i. b:lollded, two >'ooog genllculU."1I I\'~re ~ 0 11 10 be wnlkill!! nbout olo.le, in 1\ vn ill ,..rch. "ou o<k why' Ask Ih fa culty. - L . W., P rep. 'I - - : 0: -- -

Miss Van Drezer Valedictorian Field Meet to be Held in April • [omlay 'nornhrg Dr. VellJlCDlO an· DOllDccd (hat tho vOilooletory at tbe w mmeooemellL excrd.e:s Juae 5, ' will ho delivered by.M;i", ?W[a,ion Von D,e . z r ot TIoltn.lld, who ~'O II tl>L. Ihigh .holl· or by " lIIargi n of k'll flUll. two paint. over M.iso LOll ise Brll91!C, <llso of Hoi· :""d. The other ol'<ll<>rs of Ihe e,'clI;'..g wi':'1 fho Miss FI6·t!'.lI1c W...h·cord . .rnlllM A. St."""mnn, H nrve~' J, llnll..,tk· er lind J()IIII Kl",aren. ~.iss Vnll Dre= .. one of t1.e lIIosl b;illiallt Al.t! p< o)u~r girls t hnt e,'er lI \l clld "tI "'''II{O. he wns I)rn"i,leul 01 Ihe Y. W. C. A. II.n,1 hns 0180 enpably ti lled IIItllly ollh porsOtriOIlS of import ' anee. - -.....1 > - - - -

PEACE ~ielh inh

I .henr jn. t now tho ,·oi.'e of penre Wingillg it . way IlA'r the fie lds of whi'to, To brillg Ihls dar kened world Q rn.'· 0 ' light, Allfl lIIake Ihe hCDr" ot lIIell a. whilo a. n e er ~ . CoIII{" h(lo\'(' llIy Dove, Almighty Prillt(' rA Peore, 1111 0 Ih i. worl<l wh .. r mi ght dolh . til · .... seem rlgM, And us now gh'e ollly .igh t the mjght, All(l {' nu ~ ul ~ hnh\ful tyrnn ny to cenlll'.


1(\\' 01iolt ('ontiuu {ls to Imrpirc (1C'\"otioll

.."I will f" lltillue 1111 the elld of tilllr. Pore" cr makr the g011 or war depnrt, ~I c n sr e lfis lo.'·nlly ; it grows UpOIl AII .I bilul him 0 'rr and 0 'er wilh th ou.· t'll(,' 111 n ~ t,1 clldT"CJ €s thelll in it s majl'st,v nl111 ,'hnins. We .hea.r His f'oll, 'Follow tnel' " Cnu e hilll to fccl witl": n hi. fieudi9h ---:0:--beart Amen, Brotherl An" cur&all mind, II~t 1'bou, 0 Prill.e, do t • eign. When hrn el Plllnnm foun,1 a ' 1')' ho And men fore'cr, tbough &antlered ror \\' role t1";,. I 11 .. to Wnhhh'1(ton: apart, Sir:- :'</<n ll,nll Pohn r, n lieuten· ho li give 011 probe 10 Thy 1110.1 hoi)' nnt in your King 's sc rvi{' ~, wos t.nk.. name.'. PIl in Ill \' :1ml' os n py; ~I O wnll Winfle.:d Boon Burggrtlllff P rep. ' 1 . t ried 0lI ' II. kll .." ,.., 1.e wa' condeJI.uoo ---:0: ns n py; olld h~ shn 'J be hnng~d ThursdRY <venlng MI", Eri.)lCr Mill· hm el 'Putnalll. D" 0 Sf'.\' . der PlltprtninM n nUlllbN' of TIopcite. P. .:- He is hUllged." 01 whirh time it ,,'a! repo 'cd IlIBt (J,Jd ~ive liS II. few lIlore PIIIIlM.S in M "", Delln f1oepo' s,~ Iv,,1\ a ,,·onder· tI 1;0101 of trouble. rul I,irlhdoy gift It was duly appr.· 'I'h(),,, ore no tillles to sprak , .. i:llly elated by b01h partie, in volve,1 allho Ill" I ~. dol'S 10 lei tI.e lli.loyftl nll,l it w," a few daY'! ~ote. Afi'!t& Ml.hlor 'hi' t rnilo," know what wc th ink of pro"ed to b tMt llAme jolly hosteS!! wbat they atall;\ for. and ,:I had one iTlnd time. -lL C. Ke:ley.

Track ~8r Dalenberg Makes Pre.

llminary AnnollllCement. 'I'ho.o wi:ilibe tl field n1e6t ton all tIl( elMS"" in th o eol'~ R:nt! ful\ll<lll nOOm fonr w..aks. Til ,Me hM ~ b~oll tloflllH oly dooltled upon 011 yet. Wheth· er or not you tl:WO o"cr dOlro 1L1IY run· nill.g, .Jlole v....ultillg, 0/' h'igh jumpillg. cOllie IIItI now nl>(1 stoanl 'iou IlI:1oY mo'l.ko· the one lpoint thm IWiIl give you n cllV\'! the JnWl. TOO eXllibiUolI wi~ be lI C:d ou tho 'r:1'Ce broek ..t thr Pair OrOllndl. and tho program wil l illelude ovor)' lhio'tr t'TOm the <\Iu!h!!.:! nntl tho two·mHe run to 1hIC ehot Pll t 0lI,1 bhc b;"~'cLe rue. Wlhel"...:· or mot we 90011 h/l.\' O n ochool ~r<u'k team ,Iepcnds Iq>oII th e ro w materic.: 011 dis"lay lilt Uris Imeet. Thi • • netl.n3 t ha.! you have a cbn.w:e I~ .....rn 0.8 " II 1U'1'O'\\~' by m1tk,,"1 tI.c te hXlol Icnm. lA-t us "ot Ihave IIn,y ,Iackc ",,- Ev..ry al>le bodied IIIIln witb ItWo teet, l.WtO I"ngs, <tI.I\d a little pep, 111.. t come 0111 (111<1 i1lr his bit fo r hii J olm DnlOlllx<rg, ' 19. T01Lck Mall.rg"r.



BDJoya ~ee In ArmJ Bat l'IIItt l'ruIee Interior

:to u. &.A.


PIlOt. A. Raap IlOnlll ~ute9 the 10110.,. ing letter troDl PriV'lllo Jdhil VtIUI GaMam, tbe tint I:l.ope JnIUl in Franee: "Your letter WIUI long dela!yed u it Was ndu..chCd Lo Fort Sam Hoo.fon, 1'exlUI, but it "Us very weJeome. I am ill scenes IIIU1Ch different lrom I'bOIl8 01 TelUl8 or Miehigall . We blW'e our jo,. ond our 8()/1'0W8 hero ... olaowbere; m1lJLy Iim08 I teel " down and OlU" bUL bho AmeritCan 80Idien cannot lane d09palr When :he roallzes the mieon tor wh itJh he UJlIo ae ro" the pond. "I havo tbee n 1I.way tfrom camp recently but returned Il\8t weelt. I 'Iii'v& enjoyed rut ot my expNiooccs tbua far and teel t"-t I bave pro/Il9d mu ~h t _ the.m. " M.ise Elltla G. M.a.rUn, now aL I~ eo, N. Y., \005 kind enougf.t to Mild me a dozen Sunday Sehool QurterU.. lor 'l.bll eurrent qllMter. We bold a SundlLY School every uoday monring pt 'one the billets IUId the quarterll. w-c bein-g used tbere. " Tho loonl Y. M. O. ·A. _ret.;", ~'Ot. Be'n n'!ltt, of W.illhl,ms II/I>d' Mary. Oollege, Virginia, i. a very valuable milD. in his lino of 1I'Orit in FNlDCe. I . 1\111 n.t1endillg bis avening cia» in pey. !!lIology. LMt Friday eVll'1ling he san (I hort ledure on 'The Diplomatic R_ sona for 1fh Qrflat W~t'. Til_ Y. 11. I). A. does mUte h 10 help the eoldlet' In the line ot e11tertainmen t, and lnstlllct.ioD. It runs a I!t\ nte~n 1Lnd hn lor we BOeb nrtielCII 11$ ,the 80l<1ier most _trle, In. 'Iudiog elgarot., bot t hQllOlat.e, ehewing gum and dnily is.ue,s ot tho Pvla • Herald. Th i. evening we llre to be en. lortoined with moving pieturee. "You may !be Bure I am trying to got nil the good ' I CtIlJI OUL ot my IU'lIIJ cJrJ)erionell in France but I long for the homeland. HlLlt the clium of tin. lifll out here eon:>riet8 in of the r<!turn 1'0 tbe good old U. S. A. I live in IL villago which cvidently is eentnr. ies old. ~n a nea.rby town I saw" iboild. ing ",hleb was built in 1765. The date was Ileeply carve,l in atone OV'er the doorwny. All tho buildingl here Are ot stone with tile roofs. The lItreet, .,e narrow ILnd orooked. The ~oad. ot FrancO' nre the fin "",t 1 have ever Been. J! BecJ1l!l strange thl\! th~ I&nd ilL! fM so many centu ries been the _ 01 wars. Caesar W'Ooo.bly ratVaged aneient Oaul t.hrough these very part•• 1I0wo"or, I must dillContlnue fur the Ilg'ht Ilfe to be turnoo down tOt t he " mo.vies ".






. .


. Sineer YOW1l, 'P vl. John Vat> Gollkom. Amb. 00. 2, A. E. F. via New Yo • • Been and Hevd Anlond tile 01IIII)IIII.

T got 011 (I Pere IMttrqudtle tra.iJl . . ] lold the e ondu ~lor IlllOut lbe wwnr;' of Ihe tmin, n.ld h to» m~ i' I ;OJ fl()t Hko i t hnxl beti er ,g "t out /III1d \I.k 1 snld: "1 would, but my tollu! doll t ~ t JlI ItntiJI Rny Iornb gets in." In ~hc @Mt right ill< hont or me ,0.10 a "'OtIlKl.1I ~"ith 111(>" tllit boy. I hl\ulled th() oolldll"tor n OOl.t· fnre li&· l't oafld bhe ool)(\uc.tor "'1'ba1 obey ie 100 In.rgj> to ride () II n. I...l!'·ta;re ~ick · Pt." " 'Vet:," 8:l!d Itho wnrna.n, " He w"",,.r'1 when ho got 00. " [T.he Aooho. dj, ain ail re8poneibV-lty ,tor th~ above col.trlbution .Editor.] o , 'file ___ of .. _ .. the qaau"

otldl " .


J llSllie I1cmmco 8kating'. " Bill" Vall lio.zel-;tlie boy wIth tho conerelo , car· ring•. The M'ileBtone eta1l' working. " Dolly " and "PlIIggy" at the biah iehooJ. "Louie" and Lucile out walJo:iJtg. " 'Dommy " falling ill the IItreeta: Jay Do.t!ker In town 6jmday. Nanko Bolt ,has been "eteppllll oat·, a. grea.~ A.a.1 lately. • -


&nator Ob..mbdrl..... III "u..111t4 Sl<ltos Military estlllbll,hment hu n down!' fAme, has relo",ed to tile Bena.te niter a eomJllete reeovery ~ • the e1l'cet. of lUI operation for aPllttalll-.J eWo. Amateur pl'8lll4eatW " ' - ..... l~n pleaw tab notiee.


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I .. ay udo remalDed at home, bol thOle 'lIeF'" ;a III ba& . . . . , 'ftIItof .. bam Donald Ha.nkey 110 boly RY., ~ W lie .....~ Tbore wJl ....ver "They ~Iunged bee.dlong down the be a ~ Ilfultratoion 01 iII!.~ ot Pabllatcl "1r7 Wtclallday durlaf the .tony path of glory; but II" then- bule 1'ho IIOlemn IIroT' " ot Dr. oltn HOOI')' ..u.ytar by.tad.ala of Hope Coli. Jboy lItumbled 0_ very 4II00e:' Jowe;t, .. IL Ie opoariblo f.or • man 10 Tbere are many eJeeleela.sties who draw a OI'Odkad IDM .bohind _ OI1Icifix." ao&U O~ D~" 'Look a y ar into the Murel The 14110•••.••• W.lLTIlB A. 8OHOLTBN. '18 are con mod abo!}! tbe tuturo of the .LuM1a1o Idllor •.• " ..• o - D.WII~ 'II bur1chl Thoy lam JIlt tb facl thlli1 aaeualty \11118 will be dAily bJaekanin( &4110.... ....rtnao 8011.......... ' 11 o.u- aeporlU .. Jam.. J.. 810....... '18 ao mwy .Ludentl tr1n lbe rninl.tltry have 'tll'll lront pap ot our I1!OW8pIlpore, and }.Wilit "1Ior .. .. B.nard D. Hak.I • • '18 temporerlly dillcontlrLUed their eour_ Ilome alter hom",wUi ha~ beeIl mdely ..eb... Idllo • . , ..... Mar' E. G"*". '20 .u..uJ &4J1o't •••• , ••• AII.. I. 8aap, 'U to job the eolorl, alld thaL eoneequent· plunged mto ,tb dreall gloom ot death o..p.. &4llOn •••••• Harrl., Z. Bait.., '18 Iy the I"willer ot vacant chureh.. an.! r.o.v~iritawlUbGlvegotlb lfOJll amOhg ••• ••. •PolU G. B..... '18 run-doll' n pr.rlabes Ie ver on the in· us; noble ..oule will mve .. inged therr ..,'" J'1rt 11Il.I,. V.. po1~ '11 • •lob .. D.t••....." '18 CI'UM. They tJleJoetore u'1!o every .. ay to God. And IIOme of the boy• man of drJ.!'t. age wl>o lit IOllle time i'n who will hare "gAlIIeWellt .... iIIboboYII IVIJIlII. DIPUTIIIJI'l' Kanacl r •. ... EUlIUID O. KJ1lRNOA. '18 the' futuro ClXpeeta tD be ordained a from Hopol Undor such conditl""" .IN', Bu •. Mer ••• M)TO. Br""".. , '20 mini lar of tho Oospel to take IWpe arc tho momDors of the . Hope Mudent hb. )(11'........ OtUtlDt't Heemlt.ra.. '19 l....wing to hie Is lficalion in 01_ V, body going 10 lelelnLo iii> prel!6llr. of !vmI . ,1.116 per Jar In a4VIDCI thus escaping Induction inle military any .na.n. w1lon II glectOO to obey ' t!lHj IImalt Ooptaa • - - • 1'1.,.. OtDta _viee. H Is well that IIllln nrc sollc· .lObl{\/" illmb ·tiI of -hls flo ut tn or(lc~ to Itol'" of the w I( of tho MII'eh ot 8ILVO illt fi efl'My . tram ' being , lata.... t lbe Po.t OW.. 0' HOiland. Ood, buL whll.L lbclfO gcm·tOOn'clI forget PIII~tul'C<l by 4 OerJIlltn 'butlet. Ood uMCOnd..,lu. mtllmltt.r. Is -th ...t 0 UlOlI'a Ihllt duty in this nont· heLplllg them, they won't! tl"r is not Ul tho rhllrc~ but to his own Look fivl' yen,.,. iIWUl ~h(l futu 'lOl Th~ ocl f-reellOOt. wlLr will hn.v be n ttro!. ro a nrO/Jl TllO red· blooded, indcl>e.rde!Jt Aml'r gloriOul r(}1181111l1ll UOIl. The <11',,11 of lell<! hr islinn ot draft age, to whom OC'rIllRII autocNI"y will havc .dunk bock Ihis WI" I. not l1Ie",,:y .. "'niggle with into hi!! corner ill Uoc hotroet pl'l'·. i . ,.rmallY but a holy C1:uomde in wb iet holl. The boys it. olive ,I ... b nlld oblue all th .. prin il'lI'. of JO!J\'" nre ntto1<e· will 1111\"6 .tr<'tllnlt'<\ 10 again will n01 be eOllt.n t to remain in n the" pUllue the tellor or 10gie DI illstitution ",. n parsonage per II", way of I'eore. Are th<-), ;'Ig (1\' « til ' I'OIlti<'roIl8 wonk! of On! vin going to tol rRte Ih IIpimLunl III i'llistrn· !>rollg nlld Onr while hiB erstwhile n.s II em 8 0 f IIlcn who ",tU8Cti to boced U,e _intes arc fightillg nnd dyi1'g tor thr IIlO9L IIrg<lllt eal! to Oh.. ietian rvice very truths Int{l \\"[.080 fathonol_ Lhat e~or .nlog down th eoo'ridors of depth~ he is delving. lime' Agaill we say, God helpiug Writing und<Jr the title, "A Fathoo thelll, the)' WOII't! who bas ThIIE!e onl ' 0,'''' There ' ; ~'OW o I feo! abeut it," in ~ reee nt ntWlbcr of OONGRATULATIONS, HOLLAND I Oab' & 1nIIquil Burope CID be a sta.- tile Ladies H ome Journnl, Or. William ble Europe. 1'h_ mlllt be, not a bal· J. Dawson, t~ eminent author of such aa:. of power, bIIt a CQIIIIIIanit)' of well· know" book. Ill! " The Forgot ten There WaM a limo when Bope hated power; not cq&ll1Hd rlTalrles, but ID Secret" olld "~ Empire of Love," Lbo JLigh Sehoo1 alld tbe H~h Seheol hnt d Hope. When Hope singed an tqUIlucl commoo peacl.trea~ 1h i8 important phlL."C of th athletic ev .t all lhe High School beys -WOCldlvw .WillOD. qu.esUolI und.r d l'lC ue ion in a """)' came Ollt anel rooted for th oul·of· .urcine l nne dir L m8:l1n IL Dr. Dawtmm tc.!m. Wh en' tlle High School p1>t 8On'8 . OM arc nJl men of genius, 011 ---::0:--on an exhlbilion nil the H ope bOyll " BUT DAVID TARBIED STILL AT of them ~>eing Lieut.enant Connimgsby pAid Ih if twcnty..fiv() e<m1. piece$ in JERUIlALIlII(. , , DIl.IVSOII, t i,e Ila.mous auLhor of "Corry C)~r to yell aga.iIL~ it. Happily, 00," but he hM rcncloed th .. cOll elu· UXl<Ie daye are past In ,thie aup"eme hour of the world '. eion bhnt th theory tilot "while it i, The Anehon tAkes thiB opportunity Ute wh&n, under th diaphanous cloak quil" right thnt oommou m('ll should of "<oatiooal telf-detenae" the mud· netinoe tilei r lin!/! for their country. to congralullllte Conch Drew, and the I!!~)Jlin'~od rulers of Gor.many are al>- thlY"O Ihould be ellornptioll frw goolu! fnculty rmd "tudent.. of Holland High d_orin, \0 garrote bobh civilization or any specinJ form of talent. er intel· on too remarbble 1000 per u ni Tee· aDd democracy, it is deeply g .sti1yicg le'etuo.l· rdJility" .ioI (t idedly ~ong ord of their !bosketbalt quintet dUldng to Dote the unqualified loyalty wloth be<'o.ue .. there' another . i(le to tho hhe _ " jU$ ci08ed. May the High hool continu to oct the teams of wbl.!h the various neligious oo-ganim· question: th e. sid. of th e man him· all too ot ber schools of the stnte on LiOllt of nation are IlUpjlOrtmg the .elf." SaY. Dr. Daw!!rul, " He hns his lfoverllJllent in pufJlO'O to eota:blish own honor 14 eo nsi.der. }Ie hos Lo 11>... t beir heads during the years to cornel once and IOI'Over the cI<m1ality of wit'h him•• lf, and the w;)r..!. doom A ALUMNI NEWS America", ideaie. Eccles.tieal lellld· 'lnan en'll enduro is 00 11\'0 with a d~ enr of ""~h I'Cputo ill 0.\1 seetiollll of the bonorod 801f. He may save h18 Ufe on l.U Eva W. Leellhout., '17, who .. COllllIn')' are rellating thllL if the world what appears to be a most notional tea ching al Ihe Mnpl e Grove PubJir i. to be anta for the progress of the JustIftcatloD, but wtll be n.o t thereby !!Chool, has !boon npl)Oi"tod inst ... r t or ill Kingdom of Heav(!Il there !DlUsl be 110 lose It?" . t8Dlporimtion with tho Pnl3Sian "men· Continuillg 10 'Iuol e Dr. Daw90n: " It hilLory in th e Hollalld IIigh sc hool for :\f i8.~ Leell hout., &ee of combined ihtrigue IU>() force" our 8On8 hod 'l1ot rl'lYpolldod to this all th o .II,U illg yen r . who wo. one of th e most popular eo-cds . .. blcb Is eo..rea"orrng to dor!<pO Bit hu· ot th h<"IOic, YllOul'd we h",'e been manitY '1 homllll In !black. They have aati81led with 1h u' We mi'ghl han Ihnt e,'er att end ed Hope, WIIS awnrli('(1 become cOhvineed that tl.e WM" upen been lk'11i. hly glnil Ul have tDem still tbe Southland ~{Nlal at tl", fifty.second the orapaei1lua hordes of bed vilell Hun. with 11&, but would thore not have bl",n annual rommenre ment eXC'rcise beIrt upon ,,!II'Id conquett Ill, alte r all, lion .lemcDL of 8hmne ill onr glodn_' Ju ne. DOt eo much America's conl1ict 118 the lIhou14 we not have felt that thoU In· Privnt e Lawrellee Dalmnn, Hotel t onJI iet of Almighty Ood- Him80lf. cWrereDCe. their pretenmee ot Ignoble Hampton, Philadelphia, P eo n'ylvania, Any othm altitude than the one t he~ seelUit)', W&l ID accustion of us, a wrilG3 that" Hope may be a one· horse have _U~lled would be decidedly U1l ' slur on our own manhood. a censure on !!ehoo: .hut s h e'~ ~ ~ lIIe mO le nil thr worthy of .men who ON' the gua~in"" the !dew In which we bad tratned 'mme." ot 1M lfOspel of rightoouSll Ctlll and ju them?" ---:0:--Hoe and liberty as welt as of the gOli' The Anehor hM quot.ed D r. Dawsoll pal 'Of lo ve and joy and pen e. ILt Itmgl h '-nullO It i8 II pon I he high Somo -time ago the t"o hundred fitty plane of POl8Ollal hOllor and p<'I"l!01Ull £xr~attgr.a dokigatCli (0 the I.. ter·chu h Fede.-a- seI<f' I'('8pe<'L that i1. wl.ih eaeh stud..,., Uoo Oongr_ at Pit:t.bu'1! unmrimol}8' to settle 1hc question of 'Ii. duty hi .....- - - - - - - - . . . . . . . : I,nwre".oe Col:egr ot Appleton. Wi> ))' went 011_ record as seeing' , no ,..,ason ~his dark hour. AlLho we 0.110 eonov1lloC ' ad I,hni t1Hl klgisIAi{lr. who'f ... 01"d the eonsi ll. rC(!elltly won the stal e chap!why minitrers of tho gospel should not draft. law did nol. intend thM college piollshiV 10 bn: k, I,ball. be aubje<:t to mIIiLnry Bel'Vi e on unct· preparatory eehool .tudenu. -0l)" the .me ground.! as th ei r t ..Uo,,· 11101 ohooid be elall6ed ~ dl. v inity studente The U. of M. Ma y Festival will be eltizerut," and at ILbout the srune t i me or thot Jl(! hoo18 .ueh "" Hope CoIleg<l celebrated May 15·19. The Metropol· tbo 'P llCIIhyteriDll Board of Education ~ hould ~)C c, o Milclef('o(\ M "reeogn;'l'd Iton alld Ohicago Opera ompanies will adv~ youlIg men l tudyl ng tor the mlnletry or alroody OIdalillC(1 "not to thoologi 0.\ e hools" we nTe oot pri. be big f!,atures 011 th e proG'rftm. alai'm e.xemptlon when Ihey are slim· manly im'6n'8ted in the legal phMe ot A.driau lInd. seltolanhip i. the suhjed IIlId.... d~uMlon. We /l'r.e mow under the SI'Illy d,dt." gra4uall)' Improving, th ILverage of th e 'I'he Ancl>oJI <frankly, ClOIn.lidly in1;( in the h,,"or of Hope, and coUege for t'1IC pul month being 3.2 ud onequlvoeally tak~ It" etand with iL il th<ln!tere Lhat, in lhe feeL of tb.e thete important .. e1Miasti~al bodiel. fselo!! be.J'oro us, we ellllno( remain ai· per cenl. -0Central ' Coll ge "it! hold on oratorio Army mea from. Hope l1a ve r pentodly !em. The Anehll" "ouM tail in its dut,. cal eontesL At ItI commene6lllcnt exer· epokeD of tbe ,eoelltment that ""lall withllll tbo ranq ~ _ _ t~ goveNI- 00 the fouT«{lr epkmdi;) men from ei s, Ma.y 23. Two prizee, a gold and ment hu 8!'!eII fit to rele_ ~Iergymen Hope in lhe ee"vice "are it to Iio 0 Iilve r medal, will be awarded. 'lIh. aDd elergymen·to·bo from th duty of lilt ib "ole.. In 11I'01ffiI, aga.lnBt the ar.· wi nner will represent Cenlral In th p .ludicg l i()o by .illo with !.heir fel · lIone of th0A8 fAlw who h<\!v& caat diiJ. State contMt next year. __ 10... ID tlU. Iblaclkletlt of all black hours hOlllOr upon Lho Ore.nge a:nd Blue by go· The OJw.t Mep'l Oleo Olnb hai 6n· of the JIIIItIon'1 hietory. III our opillion. ing out of their ".y to _ape the pe... ehu~b c_ot aJl'o~ to aUow thl& tormanoo of tbeiT 'Obvibue duty to tOOir i!thad Itl c on erL tour, cloling the oca· IWMIiImeot to eCIutl'oue, fl7t it Ie &II in· eouotry ami 'their CbniIt. '!'be~. 100 "Ith a grand- /laala at Olivel 011... Dot tIIat Ill., haft vet h.. opened a ·governmeo.t tOl)f8e in evltable It! tomorrow', dAwn thet lM wllIl u... _ c!e.... 1UaII bat food eon.ervailon to Juolo .., Sealorl leaden of Ameriea cdtu the war .. it: be, _ ma .. bo t.ook lbo eaeier .... tIIIJ ....... to o1IWa ... Dot d domntle .cl.~e nudull.

UJ~t Attt~nr.


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the lIPint 01 crlticlsln, our 1ICh001, lor many times during tho past lew mont.. had oneuion to be proud that kd lIP Dt. a tew years at Hope. I find It e1.-d &So ona ot tbe 1>8111 amall wi, leges In the oMlddto wewt.




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I bacl< to our room .t about 2 Sprin, la hete-and 10 are the new Editor ot tbe AAebol)! A. M. and thero waa Walt, sprawled out spriDIJ ea PI I I lin <IIot writin, tbil eommeat In on t~o bed. He hado't two 011' even "Jau" GIlman II learni", to ahovel coal. Eventually-why "at nowl -:e:ibe Miaa Gertrude Sehuurman ean ' humoreod with I I wit. "

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The SenIor play is coming along fine· There Is one thing thaI 10 be 01 vietMY or defeat, aM alterwarde r~~'E. Iy. Praetice oceura overy other 4ny. ehalnetully negle ed at Hope. Tbat bad COIOO back' to tlMl room to ait up ankl • _ U -:0:Panl ... borne from the Uni· thIng 10 phv.ical , •traini"w, .... athletics in- wait tor me to return trom Kazoo with Peten SaUdi", tt.l.......... ve .. lIy of Chicago tor Spring vacation. elUlkld. EduCA\.(n toaJlrealize ovlll' the ot the contC!lt. old try aro oogioUl'ng toot.oouo· I)hy' the' mnn'dota.\ls Morphous hadbig won out In But the un------• Eldred Kul',6nl{l" '18, ond .his assist· sieal training I, morc i.mportant than eqUAl .ruggl and had II come across ~\ aut, ... ent 10 Obleago Thurlday in tb.. Latin or O You cannot di.obey with the 'kn'Dek' out that produces the intereet .. ot the 'Khalil Mileetone. Ihe ot biology and not exped to sleeper." p:!.y the priee. You rannot bope t It was ratb r pathellc to ue Ihe cbap rre:en SUI .ih <l&YI tJUI t Ted Ynotema have a strollg ml ..1 wbton you b1i.\'e 0 :ying Ih ..e on the bed ta..t a!!leep In all hat again reaumed studying-and not weBik body to "ork wilh. Mon. tarf his clothes, fo r I knew how mucb !JI' berAu,e the inter·ooclel), de"batcs are should 'be takell of the bodiM than of had wanled to b. a.t Kn.zoo. Bul, boy· finished. t ...Mon, I -ilowed non teelingohympatby the minM of colt"", atudcl1ta al of Hope Colleg hM a gymnasium of or I'Ommi'l'Iation. I took him by the " Bill " Vandrr M('{lr and "Pift" lOpTh.,.... sboulMr and "'"ok bim awake with 8 iegera ftre now rooUling togelhN al whkh It may "ell 'be proud. plan Ihe tOrOlN quarter!! of Ihe Bnkken are not many' o/llall colleg • that ·b nt few derogatory remllrks about his not lIUeh a gym. But whnt percent of tbe being ab!.e to put blmself to be.d. J lI oeven ~rroration. Citz. Phone 1582 19 E. Eiihth Street forly or fifty thouslLnd, dollar in.v•• t..'l wM 'a/raid rabouldhavetoWm a gow· Bl\."Ohall tans were on 1he alhletit ment aN! the studen ~ lI.etting' I a.m erneM to (llike care ot ,him." But be field Frida.y Atteruoon. Munger Roc, afraid that it is le!!ll lhan one per ci'lll wouldn't go to ale~) un.tll J had crooned ven i~ planning on Arranging an inter· -and lees thall thaI tbis y"o;o, from to -hlrn some little lullaby &bout the e1as sehedule. ..epa.ts. eonteat . - :0 : In hieago today bol'o nnd young A~er I bad read yesterday bow he " JIlZZ" OilmAn announeO! thAI if met. otandJ in lin.,. a. ,block long ba<1 been present at KAzoo this yenr, T WRit &holten wln ~ the int er'slBle ron , awaiting their turns to 8pCnd a ball lUnda .. ialred J had taken him 8'long Oil lest .t Oalesburg, TIIino~ April 5, tb r hour In a two by four gymnasium wbile nine yea .. ago, even tbo it walln't B hand wi] give an hon r 's concerl in tb. here wa find n 1l1agni1lcent gymnasium baby eon lest. • erAn"ken garllens. stand. more than half the. time with Wilth eighteen raM to be equaily di· • ere The" A" class ha& elee ted the tol· no one to eare tor the npparatlJ.\ that vided between Mi'ltl &buurt1lan anti is being piece by pieee. Prof. Nykerk, Tam, lowing offiee", for tbe spring te rm: 001 It is m.y hope and expeetatiol> thai Sincerely yours, P'resident- Antbony .lI{eengs. George B . Bellollen, '11. Vic .PresldenL-Louis Watermulder. somc day Hope may .00 its woy elelll to give a eouNlO in pb)'Bie8ll trAininf P. S.-Oh, no, T "..ruse to give nn·y nlh~ Seemlary an(1 T, earurer-Rcnry under a good director and tbat studen.t. for a brot'her of mine, but upon eonsid· TyS!le. ftIId fRuity 1n.0II100re will' bo eontpell· eraUon T have delllded to send him 0 fu leian rrarQid " Sport" Karste,' ed to phy&ical training al l'east stick ot c&ndy.-O. B. S. \lldr ~ the atudut body at ,hapel six 9r elgbt hours a. ..<lcl< eo that tbey Gordiner, Ne ... York, March 15, 1918. Plttrd• • J1[1dar .. OMling. Ka<aten if may build .uz....,oe!v .. Dp i'nto .trong maaIIooo and womanbood ot ... hieh ... ~ [For the obene'ft.~ ot oeMain COl'll'efl ' a alU lei. . ill the 80th Field Artillery Band . now at Camp 1l,ae Art~.r.. W_ . .y w~1 lbe plloud. ,Phyoieal train· pondeote The Anebon deems it advla· itg ... as moeh tralnlni for tbe mind ble to ~·empha81ze ita 1'\11& p<\ftainYn41 Ten •. as mathemAtics or o reek, and wben to "8I!urri:l4uI, libelOllll, or otber oll'en· --+Altho Nlnfroul ed by many dimwltie. IlLught in the rigb! ... ay i. a 80uree o. ive tntement," ete. • The above il a""l hstaeles, .the "A" rlass hAS de great enjoyment. Rope' today Is pro· prinled IIOle::v M an UllWIlllatlon of the HolIand, Michigan tid 1 to gi .. e the play", trongheart." dueing a greAt many tea b.ers, and one etus mat'ler whieh eomee unden thi! Charutera hBYe been seJected ond tbr of ·the thIngs wlucl. the eount.y is de· prov\sion, -Editor] LlI'cut .f prollrsm deeided IIpon. },r~ Ethylr manding ia teaeh81'8 who know 80me· :0:--Mett will eOlleh tbe production. thing about phy8ieal training. Youbetc:hal o Don't you think tbis i, worth think, The .,ldren ot Corporal Andrew KAr ing about' You have all heard how Thompson', slen , who wilh tour , olher.. trom a COUI 'C arl Otte Stapelkamp. fool eolt swam (\.Cross the river to gel 11:my of thlrty·four was recently pro Y. !It. O. A. College, a drink. But, sa.y, thaI bone-headtel nloted &om fiNt elMS private to eor Chicago, Illinois, quadruped ha(1 more halrae sense than poral, Ia no... W." 8eetioA, Nela Park --~--the individual who a.ks, " Why sbould COMKtmIOATION 'Eo t leve:and, O.hlo. we 8I!nd our h01s 10 Francet" That tool colt was a college professor Readera of the Anehor:-(I'll ... rite The" Freshi " 'lit one of theh ~b. paeinat who saYI, "We .ball to ~t the edHor for "reaular" OIA!etingll, eleeted offieers t Ol to the readers '1nste 6gb! only in defenro of our homes, ooly fear he'll rBlulIe to ibl\.b this.) the sp: ing term 91 10:1owl: T have JUSt ileard t·' 11111 my motber on nur own loll, 8ll<1 only when our Presidt'nt-<..\{o.tin DeWolf. how the Kuoo conteat turned out, and country ia Invaded. "-1.1'. Clyde Kel· Vice-President-.John • my thots wen t bru:k to ~he other inter' ley. Secretary-,."\{iS!l OertrUlle Pieters. o eolleglo.l(l ~Oll test beld ot. Katoo In Tren Sllr .,~ThomA Oreer, 011 Be&dlni AD BpIItIe 01 Horace. 1909. ' G. J. DI.k............ H. J. LIII._ c.IIiIr Tbe Me"phone Society hat elected Twa' 0 "S ph" \1,en .Bnd m brotber W... J . w........ Aaat. c..... the tollo ... ing oOl~er. for tbe spring Walt. was a "D". Pete PI~uD e (now Seeing the "eed of men tor sordid gain, And Mad Execss t'l,e ruler of tbeir Ihe Rev. Peler) wall to orate at Knzoo. term: miod, ~nd 4 speolal bl ain wa ehartered via Pretidoot-Winfield Burggrnall'. witll .ni.,. deperta..t W. know trom R,esent ~enes, it i. in Ihe An~gan division to take the Rope Viee-P ,esident-lIe.ory 'Luid.os. Capital, Surplua aacI ucllrided pn8ta vain d":egation to the So'ene of Ihe gas on· Seeretary-Benry 'i'yMe. $127,000.00 The truNt prEleepta lor our lite to TrellJlurer-Stanley 13o:ks. ~t. Depo:alta $l, find. AIII,o gat"mask.11,ad not yet been in· Kee per of Archlv_Ivan Fllp.e. Cor. 8111 !It. .... c..1n! An. Holtud. IIWz But heu the muw ROI~e couneel ed, vented, nearly 8vprybody tronl Hope Carl 6taplekamp, alias "Coxy," bravely went. all'd IfOnebaJantly r isked sane, That moderation e '~ r .bou:'! rule "DynlLmite Die«, " " Frinkey Mike," ' he dangers ot being oveT'Come. 'Even I mankind. ete., b lew into town We(wesday. Mr. teeny-weeny 'f Prep!l" were in that That IIVmee and il8.llltion aIIould IIOt .... , _ , ......... 8t.a.plekt.,np, who hft! "'een att~ndlna ,tout·hearted throngl rcign, .... 1otfoI, ........ Walt begg(!ll 1I.n(1 begg~d me to let the in Obi<'6&'o during But. r&ther, theae a strong, chaate ... iIl lhe 'JI&rt year, W'88 formerly ... member ~im go Rlong, too. T generally perin it· abould find. ot the present Junior c!'a.u. H.. leaves ed tht kid to have hll own way, for tor Oamp eu. tCC' Saturday with forty· he was eo oMtinat":, llIubboMl therp Cephal .550,ooo.OO WI\.I",'t. much u.e in, bucldng b'm. But Vct nnt that 10th aboold mine m · lix otber dutted .moo from Rolland. HoU .. d Oppblit.e the POll 0Ii. bitlon ri~e, (or once T put do ... n my 'iatemal to,o t, Willon et.oreman, now attending the la tact .both 01 tbem.-al~ho it the I~­ t ..t r nvv with Its torment ehould 'Unlveraity of ~o, viaited frienda 'lltion had bemmle very de~r ..te, T chut"" -------------~. "~re dnrlnll tbe pa t few daya. Btege- mlll" t quite BudJenly ba~ lifttel ont "Se~k nel~h.r wealth nor _nt; t'!'ymnn II making quite a name for blm· II' the ltI'(lunol 101< hori%od\al position. Ir'f ittmran, It la 1Itb1etk! e"cleo at tbe hig uiU, J .opdki! in Auth wonda Ie (beoIe: "W. 'If.... rolP. "80 ~I t tor thee Y('I'IIi~. Du~nll the root-ball 8Oa_ don't w.nt th~ oth'" eolle~ea of tI,t unturl. " ~ .aMlfd a borl" on lhe FreohmaJI .tate to gel ~ho Idea that Hope t. a SA'!'e. twIxt Stole roek. and LUAt· \ and' by re,,1 hard plugging Ine 1t' nACrllnrt~ n . You rlfrry tigbt In y'OlIr Come in lee as tul nlrl, ...f'deod h. msklDIr the Fre!hmon butet- millie anti .plav wlt b yonr rattle, and if Thou leepl tbv wl3;Teuh u! thy Gold· ball Next year wiD II<) doubt vNI "e A !lood Iit!'!e blby, bobby ,.\11 NI V~U . _ ,Ita .,1 ,-IDII on ODe of tbe Vanity brlDr .. slell ol eaDdy tor you. , ...Il'IIeodore O. Yiltema,' 'tt.



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iMlae AMIL Ame I "... lh happy rCfi plcnt of ~ g rond box of " eah" When look ing In Love', I ~ieon 'rom hOOl~. nnoL 10 Tuc8l1 ~y vening n In osm 'l'li ot Ipi"'" notiQll, d~lighlful' "11)"'00<1" WI\.! nn~oy ed in Do" arc, flUt' lluUd, l t Y u mllftake her roo m !by n numhilr 01 Voorhees Of' AUOJItiou for intoniion. cupnnta. -:.rTo tIIa Olrll.

Poowre-" Th-tlt \\'88 11. l'errihle ru· fall'-'tJltl IIIlI rti r of Ocru, Ollt! scalillg II1i8 rnnl<lllnit in 11. li" box: ' (Brit! (l'lOOit Nl )-tI Wlmt Urolll" r l~f ,~4' &r-di-u& At

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Deepi l the wnrll lllgs tllaL hnve 01>' peured ill th o·, P cb r O. n alroT contin u ill t ~ wny he 8hould not gO. P ivc night in one weck ' i!t "BO nt e rce· ord." Sollie I ord I Huh, huh I

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i. an.] H'IIl(lmlX'r, floor, wlL{l1i I di(l aH : u('ce 8• • t lI:..t I lin \'(1 go~ t.o YOII. f I

Films Developed 5c AT

o V('rn .lid, '· T h.:mk .\~OU, uncle. LumENS AND DOIlKEl!. WRITE let m{' ~i\'~ you SOIllG lIIore of Illy Juin{'( ANCHOR HOT LETTER


pic. "


- !o:-

The PllAIIt Ba.rd. TI,e <"iulo 1111'1 lI'ilJI ~1J'!j. Hoc. The fr,!l oll" i ug ...ruhjN'L.'4 wcr ' lli8('w . I: rt 'ity of Sa n nit ,",0, JJ • I Ro.IJ insO'Il 'rll"'tOc's Is 1'31111," "'r lll:' P . ~id,(ll1l of 'hrle," nnd tile h(irent .. ArlllNlinn D{"t;ert."

Dr. A. leeDhouls EYE. EAR. NOSE, THROA' Corner 8th


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Olllet ..... 9·11 &. " .- %·5 u' SaL [,no """ 7:30- 9. Olllet 1208 - Pllt...-

P. " .- T...


.... 1412

Molenaar & De Goed

( Con t inued 'rom Itt P ile)

lur in titutioll! IIlnllng~ to worry nlong UlldC1' Iho II n u di r AI~' 1'1O(1 1I~0tI ),y Ihe All Work Promptl y Done I have been a T.lIor I war, will 1101 n. IliviliC institution, lin· Dnd OuanlO lced ror 80 Yean (Ier th peeln l rnre of Pro,:idplI "e, do ::u; JIl'H~ hf M.of'l"'"O\,('-r, will 'Iot tlit"! vir· ility nnd Ih" (' ITI'('Ih-c lI ""~ of tilt' IIInIl - :1'1 : .lu:it n (k>oU. .• lI uw iK .,'our boy ,,' 110 rOI1l~ ,burk (rom "O\'N th~re, tI Ladies' and Gent'. Tailoring with n d~hl 10 look II .. world in Ihe .r",h g(\It ;II).t IlJollSI \\ itll his hooks' fare nn\) d6l1L..11Hl it s nllentir,l1 ill the Etula& &,,.t._lI r.... ... s.t I... 7 It 9 I! I lin g Pressing Repairin~ • '~'tn.·.t nLt ~!" .1 «\f': 1t"t I t be (n rlller j'OIl\'il' llon of duty dOlle, prodlh'e 1I0URS 8:30 to 12 a. m. 1:30 to 5 p. m. " )I r'te :,'n nJ{''il1 {l. whule 1'Gt. 1\ 1Kfnl. BOLUND, "Ie. l7ut'olle"o A,·r. HoUa.nd, " loh. "nough gl'('ntN reslllt_ 10 lmtweigb hi. 4 E. 8tHIntt mor 11l11n you flo, ] brl." crOll from T. K oppel" So.I) I I I \\"II"l i':ly t lint But he kin- ttlll tl'nlpn rnry $llsp"n inn rtf h~ rJlOsel1 mrk' Whll l rij:hl \\'ill n man who "" " :J . , '. thill~~ I air !l,1~' Ikmow in tint •. hirkc,l hi (luI .,· hn"e 10 poinl th o :a.n~'l t:lgt· I "':lU', ull j l~~t.:lIul." patll of "uly to IhO'li' II'ho oITcml 1'1 _ : 0:_ A New PbYllcs Formula II1nkr the ..~ U)trt~ lIl('1 !l'fu-dfire, if n{'~:('s· 1'hl' (·oll(hl(·t II.. I'upil vnril" ,li· t.tnr~· , Ihnl til ir rn Il111r.'· lI1i~ht Ih'C'1 rootl,\' Ulil 111(.' ~1!tJtnll(' " f rom. tII(' tf'!i,' ltcr \Vha l w~ighl lI'ill Ih. word of .u~ h A }'-h'N'I' h."SM;I~, lII .n Mrry nrtN 1111 ~!II'(Ij:!!le i" o"rr' AND 1".....,,1~ 1"'11"', Tt i, n "n..ihil it ." t llnt one OT thr P ..eparato ..y School l'-n.:xporlt'<1 W'''I",n.,·, Ih!'r nf tob e olurlent mny represen l FIOIIO College in the stn orotorirnl N-o In", 1(-,fO\·kod oul. "ontMt n('xt ~'rAr, nr •• editor of the -:0:An,hor, Altd t hu. B><, in 0 ~·itioll LIte CHARACTER AND ADVANTACiES whrrf' )IP WfIlthl ('cmlJlrJ) lIIi!~p thl' patri· {'hnl~('r 1_" Olnd t.o lIIN't you." .. Ii.m of t ho ill<ti tulion. II i. Ih du1,· 'h:a.p!(·r 11- ' ' I lI'l Ute 1110011 bc.\ur:Careful supervision of tbe health ~An institution of the Reformed of II... lu oh'1I1 hOtly to mnke surh n and moral. 01 tb. students. ful/" in America. Churcb li tuntion impo ihlf'. OUf' fl ea rOll • Flourishing Young Men's and hflrptf'r 111 _11 001.tllll 10\'(' I\\'"U7.l.II1"· Established, mnintain.d and con· roil tb{' nrolh,"C'n r~"14 oilltlll{,'Ilt. 80 Young Women', Christlan Auocia· IV-'i Do ~· ou- ,· , trolled by tbe cburch. nll (\ or t wo Atullrnt ron'('l t hr n(totion •. I I Il u-." Open to all wbo d.sir. 0 th.rough Literary Societies for men and h10 ,'('ror" .,1,.1.II.h ..l h~' t li p ('i!rll t." \ ' ._1 Iln.l1n.dll ... ln.1ln. I , p'reparntolY and education. women, <0".' of Jl OJl(' wll o n.1'(' ."list",1 ill the \'1-/1 \V1I1'(1'0 Ullt leor 1111(' StIli ' S lli n School of Music- vocal and in· C~ducational. 'n ilS(' hf d ron oM'n~·~· nUil r~h t~olt!\nM's. strumentsl. n. ' rf" W" ,·(,,,1 liN' lioN' orillioll~ in fuJI Christian but not sectarian pmes. Scholarships. - - -:0:- -·('ali7.nlioll lI,"1 111'1111" ,,( I.. i.o M ~'c t OAMPUS NEWS Lecture Coune. Bibl. study. :11 ulli(urln, hut \'.f' indtl' nnyolI(l t o Th " "n I\ lootc corporn t ion hn. h"e, 'hnllenge the rorr.... ln.. of nnt ,·on· "Micbigan should know more of tbis institution . Only recently have I come ~ention!'l. .T ('nlou~ fir th~ r('pu tntion of dl o\vCti. ' to a more comprehen. ive understanding and appreciation oC tb. splendid work -:0: the litwt!f~T ](I\'inJ! nnh·h. Ihl' mir m11ll(' Bc\\'nr~ of Clnr('nl'(' Ht."e II I ",t ra '~ ( our Alliin Miller, ",,,1 Ihe rau.e done• • 1 have learned tbat out of nine Rhod.s Scholarsbip eligibles in .Igobra, for you IIIny gl'l fooll'l\. tb. State, Ii ' are gridul1ts 01 Hope College, and from my good friend. Judge OemO('rnc'y! w (\ nrt\ -:0 :St.ere. oC tli Mlcbigan Supreme Court, 1 have tbe statement tbat Hope Col R O~I)('rt flll1~' ~·nu .. , ~I is. Jusephill lI unnillk lege is doing the bigbtst, the best and tb. most perC.ct work of ita kind In 7.. Z. T.uitlen , '1i . wN!k elld in lI alllilton . .\merica. I fi~d you rank among tbe world I.aden bere in tb. classic.:' - :0:.T n" ~!. n oshr. Ex·Gov. CUASE S. OSBORN J)rof . .John Ik n oen Wrtl t f' n \'ery ill - OrRII,1 Il UpiflH, M'h·h. ,

Dr. James O. Scott




ua I and


Hope College



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Holland City News PRINTERY Ecutablished 187~ TM Printer! Wh o KnolO How


tOrl\Sti nJ,t IcHor to (lur II vpr 111(' 11 in

\l nr"11 ~O, 1!11 ~.

the •• rd,·e t hi.! week. _: 0: _

Miss IIl'nril' lt n

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The Wood. '2H, lin.


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grlllLt "nell resllj'II.1 us trh-at we 1\\;lq, if \\~-e RN.' W'lrK', Le1we our mOlt..Vlt)' bchinxl liS Alld get out alld rut'·OlUsr. - :0: -

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for n few tloys' \·isit . n:olt: - :0:Whol:l' (Uli:.l~ l· I,H"ullu' n frngr:Jn f'f' to We hn"e lIoti c~ " mOllY nttn k. 01 11." f-kiei'; 'Prillg fc,' r of I.te whit b we hO Il<> W ho~ ,' ln lnl~' t · (llik. like • nlillcl ",ill .~(lun IJC 0 \· rcome for, n.ri " r" th (1' priug.---- to II d~r thy Ullu!!IIl' a ru Tf",1 , ,I~~hll~·. so ft, , h1\·i.t e rn~1 r(' tJ~ ((Oe t to wnndt\r oft. 13t'rt rnn Ark, ' 10, is 1I0W with the ~I editnl ('(,rl" ot '"11 \! Gre.nlea f, Fori [ lillger there nlonc wi lh ":osed p)'es OJ(lel horp". 0". 11 (, II' rilcs Ihnt h is To 1II 00Iltnl e, 10 M.n lll , eolilo"ut.c, t'lljo.\·iTlg Ihr service \'~ry lIlueh Rlld il'l \\"hil o t'hrll lh y " ,,"11111. SU llllller IJ rco7.· 01 wafl. . , mighty glnd I,c iA doing hi8 bit. . h('r

T h only E",·.,[\t io ll-So l~~-" Tht. ......'1 WIIS 1l8mod aIlcr Danipj Websler" 'J1omany-" II ",,' nWI'h dirt ho Il'"·er"

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~: a:_

The Western Theological Seminary oC the Refolmed Cburch of America is located in Holland ad· joi~in g

the College Campus. Corp! of Experienced


L 0 CAT ION: H 0 L LAN D,M I CHI Ci A N Holland is a city of 11,000 inbabitants: on' Macatawa Bay: openinl! into Lake Michigan; good buellng, batbin~, fishing and skating; healtbful chmate; picturuqu. scenery; superior church privilellu;boat Iin~ to ChiCAgo; interurban el.etTlc Iineto Grand Rapids; main line Pere Marquette Rail Road from Grand Rapids to Cbicego; good connections to,all other points. A ME VENNEMA, 0 . 0 .. PR I8 1P IIN T

- ·: 0:-

n o.1IMI II ttkk ell, I , bll{1tc forew.!I Tll nl eentur h.. tloy I4I",nrt tornlS. tho . be Lee JOh ll8Oll-l' D.iO ) u Her .·r the to H('(I lno..! w{'<!k. '" h~ WI!l t n OA1ltk'fll Mh unt nill'" .lroW1I1!! ,' ,onttlS IIjlQlI Ihc " Potsd:um By 10 hi ng wintl_ Ihy roots imbedded Hoe"-n -"No, bllt I " '~ """,n th"'" ~nll'g." lA.>t '~ 'l><'1Ir f /"QIII> ~'ou or~e n , dcep, kJJl mke." " 11"k l " , In virjtin oil.-wit ru.too(1 Ihe raging -:0:- :n :8torm. " " nre nil looklnll forward 10 lrnnis Tom 01 f!'r'-' HQve you n 3.ny~ ~j:niJl . There is /lOme tal k of IIsi ng th" And 81) wOllld 1, ill ronfliet, cv~r kN'P t'bing DIy ~cf " ~ry eOUI:IIIl" nrm 4\ 1/(1 pitH high. t rnll.· Pqpprn- " Y • ehil j ust "NIIl 4roun<1 FrQ-hmnn eln 8 to 'I)lIt thc rou rt s ill t orm 4tnpe, nlld to impro ve Ih gr.n:e:rol 41>' tbe c orne r wit'll Bill .MiI&tCll .. " ~fy toon! to hopes, ' orbwl my y('s to p!'" rnlt ~ 0 t I he CAIIIIHI -:0:weep. -10:Our Freedom-MuLt "Ai n't DIllrure We linn lIe~l('eled mCJlllonjng ehill· Joonclte Roolltt'O'. Prep. 'J8. wondentu If" blains ot VO()l'ht'Ct Holl of Inl n on I\.C ' J e1I'-I' Why f " .... _ II"' "III crace 1114 otben ~ Ollnt of so tnD!ly "ictim.. We ore Katb-"She glvt'S us aN faces. bllt very gla,d to repo' l thnt th tJ"e vletLm• 11'09 til _b1>caz= .... tC&a pitk our Q1I'D teet!>: ' --GtaIp .. ~. are no ... ,radoailJ reco~rln,.


W rite home the Victories on Eaton


FINE STATIONARY ·Fris Book Store..............

sow.., ~5t.