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» flnrljor Hope College, Holland, Michigan, March 21, 1928



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Carnival Attractions 1.

As a result of the recent fire in cided to take added precautions to


A real Hopeite swordswal lower.


The wild man from Van Vleck. ~



The f a t woman, tips t h e scales at 800 pounds.



The painted co-ed — a picture of health.



World's thinnest m a n — crawled through a g a s pipe.






Funds Donated By Supporters of Dr. Nykerk, Dean of Men, sugHope Make Prizes gested t h a t the girls have regular Possible fire drill practice. Each girl will be t a u g h t to catch un •> wrap, save

Aside f r o m these two awards there are two prizes offered for excellence in work that is a part of the regular course. Men's Adult Bible Class of Coopersville has made it possible to give a prize f o r the best essay on a subject chosen by the head of the department. This subject this year is "Luke, the Historian." Mr. Daniel C. Steketee, of Grand Rapids, has donated a fund, t h e proceeds of which are given a s a prize f o r the best essay on an assigned subject. This is a p a r t of the Senior course in evidences. Rewards A r e Various The Almon T. Godfrey prize in Chemistry is given for that student of the Senior class who has maintained the highest s t a n d a r d of work throughout the whole four years of the course in Chemistry. In the English department, the more notable of the prizes are the George Birkhoff prize for the best work done in English Literature by Junior students; the A. A. Raven prize of thirty dollars for the winner of the men's oratorical contest; and a woman's- prize in oratory. Winners of the last two receive A. J. Ackerman Cole's prize in debating, the privilege of representing the school in the 1929 M. 0 . T. meet is offered. A prize of twentyfive dollars is offered as the Vanderwerp prize for the Senior who has maintained the highest standard in oral and written English through the four years. Will (Jive Medals Other awards that attract much attention annually are the Southland medals, a gold medal for the woman of the Senior class who, according to the faculty, has maintained the "highest standard of all-around scholarship, character and usefulness" throughout the whole college course; and a silver medal given to the young woman of the- " A " class of the Preparatory school, under the same conditions.

Y" Group Hears Talk on Missions Miss Evelyn Zwemer of Holland spoke a t the Y. W. C. A. meeting Thursday evening in Wynants chapel. She has been connected with the New York board of Missions and gave an interesting description of the Church house situated on 25 E. 22nd Street, New York City, and of its cosmopolitan neighborhood. Miss Zwemer also spoke of the work done by the Young Women's League for Service, in its foreign stations in India, J a p a n and Arabia, as well as those at Winnebago, Dulce, Kentucky, Mexico, and others in the home field. Much is accomplished among the aliens and m i g r a n t workers. In closing, Miss Zwemer said t h a t although it is easy to support these enterprises with our money, it is well also to take them into consideration when planning a life work. A f t e r the meeting a short p r a y e r service was held f o r prayer week.


2. The bearded lady with a hair lip.


The Spring Vacation will prove a boon to the ambitious students who intend to compete for some of the many prizes offered by the school. The contests are numerous and include various lines of study. The Department of Biblical Lite r a t u r e offers several of these. The two main prizes f o r essays are the Mrs. Samuel Sloan prize for the best essay on the subject of foreign missions, and the Van Zwaluwenburg prize for the best essay on the subject of domestic missions.


Voorhees Hall, the Faculty have de-

prevent any disaster in the f u t u r e . RIVALRY IS I N S T I L L E D INTO The first suggestions was that fireVARIOUS L I N E S O F escapes on the outside of the STUDY building, should be built. Mrs.


In person—one of Siamese twins.

The tatooed man.

one valuable and run. Thursday evening of last week marked the initial trial of this new system. Some of the girls never left the building because they could not make up their minds which wrap to wear or which fellow's picture to take with them.

10. See the balloon get hot. 11. Merry - go - rounds and


other diszy attractions. 12.

Exhibition of fire drill at Voorhees Hall.






ALUMNUS T A L K S Only a small body of the stud e n t s turned out last Thursday night to hear the p r o g r a m given by the "Wolverine F o u r " of Grand Rapids, but those who did enjoyed themselves immensely. The "Wolverine F o u r " have been giving p r o g r a m s and concerts for the past several winters and always leave a pleased audience. The " F o u r , " composed of Messrs. E. Larink, R. Vader, J . Reitberg, E. Morse, with R. Ritzema accompanying, are a very versatile and talented group. Mr. Ritzema played on his accordion a medley of hymns and some humorous selections as encores, which lent spice to the program. The sketch, " F u n in a Photograph Gallery," showed that the musicians are actors of no mean ability as well. Their voices, well trained and harmonizing perfectly, blend into a very rich quality of music. All the men are accomplished in their respective lines, and since they do this work a s a mere sideline, it is especially to their credit t h a t they have succeeded so well. The ticket money goes to the Athletic Association which has been running behind of late in its funds.


Chapel services Tuesday mornThe Hope College Orchestra is ing were in charge of the Rev. looking forward to giving a conBenj. Bush of the Westminster cert a t some f u t u r e time, perhaps Presbyterian church of Detroit. soon. Whether their concert will lev. Bush is a Hope g r a d u a t e and be held with t h a t of the Glee a prominent figure in the Presby- Clubs' remains still undecided. terian denomination in Detroit. The members of the orchestra A f t e r a few r a t h e r witty remarks practice as a group twice a week: about the relations between faculMonday evening under the leaderty and studentry in his day and ship of Mr. Kenneth Mook and now, he read very impressively Friday under the able direction of the parable of the Talents. The Mr. W a l t e r Ritter. The orchestra lush which reigned while he read numbers about t h i r t y members and the significent n a r r a t i v e was a is very well balanced. They have tribute to the expression witk some very fine talent, but are still which he read it as well as to the in need of more group practice. tremendous meaning of the pasMr. Mook has kindly allowed the sage. members to use his orchestration On the same morning Mr. music which consists ot classics, Charles J o n e s spoke f o r a f e w marches, and college songs. The moments in the interest of the orchestra lost a number of accomGorgas Memorial Institute. In a plished players through graduabrief entertaining way he sketched tion last year and therefore a large the tremendous service performed p a r t of this year's orchestra conby General William Crawford sists of new material and talent. Gorgas in his historic fight against Dr. Dimnent and Dr. Nykerk are malaria and yellow f e v e r in the kindly assisting the organization a n a m a Canal Zone. This success, financially until they are able to le said, is typical of the trend in meet their own expenses. world affairs. This is no longer Hope College has had an orchesan age of luck. One does not stumble upon success. In the t r a f o r the past number of yeafs. realm of preventive medicine the Dr. Nykerk started the organizarat, the flea, and the mosquito tion and secured Mr. Van Hassalte tiave been relegated t o the Rogues of Amsterdam, Netherlands, as diGallery as disease carriers. rector. Professor Meinecke and General Gorgas saved this nation 18,000,000 and 65,000 workmen's Mr. J o h n Lloyd Kollen were among The Girls' Glee Club of this year lives. It is fitting t h a t his mem- his able successors. made its first appearance before ory should be revered. the student body in Chapel Thursday morning. The numbers sung were: "Turn Ye Even to Me," by Harker, and "Legende," by Tschaikowsky, both sacred pieces. The solo parts were sung very beauti- Prof, and Mrs. Welmers Entertain i Alumnae i Give Active Members fully by Suzanne Schoep, a new With St. Patrick's 1 an Enjoyable member of the organization of this Day P a r t y 1 Evening * year. Miss Christine Webb is the atcompanist. On Friday evening, March IGth, The Soroiys Literary Society enAlthough only five of last year's Professor and Mrs. Welmers enter- joyed a most pleasant Friday night members returned this season, and tained the members of the Sibyl- through the kindness of their alummany of the f o r m e r Club's best line Literary Society with a St. nae, who entertained them a t the voices are missing, the new group Patrick's Day Party. beautiful home of Mrs. Ernest sings exceptionally well, and are The program, given in true Irish Brooks. Flowers and fountain certain to uphold Hope's high style, began with two Irish poems turned the rooms into a lovely garreputation in this line of work. read in the best Irish manner by den. Green had a prominent place The Club will a p p e a r in several Dorothy Ehle. M a r g a r e t West- in the color scheme in honor of the concert programs and plans t o en- veer sang an Irish solo, a f t e r which good St. Patrick. ter the state contest to be held at some- Irish wit and humor was The g a t h e r i n g proved to be a reAlbion college May 25. given by Helen Van Eenenaam in union. Alumnae f r o m all over met o her best Irish manner. Cynthia and talked over old times and new, Palmer's original essay on "Oh about their work and their children Blarney" certainly was anything and their plans. F o r even though but "Blarney." many of them are married and A f t e r the Sibyls had tested their very busy, they are active and very Several new additions have been knowledge of Irish customs with young. Their t a l e n t made up the idded to the Anchor Staff of late. some Irish puzzles in charge of program. They advised and listened Neil McCarroll has changed from Gertrude Hanson, Mrs. Welmers and talked and made themselves Campus News to Humor. Alice served a delicious Irish luncheon. generally indispensable. A f t e r some excellent radio music Brunson and Tillie Masselink are C h e old Sorosis songs as sung by now acting as reporters. John Vis- (Irish or otherwise, mostly otherthe crowd took on a new meaning ser is writing f o r the athletic sec- wise) the party broke up at a late to the new members. I t gave the tion in the column headed "Pot hour—for the Voorhees inmates. impression of being p a r t of someo Shots." The business staff, too, has On Tuesday afternoon the Wo- t h i n g big and strong and lasting— another helper in the person of Elmen's Literary Club held open something worthwhile and full of mer Den Herder. house for the college girls. Miss pleasant memories. o Marion Stowe of Ypsilanti gave a Georgiana Fredericks ecstatically recital. A f t e r the program tea was We compliment the Boters on announced t o her friends how fom served in the tea room. It was a their latest acquisition for interior she was of the pimento ice cream delightful afternoon. The girls ap- decorating. F o r any who are interto be served f o r dinner. On investi- preciate this opportunity which ested we will say t h a t red and yelthey have each year of visiting and gation they found t h a t it was tutti- being entertained in such a charm- low gasoline signs produce stunfruitti. i n g manner. ning effects.


Trained seals (these a r e not t h e ' e o - e d s ' w i t h f u r coats.)



Play is a Stirring Production of the Noted Channing Pollack Having selected the entire cast of twenty-three characters f o r their )lay, the senior class play-commitee, with Clarissa Poppen, Margaret Boter, Chester Sleiyter, Garry )eKoning, and Raymond Smith as members, feel t h a t a g r e a t deal l a s been accomplished towards the s t a g i n g of their production "The •'ool." This f a m e d d r a m a , coming rom the pen of Channing Pollack, las stirred more audiences with its mthos and appeal t h a n almost any other play of its type which you may care to select. The Hope seniors will put on their play durng the first p a r t of May, leaving he remainder of March and all of April f o r preparation. The production will be coached by Mrs. Fealy of Grand Rapids, who has become popular with audiences in Holland through her plays of previous years.

F r i d a y evening, March 16th, the Men's Glee Club gave a concert in the high school auditorium at Fennville under t h e auspices of the J u n i o r Rubenstein Club of t h a t The cast f r o m the Class of 1928 village. The p r o g r a m rendered lists as follows; was: Dan Gilchrist./ Oscar Holkeboer H a s t e to the Bower of Robin Mary M a r g a r e t M a r g a r e t Boter Hood, Moffat; Were I a King, Mr. Goodkin .....Carl Damson Speaks—Glee Club. J e r r y Goodkin Garry DeKoning Umanski William Heydorn .Vocal solo—Duna, McGill; Brown Joe Hening J a y Bouwman Bird Singing, Hadyn Wood—KenClaire J e w e t t Clarissa Poppen neth Mook. Pearl Hening If, Horton; Croon, Croon UnderJ e a n n e t f e Vander Naald neat' De Moon, Clutsan—Glee Mrs. Thombury....Grace McCarroll Club. Mrs. Tise Dorothy Mulder Mrs. Gillian Alida Vander Werf Reading, Selected—Oscar HolkeMrs. Leavenson Mary V a n Loo boer. Mrs. Henchley....Lily Mae Hawkins Lester F l i g h t The Shadows of the Evening Mr. Henchley Julius Schipper Hours, Barri; The Pillars of the Dr. Wadham. J o h n Moedt E a r t h are the Lord's, Tours—Glee Mr. Barnaby Mrs. Mulligan Helene Zander Club. Mack J a m e s McCarroll Vocal solo—Banjo Song, H o m e r ; Grubby J o h n Mulder Roadways, Densmore—Stanley De Tony Mulducco....Dick Vander Kolk Pree. Dilly Gillian Hazel Albers Bub Decker Humorous Sketch—A. P o t t and Jimmie Benefield Lester Kuiper L. Kuyper. Business Manager F r a n k Moser Violin solo—Au bord d'un Ruis- Stage Manager Sidney DeWeerd seau, Boisdeffre; Romance, SvendA cast of this size will t r y Carson—Kenneth Mook. negie stage t o the utmost. Several The Owl and the Pussy Cat, unique s t a g e settings are called f o r I n g r a h a m ; King of the Air, Heur- by the story of Dan Gilchrist, as he proves t o the world t h a t a man ter—Glee Club. can decide to be a certain w a y and keep a t it, even if everybody thinks he is a t t e m p t i n g to be spectacular.


New Members Added To '28 Anchor Staff


Rev. J . C. Willits of the Methodist Episcopal Church spoke t o the Home Volunteers Wednesday a f t e r noon. He talked on the history and doctrine of the denomination to which he belongs and m a d e the speech very i n t e r e s t i n g by inserting several of his personal experiences. He pointed out t h a t God s t a r t e d the Methodist movement d u r i n g a t h r e a t e n i n g crisis in England. He quoted Greene, the g r e a t historian of t h e English People,, a s saying t h a t John Wesley, the f o u n d e r of the Methodist Church, not only saved England but also the r e s t of the world by his u n t i r i n g work. The outstanding doctrine of the Methodist church is the doctrine of Assurance, but Rev. Willits said t h a t he always desired to emphasize i k e Doctrine of a Clean H e a r t . An unclean h e a r t spells doom f o r many Christians.

College Bulletins Are Now Available

Every* Hopeite should advertise the coming of the play whenever they can, so t h a t the class can create as large a fund as possible. All interest shown by t h e s t u d e n t s will encourage the cast to t h e i r best efforts.

Senior Girls Have Fine Get-Together T h a t Seniprs can a t times be almost as " g r e e n " a s Freshmen was shown when the Senior girls gathered a t Theresa Mooi's house Tuesday evening f o r a St. P a t r i c k ' s Day meeting. A dlicious s u p p e r was served to the girls, each of whom had an Irish n a m e and w a s supposed to t a l k with an Irish brogue. Novel spelldowns and guessing g a m e s had been planned and proved to be most interesting. Prizes ( ? ) were awarded to the winners. The fortune-teller was also v e r y popul a r and the little crystal ball seemed t o be very knowing. Sound advice and counsel were given t o those who needed it, while many (especially those who h a v e been r a t h r noticeably talkative a n d flirtatious) were given wise warnings. Everyone is a w a i t i n g with interest the s t a r t l i n g events t h a t were foretold! »

College bulletins have recently been printed and can now be obtained in the R e g i s t r a r ' s office. The bulletins contain pictures of the new chapel, as it looked a t t h e time of the laying of the corner stone "Professor Make-Over" was the and a s it will look when completed. title of a clever stunt which disThe p r o g r a m of the dedication ser- played much dramatic ability

vice, and the splendid address of among the Seniors. A short social Rev. Veltman also are featured in hour was enjoyed before the giris the booklet dispersed.

Observations T H E


Editor A i s o c i t t e Editors.


H . W . DIoemers T y s s e , Russell Smith . J o h n N a u l a , J o h n Visser T .Evi

Sports^ Alumni Campus Humor... Exchanges...>


Evelyn W e l m e r s Eleanor Ver Wey Neil W e b b . Neil M c C a r r o l l — ...—Leonard Willttt

It's a good world, a kind world, This world in which we live; And a good God, a kind God Who life to us did give. Life with pleasures, life with pain, A chance to lose or a chance to gain,

BUSINESS STAFF lluviness M anaKrr...... Assistants.— ..... Circulation Manager

—... ^ —

. . H e r m a n KruizenKii J o h n l l a m b u r R , El me r Den l l e n l e r -a H e r m a n LaiiK

REPORTERS H e a d R e p o r t e r , R a y m o n d S t e k e t e e ; R e p o r t e r s , L o i s Dressel, L e o n a r d H o o g e n b o o m , E a r l L a n g e l a n d , G o r d o n Van A r k , Paul B r o w e r , Alice B r u n s o n , Tillie Masselink.

CENSORSHIP After the smoke has cleared from a recent disturbance at a neighboring university it may be well to comment upon the affair because it involves many an important principle. The reference is to the student outburst at the University of. Wisconsin following Pres. Glertn Frank's refusal to permit Mrs. Bertrand Russell to lecture on subjects associated with companionate marriages. The opposition mourns the passing of "liberal Wisconsin," which has stood as the bulwark of academic freedom in the country and is no more.

The President's "good taste and

common decency" defense is interpreted as a betrayal of the "Wisconsin idea." There are some who regard this censoring as a violation of the principle of the famous "free speech" tablet which speaks of "that continual and fearless sifting and winnowing by w W h alone the truth can be found." Is it an affront to truth? Is it a defiant gesture intended

Miss Ross (to freshman history Earl S: "He didn't make much student): B. J. Van Oss: "No, in fact, he "Young man, what can you tell on that funeral, did h e ? " us about the B a r b a r i a n s ? " went in the hole." Frosh Student: "BarbaVians are things put into bicycle wheels to F a i r One: "Now before we start make them run smoothly." on this ride, I want to tell you that I don't smoke, drink or flirt; I visit Too Big a Risk no wayside inns, and I expect to B. Hughs: "I've lost my pocket be a t the dorm by ten o'clock." book!" Young Gallant Hopeite: "You're J . McCarroll: "Have you looked mistaken." in all your pockets?" F. 0 . : "You mean that I do any B. H.: "All but the left hand hip- of those t h i n g s ? " pocket." Y. G. H.: "No, I mean about J . ' M c C : "Well, why don't you starting for this ride." look t h e r e ? " B. H.: "Because, if it isn't there, "Rastus, you are up here f o r inI'll drop dead." toxication." Fine, Jedge; bring on the intoxiDistressed Professor: "Why don't cation." you answer m e ? " John Brinks: "I did shake my First Soak: "Say, I believe the head." street car has passed already." D. P.: "Well, do you expect me Second Soak: " W h a t makes you to hear it rattle way up here"" think s o ? " First Soak: "Can't you see? A friend of "Red" Ver Hey's There's its tracks." father and Red's father were discussing his son Stanley's future. "Johnny, go wash your face and " W h a t is your boy going to be neck." when he grows u p ? " "Neck who, m o t h e r ? " "I'm going to educate him to be a lawyer. He loves to argue, and Old Photographer: "Now, watch he might as well get paid for doing the pretty birdie, little girl." it." Modern Child: "Oh, don't be a nut. Expose your plate and get '28: "Say, do you know what be- this over with." comes of the holes in doughnuts?" '31: " N o — w h a t ? " "Why did you strike the tele*28: "They use 'em to stuff maca- graph o p e r a t o r ? " roni." "Well, yo' honor," said the cul-

A chance f o r fame or for success, A chance for truth and nobleness. Friend, a chance comes never twice, So grasp t h a t chance or pay the price. Remember, though, f o r traits like these You'll sacrifice some things that please. Not always will things go quite right. Not always will your load seem light, You'll meet a wall quite hard to . climb. But at the top is joy sublime. So friend, just do the best you can, I'll tell you what—you'll be a man. For. It's a good world, a kind world, This world in which we live; And a good God, a kind God Who life to us did give. M. L., '31.

prit, "I hands him a telegram for Professor Kleis: "Can you give my girl an' he' s t a r t s readin' it. So We should like to answer by asking three other questions. me an example of wasted e n e r g y ? " I just nachully up and hands him "Coo" Beswick: "Yes, sir, telling one." First, Are youth always infallible judges of what is best for a hair raising story to a bald headthemselves? Of course, it must be possible for broad-minded ed man." Noble: "Where does steel wool youths—they are for they say they are—, laughing to scorn come f r o m ? " Ott Yntema: "A fool and his Slagh: "Off the sheep in the Iron the wisdom of the ages, to rise above the limitations of their money are soon parted." mountains, of course." own experience and see clearly the truth in matters which Leon Bosch: "Who's got y o u r s ? "

they have viewed only from the distant point of theory. Yet, is it possible? Second, are those who oppose really sincere in their thinking?

W7e have no means of knowing and we hope that sin-

cerity is backing every opinion put forth, but there is the danger that those obsessed with the idea of a fancied liberalism let it trample over and ruin the attitude of being intellectually honest in facing an issue.

Pet notions ought not to

be given preference over principles. But if both of these questions are answered in favor of the opponents to censorship, there remains a point of larger significance. Can the truths of life be best found by searching life's unhappiest aspects?

Sift for truth.

This is the duty

of the student. But when sifting for truth, would you go to the rotting chaff beneath your feet, trampled on and unsightly, or would you choose to go to the sheaves of wheat

"Hello, Fish, where did you get that black e y e ? " " I t was only a sweethearts' quarrel." .. . a 10 "Sweethearts quarrel? Why, your girl didn't give you t h a t , did she?" "No, it was her other sweetheart."

" I s Abe a good a r t i s t ? " "I'll say he is. Why, the other day he drew the picture of a hen with such naturalness that when he threw it in the waste basket it 1 ^ . , ^ „

M. Marcus: " W h a t does that statue represent? The blindfolded woman with a pair of scales in her hand?" Miss Hospers: "He's an absolute Boo. Cook: "Why, t h a t represents stranger to me, but I hear he's been j u ^7_ e ~. praising my complexion to everyone M. M.: "H-m, and what's this one he meets." here, the woman with her arms Miss N a u t a : "Perhaps he's the missing?" local agent for it, dear." B. C.: "I suppose that—er—I suppose, that represents DisarmaShe: "I bobbed my hair to show ment." my independence." He: "And your s k i r t ? " Professor Raymond: "The sun

never .sets on the British flag." Fred W.: 'Two eggs poached, meSmart Student: " T h a t ' s true, for dium; soft, buttered toast, not too Great Britain is east and the sun the best can not spring forth. A beautiful truth is not clothed hard; coffee, not too much cream." sets in the west." Waiter: "Yes, sir. Would you like in the garment of ugliness. any especial design on the dishes?" At last the time has come. WilAcademic censorship, in the main, is to be condemned. B. J. Van Oss: "An undertaker lett has acquired enough wealth to This act, however, did not stop inquiry for truth; it re-diwas run over by an auto and died." get a haircut.

recently brought in from the harvest field? Out of the worst

rected it into channels where truth might be found and where

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TUNING IN It seems that this queer condition, we call life, is a sort of series of radio broadcasting and receiving stations, and that we "get" just about what we tune in on.

For instance, if

you're always looking for trouble, you'll pick it up.

If the

antennae of your heart and mind are searching only for the little things and the worthless things, it is pretty certain that over the wireless stretch of years there will come to you just about what you are expecting and deserving. There seems to be an over-abundance of petty grumbling and discontent on the campus of late.

Each student seems

to take pleasure in blurting out his many troubles, telling what an unfair deal he received from some instructor, complaining about how sick he is of school, and what not!


is to be gained by walking around with a chip on your shoulder, a scowl on your face, an evil thought in your mind, and an unpleasant word on your lips? If you can not send out.anything but mean thoughts, hateful thoughts, and gloomy thoughts towards your fellows, better close up your station and go out of business. will tune in on such "stuff" anyway.

| Electric Shoe Hospital


the investigator might not be poisoned by the material of investigation. Pres. Glenn Frank has acted in the interests of education towards higher truth.

"You know t h a t mirror over the mantel? If you sit at the right angle you can see the couples say good-night." "I wonder if the Dean ever saw a woman cling to her youth."

Quality ShoeRepairing T h a i ' s Our Business

to stifle all honest inquiry?

By Lily May Hawkins Two Co-eds get together f o r a bit of weighty discourse. "The value of a college education is that it increases your interests." "Yes, makes you think about the vital topics of the day.- Now, I like serious, worth while conversation." "Isn't it difficult to talk with someone who is uneducated?" "Yes, a person who knows nothing about the affairs of the world." "Look. Who is that going down the s t a i r s ? Clementine. Lean over and see who is waiting for her." "Horatio. What a silly smile. She lets him know that she is crazy about him." "And he keeps four girls on the string a t the same time." "Thanks be f o r a man I can trust. Alfredo never even thinks about another girl—he told me so himself." "Did Horatio ask her of his own free will to do to the Junior-Senior banquet, or had someone threatened h i m ? " "Here comes Jane. If you want a piece of news to go straight through the Dorm, at the greatest possible speed, just tell her." "You can't t r u s t a girl who gossips." "Did you notice what she has on ? I wouldn't be caught dead in such an outfit."


But if you really want

to send out hopeful, kindly, encouraging thoughts, there will be an endless audience willing and eager to listen in. Troubles are easy or hard to bear, just as we ourselves make them, and much depends on the kind of messages we receive and broadcast. Petty fault-finding indicates a shallow nature. And anyway, repetition of your troubles to others magnifies them in your own mind and burdens others with an additional load.

We were quite pleased to note in the .columns of the Mac Weekly, a brief commentary on Scandinavian literature. Giants in the Earth by Rolvaag, is featured by the article as one of the outstanding Scandinavian works of the age, having already run through thirty editions in this country.

News, Canada has placed a duty on all American periodical publications containing Action. It looks as though the Canadians will have to find consolation in the old adage: "Truth is stranger than fiction."

Of Knut Hamsun's delightful books, the author mentions only one—Growth of Soil. In addition to these we would add: Pan (a beautiful prose poem). The Wanderers, Benoni, and Rosa, all tales of the Peninsula, told in Hamsun's simple style, full of natural color, and human interest.

A second news item reads: "Rome considers plans for two new subway branches." Here's a chance f o r some enterprising archaeologist posing as an excavator, to kill two birds with one stone.

The Institute News of Ferris says: "The Caterpillar Club, comIt looks a s though this column is posed of aviators who have made degenerating into a mere literary parachute jumps to save* their comer, doesn't it? lives, has 49 living members." " I How about organizing a "PedesDr. Jerome Davis, the famous t r j a n 8 ciiib." sociological author and lecturer, .ecently gave a series of talks to o— groups of townspeople and stu- : ' At some time, in the near dents, a t Albion College. Accord- ture, some " f a i r co-ed" will have ing to the Pleiad "he called atten- to assume responsibility f o r this tion to the d a n g e r s in Russia of column in the publication of a specommunism (and) atheism. cial I ^ a p Year edition. "We are indeed thankful that in We wish her all the luck in the the final analysis, most of the world—for, believe me, this col'isms' become 'wasms.' " umn is even worse to write than it is to read—and that's saying According to the Normal College something. r

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THE ANCHOR can tell you all about them. We enjoyed the first appearance of the Girls' Glee Club in Chapel Thursday morning. We realize they were at a great disadvantage in losing so many of their members this year and think that they deserve much praise for the excellent work they have done. We hate to be unconventional so, Hope College has again celefirst of all, we'll do the usual thing brated Prayer Day. A few oband wish you all j u s t the very best served it by attending church, quite kind of a vacation. We know that a number made use of it for outis one of the uppermost thoughts side work, and yet others enjoyed on the campus, but in behalf of the a real holiday. Faculty we remind you that it A goodly number of students doesn't begin until noon on Friday, availed themselves of the opportunwhen the last History exam is ity to h e a r ' t h e Wolverine Quartet. over. Then the fun begins! We are wondering how soon HaVoorhees girls, take this opporwaiian guitars will be the most tunity to ask Van Vleck men what popular instruments on the camthey have done to deserve the great pus. honor done them in the decoration Adrian Kuyper personified the of the f r o n t walk and surrounding t h r i f t of the Dutch one day recentpremises. We feel sure the inconly in Chemistry lab. His brand new gruous objects would have felt cloth was snatched to smother a much more at home in the vicinity fire which Ade was having the of the men's dorm. time of his life, watching bum. To Also, we have yet to meet the prevent all f u r t h e r needless waste Hope College student who is so Kuyper has now found a safe hidpunctual that he honors a time- ing place for his choice possessions. piece like a flag. Prof. Welmers' trip to Chicago Not quite all the great men were and Dr. Dimnent's substituting in born in February. Judging from all his classes came as a shock to all the parties in Voorhees dining j all Greek students. Perhaps they hall, March claims its share. didn't know our president formerly Among those who are celebrating t a u g h t Greek. ' are C. Palmer, M. Kinkema, L. In commemoration of the first Smies, R. Vanderlinden, M. Rog- "weekly anniversary" of the great ers, L. Walvoord, J . McKinley, L. event Voorhees staged a fire drill. de Wolfe, B. Vanderkamp, E. Pap- The bells rang. The girls followed, pink, H. Sluyter, J . McConnell and orders—that is, all but the last, W. Hughes. Never mind if there which demanded absolute quiet. . are thirteen. We're not supersti- The greatest problem was in decidtious. Congratulations, everybody. ing what constitutes a "valuable." Perhaps some poor students have Some own none, and some none-but. been worried recently for fear they Loey de Wolfe puts E papers first were seeing double. If, however, on the list. There was also a prethis trouble comes only on seeing dominance of text books. Mr. Vander Borgh, it is all right, Judging from all the manifestafor there really are two of them, I tions of Spring fever we have thus our faculty member and his twin f a r observed, it will be well f o r brother. many to spend the vacation in the Long distance telephone calls ; company of term papers and outreally are exciting. If you don't j side reading. If March has this believe us j u s t ask Helen Guhl. She 1 effect, what can be said of J u n e ?


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A New One The University of Washington Daily, a f t e r publishing a series of student criticisms of th(le university and its work, summarized i t by blaming the faculty " F o r the lack

some specimens of his work from Jamaica, West Indies Islands, to

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went to the University of Illinois tinguished

Most college newspapers have trouble keeping the faculties f r o m abolishing too many of the activities rather than keeping too many.

A f t e r Mr.

Steggerda graduated from Hope he on a scholarship.

The faculty is blamed f o r not eliminating superfluous activities.

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of intellectual stimulus and study encouragement prevalent on the campus." It goes on to say that the stress put on student activities makes the average student a n activity hound from freshman days to graduation.

There he dis-




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Basra is at the head of the Persian Gulf and is several hundred miles f r o m Reyadh, the capital city of Ibn Sand, who is credited with leading the rebellion against British rule. However, in the event of a severe uprising, many of the British operations against the reb- . els probably will s t a r t from Basna where English troops are garrisoned the year around. Many of the news dispatches concerning the war-like aspects of this mandated territory have eminated from Basra.



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The Albion players admitted that Cox Van Lente knew his basketball. That makes it unanimous. * * * The basketball season just closed A-as marked by some very fine officiating. Kobs and Thompson of Michigan State, and Harry Kipke of the U. of M. were officials whose A'ork was excentionally fine.

Final Standing of the M. 1. A. A. L W 1 9 2 8 b 4 Hillsdale . . . 6 4 TEAM h 4 9 1 Olivet



The Trinity Lutherans of Grand Rapids greatly surprised all bas^ ketball f a n s at the A. A. U. tournament last Friday night by handing a defeat to the Hope College Freshmen by the score of 28-17 in a very close and exciting game. This defeat eliminates the Frosh from f u r t h e r competition in the tournament and culminates a successful season for the yearling squad. This is the first year that Hope has had a Freshman team and foi a beginning the season was good The Frosh quickly developed into a fine combination a f t e r their initial defeat by the Sophs until at the end of the season a winning combination had been secured. We hop' that next year's yearling squad will be as good and will carry on the fine work started by the '31 team. Becker was the high light of the Frosh against the Furniture city five while Madsen and Carlberg were the stars of the Lutheran outfit.

SUMMARY: Hope Frosh Smith, f Vander Werf, f Juist, c Becker, g Klooster, g

G 2 0 0 :.3 2

Total Trinity Lutheran Lundeen, f Carlberg, f Westveer, c King, g Madsen, g Total

7 •G 2 4 0 2 4 12

F 0 0 0 1 , 2

T 4 0 0 7 G





1 0 1^

3 8 ^1

o' 2

10 28

Hope 51 55 21 43 36 35 39 23 10 21 22 20 25 27 28 27 42 27 38


The Detroit City College quintet recently won the championship of the rival conference. It might be a good idea to have the winners of the M. I. A. A. and the Michigan Intercollegiate Conference meet to decide the state championship next year.

The Court Season


The basketball _season of '27-'28 has just been brought to a close ind in going through the records made during the year we find some iccomplishments of which we night well be proud. Although we were defeated in m g a m e s - ' o u t of nineteen that were played, yet our opponents mtscored us by only eight points, he Orange and Blue rolling up .i :otal of 5S5 points. Thirty-one )oints is usually enough to win a ^all game, but the strength of Hope's opponents was just enouggh ;o overcome this in the majority



Florals Boters Bethany's

"Alma M. S. C •Kazoo W. S. N

W. s. N •Hillsdale




599 ^M. I. A. A. games.

If our source of information is reliable, Hope fans will be treated matches, IF a court can be found to some intercollegiate tennis to play on. • • • Contrary to circulated rumours, the Hope baseball team will not complete its spring training in Florida, but rather will do their stuff on the college diamond. From the looks of things, the battery combination of Cole and Jappinga, with the support of a veteran lineup will set the opposition on their proverbial ears.

of the defeats. Play Clean Ball The team played a very clean Vand of bail, the seven regulars averaging less than one personal foul each a game. Captain Martin led both individual scoring and scarcity of fouls. Captain Martin ran up a total of 104 points in nineteen games and had only 11 personals called on him. That certainly shows the clean sportsmanship displayed in the '27-'2i team. While Hope landed in Third place in the M. I. A. A. race, she defeated all the teams in the Association a t least once with the exception of Alma and Kalamazoo. And Hope played such close games with these two teams that they were extremely fortunate in gaining victories. Record Is Good And so taking all in all and having carefully considered the records from every conceivable angle.

Opponents 17 18 24 29 28 24 30 33 45 36 27 47 32 29 34 15. 41 47 37


In the final game of their schedule the Juniors defeated the Fennville Independents on the Fennville floor in a very hard game by the score of 41-37. This game marked the close of a very successful season for the Juniors who have only lost one game and that to the Seniors by the close margin of two points in the class tournament. The entire team played well against Fennville, all showing to equal advantage.

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again and all prospective and In the final class game of the hopeful ball-tossers who have any desires to make the team are now season the Sophs were defeated by practicing daily in the gymnasium. the Frosh in a close game coming Due to inclement weather the aspirants for the team have been out on the short end of a 27-11 forced to confine their activities to score. The Sopta were trailing at the basketball floor. Of course, the first days are the half-way mark, 8-5. The Sophs j spent in loosening up the throwwere not up to their usual form, i n g arms and getting accustomed their strenuous schedule having to handling a baseball again.


we have come to the conclusion that the past season, although it has not been as successful as our imaginations pictured at the start, h a s been a successful one and we sincerely hope that the boys of next year's team will carry on the good record made by the team of '27-'28.

Total 164 109 96 71 42 24 16

Freshmen Triumph CANDIDATES FOR HOPE NINE BUSY Over Sophomores Baseball season has come around

Herder was the shining light f o r the Sophs, while Becker and Klooster looked best f o r the Frosh.

Juniors Defeat Fennville Five

Under the able tutelage of Lee Kleis, the Freshman five developed into a real aggregation as the season progressed. This should enhance the prospects of a real championship team f o r next season very materially. At least, we hope so.

How the Regnlara Scored Games Goals Fouls 32 66 19 19 46 19 9 43 19 9 31 19 10 16 14 12 6 15 8 ...17

Player Martin Vander Hill Van Lente De Pree De Velder Klay De Young



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