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HOPE COLLEGE, Holland, MiduRan. Wednetday, March 20, 1918



•••• a •••••••••••• "Dad" Elliott More Figures on BOARD OF CONTROL AnENTION, KAZOO! Now a Domine . Hope's Record CALLS ATTENTION


Orda.lned an Evugellat by Presbytery Hope College bU been greatl¥ amuaed at Kankakee. the a-at w.eek by a lot of JIObe !'rom Kuoo. It "ppe&nl,~ tact, it Itan,\5 "Dnd" f:I Ho Ll, the 1\lX'nhl1l11 nn dyn - out bold1y,-that three defeats In two 8c!cOlld IJlter.locleLy Dell&Le Ou Mm- '",nIO ..... ho !'urneu Hope ~ hl ,IuWoll; dr.YI at the haII4s of .. that little 001can Que.t1oo WCIII by llteitm&ll, yenr. iM now a ,&tU-floog ed miniNter at tI. coUege In lKolIaIId." bave proven Timmer Uld De Witt the gO"Jl(!1 nlIII will ~loreo.rtN· be known too much. We ban to aiwlt th,,~ oll'lIC in!lly II.'! "'he ,Rev. Arlhl1r J . 'Elliott. theae trI&Ia muat be exceedlDg!y dl1Il~ Mgaln the bIg gunl boollled in Win- of-Kanknkee, lIIino". lilt to be&r. bIIt wa nevlr: Iwbored W . ~ ba'pel on the Idea 01 M.ardl, and M ~ Iud"'ltl eecretllry. at the TrwiNnA- 'tile that that Xuoo would add rivo agaia, as of old, lIIen went down bl"o r~ tiolllu Y. M. C. A. th e R v. Mr. EI:io\Jt point! ~o her acore In the recent Harethe ult of their merciless opponellt •. 'Kazoo cwh and then proudly c:1.tJm Irwin J. Lubb ~1 , ' 17, opell~d the ",eet- !t,iI ,n t 'II rbtHo n workl"r of ! upe.rla live vlLtory..... We IIIUest that she adol furty ing with n ",ord of i.myer. po\\"". E vt'rywhtll'e he g'OCJI il ;s bhe polnta to her acore In the M!r.hlgan Walt .... A. Sehoit" II, ' I , "hnirlilo ll 01 " ull e old ~Ior.l'. J'ertllOiJl8 no.mnn i ll th e game and announce another vtctory: th e .. on test, illformed the Mbolors rulll bitlto '1" r4 Ihe IlOUegcs nllli IIlIi l·el'!liti.Ji However, permit ua pubUcly to state th e liilf en1",,1 ( f ) t hnl t he IllIeslioll A lIIeri"JI hn over jboen on.eOOa lt'<1 1he the tacte. IJI the Ant bait " toul wu tor eOllllide rol io n WII!l, " Resoh·etl, Thnt cr.lled on It. Hope l1l&I1 tor hold1n ~. Arlho Pnn-Amer.lelWl nnl iolls 6ho uld esluL· grent n dell"".' tar til. whiltla had been bloWll the bell Hsh (L stobl(' to.1I1 or go\,()rnlllt!nt in A. nil nth!"le in his follt'j(f lIa." , E:· was passed to Grove. who caged It. Tbls :'1 exieo. I' The rhnirmoll illtnwlUf'cl1 liut t ,:tllOll s(li'l;HIli t o HOII ('. For f our La the baaket Kazoo cla1ms. We beU~ve I wo of th e judges IIlId Ihen ' oi<l tll:11 I'enrs he ,\\ <18 dJ,e ~ln.r hllll.end of th o tbat the acoren know the game an·1 'P. ot . N)"k"rk wo " ' hll In oOl ,·i ~te a a \'u rs it," l{tvell of 1\'lorthwf'str rll l ni n ·r· , Inst rl' or t beeall ' " all Ihl' olhers wh o li ty , IJfi ng n~: lIrd All· \V estf'rn (I IHI ill trust they have the ability t,o k('all score. Il the baaket counted why did .....II.od jbCI'JI askfll wcro ellgogell. B e 1901. In \.l,e " prlllg of Ihnl sa lli f )'~nr three ac:oren tr.ll to record It 1 Let us . (lled Ihnt Prof. !'\yker k w" . lI ot en· I ~ W<lS made ~~ ,tnill <>l' rthe ""I\-[\.. il)· quote the Kalamazoo &corer, I 'That gaged, II, ,'(l r WR S, n C\'C'f wCl ut ('d to hr, tm.t k te:ull, nUll WlS n~s() n lII("Jul;r.r or basket dDein't count." ThIa Ibows lind 111'''1'' would he, n:lh o I", .loe8 lik ~ till' \'nrs~I~' r('ln,\' t (lnm . T hr !lr(· bh' (I~ that hll \mew hiI 'bualness. BesIde!, 10 be a L.:,plnudcr. ,J thf bi!f ~I r lho ,\i.l inslil ulion sh ull' Why was there 110 proLest afWr the JWscur ~1. Gites, '20, WM tlien intro- : 11111 he b roo ' ~",1 Ih~ 1nl'" ill lhe hnntint balf during tile Intarmlleion? Tb flu.IllI a Ihe Orot ''Peak .. of Ihe lie- Ired ill 1f'1I Rlhl our-te ntil l'"oml I :\1111 !Core was then 17-14 in tr.VIfr ot Easoo bole. nlld npe"",,1 up th e cOlIC for th e ' hnl ~ a hron,l-jnmrer h. he:'1 • r"," lUld e..-erythlng seemed r.II rlgbt.... .Aft.• tlffirmnt iull. lt r. Girt'S 810 l(ltl III n ,'0 11 ' ,rd ot tW (l lIt~'-Olle tr('t ,lhree iUt'ilrs, er the game our scorer asked Beferee 4,., jlj{l suLi t·tTl'(' ti\"e IIlR llile r 111(,' rC'ollolui t,. Elliot.I', wurk al 11 01'< 13,,1 )'onr ra n- Warren who bad won Uld said referee h.\'git·u:(', SCH'iu l nllil morn! r t'[lson s wh~' 101 be o l· N · ~~lilllnl ., 1. 011 1)' 'thr r terll ilwarded the gam. to Hope CoUl'ge bet he uit Ni tat ~s should iutC'n'(!u(' un· ilieil of (J{I raIL c" er I l~1 ho I\' lIIucb cauae both acore boob t.gr0l.'(\. Can be JII Nliah'ly aod pul n dlUllpUT on Ihe pres· 'lhl.s mollern llrorhnl l\A· hiHc<I <lnril101 change hiI docLsionL. According to cill situnlion in thnt .i rife-ridd en <oun · . lio tlr ('e III0Il1\1UtOU3 tb~'s Ill' s prut iD Rule 8 of tile 1917-18 rule book tbe ll)'. ~rr. Oilee' work sbowlld nu cb im · Trolla nd. As 011. of rt.he JIUliIt ill nn cn t illl game Is ann and w1Il always remain 80. ~r()n\IIH\ tlt (,''co: thAt of 80111(' Wl"f'KS 011 Ihe ~1l"'l'U-'l snft! ( <'<'cnliy, "G'Oti U tbe Kasooltee are dl·atlBlled witll ngo. tenl b .... ~o JI pe. to 1111111<. tlu- Rope this r.1It "1 InYite tIItm,-betUr itlll. Ge rril T emmer, 111. Ihe RUlli trool hoy. rrn,Ly 'or Iho ,,-.r. " A:'I HO)l~ cballeage tbem to a game In the tutur. Norlh Da kolo, opelled Ihe rns~ for Ihe lI ~n will h~ I(lnd 10 kJUm' Ihnl )Ir. In Carnegie Gymnasium, BollUld. Il ~ B.ti o ll . Timmer's moin Brgll1l1cnh . EIIi !)lt '8 ordl "alion doos nol JIlNIJl Ihnt tbey retuae to KCept, we bave our oplnWilt' It goo,1 iml,rl\j;lsioll 0 11 I·h(' 311di (· lIce . Ie "i:1 r hll"!!. hL. O'·'·"I'Al ion. li e will ton of them. If thl'Y are w1I.I.Iug to H ~ .b olt,,,1 him,el f n 01 I,."·r of high 'olllilllle hi. ,,'n, "'''rk fur Ih ~ Y. )1. come, w~ _uri tbem ~\ ~h,u- team





'. A. ill.lofloit.>I.\'.



IIIOf!' UItln like· and lIel'J~UolI b. weU entert.alnecl.

J oil n I'za 1,'0 hC'rt{. '20, t ht, !h\(, 01111 111(,111 ' " t hM .wry \l opr man III Ih. 0111'" The students at llop, wQIliII \je d~Ught.­ ller of th r " 1 fl O\'frg ' l, t'o nti llllr,l th r Irn.h will IIf Nl1 hi m jlOI1l C"WII ('r(' h('forf' ad to attend tile claal\ and .would tlo all llr~u.nwu t for the njli rmutio ll h.,· {·Iaim· h. \\'nr L- a Ihinll ot the ,pn.t. 'n tbo1r power to abow Ihl,m.IQCI fana i ng thai ,=1.1 pre~t' ltt n erntnn prt~J)agnlllln a the same line couIte., Olltended the jlll mOPl t \,ijiCorous iu fallu ing tIl(' Hamra Hope CoUege rooten during their short (i t rr\' o:ut iotl. TIlt' \\'('~t~, 11 wor:t) but sweet visit In the Celery City. " houltl . tralllbh' n 6111 11111111' in )1 . , ;"0


lu' sn i{1.

1n n (("if ,,"orlls hf' .: howPII (' Iearl), how tlli s \'(l u),1 b~ dOlh" ill til P I "'". \\':th 1h~ Ica. 1 Iro ubl ~ . Oeorg'e' Uc W ilt , ' 19, M ist.unt ('Ilitur • . bis nubl(' 9hrl·t. (1110\('11 t il(' l.i tt· ru r~' Digesl f reel)·. II . n"erl." Ihol 11,. I >~II ' Am~riNlll IIn t iutl!, \\h o Ih(' :IOi r lllat ion wishes wou:d interferl', tu' (' rlltirp:y out •• ur sympnth,\' with lilt"' ~t f' xle nll l' Ollili t ion s and th ut Iil ry \\'oultl on ly e(' wHi • ing to Inl1din tr ~ h ollil l thr l1u i,,-', 1 til:ltf" lnke up nrm li' n~nins t '.hp )'lrxicnlls. Theodorf' 0 , Y ntrmR, '~ l. woulI ,1 lip for the nm r m~ t icHl 1I,\' Ilh'll1g (\\' j,lr llf'(,4 , tJlnt ll l'xiro hn! (\ \'I ' U illtillllltl'.1 n li p . ire f or 0 st- ling ontl ,lr t(lrlllilu·,1 intl'n '('II ' tion, \V ll ~ hOlUU not go in witb nil im· p crinll"'-i< nltHnde hilt ,"I'hrr ""th lUI nphuillti ng !,pirit. I , The :i \' l' ~ or t· iti, ..cns mu sl I,r proter t .d without !lII ler· '\ . iOI O nn.)' enln ng:injt a liin llel' ," . ni,1 b

Janl~s Sleg.mau, '1 , d O'!••1 ",ilt. a .trong argumoll l ill fn" or 'Of n Viall 01 proeodl•. e wh"'h wOlild •• Ii ·f)' nil tOilreniN!. }Ir. 8I e g~ IJI" " ,1.:II'l're<1 his .,tMS in n \Iery tll0qtl(lli t m~nner, Th i. .adr d I h eo list rur t it·c n rgn' ment. The r ho i rlJlnn o. i,1 Ih.1 I' I'ery sp~.krr shoui.1 have Bn i ll ~. o,lu r lion 1'0• fore heginning hi. Ajle«'h, bill thai • the .. Inl rol\-urtlons " ou hl be omltl ed during tb e rehutt.1. "II Is II I nlwny. rOlllJllimtlnlory 10 filly of a man , 'fl. N~ no Introducllon'," o:d he. " .lS on, h' one mtUI In t b i. "orld wh o duro .


Th ~~ 10011 " , elmn of(;ennn ny- whn \\ II, IIl't ,1 no I. netio n to tb e pIa e wh r. ,he 'll JIG to ",lien bl 10 1 t heek UI'OIi enrth is

nol lIee:! nil i lll ro," ... \loll.


('Ilhed," (CoDtiDoed OD Lu' Page)

Nllllber 32

Cosmos Hold Stag Banquet- Not

X&lamazoo may ,b~ forth the argument /that their aeason has colsed, but 80

f'IlIe Program Rendl'l'ed Ilt AllUu ft l Ai. has aura. N.'vertheless we shall t.gree to don sulta and dribble a Uttle once more. Willard Van H,u el. TIl(' ( ·u~ 1II1'j I .oIit..'l n ,,(Wie t ~· InH \\fl'd BaaketbaiJ. Manager, Il' Iny t·\ t'lIi ug d.lmIO,I:ltrnt ",1 lltn: il Hope CoUege. " ·!L.1ii st i:l n " bftJld of I! cWPY Co~nlf"

Jr"tlll·r." ,·' wh osf' "11irH IIlIt ,' \'l'e W:lr ."jlh il l rn\' Bgt'If, fit thp lIIore tli : l"': in~ IIIClH" "


unJu\'vl ulJl

.H,II II ..}!1 t'ri.:

oll liiliUII , "nil 110\\,11 or 11 nllll" 'II, 0 11 hn t ,.\ 1'lIllIg 111(' l,rt'''It'llt lI'l'u,,'lt'r, 01


Baa Achlned Be_kable Dis-




tinction AJq FGnIIIlc LIn.. By re'lueet th e Aiicoor lPrinta Hape 'l rlll:.OJ'd ia I'rohlMLlon, r~ allJ Iul",Slallo orn torical ooo·tC8Le in ""' Ieh hN reptt'BelLto.tlve.t O,avo p..rti~ipn·tc<l. Prohlb1t.loo OoDteet Year Rank 19UI-JI{. <J. ",,",obs, '14,.. ........................ .1 191 4-.1'1 . Ter Keu l'll t, 14............................ 2 Ull 5-1. J. Ltlbbe.." '17 ................ _.. _... 1 1916--T. Z",cme r, ·18 ...........................___ .. 2 Ln. t yl't\r W. A. " hoiten, 'I , won l.h. 101'111 Prol,ibition 'onlelll Il ut on lit. COIl11 t til ,ltu-k oJ illiereet Il.m611g ( he othM "o: logM of th e stIIII e 00 RlBle '011' lesl w... h(llu. Th is 1U1J! I ulled ill \J,e- r~gl'<'ttnb:e tot'< t 'IlhM lil t' ~1 i.ehlgn.1I urall ~h of ~i,O Ilfter~lI('gi1l'" ProlliiJiti'Oll Assorin lion h"" eOlllpl ct . ly disi 1ft .gro' ed. Peace CODLest Year 111 t'iltnnL Rank 1915-.1. J . Dc Boer, ·1 5........................... .4 IOI 6--t'. H. Dc J ong, ·111............. _........__ 2 19J7- F.. II . iW6ler, I ........................ 2 No pl'l<Ii:e eOlltl'llt~ wiLl agnill 100 held until .tho Oorman Jll ilitn.ri8tlt hnve beeo ...,ip.d off Ihe ( ""0 of the eal'1h. IJltentate Record 'nhe ftr.'lt lIope JI\:t1l to TOpre',,"'1 ~I ;" hignn ill all ilitcr'lllale conll'8t "'6.11 A. J . 11,,51., '05, "iIIo wns awaro ~ N'onti P :1&('(' ot C)~\'e: a_nd , Ohio, in 1003. III 1914, H. C. In.cobs, '14, I'<'pre .ell l«l ~lidlijrnll in the 1. P . A. inter' tote eo"leitl 01 Col umbus, Ohio. and \I'on firs t pln',,- lJa'ter in lhat 88m. yen.r he WlI! DoW'llIdeil socond pla~e in the N ntto nnl 'P ro1tibftioa Oont('(lillt To. peka, Kn Ill!M. 10 19\1i. . R. Wierengn, ' 17, W/IS ~~l>i8'L"" rl'!Prl'8('MG"tlve ill 4h~ Inl eH,1 te ~onle't ,ht'ld al Oal .... burg, II:illois, 1\& r olvfDg seveutlt pla.ce 110101111 I ... tlve ~ontt'd,alll-. . In .I ul), of Ihlll lJ.'Ime YIW 1. J . Lubb"," '17. was ft\\'tIrd~(1 tM ld "tn..-e In Lhe ElL!ftern ' " I~ r ' '1 ..le Proh ibition Coni"'" 1t All alili. It.", Nt,", J eraey. Th r tullowlllg .I'tnr O. Stelnillger. ' t6, ~"N('ded III winllill!! bo th Ihe Easlenl !)j"isio lln l olld the OlinJ i ..ler-ilmte eon · 1",,1-'1 of Ihe I lIt ..",t",t. Om.l o:ical ASIIo,·iali oll. 'J1h ~ f.orlller "'IIS held al AlhellS, Oh io, whi le Ihe lalter \Va.. 'Iagl'll ; n t'a irfl!':d, low •. La"1 .".ar Mr. Lubbe r~ l-anqulshc<l III < O "'~rs al I ndianl\po\l , Ind mnCl, in t he Eo...lerll 0;,' 1510011. Tn 4be final 'onl"'l at ~n '~hlleldi Ml linMOtA , he wa.. 'l,wI\rdc<l/ourlh p~a"


Bergen Writes of Gl -D d Bible Classes ory ay ~ra e Stirs Holland In

with th l.· n l'IlI' I: . fnull Eight Tholls and LIned Up Camp It'ro·l'I llif' wny, nlld, In t nI :> ilHII'('tl 1)111 Lewis Bible Study Drive ir.-&I ill 11111'(lr ln.I('(', tltl'ir fu i .. ('Ulll jMlI O lt ~ , u.s t' lltlf ~ (l, 1 HI til l' Lul1 il';i Li u·rnr.,· III n r(,('(,lIt nrti t' l(l ill the Contine' nt , '100 1100mB al the !Oln .'1 of T,lIlh st. d ie 11 " 1' . .Iohn 'Thl lnuutg. Ber!:. II , wi", lIul Ct'llt rt\ 1 .-\ \·t' Utl(' . (or ph'n'n yl'tH "':1'" Pro f'''S8M Bi-bli As soon nil lin,) a ' '4(,1111. ;(,, ' :III I! 'nl l.i t ~""'llI re II I II Ol'f, writes ", Ihf ;t rol~'r g rf" ) t iltg~ wer,"' t,\-,'r, I hr· to:lo,,;\, ~I nl llg 1I11tII lI('r i ll \\hl"JI I·h(' f olIIg pr4lg rrun ""lUI &: \"" u: IitMi ,ht>11I8Pht ('S H'" t41k illJrt hold fit T.'lIhauser ~1J( . l'Il _....... ...... ..' \\' ,' ~u" r Biji,' flt ... I.'· wor k In ('ltllll' L,,\I' 13 In IrU"'PIII,, ! Tri o \Va hillJ.;t olt , Iii,: : nrf:l~·1 ,'UIlI Ol1 nwnt ill H~d i l1J:-" Olt.· Mi14til'l ..... .Iuhll ','. 1{l1l1 .. he '·olllllr),. Dr. Brrllell .nY8: Of'"il Vlln Zyl. ' I, V i lIn..... 10 fl'cry nr,"~I' MlIltJl l ~sliJy ScIl'<! lioll--" O Land 6.1 On r lJ i· 'h .. .. 10 Iht em.-!rll c)' '" Ihe Y. ~t. C. A. ill ......................... ........... .... l\: url , :illilu ' "' I1"ni " ,~ BiLle ('Iru • amollg ",,:,li~ ... ('0' ", 01 ~.1I 1" n QII" rl , 1 I rlll'cni ly IlIlil h. plen, nrc ot ' p"n lillg Aftl-'r the t.H~ tlwt lr !f~ lI se hnll bC'f' 1I rO° 'Olll~ da)'o nt ( 11.1' Ll"Wis. wiler. Hie gnled with Ih ~e trenl., ther • Il'Alnl 11I~~ho<l 01 oTgnll;i~ing ~ I n "is 10 re JJlalned nn InliN longing 10 be , ": i~ !l<ldr Ille lIIen., 0011 os fh e eV.lling 11l,1, whelher ",,, ;c 0' Ihe or of 111001 I. flll i3heu. The Rlble .tud~· ,,:.n Ihl' sl'''Jloch wh o , hllll jUllge I NJ lIul' I.: is pr"," I1'1 I nntl oRJlOrtunily In'ken 10 it I': ' I" ·wlth In.\i ddunl.. AI 0":: ;nt, emre Ih o 11(1I41nr. of 11 1('11 who rarp . flf ' Iho 'I'rogr ~" , Ih J" . ",I",r of I\lf 10 jo:n III. 'f\hty .. I' ~0:'1 Ihnt "ompnlt," <I. .... o""ell 10 I h·, lIet he r f! g llor 6n I ulIJ J'(it <>l' l·hr tl nl"I' Is 10 h riug iOln, th n in tll b IIIl e it IIIC"I1 . l'~ l' :t!fllr Iliom 10 .... vinIC knowl. dge ot J os n. to do 0 fur th ure • Ihl lie! hu rDl'o14t Ohrlst. M~d trum all wJJlka of r it'll a llnile,\ Ihem . perh:J.p. It I- ",., ani 'JJe nnd '1>1 a. grMt diveralty of erluu. of pla.e to Inontloll t ll~ ·1 '0 ol io"l lioD and 600:1.1 polltion at 'home unile (CoDtlllu.d aD Lut Pap) (CODUnDId OD LIlt Pap) , :OSIII O" , I O)!t' thl'f


1>lekema, VandenlnJa. Nykerk, Dimnent. Veldman, aDd Othen 8pe&k UPO Il "lIlerlng tilt ehapel MOllday tnoruiug, ~hreh I I, one's ('lln were ~"I'e.l.d ",ilh the sounds ot the Hope ollege yell 'onling fIIom dilfuent l>8r l",( Ihe building. l'lvtry body hnd " Ipep " 'IJl ond \1'&1 relUly 10 celebrate 3 big Olory Dn.y in hOllor of Ihe two flr!l1~ fApl.,rc<l At Ka :llmuoo Ihe Fri. tiny belo!c. Alter Ihe chapel oxe.dser!, Dr. A. T. Oodirey, in 111.6 elt'ar, eondBe manoer. presen ted the · lua.1oion 10 the &tudent ~. Th fa culty 'hlWi d l'<!ldoo to nll~ the . Iudrn l 10 hal'e one, nnd OD:J one. "Olory iDa,," Ihe &tude.ts to dt'cide whelher that day "'II to be MAlDday, M'RMb I I, or lome 0t'h6r day. The tudeul ~ by a unanlmou. deci.ton, decided \111011 l{oodfty. A tommlttee wal appoinled and .1 nine o'eloek .VeTY loyal J:fIopeite was 00 hand to celebra.te Ihe b!g d Olllble vietory. The two orAtors, Prote~r Nylr:erlc, and lU .. Van B&alte ..._ "IIed Into a

(Co.Un" o. PIp r ,


Appoali to

Ittudlint Bod7 to

ATOld l'II-

tun InfJaetl.olll

II'he oee.. io~ for bringing to the atteotion ot tho dadent body tbe ptovlsioM adoptoo by Ibe Bonrd of Control 0' Athleliea for tb e regulatloo at "tb- ' letic aetivitiea at Hope College, is .ece nl alld repeated iilfring meot of lhl\lle rules presumab;y tbru igoorance of th eir exislence. Th e Board hu occasio nally recognized tM plea of ignorance whea the violation of these provwons has not Dlougbt College intereats into greatuanger. Were~ ollllize tbe facUbat insulllcient pu'bllclty hu beeD given to these regulations to insure o~ the part 01 nil the studeDIs a knowleclge ot tbe pri nciplca ncco rding to wblch athletic. nrc regulaled. In order that theae provisions mny be made known to aU, they are given fhis publlcily in the columns of the ADehor. No iotelllgen t .tuden t is likely to doubt for n momont that we mUll have Older aod syslem In aU OUt atbletlc procedu re. aDd .tandatda wbich Jlot only keep our athletic activities on a high plane at .potl manship, but wbich nt the same time promote tbe best Intores ts of the Colle~. To seenre tho wellare of the .. mutual IDterelLe, tn. tollowing rules were adopted OD lbreb 5, 191('~ Doubtlees Ihey are imperfeet, and Dot only luseeptible of alteration tor tbe better, 'but actually III Deed ot It. Neverthel untU ,t beir improve: ment bu boen brought about by ~egu111 ""eau, let U8 all abide by tbem u being tbe b~st provisions that have up ~o tbis time been lound lor the promolion 01 athleties inlerests at Hope College. No stud.nt who lou the welfare of tbe college truly at beart will retuse to cooperate witb the Bo... d ia thia matlcrj mu eh less will be counteoance or co nnive at a subvenion of tbe follo,,ing regulatloos thru action either tbolless or deliborate: RuI.. Adopted by tile Boud at Cellvol at AWet:1cI 011 x-h 6, 11116 1. All conttol over atbJetieJ at Hope College io vClted in a Board of Control 01 AthletieJ. Thio Board Is composed or' fiv e members,- two members at the Faculty appointed by ihe President ot the <Jollegej the President of tbe Athl&ti c Auoei ollon j on e member chosen by Ihe Alhlelle .usociationj one AlumDns chosen by the Alumni Asao~iation. The member of the Board sball \laid omee during tb e ac ho:astie year. 2. No go niCS sholl be scheduled or contracts made except upon tho approval of the Board 01 Control 3. Two days betore aoy game or alhletlc eo nt&at, the manager or captain shall bBnd to eith&r Faculty .. ember on the Board the nnmes of regular play... logether with th e IIAmes ot "subs" or oltornates. 4. Student. tfluat malntalD an aver~e ot 0'70 while playing 00 a Hope team.



.ball 5. N o .tudent having a pinyon any Hope team . 6. A studeDt 'having an "F" shall be barred for one torm Immed,i ately tollowing that ;n wbieh 'Ihe Failure wu received.' (In eWeet April 5. 1915.) 7, Players on Iny Hope team mUlt at tbe begiDDlng of every sea80D present the Board with a Certificate of Modical Inspection. 8. No atudent Ihall play du-dDg term timo on any team oot connected with ~he College (lr Preparator; &hool UD' der pennity ot IUlp.nlloo.

A. H. HEU6INICYEUDlI ChUt DIU of the Board of 'C utrol at AtlaleUet.

m4r Aut4nr

lPQbU.hed evel'J Wednetda7 during tbe ~toUI ... 7ear b11tudenta of Hope College

.. .

.aAD OJ'




The young Preebma.n, Yntema, ia one ot the cloo·.e t thinl<era 01 the 17·year·old taB! thot ever m4triw1ated at Hopll. I},'cry:uody ndmits it. He knew 611 thero was to know ",bout !.lIe question. Every.body admits thn.t, too. But hc 10lli out. Th ere lI over WD8 a bett er ' '11 i f h t IU I ustrot 011 0 OIY lack () 8tI.]lport w I qu eer a JI"'" 's el10nre8 CYf geUing noy·

WALTIR A. SOHOL'l'EN, '18 gallo. ....... . O.or,. D.WIl~ 'IV 1cUlo..... O.rtrud, S.bu1lJ1II .... '18 Report.r .. J..... A. SleK..,.D, :1188 Edjlor ... . Buuard D. Bakken, E. 0 .'e, b '2P wh~rc . ,~"lor •• 1 . . . . . . . .. ~.r1 AtDmDI Edl ........... AU •• E. Raap, '10 Th ree weolts Ir()l!l FJ'id,1Y Hope goes OoIIIp1la IdllOro ...... Harriet Z. B.ker, 'IV up fIl!IIIillst Allira. W~ lI there b a rep· ....... P.lIr O. B.ker, 'IV etiViOlI of 'Pri<1oy's flin SICo ' We cdn


lapld I'ln 14110" ... Ilb.lyu V•• pel~ 'J8 .. . . • •10h R. D.le.bere. 'IV I lnlk n.1 IIl ght oheut a e.old chnpel, but 1I118DlJ188 DlI.,.llITIIlIJIT I Ihll! Iroll't help 811Y. The only lll ing Il.D.• ' . r .... . ELDllID O. K11IZENOA. '18 thnt will lP" t the H OI)~ bc>ys on tllcir AI.' I ' lI ••. Jirr ... }lyro. Id. Bro,kom •. ' 20 . Sub. Mrr........ Ol.renee R. Hoom>" .. ' ) 9 IJK~ tl C i8 whole·hoo.rt,!,l, {~l'I"I · III · lh ewool, THlfC"Rn-d-wit hO" t·cJ!rugs-or-poi.son 'l'1nI1I • ,1.25 per year III advance 'upport-sunllOrt that will (temancl from IIDcIe Ooples ____ .n.,. OlDta theDl nothing Ie •• thwl their lel'el 'best.


.t th. po.t orno, 01 HDU.Dd. II1ohl8ln


U lecond-ctul mill matter.

On rnnfnher ,will be fountl an ar· t icle hy Prof. UCIJ8i nkl'(4d re,olllphn.sizlug ,the rul," ndopled Ihy 1h. Bonrd of 00n1rol in 1915. The ~t<l.Le.rn rul t by the p"lSidellt of th e is huth II c"essary 11Ihi timely, ror tJW.rCP<"lLlt.' d infrll{!,l ioll s of th e ,·i/lhVh provision of 1·he .. rules an' h~UI" t 10 refl ect disc red it uloon t I. col:'lge. In th e Orand lIa ven TriLune for lla : ~h 2 th ere tire tollOlll'ing

t, (,'111 :


Come, let us iAnew 'our &llegIaDce to Ammc., conserve her strength III its parBJ, make her chiet ilmong tho~ who Ml'Te myJdnd, seI.f-revereDCed, seJ.tcOllllllN!ded uWtreasot all forces ot quiet collllHl, strong above all otben III good will &Del the mlgbt of IIlviDclble Justice &lid right. -Woodrow Wilaon.

••••••••••••••••• WRY WE LOST OUT.

It were on net of roorcaney 10 Tl.,po were the A.nehor to olOit ~itorinl ref· • erence to the pathet ie e:<hibition 01 college loynltl' di8pI1l.y~ IOBt F rltls\' el' Our remar.ks mus t of 1I 00!'8S' itybemulolly blunl. With Willinlll Lloyd GarriSOD, "We' will not U:e1lse; we will 0'01 equiv<oc..te; we will not rel renl On inch; we will be heard. " The on ·hor "' on h 10 know II'hot the .majority of the stutlent. of ll o[\<! th ink ot themselves onyway. Th e .\ 'II'l",r w&l1l.. to IklrOIV whnt the mojoril)' of the studenl.. of Hopc Ih ink of Ih e rep.u· tation ef their sc hool. Th e Anr ho r won<t. to know why it i. tllnt th e mojor· ity of the II 01'" men •.lId ro-ed8 Rub· OroilUll o the inierelll. of Ihe inst it ution te their own pelty II'hiJ1I0 nnd dc.ire •. At d ~hnl e Friday night threr men were to be ch<>.,en to represen t II npe in the triangular debale with Oli l'et t",,1 Alma 00 April 12. These ,nen \\'0,1,«\ dny and night 011 the {IUesti,,". 'T he,. studied it Irom all angles. Wh en tho time came for the dnoh eac h crt the>n was no longer a student of, but nn au· thority upon, Mexieo. But those lIIen tnlke<1 to three hundred <'mpty seal'! Who composed th e nlldience ! The tinte·keepers, lire j udges, and a few otllers. Who were the olhers! Well, most of the osmopolilnlL' were Ih ",. to b~k u.p th ei r teOJn, as was expected. A .few KnickerhO<'.ker. wcre nloo pres· ent, bul Ibe Frnl ern.als were ns scorer M Ohri!!! ians in OC'lJnnny. Th e eo-cds, mnlly of whom Ih'c Ie!! tlmn ten roels trom the Cbllpel, we,. represented !by 0. Ih ird·cln911 pril·nlc'. guard. W.hen the 8eeo lld spenker hnd fin i9bcd his. onalm.til'e a rgu n"'n l Rev· erol of ille ll'lard wal ked out. When the third speaker hod his sny, the guard again dwirulled. By t h lime the last ~a.k.r for the negation nr08e. to ~o.k gil of t;he men In n,c oijd icnep were oonvi ll ~~d llrat when it tOllle. to tllinklng a t hillg ~' ~ w{)Jn~n 's isn't in it. . Th o d(l('ision w!LS Rnllouuc~ and the ~emM.nts ot what 1,,1.1] on. ~ glvcn pr<!DI' lae of becoming 0 lair·sized au(llente went home. The Cosmos, at tOllne, were happy. · The fow Kmi.eks present grumbled .a bit, hut werc aApareolly IIaUalled. And all the Frate c()II1.plai ned aboul the tact that thrur man was not awarded .. p:'eel WIry wun't he'

" The floJle COl lege ,Im.kclbnll fil'e Irom 1101, 0 ren l basketball nggre· ~"tion in every dopnrtment of th e gnm!', a cl~n.plnyillg, fruit oulfit, went do\\~, to detM! f'ridny nigll1 \)efore Wle ~'il.hering IlIvtru:k of 1.1,e COIII,!!nn." }' Vets at th!} Armory.Tlr e Veta went nit· ~ r ~1", d"lo'8 .trolll the firm blast of Ihe hi . t:e, and fa irly "wept thelll otT t.hei, aeet in the first I_iod of piny. B,·rore t he "ol:cge five could mlly Lhe Vet$ hlul n wide IIImgin <'hnlke.! up to thei r credi t." Ii is fe .tninly not the fnult of the I[oj>e boys 11110 went t o Gltn nd 1I 111'e n Ih..t. the Tribun e prinl~ ,wlml it ,lid, but n.,. nl' 01 Ihe Gro.M Hn.ven f... ns \\'110 :e!\.ll rU,e Tribune do nDt know lhnn the tl'Dm "Jhit:h rln ~'cd in our ncighlJoring d ty on ~I QJdl I was not Ihe lI ope five ,.t ..II bll.t a "hash" lon,n ronLTlO. Nl of ,11111 d I\l' riti7.enlt of VlRn VI""k Hall and othor Ibuihlillgs in rtft ,·ic inity.. It i.~ plcns:II>t too know tllnt ~ hese m Oil Irnvc Ud heM Hope's rel"'tl11lion for rienn .;portll",an8hip, but Hope cnnnot nfford to ffloce Ihnl repu1ntiou in jeol,nrdy by allowing unintelLlio.MI .1I1.i.r"l'r05olI l.· lions in the ,Iruly t>3.llrrs. DILring M,e p" . t rew ~'<'tI1'9 on r h....k€ll · " 811 .I OC.Oro h•• been gooo bul II hns not bee n 11.1 nil gl.arUinR. WI' hn ve losl awn)' Rnd' mnn," Q ga me w (' shouhl hn'·e \\'"on~ud 'W l' lin \"(~ lost to l\'hi t'll ('0 1 ~idpr~l out of h('r l'ig-ht y('n r q ngo. \Vr m8," ns well squnrel), fn {'e I·he lad Mlllt there /IIay !Co me tl t lme wh <! u tJ,c Gmll,1 Rnp' i,j.o <nn(l DcllroH ,lnil il'S will 11 0 :"nge, 0..1': " 11he Holland Ool1eg~ hns n "'pu· tn.l iou Co.'" turning (»1lt d'asi t cn m!l.' I It is lnTI'<! rati vc, theretnr(', that we



ho\' e

'In.~ St'H' 1l or

.ft C'iMd.,' jll~'iOurwtcnAn 't any

art iOJI


Y. W. O. A.

Tho 108t meeti ng of th. Y. W. ('. A.

of the Victrola shQuld not be overlooked by the College Student. $2000 Victrola IV 750 10 record. (20 .elecliona) 2750 Monthly payments if desired


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PLAIN and EMBOSSED We have a new process Em. bossing Machine which enables to give you Embossing Cards very reasonable.

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The photographs that please are the rich old Dutch Sepia Made by those who bow how at E. J. Mac Dermand's Studio


Honest 'Watch

Repairing (

i. th. rule hero. If ,.our Watch Deed. onl,. .. littl. touch or a drop what pa,. for. If th. lim. pi... of oil, tbat'. whot it lea nead. a thoroulh onrhlulinl, w. do it coruel.nliou.l,. ud chari. but moderat.l,. for th..."Ic• .




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yru r W'fl S letl h.\' thl' P h'li ll'· II. ) I isl Madon Vnn Drr zt\n Th e m ~ .. ti n1! W :t~ o p(>n~1 'with ~tingillg, ott t?r whi,·h thl.


prcsi,telll! rend n portion or Ihe Sr , i;;' turf'S nnd 1n.ayers " nrc otfrrN1. STUDENTSVEBSUSFACULTY Mlc' n 8(': tioll IJ~' .the Prepn ,:r:,,,.' Onc of th e deplorable .tn.c,t.a in .ollege Qunrtel , bhe annual eloet inn of om· IiFe is 1.1", laci< of eoOp&I<JIi;ion n.nd ott· eers took pl"",e 1I';:·b the 101wIV IIIJ! r," en ,urlrierully teelin.g Wmt exists be: President- ).: :",, · M..mie T( wo le. ' IP. tween stUdN)I . nnd f<lculty. Um) oUlht~ · Viee Pres.-Qdio ~ Elizabeth R", edlS M,er. is Jilllllle on bot h sid!'8 U,nA '20. I·hb! conditiou d<>es emst. SWdcnls are Troosurer-Miu Henrietta Dlilmo., oOton unjust ill Ih~r ju.dgmellQ, of t~ · '20. ul1.v IIIl\I1rl.Jer., and OOOlcitintcsrprejudu:cd See.~:Misa Annn Rutll Winter, ,~O. by fllJleied wroup in ogJ'odea and ered· The meoting WM eloeed with t he it.... 011 bhe opler hand , tho st.u(\ent@ f~1 IhM. a shere ot bl caD • igbtly singing ot lhe 100000..meter doxology, otl· be trud ..t ithe door ot the to.culty mem- er whleb lhe girl, ... e,~ all I'ery an xIous to ongratulate bhoir nl'lW ofli C1!" with here t hrunscivl'o!. l' Jlhlllt" ,Mle prineil)l]] flld<>r In bring· ~'ho", tihel' expecl to (~wonrl ;' rtu l ;,"'g o:boot tltilt IIMnppy .itu&tion.-e'Ou, wo rk next year. -,H. B. ideNOd 0 1 fi.rBt. im.port.R~ by the lItud In art letral,-is the ilack of iRterm ---:x--IIffli!eh m'OI!It 01 kho facu.Jby .mcm.bors dillBeloit College won Brat plaee in th e pial -l.n 8IrU{lo'l1II ~tJvitiea.. It ill, in thcee Wiseon. In State OMltorieal eontest th" that Itl . ollego 8hOlll'. it.. <li1Itinclive Frederiek Bailles with . the oration, el-.m.oler. H dJr here, more t1l1l'D any· II The Woinning Morale." LawreDce where 0100, t>hnA. CIOn~ lIpirit 11M an Oolloge, whiclt rightly should have had oppot!t.unitty 00 mantfMft it.elt. . Yet. 61'1t plaee, 10lt by ODe point and U UlhOow many of the prot~ lel the IItn· ual becauso of evenlght and u releu· dent. know oIlbat they ara '*'k of them netl ot ODe of the judau~



The Educational .Advantage

- -- : n: _ __


iny a t.illelc or grollp of nAhlel ... wllifh ~'(Iul d in no,\' "''II,y hal'e a d,I •.terious ef foct '11",11 nl·hlcli" 1\f(I;lligo of 1·1,,· ' u9ti1f: ut ion tAl which w ('- ~,a,· (t l':t ,1J!('/l whole·hearted n.llegianee. :0 :


by nlatecilll , O. even by their BUJ1POI¢' Surely, ~_ are .. !<!Iff rw'bo 001&n.d not ODe ot them bot hIa.s the lull rC6j>OC!t lOud lloo.rty triemlahip of the stlldoot1i. Thoae who do not cannot ex1l(l(jt,1 wbellllilr they wIAh it or Dot, to he regro.ldod witll omucll esteem by the ulRldenlrbody. A I<IOlteve has ruclUrtly a.s fIlIIIC h IJ.'M) lor & membor , wheth or lit u. den t or ill8l.l'III<ltor, ~014 CIOI~ .p;". it, M a couu.t")' hllll JIO'r a dUzon with· ou1 IP61ri<ltlam, We knllw well t.hM 11110 anlwOr to ,UI ia will bo Ul:i.t ~h ese .pel'llOllS ha ve t.he ,,'cltnre or ~ h e coll ege rently lit heart an.d II4lOk to Dlaintain II trrgb sl.andn.rd n! 8Dl\Olorllhip and rid!, ..u,ile' m.ost oj t.he 1Ibu.clent& morely hurMh and bonll"'" a.nd dIo obhor things good tor IIDthing bllt di..'q>IIIY. BI4 ,..l.y are not the st.uoeliUt M l.n!tbusio.otlc ..bout mail.Wning «choltu:slriJp as thry aro til10ut, oral ory , dljba.UD«, eol· lege 1:rOOn.nbiOll4 and bho like ' We be· Iicve It.lYnI the rdnsoo tor 1.h;8 is tbe eo1&! !"IUtJIMjs to one ondt her i n whiclr Ih""o two Helds of endool'or hOI'o her n 1':1U'0<.1. OoLiege Lite is divi ded inl9 111'0 <1"tilU't sphore&: student netivlli"", ,,~rio11 mel"de el'CY)'tJling ontRide oj . :o."BIrork, and faculty R(lIivities, II'h i('0/1 have to ,to .....nh elals& "'ork ollIY'-<l'!;'1 Lhe pN!I'nIC1lt id~. " tha't it i~ lor the illtere<!t 01 1I1Ie ()ne 10 1II11'1"'ea. the atr1" We belieye, moreover, Ihat Ihis di.· tilLction liM not been "ronll~ 11Y Ihe slllldMts, ·but b:Ls!been Ibrot aboul by rolU'SOJ On. the pa~t of prof....s olld iu~tmmt(/f" ~o .~PllOrit, Or oven to 8ymllaUrlr.n in , Ul e lPocullilr irutt'....ts of the ' toUdents, on the g rllU11<.\ bhlll! they mu", he kqpt rtlin'aJo 10m oti1lCO' ~)reo1l1e ,1e.l.rii rnelllall do 9!l'h 01 a rllil ip. NAiturall~', t he studenll! \Jren take t be OJ>po!iite , aUld an(l pIMe l.bM" in1erosl s abol'e el'erything else. Batl, sidCll on..""ume tho !1JI:1illlde of wlwnting a uoce!!IIILry edl inslerul of r~'ognizing th e impont<l.nre of Wle other to .tihe willal'C of Ih e 001· lego. W., ~,O\'" no intl'nlioon 01 n<h'oc ating Ihn.t !Idlloilrship <should be nltowed to doclille by giving .to other OInt· 1!lnI. RaULer, "" e cweu1d improl'e sebolars hlp 'by .. better undMltanding between mrdenta nnd I~ult.y mC!Jl1be~. Th e Po.Pulnr idea lhal til e 8Iu<len~ wlbo ale ootil'e in other n fTni,s crannot gil'e <1I 1f",ien l ·a l1ontfon to. Ih l"ir sli"lice be· rause of< of 1iJM, i.8, exe~pt~ in 1 fow illolalle"", folJ!ruo.I·. An<l ' hel!!' row US"" oou ld b. eli.mont~ by ill4roducing a libUe .~'sl"m . "'he rMson ·e.. ol1ll 9Ull'eor L. Ihalt 1.h0l)' T{I('oive the h:.rlll<> fer the nltitude oIlJaeully mM1bers 10"'a,,18 the Ihings thai are first in Ih. populnr idea er Ihe students, orul !.I1r're is " a renli"I>nJ gru(lge Ilg.iDllt t h('ol. It 8Cl\Il1., r,,"-,onlllble to exper t Ihot it lIh"ro are nt ;prellent nny Mtll';· bi!'8 thnt IIrc (1&lriment1l1 do Ilhe roIl.gc Ih e should hr eliminaled nnd that those ""hiclJ nre bMwinl ohould roeeive t.he ""ppert o.f the Ilncutly n.s twell I\I! o.r tiho ,Iud ent... - D.


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Alumni NrUts


Pri .... te PGl~ 'lA, spake at · Al l .hort bumn .meeting, praced. Matti. Z. Alberti, '15, h1lll been .~ b~ exereillel Friday _nliDg. In, t'he debate Fllday evenlog, tbe Bor, -'.'Ollie _Iety eloetl'd, the follO'l'ling om· engaged as prill'e1p&l ot the Johnaon 8&ndy"!ll'ed & new ,ult ..t Dyk- cere: Olty, Iowa, aehool8 lU a rame of .300.00 per year. "",a'lt. Lt '. a daDdy. ;P<tlltl.~Mt8S Loui,e Brulltle, ' 18.


Vleo·Pres.- lIliM MarprM Tho.llllUl-

"Tony" Tenlnga!/tu had 'her picture & ,nllftled r. the MiJooetone.


Brtlno lI. M.i II er, '16, ho.& rece nlly beon commit lone r lUI ensign at the &c.-Mill Marie Datthof, '20. - :e:Groot LaJu'II Na.val 'l':1uning Stolion, Powr VO', .. U I love a girl, I'm goTre...---.Mlu !.ury Van Putten, '20. lI1innb. ing to otell 'ber eo." Th e Rev. J. F. B~';;rnan ot the loonl -:0:M. E. eIlureh, 'Who Ls io charge of ihe • The pupil' of the Fren II elass oj Bot .00 V4. were Ie... comlng d ~{i"" ~ur lel FortWne, '17, of Padu h, Thrift tamp campaign in IhiJ my, adOollegc AVeMlt )'catero.,y. Kentucky, High tehool have asg)med dr I t'he .. udent. Thursday m&rn--:0:hn:r Ihe ~pport or It Frene. war or-erol of Ihe audience \'lluillce r· P-rof. Knodt 'had a "dotlar cIa.y" lallt ing. phsu . Th~ French governtlH!nt n""um · ",eek. About teo or twelve iook ""am. 00 88 CAn"'Ulsel" Mi.!!e MArion Struik 1\5 Ihe oth", holf of th e beunfl iory's to mak <1.11 "001110", Bnd Mi •• F1o, onee Korteriog mAd e the Tlioi pilln 1111& ""'"ked ve,?' _:.:_ . remark-n:b:e rooord of IW>IIi'ng $43.50 "" PIlor!. " I/'IC .'l!Ilully In nlnuy cities. Th PrivBle reter Prins ' ICltt Wednesday worth of IIInlllps in three bonr&. Amount to '" rni8e<1 is $73 . • g ht tor T exu where he ";11 tr. in -: . :prior to leaving for' Fan~e. Wedn l'9<ltMy nJltarnoon, Miss Ireno Vn.n DI·. Slanley F'or tuine, '12, Is ,'Ioiting ZBnl l'U GntClrloinoo n member <If Junior - : 0: I'or" fow dn)" nt Ihe home of the Rev. Frank Huff of t-be "D" ciUllS rcceiv· nud Senior gi rls 8t her homo on Ninlh P~ter H. Pleune, '09 , po. lor of the ed ~hree letwrs laat week fro,m 6 ttllr 5lreet . Th "',' other wn5 not e pedal. rl'l'.b~·t.rl.n chllrch at PrultlCah, Kendam 01 in Morn"Ia, N. Y. Iy corul"".ive 10 good health and haV- tu cky, Ih ~ bl t1'l)\6re of Trl'in S. ohb. - :. :I'in",,' , unt nil .njoyed ... delightf,,1 nft· Or. Forlulne hfts jn'" /L. IVIed 4. po- i. Henry Uoo"en nartcd J,is spring of· crnooo, and J.1t it worbh whjle 10 wA ,le tion "-' r~ 1,lenl I'll." I.IIIU In Ih~ fl , fen,;"e by nlo"lng to Oasl,er Belt '. t.h ... t'he lnkl'tl enu. 1 by lob. down;pou rbrl eri.n 110 I)ltnl I" Nt.'W Vork Clly. hom.. \V'a~h out, Jadk Boon. I iog ro';lI. The girls were .Ielightfnlly -A-:.:onte.rlaio ed and Ilallll"<'Shmen1 8 Clnrence R. a'lcem8\rn, '19, the AnOrrin t"".thuY5eo, our promising poet ,,'cre served. • . ehnr's 8ubst"rJption nmn:ager. eontl'ibutc! nf pMSioll from .Ftereoll, Bllnoun.e. thnl -:0:Ihe follo.wing inlere lillg 1~t1ers from he ""Il ets his lotes~ volume of "ene to I I' t t' n IOU 0 Ihe V. M. C. A. lIIee In~ IWv. E. O. 8< hIVillers, ' 11, .postor of the appear BOOIl-perhO!\l<I hy 1978. . hur~h of - : 0: i'l'ue.<io y eve, the sl·utl en l. "'enl til 'Monl Plcn8nnt Re(orllle.1 So hrnN!I.ndu', N I\IV Y'Orl<. The A ncllol P looJ. Eyme ~!ljob ratcd Itis -61h ,Ihe lIIonllter ,plt1rioti.c meeting at the is !1 ~wo'ys pI (1' ( 1 10 henr from nlumni b lr1hcla Thu rsday at Voorhe ... Dorm;· I<lIi"kerbocker Thro.Ier nnd sang \J,e In· • I h' .. 0 d 11 . who, like ~I r. y I.... itlers, are nlt~klng t ony. Ifle w,,", royn.lly entertnilled ~I lest 80IIg II, ress up your 0 Ars III . Mi Huut'. toble. Khaki," Pro!. Nykerk being III aharge morel han goorl III th"ir "ho'1('n fielols of - :.:10f Ihe choru.. Peler G. Baker, ']9 sen"j 'e, It is very "'11th d""iroo by th e Yoor- SlIng the 010 port.. The add les, of "rleose nnd enclosed my rheek for llees girls Ibat n certain pieW IO of ~!y . Ihe even,jng hy Dr. M. S. Riee of Dc· the An chor ~ul""': il'tion. r nm a little ron Broken... in a palm b~b SOlil he Iroil, w""' jlI'rhope t h' 1110 t remarkable :ale ,hul it mny .till ovoil. I am p:ens· plaeed in lhr K~loki Milestooe. palriolic spe""h ever delh'ered in Hol- f'tl (O\' rr.," Hili" the AILt' hor ('OlUeB to my -:.:land. All audie",'e ot eightl't'll llun hom~ n ~ it r(,lI1in,l~ me of old· tune nsl'ridoy HArry Hnaer, '20, unMrwenl -.. dr()(1 """ I]lroSt'nl.-Oontribuled. .orinl ions nod keep. me III lourh wilh a .evere Ojlerllolion for disrose of the -: 0: I1rn""nl •• who hnve jlllne ""fore, nnd seplUln. Ao.ordi llg to Ihe InlMI reo Pil'l DlllkN olltl Jo ck Boon hn,·. with sLud"llt nd.ivities of Ihe present. po.-II lhe patient is doing ni,·e:')'. I,.ell ,eo(\ndll~1. The 1000Uon of tll{'ir As (lIlC of Ihose fo·rm CJ' slurlents 1 nlll - : - :SAtmdny n",rn'ing, J~k Boon w,," joillt is now 29 E. 9Lh s treet, in cnre ot OLII11YS rendy to nrkll(Y\\'ledge with III · Il oll. Underlak,,, Dykslro. They O~II ,liacovere<1 drinking nn eighl ounee hoI · 1110'1'1 grotefulness Lile splendid Ihillg>! l ie of Wh ite Pille l;\pru<e BalsaDI. H. .it in Iheir room Bod hear the <nllketo Ihat HOllO 011"4(0 11M done tor me coffill . They en n look out of th e Will' talc e. It st l aij-b~ GPILII!!-ya ~'s grMI person.lly. Being now in the n.:th alutf.-<:ontoribuled. .,low nnd w.fch Iho nrc cscnpe. They all n.inislry (or almoel t"ur YeGr. r eon _ :. :_ gaze out of Ihe front door anti wnleh fully .I,pr law whAt collego life I•.,. llY""tL Bl'O('komn i. noW waiting at Ih ho e·ny and the hoard wa:k, Alld mCRnt to mr, Gnd r advise every YOUII)l • Ihe T>ormitnr,·. '1'0 date be h ... spil:e<l ,~heo I'h ,l' turn arGull,l tbe)' aee Ihe person 10 fOIlSi,1 r jt3 01,portu,lIily. one eup ot <o lTee, b ,ollghl the !!Ollp in kiwl..11 silllc.-<:onlributed. " My work hC're in ' henerr~dy set'en) cold twice, soiled sirlcen 14ble..,:01"" (N. B.- Tlds ht po8itively -Ih. InKI to I,e t\l'prl'<inl",1 for just last ,w eek n .w.rmed his Ihlllnb in Ihe grnvy-b"",1 defIlJIIAl1Or)' ilem IhAI wiU be 1',,1>1i 1...<1 .,.hslnnllnl ill.reaso in "'Y salAry'''". seven Limes, Dnel ~"M 8~\'rrei?' repri' , in thht culu mn .-Edi tor. ) "otod mc by tllC eOllgrogn.tion. III a -:.:mondod lIy hoad ,woll er N,cnlnns twlee. little over t.wo yenrs' lint ""0 1"l\'c reTuesday AI 2:50 P. M. a IlIUliher 6.f Werdnesday e\'(~ ing Mis. Hunl nnd ~'n",hlllell mlghl hov c 'h een 8een mok· eei",,<1 illlo "'lu l ~ h lIIenlber.hip 1:15 per· \)()IIS, 01111 .('ollsidernbly more 1'hull douh . \11 '8 Vnn Rnn:I., ellleriaine,l Ih. Y. '~ illg Ih eir "'ny 10 Ihe illterurl"," stn . A. Cubi n"I al SUmler ill Ihe Sor.... lion to hoord n enr ior ~1""ot3'wn, WhlVl led IJl r Oll':llll·iol illoollle of th e I'IlIIrdl . )tl'oplc nrl~ lo.vol Ilod goOtI to 1I1j rOOIll. The lohl," were henulifully dN!- Ih.y onjo.l'l'tI n grolld ~)arty 01 Ih c T p fl ll 1 W(I 'n re hfllPPY." oM1ed ill St. Patri ek's an.y ond a love- Rlnner collnge. ~', eshlll ell girl. I110ke ----<u---Iy . upper wns N\"t't.l. fine hodc'es('!, .and uutler thp 11I1tle ('hnp WANTS OAMP PASTOR IN EACH - : 0: . ronnge of ~Ii ", M.rgmcl ThoOlnslll n CANONMllNT T he lIew IN'm hIlS lIIarted \.n tull for••• ond lI ollry J. I'. lI oe" en, the alT",ir W3! • .nd rtQ,e .tudenls are agojn doing Ihe" "hllge 8Uceess. One thing IImrrl'<1 Ih, Prot. A. RMP <"<mtribul",, tho 11011<>1," tthare of hnrd wo, k . With wriling . up general good lillie, how"ver. Wd,il. 10 ing .xlr....t trom a lot1er from one of poe",", for .Fror. Ny" t",I)'jng f or eXIU\\JI. boggolling down th e ,nlld·hill, MillS l .l n Ihe 1I0\,e ho)" in al CaUlI' Cody. for K,, """', And goillg 10 Lab. for Pall)' . rio F.lie"link . I ... ek l,er iool Bgnin -t R ~6W M~xi~·o. t he tEirm ...·ill d>R .. on!y 100 qui,·1dy. Iroe 11".1 ."rnilled her allkle. Th e FTe ~, I I Pra.(,tw.nlily r,'pry dl"JlOIUinn.tioll hn

onn, '19.









mell nrO\' l'\) (,l llIa) to

the l-.rension 11tH) "'lit 4

'fl.IIII) ~)o!ltor

10 en.ell of Ollr lllrg. ~::n..,h olle I.... be"" oj T,lIe Cllrl,tin n Reform ·

M las M:n.bel Dul","" ... 11 Voor lees ,. we hope 10 8,'e ~I i ... t::forrlink 0111 "or' PAlllonlll'>"t.~. Hall gu~1 tor II. coople of wee'lu!. .Sh C .soon. ot .erl'i ~ . lUO. is v;'l1.illg her aigll'r H enrietta n n!I f rom t\fl t hu r,"" is ~hi n.g 8pl fnd idl~' nnd hn ~ all rI',porl6 sho is vo:y mue'h in 10" . with Hope, And d.'; res to elller Iho LAVAN TO PLAY BALL UNTIL UI1I'! rtJl r ' ttnk(ln in' our Lo) a 180. " In Call1l) Dodge our denomilllll: Fre8bm"" elnss next yeor. OALLED

- "........."="....,.=,,.....,....,======-


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seems IJO be SUlw'fU'l;:.' iuCUTt.


is slilll . I I ~I nr-"" In ClistN\CC 1\114 repar " grc-... r v .... •. .• .J ohnll), Lu nn, one of Ihe famou s "e un-"'Ie Ait&! FI orel te Vyn o\\' ." l l'l IU lW to " 1'\\'0 J ohus" "'h" pul lI ol'e 011 Ihe _ .. _, ~ t ~rk for 111e alhlel ic map ot Ihe uolion, pasoed tlnu o ber Uauw amOUin 0 \\., • • . . du . 'I comi ng few II u: h:goJl 0 fev.· dn~. ago on hIS ""'Y 10 "iIrpornt.on ring ,Ie S Lo . . h h '11" wooU, Ibut .. n<k> r Ihe able management . hr.vepo r~, u"lRn~, w ere. ~ \\"1 JOin of :Mise Mo.mie Kloole we. hope il will Ihe 04lors for pri ng I rlU DIng: La ...... VAil will Vlov ball with lhe W'nshlngton be .iu" n. fl oU"./I'ng. . . . . _: n: _ ell'l', untli til f gO\'f'rnlllcnteolh 10m IIlto The F r1n ler nAI Bodet,y el!lete<1 Ih e tho 8erv,~, he hAving reee ived a rOIl1 ' fo:.t4.will( offi ce rs lo r the ~pring t UII: miMioll 11.3 Fint L ieuteMnt in the No,'.\, Prell'idcnt-'ll enry Hoeven, '1 8. ~I e< CO'Ulll. V\e.,..Presldont,....,}{ar'old R. i1:mllD , Ln va n ",'rites the e<\itor of fhe An '1 . ehor as 1011qws: " Things !!IIrely hn". &!elctnry-WII:nrd Von Hazel, '19. ehanged.nt tile old sehool. Moat ot the TreA"lIr~r-N"nlro BOI, '20. fe:lo," who 'Were the,e when I ..... Jan lt()r-J.m~ Klolllil&reoa, ' 21. h."e lefl by Ihis time, and 1 doubt if T - : .. WOI.:d. I:II'OW numy of the boy. there At a rerulnr ",reting of the S tudeot V()kmteer Bond, the lnllowing olliceN! now. 'I lIholl a!waylt look bat'" to 1110' da,)'\! 'a l }f~11O a~ llDoOng the most "n-

ru:1\ no~

~1U1rp. bUl

1'0 10"e our innue"ce ill Lhe mhion

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O. J . Olekeml. Prel. H. J. Laldent. Cldler Wm. J . AoIL Cubler

First State Bank "ith ...iD'. depertmeal Capital, Surplus and u.odiYided pr06ta $127,000.00 Deposits $1,450.000.00 Cor. 8tb SL and Central A...

"Of eoune r nm nol (togDl1llie 08 10 rC'Cd, Itohe aroll'." ill doing QjWA~' wit,h b1'e trict, $l\t MI!.' or tlmrc" deJ_ C.I - . CoM", Ilomln1ll1' " '. I ollly (lesire to !fln.te n I. t. "'.. ~ , ...... . ....., Wit......·1 (A~t in (Mler, It pos8ioble, 14 in,luce , l\Ine of Ollr influelltiol el""·,,h (1l.plO'llwa t.o .elltl I90lIIe strong persoll~ ,~orker Clpilll $!O,OOO.OO ~'ho l A nun~ of 0llJ' wonderful So· "inur Ix> C!leh eamp." Holland Michi,on r n,Iil'.lioll~ are Ilhat rt.bere o.le man~' lO:.di.r II",y! fron, Hope who do not lfJ"Ce with Itht) ....iter of the a e lUI I() IJle Ivu..'Lililtty of den~",innlion" "Wporling eo.nw dlIlII4M ill the v&rioUl Wl'r. ':f~\,(o,I: n.OOnnt<'u!!, nt <the collllllry. T he An· P~6i.deot -W!lI ard V BUJr08Zt.'I, '19. joyn.l,:e of my lite." 'hor wi:1 welt ome turtber tJOllIIrlbulionr T eno H olekllboer, D AI torr Ihe DMdI & :l ot of on t he IOU bje-et. ______.~----'21. a4cl1q to aDd 11l1llnctlag hom. Fore. lII4 Ion .,. DOt IUlCIIIII'Ily See.-lY5J. Denne W·e"", '21. . -Omft aaUtlllUeaL -BanT B. FOI4Ict. T .cu.-Atfred O. 8eholten, '20.

o",IIt'd "" to Ihe olhcr pc :son.:I)· T hA'''' lcorned "'hurrh ."ough 1'0 wiih its I he co.m\,o 113 well as lq'On acid •.


·War Savings



..... '''-. ""....,

Haye that pictare. framed at Peoples State Bank GUMSERS Co.".

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We have moved to our new Our Work Speaks for Itself shop at 50 East Eighth Street. NUFF SED Come in and see os 6 We,t Erghth Strut Next to Vall', b,taurtUIt Casper Belt

Siegenr-" How did you cure y'Oul'Sclf 001Jl(08 1WIN UNAlfDIOVII DB0I8ION Ovo ~ OVBBI 'oJ. wol killg in your slc«\p " Vander Mcer- " Took ~ ar· fll're to bed . (Oontinue<t .from Firat P.~ wi t h me.. " The rebuttal t hM proceeded very -0-quSetly. Yn tllmO a wakened tbe a udio !Mary Vall Puttcn-', Do you gil'o ence by giving a /l08b oJ. rare elDyour dog al'Y eXIJrelze'" quonee. It WIIB l be only featurc of tbi. Bill Von HlI%el-" Yea, h goes far a part of the deba te. trlllllJl ~\'ory day./I J udge! Nyik(lrk, Van P CU18Cm and Allortmflnt Of High \v:hlle J ohn Fli kkC'll\ll wns at KlI llIJnn· Ocerlillg8 gave a una nilllou! dedi.ion ill Good" zoo hlst \\'e"k he \' isi'ted t he bug hOll80 /in.vor of tho negation. T he men who nnd pnllsell' n while bl.'far. (\ lunatic won po9itiOllS 0 11 the college teoms nrc who olt erllately .true k hi. heod with a Messrs. Stege lllnll, Orst, Tim mer see· hantmer, stoppl'd, nod slIIiled uoolltiful· ond an{] De Witt, t hird. T hc" P ]l" Iy. gellern tNI at the dobnte wn! very poor THE COLLEGE TAILOR " Why ,10 )'ml do thntT .. .JDbn rut k.,1. inde .. d. T wo t hings rn n~ hnve ""coll nt· I I BecR USl';' snhl the lunatic, " 'it ,.\ for itr-tl.c ehilliness of the atlllos, rec-Is so good whell I top." Jllrere and tlte nbselille ot tir e jozz Ibnm!. TI,n1 orgnlli1.tltion '. 1),c8ence I. very Fr, ti 1 fo, film, lIIuelr in de mnl!,] o.t c\'ery st udent meet1'an. ho Villll i8 keel'iJlg \II'UII; ing. Wheth er nlil'e or whether ,Ieati, ACt er t ir e ,Iohate Privn te Bill Ports, Or w hN~ 11(> 's huried, ht' hnslI't f4nid. ' 1 , of Camp Ouster, ...1<lre.., ..1 the re· BARBER SHOP Skilled Workman and the most Sanitary First mnr:ijetl dllnu-'I WhA t tlff' yo¥ mnlns of t he aUltlenee. It docs U8 ns Methoda Employed eut t ing ou t of t1le pnpcr'" UlU"'l good to ha\'e our boys return ns Sf' 'oll d ,llIfirril..u JUAn-" An itCJlI ' t do •• th "'n. We 1m' alwnya glad to Aaeacy Buter LIDlldry uhout n Cnlifor niu 11I11U'!4 9(\{'Juiug n di· have lhrun wi t h liS nUll to hl'llIr them vor('l' 4H'c' :lIlSt' hil'r wift' \\\'1'111 tllru his ~ ('II !thou l UHli r \'nri'(>t! {'Xl'enenN~S ",hi ~ e 1'00·krts. " ..,wny fro lll 1I{1,pr. -D. n. '20.

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Bolland City News PRINTERY Eut4bli.hed 18T! The PriIltM. Who Know HolU

B.AlIm FmE B el1d lillo ill Gro lld Rapids poper:L1eutelllollt Takes Wife. Expects to _ ActuIJ FIghting /lOOn.


u Qu ick, \Vatsou, rtle need le, I, ~ hu ek . led Sherlock H olmos as he woulI,1 "I'

the Viet.rola. -<>-

Pewee JIoel'eli has a--wato h 011,1 a car and he thiuk.'l the parts ought to be in terehnngo:tble.


Sh e- A re yo u lure )~U Jove 1l1 ef


H ~' Deorest, 1. lI'ould \)e the JlrI,. i· Ihlnt of Merieo for your "

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F iTSt ma rried 1/114 11 - " What are you 10 do wi th It.'" SOOond married nh'lJI- " Pllt. it ill .IIY poekett" _ 'n.-

nloll ~ t.a.king n t uft


8oph-" Last nlgllt a mouse j ump..d out of .my s to ve, and al t ho I lIad a gUll with me I didn 't shoot hi m.' ' JllDior---' , WJ.y MU " 80".-' ' You ICC, he was out of my

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(",.,UI·" !II) wel l b""lluse of accidellt, u'ut but \)ocau.c of do'wnr'ght ha:.d work and persistent enueavor. " The "ercb",ill.t.o," thell VrocceueJ tu the Ci ty Hall, whe re a hnlt wa. Ullce \II!),e t.tlllcd in oruer to hoo r Mayor Vnntlor.lui. address the crowd. Said II i. 1I 0ll ur, tIle Mayor: .. J consider th is tloulhlo vjet 0 ' ), o. illupurtnnt t o t he city f)t Hullnl,,1 ns the ,bu.ilding of :I n,'w fOet ory. I a m proud t o be llJ .lYU!' of n city whieoh con t ains an iust.itllt il,1l H.k~ Hope College." Whnt gr'llt " , lrilio'" co uld ally IIIn.1I pay tIle eolle):rl }'rom t lli::t 'poiut. the st lldt·nl..i ~' rll{'I , (,t l t!u tn t he chnp£'1 where tiH' t·!\U i nIl8h t t he cOIIIIUittl·C iulrOllt.lccti u:; tI~'l'al:.­ el'll of t he dny, J' rof. J . B. I' ykcr k, I'rof. K D. Dill. " ,,"t; t he Rol'. 11 . J . \f eldmutl, l:nptniu ltu.ltlakc.r, l 'lI:h: !! 'tegenga, IlIld t he .tato orato,;, ~It ,. vertru«c S<h uurllla u .Uld W"lll" A. . ·hultell. The J uzz BU ild nu,1 the S. O. S. f>urni.'l hed vot h apprvl'rio , '! 1I .1l1 illnpI/lopria te Ul usic.

(Continued tram III PI-Ie)


Certnin mell,hers of tir e llli r .l~.( '·oa· ..tu(le<! t.ho.t they were really .. <c..tlelot. And frolll t heir o\\'n npp<'nrn.lI .. un th,o'l t evening, t he lacti cs nrc fl uit e 'oll\petcnt e ritirs in 911rh mnttNS.



Dr. A. Leenhouts






Corner 8th It Contral Annue

1••,,- 8·11 A. 11.- 2·5 SaL E.... !root 7:10- 8. Olllet 1208 - P....o--

P. II.- !as' I ... 1432

Molenaar & De Goed

w'bit'h ser\'(~l to at1<1 to till! ('njoYllirn t of t ho fC'Ost propcr- n fens t of tire oye .


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Work PromPtty Done 1 hove been • 11110r and Guarant eed for 80 YeU'l

J. WIERENGA Ladie.' and Gent'. Tailoring

E,..lIC A,,.II_to r... SaL ,_ 7 t. 8 leaning Pressing Repairinl( HOURS 8:30 to 12 a. m. 1:30 to 5 p. m. :u}riC'lu'ed nu t horities, on thci:- "orion8 MoHond. MI.h. 4 E. 8~ SInot ,IOLLARD, IIICI •lij('oHl'jCe Ave. Tubjl'cts, J ohn Klno'reu, ' 1S, \\'1)"' 1 hihl (Across fro m T. Koppe!" Soo.) :llIi llg the plaec of toa.tlll n iter: " The IJAdiC's"-Jlall \'ey Rllill n:kN, 'I S ' Mufti to Kh oki "~eorge DeWitt ' 18, 'clo.dion-"Old Glory f' .......................... .. ...................................... Carrie B. A,lo.tns COsll1opoli~nn Qun rt et " Star She118/1-Cla rencc Heemst rn, ' 19 AND ., BOllde"-Eld.ed '. J{,u izeuga, '1 ' fHopes"-Trw in J . uhben, '11, Preparatory School Alter all har! sung th e 'OSlIlOS song, they depar ted eneh to Ir is ow n 1,laoe. Oi rectlsf P erhaps 1I 0t. At i!l), ' , i' i' ·eport.ed that J oh n Klnorr', foun·1 It CHARACTER AND ADVANTAGES " oll venicn t tor some incrpllclJ.'le ;"(llttio n to '1(\'\(' 11 Van V I~'k hy \Y'lV Ul' Six, An institution 01 the Reformed Careful supervision of the bealth :centb strtet. It W{' may nlR ill r pfN Church in America. and morals of the students. 10 the vcrdlrt ot th e Indies the party Flourishing Young Men's and Established, maintsined and con· WIIO truly n grent su~('el\8. Young Women's Christian Associatrolled by the church. tions. o Open to all who desire a thorough BERGEN WlUTES OF BmLE CLASS· Literary Societies for .... en and Preparatory and College education. women. ES Co-educationa\. School of Musle- vocal and Instrumenta\. (Contin ued rrom lit I'a'''' " ')--_ _ Christian but not sectarian Prize.. Scholanhips. in t h".... ela88<'l!. Bible study .. Lecture Coune. WJIO "0 11 Joret.i1 t he IliIl n 'ost rro lll wo-rc reS IK} II ~ 1 to 'hy 111 011 who nr(' PX ·

Hope College

ou.h .eed sO<I\ulIg l T here Q.,e ,000 ,li Md " I' ill the Bibl ~ ,tltdy dri ve ILl Cn;n\ p Lewis on,1 rendy ro r clllBB orgB nimt.ilon. Eighty d"6se> He already i n qperAt ion fro.m II ..m ,· \·, io u..~ effort. III t he 3621w1 Ilira llt.ry there nrl' ~ we l vc: eMes in n 1 h'e Bible "flu!y, Eight JooNlers, 01; fro lll till' MI nks, 1'8 \'1' l' iJ.nrj!f' o f the'" t':t:l rnt·~ . R<,gi1IH'lIts do 1I0t r("lII nin lI uil-t, .L:lt Illli o n ~

Jr£'u k rrWfL,Y , (,' ompn ll i('6 go, SfIU{I,ls :\r(' I t lnlls f~rr (\(l , ," £' II '9rll sl'lec tc.. 1 ~) It·~I\· {· ror olhrr units, bu., t h(' \\,()r,k g \:H'13 On

"Michigan should know more of this institution . Only recently have I come to a more <omprehensive undeutanding and appreciation of the splendid work done here. I bavo learned that out of nine Rhodes Scholarship eligibles in the State, five are graduates of Hope College, and from my good friend, Judge Stee... of the Michigan Supreme Court, I have the statement that Hope Col lege is doing the bighest, tbe best and the mOlt perfect work of its kind in America . I tbd you rank among the world leaders here in tbe duskl." Ex·Gov. CHASE S. OSBORN

The Western Theological Seminary of the Refolmed Church of America is located in Holland ad· jO;'ling the College Campus. Corps of Experienced Instructon

L 0 CAT ION: H 0 L LAN D, M I CHI G A N Holland is a city of 11,000 inhabitants; on Mscatawa Bay, openln~ into M.ichigun; good boating, bathing, fishing and skating; healthful chmate; picturesque 5<enory; superior church privilelles; boat line to Cbicago; interurban electrIc line to Grand Rapidl; main line Pere Marquette Rail Roaci from Grand Rapids to Chicago; good connections to all other points. AME VENNEMA, D.D .. PRESIDENT

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. Citizens Phone 1470 55 West Eighth Street


Ihroltgh ~ M t h",<" e hnnge<. En·ry 1'hll r9t l n~' A ~ p("tI'iu l J,:'U "Pf'! lIIl't' t ing i. 1leld. lI ~r~ ,, :1 tJ,e " 'ork of the \\Cd, is drAl\' II to a cen,ter nn ~ t he (Ill pel not ,is Im:!lehe'" in all appen l to ICCl'i11 t he Snviour o lla to sign the Ileei· lion 'f1U'<1 after \.h e lIIel'ting. It has - - -,- - - DIVINITY STUnEN'! PLEADS heen e"',matotl t hnt in all tl!e hJilti· 'LET ME AT 'EM' iugs a n n\'crago of fro III SC \'OIl to eight .. ])il',n ity 9t IId.enls call fight t he hUltdre<l dN!isiitns Ita ve b""" rt'<ord ),1 i,om'" q)abtle in F ro .oce u!!Iter blum p,very Iltont'h wi llcn Sopt. I. fro m plilpit~. ' \ Th is is ,t il l' fOl1\ iclion 1;( Hlnll R. Nestler, Iwho IIJJpe8rcd be· O. M&'lVi.1I Brower, ' 17, nOli , Max roro ¢he Knox cou li ly eXb..p t ion hoom Joc~ R009C, ' 17j whose 80le .la'im t o I'l'OtMtillg 0 \" >1' Il is Iheillg !ilneed in fnTne is thnt th ey esta blillh..d \'1le Hope (:Lass V. Allho n Il;" inity swllellt, College T .. xt Book Agency, lrove enlist· :-Ie"!t l(\\' insisted U!'OIl beillg t ra lL~ferred ed itl t he Naval Reserves at Clevelonll, Olrio. ,. Vl;> tory for Ihe nll ies is now to 188~ I . Rsruroo. ,t I I I Ilu rry m Itlit 'CtH,' i8 1UY wa r slo· go.lI," said ~ h o pren.cher-to-Jic. " 1'"" 0 Speecl, For a OhuIge Ogl<tor.' Nestler p Wkc<1 tlte illfalltry Hwrriet B., at the P . M. 6tatlonbeea111!e oJ. "tiltnt ,pcrsotrnl tOlle lt. " Jle " Where d()('& iltis train go'" W88 1!ent ~o Qlmp Oreell , Clra.rkltJte, N. Braketll1ln-This tT' 8'008 to G. R. .--ct,i\1o.g'o T ri bun <l. in 1M minutet." Ittw.-Jot- "Thnt's going BOmo. That .OTIOB Tb. II1I<I of lit. IMtIu o4l..rltI 111 Wa ia 1'00 speedy, J eertcdnly ",ill han to lin. uoll14 ntA "ftJ W. 1.0.. 0.,1 1 til· bold OCI to SiI." """' of ","" W. LoR 0&l."-1WlIor. f

Waganaar &Hamm S. SpriBtsma &Son


of hnir, he fi lin 11.\' rt'alizoo thllt SOIllO<)II" \\'3' ndually shout ing a t hUll." ilSo Hope, also," said th ~ "1)eukcr,


.iwotion it at least has nothillg K exre nn trea!jIJ ry.

HOPE WITH HUGE CELEBRATION (Oontl nued from lit Pa,e)



---0--CELEBRATES VICTORIES;-;;-II,I the si~dellt h';'l)' wiihiJ'.m.· ing of horu s nlill urn.tillg of drums llIur4,hl.·d t h':u the ,busiu('HS dis t rid oJ the city. At Cell t ral A\'OllllO a halt WM called filltl th e old locomotivo ond tit her yells w,'ro 5(! 1I t sky wu rll to It,t the 1'eopl .. of Holland KIIOW thnt oltl 1I 0pe II'IIS till 011 the ilia,!'. At River A\'cnlle Illloth . r h.nlt woo eallc", olld th(' 11 011. O. J. Dic'kcllln, ' I , WtlS ea\l "d 1\1'011 to ad,lress the stuuent botly. ) n his usun! t' !rcIIH! lIt manner h(' praised t ltt.' 'mUm' and Prof_or Nykerk ulI,1 said he was pr"ud t<J be a son of H Oj)e. I II 1' 00 ..... of his rr mnrkA,ltr. Diehm" told th e following !!tory: " 111 the enr:)' t.ln.ys a Puritan was " 'fllldcring thru till' woous wh en 5'uhl('nl~- an fl'l row 'whizz('\1 lta,t his IMt enr. The Pmi t"n Ih ot this lIIight ha\'e bI.'<'ll 110 lIIore tbon on n.e.:ident, but 'be foro long nnother nr· ro w whizzed ~Ja.'IIIed his right oar. Still tl rinking It lII ight 00 nil accide nt he wlIlke<1 011 whell onother ar.'Ow grazetl his .kull. The 1'II rito li 11'118 IIOW he· c-Oming .'l 1)prphcIl8ivc. WJlc n n fo urth




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