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Council Note Everyone Should Vote VOLUME L

the. Six-Week Tests Then Spring Recess OPE COLLEGE, HOLLAND, MICH.,

COUNCIL PLAN lowans Meet Hopeites in Five Debates Here SUBMITTED TO On March 5 five representatives STUDENT BODY from Central College in Pella, la.



Luben and Domna Named To Direct Y Activities


Herman Luben, junior, from wa8 elected visited Hope college and partici President Old System is Inadequate; pated in five debates with Hope or i.M.C.A. to succeed incumbent President Richard Smith, at a Measure Would Advo- speakers. meeting of the Y.M.C.A. last night Plans Call for Fire-Proof cate Society Represen- The visitors from Central were in Mope Memorial chapel. Harold T h m - S t d f j T Modem Mr. McKee, Mr. Van Heukelom. Leestsma was chosen vice presi tation on Council. Building- to Relieve dent for the coming term. Miss Dykema, Miss Lucas and their Other (Officers elected are: Fred Crowded Conations. Taking advantage of the events coach and chaperone. Miss Cunera De Hoog, secretary; and John 01 Van Emmerick. surrounding "Glory Day", Monday, ei t, treasurer. Members of the Y. For some time ^new'»architects In the. morning three debates M.C.A. are planning a trip to the have been working on plarts for a the Student Council last week - P00^ i n Grand Rapids tonight. $250,000 science building to be amended its constitution, placing were held before freshman speech Jeanette Douma was elected to representation in the council on a classes and in the afternoon two lead the Y.W.C.A. group on the erected on Hope's campus, it was society rather than a class basis. more debates were held. campus during its next season. announced by Dr. Wynand WichThe girls were entertained at Uther officers elected to assist her ers. The building wifl be located The change, which is the most Voorhees Hall and the men at the nclude; Kay Boon, vice president; drastic and far-reaching taken by .ydia De Vnes, secretary; and on 10th street jpst. east'of the the council since its institution on Fraternal House. presidents bome.;.-^ Uoiothy Lincoln, treasurer. the campus in 1919, has long been Plans for the^ three-stpry struc. advised by students who have stud- ELECT BLUE KEY ire are being drawn up by MARTIN ELECTED ied the problem, and the necessity MEMBERS EARLY Knecht, McCarthy' ind Thlebaud of H o p e college a w o k e to b n e w i n t e r e s t in o r a t o r y w i t h a b a n K when BY FACULTY FOR for reform was so clearly shown Grand Rfrptts* M i c h i g a n b u i l d celebrated Lucille Butfr's victory by taking a glorious glory day TO BEGIN DUTIES Uiey recently as to assure the measure ing, will combtee.fireqftfoof^nstrucS t u d e n t s " s n a k e d " t h r o u g h t o w n , m a r c h e d t h r o u g h h i g h schools and U.M. FELLOWSHIP popular support. tion with the latent. dewWpments stormed the dorm amid shouts of cheer for Buter. Miss Buter rode in Ten Men Already Chosen state'y though uneasy splendor on the shoulders of Earl Faber and Effective This Spring in ventilating apcj, heating equipSecundus Honor is Taken ment V " rete Vandenberg. to Blue Key; More Will Designed to make the student by Charles Steketee of Each Department'Has Floor T h e above p i c t u r e d d o r m - s t o r m w a s a source of a n x i e t y t o m a n y be Selected at a Later council a more representative body Holland; Both' Men An outstanding advantage of the coeds when t h e y t h o u g h t of h a s t i l y cleaned rooms and of loved souventhe amendment will become effec Date. Have High Rating. new building is ; that -eactf departirs but the mob w a s satisfied m e r e l y t o w a l k t h r o u g h t h e corridors. tive this spring. Each of the ten ment will have an entire Jloor. The societies will elect one representaTen men were elected to Blue Donald Martin of the Bronx, physics department and; the mutive, the independents two, and the Key senior honorary society for the New \ ork, N. Y., has been selected seum will occupy the first floor, incoming freshmen class, which coming year at a meeting in the by the faculty for the Michigan col- the chemistry department the secotherwise could have no members Knickerbocker house last Wedneslege fellowship from the Univer- ond floor and the biology departin the council, will choose two repday, it was announced by President sity of Michigan. Secundus honor ment the third floor, resentatives at the beginning of the Victor Notier. The election to Blue was given to Charles Steketee of In planning the new building the school year in the fall. The presiKey was held early this year so Rehearsals are Scheduled as great for a college audience as it Holland, Mich. needed equipment was first taken dent, as now, will be elected at that the new members might beto Begin Next Week will be for a varied local one. This fellowship, also known as nto consideration, then the equiplarge by popular vote in the spring. come acquainted with the work of Expect Month Practice Monday for the Presenthe Michigan fellowship, has been ment was arranged so that it would There will be fifteen members in this organization before taking reRehearsals are scheduled to beestablished by the University, and te most convenient to the; students. tation in April. the council under the new system sponsibilities next fall. gin next week, which will allow is awarded annually to the differ- This will make for-more agreeable instead of the present eight. In The new men elected to Blue Key "You and I," by Philip Barry, about a month of practice before , •; •; ent colleges of the state. The holder Working conditions,. representation it will be similar to has been chosen as the senior class production. The proceeds of the are the following: Herman Luben, is appointed by the faculty of the Wichers Explains Need an intersociety council, but in funcPresident Wichers, in a statetion it will be the official student E. Raymond Boot, Kenneth Hesse- play to be presented in April. Cast- play will be devoted to a college college and must be a graduate of ment to the Anchor, explained Why council, retaining the power and ink, Charles D. Bertsch, William ing for the production is being project according to play Chairman the college. Eufene Osterhaven. done by the director, Mrs. Edward The fellowship amounts to apthe new building is needed. He position of the present council. Arendshorst, Peter Veltman, Har- Donovan, and her selection will be IVith the exception of last year's proximately 1425.00, and may be said, "AH available classroom Has Administration Approval old Van Domelen, Donald Thomas, announced within the next two pageant, there has been no dra- taken in a study of the receiver's space is now being used due to the Unanimous passage of the Howard Schaubel, and Paul Hol- days. matic production for the past three choice. Mr. Martin intends to take fact that the laboratories are getamendment by the council and ap- cman. •" Try-outs for the play were com- years, and this presentation will his work in the field of literature. ting to be entirely inadequate for proval by the administration has Besides having shown a superior the growing demand. Following an established tradi- pleted yesterday. There are seven continue the former tradition of an officially placed the amendment annual senior play. members in the cast, three women academic record (2.46) for his four "The chief reasoji. ip the lack of upon the books, but the change will ion, two or three additional men and four men. o-— college years, Martin , has been an ventilation in Van Raalte Hall, be submitted to the student body will be elected late this spring or enthusiastic supporter of track, and which allows laboratory gas fumes Hold Three-Minute Try-outa Glee Club Young Men for approval in a campus plebiscite early next fall so that the total rs has several coveted track medals to to fill the halls, making it imposmembership will not exceed thir-. ^ gave each fcrospgc- 4k tQ &x West diu Tour Kifl credit. Steketee has &fl avferSge sihlo to -use the building to advanteen people. tive actor tfiree minutes" in which to Foremost among the objectives of 1.80, and has taken an active part tage," hei said. * * "Hope is fortunate in being the read any chosen part that he or The Hope College Men's Glee in extra-curricular activities. of the originators of the student The campaign for the sdlidtashe desired to fill, with herself as council was that of moulding the only small college in the state to the sole audience. The woihen con- Club expects to leave Holland for tion of funds begins on the first of its spring trek as soon as vacation societies into a unit, the Hope Col- have a chapter of Blue Key naApril. This campaign will'reach Veltman, TePoske . testants were heard on Monday tional honor fraternity. Blue Key opens. The size and itinerary of the lege student body. "We believe the entire1 church. . afternoon and the men yesterday. is a young but growing organizaKnow all Students club are different from last year. that they attempted this on the It is hoped that the building will "You and I" has been pronounced Members expect to visit Chicago wrong psychological basis. Soci- tion whose object is to promote the be ready to be Ocdipied "by 1941. ideal for a Hope production by all and various points in Wisconsin, Willard Veltman ' and Dell Te In that year Hope will celebrate eties resent an attempt by an out- welfare of the college and the stuwho have read i t It was chosen dents. The members are senior men especially those places represented Paske tied for first place in the her seventy-fifth anniversary. side organization in which they are by the senior committee headed by student council's "Get-Acquainted" of good character and personality, by students attending Hope. not represented to choke unifica• According to several science proGene Osterhaven, with the aid of In preparation for their depar- contest, held on March 5. The fessors the teachers as well, as the tion down their throats. An organ- recognized as leaders in scholarDr. Roland ( Shackson and Mrs. ture the group sang last Wednes- freshman prize was won by Donald students will look forward to the ization in which the societies are ship and college activities,"' said Donovan. Its three acts combine Cordes. President Notier. day under the direction of Kenneth mutually represented will be able time when they can w:ork in the modern and interesting action with Both of the contestants for the new laboratories. to achieve that purpose, with apAt meetings of Blue Key, oppor- dialogue which has its quota of the Osborne at the Holland Music club. proval and cooperation of the soci- tunity is provided for student and The numbers were "Where E'er all-school contest were able to give Professors Express Opinions romantic as well; as the humorous. You Walk," by Handel, and "Now descriptions of every student in eties themselves," said student faculty members to discuss frankly "The.new building should ny^ke Its appeal is such that it will be Let Every Tongue," by Bach. Yes- Hope college. As a result the for continued improvement in the President Calvin Vander Werf. campus problems and projects. r*~oerday, the club furnished music council examining board, consisting work in the science department," Voting booths will be set up in Faculty advisors to Blue Key in- SENIOR PLAY PACKS 'EM IN : or the "Y" devotion service in of Herman Luben and Dorothy said Dr. Vergeer, ^and it will be Van Raalte hall and in the chapel, clude: Prof. Bruce Raymond, Dr. Vanden Bout, a tie was declared chapel. an inspiration both to the .teachers at which every student is urged to J. Harvey Kleinheksel, Prof. E. Tonight and tomorrow night's between the two contestants. and to the students." cast his ballot in the plebiscite. An Paul McLean, Prof. Albert Lam- performance of "A Tailor-Made "The club can be complimented There were also two contestants for its responsiveness and interProfessor Thompson stated, "I announcement about the proposed pen, Milton J. Hinga, and Dr. Man" will conclude the scheduled in the freshman contest. Cordes' pretations," said Mr. Osborne. will, of course, be glad to ^et into amendment will be made in chapel. Wynand Wichers. run of this year's senior play at list of acquaintances was considero-. a new building, especially one with Holland High school. ably larger than that of his combetter ventilation." Packed houses for the first two Tirell-Van Liere Duo petitor, thus giving him the prize. . According to present plans Van Irishmen on Hope's Campus Call Attention performances of the comedy have The "Get-Acquainted" contest was Beats Albion Debaters Raalte Hall will continue to be assured the success of the play. the climax to the student council's to St. Pat s Day as Green Opposes Orange The high school play has become used as a recitation building after Ernest Tirrell and Don Van "Get-Acquainted" week. the science departments' vacate i t one of the annual outstanding draLiere, Hope negative debaters, deNot Toads—Snakes Roars matic events in Holland. Coached Livingston Loyal to His black eyes in New York City, that this year by Miss Myra Ten Cate, feated an Albion College team comof Rolfe and Hileman, state Like Unauthorised Glory Days, Men Are Blood Despite English St. Patrick's day causes almost as it has been headed in former years posed champion orator, at an invitational many as New Year's—the Orange, Name. by recently-married Mrs. Edward AU Right When You Get Them Say, Coed tournament in Grand Rapids last the Green, and the BLACK—Sure- Donivan. week. St. Patrick?—oh, the one who ly Holland's squareheads will not Mrs. Donivan is the coach of the Fottr schools attended the tour- This is Only One Answer Jean Hoetyj: "Jhey keep the chased the toads out of Ireland?" let the day go by without flaunt- Hope senior play this year. to Reporter's Question dorm phone busy.'^Catherine Marcing their flaming colors. Red Konament. Western State, Albion, and Coach Hinga revealed his Dutch ino Hope were guests of Calvin College to Coeds on Hope Cam- fey: "They're ju/|t. Hke the girls— difference to the traditions of the lean has expressed his firm preferthey're all rights, Henrietta .Bast: in a two-round tournament In the pus Men. Sons of Erin by his misstatement ence for the orange. He wears it Program is Broadcast "Maybe Pp* prejudicjfatiVrMary first round Luben and Miles took all the time. Unfortunately there at French Club Meet the affirmative against a negative of the hfttoric deed of the patron Jane Vaupell: "I don!t know. I are few Shamrock wearers on the And now we have the contrary saint of the seventeenth of March can't figure them, out" rRutlr Van team from Albion, and Tirrell and campus. But well wager that one to the question — "What do you —today. Twenty members of the Cercle Popering: "They're all right on a "Not toads, snakes, SNAKES," good Irishman could take on twen- Francais held their regular month- Van Liere met affirmative speakers think of Hope Coeds?" The quesgeneral line." Betty Van Putten: ly meeting at the Cosmopolitan from Calvin. There were no de- ticm this week is — "What do you roared Livingston, loyal to his ty Dutchmen.—There's the gong. cisions in the afternoon round. think of Hope's feflows?" And the "They're all right in' general — but house last Wednesday night. blood despite his English name. I'm • particular." CLASSICAL CLUB M E E T S In the second round, held in the answers: Ruth Allen was in charge of the "What do I think of the Irish? are too few Gladys-Van Lare: "They're all .Anonymous; program, which was based on the evening, Tirrell and Van Liere won They are the greatest poets, the A regular meeting of the Clasdatable fellows on the c^npus. their decision over Albion and right in their places." Gayle Boone: idea of a radio broadcast over Stagreatest music lovers-> sical Club was held on Thursday, Those who are datable are too conLuben and Miles lost a decision to "I can't make up my mind." Nan T h e greatest fighters," Prof. March 4. After a short business tion P-R-A-N-C-E. Chuck Bertsch ceited. Those who are nicest are Pylman and Eldersveldt of Calvin. Jager: "They're as good as yq^i'll Bruce Raymond. finished for him. meeting, a paper was read to the reviewed the news of the week. : either engaged or go steady." In the decision debates of the find anywhere." KaV E l d r f a g e "The Irish would rather fight than group by John Wybenga, entitled, Mile. Allen sang several songs in second round Calvin won both of i(standing over the ironing board) : eat" French. Miles. Mildred Mulder, Lois "A Day in Old Rame." f Orville Tyssr, Kay Boon and Messrs. their debates, Albion and Hope won f l ain't in a position to say." Rose STUDENT RECITAL "And rather drink than fight"— Hine then present^ a talk on one each and lost one, and Western Teninga: "They're like unauthoranonymous. Jack Leenhputs and Olin Van Lara First of the annual senior music "A Day in Old Athihs." After the State lost both debates. ized Glory JTuiushaiaou The controversy between the program the group worked on Latin presented a sldt. o can get 'em." Jiggs Tysse: "Some «t»d«*^Teeitals will be held n o t Miss Nella Meyer and Jack were Dutch (the Orangemeh) and the crossword puzzles. SELECT SPEAKERS of them are nice and some come Sunday, March 21. Olin Van Lare in charge of group singing, with Irish being what it has been since Officers elected by the club are: from Rochester." Norma clans: "I Will be the organ soloist and has the latter part of the i7th century Geraldine Van Eenwyk, president; Dorothy Vanden Bout at the piano, WbmlttSr ^program: Five student speakers for comwhen William of Orange's troops Sarah Dykstra, vice-president; fir- i After the program the group mencement have been announced, don't want to commit myself" (meaning, "I don't want to conmade an attempt at quelling re- neat TerwilHger, secretary-treasur- f l a i p various French card games .meludta*. Valedictorian Calvin Tict myself). Martha Morgan: "I'd bellion in the Emerald Isle, there er. Vander Werf. Dorothy Parker and t»ther tell them." Ruth Malefyt: should be soke show of colon on The next meeting will ba held "I'm really not able to say. I've not St. Patrick's day at Hope. Report Thursday, March 18, in the chapel out with any of them." Milly has it from a barber who doctors basement Van Lente and Ekdal Buy* by the tolder; "I only know Jack (Colby;

Casting for Senior Play Continues for Final Selection of Characters






HOPE COLLEGE ANCHOR 11M Of Act of ConsreM. saw


THE STUDENT PRINTS By Jean Hoekje and Dorothy Lincoln

First voice: I love War — I want to fight, I love gore; I like the bloody sight. I love wrong; I do not care for right. I love War — I want to fight Second voice: I love Peace — I long to live. I love Ufe; and all that it can give, I love calm—I'm brave but sensitive. I love Peace — I long to live. First voice: I love War—I want to kiU. I love death: to cause it is my will. I love carnage; I cannot get my fill, I love War—I toant to tcUL Second voice: I love Peace — I believe in love. I love life: the gift from God above. I love the symbols: the hand upraised, the dove. I love Peace — / believe in love. H. L. '39;


Well, oar second Glory Day has come and^fone, and We found that oratorical ability isn't the only talent that can JANS VAUPELL. Editor, be fouiftl on our campus — some of the singing and acting ¥ERF. EARREMAN. that went on on the Holland theater stage Monday morning B « m . P*Uy Vtr HoUt, LoU Voorborit, would be considered good moat anywhere. Incidentally, all William Popplnk, Richard K*»«r T W o r a the good acting wasn't done by the' students. * Genevieve Nafe, Speaking of Glory Day, we thought that the sign in the tmof BUSINESS STAFF parade saying "Support Forensics" was a good joke at first, Bueinea Manager JLmt. BusinMs Managerhut after hearing the President's speech to the students later cSnmuJSKVi FACULTY AMUNIITRATION on, wnd their enthusiastic response, we decided that maybe A *• Adrieer it did really mean something. CE DE GRAFFF0> NATIOMAL ADVKanaiN# BT This happened in Bible class the other day when Prof. National Advtrtising Sarviot, IIK. 1036 Member 1037 Hinkamp was asking questions about pagan gods. Cetfffr Fmhlltkm Mtfrnntttipt 4X0 Maoison Ave. New York. N.Y. Associated Cottefiiate Press Said Lenore VanderMade—"Worshiping more than one •AM rBANCISCO . tKATTLK god is! known as polygamy", and Marge Vyerberg—"The name of the messenger of the gods was Quicksilver" APROPOS certain contemporary events: They laughed We Need a Change >• when we sat down — They didn't know we were the lucky At a recent meeting of the Student Council, a plan for strikers! Poetic expressions by students are wanted. The professors will ask i changing and enlarging its representation was brought up, If the psychological background for dreams is past exper- you what you think—we want to know what you feeL However, merely and tomorrow will be put to a vote of the entire student ience plus suppresed desire, see what you can make of the rime and rythm are not to be mistaken for poetic content, nor, on the contrary, is vers libre pure poetry. In the contribution above there body. The proposed innovation is that in the spring of the following: is a lack of feeling, a falseness, a loyalty to structure, and artisanyear one member from each literary society, two indepen- Prof. MacLean had a dream the other night in which he ship without the artist There is the suspicion that the poet is writing dents, and the president of the Council be elected, and in stood on his stairs and bravely defended his life and his home about what he knows not. But read it aloud; you'U like i t Peter Poet the fall, two freshmen. This will make a board of fifteen from an Invading Spanish cavalier byflourishinga broom. who are directly representative, and will be an improvement And Norma Clans dreamed that Miss Lichty came to over the system now in use, where often many members are French class and said very dramatically, "I can't stand this of one society. Other colleges are following this method, any longer; I'm going out and end it aU!" PEOPLE'S STATE BANK and1 tomorrow we shall have the opportunity of showing But the blue ribbon goes to Prof. Van Saun who woke up t in a cold sweat the other morning because he dreamed that that we want it adopted at Hope. Wishes for Hope College and The Anchor Interpreting the council's action in making the change, he had overslept all his morning classes. And that was on the Success it Merits Student President, Calvin Vander Werf stated: "Representa- Glory day! SLIPS THAT PASS: Hope—"School of Chumps". tion by such unorganized, weak groups as classes was never, To the girls of Voorhees Hall who have been in the' midst in nor effect, true representation. The situation became particularly acute this year when only one of the women's of choosing rooms and roommates for next year we dedicate this little ditty: and two of the men's societies were represented. We are proud The plaster falls down on my head, "We could not presume that any action we took was actuTo have Hope College as our neighbors I never liked a Murphy bed; ally a direct expression of the wUl of the campus. Under the I cannot find a roommate who's clean and neat— new system council representatives will act upon mandate BAKER FURNITURE FACTORIES. Inc. I'll room alone in a double suite. from their respective societies, and most of the constructive And now — listen! listen! listen! The writers of this colon campus problems does, after all, originate and makers of find expression within the societies. The societies also pro- umn are happy to announce a prize contest! All you have to vide a logical and convenient testing ground for the/ pop- do to. win one of the valuable prizes is to write a slogan of not more than twenty-five words for this column. Perfectly CONNOISSEUR FURNITURE ttUrity of any action taken by the council." simple—no essays to write, no box-tops to send in—just send your entry to the' judges in care of this station . • . whoops! Let the Sparks Fly Anyway here are the prizes: The first prize is a beautiful 7 by 9 photograph of Mussolini in the uniform of an (fttptmber of Cnmmrrrr Dear Editor: A STUDENT SPEAKS... Italian girl scout. It has slight crease down the middle, and An t a w f f s l branch W any proSo some Hope students have a strong odor of mothballs^ but these are scarcely at hit gressive city's activities b Its taken a crack at Hope girls, have ' Chamber of Commerce. K - H s the they? Well, here is a trio of Hope discernible when you stand far* vnvtvgh nway ffom the #ieOne of the ever popular qnesgap between the official city M y girls taking a crack at Hope stu- ture so that you can't see it—which you'll probably want tape en the e a m p n concerns why and private enterprise. It is looked dents whom, by the way, we once to do anyway. lege for oar we cfcoM Hope College to for leadership ia the promotion thought pretty swell. As to the For second prize we offer a practically perfect coDeetkm •education. My ^ reason is of commerce and industry. plural Mr. Te Paske and the Wilsimply that I had no choice; my of stjunps which we started ourselves. It has no stfunps from Holland is weU on the way te inliam PoweU imitator who won't expipMlli* alternative was Hope or dustrial recovery. Support year United States, Great Britian, France, Germany, Japan, Italy, press themselves in print we wonmt oollife, so I came to college. Chamber of Commerce and lefs der if they ever think in high South America or Russia, but last time we looked we were finish the Job. Now that I am here, what is my enough levels to speak in public? practically certain that there was one from Abysqkiia. opinion of this school? And since Patterson has some 188,And the third lucky winner gets a free ticket to the HolIh the ftrst place, th£ fiumlty is 518 inhabitants, in contrast to land theater—for next Sunday afternoon. So there you are. capable, and efficient, £ n an ica- some cities with 3,000,000, we condfcmie sense, but in ^ n advisory sider Miss Vandermade quite a "big And we hardly need to remind you to get your entries in early. Something on the order of these slogans is what we A R C T I C - P I C T U R E S COLD sense i t is weak, and inefficient. towner." ARCTIC products are cold, delicious and palaTht student can find able instrucJack Leenhouts has done pretty want: table. Our ice cream is the quickest help-out tion here, but little advice on stu- well for himself on his pint of gasTHE STUDENT PRINTS—The aristocrat of the Anchor. dents' problems. The average oline. I suppose to give Norma in a social emergency. With all we have a 99 and 44/100 per cent pure. l i i l i l n t load is sixteen hours, credit we should acknowledge her warm spot for ''Hope." Never a dull moment wikli does not allow f a u l t y mem- ability to keep several people hangWe toast, we roast, but we never satisfy. bers tfane to aid students in their ing in air but she certainly has 3 problems. This condition is to be downs and 10 yards to go. Jack We're tame to please. A R C T I C I C E C R E A M CO. deplored. I believe that more Colby, grandfather of Hope's social You see how it is—but please spare us the unkindest cut AT YOUR SERVICE facufty-stndent relationships should campus, has been weighed in his of all. Don't call our column a "cross word puzzle" I be fosteraii.. balances and found wanting — lots. Phone 3886 133 FAIRBANKS AVE. ASSOCIATE ID1TOB

In the second place, school social Ufa- has. been relegated ito the fkaternities and not to the student body as a whole, and this is detrimental to a Uva school spirit. Fraternities are cliques, consequently, they are seldom prone to share the glory of a student activity, as was evidenced in our last glory day. Ik the third place, the student body, to my mind, does not take advantage of a small college as fuUy as they might We have representations ftom all sections of t h e country, bat one never sees groaps of stadentf from different sections discussing current topics. Stodent bull-sessions invariably tarn ont to be discussions on the . . . Antigone...

Mayo Hadden's remarks are rather unintelligible as is Mayo Hadden. Droopy De Roo has earned his name here at Hope. He's a sort of fixture, second or third fiddle variety. Bill Poppink still remains our hero. Why judge us all by one person, Mr. Klomparens? Dickie is still the pal to dorm girls, especially one we know of. Hugh De Pree should have said "One of them is all right" And, by the way, Mr. Van Dussen, just where is Jigg from? Dorothy Parker remains perfect lady with Jane Eldridge lifting high our torch. All in all we rather liked people before and perhaps the boys were only doing it to be smart, bat it only goes to prove that aU fools aren't dead y e t The Three Stamps of Wisdom.

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ORATOR TO TALK Milestone editor, football player, There is some talk in this world traveler, and Orientologist extraIN WINDY CITY that the Dutch are people of few ordinary—that's Ray (Ernest Ray-

the spring term are: Bob Haack, vice-president; Gordon Cook, secretary. The program of the Knickerbockers featured a serious discussion by Andy Lampen on "How to Edit a Newspaper." A hill-billy band consisting of Charles Roberts, Harold De Pree, Jack Brewster and Clarence Klaver entertained. The papers of the evening were presented by Bob Taft, who rendered a composition on etiquette, and David De Pree, who read a paper on China.

words. A poor example of this li Boot, Hope junior from Goes From Detroit Vic- Lillian Van Raalte. Lil is noted for mond) Amoy, China. conversational ability, espectory to Chicago Compe- her He doesn't like tomatoes or Japially when the conversation is humtition; Northwestern U. orous. As a prominent Delphi she anese military policies, having had Will be Hosts. has prepared many humor papers bitter experiences with both in all of which have been greeted with Shanghai. . . chased out of ChangAs a result of her victory in the whole-hearted ap- chow three springs in a row. . . three Detroit oratorical contest Lucille plause. years in ShangButer will attend the interstate Lil is an excelAddison brothers held no regular hai A merican meet which is to be held in Chilent scholar and meeting last week. In substitution school, then two in cago on April 28. Northwestern hopes some day to they held committee meetings to Holland high. . university will be host of the conbecome a "school six make plans for the revision of their feet, 165 test marm." She is a constitution and for their spring pounds. The interstate contest of 1937 senior and at presparty. Monday evening the society will be the first one in which wo"Have your picent is practiceheld election of officers. men will be allowed to take part. tures taken!" has teaching in the Miss Buter thinks that it would be fourth grade at the been Ray's con"swell" if she could win again at stant plea for the past month. Ray The Fraternal society held a Chicago. She brought a Glory Day Froebel school. The bane of her is better known as the bigger half brief business meeting last Friday to Hope on March 8 to celebrate school teaching career seems to of the Kay and Ray team. Besides during which the members voted her State victory the preceding be to sing songs in a high child- having his time taken up in this Ray Brat into the brotherhood of ish voice. Friday. manner, Ray is busy tearing around the fraternity. Her hair is brown, her eyes are Parade Through Voorhees for the Milestone of '37. The Glory Day started with a blue and she would receive our Ray is planning a unique vocaThe theme of the last Emerson parade of students down Eighth nomination for the girl with the tion—at least unique to the rest ian meeting was "Through the Street The parade continued prettiest hands on Hope's campus. of us teachers, ministers, and Years With Hope." "Sing Song' through Holland high, Holland She is friendly, charming, a per- chemics—that of a foreign diplo- presented community singing under Christian high, and Voorhees Hall. fect example of the typical coed? mat the direction of Phil Abell and fea At nine o'clock the procession tured a trio consisting of Larry De moved into the Holland theater Cook, Dick Smith and Lester Mcwhere the rest of the morhing was was in the form of a five year old, Bride. A short weekly feature enoccupied by an impromptu program Jane Zeh. "How You Might Act" titled "History and Nonsense" was given by various students. was cleverly p o r t r a y e d in the given by Ray R i g t e r i n k , after The afternoon of Hope's second r schedule of twelve hours with Mad- which a humor number was ren Glory Day in two weeks was spent dered by Edward Luidens. Harold ame X and her child. By Mary Jane VaupelL by the majority of students in the Van Heuvelen favored the fraternThe leading lady began the day's ity with a violin solo; following Holland theatre where Grace Gates of stardom were flung wide rountine by going to the beauty Moore appeared in her new picthis Donald Warner gave reviews ture, "When You're In Love." A open last F r i d a y evening when parlor. Mildred Kirkwood served as and previews in progress. The masspecial price arrangement made Sorosis sophomores presented the the beauty operator in this act, and ter critic of the evening was Alvin with the management of the the- society with passes to Hollywood Cook. atre by the student council per- . studios. R.K.O. studio presented for presented to the ears of her cusmitted the students to see the show gjfig scenes in technicolor co- tomers a humorous monologue on for fifteen cents. starring Robert Young and Alice the futures of Sibylline girls. The Cosmopolitan brothers held a Organ Concert Climax Faye. Leading roles were taken by music lesson was played by teacher regular meeting last Friday eveThe organ concert by Gatty Sel- Peggy Bergen and Margaret Allen. Angeline , Dornbos with Jane Zeh ning. The first number on the prow lars which was rendered in the In the absence of Walt Disney, accompaning with discords. The gram included a pantomime enacted evening was described by Profes- Universal studio capitalized upon club scene was a social success with by Jack Leenhouts, Donald Botssor Kenneth Osborne as a fitting the efforts of the assistant cartoon- June Keift featured as the speaker lord, Paul Schoulten, Jack Burkett, climax to a Glory Day. ist. Life-sized portrayals of Popeye of the afternoon. Maxine Michmer- and Eugene Osterhaven. Charles and Sweetpea were drawn by Thel- shuizen presided over the group. Bertsch and Raymand Boot told ma Kooiker and Mary Jane Vau6 interesting accounts of their jourDizzy Derivatives pell. I Earl Beerbower was selected as ney to China, after which special The tempermental Garbo was president of the Knickerbocker fra- music presented a men's double It is surprising how different are seen from a distance at the M. G.Uemity at their meeting last Frit quartet from Grand Rapids. Mas our American colleges and u n i v e r s - M. studio as she dramatited "Ca- day evening. Other officers chosen ter critic of the evening was Don' mille" before the camera. Margaret | to guide the orgamzation through aid Martin. ities from those of other countries. Allen assumed this characterizaPFWPPIpWIWpp||BppiipWWi "GfiTfriidS' .— with which we are so familiar are I tured Buddy Ebsen in action upon e n t i r e l y American in origin. A few t h e Fox studio screen, while the JOHN VANDER BROEK, Mgr. of these have been adopted in Warner Bros, studio laughed along other lands; but for the most part, with the Ritz brother trio in the U67 our college vocabulary would be comedy of Thelma Kooiker, Mary Fuel, Paints and Mason's Supplies unintelligible in foreign universi- Jane Vaupell and Gertrude Young, ties. This is even true in E n g l a n d , The music of a modem orchestra where, for example, students are produced by the Sophomore studio known as "members"; and are di- filmed a satisfactory end to the mo- FOR — vided into first, second, third, and tion pictures. 0 fourth year men, rather than into ~ our American classification—fresh- "Spooning" served as the theme -GOTOmen, sophomore, junior, and senior, of the Dorian meeting last Friday 9 D R "Sophomore" was first used in I evening. Marian Roggen told tales 1768, where in the diary of Nathan- on the spoonholder's favorite courtEIGHTH STREET iel Ames, we find the second year ships, during which courting of dif|u-mnnni-viir.-i-.-i-men of Harvard, referred to as I ferent lands was discussed. "Spoon"sophimores." |ing" featured a duet by Dorothy We Are Proud of Still other words whoUy Amer- Boeve and Marjory Vyverberg, ican in origin, are "fraternity," after which Jean Hoekje presented "commencement," "class-days" the humor of "Floral Spooning." (and may we mention " g l o r y - Love food consisted of the passing and wish for it only continued success. As in day"?), as weU as "campus," it- of candy to the group. the past, may its infiuehce for good become self—all owing their existence to o IHHI the universities of the early 1800s. Juniors of Delphi escorted their great with the passing years. "Chapel," a word frequently used society in imagination to the Bookon Hope's campus, both in refer- nook for the entertainment of their HOLLAND STATE BANE ence to the place of worship, and last meeting. The programs were the worship service, is not Amer- in the form of little booklets, the Holland, Mich. ican, but may be traced back into 1 contents of which had to be supthe year 710 A.D. "Cappella" was plied by the girls. Chapters from Wb'' the first form of the word, meaning prominent books such as "Penrod « tnnii cape or cloak. "CappeUa" and Sam," "Merchant of Venice," HoUmth Steauty &lfop was applied to the doak of a cer- "Anthony Adverse" were enacted, MONDAY AND TUESDAY SPECIAL; tain S t Martin, which was pre- during which Delphians guessed served by the Prankish kings as a the names of the novels and filled All the End Curls You Need $1.00 sacred relic, and accordingly was in the blanks in the programs. MilShampoo and Fingerwave 50c carried before them into battle, dred Mulder won the prize for the PHONE ,2212 and was used by them to give sane- most accurate number of correct tity to their oaths. names. Thus it developed that "Cappelo la" was used to designate the saneA day with "What Might Be tuary in which S t Martin's cloak You" twenty years from now was was preserved; and finally to any presented to the Sibylline society Popular Prices. $18.00 Pattern on Display sanctuary which contained holy I by the sophomore members last relics. Gradually the meaning ex-1 Friday evening in exactly five acts, 30 West 8th—Upstairs panded, •fHwg in any private sane- The first scene took place at home tuary, or holy place—hence, we find in the morning. "What Might Be it today an apartment or I You" was enacted by Hester Soebuilding set apart for worship. | ters, while M Wh|Pjight Be Yours"

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in meets this season. The compePAP Wolfe ineligible, but will be pushed tition may cause Buys to set a Players on Hope's basketball Kalamazoo Favored in record. team were all good scorers accordFirst League Meet at Lou Northouse will not be in Hope college's chances for the ing places behind. ing to tabulations made for the j meets this spring, and Hope will Michigan Intercollegiate All-Sports Field House Today Although Hope has the lead now, 17 game schedule played by the Tentative Date on April trophy which has been won for the lose valuable points there the locals must pick up high points M.LA.A. championship outfit. Only 23; Hold Varsity FutHope college's varsity track team In the middle distances, Hope; p a g t t h r e e by Kalamaeoo in golf and tennis for the Hornets 10 giunes were league tussles. will open Its season at the annual has Hugh De Pree who won ftrst look good this season. ure in Mind again will have a stronger and betBikl Poppink leads the pack with indoor M.LA.A. meet at Hillsdale in the 880 at Kalamazoo last Hope collects 10 points for winBy Bob Wishmeier tonight Preliminaries will be held spring. He is the only veteran dis- ning the title in basketball, and ter. balanced track team than 5* field goals and 85 fouls for a Hope's. 147 point total. Don Thomas The Anchor announces its first tnis afternoon. tance runner, losing Telleman and tying for second in football with Conceding them the track, and a scored 126 points in the season for annual interfratemity track meet To the Hope team, the meet can Douma last season. Alma, the two schools split second second to Hope, the locals must second place. All regulars were at Hope college. mean little but a good chance for In the long distances, Hope has and third place points for 7 each A twofold purpose has prompted seasoning and conditioning. Since no representatives with experience. giving Hope a leading total of 17. take a first in golf—which they are placed in thefirstfive. favored to do—-and a high place Bob Marcus scored a good perthe Anchor to agitate such a meet practice was started a month ago, ^ 1()cal entries in that field will Kalamazoo is again the leading mC e in tennis. In doing so, if Hope centage by hitting a 90 point total on the local campus: only a few days have been competitor for the trophy with f 1 p r o b a b i y be greatest. can sink the Hornets low enough after missing 4 games while on 1. At Hope, interest in spring enough to allow the trackmen ou Schouten plans to use doo Hope. The situation has been much in these two events, the cup may dut^ at Flint with the National sports has not approached that side. , • Vandenbenr. Del Te Paske, Gerald the same every year since the cup come to Holland. Guards. H I shown in either football or basketIn that time, it has become evi- R o w e r d j n ^ Henry Vander Brake was initiated. This will be the last year, accord- There was no other team in the — , .ball, and because talent on the — dent that coach Jack Schouten as ^ ^ H a llan in these events to The chances are this year, that ing to coaches' opinions, that golf a M.I.A.A. that was as high scoring i good f o r t r a c k i g f u l y a 8 r a big job on hand to build a ' I .. experience competition, although the Hornets got 10 points TT mstin+d . . . . ... • il. anced squad around the remaining shape. for a championship in football, and tennis will receive major an outfit as Hope with the points and abundant as in either of the points. At the next meeting in as evenly divided as were they on two other major sports, the Anchor •veterans who are fit for servic . nomelen will go they may be pushed farther down May, the M.I.A.A. board will take the Hinga team. At the meet today. Don Martm Harold Van Domelen wm g , ^ ^ ^ ^ wishes to stimulate a genuine inOlivet scored more points, but terest in track. Chink Robbert, Ek Buys and Hngh w.th the team today to enter Kalamazoo tied tied for for third thir< in bas- action on the proposed amendment Kalamazoo Dp Pree will be the chief point- hurdles, while Fred Japinga ana ketball with Albion, netting them to call these two minor sports, and Novak was a topheavy leader in 2. Hope is in line for the allfootball, basketball and track, point getting. Kalamazoo had the » the only man to Harvey Hop will be in shape for sports trophy for the third season but 5 points, and Hope has a 17-15 balanced team outside of in a row. A careful analysis of the I T t a t o competition p r e v i o u s l y field events. Hop was chief pomt- lead on them for the cup at this majors. S L spring, winning the Y.M.C.A. I getter on the freshman track team Paul Boyink will be Hope's stu- Hope, but was not as high a scor- chances show that the cup will go stage of the game. dent representative at that meet- ing club. shot put event at Grand Rapids last spring. to either Hope or Kalamazoo—the Last year, Hope beat Kalamazoo The scoring: last Saturday. Kalamazooo will be the chief out for' second in the golf race, ing. A new student member of the winner of the track meet in May. FG F TP The sports staff of the Anchor Martin superseded Robbert as contender for the indoor title again while the Hornets took points in board is appointed every two 56 35 147 feels that an interfratemity track M.I.A.A. dash champion last sea- this year, with Hope and Albion tennis. The whole cup tournament years. He serves from the middle Poppink, center 50 26 126 meet will uncover enough material son, tying the league record in the Uieing for second. Interest in the was to be decided in the track, ant of his sophomore year to the end Thomas, forward of the first semester of his senior Marcus, guard 35 20 90 to make the Hope team balanced 100-yard dash at the M.I.A.A. track Kalamazoo team will be centered Kalamazoo won by less than Boyink, forward .— 38 10 86 enough to win that important and field meet. on Joe Howard, sensation of the points. year. 19 4 42 M.I.AA. meet. Martin ran first in every meet in freshman meet last spring Ekdal Buys is the retiring mem- Robbert, guard This year, Hope and Kalamazoo 17 6 40 the 100 and 220-yard dashes, while Both Hope and Kalamazooo, will again be fighting for the cup ber. The choice is made by the Borgman, forward The meet here is sponsored with De Groot, guard 12 6 30 Robbert ran second. Martin will leaders in the race for the track with other M.I.A.A. schools seek- student council of the school. these two purposes in mind, and Nienhuis, forward 11 6 28 also compete in the broad jump. title and the all-sports trophy this in looking over the talent on the Vandenberg, guard 5 3 13 Buys is slated for a big battle spring, lack balanced squads. All ij-u-ixun-n-n/v-inf-iTi-irr-r-* campus, used and hidden, the afHeneveld, center 1 0 2 with Wolfe of Hillsdale in the shot meets until the final tournament in fair ought to set up a rivalry in p u t The Hope star had little trou- May will be devoted to building spring sports that will push that ble placing first last year with | balance. on the basketball court into obliv-



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An explanation of the interfratemity track meet might be in order . . . The idea came through the interest of a Holland sportsman, who wished to see track in Holland revived . . . Coach Schouten had planned to have an interclass meet, but yielded to the Anchor idea on assurance that an interfratemity meet would bring more boys out for events . . . As far as we are concemed in this department, we would like to see a revival of interest, and we would like to uncover enough material to balance our track squad. . . We appeal to all fraternal organizations on the campus for support . . . The Cosmopolitans have led the field in basketball for several years . . . Track is one sport in which every fraternity has a chance to win . . . There are members of the varsity in every organization . . . G. Batema, Mgr jThese boys will be eligible . . . That brings up another thing . Don't let the entrance of varsity men scare you neophytes out . . . They are in the meet to stimulate Have Your Eyes Examined interest, and by no means cover the entire field . . . Places can be won in every event by non-team men . . . . In the mile, javelin, high jump, by both hurdles, and broad jump, practically all places are open . . . Urge W. R. STEVENSON the entrance of all members in your fratemity . . . ' Optometrist To show how such entrance may win an unknown boy a track letter witness this . . . Bob Marcus, when a senior in Holland high, set an 24 EAST i T H STREET indoor high jump record . . . A day before the meet, he planned not East Itk Street to enter, but did so for a good time . . . All other competitors were lost several inches below his mark . . . Ed Novak who this year claimed a new record in M.I.AA. play NICK DYKEMA for individual scoring, did not have to look far for a better mark . . . Tb* Tailor His mark of 37 points in a single game against Hillsdale was beaten years ago by the father of a present Olivet teammate, Graftonj SUITS- $23.50 up i Thomas . . . The elder Thomas scored 40 points in a game, which foif 19 Yj WEST ITH STREET ! coincidence's sake, was also played with Hillsdale . . j While we are in the mood for sponsoring things, we wonder if ia' j j 12 r v r V T ? C D T T P P ! f e w a c t i y i t i e 8 c o u l d 1)6 a r r a n g e for the girls this spring . . . It must tlelV. D U IvVjr not be amiss to hold a women's tennis tournament . . . The ladies ought to enjoy a golf tourney, and even a bit of badminton . . . Per- Buy your suits, dresses, blow Druggist haps this year, the women will use new archery sets to tournament es and accessories to wear on advantage, and the little misses might even indulge in a bit 'o field Easter and all through your 32 East Eighth St. hockey . . .


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ion for another year. In track, events are plentiful. Individual abilities are shown, and here at Hope college, the champs of the thinclad are represented in every fratemity. The meet has been set far enough in the future to give plenty of time for preparation, and five weeks remain following it to train winners for competition in the M.I.A.A. meet in May. No committees have been picked to run the meet. With the cooperation of the Anchor staff and the student council, a representative board will choose judges and rules to be announced later. A track meet has never been held on the home cinders, because it was considered that all M.I.A.A. events could not be run here. The interfratemity meet will include 8ILUE by a program of events modified to 008 suit the Hope track. Field events will be the same as in conference competition. Eligibility for the meet will be more lenient than any other rule of the affair. Every student of the campus is qualified to enter either under fratemity insignia or the badge of the independents.

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