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H O P E COLLEGE, Holland, Michigan, March 15, 1922




DR. NYKERK'S C1GARET STATED MENTS RECEIVE NATION. WIDE APPROVAL Dr. John B. Nykerk's statement t h a t he would refuse to recommend a cigarette-smoker to any teaching




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N u m b e r 22




The largest and the best Milestone ihat has ever been issued by the students of Hope College will be put out this year. The staff realized t h a t

l nnHi fnv fkof p g i— .— — r a a int theS publication f a a s r ow^ t hsi as

ternathfjj"1 R^fb' 8 S U R d ' T h e I n ; E l e c l i o n » of New Staff Will Bo Held n o e f f o r t During Sprinf Vacation , n C1>a el N e x t Ver u* u p WMK ^ n ! r f e a S l T? P Monday, March y talented art, literary and Hope Affirmative Team Will Debate which Rev. Wilbur F. Crafts, Ph. D., 20, at 7 P. M. humor editors have been working for at Kalamazoo on the Same !s head, has been very laudatory . months in their departments nnH nm Th^ v nr n A *11 • j sur Quettion ^ Praise of this stand against the One of the most important meete to give us something worth- d e J u U t L woJk o r o ^ a m T . ^ " M f * cigarette. Perhaps the most highly i n g 3 o f t h e student-body during the ^ The literary editor is Writing Spring v a c S * the Friday night the


debaters following- briefly ^ i ^ ' ^ a t e m e n t

nexTVo^darev^ing1*1®? 7 " o V ^ ^

somethi^g^hich eve^6 T d ^




. l a s t Spring vacation w h r a

1 ls t le sn Kalamazoo matches wits with them D e a n 0 f H 0 p e College PvmV Ii fk l 0 r . u t t c nnrf | , ® P " 8 ^ 0 t department re- the success of the campaign the " Y " p an e an( s tJlat s on the Open-Closed Shop Question. s i r : * ^ women ^ h e has many snaps which was asked to send out another team 1 ^ ° |] 5 US 1 11 ac S e r y roo Hope's men in this debate, as well as Congratulations on vour stand pi f' . j ® * P^ - - The ^ t d« and that you will per- this vacation period. Plana are also becaU8e the Kalamazoo's, will be exclusively Pi S a T s t c S r e 4 Such a standi of J ^ • t h e S e P a « e s u f f i a ^ times and en- being laid to send a t e a ^ G r m l Kappa Delta men and .hey wih de- ^ l r ee p ^r e see in t ta t l iSn " a f ^ l 0 f ' Y o T a n t t ^ ^ --tings • on bate the national Pi Kappa Delta g 0 m i l c h to the vouth of our land i J at other J annuai will contain many ed church there. These, together r n question: "Resolved that the princi- Wishing vou success I am n 0 8 t h r u o l J t ^ h e country. These e features, too numerous for with the campaign held at Coopersbe pie of the closed shop if* justifiable." A Phila. Mother. j ? ° n S ,m representative of . . , 0 m e n t i o n here. The staff has ville at the beginning of t h e year This is a much mooted question, and • . Rf' , e v e r 7 's1l1uent s u b s o r i b e r ^ P u t the price w i t h i n , t h e constitute a very practical aspect of n c r m it were worth while f o r every Hope- HU 0O PP EF O T T T N T P T ino- f ^ be at the meet- w.,I ° an a nr ^ a k e it the best the work which the "Y" is trying to s 18 10 ite to be out to hear it d i s e a s e d in QUINTET ing to see that they are reprcsenta- ^ £ * ^ out in the history do. what is predicted to be a strong deBEATS TRI-STATE - n • . 0?G To make it convenEd Tanis will lead the g r o u p which e wln8: are nom n or bate. K alamazoo is « f t e r two victorP O T T •pftTP TTTAM rv, i , /° i ations , y o u /the subscriptions have is to visit Grandville. The other ies in debate ov«r Hope this year, C O L L E G E T E A M made by the present Anchor staff: ^ e " . P l a c f e d l n the hands of about members of the "team are not y S and has men amply coached f o r a Trn!an « T a ? ' e r t B r o w ° your classmates, who are definitely chosen. A q u a r t e t and an JJoo hh nn er Iber Wm ird battle. *' — — their services services gratis.. g r a t i L Their Their athlete athlete • will accompany ^ c o m p a n T ^ *TantT hard 'A - ZZoemer. ^er. f^/ii nn gg their ; if i b e r?s; Wm. 1 Hope's negative t e a m - w h i c h will The Orange and Blue men, swamp- W o ™ i a t e s - H a r v e y De Weerd, ames are posted on the bulletin PPlans a n s are being made f o r a ' three s ^1% X. — - 11 *% *9 ^! — at • • . — i e b a t e here—is made up of Tony f d * 1 1 6 Tri-State College of Angola, Harold Damstra, Johanna Vande ° d o J } o t wait f o r• them to call day campaign, this is to include Engelsman, J u d s o n Staplekamp, and I n d ' > . o n the Hope floor here Friday p . , ' . suWHho j" 111 ' * ^ 0 wish to the high school as well as i ubscr e P e t e r H. De Vries. The affirmative evening, in one of the cleanest Alumni—Swantma DeYoung, John f ' b T can send their subscrip- church. t e a m - w h i c h will debate at Kalama- games that has eVer been played on DeMaagd J I o n s t o I s ^ S c h e r ^ n i s s e , 18 East Some of the same men who were 12th bt zoo—consists of Winfield Burggraaff, a local court Coach Schouten's men C ^ P ^ . N e w s - P e a r l ^jmlman, " Holland, Mich. at Decatur last year will make S e Maurice Visscher and Dick Blocker, outclassed the visitors in every de- ™ ^ t M ' l l s v „ trip Spring vacation. The s e r i e s ™ M All of these men are "old" debaters. P a y m e n t of the game, walking away r . A r ™ ® t l c R s - T K e " n ^ / Van Lente, H O P E G A I N S E A S Y V I C - " l u t i n g s will begin on the a f t e r n o o n of and intend, if possible, to score two W1 th an easy victo.^ with victory m the final —^...^ home T O R Y O V E R C A T VTTJ the first Sunday of our vacation Fpv Vi" "" * '^bbers, (Soph.) victories over our friendly enemies game this season. E x c h a n g e R a c h e l Gebhard, Nolle ^ V A L V I N when there ,tt ,will be a masg mass meeting yamc ge Rachel ^. ——« meeting meeting l+o of the Celery City. Let's have every D'ckLe started the scoring: or ' , Tuesdav nio-lif fho k l. * u u * r n ^ n and boys. Work in t h e High night theR ba.ket the f i r s t h alf 0 M ye 1 t eteam am scs h 0c0h1 o T w u b eT ' b e c ^ r i e ^ t W ^ l S Hopeite out at this debate. Immed- wH lotPh e a . f the ?fme | I ' M a r i a n M e r - j o uTuesday rSd ^ ^ 1ball ^ carried on j u s t as l i t f f . 1 urneyed to to Grand Grand Rapids Rapids to to play play aa year. year. Henry Henry Buiwrraaff B u ™ ^ ^who o ^ ^ iatelv a f t r r this contest here the torrent of baskets, putting sen, Charles Van Zanten. Journeyed t h e bal1 throu h t h e rin fo ur time 0 8 C aCalvin l v i n C oCollege l l e g e t 6 ntending (ilng cDlecatur j L h J t u r n g a m e with the J h o results of the contest at Kalamazoo « r ^ , f de® b'" ? M a n a g e r - E r n e s t Van^ ^ a t u r « i g h 'echool^ I thta will be phoned to Duke's Cafe Two i n s u c c e s s i o n - Irving scored a neat den Bosch, J e r r y De Vries. quintet. ?* quintet. An An easy easy victory victory was was irained gained year year writAa writes ft hwa t t h e fellows a.t rthe fi lder bef re the T h e first victories should make it at least a ® ° . Tri-State men finhalf J r r T f <fame,high sch001 ^ anxWy waitS SONNET m pUt up a e a m e f o r 016 "Glorv Ni^ht." ally succeeded in sconng, a f t e r try? ^ H o w a f r o m Hope Thf ing in dead earnest to creep through battle to win. |»ur team was off Presbyterian Church under whnlf Hope's defense. I dreamed last night that Spring had o f ^ T a ! Z f f P a r t aU P iCe8 tetLm l ,the appear, » AN " I F ' F O R G I R L S vv Japinga was the high scorer in the come, and I, tiL was due to *"umciciice indifference as as making paans plans ifoorr extensiv« extensive j»HvaT4;a adviw+i.! the me they woald no (With apologies to Rudyard Kipling) game | a m e caging 9 of the 20 field goals Alone with God and silent growine growing tt oo ^e Tx eenrrtt reahzed ithey .would nott have ing m g in an effort to arouse the the i ^ I o e 6 8 tto 0 W ln n t the h e 6 est 8 1 o fof thee nentire tire tossing the the ball ball through through things. * second themselves win. v i l kin^ t ht eh el If you can dress to make yourself at- ff oo rr HHope, P ' tossing things, T - • I In ^ twlce m o r e Just befo hal1 4 m m 171 C T Q tractive r e the half was Stood drinking in the songs t h a t nil . 1 t h e men went in there mgs. nd ed Th e Y Yet make not puffs and curls your f . . T r i - f t a t e combination the Springs ' S v couT^nl h T i ^pi<ls fana A 0 p e - M. C. A. is one P ay b a s k t b a U chief delight; took advantage of Hope leniency in Of ages past had sung to man. A n w l i l , J t and com- of the l e a d e n in State 4 " work A If you can swim and row. be strong b e d f f ^ s e - , a n d ^ o r e d t w o f i . , cry, K l y D l 0 a V v e p 7 h e l " l e d t h e C a l v i n ^ m . TheseGo spel t e a m s aTe the ertfield g o a l s endlng the first half M and active, 'J® ' Age-old welled in my breast, and to S [ l e Dick i n n l g a m e T - d e f e n s e - A - C - has one of the ,rTCAC 1114 But of . 1the j *U.. u W ,. , t ^ A""' f. s , i y c^fctpra B«. < t , e graces .not . . Ilose .„ K m £ * " ^ ^ » - « S i " ' * S S . n6gentle , } n the second half, Hope's mentor I flung its triumph-call.—A d r e a m ' t The other colleges a r e not very acIf vou can dance without a craze f o r / t the T n - S t a t e men to the mercy I t clings ' „ L l n e u p and Summary:— work! Particular phase of " Y " B p dancing u Reserve team, who piled up a Like famished passion to my mind r ^ 6 ^ P T oancing, . huge score of 16-4, in the 15 minand s t i n t s Japinga, F 5 0 2 0 Flay without giving play too strong ^ ^ ^ ^ Van P u t t e n P J ? of play) l ^ 2 0 ^ Y. M. C. A, 0 2 Wh! 0 the love o t friends w l t b . u t r i . J l h . W "" " 1 " ^ ° G S l ~ d S 33 .0 " A „ .. E „ i w c 1 „ e < r r ™ k . t h . friendless, ^ wlwrt . e • «






. priggish

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; a e n r P l y 8 S a W a , , d 1136 a h a m

throughout the game.

" " r ^ •d t r ^ ' r ..« i .d .- . Dyke



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failing to show up in the line-

Can do a man's work when the need "ne m o T b i g game^with^he^DTtrott Can s i n g ' ^ ' e n


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without ex- a ^ d T l e a v i n g ^ r e m r k a L ^ r T c w d


> ?


"SU'LT" •• ^

w a s called




. h , « . c h o , Bilk . n d

Without despising calico and j ena n ; y0U

p r ^ X t r

^ nr inar.- y some new t r u t h J a m e s Neckem- u h " r -inspiration. S t h e sul> m iect, "What Christ Means to Me." His talkwas^.Tn and nrnpfinoi ^ ^ . . w a s P*®111

1 1'



« • s s & f « — = j : i 01. « ii ^ 5 Th , • — ~ s— " ^ g ^ s—s s ? i i C " " Vries P J i ^ q Within my dream by such sweet har- De n


11 was a comnAwifiiroi0 small g r o u p 0 f ^ o p l e


""""I!! . e f e r e eJ r e 7 1 7 ~ "oicrop f o r Cook, DeVries grown with t h " " " '



Can r i s e ^ b o v e unfriendly snubs or ^ I n t h e ' S u m S i r y t ^ t h e Freshmen ^ f n t e J f o n T f ' ^ e S g ^ ^ d ^ a ^ If you can make good bread instead i ® ^

given tbem


n P

Can - w v f f i S l l , and have an eye S t t g i v ^ ^ e m If y o u " ' a

friend and hold no

A girl ^




H . , „ S e T « And J & And


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here by our debaters las!

t h ^ S s Tam"







Cook 4




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t S t t t f k






S " '

- i t h faith end


..d K n r s A ^ s s s . ^

You'll work n i t pretty nearly t . m y

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means t h a t we b e l o n g e t o a J S S

' Holwerda 2.



meet . . d




' J i d ^ f ? l i i o r ^ " . ^ ^

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The p l a T l h ^ h e . , developed t h r n







And win the best that life o . n W .


i n g

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Hope in the C h ^ e U e ^ d ^ t "




^ «odeI o f a S S S t

n e ^ S t i n

Prof. Wichers wishes there were mr. r>e no such days as Monday,—neverthe- gray, sir. lOQC if'O nn A. A.!. m __s'f n " ^ t ? ' . l g r B t a v T Y . . „ S Z J S d o r f o around the . h a , t o r n , at V.orhees, M i „ B . P r e . „ „

f e TV

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0 8 6

—C. '24. " been l a i t J ^ 0 t ^ f | I 0 I 2 n ' ' Y0Ur

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an occasional day ^ p p e . ^ ^



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ticing baseball.



Attrffnr Piblithed etery Wedneidty during the College year by itudenta of Hope College. BOARD OF EDITORS P i m H. DB VBIES..EDITOE-IN-OHIEP •WlaMd lorffsrra&ff Associate Editor Associate Editor Tuiel W. B o u a a Campus News Knalfl M l Campus News JeldertflM Athletics i M r t M tlstekei ..Alumni S f t r t a e Kuipet Exchange Mattkew T a n Oostenburg Jokes ) kt*.



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The word is derived f r o m a rootword which means "to fail". Anyone who has not reached the ideal or goal f o r which he has striven, is defeated. In the battle of life every one is a FAILURE. We have all been DeFEATED. In the lesser battles of our experiences it is possible to win out. But while many run, only one can possibly receive the prize. The others are defeated. DEFEAT is not an unusual thing It is so prevalent t h a t we hardly notice it. The student with an average of 68 has just as many unexpressed cngratulations poured upon him as the students who graduates with the 'summa cum laude* And yet, he is defeated. They speak of the success of failure. I t cannot be. F o r a d e f e a t is undeniably a d e f e a t If there were an element of success in it, then it would not be d e f e a t The expression is used to soothe the wounds which a defeat makes on the soul. A DEF E A T is a DEFEAT,—black, disgraceful, neyer to be recalled. Defeats are disheartening. The man who, a f t e r many attempts to overcome a deficiency of character, suffers one d e f e a t a f t e r another, walks lonesomely to t h e river's edge and tries t o have everything swallowed up in the greatest d e f e a t of his career,—the D E F E A T of COWARDICE Suicide can never change d e f e a t into victory.

peace. Girls, you should have seen Mike blush. Mike says t h a t she has promised to come to Hope next fall. At Kalkaska, Mike l e f t his happy but plucky p a r t n e r and came back f o r the kidding. Rather rough, wasn'f INTERESTING STORY OF TRIP> it? Who would have thought it of Mike? TOLD BY RESERVE REPORTAt three o'clock Heemie was a t the ER, A. ZENAS MEENGS depot to meet the boya f r o m the Reierves Have Splendid Record—13 south, in f a c t half the town turned out to see what sort of a bunch had Victories In 14 Games A been slated f o r the evening. A f t e r having washed off half of the G. R. Now t h a t the Reserves have done & I. coal pile. Jack put the fellows what they had intended to do the last to bed. Mike says t h a t he never slept three weeks, we can let t h e Western so well in his life. Union rest in peace. Arrangements Ai; 8.30 t h e big battle was cn. had been made to play Petosk^y two From t h e very start we were convincweeks ago, b u t because of the tered t h a t it was to be no easy game. rific sleet storm that struck the Petoskey has a team t h a t tips the northern p a r t of the state it was scale in the neighborhood of 175 rather d o u b t f u l as to whether a pounds. Add tc this plenty of roughsuitable date could be arranged. Neving and you can imagine what the ertheless, a f t e r keeping the wire game was like. A f t e r seven minutes warm f o r a few days, March 7 was of play Van Lente started the scorselected f o r the battle. ing of the evening with a f r e e throw Early Tuesday morning found and Yonkman added another b a s k e t Coach Schouten and his worthy warMike pulled off his tornado dribble riors huddled together around the and rolled up two more points. Pere Marquette stove waiting f o r the Heemtsra of Petoskey intercepted a 5 o'clock special. Leaving Grand pass and gave the home team their Rapids a t seven, the team settled first basket. "Van Lente made two down f o r an eight hour ride to the more f r e e throws by parting the land of ice and snow. Crowded cars meshes. Grigj^s slipped thru f o r an sometimes t u r n out to be rather other cour.ter but was soon followed pleasant a f t e r all. Ask Meinte by another by Jonkman. After a where he got the nerve to sit and bit of pretty passing VanLente forctalk with a young lady f o r seven ed the tally up with a basket. Heemhours a stretch. E t t;i, Brute.' stra ended their scoring f o r the half A t Cadillac the train slowed down with another clean shot. That ended enough to let us grab a sandwich at the first half. Our team retired f r o m one of these railway holdups—all exthe floor with a 11 to 6 lead on the cept Meinte. When you ask a lady lumberjacks. out to dinner you can hardly ask her In the second half the reserves put to sit down before a counter and up t h e classiest game of passing that feast on a sandwich. Not much, they have pulled off this season. Meinte t r e a t e d her to a regular dinAgain and again Mike and Bill drew ner. But how shall one f e a s t if he Petoskey up from the five men dehas not the money. H a d n ' t thought fense and then worked the ball flown of that, had you Mike? A f t e r runthe floor to within close range. The ning a f t e r Jack f o r a couple of blocks long passing of Petoskey encounterMeinte secured the necessary berries and finished the rtst of his dinner in


vile and unfit f o r public presentation. B u t let us support the clean pictures and not be bigoted in condemning all pictures. Many people go to the movies just to se the evil there. (And some of these are the foremost In their conTo avoid defeats, either t h e ideal demnation .) If we wished to satisf y these reprobates we would necesmust be lowered so t h a t it is within sarily have to discard much of our reach of the individual, or, t h e power literature, paintings and sculpturing. f o r attaining to the ideal must be inIn Holland nearly every f o r m of creased. It is a crime to choose a amusement has been censured. Many lower r a t h e r than a higher ideal. "Chronic Kickers" would strip the Only the highest ought to be strived youth of Holland f r o m every form ol a f t e r . Hence the power f o r attain^ amusement and put nothing in their ing must be increased "Ye shall replaces. —B. ceive power. At college we are interested in our books b u t when we wish recreation what have we? The young people in town who f • r fftfi't work eight or nine hours a day are much worse off than we are. What REFORMS AND REFORMERS are they to do during their evening hours. I do not doubt b u t t h a t most of So "the g r e a t r e f o r m e r s " have at- the youths in Holland's pool rooms tacked the movies. W h a t will they (which are exceedingly many in propounce upon next? The dance, the portion) would much r a t h e r spend movies, card playing and various their evenings in other f o r m s of other amusements have all been cen- amusement. But in the pool rooms sured they can always find a hearty welI wonder if these people who are come and congenial company. always nosing about f o r something Holland is very f o r t u n a t e in not to condemn really think they are having slum districts. Its church atbenefiting society. tendance is one to be proud of. Yet We have heard thier tirades nightly there are scores of its youth against t h e dance b u t is the dance led to the pool tables in the company itself wrong. Because there have of p r o f a n e gamblers. Is not this a been " r o u g h " dances should dancing field in which the church could be a be barred? Da^ce was cnco used to worker? glorify God. Is not the f a alt rather I would like to suggest t h a t those with The people tl;an with the dance? who condemn so ceaselessly would " O u t of the h e a r t cometh all manner r a t h e r consider some ways in which of evil." profitable and attractive social gathA writer in a l a t e issue of the erings might be held to draw the ANCHOR cited the Taylor and Ar- youth f r o m the temptations around buckle cases and concluded that him. each afed every picture and actor was Take away the movies, etc., and entirely evil. Is this a sensible ar- the evil in men's h e a r t s will find an gument? I have heard of ministers outlet in some other ways. Therecommitting m u r d e r and robbery—is it fore let us n o t spent our time and right then f o r me t o state t h a t the energy in f u t i l e and useless criticism minjstry is a p r o f a n e profession. b u t r a t h e r in purifying the minds of I kiurw.that there a r e some pictur- men and providing places of good, es on the screen, j u s t as there are clean, attractive amusements. some ministers in t h e pulpit, who are —Elsie B.


ed the long arms of Mike and the ball would again be in our possession. Only once did Haggles t h e 200 pound center succeed in making a basket. That was the only basket Petoskey got in the second half. The Reserves kept u p their old fight. Eggink went in f o r Lubbers and p u t up a scrappy game against the young mountains of the north. Van Lente came in f o r two more f r e e throws and added another basket f o r good measure. Mike carried the horseshoe f o r t h e evening, ringing up f o r three baskets. Jonkman beat the whistle and put in another tally f o r good measure. From start to finish tl;e game was full of excitement a n d thrills. The 1.200 people t h a t packed the High school Gymnasium were fully convinced t h a t they had seen some basket ball game. Putting up a style of play t h a t completely baffled t h e Legion men our boys had no difficulty in working the ball down the floor. Playing like veterans they played a game that could compete with any played on our own floor this season. Petoskey Legion suffered its first defeat f o r t h e season. Now that this game has been won we have the honor of having defeated every important independent team in the northern part of the state. This certainly is a record t h a t all the Hopeites ought to feel proud of. If you appreciate at all t h e work t h a t the Reserves have done this winter don't l e hesitant about telling thoni about it. They deserve it. W e believe t h a t this is the first time t h a t any college reserve team in the state h a s T e e r i aETe to down all Independent teams. This is very likely the last game they will play this year. The summary of the game is as follows: Hope—19 Petoskey 8 Lubbers F Heemstra Eggink VanLente F Griggs Schuurmansfl C Ruggles Jonkman G Henry

Joldersma....w G De Pree Goals—Schuurmans 3, Van Lente 2, Jonkman 2, Heemstra, Griggs, Ruggles. Free throws—Van Lente 5 out of 6. \'

Notes on the Trip and Game > Playing against a team that outweighed them 20 pounds t o a man t h e Reserves came out of the game without having a single foul called against them. Petoskey certainly has a loyal bunch of basketball fans. Braving a regular blizzard 1200 people came out to see the game. Mike and Bill p u t up a stone wall ^ defense t h a t the Legion was unable t o penetrate. Time and again the ball reached no f u r t h e r than the middle of t h e floor. Van Lente came back into his all-state high school form and played a wonderful floor game. Did you ever notice how Kenney always comes u p smiling. Jonkman, Lubbers and Eggink made the essential elements to complete a p e ^ f e c t working combination. A f t e r having spent a whole day in a country where there is still three feetof snow we could not help but appreciate getting back to good old southern Michigan, It's r a t h e r tough to have to miss parties, but it's all done f o r the sake of the school, Esther. A dollar in the pocket is worth two at home, isn't it Mike? This trip completes a total of 2000 miles t h a t the Reserves have traveled this season. Almost worth while trying out f o r the Second team. The Petoskey victory makes 13 out of 14 games played this season. The only game lost was t o Beithany and that was evened u p when the Reserves defeated them to the t u n e of 15-5. EVERYBODY—NINE RAHS FOR THE BEST RESERVE TEAM IN T H E HISTORY OF T H E SCHOOL. ALL TOGETHER, NOW—YEA, RESERVES!!!







Ladies' and Gentlemen AT

Lokker - Rutgers Co We have a Full Line of SPRING STYLES



THE NATION'S HERITAGE (The following oration, by Winfield Burggraaff, was awarded second place in the M. 0 . L. Contest at Alma, March 3, 1922.—The Editor.)


of Democracy. For, pray, of what value is Democracy if it 'dissolves the nation into individuals, only to gather them again into mobs, b e n t on internal destrucion? If America ignores the claims of a spiritual thewould save his life must lose i t " We would guage a nation's life by 1 ( ! c r * c y l l h o w s h a 1 1 . her democracy live? The super-structure of our nathe old assertion t h a t "as a nation thinketh in its heart, so it is." And t i o n a l M e i s tottering, because we with this truth we would quell the a r e f a 8 t becoming a people without W e have alarmists who are crying wildly G o d 20,000,000 school

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tap. about lawlessness which stalks thru c h i l d r e n w h o n e v e r s e t t h e i r f e e t i n There is great danger t h a t Amer- the country as a 'sinister Samson' 8 i d e t h e c h u r c h - T h e European Sabica will lose the gains of the war in destroying all our hard-gotten gains. b a t h i s f a 9 t becoming the model f o r the reaction we are experiencing to- They picture in glaring colors the Amencans. The toll of church bell and day. The fires of war, which we possible f a t e of the nation. Indeed c a l l i n « t h e P 6 0 ? ' 6 t o P r a y e r were wont to call the refining fires of we are aware t h a t our national or- P r a i a e ' i s n o t h e a r d because of the 26 Eaat Eighth Street time, seem today to be flames bent ganism is threatened with decay. We h o w l i n / 0 * j m o b a t s o m e ^ e - h a n nd on destruction, fed by the discontent too, have observed the dark cloud ^ r o u n ' ^ie sa^e^ of ^he hour. The nation's vision of on the horizon; and yet, we feel that A j ! m e r l c a ^ s p a r e d with that t h a t Daniel old is blurred. The dawn of a new underneath this incrustation of law- ° Jester ay, proves W e b s t e r w a s ri ht w h e n he said day, of which we proclaimed this lessness there is the bed-rock of our « that no a 10 c o u M en o true ominous darkness the harbinger, is true national strength. For, all this " |i " J y liberty w l t h a11 t h a t t h a t i m l i e s unless delayed. Almost the cry is wrung disorder is not the product of our P that a t l o n s e t a s l d e { o T e v e r m a n Your Lunches and Soda's from us ' M a s t e r , . - " t s t Uio» nul nation's heart-thinking. The address- " y or Sundaes t h a t we perish"! es of President Harding at the be- d a y i n s e v e n i n w h i c h h e c o u M IS ! , 1 0 v t ' e s and deeds by the laws of The loss of soul is f o r any nation ginning and end of the Disarmament 0 ' 'a breaking is at heart the precursor of national death. Conference a t Washington express a more profoundly the people's heartcontradiction of our national For, even as the soul of man is t h a t invisible connection which binds him thoughts than do the crimes of ten ' d e a ' 3 to the infinite and exhaustless treas- thousand gunmen and radicals. Our 23 East Eighth St. assurance of our naAgaini the ures of life, so, too, is the soul oT nation's heart beats in harmony with t i o n a l i n t e g r i t y Hes i n a revival of Johnston's Candies—Fresh Daily any nation the bond which binds if the unexpressed longings of all man- a n a t i o n a l s p i r i t 0 f religious thought to the throne of the Sovereign of kind. And those throbbing heart- a n c [ a c t i o n . The Primal 1 note of our the universe. And when, into this beats have moved our motor nerves r e c o n s t r u c t i o n plans must be this: j very vital organism of the nation's into actions of unselfish loyalty to t h a t a l l t h i s c h a o s o f o u r t i m e > _ DU MEZ BROS. existence, materialism and licentious the cause of the world. The S O U I J (.^aos in the realm of thought, chaos .,U1 } selfishness enter, the natipn's vision of America lives on because it has j n Dry Goods, Coats, Suits and social experience of the race, fades away and the nation falls into been purged in the blood of service c h a 0 3 i n t h e political life of the naMillinery . u t t e r decay. It has'lost its soul,—it and sacrifice. Above the discordant t i o n . - t h a t all this chaos, this conHOLLAND, . . MICK-' The fact that you is dead. music of discontent, above the bab- f u s i o n ) w i l l d i s a p p e a r only as the '»he truth of this statement is re- Wings of men who with their mater- a t i n rests, and completely upon the will get what you n 0 f l ^ e d in the history of nations. Into ialistic ideas, would usher in a new b o s o m o f t h e 'Cosmic Christwant—that it will be the life of Egypt there crept stealth- era, above it all, there is the soothAnd then too, a return to the Pil» .4 MODEL LAUNDRY v right when you get ily a sinister demon of greed and the :ng symphony of the nation's soul, grim spirit demands a return to the 97-99 E. 8th St. Cit.. Phon. 144* will f o r power. Today the kingdom of tuned in harmony with the will of Pilgrim's education. We are today i t - that you can deOur Motto the Phaniohs is no more, while the the Puritan's God. yielding too much to the demands pend upon us for a winds from unexplored deserts blow Quillty and Prompt Sirfiee Are we, then, blindly optimistic, f o r highly specialized education, and •i satisfactory fulfilwhither and thither the dust from her unmindful of the disturbances which r e becoming a nation noted f o r its a crumbled palaces. There is naught are about us? Do we, then, discount ingenuity. ling of the smallest What we need for but " r u s t and the moth, silence and the signs of the times? By no means, the life of the people is not as well as the largest dusty sleep." Later on, the majestic Our assertion is that no poultice man ingenuity, but genius; not the man order of printing is te^iple of Greece fell into ruins, be- •nay apply will ever avail much. We who, with his technical skill can The Students B a r k r ; i cause the forces of materialism had the reason f o r our would call the nation back to a con- construct a massive cathedral organ, undermined its foundation. CASPER BELT \ sideration of its national heritage but the man who, 'with an overfiowreputation for re4 "Go seek the sunshine race, and and to a reival of the Pilgrim spirit, ing soul, can make t h a t organ hush Below Hotel Holland sponsibiiity. ye shall find This means, first of all, a return to the congregation to prayer, and A broken column and a lute the Pilgrim's home. I t is a recog- rouse it to praise;' not the man who Steketee-Van Huis Ptg. House •. unstrung." nized f a c t among nation builders can write a code of laws, but man Good Printing—Quick S«rvico The Rome of the Caesars, the Em- that, unless a nation is founded upon who has the moral courage to go out DISEASES OF THE pire of Charlemagne, the France of the home, its doom is certain. The and bend the conscience of the na180 River Ave. Holland, Mich. EYE, EAR, NOSS Napoleon, all speak f o r t h a similar ultimate unit of the social group is tion to coincide with the law and THROAT , , , of message. Their national structures the home, and if ought of disease or God. To produce such a man is the 22 West 8th Street, Above fell crashing to the ground, because disorder enters into the life of the unique task of education. I t is priWoolwortb's 6 and 10 Cent G e t Y o u r E a t s their foundations were laid upon that social group, the germs can be traced marily an unfolding of life. It is as Store which does not endure. Office Hour»— to the hearth-stones of the nation. In- the warm rays of the spring-time sun for Society affairs This convincing proof of history vestigation discloses t h a t the uncer- breathing life into t h a t closed lily9 to 11 A. M. at finds a climax in the disaster of the tainties and lack of stability which bud, drawing it out of itself, un2 to 6 P. M. German Empire. The cancer which cha^acterizes th dealings of men to- folding it in all its pristine beauty, Tues. and Sat. 7 to 9 P. M. gnawed out the vitals of her nation- day can be traced directly to our giving it to the world a perfect flow14 East 8th St. DR. A. L E E N H O U T g al life was an education and a philos- firesides. The family altar, at which Gitz. Phone 1208 Unless our education so unfolds er ophy which ignored both the nation- the f a t h e r as priest performed the the lives of o u r boys and girls, we i al soul and the God who gave it. sacred rites, and fixed firmly in the r e undone. For, a f t e r all, persona THE The intellect of man was placed as a hearts of the children the eternal ality is the hub of all1 existance. A helmsman to guide the c r a f t of the and abiding things of life, this al- devaluation of it becomes an impediFatherland to fame. You have wit- tar had fallen, and the God to Whom e n t to the ideals of democracy. In BARBER SHOP m nessed the sight. The nation's vision it was first raised up has disappeared democracy lives is the place to go if you f a c t ( o u r Spirit o f was blurred and thrown into confus- in the dust which arose f r o m the want service. Three expeo r d i e s with our attitude toward the ion by visions of empires not her ruins. If our citizenry is to know rienced barbers. personalities of the chilliveSt t h e own. Her sons were led forth in the law of national life, it must The combined 0 f 0 U r nation. masses. The cries of the wounded We have given ourselves over to suwere as martial music urging them perficial applications of g r e a t lifeon. They stood up to their knees in Present-day lawlessness with its giving principles. Feeling, as we do, the mud and mire, soggy with the the f a t a l discrepancies of the peo* V broken corpses of their fellow men, HOLLAND, MICH. ples attitude toward realities, we •while human skulls gazed *in a beA n c l 11 w e r e „ i o •. . , t u r n , why should we must revive the Pilgrim spirit of Ti.% J wildering stare a t the awfulness of 0 r f a that r-P-hirth" ~ ® e ^ Underneath the surface ripcoul-living. It is f o r us t o decide it all. Her nation's soul?—it was esire hVfV. a ' " pie of alien outbursts lies the great whether as a nation we shall1 dance lost. Truly, "Where there is no tn foifp nln^o • ^ p a n hp nn-nnivpH 'n th ^ m u s deep of the American spirit. That the 'dance of death,' or, by a return vision the people perish." 16 6 Spiri< 0 u r ' Can n e v e r dieO t h e r s to the Pilgrim vision, enter upon a These observations lead us to draw nation will never h "v" ' ""ti, p ^ Cor. College Ave. and 8th St. knew that only a na on u 1°™ . u . ^ ti loses pageant of life,—a national life, rich ^ certain conclusions concerning the itan huildpH so St#rlliz«d tools. 6 COn i t S e l f C a n Save Tbat wa3 and P u r e . dedicated to the service of life of a nation. A f t e r all discounts structed h k nAt"^ % Strictly Sanitary. f T t h e d y n a m i c o f their purpose. The the world, following the g r e a t teadhave been made, we maintain that stulTs of whirh h V. b me built - blood which they shed so freely has ership of the Washington Conference the personality of a nation is of We do not advncAtp ® h l S h 0 be n 0 W a n d a g a i n cause<1 t h e 8 i r i t u a l r f " P - recently come t o a close. n r 1 worth than 'gold or rainment.' ^ fcr^ore

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MEET and EAT R E A ' S





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Hair Cuts S T X !

The true progress of nations has never resulted because of the eco^ nomic gains of its people. Rather, ' we find t h a t in its lust f o r power, and craze f o r wealth, a nation's citizenry shrivels and kills its A ghastly paradox, it is, (4 own soul. * t h a t a nation's soul should be crushed beneath the burdens of its economic progress. And yet it is true, for, a f t e r all, t h e law of life f o r the • y nation is the same as the law of life f o r the individual. "Whosoever

discount the m e t h i ^ o f f L a y i T tC: ll ee S earst S t 0b fe ^v a U i eC 0 U n t r y ^ b U e 0 n , e . f e r " cause thev are , , , y- Of their sacrifice 'old and th but because the we cannot speak too highly. "ManP a c e k ind to the t r u e / ^ , , haa always been strangely exalteci SG T W o mn f i u x ^"0^li^ati0n8-" -Their 3 d t sanTt^arv ers found t i l

O ^ p V "TI / ^ •


istence in the Great r I 7 Ti" Thev u n d e ^ t L d f? ^ t u statesmaif that tli W f . tatesman that theocracy must be the cornerstone of aanv national "y lnati0nal T. structure. he present chaos in \ m e r i c a speaks of the uncertainties




' ^ self-sacrifice has won the day.







' what 8 heritage have not these Pilgrim f a t h e r s bequeathed to us I Firm in their faith as t h e rugged rocks upon which they landed; pureminded as the. air they breathed: true












the sun; Over deep in their love as is t h e sea; clear


Holland City State oank

the cloudless sky We Stan SeCUre beCaU8e 0Ur n a t i o n u n d e r which the ' y travelled; high in al S0Ul h a s b e e n b o u ? h t a ^ P r i c e - their Christian purpose as the imhallowed with the blood of Puritan measurable stars,—have not these ^.. . . n01 lnese annH d " Patriot, noble Pilgrims bequeathed to us a My fellow Amncans, I am plead- heritage as ample as space and as ing f o r a r e t u r n to the Pilgrim spirit ongoing as the years'?

Capital $100,000.00 Surplus and Profits $86,000.00

Interest paid on Time T ' / f o Deposits



Jtfait's Musings Your Luncheon Hour When you consider t h a t your lunch hour is practically the



"How t h e mighty have fallen," said Dick Blocker when he compared his high school marks with those of last semester.


only recreation you enjoy during the long working day it is essential that you be relaxed and refreshed at this period. Our cafeteria offers environment and refreshing food.


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manufacture the basketball team will f a v o r us with t h a t little serenade:— C" "Calvin, Calvin, don't you cry. You may beat us by and by." And now that the seniors are thinking about a senior play, why not repeat "Curfew T o w n ? "

Here's the one you've been looking f o r : One pound of raisins, some yeast, and other necessary materials. Bake well. Presto! Raisin Bread.

Have you signed up f o r a Milestone yet? Hurry up! There's nothing like a good Milestone. Good f o r whatever ails you. See pictures of your best girl (or beau, of course), your favorite professors, the modern up-to-date men's dormitory, the jailwired chicken coop, the observatory, etc. And think what pleasant memories it will bring back to you. Oh, to sit in the president's chair of your large and prosperous concern and then to pick up your Milestone and think over the days when your profs, told you you would never amount to anything. Or again, to be nicely asleep in your old bunk and then to be awakened by a cat fight just outside your bed-room window, what so handy as your old Milestone to throw at the combatants and restore peace to cat-weary world? No this isn't suppsed to be a joke! It's just to advertise the Milestone and incidentally to fill up space. We a r e n ' t trying to get a Milestone f r e e either; ours is already paid for. Hope the same to you. And " T u t " is still listed with the juniors, and Casey intends to get his prep diploma this year.


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LOST—Vanity case. Owner is in dire distress. Has to get out of bed two minutes earlier in the morning to wash her face whereas the powder and puff would eliminate this (the washing, we mean, not the f a c e ) . Finder, please return the case to the co-ed and receive the reward of two crackers with cheese, and a pair of newly washed oxford laces. At the present writing, the dorm, doors still persist in being locked a t 10.:00 p, m,., despite the strong opposition of the S, G. A. And, the Van Vleckites are serenading with: "We won't be home until morning." We see t h a t the girls have changed from ice skating to roller skating and we don't suppose it makes much difference except t h a t it isn't as convenient to fall on a sidewalk as on the ice Only two more weeks before the spring vacation and t h e profs, have not started to assign e x t r a work yet. If t h e editor hasn't censored a lot of our stuff again, we ought to have a column by this time so we'll q u i t

Hollaad, Ionia and Muskegon, Michigan


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