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Get Term Work Out Of The Way

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J J i t r l j o r Hope College, Holland, Michigan, March 14t 1928


BIG CARNIVAL TO APPEAR ON CAMPUS Everybody notice!!! Keep your eyes and e a r s open for the announcement of the dates f o r the j i g Carnival to be held shortly i f t e r spring vacation. The Athletic Association is staging it to meet a deficit in the Athletic Fund. Hazel Albers is the general chairman, and, together with her committees, is working hard to make this big event a success. Among other top-notch a t t r a c tions, each society will present a little act of not too classical a nature. There will be booths with good eats, g a y decorations, lots of pep, and something snappy doing ill the time. The grounds will be filled with f r e a k specimens from all p a r t s of the world ( a h e m ! ) , master p e r f o r m e r s rivaling Haudini, and some of the r a r e s t sideshows this side of the Canadian border. Remember to watch for the dates — two big nights of fun and frolic!!!!

P r a y e r week is only f o u r days away. To many Hopeites it stands out a s the most important season in the entire year. There are those who sincerely hope that when it has passed it will seem so to all. P r a y e r Week is nominally under the auspices of the Association Union, but it will t a k e the p r a y e r f u l cooperation of every Hopeite whose Christianity is a vital f a c t o r in his or her life to make it a positive y e a r - m a r k in the life of Hope College. The opening meeting will be held in W i n a n t s Chapel on Sunday evening, March 18. Prof. H a g a r will be in charge. The principle speaker of the week, " D a d " Elliot, will have charge of three meetings, on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. These meetings will, PROGRAM I N C L U D E S VOCAL as usual, be held in the forenoon. S E L E C T I O N S AND The exact time will be announced READINGS from the Chapel p l a t f o r m .

Religious Leaders

Number 52

FIRE AT VOORHEES OCCASIONS BIG STIR The night was dark and stormy. The clock was striking ten and thirty. (Sorry I couldn't say midnight but this is a t r u e story.) Slowly through the corridors of Voorhees drifted the acrid smell of smoke. A door opened, two, three, four, — fifty. The halls became the scene of ultra confusion. In the lower regions the right valient Dr. Nykerk with the heroic aid of Mrs. Durfee, Miss Gibson, and a number of the girls labored diligently with pails and pitchers and one small hose. Before many minutes the fire was out, the dormitory saved and the Dean of men proclaimed the hero of t h e occasion.

Dean Martin

Sarah Klooster

But t h a t is not yet the end of this story. An impromptu circus followed. Girls began to pour down the stairs and . Quiet was being restored and all were seeking their rooms. Suddenly the Holland City Fire Department arrived.


To Discuss Problems

Tomorrow night the students of the college and citizens of Holland will be given an opportunity to lear the justly lauded Wolverine Four. This male quartet has its origin in Grand Rapids. It is one of the best known organizations of its kind in Western Michigan, having performed in most of the main cities therein. It is held in such rtigh favor by the audiences before whom it has performed t h a t eng a g e m e n t s a r e becoming harder and h a r d e r to secure. Hope audiences are extremely f o r t u n a t e in being permitted to attend a concert by this group of young men in their own community. The program of tomorrow evening begins at eight o'clock. The repertoire consists of dramatic and musical sketches by members of the unit as well as the usual vocal work. The concert should be pleasing to all. The price of admission is fifty cents for all seats. A portion of the proceeds go into the Hope College Athletic Association treasury.

It is planned to have short discussion meetings, for any who are interested, with Dr. Elliot from 1:00 to 2:00 each day of his stay here. From 2:00 to 5:00 he will be available to any who wish to have conferences with him. P r a y e r groups for men and women will be held on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday evenings. On Wednesday evening the girls plan to have women from town to lead the groups. These group meetings are for informal discussion and prayer on the everyday problems which puzzle all thinking students. Is Needed To the most optimistic observer, it is evident t h a t the spiritual life of Hope's campus is at ebb tide. The studentry is in dire need of a rejuvenation of soul t h a t will place Hope again on the high plane of religious enthusiasm for which this school has been noted in the past. The various distinctly religious organizations on the c a m p u s are working hard to make prayer week a success. It is the hope t h a t many may experience a spiritual shake-up that will bring them out of the rut into which F L Y I N G " PROGRAM AND DINthey seem to have fallen and start NER M A K E A F F A I R HIGHLY again on the up-grade to bigger SUCCESSFUL and more glorious things in Christ Jesus, having new hope and joy in "A huge success" was the comliving. mon judgment of all of the Addison members as they ended the s t a g celebration, held at Grace Episcopal Church parlors last Friday evening. An excellent dinner was enjoyed by all in an atmosphere of pep and % enthusiasm and amid the sweet Although Hope's glee clubs are strains of music furnished by the planning no extended t o u r s this Happy Hour Orchestra. spring, they expect to a p p e a r in The program followed out an numerous week-end e n g a g e m e n t s aeroplane idea, t o a s t m a s t e r De in various nearby cities and vil- Jonge being the "Pilot." Jacob Gulages. Several of these a r e already lick spoke on "The propeller" and scheduled, including Grand Haven, set things in motion by his huMuskegon, and Grand Rapids. mor. A successful "Take Oflf" was The men's organization has al- made on the wings of music f u r ready given concerts in Hamilton nished by Harvey Woltman. F r a n k and Overisel and will a p p e a r in Moser spoke on the reliability of Fennville the sixteenth of this •'The Fuselage." Franklin Rynmonth. orant and George Hoekzema played Both clubs expect to enter the d clarinet duet signifying "The Exstate contest which will be held haust." Henry Bast and Ernest this year in Albion, May 25th. Hornsby were the actors in a playo let entitled, "Moonshine." The entire program was interesting and humorous.


Clubs To Render Concert Programs

Snapshots! Quick!— Cry of Milestoners

O! w h a t f u n it is to look at the snap section of a school annual! And this year's Milestone is going to have one. There is always room f o r more —yes, if they are handed in before Friday noon of this week. The Staff is asking f o r more to make the section the best possible. Snaps a r e rich in memory of college days and everyone gets a laugh out of looking them over. To facilitate matters, p u t the snaps in the Anchor box on the first floor of Van Raalte Hall. Hand them in of yourself; hand them in of your friends.

Mike Vacation Plans

Anxious Collegians Discover AH is Well Collegians breathe again! Normality has re-asserted itself a f t e r the anxious moments have passed. Everywhere around the campus shining countenances—not shining faces—beam forth the re-awakened hope and peace reigns within. No longer sleepless nights. No longer idle day dreaming in the classroom. No longer the t e r r i f y i n g suspense which is b o m of mingled hope and fear. It's all past. Hope ia going to have Spring vacation beginning March 23.


MISS BOYD TALKS Annual election of officers was held at the Y. M. C. A. last week Tuesday evening. Dean Martin was elected president f o r the coming year and Walter De Velder was chosen for vice-president. The duties of secretary and treasurer will be executed by Len Hoogenboom and Marv Meengs respectively. Mr. Martin is a member of the J u n i o r class and has been deservingly popular during his career at Hope. He was president of the Freshman class of '29. He has participated actively in athletics. and captained the basketball team in the season just past. Workers Are Able He has able co-workers to support him. Walter De Velder has wide circle of f r i e n d s on the campus and is known to all for his ability to do his best a t all times. Being a sincere and willing worker, Len Hoogenboom has fittingly received the important office of secretary. Marv Meengs as t r e a s u r e r is also deserving of the honor. Prof. H a g e r urged t h e fellows to consider seiiously, since the spiritual leadership of the campus is of the utmost importance. By molion from the floor the custom of making only Cabinet members eligible f o r the presidency was abolished. Hold Devotions A regular service, led by Miss Boyd of the Faculty, followed the balloting. She spoke of the five channels of power; speech, deeds, worship, prayer, and service, all of which a r e useful t o God. She directed the thought to p r a y e r week and its significance.

CHOICES WELL MADE Members of the Y. W. C. A. met last Thursday evening to hold the annual election of officers. Sarah Klooster was elected to the presidency and Edith McGillvra was chosen vice-president. Marie Wagenaar was selected to discharge the duties of secretary and Ina De Cracker those of t r e a s u r e r . Miss Klooster has been prominent in social and religious activities a s long as she h a s been on the campus. She comes to Hope from Central Lake, Michigan. She was ' graduated f r o m Ellsworth High School with highest honors. The other officers are also leaders of religious activities on the campus and their fitness for the positions makes the choices well made. The remaining offices of the organization will be filled by appointment. The newly elected officers will assume their duties a f t e r the installation which is to t a k e place on the second T h u r s d a y a f t e r vacation. Pres. Helen Zander was in charge of the election procedure. A fairly large group of girls came out to this i m p o r t a n t meeting of the year.

The '28 Annual workers have been p u t t i n g f o r t h real efforts and sight a completion of t h e i r task. Such is the s t a t e m e n t / o f Editor Kenneth Hyink. The '28 yearbook will have an a r t theme which will s t a r t l e every Hope student and alumni because of the appropriateness and the clever use of it t h r o u g h o u t the book. The yearbook aims to reflect campus life of this t e r m in as interesting and novel a manner a s possible. At present 325 out of a student body of 510 have subscribed f o r the book. The price has been advanced to $3.50, due to t h e limited time before publication. The printing and engraving expenses of the book amount to over $3,300.00, showing t h a t considerable finance is involved. The last orders f o r the "Milestone" will be taken in April. It is expected t h a t release will be made the first week of June. The printing and engraving work is under contract to be done by some of the most capable concerns in the country and the book will undoubtedly give evidence of their workmanship.

A short devotional exercise preceded the business meeting. P r o f . H a r r y H a g e r gave a few words of caution about c a r e f u l selection of officers. He stressed the importance of having the right type of VISITING MUSICIANS E N T E R girls as leaders and the necessity T A I N LOCAL A U D I E N C E for them to center their interests W I T H PROGRAM on the work of the Y. W. C. A.


Y. W. C. A. is now focusing its attention on P r a y e r Week and is looking forward to the services of the week with a hope of real beneficial results.

About the Campus Look up those old snapshots of your friends, slip them to the Milestone Staff, and surprise them when the Annual comes out.

can't very well fight fires and have all the excitement connected with them and at the same time study her lesson. Anyhow, i t ' s a good Lester Kuyper desires t o an- excuse! nounce t h a t he will not be responWe are watching with interest sible for any window-rapping going the progress made on the new on in his a p a r t m e n t for the pur- chapel. J u d g i n g from recent depose of a t t r a c t i n g f a i r passers-by. velopments, we may yet live t o I t seems good to have Mrs. De its completion. J o n g again on the campus, teaching French a s she used to do. She expects to take Miss Barkema's classes until a f t e r S p r i n g vacation. We hope h e r visit a m o n g us will be a pleasant one. " S t r e t c h " Sluyter gained some glory f o r himself on t h e way back from Albion. Being mistaken f o r a celebrity is some distinction in itself. It isn't every young m a n who has nice old ladies enquiring whether or not he is Colonel Lindbergh. U n f o r t u n a t e l y Dr. Nykerk's love of t r u t h forced him t o deny it. Too bad, "Stretch", it would have been an interesting experience. If Voorhees girls were not well prepared in classes F r i d a y morning it was not entirely t h e i r f a u l t One


The waiters a t Voorhees have recently been iuformed of the requisites f o r a good waiter. We imagine that they are now b e r e f t of a n y conceit they m i g h t formerly have cherished. The girls have particularly noticed the absence of the thrice daily "serenades" and also the heated discussions. Be a t rest, all ye who have lamented the absence of a Spring vacation. The f a c u l t y claim to be more surprised of the report t h a n we are. So go ahead and m a k e your plans f o r March 28 and the week following. Voorhees girls unconditionally g r a n t the cook a gold medal f o r economy and utility. On the morning following t h e Are she served

amoked beef for breakfast

The Albion College Men's Glee Club entertained the public of Holland with a concert presented in the Methodist Church on Monday, March 5. A very large audience was present to hear the visiting musicians and Hope College students, being interested in the accomplishments of other schools, attended in large numbers. The p r o g r a m was well a r r a n g e d and included several v a r y i n g features. In addition t o the splendid vocal selections of the Glee Club, an accomplished violinist and an excellent orchestra contributed to their success of the entertainment of the evening. The Albion musicians a r e touring the cities of Michigan in a large motor bus, and Holland was one of the first cities included in their itinerary. Albion College is one of the several colleges of Michigan and one of Hope's rivals in the M. I. A. A. circle.

Former Instructor Is Filling Vacancy


SPEAKS IN CHAPEL The Music Department has been extremely f o r t u n a t e in securing the services of Mrs. W. H. Loomis of Grand Rapids as an instructor, She has studied f o r many y e a r s under the g r e a t i s t a r t i s t s of Chicago, New York and Paris and the studentry can be very t h a n k f u l for the opportunity of s t u d y i n g under her. She will conduct classes in History and Appreciation of Music, Harmony, Theory of Music, and Sight-singing. As soon a s a r r a n g e m e n t s can be made, she will give pipe organ lessons also. Among her many other teaching duties in Grand Rapids, she is choir director and organist of t h e Park Congregational Church. Music Is Worth While Mrs. Loomis told briefly of h e r work a t Chapel F r i d a y m o r n i n g and spoke interestingly on music. "Music is a g i f t f r o m God. I t is just as much a p a r t of this universe a s the sun, moon, and s t a r s . " It is a powerful influcncc f o r good, being born, cradled and reared in the church. I t is also of g r e a t a d v a n t a g e socially. In comments ing on the music of the day Mrs. Loomis stated t h a t the much condemned jazz has a place and t h a t a knowledge of its use is necessary. A college is incomplete without a well-organized music d e p a r t ment and Hope is making fine progress in this direction. It w a s organized by Prof. Nykerk in 1903 and has been growing steadify. Each year Hope awards several B. M. degrees to students who have completed the necessary six years' work. A new Bush and Lane piano has been bought f o r the Grace M a r g u e r i t e Browning Studio. Courses A r e Varied The Faculty of the School of Music offers a wide r a n g e of courses of instruction. The e i g h t members and their courses a r e a s follows: Mr. Oscar Kress—piano; Mrs. Grace Fenton—Voice and Singing; Mrs. H. L. Dunwoody— Voice and Singing; Miss M a r t h a Barkema — Singing; Mr. W a l t e r Ritter—Violin and Director of Orchestra; Mr. Kenneth Mook—Concertmcister and Assistant Director; Mrs. W. H. Loomis—Theory, Marn.ony and Counterpoint, History and Appreciation of Music, Sight-singing, .and Pipe O r g a n ; Miiw M a r g a r e t Hondelink-—Cornet at.d T r u m p e t anil Director of Trumpeters.

Star-gazers Seek Knowledge of Sky At eight-thirty o'clock every Tuesday evening a group of students, in search of more knowledge, meet in the open u n d e r the direction of Professor Lampen to study the stars. Their observation, however, is hindered because of the lack of satisfactory e q u i p m e n t , but nevertheless the study hour proves a g r e a t help t o them. In t h e f u t u r e the class will a t t e m p t t o use the telescope in the observatory even though it is inefficient and s o t the kind the astronomy s t u d e n t s should have. The class fhu) these observation n i g h t s very i m t r u c t i v e and interesting.

Juniors To Entertain With Usual Banquet J u n i o r s will entertain the Senior class with t h e usual banquet. Such was the decision of the class a t a meeting of recent date. The question occasioned quite some discussion since a large number p r e f e r r e d some f o r m of novel e n t e r t a i n m e n t to the customary lifeleaa a f f a i r . The "old t i m e r s " won by a m a j o r i t y of one vote. The class, being in a conservative mood, also rejected the proposed idea of having the J u n i o r giria invite Senior men and J u n i o r m e n invite Senior girls. I t ia Leap Y e a r

A classroom vacancy caused by the illness of Miss M a r t h a Barkema, Instructor in French, has been temporarily filled by Mrs. Marian Van Drezer De Jonge. Mrs. De Jo n g e is not a s t r a n g e r t o many of the students, having held a position on the Faculty last year. P r o f . Welmers in m a k i n g the announcement in chapel remarked t h a t t h e r e m i g h t be a marked improvement in her diacipline. to no avail.

Reminiscences of the Stag

THE ANCHOR STAFF II. W . Bloemert Eva Tysse, Russell Smith „...J<ihA Nauta

Editor. — Associate Editors.

Campus 11 umiir

Evelyn Welmers Eleanor Ver Wey Neil Webb, Neil McCarroll I.eonard Willett


Kx change

BUSINESS STAFF llusiness Manager. Herman K r u i z e n g a ; Assistant Business Manager. John H a m h e r g ; Circulation Manager. Herman L a u g . ;

A woman is known by t h e comAccording to l i f e - H u m o r , etc. " J u s t put those b a g s down a n y - pany she keeps w a i t i n g (Coo). where, boy. And open t h e winREPORTERS ows; let's have some of t h a t w a r m Head Reporter, Raymond Steketee; Reporters, Lois Dressel, Leonard Hoogenboom, Karl Langeland, Gordon Van Ark. Paul Brower. Alice B r u n w n . Tilbe Massehok. May sunshine . . . . By t h e way, "I believe in m e t e m p s y c h o s i s ; what's the date? when I die I shall be reincarnated in the body of an a n i m a l . " " T h e f o u r t e e n t h , sir." "But t h e n , you d o n ' t need t o die." " A h ! The 14th! W a s h i n g t o n ' s Birthday!" "Yes, sir." She: " I don't t h i n k you should "Well, well, well! Theodore be driving like t h i s , with one hand." W a s h i n g t o n , t h e Great E m a n c i p a He: "Gosh, honey! I have t o keep tor!" one hand on the wheel." " Y e s sir."


"And a g r e a t P r e s i d e n t he was, too . . . . Well, I guess it looks like Coolidge again in l i m "



Is there any more poignant criticism of a man than tha he is devoid of any appreciation of humor?

The man who

does not respond to the elfin pranks of a playful humor and

"Yes, sir."


automatically ruled outside of the pale of the most desirable society. And there is reason sufficient for this. Someone has said that freedom implies a sense of humor. If a man cannot raise himself above the seriousness of his

1 other d a y ? "

"Good for you . . . All r i g h t , boy. Here's a nickel f o r b r i n g i n g u p In p a r t s of A f r i c a where women those eight b a g s . " c a r r y g r e a t loads on t h e i r heads " T h a n k you, sir." the men choose t h e i r wives on tho "I suppose t i p p i n g is not en- s t r e n g t h of t h e i r neck. T h i s custom is followed to some e x t e n t in couraged at t h i s hotel, t h o u g h ? this c o u n t r y . — ( B . A. V.) " Y o u ' r e r i g h t , sir."

own situation to view with a smile his own idiosyncrasies, then, indeed, he is not master of himself, but a slave to his own narrowed self. When one has been concentrating all of


then, give me

back t h e

nickel." "Yes, sir."

F r o s h : - " W h a t ' s the difference between a mouse and a c o - e d . Soph.: "One h a r m s t h e cheese and t h e other c h a r m s t h e he's."

his efforts on one thing for some time, how good it is to sit This will dispel any idea that the entire

world depends on the success of your work; this will show you your real position in relation to the things of life. If \ou aie

Ma D u r f e e : " H o w lung did t h a t young m a n s t a y last n i g h t ? " Helen H.: "Oh, Ma, d o n ' t b o t h e r me with petty m a t t e r s . "

unable to free yourself from the grasp of your task, then the thing has gotten holf of you and you cease to be master, free to do as you please. We have been writing in this column and shall continue to do so. We are serious in our ideas. Yet, when you read — and we assume t h a t there is a possibility that > ou ma\ some of these editorials and then do not feel that the course of your life is changed, do not think our end is defeated. Remember that we do not expect to revolutionize the world.

of 5th

Ave. buses, v.t. To m a k e i — .J. B. N.)

commonplace. A A b n o r m a l : a. To a b h o r "good stories." 2. To p a s s u p moonshine for ice cream sodas, .'i. To love f o r love's sake.

Have you heard rumors concerning the approaching carfreaks!

Lights and laughter, wild beasts, acrobats, fun and But in this

unindividualistic age when everybody is like everybody else, people will pay large sums to gaze upon a f r e a k ) . Are you old enough or well enough informed to recall the carnival of some years ago?

It was a grand success.

There were ferocious animals that looked as it they hadn t eaten for a month and were eager to break their tast. quickly threw peanuts to them.)


There was an incubator

baby—very good sized and perfectly healthy.

out, all out.

A Advice': n ' . T ' On^ 6f the t w o remaining commodities—the o t h e r being air, ami t h e two s y n o n y m o u s ; "Give him t h e a i r " m e a n i n g advise him freely to d e p a r t ! "

(There was a time when freaks were a common

sight so as to be considered quite a nuisance.

I told myself t h a t I'd not done m y best, T h a t I'd labored and strived but lacked much in zest. %

The Miamese







From $24.50 up



j NickDykemaJheTailor | Over J. J. Rutgers Co.





J a c k Van der Ploeg


The sleet slapped a g a i n s t me, t h e sea w a s a roar, I "1 did but they said they The wind blew right . t h r u me, it s t u n g t o the core. 1 didn't believe i t . " | . t b e t t e r ^ a j i s w e r it; t h e r cold nor the ice, it must be somebody w h o Knows But I cared not f o r w e a t h e r , neiMy h e a r t h a d ambition and t h a t me p r e t t y well." did suffice. W. K., '31. •)»»

m a r r y you Co-ed: "1 c a n ' t t h i n k . " F i r p o : T h a t ' s a nice lipstick you ; He: "You guessed it." lave on. F l a p p e r : T h e r e you go. A l w a y s w a n t i n g to rub it in. Visitor ( d i s t r a c t e d l y ) : "Doctor, I my husband complains of seeing dots before his eyes." Conservative: " T h e y o u n g f o l k s Doc: "1 h a r d l y believe t h a t is )f t o d a y are headed f o r destruccause for serious a l a r m . " . tion." She: " B u t , doctor, he tries to Ultra^con.: "Well, let's hope t h e y ;ake t h e i r saxophones and ukes sign h i s n a m e on t h e m . " — ( F a i r y Tales, Vol. II.) j along."




Quality ShoeRepiiriiif That's OurBusiness

"Dick" the Shoe Doctor

Electric Shoe Hospital

He: "Do you know w h y I won't

D. S c h a f t e n a a r , Prop.

The Time For Spring Sports is Nearing.

P h o n e 5328

We Call For and Deliver

The Latest Styles in <JRUEN WATCHES At

Let us supply you.

Out of some 30 e x c h a n g e s , which







cveek, about twenty-five contained and m a r r i a g e s of the f o r m e r s t u -

Where All Sportsmen Meet

dents of the institutions.

ditorials t h a t s t a r t e d o u t : " T h i s has been a poor week; ab-

It's Leap Year, you know!


ing low G e r m a n m a r k s — t a k e t h e

hovering around in the classrooms.

Students seem to be at

their worst and the week-end work proves invariably to be weak indeed. Is it mere procrastination or might there be some explanation in the order of affairs? This is the situation. The student completes the work of the week on Friday, gives a big sigh of relief, and feels that a well-earned rest is due him. Since recitations are two days off there is no immediate necessity for working under the strain of a tired mind and rest continues — yes, it continues too long and the results are evident. Now if a student were to go to school on Saturday, have an opportunity to rest on Sunday as he should have, prepare his lessons on Monday, and go to school on Tuesday, would it not be a more logical order of events ? It would insure a better preparation for the work of the first school day of the week. It would provide an excellent opportunity to write term papers and attend to outside work. And above all it would eliminate the practice of Sunday study. Of course tradition would balk such an innovation, but believing t h a t there are worth while results to be gained, we ghould like to see the idea put to the test of practice.

•ecently published a very c h a r m i n g picture of Eel River Bridge.


licture was printed upside down,


T r i m Your H a i r t h e w a y You like it.

provides for protection against loss — provides money for living, for education—for every need. I have served the pople of Holland a quarter of a century; Let me serve you now.

If some of you fellows a r e pull-

Oak Leaves ( M a n c h e s t e r College)

The While Cross Barbers

Every Franklin Policy

l i s p a r a g i n g insinuations — but t h e columns of these p a p e r s were quite


It goes to show t h a t — a l t h o love

solutely nothing h a s happened . . ." is blind, a co-ed can a l w a y s see a Of course we don't like to m a k e jewelled f r a t e r n i t y pin.

his penny and Little Bo-Peep will surely find her shy sheep.

Each Monday morning finds the cloud of "blue Monday

Jewelry Store


received our minute a t t e n t i o n t h i s changes, notes of the e n g a g e m e n t s


13 E. 8th S t .


witty folks now as then (are we optimistic?)—even more

a penny to fifteen. Who knows, Simple Simon may find his pieman if he brings




good things to eat! The enormous crowd had the best time ever. That is why we are looking forward to the coming event.

be a nickel with the side attractions costing all the way from



There were gypsy fortune-tellers and acrobats and

And a word to the wise is sufficient. The carnival is a town affair. The admission will probably


- a t -

was a dark cave full of dangers to be explored by brave

We believe that Hope harbors just as ingeneous, wise, and


Made to Your Measure

I resolved then and there to give all I had, W h e t h e r f o r t u n e s were good or f o r t u n e s were bad. I swore t h a t I'd strive though it all seemed in vain And in all of my labors I'd use m i g h t and main.

Twins were friendly—and so were all the other freaks. There people.


^ ft

. ! He: bath." H a r e l i p : n. A m o u s t a c h e . One She:

old c a t :

Have Your Suits

F o r t h e sadness, t h e gloom and the sorrow w i t h i n ;


T h e Cynic's Dictionary H Hackney, n. T h e knee made f a n w u s by the London Busman. Neighbors used to d r o p in for a Often seen going up t h e s t a i r w a y s call; now they call in f o r a drop,



He: "Could I h a v e j u s t one k i s s ? " She: " I don't c a t e r to t h e retail

I blamed myself t h e n f o r t h e plight 1 w a s in,

, trade."

Dismiss it, if you will, with a smile and we are satisfied.


. " W h o w a s the g r e a t opy o u w e r e S p e a k i n g about the

"How does N e w Orleans think G. K. 'Oh, y e s - b a c k in Cedar about i t ? I suppose you're all Re- Grove, t h e doctor told him he had publicans down h e r e ? " only a m o n t h to live, and h e b e g a n learning the h a r p . " " T h a t ' s r i g h t , sir."

who views the world in the light of his own dulled nature is

back and laugh!

H a v e you ever smoked a c i g a r ? T i s a pleasant f e e l i n g , a satisfied f e e l i n g when you s i t back in u One w i n t e r n i g h t I walked to my cushioned chair, stick a long, round, black cigar between y o u r home teeth and blow voluminous clouds Down t h e long beach w h e r e the of smoke ceilingward. You become oceans f o a m . reflective a s the d r u g dulls t h e Blown by t h e winds f r o m off the quickness and pep of your brain, sea, j You t h i n k of w h a t you have done, A song of scorn w a s sent to me. ( o f w h a t you can do; you excuse | your f a i l u r e s and e x a l t your suc1 I struggled and pushed m y un- cesses. You feel a t e a s e with t h e world. willing f o r m W h e t h e r or not it is w r o n g to Into the n i g h t and into t h e s t o r m ; e n c o u r a g e these soliloquys by My h e a r t w a s heavy f r o m toil and smoking, I do not c a r e to a r g u e ; but t h e essential evil is t h a t we, care To find its rest, I knew not where. by t h i n k i n g more of ourselves, become introspective and egotistical. We become more w r a p p e d u p in 1 t h o u g h t a s I strode with eyes ourselves. Our personalities a r e full of sand I hidden and we become more like Of flowers and bi r ds and a coral a c t o r s t h a n real beings. We t a k e I f r o m society the g r a c e and b e a u t y strand. of an unaffected personality and Rich sunshine and t r e e s of luxuriI supply a s h a m , a f a r c e , a shadow I a n t shade. of ourselves. The mansions which m a r b l e and | T h u s , even though two men can silver had made. j become closer f r i e n d s over a good c i g a r , even though t h e girl f r i e n d I t h o u g h t of mysplf, of t h e work m a y g r a c e f u l l y l i g h t her boy f r i e n d ' s and then h e r own daintily I had done, How I'd toiled f o r n a u g h t , and scented c i g a r e t t e and so f o r m an e n j o y a b l e setting, yet a price is strived, not won, How h a r d had I worked, yet not a s exacted in the f o r m of loss of t r u e personality and the attendant h a r d a s I could, p l e a s u r e of freely mingling with How o f t e n I had said, "I o u g h t " or o t h e r s in the role of your n a t ural "I should." 1 self. W O R D S W I T H O U T SONG

explanation f r o m the Bay Window j f Muskegon J u n i o r College, which states that


marks have


been low f o r a long t i m e .

General Agent,

Holland, Mich.

mt t h a t doesn't m a t t e r a s it is one of those b e a u t i f u l river scenes

One of Albion's budding women

vherein the reflection and t h e real

ournalists " c o v e r e d " an a s s i g n m e n t

hing are of equal value.

)f the girls' inter-class basket-ball


i^ames in t h e following m a n n e r : " N e w gym costumes have been P a p e r s continue to rave about Chicago's crime wave. — Why don't .hey institute a Crook-a-Month Club?

purchased by the college f o r t h e girls' class basket-ball t e a m s . . . . This is the first time in t h e h i s t o r y if t h e school t h a t suits have been .urnished f o r the girls . . .

T h e following r e m a r k is taken f r o m the W i l l a m e t t e Collegian: " T h e Italian g o v e r n m e n t h a s prohibited the Charleston and the Black Bottom over t h e r e . P e r h a p s the I t a l i a n s think E u r o p e is shakyenough as it i s ! <

. All

.•lasses will have suits, t h e colors jeing purple and gold f o r seniors, navy blue and white f o r juniors, maroon and white f o r sophomores i n d the usual green and white f o r freshmen."


Oh well — you know how women We are always glad to see in the are.

Cireen Mill Cafe We aim to give You the Beat. CLEANLINESS, SERVICE, QUALITY

Green Mill Cafe



Changing Standards By Arlyne L. H a a n o Kditor's n o t e : The following is a n e x c e r p t f r o m a Senior Ethics p a p e r in which t h e w r i t e r s u m m a r ises an article a p p e a r i n g recently in the S a t u r d a y E v e n i n g Post. It r e l a t e s t h e experience of a college g r a d u a t e of '07, who h a s been in China since g r a d u a t i o n , when he r e t u r n s to see f o r himself conditions in his A l m a M a t e r . o The t r a i n stopped, and Mr. V a n Winkle descended into t h e country of flaming youth. T h i s week-end celebrated the f e s t i v i t y of S p r i n g Week, but a l t h o u g h his f r a t e r n i t y w a s e n j o y i n g t h e l a s t Spring Week house p a r t y . Van Winkle was received with cordiality. He s a t in t h e living room of his f r a t e r n i t y house wondering if t h e girl in red with t h e sleek shingled head had been boneless to begin w i t h ; she c e r t a i n l y danced without a n y t r a c e of cartilage. J u s t w h a t w a s t h e dilTerence a n y w a y , between t h e dancing now and t h e dancing he had known a s an u n d e r g r a d u a t e ? W a s it merely t h a t it seemed entirely e f f o r t l e s s ? T h e r e w a s somet h i n g organic about it, like an accelerated h e a r t b e a t . It was m o r e physically f r e e and n a t u r a l — t h a t was it. As t h e house p a r t y progressed the y o u n g e r g e n e r a t i o n ' s f r e e d o m of c a r e s s c a u g h t Van Winkle's a t t e n t i o n probably more t h a n any other one thing. These underg r a d u a t e s and t h e i r girls seemed to hold h a n d s a s a m a t t e r of course, much a s a person crosses his knees or s t r o k e s his chin. When they rode in cars t o g e t h e r

sider it carries a more a l a r m i n g connotation t h a n it does t o t h e a v e r a g e s t u d e n t . I don't like the s p r a w l i n g around and pawing, m y self, although 1 think in most cases it is too superficial to do any serious h a r m . It makes f o r general messiness, t h a t ' s all. W h a t I dislike most about it is the lack of dignity and grace." The house-party guests dep a r t e d ; t h e college slept f o r a night and a day, then slowly struggled back to normal. Once more, a f t e r an absence of t w e n t y years. Van Winkle watched an ave r a g e college crowd engaged upon t h e activity of an average college day. He heard t h e c u r r e n t t a l k of the campus—the agitation f o r a n honor system, a r g u m e n t s f o r and a g a i n s t ' c o m p u l s o r y chapel; topics which were discussed with surprising competence. There was much post-mortem discussion of the house party girls; some announced t h a t they were olf women f o r life, o t h e r s moved in a trance-like s t a t e f r o m which they returned to consciousness only to dispatch or receive special-delivery etters. He heard girls blamed or being too smooth," f o r not being smooth enough, f o r being dumb, f o r being a r t y ; f o r being h i g h - h a t ; f o r being gold-diggers; tie heard them praised f o r their ooks, f o r their conversation, f o r their lack of it, f o r their old-fashionedness. Seemingly each male measured young womanhood by the m o s t e x a c t i n e s t a n d a r d s and in few cases were the s t a n d a r d s alike.

There w a s more talk about the subject m a t t e r of college courses than Van Winkle remembered f l o r a his own time, and t h e student up and down t h e s t r e e t s of t h e body seemed more critical of the college town t h e boys' a r m s were faculty. T h e r e seemed to be more more o f t e n t h a n not about t h e studying going on too; certainly girls' waists. Twice Van Winkle t h e r e were more books around. Of saw s t u d e n t s ' c a r s proceeding one t h i n g Van Winkle w a s conslowly in full d a y l i g h t with the vinced: w h a t e v e r moral m e t a m o r occupants kissing each other hap- pnosis youth m i g h t or mi-gtit not . pily. Yet, he wondered, did it lead have undergone, it had a t least to a n y h a r m ? T h e r e w a s a dis- grown more independent; # it stood a r m i n g openness about the whole more on its own feet in a t t i t u d e s proceeding, a coolness t h a t some and behavior. Finally, Van Winkle, so s w a m p e t how removed it f r o m suspicion. with impressions t h a t he w a s unBut where w a s the a l a r m i n g breakdown in young people's mor- able to place them in a n y logical als t h a t he had heard and rea( order, called on P r o f e s s o r East, a b o u t ? The p a r k e d cars, f o r in- who had been teaching in t h e cols t a n c e — t h e idea of scenes of pas- lege f o r a t least twenty-five years. sionate abandon t a k i n g place in E a s t summarized his opinions a s are c a l a m i t y most of the cars he had seen about follows: " T h e r e howlers, whose favorite trick is was l a u g h a b l e — t h o s e r e m n a n t s o o v e r s t a t i n g the case. 'Youth has cast-off-flivvers ingeniously placet UN c a s t a w a y the old securities,' he together. Fp.W. . J: wails, ' w h a t will become of t h e c o m f o r t a b l e places could be imagj eternal v e r i t i e s ? ' And if you p r e s s ined f o r the a r d o r s of adolescent hi:n f o r details you find t h a t he love. T i r i n g of t h e dance, Mr. Van means girls wear short s k i r t s or Winkle s t a r t e d to e n t e r a d a r k and t h a t he saw an unchaperoned a p p a r e n t l y uninhabited library. He couple kissing in the moonlight. soon realized his mistake and as But, laying aside these e x a g g e r a he r e t r e a t e d in confusion one of tions, you will still find t h a t youth the chaperons laughingly ad- has changed. The relationship bedressed him. In a n s w e r to his in- tween the sexes has changed. Girls quiries she i n f o r m e d him of h e r permit more liberties; boys t a k e duties a s chaperon. " T h e r e a r e more. Some of them come to g r i e f , five of us," she said, 4, and we work no doubt, but I question w h e t h e r by s h i f t s . E v e r y once in a while the proportion is as l a r g e a s the one of us goes casually into t h e proportion that used to come to l i b r a r y , p r e t e n d i n g to look f o r a grief through reticence, evasion, shawl, and reminds t h e loving and false modesty. I g r a n t t h a t couples, by the f a c t of her intiu- t h e r e is plenty of room f o r imsion, t h a t it is time they gave t h e provement. The present-day und e r g r a d u a t e is too w a s t e f u l , intolo t h e r s a chance a t the room. e r a n t , and ill-mannered. In spite " J u s t w h a t is this p e t t i n g t h a t I h e a r so much a b o u t ? " asked \ a n of prohibition, he still drinks, but t h e r e is less mass d r i n k i n g t h a n Winkle. T h e chaperon laughed. " R e t t i n g t h e r e used to be. His moral code is old-fashioned. J u s t now it's d u r i n g the g r e a t e r p a r t of his unnecking. Necking has a s t r o n g e r d e r g r a d u a t e d a y s is a jumble, a f e r m e n t . He begins t o see t h a t flavor t h a n it deserves. To a n out-

an outbreak. The c h a i r m a n of t h e m e e t i n g was t h e Honorable Mr. J u s t i c e M. D. Devadoss, t h e first Indian C h r i s t i a n to be raised to t h e High C o u r t Bench in India. A s t i r ring a d d r e s s on t h e conquests of the Bible, especially in relation t o the world of Islam, w a s delivered by Dr. Zwemer.


morality is not a simple algebraic business t h a t it had seemed. He l e a r n s the difficulty of t y i n g actions up in n e a t p a c k a g e s and labelling t h e m right or wrong. It is easy to u n d e r s t a n d how, in t h e f a c e of such confusion, t h e student poses a s t h e coolest of cynics, while a t h e a r t he i s t h e m o s t timorous and uncertain of mortals. T h e s t u d e n t s in my classes today a r e 50'/c more intellectually curious t h a n they were in your d a y and mine. The g r e a t t h i n g is t h a t youth is s t i r r i n g . I r e f u s e to be alarmed about the f u t u r e of the modern generation or even about its p r e s e n t behavior. It shows unmistakable signs of going about t h i n g s in the r i g h t way. It is us-

gospel team, composed

ing its head."

is f a r f r o m t h e one to apply to the

Day of Prayer Is Observed at Hope Hope College is following the ancient custom of t h e community and is observing the annual Day of P r a y e r . Classroom work has been discontinued to p e rmit proper observance of t h e d a y by church attendance. I t - s e e m s to be the opinion t h a t Hope, a religious institution of the Reformed Church, o u g h t to join in the services held t h r o u g h o u t the City. o— Ethelyn Koeppe requests t h a t in the f u t u r e she be allowed to close her window without having a snowball come in contact with h e r eye. We a r e glad to have Ruth Daane back with us a g a i n a f t e r h e r t r a v els in Europe. We envy you, Ruth. The co-operation shown by the two d e a n s last T h u r s d a y evening was such a s h a s not been seen for many a day.

A week ago Sunday n i g h t a girls' of


Zander, Delia Helder, B e r n a r d i n e Siebers,




Klooster, E d i t h Dings, and Edith McGilvra,




Grove to take c h a r g e of t h e Christian Endeavor service.

It w a s only

a tire, however, t h a t became flat, since we h e a r t h a t t h a t adjective service.

The g i r l s had a v e r y de-

lightful time a f t e r the m e e t i n g at the home of Myrtle Klooster before a t t e m p t i n g t h e cold ride back to Holland. Midnight oil has again been burning. The f a c u l t y relentlessly insists it must t a k e an inventory of our fertile minds a t least every six weeks. They may be wiser t h a n we think, t h o u g h . J u s t think how much t h e r e would' be to w r i t e if they waited until the end of the year. We m i g h t have to write a whole textbook and goodness knows t h e r e are enough of those already. Many Hopeites flocked to h e a r the Albion Men's Glee Club when they were in Holland l a s t week. Curiosity seemed to be g r e a t reg a r d i n g t h e m a t t e r of men which Albion produced. The basketball g a m e on Wednesday w a s another proof of this. We hear, however, t h a t Seena Welling suffered a keen disappointment.

Dr. S. M. Zwemer, '87, of Cairo, is a t p r e s e n t on a visit to India. The week beginning J a n . 22 w a s given to t h e city of Madras. E v e r y morning he lectured to missionaries and other Christian workers on the religion, l i t e r a t u r e , customs and superstitions of M o h a m m e d a n s ; while his evenings were devoted to public addresses, a t which t h e attendance was chiefly non-Christian. The memory of his last visit h a s b r o u g h t him l a r g e audiences. On J a n . 23 the M a d r a s Auxiliary of the Bible Society held its annual meeting in the historic Memorial Hall, which was built in 1858 by m e a n s of public subscription as a visible monument of public g r a t itude because t h e Sepoy mutiny was quelled before it reached Mad r a s and the city w a s saved f r o m

B o m to Rev. and Mrs. R. J . Blacker a t Rochester, N. Y., a son Glenn. Rev. Blacker was a m e m b e r of t h e class of '22. Word has been received announcing t h e birth on Feb. 29, of a son, Roger Dyke, t o Mr. and Mrs. J o h n R. Kempers of T a p a c h u l a , Chiapas, Mex. Mr. K e m p e r s g r a d u a t e d in '21, and Mrs. Kempers, who w a s f o r m e r l y Miss Mable V a n Dyke, in '24. T h i s m a k e s two leap y e a r babies b o m t o Hope College Alumni t h i s year. Mr. C. R. H e e m s t r a , '19, who is superintendent of schools a t Croswell, Mich., is a t t e n d i n g t h e convention of the National Education Association at Boston.

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2 Hope's basketball five ended the season in a blaze of glory with a defeat over Albion a f t e r a hardfought game in which the lead went from team to team and back again, but finally rested upon the Hope team as the whistle blew.


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Hope took the lead in the first minute, but Albion came back to score a fi-tf lead before Hope got started again. The half ended with Hope leading 19-17.


Hope came back in the second half to gain a margin of ten points, but Albion gradually cut down the Hope margin until at the last minute Albion was ahead 37-36. With 30 seconds to play. Van I ^ n te, rangy sophomore guard, sank a long jne from the center of the court to bring victory to the Orange and Blue.

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Hope De Free, f Vander Hill, f Martin, c Van Lente, g Klay, g Tigelaar Vanden Bush De Young

.... .... .... ... ....

G 1 8 3 3 0 0 0 0

F 0 0 4 1 3 0 0 0

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Total Albion . Carlson, f Bromley, f Grey, c Goldberg, g Fleming, g Schuler Penzotti

15 G .... 8 .... 1 .... 4 .... 1 .... 1 .... 1 0

8 F 1 1 2 0 1 0 0

38 T 17 3 10 2 3 2 0

Total Ifi Referee: Kobs, M. S. C.


More Hope Men will w e a r Kahn C l o t h e s this S p r i n g t h a n e v e r before. W h y not d r e s s with t h e best in h e latest coll e g e s t y l e s by m a k i n g y o u r n e x t suit a K A H N ?

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Playing their first game in the Western A. A. U. tournament a t Grand Rapids the Hope Frosh upset all "dope" and brought home a victory over the Bethany's of 37 Grand Rapids, trimming the Furniture City men decisively a s is indicated by the 33-25 score.

Our Team

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Last year at this time there appeared an editorial in the Anchor [ R N 1 which did not insinuate but frankly stated that the failure of last year's basktibull team was due to lack of training by most of its ''Smile and the World Kmilrs with you, I members. No such charge can be Kick anil you Kick alone. For the Cheerful (Irin wil irt you in nade of this year's team. Never Where the kicker is never known." was there a harder-training nor a Let us help you make your printing smile and g?t over. ?leaner-cut bunch of fellows on any basketball team than there was on .his year's team. WHERE IS CREATED FOR YOUR PUBLICITY Any school could reasonably be oroud of such a team whether in Printing of Distinction \ictovy or defeat. Always fighting, lever (|uitting, the team with a C o m p l t t e P r i n t i n g Scrvice record of being one of the cleanest 9 East l e t h St. Phone 5908 Holland, Mich. n the state surely has kept Hope's — v banner flying high. The high scholarship of the team should not •o unnoticed. Also, the morale of he '27- , 28 team was the best of any team representing Hope Col'ege. Each man sacrificed and AND BEAUTY PARLOR. Marceling, Fingerwing Waving. Hot Oil lelped his teammate; perhaps this Treaiments, Shampooing, Manicuring. Facials. Hninuttiig is the reason for the lack of an Call 2071 For Appointments mtstanding star.


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Everywhere one goes he is always sure to find many would-be critics, but I am certain that no me can criticize — rather it is .vorthy of praise — the clean jporfcsmanlike coaching of Jack Schouten. We all are proud of a .vinning team but prouder still of a team of clean players. Jack seek? to develop men as well as players. In conclusion a word of appreciation is due the student body and the faculty for the splendid spirit and support given t h e . team. Whether in victory or defeat we surely have a team of which to be proud. —By Captain Martin, '29.


Play Well

Becker and Smith showed up best for the Hope Frosh. Becker, as usual, carried, the fight and the brunt of the offense f o r Hope; Smith was hot on the iron, scoring 13 points. Grey was the star of the Albion squad, running up a T total of 15 points himself and, in 2 addition, sinking the game-win1G ning basket in the last minute from the center of the court. 10 De Cook refereed the game in 7 his usual style. 3 0 0 0




5 6


Van Lente also played very well for Hope. Carlson was high point man of the evening with 17 points. Grey, also, showed up well for Kobs of Michigan State College the Methodists. refereed the contest.

W e a r e p l e a s e d to s t a t e t h a t m a n y Coeds, a s well a s t h e men, h a v e found " T h e P a r i s W a y " t o be b e t t e r for t h e i r b e a u t i f u l g a r m e n t s .

Take advantage of our Semi-Annual Sale. You can save money on Holland Shoes. Sale ends Saturday, March 17.


season with a great comeback losThe Frosh team ended the home ing to the Albion Freshmen by the close score of 34-33. The Albion yearlings rallied at the close of the game, gaining the victory by Schouten substituted rather free- the slender margin of one point ly, giving his reserve material with a center court shot by Grey in plenty of chance to gain experience. the last minute of play. Tigelaar, Vanden Bush and De The Hope Freshmen had a ten Young saw action in the second point lead about three minutes behalf. It was during this period fore the gun but could not stop the that Albion came so close to viclong-distance sharpshooting of the tory but the regulars again entered visitors in the final minutes of play. the game and with the help of Van Nevertheless, the Freshmen did I^ente staved off defeat. very well considering the lop-sided Find basket easily victory which the Albion-ites Vander Hill was "hot" on the gained over the Hope yearlings on basket, scoring eight baskets to the Albion floor early in the sealead the Hope scoring. Martin and son.

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The Bethany's had defeated the Boter's, a team which had beaten the Hope varsity early in the season; and so the Frosh were not conceded to have an even chance of winning. But they came through in fine style and added another s t a r to their crown. All the men who got into the game scored at least one basket. Smith and VanderWerf, however leading them all with ten points. Besides these two, Juist, Becker, and Klooster also got into the game.




Hope Frosh Smith, f VanderWerf, f Juist, c Becker, g Klooster, g



Holland Theatre NOW SHOWING


"The Cohen's and Kelly's in Paris"

The next game of the Frosh will be Friday night when they will meet the Trinity Lutherans of Grand Rapids. The Frosh should come through to win this one, the Bethany's being considered a stronger team than the Lutherans. SUMMARY:


Friday and Saturday. March 1H-17

V-A-U-D-E-V-I-L-L-E Rin Tin Tin in "A RACK FOR U P E " Monday, March 19 Country Store Night Marie Prevoit in "ON TO REND"


Colonial Theatre NOW SHOWING ALSO THURSDAY Colleen Moore in "HER WILD OA I S"


F 0 2 0 2 1

T 10 10 2 8 3

Total ...14 Bethany's G Tornga, f 2 A. VanderVeen, f.. 5 J. VanderVeen, c. 2 Evarts, g 2 N. De Young, g 1 Ne. De Young, g 0

5 F 0 1 0 0 0 0

33 T 4 11 4 4 2 0

Now is a good time to pick out your



N e w Spring Suit and T o p c o a t


4 1


CLASS LEAGUE STANDING Team W L Seniors 3 0 Juniors 1 1 Frosh 0 1 Sophs e 2

Friday a n d Saturday, March 16-17 Marion Davis in ' QUALITY S T R E E T " M o n d a y , T u e s d a y , Wednrsdav, Murch 19-20-21




We have them at 5 5 Q Q . S O They sparkle with pep and style


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