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H o p e College, H o U a o d , M i c k , M a r c h 1 1 , 1 9 3 1

Volume XLIV

Number 1


Girl Debaters x Hope Orators Close Season Take First and With Victory Third Places BOTER AND H U E N I N K BOTH WIN DECISION OVER ALBION AFIRMATIVK TEAM HERfc PLACE IN DIVISIONAL ^ ..COlWEflT-AT A t M A The Women's Debating team debated with Albion, February 27, in WIN RIGHT TO ENTER the Y. W. room on the question "reFINALS solved that S t a t e Medicine should be Established." Miss Jean Hinken Calvin, Alma, Hope and Michigan and Miss Arloa Van Peursem, havState Will- Send Represent at ive» ing the affirmative side of the quesTo Mt. Pleasant tion, won the decision. This is one of the few victories of the affirmaLast Friday, Hope College, rep- tive team this season. resented by Miss Alice Boter and Miss Helen Herrington and Miss Mr. Gerald Huenink, scored two Ruth Leader were the two negative notable victories in the Semi-final debators of Albion. Professor Biecontest of the Michigan Oratorical try, professor of Speech at Western League. Miss Boter captured first State Teachers college of Kalamaplace in the Women's Contest and zoo, acted as judge. Miss Edna Mr. Huenink carried ofl" third piacc Helmbold presided. in the Men's Contest. This debate having officially The contest was held a t Alma closed the season. Miss Jean Hinken College where the women competed and Miss Arloa Van Peursem will at 2:30 P. M.. Mr. Kenneth F. Ollis, become members of Phi Kappa the President of the M. O. L., Delta. opened the program with a word o of welcome to the contestants and Announcement the representatives of the various colleges. Miss Edith Davis of Alma For the benefit of those who wish delivered the first oration on "Our to get started on the orations they Social I. Q." Miss Mildred Reitsema of Calvin College next gave wish to use in entering the Raven a very interesting oration called Contest in May, the following information may be useful: Prelim"The Golden Fleece." Central inary class contests will be held the State Teacher's College was replatter part of April, in which any resented by Miss Dorothy Da we, student of the class may enter. who spoke on "The Modern MinThere will be both men's and womstrel." A vocal solo by Mrs Fred en's contests; orations must not exD. Soper followed the first three ceed fifteen hundred words in orations and gave the contestants length; f o r subject matter the tyro a chance to relax and f o r g e t their orators may draw from any subworries. Miss Alice Boter, a s the ject they can get worked up about. fourth orator, delivered her splendid oration entitled " C a r b o n Copies" in her own charming and expressive manner. The last two contestants were Miss Margaret Oakley on "A Co-partnership in Education," and Miss Margaret (Continued on last page)

Auslander, Poef, Gives Lecture in Grand Rapids HOPE S T U D E N T REPORTS ON TALK BY RISING YOUNG AUTHOR

Calvin Plays Return Game Joseph Auslander lectured in Grand Rapids last week on "Poetry Tomorrow Night —Bread or C a k e ? " This compara-



SPOELSTRA SCORES 14 POINTS Game Leavea Alma in Second Place and Hope in Fourth in M.I.A.A. League Alma closed the M.I.A.A. basketball season a t the Armory Friday night by defeating- Hope, in a rough and hard fought game, 3a to 35.

First Row—John Muilenburg, trombonist; Jacob Groetsma, Wrilliam Kuyper. Linden Lindsay, Louis Cotts, Paul Brouwer, Arnold Dykhuizen, David Merger, pianist, Harry Ver Strate. , Second Row—Bruce Van Leu wen, Louis Scudder, Cornelius Van Leuwen, Everett Potts, Robert Kruizenga, Harry Friesema, Roger Vosktiil, Myron Leenhouts, Manager. Third Row—Roy Mooi. Alva Ebbers. Lester Vander Werf, John Somsen, Preston Luidens, William Austin.

Yesterday morning, the Hope Affirmative debating team, composed of Clark Poling and Arthur Ter Keurst, met the Western S t a t e Teachers team before a crowd of 1,850 people in the Auditorium of Central High School at Kalamazoo. Mr. Hooker and Mr. Faunce represented Western State. In a double shift of opinion ballot ,the State team was given the decision, 28-24. The judges were the members of a class in public speech at Central High School. Both parties agreed that it was one of the best debates engaged in this season.

Mens' Glee Club to Give Concert *i in Grand Rapids

Lester Kuypers Leads Volunteer Meeting

tively young poet is author of half SPIRITUAL LIFE OF MISSIONa dozen volumes, but he is best ARY IS THE TOPIC FOR STUDY known as co-author with Frank The Student Volunteers met on Ernest Hill of "The Winged Horse Anthology" and author of "Letters Friday afternoon for the considerato Women." In his lecture, he tion of the chapter on "The SpiritOur old rival, Calvin college, will proved himself equally at home ual Life of the Missionary," as preclose our basketball season tomorwith the poetical works of masters sented by Arthur J . Brown in his row night in a game at the armory. of a past day and those of the book "The Foreign Missionary." A record crowd will be on hand to most modem laurel seekers. Lester Kuyper, of the Western witness the return battle between Browning's "Prospice" founds as Theological Seminary whose Volunthe schools of the two leading demuch sympathy and understanding teers meet with the Hope Volunnominations in the city. The Calvin in his hands as his own intense teers, had charge of the discussion.Reserves and Hope frosh are slated verse. The necessity of the cultivation to mix in the preliminary. The poet, wishing to throw some of regular devotional habits for the The Hope-Calvin game should be light on his idea of the nature of prospective missionary and the a classic struggle. Hope took its poetry, cited Emily Dickinson's maintenance of them on the field third straight victory over the definition as a possible standard. to insure effectual service pnd a Knights in the first game a t Grand That most original of New Engconstant replenishing of spiritual Rapids, but since t h a t time, our landers said that if a book "made resources upon which there is so rivals have taken on speed. The her whole body so cold no fire heavy a drain, was emphasized. last two games have shown the could ever warm it, or if a book Calvin team to be of much stronger made her feel physically as if the THIRD LENTEN RECITAL P R E S E N T E D SUNDAY caliber than when we faced it sev- top df her head were taken off, she eral weeks ago. knew this to be poetry." Auslander The third vesper service in the The close of the season will clim- also mentioned a little girl a t one ax the basketball career of our cap- of his lectures who said that, in Lenten season series took place tain, Clarence Becker, who is the comparison to prose being straight- Sunday afternoon, March 8, in the lone senior of the squad. Becker lined, "lines of poetry wiggled and Memorial Chapel, Mr. Snow prehas been a tower of strength a t his also bring about a.wiggling inside sided at the organ. Tl^e following g u a r d position this season, direct- of the reader." A f t e r these pref- program was presented with Rev. ing the ofrensive efforts and scoring atory lights the poet launched into Paul Hinkamp in charge. ^ h i s share of the points. Hymn—"When I Survey the wonhis own splendid verse. Calvin loses its captain also. drous Cross"—Mason Early in Auslander's literary J o h n Van Appledorn, of Holland, career he was taken under the wing Opening sentence— will finish his college coifrt cam- of Amy Lowell. She convinced him Organ—"Piece Heroique"—Franck paign in the Hope game. Van Ap- that he could not do justice to sub- Scripture — "The Nightingale pledorn was a member of the Cal- jects alien to his own experience. Among the Psalms" vin quintet t h a t defeated Hope This insight has made .for a f r e s h - Organ—"Adagio" (Toccata and twice in 1928-29. Fugue in C Major)—Bach ' ness and strength t h a t characterThe freshman team is anxious izes all of the poet's later vMffc. yer—Organ Response n—"Ave M a r i a " ~ S c h u b e r t for itf return game with the Cal- The poet's admiration f o r v. "Magic Fire Music"—Wagner vin Reserves, and the forthcoming Lowell has never waned alth Offertory tilt promises to be packed with ac* he likes to think of her as a Organ—"A Paster—targe Elert (Continued on Pag* A) tkm. WILL CLIMAX BASBETBALL CAREER O F CAPTAINS BECKER AND VAN APPLEDORN

Alma Defeats Hope in Final M.LA.A. Game

FIRST APPEARANCE O F T H E YEAR MADE AT CHAPEL KXERCISES. THURSDAY The Men's Glee Club will sing at Bethany Reformed Church in Gr. Rapids on Thursday evening. Mar. the twelfth, at eight o'clock. This concert will be given under the auspices of the Council of Friends' Sunday School Class of the church. Besides the numbers by the Glee Club, trombone solos will l^e played by John Muilenberg. On last Thursday morning a t the Chapel exercises, the Glee Club made their first appearance for this year. "Save Me, Oh God" was the title of the selection which the twenty-five members rendered with remarkable skill and effect. The concert at Grand Rapids will be the first of a series to be given, now that Mrs. Fenton, conductor, has recovered from her recent illness. o

Affirmative Team Seeks Debate With Calvin CARROL COLLEGE HERE MARCH 20 Professor Raymond and Justin Vander Kolk a r e t r y i n g to a r r a n g e a debate with Calvin College for Hope's affinnative. If they are successful this debate will take place here at Hope on March 19th. I t will be remembered that Calvin's affirmative defeated a Hope team before the ( Grand Rapids Federation of Labor earlier in the season. This debate will be the last of the year f o r the affirmative. The negative closes its season with a debate against Carrol College on March 20 a t Hope. / o J U L I U S CAESAR TO BE P R E S E N T E D MARCH 25

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SOPHOMORES ELECT » At the Sophomore meeting held F r i d a y afternoon, the meagre quorum assembled elected the following officers f o r the second semester: President JElarri Zegerius Vice-pres James Wiegerink Secretary J e a n Herman T r e a s u r e r s : Nella De Haan and Elmer Bauhahn

The game started f a s t and only seconds a f t e r the opening whistle, captain Gussin, flashy little Alma guard, dropped one in from the side. However a few moments later Cupery came through with a deuce that tied the count. The lead changed hands several times in this period but the visitors gradually forged ahead and held a 19 to 14 .advantage a t the half. After the intermission Dalman and Zwemer scored quickly and evened the count. The visitors, however, immediately retaliated with a pair of field goals, but Spoelstra came right back with a nifty one from the corner while Dalman followed t h a t up with a long one. This spurt tied the score f o r t h e last time and when Becker and Dalman went out on fouls, Alma grabbed the lead and managed to retain it f o r the rest of the game. The individual scoring proved to be a race between Spoelstra and Gussin f o r third honors in the conference scoring contest Spoelstra had some hard luck on his shots and consequently Gussin nosed him (Continued

Kickerbockers and Guests Enjoy Formal VARIED PROGRAM PRESENTED BY MEMBERS O F T H E SOCIETY A formal party was given by the Knickerbocker society last week Wednesday night a t the home of Vernon Ten Cate, a n alumnus of the society. The guests of honor for the evening were Mrs. W. H. Durfee, Miss Metta Ross, and Mr. and Mrs. W. Curtis Snow. The entertainment of the % evening consisted of a program of several numbers. President, Fred Wyngarden opened the p r o g r a m with a series of r e m a r k s , . with which he kept the audience in a continual state of laughter. Lewis Scudder, who has been in France, presented a travelogue in which he related his experiences on a bicycle trip f r o m Paris to Versailles, "Un Tour a la Bicydette." Richard Niessink favored the group with a piano solo, "Nocture in G. m a j o r " by Chopin. President Fred Wyngarden introduced the third number which hei said would be "heavy." Ivan Johnson read a paper entitled, "The Play's the Thtng," in which he presented a modern version of Haml e t Whether it was a heavy number or not was left to the audience, for he kept the room resounding with an almost continual roar. The Knickerbocker quartet consisting of Bruce Van Leuwen, Lewis Scudder, Paul Brouufcr and John Somsen sang "The LUac Tree," which was followed by a solo by John Somsen, "Three for Jack*"

The Shakespearean players, Ja^ies Hendrickson, G a i r e Bruce, and Company, will appear a t Carnegie Hall on Wednesday,' March 25, in a full presentation of "Julius Caesar." This well known company has received the commendation of every audience before which it has appeared. The actors are all skilled exponents o fthe histrionic art, the costuming is correct and elaborate, and the scenic effects pleasing. Special rates will be offered to After delicious refreshments students. Admission for them will were served, the remainder of the be 60c; adults 76 cents, and re- evening was spent in impromptu singing and visiting. served seats, $1.00.

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Y. W. ELECTS Last Tuesday night was election night in 44 Y. W." The meeting opened with a brief song service, and then the retiring officers gave very short repoits on the work done in their respective offices. The group t h i n elected Mildred Schuppert as president, Lois Marsilje as vice-president, Geneva Dogger a s secretary, and M a r t h a Vanden Berg, treasurer. Here's wishing the new officers success in the coming year's work.

• * * * • * * * * * * • * *

Senior Girls Mix Pleasure and Business MONTHLY MEETING HELD AT HOME O F MISS M. ANDERSON The Senior Girls Association held its monthly meeting a t the home of ^ Miss Marion Anderson. The first number on the program interested everyone, f o r / i t was nearing six o'clock. Steaming trays were brought in, holding shrimp on toast, vegetable salad, hot rods, and coffee followed by delicious angel food cakes f o r d e s e r t The evening was in charge of Miss Evelyn Geerlings with coworkers Miss Jean Hinlun, Miss Gertrude Hanson, Miss PoUy Hendelink, and Miss Ruth Glerum. A short business meeting followed, pitsided over by Miss Sady Grace Masselink. Miss Betty Smith found what she believed to be a real true fortune telling book so each girl had her future revealed to her in t u n , after which the mRting was adjourned.

H o p e College Anchor



Entartd a t ' t h e Part Office at Holland. Michigan, aa Second Claaa Matter. Accepted for nailing at ipeeial rata of poataga provided t o r in Section 1108 of Art 9* Congreu, October 8. ItlT. Authorised October 19. 1918.




Addison-—There w a s a moment a r y hush in the "Oggle" house when President E d g a r De Graaf called the regular meeting of the Addisons to order. H^ appointed Martin Kloosterman chorister and Kenneth Hicks, pianist, to lead the group in singing songs, sad, popular and gay. When silence could again be maintained, Mr. Ter Keurst led devotions. The Lenten season was recognized in the well arranged review of Brown's book, "These Twelve" given by Archie Kawalk. The contents were such as to arouse lively BUSINESS STAFF Rufliness Manager. Louis Cotts discussion among the boys. Arthur AssiHtant Bufliness Manager Melvin Dole Ter Keurst then gave an arguAssistants Lois Ketel, Lester Ellerbroek, Harold Ringenoldus mentative semi-political speech concerning the feasability of compulsory unemployment insurance in the United States. Kenneth Hicks played the "Polish Dance" by Scharwinka and " A t Morning" by Godard, on the piano. A short but intensive business meeting closed the evening's activities. Editor...— Ivan Johnson IfiMOdtte Editors Harri Zegarins, John Somsen Head Reporter..!.... L Joan Walvoord Sports Watson Spoelstra, Herbert Marsilje Humor...w Myron Leenhouts, William Austin Sororities Bernice Molleroa Fraternities Frances Freeman Campus News _:.Vivian Behrman Reporters: Lillian Sabo, Julia Hondelink, Carol Norlin. Ethel Leetsma, Maggie Kole, Katherine Ives, Geraldine Smies, Alma Plaake, Clark Poling, Ruby Aiken, Marie Verduin, Edith De Young, Jean Bosnian, May ford Ross, Lois De Pree, Virginia Coster, Christian Walvoord, Preston Van Kolken.


CHAPEL COMMISSION S c a n n i n g t h r o u g h the week-



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us in


c h a n g e b y m o s t of t h e c o l l e g e s


Emersonian—A short business meeting was held by the Emersonian Society Thursday evening. Before the meeting, several Emersonians went out in the country to |others? see a fire. The Emersonian basketball team Such thoughts naturally suffered its first defeat of the seaflow t h r o u g h o n e ' s m i n d w h e n son at the hands of the P r a t e r s o n e s e e s a s o r r y l i t t l e g r o u p Monday night.

Sibylline—The Sibylline Sorority held a meeting Thursday night a t seven o'clock. When they entered ttye room, they found a wonderful transformation had taken place. The floor had been painted and Alethea—Last Thursday the rewaxed, the rug, the curtains and cently elected officers of Alethea draperies, the chair-backs, and even entertained the r e s t of t h e society the walls had been cleaned until a t a progressive dinner. The f r u i t everything fairly shone. A charmcocktail was served in the society ing little table supplied the need room in Van Raalte Hall. Helen f o r a .place on which to set the Barre and Leonora Zonnebelt f u r radio and a new gong was prenished the mental cocktail in the sented to the society. A f t e r a short form of some side-splitting humor. business meeting^ the Sibs were Being thus warmed up, the Aletaken by. the new girls to "The theans sallied f o r t h to visit AnLittle Freshman Theatre." After netta McGilvra f o r the meat course. being properly seated, "Micide" Here Vivian Veldman read a paper Essenburg, impersonating Graham on "Tlfe History of E g y p t i a n MuMc Namee, reviewed the Pathe sic." Once m6re they set out, b y i N „ „ . r 0 efire ew the light of the moon (also a # f e w i g : ji^ * ^ nnew b

street lights), hot on the trail o f l ^ ^ • the dessert which was found a t j 0 f a p D i a U g e f f h * s r e a t deal u * i ry . .. ! applause from the rest of the the home of Leonora Zonnebelt. | S i b s , ^ Kete|j the Annetta McGilvra entertained with Marian Talley, sang a solo. Local two delightful vocal solos. But advertisements were then cleverly there was still another surprise in portrayed, a f t e r which the famous store. This time it was at Polly comedians, Asphidity and Halitosis, Hondelink's home, where the "deminone other than Lotus Schaafsma tasse" was served. A f t e r late leave and "Mickie" Essenburgh, kept the had been obtained from Mrs. Dursociety in a continual uproar. fee, a play, "Romance in C" was Seven to one," the main feature presented by El|a Boschker, Gerof the evening's ' entertainment, trude Van Zee, Lillian Smies, Helen was next presented. It was ably Barre and Leonora Zonnebelt. It directed by Lois Ketel and the All was received with so much favor Star cast was composed of Lotus that a repeat performance was neSchaafsma, Edith De Young, Ruth cessary. After attempting to inVan Dyke, Alice Clark, Mildred Esterpret the College Song more corsenburg, Estella Karsten, Ruth rectly, the Voorheesites made a dash Winstrom and Frances Learned. for the dorm, feeling much the A f t e r attending the theatre, we better as a result of the exercise were taken to the Sibyl Cabaret to I and fun of the evening. "Nibble at the Sibyl." The new

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Central Service Station A. W. Goodes, Prop. Cor. Cantral a n d Ninth

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Model Laundry "The Soft Wattr Laundry" Wei Wall, RHgh Dry Finished Work HOLLAND,



Gruen, Elgin and Boluva Watckes SELLES Jewelry Store Watch and Jewelry Repairing

John Van Den Belt has been ill Sibyl chorus furnished the enterDelphi—Last Wednesday a f t e r - tainment. during the past two weeks. Harry states, we w e r e s u r p r i s e d , and large class. One h a r d l y d a r e s K. Smith has accepted a job with noon, Delphi pledges R. Mulder, s o m e w h a t pleased, to notice conclude t h a t t w o - t h i r d s the famous, J. P. Morgan Com-' i L. Hollebrands, H. reion and M. Sorosis—A Japanese garden t h a t about every o t h e r one i Den Herder were hostesses at the scene, Japanese lanterns s t r u n g e i t h e r l a c k i n t e l l i g e n c e a n d pany. He will begin his work a f t e r regular bi-weekly tea held in the over the room, curios placed here c o n t a i n e d a n e d i t o r i a l on i t s graduation in the spring. T k White C r m BarWr S k p are consequently not interestsociety room. • • • p a r t i c u l a r c h a p e l p r o b l e m . It and there, a heavy scent of incense Fraternal—"We of the jury do! The Delphi Literary Society held in the air, and even beautiful Jap198 RIVEA AVE. is a l w a y s s a t i s f y i n g to k n o w ed, o r t h a t t h e y h a v e c l i m b e d hereby pronounce the defendant its regular weekly meeting Thursanese girls—no wonder the Soros- M M t h a t o n e is n o t a l o n e in a l e a k y s o h i g h in t h e w o r l d of b i g Not Guilty because of insufficient day evening. The program consist- ites thought, when they entered b o a t , a n d t h a t p e r h a p s w e a r e , b u s i n e s s t h a t t h e y c a n n o t a f - evidence." With those words, the ed of old fashions contrasted with their society room Thursday night, a f t e r all, t h e b e s t s w i m m e r i n f o r d t o g i v e f o r t y - f i v e m i n u t e s defendant, Gordon Alexander,' on those of modern times. The meet- that they had somehow missed t h e g r o u p . T h e t r o u b l e s r a n g e t o t h e c o l l e g e . N o r d a r e s o n e trial for the murder of Madame X, ing opened with a song service led their step, and landed right in the whose body was found buried in by Pledges J. Walvoord and H. midst of Japan. f r o m u n c e r t a i n a t t e n d a n c e t o c o n c l u d e t h a t t h e r e is a l a c k of the sands of the beach, burst into Pelon. Devotions were in charge The Junior Sorosites, in their p o o r p r o g r a m s a n d b a c k a g a i n , a t t r a c t i o n . A f r e e c a n d y b a r tears and cried hysterically, sayof Delphian Weidner. "Then and turn of class programs, chose a e a c h s c h o o l p r o b a b l y r u n n i n g m i g h t t h e n b r i n g r e s u l t s . P e r - ing he knew that the jury would Now" by Pledge L. Hollebrands Japanese theme and carried it out t h e w h o l e g a m u t d u r i n g t h e h a p s t h e i d e a is w o r t h t r y i n g . acquit him. was in the form of a news report most cleverly in every phase of the Thursday, March 5, the Frater relating important events of past meeting, even to the scripture story school y e a r . T h e u n i v e r s a l i t y One concludes finally t h a t House was the scene of the trial years as well a s present. Pledge Which was told by Lois De Pree, of t h e d i s e a s e would seem to | those w h o d o c o m e h a v e a of Gordon Alexander versus the E. Boughter favored the society the chairman of the program. w a r r a n t a n a t i o n a l i n v e s t i g a - g r e a t e r s e n s e of r e s p o n s i b i l State. Irving Decker was the with a piano solo taken from one The first scene from "San Fan t i o n a k i n t o t h a t of t h e W i c k - i t y a n d a r e m o r e w i l l i n g t o State's Attorney and Dutch Popuf the old masters. Delphian Well- Laud" was a solo from a charming e r s h a m C o m m i s s i o n . P e r h a p s h a v e a f e w b u r d e n s t h r u s t u p - pink the Attorney for the Defense. ing, in the personage of Etta Kett, Japanese maiden, Elizabeth a d v e r t i s i n g o n a m o d e r n s c a l e on t h e m . T h a t is t h e o n l y so- The judge was the Hon. Justin y a n compared her present rules to Arendshorst. "Willow Whispers," Der Kolk, who carried on the trial i former ones. Delphian L. Kieft, the story of a Japanese plate, was w o u l d h e l p t o sell t h e i d e a of l u t i o n . in a most judicial fashion. The all dressed up to fit her part, sang told by Elizabeth Winter. The Chapel to the American studA f t e r all, t h e c l a s s w i t h trial was remarkable and inter- some old fashioned melodies, a f t e r third scene, Japanese Love Songs, entry. W e dislike to believe which o n e e n t e r s college conesting to the spectators in that it 1 which Pledges H. Pelon and A. showed a coquetish maiden and a t h a t C h a p e l d i f f i c u l t i e s , like t a i n s those students w i t h brought out the life histories of Jackson held up the modern age lad flirting, but never able to reach p r o h i b i t i o n a n d h u m a n n a t u r e , w h i c h o n e c o m e s m o s t in c o n - some of the witnesses. Many con- with some present day songs. each other because she was just a fessions were made that are better Delphians R. Geerlings and E. picture on a fan, and he was on a a r e incorrigible. t a c t . If o n e , t h e n , h a s n o in- left unprinted. . Hyma brought the program to a box of tea. Springtime in J a p a n t e r e s t in t h e a f f a i r s of h i s i m The trial brought out the slum- fitting closc with fitting clothes in must be very romantic according G L O R Y OR V A C A T I O N ? m e d i a t e a s s o c i a t e s , h o w c a n bering possibilities that lie in a style show. to Vera Van Duren, a Japanese o n e b e c o n c e r n e d a b o u t t h e Slow Decker, the dashing young The Delphi pledges are to have maiden, and Iva Klerk, a Yankee their formal initiation Wednesday sailor. Edith Drescher as the J a p T o h a v e o r n o t t o h a v e w e l f a r e of t h e w h o l e g r o u p ? prosecuting attorney. • • • afternoon. anese policeman added the final G l o r y D a y w o u l d b e t h e q u e s - H o w c a n a s o l d i e r be l o y a l t o I hi Kappa Alpha—Fifteen minAbove • • » touch of humor to this scene. A t i o n in t h e e v e n t of a v i c t o r y h i s a r m y , if h e is h o s t i l e t o t h e utes of merry-making with songs l)orian—Friday evening the Do- Japanese dance was portrayed by in t h e final M. 0 . L . C o n t e s t s , m e n in h i s c o m p a n y ? E v e n put the Cosmopolitan Society in rians were entertained by the new Ruth Van Dyke and Marie Kleis. a n d if w e c h o s e t h e c e l e b r a - if o n e is i n c l i n e d t o b e i n d i v i d - the right humor to enjoy their members of the society. The meet- As a climax to the program, glorweekly meeting Thursday night. t i o n , it c o u l d b e e i t h e r d i g n i - ual, .one m u s t r e m e m b e r t h a t ing was opened with devotions led ified rice and "opium" was served, After the singing, Nick Burgraff by Hazel dick. and heartily enjoyed by all the fied o r c h i l d i s h . I t s e e m s t o u s t h e w e l f a r e of o n e in a g r o u p gave a lecture on "Industrial Ingirls. Next, the girls were taken back t h a t s u c h a d i s p l a y w o u l d i n d i - d e p e n d s u p o n t h e w e l l - b e i n g surance." Immediately following c a t e t o t h e o u t s i d e r s t h e r a r i t y of t h e g r o u p . this, Alton Alday treated the so- to their childhood days through the T h e College A v e . Barber Last week-end. Miss Laura Gudramatization of the f a i r y tale, ciety with a large' box of homeof a n o p p o r t u n i t y f o r s u c h a S h o p Welcomes You. 8 T h e r e is n e e d , i n d e e d , f o r "Goldilocks — and the Three Bears." ^ ^ h e r and brother visited made candy which was sent to him e^ d i s p l a y , a*nd t h a t m a n y of t h e i n t e r e s t , f o r e a g e r p a r t i c i p a C. H U I Z E N G A , Prop. returned to their home by some unknown lassie in New The three bears were impersonated I ^n • l , cThey a8 s t u d e n t s a r e m o r e c o n c e r n e d t i o n , a n d f o r l o y a l c o o p e r a t i o n York state.' - • — by Hazel Deck, Ann Edwards a n d j ' ^' » Michigan, Sunday nigh't. V Kathryn Fredericks. Kathryn w i t h a d a y off t h a n w i t h t h e in c l a s s a f f a i r s , a l l - c o l l e g e a f Harms Bloemer accompanied the Miss Mildred Klow spent the h o n o r of t h e s c h o o l . G l o r y a n d f a i r s , a n d in e v e r y o u t s i d e ac- college orator, Gerald Huenink, to Rottschaefer played the part of NICK (INEMA Goldilocks. Gertrude Beltman read week-end with Miss Marian Sluyacclaim for H o p e t h a t rises tivity. O n l y t h e n c a n o u r Alma, where he won third place in t e r a t her home in Grand Rapids. . the story. Following this, Florence f r o m o u r o w n t h r o a t s , m i g h t w o r k b e s u c c e s s f u l a n d o u r in- an oratorical contest Friday night. Clark, played two piano solos. The measles have not left the Roger Vo^Jcuil announces the addivicinity of Hope College yet, f o r s e e m m e r e b r a g g a d o c i a t o o u r fluence f e l t if o u r s l o g a n is tion of his "new" Chevrolet to the A pantomine, "Mary Loii" was Miss Mina Becker was ill with them observant critics. " A l l f o r o n e a n d o n e f o r a l L " Voorhees taxicab service company. presented by all the new girls. all last week. o The Cosmos basketball team un- "Lady Anne" was the title of a • ••-o ONE FOR ALL derwent several stiff practice ses- mysterious play acted out by ViVoorhees Hall had f o u r alumnae "Seventh Heaven," the play Finger W a v i n g Specialty sions during the last few weeks vian Behrmann, M a r j o r y Atwater, as visitors f o r the week-end. They originally chosen by the Seniors Marcelling Ladies & Children Florence Clark, Beatrice Van KeuWhen one-third of a college for their annual presentation has Munder the guidance of Capthin len and Margaret Rens. A f t e r Dor- were Miss Suzanne Schoep, Miss Facials Hair Cutdnf • % Los" Van der Werf. M a r g a r e t Otto, Miss Dorothy Mulclass comes out for^election of been dropped^ having foiled to reothy White gave a reading, the der, and Miss Grace McCarrolI. PHONE 2596 ofticers, what is wrong with ceive the approbation of Dr. Ny- Rumors are going about of an- new Dorians disappeared. All excommittee. other all-college banquet to be held cept Vivian Behrmann, who, in the such a class and its its mem- kerk of the faculty o name of the new girls, presented a bers? What is wrong with' Several — v.«Yciru to w soon. Remember last year's? Hopeites traveled , o beautiful upholstered chair to the l n a 10 those students who stayed I ^ hear the Oratorical ConOlivia Johnson's brother, Carroll, society. J A C K K N O L L , Prop. away? What attraction i g i ^ V " 1 f h . i c h M i s s Boter is here on a visit. He is staying The refreshments were cleverly and Gerald Huenink were so suc- a t the Fraternal Hall. A f t e r leavKraker Hotel Building, there for those who are pres- cessful. A few of the faculty also served as "Dorian Delights" a f t e r ing Holland, he intends to visit the which the Dorians happily returned P h . 4348 2 1 3 River A v e . 262 R i m A?e. ent, that does not attract the went to be present ut the Contests. University of Illinois. home. /j Holland, ^• Mfrk v • .•••}• v , » r.;. .i . in



a d j o i n i n g t r a n s a c t i n g t h e b u s i n e s s of a

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player nearest the pad and pencil. A f t e r the figures a r e put down: a. The score pad is hidden under a pillow.


•#r 'agp-Tfircf

it possible? Before Gillingsworthy invented sleeve-laughing, hundreds of necks were broken annually by people t r y i n g to laugh down their shirtbacks or into the cuffs of their pants. The new Gillingsworthy memorial a t Canajoharie will show graphically j u s t how much we owe to this emancipator's genius.

b. The player a t the left of the scorer scowls a t his partner and says, " A r e we playing f o r money or m a t c h e s ? "


c. The player opposite the score r hunts f o r the score pad, and findM "ODDS A N D E N D S " HOW T O P L A Y BRIDGE BY solitaire. ing it, erases the last figures and CONTRACT * 6. The four players will now puts higher ones in their place She — I'm a f r a i d my jewels will 1. The g a m e of contract is venture opinions a s to who cut the d. The player a t the right of the have to go, if you don't get a job played with two decks of cards. In highest card. The player with the scorer asks f o r a separate sheet of soon. one deck the c o m e r of the six of loudest voice wins and deals. paper and pencil, so she can keep He — Cheer up, d e a r ! It's always diamonds is bent. As a result, 7. A f t e r each player (except the a separate score all by herself. darkest before the pawn. every time a hand is dealt, Mrs. rover) has received thirteen cards: 11. The dummy is not allowed She breezed into a hardware West says: " A h - h a ! Look who has a. The player a t the left of the to touch the cards, but may tell the store, met the affable clerk and t h e six of diamonds." other players about her trip to the dealer says, "who did this" chirped: b. The player opposite the deal- West Indies during the play. 2. The game is played by five "How much are mouse t r a p s ? " 12. Drinks should be served players. P o u r sitting a t each side er says, "Are you playing the club "Three for a dime, lady." a f t e r the third rubber. Following of a square table covered with cir- convention?" "How much for two?" cular stains, and the remaining c. The player a t the right of the which a derby hat is brought in and "Why not take t h r e e ? " player, who is not allowed to touch dealer says, "Who dealt this lousy placed seven feet f r o m a couch. The "Because I've only seen two player getting most cards in the the cards, going from comer to m e s s ? " mice." c o m e r , raising his eyebrows and d. The dealer discovers that he hat is accused of having played the "How do you always manage to grunting. P r o m time to time he has only twelve cards and calls game before, and the fifth man and have such good beef?" the three players go home. The may be requested to crack some ice "Misdeal!" "I select a good butcher and then hostess then puts away: • or empty an ash tray. This doesn't 8. A f t e r ^ new deal has beeiii stand by him." ' ( a ) The table; (b) the cards; (c) count f o r either side. completed, a window may be closed "You mean you give him all your 3. The table shall be set up so by one of the players if ( a ) the the glasses; (d) the ash trays; (e) t r a d e ? " t h a t the light will be satisfactory window is open; or, the window the chairs; ( f ) the lamps! (g) the "Nd, I mean I stand by him while to, a t least one of the players. The may be opened if (b) the window cushions; (h) the derby hat. he's cutting the meat." wire of the bridge lamps shall be so is closed; or if two players disagree Friend — "Did the poet take it "IF AND A N " a r r a n g e d t h a t anyone rising from on' whether the window shall rehard when Alice rejected him?" Everyone knows how the jolly his chair will fall flat on his face. main opened or closed, it may be Editor's Daughter — " H a r d ! I 4. Before commencing to play, (c) opened- and closed if it is al- pastime of "Ups-a-Daisy" was inhear the poor fellow threw himself a Mr. Brown will show the other ready closed, or (d) it may be vented. How Tom O ' H a r a bounced into the waste-basket." players how to t e a r a deck of cards closed and opened, if it is already a tot on his knee while Tim O'Hara looked up names of flowers . . . . in half. open. AS THEY SOUND" How a f t e r bouncing the baby 32,612 6. A f t e r everyone is seated, four 9. A player is said to be "vul-i of the players shall cut f o r partners nerable" if he pays any attention to I times, they found t h a t Daisy was Librarians often have a quiet (to see who shall fight with who). the explanation of how the dummy the flower he most enjoyed being laugh over the odd titles of books A f t e r the cut is completed, all four would have played the hand if she'd bounced to. The O'Haras are fam- inquired for. Here are some samplayers will arise and sit in differ- gotten the bid. If the dummy says, ous, but only now have we learned ples: ent chairs. A f t e r they a r e reseated, " T h a t reminds me of a hand I held the name of the baby. Next Thurs"Says a man to Lily" (Sesame one of the players will get up for a a t Fanny F a r m e r ' s last Tueday," day will be observed as Tommy and Lilies, Ruskin). Phipps Day, throughout the nursecushion, another will go for a score she's a double dummy. "Jean's Universal Rounders" ries of the land. pad, a third will hunt f o r a pencil, 10. The score is put down tem(The Universe Around Us, by and the fourth will s t a r t a game of porarily, a f t e r each hand by the Credit for inventing that fine old J e a n s ) . phrase, "Quicker than you can say "Firework K i n g " (If I Were Jack Robinson" has always gone to King, by McCarthy). Jack Robinson of London. Last "The Old Pie Bus" (Old Pybus, June, however, Robinson admitted Warwick Deeping). t h a t he had stolen the idea from an " T h e Red Yacht" (Rubaiyat, Eskimo, the original wording being, Omar Khayyam). "Quicker than you can say liijiwik "Juice of Life" (Use of Life, To get our prices for your liiijiblong. To make amends, a Lord Avebury). SCHOOL PHOTOS. special Arctic expedition has been " F a r m e r ' s Suitable Pocketbook" sent to the north. They ferreted out (Pharmeceutical Pocket Book). Mr. liiijiblong and bestowed on him the world's appreciation. Bill Vorpe, at the plain Dealer How many of us, while enjoying office, wheeled his chair around and 19 East 8th St. Holland, Mich. the sport of laughing up our sleeve, pressed a button on his desk. The 24 years present Location. The Studio up Stairs ever gave a thought to Tinchcape office boy entered. Km mimiiiiii iiiniiiini nriii im i m i mi mi imm iiiihmmwh hm Gillingsworthy, the man who made "Here," said Bill, "are a number


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"Silver's lower." We should mind! Chance to get Our clouds relined." Valet — "Your bawth is ready, sir." Master — "Aw, I say, Perkins, take the bawth f o r me, — and, Perkins, make it a cold plunge." The Wickersham Commission has not been heard of since it turned in its report. Maybe the boys have taken time out to read the thing themselves. We'll wager a t e d necktie t h a t Mr. Einstein* can't explain Congress.



of directions from outsiders telling us how toVun our paper. See that everyone is carried out." And the office boy, gathering them all in a large waste basket, did so.

Superior 206 River Ave.

Mrs. Colonel Smartt — " T h a t woman next door bought a hat exactly like mine." Colonel Smartt — "Well, now, I guess you two won't speak any more." Mrs. Colonel Smartt — "Not when she finds out t h a t I've given mine to her cook."

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Fraters Defeat Freshmen Lose Close Fight to Emersonians to Alma Team Make Triple Tie LEAD VISITING FROSH UNTIL EMERSONIANS, KNICKS AND LAST M I N U T E O F PLAY F R A T E R S HAVE EACH / ONE LOSS The stage was all set last Friday night f o r a preliminary game be- Next Few Weeks Will Sec Close tween the Frosh and the Fraternal Fight for Championship Society, but thirty minutes before the game the Alma Frosh arrived The F r a t e r s and the Emersonand so, as an act of courtesy the ians played an exciting game on Frosh played the Alma men. Monday evening, March second. Coach Schouten started a new That game was the first that the combination and since this caught Emersonians have lost this season. Alma off their feet the frosh gathAs a result, Emersonian no longer ered a lead of 12-5 at the end of leads the inter-society league. the first quarter. Alma did a little The F r a t e r s started the game off basket shooting herself during the with a lively attack which gave quarter and at the half the score them a six point lead. George Van stood 15-12 still in favor of the Peursem was going strong and took Frosh. more than his share of the points. The second half had not proThus encouraged, the F r a t e r s were ceeded two minutes before the invincible. Neither the regulars nor score was knotted at fifteen all. From this point on both teams the substitutes of the Emersonian played classy basketball and both team could stop them. Grin Ensteams fought stubbornly. At the field, who is usually lucky with long end of the third quarter the score shots, lost his eye. Captain Juist was still tie, this time a t twenty and the coach, Ver Strate, tried all, and at the blowing of the final every possible combination, but whistle the score stood 30-32 in without success. They didn't cooperate as they did in previous games. favor of the visitors. The scoring was well divided Ensfteld and Cupery went out on fouls in the second which only among all the fellows of both added to their troubles. The Frateams. An Alma fellow said a f t e r ters took advantage of the situathe game that this was the best tion and piled up a fine lead. The game they had played all season. final score was 25-14, in favor of Those who witnessed the contest the F r a t e r s . The remaining games will cerwill surely say that our Frosh tainly be of interest because of the played a game that no college close run for the championship. There is now a triple tie among the would be ashamed of. Emersonians, Knickerbockers, and John Vanden Belt has been ill the F r a t e r s . The tie will be played for over a week with an attack of off in several hotly contested games during the next few weeks. the flu.

Thurs., Fri., Sat.

50c A l m o n d C r e a m 2 f o r S I c 50c B r i l l i a m i n e

2 for 51c

75c C o l d C r e a m

2 lor 76c

$1 Face P o w d e r 2 for $1-01 GARDEN C O U R T 50c B r i l l i a m i n e

2 for 51c

H O M E REMEDIES 50c C o u g h S y r u p 2 for 51c 50c Eve B a t h 2 for 51c $1 Mineral O i l 2 for $1.01 50c D e n t a l C r e a m 2 for 51c 50c T o o t h B r u s h e s 2 for 51c

50c Benzoin C r e a m 2 for 51c 50c Cold C r e a m

2 for 51c

25c T a l c u m

2 for 26c

50c Face P o w d e r

2 for 5 l c


C O L O N I A L C L U B FOR MEN 50c S h a v i n g C r e a m 2 for 51c 50c A f t e r S h a v i n g Lotion 2 for 51c 25c A f t e r S h a v i n g T a l c u m 2 for 26c 50c H a i r O i l 2 for 51c


And Many Other Items not Listed Bring a Friend and Share the Savings


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Koski on "Feudalism or Health." At 4:80 in t h e afternoon a reY. M. C. A. P u r e S i l k t o t h e and a t 6:00 in t h e evening a dinner was given f o r t h e coaches, con* On Tuesday, March 3, 1931, * testants and student delegates. * M r . A b r a h a m Norman, one of * The Men's Contest took place a t * our students f r o m Arabia, • 8:00 P. M. and was unusually good. * spoke to the Hope College Y. '* Mr. Kenneth Ollis of Alma College AV* * M. C. A. on the subject "My • delivered an excellent oration on * Duty to My Brother." Mr. Nor- • "The Key to Heaven." This was * man gave many enlightening • followed by "Bolshevism or Vac* points on this subject. • cinate" by Mr. Peter De Vries of * The meeting opened with a * Calvin. Mr. P e t e r Skeberdis from A * f i r No. 1 2 1 8 * song service under t h e leader- * Central State Teachers' College * ship of Mr. Jacob J u i s t The • orated next on "Blunders, Yester* speaker of the evening, Mr. *• day and Today." The Alma College T h e s e hose a r e comparable * Norman, lead t h e . devotions. •' Girl's Sextette then rendered a fine in quality to those for * The music came from a violin * musical number. Mr. Gerald Huewhich you paid 79c a year * in the hands of Mr. Henry * nink then delivered his vigorous ^ t l r c ^ fcg . . silk-plaited f o o t . . . mercerized !intcrr * Kleinheksel. He played for his * oration entitled "Cannons or Canlining in welt . . . the s m a r t F r e n c h heel i h a t - > y j i (•lief1 # • * selections "Souvenir" by Orla * ons." "The Romance of Research" m o r e expensive hose I A n d only 4 9 t a pair f * and " L a r g o " by Handel. Mr. • by Mr. Cecil De Long of Kalamazoo * Kleinheksel was accompanied * College, and "Public Opinion" vs. * by his sister. Miss Joanna * Penology" by Mr. Gordon Fischer * Kleinheksel. » were the two concluding orations, * * and a f t e r another selection by the ••wiftinionmuTOniiinuHiflHuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiioitiiiiiHiiiiintiiMiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiuiiniit m m Alma Sextette, the judges retired rammiiaBmiBfinnifflimnraHiinimtinii'l.Tiiniiiiiiniii'iTiiiiiniiiiriiiuiHiuiimnnmijiiniii to cast their decisions. HUMOR The contestants, coaches and delegates waited breathlessly for (Continued from page 3) the outcome, and when it was at Coroner Bundesen announced last announced, the victors were as that he would be a candidate for Forty-seven y e a r s of steady growth, a histofollows: Mayor in opposition to William ry of abso'utely sound tinancial management, a Women's Contest Hale Thompson. It seems to me record of stability, and a deserving reputation tor First place — M i s s Alice Boter, it would be more fun to be coroner Hope College. | service to the policy holders. in Chicago. — One meets so many Second place—Miss Edith Davis, LKT U S SERVE YOU interesting people. Calvin College. W. J. OLIVE, General Agent. Third place—Miss Margaret KosLadi/ (at busy corner) — "Isn't ki, Michigan State College. MARRY KRAMER, Special Agent it wonderful how one policeman can Men's Contest dam the flow of traffic?" First place—Mr. Kenneth Ollis, Her Escort — "Yes, but you Alma College. MMnL-wm should hear some of the motorists Second place—Mr. Peter De t h a t are held up." Vries, Calvin College. Third place—Mr. Gerald HueTaxi Driver — "I'm engaged. nink, Hope College. Miss." On next Friday, March 13, the Sweet Yoiin</ Thinp — "I hope final contest will take place a t Mt. you'll be very happy." Pleasant, in which these six conV testants will participate. " W h a t is the most important problem you explorers have to ALMA D E F E A T S " HOPE IN FINAL M. solve?" asked an unscientific but I; A. A. GAME interested listener a t a lecture. Suits Pressed While You Wait "Well," returned the explorer, (Continued from Page 1) "getting back is the most important out 14 to 15. As a result the Hope to us." man has 95 points for the season which Alma's all M.I.A.A. guard The supply sargent had just is- collected 98. sued the last assortment of shoes The next ranking scorers were to the colored outfit. There were Dalman and Borton who collected plenty of kicks, but the loudest 7 points a piece. * came from Private Indigo Snow, Summary: who, failing to receive satisfaction Alma College (35) elsewhere, betook himself to the F.G. F.T.P. captain. Brown F 1 1 3 "Cap'n, suh," he announced, Sharpe F 1 1 3 "mah shoes am too big fo' me." Dean F 1 0 2 "You'll have to make the best of Williams F 1 0 2 it," answered the captain. "Plenty Borton C 3 1 7 ••wmuuBiiiuHmuriiiiiitimniiiiiiniHitMiiiiiiiHiiHiiiiiiiiwiiiiniiiiiiiiiinniiiuiiiiawiLiiniiiirminiiititiimi'iii uRiunniiBii'mtniiuimmiiuiUDiiiinioiui of men have shoes that don't quite Crawford C 0 0 0 fit." Gussin G fi 3 15 wudaintnio.i'iiiiuBMiininiiKJiiiiminiiiiiiasnstttmflirrjiiimBMnnniiiiuHiudwaiinu.iBiM "Don't quite f i t ! " ejaculated In- Tromater G 1 1 3 digo. "If you says 'tenshun, cap'n. 14 7 35 Ah comes to 'tenshun.. D« n if yo' Mope College (30) says to right about face, Ah right F.G. F . T . P . about faces, but mah shoes stay at Dalman F 3 1 7 m % —' — — — w Slighter F 0 0 0 'tenshun. Don't quite fit? Huh!" HotTman F 0 0 0 Are Shown Immediately in Our Shops Zwemer F 1 0 2 Hey! Hey! Spoelstra C 5 4 14 Wanted — Stenographers for Becker G 1 1 8 G 2 0 4 heating contractor's office. F.E.78I Cupery .1. Wiegerink G 0 0 0 World uptown. — Nf. V. World.

area at


Interest and Courteofls Attention is a part of our service to those w h o come to us for their printing requirements.

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Programs, Calling Cards, Stationery, Fine Papers 210 Colleg« Avenue


The Franklin Life Insurance Company

Suits Cleaned and Pressed $1.00

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Our New Spring Footwear Now on Display

P. S. BOTER & CO. The Very F i r s t . . . And, of Course The Very , Smartest

She (to husband tinkering with car) — "What causes the trouble, dear?" He (Novice) "I don't know exactly, but I think it's the exasperator." A balky mule has ^our-wheel brakes, A billy goat has bumpers; The firefly is a brighl spot-light, Rabbits are puddle-jumper^. Camels have baloon-style feet And c a r r y spares of what they e a t ; But still I think t h a t nothing beats The kangaroos with rumble seats.

Special Noon Luncheon

COZY INN 68 Eut 8th St. Senrice



(Continued from First page) poetic power" rather than a great creative poet. Auslander's work holds a high place in the estimation of critics. He finds especial favor as well among our leading American poets today because of his ability to recreate the essence and atmosphere of poetic personalities. N Petrarch. o H O P E ORATORS-TAKE FIRST AND T H I R D PLACES # (Continued f r o m F i r s t pa^*) ception was held f o r the contestants and delegates a t Wright Hall,


12 C 30 Hyames, W. S. T. C.

BORRS' BOGTERY 13 West Eighth St. #








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Columbia Hat and Suit Cleaners

I d Cota'sDrug Store SALE






Announces their greatest Store Wide Shoe Sale. •

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VV-i'V. i®** 'r,-- • .


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