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The Anchor



Volume XXXIV HOPE COLLEGE, Holland. Michigan. March 8, 1922 Number





The Adelaide contest or the Women's Oratorical Contest will be held * on the first Friday in May. The Freshman and Sophomore classes may enter in this contest two contestants, the Junior class three. EVERETT GAIKEMA AND MISS The Raven contest or Men..'s OrAGNES VANDE WALL TAKE atorical Contest will be held the last SECOND AND THIRD F riday in May. In this contest the HONORS Freshman and Sophomore Classes may enter two c o n ^ t a n ^ V e J u T C U „ Work

SQUAD LOSES TO M. A. C. BY A dpwn the floor by short passes. Many S* ONE-POINT MARGIN Inno^ long shots fiVinfa were tried U.. by u^.a.1. both xteams 29-28 but few connected with the basket. George scored first on a neat field g o a l a n d D i c k i e sw n Mt. Pleasant Dtfeatd in Orertim* > cashed in a free Game By 19-17 Score throw. The Normals then got their start and the lead changed hands until the score stood seven all. With Contrary to all dope the Orance about three minutes left in the first and Blue were eliminated from the half Jack called on his subs and race f o r the State Collegiate Title in sent in VanLente for Dyke, and then a game featured by exceptionally shifted Irving from guard to Dick's lucky shots of th Michigan Aggies, forward. Mike took center and Gary The Farmers had been in a slump for took Irvings guard. This combinathe pastthree weeks and they emerg- tion worked well and succeeded in ed from tlus slump just in time to scoring a field goal before the whisdefeat us. The game was exceeding- tie ended the half ly close a f t e r the first ten minutes of The second half was a repetition of play and the lead changed hands the first. The play was exceedingly

z : l z X o r r o n may con-

Additional instructions will be S„,n Par Cnt found upon the bulletin boards. ' Mis8 Hope College Oratorical League, Lillian Van Dyfce of Holland, H. De Weerd, Sec-.'y. Michigan, is to be valedictorian f o r t h e clas .t M ~ , ^ . 8 of 1922. This honor is hers

83 a re3ult of h a v i n K h a d t h e —that fh I™! 816 50 000 atudent8 in Pc f i ' average grades during the four years in Central Europe struggling under of residence work at Hope. Her avlnsuff Winfield Burggraaff e r a W € conditions to erage f o r the four years was 93.96% gam necessary training; of Grand Rapids. C0UrSe 0f faSt and much E v e r e t t Gaikema Z ? Tul T * ^ ""Khness was in evigame. Although we were beaten by dence. Hope held on to the lead at large parts of Europe are Michigan took second honors with an one point our team had the edge in f r o m the start. George and Gary was a most destitute of professionally average of 93.6%, while Miss Agnea every department, except in free- all o v e r t h e fl()or a n d k e p t N ( ) r m a l trained men and women; Vande Wall of Cedar Grove, Wis.. dimi Utive m e n awa that without student relief came third with an average of S T f L a S • ^ ° y from the basket most of A g p e forward, was m his usual good the time. Mike broke into the scorforces inispensible to Europe, re- 93.b2%. Miss Frieda Gunneman of form from the foul line and dropped ing twice in rapid succession. His overy will be unavailable for years; Coopersville, Mich., placed fourth m seven out of eight tries. Hope l o n g a r m s s n a p p e d t h e b a l l o u t o f WINFIELD BURGGRAAFF TAKES a disintegration of Europe's ed- with an average of 93.19% g 0 a l S 10 e l e V e n t h e a i r a n d S E C 0 N D P L A C E ,N MEN S ucationaJ institutions would be disAlthough there were no unusually T ^ p with a fast dribble he ' 0 C 0 N T E S T a n d d r 0 p p e d 14 i n i r o m c l v U 2 e as rous to the whole ™ civilized world; individual grade averages, the " p — * " - i d,opp.d i . defen" "« ' " 7 " ; Van CONTEST ' high d world; high individual grade averages, the defense was better anH mnaf. r\f /mw t x. i • . _ U r t h e r dd ee cc aa dd e n c e defense was better and most of our Lento played a f a s t floor g a l e and « • „ • . • i- it 7 fr f , ^ c e of of the the class class average average of of 87% 87% is is the the highest highest fibre Tr,i, , ; Br,de P l a r FoUrt,, n t tellectua ellectual fibre o nf f askets were made from close range dropped in a nice basket. Near the . " T ^ " ' Europe can be in a number of years. Over 60 will v 9 mraaae a d e a mma a j 0 r i t y o f e n d V e n t e d of the game the the Normals dropdropt r o u g h aiding its be graduated in in the class of 1922. S" ~?. .b l "f ff fT Wom.n . Conte.t ^ only through i . J o n t y of end ^ tneir baskets frnm n A „ •. . . . . . . ' — •• • present generation j 4.u^ i _i


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This defeat ended our only chance In the nvnH-im to lay claim to the state L . It . ' / surely . b L .h." LT ™ „ nearly . Z T h . „ " worked hard and it was only hard luck that they did not win this game, Every exl?. ... man put up a wonderful caUbitioD. Dick and Dyke a t f o r w u r L



• ,1 u i-u

t 11.50 Thursday morning and ar- help solve present world oroblprnq ^ S E R V E S WIN FROM LAKE o u t 4 o'clock in the and guide the f u t u r e l i l VIEW 1 "" " »' - W . Ho , h , , t n 0 n Going into the game with the ' " ° a b 0 U t S P e n t i n visitinfi: A l m a C o U A same old fight that won over the ** W . They a b e a u t i f u l a n d w e i l e ui Man works Bethanys last week, the Reaervea ^ q PP«<l " f o r ftowiy, If h € 6 0 Camp US a n d t h e s t u d e n t s a n savea came out victorious in a hot and N ""t . 1 d faculty » money will work for him." scrappy struggle with the Lakeview ™ « tw. goal that o clock Friday afternoon the Worn Stars. It was doubtful f o r aome . i-.' - TTT-ll /-V . . , time as to whether the game woul4 INT Y be played because of the storm resuits in that part of the country.

Peri0d both tearas

Wtt Z flv^ h u n "I 1 " f u l bwket from the floor soon Soon ^h me noor. t h i ^

rived in A l m a ab

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T. X ' t c i : " r"-**• ***<>*%' TXr* o i " . " ing a stellar defensive game.


Next F r i d a y ' n ^ h t

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v . . L e n t , and Mike ffled in creditflhlv creditably. The Za—• * eHh J d 3 very happy that Dame Fortune smiled on them or Hope might have been claiming that State -Title HOPE B P P T Van Putten, P 5 0 0 I Japinga (c) P 4 2 1 0 De Jong, C, G 0 0 0 0 Riemersma, G 4 0 0 0 Orving, G 0 0 0 4 1 Van Lente, G 0 0 0 0 Schuurmans, C 0 0 0 n ' " M. A. C. Gilkey, P Heasley (c) P Poster, C Matson, G Swanson, G Brown, G

13 2 5 2 B P P T 3 7 0 0 4 0 0 0 4 0 4 0 0 0 4 J 0 0 0 0 *""'0 0 J 0

11 7 4 ! Summary—Fouls missed- Janino3; Gilkey 1. S u b r t t o t i o n S Lente f o r Irving S c h ^ r #






7;;ja« i i t .

was fortunate to have . lighting system of its own and for


^ Je"Ie««.a . h e wa. t e ^ e d u ^ m aai i n o u t m advantage <>* the f r a y bbecause ^ ' ry ." ^mount- -morning - ' n ^ b yby r Dr ^ RR W » - t of ™ e of in P a 0 a s t r i k i n 1 J r i e S t h e p r e v i your last opportunity the strikingly gi r li 8 h fig^ Philadelphia. The The speaker 1 ^ ' is'' con* ^r r e i v e d the p r e ovu ia o evening Tava^ to see thfs ure patform->a " ™S y eirlish Philadelphia. T0Ugheat HOPE o P P t was d S T A " B a c k g r o u n d s ' " n e c w t e d w i t h the international Y. M " WaS **** P T that h e h a 8 e v e r 8een Japinga* (c) P , , ' decidedly different from the ""d Y. W. C. A. and is making a t o ^ . And you 0 0 WaS r ln W h a t Bil1 calls Van Putten F i n T P onounced with the interests of the industrial rough. Nevorh0lding the interest ob lems of t h e 1688 b y k e e p i n U De Jong g ' C } J 1""° ITh f world with which he IJ® « P the old fight to 1 Riemersma ' G J 0 0 1 of her audience every moment Next h a 3 b e e n closely associated for some ^ V e r y fini8h t b * Reserve, topped Irving G ' F I n 0 0 IT , o r a t l o n " S o c i a l Dependents" ^ m e - Dr. Hogue spoke on the "In- ^ S C O r e i n a P 0 0 r l y officiated game b y MiSS H e , e n W a r d Van Lente P ? ' 3 0 K , of d ^ r M of the American T h e e X t r a w e i ^ t of Lakeview T d Was 8 plea t0 the W rld chuurmans' C I n 0 0 fp -' ^ " o Student," em- " I * m a k e m a t t « « any better, in fact 0 1 0 phasin ° "iterests be disregarded « the need of European stu- S h o r t y B o o n 8 makes a good .ubstiDou an he u v. .a wt twuc social dependents aependents of of ,. n a n d e deducation which has has severesevere- t U t e e f o T a a b ouncing ncingball ballififneceswrv necessarv ~ social c a t i o n which 9 y ss uur,if?ee rr e d b Y Y o nnkk 5 wm 9 1 5 ! America receive humane treatment by y the the industrial industrial depresdepreso m maann continued continued hia hia clever clever MT. PLEASANT bR P r» m and Porn Tur;«„ nr , SI on n* -L " — tiever of tha P and care. Miss Ward possessed a j f " , j t country. He believes f o o t i n g of the previoua evening Francis, P a t ll n d u s t r 0 1 0 pleasing voice and * dustry, religion and and edacation edacation ddrrooppppiinn<f <f his customary customary aevM aevw a convincing y . religion ffoorr his Calkins, P "g 6 h a n d in h a n d an 0 0 0 ^ y ' of delivery. Miss Florence Lar- f ° ' d that it is up to " " " t e r s . To Mike must bo riv.n Brooks, (c) C ZZ.2 8 tudents of our American t h e c r e d i t of th evening. Again and Le Cronier, G q 1 2 0 son of Michigan State Normal was J® + . SPeaker With the Sheldon G ^ 0 0 2 t. object 7 '""titutions to restore the a « a i n ^ P-Ued the baU out of the G 0 l o ' T h e Challenge of the Twentieth * * o i o t h e r l a n d 8 . ^ as to a i r it had all the i n t e n t L , ! Wa;npr ' „ 1 0 provide the worl 0 0 Century," by Miss Marion Claflin of ^ e necessary and able leadd of rolling in the basket 01lVet Thi8 was a well written ora- ^ ^ have. The only Mike has been playfng a f clvlli „ 8 1 4 2 on. "The Need of the twentieth T » t i o n , he said, lies i n season but he c e r t a i n r T l . ! ary U IS MiSSed: r r V i n g 41 C e n t , r y 8,16 d e 1 om lo his Brooks 3 Subst t f 'i ''' clared, "waa f o r !, = " n one-ness of humanity. ^ last Friday. The rest of h*« people e emen s for Van Putt ^ ons—Van Lente who could and dared to think .J t through which such team-mates fought like Trojans Van f0r Japinga e h t Next Mis8 8 may be foste d De J o n " L , ' * : ^ " Alice B a l d e n T l « . it was L e n t o holding down a g u a r ^ i H Schuu of Ad a P m t e d 0Ut a r e : t h e b o n d De Z l Z ™ a n H for r i n spoke on "Common c T ; ' of h u m a " f o r the evening p r o v e T l r i ke

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MaXine M c B r i d e tthen hen Maxme McBnde









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Hope 1 6 : Going from M A C to Wt n 5°" Plasant the team took on tte c f n f U T






" a p p u , « not only ships and fortifiC 0 s but " »'«> feelings of s S c -

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aa.auc long passes impossi- orities ba " had to be teken c a m p l


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jStjp Atttlior Piblifthtd •••rj Wednesday durlnf th# Ool jMr by •tudentf o( Hope Oollef*.

unheeded? The opportunity is ours now and let us make the best of i t Our seniors in any of the college classes are at all times ready and willing to give us a helping hand and, surely, this is one opportunity a H^gh School ddes riot have. "Prep" does reveal its ability occasionally in the presenting of plays or musical t a l e n t This fact proves " . • mm

Just A Look

BOARD OF EDITORS rmrmm E. DB •BIB8..BI>MO^W.<mBP WHMd BtrfgrMff AmocUU AaaoelAto EdUor Aa o2!pii hSw W. 0MnPl RvSS2 g00 W AimM t h a t w e a r e a b l e t 0 t we will but step forth and take the l ]ESS''y."'.'.''• T u OofUnbutf opportunities as they are presented to ua. The opportunity to try out BUSINESS DEPARTMENT Haiucer ! • • • • • • • • • • • * * Mm ITlttem*. f o r athletics, the opportunity for de..$1.50 p n y«ftr In rtme* bating, the opportunity to enter the Tt .. Tin OtaU approaching contests, all are for evSlBflt OoplM. • • • • • • • • • • Rate ol ery member of the Preparatory Accepted for Mftillnr fct ^ eciel1108. Act noetMre provided for m BectKionOctober 19, School. Shall we grasp our opportunST Octot^r. 1»1T. ••rthotlted ms. ities while they are ours? Come on, "Prep!" let's go! —N. B., Prep. '22. STAFF ELECTIONS In a week or two the Student members of the Anchor Association will meet to elect Staff members for the coming year. It is an event that deserves your attention. The Anchor is Hope's official representative at other schools, and it needs at its head a group of responsible, enthusiastic students whose primary journalistic goal is a greater and better Hope, and who will strive to achieve this goal by an earnest devotion to the ideals f o r which Hope stands, That means that Staff members must be selected from the best man-stuff that Hope possesses. Class and society affiliations must not be allowed to influence one's c h o i c e , - t h e man's the thing. The present Staff has made certain selections f o r the various offices, choosing those persons in each case, whom it has found during the year have shown peculiar adaptability f o r the office. These are merely recommendations and anyone is f r e e to nominate others. It should be h o m e in mind, however, that literary qualifications alone should not entitle a person to a position on the S t a f f literary ability should be combined w t h a sincere desire to work, and

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ULIF1LAS CLUB •f • not generally known f ' ^ d a y that an organion the c P ^ e x i g t e d since nation exis ^ the y6ar ^ gin the o { c r eating an interexpress p P ^ ^ D u t c h Lanm t est i o r i t y of Hope's stuguage. ; n e j n extraction dents stm ^ ^ Dutch and co ^ ig> therefore, of S 0 is still P ' . n t h e ^ext two vita impor a t l e a s t , there be or three e ^ ^ the BU pply men w o Reformed Dutch pulpits in our ow P e r h a


i"h" •aH.T preparation could ^ a m a n w h o desires there or J ^ t h e D u t c h l a n g u a g e , 10 oe f o u n d e r s of this the a gUag 0 " t n ^ work as minister jnsU u ion a d v a n t a g e of g a i n . o { D u t c h i n this very







llllllllllllllllM^^ Bernie Mulder of the Class of '19, has accepted a call from a church in


Mr. Garrett Vander Borgh, one of Muskegon Heights, Michigan. the Short Term men who went to India in 1920 was compelled to submit to an operation in the Schell Eldrcd C. Kuizenga, Hope '18, has hospital in Vellore, and according to latest reports, was recuperating at accepted a call from the Zion church in Grand Rapids, Michigan. the Sanatorium at Madanapalle.

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ing 7

Practica way^. ^ o { the Ul" h ^ ^ i s t h e n a m e of filas ^ : t 3 meeth ^ the ^ Z every ^ ev.ening. L e t all those Wedn y ^ ^ advance.

w o r k hard

Z ° o f t h i s organization kindly bear The association meeting is also m e n t 0 T^alrinp- arrange, . v.- u 4. u • this in mind when making arrange 111153 the place in which to bring up any ^ t• » .v , » 111 ments for other activitle . suggestions f o r the improvement of the Anchor Staff. The present Staff (Continue from Page 1) will bring up certain changes as re- 2 0 ( > . second place, "International gards the division of responsibility, p ^ t h " Miss Opal Hoopingamer, of butit will welcome any additionat Albion; third place, "The Need of suggestions t h a t may work for a bet- ^ Twentieth Century " Miss Marian ter Anchor. As readers of the An- chatiin Olivet After the contest the chor you are in a position to detect o r a t o r s and delegates attended a reits faults,—be free to express them, c e ption at Wright Hall, the girls' and what you have to suggest as a dormitory. At 6 P. M. they were remedy. Above all, he at the meet- g U ests at dinner. ing, and cast an honest, unprejudiced At 8 p. m. the Men's Contest took ballot. p l a c e j xhe Alma representative, Mr. Frank Vreeland, first delivered his PREPITES, WHERE IS PREP? oration "The Equality of Love." He . was followed by Mr. Clifford French Occasionally it is rumored about of Hillsdale, whose subject was "The our campus that we have at Hope a Guarding of the Melting P o t " The preparatory school, but, Prepites, third speaker was Winfield Burgwhere is Prep? Do we ever do or ac- graaff with the oration "The Nacoroplish anything or are we letting t o n ' s Heritage." His plea was strong the high schools, which are receiving and eloquent, and his delivery was the same instruction as the Prepara- excellent. Then Mr. William Schrier tory School, surpass us? It is true of Kalamazoo spoke on "Our Next that we have a Preparatory School Step." Mr. Harry Lynch of Michigan Basketball team and they have done State Normal was unable to deliver good work at times. This year an his oration on account of illness, effort at debating was made and we The next oration was entitled "A received good start. It is too late to Chalenge to Modern Education" by ; attempt contests with other high Mr. Louis Le Mieux of Olivet. He schools in debating this year, but it was followed by Mr. Ralph Krout of not to late to remember this line of Adrian on the subject "America's school work so as to get started early Alternative." The last speaker was next f a l l But we must not let it Mr. Harry Laity of Albion. His ordrag along. We must pick a team ation "Our Debt of Honor," prosufficiently .early to enable us to claimed the rehabilitation of our compete with other schools. wounded soldiers as our debt of During April two interesting con- honor. His style was decisive and tests will be held, one a Declamation compelling. Then the decision of the contest for the "C" and "D" classes judges was announced. First place, and the other an Oratorical contest "Our Debt of Honor," Mr. Harry for the "A" and "B-f classes. The Laity, Albion; second place, "The prizes for the winners are awarded Nation's Heritage," Mr. Winfield by the Student Council. This again Burggraaff, Hope; third place, "Our is an opportunity for every Prepite Next Step," Mr. William Schrier, of to do something worth while for Kalamazoo. himself or herself. What shall we Hope can well be proud of her ordo about it? Shall we take our op- ators as they acquitted themselves portunity for experience in Oratory creditably. or shall we let this chance slip by

W h a t Is Water Japan?


A P A N — n o t the country but a metal'coating varnish— and your morning bottle of milk. Totally unlike, yet

associated! ,


Ordinary Japan consists of a tough, rubbery, tar'Iike "base* and a highly inflammable "solvent" T h e solvent dilutes the base so that the metal may be coated with it easily. The presence of the solvent involves considerable fire risk, espedaily in the baking oven. •

Milk is a watery fluid containing suspended particles of butter fat, so small that one needs the ultra-microscope to de* tect them. An insoluble substance held permanently in sus' pension in a liquid in this manner is in "colloidal suspensioa" T h e principle of colloidal suspension as demonstrated in milk w a s applied by the Research Laboratories of the General Electric Company to develop W a t e r Japan. In this contv pound the particles of Japan base are colloidally suspended in water. T h e fire risk vanishes. So the analysis of milk has pointed the w a y to a safe japan. Again Nature serves industry. Connected with the common things around us are many principles which may be applied to the uses of industry with revolutionary results. As Hamlet said, "There are more things in Heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy."

G enerallilEle ctric General Office


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:r 'V

"Love is the simple charm, which STUDENT DELEGATION AT THE WHITEHOUSE brings success whereer we go." "It Living up to the reputation which i 3 ^ e invisible line which stretches they secured in defeating some of between my spirit and others." The influence of American stuthe strongest teams in the state, the "Come Ye Blessed," was sung very dents in support of sustained efforts Reserves took the Bethanys of Grand beautifully by Majorie Rank. of the United States Government for Rapids in for a little f r a y and came continued reduction - of armaments out with a 15-5 victory to their credSCIENCE CLUB was assured President Harding at a it. According to the dope a hardfought game was expected. Bethany It was on Wednsday evening, in A conference at the White House, on has defeated several strong indepen- warm room, with the table neatly Monday, February 20th, by the regdent teams this season and have decked that the men of the Science ional chairmen of the National Sturather took things a little too much Club gathered for their annual con- dent Committee for the Limitation for granted.- But with the memory course,—the stag. of Armaments. of New Year's games still in mind There were no preliminaries, i All ' Charles Denby, Jr., of Princeton, our men were determined to even fell in immediately and very little nephew of Sec'y Denby, as chairu^ matters. And that they did. remained to be seen of the gorgeous man, headed the deputation to the clever guarding on their part kept meal provided by the social commit- White House. Three hundred thousthese tossers to two field goals. tee. Following is the menu: Vitam- and young men and women in two The game was exciting and inter- ins Sol. B, Enzymes a la Carte, hundred and twenty-five colleges esting to the very finish. Strenuous Along with the above mentioned were represented. work on the part of our guards kept dainties went Congo Red; Pigian American participation at Genoa Bethany to two field goals,—ours is vertebral spinales! C6 H1005; Em- and ratification of the Four-Power the only team that lias been able to erald ellipses; Saccharine cum bun- pact was recommended in many of do this this season. The Reserves ion! Staff omnorum; and Extracted the resolutions, which have been certainly sprang a surprise for the mammalian juice 3.14159. passed independently at the various evening in defeating the champion The toasts having been toasted, colleges, and which were presented team of Grand Rapids. This makes and just about every-one having to the president. This is the first the eleventh win out of 12 games having been "roasted," everyone time a united expression in an atplayed, the only game lost being that l , a r t i n the discussion of var- tempt to influence governmental polto Bethany in the first part of the ious mammalian types, including the icies has been given student opinion season. missing ink. Collids, micro-mi- in this country. Observers see in • crones, and leucocytes were also ably deputation the beginning of such a discussed by the members. student movement as has already Y. W. C. A. The hour for departure came all won recognized power in England, • too soon, and everyone declared him- China, Japan, and many of the counA glorious sunshine flooded the s e l f t o h a v e h a d a g o o d a n d p r o f i t a . t r i e s o f E u r 0 p e t


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chapel during the Y. W. C. A. meet- ble time, and at 9 P. M. the annual The National Student Committee ing Thursday * concourse of Hope's Numb-skulls for the Limitation of Armaments orHcr face aglow with the sunshine c a m c iginated at Princeton at a conference aR e n d that radiates from a noble heart, in N o y e m h e r of e a s t e r n colle&es a n d



Mrs. Browning talked in er swet way of the "little foxes" which infest the field where character is cultivated. " I t is wonderful to be young—to be young now," she said, "When ther are so many avenues of service. For surely the sweetest joy comes thru being useful." "Someone has said that the thing which started him tor better living Just as the luscious U was infection. fruits of semi-tropical regions cannot thrive in northern climes, so our best selves cannot grow unless our environment and a s s o c i a t e s - o u r climate - i s suitable. We need good assocm es and most of all a close association with Jesus. Only as His word .s a lamp unto our feetand a guide upon our faith can we annihilate the foxes which lurk about. The most dreaded fox is selfishness and in his train follow fast envy, jealousy, oversensitiveness, pride, insincerity, thoughtlessness, impatience, untidiness. None of our failings are so unimportant that we nee^ not fight them with full force. In God's plan each has a part, an influence. We are always passing something on from our personalities,

w a g d e v e i 0 p e d a^

the universities and colleges of the entire country. During the ConferAbe Rynbrandt led Y. M. C. A. e n c e ^ ^ t 0 educate student Tuesday night on the topic "The last o p i n i o n u p o n t h e i g s u e s i a n d h a g sup_ C o s t o f p r a y e r " He gave as a simple p l i e d t o a l l c o l ] e g e p u b l i c a t i o n s w e e k . d f i n i t i o n of prayer, the direct com- l y a r t c l e s o n t h e C o n f e r e n c e b y r e c . Our o g i z e d | a u t h o r i t i e s including Fredm u n i o n between God and man. prayers should not only be petitions e r i c k j p a I t a e r a n d William Hard. but thanks as well. Before we can p r a y w e m u s t possess certain pre-re0 n Monday the great student i i t e , which are: Submission, Sinqu s S Friendship F u n d Drive 8tarted at M The purpose A c The Y W C A believing this C e r ity and Reverence. prayers is to learn the pur- d r i v e t o b e ^ j of o u r rtancei p 0 s e o f God. Seeking the will of v o t e d ? 2 0 f o r ^ f u n d This ?20 God and then doing it is part of our ^ {urnish substantial meais .christian living. Abe then spoke to f o r s t u d e n t g d e s t i n e d ^ b e l e a d e r s i n If we t h e w o u s a bout the cost of prayer. who are ^ starv to believe in prayer, then we are recog- d e a t h 0 t h e r orgallizations on the all that c a m p u s a r e t a k i n g i t u p n i z i n g God and accepting other goes with Him. Then, too, we must g c h o o l s t o o a r e c o n t r i b u t i n g t o t h a t . , D „ p a y the price of living a spiritual H life, consistent in prayer, full of ^ help? meditation about God and His word. Prayer is something we all need. UnCAMPUS NEWS less we all feel the need of it and are able to bring our problems be^ fore God, we have not realized the Gatra Brown who has been visitpower of prayer. The testimonies of •ng Hope friends from some time. the evening were especially good and returned to her home in New York everybody felt the better for having fast Wednesday. attended. . The real spring fever crept in upon the "Dorm" unawares last week, but all seem to be recovering now.



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The "sweater" girls are keeping the walks warm with their skating.


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To be or not to be, that is the question. Will next week's column include "Campused" News? George Smiley, U. of M. '22^ was a guest at the dorm last Monday evening. As chairman of the exhibit committee for the Conference he was very successful, as all of us will agree.

V •

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We* wish we could go to the end of the world again, don't you? Ain't we got f u n when we're all at Duke's and Mr. Duke answers the phone? No, we haven't any reports as yet?



The Dormitory presented a bleak and unfriendly appearance to the cheering mob of students who demanded admittance for the girls. It was in vain—the doors remained closed. * When the girls finally got into the "dorm" they found that they had been transferred from one locked door to many.

Hollaad, Ionia and Muskegon^ Michigan


Chicago to include


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JStait's Musings

Holland, Mich

W a n t t o feel a t Home?

Miss Boyd—Express in German, "We Guess." Class—No response. Miss Boyd (after several minutes) —"What ails this class?" Ward De Young— "We're rotten, (wir r a t e n ) . " Miss Boyd—"Correct." Mrs. Durfee—"Young man, the lights in this dormitory go out at ten o'clcok." Tony Mengs: "That suits me; do not delay on my a c c o u n t " That joke is what our room-mate calls "humor a la 'Curfew Town'." We wonder why Prof. Wichers doesn't have a rubber stamp made with an "L" on it. I t seems as tho that is the letter that he loves best.

Eat At

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We met a felHow the other day who said he could remember the good old days when chapel started at eight o'clock every day. Seems hard to believe doesn't it, Casey?

i g g i T h e Place you'll come back to."

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— in the —

WAY you want it andJWHEN you want if.

To the Faculty and Stewed Dents of Hope College:

Bo it hereby resolved that we, the undersigned, do agree to refuse the honor of being valedictorian and salutatorian which the faculty of Hope College has conferred upon us. We have definitely made up our minds in regard to this matter so please do not urge us further. Be it also resolved that a copy of these resolutions be feent to The Leader, The Anchor, DeHope for pub lication and another copy to our sorrowing parents. Signed, Babe Van Putten, Cornelius Van Tol. I'm sick of poems by Xezex, Of poetry printed in prose. Of Nomis and Bluebeard, Of jokes that are age-seared, And women that powder their nose.

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I rave at entire Hope College, To be out of here sure were a boon. But nevertheless I'l! have to confess I'll stay here and kick till next June.

And we forgot to take a slam at the dorm regulations too. And now that the Seniors' averages have been figured out for their college course, we wonder if the Seniors are supposed to study any more.

We have them in Black and Brown Kid. All sizes A and C widths


I'm weary of razzing the women, . As well as their worser half, men. Of jokes by Prof. Wichers, Girls hiking for sweaters. Reserve seats for Hope's letter men.

No, we don't really feel as bad as that bit of doggerel would make you thin1-: we feel. We were just imagining how we'd feel if all the disl.kes of the student body were embodied in one person.

As a Corset Supports the Waist

Better buy an Album or Memory Book. practically giving them a ^ a y . fc

I'm tired of lecture course numbers. And Milestone launching campaigns, Editorials by Windy, And answers by Gardei, And dope that the honor code stains.

Twenty-four students of Hillsdale attained the high scholarship record of "A" There are six boys in the list. Two, a fallow and a girl, "were indefinitely rated " A " by each instructor, so that they have a record of having made the highest points attainable. Geraldine Page}, the college orator, is on the list.

W e are

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Albion College held its all-college party on February 24. Central Cole g e s Washingtonian banquet is an annual aJJ-college event too. Idaho U., playing a highly spectacular brand pf basket ball, lays first claim to the Pacific and North West honors.


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S t

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