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We Wouldn't Spend Our • Good Money ..A . •

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'flu~~··re gu~ranteed pure wool.


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Thay're moderate m Tho,v will suit your taste, your body and your put·se.

Lol£1cer-Ruta:ers Co. •


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D esol ati o n ht·oods o,·c r all. • . t t tl h ca \'y earTh~.· rt'd , Jll:;, ... :lltt hy th e r n:tcl'u e n ~" , riag l's a nd lu~ ur iuu.; d r e s, the !.,.at., .Y capan~on roc} . . h o r se and


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4 w a ·in a ph!mc. , a n d , as with mn ~ in~ !'tep h e r e turn:; t th • little plot of land which furni~hc~ hut a b a re ~ ttstenancc t o hi.· ~Han·ing family, tlwre comes to hi: mind sit \\'ly. dully, yet \\'ith a\\akeuing ~cn~e. the \\' Ord!' of hi" c nr e ··. \11 men arc created N JuaL" <)f his hard earned ~a ,·i ng~. eighty-n ne per CC'lt must be laid a~tde f r t:t.xcs: ci~,·h ty-on e per cent, that n y~1t_,. n 1ay ricle in brilliant procc. s inn: eighty -one per cent that hi:=; O \\'n maste r may lea,·e his chateau dt.:.'l' rl<'u and Ii,·e in :-'H mptuo us sty le at \ 'e n•aill c~. \Vhat mo~l~ r y, then, that do~­ tri ne .. ,\11 men ar·e ~··ca ted cq ual ! '

)bli,·ions to thi" s ufi"<'ring. the procc !-'sio n nN)\' ·s c n to \ ·er:ailll's. Th e ro_, :tl famil .v rnnH s o ut t o mee t t h e m. From th e nld king. L o uis X\'. ~farie . \ntu iru: t t c recL• i,· ~..· s an ffu:in.· '' t'icome. blll h er n ati,·c se n · iti,·cness is ru<kly sh oc k~..·d by th e flaunting artificiality o f Louis' mistn.·ss, .:\ladame du Harry. For the first tim ~ s he mt·e ts th e qui<.:t, n.!:'e n ·crl y o llng man \\'hU is to he h e r hnsband . \\. ith n· jrJis h iPlptll.' i\· •ness she~ ca:-ts her:-- If at his feet htlt r,: jJ - t o 0\'(•rcome his inborn r~.· ­ Sl' I'\' C'. r\ re\\' day pass. and :lllliclst reg-a: "P ICn d o r '11 ·It ;!-; th ·: Fren c h ou rt al o n e " ·a. cap:tJ,Ie ( 1f, ~fari c : \n tni n ette, by birth an \tis trian , was m ade Fn: n ch by Ia\\' and a du p t i<,l l. Fur t\\'t.:llt) ye:1rs cn,·ironm c nt \\'ill be llla~tl·r i·n the <:tucliu. l~llt \\'hat of h e r ed ity? This I\ nstrian maid, beco me 1h e c <: nt e r o f the French \\' Orld , is an anomaly. The "lhlll':-omt· lt <':-':-- uf her AtL t r icti l blood strugg-les wi t h the · n ~uou:-:n ·s nf French cultur ~. ~laria Thcresn, blcs cd \\'ith th e :-:1\.'rncr aitrihutes o f a ruling!'ov ·reign. be e n d es tit l1 tc o f a lll• ) t hl'r·.'-' a fi'<. ct iu n for h LT children. ''fhe tmp e rial in stru ·: tnrs had :'t ug-ht o nly to sati . fy · th e frinJ i uu ~, demand~ c f tlH.' it· cll;trg-l' -;. ln COII:'erptencc tlh' l'ducatinn oi ~'l tt ric .-\ n toinc:llc had b l'l' ll sadly n cglectecl. Th e ohlig-:llinn dtt<' to n .,ye,d p osi t inn aud the res po nsibiliti es a tt<>n<hnt ttj ) Oll royal <ksc nt " '<' re ttnkn 0\\"11 to h e r. Her father aJ,) nc had inc;tilled int o the heart o f his faYo rite child a spi rit nf si nc l' re de,·otion :tnd an in spirin~ concept io n o f the b eauty 'f 11 line. \Vith a tr;1ining- ttdl :tc; mi ~ht ha,·e fitted :1 Y•1 un g- g-irl fo r th e secl u . ion of th e ntmn <" ry . .:\l a rie Antoinette entcrcu a court. where the pride o f liie a nd the cl e. ires of the eye f0tmcl th<'ir mo!'t refined !"eunct inn~. \\'here Yice wac; deck L·d tn f:: irc~t garb and g-raccrl \\'ith n h1 c '-t ch;~rrn. Tnt o thi~ w n rld o f allurement he plung-ed. Her bc:auty e nthrallc:c.l it. B o rn

in 11 n til...: loa lll nf a !ig-h l <1mh iti( i l. I < :--sL·d upnn a s'a f . \ u~ · tri <lll <ll-p!lt. t h i... T l'lli•m . \ phrudi t ; ndc ltl d•1111ini • m.u\· e1~ til· l'(ILIJ' I f l : r· ~ nki .'h I ll\' · a n d Ji cc n s" whic h n· ig-n L·cl at \ l'r. atll c ... In the tn•ll'lling- • t the J ~nl o :,·n c races 1 in the afkrnno n at t hl' hunt. in til<.' '\t·nint; <1 l th<: r0yal theatre a nd a it e r\\·anls tlw g a lllin g- tabl : s. til\· ,,.,,::; e~ n t.: 111ad \\'hirl of 1 l ~:t::;u rc . The '. lid 1 in,. b ccrtme h\.·r m r':o: t d e,·oted ca,·:dil:r. '\ l'l the 1\u stnan l'<.l t;l t, her .\u~trinn i.tthcr anci It •r .\ustrian rcligiu n \\'CI'L' lHll fo r ao tt e n Sacr•.!d ri1c:::; \\'erc n ,·c r n cg-kc tcd. nd th ng.1 pur ar7d innc Cl' ll ~ in h ea rt, :.\Jaric: Antuinl'ttc exposec.t hcr:-:~ l'i tu e ,·cn· d :a rg'· oi calumny and ~ land r hr ll!.,!"ht nga tnst h~..·r. F o ur l~ng years thi~ \\' tld caree r con tinllL'•L and then came a ~uc.lden hal t. Th e gri111 pectrP. kn eked at th e ro~· al d no r:-:. D~at~ c~ ::nc t o st ri p away lifl'' s ,.\.' th'cr. I t \\'as ~ l ay. 1/'7-t· L (lu t....; ~.\ Ia.' d y ing. Th <.:. i. Snu let \\ t>n ta n, \\'hn so ~(lllg" had dallll d tn th: · lap (.)f Fran ce. pr...:pa rc: d for <.: uw ard llt~hl. l k:-.t•rtcd by a~~ hut h i - t h :·c~..· ~ i~t ·rs , tit,• I· ren~lt king- iarc d th e ·\ng- I t Dea th. Il L· \ \'h( l had pan dlrctl to cvl'ry ltt:-:t \\'as tHn\· calkd ttpo n "to g-i,·c al'L'tHtllt ui <k<·ds dune in the th· ... h ... \\' ithout n ia ith witho ut J>l':tce. h e ckpa r kd into thl' g-n·at u nkn own. ·{· hu~ Lou 1:; :X \ . d ie I and with him tltl' ~l11n arrh .' · o f FranC'~'· At this m ome n tous c t·i s is L oui. X\'1 was pt·oclaim ed kinu-,-l.Jut kinu of what? Kin tr o f a ma~s of t· ebl'l lio us su hjec~! Pla~ed upon a throne, - buta t otte t·in g tht·o n.c ! D ec ked ·with a c t·own - hut a h ollow cr-own! Pt·e-.;e ntc d \\' tlh a ~cep­ t 1-e.- bu t a u~e, e~s s c ptt·e! u ch w a:-; h i:-:; cot·o na t ion. An d beside this n e wly crowned l~ino-, b c:sid e thi~ last ~nd m · t 1-efined p 1 ·odu~t of an artifi ~ ial ci\'iliza ti on, st o<l_ hts q~ ee n. queenly in th e beauty of artless n~tut· c . quee n )?· tn th e tnno~e n ceo fGod'swo · t r efi n ed handt\\'O t·k . But 111 d ea th and 1·e- ponsibil ity . envir-onm e nt gra,·es with h ea,·y tool-.; and th lines of char actc t· are chiseled d eep. Th e problc'm co:1ironting- Lotti~ X \ ' 1 " ·as lll e of th e m ':'L difficu lt a t· ta n has e,·cr ha c.l t fa ce. France. dcfcall.'d tn India and Am ri~a, had lost nearly all h c t· ~olonial pos ·essions. lh·r don ~ ~:~tic conditinn t·e,-enkd " all the s.vmpll>'l'iS of a r t.:vuThe cou ntry 111 l ·o I n •, . \\'a. fast drifting t o na t iona l ba nkru ptcy. ~, The n .: fo rms o i Turg-nt \\e re U\'Cr t hro wn by th e co urt. l he lt d pes inspired bv X cck~ r r ose. o nl y .tu b.' ~wa ll o w cd np u: tht: p c n ·acJing 'g·Jc,um . L'a lon nc by Jus bnlltant but imp r ac-


T lu· A 11 du> r


Th tt Andzor

J1:ntt-y' ' into Pat·i~. Their wild demands arc att:-.\\·cred and La Fa,·ettc leads L oui. and .:\Jari (' t th e balcon,· i th e palace. .\ga in. heiore that. dc..· nv)n h orde, F1·ench n obility . the product ttf en,· ir L•lllllCill, ~ tand s ~ i d by . ide w it h .\11;-;t r ian w omanh n d . the cb•Jd ,)f natnn: . Tn momenta ry a ri .nir;ttiun a thnnd c r o f applau se g-rc• t: nat l'r ··s \\'0tllanhoocl. J:nt ll H bs arc fick k. The next lll t'~il'•c nt th ·· J.:ing and 1:ucc..·n arc hun·i t· cl <.fT to P ari:;. ~ 11 • ;.. Tttikr;r;;. p al.t c c Pi fiJ \·alt\· and tryst i n ~· pla(' e of beauty atl<l ~all a ntt·y, b~..:. >m e~ by the w ill of t h e v co p iL~ . the vri .·o n h ou . ~of monarch,- . ( )ne \\' O ~tld :1-lm o "t think t h at r e,·nluli n ns a r • . in·d b~· li rrhtn in•" b o lts and m nth v'· ·cl In· :--, .. w h i r lw in .J,- tlh:ir c,·ent;-; m · n ·c ~n r apid)_\·. ' ! he ltr , ut:-- \\ l' i'1..' no t:t'l' tlr t ha n t h e cha n g-c.' in th e n·,·els a n d tht· rio . nf that lllo h. in the p rs n .~ and J 'C:r~nll i 'd o i th ~ leaders. 'J h rny;l] fa111ily attl· mpt High t. Th e m o b fu! l tlte;n. h:n):tlt~ · , . l e ad~ f,n· the IHH J!l o f an ig·n o hl• · Iii•:. The n1oh a llto(·t·at i ~.... tli_,. d ·. cr~..· c-.~ it de;!t h. lndcr a ~cm­ Liancc..· ,, f g ·l )\ L' rtllllt' llt- and mo bs ~t r a11gely e n ough al\\'ay · cl o: J, thl j,- ,· ill~' iny with tl•(' r o l•L':' f ju,tic..-c-L o uis X\' 1 i.;. c..-u n , ·idl'd o f t n ·:lso n and ~ nt.L"n ~eel t o he execu ted with in t ,·.- -.. nt~-fl) ur h o ur=-.

tirahlr tl:l'tP·:l·:- , -.; tn•itp:then~..· d th l' ll 1 :td i,ll-rt~s oi the hour, and incapable Lom~nie de u,-j nne lll :tck d t'"LI"li\.."Linn !'llrC' . . II as:--L"mbly o f ti!l' lllHal; les de111andcd a Ctlll\'OL'a tion uf th ~Stall'.:\ (;encral, and tltc cry wa-.; t a ken t.!> thruu~l11ntt th · cuuntr~ . L tJ ttis. lmpiP : ~ tlllls ln rl'li '\'C the rin:\ll Ci~tl situati >II , yi ·l dL·I..L. Tilt· day >i tl:~..· Thi r d l·>ta tl' had arrin..·tl. But mora I ban kTu ptcy was n o less i m min n t. \Y h ile cle1·gy and n o uilit) ~·.-l'rl :-\ljl!a tH ilrin g- th e rC:-\Ollrcc-; of the king-d om in la,·ish extr.t,· agan~~- t he mas ..l'S w l' n .~ rccln~..·cd to a condition o f ahjl'ct . ia \t·r.'. . Tl : ~..· pia) .... oi lkau marchais exposed th~..·!'e c.liifc n· Pe t:':-: a tH; '''~''• ' t~ht t tp .-"~ 11 th \..· m as:-\e:;. H 111 o re impurl : ~ n c,: s t al ;. t h '-' I' r ! tt l' i pi ·> t> i I~ 11 t1 :-\..: l': tt t a n d \ · o It a i r . t h p r i n L' i p k .~ o i humanity. equ;1lity ;tn d liberty. were pcrnn·ating- thc"'l' ma!':->e:-> and c tt o·e ndcring idea :-: ckstin ·d t u l>ecume :--11ttrcc~ the rank e ·t an a rchy. lnfi<l cl i ty I' L' L'~llllt' ri i e amtmg the pl't )pi · and all rc:->p ect for <.'~tabli:-:li< c1 111 rats was lo.· t . To agg-ra va t c the sit ua l io n. cxaggcra ted r e ports of the qtteen · ex tnt ,-ag-ance s pr<'acl ~lin on;.:· the ..,utTer ing· p~..·., pk. Th('Y w e re ]i,· in"· :-.. in llii .... crahlc hnts: the CJtl lt' ll hl·autificd l .itt k 1 nan o n. Th e y w e re stan ·ing: the quee n prepared banquets. The famous ··Di3.moncl :\' cck lace ~ uit" fa,·o•·e<l th <.·. e r e p >rts and Ft·cnch en tlttt :iasm fo r thei r beautiful :\ttstrian queen wa:-. fa~t turnin g to hatred. Thus in go\'et·nmcnt the 'l'hinl Estate became supt·cme; in mot·als th ey l>cca me d ·sperate; in oppo ition to n1onarchy they became a riotou · molJ.



In Paris anarchy at o n ce pre,· ait.~ . Fro m all th ~· outl~·ing­ di trict theP.: p O'..trs int t h e city one co ntinu o u : thnmg- oi famir: c-st rick e n pc..·a:-\ants. n the.·_,- c o me, dri,·~..· n by the mcnt orics o f pa. t ' ·r ,,ngs: o f k in s men who ha,·c c1ied from hung-rr: of mothers a :HI :--isters sacrificed t o the htsts of nobility: of father and brothers lan g-uishi ng in th e gl oo my clung-c n s of that Dast iie. .\11 the pent tlp wrat h of past ng-es i ~ prl'p :uin ::~ to vent it. <'If up o n French Nobility. icc flaunts it~c lf upo n the tr<:et::-;. JH o0ds h c d i~ o f daily occurre nce. 1\Lingling wit h th e tumu1tu o tt · r oa r. we h ea r that om in o us cry, ''O n to tht· 1;ast i1e !'' and in lc · s than twenty-four h o ur that to\\'cri1l~ fonress is a h('ap of ruin ·. The g-reat c:ruardian of _r oyal power ha" falleo 1J fore the p('op le. The bulwark of Fre n c h ci,·ilization i. overthrown . A few d:l\. s later the mob 111archc out to \ 1 er~ai 11 e . . TheY . ha,·e determined to b ring the king and qu ee n in '''l't·iumphal


Thr ct u~..·t· n ll Ll\\' n·al iz e. the aw fuln r-:s n f hl' r 0\\'11 po~ i ti o n. The ,, rctcht:=' in p \Yl•r :t\· ~ i l t h c111seh·cs o f t'\'l'ry o pporlttility n[ torturing her. They snatc h h e r childr r n a w ay. and her n:othcr lw:tr t is nig-h to bursting. r\11 day lnn g- she wa tch es :•t th e . n irll1 turret \\'ind o \v in th e , -a in h o p~..· of catching- a g-l:mpsc o f the st rang"ely ag-~..·<1 iacc of th e 1 auphin. Thu:' tl: :· :'ttll1ll 1Cr shlwly p:1 :--sc. hy . Th e quet' n i-; tTmn,·ecl to a cb m p . gh>o:ny cd l in the pri!'on of the o n cierge ric. Three ti1~ 1es ::li attc·111pt i:-- maclc t0 rr:-;cu ht•r. bt1t ~h \\ill nnt esca p e with · ont h er c!tildr~..· n. In ( ct o ber . he i.;. StlllllllOlH.'d before t h e h.e,· u!utl :tan· Tribunal. T ortu r ed beyo nd all po \\ l' r i en · duranl.' e . s he- utte r s that heartrending- cry . ''T appeal to a ll the n•ot h t· r :-- ui Fr:tncc !'' J ;~tt mercy is n ot in the h ea rt. l) i th0~e wrr1cl11..' s and th e q ne ~ n is 1<.-J aw ay to the chamber n f the c o n ci<.~mncd. I


)\·er lhe la-;t act of that n-roh w e draw the ,- li l. O f ::-nch i::-; tlte !•in g . lum o f bru te'-;_ In IJ/O l\ la r!e. da.ll~ht<' r of Therr:--a , lcit .\u ~tria fc• r Fra :~ c e. a maid o f te nd e r yL· <u~. o f exqui;-;ite 1 ,.<'li n <'"'~. <.•f in;1 occnt f.on l. Tn 170~ :\larit·. , ·ic-ti m o f th · F rcr~ c h r. iOI.• Jc ft this eart h f o r \. h e " . , rJd to co me, a w o m a. n



broke n y ea r:o; o~ cha:'t :..•ned h e a u ty. t1 f . to nn - tns:--c d s nul. ~ t_~t unt o ltt: l_h ~I hy t i s llanH·..; h :td . he pa"'<'d thro 11 g h the n : !tnm~ fir_t·.ot l · ~cnch l' t~\· iron.m c nt. hut in the e nd the ~tr ngth ~ ~-~.d,..nPIIJ ~ tl_,- o t .\u :--_tnan htrth \\' l ' l'l' purg-" d until upon tiH· . ~.t.lo ld ~tH.' stoo d helurc the demo n m o l>. princl'!'S of tbc h o : 1, , u l .\ustna a u d qtH'l' ll ni t11 e hntt:' C' n f Ho urh n n in Ft·:tn cc. .-\.mnng- ~he l!:au t iiul hnildit1g-s o i pre. l'llt -d:t.\· Pari .· the:·l' :--t :t tH 1:-- a s mall ccltnn· c:tlled the Chapel ,,f Fx 1>i·tti c111 ft 1 tl tt • ]' n tar ' -; lc a t.·mpt o l · r:t tl l'C to a to nl' io r this hnrrihl <Tllne. f!nt J




·a n ... t <. 1· i · d n r n o r an i 111 at c1 b 11 "'t Bark tu it s n ta ll:--t n n call the IIL·erinrr hrc•a t h ?''



ft C:lll :-;t;tncl o nly a s t1w m e m o rial c•f th at :\u s trian m t id . "hom nature b 1t::-= "'ed mnst richh· .· ··1· · allt· l ll C lll' ~ l..' c) ~ • \\'h c> 111 Cl\ I l i' li i !l~ ~ c~·ta.·lly. and wit 111 lti s t o r~· \\'ill yet :tckt HIW1L·d g-c prin n·..,"'· 1 111 <.: 11 .tnd no ble IH.:art c.·. c.! \\'0 111an-" Th•· I 't l . I .. .. - ;. (. r t IlC II 0!1~ • , , ,. I .n u r >0 11 . J



\\' h ,·n th CO\\sliJ>'.·- _ ,-..... JJ ow . u n s 1lttlc.:~ · IJr o wn ~)


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. llllC' \\'ltiJ all their earth ly . plcndt'> r n nd \\'ith all tll<'ir h c a\·ctl h-· do wn . \\·h en the birds a ncl b eas t s an cI t' tl ."'c!·t . :--· ·. tt··..· r cjo i · ing- 111 tit· s u n.

You c;~n al\\'a_ys h ca r tl 1 c.'. \\' l' 1\.: l> Ill<..' n u t t.' , begun ... \\' h e n the littlL• hn ' >k s ar•• .. r 't)1 J>•'~" (\ h loo m, :-..

.. S \\' <..' L ' t ~ p r i 11 .~

a ~u I t I1e

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\\' hen_ th e hummin~ bird s arc 'ing-in~ and O!d \\'inter's Ill l11s t o m b. \\ ' hen till· ..O're<.' n :-o-ra._ :-o· ~. .1. n c1 t 11 c \\ · 1. 1t 1 I 1ow l ' r ~ tin t 11 a ' · \..' a II b L' l ' n ..... d e ad s o Jo nn· I fa,·v come fnrth mto · t J1<.' s un=--hinc. 1 lwn y n u hl' a r th e . \\'l~ d ~

~pring ~ n ng·.

The train-(lispatcher at Kn o x,·ill !..! bro ught his fist clown upon th e desk ,,·ith a crash. "\\'ire J o wn again:· he m uttered . .. ~ [ ust b e o me of Hoo ker·~ gang clo wn in the valley." It was in the anxi o us day~ o f '63. and suc h an c\·e nt \\'a" a fr c(jne n t occurrence in Tenn essee. but it usu a lly pro ph c~ ied mischi e f. i\ uch depended npu n th e ind e pendent main t e nancc o f t he t elegraph line in those days. The existence o f an en t ire army might be at stake. Thus, indeed. it was. Grant wa~ pla nning t o advan ce upon Chattanooga, anu he sorely needed r e info rcemen t s . h erman was to join him fr o m \ Tick burg and l{o o ker with th e ... rmy of th e Potomac" was to co m e fro m wes tern Virginia ; and it is he "'·ith whom \\'e are co ne rn cd. Tl ook e r , as had been ordered. was ~w ee ping down t he v a lley o f th e T e nnes"Ct' . with his force d i ,-id~d in to ~mall s q uads. ra \·ag-ing th e conn try as he ad\·ancc<l. an tt c<'. r e fully av o iding th e c iti c ~ and to\\'n ~ in the ,-icinity . Edward J ohn ~on. th e captain o f o n e o f th ese d eta chmen ts. entlowed wi t h an adventuro us spiri~. pla nn e d a bold deed. Thi · wa t o e izc a local freight tr.1 in ::tt R c kwood . an d in this manner t o rea ch Chattan oo~a be fo r e th e oth er hand~. R o ckwo <1 wa" cho ~e n as the pl <!Ce fo r a ctio n b ecau ·e it had no telegra r>h co m munic::t ti o n and contain ed n ly a fe \\' h o u~c>s . all o n o ne sid e of the track s . Tlll.· oth er side graduall y sloped d o wnward t o ward the Tenn es~cc ri\'er. Thi~ slo pe w as partly covered with trees and bru . h. T o thi ~ plac e J o hns n. under c o \·er t• f clarknes:;. ted his m en . and o rcler crl th e m t o k ~ e p c o ncea led nntil th e signal was gi,·en. The aste rn sky was g\ightly colo ring. wh en th e fa in t whi . tle o f a lo co m o ti,·e wa heard in the d i~ ta nc e . :\~ain an d a~ain it !'Onnd ed . e:1ch time n earer. until the,. - co uld make ont the dim o u tl ine of the train appro aching al o ng th e f o t o f th e hill:-' t o t hl' n o rth east o f th e m . :\ it approached , J o hn · n w a tched anxi o u !'ly f o r the make-up o f the tra in . At las t. h e cli:-'COYe r ed it~ tHtture: an engine with scYcn or eight box car~. and a caboo se brinfJ·ing up th e rear. The train finally came t o a standstill, ancl the engineer. and tire man. fo ll o wed by th e only brakc man . \\' l' llt into one o f the h o use ~ fo r breakfa t.

10 ;\t.,,.


... , .Jnlt tt'• 11 ...._

t!tt· chan c·c.

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• I ; c 1:'.' ''" man \\'Cillto hi -.. piJ:-l. . \ 11 t · n g _ lil l.'l'r ll il'it tl 1· · '• .1. !r II "' . ' I· 1 ;-. inn o i I : tc ~..·n ·..: i Ill' . \ \ h i It• a II t It ..•• 1 1 t }t. ,•· 1· nt ,·! t. :t 1,, lt ll :-i' l ,. in llltlnhe r . :'Cr~lf111>kd intc) tlt e •lir .... t f r Ptt· ~.·.·t 1· • \ \ 1I ·H.' 11 \\ l' n ' l 'lll p t :·· . • .J oh n so n had ~ 11 t h C' m~: ln \\· ltd~· n.·ntcn·'"·d the n~ttpling- pin frn m h ·tw e ·n lhL· lllllrt lt and fil t h cars and lt :td j" in~·d l·~ilt-,· in tltc <.' ll g' l llC'. : \ 11 \\':1' ready. Ri l ~o·y \\"itlt tn·111lding h :tnci jcrkt·d o pen ~h e tltrottil'. llut too br. Th e drin·rs hqz z cd rou n ~ J with aI" t crnh ~ t· rnckct. ln :t imp:1rtt:d n o ntnt ion 111 the t 1..•11" 11 • 1I 11 111{• (.1'\t eh· . 1 J>IJ>L'-" · . t he wh~·t·. J..;! L' .!.!""t ll to " h itL' •.. •11 1 cl • ,,. 1·t ~t 1 tlt l. !':tilt


h i:':-'ing. tlt t••: :'Jl l't~ d nw n tit ~.· tr:-tck . \ \ hen t h c y It ··d 1·u t c' >11 'i d ~.ora I J It- d i ...,, a 11 c L' he 1 , , L' <.. 11 t h ~.· 111 _ ~e h-c~ and t h e town. t ill' .'" took t he wi:-; L' pn·c:1ut in n t 11 l'lll t h e \\' i re~ a n d h s· t n tl' i. t I1:.· t r a c 1' . (. ·! tt t i 11 •,. tit ~ • w i n•, ,,. " "' , .-1 • ,. I :--. " · ~ • :c n~nt ~· l , a~ P il l' nf iltc me n pr,n· ~,.·cl f1i 1n ' :·li c..,pt· ,· i·dh 11 :-.du l i;l th ts ltn c . n ut tt.•anqg- t1p t h e r ails \\" (1..:; llt> ea :-;y lll:ltt.\.·r. as t lh ' \" ha d n n ·ro w I>a r...- nr n t Iter ~ tt l' 11 t o < ,)~ . ~o t hl';· ln:-:. t pn:cinu:-; t ime in rcmo ,· in .., ~ me rai l. ~, .. ,11· :-; 1l :tnng · 1ll' l't t ... afl·h· hicld~· 11 in t h e n ea rhy s llr ubbt:ry. a ll clambcrccl a l,11ard aga 111 and \\T re

!--pn :tlt~lg' ~t n ·l t·y} · q : Lr-r·uek~

uA·. J\) w abo u t six m i l e~ from R ,.. kwnc>c l ,,.,... :-· :---1"t 11 ...... t l't 1 a '-'llt l'.1t . Ill ~ e~ ta hlt s hm e nt. The ore u sed h ere wn s h rnu g-ltt from n 1111n r . about a mi l e •an <l "'.. 11a I f :1 \\· fl,Y. 1)\" a :'lll:tll dl!tll· llt \ ~: n• r i11<.' • . \~ • J() 1111:-'«lll !'-l.'l'l(llJ:-1-.· · · .._ of . th e,· - .app ro .:-~c h l'<i thi :-.· Il l""uCC'. tlt«H\•Fht

d t~lll:1nt l n~g- t h i~

Cllgi n c. i11 onkr that it might n:•t be u: l'd in th e JHtrs tu t. wht r h w a~ s u re to t a k e p lace. J:ut It~.· di..:;nti..;..:;cd t ,h.e p Ian as b e in ~ cr t oo h ,a·zan 1n us. · 11L' lll'\"t•rthl'ks' nnkn·d . ),Ji ey t o ·stO J) th e e n ....<Y in l•• c1· JH 1 11 e \\" c 11 t t n a work 111 an :-; t a 11 d i tt• ... n ear a 11. d a s ), e cl f cw t h L' c I ..., ,,.- 1>••1 r 1H ' " ·.t:-' • u ...· ·tng-. ' 1'11 • n1a11 lll · ll t•.. • centl y h a nd ed o ,· •r th e tot>} to him. and l n hn:-:.u11. Jti n- lth· p lea ·e cI• •r a 11 c' ff "' '· t 11 1· t l n t h l' en g i n <.' . I k I> u a·n ll· d i t a n d .....t lt l' -, • ~~~t~~ ~ff . towa r d D~y lo n . t he n ext ~tatiun tnward til l.' srnttl; . 11 \ \lls r e3c h ed \\' ttltnut furtltl' r d<.'la,·. I f 1 fe r e t h e sign al s h nwi n g- "red ... ~~· ilt· ,· st< ppl'd the L' u cr int· 1 , e o r e t h e s t a t ion . a nd J o hn:-;un w un it;to t i ll' h uildino-. ~ n c! cl. k ed t h e t c lcoTlJ>h t I ~ li e ... . . :.... ' p c r a r w 1et I1 ·r the ll. lll' was cll.'ar. ·· n s\\'c r u l tn th e n e(Y· 1 1 Jo 11n ~o n that a frc i•,.ht t r ·t itt :-.. • 1 t'1\. c an <1 t o< was. •du e th e r e , . in t l:ll • · . . . :-.. • , llltnut e~. J o ltn snn, sat ts ftl'd , t lt n· w t h e . w ttc h wh . e n Ktl c)· b a cl"·cd th e tra·111 u pon t IH.: :-;i d in g a n d th e r e t I1ey wa tte u . lc •






T lu A n t licJr

l!ut let us rl'turn tn R ockwoo d and the ~ituatinn th e-re . Till.' tr:tinmcn , in the mids t o f thl'ir hr~..·ak ia!--t. wer ~ . tartl c· d 1> :-· th · noi:;e of tit~.· spinning- clri,·c rs. They imm l'dia tely ru:-;h c l "tn :-;ide to kant th e cau~e o f the disturh:-tn ce. \ \ .hal th e y sa\\· in th e clint lig~1 t w as on ly t uo tnt . Th · i r~i n ,·as fa!--t disappea.nng- in the SL' llli - darkne~:;;. \\.ha t w a :-; tq he done? T o !--1.'11<1 hack t o 1\.n• x,·il k in r aid and a n e n gi tw \\'llttlcl co nsum e u,,, ll i iH.: h time. :\ <.' itiler was thl·rc anything- at Jwn d wi th ' ·hich t n pur · ~ t·, except an nlcl f<t!--hiot'kcl h a nd car. This " ·a' h l ·ttgl : t iort h . and t h ~.· tltn·c :'!a r lcd u lL pa-..h :!•!.!" th .. ir c r. r f,• r \\"ard ,.,·it h a lu ng- pule. .\l l went \ veil until. ~ni-1 ~~ :1l a h ir r at .. pf :-;p e ~d . and all already p · r~piring iret·ly. tltt·~ cam e to t h ~.· 'pot. unn n ticcd in th " ir l'X · it e m e n t, where th e r n il h:l.d I; ·e n rclll 0 \"<.'< 1. .\11 wn nl d h a,· h~t·n o,·~r \\'itlt t h em . h:-td th e r n adb e cl b een e lC'\"''l.a'rl al•.l \' ' th e :-.ttrrnunding- cunntry to any extl·nt. .\s it wa~ th' t>a r . lll'ing- dvra iltd. came to an abrupt ~t o p. n nd t h e occupant:-:. "~·n· ~ i: ·lc k nly pit r ht·d fn . ward on the tra c k . l ·n daq n ted by tJt i.., ~ ··c i,knt. t ht•,· pi ckl'd th cll1!- 1.' h l ' :-:. tq >. l,nti~c<l ancl clu~t c,,., r ed . a nd ha,· ing- placed tlH~ car upon the trt:!.ck again. th e y -..t~tr~ e d l)ff a:' tksperatc as c ,·c r. T h c i r soiL' h upc wa: that they ll1 igh t n ·ac h t h c smrl ti n gwo rl ~ hdorc th e dummy engine !--hn uld set oft n n it:; fir:-;t tr ip tn the mine fu r on.• . As they r o un l...?cl the cun·c th e dim utlint.' tJ i tht• work:; cc uld be disc <.' rned. L ant.:r n:: wer e g-limm ·"' ri w,:: thrn• tg-h the gl )Olll. E ,·idc nt !y thr cn~inc h ad n ot kit. l ~ut it 111ight Jea ,·c c\·cry m nmc nt. Thu:-;. :-;pnrrcd o n by th :.' n ~ \\· fe 1r. th t'y l'Xl' rted tlH.· msch e:-; t o th r utn w :-t. and :-;ucrl'l'd -·, 1 in n •ach ing t h pbcc ju:'t a~ the C' ng-in e wa~ ahout to :' :-t rt . i ! lrt' th t y h u l'riedl y told t he stury of th e :-;i t.'/.1\r~ oi the train a nd tht• :-; n b:-l·q ucn t c\·c n t:-;. Th e engine. a it cr :'0111 swi t c It in '.!'. was g-ottl: n up o n t he main track and the JHII"!--llit bcg-3 n in

t·a r nest.






I n th • llll'anwltile, J hn:-:. n n . i111patic nt at the <1<.- hy. kL·! t walt... in~ up atl d dln\·n th t· track he:;i dl' his tr:1i11. () n ee wh e n a ~kt• d hy a cu ri ou ..; loafer. " \\' hat h~,- e y o u a honrd . mi~t e r:" he h:-td <Hl:O:.\\'t• rcd. " .\ mm ttnit ion for nr:-t :::·g-." Uthcrwi:;c h t• had ~ tt-=w~.· r cl a ll qtte ...;t in ns in m o n ~yll:-tbl · ~ r " ·i1l1 a rel u .:ta n t ;;hrnrr o[ the sh ul clcrs. Riky at hi:; p o. t said tH"1lhin c..-.


The A nt'hor

At the appointed time they

~aw the fn·ight train fo r whid1

they were waiting- coming- around the cun· . Johnso n climhc.·cl into th engiJlc and watched the train approach and pass. " .\11 right,"' h e said to Hiky. .. But hold on a second J \Vhat docs this mean ?" For the Ia · t car was carrying a red signal. 1Je in tuircd o f a brakeman the caus e of the signal. The brakeman rl'pli ·d that anuthec Sl·ction o f th e same train was du e in about fin· minutes. J o hnson mutte red something- inaudible. anu tttrn t'd toward hi s rar~. ] lc wa s conscit us of the awfu l suspt.· n =-- ~· his men must he.· endurin~. and as he passed each door in =--nc\·es~in n he ~aid in a 10\\' ,·oice. without turning hi. face t u w:trd the car. "K c(' p co urage. b oys: wt''Jl win yet." · < >ne by o ne the minut e:; pas.·ed. "fo him they each seC'meu :1" hmg as ft,·e: t o h i=-- m ~: n a · lo ng as h o urs. At last th e other :-',' t'tinn approached. s lo w ly but surely. J larclly had it pa ssed, \\'h~ · n J ohnson h a d thrown the s\\'i t ·h ;.pd Ri!l'y had . tartt".: tire l ' ll ··itw. J hnson swung into the cab. )cayiug- the s witch o p e n. ·1 hey were so n cl:1ttcring <1 wn the track. hittin:r th e curyc.:; "ith a s wiftness that threatened to grind ti~e llang-rs fr o nt th e t" \\ heels. .·\h o ut a mile and a h alf o ut o f 1 :.tyton th ·y :--topped a~ain. < >ne of the men clinJbcd th e.· telegntplt ]10 le. a·Hl \\'ith a halch et :--mashed the insulator~ and cut the wires. Tht· < thers. with th e help o f Jo hn~o n and his stolen cia w -bar. t urn cd their at te-nt it)Jl t o th e track. J\ bout half the " Pi kes had he c.· n r r mcn··: tl from o ne rail when the faint whistl e o f a pursui n g I ocon .o t!n~ \\' ct:-' heard. In th e ir exritemC'nt :-'C\'<'ral m e n :-;iezed the fn·c en.( o f .. h ·~ rail. ~ ncl h< re it upwardo:;. Th e r:1il hro k l' wi' h :t tln 11 cbng. ancl men. rail. and :.11. tumbl e d into th e ditch he~iclc th l' tra k. Instanth· .. rc co,·crino· fr om th e ir fal l thcv ., hurried into th e cars. carrying- th e ir precio u s half rail with th e m. H o •x lt~n g this hstad c Wt >ttlcl detain tlw pur~tH• rs Johnso n did n o r knnw. Hut h e hoped. hu\\"e\·er. that it \\·Quid cause them :1 "llfficicnt d e lay t o e nahl him t o rea c h len·land. some ftftc er: n ~iks di:-'tant. o with the whis tle o f th e purs uing- locomot i,·e . r)<lllding nearer and ncart'r. th ey h11rri ed o ff.








The purs u ers with th e ir c n~inr had reached Dnyton some fiftcn minute~ after J o hnso n had left. J la ~ tily t l' Jiing- their !--lt)n· tht..·y board c1 anot h er engine .1s the ftr~ t was n o t built

' ----f 1 1r :--pcc< J. and r C:'tllllC'd the chase. rhi:-' n '.' \\' eng-in c. th e Il l' 11 f th e !:1st :;l'ctit )ll o f the fr eig-ht tra in. was comJ' cll C'd t o ~d­ n uH·c b ack ward. The brak man. seated tt p<ln th L· t c tu .c r ~ ig-nallcd to t he cr~g-ineC'r in ca. ' o i dange r. ll<.' .~ aw thc hr~nke n rail. hut to o late, with th e r e.;; nlt that th e hack truck of the t e nder wa/derai !cd. The repla ci~1g apparatus wa. bro ught out ancl in a short tim the truck wa:; replaced. . . . ~ , . lJut n o w wltat: llo\\" were they t o get acru::-~::. · I h.c r e w er e n o s igns o f the missing . ectio n. a nd a<h·an ·c seem ed tm po ssible. :rlh·ir ca. c wa:-; well-nig h iw p eks~. Hut the h~akc­ man loo ked ar HttHl. ~ c~ rhy was a fence of sto ut h oar_cl s . If in so m e way thc~c b oa rds could be s ub ~ti tut e < l for~ ~atls and firm I\' h eld in position. they might y et ~et acros~ . 1 h e thr ee ru:'h- d to the fence, C'ach returning ,,·ith a b oard. The tl:rec h arcls. piled o ne upo n the other were abou t the .same h e~ Rh t as the rail s . The,· were then s nugly fitt ed and firmly sptked d~1 wn. The l'ng-it~c wa~ backed sl wly. and th e tend er wcn_t safelY 0 ,·er. 11ttt th e hea,·y drivers sank throu~h the too f~ad · · · c' r~· o n the other s tJ c stru cture het \\' t•cn tw o t ·tcs. anc 1 t 1te <1n' ~ lid inward of( the rail. ., "!lard luck:· exclaimed the enginee r. and he w o uld _ha\ c :--aid 1 ~1 or e. had n ot hi s car caught th e faint so und of a dtsta nt . ·I · ·tl . \\'hat w a~ it? Th e three ~t nd stari n g- at each oth~r. '' lt s c . ~ .. t atn Simultaneously th ey un clerstoocl. 1h e n·gular pa~s r ng-er r ~ which under o rdinary circumstance ~ h o ulcl ha\·t• pas. ed th e n. · All ru ~·I1 c t I ut> the track . and a::-~ at Dayton, wa:-' now commg-. •th ' train came ·mt s1g · 11t t 11ey s· ·tgn a 11 l:< , l ·t to st t>· \ ~ <Yatn theY I ~ : to ld their slon•, with th e r esult that the en gi n ·c r r_evcrsC'd hts train and hacl.;:-~,'. d away rapid ly in th<.' dir ection of lc\· land t o the a~tuni:-'hm c nt t f all the passengers.







J o hnson had r each ed le vcland ju. t as the pas. c n ~c r wa. tlh ut t o le:-1\·e. Side-trackin(Y hi ~ train. h e proct•c<lcd to a wat e r -pipe. fo r hi::; eng-inc was !"o rely in n eed f water. .The pas:'cngcr depart ed as usual.' an~ Johnson. n t at all anxt o us . · t~rtecl o fi in tht· o ppo::;ite cll rect w n . . . :-- .. }-l e h ad hardly gone a mtl · e w 11en 11e n o t tc ' e <.l a· fret<Yht tratn :-. · 1 , n arrow!,· t·omi n o· toward httn anc1 R' I' l e~· on~ . averted a col. li.;;ion };,. in s trultly rc,·c r~ ing hi e n g in e. Thi . ohstac ~ c n eccs~ t . , tn · ~c,· cla nd , ·tn o n 1cr t o pa.··:-- the frct ~ O"ht tram . tatcd a - ret urn


Tit r .-4 "d1 f) r



Th e delay tl1t1:' cau:--l' d h l'g-an to t ~l l c 11 Jnll:t .... n n . II · -.cnl.ll'cl and threatened . . \t la:'l h t' g-nt cJ ,.:ar hn l n nt until tit·· retu rn ing pa~ ~ c nge r tra in \\"a s tn s ig-ht.





Th e return o f th i:' train catt:-;t·d l'~cilt'lll L' ll t a h n ut th ' :'1:1ti o n. ancl imm ediate ly a cro \\"d g-a th e r ed tiH.·n :. . \ c:-~11 for , . lttnle rs to p!trstt <. J oh n :'nn \\"a:; is .. . u t· d . Th L· n·upon st·,·c ral m e n. with :'uch \ \ "l ':lJI()JlS a:' th <:y had. h nardl'd th e l'nginc, whi c h had al re : ~c h· sid t~- t r ac kL·d t h l' cna d ws. ~ 1\' o w there \\":t' ri,·a lry h ct \\" ec n t\\" o rail road cnmp,n i <'~ in this part n f T vntll"; ' l'l'. l~ n th O\\"n ccl a ruad ht'l\\"l'Cll l"h ;, ttanuo,,.a and "h · ,-c:l ;t nd . l~et\\" l'' n thc:--c t\\·u c iti l' S t lH· line ~ . ex~l..'pt in a fe \\" p ~acc:;. ''en..· n ea rly p a rallt-1. 1\ w h cg-a n . a r ~ce for the sput. snmt· ten m ile:; distant. where. o wing- to th · topography f th e ' t.Htn t ry. tht· lin t·~ had been fnrced tn cr us:--. J nh tl S! 111 un a w;!l· t• o f th t' ·i rnttnsta tH'C, had a li ttle the longer route. T'lie pttrstH.' r:-- "ith a b ~.·ttcr engine than his, grad u a II y fu rced ahea d a nd stn pp c d stpta r e ly ttpo n the cro ssing. Johnson percci,·ing- tlt is. t rcl c r l' d hi ;-; trai n stopped. a nd called forth hi.· men. An assault was 111a dl·. but th e e n ·m y o ffer ed little re is tanc c , and wen: s <>< >'l u ,· ·rpnwc r ed. J o hnso n o rd ered the o ppo. ing- e n g in ee r to c l ·ar the track . Thi s nnl e r was o h··y c d. ancl J hn so n . n o w th e tmdi ;-;JHtted 111:1stcr oi the road, proceeded to ' hattan oog-a. II · arri,T d there o n thl' aftern oo n o f X o ,·cmhcr 22 nd. l\\" O d a ys b e fo rl' the city was occupied by Grant and his army. H EXRY P. "l'E JI·: i\1.\\J . Pr p. 'oo. ~



.'\ ...\,J \




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r11 rary . if an ything-. the field i.· tun wi d('.




humLlnity itse lf.

ln fact. it • ,\JJ h11rnau L'llHition~. the . ur-

\Y c arc not "sore'' n o r do w e w i:; h t o earn the r ep utati o n

d i:--nppointm~.· rJt ;-; , t mptation!-'. aspirt~tions. j oy~. lo ng--

I. '' :--.

n :::-:--. i h < t ~urg-e thrnug-h human h eart and thrnb in human l, r.t!n nr~: ft-,und in :-:t ud e nt li fe. The cliffi c u lty is n nt with tltc l .ll i.J. The ,·in c-yard is b o und I ·ss. hut the labo rers arc ftcn ilh"t.. •n: p et en t : a mung wh o m al!-'o we feel humbl e e n o u <Yh tn ~

1." :! !->-.. ( l~lf!->L· h

1.' • •

Th'-· po rtray<tl < f tlte studL'lll d tl('S nt t m<:an that the staff -- l.?.i ) l·ater to til l' li t~. ra ry ta;-;t e . r bck o f t a!-' t c . n f the ~t lldl'nt=--.

·1!: ~.· pape r s h ulcl <'h: ,· at~_· the stud~.·nt hy p rtraying- him. h · l f! in~· of thL· mirror up ~ n "· ~_· al ;;

in matters




nature 1ften has a sal11tnn· infln -

litera ry ta:'tc.

X n t prcachmtnt.. hut a


trnthiul p rtrayal o f th e s tud e nt t·lc,·att·s tas tl' and m ak~.· s iu r s u ccc~-=- in the colleg-e pape r.

Th n tg h all efforts in colleg-e jo urnalism arc n cccssa ri h ·

h11mh lc and amate uris h, y et w e tnt;-;t th a t thl' \\·ork is nnt all

J •, ~t.

If we ga in n o thing by it c x cl'pt th e knowledg-e that. in

th ~ bst analysi:, all creati,·c li te ratu r ~ i:; a purtrayal o f life. it will h a,·e been w o rth whil ·. T lJ,lu~h J H.:='simi~tic critics w o u ld h;l\·e us belie\·t· that all collegt· j•.Htrnali='m is ''' orth l c.~ ~ . we b t: liL·,·e that it ha~ it s place. Tn the y c;u- ju s t p:1 :;t we ha,·e tric·d t()

ponray the . tudcnt in thL' !'erie~ o f . \n chors th a t has b cl' n

:--ubjected t o th e C<' nsu re o r app ro ,·:ll ui the ~t ud e nt ..

\\ .

kno ,,·. hu,·.-~.: ,· c r, that s u ccess is ne,·c r pcrft•L·t: and all critic;-; n f

c o lk~l..' joun1a~ism . h uld take this into cnn:-:idera~i n. :'J.ncc we Jn,·c n )t yet comt' t o that hnppy ~tat~_· tli c riti L·i~m. ··\\ ' h · n u n ly th e :\la:ter shall prai :-'c t~s . nnd :-'ha ll blame· . nd


nh· thl' :\[asll'r ·

o n e s h a ll w o rk ft r money. ·tnd n t> c>nt• s lnll w o rk ftw fame ; ti O

l:11t c:nch fo r th e jo y o f the \\' rking-. and each in his separate

tar, ~hal l draw th e Thin :--. rr a s he ·ces 1t ior t ll~..· ( ;ucl uf Thing.-; as They Are !''


--- --------------------------------------------------------------------

id~.· L· n " uf!"IJ. that til l' paper will lack human int t•rc!'t.


il ~.·

1'hf' A ndtnr


qf h ci ng- "kn ocker:," but we would naturall y h a ,·e a littl e mor<: r es pect fo r thl ju<lg111cnt :-tnd tast e oi th · judg-e. at the state cont~.·st if th ey h a d g-i,·e n < ur man a h igh er p :acc. \\' e had t b e c o ntent with :-;ixt h place and the n nly thing t o dt) i . .; ttl t a k e th e inc,·itablt.: gracdull_·. :\n id ea nf h w excecdillgly l'XL' ·llent :\Jr. \ · an Z:tnt e n's dcli\-cry \\ as c;.~n be gath e r ed i ro:n a r~rn ark of u nc of the colleg-e prl':--it!cn ts to one o f t l11.· 1 I o p <' h n y ~ t n t h l' efT l' ct t In t .. ~ La r i c •\ n t o i n · · t t c ·· i n h i s o p i n i on tntght to ha,·c bcL' ll ~i' en s en nd pl ::t rL'. This ~tatc m cnt impli<:d . of cour ~..: . tha t his 111a n :-:h nu ld h :.! \.l' ktd tirsr. :\lr . .-\lb crt \\.<.tlrat h. nf llillsdak. wh ose o rati o n . .. The l ~ ,· o~ uti u n o f th e Spirit of D cm c r acy.'· was awarded first place. h a:-- m a ny ura t o ri~ a l p o w ers and with proper tra inin guug-ht t•> t~d-::~.: a hig-h pl a c e al th e int ·r:--ta t e c >ntes t lie i.nn\': IVIichigan's r l'pre s<: nt n ti\·L: and the An c ho r incerc ly \\ i:- hl'' him S ll CCe~:-: . .\1 1 who accnmpanicd :\Jr. \ ·a n 7.anten t o Hil1 s dal e arc :•t:n·~ ·d that th ey vcrc ent~.:rtaincd th e re m o. t r oyally. Th e WL':lthl'r o n thl' day f the contc-~t was dreary: but in . pite l)f it. e\· ·rybo dy was gin.: n s u ch a good tim e th at the weath e r ,,.a, hardly n oticed. In th e afternoon a r t.'ccpt io n was given "t Prc,id c n t :\1 auck ' s beautiful h o m ~·. The stu clc n t~ fr o m the ,· i si~ i:1g colleges ea~ ily became ac(]naintcd with th e y on n gnt ._ n an d ··mni:dcn~ fttir" o f Hill s d :tl c. The ho:-;ts pro \· NI to h e Ji, J:--t ~: i Hked. and .\Irs . and llrl's ide nt :\la u ·l· hacl a sm i!c and a w nrd fo r ,. n. ·l>o dy. .. . \ 11 audi ·~' nc e oi !-'OilH' tw o thousand g-athered in the hrg-c culiet-;c ch urch to h ea r the youn~ orators. The o r~a n h:.-~ . 1 hcl'n b eautifu lly decorated with the pennant s of the different colleg-es. t hl' larg-est h c ing the n ne frnm ll opc. whi ch occ upie d a pn ;ni .1cnt place in the middl ' . The 11 ill :-'da le roo t e r w e rl' n<:ccs:--:u-rly i<' r in th e 111 ajo rity: and thl'y were at it almo, t a ll t h e time. Th e ir y e ll : and so ng-s w e re cxcc~lcnt a ~ n o i ~e prndu c ·r :'. Th .. I OY. fr o m 1 I p e also did their bt•st to b e h eard an d theY ,,·er e m o . t e mphati cally hea rd wh c tw,·er th ey tried . E\·en n;1 the wa y h ack th e ir lung- p w r wa~ n ot spen t. and thry rC'~ak<l the pa~.;;cngcrs o n the tr c~i n with s n 3 tc h e~ o f co1l cge ongs .

Tlu A 11 clw r


J{c\". \ -~• n Zant L· n. \\"h t> \\" :ls a surt n f .. chaperl) n" o f the p a n) - i f t i i a t L' x p n· s .-ion c a 11 IH: a II o ""u I L, 1 a p pI y t 0 h i m . i u r want or a hctt-...• r one- Ins g-ain e d a \\arm pl:trl' in thl' heart s oi th l! hnys. \ \ "hen rL·:t<.:h ittg- ;rand !{apids u n th l' return trip h t: trc :1 l·-d ~II to a h earty clinne r and made a s h c•rl S)H'Cch of ·nc0uragc ml' nt and apprl'tiat i m . } I i~ thl' llll..' was t hc:lt h a n } \\" o r k will co un t in the ~o: nd. , \ !' r,,-c n f n <'xt y c·ar';-; orators \\1..rt: pn·sctll this taik \\as l':'pecial"y ntluahk. liard wurk 1 has :d so l)eln l roL l)im n e nt's m nttn in pr~.·par :ni n n fnr th·· c n n te~t and it scc·ms rathe r tnn had that hi" and :\Jr. \ 'a n Z ·u1t c n';-; h o n ~st hard wo rk should ll• >t IlL' hctt ~· r rcwanlc.:d. t:tn the proie~ so r ~:s wc11 as the student' fl-~.·1 th a t in r ea litY.. t l: L'y a r c amply r<.' \\ard .:d fo r all the \\" tlrk dc>tll' thcmg-h t he mz•rk lwppcn ..- to hl' a gn in ' t th l' m. The hoys cndul up the trip \\'i ' h lcn ·t: son n ds to t h e ll illsda le g·irls. n itH.· r:ths nntl a ti g-··r f r Rc \·. \ "an Zant n . nine mort' fo r n11 r orah>r, nin ~ n :nn· fnr Pro f. D i m n c nt n n cl a!-' mt~ny a!-' y ou pil-:1:-.c fn r ll npc Ctl!l ~· ~c. "the b es t and dean~s t' ' o f th(' in:-:tituti n n=-- in the ;-;tat<:. 1} Pri n n- t he t'\·e ning: hi ~· h-c!::t s:' ll!\1-.ic was fnrni::-iwd ! 1\' th ·: ma le quant't, the llill..-da l · (;!e .~ Clnh . a11d the soloists. :\lis~ l\.·a rl ' l--: ~pp 1 e . :\Jr. Fenn ancl :\lr. 1\ · l·ullo\\'ing- ar~ thl· :pe:tkcr:-: and th:. ir ~tthj~o•rt~: "EYn luti n f the Spi r it of DL·mn'racy"- :\ lhcrt \ Valrath . l lill~dalc.

":\larie :\ntoin ctte"-Jnhn \\· . \ ·an 7.anten. I l o pe. " T r u e Educa t in n "' larc tH' l' D. J lnltt>n. 1-(a :am:tzno. .. :\ ~ Thysc l f" - -\ , .. 1 ~. l 1 ipe r. :\I. ,. \ . "Th e :\ l a n \\' IH Tt> i l~ "- \ u l>r :..·y l ,l'n n :u-d .\shhy. l i \' r l. "The ~ I iracle \\ ' urkcrs"- 11a r n), ) E. \\ 'i ll in111s. Ypsibnti. ··The :\ 1:-t n and th ll nttr"-FJoyri \\'.(;ray. :\ drian. "Tht' <..:.pirit of Commerc.:i~lism " - l~ay ~ o r to n . . \ ll>i o n. ··.~a mucl ~I ill u n J0 11 c ·"-Franc i:; \\ ·. 'ob h . r\ 1m a .


'T'he :\ thletic :\!':-: ociation i · "all there" thi::; \'C~ r tn c\·cry r c "p t c L l t was t h o t l ~ h t h y !'-' o 111 e t h a t on a c :· u ~ m t o f t h e i r fi g h t fo r t h e Tro ll ey Leagu ch:11npjon!--hip the h o~·s w o! tld n n t h ;>.. \'C t im e tu g'Ct liJl a g-ond fe:;; t iYa l. Uut tlw fc~ti\· itics 011 the l'Yeni n g- uf \\'ashi n g-t o n 's bi r t h day silenced all doul>tt' rs un t hi~ po in t.




TIJ ~· curinsit\· of tilt..•

ft:--l i\·a l w~s an ani:na l o f a n '\\' species. p~.:rhaps the mis:-:ing l in k). cal~vd the Taunt~ ()n,·x c Ca:-.t ·)11;-:t. :\ )any inq11iriL'=-' \Yer · made l>l'fore t!;e ie ..; li\·a ). ), ,loca l ;-;ciL'ntj:-:ts about tht: a nim:1.l. hut when Lilly \\"(.' r C fina!l;allowed to hiseo..·t it. it wa~ found t n b en kcz. t:trred and featlH.'rcd . with he;~d. tail and leg-s atl:tched. l~ut the whole fc;-;! i\·a l ,·.-as n ot a fak". The \\'nrk hY ou:~rtct w a~ . th e coli •n-L' :--, ... g~...tlllliiC in tiH· ful k:--l s ~.· nsc < f the w u rd . Th t• q11artet h a~ beco me xtremc ly 1 upular. and their ··salome" addl' <l :-... cyr cath· . t their populnt:ity. The wh lc prngratn cau.:--ed much l ~ug-hter and amu. cmcnt. Uut h •::-id<.' the :1tlr:l.ctitJns o n tl ~<.· !--t~l~C then' wtre sen.·ral thing-s o n the gymna:-:ium fl <o:- to ke··p the crowd hus,·. '"rhc "three halls for a nic.:klc tn hit th<.' Prof. ,-n u Ic)\·e tl~ c b est.'' th e llall of Fanll', in whi c h the art i.;t lnd ~Httdo n e himself in flatt<.:ring- th e iac('s a nd figure;-; o f th e profes::;or.; . the P e nnant ~tand a nd the Tra\·eling- C ra y n Studio were the chief attracti o n:;. During- the C\Tni ng- a Ji,·l'!y cnntl'st wa:' kept up hl't wet..·n t h · ad 111 i r ers f II pe o il ege b •a u ty as to who should he l-illll·)n~d a~ <jue e n o f the Festi\·al. R os<.: Brus e ,,·as final ly clt·ctt"d. while :\lac Dnt~:' e ''::t s a close se-co nd. £,·eryb n dy clid his h est to spend a ll t! e 111 0 h ' )' he had and all he cnuld h<>tT O \\". !'O that t h e fe~ti\· al wa~ a g-reat s ucc e s ~ fin an cia II y. L u i t c a I i t t I e m n e y is n o w i n t h c t r c n .- u r y. hut that \\·ill , II ht· t'll'Cdcd to m:tk e t h t: hasl·hnll season a banner :cason. \\.ith in 'nl y a ,-c ry few weeks tilt: m an with th e bat wil l he . th c man of the h o ur. \\' c tru t that when th e h o u r shall h e t hcrl' tht· rn:1n will al!'o be o n the spot to ke ep




for athletics. ·

ATI-ILE T I C NOTES. Trolley Lea gue Championship. The TJopC' olleg-c ba:-;ket ball team h qJ d: the nndispulcd champi o nship f \\" este rn .:\lichig-an. h a,· ing distin!Zuishcd it~elf fo r tlw ~trinrr f victorie.~ in the Trolll')' L earru • and L'IP~ ing- th e serie~ with a p e rcentage of .87:. \Yi th sc,·cn o u t l'f the eight g-ames tn it;-; credit. the last of which w:1~ fo r feited h y Grand Jf a \· en. llopc's re co rd has hcen w e ll nig-h inYincil>le. Th • fast c Jllcg-c quint<'t gain ~d dcci . j,·e victories over c , ·er y fi , ·e in the league with the exception of the two game ~


TJ,r A nrhor

,,·ith th e t;rancl 1\ ap id ~ Y. :\1. . \. t <.·:tm. ,,-hidt •··:.-ul t ed in a t ie. t.'ac h t ea m winni ng- a galllL' with til l' tnrr4l\\" 111:1rg-itt of one p lint. I I o p e ·~ ti r:.- t ex h ihi t ion in kag-11 c w n d.: ha.:: b er n ph t' n Pmenal. Two ,·ear. ag-o the te~m clis ting-uishcd it self hy winningeig-ht o f tlH.: ninc> g-ame~ played with fi,· e~ nf other colkg-l·:.-. i 11 dud in g t h l ' h.:: t i ·: ' ·a 11 ~ t n n t ca m. a 11 d 111 a i 11 t a i Ill' d ih t· x <.: d Ic 11 t re,n 1 tati< n in tlt e :c r i ..... ju~t clo~cd. Th e bril l iant team w o rk cti:p ~a y ed in e\·c ry g-:unc, the reg-ular·ity with whidt fiL·Id and foul ba~ kd s "" '" rL' thro\\"n . and the <.:haractL·ri~tic f:t""t pa:'s work (·.· hiLill d . l!a" m :u lc the team .1 great fan rite in ba:-.kc· b all circles . PletliH'. th • fas t ct•nte r. haR appearl'<l in en.· ry g-<ttlll' and hi s skill in . winging- th e hall at th ~ ~ tart mad<· him ittcli~­ pen ·ab le, ,,·hile t h e difficult f at f thrnwing fi <.•ld h askl't~ fr~>1n c\·e rv co nceivabl e position ha~ g-iY e n ])c h~rui f. the ~tar tnrwarZl. an cnYiable dis tin<.:ti o n. \ ~cc nkct· ' s wurk at thrownigfoul ha ~ kets has b een a feature and the ''"' rk nf th e \ " ruwink~. Itmans and Stck e man a s g-uards w •re cxct..·ptionally hrilli ;ltlt. Hogg-en di sting-ni~hecl himself in th fi1st g-anw with the Grand Rapid s Y. \f. . A. by winning the game during- the la ~ t minute or play hy scoring- o n a fo ul. The fo llo wing table show~ th e score t)f the ~L' \T ral g-a tn es 111 the Troll ey League se ries: 1 l o pe, 33; Grand Rapid~. ~2 . H ope. 45 : Cran<.l 1 La \' Cn. r I. llope, 28 : .:\1 uskegon , r;. Hope. 37: Zeeland. 30. }lo p<.· , 37; Zeeland, 20. H o pe, 44; ~ Lu · kcgo n , 16. H o p<'. 33; rand Rapid · . 34· -Grand Rapi<.ls I lL·ra !d.

TJu A ncltor


worthy manner. The evening was spent in game and other plea ·antries which the Crescents will not soon fo rget. @t

Prof. and 1\Irs. H. Drnsh were hos t and h aste s to the dass o f 'o7 on Tuesday. l\1 arch 5· and proved themselves very enterta ining. The eniors all report a "mighty good time,'' aud regret that St·nior days arc abn o~ t OYer.


Tl e Fratcrn:tl ociety royall) entertained th e Cosmoptdita ns o n i\larch 15th. Th e he t of fe e ling exist · between the t\\o !'ocieties. " Cosmopolitan Fraternalism," and "FraH-rmtl Cosmopolitani~m· an' n o t unkn o wn <pta tltities at pr e~ ­ cnt. and yet colleg-e . pirit in liter ary acti,·ities is far fro m being curtailed by this liberal co-o peratiou.

ATHLETIC NOTES. Hope, 30; Grand Rapids Y. M . C. A., 32. l ) n the en: ning- of February 7 the un ex pected happe ned. \\"ith th t• lo ng hopnl fo r 1000 per cent altno;-;t within our grasp, l )pp~ lo!'t. or rather Grand Rapids Y. \f. C. A . w o n, the la:-.t :··al\1 ;in the In~erurban League race. It w as a close and exciting game with Hope men continually recei,·ing injuries . C;rand Rapi<.ls ·adcl t:d in ult to injury by refu _ing to count at lca:--: t three fi e ld thro \vs <.luring th l: co urse o f the game. F ou l a ftu· ft, ttl was ·called on our fiye , which \an veren of the Y . .:\l. C .. \. ea~ ily c< nverted into p<>ints for his t ea m. Hope's h-am \\·nrk wa;-; ineffecti,·e becaus e' no :-iOOlll'r did th ey start th ma c hin e-like action. which Coach .:\l o rgan feared so mu ch hut he ,,·oul ~l check it by calling a fou l. Even th en OYer timl! play wa s necessary fo r him to win. \Vin he did, but acidcd n o g-1 ry to his cro"':n. Th e final score w a · 32 to 30 in fay o r i ;rand Rapids Y. ~I. C. A.

SOCIETY NOTES. M. A. C., 33; Hope, 23. The Crescents. champions in the series of basket-hall g-;-t mes played for th e coveted prize, an y s t e r - s \1 pper. w en· p~ca : antly ent rtaincd at that s upp er- by Dr. ?nd \Trs .. \ ..T. (1odirev. who offered the prize. After a ' 'htg-g-esl on 1 Yc c\·cr h~cl'' s upper, which s macked 0 £ many other g ood thin g . b es ides oy ters, the h ost and hostess entertained in a ,·cry

The ~T. A . C. ba. kct ball team. th e fa~ test aggre(Yatio n t hal l'\"C'r ,·isited 1 l o ll and. scored a victory o \·rr Ifope on Fehrua ry 1 ( ). hy th e sco re o f 33 t o 23. ln th e firs t half IIope s tarted with a ruf'h and kept the farmer · gue. s ing thro ughout, leading at its d ose by a 16 to 13


"'. '


:--ro re. nut in lh ' :--Cl' 1 >11d IJ;1Ij t!J l' :\f .. \ . C. tt'am lllrtlld till' table:-: hy th e m o:-; t cln lT l 'a ~s W•> rk . , . lT witn~..·s:--~ d 0 11 th e .. gynt· · fl oor.

~ !"COred m o st o f th e JHlint:-- nn basket" fn >m th~ field. h c ing- rr cdib.'d with 12 a~ai n st i IC) p<.··s (>. The.: ia rmt.:rs are th e.: o nly tc.:tlm wh) h a ,·c in play in g- w it h u s SC·H· l ·cl mt~r. fi t•ld p u int s t han c' nr t l'am. 1 l O J l', h rHn! \Tr. kacl in fn·e thro w .~ . g-etting- 1 1 t o !J o f the , ·is ito rs. \\ 'c fe e l it lu ht' nn dish o n o r in b l' ing- cl<- fl'tt t ed I)\· such :t ~ tron g- t eam wh o plays und e r a ,·c ry c;lpa hl l· coach ;tnd w hn has c:1.· ily defea ted all o pp >n c nt s (•xr ..·pt the I )l•trnit Y . .\ I. C . :\ . \\ · e h a '· e s t i II t n p I a y 0 I i n : t a n d h ~""~ I ><.' t l h c a 1> 1~..· t 0 1a 11 d s~.:~ond place in th e in tcrcul lcg-i;ltC.

:\1. .\.

JOTTINGS. Hillsdale Notes. .r\11 the bo ys r . . port :t great ti111 e at I lill"d:lle . . \ft cr th t• ,· h ;•d ,·isit d \\' est llall. th e Co n ~cn· at o r\' oi IIC':t ub·. tltc \· \\'t • r:~... a ll .. _...mitten.'' Art :\lis n r r i~ sa id to bt: an in c urai >lc . ~ .-\ t the co n t est o ne o f th e I Jill ...,cJ :!Ic h,1,·s ca m (' r atla·r :'h ccp i. hly up t o J u nker and said. "E xc us l' me.' sir, hut an.· you one o f the judges?''

A. k Pete J>l c un e a l)Ull t i\1 iss Coun. lJill:dale malclen. th o u ha st s u c h bri gh t blu l' c-ye =-- f r 1 1 >,· ~..· . llill sdal e m ctid c n. th ou ha : t s u ·h brig ht l>lu~ ~..·yes : Th ose bright hlt1 c ey<.'s arc thin e, lo •. l', The g la n ce in it is min e. Jo ,·c : I I iII. dale m a icl cn . t h o n ha s t s u ch brigh l b Ju c ey~..·s. Hilbuale maide n th{.lt makcst \'en· hull\' fuci ('J'e · H ill ~da l c maid e n. th o u makcst bt;lh· ftt~l rrc · ~ ' 'fhat bu ll y fudg-e is thi ne, h)\·e; ~ :-.. ' The.: eati n g f't is mine, lo \·c; I l i11 s dal t' maid e n , th o u mak ·st bullY fudge.

:\Irs. Kin g- ( m e~ ting- t h ll o pe (k le;..;a ti\ )Jl at th l' .~ J epnt in llills dal c and ta lkmg t o Prof. Dimncnt ) -"\\ . h e rc in tht• w o rld arc you r women ?''

.'). ..•J

In ,, nc of the tuwns on the lin e th e r ·staurant man a sked I ' rui. Uimn ~..· n t if h e w a -; the m anag-er o i a l hca tri c;d troupe .

Don't ask .\rt :\ l is n cr t o t e ll yo u about li ill sda!e girb. 11~...-· 11 n c.:n: r stop wh ~..· n n n cc.: start~..· d. The t re n d o f his arguJlll· n t is that t) ll g-\.·ncra l principks prc~ide nt s ' daughters are al right: a n d tlt el1 h\.· ~oo11 ~ wi tc h Ls o!T illto parti~tllais a b out til \.· 11 ill--dall' pr~.. ~ i ckn t's daug-hte r. \ 'a n

Zantl' ll·~....

fan >ritl'


•· . · W\.d ~ I

a r ic . Come to me ...

~ . . ~~~...~~o.W>@Sr4(!!;.-t~~~~@5.-e~CiS"~


! ~


Easter Greeting

i ~

T o airl ~·ott . in enjoying yonr E Tl!:R • EA •. ON more ' thoroughly uy barin g it with otll ef, we call y our attention ' j, to tl.e faet that '' e hav e secu red an elPgant an ·;aried assort~ me nt of " '


' i 9 IJ


Easter Postals in Leather, Satin and Cardboard.

~ ~

All with arti~tic• desicrns. EASTER C \RD -ni~. · e to slip ' into a lett •r home or your fri end-just for re m emhrance ~ yo u know. E.c\~'TC:Lt .KO~ELTlES - to k eep as me mentos '

'' :a:. -v ~

i i




A.~· :OEJR l?LOElG- '


44 E Eighth Street,

: ~ .. ~~@J.o . . . . .

Th e J t ting d~partment i. weak thi . i ·su e, fo r J o hn \ ·an Zant<: n is ,·cry hu ·y teac hing psy ·holog-y n ow;tda ,.s.

D r. :\ . T. G. will fumig-ate . t u clcnts· room~ at r ed uced 1·au:=--. The ~carl1.. t ie,·cr sca r e n ow assumes a fair deg-ree of n ·asc n ;1 hll-n e:s. ~.lis:-; I. L.- " J,,)n ·t , .• u think Edward is a ni ce name? :\nd such rare bru wn eyes!''

I ~


Tlu A ffl:lztJr


( F rt~m l J o I I a 11 d City N c w .s. F l' h . 7) _ .. .I o h 11 \ ·an Z ante n. fir~t prize in th e b o wling contest. J o hn ~ \? ems to he a winn e r in ~omc o f th sc Jines." (1· rom Sentin el)-"Grand Haven wants a n ew fog horn." A ~plc ndid opening for Roo ~ t.




Tlu A ncltt1r


I • •

J t is repo rted that Prof. }[a. t makes three j urneys p er day tu the printing- o ffice , and is \·cry insistent that the printers take pain .s not to o mit the ~tatcmcnt fr 111 the new colleg • eata lc1g- t u th e cffc:c t that Ds and FrL· ~hmcn arc r equired to ta ke gymnastit:s three times a w eek. ~·\ rt ie

is a Junior wise,

The g irl s . th ey s ay he's Yain ; F u r all the slam .s and kn ck~ he g-<.·t.s. H e ge t~ th e re just the samL'.

'' I'T"a Jk'' ~

may sell bad clothes. but it doesn't make a cu tomer. I make clothes th'lt sp~ak eloq••,.utlv for themselves a11tl customers tuat speak for me. ClHtH~ in and give us a trial. DYKEMA, TH~ '.rAILOR 1

1 fe's eYer kind to. tud ent dull. And h elps them French to f.! ' t. And if hi ~ hair and tic arc smooth lie ha · th e brains. Y 0 \1 h rt.

O•er Lokker-Rut.llcrs Co.

---- --- - 1viiss l\~largarite M. (to Prof. Mast)-"llow long can a person live without brains?" )Jlast--"'vVe, I don't know exactly. How old are you?'' Sorosis Society. Program for I• e b . 8th. Opening N umbe r--Vocal solo. ~liddle Number-Vocal solo. Closing Number--Vocal solo. Adjourned with the "Amen, ch o rus. Vander Vv. seems .to think he can grow taller U\' pulling up his s u ~pe nd e rs . Gerrit De l\[otts (meeting Prof. Dimnent and Van Zantcn or Eighth treet)-"l-Iello, fellows !" And Van Zanten felt humiliated-it was on ly a \\' Cck after the local contes t . If it keeps on this way f r a couple years more Estelle will soon consider 6 her unlucky numbe r in t ead o f the proverbial 13.


if hi s tie s h ou ld g-et a\\'ry, Or o ne hair rufll ecl be, This little 111 :1 11 \\'ill hlu. h fo r s ham e, A fea rful sight to see.

. ....

f' ··":~-;:;;~;;;~;;,~;:;~~-·, Buy your Tablets. Pencils and Ink at

.!!>,;.,, :JP,;,At

BRINK9 TilE BooKKA.N Oitz. Phone 715

209 RiTer Street,

Ho1Jand, Mich.




..."'. .' "" ' ~· •'*'~,.•. »4=-~· ·~· ,... -=·-t~

Tlu .4nrh or


Kramer's S5.00 Book of Trad~ Secrets Reduced to $1.25 While th e y last.

On l y a f e w

copi e s left.

Every student who dea l res

to m a ke their own way through aohool •hould have a oopy of thl• book.

Tl1 price o f "Krau1 •r's Huok of \ ',duablu Fo nnul as, H ,;ipe , Trade 'ecrf't:1, Proc ·o~~CR AI·. " , ba:i bee n 1·edtw •J from $5.00 to Sl :!5 for .1 s ho rt rime. O rd ur th e bon k wl1ilo )'<Il l c:a11 g Pl it.. "[t's" a ."p rin g loui e; fo r au.v bus in e ~. lJid "ro" intr) e very :--;lnte a ud Ca11aJa, I> ·s id 'N su,·,•nd fo re ig n (·o untri c~, this YP<lr. •lit " mak e:; hn ~ in Pss "go" a ud bri ng~ iu th e $ :· $ to y o u. · f4: nd o,·sed hy a ll 1


manuf:w tur~rs. 'lJAoro il •nl,y on• .A'ran~or'$ .:7Joo.f. ~ ·' K1a•n 'r's.llo 1k, n f .~t!c r •ts" was writt e n hy :\dol ph


Kra111 ~ r wa · t-Uu<:al .. d in (r~· rul.tlly ':; mn:st uo tecl t e( ·hni l·al st·hools, aud was fo r ,,,·er thi rty y ears t'tl iiii Cded wi t h Jarg(' lll ill tufa<·luriug co nce rrts in Germa ny and t lt e ( r. I.. I t is th e 111 0 ·t ' ()I ll plete 'lti ug e \·er writtl'll o n lla \·l)ri u!..! cxtr: ll't ~. gi ,·ing fo rm11fa f' that ha,·e n e ,·er hef>n p~thli:;;hetl, cosL tu n fro m :W· per g allo u anti wlao l sa liug for- $:3 .:)0 lJ~'r gat/on up. It c:o utaiu s Lundrc·d s o f o tJ1 r fu r111ula s whidt ha \'e lll ' \"•' r bc fo r ,) appea re d in p ri nt " ' " r(' th e <"l' ·t h n:'\ rangC'd fnr l·:u'lt r~ ,rn 11tl a. to SEH!-' of formu I a~. Jro m S5 to $100. J·:\·~ ry P<'rRn u ,, hu is o ut. of e mpl oyment C'a n mak e m o re out o f t his l1oo k tha u a pe rso n jll o rd i ua ry busi n 'S C'an o u a. capi t;d o f 8 I 0,( 11>0. "Xran~crr . , fc, Cr•ant " is a huokiPt \\ l1 il· h lws ju ~t l a•t-" ll iR:S II c d, t .. lli11g ho w to mak e a prime ic• crtJo»~ fo r z!U cen ts a gall" u, a(,~ll lttt P}y J'> Ul'e \\llU wiJI paSS in an y fnqO J.lw :-. lrt ll! . l1 e:;i J •s g i\·ing a n11mbe r o f ot he r fo rm~tl a an d info nnatirHt. t 'an 't. lt" ll all about it h e re. Jlog nl a r pri ·e $2.511, II•H\· X 1.00 or bnth book · $~.00.

h ran1 e r, A n:tlylH·:d

liH' II lt st., ass1sted by o the r e xperts. 2\l r

\\~ e


ha ,.e }Pft nothing uu done in on r preparation for a nobbv a .. o r tment of 'lothing and Toggery for ou r Ea t r · tnu l('. )n r stocks are extra we ll filled and al'SC\ rtecf, with an ah nndan t quantity of the follow ing new ly arri ,·ed goods: . l\oblrv Collegia n nrand I nits in blacks and fanc:es. ra,·~uette ~ ~i fT Hat ~ in the n e w fl at b rim sty le. Pe~d G rey T e lescope Hats with white b inding. Caps i u all the n ewest cr ea tion s . . Fann· ~ec.:kwear and ~ birta i n a n mnumerab le «:U~sortmet;t or patterns. elected£: pecially fo r o ur Easter trade. Dou ' t forget to ask for the discou n t.

SIOUX PUBLISHING CO t~1 PA~Y, Sutherla nd, Iowa.

\\ ' her ~ is J oh n l 'la~man · s c!a!":o; p in ?


J o n ke r ~a y ~ X oa h i~ n t dead . I fe llll't 11i m at l Jil lsdale. ll L· is n o w t rying- tn · tri ke.: up an anp t1in t~JJll'l' :d'" \\'ith Sh c li1, liam and Ja pl ct.


111 H>lny t wt: nty _\" l' :trc; h a!' :--<.·n·<.' fl. :\ nd his hack fn nn w o rk is ·un l ' t I.




Chocola1es C. Blom, Jr. Bon Bons w. ~t.. -


The Candy




~bke r.

aonand, Mich.


( >nh· tw u p ro fs . had th e n c n ·e t u coml' tn t h e Athletic Fe't i ,.a Th e editor u f thi s papl.' r k n rH'\S :t d:!n ·Jy jt)kc nn <,t• rrit V c ·nH.'<·r. hu t h e: h :t!' I> ·~...· n threa t e n e d w it h 'i ok nt d c;1t h ii he s ho uld puhli ·h it. ·a come and see him p c r~o n a lly .

E tonTn

For a n iee, fresh box o f

Cuarcli:1 n nf th<.· hrnn m and pan. · k nn in g- tt p w h c r · ·c r h e c <:d 1 • .. Du ~ t th u u art - t o du.· t r tu rn<'. t. " L- th e m o tt o o f thi s man. Twenty _,ca rs h e':-- s \n..·pt t he llonrl\J ay h e ~ "· eC'p it tw e nt y !ll(lr<:.


\V EsT

Lead in


Specia l aceommouatio n to lloardmg Clubs . 21 East T outh 'treat, Holland, l\lich . ,


For y o ur Hnmkfa-. t I. n rH'heo u or T t•a HK\JA~U TIJ"F;






Tht> A






G . J . lli i: KE WA ,


0. 11.' , W O ltW.&, C .&S Btaa .


11-,1 ~S'"I, S'l,A l"E BANK With Savings Department. Ua J,>i ta 1 ~50,uuc '· 00.


1 Corner Eighth Street ancl Central Ave. , • 1-1 olla.url . Michigan ~ &.... ............~""'~~.-.~~ s~rn•cl at (' luh~. R e!'ltauraut:; ancl U ott•ls. Alse :-~nlrl ut .}Our ( ;nwf"r.

nF.wAru: <H' 1.:\ll 'J'.\ 'l'rt) :o-;s .


------------~------------THE SWEETEST P RESENT A b ox of onr best

GhoGolat6 6r6am Bon Bons




R. W- GfllKIN

------------------------------~C:i~tz~~P~1~10~n:~~4~i~0~.--~2:0:_ ~ ~~:erSt .



;rZ- -1 :1 "/-" L



1,': ' ~·


~ -1




;:r.. ·


..... ..

~~ ;:


· -: ~.

I \


~ -~

- · l-~··:t :


Holland CaJ1dJr J{itclJen


For Men.

-...,: ,

t hn t we have the fiuest room iu 1 lol land for a crowd t 1) elljny them. eh·es over a social g Jnss of i<·e c-ream t;otla, an.d forrret the bore o r Rtudying . ...... Lar.~:ut a.rscJrlnu nl of lliglt grad~ Cant!iu ahc•nJ'S on ltand.

WalkOV6r Sl106

l' f ' -,4 jJ}.-\ ·yt)I I ~

Y(JU Know From Experience



$3.50, $4,00 and $5.00

T~ Till ~~


Your" -rro(1e


Ghds. D. Smith,


-17 East E ighth

treet, itizens


Druool~t H olland.


~li c h.


2 E . Eighth street.

. • .I

Boone's Livery, Bus and Baggage Line . HOR ~ ES



209 CE>utral Avenue.

HOUGHT AND SO LD. Citizens Phene 84.

Bell Phone 20



TJu Andtor

::S: 0 P J:!J

P e 11c1a tl t s


0 0 L L l:!JG- ~.J

:ttl (J

I>i II t) 'v 1 ~()Jls


IIeafl\tU~trt erd






I{C(t(_·ll £llld

of all ki11ds. ~

\Ve hnxe e \·e ry th iug



Hollau cl , 2\1khiga n


the line o f

FrBsll. Salt ana smoKtru Meats. C itize ns Pho ne 50 .


~ ~

H :u~ the 1arg~B1 ci r c nla tiou of auy paper



pn b1i~lted i u the Hollann lau g u;age iu th e


~ ~

U niteit State~

~ ~


kuowu upon appJicu tiou.


~ ~

. .



~·our \\·a tch r Ppnir


d a t, lfarcl ie"s. Pri ces rca onal Jlc. aud your ntn uey bat:k if uo t sa tisfied. H.'t

• th -.: U r d Ie,

J :.T

e ~ J ewe le r,

ti ii


c·o r . s tree t. ami C'l·nta·:d avenue.

They arc bargain auc.l are worth 3 ;~ 50.




'rUE .,,l'UDEN rl' T .r\.I LOI~


I l<JP

13G E. Eighth 1 tre t. Clean ing and R e pairing neatly and q 11 i(·k l_v d one. 1 Tron rs a nd (h·eralls f or sale. all and see U8·




$1.50 PJ£R YEAR.


S When I t Needs I t !




jfraltltlilt jLife ·nttsttrance (to.



A it vertisi ug ra tP~ n1arle

H~lAN, l_JrOfJ.

\\~ c ~re clo ing o ut a n ove rsto<·k of ~4- it• <· h





• ::) ' H.i ve r st reet.




1-J. Va11 ':(oiJgeJ--c)n. . "treet.

H u ·e

'eu ts pl'r Onnce

Tcle ph .. n e::;:

- - - - - - - - - - - - = = = = = = == = Ei~h th

l ~ c•lt1eu


Furnishes r cO' is tc rcd i ns urance. P o l il·ic arP also sec ured hy d e posit o f en tire llP e n ·e w i th the 1 'tatH of Illinois . , ee \Y~J. J. L l V I~, \\ e. t Eighth , ·t.

D. & )J . .£-\ tlll<~tic G oo<ls 12 East



Cor . 8 th and B.i ve r ''trcets.

'lc p iu and see thC'ir lin e.

~))(l lll<-1

fur tine PPrfmue. ~:;

.a/..1: e 2 i F3 re> s .



T ltc A , ,.;,,,r





. "'

All kinds ~·.ea ~ ,


P o ul tr y

Vi h and Vc-'gt tables . Deli ver y in Ci t_v. \'<'n\. Vo n d ~ ,. v eer, Pr p. Phone 43. 152 E. E igh t.h


Tlu Anch or

------- - - - ---------

\\Te're Still at i t Giving 10 per cent off to students, Ou

;til M~n·~ ~"'uruishing~

ann Ulotldng.

COOPER,~ ~.Eighth Tai Jo rs, lla t ters and Fu rn is h e r~.

SLUl..,..'l"BR &




A gen ·y A m erk:m Laundr.r.

I Pictures, Mirrors, Paper Holders, Clock Shelves, Statuary. etc. I~

to fit up yn u r room~, come :mel ~ee us. \\. e c·aa furnis h them to su it the po ·kt::thnok.



Store, ·


Ji;. 8th St.

c. A. Stevenson. The a.7J::'.,. Jeweler


h age n t for L . E.Watennan and J ohn Holland Fonntaiu Pens



M;;r ;~ &:h;::;•

I1 All Kinds of Book and Commercial I PRINTING


An cient. and M o drrn Languages aot1 Literatures; Lo~lc. Rhetorlo an d F.JC)cutloo; M.nt hemaLt I<'!< Phyfllcs and Astr onomy; Cht•u1ht ~y and GeolOJ:Y : The Rlu loalcal Science~; Pltlh1wuphy; Sttcred Llter:Lture; Oen;craphy , Hi stor y . 0 1\'ll Go \·eromeu' ~ud Ped ...gogy; Or a wtug nnd t.lush>.


E • 8th St•




••••••••••oeeooaeooooaoooeoeeeaooeoeeeoooeeooooo The Collea:e Shoeman. Graduaw in tbe Boo• and Hboe •n.




H· • Ill.ohan •


i·······················-········.····-·······i Holland City News

••••••••••••••••••••ooeeooo••• . . ••••••••••••~~



5oeeooooeae . .oeeeeoooooeecoooooaooooooooo•oooo~


Ct. " ss~t:., 1.,

Purr.osOI' HICAL,

S e t EN, tFt C A:'llD

NoR~tAt •.

Tl'\eOIOQical ocport1nent. ThP. W c 1tern T h eolo~tlcal ~eooloary has a course o f stu<t y as full and pract.lrad &>~It" . istt• r 3ernl narles to tue \Ve:ft.

corps of Expe rienced Instruc tors.


LOCATION :-Oil th e Por e Marquette railway. IGO miles f rom Chlcato. i& mllP.a from G l'llnd HLLplt1s .

Expenses Moderate, -Fr. r furth e r I n f ormation o r Ca\alog ue apply t o



KOLLEN, LL.D. , Pres.