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Hope College, Holland, Michigan, Feb. 27, 1929

Number 7 W




ARMORY OVBBCBOWDEDWlTft exceptionally, for each man on FRANTIC SUPPORTER^ d t HoP®'8 t e a r n worthy of comEACH TEAM ment Although Van Lente was high scorer with nine points, yet hi8 S C O R E 30-31 teammates were ever with him. ' Calvin presented two capable The Hope Varsity basketfball men in Timmer and Bontekoe, while team went down to defeat befort Rote boom who was predicted to be Calvin CoUege last Friday ^vetoini: a big noise was pretty tamed, proat the local armory by a seort of ducing only fouls. 31-30. Although beaten in points Hope has another chance at Calscored, yet they displayed an all yjn on March 12 and surely isHearound game which was equa( to termined to give them a beating, that of Calvin. Let's see if the student body canAfter many years of sepiratiori not be as well represented at that the Calvin College team vetttured game as Calvin was Friday evedown to Hope, to play on a neutral floor, by their request, and; drew SUMMARY: a crowd which filled every coiher Hope—30 r F T of the gym. h.lf « hour beftfw the ^ f 1 5 F game had even started. Calvin Van de Bosch, F...^ 1 0 2 came with many loyal supportters De Velder, F 1 0 2 who backed their • every play Martin, 0 0 3 3 throughout the evening. Hope, too, g* ^ 2 4 from all appearances had every Van'Lente, G . Z . Z Z * 1 9 student out as well as a goodly — — — number of townspeople. 10 10 30 Calvin opened scoring by making Calvin—31 g F T a field goal and a foul shot to make Bontekoe, F 4 0 8 the score 3-0 before Hope could Timmer, F...6 0 12 REVEREND H. A. BILKERT get started. Then Van Lente scored Stob, P 0 1 two pretty field goals to make the R^eboom, C 2 0 4 count 4-3 with Hope in the lead. cZZl 1 3 Martin and Cook followed With a Yen Huiien, G 1 1 3 foul shot apiece to push the score — — — 3 to 6-3 and Calvin took time out. „ # ^ 1* . . 31 Bontekoe then counted from the Referee: Donnely (W.sconsm). field and "Boo" came back with a foui shot to put Hope abeai m . D i c k e n s i a n s CeleTimmer, however, scored and FORMER KALAMAZOO BOY WAS GRADUATE OF evened the count. Dean made good brfttC Foiindillff HOPE AND WESTERN SEMINARY a foul shot but Timmer again reg® istered a deuce as Calvin be^an to S T A G A T trinity CHURCH The Reverend Henry A. Bilkert much more to her to have him leave slow up a bit. Bontekoe pushed in another two pointer to place The Dickensian Society celebrated was born in Kalamazoo, Michigan, this country in view of the father's Calvin in the lead by a score of 8- the founding of their organization in 1892. In his early years he at- death. Mr. Bilkert therefore pro11 and Hope called time out. After with a stag dinner at the Trinity tended the public schools of his na- ceeded with his plans, requesting the rest Bontekoe again tallied t*ro Church parlors on Monday evening, tive city, preparing also for college to be sent to Arabia, as this field points. Klay replaced Cook. Cil- February 18, at 6:30 P.M. The so- in the Kalamazoo High School. He appealed to him as of the greatest was vin scored twice from the field thhi organized on February entered Hope College with the class calling for a type of work especially the efforts of Timmer and Van Ap- 17, 1925, and has made splendid that graduated in 1914; a class appealing to him. In forwarding his pledom. Vande Bosch scored from .Progress during th<* four years of which was distinguished by the fact ne*} and greatest opportunity, and e that of its 40 members len entered* application to the Board of Foreign tlye Jield and Van Lente via the *ialenceA uni( ue foul route, to make the score ll-i7 l P™*™™ was earned upon missionary service, twelve Missions, Mr. Bilkert stated that with Calvin still ahead. Klrfy out using the theme of "The Dick- others entering the ministry of the "from looking at the Christian life scored and Calvin called for a time e n 8 i a n Pilgrimage. Messers. Nick Church at home. After graduation as a passport to Heaven when this out. De Velder substituted for Gosselink and Aaron Ungersma from college, Mr. Bilkert entered life is done, and as a rule and order Vande Bosch. Dean made a foul ^ N i c k a n d U n k " > t h c w e U k n o w n immediately upon preparation for laid down to be followed as a duty, shot and Timmer and Bontekoe, m u s i c a l comedians from the West- the ministry, attending the New I have come to look upon the Chrisand then Timmer again followed e r n Theological Seminary, supplied Brunswick Theological Seminary tian life as the means of the largest two years and removing to Western and fullest life here and now, the with field goals, as the half ended ^ h € t m U 8 i c a l * * * o i t h e P r o f * m The ro un with Calvin on the long end by a P *« ^s follows: Theological Seminary for his senior life of the greatest satisfaction and P n | e r by A l u m n u s B € r t V a n Mal count of 14-23 y - year, graduating from that insti- happiness for oneself, and finally tution in 1917. and of the means of bringing to others Hope came back with a deter- ^ ***** Mr. Bilkert had developed the de- that same satisfaction in this life mined effort the second half. Klay %***** ^ T sire in early years to be a foreign and hope for the life to come." The made a foul shot and De VeldTr J * % * * ' - „ .... . •4 t> ^ by Manon Alday, the "Growth by missionary. While he was in the testimonials to Mr. Bilkert's charfollowed with a two pointer. But •; _. . . , j . , . uk Harm Timmer, the "Goal" by Theological Seminary, and about to acter and ability and qualifications A. then nRozeboom counted to mak^ 4thfe ^ • u «vt; i . .. George Russcher, music by "Nick make formal application for ap- for missionary service sent to the n . . a n f T I « m t ""d Unk" and the "Prophecy" by pointment as a missionary, his Board by his professors at New foul and a field ,oal. Cook weht m A l u m n u s H e n , F ken A l u m n u s father died. Since he was the only Brunswick and Holland, and by his for Martin who was seeming to ^ . n .j , • Gelmer Boven lead the yelling. son, this raised the question in his pastor, were of a very assuring nahave an off mte Lmmer aent anA11 n o n . s o c i e t y w n a n ( 1 o t h e r s mind as to whether he should not ture and held out the promise of other thru the hoop as did Van a r e . n v i t e < i t o a t t e ' d t h e r e g u l a r give up his missionary purpose and large usefulness on the mission Lente from long range. De Prei m e e t i of t h e D k k e r l s i u n 8 an(1 e n . remain in this country for the sake field. made the score 21-30, with Calvin . fellowship, of his mother. On making known In May, 1917, Mr. Bilkert marstill ahead. Rozeboom went to the o to her the doubts in his mind as to ried Miss Anna Margaret Monteith, showers after counting his fourth his missionary purpose, his mother personal foul and De Pree and AUDIENCE EXCITED bravely told him that from child- of Kalamazoo, and, having received appointment, they proceeded to Cook each added a point. And FRIDAY'S GAME hood his parents had consecrated Arabia in October, 1917. After then Timmer followed Rozeboom to him to the Lord's service in whatthe dressing rooms. Klay added Faces, faces, faces everywhere, ever way He saw fit to use him, reaching the field Mr. and Mrs. Bilkert were stationed for two years another point while Bontekoe a veritable sea of faces, smiling, and that she would be happy in his at Bahrain, giving their time for V - missed two foul shots. Calvin wai frowning, laughing, perspiring; all carrying out his missionary purthe most part to the acquisition of not making use of their iree merged into one mass of intensity, pose as they had looked upon such the language. For the next two throws, and their lead was slowly Yes, we are talking about the big a decision as an answer to their years (1920-1921) they occupied the deminishing. Calvin missed two game Friday night. Arranged on prayers, although it would mean (Continued on page 2) more fouls, they were playing a the left side of the spacious court stalling game, to the dislike of the was the formidable host of red spectators. Hope then went on a neckerchiefed cow punchers from spree, realizing the time was be- Calvin, sprinkled here and there M. O. L. RESULTS coming scarce and De Pree, Van with an uncomfortable Hopeite. The Lente, and Cook scored as game other thrw sides were populated by THE ANCHOR will ended 30-31. Noise was at its peak Hope rooters, packed tighter than give the results of the when the last whistle blew. the proverbial sardines. At the It was hard to say who played ddor a mob of exasperated patrons a M.O.L. contest next Tennis will soon return to Hope's dUGTOO/YKTT A * 1 0 clamoured, nourishing vainly their 11 Friday night at the reserve seat ticket Our sympathy Campus. The wish of a good many Hopeites is to come true this spring 1 Gym. Impromptu enHOLD N I N T H out to the "petites" damsels when at least one concrete court 1 tertainment will be ve feet t w o w h o A a T am kn ^ 'ound themA N N U A L STAG'selves in the rear. Many of the will be built when the waather per- || provided. . ladies emerged from the chaos mits. Last fall the base for two mi — MASONIC TEMPLE 18 PLACE frightfully disheveled, while the courts was built behind Carnegie g i f t Gym, and it won't be long before m n t h e us Last Thursday evening the ninth * ual harvest of the top layer will be added. The HOME VOLUNTEERS cril h hat about Annual Stag b o n n e t of the Emer" ^.4 '- ^ ^ class of '26 decided to build a •roiui Society waS held in the ^ t h i n w s ro ^ ' n t h e * " ? ' • tennis court when they learned that HEAR PROF. WINTER M u o n i c Temple ^ « » P ved anyway; that the new Memorial Chapel was to W A f t e r a truly iplifting and In- A n e r i " ™ have great power of enThe Home Volunteers met last be erected on the site of the old A apiring dinner, the following proy o u t h ' * h o was unforThursday evening and listened to a courts. Nothing has been done for tunat gram was rendered: « e r K , u « h 1 0 ^ pressed upon very interesting talk by Prof. WinGeorge Washington * radiator, had his "eternal puninh- over a year, but this spring at ter; Speaking on church governleast one court will be built there W e m u 8 t n o t ment, the professor dwelt at length Lester Vander Poel 1 1 f\ -4 * ' forget the jealous lady fan who Tennis has always been popular on the position of power in the vawith the Hope students. Hope's out 0 w it* De rw. vVelder, LUr Meal vVan . ' ber seat and yelled Walter ' T h c Tennis teams have always been rious denominations and then gave in quit€ , his opinion as regards church Iplcture wouldn t ' ** eomplete, how- among the best and this year forms, etc. should b e n o exception with The meeting was attended by an Tbe Philosophy of Emerson T " Klaasen and Vande Poel back from ch6wer who8€ enthusiastic crowd of eighteen poRichard ' ****** gymnastics last year's squad, and a place to tential preachers. The History of Emersonian practice. Many of the students are o A t00d Peter V«i Ew * * ****** *. very anxious to start playing, and The A.D.D.'s served hamburgs After jrroup singing the evening To belive with certain^ we must the tennis courts will be the most and coffee to the two teams last cane Ao a close; begin by doubting-^tanisUus. popular spot on the campus. Fraiday after the game.


Life of the Late Henry Bilkert Former Anchor Editor, Who Was Recently Killed in Arabia

Tennis Courts, Gift of Class '26, Ready in Spring



Book Report Owing to certain considerations the book report of Dr. Dimnent will be held over for one more week.

Science Club Hears Prof. Lampen Talk Last Tuesday night the Hope College Science Club met in the Emersonian Society hall. After the fire was coaxed into some semblance of activity, there was a general "round-the-fire" discussion. The first number was rendered by Dick Mouw, who read the paper, "Television," written by Adrian Kuyper. After some discussion of this topic the main speaker of the evening was given free rein. Then Professor Lampen gave the members one of those inimitable rambling talks on Steinmetz, that only he knows how to give. The audience was in turn amused, inspired, and awed at the remarkable tales Prof. Lampen gave of this GermanAmerican genius. Only those who have heard our Math, teacher talk when he has his heart and soul in his subject can appreciate the rare treat that the Science Club was given. After some discussion the meeting broke up. o

SPOELSTRA IS HIGIf SCORE MAN WITH 18 POINTS TO HIS CREDIT SCORE 36-17 The Hope Yearlings gave the Reserves from Calvin College a sound licking at the Armory last Friday evening by the tune of 8617. The Frosh gave the finest exhibition of basketSall so far this year, before a crowd which was thoroughly convinced at the end of the session that they could play basketball. At the outset Hope jumped into a small lead through the fine playing of Van Haitsma and Spoelstra. Hope maintained a meager lead as the half closed with a score of 18-10.

The Frosh came back the second half with some extra "pep" and pushed up the score by leaps-and bounds. They simply passed to "Watty" Spoelstra and then he would either score or he would pass to some other Frosh who was waiting to score. This kind of procedure continued throughout the major part of the last half. Calvin on the other hand attempted to put up a fight at times, but their scoring sprees were short lived. Spoelstra was easily the outstanding member. of the Frosh team, he only made eighteen points for his evening's share of fun. And the entire team play was centered about him. Dalman and . Van Haitsma also toiled in a fine manner, and aided Spoelstra on many plays. Calvin presented only one outstanding player, a native of Holland, Westing by name, who scored eleven points. Echoing with calls of merriment, Vander Poel handled the game the "Fraternal Hall" was the scene very well. of the annual Washington Stag, Hope Reserves—M „ . . (5. f T. held this year on Thursday even- i r Van Haitsma, F M 1 7 ing. The new frat-house has been Dalman, F 1 q g the scene of several parties during Hoffman, F. ft o 0 the course of the winter, but the Spoelstra, C 7 4 18 0 0 0 Stag commemorating the "Father Steggerda, G Bouma, G...U...0 0 0 of His Country" will stand as one Beaver, G. 1 0 2 of the most jovial. Toasts were De Groot, G. 0 0 0 offered by Fraters Bosch, De Pree, Cupery, G ...0 1 1 and Boone. Frater S. De Pree 15 C 36 sang several solos. President OtCalvin Reserves—17 to Yntema served as chairman. The G. F T. annual serenade at the Voorhees Bruinooge, P. 0 .1 1 Dormitory was run off in grand Poele, F 1 l 3 0 0 0 style, including fireworks. The Stuurman, F Harkema, C 0 0 0 supper was prepared by the "LaMeyer, F 0 0 0 dies' League for Service" of the Wykhuis, G 1 0 2 Sixth Reformed Church. Wetsing, G 3 5 II Eldersveld, G 0 0 0

Fraternal Hold Washington Stag

Y. M. and Y . W . Hold Joint Meeting The Y. M. C. A. and the Y. W.C. A. held a joint meeting last Tuesday evening in the chapel. "Bud" Vredevoogd led the meeting on the subject "Living Together." He lamented the lack of real conversation on worthwhile topics, which is so often displaced by idle chatter, and the desire for artificial amusement instead of the appreciation of natural beauty. Too many of us, he cited, see only the fences on the campus and fail to see the pines. He pleaded for frankness of conversation on the vital and religious things. Too great a number of us are apt to condemn a fellow student before we really have become acquainted well enough to appreciate his worth for often this same person becomes a leader in college life. Mr. Jay Van Dusen, a cometist from Grand Rapids, played "The Lost Chord," which was followed by a pleasing encore. He was accompanied at the piano by his father. The devotional exercises were conducted by Edith Dings. Howard Schade led the singing and was assisted by Mr. Van Dusen. This meeting replaced the customary exchange of representatives from the "Y" groups and proved very successful, judging from the interest shown by the large number present. No man will ever be a big executive who feels that he must, either openly or under cover, follow up every order he gives and see that it is done—nor will he ever develop a capable assistant-— Mahin.




Referee: Vande Poel. o

Cosmopolitans Hold Stag at Grace Church RAINBOW IS THEME The 39th annual stag of the Cosmopolitan Society was held at Grace Episcopal church parlors Feb. 21, 1929. A delicious dinner was served by the ladies of the church to approximately 50 guests. After the dinner was over, cigars and cigarettes were passed and the party settled down to enjoy a fine program. The theme of the evening was "The Rainbow." PROGRAM The Sun....Toastmaster Jack Pelon At the Foot in 1928 Howard Scholten The Apex .....Louis Danstra Major Colors (music) ' C. John Meyer At the Foot in 1929 AI. Vanden Bush The Spectrum Guest of Honor Prof. T. Helmers Minor Tints (music) - Peter Scholten Faded (Eulogy on Russel Schermerhom) Lester Vander Werf Group singing This fine program, remarkably well carried out, was followed by a business meeting, and group picture. The hall was cleverly decorated in rainbow tkits, which was accented by multi-colored candles and large boquets of fresh cut (lowers. The comments in praise of decorations were numerous, as were the comments on the whole evening

Whatever strengthens and purifies the affections, enlarges the imagination and adds spirit to program in general "Let's keep up sense, is useful.—Shelly.



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„...E»rlc E. LanKeUnd .Alice Brunsoo, Donald Wade, Gordon Van Ark B e r n a r d

'ampua News

Arendshorst, WtUon Spoelttra


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in those who are

a n


Rev. Bilkert's Life

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new station of the Mission at Amarah, this being the period immediately following upon the war in which Mesopotamia was muc involved and as the result o w ic n

the books. I held my breath and the





their first year at the insti- i ^ e d up dazed, for to see a ro- formed. In 1922 Mr. an kert removed o ag • tution A g w e have a few new in- m a n t i c novel in the possession of 1 ® . auspices of s t r u c t o r 8 a t H o p e this year, we feel t h i 8 professor who had been edu- station very interested in them and their c a t € d abroad was too much for me. • : o f t h e departthat e of our h e book and began to ^ . Missionary So? r o f H o o k e r > on l opene(1 t 0f t h e ^ o , has kindly ^ d . when ^ , S nnd field and in8truct r8

s e r v i n g

— B e r n a d i n t Siobers Exchanges

The students of Hope College as students of any other always interested in c o | i e g e are their professors. They are espe-

wel| a8 the

case out of the burning building, one of the boys missed his step and fell. The bookcase came down with umiK breaking uicaiw..ft the wglass ... and a bang c a u s i n g the books to come tumbling hurried forward and beout g ^ ^he books up when my e y e caught sight of the title of one

Donald Martin uwcr

Head Reporter-.... ^ Reporters Marlon Alday. Adelia Beeuwke^. Nichola. Bur^raafT Anne Bulh Clouifh, Harold Hoover. Tlllle Masselink E.ther Mulder, ^ h n Mu d . Arthur

coiisentecl ^ Z\ " t ' n T o ^ Intidpation of t h e o r g a n i z a t i o n y - o{ h , s ^ paying the slightest attention to 1924 t h e U n i t e { i Mission in BUSINESS STAFF grateful. what has been going on. Please sec M e 8 0 p o t a m i a > M,™ j Raymond McGllvra Mr. Hooker states that he spent m e after class." I sat up with a W K . 1 o i in n t hthis i While ancient City of the naB r . * Louis Hamrtra, Lol# De Wolfe the early part of his life in Albany s t a r t realizinc: that 1 had been AMUtanlS l l a r r v K Smith . ^ I f 4 * 1 . . • - Harry K. Smith a n d Sc henectady, New York. After dreaming instead of trying to find i e t t i r g to the Board in reCirculation Manager. C. Van Leeuwen Aulatant..a- he had completed his high school t he answer to my question. a r ( 1 ^ t h e B ituation, political as course in Schenectady, he entered oh, if only some of those dreams ^ a g , . ^ ^ 0 ^ in that historic Union College in the same city would come!! but conglomerate city of the Middle from which he received his A. B. o J923 and 1924 Mr. Ea8t degree. While at Union, Prof. and Mrs. Bilkert availed themselves Hooker was very active in college FRATERS SERENADE of their furlough in America, activities. He was a member of the VOORHEES GIRLS spending much of their time in Adelphic Debating Society, presiHartford Theological Seminary on dent of the Classical Club, a memThe eleventh hour—the Dormi- s t u dies in Islamics, with a view to ber of the Theta Nu Epsilon Fra- tory asleep—thunder and lightning f u I l e r equipment for their life temity, and a member of various descend, a pungent odor, girls genrice. In 1924 they returned to other campus clubs, besides serv- s c r e a m and huddle into corners t h e Arabian Mission and were staing as associate editor of the only to be quieted by the intro- t i o n e d a t Basrah, and in the follow"Gamet," the year book at Union ductory song of the Frater ser- j n g y e a r ^ Bilkert was chosen by College. Besides his educational e n a de. Although the climate was j^g Mission as its Secretary. His JUDGE NOT. work at Union, Mr. Hooker took zero and .d the stage was covered d u r i n g t h i s p e r i o d h a ve set *** There was a thought brought up at the Joint " Y 1" m meete e i - part in athletics, being a member With a foot of snow, the optimistic f.o r t h. . n a v e r y interesting and vivid 1 inff last week which a m o n g o t h e r s m e n t i o n e d t h e n is well of the track squad and a member Fraters songs "Dinot from Caro- m a n n e r t h e w o r k o f t h e w h o l e Misi n g last . t . infUrp and criti- o f h i s c l a s s basketball team. One Hna" and "Carry Me Back to Old . n TThh h u n optimistic in f)











l1, S c h n e , d e r

worth passmg on: the f a c t t h a t too often we judge and e n ^b-nnw O nprson hilt v e r v little. Most Ot fV,r. t h e ovifi critl-

Fresh Roasted Peanuts

^ ^ ,f M ^ ^ i the """K auuut uic last vvirgmitt, oin 01 my uivama whilp discriminatinp: , . _ , _ a: tone, ^mie aiscnmnmuiig in the T lirTM he spent at Union was that and "The Sweetheart of Sigma judgments recorded.

H 0 er has f ^ 1T




u n t i d y and careless, t o find out l a t e r t h a t s h e or h e w a s " h a v - ^ the ^ ^ t y

* brace of the affectionate couple

of J l . c b ^ n and furnished much amusement. The

ing all they could do" to keep in school at the same time. We've all had the experience a nervous or quietly sensitive person "uppish" because he versity, he taught for five years at your "heart and voices united in sa

did not m i n g l e as f r e e l y w i t h h i s fellows a s some. We h a v e ^ .11 d u b b . d t h . a b s e n t - m i n d e d p e n , . . . " . . u b l K r " a t m m

Arnold's Confectionery


cize when w e know a person b u t v e r y little. Mos year cizing and gossiping t h a t w e do is a b o u t t h o s e w h o m w e h e s e l . v e d as an assistant teacher Chi" floated up to the chilly heads know least, a n d o f t e n if we k n e w b e t t e r t h o s e w h o m we h a v e in the department of English. that were bravely enduring the criticized w e would p i t y r a t h e r t h a n despise, or love r a t h e r Since he left Union College, Prof, winter blasts. The last fond em-

than scorn We've all had the experience of judging a person

Where All Sportsmen Meet.

™ institution as an instruct- the chorus, boys!"




The merry

Throughout the eleven years of h i s a c t i v e s e r v i C e on the missionBilkert applied hima r y fiel(l M r self and

ateg His





with alld

b o t h Am erican



With Apologies to Will Rogers


he K rew in his



ana Araomn.


New York,Dec, 20.—There are t i m e or o t h e r . It's SO easy t o m i s j u d g e o t h e i s \ \ h e n we don t ^Ir. Hooker has also lived in the gills jumped back into bed but it T h e circumstances of his death some nuts „got a habit here — in u n d e r s t a n d t h e m , SO simple t o see t h e i r f a u l t s a n d peculiar!- city of New York. His home was was many hours befor the Dormi- w e r e t h ( ) s e t h a t come into the field New York, I doubt if it has reacht i e s SO easy t o pass on bits of scandal about t h e m ! L e t ' s be in Greenwich Village during the tory was asleep again, of missionary life not infrequently; ed your town, for most of your the making available their intimate state® have asylums.. It s to go a little more charitable, and spend some of the time we waste knowledge of the people and the bareheaded on the street- Now, in "judging" and gossiping in getting better acquainted with dderived e r i v e d tthe h e mmost o s t pprofitable r o f i t a b l e ppart a r t o fof country to visitors, especially to he has worn something on hit Have You Heard— his education. While living there, our fellow-students! those travelers whose interest in head ever since h.s mother tied , 4 i fU^ work mMAr f\f the fVio his hood under nis chin, out nc he met many interesting people, bethe tne country and ana the me wuir of ui .. . j OUR ORCHESTRA sides. spending much time in li^ i i \ t now Mrs. Coolidge is getting Mission is intelligent and sympaAnd hiHWH r"tndo^n neck r e a d y t 0 move. new boxes. Mr. Bilkert met his death The pleasure derived by t h e two audiences of "The Amathetic.

, expen-


first curtain. The entire value of a production can be lost ence in college. u d i e n c e m u s t ssii-uimiuuacu i t u n a m u s e d duui u r iwife n g t h o s e critical w a i t s besides p being li tmh ee aauuieiite inu&t f h ani/ English • i inlso an b e t w e e n acts, b u t o u r D r a m a Class w a s f o r t u n a t e to h a v e a s structor, * , T , ' 71 °rof. ' ' Hooker ' 0 " K e r 18is ®also 'n i t s source of music t h e p r e s e n t College O r c h e s t r a . w r i t e , ' h rt ^tories^eTsavr^and i f

T h i s o r g a n i z a t i o n , t b . t a . a . t e e . b i y a n ^ H a e d ita a n d , X es With a well balanced p r o g r a m of pleasingly played hshed a group of short stones in a cip W h i s year vpflr been hppn directed bv m m o n s , volume entitled "What Feather," music, has tthis by Mr. Monte E Emmons, Feather,

The who conduct its. 1 llC orchestra U1 LllCo Ll C*islOorganized, having offices wn . . business. I t s m e m b e r s a r e d r a w n from our student body, and from those musicians of• the town who are interested in . .p, , . , working with such an 01r g a n i z a t i o n . T h e o r c h e s t r a m e e t s every week for rehearsals , w i t h special m e e t i n g s f o r sections of the group. At a school like Hope, t h a t desires to encourage every beneficial student aetivit,. eapeclaiiy tboae ot t h e n a t a r . of

h h S pubhshe d b y t h e en "' ^Mnw r * *pFPrpca ininQSvromico TV" Hmcrnn Q (iiapon * l ullr

' f w —f — gifts from an appreciative pub- Basrah to Kuwait over a route that i t a n y g 0 O ( | lie to their President. Besides all has been well estabUshed and has ^ ^.xV^ a s c e n e i n o u r ^ h o w huuim* will *»iii go sv back w€»v.iv to iw been aaopieu as aa the me regular resume mail mon where another comedian and A myt hese, 16 trunks Decn adopted Morthamoton. Mass., Mass.. whereas whereas 88 , o u t e . Mr. Mr Crane r m n p isis an an experienced pxnerienced s e n c o m— :»u Northampton, suits and e out with dress ' " r t , ; e , W h i t e H o " s ® traveler in the Near East Before barefooted, no diSerence from on the street, t T t S S Z Z t Z Z Z Z l "" for attracting atWhite House than out of it." with Dr. John Van Ess, of Basrah, tention and being being funny. • • • securing the promise of his cooperLsf women leave off something. The President has asked Con- a tion in the journeys inland in They do it much better than men. UWUIl ill mc jv/umc/o iiiiu.iu . 8™™ ^ WS.OOfl to remodel the A r a b i a w hich Mr. Crane contem- Every time a woman leave* off

IrT W ^ oor Kt hee aai s oo ltakeV ereai ulT" aaK te st 'aa I r ew at


f ; ' . ^ interest in play writing. When asked what college activit irS f e . ^ r 6 ^ ^ ) ' P r o ^ ^ 0 p k e r r e'

J! k




( l e b a t i n g an ( 1 ll









Y oo rr kk B e f o r e , e a v i n g NNeeww Y



:. , n 8


lo k8



u Weather, Va., for a hot-weather learning of the presence in the city every time a man leaves off someweek-end retreat for future Presi- of Dr Mylrea of the Arabian Mis- thing he looks worse. dents. It is a fine brick building. si on Mr. Crane invited him to * Yours, faced with ten columns, and about Spend an.afternoon with him. W I L L ROGEjRS.

'lt a r e


buildings belonging shortly afterwards, in the latter

£ , 5





t h e o r c h e s t r a , it is e n c o u r a g i n g to find t h a t t h e o r c h e s t r a is the coach of the debating teams, it was once an important Govern- B a S rah pToceLine southward to Gray and Black for $1.50. doing such commendable w o r k . Music c o m m a n d s a high place and from the showing they made in ment obsen'atory, it has been va- K u w a i t it had evidently been O U R N E W S P R I N C C A P S on our c a m p u s , and f o r t h i s reason t h e s t u d e n t s feel gratified ^ l u ' i r first debates, it looks as if he cant and unused for the past 15 arranged that Mr. Bilkert should © H A T S H A V E A R R I V E D

to know t h a t in the Spring the orchestra plans to present a ab a |e ^ ^ ^ concert of the highest calibre. All plans are being laid to m a n w i t h t h e e x p e r i e n c e a n d a b i l i . that end, and when the occasion is announced we are certain ties of Professor Hooker as a memt h a t the student turn-out will be an indication of their inter- ber of our faculty. est in the work of these musicians. If W fi 11 wpe Hma Ha qa FJRO t ire iin Dear Old Van Raalte

THE SEEKERS One asked a sign from God; and day by day The sun arose in pearl, in scarlet set. Each night the stars appeared in bright array. Each mom the thirsting grass with dew was wet. The com failed not in its harvest, nor the vine, ' And yet he saw no sign. One longed to hear a prophet; and he strayed Through crowded streets, and by the open sea. He saw men send their ships for di.stant trade. And build for generations yet to be. He saw the farmer sow his acres wide. But went unsatisfied. One prayed a sight of heaven; and erewhile He saw a workman at his noontime r e s t . He saw one dare for honor, and the smile Of one who held a babe upon her breast; At dusk two lovers walking hand in hand; But he did not understand. —Victor Starbuck. 4 ALMOST A TRAO G tEi U DX Y . l . s a m p s o n wou, R.S.V.P. C.O.D., A.D., assistant professor of Monotony at Restmore College, was the soul of patience and forbearance.- If during class a student KonrH thp rnll of the inner man and

One m o r n i n g history class I was asked for the answer to a question about which I did not know anything. Seeking inspiration my eyes wandered to the window and rested on Van Raalte Hall. Then—I jerked foi-^-ard, rubbed my eyes and looked again!! Could it be possible that this famous building was on fire? Sure enough it was for I saw smoke curling out from the window of a French professor's room. I jumped from my seat and ran to the burning building. In front of Van Raalte I saw several students .lancing and yelling, Yeah!! No More School! Hurrah! Three Cheers! Then some of the students dashed into the burning building and left us wondering





preaident_Elect Hoover

accompany Mr. Crane and his lunch.

at Brighton, Fla., with Glenn H Curtiss, pioneer in'the field of avia-

party. I" from Basrah to uwa


boundary b q an

1 e





n the

J . J . R U T u E K S COmPANY 19 West 8th St. crossed. This boundary, together

K,ngdom 0



Y o u r s [or B e t t e r


tion, remarked that Col. Lindbergh with its fortified posts, has been l e a t h e 1)6 '""ed by the law of aviation averageSi the occasion of friction between these two governments and the and that the Pan-American Air- cause for the recent breaking down ways, Inc., should give him a good sa/e ground job Mr Curtiss f u " o f I b l v T d V ^ e gested, with a twinkle in his eye, ^cumstance probably led o the that the situation would probabi; **** u J T u be taken care of, in view of reports tribesmen, called I k h ^ a n ' that Mr. Hoover would appoint Col. g l V i n f 0 '11" ^ j Lindbergh to his sub-cabinet i n S a o ^ d ' S u l t a n o f ^ N e ^ a n d r e " charge of civil aeronautics. Mr. cejitly become the King o ecjaz. Hoover immediately changed the attack of the Ikhwan has probably only a subject of conversation. l > o l l t l c a l significance, • • • growing out of the friction and disThe joint session of the House p u t e o c c a 8 1 o n e ( 1 b y boundary quesand the Senate in the House's t i ( > n s , T h a t M r * ® ^ k e r t ' s l i f e s h o u l d chamber, for the purpose of count- b e f o r f e i t 1 0 a circumstance of this direCtly ing the electoral votes to find out ^ ^ hlS who is to be our next President services although of has come to pass, and the official . " " " T discovery was made that Herbert ' l ^ e ' ^ t ' , e P 8 " 1 0 1 ' 0 " l l s ( ' e a Mr Clark Ho^er has been elected by - B i l k e r t leaVeS " Wifu our c quite a majority to that office ' ^ ' ' ( ' r o n t ^ e 'a®' t w 0 t w ' n s > . . . born in October, 1925. The sym-


should stop

arc members plor^Teie^mphMmy]

cirde Nearly everything in the modern ^A K i n0 f o rt" /1 try A ty\ t len 10aid a s out i» i' />go o out11 crr\ #>iir ho glanced a^nndJ llooking will perusing Blue Books. As he o o k i n g u' p j ^ s a 'w o n e o f ^ our fra o m ^ . c h i .m n e y o t g t o t h e Arabia and in America, r\ ALL on us when you fit tVu* novt nno hie a\rna Knlcrn/I Viiq % % fami, at the next one his eyes bulged, his Co-eds descending the fire-escape, boiler in the basement, is in color to * * y- Mr- Bilwiih to send flowers lytoany distant point. nostrils quivered, and his hair stood loaded down with antiquated pic- nowadays. And now comes the k e r t W a S b u r i e d i n t h e 881110 C e m ' Our dependable F T D on end. He leaped from his chair, tures from our attic museum. Sev- suggestion for brighter Bibles. The e t e r y a t ^ a s r a ^ where lie the •ervlce insures that the •ame quality flowers you tore the paper into two pieces, eral of us rushed up to inquire the R t Rev. Cyril Forster Garbett, b ( K , i e s o f R e v - Henry J. Wiersum, who died ,n 1 01 and order will be delivered to reason for rescuing such antiques. Bishop of Southwark, England, in f ' Mrs. Christt h r e w it on the fl and its destination quickly ine r s o n Be,inett . Before we had finished questioning making a plea for more colorful » ^ " 0 died in and economically. ? ' e y a n e *0 aI? . s . u 0 her. she herself, calmlv informed Bibles, said. "Excent. in 1916. The funeral service was held


Qyiijililillijloiier' recite because he was busy writing his brains out^on the snowdrift 1 8 5 5 w o r e ; ouitouic ior u voiume wmcn con- " — " ns • . • m • home for a check, the Professor - Aftp r his racrp had abated Leavihg the young lady with her tains good tidings?" Last year it Christians of the Western and V l | « | | l y I 011711 k l A n c t only smiled benignly. If the class ' * ^ h(. was able to explain treasures we next saw four boys is estimated that 32,000,000 B i b l e s .Eastern Churches and that the O l m U j L a i ? 11 1 i U I I o l decided suddenly to take a holiday. t h u 3 ^ ttThe c o n f o u n d e d i d i o t w r o t e carrying an old-fashioned bookcase (mostly black) were sold, and service was a remarkable tribute by p. ^ 0CK0 the Professor Pmfonftnr only onlv smiled reliev relievmedium blue ink after I had which we instantly recognized as churchmen are wondering whether many races and creeds to this r n o n e s 0040-ZbDZ edly. specified that the class was to use belonging to one of our professors. Bishop Garbett's advice would not American missionary. n at his desk pale black ink." As they carrying the book- make tor greater sale#. , From the Christian In The Professor




Page Three






What! New books, and instantly Roscoe Thayer. Vol. 1 and 2. there is a rush to the library. Fa- 4. My Autobiography. Benito MusYou a r e invited to use the Banking culty and students eagerly seize solini. facilities of upon the new arrivals. It is a varied 5. Woodrow Wilson. Wm. Allen collection consisting of biographies, White. A LITTLE NONSENSE Marge: "I just adore caviar, histories and books of travel, 6. Woodrow Wilson and World don't you?" twenty-nine works in forty-two volSettlement. Ray Stannard BaWe wonder what would happen if Bernie; "I never heard it except umes. The donor. Dr. J. W. Bosker. The oldest and (he largest State Bank in the County it rained Antar Abbie lost his wave. on a phonograph." man, alumnus of '85, has often thus 7. Woodrow Wilson—Life and Would Donald Wade in after it Composition on Cats as contrib- remember his alma mater. Letters. Ray Stannard Baker, with Annette Bos of the job and uted by A. Froahe. The highlight of the group is Vol. 1 and 2. John doing Nauta thing or would Cats that's made for little boys "The Source Records of the World 8. Benjamin Franklin. Phillips Harold Kraai for help? These to maul and tease is called Maul- War." Russell. questions Jacob Juist cannot an- tease cats. Some cats are rekerThe American Legion, who were 0. The Life of Abraham Lincoln. swer, so we will ask Dorothy De nized by how quiet their purs is by special permission given access Wm. E. Barton. Vol. 1 and 2. Goed scholar. She cannot answer and they is named Pursian cats. to the military archives of the na10. The Story of Philosophy. Will either but Sidney Iflsersma question The cats With bad tempers is called tions involved in the war, published Durant. JEWELER and thinks that he can answer it. Angorie cats. And cats with deep the records. The bindings of the 11. The Sunset of the Confederacy. (Successor to W. R. Stevenson) I could tell you his answer, but I feelings is called Feline cats. I seven volumes are facsimiles of the Morris Schaff. want Mayo Tase it first. don't like cats. bindings of the Versailles Treaty, 12. Abraham Lincoln. Charnwood. one of which was had by each of 13. Joan of Arc. Joseph Delteil. He tucked his crib in his pocket "'Oh! Dot, come over tonight and the seven leading powers. Informa- 14. The Rise of American Civilizaand soliloquized, "I'll get by. as play bridge." tion heretofore suppressed is now tion. Beard. Vol. 1 and 2. long as I have you." "I'm sorry. Marge, but I must offered to the eyes of the world so 15. Twice Thirty. Edward Bok. • • • see 'Hamlet.'" Watch Inspectors for the P. M. Railway that future generations might know 16. Napoleon. Emil Ludwig. "There's Joey. I understand she "Why, heck! bring him along." the true horror of war. The cost 18. Walter H. Page. Burton Hen« « * bought that dress on the installof the records is somewhat over one drick. Vol. 1 and 2. ment plan." Our idea of an optimist is a fel- hundred dollars. All profit accru- 1U. John Brown's Body. Stephen "I suppose this is the first in- low who buys a lifetime pen in ing from the sale goes to the aid Vincent Benet. of disabled veterans. Only persons 20. The Life of Johnson. Mowbray stallment she's wearing." Chicago. • • • with war records are able to purMorris. Vol. 1 and 2. Jack smashed his car yesterday "For crying out loud," exclaimed chase this special publication and 21. Bryan, the Great Commander. Beauty S h o p in Connection and went to court for it. J. C. Long. the talkie star as she displayed a we are indeed fortunate to receive so splendid a collection specially 22. The Life of John Marshall. A. Call for Appointments 2071 "Really, what is the charge?" fat pay check. * • « registered in the name of Hope Col"Driving under the influence of a J. Beveridge. Vol. 1, 2, 8 and 4. woman." Boswell. Chauncey A few historical events in auto- lege. Much more could be said but 23. Young •v.-. • • • Brewster Tinker. mobiling: The Israelites seek a come and see for yourselves. Dr. Bosman's previous donations 24. The Education of Henry Adams. Harry: "We're good friends, Don, new parking space. An Autobiography. lend me five." ' Phoenician sailors get at least include such works as "The Harvard Classics," leather bound vol25. Napoleon. The Last Phase. Lord Don; "I could, but I never lend five hundred milies to a gallon. Cand umes of "Latin and Greek ClassRosebery. |yterTo«stedVa , nd'wiches^^llb»fl"» n chB , coUtei^' , # C O * money; it only breaks friendships. Caesar crosses river by means of ics," Hubbard's "Little Journeys" 27. If Hamilton Were Here Today. H.: "Well, after all, we never Fords. VandenBerg. ( were sUch good friends." Queen Elizabeth considers getting in the famous Roycroft bindings, a very elaborate set of "The Litera28. Everywhere. A. Henry Savage an Essex. ture of Italy Series," and Burton's Landor. Vol. 1 and 2. E. P.: "Why so melancholy, old "The Book of a Thousand Nights 29. The Source Records of the man?" "I've decided to part my heir in and a Night." World War. American Legion. V. D. W.: "L K. rejected me." the middle," said the ax fiend as he In your search for good literaSERVICE E. P.: "Oh, cheer up, there are made a pass at his son. QUALITY ture ask Miss De Pree about Dr. * * * lots of other ones." Bosman's collections and enjoy the V. D. • W.r "I know, but I just It was heard yesterday that very best our library has to offer. can't help feeling sorry for the Tommy Zandtsra was in the gym Following is a list of our present playing basket-ball while Daisy old girl. gift of books: was almost a block away, visiting the Girls' Dorm. Honestly, it can't 1. William Hohenzollern. Emil A word to the wise: Ludwig. "Don't bite your fiinger nails, you be true. [SERVE IT A sD YOU PLEASE ALL] 3. The Life of John Hay. Wm. • • • ' know what happened to Venus." « « • A most terrible thing happened 28th W, 9th St. Phone 5470 to Dr. Nykerk recently. He was Mrs. Lampen to Sonny: "Don't .V« ask your dad so many questions; visiting a neighbor, a young mother and wishing to be neighborly, it irritates him." Lampen, Jr.: "It isn't the ques- asked: "How is your little girl, Mrs. tions, ma, it's the answers he can't Jones?" give that makes him mad." Try our Hot Chocolate and Wafers. Lowney's * • « "My little boy is quite well, •and Johnston's Chocolates. A negro mamsy had a family of thank you, "replied Mrs. Jones. "Oh! it's a boy," exclaimed Dr., (Wjfcll-behaved boys. One day her Rear of Ollie's Call 5704 for Appointmant mistress asked: "Sally, how do you in confusion. "I knew it was one or the other." raise your boys so well ?" * * * "Ah raise dem with a barrel Corner U t h and College stave and Ah raised 'em frequent." M. R.: "Oh! I wish the Lord had » • made me a man." E. P.: "He did. I'm the man." The difference between a profesi * * sion and a trade is that the professional man has a diploma and Famous Female Flings. the tradesman a Packard. Well, good bye, I'll sue you later.

H OI4A«#a&

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With a little more practice the A.D.D. girls feel that they will be quite proficient in the art of throwing frost-bites up to people sitting on the top row of the bleachers at games. However, we think they did very well at the Calvin game — very few people were hit. •

We hope everyone was able to settle down to ^ork again after having a whole day of vacation last Friday. We trust that everyone made good use of his extra time. The seniors say it was quite a treat to be able to forget about a seven o'clock class for once. •

Speaking of the Calvin game — we 'wish to congratulate all those who got there early enough to get seats. *


33-35 W. 8th St.

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Our sympathy goes out to those who were born on the twenty-ninth of February. It's just too bad, but * * • they will be cheated out of having / Ina De Cracker says she went a birthday this year. fishing the other day. When asked a iL concerning her luck she replied that W E D D I N G BELLS she talked so much that she scared the fish away. Of course we may FREYLING - DE KONINC excuse Ina because she would In Grand Haven last Thursday rather talk to young theologians afternoon, a very pretty imprompthan catch fish anyway. tu wedding took place at the Pres» Brrrr it's been cold lately, byterian Church House when Mr. hasn't it? Mr. Winter says it was Arend Freyling, of Grand Rapids, eight below zero at one o'clock last a Hope College junior was united Wednesday morning. But, cold as in matrimony to Misg Hermina De it is, we haven't heard of any Koning oi Holland. The young people went to Grand frozen ears or noses yet. Haven with the intent of being • • • • Have you noticed that a number married, and in passing the church House, its charm caused them to 4 of stained glass windows have aphave Reverend De Kraker of that peared in the hew chapel lately? church perofrm the ceremony. Rev. 'It begins to look as though the De Kraker is a fraternity brother Seniors may graduate from the Oil the groom. new building. Quite privileged to . Fortunately, the Ladies' Aid Sobe the first ones, aren't they? cial was in progress in the church . . . house at the time, so the wedding \ Mr. Lubbers' Novel class has went on with ^11 the "fixin's " The been doing'some-reading of light couple came in to the tune of the Action lately — three volume nov- Wedding March from Lohengrin, • els for instance. For further infor- while after the ceremony, one of mation, see Mr. Leon Bosch. the ladies sang, "I Love You • • • • Truly.' We wonder just when we are goThe curtains were drawn, the ing to have Spring vacation. candles, center and sidelights were • • • • lit and the fire kindled, all of which < The other day a certain little boy added to the cozy charm of the couldnf find his seat in chapel. So room. Refreshments, intended for Dr. Dimnent had to help him. the Ladies' meeting were served, ..Moral (for Freshmen and Sopho- completing the arrangements. mores): Always sit in your own Mr. and Mrs. Freyling are at seat in chapel. It's less embaras- home to their friends at 129 E. 10th sini:. street, in H o l l a n d j f f i ^ n . • i


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Undefeated Albion Team Takes Hope for Sure M.I.A.A. Title


i( C



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A special program in commemoration of Washington's Birthday was given by the Senior Class last Thursday. The program consisted of readings from incidents of Washington's life, a biographical sketch, the rendering of a poem and other appropriate numbers. Many of Washington's wonderful traits were brought out in the presentation of a few of his many letters. Those that took part were Alberta Rawls, Deane Knoll, Catherine Nettinga, Esther Mulder, Joy Hungerink, Milton Van Den Berg and Ben Eckwieler, Willard Van Den Berg of the Junior Class acted as chairman.

The undefeated Albion college basket ball team dispelled any The exchange editor is more than Truly, our is the heritage. All championship hopes of the Hope half-delighted to receive a novel the reclines, literary and artistic quint last week Tuesday, as they handed the Schoutenmen a 85-26 and much beautiful edition of the and scientific, have been sent down defeat but only after a hard fought Kalamazoo College Catalog en- the long chute of the ages to land game. The Hopeites went to Albion tered as second class matter under at our feet. Indeed, we are the with a fighting chance of giving the the new name of "Kalamazoo Col- pupils of a million yesterdays. I oppose his last statement. Has Methodists a run for the M.I.A.A. lege Index." If the compilers will allow me, freedom been any freer or abundant crown, and although they gave all they had, the Albionites were a I shall indulge in a few comments. today than yesterday? • • • trifle better on the loop than the The picture of the campus and its Orange and Blue representatives buildings satisfy the aesthetic, Recently the Olivet Echo gave and thus managed to take the vic- while the items, explanatory of the notice to Freshmen to procure ticktory. The Hope courtsters were scenes, are highly edifying. It will ets for chapel attendance. Poor without the services of Captain be my privilege, I assure you, dear Olivet, how far behind us are you! The Meliphone Society held a Vem Vander Hill and thus were editors, to acquaint the students We have chapel attendance on the handicapped, but Vandenbosh and here with the outstanding person- curriculum, scheduled under Drs. stag at their hall last Friday eveDe Velder filled the position in fine ages of your faculty. Dimnent and Nykerk, impreson- ning, attending the Hope-Calvin fashion. Without a doubt, we at Hope will ning the students from twenty game in a body afterwards. Hope gave Albion a real scare in be inspired to bigger and better minutes up to any time. We hope Miss Mary Weldron, one of our the early part of the game when bigger and betterism. that it is not to be supposed that worthy senior teachers, had her Martin drew first blood with a goal, However, we hope and desire that that which will not be effectual by class write a description o^ a deer. and the Hope defense repulsed desire that the next edition of the affection will be so my coercion. When correcting the papers, the every Albion effort to snare a Index, which is, I assure you, an « * * teacher found that she had been deuce. Goldburg finally scored from excellent paper, will have returned . Dr. Ward's plea, which was described by every member of the mid-court and B. Grey and Latta to normal. printed in the echo, for clear and class. repeated, g m n g the Methodists a accurate thinking demands a ter• • • lead which was held for the rerific response, especially since we S L I P P E R Y W A L K S A R E The Mac Weekly runs a coluirti., mainder of the tilt. At the interare now more influenced by tradK mission the Albion team was on The Chopping Block, from which tion, prejudice, bias, and others of F A S C I N A T I N G H E R E this good-sized statement is taken: the big end of a 15-8 score. the unhallowed group more than "Hew to the line and let the Hope's game comeback in the last Not a few of our fellow Hopeites ever. Of course, this is no plea half was the feature of the game. chips fall where they may." have met their downfalls of late for iconoclasm, nor for orthodoxy. With the never-die spirit, the Hope—Arabian. "There opened a way and ways much to their chagrin. None are ites managed to creep up on the immune to the fascination and and a way . . . From this same paper is exleaders but each time would be remagnetic power of the pavements. pulsed with a barrage of baskets. cerpted a fragment of an address And the high soul chooses the Upper Classmen as well as the poor high Cox Van Lente thrilled the large by Pres. Acheson of that school: "The present generation is enAnd the low soul chooses the low. insignificant Freshies a r e a l l crowd that witnessed the game with drawn downwards toward mother three baskets from mid-court in the joying a heritage greater than While in between on the misty earth, sometimes even suffering flats last period. Both coaches used nu- any previous; the freedom has painful injuries to their otherwise The rest drift to and fro." merous substitutes in the fray, all perhaps never been paralleled." well-behaving equilibriums. Our inthe entries playing basket ball of tellectual Seniors especially are varsity caliber. much perturbed when they meet R E P O R T C A R D S A R E Captain Carlson was the leading with any opposing forces but when scorer for the Methodists with four O U T - SO B E W A R E ! the force happens to be in the form deuces and a foul. He was ably aidof a stretch of slippery shiny ice, Report cards are out!! Girls ed in offensive play by Ernie Grey crowded Mrs. Durfee's office to see and none too soft ground, their and Richards, a substitute. Vandenexasperation is beyond all bounds. the dread or otherwise, results and bosch, Martin and Van Lente diBut be ye consoled wise ones for vided the point-getting for Hope, many were the elongated counteneven the best of us meet with sudWhile John Klay played a good ances which emerged from that hisden declines, in life. Seven o'clock game at guard, scaring the Albion- toric place. Some, however, to reclasses find most of the participants lieve the monotony and to keep up ites with his fast breaking attack. still in the realm of sleep but sudHope is still even in the M.I.A.A! our good name were wreathed in den jolts prove very good awakenstandings, having won three and smiles or wore looks of smug selflost an equal number of tilts. Sev- satisfaction but these were very ers, don't they Joe? To see the eral of the teams yet have to make rare. We hear that there are sevdignity of the mighty Senior so their appearance in Carnegie gym. eral cases of "maniac depressive ruffled sends a pleasurable thrill Feb. 27—Hope-Olivet The Hope Frosh played a miser- melancholia," (or word to that to the region of my funny bone basketball game. able game at Albion and lost to the effect) threatening, but merely producing one of those unique huFreshm an squad in the prelim by threatening. As yet we have heard man indulgences so mildly termed a 22-12 score. At no point of the of no actual instance where the disMar. 1—M. 0. L. cona "Hearty Laugh." game did the yearlings show the ease has taken active form. Many test at Alma. Hope type of basgket ball that they are are the downcast Voorheesites who Albion at present seems to have versus General Mocapable of, their basket-shooting will be staying in evenings for things much their own way in tors Tech at Hope. having disappeared. M.I.A.A. basket ball circles. Hope rather than reposing on flowery Lineups and summary: Mar. 5—Y. M. C. A. and Alma are the only threatening beds of "e's" they are riding on and Y. W. C. A. teams and these have only a slim ALBION COLLEGE (35) stormy "c's"! The voice of the chance. Hope should defeat Albion meetings. P.G. F.T.P. buzzer will be stilled in their rooms Carlson, F 4 1 9 at Holland and should Albion blaw McConnell, F 0 2 and loud will be the rustling of any more games, the result will be Densmore, F 0 1 1 pages and scratching of pens. quite a mixup. Bromley, F 1 0 2 o Richards, F 2 1 5 As one eminent logician reE. Grey, C 3 0 G WHY THE VOORHEES marked, "Give me victory or give Latta, C 1 0 2 Goldburg, G 2 0 4 me an alibi." GIRLS ARE TARDY Fleming, G 0 0 0 B. Grey, G 1 2 4 A last dab with the powder puff, Koblin, G. 0 0 0 a hasty glance in the mirror, a Qoalky Shoe Rcpairkg scramble for books and boots and 15 5 35 That's Onr Basaus HOPE COLLEGE (26) we're off for chapel, to find only P.G. F.T.P. too often, the closed doors con"Dick" the Shoe Doctor The darkest hour in any man's De Pree, F 1 2 4 Vanden Bosch, F 3 0 6 fronting us. When the faculty life is when he sits down to plan De Velder, F 1 0 2 walks out, they cast their eyes over how to get money without earning Martin, C 3 0 6 the group of delinquents huddled in Cook, G 0 0 0 the back seats on the right. Most it.—Greeley. De Young, G 0 0 0 D. S c h a f t e n a a r , P r o p . Don't part with your illusions. Van Lente, G 3 0 6 of the tardy ones are dorm Klay, G 0 2 2 girls, strange may seem and When they are gone you may still Phone 5328 13 E. 8lh St. many and varied are the excuses exist, but you have ceased to live. ' 11 4 26 extracted by the harassed dean, for We Call For and Deliver —Mark Twain. Referee—Kipke, U. of M. every good dean feels the responsiv C" o bility of getting her family to chapel on time. Of course, the stock alibi is that the alarm didn't ring on time and there is the girl whose clock fell of • Thursday morning many Van the window sill. One girl fell down , Vleckites were late for chapel, oth- and tore her stockings because she ers did not get there, and some did had "forgotten" to wear galoshes not even visit their classes. Why? and another had a nose bleed. The No heat in the building, and there- late mail bothers the freshmen as fore the regular alarm, the rap- well as the late male. And — let tap-tapp—bang of the radiators, did us not forget those who fail to be not awaken them on time; and prompt because they must stop to others, when they realized the feed the squirrels. frigidity of the situation and when The individualism of today is the they thought of the possible results mediocrity of tomorrow. —tonsilities, pneumonia, etc.—decided that it would be better far if they would lay in bed until the rooms became warm. So they lay If a man likes a girl—that's his business! in bed, gazing at the ceiling. How wonderful, how white, how pure! If they want to "dine out"—that s our Have you noticed the down-cast Was this not equal to a chapel ex- expression on Peg's face the last business! cercise? Yea, was it not far better? week or so? The reason may be Quiet hours were suspended. The found in any newspaper you pick CLEANLINESS, SERVICE, QUALITY building shook as wrestlers tum- up. bled and bumped here, there, and ^ es. Colonel Charles Lindbergh nowhere; and the halls rang with CHRIS KOROSE, Proprietor is engaged to be married! Peg had the shouting and the tumult of the hopes of being the lucky bride but, fans. But hark! amidst the uproar a familiar sound was heard: "tap- alas, Lindy never visited Hope Col*<• tap—bang—bang." Hurrah! Three lege to secure this information. Oh! Peg, isn't the only one by cheers for the plumbers, six for the any means! Several of the dorm janitors, and then the rousing Van girls have been infected with the Vleck song, "Hail, hail, the gang's same disease causing their roomall here," Then each retired to his mates to tear their hair at the inroom to STUDY. N. J. Burggraaff. cessant praise and tears bestowed New Records Efery Friday upon Lindy. o We advise everyone to start savWe're wondering if Doc Robining pennies, nickles, etc., so as to son could suggest a cure. o be able to go to Grand Rapids to Flapper Fanny says, "Punctualsee the Hope Calvin game. 17 West 8lh St. Phone 6167 * • • ity means guessing how late the Equality causes no war—Salon. girls will be." .

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