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HOPE COLLEGER Holland, Michigan, F e b . 16. 1921 Dr. Patterson Will Speak on "The Science of the Bible'*

MR. KELSEY MAKES Amended Constitution ORIEF VISIT HERE of Athletic Association

Next Sunday eveningi at 6:30 P. M. in th Hope Ohureh parlore, Dr. P. N. Patterson will address the C. E. PROF. WYNAND WICHERS DE- on ""Phe Science of the BUble." As STATE STUDENT SECRETARY OF Y. M. C. A. HOLDS LIVERS FITTING TRIBUTE TO this is a tO(pic of interest to all, the CONFERENCE "THE GREAT AMERICAN** college students are cordially invited to be presnt. Musical Selections, and Readings By Speaks In Chapel—Addresses LoHope's M. O. L. Representatives, cal <4 Y" In Tuesday Night G^Y ZENOLA MAC LAREN TO Complete Services Meeting APPEAR









A century of the most active years the world has ever known has failed Final Number of Hope College Lecture Course Will Be Presented to dim the glory of our greatest of February 23 national heroes—Abraham Lincoln. By sheer force of intellectual powThe next number of imr lecture er, animated by a mighty purpose course-is scheduled for February and consecrated to a great cause, he forced his way to the highest twenty-third. Dr. J. B. Nykerk pinnacle of fame and won for him- has secured Miss Mac Laren to read some play for us. Those of the stuself a memory immortal. (Friday, in all schools thruout the dents who heard Miss Mac Laren land, from kindedgarten to Univers- last year will remember the wonderity hall, Americans assembled to do ful exhibition which she gave. At honor to the memory of our beloved that time she reread "Bought and Lincoln. A most impressive com- Paid For." It seemed at that time memoration service was held in our that seven or eight actors were at college diapel. An' atmosphere ot the stage instead of just the lone , deep reverence, a sense of sincere reader. IMiss MacLaren is known to be an gratitude to the God who guides the destiny of the nations, and a spirit artist in her line of work. Indeed of intense patriotic fervor prevailed she has a system of "her own in preas we reviewed the immortal words paring for her programs. She attends the production of a modern and deeds of our great Lincoln. Dr. Nykerk, acting President, pre- play five times and then without sided. Miss Rezina Tennin^a . of ever havingi read the play or the Chicago interpreted with feeling original book she can go upon the the beautiful piano selection, stage and can give an imitative reC h o r a l e , " fby (Franck. Two very cital of the pntire production, imShe appropriate • scrfpture passages, personating every character. Deut. 34 and Psalm 97, were read prepares for her recitals by only by Prof. Wichers. Those words of attending the the best productions world-wide renown, the great Get- and hence sees t h ^ interpretation tysburg Address," unsurpassed in the of only the best artists. She does field of literature for its greatness not claim that she originates all the of thot, simplicity and purity of dic- characters she portrays but endeavtion and wealth of sympathy, was ors only to imitate the original art(jelivered in a most touching man- ists. Gay Zenola Mac Laren is gifted n)br by our college orator, Judson Sta,lhekamp. Vera Keppel read with with a very pleasing and melodious ' deep emotion, ''Walt Whitman's voice. She also has the power of spflendid tribute to Lincoln, " 0 , changing) her voice so that each inCaptain! My Captain." As speaker dividual represented has a distinct of the day. Prof. Wichers presented part in the production. This perin a concise and eloquent address, *haps, above all else,* accounts for "Lincoln the Statesman, the Demo- the wonderful success that she has crat and the Man." After the singpng- had in her productions. This* artist ihas sutceslsfully enof u America'' in 41 Hope's own way," Prof Hinkamp closed with tertained audiences in all the leading literary centers of the country; prayer. Thus was celebrated the one hun- in most places she has been securdred twelfth birthday anniversary ed for return engagements. This numiber of the lecture course of one of the world's greatest men, "a man great in intellect and in Vill be given in the chapel because heart, in purpose and in • sacrifice, it is by far an easier building to speak in than the gymnasium. in endeavor and in achievement. -4—1There will be ample room to seat SIBYLLINE SOCIETY GIVES A four or five hundred. The general admission price will be fifty cents; FINE PROGRAM IN FOREST GROVE those holding season tickets will have a part of the house reserved On Wednesday evening, February for them. Those of us who heard 8, the Sibylline society gave a very Miss MacLaren last year know what clever program before a good sized she is capable of doing. Those who audience in the Forest Grove Y. M. have not heard her will have an opC. A. room. After the welcome ad- portunity to hear one of the best dress b y the president, Mildred artists in that line in the country. Temple, the program was as follows; Remember—the twenty-third of (Part I. Scene—College Girls' this month. Room. 1. Quartette selection, G. Althuis, A. Holleman, S. DeYoung, E. News has come from Tusculum Tyner. 2. Reading,, Helen Moser; College that Mr. Edw. ^Diepenhorst, 3. Reading, Jeanele Hoffman; 4. who is teaching Chemistry at that ^Song, Peggy Bergen; 5. "Uke M se- institution has been requested to relection, by group. main there at a substantial increase Part II—1. Quartette selections; in salary. Just another item of en2. Reading, Johanna Vander S'pek; couraging news from our graduates. 3. Piano solo, Helen Moser. Part III—Play, ^The Revolt,'» A giood many Hopeites attended Pauline, Bertha Van Eldik; Grand- the banquet of Ihe Holland C. E. 's ma Gregg, Jeanette De Young;; given in Hope church parlors last Susan Jane Jones, Nita Caldwell; Wednesday evening. Students, A. Brower, E. Tyner, J. s Hoffman, S. De Young, L. Bonner. Holland Y vs. Kazoo ^.Wednesday night, Feb. 16, Carnegie Gym. "God must love flunkers—He Preliminary, Seminary and Spring made so many of them."—Ex- Lake Independents.

Noabtr 18

Mr. Kelsey, State Student Secretary spent Tuesday night and Wednesday at Hope. Tuesday evening Mr. Kelsey addressed the fl, M. C. A. after Mr. Fell had finished his talk. In this address he emphasized the desirability of choosing a life profession as soon as possible. To wait until the Senior or perhaps the Junior year is not a worthy thing for a man who feels at all the need of the world. So many men are, just 'frittering* away their time while the world is.ibeingi swallowed up in its own Godlessness. He also recommended to the Freshmen that they should consider very seriously the claims which Christ had upon them, and not wait until the end of the course to give their lives to Him in loving obedience. Wednesday morning he spoke for a few minutes in chapel. Here he again spoke about the necessity for having an objective in life. It does not make much difference what profession you choose, but it does make a difference what motive you have in choosing. Think of the great things in the world which are so disastrous: hoingjer, war, ignorance, disease and spiritual thirst. Have an objective which will in some way correspond with the great needs. The spike driver, if beyond the spikes he can see the good which he is doing for the world and humanity, is as indispensible as any professional man. The motive, the objective must be right. All during Wednesday from 8:30 to 6. o'clock Mr. Kelsey was kept busy holding confer^flfcs with various men on the campus. All who had the privilege of speaking with Mr. Kelsey spoike very highly of the conferences which were held. Having spent several years as both foreign and domestic missionary, besides the months spent in Y work in France and in the United States, Mr. Kelsey speaks from much experience and his talks with men are full of suggestions which have really been tried and proven to be practical. According to Mr. Kelsey's statements all the " Y " organizations in the colleges are in. a very flourishing e««dition. #5 SOPrtjrR^IOICE AT JENISON* •Mounting the classic 3:15 (or is it 3:55?) the worse and better halves composing the Sophomore band betook themselves to the park Jenison where divers happenings happened. The work worn spirits were revived, the thirsty were filled and the hungry were fed after the multitude had been gathered from their various avocations (or more corrctly vocations?) With the point of satiety attained, tlhe eveningi was turned over to the pursuit of pleasure —and easy chase for audi a company. The mysteries of the future were unfolded, and great prophets were speaking with the tongues of knowledge when tlhe Master of the Unflcnown Intricacies of Figures closed the calculations. Of all sad words of tongue or pen The saddest are wBe home by ten.M

Article 1 , Name:—This Association shall be known as the Hope College Athletic Association. Artide 2 Object—The object of this association shall be to promote the physical development of the student; to create a*i interest in athletics in the student body; an4 to maintain an athletic basis similar to that of other coUeges. Article 3 Officers:—The officers of this Association shall be, a President, a Secretary, a Treasurer, Manager of Football, Manager of Basketball, (Manager of Baseball; Manager of Track Work; Publicity Manager and two girl representatives elected biy the gilt members of the Association and one representative chosen from the B class of the Prep. School. These together with the director of Athletics shall constitute the Board of Direcors. An assistant football manager and an assistant basketball manager shall be chosen whose duty shall be to assist the managers in their respective departments. These officers with the exception of the assistant football manager the assistant basketball manager and the publicity manager shall serve as a nominating board. Article 4 ^ Sec. 1—Duties of Officers:~It shall be the duty of the President of the Afssociation |toi preside h&t regular and special meetings of the Association and ^)f the Board, of Ditors. He shall direct the Secretary to call a special meeting of the Association whenever he deems it advisable and must order such a meeting called at the written request of ten members of the Association. Sec. 2—Duties of Secretary:—Jt shall be the duty of the Secretary to keep a record of the meetings of the Association and of the Board of Directors; to attend to all correspondence incident to his office; to call all regular and special meetings of the Association at the direction of the President. Sec. 3—Duties of Treasurer:—It shall be the duty of the Treasurer to collect all fees and assessments; to pay all bills authorized by the Association and signed by the President of the Association (and only such bills); to present an itemized report at the regufar monthly meeting. This report shall include all items of receipts and expenditures. Sec, 4—Duties of Manager of Football:—It shall be the doity of the manager of football, with the approval of the director of Athletics and the Football Captain to arrange a football schedule, to lay out the field for all home games, and to tum in to the Treasurer of the A. A., an itemized report® of expenses after each game. Sec. 5—Duties of Manager of Baseball:—It shall be the duty of the Manager of Baseball, with the aproval of the Director of Athletics and the Baseball Captain, to arrange a baseball schedule, to lay out the -field for all home games, ad to tum in to the Treasurer of fch^.A. A. an itemized report of expenses after each game. Sec. 6—Duties of Manager of BashetibaU:—(It shall be the duty of the Manager of Basketball, with the approval of the Director of Athletics and the Basketball Captain to arrange a basketball schedule, to have charge of expenditures upon Basketball, trips and to turn in to the Treasurer of the A. A., an

itemized report after each game. Sec, 7—{Duties of Manager of Tennis:—It shall be the duty of the Manager of Tennis to have general superintendance of all tennis playing; and to arrange for all toumaments and match games. In all these things he is to act upon the advice and approval of the Director of Athletics. I Sec, 8—Duties of Track Mamger ' ^ shall- be the duty of the track manager in conjunction with the Director of Athletics to arrange for all track meets and field-dayi. Sec, 9—-Duties of Board of Directors:—It shall be the duty of the Board of Directors to meet once levery four Veeks, beginning with the -first (Friday of the first term of the school year; and in special aetsion whenever called together by the President of the Association. At these meetings the Board shall consider the (general state of the Association, and shall have genetral executive control over Athletic affairs. Sec, 10—The Director of Athletics shall have charge of all properties of the Association. Sec, 11—Duties Publicity Manager—It shall be the duty of the ftihlicity Manager to advertise all home games, to print advance notices and reports of all games in the local newspapers, and to have posters printed! and Tfatrilnited among the business houses of the^city. Article 8 Sec. 1 — j E x p e n d i t u r e s — « t . penditures of the AseocUtioa rtull be under the control of the AtMetic Board. Sec, 2—In case of emergency the Director of Athletics shall have the power to spend not more than $150 at his own discretion, Artice 6 Sec, 1—Elections:—An annual election of officers for the eimiii^ year shall be held on the Friday following the third Monday m May of each school year. All elections shall be by ballot. Pec, 2—'Vacancies:—Any vacancy occuring in the Board of Directoffl shall be filled iby the vote of fihe ^association within one month after the occurrence of sudi vacancy. Sec, «3—All candidates for any office in the Association must have maintained an average grade of 80 per cent during the year in which they are nominated^ Article 7 Sec, l—jMemhersi—^Any student of the college and the preparatory school who ahaH pay the animal membership fee of the Association shall be a member of this association, . Article 8 Captains:—/The members of each team (letter men) shall elect a captain for the following year. The football captain shali be chosen within one week after Thanksgiving day. Tlhe toaflcelMl ca^fcdn be chosen within two weeks after the close of the basketball season. The baseball captain and* captain/ of track sometime within the first week of June, Article 9 Q u o r u m v A t all meetrngo of the Asoceiation and of the Board of Directors a majority of the members shall constitute a quorum'. Article 10 , Privilege of Member#:—MembeM (Omttuta on p H , aj


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grammar or rhetoric are not a prison to the skilled writer, but rather I f silver-toned orwle which, when WAdnMdftj dnrin, th. Oo!^ r o u g h it, lends c h a m a n d m u 8 1 c 10 hl8 wor<j8 I k . 7«r by of Hop. Ooll, fi : a n d 80 sweet is .ts charm at times that BOARD op EDITORS many lulled by its soft cadences, «






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and she was seen at the games, the banquets and the movies; not at one game and a n a 'One -one banquet bammet ^ game and one Once upon a time there was a m o v i e i b u t a t 8 l l t h e ^ one Holland Y vs. Kazoo Y, Wednes- c o e d w h o j v a s a dream oi lovliness, t h e b a n < j U e t 8 a n d a l l t . f n a al day night, Feb. 16, Carnegie Gym. - t h a t « when she got into her i n c o m p a n y w j t h a lad one Preliminary, Seminary and Spring K raiment, fihe had large mes- e v e r y gug was time


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Mr. Ernest hrooka is teaching the class in Economics during the ab sence of Dr. Dimnent m



" ZL X t t S t e S

BUSINESS DEPARTMENT ed — — .in self-development .w.^...w.v in ... English, FUkiema. -Manager andl, althoug'h one may deem his

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Athletic [ 7


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f L S T S

reflection on thp wrls with Himnlps^


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Any officer of 'h r S 1.8T ' n 0 r y e t u a ^ a m ' been landed around .by so manv ther 0 ter8 w e mis Association found guilty of f ° n t there, to t h a t t h e r e w a g n o t t h e y s a m e " J K j * n T neglect, «..uiii*7iciicc indifference vi or uicumpeiincompet- ^ -' ,P ". - but she . e eh^r a n x i e t y tto o ggo 0 out astepping t i —e-™» " went there as other anxiety with

CAMPUS JOTTINGS Once a man has gained a lauda e du h e r e h a c l 1>€en i n h e r Fr ble reputation it behoves him to live ' Trances Thorns, Mamie and Al r J l ^^ ! P - rc ^f o0 r !" mi a T had been " c e ^/ ^ s du"t^malctf acvi llnf h a V e t^h a t tthere eshman year A n d the fo up to it, and, if possible, to outdo Scholten went to Grand Rapids last ^ ^ ^ ^ a ^ r e c l ^ the < " ^ Co ed influen it. The public is (or, at least, we Tuesday to see David Warfield in V(>te of ^ ^ i r d ^ f the members. ^ * > e a s e d to be eligible, but instead Am n Up ln r0( m are prone to affirm that it is, in spite ' ' T h e 'Return of Peter Grimm.' , mAnfc f fu ,* c <i" omiipri n > » darned her OWN iA d tthh e C o . E j A n 01 s 0 c k s a n d a s k Of Dr. Nykerk's admonition to avoid , ^ 1 , const.tution may be ; ^ Ed smiled upon all 8 0 ( r k S )' a n d a s k ee dd t the h e o other ther of Dr. Nykerk's admonition to avoid h— ™ . T * wh^ame Co ^ ad0pt6d a t rTe e u k r llt 1 the t o bb ee "- )) aa very verv fickle fi.Ho M a r H ^ VnnH.r R.-noV nof f r.mnH e ^ meetings of e j t « "S V the verb, verb, ""to Mardge Vander Broek Grand I I <*** S And I sh P L " '"V.tmgv wWh ha at t kki inndd oof f „a ..t i m e t h e yv .had. had 8 admirer, ever transferring its Rapids and Renzina Tenninga of f ^ ^ the^(To-Ed ^ d ^ u i t o h p r J l f 0 n "Ah a n d W h o was with who. ( ()p CW1 B u t sti praise, and ever eager to denounce Chicago were week-end guests at *^ ^ * he will be wild Thmif ' » -ii ^ o n e c a n n o t be too care its erstwhile loves as has-beens. And Voorhees hall. „ , Arhcle112 l o u r he e a r n e s t " Z l f u l i n m a i n t a i " i ^ the motto and be CU3to the public cannot be sued for breach ^ will e o L X ' 1 , ?v. k ' 8 ™ ^ Rome when one is at er a n d mUSt S nC anqUel3 xui it iu never Joved ^ovea any n a r n e t Klein Kiem was the guest of h(X , oaQ/rif , ^. w ' ^ ... of promise, Harriet ^ nrpresented i^ and ' Rome,—"'I love to be chased." r .w.... 0 v, for a n v 4 the movies. f— ln W i inng : a t a a TTn€e lleet . ^! .. ^ ^" * *'-—1 ^ Sardine on your line man well enough to promise him an Marguerite VanDonselaar for a few : n .4 wa'^wiM h t u Moral—One f• f.1 h h -"wv.ui., aimuugjii it some- aays tnis weeK. n a m e t , alter tw( times bestowes it upon him gratuit- years at Hope, went to the PresbyMr. " I d l e " Worshiwwr Articles 13 iously after he is dead. Jn fact, the terian Hospital of Chicago to take Sec. 1—Monograms:—The Mono^ public is much like Miss Iconoclast's up nurse's training. grams to be awarded in the differconception ani iucai ideal man ^oenoia (behold x — w of x Ul rent sports shall be as follows: thy opportunity. Miss Image-breakNext year's Milestone staff, electBasketball-^A 7-inch "H". e i ) , one of a disposition to take ed last week by the Sophomore Football—(An g^inc-h block " H " . out one damsel one night and an- Class, consists of the following: •Football—An Sinch Block " H . " other the next, and another the Editor, John Elbers; Assistant-EdiiBaseball—A 6-inch " H " . next, and another the next, never tors, Wm. Zoerner, Maxine Mc Track—A 6-incih "Arrow H " . earning to know anyone well Bride; Business Manager, Ernest . c . . 9 m, . ~ ' Sec. 2—The power to award aall 11 enough to really love or appreciate Vanden Bosch; subscription, Ike M o n ™ ^ * T " her, but knowing perhaps a score Sherpenisse; Publicity Mildred S l T v I ' J p ^ ln or more superficially. But we must Temple; Photography, George Kots; of t h T S S " imposed a YoU ret L v o . d J h i s subject, lest white speak- Snapehote, EverdeVe Kuyper; Art, ^ £ ^ 7 ^ +. oinnormQl vision best when we fit the lenses. 6 mg editorially we divulge our per- Wm. De Jonge; Athletic, Dan De P r L i l n t n f L A 1 1 1 / G E O . H , H U I Z E N G A & CO. sonal inclinations, Graff; Literary, Johanna Vander Hon l e S t L ^ P Aasocia0n 18 West 8tb.St. We started out to say that just Spek; Jokes, Wm. Joldersma. he r . r T w as it behooves a man to maintain a * Control; the Manager good reputation

likewise is it of

Wednesday afternoon the

Hope g p ^ t


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l I I " 1 " S t l t u t u i 0 n - T h a n k s to an enviable t f - " '• reputation in Michigan oratorical circles, and bids fair to uphold that

Y. W. C. A. cabinet recognition services Reserve Club of the School. The high

ew we s hence, but we must ever have an eye to the future, looking well to it that we retain an extensive enrollment of capable men and women from which to select our future candidates for State honors, ^ e r k c a n d o much toward turning out winning orators, but he

an organization such as this several gec o T. ' months ago. They were assisted by shfn b ^ m ^ . n 'b" Board 1 a state 7 . W C A Worker Offi , \ ^ limited as f o l l o w s ; - # be cers were chosen and some fifty a w t L i tn m 0 n 0 g r a n ! ^ girls joined the club. Meetings will i n S thin fin ^ h/8,play6d be held once a month A Girls Re ^ I e a s i _ t h a n 5 0 Per cent of the regBa8ket serve C ^ V i t h T n L ^ mem- ^ bers such as the Holland High lbv t V 1 « •,






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Sc,h001 8irls


conducted the s w T a t e « or B U n J f of the Girls' awarded Holland High To be'effpot.w n schools girls k a 5 ^


themselves "Arrow H ^ h a l l

enthusiastically desirous of to be, will mean much good for the

m V S t 0 W a r d t h a t end igh Sch001 Whe"'" t h t h epreliminaries 1 - hthemselves When the to the Reven contest are staged (or plat'





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W W T ^ l N l r l l l i M


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V O T T l U U ^

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TTTT1V1a^.t~w H U N G R V 1




Keefer's Lunch Room OPEN DAY AND NIGHT


d ber « i r i s o ar *t h ? ^ A wh 8 t Uqualifies rfit' me™ in two different teams during: the same ar t h e ssame a n i e ttwo, wo different formed) next spring there ought to SIX COUPLES CELERRATF fy*** * 1 * ( > P ^J i n .the » ^or different be a goodly number of entries from teams durmg two years, and be it the freshmen and sophomore classes - Did you say last Friday night was ^ u r ^ r WOpded that if a man rep- n o t only those with a fair chance a queer one without society or a T ? « ® 0 p e C M e ^ i n the schedmeets ot of winning should enter, but also aame. Well, perhaps it was for T T , ^ y€ar ^ point8 those other sagacious souls who, en- some of you, but it wasn't for six ff0re ^ ' , h e 8 h a 1 1 redowed with a generous suply of the couples who went to Klootes cotofficial " A r r o w H " . Hown0 ShaJ1 receive imore Spirit of Hope and without even a tage for a bunch party. Besides f v " T ? H fighting • chance of placing in the others, the 3:15 for the park car- Z T r ^ " in a n y ^ SOpol contest, wish to enter merely be- ried Margaret Trompen with herRn* A \t cause they feel that the training man, Beuker. Harold Lubbers was k f ^ a w a r d o f Sweaters or will do them good. We speak of there with our faculty representa- . a f l k e t s s h a 1 1 b e made to aijy man them as being endowed with a gen- tive from the Vatican. Arriving at « ° c o n 9 e c u t i v e years of h ^ p a r erous supply of tbe Spirit of Hope the cottage, Nella tried to w l p / h e r T ^ 6 i t h , € r B a ; , k e t b ^ or . 11111688 l/ecause thus unselfishly interested feet on the Matt but gave it UD t U he be a Senior, in t h e Sec<>nd in bettering themselves, they will when she was informed that a Her- u 'award may } consequently be in a better posi- der never cleans the shoes before T t, case of tion to beter mankind. Anyone who entering. Royalty in the person of t . , Baseball or ! mal1 8hal1 has undergone Dr. Nykerk's re- a King, man de Cook beloed to ' ^ presented a unkfi8 hearsals will testify that the single make the party a great success an . he has received three 8 e t h e r sport rehearsal that he gives to any stu- de Cook was some cook too Altho o ' dent trying out for the Raven Con-' Pockets said the supper'was a Lean * 7 " ^ 8 0 3 d e m b l e m 9 h a 1 1 be test is well worth whatever effort affair, Flik said he was Jess as sat p r e 9 e ? t t d . ^ t h , the fourth " H " , may have been expended in the pre- isfied as he could be awarded in any one sport. 7 paration of an oration. UnderThe evening was snent in <«m M • " ~ m , e B'>ard of ^ Athlet1C ro1 slm11 b u a,,1 classmen will do well to thing this as per usual. Entirely too soon did y sweaters, y matter over. p„ " too soon did monograms and blankets. Mi„




And likewise in the matter of the Hope College regulations) that" nine * ^

r '



- > • » " « o - c L z t . " . t there are numerous contestants, to come to an end A f w 1 Vm T h . way u i.a.n ^ „ « n e . I S S f X t o to write often and carefully (an- the Chicago Tribune beautv ion other categprical " t o be," by the test, the " b u n c h " hiked for the inv way, wbioh Dr. .Nykerk might modi- killer (the 9:27 car) and arrived at f y or even annihilate), and these Sing Sing before the iratp« » contests furnish an excellent oppor closed. Hurrah for t h f t r t v and tjunity in, this regard. Enles Of our charming chaD' . .



sh dni a c r e t", oin f



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the members of "* ? * " >" C " " p -m. '* 1 5 ,r Athletic fee ehall be inClUde members A ^ ^ h i p in 16 r - ^ o c s t ' o n and entrance to all gam ^' Holland, Michigan, January 27, 1921

on on Basket BaU, Shim and P a n l s , K n e e p . n t s C I G A R Kiver Ave,

1 ! I


C O .

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the nation through the bitterest crisis in her history. Abraham Lincoln was also the Addr«M Delivered Feb. 11, 1921 By apotheosis of Democracy. He was Prof. Wynand Wither. In Mean apostle of it. In Lincoln's demorial Exercises mocracy there was no class conTomorrow we shall celebrate the sciousness. As he himself said, " A s birthday of our greatest American. I would not (be a master, so I would ^ Poets and orators; novelists and not be a slave. Whatever differs of Silk Taffeta $18.75 of Fine S e r f e scnlptors; dramatists and histor- from that to the extent of the difto ians vie with each other in their at- ference is no democracy.'' As he of Crepe de Chine $41.50 of Satins tempt to analyze the character of listened to stories of slavery in the him "Whose proudest monument the South, he said, "Nothing is long 85 of the mostbeautiful assortment to shall ever be the broken fetters of sacred in an Aristocracy,—not even meet the demands of the early buyer. • e slave.' 1 It is somewhat audac- God. But I hold that if our young It strikes us that there is no great need ious for me to attempt in so short a men are to be trained in a lot of nigger kingdoms, our Democracy, time to say anything concerning a w h e n s p r i n g d r e 8 s e s of h . excelI will die.'' In his reply to Judge character and spirit whose analysis lence and real charm are offered atsolow defies the best genius. Englishmen Douglas, Lincoln said "If I ever feel a price as we have marked them. liken Abraham Lincoln to their own the soul within me elevate and exIhey are clever models in every inEgibert of the West Sax6ns; the pand to those dimensions not wholly a S ' L g h t l u ? e ' t u n i c a n d overskirt Frenchmen to Henry of Navarre- •unworthy of its almighty Architect, effects enchanced with binding of conand Dutchmen to William the Sil- it is when I contemplate the cause of m y country deserted by all the trasting colors, we would be pleased to ent. John Hay calls him the symbol world besides, and I standing up of the variety and solidity of the have you step in and try one of these Republic. Walt Whitman sijvgs of boldly and hurling defiance at her dresses on and see how youthful in aphim "Captain, Oh, my Captain." victorious oppressors. Here without pearance they are. Beecher speaks of him as the Moses contemplating consequences, ibefore | of his people. Russel Lowell desig- high Heaven and in the face of the i < nates him the first American. To world, I swear eternal fidelity to the \ ! Alonzo Rothschild he is the Master just cause, as I deem it, of the land 19 26 East Eighth Street of Men; To Wesley HiD, The Man of my life, Tpy liberty and my love. Abraham Lincoln was also a genof God; to Lord Cham wood, "one HOLLAND, MICHIGAN of the few supreme stlkesmen of uine man. He was one of the comthe last-three centuries. One calls mon folk, strong in his love for him "the g r e a t e s t . Anglo-Saxon common men and the things neces llllllllllllllllllllllllllllll sin(ce Oliver OromwelJ, and Bach- sary to their welfare. His heart to ellor is audacious enough to speak went out in tender sympathy the soldier boy condemned to die of him as "the greatest Democrat NOTICE! r«i-w g since Jesus C h r i s t . A b r a h a m Lin- because of violation of military law coln was born 112 years ago in a to the Mother who sacrified her five will p r e s e n t lonely cabin in the badcwoods of sons on the altar of freedom, to the the black man in his chains, to evKentucy. F i f t y years later destiny "The Fortune Hunter" will continue their 1 brought him to the highest position ery one who bore a load which he could lift and lighten. Character March 8 - 9 in Carnegie Gym. in this greatest Republic. On the we hear him say, "alone produces morning of April 15, 1865, " a s the great thought. Great thoughts will bells were tolling in ^ the streets, come even if you have little learn- Yet also nigiht to heavey and loved i for and a quartet of negroes was singing and none of the graces which of loftiest stars. ing "Swing Low Sweet Chariot, § TWO WEEKS MORE. attract the eye. .But you have a Standing like a tower Comin' for to jwrry me Home, Seccharacter that is ever speaking ev- Our children shall behold his fame, | Many new bargains at lower prices. Buy now retary Stanton stepped to the beden when your lips are silent. It The kindly, earnest, brave, forseeside of the Emancipator, tenderly ^ and save. must show in your life, and fill the ing man, closed the eyes of the Master whom spaces between yeur words. A Sagacious, patient, dreading .praise, he had learned to love, and said great truth makes wonderful music not blame. " N o w He Belongs to the A g e s / ' In on the lips of a sincere man./' His New birth of our new soil, the first 1865 these words were prophetic; humor was the humor of a man who American." Now they are immortal. I wish for undestands human nature, and is Prof. Wynand Wichers. a few moments to speak of Lincoln filled with the wisdom which comes as a statesman, as a Democrat, and from great thought and experience. 10 East 8th St. D. J. D U SAAR iMan. His religion was real and vital even YOUR OWN MILESTONE. raham Lincoln was one of the though it did not always conform tiest makers of our statesThere are some people in this to the prescribed practices of his f t . He had the fire of the reday. There is in this man a union world who are always willing to help former, the zeal of the martyr, the of sympathy and faith and great others; they are the ones who have enthusiasm of the crusader, but tlie strength and moral courage. He subscribed and paid for their Milemethods of the statesman. He was was a man of the common people, stones. There are others who are a 10c. Each every inch a statesman from the but an uncommon man. He was the trifle less willing, they have subtime he first became a candidate f o r but apostle of democracy, but at the scribed f o r their Milestones, the Legislature in Illinois until the have not found it convenient to pay same time a type of the aristocracy hour of his assassination. The crisof noble manhood. Stern and un- f o r them. Lastly there are some is in his life came in the session ol nor compromising with evil he was as who have neither subscribed the Illinois legislature in 1836-87.| gentle as a woman in his acts and paid for their Milestones. Now coHe had always hated slavery but he affections. Possessing 'very little operation is essential to success. The was not then in sympathy with the physical beauty, his was the beauty Junior Class does not intend to beThe best kind to buy. They are guaranteed. movement of, agitation and aiboli of character. A man who was es- come mere book agents, seeking to For Sale only at lion. He said "'^here is enough fire sentially a humorist and yet a man inveigle the students of Hope Colunder the pot already." But in the of serious and lofty thought. Born lege into purchasing a book which session mentioned, a bill was being The of rugged and sterling parents; dis- will be of no use to them. Corner Rhrer and Sth St. put through the Legislature deciplined in a pioneer environment; Junior Class believes that the stunouncing the growth of abolition taught in the school of experience; dents want such .a book as they •••••teet«eee»e»Mee«eee»#M(eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee« sentiment and upholding the right elevated by destiny to the/highest have been delegated to publish, and of property in slaves. Bacheller office in the gift of the Republic; now is the time for the loyal Hopetells thev story as follows: Sudden- living the life of exemplary man- ites to show their desires by backing ly* Lincoln came to a fork in the hood, dying the death of a-martyr, the Milestone to the limit. road. Popularity, the urge of many Abraham Lincoln will live forever Every Senior wants a Milestone to friends, the counsel of wealth and in the affections of all lovers of remind him of his college days. Evpower and public opinion, the call freedom. With his great human in- ery Junior wants one to show his of good politics in one direction and tuitions he appeals to our manhood. friends at home what his class has the crowd went that way. It was Had we been his contemporaries, done, every Sophomore needs a a stampede. Lincoln stood alone at ' ' H e would have been my friend Milestone because next year his We have reduced our prices to the limit on Suits, the corner. There were three words and your friend.'' Today we under- class will inherit the duty of pubFurnishings and Shoes. on the sign board pointing towards stand better the words of James lishing one; while to the Freshmen the perilous and lonely road that Russell Lowell written in 18G5,— the Milestone gives a comprehensive Lincoln proposed to follow. They "Nature they say doth dote view of what awaits them in the were the words Justice antf Human And cannot make a man save on years to come. The " P r e p s " , too, I^i^hts. Lincoln followed his conhave their section of the Milestone some womout plan, science instead of the crowd- At Repeating us by rote. and should show their appreciation twenty eight years of age he had For him her Old World mould aside by a ready support. safely passed the great danger point The Junior class is not thinking of she cast of his career. The speeches against And talking sweet clay from the itself when it makes this plea f o r Douglas, the sublime utterances at > hreast of the unexhausted West cooperation; it is thinking df the Gett|jdmrg, the Emancipation Proc- With stuff untainted shaped a hero successful Milestones in the past, it larriWwi, the first inaugural, the is trying to advertise Hope College new. second inaugural, the innumerable Wise, steadfast in the strength of in a striking manner. acts of mercy were now possible. Get behind your school! Support /God and true. EVERYTHING IN MUSIC Henceforth he was to go forward His was no lonely mountain peak of the Milestone which represents it* -'5 .. :• i iA.. with the approval of his own sfwrit your school I mind. » i and the Jfavor of God." Following Broad prairie rather, genial, level. always the lure of justice and hu- Friendly and fruitful for all humSubscribe for the Milestone man rights, (Lincoln safely guided an kind, ABRAHAM LINCOLN







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them straight and lacked efficiency; and one glance at his work would put you in a quandary. One day upWe never drink coffee for break- on the posted boards my weary eyes fast because we know it will keep I turned, and after nruch deciphering us awake in classes during the these are the facts I learned: morning. That Lydia Pinkham's Pork and beans were very good to eat, and ilt's a wise room-mate that knows Adam's Pepsin collars were the best his own socks. for tired feet. For coughs and colds and aching joints, try Camel CigarWe read in a New ork paper that ettes, and washing s made a pleasactresses are carrying canes now. ure through the use of Cascarets. Some of the Hope students have To make your furniture look new, them too. use Pearson's Butterine, and CarHOLLAND, MICH. % ter 's Little Liver Pills will keep your •The greatest philosophers live un- razor keen. That Charlie Chaplin der different conditions; Diogenes would Ibe shown in Armour's Marlived in a tub, Seneca lived in a malade, and Vulcanol would dye palace and Windy Burggraaff lives your clothes to almost any shade. in Van Vleck Hall. Let your morning meal be Gold HOLLAND, MICH. Dust, (at least so said the bills), There was great joy at the fac- and I saw where Old Dutch Cleansulty meeting) when they made out er would quickly banish chills the school calendar f o r this year and Those bills were matched in every Capital $100,000.00 Surplus and Profits $85,000.00 it was discovered that Lincoln's -style and without doubt the strain of birthday came on Saturday and they trying to interpret them would drive wouldn't have to give us a day off. a man insane. With aching head I Interest paid on Time turned away, upon my face a frown, Even at that we'd rather go to but I wouldn't dare to tell you what 'o Deposits C o , n p ^ n i l u . | ( r school than ihave Harding's jab the I thought of old Bill Brown. next four years.

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Well, here comes Mike, we'll let Jack Spratt would eat no f a t him pay for the lunch. His girl would eat no lean. But after a month at the dormitory They'd lick their platters clean. Y. M. C. A. On Tuesday eveningi the subject Goods called for and delivered The five most famous women of to- for discussion in t h ^ Y. ,M. was day and yesterday are: Helen of 44 Myself, Other Folks, and God." Phone 1528 H. Meengs, Prop. 9 E. Sth St Troy, Mrs. Ceasar, Cleopatra, Mary Ranald Fell had charge of the Pickford, and Miss Iconoclast. meeting and brot out some very Are Registered. See fine thoughts for one to consider. For your meals and lunches while in Holland stop at the Here's a little song written by A. He spoke of how some men try to Blolce, Author of "Springs in a show the relation between God and ' Watch,'' and other good works: man by drawing a triangle, in which Sea tid one diay yatt the yawgin God is placed at the apex with oneN. HOFFMAN, Proprielor I was weary ann dil at tea Holland, Mich self and other folks at the other Citizens P h o n e 1041 34 W.8th . st Zand my fingers wandaihed dye dlee two points. He did not believe that Ovah the nersey keys. the triangle brought out the relaDISEASES OF THE tion correctly as God then would be EYE, EAR, NOSE If the Sardine who called up a f a r remote from man, when in fact, and THROAT , , , • Hat and Cane at the dorm, made a he is very close to us if we but put 22 West Sth Street, Above I date, and forgot to tell her who it out trust in Him. Woolworth's 5 and 10 Cent • was that called up, will send us a Instead of putting ourselves first, Store • box of candy and package of gjum why not do as the student who had 1 MADE IN JACKSON Office Hours-*• no further mention will be made of a sign on his door which read, "My• it, otherwise we will publish the self, t h i r d ? " How much more joy 9 to 11 A. M. Try a box and if it is not the best you ever ate we 2 to 5 P. M. I names of both of them in next we would get out of life if we will refund your money. Tues. and Sat. 7 to 9 P. M. • weefk's Anchor. would but look to God first, then other folks and lastly ourselves. It President Dimnent received the is not the egotist who gets someDR. A. LEENHOUTS J following leter from a colored con- where in life, but the man who I Citz. Phone 1208 54 EAST EIGHTH STR. l gregation a short time ago: looks to God for faith and strength * Dear Sir:—• so that he may serve others. And It will be our preachers birthday by serving others he is doing the THE March 1st and we wants to get him will of God as well as getting much something useful. We heard that out of this service for himself. most preachers has a D. D. and we There was a large attendance at BARBER SHOP would like to get a D. D. for ours. this meeting, but we would like to Please send it before March 1st. see every Hope fellow turn out. is the place to go if you want We don't know how much it costs, Why not come to the meetings and service. Three experienced barbut we have collected $25 to pay for take part in the discussions? You bers. Launderers and Dry Cleaners it. If that ain't enough to cover will appreciate the training it gives completes expenses, send one D. by you for your life woric. 50-52 W. Sth St. Holland, Mich. return -mail and we will send you money f o r the other one as soon as Y. W. C. A. we get it. Hoping to hear from Should every man be l e f t to the you immediate we remain. religion of his own creation or CASPER BELT adoption? iDeane Weersing's reBill Pyle would like -to buy a silent ply to this question on Thursday alarm clock to awaken him before afternoon was an emphatic and conBelow Hotel Holland his turn to recite. vincing negative. The greater part QUALITY AND SERVICE AT A FAIR PRICE of her argument was taken from Dr. Our printing injects into folders and circulars, in fact all printed matter, IMidred Temple would like a little Zwemer's little book "Christianity, the elements which will driv# home your appeal. library all her own where she could the IFinal Religion.'' Christianity Cards, Programs, Butineii Sutionery. W«dding Stationery. Booklets, talk undisturbed. is the only religion which admits Catalogs, Circulars, Etc. of and provides for the uniformity We read in a New York paper that of the human race. Christ came to for Society affairs s t e k e t e e - v a n h u i s p r i n t i n g h o u s e ning with Z to afford us a rest in remove race prejudice and hatred— at "Good Printing" classes that recite alphabetically. other religions build barriers. Jesus 180RiTerAT«. HolUnd, Mich. Christ was the son of Man and not Casper Belt: (to Prof. Wicher's the son of any one nation and he 14 East Sth St. young hopeful.)—^Well, my little sirmiltaneously fulfills the ideals of man,, how do you want your hair West and East. The Creat CommisDU MEZ BROS. [ODEL LAUNDRY cut? sion of Christ has no parallel in any Billy Wichers:—"Just like my other religion altho there are a few J , 8th St. Citi. Phone 1442 Pay your Anchor subscripDry Goods, CoaU and dad's, with a round hole on top." so-called missionary religions. The tioii-~$1.50. Cloakt and r Laws and Rituals of Christ are so Millinary Our Motto Well, fellows now that Miss Icon- simple that they can be followed MICH. Quality and Prompt Service oclast ha% spoken her little piece you and applied anywhere. Though the HOLLAND, don't have to wonder any more bible has been translated in four whether you dare ask her for a hundred thirty-seven lan^uagies—it date, because all the time she is say is eloquent in every one. IntemaHave your annual p h o t o ? ing, ^ 1 wish he'd hurry up. I c a n ' t tionl law is based upon the Sermon taken now at the wait around this hall all day." on the Mount. The God of the Don't Hope for the Beit in Shoe Repairing Christians transcendant and J'Get It" The Billposter Christ's character is the ideal of No education had Bill Brown, and the ages. There is but one name "Dick, the Shoe Doctor" Electric Shoe Hospiti! 13 E. Sth St. | he was rather dense, as day by day under heaven by which we must be HOLLAND •ttbieWfiiSiitiSSfilE . : 1 i be posted bills upon the village saved. There is but one ultimate fence. 'Twas seldom that he got religion.

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