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Hope College — Holland, Michigan

Dr. Lotus Snow Leaves Hope, Accepts New Position At Albion


Dr. Lotus Snow, associate professor of English at Hope, has recently accepted a similar position at Albion College. Dr. Snow had been at Hope eight y e a r s and had Served as Alcor and Milestone advisor in addition to her r e g u l a r duties. A native of Danville, Ohio, Dr. Snow received her A.B. and B.S. degrees from Ohio S t a t e University in 1935. Following her graduation s h e entered Smith College a t Northhampton, Massachusetts on a scholarship in psychology. In 1937 she received her M. A. degree f r o m Ohio S t a t e and in 1948 her Ph.D. f r o m the University of Chicago. She has held positions in Danville High School, South Hill High School, Shreveport, Louisiana, University of Chicago and A u g u s t a n a College, Rock Island, Illinois, previous to her arrival at Hope. Dr. Snow is being replaced by Miss Julia Reed who l e f t Purdue University to accept a position here. Miss Reed did her underg r a d u a t e work at P u r d u e University and received her M.A. degree f r o m the University of Michigan.

WAL Presents Country Fair Those of us who have never had the opportunity to c a p t u r e the excitement and f u n of a real, oldfashioned Country F a i r will have a chance to make up f o r this loss on S a t u r d a y , F e b r u a r y 19, as the Women's Activities League presents its annual penny carnival, with booths and e n t e r t a i n m e n t centered around the theme, "Country F a i r . "

Dr. Lotus Snow

Two Operas Slated For Spring Musical "The Telephone" by Gian Carlo Menotti will be repeated by request on March 15 in the Memorial Chapel. Singing the p a r t s of Lucy and Ben will be Rosalind Smith and Richard Ten Haken. With Betty Schepers at the piano, the entire production will be under the direction of Mrs. Norma Baughman. An innovation will be the one act opera "Sunday Excursion" by Alec Wilder, with libretto by Arn(Continued on page 5)



P&M To Present

Shaw's Pygmalion Bernard Shaw's five act romance, Pygmalion, is to be the s p r i n g production of P a l e t t e and Masque. It will be given f o u r evenings, March 11, 12, 14 and 15. The story is a f a m i l i a r one based upon the Pygmalion-Galatea experiment. An egotistical t e a c h e r of the Science of phonetics, in one of his f r e q u e n t searches f o r new sounds, stumbles one rainy night upon the cockney Eliga Boolittle. A conversation ensues and the following day Eliga presents herself and all her worldly wealth a t Professor Higgin's door to be t a u g h t "to speak like a lady in a flower shop". The decision of Higgins to undertake the ordeal, and the keen delineation of the c h a r a c t e r change which results, t o g e t h e r with the problem presented by a certain affinity each f e e l s for the other, constitutes a really provocative play f o r an audience interested in a light and delightful evening. In the role of Eliga Doolittle is J a n e t Baird. P r o f e s s o r Higgins will be portrayed by Pete deMoya In the s u p p o r t i n g roles a r e J e r r y Kruyf as Colonel Pickering, foil to Higgins; Joyce Vanderborgh as Mrs. Pearce, the housekeeper; Don Baird as Alfred Doolittle, f a t h e r of E l i g a ; J e r r y Redeker as Freddy E y n s f o r d Hill, a young r o m a n t i c ; Donna R a y m e r a s Mrs. E y n s f o r d Hill, a would-be a r i s t o c r a t ; Connie Miller as Miss E y n s f o r d Hill, a carbon of her mother; Darlyne DeTuncq as Mrs. Higgins, the mother of the p r o f e s s o r ; and J u d y R y p m a as the parlor maid.

On Class Cuts

Ruled By Absence Committee

Co-Chairmen R e d a Rynbrandt and M a r g a r e t Hospers have announced t h a t prizes will be awarded to the f r a t e r n i t y and sorority whose booths take in the most money at the event. A small admission c h a r g e will entitle those who attend to an evening of f u n at the various booths, and also a talent show, which p r o g r a m chairmen Joyce Van D o o m and K a r a g a y H a r d y have described as being a " p r o g r a m of undiscovered hope t a l e n t . "

A basic change was made recently by the absence committee in class attendance rulings. In the past an excessive number of cuts for any semester automatically added a half hour to the g r a d u a tion requirements. The new ruling omits the general college penalty and places the responsibility upon the individual professors. The committee, in passing the new ruling, stressed the importance of class attendance as an essential p a r t of The Country F a i r will begin at the educational process at Hope eight o'clock, with the p r o g r a m College. The student is expected s t a r t i n g at nine-thirty. Proceeds to benefit by classroom discussion will be sent to the Church World as well as by his daily text assignService, where every dollar con- ments. The following rules on abtributed by Hope College will be sence are now in effect: used to send twenty dollars w o r t h 1. The instructors are to keep an of food to a foreign country. With accurate daily record of attendthe combination of a w o r t h y cause, ance and turn in a copy of the a g o j d program, and additional f u n record to the Dean's office at the booths of a Country Fair, it daily. looks as though the W.A.L. h a s an event coming up tha 4 should prove 2. The instructor^ m u s t make a detailed statement to his classworthwhile to all. es a t the beginning of each semester as to his policy in regard to absences, excuses, and make-up work. The M i c h i g a n Intercollegiate 3. All absences have an adverse Speech League will hold State effect upon grades unless made men's and women's oratorical conup to the satisfaction of t h e tests at Western Michigan College instructor. in Kalamazoo on Friday, March 4. Implications of these general

privileges from his instructor. b. c.



There a r e no cuts allowed before penalties are applied. Class work missed while students a r e away on faculty-approved business or because of illness should be made up to the satisfaction of the instructor. Although make-up work will not in all cases remove t h e f u l l adverse effect of the absence, a f a c u l t y m e m b e r will cooperate with the student in his a t t e m p t to m a k e up his loss when such absence is necessary. The degree of effect upon grades will vary with the nature and amount of the work missed and m u s t be measured according to the i n s t r u c t o r ' s best j u d g m e n t . In case of excessive absences, t h e instructor may r e f u s e all credit f o r t h e course.

MISL Contest Slated

K. Don Jacobusse and Carol Kuyper will represent Hope College in this annual event, one of the oldest oratorical leagues in the nation. The Hope team will be coached by Miss Helen Harton of the Speech Department.


Hope Named In GA/I Grant

statements Hope College has been named as The student is to consider one of 15 colleges in Michigan that himself directly responsible are scheduled to receive a grantto the instructor for his in-aid from General Motors. It is absences. It is his respon- expected that Hope's share will sibility to present an excuse approximate $2,500. to and to request make-up According to editorial comment

February 11, 1955

Hope Receives $45,800 Grant For Unemployment Research Hope college has just been notified that it is the recipient of a g r a n t of $45,800 f r o m the Merrill Foundation, Dr. Irwin J. Lubbers, college president, announced this week. Notice of the g r a n t was received by Dr. Lubbers in a letter f r o m Winthrop H. Smith, president of the foundation and is to be used by the Hope economics d e p a r t m e n t under the direction of Dr. Dwight B. An all college date night tonight Yntema in the study of Unemployand a student council function a f t e r ment Compensation in Michigan. the tomorrow will conclude this This is the l a r g e s t amount of year's Dutch T r e a t Week activities. money received by Hope college f o r The event sponsored by the student work in research Dr. Lubbers said.

Features Film Bachelor Bank

council is annually held the second week in F e b r u a r y . The highlight of the week was the

Bachelor Bank d r a w i n g held

Tuesday The

noon in Carnegie



eligible bachelors

drawn were Dave Van E e n e n a a m , Jim Hilmert, Karl Holbrick, Sam Hofman, Hoek,








Denekas, Matt Peelen, Jim H u t t o n , Ken Vande Vasse, Dave Kuyers, Dick Hefresse, Bill Coventry, John Kools, Gord Hondorp, A1 Dykema, Dave Huff, Curt Menning and Bill Waggoner. The bachelors and their d a t e s enjoyed an evening of food and ent e r t a i n m e n t by the courtesy of the businessmen in Holland. The following stores participated: Holland Theater, M a r y Jane Cafeteria, C u m e r f o r d s , Vogue Coffee Shop, Hansen's Drug, Dutch Mill Rest a u r a n t , Buntes D r u g Store, Mills, Fabiano's, and the Koffee Kletz.

The M i c h i g a n Unemployment Compensation study at Hope college stems f r o m delegation of the problem to the Hope economics dep a r t m e n t by the Michigan Joint Legislative Interim Study Committee on Employment Security Benefits, a sub committee of the senate and house labor committees. The assignment was given Hope a y e a r ago and since t h a t time members of the economics d e p a r t m e n t have made their basic plans and have completed the outline as to the scope of the entire problem. Members of the economics dep a r t m e n t who have been associated with the project include Dr. Yntema, Prof. Kenneth Weller and Prof. Charles Lininger. Dr. Yntema said, "We have laid our plans f o r what we think will be a comprehensive, detailed study of t h e problem. This g r a n t of $45,800 will enable us to present the s t a t e of Michigan f a c t s which should be of g r e a t benefit."

Both senator Robert Faulkner, R. Tonight the Alcor film Of Mice Coloma, c h a i r m a n of the senate and Men is being presented at 8:30 labor committee and Rep. George o'clock in the Chapel f o r the beneM. V a n Peursem ( R ) Zeeland, fit of the girls and their dates. The chairman o f t h e corresponding Kletz will be open f r o m 8:00 to committee in the house of repre11:00 f o r r e f r e s h m e n t following the sentatives expressed satisfaction. film. Rep. Van Peursem said, " A s an S a t u r d a y night following t h e alumnus of Hope college I am cerHope-Albion g a m e in the Civic tainly pleased with the news of the Center a student council function g r a n t . Knowing of Dr. Yntema's will be held in the L i t e r a r y Club. reputation in the field of economics The price per couple is one dollar. I am certain t h a t Hope college will Tickets may be obtained at the do an o u t s t a n d i n g job f o r the s t a t e door. of Michigan."

Van Slageren Named Delegate To National A.F.C.W. Convention



Suzie Van Slageren, a junior f r o m Mount Vernon, Washington, has been selected to represent the s t a t e of Michigan at the national convention of the Athletic Federation of College Women at Smith College in Massachusetts f r o m March 31 to April 2.

Each s t a t e in the A.F.C.W. will send one official delegate to the convention. In addition, Michigan is sending a panel to p a r t i c i p a t e in one of the discussions of the convention. The convention will consist of discussion meetings, lectures, and a banquet and will bring tog e t h e r representatives f r o m the Susie V o n Slageren women's athletic p r o g r a m s in->collegs and universities all over the by the Holland Evening Sentinel, country. the significance of the grant is in Every year a different Michigan the assumption of financial respons- school becomes the headquarters of ibility by industry to aid higher the Athletic Federation of Micheducation. The entire GM program igan College Women. Hope has for the first year will approximate been the headquarters school this $2,000,000 and will affect as many year and Suzie will be president as 306 colleges. of the state organization next year.

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What's Past Is Prologue

Chewing The Rag with


Editor-in-Chief Associate Editor Sports Editors Feature Editor Society Editors Rewrite Editors Photographers Typists Cartoonist

Robert Muilenburg Donna Raymer We seem to have arrived a t a David Kempers, Jerold Veldman highly crucial point in international 1 Frances Frye a f f a i r s , a point f r o m which t h e Dot Lindahl, Robert Winter f o r t u n e s of the civilized world m a y Harvey Mulder, Ernestine Brummeler take a pronounced t u r n f o r t h e Len Rowell, Stanley Yin b e t t e r or for the worse. F o r those Virginia Hartsema. Mary Jane Rietveld of us in college, moreover, it can Bill Coventry m e a n either imminent military BUSINESS STAFF service or welcome respite f r o m Business Manager Eugene Ouderkirk such a burden. Assistant Business Manager Herbert Morgan The present situation arose, of Advertising Manager Harold Ritsema course, when Communist China deCirculation Manager John Soeter termined to seize her offshore islands, f r o m t h e Nationalists, by MEMBER ASSOCIATED COLLEGE PRESS force if necessary. This a p p a r e n t Entered as second class matter at the post office of Holland, Michigan, resolution on the p a r t of Peiping at special rate of postage provided for in section 1103 of Act of served to bring to the s u r f a c e t h e Congress, October 3, 1917, and authorized October 19, 1918. confused issues which have long Subscription Rate: $1.00 per year. embroiled w o r l d politics. T h e United States, too, seemed finally Published every other week by the students of Hope College except to recognize how f u t i l e was t h e during holidays or examination periods. a t t e m p t to hide her head in t h e sand and thus avoid all the unpleasant realities of t h e present Asian situation. From the As a means of meeting this challenge, President Eisenhower in a significant message to Congress asked for the power to defend Formosa and t h e Pescadores, and f u r t h e r urged that the United Nations take steps to secure a cease-fire in t h e area. W h a t , t h e n , v i a r e the implications of this s t a n d ? In our educational system the m e a n s of evaluation for some time In a t t e m p t i n g to deal adequately has been the much-debated grade. Much h a s been said about the evil with the situation the President of this means. The fact remains, however, t h a t in our present system was forced to take into consideraat Hope as well as other colleges and universities, it still remains the tion the basic dilemma of conprofessor's lasting judgment of the student's ability. t e m p o r a r y American foreign polGrade consciousness at Hope recently reached a semi-annual peak icy: an urgent desire, on the one with the advent of finals and the issuing of semester marks. F a i r or hand, f o r peaceful coexistence, and u n f a i r as they were judged to be by the various students, t h e y are a determination, on the other h a n d , now indelibly recorded in the r e g i s t r a r ' s office. They will f r o m this to prevent any f u r t h e r Communist time on become the basis for choosing honors, giving scholarships and expansion. Yet the President's prerecommending the student in all fields a f t e r g r a d u a t i o n . dicament was f u r t h e r complicated This complex and powerful means of evaluation has recently been by the existence of an equally pergiven a new emphasis by the attendance ruling of the absence commit- plexing dilemma in t h e internal tee. By this ruling a student's g r a d e is to be adversely affected by politics of this country. The r a t h e r "excessive" cuts. The definition of t h e term "excessive" is l e f t to the disgusting "China lobby" led by individual teacher's discretion. Some define it as one, some as three S e n a t o r Knowland p u r s u e s its and some don't define it. shortsighted goals vengefully and There is no question that class attendance is an essential p a r t of denounces any compromise, while the educational process. It is questionable, however, that the ends many other Republicans and Demoj u s t i f y the means. If a student's m a r k is lowered f o r non-attendance c r a t s are willing to adopt a more to class, the m a r k ceases to have validity as a m e a s u r e m e n t of the moderate position. Only in view student's ability. The mark is then an indicator of the student's con- of these existing dilemmas, it seems f o r m i t y to college regulations, not of his n a t u r a l ability, perception or to me, can an analysis and criticism knowledge of subject m a t t e r .


What's In A Grade?

The new ruling also pre-supposes the problem of non-attendance lies with the student. P e r h a p s the problem lies in lack of motivation or poor and uninteresting teaching methods on the p a r t of the instructor. If this is t r u e , it is a sad comment upon education t h a t teachers such as these m u s t be protected by t h e grade-consciousness of students.

Student Union Will Stimulate Sad State Of School Spirit Hope is dying. It is dying slowly, almost unnoticeably. To see it die is a sad thing, especially f o r the upperclassmen who have seen the life it once had. I t s spirit is gone — gone f r o m sports, e x t r a c u r r i c u l a r activities and social life. The signs are everywhere — the lack of cheering at g a m e s , the skeletal remains of departmental clubs, the pathetic attendance at student council parties, and the inertia of a student council t h a t does nothing more t h a n exist. Even the D u r f e e women, and more particularly Dean Reeverts, are worried. They a r e installing a television set in D u r f e e in a n a t t e m p t to promote more social activity in t h e dorm and to discourage t h e large number of women t h a t head f o r home every weekend. The days of f r a n t i c f r e s h m a n initiation, dorm raids, practical jokes, and wild rallies a r e gone. This is good in itself. But it signifies a g r e a t e r trend. I t shows t h a t s t u d e n t enthusiasm and exuberance, even if misdirected, a r e gone. I t shows t h a t the college population no longer acts in groups but individually. It shows t h a t they don't care about their class, t h e i r f r a t e r n i t y o r sorority, or about t h e i r school. As a problem it is easily rationalized. There a r e numerous m a g a zine articles b l a m i n g the unsettled world situation f o r present passive student attitude. But to lean back in our chairs, calmly smoke a cigarette, and blame the world f o r c o r r u p t i n g our fine intentions is h a r d l y a good solution. T h e obvious way to correct the problem would be to inspire student spirit t h r o u g h b e t t e r opportunities f o r activity. And the one t h i n g t h a t blocks t h e Hope s t u d e n t f r o m activity is the lack of a decent place to meet, relax, and talk. A t the p r e s e n t time the overcrowded Kletz and smoking room serve this purpose. But they a r e highly inadequate. W h a t is needed is a student union. And according to reliable sources, the Blue Key is



by Larry Siedentop

of the presidential policy become valid and m e a n i n g f u l . As f o r the first section of the message, a s k i n g f o r power to defend a r e a s which he deems vital to our security, a definite and final appraisal seems quite impossible. Undoubtedly useful a s an open declaration t h a t we will not stand idly by and watch t h e remainder of the world fall to Communism, it is a sign of our determination to resist, and a less definite indication of where we will d r a w the line. Yet, j u s t as surely, its t e r m s strain the world tension a bit f u r t h e r , and its uncompromising vein brings war one step nearer. Playing also into the aging hands of the Nationalists who a r e aching f o r a preventive war, its commitments encourage our allies to f e a r t h a t we may provoke a world-wide conflict. It would a p p e a r f u r t h e r m o r e to allow much of the final decision for war or peace to t h e military — always a dangerous situation. The other side of t h e message, however, a p p e a r s much more hopeful to those who earnestly support moderation as the m e a n s of preventing a holocaust f r o m which no victor could possibly emerge. Expressing a desire t h a t the United Nations might a r r a n g e a cease-fire in the F o r m o s a n w a t e r s , t h e ^ r e s i dent hinted a t possible concessions the United S t a t e s m i g h t m a k e to achieve a workable truce in that area. This s t a t e m e n t indicates a disposition on the p a r t of the United States to negotiate an end to the deadlock and a recognition of the practical m e r i t s of "two China's." It is highly desirable that this country ends its pseudomoralistic objections t o Red China and b a r g a i n s with h e r realistically on the basis of the concessions we have to offer. Indeed, d u r i n g the past critical weeks vocal opposition to the seating of Red China in the United Nations has been noticeably absent, and the realization t h a t such a course is ultimately inevitable has (Continued on page 4)

IN REVIEW L a s t Sunday's recital by the f a c u l t y s t r i n g q u a r t e t was, unf o r t u n a t e l y somewhat inferior to what we have come to expect. Although the i n t e r p r e t a t i o n and general performance of the q u a r t e t were good, the musical level of the pieces played made an exceptional p r o g r a m impossible. Probably t h e highlight of the a f t e r n o o n w a s the Rondo f r o m M o z a r t ' s "Eine Kliene N a c h t musik". However, t h e excessive familiarity of this piece d e t r a c t s a good deal f r o m its listened interest. Prokofieff's " o v e r t u r e on Hebrew Themes", f o r which Mr. Kooiker joined the g r o u p , was f a r f r o m sterile, although it was at times disturbingly reminiscent of movie scenerio music. T h e Niles-McCarthy t r e a t m e n t of the folk t u n e "Black is the Color of My True Love's H a i r " was in-

By Jon Hinkamp

t e r e s t i n g in t h a t the g r o u p ' s interpretation w a s noteworthy. The short pieces by Ole Bull and William Bowden were minor woiks in every sense of the term. The h a n d f u l of people who attended the recital heard the first performance of the "Quintet for Clarinet a n d S t r i n g " , b y Mr. Carleton Kelch, who teaches fiddle at the local high school. The piece as a whole was, f r a n k l y , r a t h e r dull — and, much too prolonged. Mr. Kelch's t h e m e s were sterile, and his development of them f a r f r o m imaginative. His technique of orchestration w a s competent, although his harmonies were, to say t h e least, extremely conventional. Mr. A r t h u r Hills is a clarinetist of exceptional ability, and his perf o r m a n c e w a s nothing s h o r t of superlative.

considering financing such a p r o j e c t f o r this year. The proposed union would be located in t h e b a s e m e n t of Van Raalte and would occupy the a r e a now devoted to t h e men's smoking room and the Kletz. It would be completely redecorated and f u r n i s h e d with lounging chairs, a television set, record player, ping-pong tables and a s f e w lights as possible. I t would be a place to m e e t a f t e r the library closes, a f t e r a show, or a f t e r a g a m e . D u r i n g the d a y it would serve a s a way-station between classes — a place to congregate. If the r u m o r is t r u e , and if the student union materializes, it would undoubtedly u n i f y and s t r e n g t h e n student action. If it doesn't m a t e r i a l ize all we can look f o r w a r d to is a g r e a t e r decline and t h e end of the even now limited student voice on Hope's campus.

Dear Mom and Dad: I'm sorry you haven't heard f r o m me in awhile, but we all had a little fire here in the dorm the day finals were over and I'm a f r a i d my pen got thrown in d u r i n g all the frenzied excitement, so my roommate and I a r e sharing one. I spent the m o s t h o r r i f y i n g week of my entire life last week. I know why they call it final week — it's because you w a n t to m a k e it the last week you spend in college by the t i m e you g e t t h r o u g h . The only people who enjoy it are the f a c u l t y and it's a m a z i n g how they brighten up during final season. Teachers I never saw smile before positively beamed as they went into a test. And it's certainly s t r a n g e the correlation you find between g r e a t broad smiles and deadly e x a m s . S t r a n g e indeed. It does make one wonder! Registration was p r e t t y deadly, too. I had the neatest schedule a r r a n g e d — only morning classes, but t h e y said I had to take more t h a n seven hours, so now I go 'til three o'clock every day. Boy, it's not h a r d to get discouraged around here. The weekend between semesters made up f o r it in part, though. It was so wonderful having absolutely nothing to do. Joe took me tobogg a n n i n g and we had a huge fight. It was the first time I'd ever gone and I wore my new light g r a y flannel slacks and the very first time we went down t h e hill, Joe sat down and put his f e e t r i g h t in my lap and my slacks were just black. Sometimes I wonder if he has any sense a t all. I told him on the way home t h a t I t h o u g h t it w a s a p r e t t y silly sport when you drove and drove someplace and then only went down a hill once, but he said t h a t was the way it went in sports. Doesn't make much sense to me. I haven't seen Joe very much since then. They have a n o t h e r sort of a week on this c a m p u s t h a t ' s almost as bad a s final week. They call it Dutch T r e a t Week and it really is poor. Joe had a date for every single night except Thursday, so I bought him a cup of coffee. I was going to take him to a movie, but he had already seen them both with other girls. I w a s so miserable. I even went to the Dean about it, but no help t h e r e . It's a t r a d i t i o n and one we're all supposed to love. Well, everyone else may love it, b u t I think the whole idea is a w f u l . I put my n a m e in t h e bachelor bank about t h i r t y times, so I could show Joe a t h i n g or two, and I got d r a w n , too, only the boy that drew me s t a r t e d going steady t h a t night, so we didn't go out. It's sort of hard to believe that t h e s e a r e the happiest days of your life. Well, my r o o m m a t e has been pleading f o r h e r pen f o r about ten minutes, so I guess I'd better sign off. Miss you both. Your d a u g h t e r , Ophelia

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to the Editor Hope Students Observe Custom Letter This letter is one of m a n y re-

Of Thrifty Dutch Ancestors by Frances Frye

Irene Wesch Don York.





Fraternity Formals Initiate Semester Fraternal The F r a t e r F o r m a l , held last F r i d a y evening at the Rowe Hotel in Grand Rapids, proved to be a g r e a t success. More than seventy couples attended the event, "Royal Affair," and danced to the music of De Forest Pool a f t e r a h a m dinner. Co-chairmen Dan Meeuwsen and Gene Westerhoff a n d their committees c r e a t e d an evening which will be well-remembered by those who attended. Emersonian The Emersonian F r a t e r n i t y also held their Winter Formal l a s t Friday at the Pantlind Hotel in Grand Rapids. The co-chairmen were Ian Smith and Alton Kooyers. Music was provided by Bob F o r t i n e r and t h e Collegians. Arcadian Additional officers announced recently by the Arcadians are as follows: keeper of the archives. Chuck Roelofs; Chaplin, Bill Cameron; A n c h o r reporter, Lyle Vander W e r f ; intermural m a n a g e r , Tom Ten Hoeve; p a r l i a m e n t a r i a n , Sam Hoffman; pin chairman, J a c k Walchenbach; flower chairman. Bob Peterson. A t a recent literary meeting, the Arkies were entertained with a serious paper on the Greco-Persian war, given by Don Baird. Humor was provided by Vern H o f m a n , whose topic was " F a m o u s NonGreek Characters I have Become Acquainted with." Penny Carnival chairman is Gene TeHennepe, and Bill Hall is already at work on the Arcadian Spring Informal party. All-College sing director f o r the Arcadians this year is Jim Neevil. Knickerbocker An open house a f t e r the Vienna Boy's Choir was the social highlight of the Knick's activities. A large group was entertained and the event was termed a success.

The 14th of F e b r u a r y means the arrival of St. Valentine's Day — and more if you belong to the Hope student body, because every year this holiday brings with it the traditional Dutch T r e a t Week. This year, because St. Valentine's Day fell on a Monday, Dutch T r e a t Week is preceding the f a m o u s day of h e a r t s and flowers. Dutch T r e a t Week began upon request of one of the Hope students in 1932. He suggested it as a week in which the girls might have an opportunity to have the upper hand in the d a t i n g situation f o r just one week. The plan was presented to the students in the Anchor and a c a m p u s vote was taken which resulted in the acceptance of the plan which has now evolved into a firmly entrenched tradition. The idea was innovated in an a t t e m p t to relieve the strain on the college m a n ' s wallet and give the girls a chance. U n d e r the plan, the girl is definitely the "boss". At least, she holds the purses t r i n g s ! According to the original rules, if a boy asked a girl out, he paid f o r the entire date and if a girl invited the boy, she paid half the expense. By clever maneuvering someplace, as it now stands, when the girl invites . . . she pays all. Somehow, the girls don't seem to mind; they think the freedom and opportunity to pick and choose t h a t comes with assuming the p a r t of the a g g r e s s o r well worth the expense involved. Some feel it is comparable in importance only to the day women received the privilege of voting. There's another obvious advantage, too.' Because t h e y ' r e in control, the girls think they receive much more attention f r o m the male set. The men seem suddenly to be transfigured into the most chivalrous and obliging young gentlemen. There seems to be a direct correlation between the change in the men and the.radvent of Dutch T r e a t Week. The girls a r e n ' t the only ones who profit. The fellows have the obvious a d v a n t a g e of no expense while e n j o y i n g female companionship. They also forego all responsibility f o r planning activities, and can j u s t relax and wait f o r the phone to ring. F o r both the male and female population, Dutch T r e a t W e e k seems to be a h a p p y occasion, but all a r e ready and willing to return to their r i g h t f u l places when the week is over.

ceived f r o m concerned alumni and f r i e n d s of Hope College in r e f e r ence to the "chapel tower collapse" f e a t u r e which ran in the last issue. If the story, which was meant to be humorous, did not achieve its purpose, the repercussions f r o m it certainly did. Although we are sorry t h a t the story was misunderstood, we cannot r e f r a i n f r o m publishing this example of the mix-up that resulted. Feb. 4, 1955 Dear Delia: T h a n k s f o r sending the Hope College Anchor. I was so surprised and shocked to read about the destruction of the chapel tower. How in t h e world did it ever happen, or do they know y e t ? I know you are all upset about it — am s o r r y t h a t it happened and do hope its as good as new again. This is just a note of s y m p a t h y and hope I'll h e a r about it soon.

Pictured from left to r i g h t a r e : Ben Le Fevre, Dorothy Hesselink, N e l l Salm, H a r o l d G o l d z u n g , and Bob B e d i n g f i e l d , broadcasting f r o m WHTC for Radio Hope College. This g r o u p , which presents h a l f - h o u r programs d e a l i n g with college l i f e , uses o n l y s t u d e n t - w r i t t e n scripts a n d organizes its p r o g r a m s w i t h o u t outside help. The broadcasts are scheduled m o n t h l y and a f f o r d good o p p o r t u n i t i e s for campus t al ent .


With Love ( N a m e withheld)

Rev. L a r r y Love, pastor of the Bethany P r e s b y t e r i a n Church of F o r t Lauderdale, Florida, w a s the leader of Hope's annual Religious E m p h a s i s Week. During the f o u r day series he discussed the topics " F a i t h and Life." Faith, he determined, must be centered on Christ, and its aim is to fashion t h e individual a f t e r Him; life, to be m e a n i n g f u l , must be lived in Christ, as it came f r o m Him. This message is very pertinent. Students often feel t h a t the abundance of knowledge t h a t they gain in college makes them able to run their own lives. Rev. Love stressed the fact t h a t man is not really a d j u s t e d nor h a p p y until he realizes t h a t his life must be centered upon Christ and his being in intimate relationship with God. This intimate relationship is a vital reality with God t h r o u g h Christ. The week was also full of devotional meetings, consultations, and meditations. In the a f t e r n o o n s and evenings s t u d e n t s could take a d v a n t a g e of the opportunity to meet Rev. Love and to discuss their personal problems. Those who felt the lack of p r a y e r were able to go to the Chapel f o r private meditations. The dorms and f r a t e r n i t i e s exchanged devotional teams. F o r a denominational school this seems an excellent way of beginning a semester.

At a recent meeting Bob Lesniak was named chairman of the Knick booth f o r the Penny Carnival. It was also decided t h a t alumni newsletters will again be sent out this year. P r e p a r a t i o n s are now under way.

By — D r i v e


Rev. Love On Campus


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Page Four



OJR m t C T UNiry i* MARREP. i hate m m , BUT W K u m f

What's Past Is . . .

Formals Highlight Sorority Activities

(Continued from page 2) taken its place. The British, among others, have long advocated a plan Hope's sororities are busy planning their f o r m a l s and date nights by which Communist China would which will be coming up in the next become a member of the United Nations and assume her permanent few weeks. The Sib formal, "The King and seat on the Security Council. At I", will take place tonight at the the same time Formosa would be Pantlind Hotel in Grand Rapids. guaranteed an independent status B a r b a r a Pennings and Sue Under- and admitted to the United Nations. wood have been in charge of the Preferably the new Formosan govcommittees working on the f o r m a l . ernment would be truly representaThe members of ASA are look- tive of the people, with Chiang ing forward to their formal p a r t y Kai-Chek cautiously pushed into Certainly this to be held at the Rowe Hotel in the background. Grand Rapids next Friday. Joyce plan is f a r from perfect, but it Leighley is the ASA formal chair- offers a working solution. man. On the whole, it may be seen, The Dorians are making plans the President's necessarily imperfor their date night party, a treas- fect statement of policy incorporure hunt and square dance, on ated the two requisites of coexisF e b r u a r y 25. Ann Bloodgood and tence. It gave some indication of a Dorothy Hesselink are co-chairmen force designed to protect ourselves, of the party. and yet it indicated a willingness The Delphi formal party will be to discuss and compromise. It was a t the Blithefield Country Club in neither retreat nor aggression, and Grand Rapids on March 11. Bar- that would seem to endow it with b a r a Kruizenga and Irma Van Dyke certain undeniable virtues. The are co-chairmen in charge of the United States has taken a calparty. culated risk, and it must be carried Sorosites have started plans f o r through with courage and vigor. their f o r m a l to be held March 26. Audrey Nienhouse and J a n Rottschaffer are the formal co-chairPatronize Our Advertisers! men. «.• #.• •,» »,• ».• »,• #,• » • • GOOD




?'m wmwet


temmome/ xmomBtoa

Faculty Concert Held



Highlighting the concert was a SHIRTS " f i r s t " performance of a composiPICK UP A N D DELIVERY tion entitled "Quintet f o r Clarinet and String." The piece was composed by Carleton Kelch, a local 97-99 East 8th teacher in the public schools and featured A r t h u r Hills, to whom it was dedicated, as soloist. Mr. Hills also teaches in the Holland School i* j.; *,* *.• ».• #.• »,• #• * • • System. Other members of the quartet a r e Morrette Rider and Wanda Nigh Rider, violinist, and Margery Hopperstad Smith, c e l l i s t . Mr. Kelch plays the viola. Anthony Kooiker, who recently returned from his concert debut in New York City's Town Hall was the guest pianist.

- "Say It With

•• ••

#.% %• »%

:::::::::::::::: y . « : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : « : : « : LITTLE M A N ON CAMPUS

by Dick Blbkr


We Telegraph Flowers


EBELINK'S FLOWER SHOP Opposite Post Office #.•

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College at

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Remember OPUS



•> • • •.» • •

:: The members of ASA elected ::


»»#,• • • • #,• #,• #,« ».• #.• #.•



new officers f o r this term at their meeting last week. Those elected a r e : Joyce Leighley, president; Cathy Voelker, vice president; J a n e Gouwens, secretary; Donna Paris, t r e a s u r e r ; a n d Rosemarie Kish, chaplain.

Phone 3625

•v •»

Hope is one of the few colleges Phone 9496 of its size that maintains an active in-residence faculty q u a r t e t . The • "5 a m ts *•* *•- ?•* •.* •.* *.* *.* *,* •.* ensemble for its distinction, was written up in the J a n u a r y issue of the American String Teacher, the official magazine of the American :: String Teachers' Association. HAVE YOUR DORM %#

Election Held








The second in a series of three faculty string q u a r t e t concerts was presented last Sunday in Hope Memorial Chapel before an appreciative audience.

».• «.• #,• #.• •• •• # » *.• 4


/HOW g - m T O u PITOi HO^e^HOGS AND 1 WANT TO MKK// mTa

r. I f IT'^ A HAlt S W r /z? WHAT 1^ OWE .ON A PAT£. irvjusi siMfiv ETiQUETTff


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• • • • • • •»


• # • • %# •> •> • # • • **

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».• #.• »,• ».» ».» #> #,• #,• #,• ».• #,• ».• »,• # • •.» #,• #.» #,• #,• #,• #.• #.» #.• #• #.• «.• #.• #.• # • #• *.« *• *.* •• •• «• •• *>

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Sororities Hold Joint Meetings With Freshmen

Erie Stanley Gardner Speaks k -4


At Albion College Seminar

F o u r Hope College s t u d e n t s at- the accused and the "due process S t a r t i n g tonight and continuing tended a speech seminar on justice of l a w " procedures. held at Albion College on J a n u a r y In the a f t e r n o o n session the for the next two months, the mem12. Among the distinguished guest capacity student and professional bers of ASA willobe h a v i n g joint speakers heard was world-famed audience listened to Professor P a u l meetings with the other sororities m y s t e r y w r i t e r E r i e Stanley Gard- C. K a u p e r of the University of so t h a t the members can g e t b e t t e r ner. The discussions w e r e spon- Michigan Law School; C h i e f acquainted with the upperclass wosored by the D e p a r t m e n t of Speech Howard W. Holt, the Kalamazoo men and their sororities. of Albion College. Police D e p a r t m e n t ; Commissioner The first joint meeting will be Hope College students t h a t at- Joseph A. Childs, Michigan S t a t e t h e ASA-Dorian meeting tonight in tended the series of lectures were Police; Mr. Gerald K. O'Brein, the J u l i a n a Room. J a n Gravink is W a r r e n Buitendorp, Dick Bennet, W a y n e County Prosecuting A t t o r - Dorian c h a i r m a n f o r the meeting. Bob Lesniak, and H a r v e y Mulder. ney; and Circuit J u d g e Harold E. The Sibs will meet with ASA on The panel was termed "Beyond a Steinbacker of Michigan's 37th F e b r u a r y 25 w i t h Mary J a n e Doubt" and was an inquiry into Judicial District. A d a m s in charge and the ASAAmerican law and justice, with The evening session presented T h e t a meeting will be March 18 special reference to the r i g h t s of W a r d e n William H. Bannan, South- with Lucille Tysse as c h a i r m a n . ern Michigan Prison; Dr. LeMoyne Snyder, speaking on science and homicide investigation; and Mr. TWO OPERAS E r i e Stanley Gardner. A f t e r the (Continued f r o m p a g e 1) p r o g r a m informal discussions were continued in t h e Student Union of old S u n g a a r d . Alice will be played by E l e a n o r Casper; Veronica, NelThe International Relations Club Albion College. held an informal reception and The p r o g r a m consisted of the vie J o n k e r ; Hillary, Neil P e t t y ; dinner on Wednesday, F e b r u a r y 9, g u e s t speakers presenting their Marvin, J a m e s Kranendonk; Tim, in the J u l i a n a Room of Durfee cases and then being cross-ex- the Candy Butcher, Richard De Hall. The meeting was well-at- amined by a Board of Inquiry and Witt. Miss Helen H a r t o n will be tended by both regular members audience interrogations. The Board the s t a g e director, while Mrs. and other interested s t u d e n t s and f e a t u r e d student members, f a c u l t y B a u g h m a n will be in c h a r g e of the faculty members. m e m b e r s of Albion ,and prominent music. Following the dinner Mr. Harry guests. " S u n d a y Excursion" is a story W. Robinson, chairman o f t h e Albion College presents three about college students who go to Michigan Speaker's Bureau f o r such panels every year and last t h e city f o r a day of sight-seeing. UNESCO, showed slides and gave year gained recognition f r o m the The scene is a section of a Sunday some of the impressions he gained Freedom Foundation f o r "dynamic excursion coach on the N e w York, during two s u m m e r s as a volunteer discussions f o r a dynamic democ- New Haven, and H a r t f o r d Railroad worker at the New York Head- racy." The next discussion is sched- around 1910. q u a r t e r s of the United Nations. uled f o r May 5, 1955 on the theme A f t e r his address on "The United " F r e e d o m ' s Needs—A Report f r o m Nations and I", there w a s a dis- S t r a t e g i c Points in the N e a r and SEQUEL TO SUCCESS STORY cussion period. In c h a r g e of the Middle E a s t . " (Or, It Beats Studying Law) occasion was Dr. Paul Fried of Governor G. Mennen Williams ( A C P ) — The Associated Collegithe History Department. was scheduled to be the panel ate P r e s s reported recently a story m o d e r a t o r but could not a p p e a r f r o m the Syracuse Daily Orange because of legislative duties. Cont h a t Gloria Mossalino, who studied sequently, Mr^ N p r m a u MacdonalcL hard f o r her law degree at two served as the Chairman of t h e universities, achieved success at Board ef Inquiry. last. She became an understudy f o r Marilyn Monroe in Hollywood.

UNESCO Speaker Attends Banquet


Gay, Colorful, Sentimental Valentine Cards Some Real Mushy! 5c-to-$1.00


Add to t h a t report this item f r o m Dorothy Kilgallen, Broadway columnist: "The girl who underC a r t h a g e , 111.—(ACP) — Prof. studied Marilyn Monroe, Gloria Orville Riggs, noting that C a r t h a g e Mossalino, will trek to the a l t a r College students are checked f o r with a Venezuelan zillionaire as attendance at chapel by secretar- soon as he's legally parted f r o m ies s i t t i n g in a balcony, suggested his present wife. His betrothal the students adopt the theme song: g i f t to Gloria was $7,500 in cold " W h e n the Roll Is Called Up cash—to pay her psychiatrist." Yonder, I'll Be There." LET'S ALL LOUDI

Y Schedule



75« To $5." Feb.




Heart Boxes WHITMAN'S


READER'S GUIDE To The Hope College Anchor What We Print:


"The Friendly Store"


1) "An injury-riddled team f o u g h t 1) W e lost. bravely until the final minute . . " 2) " P l a y i n g against one of the fin2) We won f o r a change. est teams in the country, t h e squad still plunged ahead, with powerhouse energy, to win by a healthy margin of 66-62." 3) "The bill was stalled by endless 3) Student Council didn't get anypetty bickering, and debate had thing done last night. to be dragged out until the n e x t meeting..." 4) "Voting on the bill was post- 4) Neither did House Board. poned until next week in o r d e r that representatives have m o r e time to f u l l y explain its p a r t s to the residents of the various living centers." 5) "Reliable sources in the Ad- 5) W e called too late to get anyministration Building suggested body, so we had to ask the janitor. that..." 6) "Dr. Spencer, probably the fore- 6) Ask somebody in the English most of the younger modern D e p a r t m e n t ; we never heard Welsh poets, has an avid readof the bum before. ership a m o n g . . . " 7) "According to figures compiled 7) We asked everybody on the in a recent survey, student opinEditorial Staff, plus the Ediion overwhelmingly f a v o r s . . . " tor's roommate. 8) "And while his loss will be felt 8) So they finally fired the old by all his multitude of f r i e n d s boy! on campus, we all wish Professor Hooey g r e a t success with the research he is u n d e r t a k i n g for his new book, "The Place of the Rectal T h e r m o m e t e r in Modern Society." 9) "While sternly reprimanding t h e 9) He was a f r a t e r n i t y brother, defendant, Student Court held so they had to let him off. that justice without mercy had no place on campus, and . . . " 10)"While acknowledging that a 10) Darn it, a n o t h e r rise in tuition few students might find diffithis semester! I'll have to pawn my watch. culty, the Administration felt that campus opinion w o u l d realize t h a t . . . " The Syracusan — at least once a week to humor him, but not too often, f o r you Here are a few timely suggesmay encourage him to go overtions to incorporate in your list, board . . . Don't fall into heavy if you have one, which may come slumbers while the prof is lecturin handy for brightening up dull ing because it gives him the idea conversations. that you are bored. Resolve to . . . r e f r a i n f r o m See your adviser before you scheduling any classes with prog r a d u a t e , p r e f e r a b l y the day befessors who a r e consistently t a r d y or absent or both . . . Spend one fore, so he can tell you w h a t reh o u r a day in the library, not quired courses you still have to necessarily studying, but r a t h e r take . . . E i t h e r w e a r glasses or getting acquainted with the s e t u p avoid blind d a t e s . . . Quit loaning in case you ever wish to take out out term p a p e r s to fellow students who end up with b e t t e r grades a book for kicks . . . Laugh at your instructor's jokes than you . . . RESOLVE OR DISSOLVE

"About 25 to 30 persons were affected by an IBM machine e r r o r , " the Campus reports. F's were substituted f o r D's on grade reports. The midsemester grades do not a p p e a r on the students' p e r m a n e n t records, however.



I'Vf GOT \0 m t H HER.' I'M AW/ SAiP 9le WANTED TO 5Er ME A(iAlN





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irf 1 $UPPBHLy: j B



WUML ' L W€ TALk Aa/vir' ]• POLifiLS- RELIGM 7 colleoc TOP: SPORTS'* I SMOULPVf WRITTEN A kcirr. wOWIED-M


What We Mean:

( A C P ) — In this technological 15 — Joint meeting in which age, we t h o u g h t the IBM machine »a •« •*« • • • * •« *.* •>*.* •*# **.•• •«».• •*.* *.* *.* #.• #.• #.• •* *.* # » • #.• #.• #.• #.• ».• #.• #,• # , • » . » « , • #,• *,* *• •.* #.• #.• *.* #.• »x * *'« •'« •*» •'# *» • • •# %* V# V* V# • • •« •» • » •# •» • • • # J Marion Van H o m e , Sec- was infallible, like the balance on r e t a r y of Youth Work, your bank s t a t e m e n t . Comes a reAUTOMAT will give us information port f r o m the Campus, University SELF SERVICE LAUNDRY on caravaning. of Connecticut weekly at Storrs, 25 — YW culmination Cen- t h a t a number of students had to Open 9 A.M. — 6 P.M. 17th & Columbia do some tall explaining a f t e r their tennial meeting. 5 • #.• ».«»• • • *• • • «.• * • •> »• » » # • *.* •• • #.» #.• #» #.• #.• »• #.• ».• #.• #> #.• ».• #.• #,• • #„• #.• »• »,• • # • » • # • » • » • # • » • # • # »»•#•#•» **•••# »#•# » • • » • • • # • » midsemester grade reports were received a t home.



Page Five








J Stl


-.ufu<*rr *Tira

*.* jfJ

i Page Six




Dutch Split in League Action Interfrat Basketball

Women's Sports

Scoring ("A" League)

By Eleanor De Vries

Heydorn, Cosmos


Martin, Knicks Ritsema, Emmies Veldman, P r a t e r s Nelson, F r a t e r s

115 97 93 88

Standings Cosmos Fraters Emmies Seminary Arkies Knicks

6 G 4 3 1 1

it 1

3 4 6 (>

Recent Scores Seminary, 46; Emmies, 45 Cosmos, 56; Arkies, 17 F r a t e r s , 55; Knicks, 50 F r a t e r s , 56; Seminary, 43 Cosmos, 41; Knicks, 33 Arkies, 52; Emmies, 38 Scoring ("B" League) Ritsema, H., Emmies Hondorp, G., Arkies Bieri, Arkies Durham, Indies Vander Laan, Arkies

104 87 72 61 58

Standings Indies Arkies Fraters Emmies Cosmos Knicks

5 4 3 3 3 0

Revamped Kazoo Impressive Play Stops Hillsdale Scores Easy Win

Badminton The badminton g a m e s were played off on Tuesday a f t e r Y. The winners in the beginners bracket were Ann D a m s t r a and P e g g y Prentice. Runners-up were S a n d r a Decker and B a r b a r a Wolfe. The final game on the advanced bracket h a s not yet been played off. The finalists a r e Ernie Brummeler, M a r g a r e t Cramer, Marcia Smith and J a n Gravink. Mixed badminton will s t a r t soon. Basketball Tuesday and T h u r s d a y nights the girls play their intramural basketball games. At this time the standings are as follows: Senior B — 4-0 Junior A — 4-0 Senior A — 3-2 Soph B — 3 - 2 The high point women a r e Sue Van Slageren with 40 points. Sue Smith with 37, and Marge Newton with 33 points. Bowling Girls bowl on F r i d a y a f t e r n o o n s f r o m two to five. F o r those interested in learning student instruction is available. Joan Pyle is leading with an average of 147. Volleyball The season ended with F r e s h m a n A on top. Mixed volleyball will be played in the n e a r f u t u r e .

Three t i m e A l l - M I A A center, Bob H e n d r l c k s o n , scores on o j u m p shot in recent A l b i o n contest. Photo by Dick W i e s i g e r

Recent Scores F r a t e r s , 41; Cosmos, 36 Indies, 51; Arkies, 44 Emmies, 45; Knicks, 25 F r a t e r s , 37; Indies, 31 Cosmos, 58; Knicks, 26 Arkies, 33; Emmies, 26 0


• O




WAA To Attend Athletic Meeting

by Kempers and Veldman

Three members of Hope's W A A The cheerleading squad this year h a s demonstrated a well-organBoard attended a conference at Clear Lake Camp, Clear Lake, ized unit, and this group h a s done a fine job t h r o u g h o u t t h e season, Michigan. Representing Hope were arousing school spirit. U n d e r the capable leadership of Suzie Van J a n Gravink, Mary Hesselink, and Slageren, the cheerleaders have put on, beside their r e g u l a r g a m e Eleanor De Vries. The conference duties, f o u r successful pep rallies which have helped immensely to was sponsored by the Athletic Fed- boost the school morale — Congratulations f o r a job well done. eration of College Women, and the Hope has revised its schedule by adding Heidelberg to its 1955 meetings took the f o r m of panel football slate. The Dutch meet the Ohio school in their second contest discussions on the various phases of the fall which m a r k s the first meeting of the two schools. Heidelof women's intramural sports. All berg replaces Beloit College whom Hope has played f o r several years. colleges and universities in MichiThe 1955 schedule which h a s been released includes nine contests: gan were invited to send representatives to this conference. 1955 FOOTBALL SCHEDULE

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Sept. 17 — Mich. Normal



22 — Hillsdale


Sept. 24 — Heidelberg



29 — Olivet



1 — Carroll




8 — Kalamazoo




15 — Adrian

Maintaining their leadership as the top offensive team in the M.I.A.A., the Hope College Dutchmen rolled a 87-69 win over the Dales f r o m Hillsdale. Outshot at t h e f r e e t h r o w line, the Dutch made Utilizing a driving, f a s t - b r e a k up the difference as they dumped offense, Kalamazoo hit on 45.7 per- in 32 field goals to the Dales 19. Led by Riemersma with 7 buckcent of their shots as they broke ets in the first half, Hope went into through the Dutch defense to capa 22-15 lead early in the first t u r e their second MIAA victory. Hope opened the scoring and led q u a r t e r and continued to monopountil the ten minute m a r k when lize play with their f a s t break. The the Hornets found the range, tying score at h a l f t i m e stood at 46-27. Scoring only one goal in the first the score at 10 all. Paced by highscoring g u a r d M o r r i s o n , t h e five minutes of the second half, the Hornets broke into the lead, widen- Dutch m a n a g e d a 50-31 lead. With ing the g a p to a 44-36 h a l f t i m e Hendrickson setting the pace Hope soon began to move as they widcount. ened t h e i r margin to 65-47 in the Going around the Dutch fullsecond h a l f . The last q u a r t e r saw court press, Kalamazoo pushed the m a n y substitutions and the rescore to 72-52 a t t h e t h r e e - q u a r t e r serves continued to score heavily. m a r k , and then switched to a deThe final score gave Hope an 87liberate game, forcing Hope's scoring a t t e m p t s . to go on to the 69 victory. Hope (87) 98-70 victory. FG FT PF TP Adams, f 2 3 3 7 H O P E (70) 10 1 0 21 FG F T P F T P R i e m e r s m a , f Hendrickson, c 7 6 1 20 Adams, f 0 1 3 1 3 5 0 11 Riemersma, f — 0 7 2 14 Molenaar, g Rink, g 5 4 3 14 Hendrickson, c 8 2 4 18 Vander Lind, f 1 4 . 4 6 Molenaar, g 7 3 1 17 Jeltes, f 3 0 1 6 Rink, g . 4 5 4 13 Hilmert, c 1 0 5 2 Jeltes, f 1 2 2 4 Sisson, g 0 0 0 0 Vander Lind, f 1 0 2 2 Schreur, c 0 0 0 0 Hilmert, c 0 0 5 0 Schreur, c 0 1 0 1 Totals 32 23 17 87 Peelen, g __ 0 0 1 0 Hillsdale (69) Totals 28 14 24 70 Neff, f 2 0 4 4 Fara, f 4 7 2 15 KALAMAZOO (98) Blizzard, c 6 2 17 5 Freuh, f 7 5 2 19 Tate, g 3 2 3 8 Moran, f 5 4 4 14 Schaffer, g 3 8 5 14 Steward, c 4 2 4 10 Davis, c 0 2 1 2 Morrison, g 10 5 3 25 Thierbach, g 1 5 5 7 Sweet, g — 2 0 2 4 Check, g 0 2 2 0 Schroeder, c 1 4 2 6 Kincannon, c 0 0 1 0 Shell, g ____ 4 1 2 9 Duncan, f 0 0 0 2 McConnell, g 4 3 2 11 Totals 37 24 21 98 Totals 19 31 27 69 Playing their best g a m e of the season, the Kalamazoo Hornets stopped the Hope cagers 98-70. The contest, completing the first round of league play, gave Hope a conference record of 3-4.

5 — Albion 12 — Alma


Table Tennis


Sweat Sox









Skating Trophies


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