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41v~o=I~==~X~XX;;====================~H~O~P~E~C~O~L~LE~G~E~'~H~o~II~~dF,~M~i~~·8~~~,~W~~S=n~~y~.~Fe~b~RW=y~6.~19~18~========================N~=~h.~26 MISS SCHUURMAN HOLE'S CREW PUTS World Upside Down-Kuizenga WINS IN ANNUAL HOPE IN HOLE AFTER tor ORATORICAL' MEET WEIRD GAME, 24·23 " Make Democrac;v We World, " 8a1s Van Kenan

Hooker &lid Van Hazel Removed tor Bouah Work. JI opo was defea t ed by tho Orant! • apids Y. M. C. A. H\'o for the second time this leAson, lho leore being 2{·23. It was a tougb ga mo to lose as H ope ha,1 out·played lind outstoied the " ¥" ill Ihe flut bnlf, 17· ) 1. III the 3eeo llli h.. lt, howc\'cr, th \'i itor ('n me hoek nllil with the ni,1 of f res h s uustitutes "nlllo through with the gnme. Th e .,hi1>itioll was rough [rom stnrt til flllish.J lo pc "tnrted tbe gnme by shooting hnK ket . right nllll len. II nrl the gnllle gOlle 011 ill n,e gecoII<1 hAl! n. ill tho IIrst 1I 0\,e \\'ouhl hR'·. gottoll hl"r (h"srr \'cil vid or:,. \Villor,l, Ot4 ~U1J8tilll t c for lhlillt" l, in the seroll<l hn !f, ' 0111 0 t hrough wit h fnoll~h lm ~ k l· t !l tu th- till! 1' (Hlllt :lull froUl tln' " on it Wll" n nip-nnll .tu rk I, ntt:e. Vnll 11111.01 nlld lI ooker \\'e r,' put 0 1l t IIf tllt' J,!'tlllll' r Uf rllugh tudic"'. lI ,ille, nn,1 Willa,,1 were th e sta" for t li(' ,. yt', IIl'c Ul tIn 3nll :\,,'kom p




'rh ~

rlny of I'rll~'" for college was duly oh ervcd nt 1I0po in a very Insllir' illg "'rvi'c hold 111 Ibe cbapel. A Inrgo crowlI, including representatives trom the \' UriOll S churchrs in town as well O.:f Ihe elll ire student body, was pres nt. Tho 8,·rv i,·e. wcre nldeed inspiriijg. Wa Io n,', Iouol " cry few s ucll during tbls

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Ur .•John E. Kui zeugn, '09, of West· ,orol 'millnrl', Slloko forcibly rubout Ihe Ilt..-gl'nt situution . nill he: n The ,,"orlol is lI ~i ,le down nnd it i. for you ,·" l. e ~,· st",lent. 10 turn It right ide ti p, ' I I (So too, ,I he eontinucd, I I ther e no many illrlivlduals who aro wrong , itle up b..·uuso they nre not right with 1,""< eh", t. ," II i pI en to t l,o stu· 1 1 1'1I1~ \\'a ~ "Orl righl with hrilitj Atltl thru IIi, POWH hrll' "'" Ihis lopsy· wry.v \\"or:tl n·right." The Hev, ' V. ,J. Vnn Kersen, IOU, of • he fl r"",1 of Foreigll ).lission", R. C. A."h·lh·errtl nn ellunlly lirring ad· Irthn,·ing". erv iec JI as his k r~'" lo lr. . IIhl lor: "Our duty i8 not alonr to lUake Ih e \\,orld sa fe f or democr3"y, hut t o mnk e d C Dl ocro c~' nfe for tbe .",,,1,1." li e pl,' arled for 'hrist ioll lend· ' rK, " oth nt h011le Aml obroad, who ,Ioall 01" Ih e:r )lurt ill the 'world's greAt 'ntHI' " towarrl till' gllnl of uni\'(~nul :ll'IlCr.

Will Represent Hope lot "'aJlmuoo,

Mareh 1 La st k' riday afternoon tbe Ladies' Oratorioal Contest was beld iD tho Adminlstrntion Room of Winants Chap· el. Altbo only two contcstnDts took lonrt the cootelt proved to be very io· teresling. Th e only thing that is to be Ile)llore<1, however, II Ihat lo. fe\'l' or lhe Indi cs found tion a to exert tbrm· il'h ' (IM in Ihis direction, Tho judges both on thot and delivery .,·cre the 1U •• ea Vnn Rnalte 011,1 Huut , ln,l the Mes rs. De Boer, Heuainldveld, ln,l ykcrk. Th e lirst spenker of the afternoon was Miss J onn Poh ., ' ) , whose sub· jel·t wns, " By the Side of th e Road." ~Ii •• Poll mode 0 atroag nnd IIr);ent I,leR for the worklng·girl of the larger ·itiCA . Th c seront! lll,1 Hll al speaker wnO ~Ii Gertrude huurman, 'I, who 'poke on the subject, "Un to the Least of T hese." M' s Schuurman made nn lppenl for the chilrlren of the wnr· ~I rl.ken rountrit'5 of Europe. Tho jndgr. nwnrtled Ioer firs t plR re. he "i ll he flope '8 repre,en tot! ve In tho ~l O. L. rOlltest to be beld at Kal a· rna'.oo IiI early Moroh. We feel eunfl · Ilcnl Ihat ~fi8S Seh uurman will ba a "ery worthy representntive and that .he will co ily uphold the repu t ntion whio h H ope hns eslablf.hed in foro;er

Ilittrary IItpartn1tnt THE DAWlf OF A NlIW DAY


mercy aDd when he refused .he railed her bands be.eeebiD,ly toward th Slowly tbe weltern lun laDk below mountain aDd pra,etl u &he bad .e." the horizon. Quiet and peaee brooded prayed before. Tbe child'. lIlother, over land and sea. Twilight fell .0U· crazed wltb grief, fOUDd DO comtort Ia :y upon tbe waiting earlb and, u It the sympatb.Uc expr_IolII ot her deepened, Mount Pelee loomed lilte a many friends. Tbe priest ~tood Iilea" buge, black m.... agaiDst Ibe darken- frowning darkly at Ibll UIlUIUal demo•• ing . ky. The mountaiD I. volcaDlc anJ ItraUon • every f ew years belcbe. fottlt lire and A .udden lIuh of red, a .bower of sulphur. Tbe HawaLian people for Oer)' sparo, and a low dull ruml. WaDY decatlel bad offered living sacri- canoed the wbole eomp:D, to ur. fle .. to t be mountal!, wbenever i t wu , around. bebiDd t~.m r_ tbt in a at ate of diarupUon. Tbey ,b elieved terrible god, theatenlJlg ud r ....... tbat th e god of fire dwelt ID Ih' moun· tul. Tben the gllle of wudlted tain, and when anyone ot tbe inbabi-I back to tbe croucbing tor_ before the tall of the Island bad committed a prie.t. A eiDgle thot lIubed iato thl sin, the go~ would sbow hi. wrath aDd mind of eacb one prtlent, Would tbe. demand atonemellt. From tbe foot of innoeeDt creaturel have to perllbf the mountoin a wide landy beaeb I Was tbere aotbiD, tbat could sloped down to th e water'. edge. Tbe them! AI If iD alllwer to tbe Iilut mOOD, which had been hiding bebind A long lug of eacb beart • Ibout wu .:oud, now calli e forth and lent ila .oft hoard iD the di.tanee: "llaIte wa, for silvery beams down UpOD a lOene dl .. tbe Queen." J.. the nallYN with bow ' turlbed oDly by t~o rumbling In the . ed toreblad. toucbiD, tb.l&Ild, a .tat.mount~in . t. i\tlo did Ibat mOQn hllag· ' Iy proeeuiDn puaed betore the. . F1nt ino whAt I ragodlu and what jo)' were came the queeD '. attendaDt. twel .. to lake place Ibere before it finally taU men aDtI twelve taU wo~., eae~ .an k to ro t beyond the oeean wave.. beariDg a lilver waDd. Th., walU4






The lolltude was broken b, a sudden witb slow and rllytbmic tread, wnlJll hunt of lau"bter. Tbe next momeat a their wanda as tbey went. The qllMs ,Ji,I Il ul'"'s hell"y work. group of yOUDg men and maldenl all' follo"ed. Sbe wu drelled iD a 1_ utllllln ry :Oran ,1 1l. I"rls "Y ' '- ( 24 ) ll ope-(2:Q peared 011 the beaeb. On tbey came, wbite robe and wore DO ornament&. Th; n l'~JII tr!a wbirllllg and dancIng, grace.t u\ in tV- new·eome~. eued iD IItonllhmeat at Bro" II .. . L. F. l\ykamll n. f. ('ohk cry movomo"l. They frolicked 011 tbe tbe sorrowing group, tbe craud bride lI nines, Will,,,,1 moonlit lands, they pu.hed one anotbcr and tbe motber, the figurel before the Ramnker C Into the water, tho)' laugh.d, &houted old man, and lalUy at tb. lIeret old Ii nilles, Cook ---0>--Vnn Ha z~1 and Bang ID youthful happlnen. Not priest himaelt. lI ooke r, Kll owllon L. O. Dc Roo, "Wby do I ..e .ucb IIDbappy p"once c1hl they "Ivll' a thot to tbe ller, " nnE.s, ~ I ilis R. G. K:Olllparen! furnace behind Ihem. Not once did p:e bere'" uked tbe qllJ!en ill • 10ft, z'ie:u h3.ket -Heem. tra, 6, :\ykoml' tbey dream of tbe comIng evU. They low voIce. )'ears, 4, lln iu'co :1, 1I 00krr 2, Willard 2, Cook Tbe prl ..t anlwlred her b, polatiD, were young and carefree, tbiDkiDg only .... • Brown. Free Throw - Hee mstrn :1 oul of tb el r present elljoym.nt. As they lint toward the red crater of tbe mOllll" God Does Not Want Christian Sdentof 6, li onker .; out of 9, Brown lout were maldng merry a taU maa elotb· taiD aDd tben toward the erouebiD, lats Who Den1 Presence ot Wrong • of 2. Referee-Olds of Granu Rnpit!' ed.l n n long white garment and carr, · vletlma. and Pain" Decwta Dr. South lIigh. Till1 cr-Dalellloerg. 'or Brea'king abruptly awa, from th I" order to correct. tendeftCy iD .ome ing a long pole In hll band eame toVan Der Meulen cr. -Do ker, Gruml Rarius; . , holtell wards them . ThOle In tbe gay com· kindly bands tbat held per, the hrid. quarto .. to hold tbe colle,. authoriti •• lI opr. 1'4ny immediately lett their play and rushed forward aDd tlung herself at thl A (riclld III tho coUege cOlltribote. ,o.pon.iblo for aU.,od mi.,talemenh in • recent Ancho, edito,ial .ntitlod, .eat ed them.elvOII In a seml-elrcle UJKlD queen's feet. GeDtly the queen railed ! h~ fullowing item frUIII Ii 'iti('ngo pu'l· "S latelman.hip Run Amuck." the under the RaDd, behind tbem tbe mountain, the unfortunate woman and eomforted Hl' olinn rC'gnftlillg th e work of Dr, J olJlI •I,ned d •• ir •• 10 .tate that be, and he hefore them tbe rippling waten of tbo her witb loothlng words . .11. I'nll Uer ~I e lllcll, '91, postor of the " Tell me wbat your trouble it and I alone, .hould b. h.ld accountable for the ocean creepini (Iu letly and lazily UpOD /irs t l"' n'~ Lylrr i:Ul l'Ilurl:h, Oak Park, Ihe Ktrand . .. -will do all '!n my power to help 'Oil," utterance, II:i lloi q: "Men ana maiden.s," thua tile old SOlid tbe qUteD. The editorial appeared without the Render "The Pala.ce of Truth" In " The 3l'l'u unt of the p~r.s eeution of lIIall began, "you kn ow wllo I am. For "Aht il you can be1p m..........d I )II1gh·Olass Jltyle. he ArllWlI inu14 h," th~ Tu rks mnde n knowled.e of .ith.r the .raculty or the lOony year I have held the .. ered of· know you can_ave my buaband. OulT fo rill illg ,l lIr.'· ,0< 101,1 by Dr. Vnn Der ldminillration, the ADchor beiDI .mel· fi re of priest to tbe god of Pelee. Du... thl. morniDr .. I sunrise .... re w. mad. 011 Ihe night uf Jan. :n, th e Booll \ I l' il l dl 0. 1 th l' Firs t lire bylninn Iy a .tudent publication. :ng my le"'ice tbe great god UI caU· IDan aDd wile and no ... the terrible IOd Grrr t l':3 YU8 pre cut eu Uilberl '8 I T hl' Walter A. SobohoD I,ur,'" InK t Sunday murni ng. Th e cd tw ice tor vicUm. a~d DOW he calls Pelee bu stamped bim II a eaerlJlee." 41 1'0 In('('1 "r Truth, I I in W illRUts ('bolll'!.·Cbi~f hll tl' li \\O f! puck(',1 10 carat·i t.,·, both again. Loo, be'im\ you. Bee bow he "Yea, I can ud will un him, ""1 Bel'nu, (' of th e frigi 'l tenll,(' rn tll !r ill un :" lI uur nnfl ":til rry, nntI t he sermon Q .e" d. forl~ t~e flr' of his wrath, XDow chiltl. Have no furtber fear tor hll 'arni"~ i r G~' lniln si lllll, it was n rl""\s'\r~' ua llt' n I'r ufuulI tl i mp ression 011 th e • ~·ou not Ihat he Is angry aDd must be life." Then turning to the wonderla, 10 hold t hr Iwrforrnnnce iu tbe chape l. :I rg:f' :Hl lI l(lnf' e, appeased! I come \o.I,M to claim th~ crOWd, the queen contiDued thUl, "Oh I n !'Ipite of th e smull st:l~l' autl otltt·r ., P ro \'u ulll'r ~I ( u:e n ia ld In p3rt victims. The raalll' god must be III· my people, tbere ba, lately came to m. hnn llif'n p8 Iht' l'O l1l puny rellll('rrti tli lt hl' rl' IIt' rl'r hll ~ hLC.'lI tl l )Ilr~ t"'cutioll THE TRAlNINq OF ,\N AlRMAN iofied. Who of you tlare defy bi, law' a wonderful revelation. It rearll ke splltlldil! piny in nn PX'('tlIlf'lIt IIInnne ·, 'qual I ,i th.· Anll l':tu lun Vl' rscl' ut iufI of Who of you I. there wit bout ain f" a lalry·.tory. It was told to me by a The I'laye .. nil pla~' etl Iheir parl < we'l 1111.1.", Olll' hnlf Ih (' AfllI l·ul :ilt IIHtionThe Ir.11I11I1( 01 ~",crleo', new a ir· and I Th e sponker en l ed. Slowly the fom· mllNlionary from over tbe nrH) "howl'11 Ihl' 1I1ll1il'lIre Ih nt ihi'Y were n 'lll udor.i 01111 adrCIJ"I(,14, \Y ilh, IlIl' mi llio n Itl'UI,ie- lllt'II, WOIIIOII null IIl' II i. onr of the lIIost solelltlflc anrl pany arose, tear, angulsb and terror do· want all of you to know tb. preelou ,h Ltl rt'H, hun' hl'1I h rU I:1I1~o killri.l or ' hr ","'t fn. ·l nR l lllg oo"rHeO or .tudy pie l ed In e" ery .fa ee. The prieat aelzad story. God, in hi, goo<!nell, mad. IIlID out n dou bt I IH'," Ih'l'J up to II" , r f' !III . Tbe Great ODe who mad. tnt ton wh it,h Ihe Ren Orer t p:llyen (Iii 1": \"'11 t .h·ulh h~' the T urks sin {Oe " ... c,·or.·eu. It has e"ory need to be his pole and slowly swept It along tbe good too. lit' 1h'~i IiJl ill g of tht, pr~sellt woro The cientill. Ibecau.e it provides a gener· seml·elrele of terr ified !Hawaiians. Each man toolc care of him and watched 0.', t nh:i"l!ed ill Holland s('\'rrn l Yl'nrs 3~(), It wns 8ur('l y n tr rnt anll r8fl' pri\' j \ rllli'n:ull i nn' thi.' grt.' lIt IIHlrt~o r ra l'C Ii kll o\\'leJge 01 tho ,,'orld '. neweat one reco iled as the JKlle reaebed blm, him. But did DOt obey hi. Kabr' Ir 1II1HIl'r n t i llll'i. T hl'.\' nrc pl'r:iCI'uh'll It il'U (Ot'&j It IIni every certainty of be· fearing that It would claim him as , ond in an evil moment .in whom lOogiat lrge to hear pln,"('rs ur Slll,h n ' lIU\\ II. \\" 111l' ~I ohn ltlIlH~ t1l\n!l Lt'e uu~e they :1111' ra~<, "atlng "ecause it goes far In to "ietim. It Iwept nearl, tbe wbol! God's creature out and be Th1a A:though the IlIlIne. of (jill""t nn,1 :he lIIy,' lertl" of fl igh t, of wireless, of semi ·ci rcle when suddenly it slopped mueb, my people, w. have boWl! tor Sul1i,'nn nre uS'tl311y eoupl('ll togrther ,\ :11 nut ghl' tip 'hri t innity .. EH'II ElIgluml iu Ih c PfIst hAS been 'Odl' 3, of rE't'onnniss8nce, It is stimulat· and pointed directly to a young man a number of yeal'l, but tbere II more, •• ~h e Iil(lrnry 1IIl'1II1J ~ r or Ihe " Ienm" I I'nrt~· 10 trenli~'1 Ihllt I'e,," i tt~d the .J nil the way tbru, moreover, by tha I who !t ad just been married tbat very There I, a blelled trutb wbich wid wall a:80 0. sne cesl'ful dra1llatist AS we!! 1li .. t n 'atllH ut of Ih i!4 rUArtyr rnr e In rre. ;' lih:c urge of 1I0tiullailervlee 1111(1 mornIng. A ery of horror 'burst from make ua all happier and will take awa, no librett i t fo r Ih ' lI1u ,ic of ulli'·oll . He was resllonsihle fur sOllie of til! 'cfurll fur CUIIIIII(·rt'inl nl1,'nn togCII III lOy Ihe kllowledge Ihat evory bit of el'ery throat. Slowly the man advan~· thl. needle.. deetruetlon ot bllJUn Ute. "Years paned by IDd 011. eaIa, mOMt ellwer :ines in Ihe .FJIIglish drAmR, I'e ,a in. Dr. \'nlllh' r Mrulen . "liI 10< Idd,',1 .kill gailled will return with In· cd' wllh clutched haDdl and wildly .Iar· lor l lo ot Gn' lil'olli wn. a VlIlli hllleni of 'I In OU8 of tho e fo r thcoming crl lIng eyel and tbrew bimself inelde lb. elear nigbt a me... ge of fllHIlbaeat _ and Illoywrigh h today ron ('(Ie hi. re· f;"K lulI ll lor her neglerl to dr fend t he '3 In the ki es of }'rsnee. tlObooed eirele which the prleet had walted down trom t~e .tarry .k, b, portce to be 1'l"".1<. " The Palar e of Th . rounD Is divided Inlo three di~· drawn around him. Tbe hride, throlY' an aDgel tbroDg. The 1I1rllt w.. • Truth tt is on{' of hi Mb(l51 eOTllc'l i(,5 1 one ('Ioristilln. In the Tu rk}"h rmplre. A striking I'l :mnx to tne aerDlon cam e lilH·t I t')I.- the ground schools, the Ing uide aU re.trlcUOIII, cut heraelf clear, beautltul nlgbt, just Ilk• thot is eonsidered a elo. slc a s ~ s.t're on human wcnkOt'!lSC8, It is tl I I ""airy ' n tb e dramati c stotement 'God rIo I tl~' lng 80 hool1 In th is counlry, and tho upon the pro trate bod,y oT ber bu,· one, but, <Ih, wbat a dIlrereat "uel X. I'honto y" and tell. Ihe story of n lot forget I he . 1111 of IIntion. nny more IlInl advanceu flyln" .elloob ahroad. band wllb the ery, "Spare blm, Bpare tbe beayeDi angel. were ADP" do". ",ylhir nl .. Killg Phnllrr" who bo. an ' hnn th. sin. of indi,·IJunl • .' lie Int· This hri been ucees ary beeau'8 It pr.· him, P elee, .pare him." But tbe ery below tbe .bepherrll w... lIe.plar at~h ver tbelr &heep. 'ft." h ..ra '" ('nchuut l"d pn:nc:e wherr ryeryone is ,'r n:d, I No IIUC ron 8hu t his CArR to "I,I('s on ndmlrnble lUealll of melUlurlnir wsa useln3. Again the po:e went on Its me~U"6 wonderlul .oag of the, ~oet b onnd to tell th e 1,lnlDcs t ttulh, an,1 ot 'Ioe "ir1 of ulTering hllmall ity all,1 be tbe lIIen anll rnpldly and sift· th e sn nl(' t illl t ho e iUliocen t victilll~ Kllilt :,,",. Go,1 ducs not wnnt hri l inn itlg ou t of tht' uafit; anr! aleo because JourDey, tbi' time seleetlDg a ehUd. and huteaed, that """e aJr't, to Utt, hAve 111) i~ca th nt they nre <I'l'artill~ '. ' l'n tid ' , who deny the llres~nrr of :t allows Ihe grent",t mobia.allon of The little g!~1 rusbed forward witll " I plaee to wblch tile, had bee. dlreetacL A trom thc polite pol1,s. It WU . wrollll nllrl Illlin-bllt IIl1rse_, <loclor. re ou ree -tbe big Universities In th is wild s hlek' and earl heraelf Jll'one npon A mUe and a Ulf, P',lIape two d .. . UpOD tb ll p:ot that Willinm Coll ier '. '1It1 sol lllers who Rr~ w!:Hng to fR ee country for the preliminary tecbnlcal tbe J"ound bealde tbe otber victim. A ' awa" I~, the ton of Betllleh... . . . , "Noth ing But the Truth' wn1 bnso,l, 10 fn t~ 'I"oroly an rl recognl.e C\'\1 lI'orle, tbe new flying fields here wlt~ ~Ihetlo l eene tolloweG. Tbe bride ·.,ears ago a Idar taa eoae froa· " . the tl reu mstalleel being worked into 0 nnll wrong ill t he world and are willilli! America 'a good tr~ \ ninll' pltn", ull continued 10 plead for. ber dear ODe '. plaee, and 1I0W, OD WI _vallie to figbt 10 help remove them ,.', -( CriiitlnQedOii'Lu~ Pap) lite. Sbe begged the prleat to llaVt modern setting.

face fact Of Evil Squarely

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Altor len months of war there are till hundred s of tbou nuds of Ame.r!· eoos wh o continue to .ICO wi th ostrich Pullll.hed IVery Wedneaday dQring tbe eye o.IlI who continue to march in tbe • 011.,. year by .tudeol.l of Hope College goo o· t ' l) of tho Koiser's parade ta perdition .After ten months of wor they ~ 01' BDI'fOIUl Idllor " .. .. WALTER A. SOHOLT EN. '18 fail to ronli.u thnt ,this combo t is a Anool.t. Edlt.r ... " ... G• • D . W It ~ ' 19 ",""or1 Edlt.r . . , . G.rtrude 8cbuurman. '18 III II I h light. After ten mOllths of wa r Colle,. Reporter .. Jam al A. Ste.oman, '1 8 t hoy fnil to comprehend t ho awful f net J.tbloll. Edlt. r." . 1I.mord D. Hlkken. . 18 thut w( wrestle, not ngninst fl esh on(l EtchaD,tI Ed llor . . •..•. lIary F., Geagb, ''20 Alumni £dltofl .• . ... .. A.llce E. Rup; t 19 blood 011: ', but ogal usl principolities, J. bn L. K lcl" b . h~1. ' 18 ogll ill I [.owers, ngoillst the rulers 01 Oampu. Edltorl ..••. . Harriet Z. DikeI', 'lg t he ,lorkll.' of this wor"l, "goillst ....... P. t.. G. Ball .... ' 19 spiri tllnl "lid III~IItnl alld 1I.0ral wieked· Rapid 11'1.. Edllo .. . .. Elb. t,. V•• pen. ' 18 • • Jolul R. D.t•• ber, . '1 9 IIr .. ill .hlgh plnrcs. After tell months BUSnnlSS DIlPAIl'l'JOlH'r of the \\ 'Ir thoy fnll to rerogniz as the ELD'l1'lI> O. KUJZr, 'OA, '18 " H' l 8 \11, 1I,1'On M. Droe.kema, '20 areh·enelll.'· of AIII. ri r o tho very de"j] SUb .... lpll.. )lrr..... Oborl.. DeVrl... '19 himself. ..... · 1 8ub. )lrr... Ol.r•••• R. HHmJtrl, '19 lt is I illle fur these persons to wake tl.2li per roar In advance IIll-on" wokc lip 800n-or the dny will Blnil. oopies • • - • F1vo Cents CUllle wl,oll tho h~1I will rlug fo r t horn Entered allhe Post om.e 01 H.lland, Mlch l; . n ill tOiles II 'ilicd l)' ullpicoslllg to thoir lII.econd..cla u man matter. This I. no time fo r st olla·pot t~onscrvnt ism, no t illle for stie'k·i n· th r.· milO loyo lty, 110 tilllc for ·nt 's· pow rn· triotism. "Thr .1t ntl hn\' c 11('(111 Dwnkened! Rh nll I Icol"

m~t J\ur~nr

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Mr •. Durf~e was eonftnct! to ber be,1 two days 1n'1 week.


Bert Von A;k hu reeelltly been seeo playing wilh dice .• It· 0 shotly busi· lIe'8-plnyillg with dlco.

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Jny ~L Dosker, ' 17, of thc Oraud llnpids New' , wns horo to rcport Iho Hope,I'Y" gn mc, -:0:Borllnrtl lI nkk~lI, 'I , leoves tor Chi· ~ !lgo t omorrow to tuke th o eXBminntion for th o olr service.

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W. are lighting as truly tor the liberty and aelt.goorernment ot the UD1ted States as If the war ot our own revolutloll had to be tought over again. aDd ever)' IIIIIl in evet}' business In the l1D1ted Btatea must know br thil! time tb&t h18 whole tuture tortune lies In

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- Woodrow Wilson.




When Oarlylo donomillo ted mnsic .. th o speeeb of Buge:s," tbe crabbed old codger was probably uot th inking of tbe H ope J azz Bnnd, bllt thot tloc, nol alter tbe fae! thnl that orgon izo. tion is tbe livest crowd on the cnmpn. todoy. OU80 nnd hL. gnllg IIlOY I",,'e it on " J azz" Gilmno ' "'pany when il comes to hO""OIl),-4>lIt wh.t·, n lit· Ue discord between trieu ct.' ge' bock of t he bnno, 011 yon omeles oC perfeet io n. Get back of the boys wh·) are throwing more wood on th e H ,pe home flre !n a ti ny th oll th e nrc can toke co re of ill 0 week. o PRIVATE JOHN BILL If ' Vi t b the Americao army in Frnnep.: J anuory :II - The lODe American nl· dier whom tbe , ermons tool: prisoner io W~dn~sdoy" trenr h rnid ogoins! th~ Amerieon Iinc. wus Private J ohn lUI. R ill, his ri fl c smnshed hy 0. ohell frog· Olent, was la.t seen sO\'lIgely fighting with his bore fi sts ogoi nst ftn cnelo,illJ,! ei rcle of boches. " 'tVllim th o history of

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wa r is writ

ill my henrt." o

Prh'utc Ilclljnlll in Laman, '10, in !ill'r· \·ire III 'UIII I' t..:t1 ",If'r, hn. Leen nti\'oTH" ",I to corpornl ill the Ellgill eer's CU'l)1. -:0 :-


The lfop~ 'hrlstinn End eo "or '0 i,·t \' "OR, BAY OAN YOU BEE?" hnR lJ ell holtlin' its SUlIllny c\'euiu\l It i li D st.rollg n,l\'erliselllent of pntri· mec lings in t he «eeptiun hnll of Voor· olism that for se"crnl 1II0llths Hope' bee '0 111 111 on . , - :0 .lIog hn . 1101 b"ell lli'pl n~·r'!. Bcfo.. ~I is, ) t nm !e Kl note, W III~"1 Von li n· thot Lim ~ it \\'0, flung out pc riod i~a ll)·. ll'1, Rnll r:nrcn t' (' lI erml'trn nUrl1flrll of,·", do." or n wHk nt n t ime, and tile lIlisotioll ('oufl'rellt'C At l\ nl:lIu:t7.o0 !l wlwlI it wns oul it rell10in ed out nigl. f \"('~k ngo, and da.". hoth ,Ii. hou ori ng tho colo" - : 0: and ruiuing' till' ballllcr. T he ~c-xn('t l 'h ,tt'r " no 1'nll~wrrl1 , ' I , who rr· l'nUi!l! or tid , IIfgligCIlCC we do not .'(lnt ly f' uli..:t{'ll in th ~ Qunrtrrllln ..'t t·r :, kn ow, " lit \\e presume that the real j)l' I.:ntnlt'ut, \\rih'~ that hI.' l·nj"."o{ th l! rttl 011 i .. thnt no Ollt' WR S or is hcltl re- ~(!n' iee immonsely, "Chet" is II r. • p"n.iille to 'o~ Ihnt the f1ng is ui!!)lloy· Fiorillo. • 0,1 lind tok ell cnre of. - :0:L". t week we hod n lilli e nrti ele The fl og should be fl own ond it obout thi nllillg Ollt the fnt girls. Tlli, shollid he lIowlI e"ory dny nnd and not 311,V nigh t. nu t upon Wh0 111 is this im' week we sholl inform soit! girls how 10 portnnt (luty to ,Ic"olvc' Obviously, ~o t tnt. Go tu thr butl'her sl,ol' aIHI tloc collr~I' ollihorltie~ connot personnl· pu r. h",c it hy the pOllnd. ly h oi~l it ('\,cry lIIo rnill~ nntI lower it r \'cry t· \ ' lllli lll!. No rnore is it nn Oni (fI to be ril l rll , t r,1 tn 0 jnnit.... Th e log:· ('ol !llIlut ioll is to l'lItrust it to orne or· L:':lll izution wi th rltollgh members i.(\ r nnl,lc t h(l l1l In tuk e turns of sho rt perio,l, to I,erfo,," th e tOHk. 1'he 10e,I or· ~nll j lnl hm iii! the ,.F',o'thmnll C;nss. ' Ve ~lI prO Iol:f' , lIowo\'('r , thnl if it were a! · 1(, lIIpll ll t (l Jay thn t. uilligation nrOll the Frrshl1l{'ll, in . tcf1l1 of bei ng rerei';· l'II :1S UII hOllurrtl trus t il wou lt! he COli .. itlllrt"·.1 :1" morc I I unjust di cr imi II:! t ioll" nil,] as all olt~IIl,,1 of t be upper l' Jn ~{'s t o "Io rl) it" o\'cr thc poor Pr~s h it' ~, It slud lit ntimcnt were a kllown '1'''' "1 11.'' III 1I0pe lhere wUIII,1 I,~ 110 'I'Il'Slioll hill IIlOt if the Stll lelll ('oll llci l or th . , tud ~lI t hotly shoul,1 .n 11" "i,le, it ",". Id 1'0 '0. ft lIlight th rn he po",<ihl c to crrnlc a pr~c~rl . nt !:II '" ~s oxi , t, 01 almo. 1 ~"rr)' other . ohool II f "(IUfil rri tlfr IJulies of Ihis ki lHI \11'011 Ih(l yOl1l1~I\R t ('Inq!ol, R1l11, all re c~t nbiish ~I I , thrn' i ~ 110 (11I('s tioll ~\1I1 t hnt t ltr F'rrs hlll (, 11 th {'m.. rh· ~§ wO II,1 ("Nl ~r to 'ook UJl ' 1I !'Illch oetion no! nil il1lpn"itiO:l ,tnll to n' r llt it, but wouill rrgnnl it:1:o ' ut cnllt',I,- !111 hnnornLl c mark or eli, 1

ten th o nallle of I' ri ' otc J ohn .H ill will not nppcnr. Within R week f ro lll tollar all out a few jsuitl lt.'ll iuuivitluul:1 will foil t o rcrull hi s nRmc. The bothes got h im-nnd it i! n snte asse r . t ion tbat by t hi tim e Jlrivntc J oh n tillt· t io n. Hill i. dead. At nil r " ~ lIt, th ~ flog sholl id bc dis· ,. . ,When an American solJie r gi ves th<- I' I".'r,.I \Vc nrc ouOllt 10 rcrel\'e n ser· ,·i,. flo " nnd if tl,,'s doc l'Ot rc" ·' "" losl t ull mcasure of dC"oLion in beh I f . . . " more oltelltion thon on r n ~t ionn l ~'" of his count ry tho,,, who remain b~hilld hlom hn. w~ frllr thllt il~ friendly dOlnn. pay t rw ute t o him ill Rue h wo rds 0 • • lor will inod to"l), ~ n ll ,ider the gift " The memo ry ot his brave deed Ii \'es II l1ol'pr"' in t"'!. 'crtninly it would be after him '" But does it1 How long are 111 iujnstieo to him, nllli to the co ll eg~. the America" people goi ng to rem~m · ber thnl Pri vat~ J ohn Rill fought Ihe :,"d, nuo,'c nil to t he loyn l rrop~ men boche wilh barc a, t, In behalf of th ~ ",holll it. stors represent. -D. eo.uso of freedom ' Tl o... long nre they - _.- , ...--going t o rcmo moor thol J ohn H.II NOTES AND OO~TB "went West "-while J ohn Bro wn om1 John Bla ~k IUId .John White t ook the· " The •. O. S. will get you oasier way and enjoyed all the plens' It you don't wat ch out. " II r ot lit tor yeors and ycan ~ttcr - ''''llollle in mote ot •Von Vlee.k nnll J obn nill had died. ~hou"l hnv~ enough pat riotism to rho, o WAJf"l'IID-FDVOR down the Von Vleck flag pole.


Mel Trotter may Jlot have been whol· Iy right "hen be laid, "The homo fires are out," but it mu st be admitted, thaI thero i. altogether too much truth in his 'llertioo.

EDWARD BRO WER Over BostOD Restaurant Phone 1455

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) \ n. J ohn Luxell of yu, kegon Ions a g uest nt Voorhees Dorm itory Thu •• ·

] S lllll1h l~r li nt.


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F ri doy 1033 ~I ilestolle Doy 011 Ill e ComplI.. Th e first tin y of the eOlllpni~n itr(lu).:ht prol1li .. ing r{'su1tf'l, It you hn" ~ 11 01 sllb,crib ·,1 0 yet, do il l\OW nil I 1II0ke Ih ~ Khnki )Iile tOile • slleees~. - : 0: -

MOlldoy morni llg aftrr r"op~l, th e i'opholllorrs werr burne t! in em ry 11)' Ihe rrcs hi~s. A stllrretl figllre wilh 9 hi): II ' ~O" 011 it, wns ~ trnllg up to n li n,b of 0 lI ~nrhy I rrr nud Lurlled.

Bolland, Mich .

The photographs that please are the rich old Dutch Sepia

Made by those who know how at E. J. Mac Dermand's Studio ZEELAND, MIen.

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11'1'ltt, I·nlnl'l' hAS r nlllc :tu ,1 wc1I1. I.PI us nil tnke to h~art tho \· j"id Irf'lso ll it rortrn~'('ll nml forcn~ r­ morf' jl jI<'nk nil th e trllth nnd nothing ~ ut t h. trllth.

The Rc,·. Willinm .1. \' nn R ors~. lIlet with tl, !';lu,lrlll , 0:lIl1 to" r Dnna Fri· lay on ,1 \'ery rlr.rly a ",I intcrestingl.o' tolll how th e wo rll \\nr wns nrrN'ling lIIillsiun work ill t ll!'1i!:,11 :nllds,

Dry ( :ICBlli"4

.-rcI!iNing LUlllldr"inR Best '~ork

-:u: --

T ill' l ,(' I'turf'

r.nll rQll

)! .,:: 1(!l'IlJ(,Uf

wi"h" " t o 1IIII1Ik t Iii' r(': l tlw~ \\ hn \'lIlu ", In ril." I;Illtt\",:,',1 !I I'~th f ru lIl T r!1ttll ~trt'l' t t tl tli(, (i .' IIIIJ:l ~illlll . '1'hc' jlaUI 1I.i/otli t he h· . III(l11 .. LU\' l' ' <; 1.:11.or LU.. t 'l fllr ti ll' IIl1l11b" r wn .. Iit' I.J :11 till' (,h3 p,

M. Beukema, Prop. 5!) W. 8th St.

Phone 1142




t ll" (iYIII.

- ' :TI. ,'. O. R (' jo.',·" " menl ot the ,Iormltory Wc,lw tiny. Th. tnhle wn. doilltily tI ~ro rn:,',1 wilh ' lirrs Il f b"'n,l ond s of ullit er. Exerpt fllr nn · cont ll h r.oohe~ of ~ti'''lelle 011 th o part of I rwill Lubbers of the St>," innn the o!l'oir was 0 grent slIeee s. _ ' n o_

" Aro you t he crli tor of the poperf " :I.-ked the fa ir ro·~,1 of our wort hy ~c\ . i tor· ill ·~ hlet. " [ alii," replica tbc s< "ibe. " Well, I enllell to ask YOII if you wouldn't get lorger type. )fy name was in he "Cnmpu, Nows " eol· lu nlU nvo t imrs nnd th o girl ac ross th~ hnll told me s h ~ lie vcr sa w it. "


RUll lTosp rs-" Do you serve lob.· tors hcrc, waiter'" Wa iter-" Yes, sir; sit right downl _ :n :_ I n d ~te ro n 0 t.o the wishes of the B. We serve veryuody. " Bud tueks R O. B. the edi tor of th o Anchor will nol nnl)kln arouo ll hi. eollor and tbe wnit· mellti on th o nUllles of LavolI, Vruwink er eonLilllles, " Rut )'OU will hBVC to go and Stegeman tills week. next (loor to the barber shop if yo~ want a shampoo." - (CoDtlDUed Oii' PapThnie- r


Come in and get your measure 'taken for your

Spring Suit and we will hold it for you until you want it.

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Op:ln:lons ~nd Comments BUBOGUAFF T,+"+1TII8 Bom Ohristian-rather than in the "lethal waters of an abstract Ihoology '" And EDITOJLIAL AND EDITOR yet those Germans oro proeGormon for • .. The height ot the rldleulous," aay. tho 88010 r04loo that we aro pro·Amer!. a polriotic minister ot Iho Reformed ean. Thoy oro boca use tboy Ohurch. "Sil:y," commentl auother. believo tho German govnrnment to ... "The ravings of a promaturo mind," right. Wo oro pro·Ameriean becous oda. a Iltominent layman. And a we believo our goveromont to be in tho fourth, quotIng our President, calls ;t right. .' an astonishing and absolutely unjus· " That tho ov erage Dutch s Woment liOab:e distortion ot the Iruth."8uch in Amorica i. 11 hol·bod of disloyolty" is tho opinion of tho general intolligent is n lio, aud n statement ot this nature public when it discusses the article simply reveals lack of information and whieh oppcarod iu Iho oditorial eol· ignorneo of eOllllitions. Neverlheleu, Ulllns of the Anchor ot JOlluary 23 of oven tho th e statemon t wero ignoron t· Iy made, it is an insult to overy Dul cl> Iho prosent yenr. Wo arc glod Ihat the question ef eon1lnunlty, to the Reformed Ohurel, r!ght or wrong in this war connot be nnd its inst itutions, onel to about nin,,· ...iillputed. We ore glad thnt wo as indio ty pcr cent of th o citizens nnel· • duolo and os a lIotion beliove thot we cltllts of Am erica whose nueeslry i. nrc fighting ror a righleous cause. We Dut ch. For the experience of meD " 'ho Jlr plCMed wilh the tllOt thnt as ana· ha\'c modo a study of Ih is maltcr re· tion \\'e are called UpOIl to aid tho veml. tho t oll :y between five ond t ~1I wor\(1 ill maki ng eDe more step towo ....1 per ernt of Ihe Holland·Americans-u s· the heights of individunl olld notionol illg this terrn not to revcal a division liLrrty. And becousc we believe tbat ef loyalty, but only to rcrco l nncestr,\' we ure fighting for righteousne s oIH1 -shew signs of dis:oynlty nnd thi: elk jllstiee we are stonl1illg bnck of our loyn lty exprrsse. itself in n t eeling fight:llg loels, we are slipporti ng the which is Ilro·Germon nnd nllti·Britisn Rrd 'r08s, we nrc stallding bnck of our rather tholl nnti·Am erican. We apl".· President, wo nre snpporting the Y. M. einie the. fact, however, thnt to be pro· V. A.- we nrc pntriotic. AlOeri ca n ene lOust, beenuse of the nl\ T he (IUestioll, how"ver, is not, "J; tnre of tho casc, be pro·British onel our (' ollntry right or wrollg'" We be· nnti·Gormnn. He who is not with out lieve- we know it is right. The el"es· lilly is again.t us. W e wish to bring t ioll is, " Ts it right, or wrong, fer an out the fact, nevertheless, that the ilis· individnnl to become so enthusia ticnl· leyalty whi 'h is re"ooled on th e pari I." patriotic that he Irstorts the tr ~ th of n tew is due lIet to Dr. Kuyper" /lnt! hccollle. a pseudo'patriot'" Wc \lro·Oermnn sympnthies but rather tr "e:ie\'('-wo know it is wrong. ~ misunderstnnding of Englond '. fo r Our Greek profcssor upon se\'erul Ot" oign poli cies i n regard to mattcrs i'l cas ions n,h':sed his stu denls to he h~1 wld , h the Dutch were imllledintely in · nnrr,l, to senrch for the trulh, to hr \·oh·c,l. Th e thing to tlo, therefore, i' ",Im"ienlly iuformN1 on nll siile. or til . not to bmnd e\'ery Dutch coullnunity n ' Iuest:oll, and thrn to J1ursue a mid.llr hot ·hed of (li sloyn:ly but to eelucnt.c -a we!! balnn"c,1 eonrso. We-,,,,,I the few, who, because at lack at ill' whell T say we T mean the stllilen t bod,\' forlJlntion, display disloyal tendeneie. ns n whole nnd Ih e general bnln n' '''1 A few clay. ago a R Ollonder np pnblic- brlieve that the arti Ie " Stote· pronched me on the lubjeet wbich 11" mnnship linn Amuck" wos written by are no", discussing. lie "oro a Re,1 ~ . -:. "ne who wns telilpernrily '1IIra'Of,thus' Cross pill ond a Liberty Bond pin, on,l

ing autocracy and lauding the cause ot domocracy, but when his throne is i mperiled- as he seoms to think-he very grociously ond very firmly ,brushes till Ihlngs aside Rnd serenoly proceeds on his woy. - He docs not believe in "Ich und Gott," but in "Ioh und nur lob." He nnd ho olone i8 tho man who pub· ;isho3 this paper. Hope do.s not eounl wh on hia doaires arc to bo grati fi ed. The members of the 8. O. 8 . wrote tho artiele appearing in last week'. is· Sue for tho purpose stotcd In that arti· cle, nnd when made sport ot Ihey r. · SC lit it. They resent n fI 0110 mOil a/. fnir " allel ogaill repeat what thoy have olre'l.t1y writton: wo havo heard too mu ch et Lovan , Vruwink and St eg.~. mnn. Let tho editor tnke heed. Th. we rld has no plnco fer the heodstr6ng dllel ob$tinnte. Th e werld in clude! Frope. Let him drnw his eonchisions . • The 8'. O. S. THE OOLLEGE PARASITE

The greotest collego lIu isanee is th o l'arn.sil.e. Yon are one, ond so am 1. Yon deny it' J Ihot you wouhl, but th at cloesn't alt er my opinien. I n order 10 convince yOll, J shnll explain 10 )'ou what r lIIean by a parosite. Webster gives as the definition ot thi, word, " on onimn l th nt lives upon, Or in, nnd at the expen•• et other oni. mals." Now you eleny more strono . all Iy than evor that you belong to lhot speeie~ of nniJnnls. Bil l compose your. IlClf for 0 mon,ent and I'll rucplain. Yell rOlllember yestcrday morn ing YOIl enme te collego without' your Prenr h book. You hod severo I bookti 10 rorry, your French \look oelded 10 your load, and YOIl didn't cnre to have the extra burden. So you cnl mly nsked the person whe sot next to you In Eng. lish if Mho wou:d lell,l YO II her Preneh hoo'k for the lIext hou!. She hnd jusl as lOnny books to carry os you did, didn't ahef And you wore getting your Frelleh mnrk lit hor expense, were you not ' Then, eno 100rning Inst week, you hadn't prepared yeur Germall and yon needed a German dictionory. In stea~ of going to the librory, you osked on. of the girls wbo was stoggori ng uneler tho lend ot such 0 book tor the usc of har di ctionary during your tree perio(l. 'I'bell you went to the dormitory, on.1 enrriCd the dictionary with you. At Ihe close of lhe hour your friond looke;] for yon alld her dictio nary, Ibut you hadn't that of telling her where yoa going te stuely Ihot German les. qO ll, and she nover Ihought et looking ro r you in the dormitory. Aerortlingly she went home wilhont the book. Sh ., hlltl Il:alllled to study her le.. on at hOllle tram cleven to twelve, but het dictiollory wns gone and while you w~rc given n fiG" for your recitation he re~e i\'eel 0 zero . Thi s mornillg, perhaJll\, you oppenr ..1 in chapel wi thout 0 single trigonometry prohlelll solved . But Jock hod workeJ his problems ond at your reeluost he oblig:lIgly o\'er ItL, paper. You copied the problellls, went to class on fl


. Provides for the future welfare of thoSe dependent upon .him for support. . . Will your widow and orphans be independent or dependent. Our Life Incollje Plan will guarantee their independence. .

c. A.

B/66E, DiBt. Mgr. North- Weatern Mutual Liitl :


Developing, Printing ..AND...

Everything Photographic. AT COSTER'S 19 E. Eighth Street

Citz. Phone 1582 ,


iasti.·, hy 0110 who n110wed his ell1otillli ~ ~ho\\'rll me n receipt for ten dollnlf -<--- Utlt hi. patriotism-to ru n nn,lI,k girr n to the Y. M. C. A.-nnd li ke him nnll to ~11 1wrSNl e ronsollj :lY (,nc whll thue nrc not 0. few. He is n mCUlbc: tempornrily ot lenst, rntH"nl ; ~) of t.he Reforme,l church lind hos alway. one wh o wng nt the time of w-jting \111 ' ((i \'on Hope College 0 large plnee in hiI'ninneeel. henrI. Snid he, "If tho selltiments cx· We lake issue wi lh Ih e writer of tht' pro., eJ ill th~ nrti rlc tSlotesmnnshir Holland, Michigan orl ic:r rdortrd 10 wh ell he stntrs Ihnl rllll Amu ck ' nrc the sentimen ts of ,. No hristin n cnn be n pro·Germn " lnopc Cellego, then Hope College ha' World's L.rc~.t Direct of FII'IICeI nnd 110 pro- Icrmnn en n be D. 'llris 1 1~~t all my respect ~IHI love. J ' J tnl!l , 5 lion." Whence so wisdom! Le: hllll thnt Ih ose senliments were cher the writcr ntst of nil observe the max· ished ill th e henrt of bllt ail e man . im: ".1udge not lest )"0 be jutlgetl. ' · " TI,ot 1II0 Y be," he replied, "l1l1t the And serond, supposi ng th o writ er were plI~lic is not awnre of thaI." It if. :su ffi riently informed npoll tho intrica · In defense of tho iusultetl Holl and cies of the causes of th e present wn-. AIIwr:c'nns nnll ill conformity with m. A Gift that money can't buy, But for you to give. supposing he elid know lIl ore ohout th e "' \\'11 'l(' nse of just-ira tlln t T hnve wri t Your Portrait will carry a message that is next to a international rondition ef afTnirs of hl ll \\ hn t T hA\'C writt£'n. Th e cllitor's ape logy is "Peop!c • t oday than nny IIInn ill Ih e wo, h1 , Slip' personal visit. posing he were o.ny th ing but nil ordin · !lhould rend bet weell the lillcs. t, Moot - ary co ll ege'studen t, wou:,1 it lie with ill rtf 1I!i1 who know the c4li t or dill rend be the reohn of possibility thnt th e wri t· twee n Ihe lines and passed the .rtiC!l er of 4t St,nt csI1IRnshi(, rUIl Amuck, " or · fT 0 1 fill ed with gootl nll iterntien •. thot nny "'~n wh ether he be Pre,i den: Th ~ puhlif', 1I0\\"('\'('r, clops not kll o\' of th e U,litell tnles, or the Pope of tht' (lili tnr. AU t1 \\'e W Ol1 t1 ~l1gg~ ~ l th nt nd" a splell d it! rec i tnt ion at t he ex. I'::::;;;::;;;;;:::::;;;;;;;;;;::::::;;;;;;;;;;;;::;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;~ n ome," or on OT(linnry ('o ll eg~·stud(,llt if the editor cnnnel write wbot lit m pe nse or Jilek '.s labor. I ___ -would it lie within th e rcol'" ef possi· 1l1(l:lIlS th :l t Iw £'it.h C'r h:lJul in hi s rcsig Th e e are hilt II re w illeidents which Il. J. Dlckeml . Pres. II. J. Laid' " CubI•• bility th nt n mRIl, n mere 1lI :\II, n. mortu' nat:oll or give his renders illst rtl ('tiO Il ~ lIIight i!:usl rnt e Illy state melli, that col . Wm. J. Woo .. eer. AIoL Cubler man, shou ld brand' n fellow' lIIorta l " til r('o/1 between th e liucq ('If his writ . lege stUelOllt s are strOllgly inclined to ings. Above all, let us be bolo need be parnqilie. It is 80 very easy to de. Christian or n. IIOU - hri stioll' James J . Bn rggrnnfT, ' 19. pend on olloer peeple for little thing>; Presieleut Wi:son, in hi. declarat ion with ••yi .... d~t....t of II stn te at wor. state. tflUt this i. n n 10 lIegl"l· t slll nii tnsks with the It o p ~ Capital, Surplus and .uadividecl pr061a wn r ngninst the nutor rnti c, rnililnristi,'. S. O. 8 . GAS ATTACK OONTINUES Ihnt sOlll eono else wili do them fo r liS. $127,000.00 . nn(l irreSI)Olls"lJlc Ger man go\"erllrnent But it i. these very things which stn m ~ Depolita $1,450,000.00 • i nt imatin!!, thnt it is hi. iloliot .that th e Edit or at the Anchor:. . us as pornsite , nlld, r repeat, a COllege Cor. 8tJi IlL ed CetUnl An. BOIIaad. III.. common people of Oermnny, Ignornnt Last week Ollr 3Miety se nt In 0 k lllrl· porosit e is th e biggest cn mpus nuisance, of thc renl cau es of the wor _ being , I,\' eri til'islII to YOII, th e essellce of sni.1 for whcn we once begin to live nt the compelle,1 to. belie" . thnt they arc fight · cri t.ici sm t.hnt th e An chor renrler! expense ef othors we very SIlOIi mnx. ing a defc nsl ve war-n nd , the refore, ~ I were beco nlJug t!tell of Ihe repeo ted n,· :t a habit, nud b etoro leng Ollt friend . " ' " " _.........1 just wnr-o rc to nssu llle 110 blaOl ~ tieles on Loyall, Vru\\'iO'k and I:\tege· enJI us " PC!6ts, " the prot estors mark us •.•. r.,..~,....... whnt oeVer for thie slaugU er of IIICII . . mono We hnd hoped lhat this crititi.m os paraSites, and we beeonte a college\ Anil it Is eon eelc(1 by lIIen who kllow ' wOIII<1 be lak en ns it was intended: in nuisance. that th e Germnn masses beli eve their 011 Ee riousnes. nnd 1cJ! ndlinI ess . .But it - Holon Van Roolte, '21. Cepit.! $50,000.00 ~ ause -to bo n righteou8 ene because SeeDls that Our hendstrong ond "nevet. n their government .ay. ,e. and they I wrong" editor eellsid ered the 10llle " Holled OpPosite the Post Of&ce NO TIlS AND COMM BNTS cOIIRde lit their government even as we joko onel deeided thot he wns being die. «)on ~Trom l'age Two) do in ' our.. Only recent information toted to, nnel, nfter his usual eourE~. induces UJ to believe that the German pll it iish rel three article" one on each of 'ow thnt Bokor has Chamberlain up l)eOI)1 ore waki ng up to the filets iii these Dlen, just to show Ihot he on,l • treo Roosevolt will have to look. for We have moved'to our Dew the ense. But, is it not p08sib:e, and ho alone is the man who rules ond eon · somobody else to lauch off hi. presi. i. it not very probable, that th Ger. ,Iucts nlfairs at nope. Not being sot· dentiol boom. Our Work Speaks for Itself shop at 50 Eighth Street. . isfieel with this, Ihot samo mis:ed indio an poplllaee in its compulsory ignor· • NUFF SED dl1 l1'ol eponly boasts that he "slipped At last the Hope Reae~ves have es. Come in and . . . anre "does justiee, loves merey and nne o\'cr.• ' That remoins to be ~qen. tahlisbed a reeord. Tbey went lbru 6 W•• EJgIIl/I ·S trwt walks hum'bly before her God,"-i uot • Thin same misguided YOlllh hS9 re. the game witb t he Belhany. without. ing the editpr'& qualificati ons of a l'eote(11)' published od itorials denou n ~· scoring a single field ilia!. to ,

.w o.,





Everything Electrical at

Herman De FOUl

First State Bank,

8 East 8th streit


.Ha,~ that .picture fr....


Peoples State Bank



ed at •


Charter's Barber Shop



t Van'. R.ItGllrant

_Casper Belt



" 40.1'0'0

(00.11 .... I••• la, p ... )

night, tbeae humble men ba.tened thitbIf In search of anotber &lid a great Idag. They found him in a .tall with iUa motber and fatber. Tbey worship· ad , praised God for granting to tbem liUa privilege, and returDed again to tbelr work, bappier and wiser men. Dut thOle JDen did not keop the good news to themaelvel . The lold Ibelr frienia .tout It I alll telUng it 10 you. Wilen lne 00110 a man be wen~ about tbe country preaohing and doing lood. He drew Dlany to bim by hll I,.tndnell and helpfulness. He lov.ed little children and bealod the blind, tbe lick and the lame. He taugbt those wbom ho mot the way to lalvation and 1• d placed hla sign on those who be .eve In blm. He allo told tbem about tbe mauiool wblcb be was preparing In

mountain. There, O~ its lonely height one tlgure was visible. . It was the priest. He alone refused to como and join the joyous group below. A cry " .. board, a ringing shout broke torth 'from overy boart, as Queen Rapolani eame into their midst. She sat down among them, and one and all pre"ed closely to ber as she told tbem again tho storv ot redemption. . • • • • It was 1lI0rning. Tbe lun I\ooded lanl1 I ••• ono ,,,lIh • . _" T.

all tbe bunlkeds of men trained. It I IIII.iiEiEiiiiiii5i_Eiiiiiiiiiiia_iEiiiii==iiii==;;;;;;==========~ requires the bigbest type of college men, not moro men, but better men. The fiul article In tbla offici ill se'· ies will appear In tbe Anebor for FebAND ruary 13.

Hope College

Th e tollowing cbaracteristic prayer Is perhaps the fiut ever deUvorod by any evong'OUat in Congrou. It was of· ,. - nll'~ o . - ,. I," ~-" _.

a140 moruing in Ihe .o llls of the nwak- tbe HOUle 1If lteprellCntaUvel on Jan"lied HRwaiionl. uary 10, the dny tbo House adopted tbe - B ope, ' I _ l u!frnge amendment: _ Almighty God, our Heavonly FathTHE AIR SERVICE er, we thonk Theo and rojoico that tl>lu faith in Thee and Thy word tbis -----Oovernmellt 1Vfl8 built upon that faun( OonUD\..eG from lI L J~.C'.)


th e wonllertul sebools abroad with tbeir dation. Wo tbank Thoe tba, tho eomI,ocl signed in the cabin of -tho Maysupply of fighting pi ones outl seasoned f1 owor by our aneestors Wns for dopilOIS Rlltl thoir atmosphere of battle. • beaven within which be "auld lome moerocy, liberty, freedom, and tbe "gbt Under this system American. aro as d• ., gather aU bit children. After a dured of 0 compo!lito course tJosed upon to worship Thee according to tho diete" yeara of teaching bia enemies eap· tat.s of our own consciences. We the best ot everything goilled ill th ree tured him. They nailed him to a cross, Ihallk Thee lhat as n Nation 11' 0 brave ea rs of warfare nbrond, nntl nre not .I. d mocked him aod told bilD to como down Y Ihe eourngo to procl nim t1l tho Wvrl · and save hilD.elt it he could. Dut Ihe held back by the original lark of fa · ou r continued belief in Theo by stamp. cililies here. "J Savior did not do this, for he knew ing on our coins the inscription n Immedi ately a cadet i. called inll' h I that it he saved Himselt He could not Ood 11' 0 trust." Wo tbonk Thee t n active service he is directed to a lave tbe lost world. Late in tho after- . , groulld hi" nt of tho eight wo 'nre America ns nnd live benenth Ih e . I b ufle - d U'lin sc 00. .ono ' t ' . f 0Id 8 a f th 0 St a rs and noon He died. Fllen,s . I' h Illolechng large englDcefiog UOtVer81 les \\' llC I cr. tl t Th ou In a tomb in a beautiful garden. Three . tb I "tripes. We tholl k Th eo.o have placed thell resourcos at e ser1 b ttl t'" f days afterwards the grave w~s empty dce ot th e go"ernm en t. Dere the stu- "nnst look over t Ie a emen ~ a and a living Jesus walked ag8lft among . '. d 'l't d" ~Iory on our land and see that there is . . 11[ len t B\'lutor IS un er mt lory Iset· not ana Btnin on any star or stripe ill His followers. After reHmalDlDg b k 11)1I ne, but with all the comtorts, the fa • Th f tbem a Dumber of days, ~ wentt ae d lities nlld the otmospbcre of eollegd 01<1 Giory. We than ee or Our to His Father in Hoaven, III ere a pray hnppy homes. Wo thank Thee for our for His loved on08 here below." ilte. wives and little ones. We thank The~ The purpose at this work is two·fold : I d ,rt 11 The crowd had gathered around their t'or ,the fruitfu trees all voun. U lor· b r'ir.t allll most illlporiant it provides vests. We thank Thee that MaNn. queen, pressing closer and closer as s e • fUlldamelltal knowletlge of the prill C' t old tbem the atory of the Christ. The :l'le. of ali the sciences of aviation , tio ll we hav e lIever gone to bed hun tearful motber bad a look of bope on ~ ry or soraped the bottom at our fl our which gh'es It roek. bottom foundotion barrel, and wo pray Thy conmnuc(! ber taco, the unhappy bride had eSI 1 t' t ., S d't " kl" .omo ot her hopelessne .., but the mark- 10 a eat e s eeo n • ' IU" .' merry and blessing upen us. Wo prny ed man aDd cbild atill lay In the IOnd. "ncover. those who, both for the good 'r hee thnl Thou wili forgi ve our tOOIl8' lI f th e ser";ee nnd of themselve8, sll oul.1 grenions and blot out all our iuiqllit . Tbe priest had turned bis baok, upon 1I0t go furtber. tbe Btory·teller aud seorn .and derision Tile cadets learn here how to lake an iea. were plainly visible in bis faee. Thou knowest, 0 Lord, that we are ('ngine, n machine-gun, or a plane npnrt I 'tl "Oh, my people," continued the in a life-and -dealh strugg e w. lone <> • • • h Ilud put it together again. Th.!'y be- of the lIIost intamous, vilc, greedr, queen, " this ..,aVlor us In caven now, I.'o rne 0 familiar with the meehonism!' and He waDIs all ot you to <rive your avaricious, blood-thirsty, sen8unl, and .. they will 900n be using as to havo an d' I bearts to Him. He died to set you free vidous nations that has e"er ISgracel instinctive mastery at thelD. No one k t and the re i. no need for any turther the pages of history. Thou nowes lIf thelD will be allowed to go up into f tli · a·rifi·e.There .' . no otber God bul the the air until be understands every Ihnt Germany has drawn rom k0 eye, o _ . . of mankind enough ttars to rna e nnloving Fatber. Tb e mountain which is ne IIunderneath r hase .of aendi ng forth its destructive mnterial I' 11 the b machi b tl ad him. other 8en', tbnt she has drawn bloorl e WItt t en Iave a Ie 'can h' cnee Is in His power and Ho will take care -,I I f II .,v Uou g b to redden eVery wav. upon th.t t 10 nn exper lor8eman ,as.n '8 a· <en,' thnt silo has drawn onough groans of ua and not let harm or dan ger COOIO to us it we only trust in Him. Come, "orite \". 1mouut. 1 tl 'I d I nnd .hricks from tho bearts of mon, "lie ess an I IC" orse co e arc a go wilb me up to the mountain oide, 0 tl t tl t lk- women, and children to make .onotber 10 n,"stere so la '0 m n can ... d my God, whom 1 trusl, will .oon be I . f th ' tla - mountnin . We pray Tbee tbat Thou 10 I lell guns rom e all as ley wilt mok e 'bare Thy mighty arm and vou r God also. He will protect us an1 II I t 1 h Th th ' en ey nrt heat boek that great pack of hungry, .how us how foolish we have been in wou I t 1111 a .e ep"Ione.k' d ,et nt " 00 Ing own lipan wolfi.h Huns, wh ose tnngs drip with tbe past." I . f th , II exact reprol uel'Oh or a part ~ "load and gore. We pray Tbee thnt The queen turned and slarted 10 fro llt and wirele. sing bo ck the locat:.on Ihe stnrs in courses and the wind. climb tho 1D0untain-aide. Her att end- "f fla shes made 10 represent burating 1no waves may fight ngninst Ihem . anti, who had beard the Gospel story shells. Aerinl photography, recollnai,We Vray Tbee thaI Thou \,~lt bless and who bad learned to find j oy and ianc., air lacties ant! tbe like are also ,u r beloved President and gil"O peaee in the Savior, followed her. OnJ .. tudied, and military drill, cBlisthe,,:u, Ilrengih of mind and body aad eourage by one the whole group turaed away nnd BrlllY regllialions mastered. Dy It henr for hiB arduous duties in tI,r •• tram the wicked and followed Ilhe end of eight weeks tbe cllliet i. ,arrow-laden, staggering days. We ueen . Tbe motber Ihoroughly "grollndeo" in Bvialion, Illay Thee to the Secrelary of their OOd-tearing 4 lDatched her child from the ground, S nnd a!lllureo, as tar as it is humonl..- ~tate, tbe Secre tary of War, and Ih~ joyful, yet wondering expreaoion uporr possible to give auuran ce, thnl h. ii ~ecretary ot the N...y; and ble"", we her fa ce. The bride whispered a few prepared 10 go olf the ground. pray Thee, the Navnl Strategy Boord. word. to ber bus band. Bo arose, an,1 Th en cOllie the flying school , . II is Ble,s. we pray Th,,', Lord, the generals without casting a singlo glance at hi. 'lOt possible tor military reMon, to d,'- .1 Ih. henri of our A rill",. B!ess Ih.) would·he deslroyer, he led hi. wife "l' ,.,ri b. Ihem in detail. It cnn I,. snld, I . huy~ aeru s tli,o :len •• sou\{' w l(ltt' III tbe mountain-side. howe,er, Ihat the eize of th ••• schooh PrUIH'~, " 311,1 IIlt!lJ3 th OSe p ro t cc tiu~ They all reaehed tbe top. Quee,~. would be startling to tho unillitinfl-d, Our trnll:il'orts, louth' ll to tlte \\'otu'J Kapolani, wltb ber .ubjee.11 kneeling who wonld s.e in th em a lite uf which \"\~Il:Ct: wi t 11 IIn.'1I :11111 prn\· isioll~. B:{,Sl around her, raised her hands high to· he bad hardly dreamed, a life 11:.1 JUr b O,n, nt hOllll' who nn' ill tlt t! l'nn ward Heaven and prayed: "Oh, our IIshera in Ih e new day of air-travel for tOlllllrnh. Rle~i!st \\' l' prny The!.!, til l' Fatber, teae h all these, my people, to IIllIn. Alld be would also seo groups 01 Scnn tt· !I nd lIo u ': t, Clf H" p:'cscutllli\' u'(, love Til ee. 8how them how to live I<adets, flying, studying, working, oblil" ' 1nd t:;:n· them w':nlu!JI nnd strength , happily. Put J esus' love into tben ious at time and of hours, tasci nated for tll oy 8eelll lu hnve come Into thJ hearts and mak e tbem an Thy ch ild re n. ',l' Ihe romance at tbeir .ubjects, carn. king~ohl tor such a tillle as this. And Tako away all superstitious thot8 and ,·,1 10 l"ove eqllal to every test in th o Lord, 1II00y every Ul llU, woman, anll lead them in thy ways." rcu lization that the great test of all child, from Maine 10 Californin and She ceased .peoking. All around ie. just over the hill ot tomorrow. from Minnesotn to Louisiann, sland UI' ber were tho prostrate forma at those On e step remains. Final training in 10 th e lost ditch olld bo glad and will .he loved and wanted to 8ave. Th ey cvolulion, in .'1uodron formation, an~ ing to suffer and enduro unti! final drarose and looked witb awe and re,'er- in baWe practice is given, iu Franco, tory oball oome. llless our allies, nn,l ence at tbeir n.ble queen. Then raiBing on Ihe latest, up·to·the.mlnute machinIDOY victory be ou r8. And in Thille ker right hand she cried In a loull voice, es unller seaeoned French airmen, in own time and in Thille own wny we If Pel e., Pelee, I defy you." Tho sou nd the nclual atmosphere at battle. At pray Theo thnt Thall wi'll release the reaebed tbe priest below. fie tnrned, its conclusion, the Aviator is trained" white-winged do\'o of peaco until .tarted toward tbe mountain, tben stop- highly as it is possible to train him, Thou shall di8pel the torm clouds that ped again. A struggle was going On Ia awarded bis Junior Military Avia. hang over lhis ain -t'ulled, Mood·.oak· witbln him. What ahould be dol Leave tor brevet, prODlot ed one grade nnd la ed, Rnd sorrow ing world; and when it is bll old religion obehlnd alld place his ready whenever dut., calla hrin. nil o,'cr we shall un eover our heads nnd trust in this w1nderr·,1 G~JI nut wou:.1 This il a DIan's work. It requ ires :if! our raeN! to the htavens and sing nel the god of lhe mountaiD seek ven physique, brains, and eoneentration. It with a now menninggeanee' t:dd,y be turne~ awar· is worked out upon . tlie principle of As the fint rosy tin Is of tbe com ing eomplete mastery of every .tep before My eountry, 'tis of thee, Sweet land olliberty, morn appeared in the east a happy another atep Is taken . It is aurroun<lOf tbeo I sing. band of men, women aod children were ed with overy precaution of safety, as IIthered en the beach. Ail at once i. aho"n Iby t he faet that nol a dozen And tho praise sball b. to Thee for. , aela one turned bll eye. tn"ard tbe tat.. l alr·aeeldente have occurred among over, 1brou&'\t Jesua Chri.t. Amen.



Pre porotory School


CHARACTER AND ADVANTAGES An . institution of the Reformed Churcb in America.


Careful supervision of the health and morals of the students. Flourishing Young Men'a and Young Women's Chrislian Al8ociatlons Literary Socielie. for men

E.tablished . maintained and contrailed by the church. • Open to all who de.ire a thoroul(h PreparatOl Y "no Cullege rducalion . Co-educationol.


School of Music vocal and instrumental. Prixe.. Scholarships. Lecture Course.

Christian bUI not secturian Bible study.

-------"Michigan should knuw II\Ole 01 tbis institution. Only recently have 1come to a 1II0re comprehensive understanding and appreciation of the splendid work done h.,e. I have learned Ihat out of nine Rhodes Scholarship eligibles in the State, five .re graduates 01 ilope College. and Irom my good friend, Judge Sleere, 01 the Michigan Supreme Court, 1 have Ihe slatement Ihal Hope Col lege is doing the highe.t, the he,t and the most perfect work of its kind in America. 1 'bd you rank amo ng the world leade,. here in the c"'soics." Ex-Gov. C/IASE S. OSBORN

The Western Theological


of the RelOlmed Church of America is located in Hoiland ad. joioing the Coilege Campus. Corps 01 j,,;xperien ced Instructors


L 0 CAT ION: H 0 L LAN D. M I CHI G A N Hoiland i. 8 city of 11,000 inbabitants: on Macnlawa Bay, opening into Luke Michigan; good buating. bathing, fishing and skating; heallhful climate; pictureaque scenery; superior church priVileges; boat line to Chicago; inlerurban eltctr;c line to Grand Hapid s; main line Pere Marquette Rail Road from Grand Rapids 10 Chicago; good connections to an other points.



• Devel~ped


5c ': - - - - - - - .







Good . Ice Cream? I We Do


Don't forget to try our FrUIt

is. Sprietsma &Son •

Ice Cream. Brick or Bulk.

Waganaar &Hamm



,= = = = = = =

Dr, A. leenhouls EYE,EAR,NOS~:THROAT

Citizens Phone 1470 55 West Ei~hth Street

Corner 8th &: Central Avenue


B.... - 9·11

a" Sat.


IOlliu 1208

A. 11.- 2-5 9. - P.....-

rre. 7:30-

P. !I.- To.. .... 1432

We Make Our Own I ~===== ~Sausage but NOT


in a pro·German Hut Red

A large assortment of

Molenaar & De Goed

Toques and Sammy Sweaters

Dr. James O. Scott DENTIST EnaIa& .,,or.-II r-. ... Sal "- 7 ta 8 HOURS 8:30 to 12 a. m. I:SO to ~ p. m. 4 E• • ~ Stntt

for sale at

Nick Dykema's Place (



All Work Promully Done an d Guarnnlced

I have been a T.lIor for 80 Yean



BAR B E R S HOP Ladie.' and Gent', Tailoring SkIlled Workman and the moat Sanitary Cleanin lY



AceICY Buter LaU.1'J



• 176 Collon Ave.

Pressi.., n"

R~pairin'" • Holland. lit ....

IAorOll lrom T. Keppel. So..)

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