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HOPE COLLEGE ANCHOR Hope College, Holland, Michigan, February 4, 1930

Volume XLIII

Number 17-36

ADDED COURSES FEATURE SECOND SEMESTER Seven Definite Changes Made "Men— Make All Your Passes Good' In Regular Courses of Study in rnimnTrmi!

Hope-Albion Tilt Told From Viewpoint of Player

HOW PLAYERS FEEL Rewarding the large crowd which filled Carnegie gym with a very spectacular and thrilling game, the Hope varsity basketeers won a conference victory f r o m Albion last F r i d a y 24-21. I t was the first successful s t a r t in three a t t e m p t s by the Schoutenmen, and following the contest a more t h a n hopeful student body awaited the next three M. I. A. A. games which will be played a t home. Chances f o r a championship were bright a f t e r the sparkling win, as our boys m u s t play a m a j o r p a r t of the g a m e s yet. Usually a report of a g a m e is written f r o m a spectator's viewpoint and many little details t h a t a r e of interest and importance are unavoidably l e f t out. This story will a t t e m p t to sketch the Albion g a m e f r o m the players' side of it. "Ten grim and determined young men met in the dressing-room while the preliminary was still being played. 'You'll have to wear brown jerseys' was the command. 'Albion is wearing their whites.' One by one the players completed dressing and found their way t o t h e office of the .. coach. 'Let's watch t h e Freshmen play a while, we're early.' Then as the f r o s h won, the confidence nece s s a r y for victory came to the varsity men. "Well, we went out to shoot a f e w baskets f o r w a r m i n g up. The gym was hot and it didn't take much running around to work up a sweat. Then J a c k called us off the floor for a final talk. 'Your man is number 5, watch him closely a s he's dangerous,' 'take your time,' 'make your passes good,' and 'let's bring home the bacon' were ringing through our heads. We know that t h e entire college was behind us, waiting patiently f o r a victory. "Howard drew the assignment for t h e first tip, but the play didn't click. Albion began milling about with the ball. T h a t little forward Cox was watching was plenty f a s t . And could t h a t Gray play ball. But we were able to stop them, and were cheered on by the shouts of our fellows. We had" quite a lead but Albion began catching up with us. Then the bell sounded f o r the half. We were ahead 16-10. " S i t t i n g in the office. Doc Hoover came around with a towel to sooth our perspiring faces. Someone handed each one of us a cube of s u g a r . Jack outlined our mistakes, (Continued on last page) o

Hope College Faculty At Author's Meet The Authors' Association of Michigan met S a t u r d a y n i g h t in Grand Rapids. Mrs. W. H. Durfee, Miss N. Meyer, Dr. E. D. Dimnent, Dr. J . B. Nykerk, Dr. R. P. Gray, Professor D. Ritter, Mr. D. C. Sprague and Professor and Mrs. B. Raymond, guests of Mrs. Durfee, represented Hope College. There were several interesting speakers, including the head of the English d e p a r t m e n t a t Kalamazoo. One of the members read several of her poems. Songs which had been compared by various members were enjoyed.


Catalogue Coming Prof. E. Winter has been busily occupied lately with the college catalogue, which is now in progress of printing at the Toren Printing P l a n t of Grand Rapids. Many changes and alterations in courses of study must be traced an.l properly classified in this work, which creates many f a t i g u i n g details to exh a u s t the patience of Prof. Winter. The complete catalogue will be released the latt e r p a r t of F e b r u a r y . A total of about 1600 copies is divided between local needs and d i s t a n t publishers of school textbooks, other schools, etc.

1930 Staff's First Paper



New Music Methods of teaching vocal music in t h e seven grades, junior high, and senior high will be t h e subject of a new course to be offered by Miss V. E s t h e r Boughter, whose studio will be in Voorhees Hall. The work will aid students in a t t a i n i n g their music degrees. The work will include t r e a t m e n t of child voice, rote singing, sight singing, t r e a t m e n t of monotones, voice testing, chord singing, balance, organization and conduct of glee clubs. With t h e advent of this course, t h e Hope College School of Music receives another impetus.

Hope Alumnus Defends Art HK

A favorable report comes to hand concerning a man who is a ••ih •MiiBiiBiiWiiiwiiirriiiiiWM iJiiniwuiiiii IUTOBIOT iTimna msmuiuiunia iinamm nuuajiBianmmrannnu i ufriend to many upon Hope College Campus. Dr. Arnold Mulder, f o r m n i n g Editor of the "Holland Evennig Sentinel," and now a member of the teaching staff a t Kalamazoo College, figures in a headline Hope Negative Team To article in a recent number of the Mr. G. J. Diekema Wants "Index," the campus paper of his Appear At Kazoo To Maintain His new school. In a speech a t chapel College College Contact services of the college. Dr. Mulder Three members of Hope's affirmcalled upon the students to become ative debating squad drove to H a s t Hope College's most illustrious conscious of the literature of the ings over the week-end, and enpresent day in addition to their alumnus, whose name fills the local gaged in a verbal f r a y with the Alstudy of the literature of the past. bion College disputants. Disarma- papers every week, has himself "Tolerance m u s t be developed," ment was the t h e m e of the a r g u - penned a plea to Dr. J . B. N y k e r k he said, "and we must r e f r a i n f r o m for college news. The Minister to criticizing a man or his works ment. The members who participated the Netherlands f r o m America, Mr. merely because we don't understand were: D. Wade, J . Van der Kolk G. J . Diekema, flattered the campus his viewpoint." He reminded the and L. Hogenboom. Coach D. Rit- recently when he mentioned the younger generation of their import e r accompanied them on the trip. f a c t in a letter t h a t he would like t a n t role a s guardians of beauty, to have some of the latest news a r t , and g r e a t literature, without It was a no decision debate. about the college. As a result the which f u t u r e generations cannot This Friday evening t h e team will "Anchor" staff, glad of an opportun- live and progress. He emphasized have two league debates. The negaity to serve the school's d i s t a n t tive men f r o m Alma will debate the need of f a i t h , and of inquiry alumnus, will send him weekly a here, and Hope's negative team will into new standards of artistic travel to Kalamazoo where they copy of the paper, hoping t h a t this beauty. o will meet the affirmative group of medium may fill his desires f o r news. Kalamazoo College. The home debate will be held Mr. Diekema recently was given early enough so t h a t those attend- one of W. H. Singer's canvases, ing can also attend the Hope-Hills- "God's Promise," as a token of the dale game t h a t evening. The de- Dutch people's appreciation of his The long awaited panes of glass bate should have a particular at- country's attentions to them. Mr. f o r the doors and lobby-windows traction for history and political Diekema has been busy speaking at of the Memorial Chapel have arscience students. It is expected t h a t Amsterdam, The Hague, and other rived, and are partially installed. Coach Hance of Olivet will judge points of note in connection with Mr. H a r r y Baut, representative of the debate in Holland. public and diplomatic duties. the Payne Studios of Patterson,

The 1930 Anchor staff has now issued its first paper today. The staff elections by the student body placed as associate editors J. Coert Rylaarsdam, H. K. Smith, and Est h e r Mulder. The position of editor was uncontested, Gordon Van Ark now filliifg t h a t capacity a f t e r m a n a g i n g the entire paper for six weeks as an assistant editor. All these people on the editorial staff so f a r mentioned are of the J u n i o r class. During his service as managing editor, G. Van Ark .cut the size of the Anchor and reorganized the paper's make-up. As a result many students and alumni have expressed an added interest in the college news and events. The athletics will continue in c h a r g e of Watson Spoelstra, aided by H a r r y Ver Strate, and Chester Slighter. Mr. Spoelstra has inaugurated a column of "Sport B r i e f s " to a t t r a c t the male readers. The Campus News will be written by Ruth Van Dyke, while the humor column will come from the hand of Richard Niessink. Jacob De Witt will report on the fraternities, and Mary Kosegarten will direct all news assignments and will write up the Sororities. The reporters, selected for their interest in writing, are Roger Voskuil, Harold Hoover, Rudolph Nichols, William Austin, John Somson, Ethel Cunnagin, Ivan Johnson i!i.u:ii:i:i,iii:i:i:i:i:ij;iTi.raiKiJara:iiLixi;iiiii;mimii:iian:iiLim,i:iti:ixa;ri,iTnxu; and John Mulder. o

Alma Debates Foreign Minister Here Friday Asks For News

Grad of 1910 Has a Book on the Market

Hope Student Works Two Years On Community Church Project

"Will you help u s ? We need someone to work with us who does not 'Close Hauled" by Pasma Reflects mind the troubles and a p p a r e n t lack of remuneration. I t will t a k e time His Life of Travel and sacrifice. Will you h e l p ? " Rev. H. K. Pasma, class of 1910, and a Ph.D., recently entered the r a n k s of American letters. The Stokes Publishing Co. of New York City a r e now advertising his book titled "Close Hauled." Alumni of Hope College will be interested in this veiifcure of their fellow g r a d u ate. The history of Rev. P a s m a ' s life, which leads to an explanation of the book, is an interesting tale. Born in Friesia in the Netherlands, he joined a ship's crew a t an early age. Aboard the old Dutch windj a m m e r he saw service f r o m the (Continued on Last Page)

Payne Studios Send Last of Chapel Glass

New J e r s e y , will be on the campus f o r the next two weeks. He will have to cut and fit more t h a n 225 separate windows. The panes of frosted and plain glass are rimmed with lead, which facilitates t h e fitt i n g process. The basement classrooms of t h e chapel, t h e lobby wall a t the r e a r of the main floor auditorium, and some scattered doors in the gallery and basement are included in t h i s work. Mr. Baut j u s t returned f r o m intailing the beautiful windows of the Union Congregational Church in Green Bay, Wisconsin. He reports t h a t this building-; like the

How m a n y Hope College people have had the above question asked of them during their few years of " 'teen-age" activity? When a t home, or when attending school here, students a r e approached with opportunities to do work in Sunday Schools and in churches. Oftentimes t h e plea f o r aid goes unanswered. Sometimes it is m e t with a half-hearted response which soon dilutes into a lame excuse f o r non-participation. Here is our student body, specifically enrolled in an institution fostering the spirit of religious living. Religious activities a r e encouraged on every hand. But to w h a t degree do these helpful tendencies affect the New Chapel here, is marked by its world without our campus? How much concrete good is accomplished? expensive windows and fine artisLet us answer t h a t question with a story. try. About a year ago one of our Hope College students who was o prominent in an a v e r a g e way in his "Y. M. C. A." work, and in his own We certainly do feel lonesome church's activities, received a request to serve a s head of a Young without t h e Glee Club girls around. Men's Bible Class in a little churck community. The field was a new one, We'd be glad to see them back if ! and the material to be dealt with w a s r a t h e r challenging. But t h i s man so many of them d i d n t have "stea(Contmuad on page three) dies" a l r e a d y .

Chemistry Course Offers New Subject With Special "Lab"

ENROLLMENT GROWS The s t a r t of the second semest e r finds the total of 539 students a t Hope College entering upon various schedules of study with firm intentions of bettering their records of the previous period of enrollment. With t h e fever and worry of e x a m week a t h i n g of the past, t h e regular routine of studies will soon resume its customary swing. There a r e several new courses offered this F e b r u a r y which have not been on the lists before, while other subjects are being replaced in the curriculum. The new courses include a "Theoretical and Physical Chemistry" in Dr. G. Van Zyl's d e p a r t m e n t This is a t h r e e hour course, intended primarily f o r pre-medical stud e n t s and those specializing in chemistry. Another subject, "Physical Chemistry Measurements," accompanies the aforementioned course and is required of students, specializing in chemistry. I t m a y be elected by premedic students and while m o s t of the medical schools do not require the course f o r entrance they do recommend it highly. In Dr. E. Dimnent's classes t h e r e is now offered a course in "Economic History," which may l a t e r develop into an extensive political science course. P r o f e s s o r O. Thompson is a g a i n teaching t h e course f o r juniors and seniors which has been catalogued under "Physiology and Hygiene." This is a n elementary study intended f o r non-science students. Religious Courses Rev. Paul McLean now offers a total of seven courses of a practical n a t u r e f o r those who desire f u r t h e r t r a i n i n g along religious lines. These courses include: "Principles of Religious Education," "Curriculum of Religious Education," "Hist o r y of Religious Idealism," " P s y chology of Religion," "Parish Administration," "History of Religious Education," "Church Office Administration," and similar studies of an appealing nature. Many of these classes pursue the newer seminary method of study, a f e a t u r e (Continued on page 2) o

"Milestone" Photos Due Before March 1 Betty Smith, photograph editor f o r t h e "Milestone" of 1931, is sending out letters this week to-the students telling of the Milestone deadline on photographs. Glossie lists will be posted at school this week. Owing to a new policy and increased size of all class pictures, it is imperative t h a t students* desiring their picture in t h e "Milestone," have photos taken in the new dimensions. Freshmen and sophomore pictures will be l a r g e r also. Miss Smith stresses the f a c t t h a t all glossies must be in to the editor by March 1. The photographers, Lacey's, Versluis, Baumgartel, and McDermand, are offering special rates t o students. Mr. McDermand will p a y the bus f a r e of groups from Holland desiring sittings with him.


F f t t * Tw«

HOPE COLLEGE ANCHOR Entered at the Pott Office at Holland. Michigan. ** Second Claw Mnlter. Accepted for mallinR at iiweial rate of |X)«tajre provided for in Section HOfl of Act of CongrMi. October 3. 1917. Authoriied October 19, 1918.

STAFF Gordon V a n A r k Editor Associate Editors— twl. nn , 1 ^ ^ J . Coert Rylaarsdam, H. K. Smith, E s t h e r Muldei Athletics Watson Spoelstra, H a r r y Ver Strate, Chester Slighter R Campus News " t h Van Djke 0 Uumor Richard Niessink Head R e p o r t e r ' Z Z I Mary Kosegarten Fraternities ^ V Mar Sororities y Kosegarten Reporters—Roger Voskuil, Harold Hoover. Rudolph Nichols, William Austin, John Somson, Ethel Cunnagin, Ivan Johnson, John Mulder.

BUSINESS STAFF Business Manager Gerald Huenink Advertising Solicitors—Berdean Welling, A r t h u r Nienhuis C. Vander Naald, Justin Homkes. Efficiency Critic Earle E. Langeland THE HOPK COLLEGE ANCHOR IS P I B L I 8 H E D WEEKLY THKOIT.HOI T THE S( HOOL YEAR BY A GROl P OF INTERESTED STl'DENTS. SUBSCRIPTION RATES 11.30 PER YEAR. HOLLAND CITY NEWS. PRINTERS.

iinciiraiiuiiuiriii iiiiiiiiimiiniiiKiin:!:!;!;! mm rimiii:i!i F i r s t Reformed Church of Englewood, 111., $25—Subject, BiiwiiiiW' i ' T h e Prophet Isaiah." F i r s t Reformed Church of Englewood, Young People's Bible Class—Subject, (to be announced l a t e r ) . Ninth Reformed Church of Grand Rapids—Subject, (to be announced l a t e r ) . The last two meutiviiied contests a r e entirely new offerings, t h e final details not having yet been decided upon. Some of the competitions are conducted in connection with regular Our patrons enjoy dining here because the atclassroom research work along academic lines. However, t h e mosphere of refinement is predominent. prizes a r e open to all students.

Green Mill Cafe

E v e r y t r u e Hopeite's heart was warmed last F r i d a y evening when he saw our basketeers perform so valiantly and victoriously against our court visitors. We are proud of our athletes, proud of their skill and proud of their eagerness to use it f o r the glory of old Hope. "Go thou and do likewise" is the moral. At the game a remnant of seven or eight musicians functioned as a band. They succeeded remarkably well in providing intergame e n t e r t a i n m e n t and inspiration f o r the spectators. They made the evening more complete and their efforts were praised by ail. But results would be infinitely b e t t e r if all of Hope's musicians cooperated in making the band a full-size aggregation. It is estimated t h a t a t least t h i r t y fellows can play some band i n s t r u m e n t . Every one of them should be a band member. We need t h e band at every home g a m e and it would be splendid if it could accompany the team when we play our next-door neighbors in the " f u r n i t u r e city." The delinquency of t h e musicians is pardonable, however, if the student body fails to do its share. Band m e m b e r s f u r nish their own i n s t r u m e n t s ; certainly those who receive the entertainment should contribute the rest. Music, a director, and even uniforms are a small expense f o r a group of our size. "You can't have the rainbow unless you have t h e rain." Enjoyment must be deserved. If we all like the band as much as we say we do, let's dig down and,—show it. The result will be personal satisfaction, a real band, better games and a satisfied college. PRIZE MONEY A t this time of the year the attention of ambitious penmen and penwomen is drawn to the annual offering of money prizes f o r outstanding work in essays. A long list of prizes of $25 each are open for competition, the final a w a r d s being given on Commencement night in June. The list, with brief details, is printed below. The English department has additional data concerning them. George Birkoft, Jr.—English prize of $25 f o r best essay on "Macaulay." George Birkoff, Jr.—Dutch prize of $25 f o r essay on Jan Jacob Lodewijk Ten Cate, Dutch author. Mrs. S. Sloan prize of $25—Subject, "Missionary Reconstruction in China." Van Zwaluwenburg prize of $25—Subject, " T h e Reform Mission Among the Winnebago Indians." Daniel C. Steketee prize of $25—Subject, "Evidential Value of the Life and Epistles of the Apostle P a u l . " Coopersville Men's Adult Bible Class prize of $25— Subject, "Judism in t h e Early Chrstian Church." Anna Hydeman Memorial Prize, 25—Subject, " T h e Pharisees. (Continued in next column)

Cleanliness, Service, Quality

YE LADIES OF THE "COURT" Girls' Athletics are f o r the first time edging t h e i r way into the activities of Hope College. F o r years t h e r e has been much agitation concerning t h e i r lack. Girls now have t h e use of the gymnasium on Wednesdays and a very commendable schedule f o r them has been worked out. If alone f o r t h e sake of her own physical good, it is expected t h a t every co-ed will push this new e n t e r p r i s e by being there a t every practice and by playing whether she has done so before or not. It is an opportunity to show t h a t you are not alone a "kicker," but a supporter, if the chance is offered. The result will be extremely beneficial to the health, a good advertisement f o r the school, and all the energy formerly used in complaining will be directed to a pood purpose. Co-ed suffragettes—let's play basketball!

CHRIS KOROSE, Proprietor "•.rn.i m i n n in n iirinjiiiiiiiiixninjiixiiTniiiJixiiiiiinwiiDii'irnjiiniranHniniiininiraHnnnnninMBiBflMMMnBi rr;;;;; as:;; n s BSQSBten !,!:!!i'i.i:ii,'!-!:r!:!TiiiTri'iil^'MTWi^'Tm^l!w,nri'Wtffll'lli|!llll'llw"i'imi'l"l'l'l''l'''l"ll'lf"''¥lulHi


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study this s e m e s t e r instead of w a s t - luiimtm : rail: i i i i u u i j iii iii.ii ii ixm'iminiQiuxnraiciirai^ Euxramiunmium: u ing t h e i r time s e r e n a d i n g the Van Vleck stoics while the Van Vleck 11! 11:1:1 iiiiniiixi' men have promised to learn to sing before they next burden t h e ! courtyard of Voorhees with t h e i r | vociferous d e c l a m a t i o n s of t h e d i - j vine passion. 1 Of course, t h e r e are also the stock resolutions such a s d e t e r m i n l ation to study, save money, s t a y in n i g h t s , have no dates, and to quit e a t i n g candy, which have been distributed f r e e l y a m o n g t h o s e who still believe in Fairies, S a n t a . I Claus and resolutions. riniiililiiiiilluiluiiniiiiniiiliaiiiniiiiiiiumiiiniiii.iiimiimniiuiincniiiriiiiiiHiiiiiiBHrimiiM.iinBmiiiiiiimiinmniiiiiMnniiiBiii^pvwiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiinniiiMiiMiiniiiiniimmp

New Courses (Continued f r o m papc 1)


* <


t h a t h a s proven p o p u l a r a m o n g Hopeites. Additions to R e g u l a r s The E n g l i s h D e p a r t m e n t u n d e r Dr. J . B. N y k e r k now offers a s t u d y of the poet " B r o w n i n g " d u r i n g t h e second s e m e s t e r , following a course on " T e n n y s o n " given the first semester. "Recent L i t e r a t u r e " a n d " T h e Modern N o v e l " and "19th Century English P r o s e " a r e also being added, involving the o f f e r i n g s of Dr. R. Gray and Dr. C. S p r a g u e . Misj L a u r a Boyd's G e r m a n classes in the third y e a r will be a f f o r d ed the privilege of s t u d y i n g m o d ern G e r m a n novels, G e r m a n s h o r t | stories, and G e r m a n poetry. T h e a u t h o r s Schiller, Goethe, and Heine will be discussed with the f o u r t h year students, with a g e n e r o u s g r a m m a r review to equip the seniors f o r t e a c h i n g and r e s e a r c h

Hi A l % LESS

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•4 #

work. The Latin courses in the t h i r d year offer " T a c i t u s , " " R o m a n Comedy." a n d "Elegiac P o e t r y , " all u n der the instruction of P r o f . A. E . Timmer. Prof. E. W i n t e r announces a res h a p i n g of the " E d u c a t i o n " course in the f o r m of a new study labeled "Adolescent Psychology." Rev. Paul H i n k a m p ' s j u n i o r Bible course is now headed " A H i s t o r y of t h e Hebrews." In addition to t h e above m e n tioned Latin courses, the f o u r y e a r Latinites will s t u d y " M a r t i a l ' s E p i grams." Enrollment Total The f r e s h m a n class leads t h e school in enrollment, t h e r e b e i n g 117 y e a r l i n g s upon the campus. T h e j u n i o r s follow with 113; t h e seniors total 97, while t h e sophomores n u m ber 90. T h e p r e p a r a t o r y school h a s a total of 45 enrolled.

the Horizon TJERE they come—the nuclcus of an all-electric merchant marine. Yesterday, they were a dream. To-day, they are well over the horizon, linking the pors of the east and west coasts with fortnightly service. The goal of the Panama Pacific Line is to build three more lorbineelectric ships thus enablingweekly New York-Frisco sailings.


rtlLSx: J u s t a s t h e sun w a s p e e p i n g t h r o u g h the m u r k y m i s t s of m o r n ing, and the south-bound P e r e M a r quette whistled m or e vociferously than usual, Hope College had itself g a t h e r e d into the chapel f o r the p u r p o s e of welcoming a new semester into t h e world. The newcomer arrived a t t h e first joyous peal of the chimes and about five m i n u t e s before m a n y of the s t u dents. Along with the i n f a n t were t h e c u s t o m a r y hopes and f e a r s a n d disappointments. New resolutions were said to be in the e n t o u r a g e as well. A m o n g those m o s t encoura g i n g is the one accepted by t h e i n m a t e s of o u r t w o dormitories. The Voorhees g i r l s h a v e decided to


Even now, the three liners California, Virginia, and Pennsylvania, constitute the largest fleet of turbine-electric commercial ships in the world. Besides propelling these ships, electricity hoists freight, raises anchors, mans pumps, turns rudders, drives winches, and warps the vessels into their berths. It lights lamps, spins fans, operates elevators, cools and cooks food. Its magic touch is apparent on every deck. All electric equipment, above and below deck, is a product of General Electric.



The planning, produaion, and distribution of such equipment has been largely the responsibility of collegetrained men who are working with General Electric and who have aided in bringing these ships over the horizon. C O M P ANY,

S C H E N E C T A D Y ,






Campus Library Adds Several 1 Dozen New Volumes To Shelves Have you glanced a t the shelves in the library lately? If you have not, look around the next time you are searching something new to read, for t h e college has j u s t recently purchased an interesting collection of books. Eugene O'Neill's i complete works including "The Hairy Ape," "Anna Christie," "Boyond the Horizon," "Desire Under the Elms," and many other well known d r a m a s will add a bit more interest to the drama courses. There are several interesting additions to the English section. "Life of Shakespeare," by J . V. Adams, "Prose Plays," by William Vaughn Moody, recent collections of poems of Edna St. Vincent Millay, Amy Lowell, F r o s t and Robinson, and four volumes on verse and prose by Masefield a r e a few of the books outstanding in this line. "My Antonia," by Willa Cather, "Miss Lulu Bett," by Zona Gale, and "Dodsworth," by Sinclair Lewis make the novel section more interesting. Several of the new books f o r supplementary reading in history stress art and architecture, and the debating t e a m s will find aid in the four volumes selected f o r them. "Plant Physiology," by Palladin and Dodd's "Essentials of Human Embryology" are two of the contributions to the science department. In all it is a most admirable selection — one of which our library may be proud.

Anchor Staff Meet The new Anchor Staff as listed on page two of this issue will meet between the hours of 3:30 p.m. and 4:30 p.m. on Wednesday (date of publication of this paper) at the Anchor room in the basement of Winant's Library. The staff will call at the room at any time during this hour when they are able to do so. News tips will be received, and assignments will be given out. An attractive inducement to attendance will be an ex'nbit of a worldwide collection of newspapers. These papers, printed in all tongues, compare interestingly with American papers.



Howard Hayes, who has had ten years' experience in Y. M. work in Manchuria, told of his work in Y. M. C. A. last week. He emphasized the difficulties encountered by a leader facing the opposing forces of Communism. He opened the meeting with the question: What should be our attitude toward Communism as a Christian? "Many young men," he told the boys, "are won over by the cause of Communism and lose all their interest in Y. M. work." Mr. H a y e s was an excellent speaker, and gave some worthwhile thoughts to be sandwiched in between exam prepara| tion. Richard Nesink played "Im| promptu" as a piano solo.


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Miss Julia Hines, a f o r m e r Hopenii:i:iirii!iiiii:niii^iii:i!in!i!miiiinjn:iuiininiBinii ite, spoke a t Y. W. C. A. last week. She is secretary of the Central RemxniKiTiKimnri: formed Church of Grand Rapids. A t the beginning of the meeting Miss Hines distributed program outlines upon which her talk was Beauty Shop in Connection based. There are various phases of Call for Appointments 2071 secretarial work, the girls learned, each of which is prepared for by the course in religious education offered a t Hope. The duties of the church secretary and the "ups and SERVICE downs" of her career were included in the address. Ruth Hospers led the singing, and Ethel Leestma accompanied.



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ing the glee club off, they adjourned (SERVE IT AND YOU PLEASE ALL) I to the gym and enjoyed an hour of fun and exercise. 133 and 135 Fairbanks Ave. Phone 5470 Dorian — Except for Saturday m mimimc basketball practice, the Dorians have been idle during the past week. They are looking forward to At this time it might be of interCHICAGO H I D E S FOSSILS the new girls' program which will est to our readers to know of some A nu.nber of fossilized animals be given sometime in the near fuof the delightful surprises we have and p ' a n t s found in rocks from the ture. Ruth Grooters has been apthat the H O L L A N D CITY S T A T E B A N K has for more in store for you during this semessite of what is now Chicago give pointed chairman. Two members of than half a century provided them with the most satisfactory ter. evi'Vnc? of the existence of a low Dorian are attending other form of 4 percent I N V E S T M E N T in the shape of a Savings Among other things we might anon er of life in t h a t region 000,- schools this semester. Evelyn HinAccount. 00 000 years ago, according to kamp is now a member of the stu- nouce t h a t we have just received Remember, your money not only earns this satisfactory reAs • >ciat Curator Henry W. Nich- dent body of Milwaukee Normal, our poet's license from the National turn but also it is A T Y O U R C O M M A N D A T A N Y ols, of the Dcnartment. .)f Geology i and Anna Marie Peelan attends Biscuit Company and have some TIME I N C A S E Y O U N E E D IT. at tl.3 Fi Id Museum ox Natural Iowa State College f o r Teachers at delightful poetic gems in preparaHistory in Chicago. He also says Cedar Falls, Iowa. tion. HOLLAND CITY STATE BANK that the rocks of a still more anHolland, Michigan Alethean — Thursday afternoon cient era are deeply buried in the It has been rumored t h a t Hope miii:!i:i:iT!:rj:i!ni:i:n:!OTiiiiin:iiiiiii:rinniir!iiii:!:i:!iiiinitiini!irainni:niniLi'!:i:iTriiii:iiiriniiiui;iiriiinnniin;!xiBiiDniiinninjiiini vicinity of Chicago, and their rec- the Alethean girls decided that ords are obscure and difficult to they had taxed their minds long College will be unable to have the interpret. Though the site of the city has enough and turned their exercise skating pond that was expected to been many times submerged by to their muscles in an hour's bas- grace our campus. However it is the sea and has emerged again, ketball practice. At night they had such processes have been slow and a relaxation meeting and a pot- barely possible t h a t the desired imorderly, so that the rocks under provement may be installed in time the city still lie nearly as horizon- luck supper. For two hours they f tal a s when they were deposited. became children once more, and o r the graduation next June, thus played "London Bridge," "Drop the giving our departing seniors a t H a n d k e r c h i e f and "Marching to least one chance to have a skate E L E P H A N T S DROWN duiing their college career. 10 East 8th St. Holland, Mich. Jerusalem." The great rivers of Africa must be mines abounding in a wealth of nimrntujmrmminxr a enru i.ra irnnmn miinniiiimiMiiii mi iminiiw imiUHnwimiiiiiiiiiiiiap raaim ancient ivory, if a new theory exKODAKS AND KODAK FINISHING, plaining the mysterious disappearance of dead elephants, recently FRAMING AND'GIFTS advanced by Sir William Gowers, (Continued f r o m page 1) Governor of the British Colony of Uganda, proves correct. accepted the proposition, and joined with the others in the new field of According to legend, the dying religious work. pachyderms d r a g themselves to Their program called f o r Sunday morning services at the little some remote elephant cemetery. church located some distance from Holland. But the work did not end Such a place, however, has never been found, and neither have the with the Sunday School teaching, for during the week it was necessary majority of the 2,000 wild African to return to hte community and to organize athletic contests to keep the is a part of our service to those who come to us elephants which, it is estimated, people interested in the new church center. Many conflicting religious for their printing requirements. die each year. Sir William's theoryis t h a t the animals, when old, go doctrines had to be sympathetically handled, lest a single individual nurto the nearest river to drink, and t u r e a sense of ill-treatment. Wholesome cheerfulness must characterize t h a t most of them drown there. every action and word of the leaders. Consequently, some irksome situ—H. A. H. ations arose, which demanded patience and concentrated attention on the Holland's Finest Printers p a r t of the three people who had taken up the task of putting the comPrograms, Calling Cards, Stationery, Fine Papers munity on its feet. 210 College Avenue With the passing of time the Sunday School class grew in size. The church services were well attended, and confidence in God among iiiiiniiiuiiiiiii.wimrara the country folk reached a new zenith. Here we can only tell briefly i;i 11 iiimm:imi:i'J«ra»rjw of the battle waged by the Hopeite and his friends to accomplish their Sorosis — Under the direction cherished goal. Recently the community staged a fine celebration in of Ruth Van Dyke, Myra Ten Cate honor of the three who had come from f a r away, out of the beaten and Marian Anderson, the Sorosis paths, to do them a good t u r n . Since you bought her a box of Candy— The Hope student who put his doctrines into actual practice in this room has been made into a delightful meeting place for the Sigma way was Bernard Arendshorst. His friends, who started the work, are Sigma girls. The walls have been Mr. and Mrs. R. Muller of this city. The little community center is the redecorated, new drapes have been now well known "Gibson Corners." Sold only at made and several attractive pieces Are there other Hope students who have participated in a constructive bit of actual "doing"? Next week we will tell you of another perof f ur ni t ur e added. Sorosis has the unique honor of son's experience. having twelve of its members in *—UMmimiMMU mrnHmmmmmmmmmmmmmammmmm w imim '"••• •TrrmiiiaWBnWlMWWWWMB 80c. t h e Pound the glee club. Perhaps that means smimnmi t h a t there will be less competition iniiiuni!iinnniiiniiiauniiniinnin!iaiiiniii!i;i:iii:i!iiiiiii:ii in chorus work in society meetings for the next two weeks. Delphi — Tuesday afternoon College Barber Shop " K a y " Skillem and "Ernie" Klere(Rear off Gllies) koper entertained their sister Delmmmmmmmmm phians at tea in the Delphi room a t Voorhees Hall. Each fortnight MMMMHMMHECn lit 1,11:1:11:11:1 ri 11.1,1 UJUUiaOM ^! 1111 i i n, i • 1111:! 11111111: m 111 m • H | : i H cri.i 111.1.1,11,1.1:1 n two of the Delphi members play hostess to the society. This original and friendly custom of getting the society together f o r a social hour has proved to be a great success. -For— Sibylline — E x a m s and school a"iiiiaiiTn:ij:inTOranm:a:i:itiJXiiiiii:KiLLUi:Li:iiimxmiiiiiLimiiiJ!miiLiim!i!iiiirrrimTi^iiTi!iigMii-M!w-iifipryi-i-r^'ttp-rw activities have kept most of the sororities busy during the past week, but Sibylline took the time Saturday morning to come out with 331 College Ave. the Dorians f o r a joint session on C. HUIZENGA, prop. the basketball floor. So a f t e r see(Continued in next commn)

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The activities of tne f r a t e r n i t i e s were limited during the past week. An ominous silence seemed to pervade the various houses. It proved to be the quiet before the storm, as a f t e r exams the boys were a s boisterous as ever. Circulating reports of week-end trips, etc., prove that a good many boys used the vacation between semesters to good advantage. All the f r a t e r n i t i e s will miss the men that have gone with the Glee Club. A whole month seems to be a long time to be away fiom your f r a t e r n i t y brothers. A great deal of excitement was stirred up a t the Cosmopolitan House by a telephone call from points E a s t . It proved to be only Harry Friesema calling up to have his spats forwarded to New York as he had forgotten to t a k e them along. This was done post haste! The Emersonian House h a s been singularly quiet now t h a t Larry (Noisy) De Cook has gone with the Glee Club. Herm Janssen wrote from Portland, Michigan, "The Glee Club boys of the Emersonians are paiticipating in physical nourishment to assure successful maintenance of the vocal cords." The departure of the Glee Club has decimated the ranks of the Praters. Their rivals in basketball look f o r easy victories now that Paul Nettinga is out of the line-up for a month. The F r a t e r s will miss the musicians, "Chuck" Van Dommelen and "Rudy" Nichols. The Knickerbockers had a waxing bee a t their house Saturday morning. The boys waxed hot waxing the floors until tTiey shown like the seai of a blue serge trousers. It is rumored t h a t it took three pails of water to g e t Fred Wyngarden in action, a s he is a very heavy sleeper. We suspect t h a t either Fred intended t o get out of waxing floors or t h a t late hours the night before had made him particularly willing to remain under the influence of Morpheus.


ODE TO T H E N E W SEMESTER Twinkle, twinkle new semester. You are today, you will be yester' I suppose you too will fly And leave no speck against the sky!


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PLEADS FOR "SPIRITED GAME" Hillsdale Here For Second Bout Victory Vital To Hope M. I. A. A. Rating For Year


Inter fraternity League Games AddisonianH—Independents Fraternals—Independents Knickerbockers—AddisonianH Cosmopolitans—Emersonians Emersonians—Independents Fraternals—Knickerbockers Cosmopolitans—Addisons

D E A N MARTIN H E R E Basketball f a n s have another rare t r e a t in store for them this week with the varsity and f r e s h man quintets of the school defending honors a g a i n s t the invading clubs a t Cainegie gymnasium Friday evening. Hope's standing in the M. I. A. A. is one victory and two setbacks. One of the d e f e a t s was administered a t the hands of the Hillsdale college outfit in an overtime game a t Hillsdale two weeks ago. Now the Schoutenmen will get another chance a t the Dales. The freshmen will meet Dean Martin and his Saginaw Y. M. C. A. tossers in the preliminary. Hope's position in the conference is just a trifle better than t h a t of Hillsdale. But in order to stay ahead, a victory m u s t be registered The contest at the Hillsdale field house was one of the g r e a t e s t ones of the association season t h u s f a r . A f t e r Hope had taken an 18-7 lead at half time, the home club came back t o tie the margin at the end of the game. The five minute overtime session netted the Orange and Blue men a one point margin.

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Wednesday, Feb. 5th, Monday, Feb. 10th, Monday, Feb. 10th, Wednesday, Feb. 12th, Monday, Feb. 17th, Monday, Feb. 17th, Wednesday, Feb. 19th,

7-8 7-8 8-9 7-8 7-8 8-9 7-8

L E A G U E STANDING TO DATE—Feb. 3rd. 1930 Won Addison Fraternals Knickerbockers Emersonians Cosmopolitans Independents •THIll I lltlWI"!

2 1 1 ...2 2 0 "'w'tiamf niiitmn mmiiMuiHUiJMi

(*?POBTINCJOTS (W. s.) Alma Heads Conference Standings in the M. I. A. A. at the present time a r e : 1.000 0 Alma 3 Kazoo 1 .667 2 .667 Olivet 2 1 Hope 1 .333 2 Hillsdale 3 .250 1 Albion 0 3 .000 Calvin Drops Another Calvin absorbed another beating a t the hands of Adrian college at Grand Rapids, 41-24. The Knights fought very hard and held the visitors down d u r i n g the first half, but could not match the burst of speed by Adrian in the last two stanzas. The Calvin reserves won the preliminary. It goes to show t h a t we will have some close g a m e s with our rivals this year, as Calvin is getting better every week.

Lost 0 2 2 1 1 2

Percent. 1.000 .333 .333 .667 .667 .000

the ball up a t center. P r o f . Lampen was ringing the g o n g and t h e game was won. "All the fellows played good ball, Complete Line. Liberal allowance for your Cox and Boo, How and Clarence, old Instrument. and also Waddy, Herm, and Brute substituted well. Of course Huff Repair Service. All Accessories. and Gray were the highlights f o r the Albion team. They were all BnipwntqimiTmini iii'iinnnmimmimmaimjiKiimHEiiiii 11 good sports, and congratulated u s before they l e f t the floor. We know dtiri:iii!ii:i:iinniuii:i!tiiuiiiyniiiinoiinB]inn»nii!inniia:i!iiiiiiuiiK t h a t the pep of the students and faculty helped win t h a t game, and if you stay behind us, we're going to win many more g a m e s for you. " H e r e are the lineups and summaries of the game. Our scoring was well divided. T h a t always proves the s t r e n g t h of a team. AT THE Remember, we're going t o beat Hillsdale next week if you help us."

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u Li:mTt!ii;ia;m:i:i:im:i.iiui:i u u u j j

Hope College FG F T P Dalman, F 1 3 5 aumilllllll I Becker, F 2 2 6 Spoelstra, C 3 1 7 £niJi:n::TiM.i':iriTiLn:i:itiai:iJ,i:i:m,!:!ijjj.ij:i;i:ixiii;ari:!:iij;nii:iroianOTi!iiiiiain.TJ3iii:iiiUiii:i:i;imn;ii:i:tm^j:i:i:iaxsici«xi;i!i:i3 MET I T I N E R A N T PLAYER OF Cook, G 2 0 4 INDIAN SONGS AND T U N E S Van Lente, G 1 0 2 Japinga, F 0 0 0 A few years ago Miss Fulmer was Kruisenga, G 0 0 0 sitting in chapel at Finley College, Ohio. Suddenly the sound of foot9 6 24 steps fell upon the silence of the Just received new spring shipments of Neckwear, Albion College (21) auditorium, and a man with a vioShins, Pajama's, Hats and Caps. Trade in Holland FG TP lin under his a r m walked down the! wiih the Huff F 5 12 aisle and mounted the platform, i c 0 Amused students looked at one anKeller, C 0 0 other and smiled, but their smiles Gray, G 3 8 19 W . 8th St. *'where Collegians Trade" phone 5756 turned to looks of admiration when Koblin, G 0 0 the violinist, having asked permisRenkiewicz, F 0 0 sion to play for the students, lifted 'r.rptm.crajn:iTrrmun:iTtiTnimTri rnxriraniranxiirjixrnriTJOTcrnnirnnrri'nmimrinnaanxiiffiBi O'Rourke, F 0 0 his instrument and for a half hour Rice, C 0 0 delighted his audience with Indian Schuler, G 0 1 melodies. It was revealed that the musician was Roy Young, a well8 5 21 known imitator of Indian music. His Referee: Forsythe, Michigan. Established 1872 craze for melody had gone to his head and, r a t h e r unconsciously, he -had been traveling about—a small iririTrrn Indian boy his only companion. NICK UNEMA A f t e r chapel Miss Fulmer went to the conservatory where she began Shoe Repairing to practice upon her violin. Suddenly she heard someone approaching, 230 Rim Ate. Opp. P. Office •MnnDmDHnnnHHnHMMNMnnaaHMMnnnMMHHHHHHHaBMHHHMHHi and glancing up she saw Roy MHHHHHBBSSHHHBBHBHBHMBBBBHHHMUB Young. The musician told her that .JIIIUlMMMIJWIIU'lMIIIIIIIIIIWMMIIIBIIMIIIIIlKaBBBWWWMWMMPPPai he had been listening to her music, •HmiTO that he liked h e r tone, and t h a t he was about to give her a lesson. For a half hour he t a u g h t her. Then he played some of his own delightful melodies—lowered his instrument R I V E R AVENUE You are invited to use the Banking facilities of and a s suddenly as he had appeared he went away. The next ittwmrrrm nviKnBMBHPnBHMnnBMMM week Miss Fulmer was given one of Roy Young's compositions for study and later she read that he The oldest and largest State Bank iii the County was to play in a concert in the east—the last she ever heard about "Dick" the Shoe Docior ••••wrwnwwiw nwim w i i i i i i w h i i m i i i h — • i w — n m • him.

Miss Fulmer Relates ^Unusual Experience

Hello Hopeites Don't Go Away


We can trim Hillsdale if the proper support is given. Last week the players were inspired by the pep of the crowd and fought every minute. A win over a large school like Albion is a f e a t h e r in our cap. In order to stay in the race we must win the game. It should be a thriller f r o m s t a r t to finish. HillsScores Don't Count dale has a s t a r in Restifo, high Basketball scores do not mean a scorer in the conference last seathing. Alma beat Albion by three son. Dean Martin, one of the greatest points and likewise defeated Kazoo centers in the history of Hope, is by the same margin. Then Kazoo in a Y position at Saginaw. He has trimmed the Methodists, 41-16. Albuilt up a s t r o n g team to play the ma trampled all over Hillsdale, and freshmen and this will be one of Hope who defeated Albion by three the f e a t u r e preliminaries of the points lost to the Dales. Then comes Olivet who had lost to Kayear. zoo and won f r o m Hope, and beat Hillsdale. Oh, w h a t ' s the use! Dope Another 100 Percent Group doesn't cut any figure in this cir"We are 100 percent in the cuit. Milestone subscription drive! —oHow many does your society need to be 100 p e r c e n t ? " Such are t h e challenges hurled hack and forth upon the camLast week we all had such a pus. The staff heads hit upThey said not to carry much bag- pleasant time writing examinations on another clever idea when D . Schaftenaar, Prop. gage, but a certain plump f r o s h that we think it only fitting to exthey invoked this method of couldn't quite understand how he press our appreciation of our kind signing up Hopeites on the Phont 5328 13 E. 8th St. could pack his belongings in the and considerate faculty. Many indotted line. The latest reports W« Call For and Deliver confines of one suitcase. Especially teresting instances of exam quesare t h a t the Knickerbockers since he was to be gone for a whole tions and answers have come to the tmmxnmc ra-ixmro; now have a 100 percent ratmonth! He stood in the middle of notice of our all-seeing eye. It is ing. Other societies arc rapidthe floor, a huge pile of clothes, rumored that one senior wrote a ly attaining the same distincphotographs, stationery and books treatise covering usable space of tion. Several people have seen the " d u m m y " of the 1930 heaped about him. three bluebooks, finished first in "Say, how did you m a n a g e ? " he one of the Philosophy classes. This book, and they continue to Try asked one of his amused friends looks like the proverbial "dark exclaim upon its excellent who stood beside him. m a n ! " progress. o "Well," the friend replied, "you might omit the photographs. We're going E a s t to see new sights. Why i We Try To Please (Continued from page 1) d r a g those ancient relics along. (Continued from page 1) when you'll see hundreds of girls! told us how to correct them. 'Three whom you've never looked at be-; minutes' called Timekeeper Lamfrigid Artie to the balmy tropics. fore?" ipen through the closed door. With In 1905 this ambitious lad was en"Why all the books?" interrupted a final word we were out on the rolled in the Hope College Prepar- another voice." Let the other fel- 1 floor again. Somehow or other we atory School. Dr. J . B. Nykerk en- lows in your class take care of couldn't get started. Albion scored Johi Dykema Jottpb B v p u o couraged his literary progress, with those. I'm doing i t ! " | several baskets, yet we stayed one Phone S442 the results t h a t we see today. But persistent Johnnie heaped point ahead. Becker dribbled around "Close Hauled" has a distin- his bag to the point of overflow- the guard, shot. ' T h a t a boy. Beck(juished introduction penned by the ing, then taxed its cowhide with e r ! ' T h e game was nearing the end. hand of Edward Bok, recently his full weight, and finally — it 'Make those fouls good Dalman' mourned in death by the world's closed. With a sigh of relief he Swish, swish, and how he did. "The Soft Water leaders and common people. Rev. Laundry19 glanced contentedly about the There was a minute and a half to Pasma is now serving his pastorate room. His eye became riveted upon, play ; and we were seven points Wet Wash, Rough Dr> in Rockville, Md. one chair. He shook his head and j ahead. Huff snared a p r e t t y one Finished Work mumbled disgustedly. There were f r o m the side. Then Gray shot a Holland, Mich. Only eighteen weeks to summer shoes which belonged in the hot- very long one. The referee threw 1 vacation. tom of the b a g ! (Continued in next column)

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