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HOPE COLLEGE ANCHOR Hope College — Holland, Michigan


New Library Policy Announced By Staff

"God's Way Out" To Be '56 Religion Week Theme

With the beginning of the new semester, there is to be a change in policy f o r the library. There will be no supervision of the main reading room, but this will be on an experimental basis. It is felt t h a t the students a r e well a w a r e of the stipulations of study in t h e library, therefore there is no need of cons t a n t reiteration of the rules.




Van Eenenaam, Lup Named Fulda Program Winners

2. that all who use the main reading room will be expected to observe the basic rules f o r serious study and r e f r a i n f r o m all talking.

David 0 . V a n E e n e n a a m , junior f r o m Muskegon, Michigan, was selected as the first American student to p a r t i c i p a t e in the s u m m e r work-scholarship plan of the Fulda Rubber Works in Fulda, Germany. The announcement w a s m a d e today This policy can be regarded as by P r o f e s s o r E d w a r d Wolters, chaira challenge by all students, and m a n of the selection committee. should be considered as another Lawrence N. Lup, j u n i o r f r o m step in student government. May Union Lake, Michigan, was selected we have your s u p p o r t ? The staff of the Anchor joins as alternate, f r o m a total of sixwith the r e s t of t h e campus in applications. extending a most cordial welD a v e ' s o u t s t a n d i n g scholastic come to t h e Reverend Howard Seven Seniors Are record a t Hope College, particularly H a g e m a n and his wife. We a r e in the fields of Chemistry and GerMid-Term Graduates happy t h a t you can be with us man, were a m o n g t h e reasons for The office of the d e a n h a s anthis year, and hope that your t h e selection according to Dr. Paul nounced t h e F e b r u a r y graduation of trip to Holland will bring both G. Fried, one of the committee seven seniors. They a r e as follows: pleasure and increased knowmembers. Dr. Fried also cited Richard Ten Haken, Business Adledge of our faith to us all. Dave's record in participation in exm inis tra tion; Robert Bedingfield, We hope that both of you, as tra-cirricular activities as one of Psychology; Ronald De Graw, Busiour guests, will call on any of t h e f a c t o r s e n t e r i n g into the deness Administration; Helena Joffer, us at any time. W e are proud cision. "The committee f e l t , " said English-French; A l b e r t N e l s o n , of our school, and sincerely offer Dr. Fried, " T h a t Dave would be a Business A d m i n i s t r a t i o n ; Loren our w a r m e s t hospitality in hopes good, capable representative of Renkema, History-Education; and that your s t a y with us will be a Hope College and the U n i t e d Bert Roskamp, History. pleasant one. States." Dr. Fried also expressed the hope t h a t this event will p r e p a r e the w a y f o r similar opportunities f o r Hope students in t h e f u t u r e . This Mr. " D u f f y " W a d e m a n a g e r of is the first y e a r t h a t a student f r o m the Blue Key bookstore, announced the United S t a t e s h a s been included recently t h a t Blue Key has been in the F u l d a p r o g r a m , which has designated official Hope College Due to a "re-evaluation and rea g e n t f o r Wilcox and Follett, na- allignment of academic s t a t u s and been in operation f o r several years. tional textbook concern. Mr. Wade vocational aims" W a r r e n Buiten- He r e t o f o r e , several s t u d e n t s f r o m stressed t h a t in this capacity, Blue dorp has recently resigned a s edi- other E u r o p e a n countries h a s parKey will be able to advise students tor-in-chief of the Anchor. T h e de- ticipated in the p r o g r a m , which when to sell and when not to sell cision was announced by Lois Hoek- consists of a s u m m e r ' s work in the their used textbooks. He also said sema, c h a i r m a n of t h e Publications Chemistry d e p a r t m e n t of the Fult h a t Blue Key would a t all times Board, on J a n u a r y 20. The board da plant. A r r a n g e m e n t s a r e being give the f a i r e s t possible price to h a s selected Marianne Wierks and made t h r o u g h the German Acathe students of Hope in buying Robert W i n t e r to edit the Anchor demic E x c h a n g e Service in Bonn, books. f o r two issues, of which this is the Germany. He said, however, t h a t the used first. At t h e end of t h a t time, the CALENDAR book business is usually run on board will consider a n y complaints Sat., 4 — Olivet ( h e r e ) strict t e r m s , and t h a t o f t e n books which have developed during t h a t S t u d e n t council p a r t y will be worth considerably less time and make p e r m a n e n t staff assignments. Tues., 4 — Albion ( a w a y ) money t h a n t h a t originally paid f o r It was also announced t h a t appliFri., 10 — Alcor film. them. A t any r a t e , students will now be able to sell their books a t cations f o r editorship of the Anchor ASA formal any time d u r i n g the semester, al- f o r the remainder of the school Sat., 11 — Alma (here) though Mr. Wade stressed t h a t the year will also be accepted and conSun., 12 — S t r i n g q u a r t e t examination period and the early sidered a t this time. Complaints Mon. 13 - F r i . 17 — Dutch T r e a t p a r t of the second semester were and applications should be given to Week the best t i m e s to sell used books. Lois Hoeksema or Meryl Gowens. Tues., 14 — Calvin (here)

Welcome . . .

'Key' Buying Books

Buitendorp Resigns,Two To Fill Post

G. Hageman


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Religious E m p h a s i s Week this year will consist of a series of f o u r addresses by the Reverend Mr. H a g e m a n , to be delivered in a special hour-long Chapel service each morning. In addition, special vesper meditations, exchange devotions, and evening p r o g r a m s have been a r ranged to add to the meaning of the week. Highlight of the week this year will be an open Communion Service at eight o'clock T h u r s d a y evening, with Mr. H a g e m a n presiding. Assisting in the service will be the Reverend Christian Walvoord of t h e Third Reformed Church of Holland. F o u r f a c u l t y members who a r e members of the Consistory of Third Church will also assist in this service. The m o r n i n g Chapel services will begin a t 9:30 each day, and will last until 10:30. The titles of Mr. H a g e m a n ' s addresses a r e as follows: "The H u m a n Situation", "The Divine Invasion", "The Madness of t h e Cross", and "The Hinge of History". S t u d e n t leaders will assist d u r i n g these services. Mrs. H a g e m a n to Accompany The planning committee is pleased to announce t h a t the speaker's wife, Mrs. H a g e m a n will accompany him to Hope's campus, and will participate in the activities of the week. As in previous years, opportunities will be provided f o r personal conferences with t h e g u e s t s p e a k er, should anyone wish to discuss a p a r t i c u l a r question. Mrs. H a g e m a n has also consented to confer with any who may wish to do so. Schedules will be posted soon f o r appointments with Rev. and Mrs. H a g e m a n . Conferences will be held in two selected rooms, which will be announced when the schedules a r e posted. Monday night will f e a t u r e a joint Y Cabinet meeting with Reverend and Mrs. H a g e m a n . On Tuesday evening, a panel discussion will be held, a t which time a panel of students and f a c u l t y will discuss questions of general interest with the s p e a k e r and his wife. The Chapel will be open o nMonday and Wednesday evenings f o r private meditation in a worshipful atmosphere. Reverend and Mrs. H a g e m a n will meet with t h e members of the f a c u l t y and administration Wednesday evening. T h r o u g h o u t the week, devotions will be held in the various c a m p u s living groups. These will be held on a n exchange basis f o r the first three days. In addition, vesper meditations will be held in the Chapel basement at five o'clock each evening Monday through Wednesday. Degrees from H a r v a r d , New Brunswick The Reverend Mr. H a g e m a n comes to Hope's campus well recommended. A native of Lynn, Massachusetts, he was born in 1921. H e was g r a d u a t e d f r o m Albany Academy in 1938, and received his A.B. degree f r o m H a r v a r d University in 1942. Upon his graduation f r o m New Brunswick Theological Seminary in 1945, he was ordained to t h e ministry of the Reformed Church in America, and installed as p a s t o r of the N o r t h Reformed Church of N e w a r k , New Jersey, his present pastorate. Since his graduation f r o m Seminary, he h a s made two visits to Europe, in the s u m m e r s of 1950 and in 1953. In 1952, he was appointed Lector in Liturgies a t the New Brunswick Seminary, a post which he now holds. An a m a t e u r organist and a u t h o r of m a n y articles dealing with t h e R e f o r m e d Church f o r The Church Herald, Mr. H a g e m a n h a s also w r i t t e n a short history of the R e f o r m e d f a i t h and doctrine, Lily Among the Thorns. Copies of this book will be available a t the Blue Key bookstore, as well as other m a t e r i a l designed to aid in acheiving the purposes of Religious E m p h a s i s Week. Reverend H a g e m a n is well acquainted with t h e ideas of youth, and conducted a religious emphasis week a t Central College, in Pella, Iowa, several years ago. We are looking f o r w a r d to having him with us this year. Members of the central planning committee f o r Religious E m p h a s i s Week this y e a r were as follows: Phyllis Maat, Ann Bloodgood, M a r g a r e t Hospers, Carol Kuyper, Christine Cloetingh, Nell Salm, Ted Redding, Don Van E t t e n , and Robert Winter. F a c u l t y adviser to the committee was Mr. Roger Rietberg, college organist.



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To Be Speaker

"God's W a y O u t " will be t h e theme of the 1956 Religious E m p h a s i s Week, it was announced last week by Phyllis Maat and Robert Winter, co-chairmen f o r the annual Y.W.C.A.-Y.M.C.A. project. As previously announced, the g u e s t speaker will be the Reverend Howard G. H a g e man, p a s t o r of the N o r t h Reformed Church of Newark, New J e r s e y . According to plans revealed Monday, the week will begin on Monday, F e b r u a r y 6, and close Thursday evening, F e b r u a r y 9.

The library staff announces: 1. t h a t those who feel t h a t they have to talk m u s t use the basement reading room or the Kletz or the lounge or any one of a hundred places on the campus where t a l k i n g will not disturb others.

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FEBRUARY 3, 1956

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EDITOR'S DESK Mousetraps and Constitutions " P r o g r e s s " is one of the sacred cows in our American culture. We are a nation dedicated to the building of the better mousetrap, and even to improving the mouse before capture. But progress, unlike opportunity, rarely knocks. It often consists of myriad details and hidden achievements. Recently, the Anchor carried an article concerning the proposed revision of the Student Council Constitution. The headline over this article may have been misleading, f o r classes, as such, can neither lose nor gain power through the proposed revision. Elsewhere in this issue, there is the first of a series of articles written by m e m b e r s of the constitution committee of the council. These articles should help to clear up a few of the misunderstandings t h a t may have arisen. It may also prevent f u r t h e r misconceptions f r o m arising in the minds of the student body. Anyone who has taken the trouble to read the present document can see why a revision is in order. In fact, it is more than in order . . . it is a necessity. The t e r m s of the revision is m a t t e r f o r the student body as a whole to decide. But before f o r m i n g any pre-conceived or prejudicial notions, we would suggest t h a t every student read a copy of the proposed revision, and then think f o r himself. The revision should stand or fail on its merits alone — not on what some think it m a y do, but upon what it will do. Constitutional revision always involves those myriad details we mentioned before. A lot of mice are caught t h a t may never be noticed, but the m o u s e t r a p s do work. Many of these details may never be seen, nor should t h e y be. But let us not discard an idea simply because it h a s never been tried before. We too are m a k i n g progress we too are building better mousetraps. —R.A.W.

season without coal with which to heat their rooms. Labs are barren of scientific equipment: libraries contain a minimum of books, obsoby Ethel Smith lete books. "In their s t r u g g l e upward, stuThese students need friends, peodents everywhere need a helping ple who care about their plight, hand. Their road is hard, their people who are concerned about the needs a r e critical." quality of leaders that our world Colleges the world over are in is p r e p a r i n g , people who believe dire need. Their s t r u g g l e to main- that education is one assurance f o r tain high educational s t a n d a r d s and a b r i g h t e r f u t u r e , an answer t h a t a consistent opportunity f o r ad- may f u r n i s h us a f u t u r e instead of vancement is confronted with al- a holocaust. To continue in the most overwhelming adversaries — words of Ralph Bunche, "One of Poverty, H u n g e r , Sickness, Despair. these f r i e n d s is World University Young people abroad, college stu- Service. This organization dents composed of much the same is engaged in a world-wide mutual fiber as we on Hope's campus, must aid p r o g r a m directed at helping overcome disheartening odds, de- students to help themselves, giving f e a t i n g opposition. Because of a a helping hand to the leaders of lack of financial help a substantial tomorrow." W U S maintains activinumber of P a k i s t a n students cannot ties not onl yin an ideal sphere, as finish college. Botha (name of a desirable as idealism can be, but tribe) students in the Union of operates on a practical level, achievSouth A f r i c a were forced to leave ing concrete results t h a t can be school when t h e government with- compiled in a statistician's table. drew the s t a t e scholarships; a pov- A service organization f o r the unierty-stricken native f a m i l y found versal world of students, W U S acts it impossible to aid a young son as a m e a n s f o r our h u m a n i t a r i a n through medical school. Student efforts, a m a n i f e s t a t i o n of our need r e f u g e e s in Germany live on less to offer compassion on a universal than $1.00 a day. J a p a n e s e college level a s well as on an individual s t u d e n t s a r e plagued with tuber- one. cular diseases. Of t h e students in " H e l p i n g students to help themthe Calcutta University who have selves." To help themselves to places in which to live, their homes what ? To international cooperation, a r e of an a r e a equal to the size improved health, decent lodging, of a twin bed. Floods annually des- up-to-date implements f o r study. troy t h e homes of students in As- With a g r a n t f r o m W U S students sam, India. Girls in Athens, Greece in the Molusi College in Ijebu, suffer t h r o u g h t h e entire winter N i g e r i a built their own infirmary.

WUS Offers Aid To Foreign Schools



Puss-n-Boots When the buzzer sounded Dr. Dandy knew t h a t his experiment had been completed. More buzzes followed in quick succession conveying definite emotion. At the final blast which threatened to t e a r the device f r o m its moorings, old Dr. Dandy rose with a groan of effort f r o m his well-worn chair in the outer office and scratched his bald pate with a "Dandy Lab. Supply House" card. "Alright, Miss Boots, I'm coming, I'm coming." He muttered under his breath. With a sigh of bored habit he pushed open the door to the embalming room. It was a dingy looking old chamber t h a t had seen better days as a coach room. Its walls were lined with shelves containing pickled bull-frogs to bottled e a r t h w o r m s and it smelled strongly of Formaldehyde. A dim light struggled through the dusty window panes over the snake cages to reveal the large disecting table in the center of the room. Upon that table sat a large cat, a r a t h e r normal looking torn, not very different from the many others t h a t Dandy Lab. Supply House picked up in alleys to send to its customers. The only abnormal f e a t u r e in this particular cat was the m a n n e r in which it sat leering at Miss Boots as much as to say, " S a y , you cute little blue-eyed kitten, won't you come over here and cuddle a little?" As a m a t t e r of f a c t it did open its mouth to speak and instead of saying "Meow," as is customary f o r felines, it said in a low p u r r i n g

With contributions compiled f r o m international f u n d s a 33-bed tuberculosis ward was accomplished in J a p a n . Indonesian students, with funds f r o m WUS, mimeographed textbooks f o r distribution to their contemporaries in t h e s t u d e n t realm. Housing has been made possible in the Cairo University, the University of J e r u s a l e m , in countries t h a t range f r o m the Korean F a r E a s t to those warmed by the Mediterranean w a t e r s .

voice, "Come on kitten, w h a t say we hit the town together, h m m ? " The last word ended with t h a t leering inflection. It winked one eye slyly and stroked its whiskers in an elegant manner. P e r h a p s it was this extraordinary behavior t h a t rendered Miss Boots speechless. She stood back in a corner looking f o r all the world like a blond little kitten — innocent blue eyes wide open in amazement. Dr. Dandy scratched his head again and rubbed his eyes. Finally Dr. Dandy come out of his dream and puffed in indignant tones. " W h a t is the meaning of speaking to my a s s i s t a n t with such licentiousness! M r . . . M r . . . " He f a l t e r e d . "Tom will do," said the cat demurely, and then added with an insolent yawn, "you stay out of this. Pop, its between me and blue eyes here. Get lost." Another lecherous wink f o r the p r e t t y Miss Boots who seemed to be flattered by he cat's attention and nearly jabbed herself with the hypodermic needle she still held in h e r hand. " H a r r u m p h ! Miss Boots. This specimen of Felis libyca domestica was incapable of speech when he was b r o u g h t here. Kindly explain this phenomenen," demanded the venerable Dr. Dandy who was not to be out-done by a common alley cat. "W-well," s t u t t e r e d Miss Boots. "I injected him with the new f o r m ula and the next minute he w a s g e t t i n g f r e s h with me. I think something must be wrong with the f o r m u l a , " she offered weakly. " W r o n g b a b y ? " said the cat. "The only thing wrong is all the confab with old skin-head here. Let's get down to business, cat-nip, we've got places to go." He

languidly stretched a paw and beckoned. "Well, Tommy," she almost mewed. "I do think you're very cute, but Dr. Dandy doesn't let me off until 5:30." Being a " c a t a m o u r " at h e a r t , she found no difficulty in speaking to cats as if they were human. Many cat lovers do j u s t that. She had overcome the initial shock and was scartching Tom behind the ears. "Besides," she added. " I t would be r a t h e r difficult f o r me to walk fences and all. You being a cat and I " " P o o f ! " exclaimed Tom. "You h u m a n s a r e n ' t as s m a r t as you think you a r e . " With a supercilious glance a t the good Dr. he s t a t e d that the galley cat on Darwin's ship knew more about evolution t h a n Darwin could learn in 9100 lives. " H a v e any Catmium catal y s t ? You mix the chemicals and I'll direct you. We'll have the best catabolism serum ever produced." U n d e r Tom's direction the serum was made and Miss Boots p r e p a r e d to inject it into her a r m . Miss Boots was tired of her job and decided t h a t a cat's life would be f u n f o r awhile. " O u c h " she said. " A r e you sure this is meow meow m e o w ? " She licked her paw and began w a s h i n g her ears. "M e o w ? " " M e O W ! " yowled Tom and gracefully leaped off of the able to her side. "Well, Pop, take it easy," said Tom with a h a u t y flick of his tail as he stalked past, Miss Boots gliding proudly by his side. "We'll be seeing you — we're c a t t i n g o u t ! " Dr. Dandy scratched his head again as the two proud tails disappeared around the door. —J.E.H.

. . Or The World In Pieces"

" T h e opportunity of a lifetime." T h a t was the w a y Dave Van Eenenaam characterized the F u l d a p r o g r a m in his application f o r the scholarship. (See page 1). This is certainly true, f o r in the world of Loday, international understanding is of p r i m a r y importance to us all to the survival of our civilization. In this age of alphabet bombs, the problem is, indeed, as one song put it: "Peace in the world or the world in pieces." Travel abroad is certainly one way to gain understanding. But mere travel o f t e n produces little more t h a n superficial impressions, and they alone can hardly f o r m a substantial basis f o r the world unMore specifically, the W U S in the d e r s t a n d i n g we so urgently need. Only by coming in contact with the United S t a t e s is affiliated with the people of foreign countries in their native environment — which is not World University Service inter- the picture the " t r a v e l e r " gets — can we really hope to understand a nationally. The national headquar- way of life different f r o m ours. ters are on 40th Street in New The F u l d a p r o g r a m is an excellent step in this direction. Dave York City with regional offices will not only have the opportunity to live a m o n g the people of Germany, located t h r o u g h o u t our country. but he will also have t h e opportunity to work among them. In this Even the sponsoring organizations manner, by day-to-day contact with the people of Germany in their demonstrate the breadth of scope normal life, he will be able to r e t u r n with a good deal of i nformation, of WUS—B'rai B'rith Foundations, and, we hope, goodwill, to spread a m o n g Americans. In like m a n n e r , National N e w m a n Club Federation, the Student Ambassadorship and the S u m m e r Travel P r o g r a m being United S t a t e s National Student As- initiated this y e a r will provide Hope with a nucleus of s t u d e n t s whose sociation, United Student Christian outlook has been broadened. Council including the YMCA, YW Hope may well count itself f o r t u n a t e to have these possibilities f o r CA and t h e student divisions of cultural increase available to its students. As a college we t h a n k H e r r the P r o t e s t a n t Church. This inde- Otto-Zeno Steffens, m a n a g i n g director of the Fulda plant, f o r his inpendent, non-partisan organization t e r e s t in world understanding. May we join him in this cause. collects f u n d s , with the voluntary — R . A. W. cooperation of 600 colleges in t h e United S t a t e s as well as through Brownsville, the g a t e w a y to Mexico. national branches in 38 countries There is more — a lot more. You abroad. Countries receiving aid can see this travelogue by securing frequently a u g m e n t their support a complimentary student ticket in by local f u n d - r a i s i n g projects — N e x t Wednesday, F e b r u a r y 8th, the Business Office. truly a self-help a t t i t u d e ! at 7:45 P.M. in the chapel, the

Kiwanis To Feature Gulf Coast Picture

Our fellow students in countries all over the world, especially in the Asiatic and E a s t e r n areas, need our help. They don't want charity — but they do w a n t an opportunity to help themselves, even if it means digging t h e foundation f o r t h e i r dorms or p r i n t i n g t h e i r own books from a sample copy. They need an opportunity to m a i n t a i n their dignity and to d e m o n s t r a t e t h e i r individual merit, t h e i r collective ability. W e can give t h a t help. W e can aid other students, young people just like the ones who sit next to us in our classes or across f r o m us in the Kletz. We can contribute to the dignity of h u m a n i t y . We can put our Christianity into international practice t h r o u g h World University Service.

Kiwanis Club of Holland will sponsor the fifth p r o g r a m in its World Travel Series. Mr. Julian Gromer will speak on t h e subject of "The Fabulous Gulf Coast". The Reverend Mr. Paul H i n k a m p , The " t o u r " will begin a t the r e g i s t r a r , has announced t h a t t h e Suwannee River, in Florida, and will go all t h e way t o the Rio booklet, Chapel Talks on Christian Grande—the border river between Symbols, is presently on sale a t t h e Texas and Mexico. Some of the Blue Key bookstore. places seen will be Wakulla Springs The book, dedicated to Dr. Dimf o r some under-water shots, Pen- nent, f o r m e r president of t h e colsacola, Bellingrath Gardens, f a m o u s lege, consists of t a l k s given by Mr. Biloxi, and one will t a s t e t h e old H i n k a m p in chapel d u r i n g p a s t world c h a r m of New Orleans. years. These t a l k s center around The t r i p continues by exploring those symbols which a r e to be seen t h e Delta country, with its salt, in the various chapel windows. s u g a r , and Tabasco sauce. Then to The proceeds f r o m the sale of t h e Texas where one will see the ship- book will contribute to t h e f u n d ping of cotton and sulphur a t Gal- f o r the erection of t h e Music Buildveston, the h u g e King's Ranch, and ing.

Hinkamp's Book Now On Sale


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Miss C h r i s t i n e Denny, senior T h e Music D e p a r t m e n t of Hope p r e s e n t e d a s t u d e n t recital T h u r s - f r o m Holland, and Mr. A r t h u r day n i g h t in t h e chapel. P a r t i c i - J e n t z , senior f r o m Palisade, N e w p a n t s w e r e R u t h W r i g h t , pianist, J e r s e y , h a v e been chosen to a p p e a r ' Neil P e t t y , t e n o r , accompanied by b e f o r e t h e national director of the Lois V a n D e l i n d e r , S a n d r a Dressel, Woodrow Wilson Fellowship comclarinetist, H e l e n W a d e , accompan- mittee. A f t e r a screening in Ann ist, R u t h Voss, pianis t, A n i t a Van A r b o r , t h e two Hope College s t u Lente, s o p r a n o , accompanied by d e n t s w e r e promoted to the next R u t h Moore, A n n Bloodgood, or- echelon of candidacy. T h e y w e r e g a n i s t , and a s a x o p h o n e q u a r t e t in- a m o n g f o u r s t u d e n t s f r o m Hope cluding T e r r i l Zylman, H a r o l d Rit- College who a p p e a r e d b e f o r e t h e s e m a , Ronald A c k e r m a n n , and Cal- Regional Selection Committee. The vin L a n g e j a n s . final r e s u l t s will not be obtained F u t u r e concerts a r e scheduled f o r until the l a s t p a r t of F e b r u a r y . T h u r s d a y , F e b r u a r y 16, and T h u r s The t e r m s of the fellowship a r e day, F e b r u a r y 23. a s follows: The candidates m u s t be invited to p a r t i c i p a t e by mem*.* J bers of t h e academic profession. Only persons of m a r k e d ability a r e qualified f o r even the first requireSYBESMA'S SERVICE m e n t . The fellowship is designed Dealer in Sinclair Products f o r people who have not yet emW A S H I N G A N D GREASING b a r k e d upon a p o s t - g r a d u a t e course, Comer 9th and College and who a r e eligible to do so in t h e academic y e a r 1956-57.

6 P.M.

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Give Evening Recital Wilson Fellow Finals


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Student Musicians

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The individual selected to receive t h e fellowship will be g r a n t e d an a m o u n t of money sufficient to cover tuition, board, room, and expenses a t a n y u n i v e r s i t y of the s t u d e n t ' s choice. For

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Woodrow Wilson F e l l o w s , t h e United S t a t e s and C a n a d a h a v e been divided into twelve r e g i o n s d e t e r m i n e d by t h e d i s t r i b u t i o n of u n d e r g r a d u a t e population. The selection is made by t h e Regional Selection C ommittee composed of one r e p r e s e n t a t i v e f r o m each m e m ber institution of the Association of A m e r i c a n U n i v e r s i t i e s w i t h i n the region, and also by t h e N a t i o n al Dir ector and the Fellowship C o m m i t t e e of t h e Association of G r a d u a t e Schools.

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Discover now how your abilities will fit into the ever-expanding communications industry when you're ready to start your business career. For a personal appraisal of your f u t u r e prospects in this vital industry, call or visit your Placement Counselor now and arrange an interview with our representatives. They'll be on campus soon to talk with—



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One For 4 Since Calvin; Ice Seen To Help Adrian Femmes Top Kazoo; Go Bowling Today

Through The Keyhole

With Donna H a r d e n b e r g as high point woman, the Hope girls defeated the Kalamazoo College cagers on S a t u r d a y , J a n u a r y 21, by a score of 47-22. Highlighting the event was the return of Marcia Smith, Hope College alumna and avid sports f a n , who refereed the game.

There have been m a n y questions raised in the last f e w weeks as to the proper a t t i t u d e one should display when watching an athletic contest. Also in recent weeks t h e r e has much overt criticism of both the team and coach who represent Hope College on the basketball This week the gal athletes will court. In much of his enthusiasm f e a t u r e bowling on their sports the f a n has, seemingly, f o r g o t t e n agenda. On Friday, F e b r u a r y 3, a very essential fact, the f a c t t h a t f r o m 2 to 5 p.m. at the Holland he too is an active, open, and exbowling alley, there will be a chance tremely obvious representative of to indulge t h a t yen f o r bowling. his school, perhaps to an even And to obtain a well-rounded bowlg r e a t e r extent than either player ing education, the girls will set or coach. their own pins. Setting those pins It is a recognized f a c t a m o n g not only offers a good experience but slices t h e bowling f e e down coaches that everyone admitted to one thin dime per line. Here's to an athletic contest knows more a g r e a t opportunity f o r f u n and about the g a m e and how it should recreation, and a good way to earn be playe'd t h a n the players and points f o r t h a t much desired W. coach. It is also t r u e t h a t anyone coaching comes to expect and looks A. A. letter.





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LfAN EPS »'« #,• *.* #.• • > ».• »• #• #,• ** #.• • • •.» # « #.* » • • * • • * • « • » . • # . • • * • « * • * * * . • # « * » * »?•! * * • « • * * * • « * # » * * * • « • * • * • * * « * « * « * * * « • * • « • « • * • « • • • * * « * * * * * * * * • * • • • * • * • # • » • » • # • » » • • # • • • # • # •*» • ' # »*

A f t e r the first round of interf r a t e r n i t y basketball, the F r a t e r s f o r w a r d to a certain amount of criticism — especially a f t e r loosing a r e leading the race by two full a couple of g a m e s . However, in g a m e s . They boast an 8-2 overall spite of this criticism, each coach m a r k . The Cosmos and E m m i e s expects to have the support of both a r e tied f o r second spot with 6-4 his players and the students of his records. The F r a t e r s a r e in f r o n t school when it comes time f o r the primarily because of their offensive s t r e n g t h . In both leagues they lead next game. the scoring race. In the " B " League A t Hope College the athletes a r e by 50 points over the Emmies, and t a u g h t above all else to conduct in the " A " League by a slim 2 themselves, both on and off the points over the E m m i e s again. The field of competition, as sportsmen F r a t e r " B " League squad is the and gentlemen at all times. In all defensive leader, allowing their opour athletic affiliations the competponents only 32.4 points per game. ing schools have been very pleased The Cosmos lead the " A " League with these s t n d a r d s and have enon defense, holding their foes to a joyed their series with Hope imlow 29.2 points per g a m e . mensly. This applies to non-conferLeading the individual scoring in ence contracts as well as conferthe " A " League is A r t Bieri of the ence. Would it be to much to expect this same h i g h standard of Arkies, who has massed a total of 79 points. Harold Ritsema of the conduct f r o m our f a n s ? E m m i e s is right behind with 78. The fact is readily recognizable The " B " League leader h a s been t h a t at times t h e r e may be j u s t Dave Woodcock, who scored a surgrounds f o r criticism. Also it is prisingly high 103 points in 5 t r u e that a good old Bronx Cheer g a m e s . Dave, now a m e m b e r of the is an integral p a r t of the spectators Hope Varsity, and h a v i n g played priviliges a s such. However the a g a i n s t Manchester, will not be practice of booing the officials, eligible to play in the second round maliciously criticizing the coach of ball. and players, and riding members The second round of i n t r a m u r a l of the opposing t e a m not only do basketball competition commenced not come under these categories, on Monday, J a n u a r y 30. In the but are not a p a r t of the sportsopening g a m e the F r a t e r s continued man-like conduct which is expected to roll along as they defeated the f r o m a school like Hope. Especially E m m i e s by a 55-48 score. H a r r y disheartening is t h e habit certain Voss, J a c k Docherty, and Pete students have of "mocking" memBylenga led the victors in scoring bers of their own team. Since the with 20, 15, and 10 points respect e a m is a representative of the f a n tively. The Cosmos maintained and his school it would seem t h a t their undefeated record in " A " the job of the f a n is to spark this League by beating the Seminary team to g r e a t e r effort and thus 45-31. Bill Sandahl with 14 points g r e a t e r results. P e r h a p s this can and J o h n Klaasen with 12 points be accomplished best by construcwere the scoring leaders. In the tive support at t h e games. final g a m e of the evening the It is not of p a r a m o u n t impor- Knicks scored their first victory in tance that you a g r e e with the coach " A " League by t a k i n g the Arkies on either his methods or his theory 58-45. Joe Martin had 23 points of coaching, no coach e x p e c t s and Bob Vander L u g t added 18 everyone to a n y w a y , however it is points f o r the Knicks. A r t Bieri i m p o r t a n t t h a t you give him your raised his league leading point whole-hearted support a t g a m e total to 102 points. time. By being a "mocker" and a N e x t week's schedule includes the d e g r a d e r you a r e h u r t i n g your following g a m e s : school and thus indirectly h u r t i n g " A " League yourself.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • I I I I I I I I I I I I


Western Michigan's


Monday, Feb. 6 Seminary vs. F r a t e r s —7:00 P.M. E m m i e s vs. Arkies 8:00 P.M. Cosmos vs. Knicks 9:00 P.M.




Praters Lead Olivet On Tap Interfrat B. B. Race For Game This

Phon* 2020


"B" League Wednesday, Feb. 8 S e m i n a r y vs. F r a t e r s 7:00 P.M. E m m i e s vs. Arkies 8:00 P.M. Cosmos vs. Knicks 9:00 P.M. F i r s t Round S t a t i s t i c s — I n t e r f r a t Basketball. Offensive-Defensive Totals and Averages (Team Breakdown).






Fraters Cosmos Emmies #.• #,• »,• #.•*• •# #.••• #.• «v #.••«.* • «« Arkies »#•#•#•••••#•#•• •# «*• •V « ••« •• Sem Knicks

W 3 5 2 1 4 0







6-6633 12 West Eighth Street HOLLAND, MICHIGAN

L 2 ()• 3 4 1 • 5


OFF. DBF. T P F T P A AVG. AVG. 247» 237 49.4* 47.4 221 146^ 44.2 29.2 # 245 226 49.0 45.2 198 268 39.6 53.6 201 170 40.2 34.0 200 264 40.0 52.8

" B " LEAGUE W Fraters 5 Cosmos 1 Emmiee ......4 Arkies 3 Indies 1 Knicks 1

O F F . DEF. L T P F TPA AVG. AVG. 0» 257* 162* 51.4* 32.4* 4 171 185 34.2 37.0 1 207 192 41.4 38.4 2 199 191 39.8 38.2 4 180 210 36.0 42.0 4 166 230 33.2 46.0

Individual Scoring Leaders: " A " LEAGUE FG FT T P P P G . Bieri. Arkies 28 23* 79* 15.8* Ritsema, Emmies 34* 10 78 15.6 Ebbens, Emmies 28 12 68 13.6 Voss, F r a t e r s 23 20 66 13.4 Spaan, F r a t e r s 21 18 60 12.0 Peelen, F r a t e r s 26 7 59 11.8 Vanderlugt, Knicks ....24 9 57 11.4 De Pree, Cosmoe 21 » 8 50 10.0 " B " LEAGUE FG FT TP Woodcock, F r a t e r s 39 25 103 Hondorp, Arkies 26 16 68 Bolthuis, Emmies 29 8 66 Vanderlaan, Arkies ....27 9 63 Widmer, Indies 22 12 56 Borr, Cosmoe 21 10 52 •-denotes league leader

PPG. 20.6 13.6 13.2 12.6 11.2 10.4

Saturday Night Roads covered with a slick film of ice caused by f r e e z i n g rain t h a t fell early S a t u r d a y m a d e it impossible f o r the Dutch to travel to Adrian f o r their scheduled basketball game t h a t night. When the postponed g a m e is played l a t e r in the season Adrian will be g r e a t l y strengthened by the addition of last years M.I.A.A. high point man Henry H u g h e s who w a s ineligible during the first semester of play this season and three other r e t u r n ing veterans. Since t h e Calvin g a m e on J a n uary 12, the Dutchmen have been able to chalk up only one victory against t h r e e losses. Going down to overwhelming d e f e a t a t the hands of Calvin, Hope picked up enough spirit a f t e r a weekend of rest to bounce back and whip a high powered ball club f r o m Michigan Normal. Then unable t o keep the essential spark the Dutch fell victim to both Kalamazoo and Manchester. H a v i n g lost M.I.A.A. contests to both Calvin and Kalamazoo, Hope was forced to drop f r o m a tie f o r first to third place in t h e conference. Calvin is now in first place with Hillsdale second and Hope third. Against Kalamazoo the f a v o r e d Dutch were both t h w a r t e d in their rebound a t t e m p t s and unable to hit when t h e y held possession of the ball. Doug Steward, H o r n e t center, effectively concentrated his efforts on keeping Hope rebound ace Paul Benes a w a y f r o m the boards while other Kazoo men g r a b b e d the rebounds. In scoring Whitey Riemers m a lead the Dutch with fifteen points while the Hornets had f o u r men h i t t i n g over his number. Hope s t a r t e d the g a m e by bolting to a 10-2 lead. Then hindered by rebounding and shooting troubles along with the consequences of m a n y personal fouls, the Dutch were forced to concede the lead to Kazoo f o r the r e m a i n d e r of the contest which ended in a 76-63 victory f o r the Hornets. Traveling to Manchester, Indiana, during exam week Hope displayed much smoother f o r m and well coordinated ball playing t h a n demons t r a t e d earlier a g a i n s t Kalamazoo. Again in this g a m e personal fouls h u r t tremendously a s both Benes and Riemersma had to sit out t h e critical closing moments of t h e contest which could have spelled victory. With Benes out p a r t of the first half Manchester w e n t ahead to take the lead at half time. Then coming back in the second half with a fired attack, Hope immediately took control of t h e backboards and s t a r t e d p u t t i n g in poins. With f o u r minutes to go in t h e g a m e Hope had narrowed t h e Manchester lead to three points. Finally a t tempting to r u s h t h e g a m e on a Manchester t e a m desiring t o play it cool, the Dutch opened themselves u p to several Manchester plays which set Hope behind eight points a t the end of the contest, the final score being 91-83.

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