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Volume XXXII


HOPE COUEGF.. HoII,nd, Miciqu, Juull")' 28, 1920

Science Club ANNUAL TO GO Tests Sleighing TO PRESS IN ZEELAND






DISCOURAGED PLAYERS UN. The ~bers o.f the S~~ Club 'TENTION HOPEITESI ALUMNI! The "Prep" .Beelcteot Ball team ad. IN SHARP BATTI.&, HOP& ABLE TO DOWN NORMALS ;\:: HEAR YB I H£AIl YE I 'ded acalp 1lo coUeetioill COM IS BACK lit GOAT •~ \ _ 'ClOt widl their fiiendll at 7:15140'11' when t1i!y dIet!1ibd the ~ O~wn . FORM " Friday e'Yenizle. January 23. Hope dIllY mght 01\ '8. sleigh ridle to Z~I1JDd. . The 1920 "1r1ilerionee" are Rivals. WedT'esJay 4mming, JlamJvy Aftla' h reveres of Frtda'J' .... IUffered !i1a flm dat.eet in tte nee Henry Mol. one of 'bhe embryo scient- ~~e holt oa~es. Numbers of IUbac<ri1l· 21. The 1fIeam' boiurded the CIa!' at inc ~ the MD_ o.f Mt. Pl. r i die for the state interClOlleogoie.te baHet. iBtIt. found hi'm8eU sitting in the stern OOll'llB ,m Oon ever Our or· 5 :50 accompanied by .. &w 1'IOotlers Hope buk.eteera .tN.veled , -to ~ b&ll championshlp at the handS of of the bob 00 tlhe etVboard aide a.nd der of toor !hundred books Wlill wd1lbi'n and "Jlack" Sdbouttln. the OOIach. In ma.r.oo with blood in their e,.. At the Mt. Pleuant Normw8. being de· wlBhLng to 8baw bis musical 'ba~<ts, otwIo ~ be entiNlily suliaCTibe<i for. due 1e8llonJ, h y arrived and were tbeo K1LlIa.rnUlOO .coal. camp the fea.ted by ra. score 9f 16-15. TM S'tarted ~ Iring "Jqle ~lls." 'but wish to. clearly explain that the chaperoned <to 'llhe Sligsblae ~hobl fMld had been cllaHd tJor a bMd ~'me was dleeUlild in the' l:aat two the hOlnllee oould Ddt tlband thie strain 1920 "Mileetxme" is 1I'o't to be a pro- D~m. T hey were gJ:IeIebed at battle but the dete1l.ckn of the of play wbetll Mt. Ple8Biant so Ev.ert Flibma sileneed n;m ductiOon o.r an advertieement o.f bbe tbe ~ bY' the c.rowd with. anee .00 Blue WiIme out to 'M'eDC8 regist.ered a. fleld goa:! which placed a handful 'OIf SMW. JuniOlT class. even tho Ju.nior mem- "Tbe!re·. no Hope for :HOPE," but HOope'. ~eat in, f_~ 1Iut falL tnem .iJn, <the ,lead by one pOIint. J~. Altho ilt ~" -a vetrY warm night, hera 'a re editing it. I.n8beIad. it ja to b'ef~ h! game wee manl)'m1l11Ute. Staging .. ~1Iil of form ~ pmga fatled to ti.e! tale 8~ on a -Oon-ly 'two bel()w zero-tbe party ibe 'a. production 'O'f the entifto ooll~, old the "Prep" 1\,\'1& sboiwed 'tilIem tblllt mown iIn the ~e with lit. fool &hot. '8.nd bef'O'l'e HOope could stopped at Zeelwnd fOIl 80me holt reo f.f1r represen'lalti'ves fl"Om every'C'\:aes, thalt 'tIbey were n..ther hUty in their Pleaant thI& H'O'pe qui.ntet won with CIIg'e a.nother MId g<II8Il the game fl,'t!8hmenkB. While 'at the cafe. Mar- department and society are conmbut· oonC'Iu.iOllB. appueDt II!IUe after a poor Au't. WSlB ended. CUB Muilienbieq' was n~rly vamped ing to the annual. Every page is be· OaIlm IICOlW tIM!! lim poiinta jult Loing ~ were tried ~t From beginning IbOo end the play away by fIOo~ 'Of thle w1.ld a'ttnwtions m,g fill~ with HOope ap~rit '&Dd "pep". foor minU'lllee 'Ifter tIM! gIune stQtjed the tmU're game 1Iond Hope'. ability was ex~J.n,gly close. wilth H<Ype of Zeeland. but thru the combined ef. New fiea'turea are \leing added I Sen- but bd>re the ~ of Ibbe loY'll in thlll depattment 'O'f the gune eave geol'lle'l'lS.lly leading by one OT two {'ma of tmee Btrong men he WIlla ror and Junm pi'cturee a1l& individual. Calvinists lwl whlrided. 'the "Pre~" he.r a clecided~. mOllt of polin1B, Poor baIl' '8.nd ex· held back and made to yield 1» the ~h of the 8&VI&n tIOcieti'es 0lIl the parted !bbie ~ for rtbeiIr first h.e:r abm.a being fr'Om. • center of cellent guardd'llg on bIOtlh aldleS eoom· s\IIIIS'lIve p!)WW8 of Mr. 'Dalenbierg.. campus is mounting mdmviduaa ,pic- po'inta. From tbe,n on th& game '\INS the ftooIr. Ooech Y'O'IllIg's men we're billedt to keep the 8C()T(! low. It wall 1'Jlie, pariy left the t'own lin tiJOO to tures of it. members. There are pages faet 8II1d inbeoreating. the firs't balf fighting every minute '&Dd the' two ev rdent ~r a, feJW m~nutee of play g~ back to. H~l1and at a Te880!1l6ble ~f "lIIII8!ppy" 1m1LP-ShOta moonted in findling 'the aoor1e 16-8, IIII.d the fln:Ia gu.M'dIt. V~ and Hinp, bhlllt Hope's five \WI8 ,n ot qui~ up to hour. Except for unoouth ~ an Ielltirely new. cle~ ety1e. Every S~ 28-14. Withthe "Pt." ~ fo!'lDlel' K'ldamu:oo Oetttral bigh st'8.ndard'. Ti'mlet and -again the ball of etiquette on the part o.f "Mfloe" H'Opeite is shown 111 801lIIe f<>rm or t'oIp.., ~fte.r arr:irine at the M. R. R. scbOOIl &tan. pnwen.ted the Hop& for· ~red OlVer ,t he wmall ova;l on the Villi. Dykle of BeieClhWOlOd and ' lring. ather on the maprhoit pages. They s1latiOll1', they found 1IbIat they weN ViIM'd8 from getting wry nea.r the ai1a.ndlard 'but failed to. pa88 through ing of HenIl'Y ,MOl of Iowa, thle party ar.e such PIg'e8 illS will FOur kid doomied 1jo WIIIit until 11 :30 for the buket. the ,net. Th~ ~ 0'Il both sides "went off" in good shape. Blar. brot;bers. sisters od their chums .y. C1llr '110 Hollla.nd. ".}lack" took hJs The e&m~ dlrougbout wu fut Uld wae poo~ in general. but WIllI chanc· l"i.~ Baker, was the chaperom.e. She "Well, ' me. Hope oollege is "Prep" qum&t IbOo ~lmm·peron·., MId furious.8lJd the fight in both t · .... teri&ed by several brlIH8II1t half was accomp'lllllied by Teurus Prins. thE! CIOI1lege f<>r me I" the next 'ben min1neS wu .eha*-1ler" gave rile 1lo eonsoId&rable rourh1iess. court &boo1&. Leeronlier of the NOT' The MlhletIc department 11l too ioo by the waiter ealHng 1» his .... J'll'JMp WIll h le'M'inc .tar of the mar. made 'a piIrleet abot for the INTERCLASS BASKETBALL BE. big 'and too good 1» even lrmt 'about ainmt "H'am". AfteIr the culto- gIame wdtb four field 'b uUta act m b . t OlVer ~fOlllltha of the COMES INTERESTING bclore ~u.1!8Cei~ J'QGt "Miielbo1lle." mary two and C)'I1Ie·ba1f QI1' the ..-. bom -111& foul u,ne to Mr Clwdit. floor length. It w.8 one 01. the moM There will 'be ... girls' ,ll'tbletW: '8.nd 19cal. by arrived ..t HoIluId, weB O.1ptatn T. PrinI bore .tb& burden of OOautiiful shoW ever seen on Hope'8 The annuBl tou~t in bUkilt· Prepal"8ltory Athletic ~rbnlent I"atiafred with tbieir trip. They weN IIhe defenee >UI.d aided in the ICOI'I.1Ic floor. Ja.ppinga of Hope allPO con· ball among the dd4fel"lmt claases has a~80. IIcoordw tihe be8t of treatment by wi'tb a PI ft10m the field. tri'b uted sevenJ .belautiful fh!.ld goais begun. All e'aeh cl... i& crebetDiined Sueh articles u "Hope College in the Calvin, "blUld!." ~ore . . . . _ of' __ flnt baJf to the net .amowftt of th6 8COre. to uphold and ecqui.1l& additibnal hon- the Foreign Field," by S. M. Zwemer' The return pm. ~ 'the Rivala 11·8 ~ Hope leadJ:ng• . ' .Allbho~ lIeibr eldJe cillIpllliytd 0,1'8, might~ i.MelHting ganl'l!ll1lI'e- be- "The Spirit of Hope." by a lI'tudent' will be played bem Friday eveaU!g. Coach Schouten, ill 'PIltflitlc the men an,}, brilHe.nt. Pl8Mi~ Oor lioor ing ·pl'ayed. The uDta.nt basketball and other articles ''and poems will J'&I\\1Uy 30. widl hOa.lvin Theo- thru • !bard gIIi:lling tbbI week and II the game W68' ulllU8Il'Illy tnJlIJl'lgeT has vranged a aeries of our Reformed churC'h peop1.e with an I~ aM the We3texn Theol~ determfo.ed .to blot ~ut HopIe'l ft· and fMt. OIIJ1ICOOUnt ~ whereby hN. win:be two i'lltense and e.nthuaiastic in~8t in Si!minarile8 pla,;ng the pNiiminary. fe-at by .. victol'y at lit. p.J".'Ilt gu'lll'ding di.spI1lyed gamJea ~n each clUs. At the The next g'IIIII& ou~ (If Holland 'DhUrDy. 'DIe Alma eunp will be moat 01. tthIe -buket . ," CliOSe of t~ IIChedule tb& te.~ that The thing f'O'l' the loyai H'OpIe'i'te will be with b Gt'md.~ Hich on invaded F.rid&y. be done- from diltlance, hWJ tbe highHt pe~ag.e WIn be and Alumnus to. ~, is' to. immediately Feb. 2. GranclvdIMi ... woo. ~ The ICOl'eIand thIis ,~e tte; I&u&eaoe, many ac.lowwledgled the ~er. not only eend in yoor own 8ubacrip- o~t of eJi&!bt guM!8 'I.1IId will put up. H09I L1l.mUOlC> CoUece clumees to. gasp fOir breath. while the ·On TuIeedaIy th& Jun®n IIIIld Soph. ti'On. but am.o. enclose another wb- sti1f ,l ight. Let'. 1'0 "~'I V'3IiIPut.ten R. F. HiDp ba:ll' m'lllde ita way 1»ward the , goal. ()mOll"e6 made their debut inJl,i() 19,20 acription for & "Milestone" which ThIa ft'neup of W'8d.neIdIay'e game Japlqw L. F. &eben ~be first balf ended i'l1 a tiline to nine intercl8es _CiCrnte9lB. Both. clasaes you will p1~ in yoor chu~h. achool, was .. .foUows: Schum.... C W.w• tIe. . were ~ll represelit'ed and cMeNd Sunday school 'Or C. E. Libra'ry. By ~P Bhle T.]»lb R. G. Vl'OIC In the ~d half. H?pe tried ~ the!1- teams. 'I'h~ Sopbs flrst 8IC'O'l'ed dOling thilt. you will be inatilli'ng a , ~Qppen L. F. Bolt DeJ'OtIC 'L. G. .Strome stage. a o8iIl.d daplay a Itt- and head the l!eIad rtihroughout, wtho deeper feeling o.f dnteI1ealt in the Ymtem& L. F. B'ft'te Field BMbta J'IIP!Piu&a 4; VUl tIe of the speed ami "cllllll" vm1"C'h i'n the last limlf th.e Juniors eame back hearts of our people ~ their Hope Prine C. '1W1M1I Putten 2; Bchuul'IDD, T. PriDI. De proved too tmlC'h for M. A. C. two S'Ilr'OIIIgand mllde thle game III "nip and Oo'lIege. You win be wOllking for a V.eJ.tmao R. G. G. ~. Jong. Vroeg. B....keCma. PIeteN. HinwejediB ego. but 'F1ate decreed ~. tuck" 1Idf6dr. The went t.o th.e bigger Hope 001lletre u a gmt Kuiper L. G. . A. Pleflen gao 2. Goal. hom foul 1_ J~ wtiee. for at no. time cOould th!o Or· SGph~ with the close score of Chrietian UIrlVle<rSity.· Field Buft,t. Poppen 8, Boat 3. ping'a 6 out of 10; Vr0i8g 4 out of ange and Blue gaOOlt e. decisive lead. 12 tiOo 10. T-l le Junior' linleUp was: Mamyof you H'OpII!Iitea-~d Alumni Yn'beIna<. fltmart, Kuiper 2, 8weta, 8; Hoekstra 1 ~t 'O'f 6; Bubstltq. Th'e balIketrbaJI f'ana di:sp\8.yed FQi!'W1ardB. (Ca~.) F. Decm. E. IIIl'8 Waiting until the e1eWll~ boor Te1man. A. Platen 1. G-.Ia fMn bioM-Van Huel for De JDIIIr, Ngreat enthusi~ titruout file e~re Fliklcema and VlI!II'duini center. Kern· to 8etIld in your su-bacriptiloM. Do Foula-Swat. 2 out of 3. Subetitu· era tor W ...e-GNeglame !IDId I(!xctrement ~ at wh1te p3n and lb:rman; guards, Boenma. nlOll: wo&t. All 8ubecription8 mUlit be tio~OTW"," for A. ing, Gnmd B.pidll. SCOlW Vtmdsr beat when' ~ fill1li whi.tle blew. M~\' and Kempen. i,n by the firs't 01. March Send in . t Meet'. Even 'bOOugh lWpe did lose tbds On Thursday the a~kmg Fresh· subscription'immedDatei y. Do it for WATCH US GO game. the trtud~ need n'Ot be <lis- men. pl6'Yed th~ mOll"l!o sted~ Seniors. ,1e'a.r old Hope ·a nd for your Oown hap' Y. M. C. A. IbeatteJlled. FrIday. Hope play8 tlhe Too C'Glts. altibo ra. bit unllbelady p:.ne8l. AU 8Ubee:n~ a~ ~v. On Fridv. Jtm. 30, ~ tint tam There certIIinlr D mudl po"" m , teachers '8g'8in at itrlt. Ple1I8IIon~. &nd prened th'e ~perletnced Semora tUI ed 'b y SubeeriptiOllll Ma.nager John wLlI to 031 tI. tri'p 1lo Mt. Plesb·nt. pra,w. Much more piOI\1NI thaD iJ the outc\ome 'Of that game wUl be the 'we W'as reaciIIed. Conl'i'ciering Kempler8. 25 East 10th St. Hotland Don't let !deep you aWlay fMn IOmetimee ~zed. Fra,.. it . . .d1'ffe1'ent. . that -this WI the liret ti~ the Mt'abip.n. • I ' the. Gym Oft tbIIwt eveoblc. Two faat ~ ~ ~ -been, PZ~Cf.d flIoq 'nOO Reserves and Prepl furnBshed Freshm1l>1'II ,tJeIa.m plla-yed, ~er. ~ The Ed;to.r. games are to be pia,..,.; oar lpee'cIy the heeiooq 01. biMIorr. IItfB ita a fest ' 4IIlld exci'&g prel'iminary in &lave III good ~C'OWlt of itself. A. Prep ~ meets ttbe (}a1'rin po.WW Jllllvet' _ , ['II II. H. 001w.bie'h the "prepe" eame off With the B~ka and· W. Tuinsma. played WleU AIR CASTLE FOR UTOPIANS RiV31s. while the w....t.n 8emir1ary Joe., ,le • lIOuree of P<I'W.~ in UH hOlllO'rSi the sc.ore baing 13 <to 11. The fOil' the Fahre.. The ~ woo F·ilve c u _ wfth Calvin 8emitlU'y. \\1OMi; but .at. po• • CGtD1I timl game W'I8 well contested and pr()ved by a ma.l'gIin of lrix poinIbs, 19-12. Would I a poet wefti: All of. you have lilian .the Prepa and tile pl'ayen of iia IDID tIDCl . .nil\; that the eTI!Ibwih.'ile dieSpised Prepa The lineup for the Senion follO'WB: Optimilm would be- my 1I01lg, IIIIld I SemI. in 1ICtion fond k:now wW to. IMt T1iatd&y nicbt tbe topic f1l capable of greiIt thi.nga. Ttte Thl'Wards (Oapt.) O. De Young, C. woulid 8i'ng expect from.both of them. The tMt Y. JI. C. A. .... "In. . aWDrJ sttO'llg fig>bt which tlbey duple.yed Di! Yowng e.nd P. CoO'peTi C'eIlter. J. Till ell the wwld ~ smiliilg Prep:....~V'e de_tied Calvin Rhw. Pta,..." Bud DeWOlf led the - " " won fOt' thIem the admiratloo, and Me.eJ'lglli Gu'lLT'ds. Steketell!l, Muyakens EclJoiea from my ~ would ri.JII ' on W "W.,.cay by a 8COre of 28 ~,Ci'riDC 1» many UIIDlIIite of tile sympathy ' Oof the students. and ~. and Dalertberg. Clear do.wn to Hell. tQ& 'Very imps be- to U, In a bed foucht battle from po-. ol. pn,er. 'l'b& ........ titled them ,to. their well-earned VlCThe _up for the Fmhmen: for', gui&g . wbitIt1e -to. wbiItle. TtM. pm!as an inC a prayer lilt is DOt 0DIr &I,... !lory. W'8r~. (Capt.) De Pl"I!e. and W. '!':ill they would 'CleeSe fro.m wtOIII&' to. be held UDCt.- the . .pbs at the Q). blip CIIthez .. Inrt II 1IDCOII'doaIl, TOe lineup of :tbe main game tol· Tuinsme..j <;:enter. BoIrgmanj guania, Join in my ImiDe soue athletic 'aMOciatioa _ ~ ••1011 at'-... hie wn tdb. 'ftIIt lows: A. Bola, De Gt'&ff and RuiSaard. And blow HeD'. furnace out with tiebt will .alt you flO b _ . am DIMIf ... tit".... . . DI Hop6 Mt. P1eumt bree.thinp of their laughter: If you hrove 110 ticW, 4:wmty·flve Iy IMd oar JftJIIl'tI. lUaa . . Y... VmPultleIIJ R. G. BeddOw Hud i. Jour .ula. (Sweet DlI of joy for tboee who c'eota is the am. '.ioc price.. The C. A.-Y. W. C. A. ltucleat V...... p-&ppmp L. J. 'l'arnbline Icriptioaa, Hopelt... or Jou'lI ....t feer .. bOot b8Nlifter). pre_lit Prep team, is . . Hope of tiler lit • 8chuurlJllU) C. lmlob I.IL" Would I t poet 1III!N1 the. future • ., It .. up to III ~ DOlt twa_ ..... ' T. ~ .R. G. JLeC'l'OOier - . . 'Mr. XftfJIL Hopei_ tIo bid, them _ much u An. Btur. tilt . . , ,'. WII V....u.-t L. G. Sbeldon S; BtWb. 4. Subetitutibne, G. De p03llble. The pme tI' ,.. .. '1:aO, wB t'M . . 01 br Field Gosla Yen Putten., 1; Jap- Jong for Van He,l. Referee Groen......................... . - Eo:) are IS. ., fII. . . , 1'. a ..ra_ ~... .. G.rnd v·":ds. Um":-. .~ Ii I'w.,.-. 2", ... .,.;;uu •• - ... , 1'. T. Prius, 2', :, '6 ~ ....... ... OM'P-C

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BIDIl-_ VIet'_, AD.

Halt...... ......... ..... .......... ...


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1Acroder, 1; BrooD. 2; Tambllllc, len, W. T. S. 2; Bed.,.", 1. I\oIal IIlwta lwpp1Dp, Joar·


Thebieper, C. De "lIIc1dt.. W..~





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l1li OW'.OI wbo . . DOlt . t . . . b INIat .... !Iimee. ocr YIbory f« boa!I, who ... not Dop and pupe '\1NIe .1...,. plenty; 1Ielt the thrill of the 'maUIIb II1II tile Wbile aowa in 1&11 ~U8t toIIIDed tnnIl*t' tlia't Iapt all 4tH.., tMnat ty. ~1l obj.... lID ~'--Ite _ Bat abotle 'all tMIId of IreailHt note, ....M+.. "llf " ......, un., III. 001· tlIOt ,at Ie '-I the 1 I Li1 of cour. w.. my balky brotlber, .. Billy goo-to • ,.w ~ ........ ., .... oou.... aea ThtIt gooet .are wu .. ftghter rigilt i At t1w. beginm6nc of ttri'I yar, it Until we took bim to ~ Jake one WM lUm-ted tIat • IelCtlton of the niibt i aonD OF mmou Anchor be de-.d to a euloeY of And 1Ibere be bnelDed a maWr boat, 11.0.1»...,. '. . ...... EcUtor dHferent ltudentll GIl '!he campus. Becaw.e that bot.t got Billy'. pt. ft ..... O• .,................. MIl.... This e.eemed to u. man:lfeetly un- But now wi1lh boybood ~ me begin ..... IL .................. 1MInrJ end t1 tb tid rt IboTy i PIIer G. Bear .......... .... ..... .,.,..r flair. E\"e'l'Y mal wom'lll u e A ella my onee ... n.. lob B. It................ . .... .&AWI. right of & fi&'bth1c ~. FrelJe'lllt When I readied the 11&'8 of four, LaU. . . a &Ia •••••••••••••••••• ~ gloom .. 'the v..tibut. to the malll- Then firlJt I «ltered a IC~ bou,e Ger&IidI PI................OIIa(Iu )(nt sion OIl light. FIo.ell that indomi'badOO1'. Pee. PrIM ............ .. ... Oaapu lfnt bIe OOUNC'& of 1 alway. wu' _ "goody" boy, ...... .,. :Wall •• ..,14 Jir. "<me WIh'o never 'turned am back Vny baehful, v~ C!o'Yi 1. . . . . . . . . but lI18Z'dIed breat fo.rnrd, But fJOllMfuow wandered teig>ht )'1881'8 Never doubted cloudl W()Qld break, away ....., Bolk................... KaMpr Never dreamed, t.bouah l'Igbt were And 1lhe3lI went home! raolwd to JIaa:rJ )(,ol ••••••••••••••••••••• t . . JIIa. Lubben ••• •• •••• • •••• .OlrculMlolI "bed, ~ would triumPh, Irtaiy. 1... f'oI&II...................... 4N\ll&aJlt Held ~ fill to ri.., baftled to I WiOr\Qed for a man. named IDbbelmk ~t better UJllti'l my nerves went 'On the ,blink Sl~p to weke.' And 1ftt.en I thougibt it beet tor me w-...........1.80 . . JeK Ia 1 4 _ T~ WIend my way Ito th' 1ICIdemy.


Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company Guarantees Satisfaction ~




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be company it will pay you to investigate.


. c. A. BIGGE, District Manager


Phone Residence 2270 Office 1978

Holland, Mich. AND ONE WAS WISE I'm ton'll, i&8 y,ou know, of bolic &'lid M ..pM4 for KalllDa '" & . .1 Ba&e of One man 'MIikied iI.1lru an empty fun, ....... ,I9Yi4ed tor rll 8ecI&lOll 1101, Act II Onobv. 18lT, .uu.or1N4 Oo~ber 11, land WIhoae ~ e. . . ooiy (Jq{- And tell me, PT~, what C'Ould be 1111. ered by all: occulo.rial bit of anty d~1lI8? _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _~.~. 0'

4 East 8th Street

'--"lJI..., ...... Alooe, 8bee-.1 in Mm.. COLLEGE s981f, ''''''''''''''''6'''' REQUISITES OF ... bbe man tru~ em..I'"""He plUclcSTUDENT-COU~G.~ , ' _ ed 81 ehrLv.!lled berry and ce.Hed it g>OOd-he knew no better: He CBught The grelat dee~ bdltJee in. hu- tbe g>1eem (1/ a gooJd. nup a'lld man hietm-y hav.! n~er been reoord- IlIOvrled ~t into 'bis pouch. He &11

Focr df I was .too· oolsy and fr~. WOO 88It 'On me but Wi 11"...r d P . Or df I ilL little re&'tle1!!8 WlOuld get, I wss wre to hear .bh'e- voice of Kepp. If I WI&S inclined wward rompinl T:he klid8 would yell "Look out for



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illIIlo him Ii pit 8IIld TIhIe patlb wasgrew 110 onle. to S~ allTr.ompi1l'." lift oot. ~. :the fun 1lbat fOT me was· left, 1'1'~ ,-'-'ed & ~·Ir "'~~l. up. OnCJel he 1 rouoo i\.n the room of Min.Me De F. Ll~ ~ ~aA !I·~~. • ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• had heard thie C1Ilied the Mountain And tbus has tJee.n, my course bhru : : o.f SuccleM. HIeI thad th'ot it would Ic'hool: : ble bewtiful here; IUId h'ere would Lelarndng little,--a. bigg>er fool. : .. : lie ,the minH of ba.ppinea. But, in Un4U1 my ~lks 'Oml1 wmmer day, : . : thi. bli$Lk p!aoet, l8Il.l the glint wall Decided that I sbould go. away. : HOT CHOCOLATE and HOT COFFEE _., TRY ONE : COIUll'Ilerfei't. EYen tlhie atonee G.n' bis Last ~T I landed lin Hope Col\eg>e, : pouch ielemed ch~p. 1M travel~ A of learning, the seat of 0 OCO WIllI .our aDd w.r.i.n.kled lied 1Rml ~wl., ' : UIIIIUJI&'. out. And tb&re, ' ~d, M w'a«- M'oet of my days in ya'\nJ wet8 sptll!t, LlNDEBORG'S DRUG STORE : 'I'lre coalege student is c'aJ1ed upon, !ned, roee the m·~ty mirage of the And ~ .t~ ~loelng IOf t~ year.- I 54 E. 8th St. : in the 'eXerciaoe C1f Ihh darily dutiee, to Future with but .. black cbaam be"lass ~n per ~nrt;." • : diBpliay a different ki:nd of courage ~ In d.laa.ppodntme1lt, friend- Will p!laeed UpoIll our repol1t C'IlTd. : FORMERLY LAWRENCE DRUG CO. : tb1lllo ia U8U&lly ~. M«l 6l1d leas and alone, giving n-or teeeiving, BeoaUI8 we iiclred 'eim good un : .....................................................................~•••••• \nlIDlen._ ~. :tJo col~ at the ljIe- he wrapt the IC8Inty ablalw.l Off ht. own hard." . ~ gmnillg ot the yfiJ8Jr WIitIlt fine aspil'lV righteooeuea ebout him end fell in- Batih "Fresh" and "Soph," ye'II, evtione. ·Pwhapa Ibbey are lIICquamted to a dwk IIleep. ~y one-.............................................................................. with no 1OIle. At home- they were Anotbter u..veller took the lIIIlDe ,Reeeived' 1IhiB mark from ' t'he eX'ecu- :• :• the 'lilolla' of ·their school. Tbedr way. Uoo, &is plath 'MIl not .. d'I!f!eTt tive one. :• Defective vision is a serious handi- :• ~'iip 'MIS ~x(l&llent, they took now. It bleaune fair, ilL ~H poo- For early on that Arbor day : cap to a child lin its studies, and if : an iniberelt in all ItIbe IIdhool actwi- pled land, where dwelt hiB many We lba'Ug11:rt the Sophomores to plwy. : not corrected in time hy CORRECT : \liel 8iId !Wen delved i·nto OI'aWTy or !r:ienda. A chosen. few, 'bis oomredea, They got our Banner and Iftarted t.o : GLASSES, will prove a lifetime re- : deWe. Wibe.n first at eoll~, they wa'lked besl~e ·him. They ate the run, ACT. NOW. : gret. a iittle bfwiil~d that the atu- rich ripe fruit of boaded trees. And We folloWled afteT and had BlOme fun. : • Mati are 10 .Iow in speaking .to t~ CfOrItilllUed their goodly way un- TM vkOOmoos cl'aM pal'IIIded .tibe • them. Tbey are d!ilguJted when til they, too, reaehed the mOWLtalo tow.n. they !lee many othen wMm they of lucceea, _ p18688Jit place ·t o th'em. But; Mionday morrnng, ahl a csalling are oonild.ent are 'Ieee wOil'tthy than Wbetber ther& we~ any nu~'bt m dorwn. 18 West 8th Street ~ t.l'e, C'heered and pre'iRd by tl\le his puree, the .t raveller mdnded nklt. SUIt IJQW I'm gerioUl, yea, very keen. : .tudent body. In the me&l!l:time, Wi'th M, frie'IldI be looked beck lOv.!r I've pa8Sl8d from the lJbage of F.re8h•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• tb!y h1live applied themselvea al!aid- n fIIIitbful :road! \()! bappineee land man green, u'OUily to tt.eir WIOol'k but &ODJehow cOil1lb&n.tme.nt, of reoeWUIg and And 1111 I througb the&e days do ~, 't o •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• or oItba-, there is oot that i~llIbiv.! the beet in. dlfe. Then the ·tnwellft' 'So mucfu more aenoUi I hope • • : : that tibet frelt at secondary leboot gilLzed orrward from the peak 1lSld grow,: • & ~ 'is thill development that !:'llW " v'lslOn belautful. He had l'a- Until I oome to my m~adle l~, : three mocntile after tM .opening of bored long and hi's roclaJ were grey, And I sbal11ake fm myself 41. : : IC'bool, there are.a number of but his ey.e mel nlOt lost its Iwrb'e. . and cen!101'ed? :. : ~rqed ltudenta. With a kist iook at ,t he beauty I n : :

eel. the HUDll&nl fradloty '8IId de-JlIaIIrls the .lure of apeeta.eular the glory C1f the im......l-~. W.......... ..-n8W>llII, bugle ~~ -.~ r---call. and marlitJ! IIbouta win tlhe app1auae or :tbe public ftladiily tban bb.I& humdrum of fB:ithfulneas thBt hM cba~ .the ~t liVe6. It ht the aam9 W'e.'Y witil COUTage. The VI&1or of Ute. heralded hero mee.ns.1lIOl'e tban.'Ihe cou~ of mm who )i'V!8d and <tied, unhonored '&'lId


IGood Assortment


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I &S : ates tationery: i



Geo. H. Huizenga& CO. :









~ ltuden.tItpullea thru his valds 0Ile of the ele-

~y of SlK!ol.

menta of ~ Hie lAnd i't is its il~y. Who i. t:hIere who '!la's tried to do hie beat, tzhoat hili not felt that aftlelr all ill; W88 aU Ito n.o awi! 'for F'ate 'MIl ~ capin«t him. Only GOO kI1ow8 the hoit tears that ba.\.e .betan poulled bef<Xl'& Him in the quf&t of ma.n.y II!; ltudent'l room. RbmembciT, ~NoWllitudemb, 1fbat <thoee teiI.rII IIS'e 1be 1'ain!Iit of an the jew!!. in' ~'lfH1 C1'OW11. For ail ~e world do not wiIh it oOtheTWitle. Foi, certeWy, lIVery Hope. Jtude.nt, 'woold batla tW deeth bandaged mil

life, wi.1il a lilt tbot for Od's frdends, STUDENT VOLUNTEER BAND ite lwt<e}t in tbanJdume. to a good _ GOO. Thu., 'in a deep r1eep, be 1'e6tJed In.ducJemeni.3 to "self-determined" \Y'ffil the auutW'lCe of '& gMt vilOOn i.tud~nts to preach tile modlelm gOlffor the morrow. pel, f!tarti,ng f1'Om JeruBa~m . . A The woroa of 8. benecHc.tion aroee. Ba.rgoe congregation .of bobh parties, "He beat, WIho l<lM!th beet, proViided the minister is a good mix~1l tlbinga bath great qIInd 8malli flri .a big house with ~11 modern oon[i'0IT 'ilhIe dear God wlio 10v.!til us, . V'Bnien.08, 10Clrted near Keith'si 8II1to He made 8I1d lovteith all." furniahed, U'JNlIU8ioe, sedan or coupe, as deEliredi cbily ~.a.le with latent All Mil•• toa. ._palaot. mult be attract:OIl8. SlImy palid .in adV'llllCle', cl••r. a boone to be added Yater by tne commillbee MY AUTOBIOGRAPHY








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C"or' reet Dress for Men 'and Boys

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i tlbePbel'il big Wog- i y for the .ke .of :.

ed!.~~~~~:l!!;::iBsI: work:: .. tleekling, :bu~y,. dyilIg

baie'Mman<lc!;~, NOTE-The f.oil»wing poem was li1le~8 order of printed .. a Sophomore'. autobiDg- f*k without

And 'It II a:lI pa.1't of

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'DO TT~'E 0






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. y . mLth!Ir tIOphomoric n' eat ce \ng ibearts waiting w .... _ , love end. lighta i daily wa:1king WIth .1Umrin: CODItiIIIB 1ibe measure of pas . --d me............................................................._ ...............1! . the lUng of KingtI. .......... : nHm'. oou~. When deeponOem:y Emile or oapproval, and the love of .._ _ _ _ _ _;...._ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _'""!. .... il1&...., dl--a Wihe!n I ftl'lt took my pen in hand, cree~ go .....y \T''''' yoour ..._ bh<oee wbo bav.e found Htm thru you. ticin, kt tlhe woa:rmth of en11h"+wm To write to y.()lll my hlwIblY cnmd, For further iDformation 8e& Him WE HAVE A CONPLETE LINE OE in Urine fortify )"Ou. When cyme- I eurely knew tbe!1e .could n.ot be vAl aid' ''Go ye" and DOt "Shirk MIll ~ own "'elm you, look One wboJ,e ebapber hved by me. ~ . be}Uld tile buy miIIIIb f1l the immed- And _ I that my life bad blundered, .ye. i-" ~ w ~ that there ill a Wordl did fall, fOr Ieftn hundred. m.Uw ....... e.wai'ttrlc you be- 1 dime to nrth GII8 Augut mom, Careful of 8peech. yond thO cIal. And lived there lonr wbere I WIll "II the facuJtr of :rour college weD Hobert Browrdnc it ~y the bom. orpn'....,.. "VfIf'1. We haven't • .0'-_ kilo liD.,. prof--: wJao would dare to poet who iaIp- hope ad potWl8r ADlIIIaIdam, -= p~, JW W, mab • lIat_ _t fIl faet without ant and j!lQdlcleDee I&d JOJ. Be who .... , The place.where ~ come md go. qproyed .., a trait _pate ... iIIi ....&eel ad l"IDed to the Our lamDl."" aI coald... .. • .,....u. law:rer."-Ute. EVlrythm, in Albledo Good• .... ., 6.,.. ... Uw4 btl Na.......... -'Ih~ bo", ua Nllblta • ...l.J-_


at Van Tongeren's


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fD g,.I·1I

beld II,- the stu..... ill 1Utt:en that tben bubond taD, ....1',..., n the walfve of the inttltu- which IIlOVDecl . . 1a1l. ~~11!1"~~1111"___ tton., 1M mm who ill MIive in Y. M. eel ." .II'~ tar ..... tbIm 1Dl__:-:~-------------___....__.J C. A. 'WWk; it » thia type of mUI . . CNeD _1IdI, . , IncMan SOCIAL STANDING inon, fOl'l!tI . , . WlDlrda of who carriles the ba11 of succe.. farth- aM wiv.. ad eMdNm. The IIIIhtDc 1Nl!e •• ID the Mn of RevelUiom, &lid oliMs \to the est.dDwc the 6eld of iife, after trNd- piMe, the lap.... w,ftI, the ,... Raalte the ather etay willeD .v- e«eet-"As DlCly .. I me, I ft. \I&1ioo .. .well u ..durinW bls coll.ege ~ DIIOUnda, the d_ 1'&111 Qf • cirlI pe'.d by, w8tbout 1;21. bu~ 8IId m..tAm." WI/thout such r.e~, 4M!n tbougn he lMy have sirWng B11l1'--411 . . 1NN pazt of lI.bllalt lI"MCNtiGo of UI. My inMbIbimc blleMmp, the wwld'. lite cut a clau oc:~ly or reeeiv- the ~uty ad peIacaI {)f .. Happy ~\f'ilel:1d turn1!d.1IIII end, "What would be an orgy of violence and eel an L- lin cbemiltry. HunCimc G!OUDd. ia h IIMtter WtiJ, Hope ah!s' tbe-y fe.neticiBm. I am not ..dvoeat1ng neglect uf Here, U in mum, DHIoDi b.. left b1t &N . . . frierldly than hy ~t'et in O'ha.rge. Mve now and agam blelen rlll8U'Oom work but cl!ly W~IQ to Im- work 'with ita 'IIWfn~ W01IDct... other ~ I've bee.n 11m. WbiBll: I madJ& bt <the Hooor Sys'bean slllOoWS pNeII upon 1;.\e lat.·at addlti~. to the wounda that Tinue., Time aiQlll& ecn tI8turDIeIct frIom Fnnee rut year OIlly 000\e to infer that oheatmg is student bolly the :nl}ll:rtan~a o~ the gently ileal IIUId bh)t from the e,... a fffW ~ came and .pob to D\le. ,.~<ed tlII) oeeuicm ill! which othier phaeea !()f trtudenlt life. No ' of men. Belilw. me the girls bIa~ c41ueed." it i8 oot IelXprteesly probi'bi'bed. TJiat man Ci8In ever learn to get along _1....-_ _ _ __ 1'-' It occurreld to, IDe, theil, bOw true my Is an am_ngly petty and futi-le ~h peo~le iIlfbel' gradufa~On by IIvY. W. C. A. friend ~k(!. He eatd it Mt 81 blue- criticism. Aceloirdmg to suc'h a viIew, 'liI'lg to hml8elf adooe wlule at 001· temJc criticism for 'H np& gdrls ~ the Tell) <'Amunandmenta bid us llIOt lee'e, and is as truly negledlng bis Do. ~u koow, aVis, how ft> em 'be The merchants of HolJaDd exeenellt, but a plalin unvilrn- to beat' falee wrtne. 1Ig8inWt o.ur ed~da.1OOn w~(,r: .he feils .to, ~ an divided. W;o tour distinet clUlllelT who are advenlslng In 9OU1 .nlEligohboa-, but 8lllow it ~ any- ae1ave parr.t. LD 8tudent 'IlCtIVI~'" U Clasaify youl'lJelf. Wftfuh aN yw_ isbell truth. A pl-_ HOope woold Indeed be OM elJle. ~n', ~use it is oot when he faIi:I. to .Pl'~ .. recitatiOill. the mueMJoM Pi, tb& CJIIIIIo.ebum H'Op81ea end yet at preaent Hope mentioned m!the M~c 19w WI& are What we ail deetre II to be well bal- gilrl, h cliquey eirl, or JOe 1111might as' WIeIlI ~ a girl-len &pe fw to infer that it <is P!rleetly' just Q) a.need. To. thia end, ~ lltudenta who r.ound girl f There'. lIOhlt\it!hing tile tlM!ni is a. Wldl 'Of 81bao11ube SIOeial in. co.\'let J:nu' I~bor;s twelV'e-C1ilitn· h'~ been ~Ieettng baif your edu- IM.ttler with yoo if )'IOu a1'8' not the di1r. the li\'llOllUPine. 'Db'e meaning of the catIon, get Into the game and allow ood ' :eIM..nee QnJ d :I~t'-~~:lA~~ the HlOnor Code :Is 'as cl.ea.r 1118 day to OllJe YlOu1'Rlves to be andected with the ~t1a::;d ~Y·Ww~ FNd. are the ones who are Interest. men 4I!. f auIt an UU'lI>y~", 1IU prooreal spirit 01 Hope ta ·Ufo • • Thur. d I T joot tihemsetw'S? Or ,is it lack of in- whJo wiH 'approoch it in a flair atti• dalY. If you iha~ 8Jn angle tb'at jab! e n yOU. ,hey are heJping tlerieet on ,t he ~ of the 00Jeds! tude. You Clan misread the sublUnAlfredC. Scb<>l~n, '21. your ~ghbcxr, round it~. Freda you tremendously in an indi. I hle&rd a.liw1y dillCU88'io.n during the est that ev~r ut~ if ~u ,wish. All ;;h~ an what w.y girlJ tr'Ian- rect way. '

itUrttt Gtowmrnt .n. 1"'"


'''bed ... eb.t.


Fellow Hlpeltes



~, about ~is questdOin, ILDd one ort 1ile falr 0IlIe8 held her grbUnd by meinillLi:nilng that soo ~ BIO few of the fellO'WS. Sihle ec.uld not diftgud conven.tioo 8Ild be 1JlOII"e COMet... .. tlomaJ flYr !the would then be judged as "too familiar." If shI& ()(DIy were more '&CqWlli.ntOOl Yoee, it'. aU in kmwing e&eh otheor, 1f\1rely, If we only knew each oehler; ~, ever.yOJle -not juet a mem ~w who appeal to WI III.t ·first Bil'ht. Then 111.11 the campus actli.'Y'ilties WIOuld liven up. , 'lJet'e 8011 gel!;;ber, each other a cbalnclel ·t o be apprec.iated a.nd t~ ail of us would be at our ble8t. Let's b& mOll1e cheerful in. ~ur greet, • 'ngs OJ\! the« mel OlD. the campus. Fellows,tlake the iTuitiati,ve and the girls wm~. Let's brealk thru theo WI8lls of Iindi1ference and st:imulate that wh'ic:h we know is a ~ eampu8 apirit. Our interest fo.r Hope '8118 0JlIe. -Dizzy.



too Honor System needs .. a fair sbake , To GIJe who ihaa spent m'any }'Iears in :thi8 instfulltion, this Code means something VtI!ry deal'. ~t is It:1re ~ wi'sh 'Of many that it may oontilllUJe to <be a Power to kap ,t he hioInor of our c!ollege e1E'an.


have anou" 5" W.~y not In 1eturn hel'P pomta In ~0IIl with other girls aM theretore :Ilbey do not under- them? S'tIa.nd, they do no.t mtIb friends. • Then soo brought oi.n. thoe geometricPatrOnIZe them, ever one, !!II . analrogy-Joo,w a circle is made up and in so doing beJ ort '8IJlJ lindndte number of pointa and ' p ootil WIe luwe 188l ' DUIIIly POint. of lIOPE COLLEGE. oon1lact; ;as ·tOO peiOople WIe meet, 'M! sh'8l1 MIt be round but &ngula.r. TOO devotion. wtereI IlIed by by LiUiIm BUS, Mgr. BO'IlIIer, H>enritetUa. Kei1Jelr and Amy Zwe'mer 88IIIg for us. It WIU a very fine m'llleltiog. . Let's come out to Y. W., gri.rls. Be IIICIive in the b~ work ~at C'ha.11~ usl [t'. tlie I'I1l1eat cd the step to beeomme an allI'ound gaol. gul. ar thoey do not

In Ilwm centu_ and celllturHeM, Bium once proeperous witil the jo.y Off 'human activity, men hBve beoano 88elI'Chmg flYr the walle belyond which lay the Gn!cie,n camp, for t.he walls round w&ltich noble Hector was WHAT HOPE NEEDS. ~, FoundMloat: atbel' founda. tiM ~ been laid bare, until'scientIt is hardly piOMibl& .t hat lIUIy stu- ists ha.w d'eiClMed 41haIt they ba.w dent woo has atten~d, Hope C'O<l- 1'Ocllrted l1hoelEl storied walls in, the lege fClt any length o.f time baa fail- seventh layer of structure'. ed to bear of tbe WOIIl.dJerful To. vue I'eVl'Ied ru11l8 of Troy, Spi,r it 'and the ~sire 01 f!Nety loyal Time appld.ed' iiB healing comforter Hopeite is to preserve. ~b ~- .of soillllJlod Ih:edg<e. Winds ~t over ty: • To. promote th: gro~ of ~s itt; ;rain feU; sun, dews gliBSPIrit and prevent It& slidmg mto tened-Nature and T'i me re~nera.tthe sloog.h.s of slumber, it is ~ncum- ad t~r own. Men CIII.llle'; w..l:Is bent upon the upperc1818mlMl to im- arose j liie aprung up 81\e1W. Whtlt The 'Freshmen. So'rolrites entel'tambue tthle iFreabmem, and oth~r new !de in !bhe suC' yIem'S ihere e.d t~ei:r older Iti'sters with a very melJl'bers of the ~~~ body, witth agaJin Wl'OO~t ilawc, how many eff'eclive "Blue Bird" program lut the germ8 of this 8p\nt. IiI\. spite courses tm;e, lU,n tnl.wraed whHe -men Thurw~y evemng. .- - (}f tm! exceUency of the spirit tbis have builded 6illd WO'rlk'ed and died, y.ea.r, -and ~ta co.ntagiOlll, there are whife cilties have risen and sunklen A JOKE OR A POWER 7 Reoently we read, lin a discU1l81OOn still a few sltudJem.1:ao on. the ~ away-~ do. noit Ironw. Wle mlerely Obl8rv.tlon of 0" Belt PhllolOpllll'. Ca.., but Den't. GermIUl axpertment'H hu. , . . . "Time! conoornmg 'Our HOJ1C1t Code" "01 the \\100 seem to be immune from all at- Te-IJII!!&t ionoomprenen&i'bly, A scIentist has just dIscovered that utter fol1y of tu.rnin~to defin'i'te, tlt cks of the g'eInn. It'" of the great. Time I 0, 'Ntrw! I" fiBh are InteUlgent. We had ob~ed th.t ~lOlloDi eu be eau.d . . . . mitten: laws an Ull,wntben mbral e&'t 'importance, ~ for the school Leave Troy with its ftllbled ,h eroes also that they don't bIte on everythlnl "orb br IP'rb from teI'PMa11, 11~oqb notJalq of the klad ......... code that civilized hUl'lUlnit~ has rec- but fur th~_lvea 8180, that its 6Un:k~ .J.imiita, ita IiriClOnce~'V'aIb~ that comes alonr.-Baxter OIt11eD. COWIl .. oetar. ~ed for the l'aBt four thouaand 'bl-ae men maloe tbemeelvee SU8CI!4P- a~for III. little tOWln of roved famyell:rtl." , tiblle 8JIl.d becoDIJe. ideality what ily hearths. For IIC8TCJe eighty T'rull is a rather swelePMr · indiR tl:ey IWW .are m n'ame onJy, studlMlts it populauon. Jras ~wn d.n to I:eiBurem~nt 'O'f the second, the fOurth and ol Hope~'Opeites. Iy manner too number rtw.elve tlioustenth Commandm~nts 'Ol thl& M,.-.ic I refer to' th~ studenb who, it and. More resolubely j1;e spiNs CIOde, iru f.act o.f much of the Old may be, are Vlelry &itbful in. 1fueir sprung up to 100m sgalnst the Jrea.v'l'Ieeta.nient; :it is an. 6Ibeack on all ck1.1lS'-l"OOI11 WOil'k and WOIUld poeeI.bly ~B ,fifteen !Strong. The town. fa AND modem &W:j and mklI1'e specific!ally, experilertce qualms of conscie.nee if, centered upo.n '81 bieau't'i!ul' expaau;e lit is <81 ridic:u&lg ()f the Honw Sys- pmciumce, they should' happen. 00. aIt- of water. Ahl it beaut.i fuf..Preparatory Sehool tern. M'a y we not '11esi1;la.tte- 8 mo- tend a recitation without bvdng~, tlbe LaJoe Was ~ep III.nd blue. me~t and BOUnd the OOpIt;h o.f this thoroughly preplBted the ~rk 'II&- Tim-e wu when beIed!, maple a.nd dogmIa. IJet UI look w our Code of si~, ,but wOO 81'(! continu8Uy neg- pine, whispered and mOllUlEd and Honor. Fa.irly <lind lUmJetrtly, .it a leC'ting to aBlJia1:e theIi1.eelV'elt with qu'a.rl'ele'd ae bhe tempest blew upon CHARACTfR AND ADVANTAGfS joke? thJe other pblallle8 ·of studJem life the eh'Olre&. Now W'Ould they murTo 8ope'8k plad.nly, before its odcp- such as athl~lttes, Y. M. C. A., liter- mur and frown. NI() w:hl;te.ea.pped An Inltitution of the Reformed Careful IUPemuOD oflthe health ' Church in America, ti'oo, eileating wU pre.V'abmt on the a.ry $OOIetl'es, and IroICial functlOlll8, wavee would frIoaic in glee '118' the and morall of the ltudenb. campu&. If the lItudent could whioh 'are aftler 811 the gre:atest f:ac.- tl"ei88 rocked .8Ioove them, Ita depths Floarilhlng YOUD, Men'. and Established, maintained and con"beat" the- ,pro1leseo:r--tlh9t W'88 niB toTs i~ securing. an e;duC'&~n. . are surly and sullen, Hug'll giJants, trolled by the church. Young Women'l Chriatian AIIodatlonl. privilege>. And ~l 'blri's, despite the A httlle. thought em thIS subject ned, green, amd black have crowdled Open to all who dealre a thorough Li~ Societiea for meD lod wlll suffi~ to oonmce the- re1IdeT c10ee to its IedgIe 6Ind with their dlark moral lIaw, Prepuatory and College education. "omen• .The H>Ope stu~ts decided that tha.t my conteln&n is correet. Look belc.Mng ba~ sullied 1!he bome 'of Co-edUcatiODSI. School of MUllc-vocal and mthe diagl'llC'& should.end. This Honr O'wr the students who oare no~, at the flail. atrumeDtaJ. . Cbriltian but not aectarian or Code was 1l mptua! ~ent college. Woo &re the debernumng .At one beautiful bend in the !my PrIIea. SeholatabJpa. , Bible atudy. 1LJJlklng ~ .. new ~triv- -fv.c1xm! tat oU.r .Wbitution i~ making t~ d\velt 81 1J101l8ter Besket :foaeLecture Coant. 8lIIce-but only an enn' pl'ennt N' ILope'. rerputalbkm wM.t it '181 II it tOl1'y giamlt. The .plague.' ort ftr.e minder m deftnortJe fIornI w Ioeep the type of trtudent who Mver fails bankruptcy, a.IIIJ d dilapidatl~ "Michigan should know more of thia Inltltution. Only feCeDt1y hne I CCIIiIe their 1Mmor unljjamished. It di'd, In ro IIlUlIIre a. petif'ect reciCiatiloln; wholl8 w:r()~t ru' tbe. h~ to I more eomprehenllve IUIdentandin, and Ippreclatlon of the .pleadIci wark spiie of worda .nd woN., 'the coM report card ~hiOWS no mwk l~r bewrt was 'born away. Walk tIle-re done here. I have learned that out of nine Rhodea SchoIanhlp eUafWeI III un&mdlab1e f!ret remBiM tbat t:bte than E? Is it ~& man. who 1S 8iO wiibh me. Here 8Ind ,t here lie sma31 the State, five are graduates of Hope CollePi Ind from my pod trineS, Jada. HOlOOr Codte cti.d wipe out the cheat- engl'08I8d in. bia trtudiee thia't he hu heaps of Ibrick, deca.yed ~, gTaII_ Steere, of the Michigan Supreme Court, I have the ItatemeDt th.t .... Col ing in ....m:lnatlOlll. nliY!; the time to a.ttend a basketball ea, etrunlme ~WI, asIu!s, CJ81l, lege Is doing the ~Igheat. the beat and the mOlt perfect work of II, .W III .lVoo ld that the lest \wo WIOItda ~.Im\(!' lOr a !Grary sodety rust-stained raalway tradul. All is America. I find you rank among the "orld leaden here ba tI;e cI...... ~ou'ld be 6l'II88d. We may .... well as on Friday eVl8rlingf A 1ittIe re&.:- fOil'lom, unsiIiItly. Yet, oW'!' the Ex~y. ()u. 8. not admit the- facts. N'Ote-botok t:-on will fiorCJe you 110 oo'nclud~ 'that ~tly J1I.ppirlg W'IWl!II tlie Bun ill plepm.m and lJIimilar dishOd'lA!stiee th~s as ~ t1r8' type that ma.ke1I shad~ng a l"ipPling; blood~range Tht Wtsttrn Thtolog/Cl1 'Semina" are not too low for BlOme to practiCle, thmga Hvely on the ampUl and ex- track. ~ cloodlt ..bove are tblged evea now. It. ~ Ibhm time flOr et'IB 81 )uting inftuenoo for good on witb IIOIftly gloW'i!lc grey IUId gilt;. of the Refolmed Church 'of America II located ba BeUaci IIIit to eeue. Me.y some JI8W myeter- all ttboee be mt'Jeta. It • the man edged l4Wender. 1hIcw, as the tint.II joillbag the College Campu. Corpa of Expaienced Iutruct.n ioue apph"eatlon k1f the unwritiben·, who bu ~ to get intO' evwy.~ grow dimmer. Watch, .. tbe patly. JDOI'&l law II'baInp it out. If that of doI1le~ life tt.t the blg- undu!&ting track facB away. ThII fdl, 4De great ma.jodty of bcJIIIe.t goSllt lIUCCI!8I w~: his penooaB- same SUIl! by lI1e1d ita retreatIiIIg L 0 CAT ION: H 0 L L A'ND, III C H , G A " tudteul:l d1rouIb cWlnilte agreIe'IDI8Dt, tty project. itaelf. It 18 tile JDUI wbo glory 0I9W t1ae wavu yeat' upaa Holland II a dty of 11,000 IUaWtuta; • IIzs .... :y .mencbeat to the C{)de 'Or otber bite tie line bard on the fOlDittall year, and hu lmiled 1JpiOIn tbill CIOl'Lalle Michigan; pod buatiD" T:1tlC':'~ w* ft.Dtd tb8i ftY to oudaw 1t. griltiroD, the man wbo does without Del' of file bay, where the treee bowplcturelque lCeaerr,1IIptI'Ioi cJ;areJ; IdYIIIaii: Iioat . . -CIIIctao I I: An attack _ been m_ OIl tile do.rinIr -.n eD'aN seuon and ed, tbe!I' 8IN'IIStnc faNwell. electric Daeto GrUcI RapIcII; IIIIba Ui;e Peri ....... lelia ~ cla~ of the 'HbDOr 8J11bem. apemdI m~y bon.. of p.a..tice AlG SUp dawD ... nItd of time into Rapldlto ChicqD; . . . tD . . . Of ~ 110 aatt..... i{roonI 1M the IJuInetbell floor, the mill who Is the oblWion of tfty ,.... .... ftIIa ID ... D. DIIINIII'I'••• -... .... mIlD of com- pi II i~ at fI'I'fIt1 meetintr ~ ill MId ... _ , • ....... of '_a UUIf..... r -- ...... ;a.okta u.K.



_ ._---....-


Hope ' College










, po''''

bedim" ...... ..Ii .:a.,--


"·."tID r.- to



- mm"


omg Sforl I·

our Spring

Suit NOW Before

Cor. River, Ave. and 8th St.

Prices Go Up.



Absolutly Guaranteed

~eapJesState. BaI\k

qul8lfti.on wMtIbeIr Upoll

If in doubt where to have a real good photograph taken


rmB'!' 'lr.rATZ ' B~

Call at

With llannp Dlpvtment



,1IT,OOO.00 Depoidta, ,1,'110,00.00 Oor. 8&11 St alld o.ntral .In. Bolland. Kloll.

for Clau and Society and Bunch Partie. at


Molenaar & De Goede

The Student's Phot<?grapher

I Have Relllmed My Practice in DISEASES OF THE EYE. EAR. NOSE anel THROAT : I :

19 E .8th St. Holland Mich. Upstairs

D<lIt--"lmmense. "

too co-ffee

: -_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _...!

is exhtwsted."

He "I'm not surprised. bee!n. very wefllk l'ately."

Drugs, Candies or Toilet Articles



W.·ll Sa, Sol Dick-"What do you think O'f my shioles. Dot?"


G. I. Dlehma. Pr ••., H. I. Lllldeu. o.llIler


T,hoee who <are ~led to come i,n chapel la.te should be caned mummies, f{)r tiley we prcsle'd foor time.

When in Need of Anything


Wm.J. Olive


my teet.

Waiter-"I'm SIOrry but


I rO,ICle S ,----------'"'!


Said A 2 B "I CUR hu:li.n.ed 2 B A J . Said B 2 C Ur mind I C sOOn signa 01. great D. K.


Holland, Mich,


ill the





Ian ce .erietel' now."

·Twa. ..

is one who knows that~ the HOLLAND CITY STATf BANK spending; end is.more imporBOl.LAND. MICB. tant than the earning-end of -1.,his work. Capital $100.000.00 The best way t 0 keep th e . d . t k th Surplu. and Profit., $60.227.7. earmng en up IS 0 eep e -:.cspending end down. That is Interest paid on Time just what" a savings account in 'ts Compounded D epOSl Semi -Annualb our bank does. .Start one today:


wear i. complete.

lucky iadeed;

Shoould etIInd


k l· If r n I Enterprlse Shoe Store - D ;1 - -

Forced Court.l,. I fOlIe' with grelat alacrlty To o«eT ber my Beat.



lOUR liDe of WiDter Foot- ~

Nidtu &tuff




--a na

H6-"Hy folks CUDI&

N. Dykema





Citz. Phone 120S

Maneioul P~te T.-"Do Y'OO th<ink I'll be able to play th~ pillmG wheln my hand Iree:ls. docbc>r?" Doc-"certein~y. you will." Pete-"Goo, tha.t's grea.t. I never cO'IlI d belfone."

2 W. Sth Street

DR. JADS O. SCOTT DENTIST EnniD. AppoiDtm.Dla Tuelela, and Saturcla,. from 7 to 9



SSp'rl"8t8ma &Son

! She:-"Yee. I.nde!ed'; aren't they bhe lrorrid tubiiIg thimlgs."




Pro-f. MeiDeclce:-"Whet do. yo-u know about Ceres?" I Cynltbdla:-"Oh, do. yo-u mean the

that will hold happiness in Life's severest storm is _a cozy, horny home. No wonder, then, that it is so natural for everyone to say IIHolland .Furnaces Make Warm Friends."

jworfd'e eerSesT"




·Dub Vaupedl W'S8 a eylog. Ism in Argument a.nd Debate ,b ut he . did not proOOed far. ' ~f. J. B, ·N.-"J~ eo moment. Mr. Vaupell you have an e.mbdg\lo.WI





I & 'b by-flYo.ur illust;roa.t1ooD WOlldfs urges' Installers of FU(TJacf:s .~ !. ______________________________ '__________--J I ~' ~_t_d_own __I'_'_____

====================== I

is very

Developing, Printing

When eiglenesa.. is bHss, 'ttl folly

CAMPUS NEWS Eva Toe PII'!I1e, f;o-rmerly. .. m~ber of the class of '20, now ' the Ypsi1anti No:rmal College. spent the week-end at Voor,~

Most Popular Place in the City




I I I I I I I I I I I I d I I Lid


I' • I I I



I • I

I I 1 I

I I 1 ,_ .. I

I I I •


Seven 'Of our Sophomore tkmndtes 19 E. Eighth Stree,t Citz. Phone 1582 i.nspj:red by the apitdt of Leap Year - - - - - - - - - . . : . . . - - . . ; . ; . - -_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _..J entlelrbained with a thea.1leT party. Re- : ......................................................._ .._ . - . _...



Music Studies, Sheet ~usic, Song Books, Ukuleles. Guitars, Violins and' Everything Musical

~: 1[·


17 W. 7th St., Holland. Mich. i; ,

S Bote;r

to MDt oa Vi~rol& for 1lbair pal'ty i11 : ; Zleel:a.nd. last Saturda~. they bought

~========~==::===== 'or yoar meal. and lunches "bile In Rolland atop at the


N. ROFFIIAN. Proprietor


...... 10n

. .-

RoIlucJ, IIIda


,a_ ex

Co. I: :

i ('TRY BOTER'S FIRST" i. ! ome. i Y. i : Frida.y aft.ernoon wibJe.ed the i , futeet goame of airJs' bubtbal1 ever I ..•• :• pl&)"ed on tOO ca:m.pua. The Junion • Exclusive Sto )« : a,~d Senion oootwWd fw the cup. i il . Exclusive Store ,

t •





For :I Clothlna, Furnishings, I Shoes, RubbersandHosHats, etc. I lery for the whole ••wdh,

I TGIlY Teriuea. - capliain ol1lhe Jun-, -"'-_.I ~-.... hi! J I WrI. - ' " " ' I l l U ~'OI Wano. W e 01 e •

. . .- - - - - - - - - - . , - ,. ,.... , ... , ........., . , . - ,....--,...... , - ,.....--,.,..............,.....



. '.

. ! 'D ,th:=:: ::.~~= =:.!b~ I ~. ..



Everything Photographic '

fresbmJeonits and the game of ,,~x and Geoeee" ended 1lhet aff..;r. . • I •



Frank Huff hU been suffll'ling with lumbago for the past few days.

....._________-____. . .; . ________--=

Bnterprise Shoe Store





Holland. Mich. 5~ W Sih. t 210 River Av. -==--=~===~=~_'t:===~=====:::;:=:;===

""I" , . -------.~l!'"' li --------------- I to. be wiNes.




Wanenaar & Hamm

Bobby"Roggen. what Is d'eM!'ty.'" th t' h't II , Atte.--"I dOn't knl().W but I can a as 1. ; give givi! '8. &'OOd iI1lU8~tion." . Citz. Phone 1470


Dr,. Goocla. Coata anel Cloab anel Millin.r,. HOLLAND, MICH.

me. it·s


~ l.


Cib. Pho••


"Shure. an' St. Patrick bless


97·99 E. 8th S!.

Shure, and is it I e cere amy' e re wan .n?


Quality and Prompt Service





Hour&-8:30 to 12 A. M. 1 :90 to 5 P. M. 4 E. 8th St. Hollanel, Mich.

Awful He-"I suppose yo-u triJed the ' - - - - - - - - - -.... jinniclci'Bhe9 -while you were In Ja}). - - - - - -- - - - ..n?" Our Motto



at 22 Welt Sth Street, Above Woolworth's 5 and 10 Cent Store Office Hour&9 to 11 A. M. 2 to 5 P. M. Tues. and Sat. 7 to 9 P. M.


Be' .,

Belt W'88 .teHar fwwarci the ndon. Ted IloeklItra ud GJ'Il~ Peet f'oonHrly hiP KbGkIi bullletN11 6rI :

abo~ 1Ibeir old form and AnIla WWIa and Ol'iN BokDd up

1"6 W. 8th Citreet


to tiMIr ~ .• pardi. The 6nal ICON WIll '& tie wlaiaIL will be played ctf tbIt near tutu....





._. .


14 W. 8th street



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