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Volume XLIV

Hope College, Holland, Mich, January 27,1932

Presentation of Play Next Week's Event




Mrs. Gerrlt V a n Peursem Addresses Volunteers I N T E R E S T I N G ACCOUNT ARABIAN L I F E IS GIVEN


N«mber 27



Debaters In Preparation for Tourney

DRAMA CLASS PRODUCTION HAND ALMA F I R S T HOME DE- to maintain a slim lead which was The Student Volunteers met in M A R K E D BY EMOTIONAL F E A T IN TWO YEAR'S The weekly Wednesday meeting CONTESTS TO BE STAGED AT held during the closing minutes by their room last Friday, Jan. 22. Mr CONFLICT ALBION COLLEGE TIME of the Divinity Guild was called to means of effective stalling. Abraham Norman led the song FEBRUARY 5 order by the President, George American Life Will be Depicted in service and devotions. The scripture H. Dalman and Spoelstra led Close Fight Ends with 30-27 VicBerens, A f t e r the song service, a Comedy, "Once There Was the Hope scoring with 11 and 9 Hope Teams to Meet M.S.C., message was the story of Ishmae , tory for Varsity a Princess" points respectively. The entire team season of sentence p r a y e r s was ofwhich revealed the background for Kalamazoo, and Albion played fine ball. Kahn and Dawson fered, The speaker of Jhe afternoon Last Wednesday evening the Mrs. Van Peursem's message. Debaters There Begin to save your pennies imwas Mr, C. H. Van Deelen, a memmade 8 points apiece f o r Alma. Hope cagers journeyed to Alma A f t e r our interests had been mediately, so t h a t you may be able ber of the Junior class, who read Last Thursday the men's debaLineups and s u m m a r y : and returned on the long end of a to attend the annual Drama Class thoroughly aroused by Mr. Van Numbers 12:9-5 which tells of Miting squad held its weekly meeting H O P E COLLEGE (30) Play on F e b r u a r y 4th and 5th! At Peursem's address and the Arabian 30-27 score. By virtue of this win, rian who was afflicted with leprosy. at which the men discussed the Hope takes undisputed hold on secFG F TP that time you will receive a g r e a t pictures shown in the Association He then gave an interesting and question of introducing debating as H. Dalman F 5 i n ond place in the conference standP deal of pleasure and amusement meeting, Mrs. Van Peursem foum educational address, based on the a course at Hope College. One hour F. 2 1 5 twenty who were eager for a great ing. This defeat was the first Nykerk from watching the many interestknowledge he obtained f r o m a visit of class work a week besides two F. 0 0 0 er knowledge concerning Arabia. which the Scots have sulfered on Slighter ing personnages of "Once There which he had the privilege of maklours of preparation, would be Spoelstra C. 4 l y She told about many of the Ara- the home court in two years. Was a Princess." ing a t the Louisiana Leper Colony, required. It is possible that a stuVisscher G. 1 3 5 bian customs and of her work The Dutchmen took an early The sisters, Ruby and Hazel founded by Roman Catholic nuns dent taking this debating course A. Dalman G. 0 0 0 among the Arabs. She said that the command of the siti/htion and at Boyd, d a u g h t e r s of Joe and his and later taken under control of would receive two semester credits. Mohammedans were more devoted, lalf time were leading 21-13, The wife, who are taken by Jean Herthe Federal government. He very To The squad is very busy prepartal 12 6 30 obedient, and submissive to their ine teamwork displayed by the man and Iva Klerk, are two very ably explained the conditions of the ing for the debating tournament ALMA COLLEGE (27) religion than the Christian. The iingamen in this period being entertaining characters in the three hundred patients in the colthat is to be staged on the 6th of Arab's life is constantly entwined chiefly responsible for the f a s t FG F TP comedy. Both of them are lively Kahn F. 2 4 8 ony, and how leprosy is the most 'ebruary at Albion College. The by hideous superstitions and spirs t a r t . However, the fine passing specimens of Indiana girlhood. p. 0 0 0 d r e a d f u l disease, although some whole day is then to be given over its. A f t e r their many years of and accurate basket shooting which Sharp Ruby is somewhat jealous of the Borton F. 1 2 4 cases are being cured. A discussion to debating, and Hope will contest f a i t h f u l labor they have only one was so marked during the first half princess, who has returned home, against Michigan State, Kalamazoo C. 4 0 8 followed. soul who has openly confessed was also evident during the second Dawson because she is afraid of losing MilNo The following officers were elect- College and against Albion's first C, 0 0 0 Christ as Saviour. The message period. | vak ton D'Arcy, who formerly bestowed Crawford G, 2 1 5 ed f o r the new s e m e s t e r : President, team and her reserve team as well. proved so interesting that the liveA f t e r the intermission, the Pres- Mark his attentions upon her. Hazel G. 1 o 2 Jacob Groetsema; Vice President, ly discussion which followed had Boyd, the younger daughter, is very to be interrupted. Everyone joined byterians cut down Hope's lead David Reardon; and Secretary am emotional and adapted to crying or in singing "The Light of the World considerably and the game develTota T I 10 7 27 r e a s u r e r , Franklin Deitz. E i g h t y laughing. The girls are both united Is Jesus," a f t e r which Mrs. Van oped into a desperate battle. A requests f o r gospel t e a m work have Referee—Bos, M. S, C, in their dislike of A u n t Meta and Peursem dismissed the group with trio of long shots, however, helped Umpire—Tumwal, Grand Rapids, been mailed, and the guild is lookdisplay this aversion by frequently a word of prayer. ing f o r w a r d to an enthusiastic sesinging, o mester as to both the weekly meetings and the gospel t e a m trips. "Oh! how I hate Aunt Meta, 0 How 1 wish the b e a r s would NUMBER OF ENTRANTS MAKE eat her." PERFECT HAND UPSETS ELIMINATION TRIALS In the end, everything turns out MENTAL EQUILIBRIUM NECESSARY quite well, f o r Milton and Ruby OF BRIDGE PLAYER are reconciled and f u t u r e promises The „ most important part of C^NNACIN, KIEFT AND VISSER much f o r Hazel. HOPE A L U M N U S DRIVES CAR H e r e a f t e r , John Somsen resolves, Hope's celebration of the bicenten\ I N THE WINNING COMI N T O T R A I N N E A R TRAhe'll bite his tongue if he can't curb nial anniversary of George WashBINATION Miss Florence Clark, who a VERSE CITY his disastrous mental exhilaration ington's birth will be an oratorical member of last year's f r e s h m a n The affirmative team representany other way. Bidding five clubs contest the prize for which will be class visited the dormitory a week ing the girls' debating squad of News was received here last in a game of Auction Bridge the a bronze bust of Washington. The ago Monday, Miss Clark lives in Hope won a decisive victory over week of the serious i n j u r y of Paul other day he failed to redouble ife-sized bust by Tiffany of New Grand Haven, the negative t e a m of Kalamazoo Dykstra, graduate of Hope College when his opponents doubled him— York after Houdon is the truest College Tuesday, Jan. 19. They in the Class of 1930, in an auto- and he held every club in the deck likeness of the father of our • • • Sunday Miss Anita Furbeck was debated on the National debate mobile accident near Traverse in his hand. His excessive excite- country. Many artists have painted REV. G E R R I T VAN P E U R S E M taken ill. She is getting along question, "Resolved, T h a t the City. Dykstra was driving on a ment at holding this unusual hand Washington. Stuart alone has nicely now. GIVES INTRODUCTORY United States should offer to par- road near Greilickville about 11 explains his failure to redouble. made about six portraits of him, • • • ticipate in the cancellation of inter- o'clock Thursday morning when he o ADDRESS all of which are more or less idealMiss Suzanne Schoeppe, an alum governmental world war debts, in- ran into a Manistee and Northized, But . the bust by Houdon of na of Hope was seen about the cluding reparations." western passenger train. He was Paris is a perfect representation of Last Wednesday morning Rev, campus and Voorhees Hall during The victorious Hope debaters taken to Munson Hospital, Traverse Gerrit Van Peursem, well-known the week-end. him as to features. For six weeks were Beatrice Visser, Louise Kieft City, in an unconscious condition, foreign missionary of the Reformed Houdon was a guest at Mt. Vernon, and Edith Cunnagin. Professor Rit- but regained consciousness in the Church, gave the introductory adand at that time all the measureafternoon. He suffered severe inter, coach of men's debate, was dress to the annual Hope mission ments required for a perfect bust chairman f o r the occasion while juries about the face and back. drive for funds to keep its reprewere taken. DR. VAN K E R S E N SHOWS i e n r y Zylstra, debate coach at His f a t h e r , Charles Dykstra, of 564 sentative on the foreign field. He FILMS A T J O I N T " Y " This prize, the present value of Calvin College, was the judge. The College Avenue, Holland, left impictured very interestingly the life M E E T I N G which is $350, is given from a fund Kalamazoo speakers were Ina War- mediately for Traverse City. of the people among whom the misestablished by J. Ackerman Coles. ren, Eleanor Hayne and Winifred Since graduation, Dykstra has sionaries a r e working, especially The Y.M.C.A. and the Y.W.C.A. He also gave one of these busts to D E F E A T O P P O N E N T 22-14 FOR ^ome. They were accompanied by been employed by the Universal the Arabians and Chinese. He held a joint meeting on Tuesday Oxford University in memory of SECOND M . I . A. A. Debate Coach Mrs, Worth and Credit Company of Detroit. He is evening, J a n u a r y 19. Miss Lois stressed the fact t h a t they are real his father who was a graduate of VICTORY Professor Simpson of Kalamazoo, expected to recover. people like anyone else, and that Marsilje led the devotions. Mr. that school. The contest was to be o they have like passions, weaknesses J a m e s Dooley gave several very The Hope Frosh made the trip held every three years, but when Friday evening. Miss Anne Aland good points with us. Miss Joan Walvoord, Miss Iva good vocal selections. They conto Alma last Wednesday and added the price of the bust was raised 1 he drive, as carried out by the another M.I.A.A. victory. The )erts entertained some relatives in Klerk and Miss Ruth Van Dyke sisted of the old darkie melodies from |150 to $600, its value at one Association Union immediately fol- game, however, was ragged and her room, H^r guests were her went to Chicago for the past week- and were sung j u s t as they are time, the contest could not be given lowing the talk, was comparatively our yearlings should trounce the sung in the South. that often. Now other funds have successful, about $400 being real- Alma team in the return engage- aunt, Mrs, J . De J o n g ; her cousin, end. Both Miss Walvoord and Miss Dr. William Van Kersen then kliss Fredreka De Jong, and a Van Dyke have their homes in the presented moving pictures which come in, and perhaps it will be ized. This money is used to keep ment, if they play the ball of possible to have the contesf every : riend, Miss Geraldine Vogalzong, vicinity of Chicago. Walter De Velder in China, as a w*hich they are capable. he took on his visit to the foreign ' three years. . ' short-term missionary mission field. The first pictures Lineups and S u m m a r y : Those who have won the prize in shown were of Bagdad, Nineveh Hope Frosh (22) ALUMNI previous years are: Rev. Peter H. and Babylon, showing the ruins of F.G. F . T.P. a n c i e n t cities in the T i g r i s - Pleune,y D. D. of Louisville, KenMiss Josephine De Haan, lady of Bonnette, F. ...2 2 C Euphrates valley. Then he showed tucky ; Rev. C. P. Dame of Musleisure in Zeeland, was a campus- Korstanje, F 2 3 7 visitor last week Wednesday a f t e r - Bouman, C.; pictures of the Arabian mission and kegon, Michigan; Rev. George 2 1 5 noon, the workers in that field The activ- Steininger of New York City, who Boven, G i o 2 • • • ities of these missions w e r e also won the national oratorical Van Zanden, G 1 0 2 Miss Geraldine Smies of Oost- De Jonge, G explained by Dr. Van Kersen dur- contest and Rev. Harry J. Eager 0 0 0 NEGATIVE TEAM TO MEET draw a large student audience to burg, Wis,, is back on the campus ing the pictures. The meeting was of Chicago, Illinois, who won third RIVAL ON FRIDAY this battle of wits. The members Total ....... to take up her studies again here, 8 C 22 very interesting and well attended. place in the national contest and NIGHT of the team have not been definite• • • Alma Frosh (14) Maurice Visscher of Memphis, o ly selected, but it is probable that Tennessee. *<* Miss M y r a Ten Cate, Hope '30, Fast Workers F.G. F, T.P. Students Are Urged to Attend InMarvin Kruizenga will be one of who has an excellent record in her Bussard, F, Head of Business College—In 1 3 5 Two names must be added to the testing Forensic Events them. study of dramatics out E a s t , and Waal, F, teaching shorthand and typewrit- list of contestants printed in last 1 3 The judges will make this debate ing, we are strong for accuracy. who is now at home writing her Volk, C 0 week's Anchor. Theodora Schaaf 4 This F r i d a y evening at 8 o'clock of special interest. Mr. Leo Lille, Inquirer—How are you on speed? and Ivan Johnson both of the senior Master's Thesis, was a library Hunter, G 0 2 the negative debating team of the author of the recently published Head of Business College—Well, class have submitted their Hinshaw, G. .. caller last Friday morning. 0 0 Hope squad will clash with the afHistory of Ottawa County, will be • • • Clack, G of last year's class, six married The new list contains the 0 of 0 firmative team from Calvin College. one of the officials. Mr. Rogers, their employers within six months. The Sorosis Alumnae Association six freshmen, three sophomores, The debate will take plac^ in Win- superintendent of the Zeeland held an annual meeting last SaturTotal 5 4 14 ant's Library reading room, and one junior and four seniors. Elimday afternoon at the home of Mrs. How did Eve come by her name 7 ination contests will be held on or Referee: Turnwall, Grand Rap- it is hoped that the traditional ri- schools, will also be one of the George Pel grim. judges, and the third one is Mr. She was the end of Adam's perids. before February 19 and the final valry between the two schools will Shackson. fect day. x ' - • f ' contest will toJMtoirr 26.


Paul Dykstra Debaters Bow Is Injured to Hope Team In Accident I

Preliminaries Will Be Held In Bust Contests


Funds Raised For Mission Project Wed.

Pictures On Mission Work Draw Crowd

Frosh Complete Hope Triumph On Alma Visit


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Ivan C. JohMon — Helen Pelon — Joan Walvoord Herbert Marsilje, Preston Van Kolken Willism Austin Ella Roggen Be mice Mollema Mark Brouwer Vivian Behrman

but I dess she has to stay with grampa." With Peggy's first words the man started, but as she finished there was a sad, far-away-look in his eyes. "Yes, Muffets, it looks as if grandpa needs her to take care of him," was his only comment. His mood lasted only an instant, however, and laughing once more, he said, as he set his "Muffets" down, "But come on, we can't stand here talking, Pal's in the car, barking for us to hurry." So, hand in hand they walked to the car, and then rode away t o the little bungalow at the edge of the town.

Reporters: Marie Verduin, Jean Bosnian, Edith De Young, Christian Walvoord, Lois De Pree, Martha Vanden Berg, Ethel Leestma, • • » Sherwood Price, Margaret Rottschaefer, Beatrice Visser, Frank Peggy had grand times when she Visscher, Hilda Lanting, Gertrude Holleman, Marian Working, visited her Daddy. She played Carrol Capps. games with the neighbor children, or went for walks along the river BUSINESS STAFF with the f a i t h f u l Pal. But best of Business Manager Melvin F. Dole all, she liked to sit in Daddy's office, when he was alone and had Aasistants: Vivian Behrman, Edith De Young, Margaret Rens, time to tell h e r about all the p r e t t y .Harold RingenoldusJohn Chamberlain. Circulation Manager May ford Ross pills and medicines, lined in neat Assistant William Heyns rows on the shelves, for, you see, "Daddy" was a doctor. One day, soon a f t e r her arrival, she was thus, alone with him in the office, and a f t e r the usual u » r fashion she began. " W h a t ' s t h a t . Daddy?" S S B H "Why t h a t , Muffets, is for little girls t h a t have an earache. You P l B ? * see, sometimes little girls a r e naughty and the fairies have to punish them, so they come and stick their swords in the little girl's ear till it h u r t s a w f u l ! Then I have to make it better. And t h a t green stuff there is for bad boys who needless to say, Peggy, was busy steal Mr. Jones' green apples in every minute of the time. She had the spring. Of course, little girls often gone traveling with her Daddy dojVt do t h a t . " or Mother, it seems, and so was "Well, lemme see—what's t h a t ? " not the least bit shy of strangers. " T h a t yellow? That's for Susy With Rose Mary in her a r m s , and Prims' 'rheumatiz.' When you get a pair of spectacle rims, which she INSTRUCTOR ROSS SUBMITS carried in her purse, on her nose, old and stiff I'll give you some of that." E X A M P L E O F GOOD CLASS she wandered f r o m one seat to anWORK "I think I'd r a t h e r have t h a t other, visiting every passenger pink." just as she imagined a grown lady "I think maybe you wouldn't. It would do. And, before long, she 'Peggy' had made devoted slaves of us all, tastes horrid, and besides, it would with her sage remarks, embarrass- make you feel pretty much as if you had a dozen horses r u n n i n g Perhaps it was because P a p a ing though they proved to some. around inside of you." Joe, the old conductor on the 8:20 She suggested to the lady with the "Do you spose it would kill you, express, was blowing his nose f u - crying baby t h a t very likely he was Daddy?" riously, and dobbing his eyes when crying, as did her doll sometimes, "I think not, but why do you he thought no one was looking, or because she had stuck a pin s t r a i g h t into it, to better hold it's ask?" p e r h a p s it was because of the clear J u s t then the bell rang, and Docsweet voice of a small child, t h a t dress in place. She actually made the glum old man in the c o m e r tor Dave was called away to visit I looked down the line of cars laugh by telling him t h a t she liked a patient. toward the day-coach. Had 1 been • • • an artist, perhaps I would have him even if he did look like the He had often left Peg in the knave in her story book. And she painted what I saw. On the platoffice, alone, but before this he had certainly put me in my place. A f t e r f o r m stood a pretty, sweet, little always been sure to put everything looking at me for some time she woman, who, somehow, reminded away. This time, however, he had me of a drooping violet. She looked asked, "How old are you?" Now overlooked the pink bottle on his as if her last t r e a s u r e was being there was a very handsome man torn away from her. And 1 guess it across from me, and I had no in- desk, about which they had been was, for above her, peeping through tention of letting him hear my talking. Peggy saw it, and knowing the train window, was a lovely exact age, so I replied, "Ninety- how much fun it was to play "hos child, the kind you long to pick up nine, honey." "Why," she exclaim- pital" with Rose Mary, she took and hug. She reminded me of a ed, looking over her glass rims, "I possession of it. For a long time they played, and little sunbeam, she was so fair. I didn't spose you were older than then, growing tired, and perhaps stepped a little closer, risking miss- seventy." Now all this goes to show how a bit lonely, Peggy curled up in ing the train myself, to hear what precocious she was, and perhaps the big chair by the window to was said. The child was speaking, and, as makes the rest of the story as I wait for "Daddy." As she waited, she spoke, tears clouded the blue pieced it together bit by bit from her chin resting on her chubby eyes and hung on h e r long lashes. the conversation of Montville dur- arms and the yellow curls falling "I jes' wish you were going 'long ing the next month, more plausible over her face, she began to think. Why was it t h a t she didn't have a t o Daddy's house. He's jes' the nic- to you. Daddy and Mother like other chile •• • est man. But I dess you can't. But, dren? O t h e r children's Daddys and We had traveled thus for a couplease, Momsy, 1 wish you didn't Mothers lived together, and it ple of hours, when the conductor, feel so sad, cause you know Daddy seemed such fun. It was too bad always sends me back when the coming into our car, picked up seen Peggy's wraps. "Well, Miss, next that Daddy had n e v e r calendar says he m u s t . " "Momsy." He'd mos' certainly like station is where your Daddy is a"I almost wish 1 were going her a lotj and want her to come waitin' for you. She clapped her along, but maybe your Daddy wouldn't—." She stopped short. hands happily, and then pressed and visit, too, if he did know her. "Oh, there goes the bell, dear. Bye- her little nose eagerly against the That would be such fun, and then she could visit both of them at the bye. Be a nice girl and—and take window. " O h ! there's Daddy's red c a r . " same time. And maybe Mother good care of your Daddy, of Rose Mary, too," she added, smiling Then, before the train had actually would smile more then, and Daddy wistfully. "If she should take sick stopped, a tall, seemingly - gay, wouldn't always stop playing and 1 might have to come and t a k e care young man, had hopped aboard, say that he was busy whenever she mentioned "Momsy." Perhaps she of her just as I did last week when and snatched Peggy in his arms. "Hello there, Muffets, I thought could ask Daddy to invite her. Still she had the measles." Once more Peggy, for that was you'd never come!" he said clasp- —she'd done that before. It was so that Doctor Dave found her name, was smiling happily, and ing her tightly, and nearly smothpatting her big doll's curly head, ering her with kisses; and then, her, and when he had picked her she said, MI jes' dess shell be aw* hesitating a bit- and holding her up and said, "A penny for your right, now that grampa ewaxci- back so that he might see her face, thoughts, MufTets," she told him nated her." By this time the train he added, "—and how's your all that she'd been thinking. When she finished he merely looked trouwas moving slowly, and unless 1 mother?" "Momsey's awright, 'ceptin' kinda bled, and told her to "run along" wished to be left behind I had to sad sometimes. She said she almost for he was busy. hop on. wished she could come l o n g , 'cause i As she slowly turned, to walk v • e • The trip was not a long one, and, I told her what a nice man you are, a w i y , her puuled look changed to



Short Story Course Brings Out Talent


one of dismay, as her eyes fell on Rose Mary. The pork had come off the medicine bottle, and the medicine was running into the doll's mouth and all over its face. Peggy snatched her up, and began to clean her face with her apron. To her horror, there was not a bit of color left in the doll's face, for the medicine had eaten away the paint. "Why, Daddy! That medicine does make you sick. Rose Mary looks jes like grampa did when his appdendicitis got sick." Then, suddenly she was laughing joyously. "Now Momsy will come! Now Momsy will come! Now—you see. Daddy, Momsy said not to let Rose M a r y get sick, because then she'd have to come to take care of her. Will you telephone? Quick, Daddy!" But " D a d d y " only smiled sadly, and shook his head. "Why, Mother couldn't come all t h a t way for a dolly. She was j u s t joking, Muffets, dear. It would be different if you were sick. She'd probably come then. But there, there, don't cry so, honey. I can get your dolly fixed easily. I'll even get you a new one if you wish. Daddy's big girl shouldn't cry so about a dolly. Please, Muffets."

wblild never wake up again. Perhapa Maud no longer loved him. Hb'd find out, though! He'd call h^r! He dashed to the phone, and put in a long-distance call. In a few moments he heard Maud's voice. "What is it? Does Peggy need me?" "Yes, Maud—dear, and so do I. Will you come—and perhaps stay? I've been a fool, dear, and now I'm sorry for it." "So have I, Dave. I've been w a n t ing to come all the time, but I w a s too proud. Yes—I'll come." "Good-bye—till t h e n ! " Dr. Dave sank into his chair, sobbing f o r joy. Could it be t r u e ? He certainly didn't deserve such happiness. And then, t u r n i n g around, to look a t "Muffets," he found his last b i t of joy. Peggy's eyes were open, shining like two s t a r s , and her wee lips were curved in a h a p p y smile. She had heard j u s t enough to know that "Momsy" was coming. —A. D. o Then His Friends Called

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MODEL LAUNDRY "The Soft Water Laundry" Wet Wash, Rough Dry Finished Work Holland,

"I may not have a little f a i r y in my home or n little miss in my ^ a r , " allowed Oscar, the operator, as he s t a r t e d for home "but I cerv « « * tainly have a little made in my T h a t night, a f t e r Dr. Dave had cellar." c a r r i e d Peggy, red - eyed and strangely silent, up to bed, he deThe new salesman was sent to cided to go for a long walk. There Boerger, Texas, and upon arrival was no use t r y i n g to work in the found the only hotel filled to the office. He was too much troubled roof. "No, sir," said the clerk, "we by Peggy's unusual behavior. She can't let you have a room unless had cried as if her h e a r t were you t a k e half of a private dining broken. Surely she would not carry room. There's a screen across it, on so over a mere doll. Could it a young lady has the other half of be that she really wanted her the room but I guess she won't mother so badly? If t h a t were the bother you." case, he'd have to send her back The salesman agreed t h a t it at once. Gee—that would almost would do in a pinch. kill him. F i r s t Maud, and now A half-hour later he ran into the Peggy. corridor, wide-eyed and pale. Peggy heard his steps on the "Hey," he yelled to the clerk " t h a t walk below and then the click of woman's dead." "I know it," said the clerk, "but the gate. She waited till she was how did you find out." certain t h a t he was quite a distance away, then she climbed out of her "Folks," said the colored minisbed and tip-toed down the stairs ter, " t h e subject of my sermon dis toward the office. evenin' am 'Liars.' How many in Now, and all during supper, she de congregation has done read the kept thinking of what "Daddy",had 69th chapter ob M a t t h e w ? " Nearsaid, "If you were sick it would be ly every hand in the audience was different. She'd probably come raised immediately. then." " D a d d y " had also said that " D a t ' s right," said his reverence. he could get the dolly fixed easily, "You is just de folks I w a n t to so, if she took some of that medipreach to. Dere is no 69th chapcine he could surely fix her, too. t e r in Matthew." Of course, she didn't realize t h a t it would affect her f a r differently. When she reached the office, she snapped on the light, which she could j u s t reach by standing- on her toes. Beside the cupboard was a tall stool, which she climbed, f o r " D a d d y " had beertj more careful this time, and put the remains of the medicine out of reach. As she leaned f o r w a r d to get the bottle, the stool slipped, and down she fell with a crash.


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Hope Drama Class

The cook, who had been gossiping on the back porch, heard the noise, 1 and ran in to see what was wrong j u s t at the same instant t h a t Dr. Dave, r e t u r n i n g f r o m his walk, came in. They found her lying unconscious on the floor, with a deep gash in her head. As quickly as possible they laid her on a cot, and the doctor dressed the wound as best he could. He thought he would never finish, his hand trembled so, and he was so troubled by the thoughts that flashed across his mind. And when he did finish she was still unconscious, so he could only sit and wait. As he waited, he puzzled about how it could have happened. Whatever was Peggy doing in his office? Then, his eye rested on "that pink bottle." Still, .why would she want that? Then, like a flash his own words crossed his mind. "If you were sick' i t would be different. She'd probably come then." That was itl His little Muffets wanted her mother, but she wanted her together with him. What a fool he was. Why had he been so stubborn? If he only had admitted it—he had wanted Maud, too—and now perhaps it was too late. Maybe Peggy


"Once There Was a Princess" Thursday and Friday - Nights — February 4, 5








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f r o m the p e n e t r a t i n g and thrilling ability of their voices would m a k e excellent prima donnas. S. Pellegrom as Mrs. Durfee, appeared on the scene in an e f f o r t to calm t h e terrified inmates, but all to no avail. The last number was a faculty meeting conducted by S. Johnson as President Wichers. With a few of the members present and the others excused f o r very valid reasons, some m a t t e r s of very serious import were taken up and discussed. The meeting, although probably not a very .typical one, proved to be very humorous. With the singing of the Sorosis songs the meeting adjourned. There will be no regular meeting this week, but a social hour is being planned.

p r o g r a m a f t e r a s h o r t intermission. • * • P R A T E R S JOIN I N REGULAR MEETING

The Fraternal Society held its regular meeting the evening of Jan. 22, 1932. The f u n began when Thursday evening, J a n u a r y 21, t h e F r a t e r Notier was appointed chornew girls' p r o g r a m w a s presented ister. A f t e r the singing, the F r a t e r to Alethea. President B a r r e opened President resigned the meeting to A. Dregman conducted all in a the meeting with a s h o r t business F r a t e r Van Haitsma who occupie( discussion. Geraldine Smies, who game of constructing wild animals the chair f o r the rest of the tinie. has returned to college, was wel- Mid much l a u g h t e r and m a n y F r a t e r Schade is to be commendec comed back to the society. The "operations" the poor beasts were for his generosity in allowing meeting was then t u r n e d over to wound together. A f t e r much careF r a t e r Seniors the opportunity o A. W a r r e n who was in charge of ful consideration of all the zoologipresiding at a meeting. the program. Ethel Boot led in t h e cal members, the prize was awarde( The program was as follows: devotions. A most interesting to the giraffe, the masterpiece o: Republicans vs. Democrats— paper entitled "Two Girls of A. McGilvra. Delicious and bountiF r a t e r Van Leeuwen China," was read by Marian Boot. ful refreshments were served am Life of Rockne— It contrasted a Chinese girl of were followed by songs. Frater Japinga • * • twenty years ago and now. A. Music— F r a t e r Vander N a a k Sterken entertained with her flute. D E L P H I A N S TOLD O F LOVE Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow AT PLEDGE PROGRAM She played "Save the Last Dance F r a t e r Bonnette for Me," and "The Waltz You The new girls presented an interPhilosophy of Life Saved for Me." A s o n g service was esting and clever program a t the F r a t e r C. Meengs led by A. De Weerd. meeting of the Delphi Society last F r a t e r H. Dalman criticized the The f e a t u r e of the evening was a Thursday evening. The theme was I N T E R E S T I N G PROGRAM program and the gathering broke most delightful skit given by al "Love Through the Ages." DevoAT E M E R S O N I A N up with the "Old F r a t e r Song." « * « MEETING FRIDAY the new girls, called " A World o tions were led by Pledge Van At the meeting of the EmersoKNICK O F F I C ERS TREAT Girls. In it a young college boy, Oostenbrugge. The program was nians held last Friday Russell KlasSOCIETY TO S U P P E R AND A. De Weerd, dreams of the girls begun by the Serenaders who gave sen presided; John Mulder acted as PROGRAM O F HUMOR he would like to take to the prom. two numbers which created the A. Roggen accompanied at the proper atmosphere. The methods of chorister, while John Vanden Belt The Knickerbockers gathered covered the piano p a r t of the openpiano. The skit opened with the love making from the time of the around the table of the Knickering exercises. The chorister dedihero, a f t e r vain a t t e m p t s at study- cave man until the present werw bocker grille last Friday night for cated a song to " E s t h e r " in honor ing, falling to sleep to the tune of vividly portrayed. The cave man a s t a g (not venison) supper of panof one of the promising members. "Dream Lover." Before him passed Pyramus and Thisbe. Cleopatra, Solos, duets and q u a r t e t s supplied cakes and songs of which the songs the girls of his dreams t o the t u n e s Romeo and Juliet, Evangeline and were very light. The occasion was variety. of popular songs: " B e t t y Coed," A. g r a n d f a t h e r as well as the modern The f i r s t number on the p r o g r a m brightened by the fact t h a t it was Sterken; "Tip Toe Through the campus folk featured in the prowas a potent one on "Birth Con- the new officers t r e a t , not of food Tulips," A. Vande Wende; " J e a n - gram. A short business meeting trol" as interpreted by Bill Clough. alone, but also of a program of ine," A. Rossmussen; " P a g a n Love followed a f t e r which a delicious le supported his statements, how- humorous papers which followed Song," A. Witanic; " S w e e t h e a r t of lunch completed an evening of f u n . ever, by authorities on the subject. the meal. The first paper of the • • * My Student Days," A. Hilda BoschAl Seaton gave an interesting talk evening was given by Ivan Johnker; "Chop Sticks," A. Ethel Boot; DORIANS HOLD R E G U L A R on the "Modern Trends of Educa- son, who posed as a professor of MEETING FRIDAY N I G H T "School Days," A. Vander Zalm; tion." The music for the evening music, and gave a lecture on the On Friday evening at 7:30, Pres- was furnished by Dick Schaper who subject, "And Orpheus Wept." Dick ident Sabo called the Dorian Liter- sang two solos: "My Long Island Niessink accompanied a very hul o m e " and "Swing Low, Sweet morous paper on "The Confessions C O L U M B I A H A T T E R S ary Society to order. Dorian Mac Chariot." Jimmy Van Vessem acof an Inhibited Humorist" by Leod led the singing. Devotions L PRESSERS were in charge of Dorian Edwards. companied him a t the piano. The equally funny facial contortions, A f t e r a short business meeting a t closing number on the program even if not intentionally so. The E~ which Dorian Foss was elected bas- was an attack on prohibition en- new janitors, Pete Boter and Bob A ketball captain, and Dorian Van titled "Colored Leaves" given by Dorian presented a skit called "The lichard Evenhuis. 'airy and the F a r m e r . " One of the Keulen, manager, the meeting was N Jacob Rezelman, f o r m e r student members suggested that a more apturned over to the p r o g r a m comof the Michigan College of Mines propriate title would have been mittee. of Houghton, Michigan, was a visi- "Beauty and the Beast." Roy Mooi Little Miss Shirley Shaw entertor and made a few pleasant and sang the "Two Grenadiers" in the tained with two numbers, a t a p pregnant remarks. He was given German language very ably, as f a r SHOE S H I N E dance, and The Shadow Dance. She a sincere welcome by the members. as we were able to understand, and was accompanied by her mother, A business session followed the then played several well-known Urs. Shaw. Dorian Potter played •HiMu:


"Dream Bride," A. D r e g m a n ; " 0 . K a t h a r i n a , " A. Gertrude Zonnebelt; "Ramona," A. Adelaide Vandenberg; "Sleepy Time Girl," A. Weurding; "Sweet Rosie O'Grady," A. Marian Boot; " M a r q u i t t a , " A Repic; and last "My Ideal," A Warren, who awakens the d r e a m e r and arm in arm t h e y leave t h e stage. "

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The Sorosis meeting on F r i d a y night was a Hope college meeting. The p r o g r a m s were orange and blue H's made by S. Walvoord. Following devotions, led by S. Verduin, the business meeting was held. The f i r s t program number was a paper on the Dutch settlement, and early history of Hope college, by S. Hudson. Following this, S. Den Herder, in costume, gave a h u m o r ous Dutch reading. The Voorhees f i r e of 1912 was t h e next bit of history t o be portrayed, this time in the f o r m of an opera. S. De Pree and S. Van Duten, a s the doomed inmates, moved t h e audience to t e a r s by their sad p l i g h t

Both of them, we are sure, judging

P a u l Brouwer, '31, who ia t a k i n g g r a d u a t e work a t Northwestern . University this year, was a guest at t h e supper.

24 East 8th St.

SIBYLLINES HAVE INFORMAL RITES The Sibyllines gathered in their room Friday night f o r a sociable and also instructive time. A f t e r a delightful potluck supper of which Pledge Crystal Van Anrooy was in charge, a short business meeting was held. The meeting then was turned over to Sibyl Micky Essenberg and the other Sophomores who were in charge of the Informal Initiation of the Pledges. This comprised the rest of the evening, and the meeting adjourned happily.


W. R. S t e v e n s o n , <***«***

a piano selection, " M a r t h a , " by Smith. Dorian Plakke gave a very interesting book review of "Andrew Jackson; An Epic in Homespun," by Gerald W. Johnson. Dorian Dogger gave a reading, "Madonna Lilies." The critic gave her report, and the meeting was closed with the Dorian songs. «

songs on his violin. The crowning event of the evening was a p a p e r by Herb Marsilje, which lacked a title but made up f o r t h a t deficiency a hundred-fold by its con-

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" N o ? Well think of the practice he will get when he goes to / " W h a t happens to girls who wear school with t h a t name." cotton stockings?" A man telephoned to the super"Nothing." intendent of an insane asylum, and Her hat was on one side, her the following ^.conversation took clothes rumpled and her shoes torn. place: "Give me the name of the man "Were you knocked down by a who escaped last night." m o t o r i s t ? " asked a sympathetic "No one escaped t h a t I know of." bystander. "Better check up again; someone "No, picked up," she snapped. ran away with my wife." Happy Vacuum Heck: "So you don't care f o r the A Programme of Song and Story Evolution of music: talkies?" Peck: "No, the thing I liked One drink, "Silver Threads about the silent films was seeing Among the Gold;" two drinks, women open^ their ifiouths and not "Sweet Adeline,;" three drinks, having a word reach my ear." "Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight;" four drinks, "We Won't Be Petticoat Rule Home Until Morning."—Florida "My wife told me to demand a Times-Union. rise of salary from you." Five drinks, "Good Night, La"She did, eh? Well, I'll ask my dies."—Houston Post-Dispatch. wife if I can give it to you."— Next morning, "Throw Out the Judge. Lifeline."—Toledo Blade.

•iiiiii:::::::::: a sewing m a c h i n e ? ' "

'••••••••••••••I4 M.I.A.A. SCORE BOARD •


Hope 30, Alma 27.


Olivet 38, Hillsdale 29. Kalamazoo 24, Hillsdale IT. Kalamazoo 30, Albion 10. Olivet 31, Michigan Normal 27.

Tomorrow night the Orange and Blue cagers will face Hillsdale college at the local armory in an eff o r t to cling to second place in the M. I. A. A. So f a r this season the SouthsUters have won one and lost two M. I. A. A. games, while Hope has won two and lost one. A victory for the visitors would place them in a tie for second place and so a royal battle should ensue. Hillsdale always offers stiff competition and Thursday will find them more eager than ever for a victory. Coach Hinga will use the same line-up t h a t started the Alma game with Spoelstra at center, Nykerk and H. Dalman a t forwards, and A. Dalman and Visscher at guards. This combination has been clicking in fine fashion. With the f a s t breaking offense working as it has in the last two games Hillsdale will have to be on her toes every minute of the game. The preliminary game will start at 7:15. -o-



amination paper, and then, a t the "Say, your car certainly is end wrote: "Dear Professor: If you Olivet 3 0 1.000 sell any of my answers to the funny Hope 2 1 .667 smashed up. Did you hit somepapers I expect you to split fiftyKalamazoo 2 2 .500 t h i n g ? " "No, indeed; a tree came tearing f i f t v with me." Alma 2 2 .500 toward me and bumped right into Both Gamblers Hillsdale 1 3 .250 me." Albion 1 ^ *2^0 Proud P a r e n t : "How do I know The teacher was examining the that you are not marrying my class in physiology. "Mary, you daughter for my money?" "Drink," said the Irish preacher, tell us what is the function of the Bold Suitor: "We are both tak"is the greatest curse of the coun- stomach." ing a risk. How do I know that try. It makes ye quarrel with yer "The function of the stomach," you will not fail in a year or s o ? " neighbors. I t makes ye shoot a t the little girl answered, "is to hold yer landlord. And it makes ye miss up the petticoat." Well Worth It him." Down in Arkansas a man was "Don't you miss your husband tried for assault and battery with very much now that he is a travelAccepting the Invitation intent to kill. The state produced "I'd like a couple of hard boiled ing m a n ? " as evidence the weapons used, a "Oh. no. At breakfast I just eggs to take out," said the young rail, a gun, saw and rifle. The defellow to the girl at the lunch stand a newspaper up in front of a fendant's counsel exhibited as the plate and half the time I forget he other man's weapons a scythe blade, counter. "Ail right," replied the waitress isn't there." pitchfork, pistol, dog, razor and a with a smile, "You'll have to wait, hoe. After being out several hours A small schoolboy came home one Mamie and I don't get off till ten." the jury gave their verdict: "We evening and said to his father: the jury would have given a dollar She: "Say, it's past midnight. Do "The world is round, isn't i t ? " to see the fight." "Yes, son," the f a t h e r agreed. L I F E ' S LITTLE LAUGHS you think you can stay here all "Then if I want to go east, 1 • » • night?" could get there by going west, Mrs. L a f f e r t y : "Ten stitches did He: "Gosh! I'll have to telephone The new bridegroom gave the couldn't I ? " the doctor have to talfe in me ould porter a dollar not to tell anyone mother first." "Yes, son, and you'll be a taxi- man a f t e r the fight la^t night." they were on their honeymoon. At Mrs. O'Hara: " T i n ? Was that Daughter: "Mother, do you want cab driver when you grow up." breakfast the next morning everyall? Shure when the doctor seen one stared. "Didn't I tell you not me to put the parrot on the back my poor husband carried in this A f t e r terrific struggles, the porch ?" to tell anyone we were married?" Mother: "Positively no! Your freshman finally finished his ex- morning, he says, 'has any wan got "Yas, sah," replied the porter, "an' I told 'em you wasn't mar- father is repairing the car in the 1 back yard." ried."


And a Barrel of Nerve Even Thinking Costs Eomething— Boss: "Look here, what did you E f f o r t , Let's Say mean by telling me you had five "I'm thinking of going to Palm years' experience in selling real estate when you never even had a job Beach for the winter." "That will cost you a lot." before?" "No. only a little gray m a t t e r Youth: "Well, you advertised for thinking about it." a man with imagination." "Even so, can you spare i t ? — "It's a boy!" exclaimed the doc- Boston Transcript. tor. "And what are you going to That Is Funny call h i m ? " Friend—How does your husband "Percival Archibald Reginald," ever get his meals if you're never said the proud father. "That's an odd combination, isn't home to cook them? Butterfly Wife—That's funny. it?" "Yes, but I want him to be a The same thought came into my head the other day.—Smith's Weekboxer." ly, Sydney. "I don't see the connection."



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