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Michigan Opens 'Doors to Hope



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At a meeting of the Athletic Associatioi last Friday Albert Kingma TWO SENIORS ACCEPTED AS was elected football manager for OUT-PLAYED IN- ALL DEPARTthe ensuing year. " A l " is without GRADUATE ASSISANTS—REMENTS OF GAME—BASKET a doubt the best man for the posi- COMIC SKETCHES, SOLOS AND CEIVE $600 AND TUITION SHOOTING POOR CHORUS RENDERINGS CAPtion. He realizes the standing of •u TIVATE AUDIENCE the various college* in Michigan, Hope'i Pasting Fine—Team and Van Loo and Ottorhof Win Honors and he knows what Hope can do. Individual Work of First We are confident our men will back Through Efforu ot Dr. Calibre Overflowing Pep and Enthuiiaim for him up. Godfrey Year Book The best of success, Al, in getting Although Grand Rapids " Y " Last week another event proved a good schedule for next fall. heralded their coming with advance The annual drive for subscriptions Hope is on the map as f a r as efficannouncement that changes in their EEW SOROSIS ENTERTAIN WITH to the Milestone began last Thursiency goes. The University of Michestablished line-up would give Hope X1Tie C ri EXCEPTIONAL SUCCESS day night when the Junior class enigan has consistently followed the a hard fight, they failed to produce. Trio—La Serenata tertained the entire student t>ody practice of awarding . scholarships There were uo changes and a score Mitset Durrin, Den Herder and iMiss Boland, Misses Feet with a genuine minstrel show. H i e and assistantsihips solely to its own of 36 to 17 dispels the idea of a neBouma Show Real Talent and IMiss Hemmes at the piano. chapel was well filled with a few students, and while Hope has been cessarily hard fight. Hope trium. ... Originality 0 or 0 1 a hundred of cheering, ihappy stuphed handily in a.n exciting game y \r \ o i, placing men with uniform success ''New Sorosites present Scenes'' anna an dents. iAs the curtain fell the entire which was featured by the evident __.*** i ' * VJ ' ' ^ ^ at Ohio, at Illinois and other schools, from Literature, not from temper. 1C a eCOr company sang IMandy Lou*. This our own state university has always rivalry which has always existed be1° i * ti • lir * Performers, presentation, amd n 0 0 company was composed of ten Juntween the two teams. It has always « 1:1:18 v been closed to us in this respect. scenes were applauded, and applause ior men who had spent the last weak During the past month as a result of been rather hard for Grand Rapids P i a n o ^ seemed too weak to signify the apin Wending their voices into that - Y M o admit Hope's superiority at v , CPolonaiseHMcOowell) the efforts of the head of the depreciation of the oflder sisters who 1 which people of today call harmony. basketball, hut again, after being ^ c * Solo. . . . . Virgima Van Verst partment of Chemistry, Dr. A. T. made up the audience. Then the real fun .began. Mi:, served with two defeats, so is the R e a d m g ^ . . . . . EvertKne Kuyper Godfrey, Prof Bigelow has consentThe sketch of a lighted candle and tale told Chorus—Rose In the Bud Blocker, Editor of the Milestone, ed to make an exception to the rule a quill in ink was a fitting as well as acting as Mr. Interlocutor, started , ' t. • * , ., . Sixteen Girls in favor of the Hope students. n ,brand Rapids opened the scoring Maurice Van Loo, '21 of Zeeland artistic symbol of the literary sourc- the conversation between the two in first half with a foul on a second es of inspiration. .Longfellow, Sar- end men and himself. .The two end try, justly given by Referee Johnson FOURTEEN FOOTBALL MEN RE- and Jud Osterhof, '21,. of Thayer, ah A. Jewett, and James M. Barrie men -were funny to say the least. Indiana are the two wlio are now when our youthful '^loyalities of the CEIVE " H ' S " AND —no sham literature, and the very Teunis Bake as ^ i l e " , and John possessors of $600 assistantships with city tried to ''razz'^ Van Ess. For a SWEATERS best of interpretation. Flikkema as "Stone", kept the audiexemptions from tuition at the Unitime both teams missed shot after Hiawatha's wooing in two scenes, ence in a fit of laughter throughout versity of Michigan. This comes not shot as the ball travelled all over with Grace Durrin, Janet Bouma, the floor. iBut the trouble on Hope's D i c k B l o c k e r a n d J a c U S c h o u t e n only as a recognition of the excep- Isla Pruim, and Nella Den Herder the entire program. Perched upon large soup barrels they related their tional record of these men at Hope, part was with the ball evidently, ana Take Part in Ceremony as Hiawatha, Nokomis, Minnehaha, whole life's history much to tiie but also as a result of wihat our grada f t e r Coach " J a c k " had rubbed the and the Arrow-iMaker respectively. pleasure of the occupants of the uates are doing wherever they have charm over it while he pretended to The setting was ingeniously contrivseats below. gone. Gerrit Van Zyl of Hospers, relace it, the Hope boys showed . i.L.' v l i t^ j •., M any one thing has been lacking Iowa, attended iMichigan last year ed—all the audience missed was the This conversation was interspened what it could do. Priest opened with „ AiVi^f # O" t h e e a m P ' l s d u n n K the past years on the State College Fellowship. His "Big Sea Waters" beyond the tent with sele^ions by the entire coma neat shot from the side. Dick folit has been the Irecogniton that very satisfactory record has won him of Nokomis. The audience them- pany, and also musical selections by ccv u,tu,, 'vV* iowed with a foul shot, and repeated, 'u "Ti e n • 4. ,, v- , should be given to wsai^rs of the a teaching assistantshii! for the com- selves (or itself?) was artistically individuals. "Pockets" Te Paske ( ^ Priest then looped^ another pretty t < T j j . , , ,, . . disposed at various elevations and , ^ ^ i H • ^ has been the custom in the T was at his best in the singing of ing year and doubtless proved intoss. I t was then the <lY * secured i. *. • i i.i. j ... , „ . . A, « , , past to give the letters and sweaters strumental in the obtaining of these points of vantage, so as to miss not "The Bedouin Love Song". Miltontheir only field goal of the first half. . ,1. 1. t. j . . . , , , . to the men whenever they happened scholastic honors for the two local anything—not even the little Minne- Boland rendered a selection upon his As the game progressed the ©layine . c o m e buu ti. . haha. 1 u j j ,, • . V to » y ^ r we have students. Saxaphone in a very fine manner. became harder atid the passang fast a l a ^ t. u* i. iThese scenes fromthe Indian 1 1 mi. t. adopted another system which we " S t o n e " Flikkema entertained the It goes without saying that all and clever. Tihe bestA work of the . , « . . , ^ hope will prove to be a very efficient look to these men to make more Courtship and then one from " A audience with a Euphonium Solo, game was done the last of the half o n e Winter's Courtship" from 1 'Strang- choosing as his number "The Lost than good in their graduate work.. while Hope out-pteyed their oppon/ n j 1 M Nokomis had Chord." • , 7 / , . rr , A mass meeting was called last Hope needs more of these victories ers and Wayfares, Dirty Dyke manipulated ents caging shot after shot. Hope's mu ^ • \ t. * ^ c , . . ^ * Thursday night for the purpose of and each student can do his part by miraculously developed into a most his clarinet very cleverly while he defense was good though Grand i) - j • » , giving public recognition to the men the simple practice of study and life-like stage-driver in winter trap- played a variation of "Comin' Thru Rapids inability to connect , with pings. The "stage" was set to face the Rye." Miss Hammelink, playing , . , , who won their letter in the past co-operation with the faculty. x points was due mainly to Kpoor and * i.u m tv 1 -di 1 • the audience, and Minnehaha was in her usual charming way, gave a f ^ football season. Dick Blocker repl At present more professors and inaccurate ahooting. Garry received r e 8 e n t i n ? i t h e s t u d e l l t s e x p r € S S 6 d o u r now the plump little widow Tobin on piano solo, "Polonaise" by McDow-' a fine crack m the head and di^lay- a p p r e c i a t i o n o f t h e w ( > r k t h a t t h e instructors and also a larger equip- the elevated seat on the slightly unell. And last but not least, came ment is sadly necessary to an uned hia wrath with a passion for hard m e l l d i d l a s t f a H i n ^ holdi steady stage. Vane Jera and Frank "Mile" with his Kazoo-clarinet hampered development. Hope must plunging m a way that boded ,10 h ( > n o r o f H o p e 0 I 1 idironi In Mills were mistaken for sugar lumps charming the audience with his rengirow. Let's back her all we can. Way by the horses, but the rest of the o n T T ln * oixier that we might express this dering of "II Trovatore." iCongratulations to all responsible en 0 audience feflt strongly the horses' ' . gratitude the Athletic Association for this last success/ A.. The last number of the program After two minutes of play Mike d e a i r e d ^ each o n e of the presence in spirit, if not in the was a song by the entire company, opened the east basket with a short l e t t e r m e n w i t h a s w e a t e r i C(>ach flesh. Every time the stage stopped "Old Kentucky Chums." And yet PLEASE shot. Priest followed with one on a« ^ ii , „^ , ^ 0 | T n (to facilitate conversation, etc., be- this was not the last Blocker intro^ — . , 'Schouten was called upon to predead level For a time the game s e n t t h e i n w h i c h h e d i d i n a m a n n e t tween the driver and the drivee) the duced the Milestone to the studentry Before the Milestone Staff can be- stage shook so thai; Mrs. Tobin al• became a fouling match, Referee t h a t w o u l ( 1 m a k e o l d Demosthenes gin to assemble and arrange the new most lost her bonnet. This scene and asked the aid of everyone to Johnson evidently not enjoying his s i t u p a n d t a k e n < ) t i c e i T h e fol. make this Milestone a huge success. task very much. Zuidervelde of l o w i n g m € n w e r e p r € s e n t e d with a annual it is very essential that all ended with victory for Mrs./Tobin, Now that the race is on, let's go. the pictures of the students be in. intense satisfaction on the part of ' Grand Rapids took an evident di* d a r k n O T y V.n€ck stveater Thus far everything has been com- "Mr. Jegerson/' and rest for the like to most of the men but b e a r i n g ( ] h e s e a s o n l s stripe ing along fine/ The majority of horses. usually came out with the short end ^ George Hoek) Capt..Elect CCNSTITUTION MASS MEETING the ind&vidual (pictures have been or on the long sid* of the floor. D y k e V a n p u t t e n r H a r r y B o e r a m a ^'Qircumgtences Leading to (the Grand Rapid's. scoring picked up a w i u i a m p y l e > w i l l i a m Elferdink, handed in, however a few tardy one First Sermon on the Approval'of Athletics at Hope College has unbit her when Cook and Fowle tallied W i | l i a m T u i l l 8 m a ) H e l l r y Hidding, are holding! up the work. In order Women'' happened next at the well dergone rather radical changes durwith two apiece. Lawrence Hamburg, Garret Wasse- that we may get our work in the where Gyssy Babbie went to draw ing the last two or three years and hands of the engravers as soon as water, and incidentally drew the ^ After a brief intermission, Waas Fredl Deckeri B e r n a r d Heit. to meet these new conditions a comr*" was substituted for Priest. Zuider- b r i n g A 1 K i n g m a i G a r r € t D e j o n g > possible, we have set a definite date "Little Minister " The "Little mittee of the Athletic Associaion at which time all the pictures must Minister" had once been Grace Durvrfde also left the floor. The game a n d M a n a g e r B € r t V a n A r k . Board has written an entireJy new ended 36 to 11. Dick played one f e e i that is indeed a very •be in.- February 15 has been set as rin, and the Egyptian Babbie, Nella constitution. This constitution oonL | of his best games this season, fight- jegijable way of presenting the the time limit. If your profile is not Den Herder. The acting was sup- tans much new niateriail that was handed in before that date it will erb on the part of both, with a revi n g witl left out of the old one. The cam' ^ h i s o l d " p e p " a n d c a g ' n g Athletic awards. Sometime in the twenty-two points for Hope. Priest ^ a b l e not get in the new Milestone." AH elation of Gyssy's character at the mittee have have done their best and we hope that we ^ .. P'ay**1 a ^ e a t P 4881 "® eame and d - ^ ^ u j ^ recognition to the bas- those who have any interesting snap close, with an answer to it by the lit- will bring it before the student body " so accounted for ten points. His k e t b a l l & r ] d t r a c k men. iLet's show shots will do us a great favor by tle Minister. / the first Monday night after exams, handing them to Billy Schnooberger apparent roughness was due more t h e that we,re tehin<1 thwn ^ O h , if I were a man I should are over- Every members of the Athor any one of those appointed to re - wish to be everything that I am not, to his intense following the .ball than ^ tini^ letic Association should be presen fc ceive thenu Watch the bulletin and nothing that I am. I should to intentional fouling. Dick's foul to dascues the articles and to vote board for the Milestone notices. shooting was great, making six out scorn to be a <liar, I should choose to on them. Read the proposed constiof seven tries. Fowle, (playdng the DeJon^ Jl.G Powle be open; in all things, I should try tution in last week's Anchor and cleanest gome for the " Y " also was VanlPutten .L. G.. Zuidervelde Detroit, Mich., Jan. 17, 1921 to fight the world honestly. But I come prepared to rote fnteflligently individual high pointer with six * Delnay To the Students of Hope College— am only a woman, and so—well, that and to offer suggestions where they - points. Field Goals—Priest 5, Japinga, 8, The Van Baat family wish to ex- is the kind of a man I should like to may be necessary. The comnrfttee Hope G. R. Y. Schuurmans 1, Van Putten 1, Powle press their gratitude to the students marry." And the answer with con- do not wish to impose this constitupriest R. F . . . Drummond 2, Cook 2. Foul Goals—Japinga 6 for their sympathy shown during viction " I am that man." tion upon the student body, bat have out of 7; Van Ess 6 out of 12; the recent illness and death of their } Wassenaar And so dosed a program well written it somewhat as a guide to Japinga L.(F Cook F^wle 2 but of 3. Referee—Johnson beloved son and brother, Herman. thought out, well worked up, most the Associaion. Let's aH be out and Schuurmans. O Van Ess of Purdue. Scorer—Mol. Time(Mrs. G. H. Van Baak, excellently rendered, and very much put the Athletic Association on a Haynee keeper-dampen. and family. appreciated. sound basis for the years to come. 1 • -.V . <l' "• • (• - • -


Th€ Ladies Literary Club was pleasantly entertained by a College Girls' program in charge of Mlrs. Durfee. Those wiho took part represented the three College societies, Sorosds, Delphi, and Sybilline. The program was of a miscellaneous nature : Piano Solo Wilma Meyer a) Romance Schumann ib) PolichineHe... Radunaninoff The College Girl <A T o d a y . . . . . ' . v. .iMargaret Schmalfeld •••; I n t e r v i e w w,th M o e r n Gr ece J ^ n *.,



grey dawn of • winter's morning I mense reBponsiWllty: was it not Emsat wjth a volume of 'Xes Miseraw erson who said, Beware when God b f e s / ' following the last pitiful eflets loose a Thinker upon this planforts of Jean Valjean, and looking et"? out on the street which was filled Btaiffing is more of an axt than a with shivering, hurrying workmen, I P i W U k t d %ttrj W « d A M d » 7 d u r i n g t b « O o l science. I t hinges to a considerable beheld a new world, in which all men jtar by atudtaU of Hop* OolUfo. extent on .personality. Reputation, Insoire thou me. 0 saeredl Muse, in this my task of joy, were Jean Valjeans, a n d I was one ^e^fr however, is a desirahfle asset. The To show the wonders of thy might, the ^ t s t h ^ ^ of them. I know a man whose whole Whereby thy charms are known. The earth, the sky, the a BOARD OF EDITORS evil^that men do lives a f t e r them, T h e o d o r e YHUBUL. — Ed Uor-in-Chief life was changed by one reading of Thv warshiD is a pleasure. To thee in lowhness does bend A , a o c l a t and "so a bit of studying done in the The heart of every man that breathes. Songs e f j o y as^eiul Peter De Vrlea J*Sdl^ " I n Memoriam." A Conon Doyle Bert V a n Aril f t S 2 S Helene Van Raalte Alumni Freshman year is a great aid in blufWhere'er thy spirit is invited. Thy divine inspired strains read " D o n Quixote" while he was Frieda HeltUnd. ? f / ^ fing during the Senior. Professors Have soothed the heart of man whene e* in <*™"8 Tunis Baker . ^ . . .RHpld F i r e very young, and resolved that he are a gsnateful species and do not To Hip d m r s his cup of woe. I n the stillness of the m^nt, would never misrepresent anything O'er silent hdlls and resting fields with <*lm and ' quickly forget the earl enthusiasm . BUSINESS DEPARTMENT Thnn dost the creeping beasts inspire to sung thedr nignUy song. again. The eleoquence and fire of ^ unsophisticated verdancy, and Evert Flikkema . . . . M a n a g e r of K .tS.tdT.nM .k. S S . « « orators is o f t e n very misleading, but thus seeds of endeavor planted' earty The enchantment of thy mugihty a r t o f ^ y e t d o A away in the quiet, unemotional contemplaM u . . . . . f l . f t O par yaar to adTawe in a college career can yie'ld a boun- The heart of mortal man-, where er thou beckonest the way. •lagle Oopief • f* ® tion of books, one finds rest and tooTrtt, thoil movest men to happiness and g t a A ^ s , teous harvest of bluffs before grad- w w £ peace of soul, or calmly rejects the But doet thou chooee the q ^ r w i s e , t,o lonedy enef uation. dreary night giwe/xinto day author a s misinformed 1 and unworthy All things considered, he exam- Wiben A nA in thip east the sleepy sun comes looking o er the sleep, li October, 1017, I'rtbotlted Oolober 19, of acceptance. • ines best who crams best all things, 1918. ^ i s then from darksome wu^Uy^ ^ ^ The desire f o r sympathy is an inboth great and small. A thousand binds in unison send forth their nate characteristic of us all. The Prom silent hills and vales and bush and ' EXAMINATIONS Breaks forth a sound of happy mirth afcm to that divine. savage is less miserable in f e a r and " One miehty chorus! Their sweet throats nearly break. danger when there is a fellow-sufferMisa Nellie Churchford wishes to In utterance of their happy Bongs by t ^ T o v ^ r S i l l er. The f e a r f u l dread of standing then the head of man lifts f The trouble with examinations is thank all Hope students and faculty This alone is alleviated in a measure by W him liirht and beauty, joy and gladness, deeply drmx nnear nn that they do not examine. At best members for their valuable gifts of S f T o S v b o u S s wealth. Oh, flttuse how great thou art. the convpanionship of books; to find F o ™ ™ o v i d e this deep sweet joy, the thrill o f s o u l and heart. they achieve no more than investi- money and clothing which brot the sympathy which comes from a knowlHow sacred the tender ties thy c h a n n B w l t o f t inspire! gation. They never analyze or dis- Christmas spirit into the many poor edge that our inmost emotions are TVmk*r tie® vet strong f a r than death or hell and fire. sect—[possibly for fear of the pau- and needy homes of Holland. shared, we turn to them. He will cry of new-born babe, TIO words CAM e ' e r express city of the findings—and seldom proI t e w S ^ s ^ e a n i n g for its mother, the infinite tenderness never lack a friend who lives with vide enough data f o r efficient diagW i t H h i c h she heare the sound. Its helpless crying voice. books. Trite though this may sound, nosis. They are somewhat of * Arouses into consciousness new causes t o ^ o i c e . YOUR MILESTONE yet the constant repetition of the The tender joy of motherhood inspired by thy wall, . lookingvat-the-tongue business to truth does not make it false. So Finds only love its counterpart, a calm both deep and stall. find out the patient's state of health often we a r e forced' by circumstances and furnish a basis for regulation of It happened during the year Andi Nature seems intent on man its mighty forces cla-in, to be surrounded by base and igthe diet. A t times this method is nineteen hundred and thirty. Four noble, or uncongenial influences. satisfactory, but at other tones it is members of the famous old family But to the lover of literature this is misleading, depending upon the of Hopeites were gathered together no serious handicap. As Emerson physcian's state of vision, and the for an evening of pleasure and hapexplains—^"Go with mean people and patient's state of mind; or, per- py companionship. They were; A. you think life is mean. Then read chance, upon what the patient had Senior, U. Junior, 0 . Sophomore, N. Of play h e most enjoys. All nature to him Plutarch, and the world is a proud for breakfast. From some view- Freshman. They were here to dis- Her forces for his pleasure, while ever hills And field^ • place, peopled with men of prfitive He romps in his wild game. Soon tired of his play. points that whimsical goddess. cuss old. friends and classmates, and quality, with heroes and demigods He seeks new scenes to visit and slowly moves ^way. Luck, has a decisive influence upon to drift back, together, to those His voice grows fainter, fainter as slowly on he goes standing around us, who will not let the outcome. Others insist that in- happy days of the past. 'Memories Tifl h a r d l y ^ is heard. Oh, Muse how us sleep." The sordid and the base genuity and diplomaey—on the pat- of that past were very dear to each The musk from his voice! When thus touched by ^ y ^ r m , are nothing .to those who revel with ient's .part, of course—produce a of them, for those years spent a t His voice once loud and harsh, grows tender, sweet and master minds through l>e medium of softening effect on the rigor of the College How o f t on quiet evening, have I thy spirit l e u . were counted among the When day retiring from her tasks in holy stillness kne t literature. resultant prescription. Perhaps it happiest years of their life. To hallow nights arrival, ,ere to earth she ^ ^ . is true. That it works the other It may be that some cf us are "Do you remember Louise?", Her watchful eyes so fair, and in the arms of n 5 , . r e F ^ f way can not be doubted^, for many asked 0 . Sophomore- "We girls were T w a s then while dusk came slowly creeping o er the hills, bom to merely cut and dried mattcrinstances could be cited wljere an speaking of her just the other day, of-foct existences, as teachers, docanticipated recommendation of a and we were trying to recall some tors, office clerks, and npen us has change of . diet has a/wakened unsus- of the things she did while at colfallen the curse of vainly striving f n ' p t o U v e S ' a n d w T t h l ^ u r ^ d beate ^ c n ^ e t e kept, pected powers of ingenuity and di- lege, She graduated in '24, didn't for a passing hour of pleasure. Tho The rythmi of their tuneful song, whale n m i and nature slept. plomacy in an attempt to forestall she?" the blood of the Troubadour course S - U g busy guardsmen keeping watch thrwighout the night. it. Gruffly buzzed their s t e m commands as ^ w a r d kepi fe.r flight. N. Freshman answered, "Yes, she madly through our veins, tho our Scholastic examinations are par- graduated with my class. I rememfingers itch f o r a string of the longticularly interesting. They have a ber her well. And do you remembow, we can never know them in meaning all their own. They are ber Happy Jim? He graduated in reality. Yet within the four walls more of an atmosphere than a pro- '21, I think. He was a hard worker 4 of our library is a treasure house of S S S S n t . ~n. •" cess, and more of a state of mind at school." adventure. We live Romeo and Juliet .Uh w W g n t l . M«*, than an atmosphere. As a process ' ' Y e s , " said U. Junior, "And there over a thousand times in our minds. they have two especial features that are so many others. I often think Yon corpulent lawyer is intrepid Ledistinguish them,—cramming, and about. A fellow is so likely to forTermed thy chawms most fittingly " the music of the spheres. ander; he swims the Hellespont night bfluffling^—w'hivh are favorable an- get those good old times and his old The heart that beats in. tune can hear a thousand different lays, a f t e r night, and catches no cold doalogous to the intake and exhaust codlege pals. One ought to keep a For all of life itself reveals the wonders of thy ways. ing so, 'Behold there Robin Hood who of a gasoline engine, except that the complete record of all of his friends > in the humdrum world is Smith the nature of the two processes are —their pictures, activities and such shoe salesman. Come with imaginasomewhat reversed. Cnamaning, things. Then he would not forget tion and you open th* gates to an which corresponds to the intaike, is so 8O0n.' ; all-possrble way of living! generally forcible and hasty, and in '"Why," exclaimed A. Senior, " I But, above all this, in the developthis sense is comparable to the ex- have the very thing. Our good old We a r e living in an age of degen--erybody's business ought to be our ment and interpretation of literahaust; bluffing, on the other hand, Milestones—all about our (Ad classFor altho science has ad lbusiness. As a philosopher, the true ture is the hope of civilization. The Which corresponds to the exhaust, is mates and college chums. I have a eracy. relatively slow and measured, like Milestone f o r every year I spent at vanced tremendously in recent yearslscholars studies the thoughts and poet, the author, is the dreamer. The who can say that the great and good "acts of men, the whys and where- dreamer is the idealist, and the idealthe intake. The analogy is imper- College. I'll get them." % * feet also in the sense that both And the Milestones proved very things of human life have not de- fores of every human emotion. But ist is the most practical man under clined? I n music we have jazz, in in searching out this vast maae of the sun. cramming and bluffing are decidedly entertaining, indeed. The old f a exhausting, leaving a student in a miliar scenes brought back happy painting the insane jargon of the human thought and endeavor h e is No great deed, no marvelous intuturists' mind, in poetry and writalways analyzing and classifying, rather ^wilted condition. In the memories. The pictures of the facvention, and nothing worth the doing ing .beautiful senseless nothingness, separating the good from the bad, case of bluffing this wilted state may ulty, the various classes, athletic ^vas ever accomplished without first The Philistine and ithe iconoclast skimming the dross from the pure arise either from the exertion of the teams, organizations, joke departbeing conceived as a vision. Newstand in high places and rant and gold, dividing the superficial from act or from professorial detection in ment, and college calendar—all carton, Luther, Emerson, Galileo, rave at the ever-growing applauding what is genuine, f o r in the purple the act; and this should be borne ried them back to " t h o s e good old Tennyson, Lincoln—-ail these were multitude. In religion and morality distance is his ideal, the Truth that dreamers, idealists. The idealist is well in mind by the student as days." resuscitation in the one case is much The evening passed quickly. It as well as in art, the times present makes men free. All sin and pain t h a . pioneer, ,blazing the way, more rapid than in the other. was soon time f o r them to part. As a sorry spectacle. We a r e drifting and strife and sorrow and death, through ignorance and prejudice; The secret of successful crammdng they exchanged farewells, A. Senior towards another Renaissance or all these are the results of ignorance without (ham civilization degenerates 30 is nicely-calculated repetition, since said, "Those Milestones are worth catastrophe. ^ ^ jWlosopher to its primordial stage. Art, of which the number of repetitions is directly their weight in gold. I certainly am The value of good literature to- stands aloof f r o m the world and literature is the most universal emproportionai to the hours of re ten- glad that I have them." day is inestimable. Every original watches the races of men go by, and bodiment, remains the enduiin^ ton. Hence, a mathematical genius AH of which means. Fellow Hope- utterance of the ideas of the world studies them, dividing the truly good, power of civilization. by calculating exactly the number ites, that when you leave these col- has been first conceived, and has All that essentially concerns man, Ralph C. Metaia. of hours before examination that the lege halls, and pass out into the found its first tangible expression in all his achievements, has failures, cramming must be done, can accur- world, there will be nothing which poetry. The poet leaves his stamp and all that goes to the heart of GrSat interest centers in the Heately deduce the nuniber of repeti- can mean so much to you, as your col upon the lives of the whole Pace, human existence is chronicled and brew University on the Mount of Oltions required to carry him just thru lege annual I t will play the part —philosophers reason, scientists ex- expressed in a r t , and of all art, litives, It is planned' to make it the the. examination, and no f a r m e r ; of a true friend. If you want plore, money-changers scheme, trad- erature to us is the most (intelligible, world center f o r Jewish- culture and and thus leave his mind unhamipered something which is worth |3.(M).now, esmen haggle, and farmers plough or Books explain, m a n to himself. They education. A collection of books is by .extraneous and obsolete knowl- and will be worth many times more sow—all under conditions modified open avenues of vision and suggest being made from all over the world. - edge at the opening of the next that amount, as the years go by, do by what has been divulged in song, trends of thought which- throw-search One collection of 40,000 volumes has semester. I t is partly for this rea- not fail to fin out a subscription To the student of today, as a lights of deeper * self-understanding been given. Among the world-famous son that Albebra and Trigonometry blank for the 1921 Milestone. You searcher a f t e r truth, literature ought and appreciation. They reveal to us Jewish scholars who have joined the are taught during the Freshman cannot invest your money more to have a special appeal. , We read the meaning of our every thought, faculty of the university a r e : Prof, yeqr, for educators have long real- wisely. because we have a passion to know They tell us things of ourselves Albert Einstein, author of the new ized the tremendous advantages in- Yours for a happy and successful Uieory of relativity; Prof, August herent in a system whereby stu- future, filled with fond memories of life,—life on the Gold Coast, life in which we never suspected. • the just ordinary bourgeois homes, /Books are epochs in the careers of von Wassermann, discoverer of the dents learned no more, and retained " o u r golden college d a y s . " life on the sea, life i n t h e great great men. They a r e dividing lines blo^d test which and no longer, than the examination i v marts of trade, life everywhere. Evin the lives of the lowliest. In the The Milestone Staff. Prof. S. Freud, the psycho^maJyst. quired. I t relieves them of a n im-

®l|f Atirffnr










Literature and Life



From India Tindivanam, S. Arcot, India.

used by all the inhabitants and many CAMPUS NEWS carloads are exported^ The Palmyra'a large leaf is used for roof covEverybody goring to hear the Monerings. Th» date palm bears a tague's tonight? Dea Oasewaarde,

Greetings from Che land of the Palms We have ony two seasons down in the S o u % r n part of India, namely: " h o t and hotter." So December, January and February would be considered " h o t " and the other months "hotte'r". T h e temperature at this time of year is about 75° in the shade. The medium or averhge temperature is 9jj 0 and the hottest is 105°: Tindiva nam is twenty miles f r o m the sea coast so we do get the benefit of a little tea breeze in the evenings most of the year. We have a fine sleeping place all screened in, on the roof so our nights are quite comfortable, Each year two Monsoons are expected. The N. E. Monsoon is the heavy and long one. which comes in the last of October, November, and December. I t is then that the tanks. or lakes and ponds are filled to over-

dwarf-like f r u i t which never ripens here The ^ ^ the tree. w h e n fePmen t e d is India's drink, or "toddy," so called. The juice of the ' o w n u t pahn is said to be most intoxicating. Mango, Tamarind, Papaya, Plantine or Banana. Ousterd Apple, Banan y > and the Rain tfee are the most common trees. The first five men t'oned are f r u i t trees. The tamarind '» U 8 e d i n and also for a kind of pickle. The Papaya' is more or l e s s Ii!ke o u r musk-mellon in appearance. We eat it raw or stewed. Their seeds have a pepsin tajte. You all know the plantine, only these varieties are smaller than the home banana. The- other two frui',8 are too difficult to describe, but they are very delicious. We have a number of the native vegetables, but as a rule we send for

our first good rain and " i t came down in sheets. ' The last shower dad some damage in this district, the railroads were washed out, a dam j a v . way la one o( l b , lank, and its water overflowed into the next and forced two others to break. The water flooded the lands in the close vicinity and washed aiway rice crops. The S. W. Monsoon comes in May or June and is light, but much

hundred miles away. We have a numh r o f p e t t - d plants shrubs, different colored crotons, ferns, small palms, etc. The antijonoa c r . i p t . . l l h it, plak aad whl t e bVssom is viry pretty and £™ws n o s t rapidly. All of thes^ are started from cuttings. The most disappohling tb nj? is the grass. From a distance it may look green, b u t ]t i s v e r ' y t h i n arid t h e s a n d y soil


Zieif " ! 3 t h r : t - 1 4 t* T A ^ t The poor people live in wretched short weed than a beautiful velvet


ha8 heard

Snctioi StM Shoes


P r ® g T a m fl'teen 9 lendld *r* ^ P '


* Dr. J. B. Nykeric addressed the Reiformed Ministers of Western Michigan at a Social Conference held in the Third Reformed church 'n Grand Rapids last Monday aft.ernoon. IThe topic of his address W8S " R e a d t h e Word'." None than Dr. Nykerk, himself, » " l n t ^ e t ^ tifully " t h e Word ' J h o s e of us h a v e take,> tlle ° C( ur8e 1 h m that > '"f ' ' ^ ^ " becTuHf H

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Of all Peop'f. n<>ne are M husy iui ^uderU. Their days a r e f f l l ^ w . t h a ^mu'titude of duties and « s p o I C i t i e s . But the two bu |

Keefer's Lunch Room

,kinydrless t o o k o u r t u i t i o n 5 ^ , , U8 o u r r e . * * * JTaightened out our J benevowork( and d m m 1(lnlij. . sion •'slips. AW thanks and praise to ^






p. s . b o t e r & CO.

Miss .De Free and' Prof. Wichers! Now, if we don't flunk in exams, we can begin work with light hearts, poeketbooks, and minds. Harold Lubbers is with ou again. ^ o s t e n s i b l y f o r a flying

quarters and naturally in the rainy 'awn,. . . •, visit only, but such is Hope's attracThe Bird season their low, poorly built mud Fauna of India is hand- tion for him that he is thinking of huts leak an4 become very damp, wme and very extensive. I wish you staying unti! June, dong some studyEven in our Bungalow our clothes c o uld hear the birds sing at this very ing, of course, in the meanwhile. and leather goods become mouldy moment. Some of them are beautiand spoil. These conditions usher in f u l r i c h songsters and others such as Dr. Dimnent returned from the the many diseases as influenza, chol- the "Brain-Fever B i r d " and the hospital last Friday. Altho he will era, small pox and plague. " T h e c r o w a r e B108* annoying. W e often nQ.t be able to conduct his classes for Survivors of the Fittest'' are the on- see the Wild Parrots, Minas (gracula , t j uui some time, we are glad to have him a ly ones who can live in this land of musica), Seven-Sisters or Babblers, ^ ^ on ^ ^ c dirt, filth and disease. various splendid species of the Wood As I said the water supplies arc Peckers, blue birds of all shades, the " t a n k s " or what we would call Fairy Blue Bird, (Irena) King Fish- REV. TEUNIS GOWENS ADDRESSlakes, ponds, and - stagnant pools, ers, BukBuls, Hoopoes, Black Rob£ 5 CHAPEL TUESDAY Where more recent civilization has ins. Humming Birds and many other entered they have deep wells. Most gorgeous colored species. The Rev. Teunis E. Gowens, of of them are open, but the more reLikewise the butterflies and moths Mountain Plains, New Jersey, and a ar cent and sanitary ones have high cee numberless and beautifully col- graduate of the class of 1919, adment walls and a cover, with a door ored. Some of the insects we come in dressed the students in Chapel Tues- 1 on each side, which is expected to contact with, and continually have to day morning. He gave a very inter' be kept closed exteept when people fight are the white ants, mosquitoes, esting talk on Isaiah 40:81, "But j|jt=i draw water. We have two open bed-bugs which we are bound to pick they that wait for Jehovah shall re- 111 wells on our compound where a up in the houses and on trains), and new their strength; they shall mount number of our Christians and our-' the scorpion. up with wings as eagles; they shall selves get our supply. Certain castes The reptile, the snalke also should ^un and not be weary; they shall can go to certain < < tanks , , and it is have a space here. The tree, the walk, and not faint. J l e first showed strange that no caste man will ever grass rakes, and the Cobras are t h a t » in spite of the seeming reattempt to draw water from a tank found in our yard f r o m time to time, versed order of the phrases, the oas used by those of other castes. Most The Cobra is the most poisonous and d e r was correct. T h e mounting up of the tan(k» have steps leading down the one we f e a r most We have found c a n b e compared -to the idealism and the dreams of youth, starting out in to the water's edge. Crowds of eight Cobra eggs under a pile of life. The running signifies the enpeople come to these tanks with brick and a large black Cobra in the thusdasm - and joyousness of youth, brass and earthen pots which they office wastepaper basket. while the walking means the daily fill and carry home. This is the I n this section of the country they ^ h u m . d r u m m o n o t o n y of general proceedure : _ T h e y stand in raise paddy peanuts, raggi and kam- b u s i n e s s i w h i c h i s h a r d e s t o f a l l t o 4 the water, wash their pots, take a bu. We have learned to eat n e e e n ( j u r e drink, fill their pots, take a bath, daily like the native. The Indian Three a r e p e s s a r y f o r perwash their clothes, come out, put on does not consider a meal, a meal un- w y e T & r i c e a n d ) finally success: a p . their wet clothes, put the pots of wa- less he has had a heap of rice. Tin^ s e n M of of conscience> a ter on their heads, and go off letting divanam is called the pe nut or / . o m ( p u l s i o n > a n d a feeling of confithe heat of the body, the sun, and groundnut country. ' The-peanuts d e n c e A I n a n c a n n o t perform his the air dry their clothes. In some are of a smaller variety than those d a . l y t a s k a w i t h a n y d € g r e e 0 f 3 ^ . tanks they also let their cows, buff- at home. Besides extracting great c e g g ^ e v e r i p ] e a s u r e to himself, if aloes, etc. walk in to bathe and to quantities of oil from the peanuts ^ jg c o n tinually working against his drinfc. i t is some sight to see the here, large amounts are also export- a w n c 0 n s c i e n c e . And he will not be # people and cattle all in at once per- ed f o r later consignment to America a y e jf h e does | <j0 ^ forming these various duties. I could as ''olive-oil." Raggi and kambu are n o ^ ^hat this is his^uty. If that * tell endless tales, f o r in and around both grains. Raggi is much like rye. f compulsion is present, he \ 0 their h o u s e s t h e y do f a r worse things It is ground into a fine powder and w i i | n o t b e able to relinquish his r | as, burying the first born infant of a then cooked. I t is used as a cereal either. He will have to keep S few days old in the kitchen. The and is cheaper than rice. Again, contfiderice is necessary • 0TU cattle also live inside their little All the farming is done in the t 0 the whole-hearted performance of I homes. Please imagine f o r yourself crudest fashion. Most labor is done duty, f o r no one perseveres in a • how much these folks know and ob- by hand b u t the plow and many of thing, much less undeirtakee it, if s f c r e rules of hygiene and sanita- the oil mills are worked by bullocfc he thinks it may fail. power. But we must know if we can trust Mrs. Nellie S. Van Vranken. our consciences to he our guides. us look at the more pic— Oiw dense of duty maybe warped, of the country. One Florence McKelvie returned to and cause us to view things out of by the plants, And both and birds. All school Tuesday a f t e r a six week's their t r u e perspective. the different kinds of ^est at home. are necessary f o r the last, the as— * surance of victory. I t is only bf and shrubs. The Y. W. C. A. has sent $75 to- "waiting for the Lord" and by trustto beautify the ward paying the salary- of Mdss Eliz- ing in Him and in His judgment There are three abeth Dunning, a Y. W. C. A. secre- that we can have the approval Of in this section, th" tary in Japan. The " Y " girl* also conscience, sense of compulsion, and and the Date, sent $40 to the Armenian Relief the confidence necessary to ' 'walk, and not f a i n t . " fonft which is fund.

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Almost ail vl the College and PreWe hate to stoop so lo#, but we paratory girls gathered at the Y. W. have been busier than a one-armed C. A. meeting Thursday evening to paper hanger with cuties, so there s listen to a talk given by Mies Nellie nothing else to do. In order to fill Churchford who has charge of the this column this week we will have Holland City Rescue Mission.^ Miss to resort to poetry. We ihope you Churchford gives ther time and her will forgive us. Here's the best we strength and ev-en her last dodlar at can do: all hours of the day and night to the The L e a Wad poor, needy and unfortunate in our city. iShe is a noble woman of G o d . The bell is tolling 8. and one almost wonders at her mar- To the store comes Kate. velous faith, fihe lives for and with She should have come a t seven her (Master.. Sihe said "I feed the Altho she quits a t eleven. poor, care for the sick, and bury the e is a weary salesgirl; dead, but my aim is to bring them to the Lord Jesus Christ." Miss She is also very glum; Ohurchford loves girls and especial- She feels beneath the c o u n t e r ly understands the industrial girl. - But does not find her gum. She said that so many philanthropic women want to do something f o r the "Heavings! Oh M a g . " Oh, Maud! shop girl but fail. The reason ii Some of youse come early x that they go about it in a conde- And has beat me to my wad! scending, patronizing way and for- I may be but a woiking goil. get tbat a girl is a girl. (No matter But woiking goils has rights; how poor or rich, how good or bad A n ' to preserve that gum she ds. Miss Churchford gave us I kep* it here o' nights. some splendid suggestions as to how No goil aint no lady we can remove the great gulf wiiich For a crook she has become exists between the Industrial Girl Who'd steal from any lady and the College Girl. She related Her on 'y wad o* gum! many touching incidents in her work and at the close of the meeting, all of Here and There us went away determined to live We understand that they don't more unselfish lives, to widen our circles, to do away with our de- serve toothpicks at the dorm. Well, structive criticizing and to live clos- they do seem sort of useless there. er to the Master. There is a school that advertises The devotional service was in charge of Lillian Van Dyke, whose that it will teach any girl to become consecrated life and friendly spirit a movie actress for $2. We have nois ever a great inspiration to ail of ticed quite a few of i t ' s graduates us. The many fervent and sincere on the screen. prayers offered by the girls caused Miss Churchford to say "Girls, you Dyke and Chuck took in a show have the spirit of God in your on their Iowa trip and they bought midst." the seats in the highest row of the We now feel that the following top gallery so that nothing in the prayer from an English woman's show would go over their heads. Litany of Today's Needs, should be the prayer in the heart of each Hope Yes, we know we are silly, but girl. then, that famous saying of Prof. "Lord, help women to meet the Wichers and Abraham Lincoln that needs of this great day large-heart- " G o d must have loved the common edly and large-mindedly, giving wide people because he made so many of service with a wise and sturdy them," applies also to silly people. hearts.. (Make us generous and constructive in criticizing, keep us Girls, don't be discouraged befrom unkind words and unkind silcause you are not good looking. ences. Jn these days When old sign Beauty is the first gift Nature gives posts are being pulled" down, grant to women and the first she takes us to be bold in blazingi new trails, from her. You have nothing to lose but also to be faithful to thy lessons then. of the past that we may leave a fairer as well as a nobler world to those A chip of the old block is often a who come a f t e r us. Cleanse us blockhead. . from all pettiness o r self-seeking, filling us with a gallant and undauntWeW we are sorry but there are ed spirit, that we may be diffusers ;) only 24 hours in a day and since we of life, invigorating all we meet. have used 22 of today's hours already we might as well sleep the ALUMNI NEWS other two. You know, late supers ^ Marcus Muilenburg, '20, has re- and late hours make men unhealthy, | cently taken a position in the High unwealthy and otherwise. school at Marcus, Iowa. He will be One of our bright little prodigies instructor in Mathematics and Latin. of the Prep wrote up an experiment Prof. Evans the other day on The engagement , of Miss Hattie <for < The Osculating Spring.'' Ver Meer, '20, and Mr. Henry Mol,

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We realize that all is not good that (A call has been extended to Rev. is written—sometimes it is rotten. Richard Vanden Berg\, of Chicago, You know we cannot shine all the III., by the Reformed church of time—even the sun c a n ' t do that. HOLLAND, MICH. Vriesland, Mich. Rev. Vanden Berg Closing Chorus:—lEarly to bed was a member of the class of 1913. and early, to'rise. Capital $100,000.00 And you^ll never meet any regular Rev. Cornelius De Young of Surplus and Profits $85,000.00 guys. Schenectady, N. ., has accepted the

HollandCity Sate Bank

pastorate of the Second Reformed church of Orange City, la. Rev. De Young belonged to the class of '12. Rev. Teunis Gouwens, Hope '09, who has been visiting in Holland, has returned to his home in Moilntain Lakes, N. J. The Sorosis new girls entertained their society sisters Wednesday evening. Ethical query; Which is better to borrow money to pay your tuition or to register late and pay a dollar which is not wanted by the college?

Gentlemen, be seated!

DISEASES OF THE EYE, EAR, NOSE and THROAT t i t 22 West 8th Street, Above Woolworth's 5 and . 10 Cent Store , Office Hours— 9 to 11 A. M. % to 6 P. M. Tues. and Sat. 7 to 9 P. M.

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