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^ S U t e to «rt«n«e a To B . Submitted to Student Body . t "*** 0f Te,H,iS 10 ^ «w~1 State Convention for tUa ye»r. T^e An E . r l r D . t . in Comine !T!VUn0n • , 1 ten,,li8 aran € toT plana are nearly compiete for Mb Term , ^ aH toumamaoti a in ywM ,s * *<******* **> t € 18 10 a c t l l o n March l l - l & l S . At the preliminary Ar#- • n P advica

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Last Friday the team traveled to c.


HOPE C O L U S r H A ^

not more tlvan four years' standing, HOPE LOSES FIRST GAME IN who wishes to he considered as a c m - . ST ATE—37-17—RECORD NOW dilate for faculty Bppoimtment to ^ 12 V.CTORIES OUT OF 15 ^ ^ University of as g u e s t e d m a d €


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P H t s t N I S





0 of the first ihlalf the register stood ^ allowed thirty delegates, onea »• i T ' Unck M rt,C e T 0 7-15. Heasley, the fast Aggie for- MONTAGUE LIGHT OPERA SING- half of whom m y be Volunteers. ^ ' * , ^ . M ^ r m conjunction with the Dia h l W T 0 <1 le sso r C 0 waixl showed up moat wonderfully APPEAR JANUARY 26 All regiistraition. nwat be done before riatrinn n i'' ^ . , ^ " f. 'Wetics t o arrange lot with eight field g o d s to his cmlit. 31. Those who trt.h to go ^ ^ ^ **** : t0 o f B<> rd 0 1 D i w c The winers had a way of throwing A V a r i e d " , d S u P « r i o r P r o f r . m In as delegate# from Hope arc request- P r M t t / ' T T L T * f 8 cs ln the !,lhe #f the hall down the floor at such a Store—Ticket. On Sale Now edj to tend in their names to Ger- ct-.H*. + k J i n^ii ^ ^ ^ D i r e c to speed that it almost rusuhed our de »"«W J««t * word .bout the 7 ^ ^ \ . ^ * * * one. C()(nir 0 Slmi a r t o Very o u r wee fense off its feet. The size of the Tihe College Lecture Course com^ioii. jLeaden iti the Volun- 0 th n ^ ^ _ k® beg'innin®: with the m eer C0 floor w<as also a jyreait handicap, as it'tee will present The Montague ^ ^ o ^ f n e n t feel tihat 4tfie State ^ riday of the first temv of tfaa 10 ree sc the judging of distances was very Light Opera Singers on January 26. ^ ^ v e n t i o t t de always more successr\n\ T^ m ool year; and in special stadon ful Aafl0 fficult. Our greatest weakness lay This will undoubtedly be the great it is aaaier for the speak .•. > w JT* ^ ' ^ together by the er8 100 e, 8 a in our inability to connect with the musical event of the season. Light ^ • P ^ to i h e reasonable size \ sident of the Aflsoclation. At T basket and the too frequent resort 0 P ^ i s «lways popular with the a u d ^ n c e and the oppoPtuwky for v ^ u r e , a s , u r e r ' Man age^r of meetimgs the Board rilaH con6 8 00 of B<ask 81 to long shots. The absence of the ^ s s e s , and is featured in costume P * ®**! conference is greater at the iif , rvf €tball, general state of tihe Assob ama11 MaTlaeer at CTatlon awi usually snappy offensive work was y this company of artists. The convention. Jf you ^ T w , T, ' ' ' " v e g e n e M j e*ecnt y M a 7 i a € r a n d tlV contro, over (•Iso very noticeable. Gerry did company consists of a mixed quar- ^ the wonderful experience •, ' . « ® Athletic afltaii*. te eac 0 11 re T sen ves €c some very splendid work at guard ^ ^ '"ember of which is a train^ Moines Convention with fv^ ^ i P ^ ^^ elected by ® * The Director of Athteed about membere of the time and again as the Aggies rushed musician. The program will be one-fourth the expense you Z* Association tics shall have charge of all proper v ar lve 0 n e representat V€ down the floor their offensive would ' jedf having solos, duete and quar- ^ ^ opportunity now. The ex* chosen from t , e s bh? Association. fche B C l a s S o f come to grief at the hands of Gerry, ^ t s from the best song literature P ^ ^ s will be about ten doMars. Get ^ Sdhool. Artilca FlVa th y<>UT n a n , 1 A numiber of commentators stated e repertoire of this vetertin « ^ awn so that we may tocher with the director of Expewjturea— , a or , ,ec !hat this game was by f a r the best organization are scenes from ''The PP^y ' a larger delegation if neconstitute the Board ® ; |—Aft ^xpewditairet of tilt <4 ceaBar o f Dire that M. A. C. had played, and that Serenade,'» by Victor Hubert, Roby. i «tor8. An assistant football A^oowrtion shall be under the canHeiasley was exceptionally lucky, inhood,' by Reginald De Koven, and — — — m a n a g e r ami an assistant basketball t r o 1 0 1 4116 AtWetic Board. m a n a g e r 8hali ringjimg a number of long-distance t h € i 4 p i e ( 1 Piper. , , There will be se0 . S . 1 1 Y 1 1 W . H a m VriAa ** chosen whose duty , Sec •. of an eme^ftney shots. lected1 rvumbiers from "The Mika- nifi-ht* K v A r v K ^ ' • fhall be to assist the managers in ^ D l r e c t o r of Atttfetfct tar# mion Quite a few old Hopeites and ^ 0 0 , , » U T , h * ^ Mill", and "Madam ' * y e r y o o a j OUt. their respective departments. ^ ^ at friends were present who cheered Butterfly '. A complete operetta, "A ' — T i i e s e officers witb the exception his own discretkm. the team continually despite the unRomance," will be one of HOPE ALUMNI—NOTICE! of tlie assistant football manager, Artid# Sis the Electi{>n8 favorable aspects of the score board. features. All of these selections "T assistant basketball manager and the — wil1 ive the Sec 1 Although the game was lost by a ^ S n in costume. in connection witli the annuad Day pabHcity manager shall serve as - —* An *iwuai election of ofl0 n € or m cers laige score, the team is not at all dis ore readings, such as a 0 h . . & y ^ f ( > r C < > 1 1 ^ e s exetxsises, a nominating board. for the enraing year Aall be skettvh ,, l c h wtt11 b e rouraged. They cannot be expected from " T h e Blue Bird by ^ ^ < i this year on Article Four ^ om.the iPriday following the J a T l u a r y 27 thir<i to win all the time. M. A. C. comes Maeterlinck will give further divert h , there will Duties of Offkers— Monday in' May of eadi year, si(>n t o t h € A11 here ont Feb. 25 and then the tables program without depart- A t ^ ^ " t ^ t h e r dinner for the 'Sec. 1—Duties of President: It elections ahail be by M l o t in fr<)m th HoUwid nd lSec 2 will be turned. Meantime the team ^ « superior quality of the p v ^ p * vicinity at *h*\\ be the duty of the President of - —Any vacancy occurring in hopes to take out their spite on some- Montague program. Reformed church, Holland, the Association to presidie at all reg ^ of Diredton ttwll be filled To quoie one hy yote one else. The lineups and summary: admirer: Chaplain \ ^ ^ Alumni cotne out ular and special .meetings of the As- , ^ <>* Association Allis a ,el;lowAi within o n e ma,vth M. A. C. Hope on Hayes of the United' States ^ P « of the sociation of the Board of Directors. **itT the occurGilkey L. F Japinga N a v a l Hospital at Las Animas, Colo., ^ " ^ e r s of import to He shall direct the eccretary to call r e n c e o f 8UC ^ vacancy. CoIle Sec 3 Heasley R. F . . . Wassenaar w H t e s : <41 c a n say with full assur«After the dinner let a special meeting of the Association ' ~ " A H ««wMs(U« f o r any of• CWI Higbie C... Schuurmans a n c e t h Q t M s the .best oi^anized ^ ^ exercises'of whenever he deems it advisable and fice i r i . t h e ^ c i a t i o n must teve e ,n iniantR Foster L. G... Van' Putten I n [ x e d quartet that I have ever seen Chapel. must order such, a meeting called at m i a i n t # i f i e d A n average grade of .80 T1 ^ ° ? ? r^ Matson.. R. G De ^Jo-ng 0.n t h e ] y c e ^ m platform. They estab- H * A l u n ^ and, former stu- the written request of ten members p e r c e n t ( ^ u r « « the year previous to fc e r Goals from Field—•Heasley 8, ' ^ e d imonediate confidence. Their er I . 0 . ^ P r e 8 e n ^« A spe- of the Association. ^' nomination. vo ces an , vritaatoon Higbie 3, Foster, l r Gdlkey 1, Van ^ ^ acting were superb. They V " ^ extended to those Sec. 2—'Duties of Secretary: It Artlds S s t s b leased 0 c o m , n g : 111 MerabeT8 Putten 2, Sdvurmans 1, Wassenaar P our difficult audience with- T a distance shall be the duty of the Secretary to — o u t dr en<1 1 1, Japingta 1. Free Throws—Gilkey opping to cheap and popular r? exercises of the day. keep a record of aH the meetings of "~ , Any student of fee colami 5 out of 7, Japinga 7 out 9. Substi- a i r s ' xpenses for the dinner 75c. If you the Association and of the Board of ^ ^ P ^ P ^ ^ ^ o r y school who C m€ t h e Secret shan the tutlons: Fessendon for Foster; WilH^old Proctor, who sang here last p ^ i ^ ^ »®7» Directors; to attend to all correspon^ wembcraiBp NTovemb amp 42 E 16th fee the cox for Higbie; Palm for Gilkey, er, made the statement that H „ ' ^.^ ? -st., dence incident to his office; to call ^ Association . shall be a a,1 a, Mlc}lltan meniber ot Gustafson for Mateon. ong the road where the ftfonta» }>7 oard or phone all regular and special meetings of Aswciation. Jan 80 — ffue Singers had been before him, he ^ ^ we may the Association at the direction of *r*UU 8 u had n0ffchin Y M C A TOPICFS ^ b u i the warmest n o w h o w ^ expect. Do it for the President. iCaptsdns-JThe members of mdk Pe * * ' ' compliments and the .highest praise. * ^ . Sec- 3—Duties of the Treasurer: •hall elect a C a p T , 0 , , _ _L Tickets for this program, are sell- Q , A1 T v ^ H ^ n i p , It shall be the duty of the Treasurer t a i I L f o r t h e t<*r. 1 y W Jan, 4 - S e e k Ye Farst—F. Ihrman. ing at 75^ and $1. The seats will be • A^iooatum of Hope to collect all fees and assessments^ football captain Aall be ehoaH—The Man Christ—W. reserved at Huizenga's on a date to (3oHege ^ ^ ^ A s ; en within one week a f t e r Thantafiyto ^

Jan. i S ^ e a t

a Cloud of Wit- ^

s::z Feb.

8—iMysfelf, Other Folks land G o d - R , Fell, Feb. 15—The Ministry of Ohrist— Illustrated Lecture, Prof. P E Hinkamp. Feb. 21—Leet Ye Be Judged—Prep Meeting—C. Loomans. Mar. 1—JThe Orplhans in a Father's World—C. Wierenga. Mar. 8—A Student's A r m o r - \ Soholten. M«r. 15—The Impulsion of a Groat Experience—M. De Wolf. Mfcr. 22—Paaaaon Week-Illustn.tod (Lecture—Prof, P. E. Hinkamp. i t o r . 22—Election of Offleera.


Thursday Night-MUestone

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0f A pickup bunch of Prep. feUows p ^ ^ i ' ~ ^ ! 1 8 1 Article N i . *he Holland High Reserves ^ ^ of tfie ^ M na r o night. Attho the Preps. Sad « « « ' f o o t b a l l , witfc the ap- A 3 # o c i - t i o n * " ^ ^ but n 0 AarfeWcs * of training together, p ^ r e e t o n a malocitv^f ^ w e d up well in *v«ry depart! ^ f,00*™ Ca'>Uin' ^ <>' * * n » n A e „ J an 28 Buic 8 ' ^ k 3 > Flint^-Abroad. ment of the game. The Preps, bad ^ Jan of - 29—Bay City—Abroad. '""ch diffl<nih*ty in locatii* the has- D ^ of ^ T*" „ 4 SKaz00 ket S il the ^ ~ Normals—Home. - The « * » * * « • 10 to 9 in the ^ ^ **1°* ^ on|y Feb f Base^>a,I, - ""^ew York N a t i o n a l s «vor. four points of which J* all apparatua h c l o m ^ A ^ lHom *they obtained on fouls. The men ^ ^ Director of to Om Amo. iPeb 08 - 18—Kazoo Normals—Abroad ^Presentogi Preps, were; Weendng, ^ ^ Basehril Captain t h j v ' totti«»op W v( W on of A C ^ - -Home. Veldman. { ^ d , Stegeman, Keix- t 0 I r l l ^ l of ^ ^ Pieasant-Home. er and Ku*er. „ ^ " « « « « of / ' T L It ^ ^ <»' ^

Abroad. Jan 7 ' ^ C o - P, Grand Haven-Home Jan - 14~A!- A' Abroad. J n 21 <>ran,d ®~ ^ P ' d 8 Y M. C. A

Real pep tOT Basketball Mileatone—Chapel, Be there. Let's show 'em Friday.

l and the Baaketbaii



*«>«*.•» Surprises—Jtmio" tii

P a g e Two

Stop Anrifnr P iblUk«d every WednMday during t^e Col1«C§ yaar by i l u d t n U of Hop# Oollega.


THE ANCHOR * ^ . — ' "UNTO THE LEAST OF THESE" eighty-one years of age, has been sdbsisting for several months, on tea • • and• soup alon«. Why Concern Ounalvet With What Livinj Coat, and Increased J r i c e i . U Haooening To the ^ l U V w n m Of Europe? ' ' ^ ^ 7'un'unil.on whioh ^ w<>ma'1 8 t u d e n t c a n " J 6 ' Pr f Duriff of Vienna, ReporU: witWut any allowance whatever for 1. Prof. Dung ot vi , P" ^ nnn w .a mAntK* tiKp ntend

o f X i r L n g t h . T h e ^ i s n o t h - m ^ t sbecan earn..s 300 K r .

^ t ^ away fro® the body; here and there the kvang


. , . . gu ppiies will be supplemented as well from h a t 18 fe far different J ' Proi s a g t ^ i r supply of clothing. America. In these co uitirea in .[j receive more personal little room room ior for tnc the unskilled, half- feasors w __ _ _ _ be dealt little canmot tteTitiont time worker. Expenses are hig an a . ^ ^ t h e atU(tent, pay Is very low. A suit of clothes witn J Federation costs more a student can earn S o m e ^ ^ ^ t M t cloUi;n(, in siix months' work at seven hours mphlete hoover'a organi8 1 a a t c l e r . , a l w 0 r k . For a woman can ^ o . . , n f aVmon z at ion caai-no

month ^






giving one



t o the World's

T ^

T *F d — ^ Oh-ristian i oFedemation „ G .oStudent GeneBe J j V . - W h e r e Will Th.. Fund va, Swizerland, 3 Rue General DuSpent? a four. - ' a 1 ^ * W 7 ^ T ° r meals a day, was 1032 Kr. in June,. Mr. Hoover will dpond this fund VII. The Amount Needed and What BUSINESS DEPARTMENT that <ililigent student no longer p ^ . t ia now considerably according to t'he*call« of the surEvert WKWnai peare at the college he is ill or n :: uamI montw illc<mlc a Each Student !• Asked To Give 9 vey made hy his organization by the hoepital. he must n earn and 1. [Total call for $1,000,000. sstiuu di reen 9 620 mtt ^VTOII O O I U iIW UA-V Kr., "'•» «•"« ^ . .. T e r m s . . . . . .'...".11.60 per year U aniTance studlies—'he as dead. (Laboratories, — . IS'li of the wage-earning studenu the World . Student Christian hed- ,2. 1100,000 studients of Europe 0 nt8 Single Ooplei * lecture rooms, and student rooms have to help support parents or rel- c-i ation. The present suivej CJ S or ere needing assisUnce this winter. were unlheated throughout th© win- atives. Forty-two per cent of the d i s t a n c e m the following countries. Accepted for Mailing at ®Pecl*J .Jj1® fi. We should help each student pottage provided for lu Section 1108, Art T n r ^e-rtborlted W i t t d October 19. ter. In some hotels men ihave to students ane wageeamers; fifty-eight Austria, Hungary, •/ October. T1917. ' ' to the extent of $10 on an average. 1918. sleep on. boards, dig'hteen in a room. per cent are not, and this is princi- S'avia, Ri>'.'ia t e aL w ta cs, 4. To raise the $1,000,000 ntedThe common necessities of life, such pally because they cannot find em- ^sia M n i. ai d forei 0 , stuaen s in ^ colleges should take a quota of THE 1922 MILESTONE as soap and cotton, are luxuries. ployment.. witz ^ ^1VI student. It is hoped M'VjriiKVUb. . Incidentally, j , manual la- Czecho-Slovakia, France, an bor is impossible for then: because erland. . that thousands of givers »ni will n/.n. conGeneral Briefi from the Student long-continued undernDurishment tribute f o r the care of one student— iHope has been peculiarly happy in 3. r Situation: has sapped tihei strength. " VI, What Form Will The Relief namely, $10. the choice of names for her publica• 4 Students are trying to live, on Sugar which formerly ccst 0.86 Take? 5. The collection to be made by tions: she has an Anchor, a weekly two meals a day, one of wihich con- XYl Kr. , ,now costs 56.00 Kr.; Flour that ,Kitchens will be established where the school and sent to Mr. A. J. publication whose purpose it is to — " T ' u i V k ^ . o r u i verv thin ' v v y vv ' 01 " " v v o{ now .... costs students will do the work. Farms Hemiphill, Student Fund, A. R A., hold her students fast to those sacred ^ ^lack * a t formerly cost 0.10 Kr. ideals which are hers; and she has ^ P are coming home a 5 4 5 K r . c l o b h e 8 w h i c h formerly will be taken over temporarily where uraT1^.y Trust Company, New York , 0 0 . r ) 0 0 0 s t students a Milestone to mark the years aas3 right to study' m - a7 room -wthout cose 8ou.uu raisevegetables vegretables^ for.... thec i t y 0 0 0 Kivr. r n now o w c cost o s t 2 r2500-5000 u d e t v t s c acan n raise he,at a m i Wlth n o •they by. and to preserve for her ^.at,' and with no ^lighting they roll by, ^ wcilitie. " Kr.;' stationery, the kitcihens. Students will be asexpects the colK r , Price p r i c e (f ( f textbook?, textbook?< 6 , i n c reased in in like like manner, sisted sisted iiin working out self-support t s g e s o f America will provide the sons awl arid daughters the pleasant ^except e p t a candle. They are trying tryin? e t C M ha h a, V ve e increased -JI -uu-.. tn kppn warm ,through the long win— u / . ^ l Tk«:^ schemes. Provisions for beat and ^ 000.00. He will not ask them memories of those years when they to keep warm through the long w - l| |l Il _ Cn a B TT 1h e # e S t u d e n t i W o r k T h e i r s c h € l l l ^ . ter months with their clothing m — - . light will be made for student study to give to the other funds, hoping Own Way — Through. School? were treadling life's' course ait their l ags. Many of the men are wearing The tremendous amount of unem- halls. Books and supplies will be that they will give generously to this. Alma Mater.' The coming of each their old army fiield uniforms, now ployment in Europe makes it impos- made available. It is hoped that the Milestone means that another lap in badly worn after several years of sible for students to support them- healtih of the students will be benethe journey has been completed, and Subscribe for the Milestone service. Others wear thin overcoats selvefi The supplies, which we s e l v e s eentirely. ntirely. i ne relationship reitt&iuiieiiip fitted n t u r u by uy medical urcuacnw a-wppau-ww, — « * . those who have found the road pleasbuttoned up tight to the neck to of labor unions to student groups will we bring to them. Their food $3 f o r a f o r t u n e Ot m e m o r i e s ant will suniely want some token. some magic Open Sesame that will conceal the absence of shirt or ununlock the door of memory, and let derwear. T he condation o. the wothem walk over again in imagination men students is even worse. Manq are clad in little more cnan rags, the mjiles that will otherwise have which 'have become filthy and oftbeefi relegated to the past. Each life has its rememberable (things, and in times verminous, for soap and a bath are luxuries which students cannot a sojourn at Hope one is bound to come across a few of them,—perhaps afford. In Vienna very ew o o it is only the love-perfumed breath students have liad a ai y rea as of some sweet flower that we passed s i T l c e 1 9 1 ^ Many ve on y a on tlhe way and thought to have for- crust of bread, and ot ers Jr rst m e a l a t no<>n gotten, but whose exquisite frag- ft * The majority o them ave n o t ranee and beauty lingered unbidden ^ ^ ^ d butter or ot in the" memory long thereafter; per olate for four years. Two authentic F T H E traffic policeman did not hold up his hand and control the haps it is some professorial fout- c ' £ s e s a ® e known of two stu en s w o tain whose water, sparkling and clear ha^- gone to bed from unger anc automobiles and wagons and people there would be collisions, gave new vigor to our limbs and s^nt exhaustion, only to be oun ea confusion, and but little progress in any direction. His business on our journey pleasantly resome days later. A girl stu ent wit . us is to direct. freshed; perhaps it is some nothing- open sores on her (hands, when asked The physicist who tries to obtain a vacuum that is nearly perfect at all, some afternoon when, loiter- ^ had psc^ived medica. seathas a problem somewhat like that of the traffic policeman. Air is ing on our way, we lazily lay beside ment, adrjMtted that she wou i avi to the road and watched some patches choose between th^t an( a mea , composed of molecules—billions and billions of them flying about an t at nawin r of clouds as they !ent both beauty ^ '^ g t hunger comin all directions and often colliding. The physicist's pump is e e er and moi'o*! to an other wise graceless P ^ ^ ^ ^ choose a mea . to make the molecules travel in one direction — out through the sky, and we wondered—just wonFrom a Budapest Survey. exhaust. The molecules are much too small to be seen even with a Twenty-six per cent of the studered, lazily, dreamily, some thinkmicroscope, but the pump jogs them along and at least starts them in ing this and some thinking that,, un- dents were living on two meals or the right direction. til a lowering sun awoke us from less a day. Twenty-three per cent of the stuour reverie.* I t is the memory of ^ A perfect vacuum would be one in which there is not a single free such things as these thit y>u will find dents possessed two suits of cl living molecule. awakened/ by the Hope Milestones, or less. fMfteen per cent of the students iln a day or two the Staff of the For over forty years scientist^ have been trying to pump and jog were without coats. 19212 Milestone will feature a anortand herd more molecules out of vessels. There are still in the best (Fifteen per cent of the students stunt program to awaken your intervacuum obtainable more molecules per cubic centimeter than there est in the big new Milestone. The had but pair of socks or none at are people in the world, in other words, about two billioA. Whenever Class of 1922 is trying to put out a all. . . a new jogging device is invented, it becomes possible to eject a few annual this year, and it is bidding 5. Europe Needa to Keep Its Stu-

What Is Vacuum?

for your needed co-operation and denta Studying help. * Rigihtly considered, everybody These countries need creative is as much concerned in a suuccess- thinking in order that they may ful Milestone as any member of the quickly rehabilitate themselves. ColStalf, for the members of the Staff leges have been at a standstill durare hut Hope's appointees—our ser- ing all of these war years. The best vants, if you please—to the task of of doctors, engineers, electricians preparing her book of memories, and mladhinists were killed on fields so \diert you* are asked to put your of battle. A new genenation needs name on the subscription list see to quickly to be raised to take their ft*, that ;you are not found wanting places. Economic conditions condi{ih6re." Tlhe Milestone will cost more tions wiiU more quickly right tliemthis year than it has ever cost before selves if this present college genei—three dloflars^but the' Staff hard- ation of students finish the ; r work ly needs explain that, mucn less and then turn to the- problems of apollogize for it,—th^ present high their own countries. price of print paper is a story that 6, Conditiona Among the Profeaaora the newsplapere baVe long repeated. lEven before the war, the salaries ' The Milestone is as essentia! as of the professors of Europe were any textbook; and long after your very low. There (has been no intextbooks have been consigned to crease since and with the constant dea peaceful and dustful future in an preciation of the currency, their sit• unused section of your library, the uation has become most serious. Pro1922 (Milestone will bring to mind feasors are obliged to sell thedr most an occasional hour of sweet memor- treasured books and possessions, in ies wjith its host of happy smiles- and order to buy food and to keep a roof recollections. Of course .$3 is $3 o v e r their head. • Most acute distress and a most delightful encum- and suffering is found among the brance to a student's lightness of retired professors, w^ho are trying to travel, but do not forget that a live on their pensions. In a report Hopeite without a- Milestone "s an from the Undverafty of Vienna, a abomination. ^ certain world-famed professor, now

million more molecules. The Research Laboratories of the General Electric Company have spent years in trying to drive more and more molecules of air from containers. The chief purpose has been to study the effects obtained, as, for example, the boiling away of metals in a vacuum. This investigation of high vacua had unexpected results. It became possible to make better X - ray tubes — better because the X - rays could be controlled; to make the electron tubes now so essential in long-range wireless communication more efficient and trustworthy; and to develop an entirely new type of incandescent lamp, one which is filled with a gas and which gives more light than any of the older lamps.



N o one can foretell what will be the outcome of research in pure science. New knowledge, new ideas inevitably are gained. And sooner or later this new knowledge, these new ideas find a practical application. For this reason the primary purpose of the Research Laboratories of the General Electric Company is the broadening of human knowledge.

G e n e r a l ^ Electric General Office C






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baseball and track, and the monogram to be awarded in these sports ." [ shall be an eight widh " H " . A commendable spirit o< earnestArticle Fourteen ness has prevailed on ttie Campus Monograms— since the holidays. I t is a laudable fiec fact that not a single park party, Football: Any Hope Col8 u< €11 theater party, or any other kind of t l t member of the A. A. W K) ltva8 party has been held. Recreations * Pky** o n football team in 7 5 o f t h e ( UiarteT8 sought by the atudent body have ^ l of the regul a r 8e}l€<Jul€ been of the most quiet and profitable receive an- oflkdal inc!h an<1 shaJ1 type. Tony Teninga and Ruth ^ Pellegrom report an afternoon of ^ a sweater by the A. A. Any Hope roller ska-ting; Ira Hesseldnk and Doc student member of the A. A, as Ruissard, Some few thotful games of ^ P'^yed on the football team n checkers; the boarders at Voorhees, ' ^0% of the quarters of the regua subdued half-hour of " F o x and 1,ar s ^ ^ u l e shall receive the offi e Geese," during social hour. In con^ t inch 4< H." Sec. 2—Any Hope College student nection with this, we would advise every one to reflect on the value of member of tfie A. A. who ihas plaed on the biasketball team in 75% examinations. halves of the regular schedule receive the official eight inch i " H n '' Ma belle Mulder has been suffer- a m j ^ 1 1 ^ presented a sweater by iflg with a severe cold the past few ttie A. A. Any College student weeks and has been unable to at- m emiber of the A. A. who has played tend classes. on the basketball*team in 50% of the halves of the regular schedule shall IMartha Muller was the guest of receive an official eight inch << H. ,, honor at a highly successful fudge Baseball party in Room 27 last Thursday Sec. 3—Any Hope College stunigiht. dent member of the A. A. who has

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^ 'Hope m a one hundred men piaying league baskethall and tihds witih the number of men who a r e pteying on the varsity team shows how Hope men look upon the greait indoor ffamie of the winter seasons The interest s taking ihold now and more enthusia&m is entering in as the races for first position in tho Oollege and Prep. Leagues are ibecoming closer. The teams are very evenly patched and the scores are close accordlingly. Nine teams compose the College league and four the Prep, "Feeda ' at the expense of all par.ticpants are the definite objects in view of the league leaders. No small wonder the Dorm, men would rather play than eat these days. |The standings of the league are as follows for the week ending Jan. 14: COLLEGE Team Won Lost Pet. Kempers 2 0 .1000 Mol .667 2 1 Tuinsma 2 .667 H Decker .667 2 1 Ihrmam 2 2 .500 Hager 1 1 .500 iWinfield Butggraaff went to Laug 1 2 <2 .000 Grand Rapidjs last week to hear Van Tol 0 Flikkema 0 2 .000 Campbell Morgan speak. I PREPS. Any Juniors who have not receivTeam Won Lost Pet. Veldman 3 0 .1000 Kuiper 3 2 .600 0 Berkompas 3 .500 Garry De Jong. The Syblline girls sold sandwichLoomans 1 2 .333 es and cocoa to the dormites at 9:30 last Wednesday evening. Y. M. C. A.

\Grand Haven has this to say rewarding the Company F-.Hope gaime pJayed dn Carnegie Gym. several weeks ago: "The locals are beginning to realize that their showing against the Hope five last week was up to anything which could have been expected. Hope is one of the fastest college teams in the state

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plaed in 50% of the innings of the regular sdhedule shall receive the official eight indh " H " . Titeck— ISec. 4—(Any Hope College student member of the A. A. who qualifies in ^





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teams during two years shall receive ofl^iai eight indh "H'* and be it f u r t h e r proviided that if a man represents Hope College in the scheduled field meets of the year and sihall score ten points he shall receive the o-fflefoj |JJ H " ( However^ no ^nan receive more than one " H " in j a w ^ any ^ _ A n y Hope student ^ ^ of t h e At Ai repre. sent€d H o p e Co]]e&e ^ { o o t h a n or b a 9 k e t b a l i f o r t h r e e years, in onlv 5 0 % of the thereby T e c ^ m i M o n ]y th e official edgtfcM«ca¥^- H shftll

"The Man Christ!" " T h e Two natures of Christ cannot be mingled" and as the topic reads, so the description of the Ohrist came to us. Winfield Burggraaff pictured .in 'a clear and most beautiful way the Clvrist of Galilee in His human nature. " A f t e r all our disputes and differ- t h l ' s y e a r ^ t h j a t Juni^r ^ be presented a sweater by the A. A. € e w as g l v m g mgs of opinions ere over, there still ' ^ ' Almla a ibeating j n ^ c a s e ^ baseball and track if while F w Ho e remains the one; 'what think ye of f P a man has receives three "H's" he leaves tho b,ala,Re the Christ." We musut confess that favomble to Co. j^aii ^ presented a sweater by the after hearing "Windy" on this topic F c o n a l d e r , m g state class. Alma ,8 A A we see the Christ as an elder brother, a t 0 ^ n i 0 t l ( * 3 n ^ U college team and ^ 6—The Board of Athletic Ason ev e r 8 e and more as a friend than ever be' ® y ompBny sociation ahall 'have control of the tr,mm<>d J n , o r C o , l e g e here Th€ fore. ' " buying of all sweaters, monograms of the c m a eon We have in fchit man of Galilee all » P " ^ and blankete. 1 Coll e ee v e the c k s s of M l c h w a n that "manly love, affection t o moth, , ^ Sec. 7 - T h e Athletic Board of small college teams. Control, may by the Majority of er, and manly fighting, which goes to vote of all members prpesent grant make up the human nature." On MINERVA-MEL1PHONE the Varsity " H * to any man, altho the other hand, "we must not stop the requirements n the above secwith the human side of Christ's life, Friday night the Meliphonians en- tions may not have been entirely fult u t go on and see the Divine. Ohrist is a mirror of God. He reflects the tertained the Minerva girls in Meli- filled. The Board of Control may image of God. He ia the gateway to P ' l o n e Hall. The fair guests arrived a igo f o r good dause withhold or take havin the eternal God, the source of all a t 7 5 3 0 ^ « experienced the away from any player the Varsity power. He it is who on the Cross of cusutomiary "earthquake," the com- emblem. Calvary became the fountain head of listened to a MeJiphone pro igec. 8—-Recognition to different all sacrifice.'' Christ it is, "who has A f t e r this, all participated in mianagers of the teams ^hall be left a €W am,es the ikey f o r the celestial city, where ^ ^ * Then hungry appetites to the discretion of the members of weTe only Christ's men shall live. ,M following Bill Klere- Athletic Board of Cotrol. 1 8 " W i n d y " quoted several times to ^OP® * Fall to. ' However some Sec. 9—IMembers of the Reserve sem e( to ,ave a show that one "can put no trust ' ^ ^ ^raater interest in teams (football and basketball) shall in mankind. You may have the will lotheir than easing, perhaps receive a six inch " R " . Granting of power of a Socrates, but one day Dykstra can explain. Amy Zwemer s u R ' s ' ' s h a l l be under the jurisdiction shall come a crucial testing time, and interpretative piano playing was 0 f ^he Athletic Board. without Christ you must go to de- ( ^ uel y appreciated. When the time gee. 10—Members of preparatory tlrew n r ()T struction. We must accept or deny ^ * ddspors^ont,, the teams who have qualified in Christ." 1 chaperone "took a hand - and every 6 0 % o f i h e r e & u l a r in fo(>t. wenit we The virgin birth of the Ohrist was ^ satisiuMl with ^ j i o r basketball shall receive a clearly expounded;, including such the evening. Hope Preparatory School Monogram, arguments as science had to offer. Basketbail— The speaker urged the men of Hope (Continued from Page 1) Article Fifteen " t o allow God to play upon thedr Association found guilty of neglect. Limitations to Article 14— heart strings." In the Christ we indiifference or incompetence in the Any Hope College student memhave the destiny of the World. What performance of his duties may be her of the A. A. who shall have fulshall we do—accept or reject? put out of office by the vote of two- fiifiled the requirements and shall •s • thirds of the members. have received a sweater the first ^ Miss Eva Sheur, U. F. R. of M. A. Article Twelve year, shall receive only a monogram C., was a guest at Voorhees Hall on Amendments— the second year; the third year he Thursday evening. Miss Sheur repreISec. 1—Amendment of the con- shall receive the monogram and sents the Y. W. C. A.'s of Alma, M. stitution may be adopted only at reg- either a blanket or sweater; the A. C. and Hope this year. She at- uuar meetings of the association and fourth year he shall receive a monotended the U. IP. R. Conference at shall require a two-thirds vote for GALLY THREE hAuou Chicago in November and came to us adoption. gram and a gold emblem. If a marl with many interesting and helpful Sec. 2—An amendment may be be a senior the second year he fulfills suggestions proposed' by any member and must be the requirements (he shall receive a presented in writing at a meeting of blanket or a sweater. Leona Kloote and Margaret Trom- the Association at least one week Article Sixteen pen went home for the week-end in before adoption. Fees—The Athletic fees shall be order to be able t o attend the FriArticle Thirteen -$5.00 and shall include membership day and Saturday meetings of the The major sports of Hope Col- in the Associaton and entrance to % Mission Workers' Conference. lege shaJi be football, basketball, all home games.


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"Is there any mail or i i e owe. 180 River Ave. Holland, Mich. ) Arm In arm a boy and i girl Phone 1908 strolled swiftly with their hands in The clerk gives Mike the once over their pockets. (Their own pockets.) and then he looks Mm oyer again an 30 West 8th St. They were goinfl: toward Miller's and almost decided to overlook him enDU MEZ BROS. - it wasn't lon« before they were re^t- tirely. Finally he said, " N o , sir, ing their elbows on the counter and there isn't any mail for your cow Dry Goods, Coats and »•••••< • giving tiheir orders for pie and cof- nor anyone's else s either. Cloaks and Millinory J fee. They 'had been seated at tha ^ " , MICH • counter for half an hour, discussing Friday night, Carnegie Gym S various subjects, and incidentally, help Hope win. • drinking coffee and eating pie. The Why not get it here? girl was called a brilliant conversa- HOPE RESERVES vs. m y " REtionalist by her friends, consequentSERVES Pebeco, Pepsodent, Kolynos, Euthymol, Norwich, ly she never gave her visitor an opForhans, Colgates and many others. portunity to speak. Fut he WHS sat/The Hope Reserves went down to You Probably need a new Tooth Brush? isfied to listen to her entertaining their first defeat of the se'ason on prattle. He ould like to have had Thursday night in tiheir second game more sugar in bis coffee, however. with the Holland " Y " Reserves. As Fortunately, he remembered that he the preliminary to the 4 'Y "-North. 54 EAST EIGHTH STR. had a picce in his pocket, which he gpme, it furnished the crowd had, taken from the dorm that morn j ——- a C() . nteS(t f u i i of thrills and laughs. ing. (Or ddn't they have sugar OT The ' ' Y " Reserves started witlh a the table at the dorm. We don't ^ gained a four point lead We don't know,) Anyway, he clev- b e | o r e priest started Hope's scoring erly distracted her attention by WeUa ^ # Q u r opponents reHOLLAND, MICH. What do you say? ''FEDERAL OF COURSE." ing her in the shins as he swung m(a ^ nie< j | n i ^ d throughout the I. ? stool^ ^ ^ 11 and mm 1 quickly I#'1 er . aroundV lJon his rest of the game and tho our team Fediral System of Bakeries, 18 E. 8th St., Holland. Mich. slipped the sugar into his cup. We fought hard to overcome this handihate to do it, but yet, through this cap, with such former first team scene of happiness, tragedy was stars as Sweeney and Warn^huis on soon to stalk. the ' ' Y ' 1 second it was a difficult job. HOLLAND, At the end of a half an hour, our Priest I I IXTO't was VY WOthe VIIV -best 'V- ^ Vin the offensive hero (for it was he) rose and picked ^ g (>f t h e a m € ; Be Pree showed up up his hat and coat from the floor. w e l l a t d e f e n s e t Referee " J a k e " Capital $100,000.00 * Surplus and Profits $86,000.00 A look of amazement cross the face j o l d e r s m a W i a s m ore winded a t the Goods called for and deKvered of our heroine (for it was she.) As e n d o f ^ g ; a m e t h i a n players, blow9 E. 8th St. H. Neengs, Prop. if in answer to her look, he spoke. i n g h i s w h i i s t i € ) p U iii n g the players Phone 1528 Interest-paid on Time •"I know I promised to stay two a p ^ t and declaring first downs. The 001 hours," he said, " b u t there cames a p a r t i p u W y P * ®t finding Deposits c ~ ^ w L u . i i , time in the life of every man,, when ^ j ^ ^ t , which, combined wjth the For your meals and lunches while in Hollsnd stop at the he must forsake his greatest pleijilU1" s iow passing, decided their fate, The es." His voice shook with suppressed ^a|vefi was 8-4 and the final emotionv "Duty eafl# Wf," he cried. t a j | y Both teams have N. HOFFMAN, Proprielor "I must g o , " one game to their credit; let's see 14 You must go'' *' she tchoed. " V>u Holland, Mich Citizens Phone 1041 see the Reserves take the rest, 34 W.8th . st must go!" "Simply and effectively die spoke. Lt's do our share for has DISEASES OF THE M he answered, " I I must go," EYE, EAR. ' NOSE ketball. FLOWERS FOR ALL must go." • and THROAT t t x OCCASIONS For a moment there was complete Are Registered. See 22 West 8th Street, Above silence, and then a demoniacal light . .Remember the Milestone TWELFTH ST. FLORAL SHOP Woolworth's 5 and 10 Cent appeared in her eyes. A flood of T h u r s d a y . Store PLDIN PblM 1S0I HUIZENGA berating speech escaped from her Office Hours— lips; and under the abuse of this inYell for the team Friday. 9 to 11 A. M. furiated woman, the head of our 2 to 6 P. M. hero sank lower and lower. Only Tues. and Sat. 7 to 9 P. M. once was he about to protest. As ahe tore hds society pin from her waist and crushed it with her foot, DR. A. LSENHOUTS Have your annual photo's Citi. Phone 1208 he looked up; but his head sank taken now at the again, as he realized that he was out ANDthree dollars. THE At last the storm ceased. " O o ! " she exclaimed. ' 'May your ,: 'ps never touch one of Miller's cups HOLLAND with me again!" BARBER ShOP 'Broken-hearted he left her. With is the place to go if you want tears in his eyes, he waJked down the service. T h r e e experienced bar19 E. Eighth Street Citz. Phone 1582 the Pere Marquette tracks towards bers. the campus. 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