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Hope College Anchor LXI — 8

Official Publication of the Students of Hope College at Holland, Michigan

Iowa Preacher Will Lead Religious Emphasis Week Dr. Will W. O r r of Des Moines, Iowa, will be t h e guest s p e a k e r f o r t h e annual Religious E m p h a s i s Week services this year. T h e week will be observed f r o m F e b r u a r y 7 to 11. Dr. O r r is pastor of t h e Westminster United P r e s b y t e r i a n Church of Des Moines. D u r i n g his p a s t o r a t e there, the church has developed into one of t h e largest and most a g g r e s s i v e o r g a n i z a t i o n s in t h a t p a r t of the country. He is a s well known a s a youth worker as he is as a public speaker. During p a s t years, he, with his wife, have annually organized a s u m m e r youth camp on the campus of Central College, Pella, Iowa. Dr. Orr has also served as Vice-President, of t h e Bible I n s t i t u t e of Los Angeles. He has become well acquainted with the R e f o r m e d Church, due to his membership on a committee studying a possible union between the R e f o r m e d and United P r e s b y t e r i a n churches into a single denomination. Neither is Hope College a complete s t r a n g e r to Dr. Orr. He also served as our P r a y e r Week speaker in 1946. T h e following is a quotation f r o m an Anchor issue of t h a t y e a r : " D r . O r r possesses t h a t r a r e combination of good h u m o r and zest f o r life and conscientious Christian t h o u g h t that m a k e him a n intensely interesting person and challenging speaker. He is a t once fun-loving and genuine, possessing a fine personality t h a t h a s endeared him to so many young people's groups." During the week, worship sessions will be held each m o r n i n g a t 9 D r . O r r will address each of these meetings, with the devotions and special music in c h a r g e of members of the student body. Each a f t e r n o o n a t 5:00 o'clock, an important p r a y e r sen-ice, led by various f a c u l t y members, will be held. Less f o r m a l discussion a n d question-and-answer meetings a r e also scheduled f o r Tuesday and T h u r s day evenings. Personal conferences with Dr. O r r by individual s t u d e n t s will also be a r r a n g e d for.

Dr. Luther Gable To Demostrate Atomic Methods The assembly p r o g r a m scheduled for F e b r u a r y

1 will f e a t u r e Dr.

L u t h e r Gable, noted lecturer.


Gable will speak on " A t o m i c E n ergy — R a d a r and Television


Peace." The p r o g r a m will be a lecture - demonstration w i t h black light. D r . Gable will speak in part i c u l a r about new fuel, new industries and new methods in this Atomic Age. A u r a n i u m - r a d i u m physicist. Dr. Gable f o r m e r l y served with the United S t a t e s Army Signal Corps. He was an instructor a t t h e American Television Laboratories. Dr. Gable holds membership in the Society of American Military Engineers, American Society f o r Advancement of Science and other prominent organizations.

Moerdyk Joins Faculty; Served Missionary Term A new i n s t r u c t o r on Hope's campus next semester will be Dr. William J . Moerdyk. Dr. Moerdyk who has r e t u r n e d f r o m Iraq a f t e r a twenty-five y e a r t e r m as a medical missionary, will teach Physiologic Hygiene. He is scheduled f o r two lectures a n d t h r e e labs. Dr. Moerdyk w a s g r a d u a t e d f r o m Hope College in 1913. He t a u g h t l a n g u a g e s and m a t h e m a t i c s at Hope and then attended the medical school a t the U n i v e r s i t y of Michigan. While in Iraq he was in c h a r g e of a hospital a t A m a r a h . His daily routine consisted of clinical duties in the m o r n i n g and calls in the a f t e r n o o n . He also p e r f o r m e d necessary minor operations. Another i m p o r t a n t project which he undertook was t h e care of a leper c a m p for seven years.

Reeverts Named Committee Leader Dean E m m a Reeverts has been appointed by Mrs. Kate Mueller, c h a i r m a n of the p r o g r a m committee of t h e National Committe of the National Association of Deans of Women, to plan and direct a sectional meeting f o r new deans of women in our colleges. T h e p u r pose of the meeting is to give new deans an o p p o r t u n i t y to l e a r n f r o m those who a r e experienced in the field. Mrs. Mueller plans two sectional meetings of a similar n a t u r e , one f o r t h e small colleges and one f o r the universities and l a r g e s t a t e colleges. Miss Miriam Shelden, dean of women a t the U n i v e r s i t y of Illinois, has been invited to sponsor the meeting f o r the new deans in the university and s t a t e college group. Mrs. Mueller spent a few d a y s on Hope's campus, s t u d y i n g our counseling service. She visited our campus t h r o u g h an invitation f r o m Dr. Lubbers. She represented the American Council of E d u c a t i o n as a Counseling E x p e r t . Mrs. Mueller is t h e Counselor f o r women at I n d i a n a University a t Bloomington, Indiana. Miss Reeverts is now in correspondence with new deans of women all over the country, a s k i n g f o r their suggestions f o r m a k i n g this meeting most helpful to them. The National Convention of t h e National Association of Deans of Women will meet a t t h e Stevens Hotel in Chicago f r o m April 17 to 21.

RoHschaefer To Speak A t Kappa Delta Meeting Dr. M a r g a r e t R o t t s c h a e f e r f r o m India will be the s p e a k e r a t the J a n u a r y 17th meeting of Kappa Delta. A letter has been received f r o m the W i n n e b a g o Mission t h a n k i n g us f o r the g i f t s sent to the children at C h r i s t m a s time.

Curriculum Schedule Shows New Departmental Expansion The schedules distributed f o r t h e second s e m e s t e r of the y e a r 19481949 show t h e addition of courses not listed in the catalogue. Professor Haverkamp of the Psychology department offers Statistical Method in Psychology and Tests and Measurements. The former course is a two-semester course in the use of and interpretation of elementary statistical techniques in psychological research. It will be given throughout the year 1950-1951, t w o credit hours per semester. The latter subject is an introduction to the interpretation and construction of tests. The student will be required to construct an achievement test in the subject matter field of his choice. The Physics department offers a three-hour course entitled Analytical Mechanics (Dynamicii) which ; c nues the work dealing with

dynamics previously studied in Physics 61. Mathematics 31 and 51 are also prerequisites. Mr. Frissel will be the professor. A new three-hour course, composed of two lectures and one laboratory, especially recommended for pre-forestry entitled Plant Ecology is being taught by Professor Unger of the Biology Department. Emphasis will be placed on plant life typical to this area and to the United States. Botany 21 and 22 are prerequisites. World Problems and International Relations will be taught by Dr. Hawkinson. Three hours credit will be given for the course in both the History and Political Science departments. A development of international law, machinery, and systems will be studied with emphasis on the operation of agencies for international understanding on problems of today's world.

January 1 3 , 1 9 4 9

Architect's Detailed Plans Approved For Construction New Dormitory Will Contain All Latest Facilities I" inal p l a n s f o r Hope's new dormitory have been completed. Dr. Lubbers recently announced. The d o r m i t o r y will house 100 women and contain all the latest facilities of modern dormitory design. The architect is Ralph R. Calder f r o m Detroit. The a r c h i t e c t u r e of the residence hall will be of modern or contemp o r a r y design. The p a r t i c u l a r style of a r c h i t e c t u r e will be Dutch similar to t h e type of buildings which a r e now being constructed in Amsterdam and Rotterdam. This is an elevation drawing of the recently approved tromen't dormitory. The view shown is that from Tenth street where the building will be situated between the science building and the president's home. Construction bids will be returned within a week, and shortly after, ground-breaking ceremonies will l>e held.

Tickets Available For P&M Play

Miss Geegh To Explain Political State of India

T h e r e a r e still tickets available f o r the t h r e e r e m a i n i n g p e r f o r m ances of "The L a t e C h r i s t o p h e r B e a n " being presented in the Little T h e a t e r , f o u r t h floor Science Building tonight, S a t u r d a y a f t e r n o o n , and Monday evening by P a l e t t e and Masque. All P & M m e m b e r s have tickets.

IRC will hold its next meeting on J a n u a r y 19. Miss M a r y Geegh, missionary to India, now home on f u r l o u g h , will be the s p e a k e r of t h e evening. Miss Geegh will speak on the "Political Situation of India."

Marion H a n n a , Roger Gunn, M a r y Voskuil, Betty Dowd, S a n d r a L a n n i n g , Dave K a r s t e n , Marvin Mepyans, Ken Smouse, and Dick Leonard a r e t a k i n g p a r t in t h e three-act comedy, directed by Douglas Cameron, which is g u a r anteed to tickle y o u r f u n n y bone.

Students May Confer With Deans, Faculty Dean Hollenbach said today t h a t s t u d e n t s who have a n y problems either academic or personal a r e urged to see t h e i r counselors or Deans or any member of the f a c ulty with which they wish to conf e r before the new semester.

Glubs Will Feature Panel Discussion A panel discussion about " J o a n of A r c " will be f e a t u r e d a t the n e x t meeting of the English Maj o r s Club on T h u r s d a y , J a n u a r y 20. This is to be a joint meeting of the English M a j o r s a n d the F r e n c h Club, and will be held in t h e chapel basement a t 7:30. B e r n a r d Rowan is in c h a r g e of the meeting, and those on t h e panel a r e Peggy P r i n s , Glenn Van Haitsma, and Carolyn I n g h a m . Other members present will be given the o p p o r t u n i t y to enter into t h e discussion and also to ask a n y question concerning the topic.

College Band Will Feature Works of Contemporaries The Hope College concert band will m a k e its first a p p e a r a n c e of the new year at t h e J a n u a r y 18th assembly with a p r o g r a m composed largely of works of American c o n t e m p o r a r y composers. A portion of the p r o g r a m will be devoted to the p e r f o r m a n c e of several of t h e better known concert

marches. F e a t u r e d on the p r o g r a m will be a b r a s s q u a r t e t composed of Victor Kleinheksel, C a l v i n S w a r t , Lee Brower, and Rodger K r a m e r , and a trio composed of Myron Van Ark, Robert W o j a h n , and Richard S t e w a r t . The band is under t h e direction of M o r r e t t e Rider of the music faculty.

EXAMINATION SCHEDULE First Semester 1948-1949 ( J a n u a r y 24 to J a n u a r y 29) Monday — 9:01) — 2 M,W, F 1 : 0 0 — B i b l e 11 4 Thurs 3:30 — 6 M , W , F

Regular Chapel Regular Regular

Tuesday — 9 : 0 0 — 1 T,T, and 1 T,T,S 1:00 — 2 T,T, and 2 T,T,S 3:30 — Psychology 31

Regular Classrooms Regular Classrooms Chapel Auditorium

Classrooms Auditorium Classrooms Classrooms

Wednesday — 9:00 — French, German, and Spanish (Elementary and Intermediate) Classrooms to be designated Intermediate Greek Classrooms to be designated 1:00 — 3 M,W,F Regular Classrooms 3:30 — 5 T,T Regular Classrooms Thursday — 9:00 — 4 M,W,F 1:00 — English 11 3:30 — 5 M,W,F Friday — 9:00 — 3 T,T, and 3 T,T,S 1:00 — 1 M,W,F 3:30 — Bible 31 7 T,T

Regular Classrooms Classrooms to be designated Regular Classrooms

Regular Regular Chapel Regular

Classrooms Classrooms Auditorium Classrooms

Saturday — 9:00 — 6 T,T Regular Classrooms Examinations in certain specific courses will be given as expressly indicated. Otherwise, the examinations will be held according to the period schedule. All examinations will be given on the date scheduled and at no other time. Students are not permitted to arrange special examination times with instructors. Any irregularity must be brought to the Dean of the College.

Paalman To Give Recital Monday A t e n t a t i v e p r o g r a m has been released by Miss Hazel P a a l m a n of h e r recital which will be given next Monday evening, J a n u a r y 17. Her selections a r e divided into four g r o u p s ; a g r o u p by Handel, a German group, a g r o u p in French, and an English group. The selections a r e as follows: "O Sleep, Why Dost Thou Leave Me," Handel; "Somm* Dei," H a n d e l ; " E v e r y P l e a s u r e , " Handel; " T r a u m Durch die D a m m e r u n g , " S t r a u s s ; "In Czitterenden Mondlicht," Haile; " E i n Ton," Cornelius; " Z u e i g n u n g , " S t r a u s s : "Quelle Souflfrance," Len o r m a n d ; "Chanson Revee," Pesse; " L ' H e u r e Exquise," H a h n ; " L a mento P r o v e n c a l e , " Paladilhe; " W e Two T o g e t h e r , " Kernochan; "Think On Me," Scott; " I ' m Wearin' A w a ' , " Foote; " S o n g of the Open," La Forge. Miss P a a l m a n will be accompanied by Miss J a n tina Holleman.

Photo Club Members Plan Annual Contest

The building walls will be a modern composition of ledge stone, limestone and red and o r a n g e brick. Flower boxes of ledge stone will f r a m e t h e e n t r a n c e steps leading to the covered f r o n t e n t r a n c e . At t h e left of this e n t r a n c e will be the l a r g e windows of the living room and reception room, above which will be the windows of the two floors of bedrooms. To t h e right rise the ladder-like windows of t h e main s t a i r c a s e . Upon entering, one will find himself in a large hospitable lounge which merges w i t h o u t an obstructing a r c h w a y into the c h e e r f u l living room. This living room has two walls almost entirely of glass, the wall to the left f a c i n g the street, and the opposite wall which faces south contains F r e n c h doors leading out onto a n open t e r r a c e with a s o u t h e a s t e r l y exposure. T h e r e will be no windows on t h e wall f a c i n g t h e Science building. This wall is to contain t h e fireplace. The main foyer also leads to t h e dining room which will seat 175. This room is lighted by an almost continuous wall of glass and doors leading into the s a m e t e r r a c e . F o r receptions in the s p r i n g , s u m m e r and fall, the doors f r o m the living room a n d dining room can be t h r o w n open, allowing t h e t e r r a c e to become a t h i r d living and social a r e a . T h e r e is a serving room where c a f e t e r i a sen-ice can be maintained a t b r e a k f a s t or S u n d a y evening s u p p e r s if so desired.

The Photo Club held their last m e e t i n g of the s e m e s t e r on Monday evening, J a n u a r y 10. A f t e r critical inspection of recently developed prints, the m e m b e r s foA modern kitchen and dishcused their t h o u g h t s upon the next w a s h i n g room will be a d j a c e n t and s e m e s t e r ' s activities. F o r e m o s t of on the west side of the building. f u t u r e plans discussed was the At the southwest c o r n e r is t h e photo contest to be sponsored by Continued on P a g e 4. the club next s e m e s t e r . All photo f a n s , t a k e note.

President, Dean of Men Travel to Conference Dr. Lubbers and Dean H i n g a l e f t recently to a t t e n d t h e annual meeting of t h e Association of A m e r i c a n Colleges being held this week in New York City. Although t h e Association has a n n u a l l y held meetings f o r college presidents, this y e a r a m e e t i n g f o r deans of men is also being held. The Association is the l a r g e s t organization of its type h a v i n g over one thous a n d institutions as members.

Coffee To Be Served During Torture Week Coffee and other refreshments will be served again this year at Gilmore Cottage and at the Lubbers home during Exam Week. Miss Reeverts will be hostess at G i l m o r e Cottage on Monday through Wednesday from 2:30 to 4 o'clock. Mrs. Lubbers will be hostess from Thursday and Friday afternoons from 2:30 to 4 o'clock. "Come before your 3 o'clock for fortification and a f t e r your 1 o'clock for relaxation." (Reeverts.)

Committee Announces Rules, Judges of School Pep Song The opportunity for h a v i n g really popular pep songs at Hope's games and pep rallies has come. Recently it has been decided to have a contest among all college students for songs of any type a s long as they are original and written for Hope. The contest is supervised by Herb Ritsema, chairman, and Professor Robert Cavanaugh. It has been decided that all entries will be printed in a booklet form to be distributed and used as soon as possible. The first prize song will be adopted as the school song. The following rules have been adopted: 1—The contest is open to any student or students who are enrolled at present at Hope College. 2—The song may be of any type, as long as it is original and written f o r Hope.

3—Participants may enter as many compositions as desired. 4—Entries must be enclosed and submitted under an assumed name. 5—All entries must be turned in to the College Music Office in Walsh Music Hall by February. A f t e r the judges, Mrs. Harold Karsten and Mr. Morette Rider of the music department. Dr. John Hollenbach of the English department, and Nick Yonker representing the student body, have officially chosen the winning song, the winner will be immediately announced so that the songs be sung during the basketball season. This is a wonderful opportunity for everyone to create for our college some songs which will really pep up our games.


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current study of several subjects stimulates mental activity. The vocational emphasis is fatal t6 a liberal education. Character training is a fundamental part of true education, and education in any field must have for its central aim the development of the whole personality. Education must be flexible and cannot be bound by any fixed system or set of rules. The teacher should so frame his questions as to teach the pupil to think. Hard work is an essential part of education, and mental laziness in the child should not be permitted. There is no fear that the boys will .ind their work too much of a strain. The itudy of language has an important place in education. Thorough training is necessary to uhe best success. And finally, the supremely essential factor in education, above all rules xnd systems, is the ability, character, and .emper of the teachers, for they are as parquets mentium (the parents of the mind).

Irene Heemstra, Dave Karsten, Ginie Hesse, Dot Contant, Bea Lockwood, Donald Postma, Marcia Jacobs. Joan Wilson, Bill DeMeester, Nancy Vvyer"The vocational emphasis is fatal to a berg, Wayne Blakeslee, Joyce Thatcher, Gwen Kooiker, Al Sauder, Elton Bruins, Helen Dykstra, George liberal education." Reading that, one would Zuidema, Norwood Reck, Esther Schmidt, Jack Tay- think the writer saw our conditions today. lor, Bill Dykstra, Joan Ten Hove, Evelyn Van Dam, Colleges in America are filled with people Marillyn Van Weelden, John M. Smith.

who want money and lots of it. It's stifling to free and honest inquiry and killing to the ADVERTISING S T A F F soul. If you can't get any more than a living Bob Van Dyke, Gerald Boerman, George Zuidema, jut of an education, you've been robbed.

Edward Kerle and Bill Link.

Again, we wonder how much of education

COLLECTION S T A F F n America today is concerned with the whole Jack Brinkerhoff, Jim Hoffman, Melvyn Rowan personality. Not more than a segment! An and Lamont Dirkse. Entered as second class matter at the post office of Holland, Michigan, at special rate of postagt provided for in section 11U3 of Act of Congress October 3, 1917, and authorized October 19, 1918 Subscription Kate: $2.00 per year. Published every two weeks during the school yeai by the students of Hope College, excepting whei. vacation periods interfere. PRINTED AT OLD N E W S PRINTERY

E d i t o r i a l s

Fair Play A Christian college — what does it mean? Does this title stand only for a school which is supported by some Christian c h u i c h . Does it mean that it is a college where Bible is taught and students attend chapel? Or does it mean much more — that the students themselves daily strive to uphold the piinciples of Christianity and guide their lives by them. We all know that Hope College lias long stood for the last definition and it should be our highest aim to remain true to that ideal. How should this aim affect our daily lives? Perhaps we could sum it all up in two words — "fair play." At a basketball game we bitterly denounce a player who is a poor sport and are proud of our own teams when they play hard and clean. But now let us carry that poor sportsmanship to the classroom where a student writes an entire examination with his notebook open or a little 3 x 5 card in his pocket. That student we merely call "clever" and smile because he is "putting one over on the teacher." However, when we look more closely tit the student in question, we discover that he is not hurting his professor. He is hurting himself and he is hurting us! By raising his mark through cheating he may be lowering the grades of all those who are doing their work honestly and fairly. After ten or twenty years, who will remember whether he received a C or a D? What will be important is that this student began to develop the habit of cheating, and once developed, such a habit is hard to overcome. With final exams just around the corner, we will be even more strongly faced with the temptation to copy "just a little." But remember— if we wish to become honest and respectable men and women in the future, we must continually practice "fair play" now. D.B.S.

Or Shriveled Souls Out of the dim past, come some of the most applicable thoughts on education we've seen in a long time. They were composed in the first century A.D., but are as relevant today as they were then. The author is Quintilian and the thoughts appear in his book. Education of the Orator, a translation of which is in our library. "The early education of the child is of supreme importance. Mental work should be first presented to the child a s play. The best literature should be used in education, even if the child does not appreciate it at first. Short cuts in education are undesirable. Con-

3ducation that "sees red" when religion is mentioned isn't concerned with the whole personality. An education that makes superhuman effort to put "God in his place isn't concerned. Any system that denies the religious nature of man is not only ungodly but also unscientific. As was said at the inauguration of Eisenhower at Columbia by a prominent educator. "Ike doesn't know a thing about education. But then who does?" Education today is like somebody with no place to go and no way to get there. Let's put God back at the helm and steer for the redemption of man! "Hard work is an essential part of education Would that we could get that before the eyes of some of our left wing progressive 2ducators! Says Paul Mallon in his book. The Ease Era, "Tests are made out by the teachers nowadays which can hardly do oth3rwise than develop a nation of graduated half-wits." Or. again. "A Philadelphia psychiatrist who studied 19.000 juvenile court cases there, found just one general causo— Mack of sense of responsibility for behavior. He sees only one cure — discipline." Anything worthwhile in life demands hard work and in education there is no exception. Finally, teachers are described as the parents of the mind. Something we've been wanting to get at for a long time. Teachers are influential and the only teachers eligible to rule any mind are Christian ones. We're not speaking of Christians by confession but by profession. We're not pleading for neutrality in the class room (there is no such thing) but we want a positive Christian testimony. The educational system needs teachers vitally concerned over the Christian gospel. As T. S. Eliot says in the Four Quartettes: "The only hope or else despair Lies in the choice of pyre or pyre — To be redeemed from fire by fire. We only live, only suspire Consumed by either fire or fire." "Faith, where it is genuine Christian faith, is a passion." says Dr. McCartney in Theology Today. "It is no cold conventional acceptance of inherited beliefs — it is a passionate commitment of life — to Jesus Christ — to give one's self in joyous abandon to Him as one's Saviour from sin and the Lord of one's life. What a deathless passion of devotion it can kindle!" Back to that conviction, teachers, or shriveled souls shall be your harvest! -o-


Speech Department Posts RAMbllV Extensive Activities' List


Once again we enter a new year at Hope, a f t e r spending a vacation of two weeks which already seems as if it never took place. I suppose we are all too guilty of leaving the "books" alone and enjoying ourselves to the utmost. Now f o r a pleasant thought we face exams but as Mason said to Dixon—"This is where I'll draw the line!" o I met Dr. Zslros a few days ago and during our course of conversa;ion he commented on one of his first observations upon coming to this country. — "When I first came to New York I couldn't understand why so many American people were talking to themselves." "Oh is that so, gee! I never noticed that before," I said. "Well. I really thought that was 30 until I suddenly found out — they were only chewing g u m ! "


department has

Partington. Van Saun Speak At Y Meetings

scheduled a Women's Speech Ora-

Professor S. A. Partington of the Department of Education addressed a meeting of the YMCA on Tuesday evening, J a n u a r y 12, in the Chapel basement.

any girl interested in participating

Dr. Walter Van Saun. Philosophy Department head, spoke on "The Open Door of 1949" at a simiilar meeting on J a n u a r y 5. Final plans are being formulated for the observance of Prayer Week, an annual Spring event.

impulses, he will succeed in eliminating much shrillness and violence from his life. Courtesy and manners have more meaning than the superficial aspect of ceremonial procedure would indicate. Codes of manners and conduct are founded upon the dignity and order inherent in human nature. Courtesy, if it is to be of more than trifling use, goes far beyond the mere mechanical rules of procedure or the equally automatic precepts of conventional behavior. But the detailed rules are an important lubricant for the friction of human relationships. There would be fewer divorces and fewer dead husbands if ugly words and hasty, ugly deeds had not prefaced the final blow. Good manners and courtesy are an asset to any man or woman and an important aspect of a cultured society, for they are deeply concerned with every phase of ethical impulse or judgment and with every choice or expression of the individual.

torical contest f o r the latter p a r t of February and announces t h a t is asked to contact the Speech department

immediately as to re-





volved. This is to be an original oration




words concentrating on the subject of peace. The winner of this content will represent our college at tha Michigan State Peace contest. On the 14th and 15th of February there will be a collective pro-

asked to speak one evening at a dinner party. Time was fleeting by and he was wondering when he should start. " I t ' s funny," he said, "but every time I'd go to get up —I'd hit my head." It wasn't till one hour later when he realized he was under the table. So all he could make his speech to were Larry Masse has only one thing ( t h r e e cockroaches and a midget to say about his recent trip to w h o came in out of the rain. New York City: "Give a taxi driver an inch and he'll take a fender." Lady (to street-car conductor): Coach Hinga tells me that on a " A t which end shall 1 get o f f ? " Conductor: "Either end, madam recent occasion Dr. Osterhaven asked him to lend him ten dollars. —both ends stop!" "How much have you g o t ? " "I got between ninety-eight and Country Kid: "Beat it, the bulls one-hundred dollars." ara comin'!" "You got what? Why, that is — City Kid: "Aw, stan yer ground. you mean you have between nineYe ain'e done nothin.' " ty-eight and a hundred dollars and you want a ten spot from m e ? " "Yes. between those figures is Achievements, like trousers, get what I have — two dollars!" threadbare if you rest on 'em. N. K. Reck. Hud Ridder tells me that he was

gram of oratory, debate, and discussion to be held a t the Illinois State University, Bloomington, Illinois.

E n t r a n t s from the college

are Harvey Moes. Harold Grissen, Dennis Shoemaker, and F l o y d Goulooze. i n e sspeech p e e ( . n 1A i a s s c a a are i e ttlo.also The 11 c classes s p 0 n s 0 r i n g a contest with each sec t i o n s e i e c t i n g f r o m a r ound of fiveminute speeches, a representative to compete in a f u r t h e r elimination contest. This reduces the number to six finalists v.ho will compete in a final public performance'contest scheduled f o r Monday, J a n u a r y 17 at 4:00 in Van Raalte 303. The annual Raven contest for men was held Wednesday, December 15. Selected as Hope's representative to the Michigan Intercollegiate Speech League was William Dykstra who spoke on the subject, "The New Look." Runner-up in the co.itest was Howard Koop.

tice to convict a man for the crime of loyalty to his country?" Carrying this to extremes we can as easily ask, "What is" and once more reach the metaphysical dilemma and stalemate of the philosophers. But Justice cannot wait for universals. Pragmatically we are justified in condemning these men. In pagan times man savagely and brutally wrested his desires from other men, rarely sparing the enemy. Later c i v i l i z a t i o n s adopted feelings of respect toward enemies who fought valiantly, and since the toll of battle was often small, and war one glorious game, they could afford to be magnanimous in their treatment of captive leaders.

Today, however, weapons are so destructive and widespread in their effects, so hideous in results that chivalry through leniency in treatment is a luxury in which we cannot afford to indulge. For such socalled chivalry can only encourage ambitious Unless an individual is a hermit and comes rulers who see they have nothing to lose in contact with no other human being, social personally and the whole world to gain by conduct is inevitable. The phases of social aggression. relationships upon our own campus are many In the decisions of the tribunals we see and varied, and the foregoing statements the first tangible formulation of an internahave direct applicability to the social life of tional law of moral conduct. We are estabHope. As members of a Christian school we lishing a code of justice all nations may have a surer basis for courteous conduct abide by and respect, and all transgressors than utilitarian principles afford; for we must suffer the penalties of these laws. have the responsibility of treating others as Once again the feeble plea may be reiterwe would like them to treat us. We may dis- ated, "I did not know!" Well, maybe not. But regard this obligation, getting all we can, perhaps by an example others will. giving as little as possible, and treating our In this fashion new laws are born. fellowmen with disrespect; or we may more The Daily Californian (ACP) wisely be loyal to ourselves, our friends, and o our principles an try to make our small contribution for improving ourselves, our WE N E E D ONLY LOOK around us to campus, and our world. perceive that the activity proper to real W.B.S. science is not the study of whatever happens

A New Code? "An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth!"

In the sense that all justice must mete out punishment in proportion to the intensity of the crime, all laws still rests in part The social life of a college student exupon the tooth and nail psychology of Hamtends through all his activities. And the marabi and the ancients. manner in which he learns to behave in his Have we, however, in the recent war crime social milieu is an integral part of his education. If his education is adequate in this trials, reverted more than "just in part" to respect, he learns to cultivate high stand- the same savage promptings of that early ards of honorable conduct in all the major code — are we behaving in the ruthless manareas of human relationships and in every ner in which our recent enemies treated capaspect of day by day living. If he learns to tives and minority groups? The conviction of Hideki Tojo, Japanese make habitual the choices which will issue in honorable conduct in specific situations in war leader, and 24 co-defendents revives once dormitories, classrooms, dining halls, li- more these ethical questions voiced as rebraries, and laboratories, it is most likely cently as the German war trials by those who that he will also behave honorably in other most deplored the horrors of that war. "Is it justice to punish men who were not real-life situations. If he acquires the moral skill of employing modes of conduct made actually responsible for atrocities committed smooth by the continual practice of kind by their subordinates?" they ask. "Is it jus-

Campus Conduct


to interest us, but the study of how man's life should be established — that study of religion, morality, and social life without the solution of which all our knowledge of nature will be harmful or insignificant . . . If but one-tenth of the efforts now spent on objects of pure curiosity or of merely practical application were expended on real science, organizing the life of man . . . people now sick would not have illness; there would be no poor-blooded and deformed children growing, up in factories, no high death rate, no deterioration of whole generations, no murdering of hundreds of thousands in wars, nor those horrors of folly which our present science considers a necessary condition of modern life . . . Real science lies in knowing what we should and should not believe; in knowing how the associated life of man should and should not be constituted; how to treat sexual relations, how to educate children, how to use the land, how to cultivate it oneself without oppressing other people, how to treat foreigners . . . and much more that is important to man's life. Tolstoi


Deputation Teams Conduct Services Hope's Deputation teams, sponsored by t h e Y W C A and YMCA, a r e comprised of s t u d e n t s f r o m the campus. These t e a m s usually consist of a chairman, speaker, pianist, and special music. Deputations a r e sent t o a r e a s a r o u n d Muskegon, G r a n d Haven, Holland, Zeeland, and Grand Rapids. D u r i n g the month of F e b r u a r y t h e Y t e a m s will conduct a C.E. meeting and church service a t the Central Reformed Church, Muskegon, Rev. J . M. Hagenboom, past o r . Also they will direct the Young Married Couples' meeting a t F a i r v i e w Reformed Church in G r a n d Rapids, Rev. Daniel H. Flyst r a , pastor. Anyone interested in joining a deputation team, please sec Evie V a n Dam or Gerard De Loof.

Feel Exercise Need? Try Mountain Climb! Ames, Iowa — ( A C P ) — There a r e m a n y ways to exercise, and one of the best is mountain climbing. At least this is the opinion of Dimitri Mitropoulos, noted pianist and conductor of the Minneapolis Symphony O r c h e s t r a . Mitropoulos, whose hobby is mountain scaling, s a y s t h a t it t a k e s less energy to climb t h r e e good-sized mountains t h a t it does to conduct an o r c h e s t r a f o r a week. Ready for a shower and a rub-down at the conclusion of each p e r f o r m a n c e or rehearsal, the conductor will tell you t h a t every muscle of the body is used in the mere physical process of directing an orchestra. One of Mitropoulous' principal means of recreation in vacation season is climbing precipitous peaks. He has climbed mountains in Wyoming, Colorado and Calif o r n i a and European countries. An avid reader of l i t e r a t u r e and scientific information r e l a t i n g to mountain climbing, he is also a member of both the Greek and the Italian Alpine Clubs. -oI represent a p a r t y which does not yet exist — civilization. T h a t p a r t y will make the twentieth cent u r y . From it will emerge the United States of the w o r l d — V i c tor Hugo.

Philosophy Club Seeks Revitalized Interest



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Blue Key Society Holds Convention In Chicago

Van Vleck View

T h e Philosophy Club held its first meeting of the new year on Monday evening, J a n u a r y 10. The t h o u g h t and discussion of the even i n g were centered around a paper read from the History of Philosophy class. To help realize t h e importance of philosophy in our day, the reader is r e f e r r e d to a l e t t e r to the editor by Mr. Ed. Nelson in this Anchor. Mr. Nelson, president of the Philosophy Club, u r g e s all philosophy inclined to watch f o r notices r e g a r d i n g f u t u r e monthly • meetings. This invitation includes young women.

Faculty Members Travel Extensively Throughout Nation

The national convention of the Blue Key National Honor f r a t e r n Many f a c u l t y members attended ity was held in Chicago at the Del conventions and conferences d u r i n g Prado hotel December 28 and 29. the holiday season. The conferP e r h a p s the most significant ac- ences met in various cities throughtion the convention took w a s the out the United S t a t e s — f r o m New deleting of the constitutional clause York to San Francisco. stating t h a t membership would be F r o m December 28-31, P r o f . Alrestricted to "male members of the b e r t E. Lamnen of t h e M a t h DeCaucasian race." T h i s action made p a r t m e n t attended t h e 33rd a n n u a l possible t h e election of anyone, reconvention of the Mathematical gardless of skin color. Association of America and t h e

The next convention site will be 55th annual convention of the San Antonio, T e x a s , two years American Mathematical Society from now. which were held simultaneously in Hope delegates to the convention Columbus, Ohio. T h e National Thig i« an elevation drawing of the new women's dormitory a$ viewed were Vergil Dykstra and Herman Council of Teachers of Mathematics also convened in Columbus. Ridder. from a vantage point in front of Van Vleck hall. Ohio S t a t e University was host to the conferees. P a p e r s were given, Dr. E v e r e t Welmers, being the aut h o r of one. D r . Welmers is the F o r Worth, Texas — ( A C P ) — son of the late Dr. "Thossy" WelTCU voice m a j o r J o s e Eduardo mers, a f o r m e r professor of Hope Chiovarou Seg. R. has the answer College. to the next w a r . He plans to go S t a r t i n g J a n . 24, a religious inEleven C A R E packages have In the S t a t l e r Hotel, Washingto the small island of Chios, in the s t i t u t e will be held on Hope col- been sent this semester by the proHope w a s among the f o r t u n a t e ton, D.C., Prof. E d w a r d Avison and Aegean Sea and claim an age-old lege campus every Monday for ten ceeds of the World Adventure Serecently when the Association of P r o f . Irene H a r t e r of the Speech title, " V a r o de Chios." weeks. The purpose of the instiries. Three have been sent to GerAmerican Universities closed its D e p a r t m e n t attended the a n n u a l His f a t h e r is in direct lineage of tute is to train teachers f o r Sunmany, three to "needy s t u d e n t s in doors to f u r t h e r membership. The conferences of the Speech Associathe Genoan-Catalonian family t h a t day School education. Association has now adopted a pol- tion of America, the American Edruled Chios f o r the King of Spain It is in collaboration with a pro- Europe," and five to S a r o s p a t a k , for almost 300 years. Should the gram throughout the United S t a t e s H u n g a r y . With the exception of icy of devoting its energies more ucational Theater, and the Amerking r e t u r n to his throne, the title to qualify Sunday School teachers. the t h r e e to "needy s t u d e n t s in exclusively to g r a d u a t e work, and ican Association of Speech and could also be restored. The island Delegates will be sent from church- Europe," all have been s e n t to spe- therefore, has terminated its activ- Hearing. Various general and diities in t h e field of accrediting un- vision meetings were held. Mr. is now semi-independent under es in Holland and the surrounding cific persons or families. d e r g r a d u a t e institutions. Avison was p r e s e n t a t division Greece. territory. If you know of any persons or At present, however, the possible meetings concerning I n t e r p r e t a t i o n The chief grounds f o r the incluDr. Richard Oudersluys will lead families in foreign lands who a r e and D r a m a while Mrs. H a r t e r w a s ruler p r e f e r s to be known as p l q j h i ^ the first meeting on the life cf really in need of food and clothing, sion of a college is t h a t a college present at those concerning Debate Joe Chiovarou, and he is American, is successful in s t i m u l a t i n g scholChrist. Attendants then will sspa- please leave the name and address and Speech work. Two prominent even to his birthplace — Winchesarly interest in its students and rate into three groups. Those in- of such in the h a n d s of one of the men in the field of speech, Col. ter, Mass. But come another war, in p r e p a r i n g them f o r more adterested in teaching children will committee of the World Adventure and Joe says his address will be vanced scholarly endeavor. T h e Hershey and M a j . Estes, were immeet with Rev. Harold De Roo as Series, or leave a slip in t h e next in the Aegean. Association also t akes into account p o r t a n t speakers. leader. Dr. ' H e n r y Voogd will Adventure Series collection and a the c h a r a c t e r and quality of the The American Association of lead the devision of youth teachers, package will be sent as soon as student body; the f a c u l t y and the Teachers of Spanish and P o r t u and Dr. Henry De Pree will b a d f u n d s a r e available. conditions under which it w o r k s ; guese and the Modern L a n g u a g e those interested in adult teaching. The next Adventure Series show- the administration; its library, its Association convened in New York In former years, institutes of ing will be on S a t u r d a y , J a n u a r y laboratories, and its educational at the New Yorker and Pennsylthis t y p e have been held at Hope 15 at 8:00 p. m., in the Chapel facilities of all s o r t s ; its curricuvania Hotels, December 27-28, 29College but on a smaller basis. basement. lum; and its c h a r a c t e r as an in- 31, respectively. P r o f . Don Carlos F e b r u a r y 1 has been set as the stitution. Madrid of the Spanish D e p a r t m e n t deadline for several Milestone proHope s t a n d s among two hundred attended these meetings. At t h e jects. All seniors must have their and eighty institutions selected by first convention, p a p e r s were read pictures in by this date, together the Association. O t h e r Michigan concerning teaching of Spanish and with their activities lists. All adschools listed are Albion, Kalama- their related problems. A fiesta What to say — When you are asked to study a vertisements are expected at this zoo, Marygrove, Michigan State. concluded the conference. At t h e When you are given an objective part of the subject by yourself: time also. Wayne, and Western at Kalama- Modern L a n g u a g e Conference, Mr. test: "It doesn't let you express "Why, we never even discussed it!" All group pictures have been yourself." doo. (The University of Michigan Madrid attended the Spanish diviWhen the course is lecture f o r m : taken, and the next project will be belongs to the Association as a sion. On his r e t u r n to Michigan, When you are given an es3ay " W e never get a chance to say the faculty and administration pic- t e s t : " I t ' s so vague. You don't a n y t h i n g ! " Mr. Madrid visited his sister in G r a d u a t e school.) Washington, D.C., whom he had tures. know w h a t ' s expected." When the course consists of innot seen f o r a number of years and Any societies that desire to have When you are given many minor formal lectures and discussion: "He who had just r e t u r n e d f r o m Tokyo, pictures of their winter formal tests: "Why not have a few big just sits there. Who w a n t s to hear J a p a n . parties in the yearbook, must sup- ones? This keeps you on edge all the s t u d e n t s ? They don't know • • • • ply the Milestone with negatives. the t i m e . " A presentation of the new dishow to teach the course." coveries in the field of acoustics When you are given a few m a j o r When detailed material is prehighlighted the meetings in the tests: "Too much depends on eich sented: " W h a t ' s the use? You forSHOES FOR MEN Stevens Hotel in Chicago attended one." get it all a f t e r the exam a n y w a y . " by t h r e e professors of the Music As Advertised in When you are given no t e s t s : F a c u l t y : Miss Hazel P a a l m a n , Mr. When general principles a r e preprofs and not hesitate to ask them It's not fair. How can he possibly Robert W. C a v a n a u g h , and Mr. sented: " W h a t did we l e a r n ? We LIFE and PIC questions. 1 wouldn't approach the judge w h a t we k n o w ? " Milton U. Johnston. This conferknew all that before we took the faculty with flippancy and disreWhen every part of the sub.ect course." ence was the combined annual spect. is taken up in class: "Oh, he just meetings of the National Associa— Robert Tyian, Dept. of P?ycholoKy. "I wouldn't cut classes more than follows the book." tion of Schools of Music, t h e H u n t e r College SHOE STORE 1 should. 1 would attend more of American Musicological Society, the social functions. the Music Teachers National AssoB888888883S88g88g888888g "I certainly wouldn't believe all ciation and the National Associathe gossip on the campus concerntion of Teachers of Singing which ing students or faculty. met December 27-30.

Has Draft Answer; W i l l Become King

Teachers To Train WAS Funds Send For Sunday School CARE Packages

A A U includes Hope As Cer+ified School

Milestone Staff Sets Several Deadline Dates

Alibi-ography For Students


If I Were A Freshman Again "I would budget my time to include both studies and extra-curricular activities. "I would get more sleep — at least eight hours. "I would worry less about how I was going to get things done and go ahead and do them. 1 would worry less about exams, but keep up with daily work. "I would try to budget my allowance so t h a t by the second day, I wouldn't be broke. I wouldn't spend all my money on new clothes and then write home f o r more. I wouldn't call home (reverse the charges) every time I got a deficiency. "I wouldn't let anyone make me ashamed of working part-time, because I know it will be a f u t u r e asset. "I would cut down on the 'cokes' and nabs, diet and eat meals regularly. " I wouldn't be so critical of the fooa. I'd develop more interesting table talk.



"I would be more considerate of roommates when I had 8:30's and they didn't. I wouldn't borrow clothes. I would fix up my room much cuter than 1 did. I'd have gay curtains and spreads and I'd have a place to pin souvenirs.

wishes for Hope College and The Anchor

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Attention . . . Hope Students Have You Ever Tried Our Economy Fluffed Dry Service at 12c per Pound ? SAMPLE B U N D L E : — 3 shirts, 2 drawers, 2 undershirts, 1 pajama, 3 pairs sox, 6 handkerchiefs, 2 sheets, 3 towels, 3 wash cloths. Average weight, 6 pounds — 72c. Note 1; — You may have any or all of the shirts in this bundle finished at 15c each. Note 2: —YES, WE DO DRY CLEANING, safe and absolutely odorless.



" F l o r i d a " was the theme of t h e De G r a a f f a m i l y ' s C h r i s t m a s vacalion. lliulr t r i p down South by car included Nashville, Tennessee At The Most to Jacksonville, down along t h e eastern coastline of F l o r i d a to Miami, across the Everglades, up t h e REASONABLE PRICES western coast to St. P e t e r s b u r g , 3 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 S 8 S 3 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 S 8 J then to Tallahasse and New Orleans. On Christmas Day, t h e De Students G r a a f s swam in t h e Gulf of Mexico a t St. P e t e r s b u r g . T h e scenic For Y o u r beauty of Florida amazed t h e m . The whole t r i p w a s 4,000 miles Sewing N e e d s long. Come to the

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Last week, Coach Al Vanderbush attended the National Collegiate Athletic Association in S a n F r a n cisco. D u r i n g vacation. Coach and Mrs. Vanderbush spent the holidays with Mrs. Vanderbush's f a t h e r who lives in California. The Rose Bowl game w a s t h e destination of the coach on New Y e a r ' s Day.




The Cleverest STYLES

ACP — " T h e Bullet," Mary WiuhinKton ColleKe

" I would make friends with my


46 E. 8th St.

the Success it Merits

"I would read a book on bridge. I would write cheerful l e t t e r s home instead of woebegone ones that were full of all my little heartaches and troubles. "I would balance the see-saw between ' j o i n e r ' a n d 'stay-in-theroomer." "I would be sure to keep a good 'rep' and be my true self."




68 East 8th Street Just Around the corner at College Avenue O p e n 7 : 0 0 A.M. t o 7 t 0 0 P.M. Cloied W c d n c t d a y at l t 3 0 P . M . and All Day Sunday


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M u s i c

Mr. Avison Reports On Dramatics Meet



Campus Mailbox

German Club Postpones 'William Tell' Picture

Dear Editor; cussed a t length, I was happy inThe J a n u a r y meeting of the GerWhen plans were made to re- deed, but the sweet memories of Professor E d w a r d Avison of the man Club has been indefinitely Speech Department, recently re- model Van Raalte hall, we were Christmas in Nigeria came up in postponed due to a delay in returned from the convention of the sure t h a t the improvements would my mind often and often. On ceiving the film, "Wilhelm Tell." American Educational T h e a t e r As- be more advantageous to all. But Christmas Day presents were in- The club has decided definitely to sociation, made several comments one big mistake was made. The terchanged among the Nelsons and present this English t r a n s l a t e d sa!gSSSSSSSSSS^SSS388SSS^ concerning the trends in d r a m a t i c s new setup left no place for us to to my fiurprisc " S a n t a Claus" (we German story f o r students showing Hello again. I keep telling mycall him " F a t h e r C h r i s t m a s " in throughout the country and noted hang our coats! When we first at the school. No exact d a t e has self t h a t I've had a vacation f o r the favorable showing t h a t Hope came to Hope there were lockers Nigeria) gave me g i f t s carefully been set for the film but watch two weeks; it's all a pleasant memCollege has made in relation to around the first floor wall. Even chosen. f o r f u r t h e r announcements which ory now. The first day back on other schools usually t h o u g h t bet- then, with the smaller enrollment, On the suggestion and at the ex- will a p p e a r previous to the showcampus I received so m a n y assignter in relation to d r a m a t i c s work. these were too small and inade- pense of Mrs. Nelson, Karel and I ing. ments, I was certain I never had He stated t h a t the Palette and quate. When they s t a r t e d to lift went on a flying visit to New York Hope's C h e m i s t r y d e p a r t m e n t a vacation at all. Masque display held a very promi- Van Raalte's face, we thought bet- City, Eddie w a s guide. O u r time comes in for a little well-deserved On with the music news. Monday nent position in the Town Room ter facilities would be provided. was short but we visited t h e Empraise in the December issue of evening. J a n u a r y 17, Miss Hazel of the Hotel S t a t l e r in Washing- But now with a l a r g e r enrollment, pire S t a t e Building. Below us cars the Journal of Chemical EducaPaalman will present a voice re- ton, D.C. even those lockers are gone, and looked like moving toys and people tion. Hope was chosen to reprecital. She will be accompanied by Concerning theatrical trends, he there is no place to h a n g our coats on the sidewalk resembled nothing sent the large number of small Miss J a n t i n a Holleman. Those who noted a surgence toward children's —plus hats, mittens, boots and all but busy ants! Other places visited Through the cooperation of the colleges which contribute so much attended Miss P a a l m a n ' s last re- theaters, led by Claire Tree Ma- the e x t r a paraphernalia of winter were the Times Square and Radio University of Michigan, a r r a n g e - toward maintaining high s t a n d a r d s cital will know that this shouldn't jor. More interest is being shown time. It is especially inconvenient City. I marvelled at the s w a r m s of ments are being made to offer to in American Chemical education. be missed. Let's see you there! by professional players in com- for those of us who live at home people, like homeless locusts, al- Hope College students a series of The article entitled "Chemical EduWatch for notice of the next munity and college t h e a t e r groups, and sometimes have to carry ways in a hurry in New York City. guidance and aptitude examinacation in American Institutions," music assembly. Mrs. Rider and and their services are being made enough books for the whole day There one is among a heavy crowd tions. These tests are the same as is a tribute to the fine work by Miss Meyer will give a joint viola available to these groups. It is felt with us from class to class. and yet alone. Large cities, despite those given in professional coun- our chemistry professors. and piano recital. Perhaps the stu- that new material f o r the profesBut f o r all students this is a their wonders, are perhaps no place seling centers, and f o r which large If perchance you have heard a dents who are new to Hope's cam- sion will be found in a m a t e u r problem of health and convenience. for soul ease, body comfort and fees are demanded. While the senior science student t r e a t i n g the pus this year didn't know t h a t Mr. •roups. A new push is being added Coats and boots are little protec- exhilaration! Before leaving New- tests a r e most a p p r o p r i a t e f o r use French language a little freely, he and Mrs. Rider are both accom- to the drive for a national theater, tion against the cold when they York we saw the popular heroine, with freshmen, they will be of may have been one of the lucky plished musicians. Also, t h a t Miss the American National Theater are worn for a couple of hours in "Joan of Arc"—on the screen. But value to any student uncertain seven who is t a k i n g advantage of Meyer not only teaches French, but and Academy. warm rooms, and many of the there w a s no time for me to visit about his abilities and his vocaa s o u p e d u p scientific reading is truly a pianist in her own right. Prominent at the meeting were classrooms are too crowded to fa- " A f r i c a House" and see some Ni- tional choice. The testing d a t e will course in preparation for g r a d u a t e The music majors are really G a r r e t t Leverton, editor for Sam- cilitate room for wraps. Can't gerian students who live there! probably be J a n u a r y 31. Any stuschool. The course offers students working hard on their approaching uel French, Inc., publishers, Gil- something be done about this probAs for parties and invitations to dent who wishes to participate planning to take reading exams for recitals. There are three definite bert Miller, Broadway producer, lem immediately? dinner, I had enough. We attended should leave his name with Mr. doctorates or admission to Medical and Glenn Hughes, of the dramajoint recitals scheduled; others also Mary Vande Wege. a p a r t y of youths at Second Re- Haverkamp, VR 308, before J a n u schools a chance to get a good are in the making. Frances Rose tics department at the University E D I T O R ' S N O T E : Many others formed Church; another was of ary 22. There will be a charge of reading background. Interested junof Washington. at the organ and Ellen Froelich, have felt this same need. Recently Hope students in and around New 75c to cover the costs of scoring iors should watch for it in next Prof. Cavenaugh's voice student, ^ A l f r e d Arwe, in charge of elecThe Gay Philosopher took up the Brunswick. There was a party in and constructing an ability profile, fall's program. Bob Snow, who has will give a joint organ-voice recital j trical work for P. & M., also atcudgel in its behalf. The student Eunice Mayo's home (Eunice is a which must be paid at the time of a flair for the stuff, expresses the on F e b r u a r y 15. March is the tended the conference. application to participate in the body has expressed itself. The next F r e s h m a n at Hope). The last, but sentiments of the group when he date set for the voice recital of program. not the least, of the many parties move is the administration's. says — "Take me for instance, Marge Angus and Tim Harrison. was t h a t of New Year's Eve in the when I started the course the only P. J. Sherman and Paul Kranenhome of the Nelsons. Before this French word I knew was combien. donk will give their joint voice reparty broke up each presentee An American Chrittma* Now I know three or four words." cital on March 15. T r y to keep Continued from Page 1. made resolutions. With each letter Dear Editor: Bob Van Eenenaam doubled as these d a t e s open and hear your service entrance containing a servBefore Christmas vacation some of the phrases — my " H a p p y New an interior decorator one afternoon fellow students perform. A lot of ice elevator to the basement where friends asked where I intended to Y e a r " rhyme was "Hand to All when he tried to whitewash the hard work and effort goes into the deep freeze r e f r i g e r a t o r s and genEast Lansing, M i c h — ( A C P ) — spend my holidays. The Christmas People Peace and Yearning for Organic Lab. Bob has an ingenious making of a recital such as this. eral food stores will be installed. edition of the Anchor dated De- New but Everlasting Ways to see Michigan State College now offers method which he keeps secret, and If it seems simple to you, try it On the ground floor under the cember 16, included my name on the Year's Events Always Right." a course in music therapy. r e f u s e s to discuss. some time. Exams will be over by living room or east wing is a room My feelings are much more able the list of those who planned to Music therapy is the t r e a t m e n t Dale Vanden Brink and George then, so let's show a lot of ye ole placed there because the land forms remain in Holland or who had no than my pen to tell how very much of physical and mental ills by the Zuidema are better rat psycholoHope spirit and come out full a slight ravine and larger windows definite plans for the vacation. I enjoyed my first Christmas in a strong. can be obtained here than in the Since the re-opening of the Col- foreign land. I hereby thank those use of music. Here is a sample ol gists than rat physicians. Their psychological experiment in animal Don't forget the deadline for usual basement. This room, larger lege some have asked to know how who were anxious about me. To how it works: learning was slightly fouled up by than the living room above, will the school song contest is the first I spent the vacation. This is, quite Edwin Nelson and his family 1 will A woman is brought into the hosof February. Don't f o r g e t , too, be used by special groups for din- apparently, an expressed concern always be g r a t e f u l for their friend- pital suffering from a mental mal- a high mortality rate. that the All College Sing is on the ners and conferences. A kitchen- from several quarters, and interest, ship and generous hospitality. The boys in the senior lab cera d j u s t m e n t . Since GO per cent of ette adjoins it which will facilitate calendar for March 11. tainly think a lot of " S h a d o w " in my welfare I thought, therefore, all mental patients are suffering Lawence A. Fabunmi Rutgers. They chipped in to buy Until the next issue of the the serving of food. A fireplace I give a brief account of my first from environmental disorders we ("Larry") Anchor, best to you in semester contributes to the good cheer of Christmas in the United States. will attribute her behavior to this him some second looie bars for his EDITOR'S N O T E : The above cause. W i t h d r a w i n g from all real- war correspendent's rain coat; and finals. Such a droll note to sign this room where it is hoped many Edwin Nelson, Sophomore, incampus organizations will meet are excerpts from a letter received ity she is now living in a world of a red, white and blue bugle with off on, but even the Music Box vited me home with him for Christfrom time to time. from Larrv. plays minor chords occasionally!! the unconscious. She cannot per- which to rally the boys to a f t e r mas. T h a t was about two weeks The upper floors contain the stuv Evie Van Dam form even the simplest voluntary noon coffee. They thoughtfully indent bedrooms where m o d e r n before college closed. He said we cluded the music to all the army action. wardrobes and built-in chests of would "hitch-hike" — a new experPilot* or DetprtiT*? bugle calls. " J u s t like old times," It is an exceedingly difficult task ience f o r me. My sanguine desire •'Thou shalt love thy neighbor d r a w e r s are f e a t u r e d . On each says the Rut. This is also the sucto see at least a part of the East Dear Editor: for a psychiatrist to aid her while as thyself," is applicable to na- floor is to be a kitchenette where cess story of the year. From T-5 (1 came into the country through It is certain that the ship of she remains in this state. At this tions as well as to persons. — Pat the women may serve tea or very to Second Lieutenant in one jump. the South) combined with the humanity will not save herself. It stage the music t h e r a p i s t brings light r e f r e s h m e n t s to friends. M. Neff. T h a t ' s what a college education hitch-hiking experience stirred up makes no difference how large the various types of music f r o m his does for you. in me a deep sense of gratitude to vessel may be or how fast she may file. A study of the patient's back"Eddie." Karel Botermans of the be able to travel across the seas, if ground has revealed that she is a W a r r e n Eickelberg, never a man Netherlands was also a host-to-be no one is concerned with thinking descendant of foreign born parents. to be outdone, achieved more than "Habits are important in the pleases. She will never do it if she of friendly Eddie. We, the trio, out the course the ship will be lost. Folk songs are played repeatedly. local f a m e when he managed to get Suddenly one of them causes her his picture in a Washington, D. C., lives of all of us. We do some- must cross a room or pass in f r o n t decided to leave Holland on MonCivilization is lost. We are like to weep bitterly. It was a song newspaper. For f u r t h e r informaday, December 2(»th. Meanwhile, I, thing over and over again and, if of other persons. the crew on a lost vessel, yet it is t h a t her mother s a n g to her as a tion, please see Eick, Room 33, T in the company of Eddie and Karel, "When you have a date do not we keep repeating the action long s t r a n g e that we do not seem to child. had a good time in the home of Barracks. be tardy. That is very rude. Never enough, whether it is good or bad, realize t h a t we are lost. We are all Mr. and Mrs. Harry H a r t e r — stuattempt to bring a girl friend it becomes as much a part of us as concerned with our daily t a s k s of the mole behind our right ear or along, and a man is equally rude to dent and speech teacher respect- chipping paint, greasing cables, or fully at Hope. On Sunday, the 19th, looking with pride upon the great the distressing corn on our left bring a chum. dined with Miss Peggy Prins turbines which drive our ship. The "When you s t a r t out on a casual foot. and family. A f t e r an enjoyable mighty roar of power and the perunplanned 'date' do not force your "True, both moles and corns can "Along with the new look, every- from your parents, don't wear it on ride to and from Muskegon with fect machinery by which our ship be removed by surgery and so can escort and others in the party to one is wearing unusual costume your left hand. Not only is it poor Mr. and Mrs. H a rte r on that Sun- is operated seems to give us a sata habit we don't like, but the re- do what you want. If you really jewelry. A pretty bracelet, neck- taste, but it is an excellent way to day night, I became Karel's tem- isfaction that we are in progress. moval isn't easy. Accordingly, no want to impress him there are a lace or a pair of unusual ear screws scare off men and who w a n t s to do porary roommate. He was consid- No one, or better I should say few m a t t e r what your circumstances, few simple rules you should always can add tremendously to any cos- t h a t ? erate enough to see t h a t the de- there be who suspect that the capno m a t t e r how your friends and follow: tume if worn in the right combi"Although we often don't pay a Don't talk about the latest serted " B " Barracks would be too tain of our vessel has left the 'set' act, it will be better if you nations. For example, one would whole lot for our costume jewelry, cold and lonesome for me. bridge, and t h a t our c h a r t s have hardly wear delicately carved gold acquire good social habits rather things in shops or intimate family it eventually adds up to quite a details of an unpleasant nature The expected Monday came. At turned brown with age. The bow than bad. bracelets and ear screws with sad- sum so the economical thing to do "Introductions, like greetings, are Do not brag about your other 8 o'clock in the morning we were lookout searches ahead and seeing dle oxfords, plaid skirt and a is give your jewelry proper care in everyday affairs. Most of us who friends and 'dates' to him but on highway route 40, waiting to nothing cries out the hour "Eight sweater. order to really get your money's like people and like to mingle with subtly let him know that he is not be given a lift. Thirty minutes bells and all is well sir." All is "Another point to watch is how worth. Don't put it all together in them are probably introduced to or the only man in your life, right up later we left Holland. Hitch-hik- well indeed! The engines roar, the you combine your jewelry. A gold one little box. This scratches it introduce s t r a n g e r s every day of to the moment that he slips the ing was successful for 22 miles in ship throbs with activity, but no bracelet and a silver pin might and causes it to tarnish much ring on your finger. two cars. At Allegan we waited hand knows the course. our lives. each look all right with a particuquicker. A quilted stocking box "With the exception of nobility "Do not be critical of a man. Never for awhile, but it seemed people Will philosophy realize her duty lar dress, but when worn together which is divided into sections makes and high-ranking clergymen, men make him the target of your jokes took three peaceful and well-mean- and step up again into the pilot would be very inappropriate. Never an excellent container and saves If you ing college students for holligans, are always presented to women, or remarks of sarcasm. house? mix gold and silver jewelry. wear and t e a r on t h e nerves when regardless of age, social position, have been together for a long and so many cars passed by. 1 Will she unroll the new charts "Some jewelry is quite versatile. you need a particular piece in a or degree of distinction. Hand- period of time and have an under shouldn't blame the several ladies, and begin again to plot the course ? A small pin, for instance, can be hurry. shakes a r e exchanged only if the standing that you correct each driving alone, who showed us no A new philosophy of life is needed used to hold a scarf in place on " L a s t l y , never wear too much other's faults, do not ever mention sign of sympathy; three men were women offers her hand. for our age which will lead the en- your shoulder, as a pin to hold back jewelry no m a t t e r how well it all "The first time a lady and gentle- these in the presence of others, nor really formidable! We did the re- slaved minds of our people to a your hair, as a decorative touch to matches. An old policy, but still a maining t r i p by bus. At about 12 man meet a f t e r an introduction, the scold or nag him. new hope. The duty of philosophy dress up a plain purse, or on a very good one, is a f t e r you have "Never question him deeply about midnight on Tuesday we arrived in first recognition must come f r o m completely finished dressing, step anything in his past or current life New Brunswick, New Jersey. A is to lead, to chart the course. The simple pair of black gloves. the lady. t r u e philosopher is a pioneer he "Another thing, don't wear your away f r o m the mirror and get a Never make him entertain beyom few minutes later we were wel" A s a general rule the young must search for new land. watch with a formal no m a t t e r good full length view of yourself, girl or lady is always presented or his means, m d whatever you do comed home by the Nelson family. then remove one piece of jewelry Here at Hope we have a crew how pretty your watch may be. Dr. T. C. Nelson is head df the introduced to the elder. A lady don't let him know you are chasing Zoology Department at Rutgers — of over a thousand souls. How "If you are lucky enough to have and you will look much s m a r t e r . " who is introduced to another lady him, even if you are." (ACP)—Denton, Texaa (ACP)—Denton, Texaa the State University of New Jer- many are there among us who a diamond ring and it is a g i f t may shake hands or not j u s t as she Daily Lans-o Daily Laa»-o sey. He was at the London School realize our danger? How many can 8SSS8SSSS8SS8SSSS&88SS&eSS8SS&8SSSSSS88a88S&SSSSZ of Tropical Medicine and is there- see through the f o g ? Religion, it fore familiar with some aliments is true has told us our part, our destiny, but it is up to philosophy in tropical Africa. On December 23 we all (except- to figure our course. By following ing Mr. and Mrs. Nelson) went out the leaders of past ages we cannot PHONE 3 1 2 0 caroling with a group which in- hope to find our way in the present. g&mtol cluded some Hope students other Men of vision, get up from your than the trio. After a while the comfortable chairs and struggle singing party settled in "eur" into the frontier lands, for unless house — the home of the Nelsons, you do we shall perish. Take your 29E.EIGI where we enjoyed several Christ- stations wherever they may be, but mas songs, Including parts of the if it be in the pilot house or at the "Messiah." R e f r e s h m e n t s were chart table do not deny your callserved intermittefitly. Many be- ing for all who do so are deserters.

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Try Music Therapy A t Michigan State

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came Interested in me. We dis-

Ed. L. Nelson.

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Page Five

Our Fifth President



EMERSONIAN given him in 1918. As president SOROSIS On T h u r s d a y night, Dec. 17, t h e he began to set the physical proSorosites held their first busiCmersonian f r a t e r n i t y kept their perties of the college in first class ness meeting of the year on F r i d a y , tradition of past years by serenadshape. The "De Hope" printing J a n u a r y 7, 1949, which w a s called ing the girls' dorms. A C h r i s t m a s office was remodeled and became to order by our president, Conp a r t y was held following the singHope High School and now as we stance Miriam Hinga. Discussion ing. see it today, Columbia Cottage. was devoted largely to our ValenOn Thursday, J a n . 7, the E m e r As we go each m o r n i n g to wor- tine p a r t y to be held on F e b r u a r y sonians had a business and literary ship in the Hope Memorial Chapel 14. Ginny Montrose is chairman meeting in the chapel basement. we e n t e r into a chapel of stone of this f o r t h c o m i n g social event. T h e meeting was opened with and m o r t a r t h a t r e p r e s e n t s t h e Plans were also discussed f o r our p raye r by Chaplain Dean. The song genius of Dr. Dimnent. I t was coming meeting with our Brother fest was led by "Bones Kerle," necessary f o r him to persuade F r a t e r n i t y , the F r a t e r n a l Society, followed by a serious paper by people t h a t his vision of a chapel of Hope College. The business J e r r y Boerman. The humor was to seat 1,500 people was not too meeting was adjourned to the regpresented by Robert Van Dyke. large. He also had to persuade ular song-fest. Master of ceremonies was Duane them t h a t the spiritual level of the Jooi, college would remain high and not The highlight of the evening w a s go out of hand. T h e need we have All energies a r e being directed today f o r such a chapel more than t o w a r d s the winter f o h n a l ' p a r t y the installation of t h e new officers, justifies all his efforts. which promises to be the best ever. Cx-president, Dave Hoogerhyde gave his e x a u g u r a l address and During his y e a r s as president The Hope College Biology Club the newly elected president, Rusthe student body enlarged f r o m will have as its guest speaker a t sel Norden, gave his inaugural adDr. Edward D. Dimnent 200-300 to 500-600 and many of the its next meeting. Dr. Wells Thoms, COSMOPOLITAN dress. Other newly elected officers present f a c u l t y m e m b e r s were a noted medical missionary. Dr. T h e Cosmopolitan f r a t e r n i t y had are vice-president, Craig Van brought to the campus. The fit h e i r first literary meeting of the Zanten; secretary, Jack W i c k a r t ; Our fifth president. Dr. Edward nances, too, were g r e a t l y improved. Thoms graduated from Hope College and the University of Michiy e a r in the basement of Hope's and s e r g e a n t - a t - a r m s , Norman Si- Dimnent, w a s g r a d u a t e d f r o m He was the first man to begin a gan Medical school. He served in chapel on Thursday night, J a n u a r y derius. Hope College in 1896 with a record physical education d e p a r t m e n t with Mutrah and Muscat in the O m a r G. Charles (Bob Hope) Mulder rethat may have been equalled, but] a full time man in charge. District of Arabia. While t h e r e lated some interesting articles f r o m it was never excelled. Miss Boyd relates an interesting he was instrumental in the builda special issue of t h e Anchor. The He entered Western Theological story c o n c e r n i n g D r . D i m n e n t . ing of the Knox Memorial Hospip a p e r provided some interesting Seminary the year following his "When Dr. Dimnent was president tal which served as the local medisidelights of c a m p u s activities. graduation f r o m college and at the of Hope College he used to sit on cal center for the neighboring comAlso quite revealing were the insame time t a u g h t classes in Geol- the platform each morning f o r the munities. terviews of many of Hope's more Among the m a n y excellent new ogy at Hope. During the two y e a r s chapel service. About once a year illustrious personalities. John Ver- books available now at the l i b r a r y , he spent at the Seminary he also Dr. Thoms followed in the p a t h s when he arose to announce the geer then presented a very inter- the following have been suggested tutored in E n g l i s h , Latin and of his f a t h e r who also was a mediopening hymn t h e r e would be no esting analysis on the " A r t of Con- for your reading interest. Candle mathematics. cal missionary in the same area. student pianist present. When Dr. s e n a t i o n . " A fine evaluation of in the Wind by Maxwell Anderson His topic will be " A r a b Medicine, D r . D i m n e n t w a s a p p o i n t e d Dimnent realized t h a t t h e r e was the night's activities was given in is a story of an American actress Ancient and Modern." The meetRalph Voorhees Professor of Greek no one there to play he would pick the m a s t e r critic's report by Bob who uses all her resources and ining will convene in the science in 1898 and held the position until up his hymnal, walk over to the Stoppels. A short business session genuity to effect the release of her building at 7:00 p.m. on J a n u a r y 1919. As a Greek professor he piano, seat himself a t the instrufollowing the literary program lover from a German concentration 17, 1949. wrote his own guide and outline ment and play the accompaniment. concluded the meeting. camp. It is a moving story of for the course. The students did not sing as well courage, loyalty, and f a i t h against In 1910 he became Registrar of as usual on such mornings f o r their a background of Nazi trickery and the college, a position likened unto eyes were fixed so intently on the Film On Calculus Shown betrayal. the dean of an institution. He was president t h a t they could not folThe book, Bedside Book of Faregistrar until 1917. F o r the years low the words in the song book!" To Math-Physics Club The U. S. Civil Service Commismous French Stories, is a collec- 1916-1918 he was t r e a s u r e r of the Dr. Dimnent has and is giving sion is accepting applications f o r tion of 150 years of the best French Last evening the Math-Physics himself to the best in a broadcollege. pharmacologist positions which pay Club held its monthly meeting in literature. " P r i s o n e r of the Sand," Vhe position of president was minded Christian education. salaries r a n g i n g f r o m $3,727 to "The Escape," " T a n k T r a p , " "Mathe science building. A film en$10,305 a year. The m a j o r i t y of the dame Telliers E x c u r s i o n " a r e titled " I n t e g r a l Calculus" w a s positions to be filled are in the some of the selections. viewed by the group. This movie Food and Drug Administration and The College Seeks Religion by showed exactly what happens d u r the National Institute of Health of Merrimon Cuninggin is a book ing integration and proved to be "Throughout your schooling and manner, bearing, poise and impres- the Federal Security Agency, in both interesting and informative. which should be read and thought Washington, D.C., and vicinity. about. It presents plans for reliyour life it would be well to work siveness. The program committee for the To qualify for the pharmacolo" U n d e r 'character': honesty, deevening was composed of Shirley gion in outstanding colleges and toward the following goals which gist positions, applicants must have Leslie, Carolyn I n g h a m , and Irene universities. Administrations all are the high criteria posed by em- pendability, initiative, resourcefulhad appropriate college study or H e e m s t r a . The showing of a film over the United S t a t e s are begin- ployers and by life itself. These ness, loyalty, decisiveness, persea combination of such study and exon physics is planned for the next ning to realize t h e i r responsibili- goals are based on the recent find- verance, courage and sense of reperience. In addition, they must ings of Russell A. Stevenson, dean sponsibility. meeting and other films as sched- ties f o r religion. have had f r o m 1 to 3 years of proR. W. G. Mackay presents a book of the School of Business Adminiuled f o r f u t u r e use. " M o s t desirable ' p e r s o n a l i t y ' fessional experience in the fields of entitled Y'ou Can't Turn the Clock- stration, University of Michigan, t r a i t s included: ability to cooperate bio-chemistry, animal physiology, Back. The problems of the present to find w h a t they believed to be with o t h e r s , t a c t , consideration, world crisis a r e examined and so- the outstanding qualifications con- courtesy, responsiveness, self-con- pharmacology, or toxicology. Aplutions presented. It presents every sidered when employers interview trol, self confidence, ability to 'mix' propriate g r a d u a t e study may be substituted f o r professional expeaspect of world government. It is graduates f o r executive or semi- with others. rience up to a maximum of 2 years a book which will s t a r t l e many executive positions. " J u d g m e n t and common sense of experience. No written test is Americans and b r i n g us face to "Physical qualities, appearance, headed the intellectual qualities Hope College is honored in an required. face with realities. character a n d p e r s o n a l i t y a r e most desired, followed by receparticle in the December edition of Applications will be accepted in t r a i t s most desired by employers tivity, logic, ability to think adaptthe J o u r n a l of Chemical Education. Gesssssssss&zssssss&essz the U. S. Civil Service Commission, seeking tra ine d personnel for de- ability, general k n o w l e d g e , and This article was written by Dr. Washington 25, D.C., until f u r t h e r velopment and advancement to last — knowledge of a particular Malcolm Dull of the University of notice. Application f o r m s may be high positions in business. Im- profession or trade. o H O E P i t t s b u r g h . Dr. Dull is a graduate secured a t most first- and secondportant, but of secondary concern "These, then are the most im- class post offices, f r o m Civil ServSERVICE of Hope College. to e x e c u t i v e s hiring personnel, portant things an employer conice regional offices, or direct f r o m Hope was chosen t o represent a r e in order: intellectual qualities, siders: physical qualities, a p p e a r the Commission's Washington of230 River Avenue the l a r g e number of small colleges leadership, 'promise' and finally, ance, character and personality. Of fice. working to maintain the standard performance. less importance is knowledge of a of chemical education in this coun"Included a m o n g t h e desirable particular profession or trade. It iSSSS8S83SSeSSSSSSSSSS8Si try. physical a t t r i b u t e s r a t e d as No. 1, might be wise, then, to r e v a m p For many years g r a d u a t e s of are dependable health, physique, your program to include more Hope have been compiling an exenergy, endurance f o r long hours, school activities which develop such ceptional record of successful ac- S A N D W I C H quality of voice, sight and hearing. desirable personality t r a i t s and complishment in g r a d u a t e study "Under 'appearance' were listed: which, incidentally, add pleasure to and professional activities in sevneatness a n d c l e a n l i n e s s , dress. your life? 28 W. 8th St. eral fields of science, especially 1SS8SSS8S88SSSSSSS8SS9SSSSSSSSSSSSSS9SS&SSSS8S&SS 9SSSSSSSS8SSSSS8SS8SSSSSSSSSSSSSSS8SS8SSSSS88SSa chemistry.

The KnitlKerbockcr fraternity held the first m e e t i n g of t h e year in t h e Science building. John Hoekatra opened t h e meeting with a short p r a y e r . T h a t g r a n d old man of KHN, J e r o m e A. Veldhuis, then conducted the glee club t h r o u g h some perennial favorites. C h a r l e s Link delivered a paper, " E l e m e n t s and Processes of Psychological Activity," . which the f r a t e r n i t y received in wide-eyed a m a z e m e n t . fcLaverne S i k k e m a (back on the f a r m ) told K H N of the t e r r o r s of f a r m i n g , according to city slicker Zwemer. John Rysk a m p served as Master Critic.

Thorns To Speak To Biology Club

New Books C o v e r Variety of Fields

U. S. Civil Service Seeks Specialists

What Employers Look For

Hopeites Compile Enviable Record



H O F F M A N ' S



Hope ranks eighth among American educational institutions in the number of successful candidates for the Ph.D. in sciences per thousand students, according to a table taken f r o m the Steelman report "Manpower for Research." Hope g r a d u a t e s who received Ph.D. de grees during 193G to 1945 totalec thirty-five. Student population for 1939-40 was listed at 525. Kala mazoo college ranked third with t h i r t y - f o u r degrees compared with a population of 384. Since 1912 approximately 200 students m a j o r i n g in chemistry have been graduated f r o m Hope with the A.B. degree and have entered the profession of chemistry either as teachers or in industry. About t h i r t y - t h r e e per cent of these have earned the Ph.D. while ^"mrether t h i r t y - t h r e e per cent concluded t h e i r g r a d u a t e study a f t e r receiving t h e M.S. degree. In addition some of the remainder have earned advanced degrees in other fields such as physics, medicine, education, etc. Since the incorporation of the college in 1866, approximately 225 g r a d u a t e s have earned M.S. degrees. Of 188 g r a d u a t e s in chemistry not now engaged in g r a d u a t e study, twelve are high school teachers, t h i r t y - t h r e e a r e college or university teachers, and t h e remainder are engaged in research or other f o r m s of industrial or gove r n m e n t a l activities.


ary 7 provided a perfect s e t t i n g for the Thesaurian informal p a r t y . Thctas and their f r i e n d s gathered for a "hay-larious" ride around the outskirts of " t h a t dear old town." Energy wagon





having vanished and t h e

hay somehow having also disappeared, we journeyed to the Count r y Club to enjoy the remaining part of the evening. When normally







Woude led in commmunity singing. Then Cynthia Fikse^told the exciting experiences of " B e t t y at the baseball gam e." Not f o r g e t t i n g the cultural ( ? ) aspect of education, Lorraine Van F a r r o w e , Hazel Vande Woude, Gladys Keizer and Cynthia Fikse presented "Othello" in a musical and comical f o r m . A f t e r a delicious lunch was served, square dancing was led by Mr. and Mrs. Ketchum. Professor and Mrs. Haverkamp, our chaperons, deserve a word of t h a n k s f o r contributing to a very enjoyable evening.

SIBYLLINE "Wedding Bells" was the theme of Friday night's Sib meeting, in honor of Sybilline Connie Bergers Kool who was married J a n u a r y 3rd to Bernard Kool. Joan Sheel wrote a humor paper concerned with newspaper reports of weddings. Georgia Boss played wedding music in the mood of weddings. Alice Moolenaar read a serious paper on the history of weddings f r o m cavemen style to the present. Games and r e f r e s h m e n t s followed. The business meeting w a s concerned mainly with party plans for our formal p a r t y to be held this week. At the Sib Christmas meeting of Dec. 15, election of 1949 officers took place. Election r e t u r n s are as follows: President, Shirley Knol; Vice President, Lucy Brunsting; Secretary, Barbara Scarlett; and T r e a s u r e r , Marilyn Fry. Our next regular meeting will be held on J a n u a r y 21st with our Brother F r a t e r n i t y , the Knickerbockers.

DORIANS Dorians met for the first time in the New Year and held a short business meeting followed by a literary program. Dot Fennema g a v e devotions and Barbara Woods gave a very interesting serious p a p e r on the atomic bomb. To s o f t e n the impact of the impressive topic, Nancy Smith sang, "Bless This Home" and then was joined by all the Dorians in singing the sorority song.

Steketee - Van Huls PRINTING HOUSE, Inc.



Hollands Leading

10 Ea^t 8th Street


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P a g e Six


Hope Cagers Meet Albion, M I A A Double, Saturday The Hope Dutchmen wind up a busy MIAA week Saturday night when they face Albion at Albion. Hope has shown a liking for large floors this year and are hoping that Albion's spacious court will prove no exception. Since t h e war Hope and Albion have dominated the MIAA. In three years each school has had a championship, a co-championship, and a second place. During those t h r e e years each team lost only six conference games. However Hope had the pleasure of administering f o u r of Albion defeats. Last year the t e a m s split with the home team winning in each case. The Britons won at Albion 73-62 in a game which saw two g r e a t guards, Mulder and Black, score 21 points each. Two weeks later Albion invaded Holland f o r one of the g r e a t e s t games ever played in the Holland Armory. Hope finally pulled away and won 85-71. Four players on each team scored over 11 points. Albion has lost two all-conference men f r o m last year's championship squad. They were center Lou Moon and f o r w a r d J e r r y Edwards. All-MIAA guard Lou Black heads Albion's letter men on this year's team. Forward Allen and guard Hornbrook were also outstanding on last year's outfit. In their conference opener this year Albion trounced Adrian 86-50 The following week they took i 62-52 defeat a t Alma. They played at Kalamazoo earlier this week.

MIAA w Hillsdale Kazoo Albion Alma Hope Adrian

..2 2 1 1 0 0

Basketball The basketball t o u r n a m e n t will be under way this week. Last week each team was given an opStandings portunity to practice. A few scrimPet. P F PA mage games were played. Now 58* 55* everyone is set f o r t h e 1949 tour1.000 85 nament. 1.000 90 .500 138 112 Bowling 96 .500 103 High scores this week a r e : Shir.000 99 104 ley Knol 151, Mary Breid 129, Bet.000 50* 8 6 * ty Vande Wege 128, Mary Lou Rae

•Hillsdale defeated Adrian, score 125, and Louella Rozeboom 124. not available. The high averages at present are: Games This Week Shirley Knol 125 Betty Vande Wege 119 Hope at Adrian. Amy Koning 118 Alma at Hillsdale. Mary Breid 114 Alma at Adrian. Jean Brondyke 114 Albion at Kalamazoo. There are only a few more weeks Hope at Albion. of bowling so come out this week and have some fun. Hillsdale at Kalamazoo.

The Kibitzer By Owen Koeppe

Hope fans got a look at some of the finest pivot-centering they have seen for a long time latt

Saturday night. That


Dutchmen Trounce Percy Jones 73-32

Women's Sports

. . . .


Jackson of Ypsi

was really good. Any time you get 24 points with a guard like "Moose" on you you got to be Rood. All t h e more credit to Hope's team I'd say.

Hope Edges Michigan Normal

Scoring almost a t will, t h e Hope College basketball team started the 1949 version of the c u r r e n t season with a 73-42 victory over Percy Jones Hospital a t Battle Creek last Monday. Ten men figured in t h e scoring as the Dutch completely overpowered the a r m y boys. A f t e r a close first q u a r t e r , Hope opened up and jumped the score to 40-20 at halftime. From t h e n on they had no trouble. Percy Jones played without the services of J e r r y Scott, their standout g u a r d who scored 20 points in the Holland Armory. However another s t a r was blooming in the person of Collins, t h e Battle Creek center. He led both t e a m s in scoring with 15 while Buter and Vande Wege scored 12 each for Hope. Box Score Hope (73) FG FT T P Buter, f 5 2 Vande Wege, f 5 2 Hinga, f 2 0 Marema, f 3 0 Wagner, c 4 2 10 Brieve, c 2 3 Holwerda, g 4 0 Yonker, g 2 1 Van Dorple, g 1 1 Bremer, g 3 0 31 n FG F T T P 2 2 6 2 0

Totals Percy Jones (32) kludge, f Harris, f Collins, c Slayton, g Murray, g

They certainly looked sharper than against Kazoo. The T E A M that is.


This week and next ought to tell the story in the MIAA. We played



51-50 In Non-League Thriller

here and Hillsdale here. Four important games in twelve days. (Preexam days they tell me.) About all we can say is "Good Luck," I guess.



All the other conference teams are having a rough grind these two In a thrill-packed overtime batWhere the Name is a Reality tle, Hope dropped its first home veeks too. Frankly the MIAA basketball race looks just as close as game to the Kalamazoo Hornets that in football. Adrian should be able to fill Albion's football role GOOD FOOD 46-44. It was the first loss to unless they show some marked improvement. They have the s a m e team Kazoo on the Armory floor since vhich continually gave teams trouble last year but haven't been able SERVICE the war and Hope's first home loss o find themselves. since J a n u a r y 1947 when Western and No team is going to go through the basketball season unbeaten an Michigan won 76-60. Kalamazoo was ied by Frank happened in football. Kazoo with their two great g u a r d s will go


long way but Alma looks more like the team to beat. I think they've got All-Sports Trophy on the brain up there. A basketball title along «88g8888888888888888888$ with a first in football and second in cross-country would look mighty big. I n t e r - f r a t basketball got rolling again this week. I wish I didn't S T U D E N T S have to write this so soon. Then I'd know how that Cosmo-Frater brawl came out last Monday night. The winner should have no trouble winning the " B " league. That other league is really close. All but one FOR YOUR game have been won by eight points or less. Rex Roseman signed a football contract to play with the New York FOOT-WEAR N E E D S Yankees next fall. Ward of Hillsdale also signed a pro football contract. Roseman was named most valuable in the MIAA last fall. It'll bo interesting to see how these players make out in the really big time Well the bowling league is called off I guess. The F r a t s don't seem to be interested. Too bad things couldn't have been started back in 21 W. 8th St. Phone 2821 December.

Walters who personally accountet for 20 points offensively and was continually outstanding on defense Vande Wege led the Dutch with 14 while "Moose" Holwerda played a beautiful game covering the defense boards and scoring 10 points.

With seven minutes to go Hope led 36-29 but Walters poured it on and when the regulation game was over the score stood 39-39. A f t e r Hope took a three-point lead in the overtime Kazoo came back with six quick points and proceeded to freeze out a victory. Box Score Kalamazoo (46) FG FT TP 0 2 Pizzat, f 1 Dust film on electric light bulbs 0 8 Simanton, f 4 absorbs from 15 to 20 per cent o f 1 1 Cuda, f 0 their light. 0 Sentz, c 3 1 Poth, c 1 0 Bos, c 1 " D o n ' t be C o l d 0 Stanski, g 2 20 6 7 Walters, g Totals Hope (44) Buter, f Vande Wege, f Muyskens, c Yonker, g Holwerda, g Bremer, g Van Dorple, g

19 8 46 FG FT T P 3 3 9 4 6 14 4 2 1 1 3 1 4 2 10 0 2 1 0 2 1

Be C o a l e d "





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East S e v e n t h S t r e e t

f t t » •

» r|

t, »1

t 4

i' % 4

4 * f t # t «



50 «


Indies Beat Emmies 30-29 In Feature "A" League Tilt The Independents continued U be the surprise of the " A " league as they edged the Emmies 30-29 in a real thriller. The Emmies led throughout the game holding a 1813 halftime advantage. The final whistle sounded as Streeter's gamewinning shot was in the air. Deck er again led the Emmie attacV with 11 while De Groot and Skaal en had 9 each for the Independents. The Arcadians surprised th( F r a t e r s by leading them most ol the way before bowing 29-24. Th( Arcadians were still ahead midway through the final quarter. Vissei was high for the winners with 11

* •


The Cosmo " B ' s " continued on their merry way by trouncing the Knicks 59-18. Though unneeded Bob Becksfort added 21 points to his league leading total. The rest 3f the Cosmos all scored liberally. The F r a t e r s kept pace with the Cosmos by d e f e a t i n g the Arcadians 11-21. The game w a s closer than he score indicates. The Arcadians ituck with the winners during the irst half. Del Koop had 14 points. The Seminary opened up the secmd half to whip the Emmies 39-21. The Sems held a scant 15-9 half:ime lead. Dick Miller led the losjrs with 12 while every member Df the Sem squad scored.

A f t e r trailing 16-12 at the hall the Cosmos came back to take the Leading Scorers Knicks 30-27. Phil Meengs helc" FG FT T P Etterbeek to only three points but Becksfort, Cosmo 8 64 28 Van Wieren came through with D. Koop, F r a t e r 4 48 22 12 for the winners. 4 26 Van Wieren, Cosmo 11 6 26 Hendrickson, F r a t e r 10 Leading Scorers 26 10 8 FG FT T P D. Miller, Emmie 3 Slikkers, F r a t e r 18 Etterbeek, Cosmo 13 10 'B" League Standings 1 Decker, Emmie IT P F PA W L Pet. 7 DeGroot, Indie 11 60 166 1.000 0 7 Boerman, Emmie 8 52 0 1.000 136 F r a t e r ... 3 3 MacCullum, Knick 10 100 .667 96 .2 1 Seminary73 89 .333 Arcadian ....1 2 125 49 .000 0 3 •A" League Standings Knicks ... .000 50 152 0 3 P F PA Emmies W L Pet. 103 74 3 0 1.000 Fraters Since w a r s begin in the minds 82 93 3 0 1.000 Indies of men, it is in the minds of men 83 85 .333 1 2 Emmies t h a t the defenses of peace m u s t 96 .333 87 Cosmos ... 1 2 be constructed. — U N E S C O Pre86 101 .333 Knicks ... 1 2 86 amble. 3 .000 72 Arcadians ....0










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HOLLAND FURNACES Make Warm Friends" World's

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wise. Paul D t Kruif



The story is interesting ... the philosophy warm and


Makers of


WARM FRIENDS of Hope College

A fine book, a real contribution for your descendants. It

Lucien Lelong SOAP

should be published and given wide reading.

Rty. Morion d t Voider

Box of 3 bars $ 1 . 0 0 6 Fragrances

HA N S E N ' S D R U G





9 51 21 FG FT T P 3 1 1 0 6 3 0 4 2 0 2 1 10 4 24 4 1 2 3 7 2

Michigan Normal jumped back Totals into the lead again early in the Mich. Normal (50 second half with Jackson again pouring in the baskets. At one time Ypsi held a 7 point lead. With five minutes to go Normal led 4540. Vande Wege and Buter combined to knot the count at 40-up. Sweet, g Leo T u r n e r retaliated with a push shot to put the Hurons ahead. Two beautiful long shots by Vande Totals



Harold Buter's f r e e throw com-i Wege made the score 50-48 but J a x binrd with Bud Vande Wege's late sneaked in alone f o r a tieing dog scoring splurge was just w h a t the shot. Buter's game-winning charDutch needed to edge Michigan ity toss came with a minute to go. Normal 51-50 last Saturday a t the Hope regained possession of the ball Holland Armory. However it took and successfully f r o z e t h e ball till the splurge plus a lot of fight from the entire Hope squad to offset the clock ran out, although Normal the deadly accuracy of the Huron tried desperately to get it, even recenter, Jackson, who poured in 24 sorting to some clean football points to keep the Ypsi boys in tackles. the g a m e f o r the whole forty Box Score minutes. Hope (51) FG FT T P From the opening whistle it was Buter, f 3 13 5 evident that this was going to be Vande Wege, f 15 7 a knock down, d r a g out affair. Al- Marema, f 3 1 though the Hurons led through 2 Van Dort, f 1 most of the first half their lead 2 Wagner, c 1 was never more than four points. 5 Bremer, c g 1 J u s t before the half Buter's tip-in 6 Holwerda, g 3 gave Hope its first lead. The half5 Yonker, g 2 time count was 23-22 Hope.

Adrian Tuesday and go to Albion this Saturday. Next week it's Alma « S 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 ?

Kazoo Downs Hope 46-44 In Overtime



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