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Good Enough - ..

is not. good e no ugh these day. . 11eady-to-wenr <'lntl •rs h a n .• g ot to be better th a n t.hat. They must hea r t.hc <:losest inspr t·· ti on and t he severest. tests. They s ho ul d he a ll wool, sho uld . retain their hupr, he perfect iu sty l~ , fit ant l W t > rkm~ uship.



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Conklin's Pen SeUlW FiiUng


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\ ·&prra tu llro ·· VOL.UMp;

for busy people. No bother. fills itself. Cleans itself. No dropper. Nothing to take apart. Nothing to spill. A dip in ink, a touch of thumb to nickel crescent and the pen is full, ready to write. All the best dealers everywht>r('Stationers, D ruggists, J ·wclers- hanJie the Conklin Pen or can supply it if you insist upon h~ving it. Costs no more than other fountain pens of best grilde. 100 styles and sizes to select from shown in our catalog furnished free upon request. Any make or style of fountain pen repaired promptly.





S OLOJ'.'I O !'-J SC H I'AIDT AND THE STEREOPTI CON. John Van Z anten, 'o7. 1 1~ 11->. ~d l !..

J ack'=-- Y•Jicc rang th ·oug-h the :-;t o n .' . '"\ .ell !\T l l! if d .. r · hain "t ~ hack, 'ell mcin p ny . nH:in pny . 11111.• .\ llll ' a=-' :tll\\\·a . ., · ?'' t h e tone~ i!':-:ttcd fr o lll a hun ch ni

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THE CONKLIN PEN CO. 514-516-518 Jellersoo Ave., Toledo, Obio. Sole Manufacturers Conklin SeU-Fllli:Jg Pen


,, h i~k· r. att c! (Jl h c r hi:-:-'UIL' a ppl' ttc lagL'S of :1 fat. lir tlc t;c nna n \ \ lt n:--.l ' n :ttth' ''- a ~ :·ch mid t. S o l )1110 11 Sch lll idt. owner and ma n. t;..!' r ,. j thl' l ntsi t H ·~3 c:npu •·i:un uf the li ttle ,· il!ag-c o f ·L·da r ~prin:~:-. · · ~et y . :'h t!ck , .. ~ n l omon co n t inu ct~ .. cl t sc h uoi ~nit t j , ... 1 \ i'"! .' ;.._c• . t '·"r _,ull. d(lll.t n~· · '"( Jh. ~c.::- :· ail'-\ ·L·rvd J ~:ck . '" 1 ~ j,o ..: · I co uld ;:!• t •) that l d:t -. tn! unin r:-i! .,. i1:r l'i;.!"llt Yl'a rs \\ it h nu t .Q"Ct tinQ" ilL'T' 0 tt.· . ... ' prn:--t ra tit~ll. 1:11i. ~~~1. h t)\\··=-- .' •H tr hu:-ith..'":' g-ni n~ o n? ::-. CL' \ · ·u ·," h 11il t a Il L' \\" ad d ition on t 11c n ·ar nf y o llr •.tnr c :· .. Y a ~ . ::a s . ·' t ll t ~ <.T • ....::. h a c k . I g"~'H :- •-, m :1 !l y ( , f <h ..; cl i n g::-: \ ' H l tr:ule in. <~o l 1 don 't k no w n Jt to d o mit 'em . - ~ 1 din ks 1 r ild lllL' an shd :titu· de =--ht r c . l~ut say, Shack. y o u know :tt t.nling-!' ahou d a la ntern:·· ··. \ lante rn?'" a skul Ja c k. puzzled. ~o lonH) ll m ade a diYl' mHkr the c o unt e r and appe a red '' ith a c:1. rhid l' huntl'r a n cl some u th c r a r t ich!'. ' \\ hy . t hi s is a stcrc,,pticn n o utfi t ." n : mark cJ jack t u It i m::cl r. '"::-\ u\\" tit i ng-~ a l'L' bcco111 ii l ~ i lll l' re ~ t i ng-. ~ay. Sc)} , didn't this ou tfitl>d o n~ t u th a t \lHtll~ d octo r whn w en t aro un d gjyjng }.:t:l II rt' !-o ?..

Solun tun did 111 1t hear. 1 I c "as t n h u ~y hr i ng-i ng fo r t lt hi .; tr~: asurc ~ . .\11 the cliffcn·nt p a rts n o \v f,ll luwc d in ra pid




Tlu A

Tlu Anrhtu

succes:-;ion and soon he h:td the whole outfit iiprcad ut upon th~ counter . .. n~.· n·. Sha ·k. \'Ot y o n ~ay a b ond d o t ! Lool..: ' here \'3.5 th e s hlides mit cle pitchers on, YOn hondcrt en durty pitchers unll here i ~s de pahcr \·ot tclb all abont it.'' Jack Jook:.:d at Solomon in ..~~:ha~ in tht· world can yon do with such a contraptto n, . o l-: · ol ~m~>n wa puzzled, shrugged his :houlders and final~y , w1th a twinkle of his eye, whisper ed , "~laypc I trade hun \'Or :1 n


tHan o.



. - ....


lack laug h u l. a ncl :'tH ldenl~ rl'mt·mb<.T<Ilf'; th at he had a

f··w ·lct tr rs t o mail, le ft Solomon g loating o , ·er hi · prize a111.l hurried t o the stuffy, little p >:'\toftict:. Th e re he fo und a letter, add ressed in the familiar h a ndwriting- o f his college chum. 11 a :.tily opening it, he fo und th ese word s crib bl ed in an "' a lmo:-;t illcgil>l c nwnner · ])car Jack: . ix o f tt. · fcllO\\ 5 ar g·oing O il a three w eek's cruise up (;torgia nay. \\' anl ~1 Ht to gn al t.1np;. L t•an: tlll~t' l.' ,._ eeks from n ext ~f ond ay. Each fell ow pays 25 plunk s lur g-nth. etc. C m e and speud . untlay with me so a s t he 1J tl deck carl): ~lonclay. LoYe antl kisses fro m "Po rk." Jack·s face lig hted np with plea ·ure; then suddenly iel l. That very morninrr hi · father had said that he could har~ll) stand the univers ity cxpt•nses and that an expen ·ive Yacat1on was certain 1v out of ~he ques tion . Jack walked along, looki n~ dcci<kdly gl-um. Suddenly an ex c ited shout came fro m "o lo111on·s s tore, and soon o la mon's hnlky frame appeared at the cloor, beckoning Jack to com e \\·ith all ha ·te. There was Solomon, dancing aronnd the lante rn which h e had rig-ged np o n a. box. The lantern was thro wing- a s trong brig-ht light on a .·heet which lH· had stretched acros: the r ear e ncl o f the r oom. "Dere now. vot dos mein poy say now?" exclaimed Solomon, in the meantime making the s tore dark as p ossible. " ~ o w l0ok, Shack!'' Suddenly there appeared the distinct outlines of an ocean steamer l eaving New York harbor. Solomon was in <:cstasy. ' 'N 0w don't y o n dink I get an piano Yor dis~ hure poy , ach Solomon don't be a fool, no sir, you bet n ot !'' Jack paitl no attention to Solomon·s antics, but sudd enly bro ke out with, ''Look here, Sol , that young doctor u sed t o give exhibitions with this outfit, didn't he?"

,_ •



··Yas. ~ott bet. ~hac k . an he makl s u mcdin1 ;:s ten d o llctr:' in , ·on ni :--. rrht. cl<::u m0'1C,. .. but d t·n h e mak e a nice sp cell ahoucl the pi(cla· r~-an de ticket a . . hent h · run de ma7.hin e !.. "( >h, I don't care who ran th e machine. but sc(· h e r e . Sol. \\' Jl\· . can't .\ "n lt a11d T .~ive :;ome C'xhibition"> with this outfit? Y ou run the :--lid<.•.:; a nd f' l l explain tin· J ~ i ct urcs. \\ hy. \'.'e can 1nakc fi\' cloi l:lr · a nig-ht and yn 1 can g-.:t lnck to your s tn r ~..· in the morn ing·!" ~ lemon f 11 in with the . t1g-g-e. ti n n immediat t·l y. F o r an hottr th ey sal t h l'rc 1' 1:-t~'ing- arran gc n:cnls. ,\t last it was dec ided th;t the w o uld gi\·e th e ir fir:--t e x hibition in tht• \·iltag-e o f \\'hi tmorc, about tw c h ·e miles distant. \\' hitmore b c a:;ted of a \·illag-e hall and fnrth e rm o rc \'.' :1:' inhabit e-d hy a cia . s ni peopk who Yere Jikdy to attend such an c nte1·t:i inment. Six other Yillng- •s were ~ ~.: l ected and cbt =' arran~·ed whe n th ey \\'utt ld tlpp ar in ach . . onh: m o re bill:-; had t o he printed and m nn \· ot her cfl'lai ls t~ ndcd t . Tht> following- \\ e<lncsclay th\.· cxhillition \\'lHtld hL· g·in:n in \\' hitl1l o r e. Thc.' re were just fi\·t· days t get reach·. Jmm cdiatL·ly on th<.' next clay Jack rn(k n\·er to \\' hitm n r\.' to arra n ~ lo r the C'\h ihition. \ \'it h a gTctlt cl t•r:.l nf unfo r eseen difficulties. Jack and his cnusi n. whn alsn tnok part in the \' <.·ntur\!. g o t tlt e ir lante rn ri~·gc d up hcfn rc 7 o 'cloc k \\' t>dnc:-;rlny c\·cning-. 1\ lr~...a d;: farmers with th eir familic:; w ere bunchccl about tlw doors. and bY 1- : r,.. <1uil a crowd had dL'liberakly ch osen adYant:lg-Cot l~ => :-:c:1ts fo r the gTetlt pcrfnnnance. \\' hilt> his cc u ~ in was bus~ at the don r . Jack g"Pi: a few lamp:-; in running o rder. ft wa .. alm n:-;t 7 :30 before ] :1ck n o ticed th:tt Snlnmo n llad n ot yct appeared. Going out o n the front po r'h . he lea rn (•cl that n o b ody o f S o lotron's tlppearance had yet arriYell. In the me:tntime a continual stream o f xpe ctant incli\·iclu:tls was fillingup th e h all. ~ Sen:ral were buying tickets at the d oor as at! th e tickets in the Yille1ge had bee n . o ld. Jack's cou in whispered t o hi m that he wa: taking- in all ''kind:; o ' d ough.· but Jo m o n. .Tack o nlv nod ded and w ent t o the door t o look fo r J ack consulted hi s watch. J t was 7 :45 and no ~ v lom o n in sight! Jack wa:-; in a co ld sweat. ~ ot a thing was set up and only fifteen minutes left. Tt was g-etting- clt1 rk and th e rick ty la mps s h ed but a fct•blc light t hro ug-h the rrnwde<l h all. )n all side_ pcuplc were a;-;ki u g· t:ath o th er. " \ \ . here i:'\ the lantern n o w ." l)r "\\'hy d rm ' t that guy put up the curtain.'' ancl fin a11y ~


Thl' A nrlror

Tlu Anchor


a - Jack ~tOt)d 11 ear thl· du• r h · h eanl a bi g . burly fell ow .,,·hi:: p . .·r to hi~ ct mpani n ns th a t the wh le th ing- wa~ .a fake. For the fir.;t t ime jack n tic<·d a crowd o f ton~lt lu0k111g" f~._· l low ~ standin!:,· about thl· dnor and more than OllCl.' h i..! cau~ht them n oddin~ lu\\·31·:\ hi lii and ~1waking in a n .·ry threatcn tn~!



.. .

manner. At u'dr1ck th ~ hall was janl!ne I . 'L'll '~"' cro \\'d of to u."e-hs , r 1 · ll . ... t 11·, · ,,· it~ · ·ntt. wa. ra ng-l..!d np in UH.' . . a . .· .: was ::1 1111 ) " :-. The su-:;pcn;;e wa~ tl.·rrihh'. The.· hall wa~ n e m~ss f . taringface_. T Jack it sc'.' lll'-'d like a horrid tlream. l· or al o ut the hu ncl reel th tim · he rus hed for the <loor, only thi s tim c h e das hed ri o·ht in to the arms oi ~olamon. Jack hug;g-t.:d him for joy. b~t ~ud<l nly became aware of the bet trat ~ol,>m?n had been drinking! vVith the greatest of difficuity he maul tainecl his c:qtlilibrittm. \\' ith a d csperat~ effort tn walk straight Solomon adYanced to where Jack h~· <1 arr:t n ~ c1 tlt ings as best he could. 'Together they mana~e<l to get thl' lantern set up o n the b o x . Then while J~ck pnt th e slid s where they could ea~ilv he found, Solomon went o ut t o fill th1..· carbicll' tank . 1n l~i . confu ~ion o lamo n spilled some of the carhi<.k in the outer t:.tnk and when he added wate r a mo~ t offen"i'· odor aro~e . lle wa . howe,·cr, t oo bu y to mind tha t ancl :oon had the tank attached to the lantern. To all appearance.:: everything wa · now ready. T o b e sure the li{!ht , was terribly dim, but it simply had to go. The remaining- lamps w e re ltirtled down ancl in the clarkn c-~s an~l sttSJk·n~e Jack mar ·\,...· d up to the front. ummmg up all the courage he lwd left, h e began the. lecture. "Ladies and Gent!emen: \V e arc much pi ascd to have tJlis opportunity of taking you o n a trip through th e bcautifttl countrie of Europe. Lea,·ing ~cw York we will g-o direct to Ireland. From th ere we will journey thr ugh 'cotland and England, stopping seYcral days at Lond n and t h 1..· n on to Paris. In thi wa\' - we will take .vou on one o f the mnst inte r esting journeys of y o ur life ." The audience was all attt.:ntion and Jack was fa. t gaining hope. '1\ow, a · I s aid bcf 1re, th l' fir t view will be New York City." Jack waited impatient}~ for Solomon, who w~s stupidly trying to insert the slide · . Suddenly the dim outline of something appeared on th e sc re e n . Jack couldn•t for the life of him t e ll what it was . but ' ith ~·. conrag'-... born of d e pair. boldly began to des cri be tlw cit,·.



;radu:tlly tht:: outiine~ became more dis tinct, and then t o hi · disma · he noticed that Solomon had inserttd the slide s howing the stcC~mer leaYing ~ew York , and to make matters still wor;o;e the whole' thing was up ide down. Jack was ove rcome "·ith shame while olamon in blissful ignorance was calmly waiting for Jack to give the signal for the next Yiew. Suddenly Solomon awoke to his mistake and tried to remedy matte:-s by ins c rtiu~ a 'iew of Constantin ple. Thi now passed o fT for ~cw York city and "the next Yiew, ladies and gentlemen, will ~i,·c us a nearer ,-iew of the bu s in ess portion as ' ·ell a~ the devatcd railway of Kew i: ork.'' \\"hile the crowd waited in cagl'r expectation ~olamon d eliberately inse rted the c:dm :tncl ~en ne ,.i ' of "~unset at ~· c~ : This time a r ipph.' o f laught e r ran through the audience, but worse than that. Jack notice(~ the cro wd o f tong:h s h ad worked around unti l th<.:y \\'ere right 11car ~·olon . on. :\ terrible feeling of appreh ension seized J ac!~. but Solomon n o ticed n othing at alL Jack now b eg an g i,·ing the sirrnal fq r throwing the ,·icw on the scr een first and in this way Ja ~k mana ~ed t o brid~ · o,·e r th e di =-cre pancic ~ . The carbide. lHn\·e,·er. th::1t _olamo n had ~pillcd in the outer tank wn ~ n o w diffu sing a most offt.:n si ,·e o.lor t I 1roug-:1 the close, h<: atcd a tm o!'p herc-. This wa ~:; becnmin!! . wor:e and w o r e. . olonlon him self was bctrinnin•T ~ to c0ug-h <J t)d snd:zc and ~or n th 'lSe r.round him began :t r egul.::tr iu s ilade. ~ cvcral o f the t u ug-hs had worl~ed th eir way up t o the iront stat and were edg-ing <.langeronsly ncnr to );:tel.;. There wa:; t nml>lc coming, Jack \V~s su rc. ~ndd e n ly one of th<.: t n n g h . ='hott l e'l, ·· L 0ok nut ! There's g-oin · to be an explosion!'' In a second the hall wa one seething mass of humanity. ol mon rolled O\·er, lante rn and all. Jack turned t( run out the s ide entrauce only to fall right into the har~ds "f the t nghs . In a m oment they seized him by the leg~ . hurle d him to the ~rrounu and b e fo re he knew it, had him a~traddle a long- fe nce rail an tl were carr~ ing him d o wn th ~ := trcet. The- cro\\'d jeere d and h o( ted ::111d wheneYer Jack tipped to n · ·iclc o r the o thC'r a regular storm of applatts~ arose. \.-eg-etablc~, iP c ,·cry sta:~e oi dccu mpos itto n, were sail in c-r throagh ~ h e a! r. J :t ck •si ht: d the earth w o uld swallow the \\'hole bunch, hi111 s<'li included , until co ntinued cheers in th e n ·a r caused him to lo k around ~ nd then· a ~till more rrruc ::ome ~ight met hi :; anxiou · gaze. ~·o l amo n , coated with a


- - - -- - - ------

Tlu A 11rllflr

thick byer o f t a r and d eckt·d in feathe r~, wa :o; lH: ing- ca rri t· d c.1rnund in a big tat kettle suspendt:d fr o m a p u le. u n stl'rnati o n and ~ham e w e re stamp .:.- d upu n his every fe ature. 11 i-' rotund furm c o mpl tely filled th e kettle. whil e hi s s hag-gy. black xt e ri o r lookul s upn•m e ly grnt c :-;qu,. Coming to th .: end o f the stred. the carriers ~ ttddcnly gaYe th ~ pol · an un ,• xpccted jerk. thro wing Jack to the ground. n cforc h e r e c n\'l red his .·ensc · the cro \\'d had fl ~.: cl. llearin'-" 11 :-... ::=- mcbod)· o·rc1a h •)11 h is l e ft. Jack painfully crawltd in that directi o n and :-:nn! l t·amc upo n th e panic ~trickt• n So~om o n, wh o was· still ta k ing ;H h a ntagc oi th e f;l\ orabk pnn , ct io n oi th e tar kett le. T h c n e Xt tl ! lJ r 11 i n g- a t 2 0 . c lu . k t h r (.' e :-: t i rr. t i red b l1 t \\' i :..; l' r 111 ~ n ro d ~ into t he ,·illag-t· o f 'cd a r . ' prings. Th t: n r :-: t {'i :\\'ere alrca~l~· ann• n tnctn g th e da\\'n. Jack and l1i s ·o usin \\'t'l'\' ' lhjccts o f ~-~ ~p ici o n fo r s e' era) <lays nntil th e real facts of th ,· c:1~e kaked out; then tl;,, ,. tri ed to p s c a~ martyr . . Jack se nt a n tJ~ t· to "l'o:·k" sayi n g- that h • c tnlld n't j o in th : t·rui:-;c a th e iuncl~ \\' <.: re not aYailahk. Ab o ut a \\'eek after that 111 11111rahl c ni~h t. Snlo111 n n c ;tll ··d Jack in and whispered, •·. ay. Shack. I fix do t lanter n up untl ~i:--t t1 a de it ·:or a11 1 icycl<·. .-\ bicyck· is ntrt m r c: as d ot < 1k •lrgan ,·ot 1 first had!"

J; ·ion: h t• Jca,·c:-; fo r h o ne. he make:; his annu al v ts tt tn tht' libran· and t h t' ~l)ll \\'i n ~ li ~t i~ a :'ampl -.: of the b t>ks lw di'aws: Ruskin':' " ~<:,·t:r. Lamps of .\r c h itcctu r · ·· in t\\'O larg-e \ 't 1 ittmcs. Sn t ~ l('hody E ls· ' ;-; Th c u ry and .\r t of E locutiun ." a co u ple \' O I~tm e. o n P syc h o lo g-y. c t·ammed with foot · tH t -.·:- . . \ris t otlc's ''E t hics ' ' in the original. a nd bst a nd b est o f all . a FtTn c h and ;crman b o k eac h c1i a c nph: hun d r ed pag·c: . Th t>sc laltL' l' he take:; a t th e :n~gcstinn o i th t: :.\lc.;dcrn I.ang·uag- · J ll·uft·:'~o r : th e~ arc dcsigne·l tu inci l':tsc hi:' '.'Oc::tbnlan·. .\it Lhcsc art• to h·· nad ins idt: ui t\\· > \\'lC .~s! . Uut if ) LHI could t al.c a tonk al ~hi -. O\' t: r-amh:tiuus a\·erag-t: :'tudent in hi s !1\ntlw r's pa · lor you \':uuld pcrlt~q, · chan:..:···



For the a,·erag-e ~tndent the ,·acati n n g-i\·c n durinr.r til l' \\'inter hol ida y s beg-in:' during- th e last \\' cc k o f ~c h oo l. t )f cnurse, durillg th :..' last \\'t' t' k he prc tc·nd =-- t o b e crammi ng j, , ;· c:'xaminat io n s: hut tl lt' re i~;:! grent cleal o f fatali s m it; tlh· stndt.:nt'~ mak - up. li t: do ,_:' o ne of l\\' 0 tbinrrs. l ~ ithct· with an o ptimi :'m un\\' a rrant e(l hy classn)()m work h e c:xpcc h "(~s· : and "Fs" and 'S cont nt to rc..-t o n hi s lau rcb:: r h t• gi \· e~ him-=elf O \ ' r to th e "d on 't-gi,· c-a-hooraa'' th ught and r ests o n his laurel ~ a nyway. Th e r est ing- o n his laun.·ls i"' al\\'ays part of his program. llc con:'id c rs himself so mcthin ,. of a martyr and hC'Iiev cs mo~t earnest]\· that a re~t i.;; abs.-l~ lutely neces~ ary. Acco rding to the st udent's own version (and he if anyh0dy Ott?"ht to know) he is o n the Yer(l"c nf ;:-, n cr Yo us prostration. l ~ut physical wreck as he is to\\':trd" the end nf th e t e r111. hiR "lofty ambiti o ns ,atlt) t1o ll > e a sp1· ra t'to n . .. <1o not \\'all <'.




Y''ur mind alJout hi:-; llltlltal eq nil ihri ttlll. .\ 11 th r~ h o ok· \\i.t!l l:i g h ~vur:ding titic;-;, :ncluding- tltc lhrlin~· ( ; ~nn :lil :HHl Frcn·lt hun~,s . are nt: at1y tu cked a\\'ay in the b k ca:'e Ura\'c boy. t u Ita,·~ h ad l ' '.' (.' ll th e faintest 11ush uf an int cnti1l11 t o r,·ad th t'lll ! Th l' · J ag-t·~ in "Th eory ancl . \rt of l ~loc n lion" an: .- til! un c ut , and · IIlll C h of th ~: r ~ .1di n g- matte r in t h e grcaL \'Plulllcs o n Eth ics h as nc,·c r been peru t•d by · tudcnt-c,·c. T h<.' ~t ud enl ha~. prclimi,1ary t o starti11~ ' nlid ~e·;.d ing-. fi:-.1~ (.-d out one l i l11 s <·r ·...; faqlrit:..· p;q>L' I'- (.'( I" t'n·d n n\·,·1'· ~Clll!e t h; n ~· lih: " \\ 'cdrkrl :llld P:trto.."' d" o t· " The ltrokt·n l I ca:·t" c. r " Th.t· I : ;· ta l \\ 'cd(:i ng." I ~c snd(knly finds a t·harm in t!1ese houk·th· l h~· h :1 · b \. j,,;-,. o..;o cnn:'cit.·nti u usly ca ll l'd tra:-: h: and hcf .n· h -- kno\\·:o: it ,·acat i uil i~ •. ,·c r ancl the lcarnc.:d Yn lu l~'"~ arc still :ta ring b lank ly fro m the h c-.nk ca~c ... . But snmctillH'' tlH' stul!t•nt o..; ta~· :- in tn\\'n duriiiQ' \· a c1li t )Jl . lf c tells hi m:'L'Ii th at h e h ~!;-; a I ng- dull cs;-;a,· to \\'ri tl'. o r that h ~· is g-o ing- t u prepare for nex t ll'rm 's elnc;llioa t. de .. etc .. l•' th e e nd o i th c chaptt•r. l i e ''stays in tn\\'n." hut t iJ th i:-; ph 1as"· Il l' g-i,·e:"' a p eculi::tr mea n ing-. Tt results in hi. b e ing out uf t o \\'n ntn c-te nth~ f the time. I Ic u~ualh· n~anag-cs to "take in" fo ur o r fi,· c partie~ :1 t \\'hi c h tH bnch · ~\'<.'r thi ;1ks o f rroino· lHHn e a t 10:30. 1\: rs o n a lly I \\'Ottlcl n't. g-i,·c the , -alu e ~ th~ stem P f a ti\·c-cc nt c rn c o b pipe for all the \\' rk thi:-. " sta,·in-town " ~tudc nt do e:;-; d uring- \' C\Ca licm. Dut sometimes h e ·j~ engaged far int o the ni ght. :\t 7 :30 h e ta k l·s a loo k at "IT w th e Office I~ l)' . ·aw the Ball ,ame" a n cl o th e r scene.;;. _.\ fter th:lt _h~ tak e,..; ad,·atJtag-t• l1 f th l' b ea uti fu l m oo nligh t and g·o~ .. =-'k at1ng- for a c o upl e of hou r s . :\t <.'lc,·en h~ tire ~... of this, take-. • ,f{ snml'lwrly's "ka t <'" a n d go"·s stro lling- d )\\' n a · ha- no .


The Andror

starry la n e. That perhaps o ug ht to e nd his e \~e nin g·~ w o rk. !! s tud e n t 1s kadmg thl· nut y o u a r c llll. s t ..... J.-·~ •'- n . Tbis a \·c: ra ... trenUOtlS life. f [c n •aches hi s room at tw eh ·e and finds tJ~rel' o r fo ur fell o w ··s tay-in-t o wn s ·' the re. They spen d th e t11n e fro nt 12 to 2 pleasantly of cour;:,e: but h e r is wh e re m y pe r·nnal ob~ e n·ati o n ceas . . Rum o rs ha,·e co m e to m e o f cards: hu:. .i u ppose th l'V mean "Flinch'' and . c ld. i\laid,''. anc.l -.:i.n~ ­ ilar olh-(!r harmle ·s games. N ·xt day afte r dmne r tin ~ ;unb~ll ­ ous st udent awak _ from a dream-haunted s lee p a nd h ·gm · th e occ 11pat iou of th e day. . \\' h en finalh· t h opening- day of the win t e r te r m arn,·es, th e pres ide nt's kindly eyes wand er down th e ro w o f s tu.d e nts: and then h e smiles at the glow of h ealth and g ood feclmg o n their fac es. Then blessin gs o n th e ambitio us plans unr ·~lize ~l , th e learned book s unread, th e t e n c<.."ltt s h ows t h e s ts t er s novels , and above a JJ blessin c-s on th e d ear ld s tand -by , "Flinch" and ''01<.1 1\ l a id." ODSER \ ER.

• THE ANCHOR. Published b7 TlfE AHCBORASSOCIATIOH, Hope College, Belland, Micla. BOAR.D OF EDITOIU

Editor-in-C'ble t A S$iSl.aOL F:llitors I ..oca i .E d i l<li'S Sode t .' · E d11or Al um n i J::tl iwr Exrhnoa-t: J.:dlror A t.hlctlc Ed itor SratT r\ rt.i~t.


Suh!.e ri&ltioo .:\fl\na~rer l3usl n ess M an a).!c r

A s istunr B u,fo•·s .. ~l nnnl!cr

Arnold Mulrtcr M iss Elizabe th Grotemat, P . 1!. Bfnlmmp M iss ~l lld retl W c,..ton. J . \'an ZanLCo Jamf's T. V c neklrl.., n J o~cpb Sizoo - A . J . Van Houtc o l' . 11. Pleune

IJc nrr De Kru lr J . 1. . U oa-~e-n

- Pb. J on ltf' r Fronk K . \\ yni:~

Add:-cs!' a ll l•n mmunicatlons t.O Tut; Asu n o l't. Hot'IC Colleac. Holland. M lchl.ran. For Ath·ertie-:inl! Ha t<'s a~tply to llusio ·s,. .Manu;Cc r .



• ·e •



1-':nt\.·r •d

:.& L Lhe

P oo:t. Otll ·c at. H oli:t.o<l , .M icbh:ao. a ss cond-c lass mllil m atter.

THE GIRLs• NUMBER THAT NEVER CAME. This i~!-.ttc c f t! te : \nch o r was to haYe been th e g irls ' number. nut ~· fte r mature d ·li be-ratio n: t h e g irls d ecided that they arc t oo bus) to dit a ll 'L tmbc r of o ur co llerrc pape r. Thi · i.a gt·l'a t di:-:appuin t m t·tlt to a ll wh o rcml'mber tile ~ u cce:;" o f l a~t year . g irls ' numb e r. B ut the dis app intment o f th e read rs can no t be compared with that o f the editor who is no w d cpnn' tl f his vacatio n. a nd wh o, in ·tead of rcadi n rr th e \\. ilcl \ \' e"t tori c that h e had a lready pick ed o nt, must co ntinue bi ting h i: :tub p e ncil to find n e w tho u a hts. T he r e is , ho w e,·c r, o ne consob tio n for him. Duri ng the last fe w lllonths th e g irl ~ ha , ·e bee n avi u cr j o ke o n the edito r to put them in l h e g irl :'' number. 7\ o w th ey ca n b e ca t into th e wa.. t c paper ba ·ket "h e re they will doubtle~ ~ . e n ·e better purpos es. T he g irls h ave in t h e pa~ t g i,·en th e Anch o r splt·n<.li tl s uppo rt; and . in ~pite o f thi s di sn p1 o in tmt:n t. here 's to th Ji upc Coll egt· gi rl .




Grand Rapids' Y. M. C. A ., 32; Hope, 33· Friday. Dcc~ ml 'L' r 2 1 . !lope pia) ~..· d it s fir~t game in th~ J nternrlnn l t.> ag-u~.: at t h t: (; rand Papid · Y . .:\1. ~ . . \. The game npc: u d \\"it !1 kar in th -..: h eart~ ui th e faithiul \\"h O had jo~tr­ lH'_\" L'd to <;rand ~ ~a p i cl · tc cheer for o ld J [ p~: fu r ])~ L(ruif. l'a:'ily the bc~t {)(lint \\"inn t' r fo r J lo pe. \\'as ou t of th e ~amc-.

<,f t h l' gT~..·at c,· c nt~ of ,,u r

c• 1h:gc yea r. th e <tnnua l orato riral t:nnte:-:.t.

Each youn g


,, hu e nters the cont e :-:.t. ent e r~ t c \\'in . and l ' :1l'h O th' i..; g' in;.:: h win. nly o ne·. o f co nrse. can rec c i,· ~. · th e lt'i~..·n·d pri z~..·-:t 1 ' II · tl 'z l. ,!!·t·•·:tter kw d o llar~ in mnn y : hnt a \1 \\' 1 \\'111 t ~.: prLe " "-1 I. f ·11(1\\. ::-Ind '-·nl". r ·:-pet.:l io r h im:--d f. r.::n.•=t\l' l' n •:-: p l·t.:t rnm ,,, 1..: 1

and yalnahlc


n e will lea rn the k:':-:.nn :--•> h a rd f<1r




ddl' :t1 g-racchlly and


l ~ut .

t rctining- in n rat t1ry.


he:-:.t of all. all to h·arn. ,If


Th e r e j..;

thi :-:. y ea r a h e;tlth y fPc lin g nf mut ual appn·c i:tt io n a nd mnttnl gnocJ-

fl•ll ow~hip a moll ~

th e (lrato r :' Of thl'

c\iffcr~'lll clas~e'.


The petty jeal tt :'ics that h:t,· · m:trn·tlm a ny a prc, ·i nt:-:. l't!l t c.~ t is a lt oget h e r lacl-· in~. The g-irl:-\ arc n o t c tH L· r ed in thi:-t'r1nt e:-\t , but th L:y \\'i ll a ll I> ' th<:r c \\'il h h c:--t \\'i:'hl'S fn r l·<H'h r• :H'

n i th(' s t.e.!kt·r:-:.: a ncl \\'h e n th e local

et'lltl'~t i~

,._i ll do all that !'ympathy and gond \\'ill ca n c.lo t ,

n the 1

l'\' L' lllll n-,



F ~..bru ary 1 ~t.

a rn <'f!iL'

J \:111.

• ~.....

h elp l l npl'

The c1 nh·:' t \\'ill 1 e held 111 (

0\·e r th o;. y



BASKET BALL. Crescent Five, 38; Hope, 29. O n Dec cm lh ' r 1 2 I l o pL:'s fj,- ~. . ;-;h \\'l'cl it:-:. cb:-:.' amnn~ th~..· ha:'kl't hall t c-ams < f tlw c • untry by h ld in g th e Cre. n·nt Fi,·e o f E,·an~tnn. 111.. t o a ~core f 31.") t 2~. It \\':t~ a fi r t:e ly cc)lltC~tcd game:. l t \\'aS E,·a n ~tnn' · tir:'t o n a 10.000 mik trip. a nd tlH' \ ' w•_re d<'lermin c d t o :=ta rt th~..· ir trip right. \\'hik·

ll npc l'1; dea ,·nr cd t o r , g-istl' r a , · ic t o ry arra in ~t th e :\ . . \. 1 -. l..'hampinn~. Th e bq.:~:c- tloor in arncg-ic g-y mna s ium g:a,·c !1\11' llppo n <.· n t ~ am p.l c opportunity to excc n t c a 11 th e ir pl ay ~. w h ic: h in fa ct th ey w~rc f<•rccd t o d o in o r lcr t o win n tt. :0: o n ..· f)f th e fi,· c star~ pickL<l frn m th e h c~t material in the l"ni t ~·d · tate:-:. and Ca n ada o ut da:.;~cd hi ~ o pp<. n e nt o n th e H o p e t ,'tlll l. \\~e ca n feel pr ucl o f o ur ~b o win g ;-t g·a in ~t a team wh ,:;c r cce 111 w o rk hid~ fair t o make th em the int~.·rn at i onal c h a1llpi n :::'.


m Frida y

E. L. (


T lit' A II,.;, (]1'

THE CONTEST. \Y,.: a rc again appn1ach in g


Tltt A ndt f' r


h og-g-c.·n. in hi ~ plat:c at fon,·ard. pl:1yed :-:trong- hall. and l~Y hi~ wo r1 ::t th:·u,,in ...:- lll>:n th~.: fou l li n _ w o n the g:un~. lJ npl! pl:iycd it:' r h arti<.."lt• r i ~ t i c fa~t game and b e fore t!H.~ rand l'api d:' t ~..·a m a \\"t~ k1..· to the iad that t he r e ,,. :'~ a ba~kl..'t b~!ll g"alllc h~..· ing- pla y~..· d J l op~ ran u p fiftc-.. n points. \\'h t: n tit ~ Y. :\ 1. ' ·. . \ . lin;.il ) 1 -eg~'l l l n play n ·al bal l tiH' ~ame \\·as \'·:onh "grling fn:· tn :-:t·e. · Tlw fir~t h:llf C'nclt•d in fa,·or o f IJ opl' . 2-f- - l ( l . . \ l: hatl~l.· d li:1c \n11·I · ~..·d \\'0 1Hh.· r:; fo r . rand ,(:! p i,! ... ~liH l in tit~..· :' .. cn11d !tali tt · ~..·y all but turn ed th 1..· tabl e~. The ml':l i·t nra: t:.::l' \\'l'rt: tiL·d ~t· ,· ~..· r a l tim es hut n ... \ l' r pass~..·d . In th ~..· la~l m in~t ll' n; play l ~n~!-';a n t hr t: \\' the \·;in n ig- p u int ~wd ll u ;)c ~..·on i s fi r st ga1111..' in th -..: rar ~ f, ,r the pC!ilt<llll i th -? I IIL ~ r urh:t n f .•.. :-:guc .

G rand Hav en, <;r :1: l'l ll ·t \l'll

I I ;

Hope, 45·

ca~y ,,-Jtn Jl >t e m :.: :

tht:ir tc-am tm J )t•c ~.. nt h tr ..:/. ( ) ur team c:ould c: a~il) haY c d•,uhlcd o ur ~c o n·. ln1t \\·a . Ct llllell t t n \\'in b y a d . t: i:--i\·t· Ulll.' . Th l' ···am c \\'US tor> u ne ~- i<k d t o a f(o ql ~..· x~..·it ell:L' tll fo r th t: ~pet.:lators. Thi - ga m ..· 111 a r ;, L' d u u r ~ t' c < 11 d \ · i c t t r ~ i n t h :.? l : 1 t '-' r u r b a n Lea g u :- . \\' :t :'

r,·iusk~gcn. I7; I-I ope. 28.


n u Tw::-' (ia y night . J a nll ary -+- J IO {h ·~ FiYe ~ \' ('!led up all l)ld ~.: nrc \\'l th .\!u,kegon . Yt':l r~ a ~.!''~> th t y :-: IHH\ed u;-; tbal \\' l' ··o uldn ' t play i u11t ball; :'h11\\'ed u .; r at h~..-r d ·.:-ci:' i\'(~~ y . to . \\' c: nc \·e r fo rgot t h at and wh e n we t no k o ur p l ac~:-. o n the 11oo r in ! !a ·kLy _ 1-!'."llllla ~ ium it \\'a ~ :-:till fr~..·:-\ h in o ur 111 cmor)r .. ~ ~Lt t ~ ­ k q~o n :-\ttl l th o u g-ht that they \\'ere playing i .l t ball a n tl u sed t ':' rather rou~~h l ~\. <md the: n e t · ~urnHt JHling th e fi eld of playho ther .:> cl :O:CllllL' \\'hat hut J lope w a~ (11l t t o \\'in and \\'in we ·clj . l. This g- :1111~ m~rkcd ur thi rd Yict lry in the lnt rurb « n L eague and k~..·cp~ u ..; 111 th~..: lead ,,·i th a J>l.Tl'l' lltag-c u f o n e th ou~a nd . l\1. A. C .. 50; :H o p e, 30. Tir ed an d ~urt: Inn h ap t' Y a :-; a r~· sult c i the g,tme w it h ::\ 1'. 1 :-:. k~ g-o n. <•:trly the nc·xt nH>rnit: g· ,,-c \ \T i l t to L a n :-,i ng- t o :ned t h -..: u:am f r n m t h e \ !. . \ . ·. \ \ · '-' \\' '-' r c in 1H) :-. h :t p e to p by a f lL' r th e ;.!'~\111<.' f 1he ni g-ht before hut t·tit t' P th e s tro ng ~ s t g-:tmc \\'L'



- - - · - - - --


A nd1or

Tlu A1uhor

w·l' rc ah!c l p l3y, whi ch w as n nt f:l . t e n o ugh to !'t p :\L. .-\ . \\' e pbyed agin :-;t the cleanest and faires t t ea m w e ha,·c c \·e r lllL' t and h ::tYc llCI t•x c us ..·s t o offe r f r o ur defea t. Th-.. large cro wd in atte n dance at t h e game c h ee r ed u s free ly and \V C ca m e awtty feelin g- a s k indl y a . possible und .... r th e ci r cum!-' l.ln ct·. t wa :·ds o nr COIHJlH:r c r s. \\"e m et :\1. :\. ·. al ll o p c in February. at whkh tim e w e hop • t r et rit'\'t' ou r 1): t h n o rs. Thrc ... Yicto ri es o ut of the fo 11r games played d urin g- th e \·acatio n i ~ a Yc ry good r ecord with o ur t ea m c rip pled as it w as. \\ ilh s uch a nc r ei away fro m h ome \T"L' ca n C'\pcct good things fro m ur five in th e game:; to b p lay ed in Carn egie gymna!'i!ll11 fo rth .. n e xt tw > m o nths. \\" c m ee t al l i.hl' t\.·ams o f th e Inte rurban L ·ag·nc as \\·t·ll a $ )li \·l't, :\f. .'\. C. and Ferris In s titute.

JOTTINGS. F:!ct f. \ ":t n Lttnt .... n , the j o ke edi to r , faikd to ha nd in a nv j n tti n g ..; this tiu ic. F art 11. \ "an t c n spen t th e ho !iday s in B ca ,·c rd a m . Fact 111. \ ·a n Zn n t e n say . the I ! "~ \· crda m g irls a r • the o nly g-irls. li t' th a t hath t'a rs to h ea r. etc. \ ":1n I >yke-" I wi s h that girls w e r e as ca. y to catch a s rahl 1its. 1 c:n t!..'" ht lt' n duri n :-:;, o- Yacation .·· .. :\l :111 i:-' th · hnnt vr. w oma n is th e gatnt•.' '- T nnys n. ~


l 'rof. . ·utphcn h as a b oo k in whi c h h e k l·c ps a re~ord o f a ll th e so lid co up! ·s in hi~ clas. cs. 23 . kitl oo. 53 sk idnddl c. In Bible and E loc utio n F s tand s fo r ' F ine" a nd C f o r •· apital. '


EXCHANGES. " Coll ege Spit·i t"' is ,·cry ;tptly ckfinl.' cl in a n a r ticle in th ·· ll ill s da lt- loi legi:l Jl. ·· ·o ll cge ~ pirit , ' ' it s ay:-;. ··as L' \·cry ut h c r publi c e n ergy , in th e u ltimat ·, r esul vcs it:-.df int o t h · t: n t hu . ia!' m and c n ern·\· o f the indi,· i du ~d . Ench s tud ent must seck :..... for the L<:st in e\ u·y dcp;utmcnt in whi c- h h e is L'lllcr .?d and lllll · t ha ,·e a liYin g- interest i11 nil dl'p:t rtmcnts. l · ntil e \·t•ry st ud e nt is int c r .:stc.:d in a n d is suppo r tin g- th e at hl etic teams o f the . c h ool, until c \·c ry s tuden t is . ccki ng to stand at th <: h ead o f hi · da:--s, until c \·c ry :-.tudt·nt is an acti ,·c lllL'lllhcr o f som e o ne o f th ~ lite rary . oc icti l' · and thro u g h th ese is s tri,· ing to h o n o r his coll egc, until th r c is a c mi>lct c unity of aim fo t· th e bes t of all department s w e ca nn o t claim the hig-lw~t type o f co ll ege . pirit."



"l·ath ~r. wh e n 1 g-ra tluat t

1 am g u ing to fn llo w my lit e r ary

lh.'' nt an d \vri tc fn r m o n ey." "Jlum ph! :\J y "On , you o tt g-h t to be s u ccessful. all y o u did th e four yca r s y o u w ere at college. '- l ·.x .


• 4

.t\. k r\ugi di,·c .

i 1


Drop a Card :


lt's not a folly end a I JEATIIER for her pillow Or a CO ~JJC to thal fellow;


They'll smi le. Then a •' 'E:\IC or a D TCUifi: 1s g ood for one who's tollchy.



Each one for ONE CENT or for FIVE CENTS \ViJI secure them for y ou. New assortment of cards just an-iYed.


Tnd c r the s g-~c · tiv c title ''Jnnk ,'' The o ll eg-c \ Vorl d has a ve ry c !e, ·cr art icl e. It s tt' lHlc ncy t n m o ralize is rath e r pr edominant, yet th ,.'! m o ral is very apt. T h e bri e f all'l s u r.,.g •s tivt• titl e was w e ll chosen.





~ someone to jolly,

f IJ



When you are IJOonesick, or



) oung \\ c d- "I want acco mm o dati o n for my wi fe ." C le rk-'' uit e ?" ~ o nng- \ V ~d-" H ct you r lif !"he is." -E x.

ca n



An o ld C hri . tm as , to ry , told in a n C h ' a nd crisy way, appe?a rs in The C u lkge lnd cx. lts settin g and plot a r .? nai ,·e ly interwoYen wit h brig-ht a nd brisk dia lo g-ue. The to ry i - the o ld 01 ri s tmas talc t o ld in th e n ew hri. tmas wny.

h .. w h e . h o w c cl th e 1\ 1. .A. C . boys that h


~ ~




s' '


V .A...JST ::OEII.~, :PLO:EJG- ~ 44 B. Eighth Street,



Tilt' A n dw r


------ - -- - - - - - - -- -- - - - - --

" l iaYc my book . professor." .. Oh . n o . k'· lJ it, ~ J r. 0-ie -- in k, you' ll n eed it.'' Estellc-'' D r i,·e m o r e slow ly. Joh n ." J. \ ". Z.-" Ycs . bnt you s--. e t h e ho rses h a,·e n 't karn ~ d the '(J-l' dttcation~ l \\'alk yet. " :\ l is · h~ . 1~ . (to "c haefe t·)- " a ll agai n wh~'1 1 yo u can't stay so lon g-." lagh pen t C hris tmas in 1'\orth Hollan d and Rog-gen in l·:a:;t Hollaf!d . The-e g ra , ·e ~ <:nior: a r c trying to lead the -.. implc life and t breath · the fr e e co u n t r v a ir.

--~ Hy getti ng your

'lo th <' mnd C' nt

DY' KJ4.:~fA, 'l.,n~ rl,Atr~on

~~===·l=E==·=J~=rc=:=R=,z·=a=S='·t='l=tK=E=~=·========z=======O==Te=r=Lo =zl=tk=·c=r=-J={=Ul=~=·=rs=C=o=.====~ ·uu w c n s-· ·t' m l>us il'r th a n a dog w ith ntn c pup:.; . During- Yaca ti\J n Prof. ~ l a=-t'~ dai ly prayer w a.:' ""\ \ ' h L'll I say th at t h e g ymn as iu m is c los d, it is closed."

R . d ' Z ec uw has

b ~c n Yi ~i tin g-



h ome in t nw n d u ring \ 'aca-

t ion .

.-\!th o u g h th .:y tJ·icd h ard , P hil J n kt'r a nd . tzou w ert' un :tl,le to ~t:1 y ou t o f t 0 \\'11 a ~ l ,·aca t io n . R oggcn- "Dr. l'ull e n say s th a t li g ht:; ll llt:-.t be o ;.t t at J O :30, hut th at d oesn' t mea n th at yo u llltt ~ t b L' in l>l'd ." \ ·-e i·n c < )g-glc (ma king- a Yi ~ it t o R ng-g-'"' n ·~ rc,1Hn )-·· 1 t ho u gh t I 'd ca ll n yo u ; I cll> n't kno w w ha t til do fu r about t \\ '<J min ute ·.'' \\ ynia a s k ed a g irl ~ix t im es t o ~kate \\' it h h im . and :;till h e h a d t o . k ate a lo n e. S lagh ':-; days of g-race a r · o \·er. De :\fotts-" Is :\1 iss S-- in ~ .. L ach·-"Y c~ . \\'<' uld y o u lik e t o t G :Ik to he r ?" . D e ~I tt s -" I I o w cl o yo u d o . ;, I iss pl eased t o haY c y o ur c >mp a ny to th e h a~ k et h a ll g-ame t nmnrrnw nig ht.'' ~ I iss S .- ''\\'h a r c y o u ? I d o n' t k n o w you. Con d hn~ ...




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ready for burning.



C1tz. Phone 715

TuE BOOKMAN . 200 RiTer Street, H olland, 1\Ikh.







J'n n .\ .


New Blograp!llcal o:ct!onlry.

1: :!1-.r 1:\ C '1icf, \\'. T . 11.\ l~ R IS , l"u.n.. L L .n .• · . S. CoJtu. 11f I! lur:ulun .


"! lcf Ju,t lcc F l ' 1.1. E R. •• S. S upre me C•>urt. h:\• littin~h· ot.'\ i I: I r~'\r I t he t n~ o f !l.c " " ""' ' '·""" iu .. L.. IIM • y u ( •lrllnlti•lll, Qll I h:\\ e r..un.t lt In ••a ....,.,..,~t> uiii VI C:h: •.ncl tlluruu~:h.


Al t1o, ·w EUSTErt'S COLLE GIA.TE DICTIOSAU.Y Tbe LATEST and LAROEST ABRJOOMENT of the I:'IITERNATIONAL Two A ttractlve Edltl'lns. FREE, •• Dictionary \ Vrinktes. " A!so ilfust rated pamphlets.

\ "ander :\i t: nlen (in Educationa l) to \ an Dyke wh o ::c '-'_"C'S arc ), J in ~'ill ' T \\' L' :trily ) -"~ o ,,·, ~ lr. \ "an j),·kc ..,. , y o u ma,· .. i ·11 us ,,·hat R o"SL' thinks ahnut sleep." \ "an I )yk c-" J{ o ..: .;e:J tt thin k s you oug-ht to le t th e chi :d :-k(.'p as mucl; as ! 1e pka.scs ."


Cnllc~e pi;'\~ cd h <ts k et ball at ~rand TTa,· . n a ],,ng ~catch on.' r hi-; ia cc . T h c r .... arc twn ,·c r sions nf it-; cause. Rogge n say~ it was a p m 111 Han·e,··=~ '' eatet. The oth e r.~ sa~·- !! ! D--: \\ C- S -a . aid . he \\'Ht )d :-'Urcl\· ha.-e ac~ · pt cd \\·- ,-a·. in,·it l' to :'\'Jrth H,111and. if he h ad n o t asked l:.thel

\\' hen I fope

i~ngg-cn n.· c~.•i,·cd

A good assortment of stamped wood nO\·elties,


23S:J Qu:uto Pages.

G·. & O.l"lERRI.A !\1 CO., S J,riu g fi c ltl, lUa..·:-o •• l:. S . A. G I~ T T Jl };;


J9 Headquarters for Pyrographic Goods ;f2


H"w Gazett.:cr of t:1a World.


Est e l!e- " I wis h I h a d a litt l cl og.' ' ]. V. Z .-"ll w w oul d 1 do?''


KI·: C'ENTf~ Y


fi r~t.

I ::;

7 /u A




1 '1u A n cltor

. \hL· ( whu1 ~ It <.: S up ltom nn:=-- t onk the .Juni o r ~~.·a t ~ . t h ~.· d ;n ;u'l (' r .'d i:'s \ 'a n z·~ accident ) -"I \ \ u ll't gc..:t intu the; rtt:'h : cHh' h ur in ~h e fa111 ify is l ' ll O tt}.!·h." ~li:o>s

l~card :--lcc

F or your I uuc h eou or

L - rk --s- ·· 1 th ink it 's a s hame for :\las t to tak<' sk:tting-, when h e'd prollliscd th at I cottld ~ with


h im .··


V ,m eier ~lc ~ u i c:' n told >he S e 11 iors t n ~ tudy· ba ·ie:i and t h e ir w;ty ~ dtt r ing wint<•r , ·:tcatin n. \"a n Zant en s aY s he did Sttlll •' , a!n:thll· :=elf-study and inttnd h in 1 ~c lf an apt ~H hj cc t. S tu den t~, dn n ' t fo rget to p atronize t he ad ve rtisers in T he Anchor. It w tll pay y o u.

urn1s tngs.

Served at C'lubs, R e t anrants and H otels. Al~o sold at your Grocer. B~VARE

• ' Ve a r e a lready rece1vmg un·01 ces of nobby :Kec kwear and Dress Rhirts for our Spring trade. ' Ve a re sole agen ts for t he celebrated


IMI'rt\TION ~ .



I I is YOUR busi,uss to know what you want in the line of GROCERIES. II is T HE A tVCHOR'S busin rss to tell you 'VIIERE TO GO, nnd I t is O UR busiluss to gi·:e you what you \\'ant \Ve have it on hand . Fres h Eggs We Always Have . Come and compare our prices with t.he priC'es of otbem, and that will do the res t. \\·e have the bf:'st.



3l 2 Central A v., 0Jt7.. Phone ()7, -2r.

"Emery" Shirts. --------------------------------------------------T HE SWE ET E ST P RES ENT

If you intend to i nvest in a uit or Over •oat. at th is t ime, we can save you fr om 25 to 33~ per cent. Your i nspection i nYited.

A box of our best

~hoGolatc 6r6am Bon Bons





R· w· Gf\ LK I11JJ

Citz. P hone 470.


20U River S t.









a::~:.~ ;:~HDOAODA+ooooNOOBOOROODSoo+•;E~;::L·;:u·G·s~=::l

JsoLL• 'In,


Mtc a .


.~OCNH)oo-ooeooo oo -oooo."OOoo••~•...coata:.;o~»-eoeo


.. Tlu rf 111 •lw r


(>etlllitllfS .,

:\Jl(f ~lep


\\,.e're Still


J,jJ)O\V 'J.,())lS ~\t.

AI.£ e~

I : ) "1..1.

havd a swell line of lfashionabltt ov ... rcoat~. SLL.Y'l~Bll & COOI')BR, 8 E. Eighth St.


_Tailors, Ilatt.ers and Furnishers. 'Vhen in nfed of



Mirrors, Paper Holders, Clock Shelves, Statuary. etc.


of all kinc1s. ==============~=

to (it up y o •• r rooms, come and see ns. \Vo c.:an furui. h them t•1 tsuit the poc.: kethook .

H. Van 'l"'oiJgercJl Street,

~l i



\\..e bave eYerything iu tlte line nf

Fr6Sh, Salt ana StnOK60


'l .. rot11f:J's I>loture Store, · 52 E. 8th St.


230 \V. TwelfLh s treet.

• •..






! I!


Hae the largest circulation of any paper


published in the Holland langnagH iu the



United States



known upon application.



Advertif'ing rates made

$1.50 PER YEAR.





c. A. stevenson. The Re~~ble Jeweler for L . E . Waterman and John II olland lo"ountain Pens









J. II. Den 1-/ercler, Citizens Phone 210.




in and s ·e their lin e.



Giving 10 per cent off to students,

Sp,ltll<liJlg, Rea(·l1 :111(1 D. & l\1. Atl1letic Gt)O(Is

12 East


TJu A1uhor

Holland City News M n Mer Bros & W b elan, Pr ps

lf/Jl 00 a


All Kinds of Book and Commercial








o • o eo • • eooooooo..o oooooo-oooo-ooooo-o o • • o oeoooc.oooo-oo


Iliohan ~


Collt~t•f> !'- h at.•man.

Graduat~ io Boo t. a ncl ~'<ho~ Art..

E • 8tl1 St .

oaoeooooeoooooooooa.eooooooeoeooeeee.aooeeoo~ .

Tltr A n rJ.t1r

.,. •

... I

ll cafl ctun-rtf' r::4

13 l\ N I{

~_,II{S'I' S'I~A ~I~E


.'treP.t ancl Central Ave. ,


l lt~Ha.ncl,

tin e Pt•rfnme.






Co r. ~th an d Rivor . ' t.reets.



:olcl •11 R o:1e ou r f';pecinlty. :;.; Cen t.s pl•r Onu ·e '1,. 1:1 ~-l .:l N, lJro 1 ).

f ell'

'Vith Savings Department. <'a pitn 1 $50,0oo. oo Cornet·


Tlu A ndtfJr

Ilull nntl , ~li l·higan .

jfra ltlt lilt jLife 11 ttSttra1tce (to •

Fu rn i h es r C'(TistC'rPd i mwr:uwe.

are al~o

P d l ic·ir

Rec un.. d by deposit o f e ntire Hl·serve wi th tit(· • tat•~ of lllin r> i~. ~ l'e \\~~1. .r. OL I\.1-:, \Vpst l·:igltth !'t. Tel ephon e~:


:?~ :

reshl en ee. !;'i




! iJ


You Know From Experience

that we h:-tn• the finC'. t room in l! nllancl for a c r(lwd to enjoy them sel ,·cs O\'er a socia l glass of ice l:n.• suafa, aud fo rge t I he f>o n~ or Htttd ~ ing.. .... . f A I I',t: UI assurlmen/ t1./ lu"tll g rad~ Candit•s aiWll)'S un l~cuul.




W he11 It ..'V eecl s I t

Ot·t you r \Y nt<-h t\' J'a ire cl a t lfa rdie·R. Pri cC'. · ~ rcnsonablt\ an d Yt)t t r money l1:tck if not :-;utisfil·ll. ~

"~ 1-r d.Ie, th e Iar

1 e'\ve le r,

c·o,·. Ehchth l"trl·c't.

:lOll C.:c·nrral

• ,

a n· ll llt' •


~'{®~"t!>~(!S.f~~~-~~~~er'4!!>~~@?;-4~- @:rc~@:r~



Hf..JllntJd Cat1d)r J(itclJell

We Appreciate Your -rrode ~

''1' I,l I•'".


'iti~ C' n s

~li ch.

Phone 205.

Boone's Livery, Bus and Baggage Linf. HORSES BOUGHT AND SOLD. Citiz ens Pbeue 34.


I~I..JOOST E ll)f"'~\ N


' l,L\lL()l{ RII<>I>

J;;o E . Ei g h1h

------------------------------------------------------·-------------------------------------------------------209 Central Avenue .

E. B. STANDART ------------------------------------------------'rHE

Ghds. D. srnith, Druuotst .J i Eu t Eigh tit . 'tl'cet,

Bell Pllone 20


' tr~

't .

Cleaning an cl Bc p'liring u c;ttly and quil·kly d one. Tmnsc r~ and h'Prnlls fur salo. C'nll a n d see u R.

ITY MERT Mf\RI\GT FiHh a n rl

V c !.!et:thlt>~ .

\~' n\.

n~~ l i ,·ory

in City.

vnn cJc.r veer, Pr

p. 152 E

All kin J~ o ( ::\l eal, P o ul t ry


Tlu fln, ·!J,,,.


STlJIJBN'l .. S Pa~

thi:; copy on to you r eullt:gt! frietul~ \\ ho ~re not regu ln.r sub~ ·riberli aml "'et them to suh · •rib •. Patronize the ath•e r ti~ers and h nstle fur




00 TO

{i'or a nice, fresh Lox of

Chocola1es C. Blom, Jr. Bon Bons w . ~~ighth ~t - AND-

The Candy :\Iaker. .•



flollaud, M kh.

WalkOV6r Sh06.


ti •••






Auc le ut.n •• d :\t.,cfc>rn ~ llu.llf'P' knn LlteralureR; Lo~lt- ltla~· tl> rlo 1ual1 E.loc utlon; \JnTI•t> lu Hti<'R Phy,,,., 81111 A.:t t·t •u n tuy; C h t• wl :< t • y u.11tl (.; , •.,J•JJ.r.v : T h t> B lul• ' lh:al ~ ·l t--u •·t'~ : Phllu:-ul,.l. v: ~ awrPd l.ltf•Jat.ure: G \•KrH.pliy, llls . ory. C l\•11 v u \·e•nment H.ut.J 1 ·~ \hjlo;;y; I 'r"' ... laue a.ud M Ublc .

For Men.

$3.50, $4,00 and $5.00






28 [••. Eighth street.


N orotAL.


Th • W li':.Lt •r " Th culu~I<'J\I ~ernlnl\ry llns 1t. cnurse p1uctl.-lLI a111 lt." sister :ttuuiuarles lo toe \V~tot••


t; tudy as full and

Corp.s of L.xpc rienred 1ns true tors.


f't • l't3 :\1art~u e tte rh.lJwav. 100 miiPs frl>D1 Chic ago. 2~ mtle• fr 111 n GrKi oCI Hl\1Jit1 '1.

l OCA TION :- On tt.P

Lead in

Exp a nses Mocterate.- F •• r turther 111formatl11n or C'a.\l'ltos:-ne upply to

OROCERIES AND DR. Y OOODS Special accommodation to Boarding CJubs. 21 East Tenth Street, Hollaud, Mi ch .

PHr r.o s OPH I CAL, Scr EN1.1FJ C



KOLLEN, LL. D., Pres .

Profile for Hope College Library



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