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AGA 2010 Pictures Opening Mackenzie Pulp Mill Revenue Sharing signing in Victoria and much more........... Minister Pat Bell and Chief Derek Orr

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Hello everyone!! Wow! I made 3756 pictures in August of MLIB events! AGA 2010, the Mackenzie Pulpmill opening and a historic agreement signing in Victoria. I ve never seen so many happy MLIB faces, lol! Hats off for Chief & Council. Our grandchildrens grandchildren will benefit from the opportunity that has been created! For our loyal newsletter readers we made a new and easy website. Visit for our most recent newsletter, but also our archive of old newsletters, AGA reports and Quarterly reports.

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Adele Chingee McLeod Lake Indian Band Manager The months leading up to August are always a busy time of year because we re planning for the AGA. We work hard to make the event bigger and better each year. This year was no exception; we had record numbers for members and corporate business partners coming out to celebrate with MLIB. In Administration we strived to complete the Annual Audit on time, which we are happy to report we accomplished this. Thanks to the cooperation of the Trust and the Entities for doing their share and completing their Audits on time. MLIB has again another good audit. Which shows that we are in line with our governance and operational policies and procedures. It s also a good indication that we have good leadership and management team in place. I want to take this time to congratulate the Council, Management and staff for the terrific job they re doing to being fiscally responsible and accountable to the members of the Band. Especially when we are still encountering economic challenges and the Band continues to operate under a compressed budget. In the aftermath of the AGA, the Band celebrated 2 important signing ceremonies, one in Mackenzie and one in Victoria BC. The Band signed 2 important agreements which will assist MLIB in moving forward in a positive direction. These agreements will focus on education, health, community development and restore our culture and language. Most importantly, there are safeguards put into place for these funds flowing to the Band. We all have something to look forward to, myself I m excited about our language, and it s been many years since I could speak Tsek hene fluently. We re currently working on making improvements to our water with new wells being built. We have to do this because in the past, there was little or no planning in place when during community development; when this happened it compromised our current water supply. With funds from INAC we are able to address the problem before it escalates. Moving forward, MLIB will follow a development process which will deter potential problems. Anyone wanting to develop any shed, fence, house, community centres will have to make application to the land management department; it will then be reviewed by the land management committee and finally decided by Council whether to proceed to not proceed. We want to discourage people from building any sort of structure just anywhere they see fit, if they work with the lands coordinator and follow the process, it will save MLIB a lot of unnecessary work. We now have a Human Resources Manager hired for MLIB. This position is cost shared with our entities. The hiring of the HR Manager is in line with Council s directive to making positive changes to the way we do business in MLIB. Our goal is to improve our standards and work ethics. We want to be accountable to the members, so we want to make sure our employees are the best of the best. And when they leave us they can go to work anywhere else out in the real world. Chief Derek Orr, Jodie Ware and Adele Chingee will be going on a Community Information Meetings on September 20-22nd in McLeod Lake, Prince George and Vancouver. What we re doing on these meeting is to provide members an update on the Trust Variance. We look forward to meeting the members and addressing their questions and concerns. In closing, I want to say thank you to Council, management and staff for all their hard work and remember we are a team. When we re a team, we can move mountains. I look forward to continuing to work with all of you! Mussi Cho. 3

Congratulations to Mr and Mrs. Derek Orr and their beautiful children, Erica, Logan & Owen! Marriage is a lifetime commitment as demonstrated by our past ancestors. I say this because my dad loved my mother to the day he passed on. Your Tsekh’ene love will last forever. Enjoy every moment and everyday because there is no greater love than family love. I’ve seen much love, support and happiness within your family, you are so lucky to have one another. Congratulations and I wish you a lifetime of happiness and love. From, Adele Chingee

When Sabrina got buried in January, Vincent Chingee sang her an Indian song at her grave side. It was a very great honour he will never forget. Sabrina s dad, Verne Solonas, gave Vincent this gun. It is a Ruger .335 Winchester Magnum. It is not unusual for a Sekani to reward such great honour with a special gift.

Thanks to everyone who helped cleaning up!! 4

Vincent Chingee

British Columbia


McLeod Lake Indian Traditional Terri

Wi ton llis ke La


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McLeod Lake

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n Band itory

Dawson Creek

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Tumbler Ridge

W W aa tt ee rr H H ii gg h hw w aa yy ss




80 Km

GIS map made by Novalee Blake

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to Derek & Arlene, Congratulations on your wedding! Here’s to many more years of continued happiness! Sandra Hammond

Hello Everyone,

The summer is over and many student, young and old, are going back to studying. The E&T department has had a very exciting month and a half. I have to tell you that the children in McLeod Lake enjoyed the summer science camps that were in the village. First of all, the youth had two summer science projects. Science camps are geared to get children to explore science and technology in the ages range of 6-13. The Acuta Summer Science Camp ran from July 19-23, 2010 in the camp had 10 children signed up. The Education Department funded

was sponsored by Suncor Energy. This camp McLeod Lake Indian Band Gymnasium. The They had a great time with the instructors. the lunches for the children.

Thanks to everyone who helped cleaning up!! 7

Margie Alec

The Mad Summer Science Camp was funded by a proposal that the E&T department submitted to First Nation Education Steering Committee Society (FNESC). The Mad Summer Science Camp ran from July 26-30, 2010. This was open to youth ages 5-13. We had 10 youth in this camp.

College and Career Preparation Program in Mackenzie is starting up on September 13, 2010. Please call Margie at (250) 750-4415 or email me at The Mackenzie Employment and Career Centre is making their services available to the members again. One of the Employment Advisers will be coming out to McLeod Lake Indian Band on September 14, 2010 from 1:00pm ‒ 4:00pm, please call me to make an appointment. The Employment Advisor is a good place to start if you do not know how to start you Career or job development. The Job Board of the McLeod Lake Indian Band will be moved to the front wall across the Employment and Training office. The Job Board will display a different Trade each month. PGNAETA, which is the training funding agency for the McLeod Lake Indian Band, has been dealing with many changes in regards to funding criteria. The Participant Information form has been redesigned. This new form has been implemented in the E&T application forms. If you have any trouble with this new form, please do not hesitate to phone me for assistance. The Employment and Training Department has a community computer in the MLIB lounge. This is where you can check for jobs. For the northern area, you can go to 8

New and exciting things are coming! On September 15 and 16, 2010, the First Nations Human Resources Labour Council BC Trades Forum and Industry Showcase will be at the Prince George Civic Centre. This is a good place to meet employers, industries and companies. Northwest Community College School of Exploration and Mining is holding the last training until Spring 2011. The Mining Exploration Field Assistance Program is starting on September 16, 2010. Please call Rob Maurer at 1-877-277-2288 extension 5831. There will be a form that will be part of the Members update meetings. This will be an information form for the Employment and Training department to put together a member profile. This will help the department to place a member in the work they want. The form will be made available to everyone will be going to the meetings. The form will also be made available on the MLIB web. If you would like this mailed, faxed or emailed to you, please do not hesitate to phone me.

This summer the department had 1 Traffic Control person, 1 receptionist and 1 professional firefighter complete their courses. Congratulations to all of you. Here are some clips of Keinan Carty in the firefighters training.

Thanks to everyone who c e l A e i rg helpedMacleaning up!!

Many Mining Jobs are being made available to the McLeod Lake Indian Band Members and Ken Solonas is always recruiting new employees for the Northern Mines, camps and Duz Cho Construction. Interested Members are subject to Drug and Alcohol testing. All mines have strict policies on the use of drugs and alcohol and the camps are dry camps.


Signing of historic revenue sharing


Derek Orr at the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia, Victoria

I would like to congratulate Derek & Arlene and may you be blessed with all that you may need, including; strength, courage, guidance, good health and a long, happy healthy life together and with your children, full of love & laughs, now & always! Sincerely - Jo, Jason, Desiree & Darion

Derek Orr McLeod Lake Indian Band Chief Dear Members, I have to say 2010 has been truly amazing for me, both personally and professionally. When I was elected in 2008, I thought I knew what to expect as one of your elected leaders, but my predictions where small in comparison to what has transpired since June 2008. First though, I have to say, What a GREAT 2010 Annual Gathering Assembly! This year s AGA was a great success. There were more than 400 people in attendance on the second day! A great time was had by all and this was made possible by the tremendous work and fantastic plans by our AGA planning committee. The membership s attendance, visiting Chiefs from other Nations, Governments and Industry representatives, guests and visitors, and positive attitudes made the days complete. Mussi Cho to all who planned and participated and I look forward to seeing you all again at next year s AGA. On August 17, 2010 Council and I attended the Grand Opening for the Mackenzie Pulp Mill in Mackenzie. Premier Gordon Campbell, Forest Minister Pat Bell, as well as several dignitaries and representatives from throughout the region were in attendance. McLeod Lake Indian Band played a prominent role in the reopening of the Mackenzie Pulp Mill. Our participation, along with Paper Excellence and Sinar Mas, the Mill s new owners, was essential in order to get the Mill operating again. McLeod Lake Indian Band secured the forest licenses which provided the fiber necessary for the Mill to open and operate.  This economic activity from the Pulp Mill will bring greater prosperity for the region, revenues for the Band and jobs to our members. On August 25, 2010 the McLeod Lake Indian Band signed an agreement with the Province to share the Mineral Tax on the Mount Milligan Mine in our traditional territory.  The Band will receive annual payments for the life of mine which is expected to be 23 years. The money we receive under the Agreement will be put into a Trust for the Band and used to fund social and economic programs which will greatly benefit us both in the present generation and for the generations to come.  The signing of this document was a great moment, not for the accomplishment, but for what it means for our current and future members. In 2008/2009 McLeod Lake Indian Band cut budgets by 44%. This cut had a huge impact on Staff, Elders, Education, and Youth. Funds received from the Mt. Milligan Revenue Sharing Agreement and revenues from Mackenzie Pulp Mill will be put into Trusts much like the Treaty 8 Settlement Account. This will ensure that the funding deficit we experienced 2008/2009 will not likely happen again. The resources that will be extracted from Mt. Milligan will only happen once, so we must make sure that we use our money efficiently and effectively to reach all our goals. For instance, a gas station, community center, skating rink, daycare, and much, much, more, are all attainable as long as we plan carefully and use our money wisely. Our future generations depend on us!!


In addition, we have also secured a special relationship with Terrane Metals and Thompson Creek Metals, which will provide us with many opportunities over the coming years. McLeod Lake Indian Band has made sure that the environment is a priority and we will be monitoring Mt. Milligan during the life of the Mine. Terrane Metals has hired two of our members as environmental monitors and they will be responsible for identifying any environmental violations or concerns as well as being responsible for ensuring any violations or concerns are addressed immediately. The environmental monitors have been placed in an eight week training program. Once the program is completed they are expected to start immediately. There are many opportunities available for any members in Mt Milligan and Mackenzie Pulp Mill and other projects. If you would like more information on these opportunities, please call 1-866-283-6542 and ask for Ken Solonas. Mount Milligan Mine and the Mackenzie Pulp Mill showcase our Band s ability to work with Government and Industry. It takes a tremendous amount of work to complete a document like the Mt Milligan Revenue Sharing Agreement. So, I would like to thank our negotiating team, legal counsel, advisors, entity managers, staff and all the people that helped to complete the Mt Milligan and Mackenzie Pulp Mill Agreements. But most of all I would like to thank the Membership of McLeod Lake Indian Band for electing me as your Chief in June 2008. There is no school that can compare to this experience of being one of your elected leaders. As an individual I feel a tremendous amount of inner strength and courage that I have never felt before. I am very happy for this because only a year ago McLeod Lake Indian Band terrible financial trouble due to situations beyond our control. Yet, since December we have made the front page of the newspaper on a number of occasions due to many of successes the McLeod Lake Indian Band and our Members have achieved. This makes me more grateful because one year ago McLeod Lake Indian Band was at the tipping point and could have just as easily gone the other way!! But it was due to the hard work and sacrifice of all our Members, Staff, Administration, Senior Managers, Company Managers, Band Manager, Committees, Legal Counsel, Advisors, and Chief and Council that we were able to evade disaster. Everyone played a part in stabilizing the McLeod Lake Indian Band organization. Thank you all for you hard work and dedication!! 12

Finally, I would like thank my family, Owen, Erica, Logan and especially Arlene. Arlene has given me the greatest gift in the world, our children. Arlene has been with me ever since I started my recovery in 2002. Since then, she has been by my side and never wavered when many may have said goodbye. Arlene has been a source of strength and the voice of reason as I grew as an individual, partner, father, and leader. Today my life feels complete and it is because of my family. I have worked hard to find a reasonable balance with family and work. As many of you know Arlene and I will be getting married on September 01, 2010. Arlene and I choose a destination wedding in Oahu, one of the Hawaiian Islands. There has been lot of work and time away from the family over the last two years and it has been nice to get away with them and relax. We are having an absolutely wonderful time will see you soon. Thank you for your time and consideration. Respectfully, Derek Orr & Family

r r O k e r e Chief D


Elder Program Report

August has signing ceremony with flown by We Finavera; free helicopter had beautiful rides throughout the day; other BC First Nations weather for the most part, native dancers from communities and the but we do need rain for our Nad leh; a hypnotist; free funding agency believes environment. There has photography; face painting; this is fantastic tool/ been next to no berries in drum making ; and a process that should be the local area. What was baseball game in the used more than other around was very tiny and evening. We were blessed methods. Currently only 10 we had bears coming near with fantastic weather for Bands in BC are funded to and into the community this event and so much do this and we have been looking for food also. smiles and everyone having blessed as one. We are still The Elders Society a great time. Much thanks waiting on response to hosted their Annual to the AGA committee for have three fluent speakers General Meeting on August making this happen. work at our Daycare/Head 4th, the day before the CNC of Mackenzie is Start in a total immersion Band s. Fourteen members looking for a Band member program. We have been and guests attended. The or someone connected to denied the funding to host main agenda item was the the Band to design a First a two week language day draft Elder MLIB Elders Nation sign for a program camp in the Spring, but Policy and Guidelines at their school, so if you or maybe we can pursue other document, which has been you know someone that funding for that same since sent to you for you would be interested in this, initiative. to read. Gary Gurnsey has please contact me at the been contracted by the Band office. Band to have this policy in We have received a place within the next four positive response to host a months. He will probably master/apprentice program be speaking to this in the McLeod Lake document at our next community. A fluent meeting set for September speaker and a semi-fluent th 15 in McLeod Lake. speaker will spend 300 Many Elders hours together speaking attended the Band s only the language, which is Annual General Meeting on approximately 11 weeks at t h August 5 for the 6 hours per day. If you are reporting day along with sincerely interested in this, fantastic meals topped off please contact me and we by a game of bingo at the will apply for similar Historic site in the funding to have others th evening; and, August 6 involved. This technique of Love is what's in the room with you at Christmas if for recognition of sponsors; learning the language has education celebration; ayou recently been done in a fewand listen. stop opening presents 15

I have assisted an Elder with changing of her lawyer for her residential school matter. She felt it was taking much too long for her matter to be dealt with. This is a reminder to all residential school survivors, you have only until mid-September of 2012 to have your residential school case dealt with as that is the cut off date. If you have any questions, please call me at the Band office. In dealing with these residential school matters we need to understand the recurring trauma our people, who are usually our Elders now, go through in having to think, speak and admit has happened in their lives when they have to see their lawyers. We need to learn about the effects, how this is passed onto later generations and what we need to do to break the cycle of those effects. We need to respect the survivors for what they went through and as an individual and community work towards becoming a healthy community. On August 17th, several community members and Band Councillors attended the grand opening of the Pulp Mill in Mackenzie. McLeod Lake Indian Band has certainly made a specific impact by being part of this which includes the Pulp Mill, Paper Excellence and the demand by the Asian market. The restart of the mill generated about 220 direct jobs and 500 indirect jobs providing the local community with a significant economic uplift as stated by Premier Gordon Campbell who attended. Imagine that and MLIB is part of this. This is something we should be proud of. On August 24th several Band members including youth, adults, elders and Council members of the MLIB went to Victoria to witness a historical event. First, the group attended a signing ceremony between the Band and Terrane at the Grand Pacific Hotel at 9 a.m. and then walked next door to the Legislative building for the signing of the Economic Community Benefits Agreement between the province and MLIB. This gives the Band a percentage of the taxes paid to the government by Terrane Metals because they are mining on our traditional territory. This is another great day which will go down in the history of our people. Birthday wishes for September: Zepheria Isadore, the th 12 ; and, Evelyn Patsey, the 23rd. Belated wishes for August are: Gilbert Chingee & Roma Solonas, the 3rd; Jimmy Chingee, the 7th; Mabeline Akai, the 9th; Fred Inyallie, Sr., the 14th; EugeneIsadore, the 18th; and, Elizabeth Solonas, the 26th. Blessings to all for a good upcoming hunting season. Â

s a n o l o S e Geraldin 17

Diana Nakamura

More AGA 2010 pictures at

Diana Nakamura McLeod Lake Indian Band McLeod Lake Women s Empowerment Group The Women s Empowerment Group began in McLeod Lake in January of this year. We generally meet every second Thursday evening, have supper together and do an activity. Some of the activities we have done are watching the movie The Secret , making vision boards, having lunch and watching a matinee in Prince George and tending to the community garden. This summer, the Women s Empowerment Group hosted some really fun activities. In June, we hosted a Men s Steak Night. Approximately 25 men showed up to this event. Chief Derek Orr did the barbequing. Terra Tylee offered her hairdressing skills and spent two hours cutting the guys hair. It was an awesome night! In August, we had two events. We had a dream catcher making workshop and ladies spa night. Both evenings were very well attended. The ladies spa night was the biggest Women s Empowerment get together yet 20 community members showed up and got pampered with hair-cuts, hair streaks, manicures and pedicures. Wow, do we know how to have fun or what?!!!! This month, we will have another dinner and movie night and we will be busy harvesting our fall vegetables. This summer we have enjoyed eating lettuce, peas, radishes, broccoli, cauliflower, baby carrots and baby potatoes. We look forward to eating potatoes, carrots, beets and turnips. I think a yummy moose stew is in order! Many thanks to the women in this community who make this group enjoyable and successful!

a r u m a k Diana Na McLeod Lake Indian Band Mental Health Worker

Derek & Arlene: Congratulations and best wishes to you on your recent marriage. I couldn’t think of a better place than Hawaii to exchange your vows and celebrate your union with your children, friends and family. Happiness, good health and love to you always! Diane Nakamura

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Bernie Bear Lake, BC, 250-972-4483

Love is what's in the room with you at Christmas if

“To keep your marriage brimming, with love in the wedding cup, whenever you’re wrong, admit it; whenever you’re right, shut up.” Congratulations, Derek and Arlene from Steph and Guy

MLIB YOUTH We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future. F. Roosevelt My name is Barb Heine and I have been working as the new Youth and Family Worker for the past two months‌.and absolutely loving the experience! Tamara Dugan has also recently joined the team as the Youth Support Worker. The youth have been enjoying the summer months with Science camp, swimming at the lake, picnics at Whiskers Point, craft and sports events, pool parties in Mackenzie and even Horse Camp! Now that the summer is coming to an end and the kids will be back to school we are busy planning the activities and homework schedules for the Youth Nights. Youth Night and Homework Club will begin on Monday September 13th and will run every Monday and Wednesday from 4pm-8pm. Both Tamara and I would like to take this opportunity to invite the parents/guardians to come see us or call us at anytime with any suggestions or ideas that you may have for programs and activities or anything else that you would like to address. We truly look forward to working with your children and providing them with the opportunity to learn, grow, and explore!

Cheers, Barb Heine Youth & Family Worker MLIB Tamara Dugan Youth Support Worker MLIB

Best Wishes To Derek & Arlene on their union, Congrats and wished we were there!!! Mr. & Mrs. Inyallie Jr.

Tiffany Chingee

More AGA 2010 pictures at

Love is what's in the room with you at Christmas if you stop opening presents and listen.

Stephanie & Guy Rocheleau


MLIB Public Works All ACRS projects for 2010 have been completed. This includes fence repairs at IR #1 Pump house, installation of a new fence at IR #5 and roof repairs on the water tower. Valve mapping is now complete for IR 1 and will come in most handy when we need to find any valve in a hurry. Well drilling for new wells commenced on Aug. 10/10. This is a test well to find out if there is any water at this location. Water was discovered at 280 ft. and extends into bedrock to 340 ft. Technicians from AMEC did a sample pumping on Aug 20 /10 to determine the water quality. We are still waiting for these results to determine the next step. Daycare excavations began on Aug 03/10. Excavations were required to determine the soil condition for Geothermal heating, soil bearing capacity and septic service design. Engineering was completed on Aug 25/10. Blueprints could then be finalized. Copies of the blueprints were forwarded to Health Canada for review, Blockbuster to complete septic design and the P.G. Construction Association for tender.

u a e l e h c o R Guy 25

Congrats on your special day Derek, Arlene, Erica, Logan and Owen‌.. Live Love Laugh Always Jodi Sharp and Family

Jeanne Hegel McLeod Lake Indian Band Wow, where did our beautiful summer go? Fall is definitely in the air and before we know it another year will have passed. This is my first newsletter report and I have decided that I am going to try writing to you more often to share some of my personal stories and my work updates as the Executive Assistant of McLeod Lake Indian Band. For those of you that do not know me, my name is Jeanne Hegel pronounced Jan . I have been employed at McLeod Lake Indian Band for just over 1.5 years and really enjoy my job and the many special people that I work with. Mackenzie is my residence along with my hubby Joe, two golden retrievers named Jazmin and Maddie, and a parrot named green bird. In the summer I love to golf, just bought a new travel trailer for camping, and I try to walk my dogs every day. In the Winter I attend yoga classes, play darts, attend ladies parties once a month and of course walk my dogs. I do not have any children except for Joe, a big kid at heart, and my two spoiled dogs. One thing I really enjoy about McLeod Lake Indian Band is listening to some of the Elders tell stories of their childhood, their culture and old traditions of the McLeod Lake people. I love bannock and I don t mind beaver but I dislike Indian ice-cream and moose nose (LOL). My job can be hectic at times because I work directly with the Chief and the Band Manager, Adele Chingee. Some of my tasks include but are not limited to: organizing all the community, quarterly, and Chief & Council meetings, travel arrangements for Derek, Adele, and Council members, arranging meetings for Derek and setting his schedule, liaison between staff and Management, special projects such as the revising and implementation of the personnel policy and procedures and job descriptions, posting job openings within the band office and setting up interviews, and the list goes on. Currently I am on two committees; the Planning committee and just recently the Main Safety committee for the band office.


The 10th Annual General Assembly and 22nd Education Celebration that was held on August 5th and 6th was a huge success. We had members travel from as far away as Ontario and Saskatchewan and the planning committee raised almost $70,000 for this event. Over 100 people attended the meeting at the band hall. Some of the highlights of the reporting day were the updates from the MLIB entities and the trust as well as a bannock cook-off at supper time. Lots of people attended Bingo down at the Heritage site and lots of prizes were given away. The Corporate and Family day celebration included the education celebration to recognize all the MLIB students and their special achievements. Also there were helicopter rides, a pig roast, dancers, face painting for the kids, a drum making workshop, a hypnotist, formal family portraits at the lake, and a special baseball game to end it all. Over 400 people attended this special day for McLeod Lake Indian Band. Look for the pictures of this event to be posted on the website soon. Derek and Adele are both hard working band members who have the band s best interest at heart. They are more than fair people to work for and even have a good sense of humour when needed. I look forward to working with them and all of you in the future along with the many challenges that MLIB faces. MLIB has a very good reputation as being fair, professional and decent people to work with and that gives me great pride knowing that I work with such a good group of people. Derek is presently in Hawaii getting married as I speak so I would like to take this opportunity to wish him and his family the very best and much happiness for many years to come. A happy Chief is a good Chief

l e g e H e n n a e J 27


pening of the

Mackenzie Pulp Mill

Canadian Dehua International Mines Group Inc. #1411-409 Granville Street, Vancouver, BC, Canada V6C 1T2

Tel: 604-697-0118; Fax: 604-697-0113


Employment Opportunity Diamond Core Drillers Location: Tumbler Ridge Job: Diamond Core Driller Applicant should possess a wide range of experiences in HQ, NQ, BQ, and especially capable in dealing with caving zones. Operation with D6 cat, driving heavy duty truck, operation of heli-potable CS 14, and VD5000 12 hour shifts, both night and day shift In need of great communication skills, positive attitude, cooperative. Rate of pay $25.00/hr Please send resumes to: Helene Weightman Box 308 Tumbler Ridge BC V0C 2W0 Ph 250 788 9250

Employment Opportunity Driller’s Helper Location: Tumbler Ridge Job: Driller’s Helper Applicant should be a keen leanerer and hard worker. Training will be available 12 hour shifts, both night and day shift Experience operating heavy equipment an asset Rate of pay-dependant on experience Please send resumes to: Helene Weightman Box 308 Tumbler Ridge BC V0C 2W0 Ph 250 788 9250

Love is what's in the room with you at Christmas if you stop opening presents and listen.

Grandpa Alec & Atreyu Chingee 34

Jolene Solonas McLeod Lake Indian Band Housing

Love is what's in the room with you at Christmas if you stop opening presents and listen.

There is a lot that entails in the housing department and I would like take my hat off and give a big thank you to Guy Rocheleau for all the help, support and guidance that he has given me. When I started, we were right in the midst of the Canada s Economic Action Plan Retrofit Initiative for 2009-2010 fiscal year funded by Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation and Indian Northern Affairs Canada. There were six houses in total that were renovated. The renovations were all big projects, such as; replacing windows, doors, roofs, siding, insulation, flooring, a furnace and repairing water damage. This year, we were approved for eight units. This will include pretty much the same as the previous year. Though this year, I think that we will be able to finish sooner than the last year. We will also be able to renovate four other units with the Replacement Reserve funds this year. I am hoping that by next year we will be able to apply for the Residential Rehabilitation Assistance Program funding for the older houses. There are a lot of different guidelines and rules to follow for all of the different types of funding that we are able to access. We apply for funding from CMHC & INAC for the units to be renovated and CMHC & INAC determine which units are to be renovated and which renovations are to be done. I would also like to take this opportunity to let everyone know that due to the decline in the economics in the last two years, our programs and funding has been very limited. I apologize to everyone that has submitted applications for Off Reserve Housing Assistance and had to be declined. There are however other programs and funding with CMHC that can be accessed by the home owners. If you are interested in applying with CMHC, the link is And a great big thanks to all that make their regular rent payments and all who have filled out all of the required forms that need to be filled out annually.

Mussi Cho,

s a n o l o S Jolene Love is what's in the room with you at Christmas if you stop opening presents and listen. 33 38

Love is what's in the room with you at Christmas if

you stop opening presents and listen. 39

Agnes Solonas

Grandma Josie is doing an interview for a very important paper. Make sure the interview gets to the editor on time for the morning edition!


Jessica & Meaghan

We would like to extend our congratulations to Chief Derek, Arlene, Erica, Logan & Owen Sincerely, Tamara Dugan, Barb Heine and the youth of McLeod Lake Indian Band

Ken ‐I can get you a job‐Solonas

MLIB Education Department August & September 2010 Danache’a Everyone, What a great summer McLeod Lake has had this year, lots of sunny days!!! ! Well it’s that time of year; students are back to school… Leaves are starting to turn yellow, chillier evenings. I love this season; FALL!!!! AGA Update This year we held our 10th Annual General Assembly and 22nd Education Celebration on August 5th & 6th, 2010 here in McLeod Lake, BC. We had a fantastic turn out in donations, prizes and of course, attendance. Consensus feedback was it was very well planned! Thank you to my fellow planning committee members: Sandra Hammond, Jamie Ware, Jeanne Hegel, Stephanie Rocheleau, Margie Alec and Jolene Solonas. It was a combined effort and it paid off! ! This year I am pleased to announce the following recipients’ of this year’s awards: (Please note, due to the attendance & effort incentives being cut earlier this year, we were only able to utilize attendance up to Feb 2010 and Effort up until 3rd Term). “Congratulations to all students for finishing another successful school year 2009-2010!!” Elementary Category: Top Tse’Khene Student Runner Up

Megan Olson Mathew Voyer

Most Improved Runner Up

Devin Masse Kayleigh Calder Selina Smith

Top Attendance Runner Up

Katherine Inglis Elizabeth Inglis

Secondary Category: Top Tse’Khene Student Runner Up

Mariah Chingee Alyssa Tylee

Most Improved Runner Up

Quinton Tibbets Marlon Chingee

Top Attendance Runner Up

Jacob Grusing Jesse Tadgell

Post Secondary: Madame Justice Rose Toodick Boyko Academic Achievement Award: Michelle Prince


In addition BP Canada has also graciously donated an Apple Laptop, 2 - $150 gift certificates to Sport Chek and 2 DVD pack of Planet Earth. Since we already had prizes and awards for the above students, Margie Alec and I decided to put all the names of students in three (3) categories, they are as follows: Apple Laptop Grades 10 to 12 Brandon Duranleau


$150 Gift Certificates

Grades 6 to 9

Dylan Gagnon Bryce Fuson

DVD Pack (Planet Earth)

Grades K to 5

Justin Woolfrey Isabella Lightfoot

Please note that all names were pulled out of an envelope by Band Manager, Adele Chingee

Last but not least, Western Canadian Coal has also graciously donated 3 Intel Laptops complete with backpack and wireless mouse. The first two are for our Grade 12 Graduates, they are: • Robert Motz • Nicolas Stelnicki The last computer will be up for a contest that the MLIB Education Department will be offering to all Elementary/Secondary students. Criteria to enter: • Must be registered with MLIB • Must be attending a primary or secondary school only • 3 Categories that will be looked at when consider successful applicant: o Effort ! Must demonstrate good work efforts ! Report cards/Progress Reports MUST be faxed here by December 3rd, 2010 o Attendance ! Only excused ! Attendance Records MUST be faxed here by December 3rd, 2010 o Personal Attributes ! A personal essay must be submitted with your application for applying for this contest. • Why you think you should receive this laptop? • Since this contest will be fairly new, a selection process will be set up along with a selection committee. Please check the website for more details and updates. Good Luck to all students!


Elementary/Secondary 2010-2011 Letters were mailed to all elementary/secondary parents &/or guardians on August 19th to 85 registered students. About 10% have been returned as of September 1st, 2010. Due to low funding, attendance & effort incentives are not up and running, the application is for updating files so that if a program gets reinstated, I have the most up to date information on that student. Thank you to all the parents who have returned the application and for continued understanding with regards to the Education Department and our yearly budgets. If a parent has any questions on what we can provide, please call me at 250-750-4415 extension 848 or by email I will be more than happy to give you the best answer that I can or direct you to the appropriate personnel if I cannot answer. Post Secondary 2010-2011 I am very proud to announce, that as of Sept 1st, 2010, we have 16 post secondary students registered to attend a post secondary institute for this Fall 2010 semester. • College & Career Preparation Programs o 3 full time o 2 part time ! All have an updated Education Plan to pursue a diploma program upon 1 year completion of getting their Adult Dogwood. • College Level Programs o 5 full time in various program such as: ! Business Applied Technology Certificate ! Aboriginal Studies Diploma ! Human Kinetics Diploma ! Social Services Diploma ! University Transfer • University Level Programs o 6 full time in various program such as: ! Bachelors of General Arts ! School of Environmental Planning ! Bachelor of Arts in Nursing ! Bachelor of Social Services ! Architecture & Engineering Program There are still some seats available for full time and part time sponsorships. All requests are reviewed by date application is received in full and availability of current budget. First come, first serve as long as do not owe monies to MLIB. If you are interested, please contact me ASAP and I can provide you up to date on availability of current funds. “Good Luck to All Students for this Fall 2010 Semester!” " Youth 2010-2011


Youth 2010-2011 Barb Heine, Youth Worker and Tamara Dugan, Child & Youth Mental Health Worker are both working full-time in McLeod Lake, BC. Welcome aboard ladies!!! Extra Curricular Activities 2010-2011: there are forms developed to access this once a year funds of $200.00 each per youth between the ages 4 to 18. Call the office to request a form or you can email me directly. These monies do not roll over into subsequent years, you have to use it or risk losing it. Any questions please call or email me. Summer Students 2010 This year we were able to hire 2 secondary students for the month of August 2010 only. Another 2 were hired during the week of AGA. They have both been working in the Youth Department and doing various things around the office. We were able to access INAC/FNESC Summer Work Experience Program (SWEP) dollars for this initiative unfortunately; these funds are limited to on-reserve. I did have 4 other resumes submitted however, only 1 called in and we were able to assist with airfare so that student can work down south for the summer. Good Job to that student! Well that is about it, any other questions or concerns on any of the programs we offer, please call me at 250-750-4415, extension 848 or by email and will do my best to clarity and answer!!!! ! Happy School Month Everyone! Mussi Cho, Jodie Ware Supervisor of Education & Employment/Training

That s me! With Destiny and Jamie!



evenue sharing agreement signing 41





Dear Arlene and Derek, We hope you hold each other close in good and bad times and have trust and faith all the way; Happy married life!! Kandy & Marc

MLIB Newsletter No.11 will be available October 4th 2010 online at or, on request, in print at the McLeod Lake band office.

MLIB The Traveling Feather Sept 2010  

Newsletter MLIB

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