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MARCH 2010

Quarterly Report



“Spring is when you feel like whistling even with a shoe full of slush”

Adele Chingee Band Manager Wow, I’ve been employed by MLIB for 10 years now!! I first came on board with MLIB on February 28, 2000. In 2000, MLIB was making final preparations for signing the McLeod Lake Indian Band Treaty No. 8 Adhesion and Settlement Agreement. What an extraordinary time and

celebration for the Band and its members as the Settlement Agreement brought all MLIB members together. This has to be one of my greatest memories with the Band because members came from across Canada, the States, and from the Territories, all met and gathered for 3 full days to celebrate. The first day was to witness the signing of the Treaty held down at the historical site here in McLeod Lake. Band Members dined and danced the night away with most accommodations being

throughout the city of Prince George because of the number of people. On the second day, members lined up at the Ramada Hotel to receive their first Per Capita Distribution. Families reunited and celebrated together and this I remember as a great memory. The third day families started to depart, making their way back to their homes.

McLeod Lake Indian Band | General Delivery | McLeod Lake, British Columbia | V0J 2G0 (250) 750-4415 | Toll Free 1-888-822-1143 |

Band Manager report During my term of employment I endured successes and challenges that came before me as I changed positions and roles as the years went by. I started out as an Accounts Payables Clerk under the direction of Shelley Lawlor, CMA and Dave Danyluk, Band Manager. You could say that I worked under many different Band Managers and Chiefs and Council in my 10 years. In September, 2002 I took a new job as the Land and Resource Clerk under the direction of Alec Chingee (who was the current Chief and Director of Lands and Resources at the time). In 2003, MLIB started pursuing the First Nations Land Management Initiative to take control and manage our own Lands and Resources. At this time I was offered the position of Land Manager and was fortunate enough to be selected to take formal INAC training in Lands and Resource Management at the University of Saskatchewan in the Indigenous Peoples Resource Management Program. I was also successful in achieving further lands and resource training with the National Aboriginal Land Manager Technical Training. Lands and Resource Management provided me the opportunity to better myself by taking on studies with passing marks so I could become certifiable in my position. To take on studies such as this I had to be committed and disciplined in order to complete the various home study projects that were assigned to me. I managed to complete this while still working my full time job. People never quit learning, so you can’t say, ‘you’re too old’. Commitment is the ‘key’. Since then I’ve made my way to becoming the ‘top dog’ of our organization in the role of Band Manager. There is no sense in drudging up the challenges, because those are negative forces. I’m a believer if you think negatively, you attract negative things. Mind you, the challenges made me a stronger and wiser individual. I live my life by being around people that are positive and people that have influence. One thing for sure is I am very connected to people in many organizations in the private and public sectors of BC and Canada. What I keep in mind is to always protect MLIB’s interests, near and dear to me. My father had great influence in my life, as I look back and remember how he always attracted people to him and he in turn was always willing to help out anyone who needed it. He’s definitely one of our positive members who deserve to be remembered and ‘not forgotten’. I’ve made ‘life changing’ decisions which reflect on my life at the present. I’ve never regretted those decisions yet today, and value all the support which I get from my family and ‘true’ friends. Because ‘true’ friends are the ones that stand by you and will demonstrate support and encouragement especially when challenges come up and you could revert back to your old ways. Not only did I choose to turn my life around with a life without alcohol, but it also gave me an opportunity to take on more positive changes. For those people ‘hooked’ on gambling, there is a ‘self-exclusion’ a program that will change your addicted life. If you’re scared to go, take a friend.


I’ve seen this Band go through some of the ‘growing pains’ that I went through as well. We seen some good leaders (Chief & Council, and Managers) come and go, but some of this uncertainty is not healthy for our organization, our Band requires stability in order to be successful. Some of the positive changes I have seen in the last ten years working at McLeod Lake Indian Band are: 1.





6. 7.

The NRC Office Building – back in the day we were ‘trailer trash’. LOL Accounting went from Simply Accounting to ACCPAC – no more hand written checks, LOL Grew from 10 MLIB staff members to 32 MLIB staff members A few more departments and few more programs PG Satellite Office – closed now, it was operational for approximately 6 years Company fleet High speed internet and wireless internet


9. 10.

11. 12.





17. 18. 19. 20. 21.

Upgraded phone system (no more rotary phones) Upgraded computer systems and laptops CFNR Radio – the best rock music station today (just ask Ryan) Paved streets The reception area has changed a ‘gazillion’ times and locations We have direct deposit option for payroll No more licking stamps, we have a stamping machine Band Office expansion – a few times Health Team went from ‘just’ CHR to 8 staff department – WOW Day Care Elders Office - it changed a few times Pine Beetle ‘epidemic’ AGA – from 1 to 2 day celebration Email and FACEBOOK – no more smoke signals

The list can go on and on, so will McLeod Lake Indian Band, it will go on and on. People will come and go as time goes -3-

forward, and change is forever inevitable. But MLIB will triumph and it’s a good thing. But it takes great people and great minds to make it work. It’ll be my pleasure to work with you (as members) and work with these great minds, we will persevere. For this, I want to be able to make a difference, a difference that will make us all succeed! Mussi Cho, Adele Chingee (proud daughter of Aschille ‘Ollie’ Chingee)

Chief’s Update Dear Members, I hope everyone is taking advantage of McLeod Lake Indian Band’s improved website ( If you wish to automatically receive monthly issues of the newsletter you can add your e-mail to the subscription box on homepage. Currently we have approximately 100 subscribers. The website is a direct link to McLeod Lake Indian Band projects and activities and will provide Members with up to date information. Treaty 8 Trust Amendment In the January newsletter it was stated that Chief & Council, The Board of Trustees, and Doug Morley, legal counsel for McLeod Lake Indian Band, were hoping to secure a court date on February 11, 2010, to present the Treaty 8 Trust amendment to the Courts for approval. McLeod Lake Indian Band Council, the Board of Trustees, and Doug Morley are all in support of the amendment. The Public Trustee is also involved in the amendment because it involves the rights of minors and unborn children. It was thought that the Public Trustee would


support the amendment; unfortunately, on February 8, 2010, I received notice from Doug Morley that the Public Trustee now opposes the amendment. The Public Trustee claims that Band Members in the future will have significant impacts if the proposed amendment goes forward. The counter argument to this position is that the current Members will suffer because the annual loan level is too high, and will not be able to access funds from the project and development account. As a result of the Public Trustee’s new position a court date will be set for May or June. Ledcor McLeod Lake Indian Band has developed a Joint Venture Agreement with Ledcor MCI. The Joint Venture Agreement will enable the Band to participate in large scale construction projects within the traditional territory with Ledcor’s support. Without such a Joint Venture Agreement, many large scale projects would be difficult for us to be involved in because of bonding and financing issues.

Mackenzie Pulp Mill In September 2009 McLeod Lake Indian Band, through its wholly owned subsidiary Duz Cho Logging, was presented with an opportunity to be a 25% shareholder in the Mackenzie Pulp Mill Development Corporation. The purpose of the Development Corporation was to bring the pulp mill in Mackenzie, formerly owned by Pope & Talbot, back into production. The Development Corporation’s business plan has been to take control of the mill from the previous owner, preserve the mill by keeping it warm over the winter, ensure that equipment is kept viable, maintain essential permits and licenses, and then seek a purchaser that would upgrade and operate the mill. The shareholders on an equal basis provided loans to the Development Corporation to pursue its plan. As matters now stand, the Pulp mill was preserved and the Development Company is now in discussions with a purchaser to acquire and operate the mill.

One of the critical difficulties facing the Mackenzie mill is that to operate viably the mill needs a stable and secure long-term fibre supply.  McLeod Lake has the opportunity to use its special position as the holder of aboriginal and treaty rights, to obtain a long term fibre supply to be used by the mill through an Economic Development Agreement with the Ministry of Forests & Range. As a result of this agreement, McLeod Lake can designate Mackenzie Fibre as the recipient of fibre licenses that have been issued through the Band to ensure an adequate supply of fibre to the Mill. McLeod Lake will benefit from this arrangement in three ways. •

First, on the basis of a Management Agreement with Mackenzie Fibre, the Band will receive a royalty for every cubic metre of wood that is harvested under the license. This royalty will be based on the volume of the harvest and the value of the logs. This revenue will flow directly to McLeod Lake Indian Band. Second, Duz Cho will be a shareholder in Mackenzie Fibre and will share in the -5-

profits generated by that company. •

Third, Duz Cho will be a preferred harvesting firm to Mackenzie Fibre and will generate additional revenues as a result.

Depending on the demand for timber and the strength of the market, the royalty should be between 500,000 to 750,000 a year. Once the markets have fully recovered, the royalty could exceed $1,000,000 a year. Additionally, as the pulp mill begins to operate, Duz Cho Logging will be working profitably again.   We are looking at ways to secure for the Band regular income from Duz Cho, in a way that is sustainable. This too will add to our revenue stream. When this is accomplished, McLeod Lake will have a significant say over a large portion of the logging in our territory and secure dependable revenue streams from forestry activities which will be used to benefit our people. To manage the revenues from this activity properly, we will be looking at setting up a trust for the band similar to our Treaty 8 trust.

Terrane Metals McLeod Lake Indian Band continues to negotiate a Socio-economic Agreement with Terrane Metals, together with a form of revenue sharing with the Province. Any deal would include environmental protection, enhanced consultation, job opportunities for members and their families, business contracts for our companies, and revenue sharing. More information will be provided at the upcoming quarterly meetings. Nak'azdli’s law suit against Terrane, which is scheduled to be heard at the end of March, has hit a snag. The law firm which was representing Nak'azdli formerly acted for us in litigation over Carp South. That law firm has removed itself as of last week. At this point we do not know whether the law suit will proceed as scheduled or be delayed. Enbridge Gateway Pipeline We have entered into a protocol agreement with Enbridge which will inform the manner in which we consult with them. We are also in talks with them in order to ensure that the Pipeline Project, if it goes ahead, will go ahead in a manner which affects our treaty rights as little as possible, while at the same time provides McLeod Lake with long term benefits. Treaty 8 Boundary There have been no new developments in the Treaty 8 boundary case brought by the Treaty 8 Tribal Association. We have been made parties to that litigation after a judge ordered we be served with notice, and we are monitoring the case closely.

I look forward to discussing these topics in the next round of quarterly meetings scheduled for March 04 – 07, 2010. Please call our Band Hall if you need a meeting time and location 1-888-822-1143. A schedule is also posted on our website. Thank you for your time and consideration. Sincerely,

Chief Derek Orr McLeod Lake Indian Band


Housing New Housing McLeod Lake Indian Band has applied to Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) and Indian and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC) for funds to build six housing units, which has initial support of Chief and Council. We will know by the end of March whether or not McLeod Lake Indian Band will receive financing. The Band has only 8 building lots left in the existing subdivision. We are proposing to use 4 of these lots to construct the following: • • •

One medium sized home, to be constructed near the Daycare One three bedroom home One four-plex consisting of 1 and 2-bedroom apartments, all handicap friendly, with the possibility of connection to an elders’ meeting room.

Should MLIB be given initial approval, then we will have to plan the housing to the last nail and 2x4! We need to know what we are going to build, what it is going to cost, who is going to do the building, how much money the MLIB will be investing, and what the amount of our mortgage will be. There will be community meetings in spring to help us plan. Final approval of the housing project will be received in Fall, 2010 with construction during summer of 2011. Chief and Council are concerned about rental arrears. We can only finance these new houses if we receive rental payments to cover the cost of the mortgage and to provide for repairs and maintenance. Housing Policy The Housing Committee has prepared a new Housing Policy which is now before Chief and Council. The policy will be reviewed in March by Council. A copy of the draft policy is on the MLIB website and is available in print to members – please contact Jolene Solonas, Housing Co-ordinator, at 250 750 4415. Housing Renovations Renovations for 2009 are completing. There are 12 Band Houses that have improvements including new roofs, siding, windows, and other improvements. We have again applied to CMHC and INAC with the hope of receiving funds to renovate 10 more houses in 2010/2011. Arrears The Band can no longer afford to allow some tenants to live free while most members are paying rent. When the housing program is in arrears, it means that other programs must cover the costs. Collection efforts have started. -7-

Elderly Program Quarterly Report March, 2010 Geraldine Solonas, Program Coordinator

How time flies. Here is hoping all had a good, safe, happy and healthy Christmas and you are now in tune with your New Year’s resolution(s). It has been very busy since my last report in November: I thank each and every Band member who took the time to fill out the survey regarding “How should we determine when one becomes an MLIB Elder”, which went around with the December quarterly meetings. The questionnaire sparked much discussion, some heated, as to the age and the qualities of an “Elder”. The questionnaire showed this is a very controversial matter with our people. I began drafting policies and guidelines for the Elder program, which in the end, should address most of the issues that have come up regarding the Elder program funding and activities. I believe that there will always be an issue or issue(s) that come up after policies are adopted, which leads to having to amend policies in the future. I am working on a large scale proposal to seek funding to run the Elder program throughout each year. In the past the Elder program depended most upon Trust funds as well as Oil and Gas revenue. None of our Band programs should depend solely upon the Trust funding as in the past, which is the way it should be. All departments need to seek outside funding wherever possible. As in my monthly reports, Elders are encouraged to become more involved in youth/student activities, if possible. Our Elders have the wisdom and knowledge of our traditions and culture and these should be passed onto our children and youth for the benefit of future generations. Some of the Elders have gone to parent/teacher meetings to share stories as well as teaching and learning crafts; Verne Solonas has been working with Agnes Solonas and our students on cultural activities such as learning the sacredness of fire, snowshoeing, and making spruce or jack pine tea for medicinal purposes. Josephine Tylee and I went snowshoeing on a trap line with a trapper, students, moms and teacher/assistants. It was a fun morning with the trapper catching a fox, coyote, mink, martens, squirrels and a beaver. Several Elders have started praying with the youth on Monday mornings, praying for their school work and life in general. We are in the process of starting an Elders’ Talking Circle for the Elders to come and talk of anything they wish to share with the rule that anything said in the circle, stays in the circle. We are in the process of forming a working group made up of reps from administration, the Housing department and the Elders (off and on Reserve) to set the Elders rents, making a recommendation to administration and Council for approval with the aim to have this done by the end of March, 2010. Some of us thought Spring was here but it is snowing right now and we still have at least two feet of snow in the community with our roads covered with a layer of packed snow. It is a blessing that we have warmer weather. Wishing you all much happiness and wellness into Spring and the Easter season.


Hi Everyone,

Jennifer Weightman

The following is a brief update of what I have been working on for mining projects as well as the BC Hydro Site C project. Mining It’s been a very busy start to 2010 for mining in the Traditional Territory of the McLeod Lake Indian Band. I have been reviewing applications for expansions on the Western Coal Corp. Wolverine Mine as well as the Brule property. Also Western Canadian Coal has recently received approval to re-open the Willow Creek property which is west of Chetwynd. Western Coal has held job fairs in Chetwynd and McLeod Lake to recruit workers to fill over 80 positions at their mines. Both job fairs were very successful and we hope to see more band members out working with industry within MLIB Territory. First Coal has been working with Duz Cho Construction and Ledcor to complete the stripping for the bulk sample and is coming to a finish. First Coal has been training band members to work on the ADDCAR mining system which will be used to extract the coal. Ken Solonas, Chris Fox, Paul McNabb, Allan Inyallie and Mike Inyallie will be amongst the first people in Canada to be trained on running the ADDCAR system. Once the bulk sample is complete First Coal will be applying for a mines permit and we will be moving into further Economic Benefit Agreement negotiations. The major obstacle that First Coal currently faces is that West Moberly First Nation has filed a petition regarding sensitive caribou habitat against the BC Government. As I had said in a previous report a small committee which includes, Bob Inkpen, Jim Humphreys, Alec Chingee, Albert Peeling and myself have been working on an Memorandum of Understanding which includes a revenue share for the current Peace River Coal mine. It had recently been announced that Anglo America will be selling Peace River Coal from their core assets so we are trying to ensure an agreement is finalized so that it can be transferred to the new owners. BC Hydro For the BC Hydro Site C consultation I have continued to meet with Albert Peeling, Yasmin Prince and some representatives from BC Hydro to discuss the project and the MLIB concerns. In recent meetings we have discussed the terms of reference for the Traditional Land Use Study. We have not yet came to a mutual agreement for this project and will continue to meet with BC Hydro to discuss the issue. As we find this a very important study to complete for MLIB history we want to ensure it includes everything necessary and that it is structured around the MLIB people and not industry. We are also working to plan site visits for community members to the Site C dam area. All members will be notified once the weather is more appropriate for the trip. If you are interested in the visit or have some knowledge of the area please feel free to contact me at 1-866-283-6542.

Sincerely, Jennifer Weightman Coal Coordinator/Site C McLeod Lake Indian Band Ph. 1-866-283-6542

Quarterly Meetings March 4 - McLeod Lake -9-

Meaghan’s Quarterly Health Report There are things we don’t want to happen but have to accept, things we don’t want to know but have to learn, and people we can’t live without but have to let go. It is with a heavy heart that I reflect on this past quarter. McLeod Lake Indian Band suffered the loss of three amazing women in a very short time and the loss is being profoundly felt in our community. When tragedies such as this occur in our lives it is important that we reach out for help, take enough time, and most importantly support and be kind to one another. The end of the fiscal year is always a busy time and this year has been no exception. Major changes have occurred on the health team as Vincent Sherry, who has been working for the McLeod Lake Indian Band for in the capacity of Mental Health Therapist for the past 7 years chose to leave to fill a full time position with CLBC (Community Living British Columbia), which is a branch of the Provincial Government. Filling Vince’s position are Earl Henderson and Diane Nakumara. We had received funding for these positions from the Aboriginal Healing Foundation which has provided generous funding to McLeod Lake since 2002. This funding was received through proposal writing and was to benefit survivors of the residential school system. Unfortunately this federal funding will be coming to an end as of March 31, 2010. As well our Social Worker, Lauren Sevigny, left on maternity leave on January 4, 2010. Chris Kaip started with McLeod Lake Indian Band on January 4, 2010 as our Family Support Worker. Chris will be working in the community Monday-Thursdays. Scott Taylor has been hired as our Mental Health/Drug and Alcohol Counsellor. Scott worked for McLeod Lake in 2008 and we are pleased that he has returned to our community in a counselling capacity. Scott is working full time Monday to Friday. Wiona George also returned to McLeod Lake Indian Band. Wiona returned to her position of Social Development Worker. Wiona is here Monday to Friday. Tuesday and Thursday she works half days. That’s it for changes in the health department. Good thing too because my hair is starting to go grey. Our Daycare currently has 10 full time children and 4 part time children. We have been introducing Tse'khene word of the week to introduce the children’s native language to them. We recognize the importance of retaining our native language and have made this a priority in the daycare where the children are eager and excited to learn. We are still hopeful and working on securing funding to build a new daycare facility on the reserve. We have received an offer from the College of New Caledonia in Mackenzie to partner with McLeod Lake in this endeavor. We hope to start pouring the foundation for the daycare building in May.

- 10 -

Social Assistance For the past quarter we have had approximately 25% of our employable population on Social Assistance. Approximately 71 employable residents were between the ages of 19-64. This is current as of February 18, 2010. These numbers are high for a community of our size especially with the endless possibilities that McLeod Lake Indian Band is able to provide. For this reason I am an advocate for a job readiness program to prepare employable adults for the workforce so that they are able to live a higher quality of life. I believe, while difficult to break old habits, it will be beneficial to the entire community and most importantly for the individuals who ultimately need to build their self confidence, self motivation and ultimately their self reliance. Workshops • • • • • • • •

FASD Workshop Child and Youth Community Consultation Food Safe Residential School Trauma Workshop Flu Clinic Pandemic Flu Plan Presentation, including provision of 72 hour kits for participants PRIDE event (Positive Respectful, Individuals, Discovering, Empowerment) Basic Home Repair

Weekly Calendar • Monday Breakfast program Homework night Culture night AA


Wednesday Breakfast program Piano lessons Dance lessons Nurses come to McLeod Lake

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Quarterly Meetings March 5 - Prince George - 11 -

Land Referral Quarterly Update: March 1, 2010 Oil and Gas Oil and gas activity has started to pick up, though the forecast for the next two years is still expected to be quite minimal. So far this year, we have received about sixty-five OGC applications, which is a definite increase. There are still only a few companies which are currently planning and developing projects; Shell C a n a d a h av e ov e r o n e hundred projects planned for this year. Many of these are subsequent wells, sometimes up to a dozen well heads on an individual lease and a lot of their projects are just small pipelines and tie-ins; all of these projects are scheduled for construction between now and late fall; this is also evident of most other companies working in the area. Wind Power We h av e r e c e i v e d several License of Occupation applications for the exploration and testing of wind energy projects in the area for the purpose of data collection. Lately we have been working on mapping these applications to get an idea of the number and extent of these projects, how

m a ny r i d g e s a r e u n d e r investigation and how many of these projects will have an impact on the caribou herds that occupy these ridges and also to get an idea of the general cumulative impacts of wind power exploration. The Dokie Wind project has resumed construction. Field Monitoring There have not been very many Archaeological Impact Assessments yet this year, though they appear to be coming in more regularly now, t h o u g h Fe b r u a r y w a s e s p e c i a l l y s l o w. I f t h e production status and annual forecast for industry activity are any indication, there may not be much of an increase in assessment activity throughout the year; as this is primarily dependent on the economic recovery and acquisition of additional funds to start new projects and resume postponed projects, it is hard to predict how these assessments will progress. We have also recently been working with representatives of the archaeological and environmental consultation companies to find a solution to the travel costs of these monitoring projects.

- 12 -

Other Projects The Pine Pass Realignment was awarded late last year to Caribou Construction, a company out of Prince George and it is scheduled to be completed in the summer of 2012. We have also been working on capacity funding for some of the more extensive projects like the Enbridge Gateway Pipeline. We are still in consultation on the Gateway Pipeline as well as the CCS Sunrise landfill project for the treatment and disposal of contaminated soil, Spectra Energy’s Goodrich Extension, the BC Hydro/BC Transmission project and some industry regulation update processes, mainly the Oil and Gas Activities Act and the Pipeline Regulations.

Quarterly Report to Chief and Council Public Works Streets Bobcat warranty servicing is complete and up to date. The new snow blade arrived in January and was picked up first week in February. We have yet to give it a good workout due to lack of snow. Although the initial cost of the blade was high the deferred repair cost of the lighter blade will quickly offset these costs. The backup operator posting was offered early in December. Four members applied for this position unfortunately none showed up for their interview. All were personally contacted with an interview time. The backup operator would have to be available on short notice. Unfortunately when candidates cannot show up for a pre arranged interview their usefulness for short call is dubious. Lionel Chingee was successful in obtaining his operator certification through Chase Operator Training. Lionel enrolled in the train the trainer program and is qualified to certify all operators. Weather conditions this winter have been very unusual with the freeze-thaw cycles we have been experiencing. The result has been slippery streets. Sanding has been done by Duz Cho and YRB. In order to have sanding done in house a substantial investment would have to be made in equipment and gravel. Considering this weather is not the normal state this investment could not easily be justified. Band hall Several important projects were completed during the Christmas break. The fire sentry panel was replaced by Western Fire Prevention and all sensors and pull stations were proven. The panel and sentry system are now certified to operate. The gym doors and front door were replaced raising the level of safety and security for the hall. The doors still have to be painted when the weather warms up. Florescent light ballasts were changed and exit light bulbs changed. It was also brought to my attention the reason the old style exit lights are not compatible with our generator which is why we lose so many of them after a power failure. W.C.F.P. recommend the L.E.D. style which is what I intend to replace these with as they fail. Wiring for the server room air conditioner was completed in January. Microage connected and tested the unit. The server will now be protected from power interruptions which have in the past caused our server to overheat. While Kodiak electric was onsite the mast and power service to the forestry shop were reinstalled. B.C. Hydro reconnected the power to the shop on Feb 01.

- 13 -

Housing The deadline for the CEAP INAC and CMHC programs is quickly approaching. We are hoping for 80-90% completion for both projects in spite of the timing for both of these projects. Some of the work for which funds were allocated could not be completed as tenants found the disruption to be too great. Fund was reallocated or jobs will simply not be done. The inspections particularly by CMHC are happening prematurely which has caused parts of the projects to be cancelled or fast tracked. Application for the next round of the CEAP-INAC programme was completed on Jan 15 2010 and should be approved in May-June. This will enable us to do renovations in the summer when the weather is more accommodating. Housing maintenance continues with high priority items being dealt with while lower priority items are being deferred till March.

Guy Rocheleau Public Works Manager

Thursday Women’s Empowerment Group

Friday Breakfast program

In closing I would like to again thank the community for the privilege of working in McLeod Lake amongst such great people. I would like to acknowledge the incredible hard work and dedication that each person on the health team displays. We look forward to the coming months and encourage members to come and talk to us if there are services or workshops you would be interested in. Thank you and take good care. Meaghan van Somer

- 14 -

MLIB Education Department March 2010 Quarterly Report Danache’a, First of all, I would like to thank all the individuals who came out and supported the Tylee family during the passing of my older sister, Sabrina Marie Tylee on January 22nd, 2010. Thank you for your patience as I am still grieving at this time for her. 2010, what a year it’s been already. Snow has barely fallen since January, and weather is noticeably warmer. Budget 2010-2011 Elementary/Secondary - all attendance and effort incentives are cut and will not be offered after April 1st, 2010. Tutoring monies are still available, first come, first serve. We also still have some school fees monies available for September 2010; make sure you submit a letter requesting what you need. Will be reviewed and processed by needs of individual/family. Post Secondary – we will continue with same budget as last year $131,000.00. At this time, I am unsure how many new students will be accepted for September 2010. At this time, I have 15 requests, about 4 complete applications returned. Students will be selected and reviewed by our current policy, priority list and date application is received in full. Employment/Training – no Treaty dollars are available at this time. The department will continue to run on PGNAETA dollars only. Unfortunately, this only covers a certain geographical area, any member who falls outside this, are being referred to their nearest AHRDA. Call the E/T Department for contact info. Youth - it will be the same as last fiscal year, $200.00 per child between the ages of 4 to 18. Again, contact Sharon Dugan at or myself at for more details. New forms have been developed to access this money. Update: Elementary/Secondary – Make sure parents fax attendance & report cards by April 1st, 2010 otherwise your child(s) will miss out on this incentive. As per the above info, I am sadden by this news yet hopefully as last year we experience the same thing and was able to offer incentives for the new school year. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for September 2010. • 4 requests received for tutoring support, only 3 accessing monthly. • 48 students are accessing the attendance incentive out of a possible 90 eligible students. • 37 students have accessed the effort incentive – first term out of possible 90 students. • 7 requests received and processed regarding school fees – off reserve. • 4 requests received for a monthly bus pass. Approved. 5 possible 2009-2010 graduates of grade 12. If your child is graduating this year, please contact the Band immediately, as we may have graduation incentives that may assist with grad fees, grad pictures, class ring, etc… Not meant to cover full costs associated with graduation, but it does help!

Quarterly Meetings March 7 - Kelowna - 15 -

Post Secondary – In September 2009, we started off with 14 students, as of March 2010, we are funding 11 students full-time. Various reasons for not returning to school in the Winter/Spring semester is one student found full-time employment, another student is receiving living support through another agency, one student did default however, is willing to make a payment plan. I had two requests for part-time, at this time, only one has been approved. • At this time, I have 1-5 students who will be completing their program. Keep an eye on future publications for more details and congrats!!! • 14 students have put in letter of intents for the September 2010 school year. Only 2 complete applications have been received. Please remember that in order for your application to be reviewed, students must submit letter of intents by April 1st and then must complete a Post Secondary Application Package and returned completed in FULL to the Band. Applications are then sorted by: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

McLeod Lake Indian Band members whom are continuing post-secondary sponsorship from the previous school year in the same field. Members who have graduated from secondary school in the previous school year. New applicants in date order, not including members who have dropped out/quit in the 2 years prior to the new application (excluding leave for medical and/or family reasons). New applicants whose studies are not within the 2 – 4 year program length, including those who using the first year to receive grade 12 or equivalent. Applicants who have dropped out/quit prior to the date of new application. McLeod Lake Indian Band members who have chosen severalty may receive Post Secondary sponsorship through the McLeod Lake Indian Band Education Department based on Indian & Northern Affairs Canada INAC funding rates only.

In early July 2010; all applications will be reviewed. Students who submitted an application will be notified if their application has been approved or not. Student Loans, Scholarships and Bursaries Student loans are available from the federal and provincial governments. In many cases, students who qualify for loans also qualify for special grants or bursaries, which do not need to be paid back. Useful websites for post-secondary student funding: for student funding and resource supports for housing, transportation, childcare, scholarships, loans, grants, bursaries (INAC) for a searchable list of scholarships and bursaries specific to Aboriginal persons (BC Ministry of Advanced Education) for student loans, scholarship and grants, including for students with disabilities and for adult students taking high school courses for financial aid, education planning, course search, applications and discussion boards on housing and transportation for bursaries and scholarships for loans and to search schools and programs for scholarships searchable by school and area of study

- 16 - (National Aboriginal Achievement Foundation) for scholarships Aboriginal Youth Network – scholarships and awards scholarships for BC First Nations post-secondary students First Nations Chiefs Health Committee – scholarships and bursaries for students of Aboriginal ancestry enrolled in health professional programs - Minerva Foundation for BC Women offers scholarships for women, including Aboriginal women, single mothers, women with disabilities and women in non-traditional fields of study – Canada Millennium Scholarship Foundation – entrance and in-course scholarships available for students involved in community leadership, as well as bursaries for those who apply and qualify for provincial financial aid You may also wish to contact the Aboriginal Advisor(s) at the institution you plan to attend in order to receive updated and detailed information on funding sources, including those specific to the school. Many school websites also provide scholarship and bursary information online. Employment/Training – Tania Solonas has been overseeing this department since Margie left us on January 13th for six (6) weeks personal. Tania has done a tremendous job with this department, help organizing, filing, intakes, etc... Thank you Tania for all your hard work!! We wish you nothing but the best in your future endeavors once Margie returns on March 1st, 2010. Success Stories: • College & Career Preparation 2010. On February 8th, we had 10 student sign up and successful in completing the application package. CNC was able to assist with $2000.00 for travel and incentive costs and Tania was able to get $421.20 from Duz Cho Construction so that we may offer drivers $7.50/day * 3/days a week and fuel at $15/day * 3/days a week plus provide $50.00/month stipend to all participating participants. Its not much compared to what they achieve a the end: a Grade 12 Dogwood. Good Job Guys & Ladies!!!  • Numerous resumes have been updated and electronically put in the E/T filing system. Tania has also been going through the computer files, organizing and deleting multiple files as needed. • Received many requests for vocational training such as OFA 1, T/E, TDG, WHMIS and H2S Alive. Tania started a signup sheet, usually commences April/May of every year. The Band words together with Duz Cho Logging. Numerous band members coming in and inquiring about various training requests. Tania is making sure applications are being completed, researched, etc… If a band member falls outside our funding area, she is quick to refer them to the near funding agency.

Quarterly Meetings March 6 - Vancouver - 17 -

Youth – Please remember that ECA monies do not roll over into the next year, either you use it or you lost it. Contact Sharon or me for more details. Various things MLIB helped sponsor are karate, swimming, ski season passes, guitar lessons, milk programs, hockey fees and equipment, volleyball tournaments. Parents have until March 31st, 2010 to access up to $200.00 available to all students between the ages 4 to 18. After April 1st, 2010, we move into our next fiscal year which another $200.00 will be available. This incentive can only be accessed up to the amount identified. If parents have any pictures and/or success stories, make sure you email me or Sharon Dugan so we can highlight them in our monthly newsletter. Thank you for your time and if have any questions on the program that we offer, please do not hesitate to call me at the (250) 750-4415, extension 848 or by email God Bless, Jodie Ware Supervisor of Education & Employment/Training

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