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McLeod Lake Indian Band Health Services AU G U ST

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Staff : Meaghan VanSomer, Social Services & Health Manager Tracy Baldwin, Home Support Worker Georgina Chingee, Cultural Advisor Shandi Covell, Youth Worker Charlene Dahl, Child Care Worker Natasha Dumont, Public Health Nurse comes in 2x per month Jen Dyble, Band Social Development Worker Linda Innes, Community Health Rep Shanna McMaster, Band Social Worker Jodi Sharpe, Headstart Coordinator Matt Shaw, Clinical Counsellor Norm Strand, Home Support Nicole Thomas, Infant Development Worker Nicole Peterson, Youth Counselling Support Roberta Valiquette, Youth Worker

Hello MLIB, I am so excited to be working in your community as the new Band Social Worker, I have some very big shoes to fill, taking over for an awesome lady like Chris! So far the first few weeks have been fantastic, and I would like to thank everyone I have met for the warm welcome to your community. I am traveling in to McLeod Lake from Prince George, where I have lived most of my life. I most recently worked for UNBC, and prior to that for the Prince George Native Friendship Centre as their Child & Youth Counsellor. I am also still a student at UNBC part-time working on my M.Ed in counselling. Looking forward to spending more time with everyone and getting to know the community better. I am overwhelmed with the beautiful landscape of the McLeod Lake territory, and feel truly blessed to be working in such an amazing place! Sincerly, Shanna McMaster, BA The McLeod Lake Health & Social Service Department would like to welcome Shanna McMaster to our team. Chris Kaip, the Band Social Worker will be leaving us as of August 16th. We thank Chris for her commitment during her tenure at McLeod Lake. We wish you all the best in all your future endeavors Chris Kaip .

Shanna McMaster

ANNUAL GENERAL ASSEMBLY 2013 The atmosphere is buzzing with positive energy and anticipation as we patiently await the arrival of family and friends for the 2013 AGA. The Health Team will be on hand to provide continuous service delivery. We wish you a successful AGA filled with hope, friendship and good-will to make for a memorable occasion for your leadership, community, family and friends!



TB Screening TB Screening Sun safety tips 

 


Natasha Dumont, Public Health Nurse will be at the McLeod Lake Band Hall to provide TB test for the annual TB Screening. Date: August 7th, 2013 Time: 10:00 am until 3:00 pm

during the 2013

FACTS ABOUT Tuberculosis  TB is a bacteria  TB needs oxygen to survive  TB is transmitted through the air


RISK Factors of being infected with TB  Being in close contact with someone infected with TB  Living in communities with high rates of TB  Weekend immune system  Homelessness  Living in overcrowded and poor living conditions

Cover up. Wear light-colored long sleeved shirts, pants and a wide brimmed hat made from breathable fabric. When you buy sunglasses, make sure they provide protection against both UVA and UVB rays.  Limit your time in the sun. Keep out of the sun and heat between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. When your shadow is shorter than you, the sun is very strong. Look for places with lots of shade, like a park with big trees, partial roofs, awnings, umbrellas or gazebo tents. Always take an umbrella to the beach.

How do you screen for TB infection?  By doing a TB Skin Test!! The skin test is done by an injection just under the surface of the skin; for MLIB band membership, this is done by Natasha Dumont, Public Health Nurse. The test are read with 48 hours of the injection. SIGNS & SYMPTOMS OF TB  Night sweats  Coughing for 2+ weeks  Fatigue  Weight loss  Loss of appetite  Fever Please support the health and wellbeing of your community by participating in the annual screening clinic Aug 7th & 9th!

Protect yourself. Reflections off snow, water, sand, and concrete can increase the effect of UV rays. You need to protect yourself on cloudy days, when you're swimming, and even while skiing. Use the UV Index forecast. Tune into local radio and TV stations or check online for the UV index forecast in your area. When the UV index is 3 or higher, wear protective clothing, sunglasses and sunscreen.

Use sunscreen. Put sunscreen on when the UV index is 3 or more.

Drink plenty of cool liquids (especially water) before you feel thirsty. If sunny days are also hot and humid, stay cool and hydrated to avoid heat illness. Dehydration (not



Public Health Nurse Schedule Public Health Nurse is available 2x per month.

Natasha Dumont is your health resource, so please come in and ask questions. She would love to meet you! And, she is also available by phone: Monday- Friday 8:30-4:30 (excluding statutory holidays) at 250-997-8514 or by email at natasha.dumont@northernhealt

Pre-scheduled dates are September 18th, 25th. October 9th & 23rd. November 13th & 27th. We look forward to providing optimal health services to the community on a regular basis.

Medical Transportation for MLIB off reserve membership Carrier Sekani Family Services Non Insured Health Benefits provide Medical Transportation assistance to off reserve First Nations. CSFS contribution agreement provides medical transportation assistance to First Nations individuals that are eligible who reside in the following area: North to Mackenzie, East to Valemount, South to Quesnel and West to

Smithers. Please direct your members to contact CSFS office directly at 1-866-5672333. The confidential fax number is 250-567-5745.

“If we want to support each other’s inner lives, we must remember a simple truth: the human soul does not want to be fixed, it wants simply to be seen and heard. If we want to see and hear a person’s soul, there is another truth we must remember; the soul is like a wild animal – tough, resilient, yet shy. When we go crashing through the woods shouting for it to come out so we can help it, the soul will stay in hiding. But if we are willing to sit quietly and wait for a while, the soul may show itself.” Parker Palmer

Due to the number of individuals requesting medical transportation assistance, we are requesting a minimum of 5 days notice.

INFANT DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM: Community Kitchen/Sharing Circles COME OUT, HAVE FUN, AND RELAX!! Community Kitchen—Open to Parents/Community Members to get out together, cook a meal and eat in & take home!!

Sharing Circles— Parents get together and do arts, crafts, or whatever your hearts desire, such as scrapbooking, gardening, play cards, board games and sports. For more information contact Nicole Thomas.



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