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In more than 60 years, Van Vliet Trucks Holland B.V. - founded in 1953 - has grown into a leading supplier of new, used and reconditioned commercial vehicles. From the outset, Van Vliet has set the highest standards of quality, continuity and professional skill. With its specialized teams of purchasers, sales representatives and technicians, the company has built up an international reputation as an all-round firm, totally at home in the truck market. Dedication and skill are the cornerstones of Van Vliet’s success. To the people who work at Van Vliet, a truck is more than just a product.


Over the years Van Vliet has developed into one of the largest suppliers of new, used and reconditioned commercial vehicles. It has earned this position through a selective and careful purchase strategy, the universally acclaimed high quality, the tremendous value for money it offers, the permanent stock of more than 1500 commercial vehicles and the outstanding service. Van Vliet has a huge selection in every conceivable category, from light-duty cargo pick-ups to heavy-duty dumper trucks. Owing to the high stock turnover rate, Van Vliet almost always succeeds in supplying the right vehicle at very short notice.


Van Vliet specializes in supplying consignments of vehicles at very short notice. Van Vliet is able to meet these extremely tight schedules because all the work is done within the organization itself in the “One Stop Truck Centre”. You need a hundred of the same vehicles at short notice? Van Vliet delivers right in time! An important aspect of this is the skill and flexibility of a highly experienced team of mechanics. Van Vliet Trucks has the disposal of modern workshop facilities employing more than forty mechanics. Any special requirements can be catered for: modifications, bodywork, installing hydraulic cranes, dumpers, refrigeration units, complete mobile workshops, enlarged fueltanks, bullbars, roofracks, lightbars, communication systems, fleet management systems, safety kits, spraying, lettering, etc.


Van Vliet’s purchasers check the general condition and mechanical state of every vehicle they consider buying in. Vehicles that fail to meet strict basic standards will not be added to the stock. This is the only way to achieve consistent quality and assure that Van Vliet can maintain its excellent reputation. What’s more - since 1996 Van Vliet Services has been awarded the ISO certificate - yet another guarantee that high quality is the standard.


Over the years Van Vliet has built up a wealth of experience in the export market. More than 95% of the products are exported all over the world: to countries in Europe, Russia, Asia, Middle East, Africa and elsewhere. Van Vliet has a team of export sales specialists. They are completely familiar with the ins and outs of customs formalities and transport all over the world, including the regular shipment of consignments of vehicles. This gives Van Vliet complete confidence that every transaction will be concluded to the satisfaction of everyone concerned.


Supplying parts from stock is one of the strengths of Van Vliet’s total programme. Van Vliet can supply either new or used and reconditioned parts. For all leading makes and... quickly. In emergencies even by 24-hour courier service and by air. If the customer wishes, a package of vital spare parts can actually be supplied along with the vehicle, so that in an emergency the right parts are already in the right place. Make-related parts, in particular, which can often be hard to get hold of in certain countries, have proved to be invaluable in tight corners.


The conditions in which people and equipment have to operate in (emergency) aid areas are much tougher than in other places. Van Vliet is aware that its vehicles can be subjected to the most rigorous treatment. The fact that the vehicles are used so intensively, the usually poor infrastructure and the likely shortage of experienced drivers and maintenance mechanics often mean that vehicles are tested to the limit. But it is in these very areas and under these extreme conditions that it is crucial for customers to be able to rely absolutely on the vehicles supplied by Van Vliet. In response to the growing demand, Van Vliet has concentrated more and more in recent years on laying in stocks for GO’s and NGO’s. Among these vehicles, primarily intended for heavy work, there are many 4x4 to 8x8 vehicles such as pickups, terrain vehicles, cargo trucks, tankers, etc. But also generators, mobile field kitchens, mobile workshops, tank trailers, recovery trucks, buses, motorcycles, etc.


For various GO/NGO’s, Van Vliet offers a complete service in the management of their fleet. This begins with the storage of their vehicles and parts in a dedicated area and the associated inventory control. In addition, Van Vliet takes care of all worries related to modifications and delivery, such as priority scheduling of tasks in the workshops and the curb of vehicles; preparation and adaptation of vehicles for use in some countries and under certain circumstances; performing logistical tasks and transporting the vehicles to the country, anywhere in the world; and, if desired the recall of vehicles after a project and recovering them for new tasks.


Important here is that the GO/NGO can count on an extremely fast service, handling and delivery of related vehicles and parts. In response, Van Vliet’s organization is fully equipped. In emergency cases, an order will be processed with the greatest care and with the greatest possible throughput prepared for delivery. In an emergency situation, anywhere in the world, Van Vliet provide all possible assistance to supply the vehicles in the shortest possible time in order to continue. Orders from GO/NGO’s are always given priority.


During the contract agreement there is regular consultation and advice on an appropriate composition of the stock. This stock can also be offered through the GO/NGO itself, with responsibility for management at Van Vliet.


Van Vliet can also supply experienced manpower to instruct drivers and mechanics on the spot. Van Vliet can supply a mechanic with a service vehicle, on a secondment basis, to give local drivers and mechanics a technical training course in the maintenance and repair of the vehicles. Maintenance, above all, is crucial. Once maintenance is properly organized, there should be little further need for repairs. The mechanic will also familiarize the drivers with the vehicles and give them a short but effective course of driving instruction. In short, Van Vliet will see to it that the supplied equipment continues to function properly. Several governments signed an agreement with Van Vliet, concerning the local maintenance and repair of the fleet of some of their departments.

Van Vliet Fleet Support is a service contract partner for maintenance and repair of vehicles and provides dedicated fleet workshops for large projects around the world: • • • • • •

Automotive project management Fleet management services Fleet tracking systems Workshop and maintenance management Workshop assistance Technical services

Van Vliet Fleet Support is dedicated to keeping your fleet running in the most efficient and cost-effective way, so you are free to focus on your core business. Van Vliet Trucks is Certified and Authorized partner for Novacom HumaNav installations.

...Van Vliet Trucks has fleet management agreements with various renowned international organizations...

Van Vliet Services (the workshop of Van Vliet Trucks Holland) quality policy is concerned with manufacturing and supplying products and services in accordance with the requirements laid down in the international quality standard ISO 9001:2008.

All quotations, deliveries and other legal acts are subject to the general conditions of delivery of Van Vliet Automobielbedrijven B.V. as filed at the Registry of the Rotterdam District Court under number 627/97 and as published on our website A paper copy will be sent to you on request.

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Fleet Management 2016  

Van Vliet Fleet Management contents project supply and fleet management

Fleet Management 2016  

Van Vliet Fleet Management contents project supply and fleet management