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The Offical Guide from Vanuatu Tourism


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Issue 15 April 2013 - June 2013

go, see and do in Vanuatu

Includes • Places to stay • Things to see and do • Dining • Maps • ..and more






Welkam contents where to go, what to see, what to do in Vanuatu The Offical Guide from Vanuatu Tourism


FREE Discover what matters

Issue 15 April 2013 - June 2013

go, see and do in Vanuatu

NEWs and events in VANUATU The Havannah Includes • Places to stay • Things to see and do • Dining • Maps • ..and more

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Dive Sail Great away, Sail day cru , Sno Email rkel, Dive sailawa ise to Hat Phone y@vanu Island. , Relax. +678 25 155 Greetings from the beautiful and friendly Islands of Vanuatu. .vu . Hideaw There is so much to see and so much to do, there is something for everyone, to suit all tastes. ay Isla plus the wor nd Res ort, The information in these pages is just an indication of what you can do, see, eat, rest and play. Email ld’s info@hi only und a divers par Phone erwate deaway adise, To learn more to help plan your visit, check out our website or contact our + 678 r pos 22 963 t offi friendly staff at Vanuatu Tourism Office. ce. . Nautilu s Scu We look forward seeing you soon in Vanuatu, Vila, ba, one dive of with Email Tourism the bes The official guide from Vanuatu Issue 15Kalpoi19 Welkam, Lukim yu. nautilu the pros. Linda t kno Pho wn in s@v Vanuatu Tourism. General ne + Manager, 678 22 anuatu .com 398. .vu Tranqu illity more. Dive , divi ng and Email much drewco Phone mu @vanua ch + 678 25 020 .vu . Crusoe Email Fishing Cha crusoe rter Phone @vanua s, +678 774549 0


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Deep Sea Fish Email deepse ing Phone afishing + 678 774 304 charter s@gmai 6

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EDITORIAL SUBMISSIONS Editorial contributions, in English and French, relating to Vanuatu destinations are welcome, and should be sent to the editor. Please include text on disk, photographs, transparencies or high resolution scans on CD. While every care will be taken we accept no responsibility for submissions or images.

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19 INSIDE! The Offical Listings of what to see, do, eat and stay and more from Vanuatu Tourism

South Pacific Email doug@s Anglers 485. pangler Phone + 678 27 Vanuat Email u Game Fish andrew ing Yme 23 149 yme . r@vanu r Phone +678

The islands Efate island


efate maps


espiritu santo


tanna island Espiritu Santo & Tanna maps


Pentecost and outer islands







anuatu is an archipelago, a Yshaped string of 83 islands with the main islands being Efate, Espiritu Santo, Malakula and Tanna. The ni-Vanuatu people (of the land) are a Melanesian race speaking Bislama, a unique language mixed with Vanuatu versions of local, French and English languages. Bislama unites the country providing people of 110 different language groups the opportunity to communicate. English and French are widely spoken and are an integral part of not only the history of Vanuatu, but also the present. Whilst the predominant population is ni Vanuatu, the country is peppered with the spices of many races including South Pacific Islanders, French, English,

Australian, New Zealanders, Vietnamese and Chinese. Vanuatu is a land of diversity and huge smiles, boasting Coral seas, tropical islands, fish, volcanoes and rainforest Snorkeling, SCUBA diving, game fishing and soft adventures are all here to enjoy in a country with a colourful history, a rich culture and a warm welcome. Every island has its own history and unique traditions, so visiting one or several will add to your Vanuatu Experience. The population is around 200,000 people, mostly of Melanesian origin, with two thirds living in the four main islands mentioned above. The climate is tropical, the cooler season being May and October, with some beautiful sunny days. November to April is generally hotter and more humid, with temperatures in the lower 30’s, it is also

known as the cyclone season. The sea is usually warm and ideal for swimming year round, although be careful of the coral! Tropical vegetation is varied and interesting, melektrees, kauris, banyans, ferns, to name but a few, best to explore for yourself. There are a number of ‘live’ volcanoes, absolutely awesome, a must see. Marine life is abundant with some of the most exotic species you’ll ever see. And you’ll never go short of mouth watering tropical fruit. Culturally, there are arts and crafts, carvings, sand-drawings, paintings, tattooing, pottery, weaving, jewellry and traditional clothing to see and enjoy. And of course there kava, no visit is complete without sampling kava, which is available in some of the resorts too.




ANZ, Bred Bank, National Bank, Westpac.

Digicel, TVL, mobiles.Internet, phone and fax.

Diana Tam Art Gallery, L’atelier Art



Dockside Wines & Spirits, Fung Kuei, La Cave du Gourmet, Paris Shopping, Prouds Duty Free, Sound Centre, The Mall Duty Free.

National Museum & Vanuatu Cultural



MONEY EXCHANGE At the banks, Goodies, Seven11, Western Union/Global Express.

RENTAL VEHICLES Cars, trucks, scooters, bikes and buggies are available from Avis, Budget, Discount Rentals, World Car Rentals, Laho, Hanvan, Buggy Fun Rentals, Off-Road Rentals. Mountain Bikes from Vanuatu EcoTours

BUSES & TAXIS Readily available and relatively inexpensive.

DRIVING On the right hand side of the road. Some roads are rough. Be careful at night, as street lighting is minimal.


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There are numerous business and investment opportunities available in Vanuatu and equally numerous businesses to advise on all aspects such enterprises. For more information contact Vanuatu Investment Promotion Authority 678 24096 or email

The official guide form Vanuatu Tourism

Gallery, Michoutouchkine Pilioko

Centre, Mele Cultural Centre & Botanical Garden.

Air Vanuatu 23 878, Air Calin 22 739, Air New Zealand 22 666, Air Pacific 22 836, Pacific Blue 22 836.

EMERGENCY NUMBERS EFATE: Medical 25 556, 22 100, Police 22 222, Fire 22 333. SANTO: Medical 37 112, Police 36 222, Fire 36 333.



New Zealand chef Robert Olivier filming new series in Vanuatu New Zealand chef Robert Olivier was filming in Vanuatu last week for the upcoming series Real Pasifik. This new series to be aired in New Zealand and worldwide and will showcase the individual and unique islands of the Pacific focusing on food and culture. The series follows the success of Olivier’s first book Me’a Kai: The Food and Flavours of the Pacific written with the mission to connect Pacific agriculture to the region’s tourism sector. Me’a Kai went on to win the ‘Best Cookbook in the World 2010’ at the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards in Paris. On 29 January Chef Olivier undertook a signing ceremony of his book at the Pandanus shop, in Port Vila.

certainly exciting to see this aspect of Vanuatu being promoted through this new series.” The objective of Real Pasifik is to show tourists, that alongside beautiful beaches and friendly people, they can enjoy fantastic food and cultural experiences. The series is set to be a gastronomic journey that takes viewers to extraordinary people, ancient cultures and into the heart of a food revolution promoting food tourism and distinctive cuisine. VTO wishes Robert Olivier and all involved in Real Pasifik TV all the best of success and acknowledges everyone for the efforts in promoting Vanuatu and the Pacific as a whole.o

The filming saw Chef Robert Oliver in Iririki Island Resort’s kitchens giving the resort’s aspiring young chefs the chance of a lifetime to create a five course indigenous meal using only local ingredients. The filming then went on to film around Port Vila and Santo. The filming shoot closed with a VIP luncheon at the Watermark Restaurant at Iririki Island Resort on 5 February with Chef Robert Olivier and a team of five young local talented chefs from the resort preparing a meal for a delegation of 13 VIP guests. The menu, designed by Robert Olivier, was inspired by the team, the local organic produce and Vanuatu’s traditional recipes. The VIP delegation included the Honorable Ham Lini Vanuaroroa, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Tourism; Mr. Willam (Bill) Dobbie, New-Zealand High Commissioner; Mr. Charles Lini, VTO Chairman; Ms Linda Kalpoi, VTO General Manager; Mr. Joseph Laloyer, Air Vanuatu CEO; Mr. Floyd Smith, Air Vanuatu, Head of Sales & Marketing; Ms Sarah Kymbrekos, Vanuatu Chefs and Food Handlers Association Chairlady.

Enjoying Laplap banana soup

Linda Kalpoi, VTO General Manager commented, “We are extremely proud of the delicious world class meal which was prepared with Vanuatu’s organic ingredients from our own local aspiring chefs led by Robert Olivier. “Vanuatu’s participation in this new series not only highlights our natural attractions and friendly culture, but also the culinary highlights of the destination which includes local and French traditions blended with Asian influences and local fresh and organic ingredients. It is

Deputy Prime Minister and the aspiring young chefs

The official guide from Vanuatu Tourism

Issue 15




Quand Jack London passe aux Nouvelles-Hébrides “Je brûle de tout connaître, mais le monde est grand.” Jack London : La Croisière du Snark En embarquant en 1907 sur le Snark pour un voyage extraordinaire qui allait le conduire aux îles Hawaii, aux Marquises, en Polynésie française, aux Samoa, à Fidji, aux Nouvelles Hébrides et aux Salomon, Jack London, accompagné de sa femme Charmian, de son ami Roscoe, et de Martin Johnson alors cuisinier, suivait les traces de deux grands autres écrivainsvoyageurs, Hermann Melville et Robert Louis Stevenson. Auteur de l’appel de la forêt, de Croc-Blanc et de Martin Eden, pêcheur de phoque, ouvrier, chômeur, chercheur d’or, journaliste couvrant la guerre russo-japonaise, conférencier à scandale, socialiste convaincu, fermier, Jack London fut un touche-à-tout brillant, un fier vagabond toujours prêt à courir le monde. Pourtant, lorsqu’il décide de faire construire le Snark et d’entreprendre cette croisière qui devait durer sept années, ce n’est pas pour s’attirer la gloire qu’il le fait, mais c’est pour lui, pour se prouver qu’il peut accomplir une œuvre concrète.

La croisière du Snark Le premier accomplissement, c’est le Snark, un voilier fin de 17 mètres dont il a dessiné les plans et dont la laborieuse construction, commencé au début de l’année 1906, lui a coûté une fortune. La première tempête que London doit affronter a lieu…le jour même du départ, le 21 avril 1907, sous la forme d’un huissier qui vient mettre le bateau sous séquestre car toutes les factures de l’épicier n’ont pas été payées ! C’est finalement le 23 avril que le Snark part, direction Hawaii. Le 20 mai, il arrive à Honolulu qu’il quitte le 7 octobre. De là, il passe aux îles Marquises (6 Décembre – 19 Décembre), et s’arrête à Tahiti qu’il quittera le 15 Février 1908 après avoir dû faire un aller-retour rapide (soit 1 mois) à San Francisco pour résoudre ses problèmes financiers. Le 8 Mai, le Snark est à Apia ; le 26, à Fiji. Le 6 Juin, il quitte l’archipel des Fiji pour les Nouvelles-Hébrides (aujourd’hui Vanuatu)…sans capitaine expérimenté ! Le dernier a été congédié et c’est donc Jack London qui assume la fonction… Plutôt bien d’ailleurs, puisque le 11, Tanna est en vue. London cherche Port


Issue 15

Résolution pour y mouiller et se rend compte que la baie découverte par James Cook le 6 Août 1774 n’est plus assez profonde. Il longe alors la côte et finit enfin par trouver un havre. London rencontre à Tanna le missionnaire Watt et escalade le volcan Yasur. Du 17 au 20 Juin, il est à Port-Vila et le 23 juin, le Snark traverse les îles Banks et quitte les Nouvelles-Hébrides pour les Salomons où London tombe gravement malade. Le 3 novembre 1908, il abandonne le Snark et s’embarque sur le Makambo pour Sydney où il sera traité pendant 5 semaines. L’écrivain décidera en 1909 de vendre le Snark et sera de retour à son ranch de Glen Ellen le 28 Juillet 1909. Le voyage de ses rêves qui aurait dû durer sept ans n’aura finalement pris que vingt-sept mois.

Jack London, les Nouvelles-Hébrides et les Salomons Jack London n’aura passé que quelques jours à Tanna et pourtant la description qu’il fait des habitants est étonnante. L’ancre vient d’être jetée et « sans nous donner le temps de reprendre haleine, un essaim de noirs de Tannèse, nus comme des vers, grimpaient à bord – créatures grimaçantes, à l’aspect simiesque, cheveux crépus et yeux troubles, et qui portaient en guise de boucles d’oreilles, des épingles de nourrice et des pipes en terre. ». La description est crue, certes, mais elle est en accord avec les mentalités de l’époque. S’aventurer en Mélanésie au début du 20ème siècle, c’est pour les Occidentaux, entrer dans le paradis du sauvage, là où le cannibale est censé guetter constamment et avec avidité l’arrivée d’un missionnaire ou d’un colon. Observant aux îles Salomons, un groupe de travailleurs qui retourne chez lui, il écrit ainsi : « A en juger par leurs mines, c’étaient à coup sûr d’authentiques cannibales, chasseurs de têtes. Des chevilles d’os et de bois, de la grosseur d’un crayon, traversaient leurs narines de part en part. Nombre d’entre eux avaient perforé l’extrémité charnue de leur nez, d’où sortaient des pointes d’écailles et du fil de fer rigide sur lequel étaient enfilées des

The official guide form Vanuatu Tourism



perles de verre. » London, comme nombre d’autres, se conforme là à l’exotisme de la sauvagerie. Tout dans l’allure, les parures, le comportement des

Le mystère du Snark Jack London repart donc vers les Etats-Unis le 1er Mai 1909. Le 5 mars, il a vendu le Snark pour 3000 dollars alors que sa construction en avait coûté 30.000 ! Que devient alors le beau voilier qui avait englouti une partie de l’énergie et de la fortune de l’écrivain ? Beaucoup de légendes ont circulé à son propos ! On l’aurait vu dans le détroit de Behring ou en Alaska en 1911… En fait, le Snark a d’abord été acheté par la compagnie de Sydney Justus Scharff qui le désarme. Il est à quai à Sydney jusqu’en 1913. Après c’est effectivement le mystère ! Il semble qu’il ait été racheté et vendu à plusieurs reprises par des colons néohébridais et ait servi pour le recrutement de travailleurs pour les plantations de l’archipel. Il est vu en 1917 par Martin Johnson et dix ans plus tard par Alain Gerbault qui, quittant l’îlot Mélé « aperçu entre l’îlot et la terre un beau ketch qui tirait un grand bord pour entrer dans Port-Vila. Je le voyais pour la première fois, et cependant je le reconnus au premier coup d’œil. C’était le Snark ! le Snark de Jack London, sur lequel un des mes auteurs préférés avait fait une si belle croisière, un beau et brave navire sévèrement critiqué, mais qui naviguait fréquemment encore entre la Nouvelle-Calédonie et les Nouvelles-Hébrides et pour lequel les marins du pays n’avaient que des éloges. » En 1931, Louis Brauquier qui travaillait pour les Messageries Maritimes retrouva les restes du Snark sur la plage de la plantation Naturel dite du Diamand à Epi. Il aurait été, disent les légendes locales, par la suite coupé en petits morceaux… A moins que… Lewis Caroll le premier l’avait dit dans la Chasse au Snark : le snark est un monstre imprévisible que l’on ne peut représenter et dont la chasse est impossible. Le Snark est …un bojum… Francis Bryard

The official guide from Vanuatu Tourism

Issue 15





Issue 15

The official guide form Vanuatu Tourism


Efate Island Port Vila is our capital, a gateway for visitors and an important centre for Vanuatu and the South Pacific.



he town of Port Vila is a lively mix of services, offices, banks, duty free shops, restaurants, gift shops, boutiques, handcraft galleries, cafés, and the colourful Port Vila market. A great place to meet the locals with their fruit, vegetables, shells, flowers, coconut crabs, artefact and souvenir stalls, the market operates every day except Sunday. It is a wonderful pot-pourri of cultures, blending elements of Melanesian, English, French and Asian. Set on a natural harbour, the sea-wall is a mecca for visiting cruising yachts and charter boats which provide easy access for reef or game fishing, diving or cruising expeditions. Port Vila and Efate offer an extensive selection of tours and activities to satisfy the most ardent explorers. From getaways to tropical beaches to exploring eclectic galleries, game fishing to snorkeling, jet boating to sunset cruises, mountain biking to bathing in waterfalls, abseiling to sailing and everything in between, nothing is more than minutes away from Efate’s main centre. Just as abundant are the range of restaurant and cafés, led by the French influence and supported by a wide and diverse range of cuisines. The majority of large and boutique resorts, hotels and bungalows are within minutes of Port Vila, with other boutique resorts and local style accommodation experiences scattered around Efate and the adjacent islands. Traveling only 40 minutes north of the capital places you overlooking the islands of Lelepa, Moso, Nguna, Pele and Emau, with a number of tour operators offering daytrips to experience the local communities and the fun of even smaller island living. Beautiful beaches, cultural experiences and insights into Vanuatu’s history dot the round island road, making a day tour or self drive rental a fantastic way to enhance your Vanuatu experience.

The official guide from Vanuatu Tourism

Issue 15


Utanlangi Farealapa


Vila Bay Health Centre & Private Hospital

Korman Studio

Tennis Club & Gymnaium Muni=cipal Stadium To Airport


Old Court House War Memorial

Town Hall

Arts & Craft Market

Post Office Independent Park

Vila Bay Health Centre & Private Hospital To Airport


Irirki Ferry Tennis Club & Gymnaium Muni=cipal Stadium Fruit & Vege Markets

Korman Studio Central Hospital


ERAKOR LAGOON Old Court House Parliament House


Museum Chef’s Nakamal

Town Hall

Arts & Craft Market

Post Office Independent Park Irirki Ferry


Fruit & Vege Markets

Central Hospital

Main Wharf

ERAKOR LAGOON To Panga Village Parliament House


Museum Chef’s Nakamal


Main Wharf

FUEL To Panga Village


Issue 15


The official guide form Vanuatu Tourism SEALED ROAD


The Havannah The Havannah is just a 20 minute drive from Port Vila, but when you get there you’ll think you’re a million miles from anywhere! You might even think you’re dreaming. It is truly picture postcard paradise. Meander through beautiful tropical gardens, marvel at the blue and aqua crystal clear water gently lapping a stunning white sandy beach. Relax and enjoy this unsurpassed beauty and peaceful location, it will live long in your

treasured memories.

The Resort There are 15 luxurious, air-conditioned villas offering an enticing combination of style and comfort. All villas feature king size beds, fully equipped mini bars, flat screen TV and Bose sound docking systems. The Waterfront villas have infinity plunge pools, bath tubs, and direct access to the beach while the Lagoon villas have their own private access to a magnificent split level lagoon pool. The Garden villas are secluded by tropical garden and are a short walk to the beach. Daytime activities include massages at Arom’essence Spa, lazy, lagoon-side afternoons, picnics on secluded beaches or enjoy the resort’s activity facilities—snorkeling, kayaking, petanque or tennis. Horse riding, scuba diving, island tours scenic flights can all be organized from the Havannah.

The Havannah is an intimate, beachfront resort at Samoa Point, Vanuatu set amidst flame trees and tropical gardens. With only 15 villas and three-room categories, the resort is an oasis of peace and tranquility. Each villa is furnished in a tastefully modern style with air conditioning and ceiling fan, king sized bed, private day bed on your terrace, Bose iPod docking station and mini bar. The Waterfront villas enjoy their own plunge pool.

For a cultural experience, visit Chief Roimata’s Domain—the South Pacific’s most recently listed World Heritage site— right on your doorstep! The Point Restaurant with its commanding 270° views over Havannah Harbour provide its guests with an array of gourmet food which can be described as a blend of French classics and some Asian influence dishes, using the freshest and best products available locally and complimented by a beverage list of Australian, New Zealand and French wines. The restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner and welcome outside guests. Reservation for group of 4 and above is recommended. Access to the Havannah Resort beach is for resort in-house guests only. The Havannah and the Point Restaurant, are romantic retreat exclusively for adults, as children under 16 are not catered for.

T: +678 551 8060 F: +678 551 8062

Activities on site include pool-side lazy afternoons, beach picnics, snorkeling, kayaking, petanque and tennis. Scuba diving, island tours, scenic flights and car rental can all be organized from the Havannah. Complimentary Wi-Fi is available in the public areas and in all the villas for our guests. The Point Restaurant, offers gourmet cuisine using the freshest of local ingredients with fine wines from Australia, New Zealand and France, while The Samoa Point conference room is ideal for executive retreats and small seminars. The Havannah also has a wedding co-coordinator to make your special day perfect. Whether on your honeymoon, in need of a quiet and relaxed break away from it all, or looking for activities in a beautiful environment, The Havannah is your perfect boutique resort in Vanuatu. The Havannah does not cater to children under 16 year old .

The official guide from Vanuatu Tourism

Issue 15



Espiritu Santo


Issue 15

The official guide form Vanuatu Tourism


Touted as Vanuatu’s nature and adventure capital, Espiritu Santo offers lots of surprises for all visitors.



here is no mistaking you are in Espiritu Santo as the fragrance of frangipani blends with the smells of local copra kilns, filling the air with coconut so strong that it’s almost edible. Espiritu Santo is Vanuatu’s largest island with a coastline studded with smaller islands and beautiful beaches, most barely inhabited. To the interior lays pristine jungles, kustom villages and old plantations, many which still operate today, along with a cattle industry regarded as producing the best beef in the Pacific. Luganville was an important operations base during World War II. The American Army left behind airfields and bomber wrecks and sank their military equipment after the war providing the famous dive sight Million Dollar Point, now inhabited by colourful fish and corals. One of the world’s “must do” dives can also be found only five minutes from town. The 200m SS President Coolidge, a 1930’s luxury liner, converted into a US troopship, lies in water from 20-70 metres deep. President Coolidge with its amazing collection of


Jeeps, trucks, cases of rifles and abundant sea life is the largest intact shipwreck accessible to scuba divers in the world. The destroyer USS Tucker lies off Malo Island, with another 20 recognised sites in the area and hundreds yet to be discovered. Small boutique resorts, hotels and guest houses can be found at the south of the island, in and about Luganville, Vanuatu’s second urban centre, as well as up the pristine east coast. Many of them are cloaked in a sense of island romance, not surprising given that Espiritu Santo was once the home of James A Michener and it was here he wrote what would become the musical, South Pacific. Espiritu Santo is renowned for many natural wonders including its famous Blue Holes – deep limestone pools of turquoise fresh water, Champagne Beach, one of the finest beaches in the South Pacific and Vatthe Conservation Area, Vanuatu’s first National Park set in 2,300ha of protected jungle, a natural wonderland to native birds, coconut crabs, flying foxes, boa-snakes and turtles.

The official guide from Vanuatu Tourism

Issue 15







t. Yasur, one of the most accessible volcanos in the world, is an exciting natural phenomenon providing an outstanding fireworks display on a night visit. 360 metres above sea level and surrounded by an ash plain, Yasur is a fiery cauldron of molten rock spurting every few minutes as nature exhibits an expressive display. A cannonade of booming sound from escaping gases is followed by wild reverberations as eruptions shoot glowing ash and stones into the air. Many local people believe that the spirits of the dead live in Mt. Yasur. Most Tannese live a traditional lifestyle practicing the ancient customs of their ancestors including Kastom medicine, initiation rites and the colourful Nekowiar, celebrating the successful harvest. Tanna is also home to the John Frum Cargo


Issue 15

Cult, made famous for their devotion to a modern deity based on the US servicemen who visited during World War II. With its raw nature and primitive tribal cultures, Tanna is a step back in time to a unique and untouched South Pacific. Why not become a visitor on your next Vanuatu experience. Tanna is also a minefield of adventure - the wreck of the Fijian, a sailing ship which sank in 1916 lies in 20 metres of water, wild horses inhabit White Grass Plains, there are white sandy beaches and the black sand of Imlao Beach, waterfalls, hot springs and the spectacular Yapilmai Cascades. Port Resolution, a popular yacht anchorage was named by Captain Cook when he landed in 1774, attracted like most people, by the great glow of Yasur in the night sky.

The official guide form Vanuatu Tourism


Cape Cumberland Cape Nahoi Hokua


Large underground Caves Wunpuka


Enormous Kauri Pines


Wora Point Metantan 1405m

Lovla Point



Cape Quiros


Sakao (I Lathi) Lotoro



Yekar Golden Beach

Wild Duck Colony





Tsureviu Black Sand beaches Malao

Maloeta Vasalea


Port Orly


Lathu (Elephant Island)


Champagne Beach


Hog Harbour Matantas


Talatas Vatthe Conservation Park


Big Bay Vemaranna


Suereta Tabwemasana 1879m Wusi Linduri

Traditional Pottery Tsureviu

Butmas Matevul WW2 Bunkers

Saktui Patiare

Balihai Lookout

Tsureviu Hot Thermal Spring





Narango Parisa Tasmalum


Port Lautour


Springs Amalo Alovawaru

Enifiting 524m


NorthTanna Blue Cave

Green Hill


North Grass Plain Lookout

Tangen 404m


Waisisi Burton Field Airport Ipai (cultural village)

Sulphur Bay

Loanialu 552m

Hot Springs Port Resolution



Yasur 361m

Open Air & Covered markets Isangel Yakel (traditional village)

Etapu (traditional village)

Manuapen Shark Bay

Tukosmera 1084m

Mareum 1047m


Yeruareng Yanuwao Point


The official guide from Vanuatu Tourism

Issue 15


Yu toktok Inglis, Bislama mo Franis? Vanuatu is unique in the world because no other country has as many different languages, per capita. Approximately 120 indigenous languages are spoken throughout the archipelago in addition to Bislama, the lingua franca or common language, English and French. In the 1800’s the islanders and European traders communicated using early forms of Bislama. Then the missionaries used it to spread ‘the word’ throughout Vanuatu, so by the early 1900’s Bislama was well established. The name is derived from the Portuguese “bicho do mar” (small sea creature) and was coined by those involved in the lucrative trade of sea slugs, a Chinese delicacy. Bislama began as a spoken pidgin or simple phonetic English and evolved merging the structure of Vanuatu’s traditional languages, English vocabulary, Melanesian grammar and

ENGLISH Thank you (very much) You’re welcome Hello/Goodbye Excuse me I’m sorry It’s alright How are you? I’m fine thanks Do you like…? My name is… I’m from… Where do you live? How old are you? Where is…? What time is it? I don’t understand Do you speak English? It’s prohibited to go there I’m a vegetarian Where is the toilet? When? I’m looking for…


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adopting some words from other European languages especially French. Bislama is unique to Vanuatu, it is the language of Parliament and reflects the multi-cultural society it unites. To English speakers written Bislama is relatively easy to understand and the spoken language sounds familiar, because about 85% of the 8000 word vocabulary is English based. However visitors should note that Bislama spoken in Port Vila is more Anglicised than that spoken in the villages and outer islands. Local people are friendly and often acknowledge you as they pass, so you are sure to have opportunities to exchange a greeting. You may also encounter signs, instructions and newpapers so the following words will introduce you to the many languages of Vanuatu.

BISLAMA Tankyu (tumas) I oraet nomo Halo/Tata Skiusmi Mi sori tumas I oraet/I no problem Yu oraet? I oraet, tankyu/I gud Yu ting yu likim…? Nem blong mi… Mi blong... Yu stap wea?/Yu blong? Hamas yia blong yu? Wea ples…? Yu save wanem taem naoia? Mi no save Yu save toktok long Inglis? Ples ia i tabu Mi no kakae mit Tolet i stap wea? Wataem? Mi stop lukaot….

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FRANCAIS Merci (beaucoup) De rien Bonjour/Au revoir Excusez-moi/Pardon Pardon Ça va/Pas de problème Comment ça va? Ça va bien, merci …vous plaît? Je m’appelle… Je viens de… Où habitez-vous? Quel âge avez-vous? Où est…? Quelle heure est-il? Je ne comprends pas Parlez-vous anglais? C’est interdit d’y aller Je suis vegetarien(ienne) Où sont les toilettes? Quand? Je cherche

Pentecost and

outer Islands

Pentecost is famous for the land diving ritual (Nagol), the original bungy jump.


he ritual of the N’gol is an extraordinary event, filled with a dignity and mystique - and real risk to life and limb. It bears no more resemblance to bungy jumping (the New Zealand sport invented by AJ Hackett after watching a N’gol ceremony) than abseiling down a sixty foot cliff does to catching a lift down a six story building. It began centuries, perhaps millennia ago, when a beaten woman ran away from her husband, Tamale. He found her hiding in a tall tree and called to her that if she came down he might beat her - but only a little. However if he had to get her she would be sorry. She refused. He climbed the tree and as he made his final grab, she leaped. In anguish at her death (or anger that he had missed her) Tamale jumped after her, not realising his wife had tied liana vines around her ankles and survived the fall. Land diving ritual usually takes place on Saturdays in April and May, its significance being to guarantee a plentiful yam harvest the following year. Jumpers select their own vines and construct their platform on the jump tower which can reach to 30 metres. Pentecost is also known for its ritual dancing, mat and basket weaving and symbolic sand drawing. Vanuatu boasts 79 more islands and offers an incredibly diverse variety of visitor experiences, with accommodation to suit every budget and interest, from Large and Boutiques Resorts, Hotels and Backpacker lodges to Community Bungalows and home stays. There are tourism operators on more than 20 islands of Vanuatu with welcoming communities on many of the others for those looking for an authentic grass roots travel experience.

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APRIL 01/04: Easter Monday, Public holiday 06/04: Duathlon Banana Bay A 4Km run, followed by a 30Km bike ride, finished by a 4Km run. Banana Bay - Efate Island +678 77 14 826 07-08/04: Easter 6Kg Challenge Around Port-Vila – Efate Island 20/04: Port-Vila Masterbathers Port-Vila seafront - Efate Island +678 77 14 826 25/04: ANZAC Day 27/04: The Vanuatu Triathlon The popular multi-stage competitions in its Olympic Distance: 1,5Km swim, 40Km return bike ride towards Siviri village and 10Km run. Two categories: individual and teams of three. Wahoo Bar – Efate Island +678 5553 153 Every Thursday, Friday and Saturday Nagol This famous land diving ritual is the origin of the modern bungy jump. Londot, Lonorore, Rangusuksu - Pentecost Island +678 77 23 374 / +678 53 48 846.

MAY 01/05: Labour Day, Public holiday 04/05: Triathlon Sprint/ Olymp Port-Vila seafront - Efate Island +678 77 14 826 09/05: Ascension Day, Public holiday 11/05: Port-Vila Masterbathers Port-Vila seafront - Efate Island +678 77 14 826 19/05: Vanuatu Adventure Race Multi 50Km A multi-stage competition. One open category, registrations open up to 30 teams of two. Port-Vila – Efate Island +678 55 53 153


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25/05: Full Moon Sail A social event aimed at attracting all members of the public, visiting yachts and tourists to come and enjoy the waters of Vanuatu. The sailing commences an hour before sunset with all boats racing towards the direction of the setting sun. A great fun way to get out on the water for all ages. Port-Vila – Efate Island +678 55 52 222 26/05 – 01/06: Vanuatu Marlin Classic Around Port-Vila – Efate Island +678 77 30 153 Every Thursday, Friday and Saturday Nagol This famous land diving ritual is the origin of the modern bungy jump. Londot, Lonorore, Rangusuksu - Pentecost Island +678 77 23 374 / +678 53 48 846.

JUNE 15/06: Port-Vila Open Water Swims Two swims to choose from: the premier event is a 3.2km swim around the island of Iririki and the shorter event: a 1.5km swim in the harbor over a triangular course. Port-Vila – Efate Island +678 55 53 153 17-20/06: Espiritu Santo Swim Week Espiritu Santo Swim Week expands the second leg of the Port-Vila Open Water Wwims - a swim from Luganville to Aore Island Resort - into four days and nights of swimming and soft adventure activities in Espiritu Santo, Vanuatu’s northern adventure island. 00 +61 414 669 513 21/06: Fête de la Musique The Fête de la Musique, also known as World Music Day, is a music festival taking place on June 21. It is a day on which the world celebrates the magical gift of music. Its purpose is to promote music in two ways: Amateur and professional musicians are encouraged to perform in the streets. Port-Vila - Efate Island & Luganville - Espiritu Santo +678 22 947 22/06: Warwick Le Lagon Resort & Spa Triathlon Port-Vila - Efate Island +678 77 14 826 Every Thursday, Friday and Saturday Nagol This famous land diving ritual is the origin of the modern bungy jump. Londot, Lonorore, Rangusuksu - Pentecost Island +678 77 23 374 / +678 53 48 846.

Discover what matters

Discover what matters

Greetings from the beautiful and friendly Islands of Vanuatu. There is so much to see and so much to do, there is something for everyone, to suit all tastes. The information in these pages is just an indication of what you can do, see, eat, rest and play. To learn more to help plan your visit, check out our website or contact our friendly staff at Vanuatu Tourism Office. We look forward seeing you soon in Vanuatu, Welkam, Lukim yu.

The official guide from Vanuatu Tourism

Issue 15 Linda Kalpoi19

General Manager, Vanuatu Tourism.

Efate Island - Port Vila

Activities - EFATE

Discover what matters Where do you start? Well how about, Port Vila Market, The Cultural Centre, War Memorial, Michoutouchkine & Pilioko Foundation Art Gallery, Chief Roi Mata’s Domain, Star of Russia, Klem’s Hill Lookout, Mele-Mat Cascades, The Secret Garden, Lelepa Island, Eton Beach & Blue Hole, to name but a few, and there is much more!

Air Safaris, Nationwide Air Charter, 7 and 5 passenger seat aircraft available. Email: Phone +678 5545207

Joe’s Jet Ski Hire, Great fun on Port Vila harbour. Email Phone +678 5927 101.

Air Taxi, adventure tours, charters, to Tanna and Pentecost. Best price, best service, Email Phone + 678 5544206.

Lelepa Island Tours, fishing charters, the locals know best! Email Phone + 678 23144.

Blue Lagoon, sea kayaking and Tarzan jump in amazing Blue Lagoon! Email Phone + 67826 559.

Kite Surf and Stand-up Paddle Board, great fun on and off the water. Email Phone+ 67877 758.

Blokart Landsailing, the ultimate sailing experience. Email Phone + 5913420.

Naffono Tatoka Tours, experience native life in a local village. Email Phone + 678 24 217.

Buggy Fun Rental, great fun off the beaten track! Get in the driving seat. Email Phone + 67822 775.

Off Road Adventures, exciting guided buggy tours. Email Phone + 25 479.

Club Hippique Adventure Park, trail rides and expeditions, super mable tube rides. Email Phone + 67823 347.

Parasailing, Fly high, stay dry, enjoy great views of Port Vila. Email Phone + 678 77 42331.

Ecotours, River kayaking, Cycling, Bushwalking. Unforgettable. Email Phone+ 678 5403506.

Reef Explorer, Snorkel, swim, sightsee the harbour in asemi-submersible. Phone + 23303.

Edge absailing, if you’re not living on the edge, you’re not living! Email Phone +7753153.

Secret Garden, history, culture, customs and wild life and amazing feast! Email Phone + 67826222

Ekasup Cultural Village, hidden treasure of the Pacific, native night entertainment. Email Phone +24 217.

Tropic Thunder, a jet boat ride to get your heart racing! Email Phone + 5544107.

Hippo Campus, fun trail rides at the sea horse ranch. Email Phone + 678 25 152

Tranquillity Island, eco tourism, diving, bush walks, kayaking, great enjoyment. Email Phone + 67825020.

Welkam - the official guide from Vanuatu Tourism The Summit Gardens, Beautiful tropical gardens, gift shop, cafe, distillery and jungle zip line. Email Phone + 678 566 0713 Vanuatu Helicopters, scenic, adventure and romantic flights. Email Phone+ 678 7744106.

Tour Operators: - EFATE Adventures in Paradise. Your Vanuatu experts, transfers, airport bookings, tour travel, group experts .Contact us for all your holiday needs. Email paradise@vanuatu. Phone +678 25 200. Atmosphere Transfers & Tours, take a tour with us and discover some of the best places on Efate, Phone +678 7751520. Edge absailing, if you’re not living on the edge, you’re not living! Email Phone +7753153. Evergreen Tours Fun excitement and holiday memories, Vanuatu’s leading indigenous tour operator, Email vu Phone +678 23 050.

Budget, drives your dollar further. Email Phone +678 23 170.

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s or FREE night accomodation at the Beachcomber rth Efate with any rental for 3 to 7 days.

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R OPERATOR Unity Airlines

Volcano anD scEnic touRs anD aERoplanE chaRtERs.

onE stop shop FoR FilM cREWs, anY tYpE oF chaRtERs anD touRs

ct us. Phone: +678 24475. Mobile: +678 77 44475

Unity Airlines, Volcano and scenic tours and charters. Email Phone + 67824475. Discovery Tours Vanuatu Email Phone +678 28 281.

Island Holidays Email Phone + 6787747946.

Island Tours Email Phone + 67823 321.

Melanesian Tours Email Phone + 67826 847

bike & vehicle rentals EFATE

Hertz, Great rates, great cars, great service. Email Phone +678 22 468.

Europcar, take a ride in paradise. Email Phone + 678 26517.

World Car Rentals, Largest fleet in town, pick up and deliver, see more for less. Email Phone +678 26 515.

Hanvan Rental Cars, Go everywhere, see everything. Email Phone +678 24 616.

Motor Scooter Hire, A great way to get around. Email Phone+678 5522442.

us at: +678 23242 / 7744475 / 24475.

Wet’n’Wild Zorbing, the longest, wildest, most exciting Zorb ride in the world. Email Phone + 678 5552604.

Efate Island - Port Vila

Discover what matters

Diving and fishing - EFATE Fishing Vanuatu’s known to have a great selection of game fishing options from shared charters, 3, 4 and 8 hour day trips, liveaboard game fishing, sightseeing trips, sport fishing charters offering light game fishing tackling to test skills against tunas, Mahi Mahi, Wahoo, Albacore and Marlin, and more. Fishing can be customized to suit each requirements where possible: Deep-sea fishing in remote waters, Reeling-in a 50kg Wahoo, secret fishing spots, picture perfect views out to sea, testing your skills against a

Diving Divers come from all over the world for Vanuatu’s superb visibility, warm water and world-class dive sites. The underwater world offers plunging cliffs, grottoes and overhangs plus huge caves and intricate tunnels and life abundant over all this making for a visual feast.

Big Blue, Snorkelling, diving, for beginners and experienced divers, Email Phone + 678 27518.

Deep Sea Fishing Email Phone + 678 774 3046

Havannah Sports Fishing Email Phone +678 5419949.

Dive Sailaway, Sail, Snorkel, Dive, Relax. Great day cruise to Hat Island. Email Phone +678 25 155.

In Deep Fishing Charters Email Phone + 678 774 1265.

Hideaway Island Resort, a divers paradise, plus the world’s only underwater post office. Email Phone + 678 22 963.

Nevagivup Pacific Blue Marlin Email Phone + 678 774 0135.

Nautilus Scuba, one of the best known in Vila, dive with the pros. Email Phone + 678 22 398.

SaltWater Fishing Phone + 678 27 445

Tranquillity Dive, diving and much much more. Email Phone + 678 25 020.

South Pacific Anglers Email Phone + 678 27 485.

Crusoe Fishing Charters, Email Phone +678 7745490

Vanuatu Game Fishing Ymer Email Phone +678 23 149.

Welkam - the official guide from Vanuatu Tourism

Accommodation. A selection only Iririki Island Resort, Idylic island resort, luxury all the way. Email Phone +67823 388.

Mangoes Resort, a small boutique resort overlooking a tranquil lagoon. Email Phone +678 24 923.

Warwick Le Lagon Resort & Spa. Beautiful top-end resort, with everything you need for a perfect holiday, wedding or business convention. Email sales.lelagon@ Phone + 678 22 313.

Moorings Hotel, good value, good food, good views. Email Phone +678 26 800.

Holiday Inn Resort, This is paradise in paradise, relax, chill out, work or play, we’ll take great of you. Email Phone +678 22 040.

Poppy’s on the Lagoon, 4 star beachfront resort. Email Phone + 678 23 425.

The Grand Hotel Casino, As the name suggests, Grand in every way. And fabulous for a flutter. Email Phone + 67823 933.

Sunset Bungalows, Relax and rejuvenate by the lagoon. Email Phone + 678 29 968.

Breakas Beach Resort, Nestled among swaying Palms, home away from home. Email Phone + 678 23 670.

Tamanu on the Beach, breathtaking boutique beachfront resort. Phone + 678 27 279.

Coconut Palms Resort, one of the best quality, low cost places to stay. Email Phone+ 678 23 696.

The Melanesian Port Vila, close to the heart of town. Email Phone + 678 22 150.

Chantilly’s on the Bay, Port Vila’s premium boutique hotel. Email Phone + 67827 079.

The Havannah, a luxury out-of-town retreat, away from it all. Email Phone + 6785418058.

Erakor Island Resort & Spa, a beautiful unspoiled island paradise. Email Phone + 67826983.

Hideaway Island Resort, don’t just get away, Hideaway, perfect. Email Phone + 678 22 963.

Eratap Beach Resort, a small luxury resort, the ideal getaway from it all. Email Phone + 678 5545007.

There is a much wider selection to choose from, including apartments, budget hotels and motels, guest houses and backpacker accommodation. For details visit

Fatumaru Lodge, self containedappartments in town and on the beach, great views. Email Phone + 678 23456. Discover what matters

Efate Island - Port Vila

Discover what matters

Restaurants and Cafes- EFATE Anchor Inn, right on the waterfront, great atmosphere, good beer and food. Phone + 678 22 435.

Au Peche Minon, superb French pastries and gateaux, opposite PortVila market. Phone + 678 27 271.

These are just some, there are many more great places to eat to suit everyones’ taste. Check them out

Breakas Bar & Restaurant, romantic dining right on the beach. Phone + 678 23 670.

Michener’s Restaurant, at Iririki. Superb food and views. Phone 23 388.

Grand Hotel & Casino, elegant, sophisticated classic dining. Phone + 678 28 882.

Nabawan Cafe, on the harbour front, casual, relaxed, great atmosphere. Phone +678 25 264.

Chill Restaurant & Bar, Superb food and views, next to the market. Phone +678 22 578.

Tamanu Beach Resort & Restaurant. Stunning location, great food 20mins out of town. Phone +678 27 279.

Hideaway Island Restaurant, the name says it all. Phone + 678 22 063.

The Havannah, 20 mins out of town, but well worth it. You’ll think you’re in paradise. Phone + 678 541 8058.

Jill’s cafe, in town, great for lunch and snacks. Phone + 678 25 125.

Tilly’s at Chantilly’s on the Bay. Elegant dining at its finest. Phone + 678 27 079.

Kanpai Japanese Restaurant, authentic Japanese cuisine. Phone + 678 26 687.

Vila Chaumieres Restaurant, most romantic, it’s like being on an old movie set. Phone + 678 22866.

L’Houstalet, typical French Restaurant, the local love it. Phone + 678 22 303.

Waterfront Bar & Grill. Right in town, on the waterfront, great atmosphere, good food. Phone + 678 23 490.

La Tentation, on the waterfront, good food good service. Phone + 678 29 661.

Wild Ginger, at LeLagon, superb food, great service. Phone + 678 22 313.

Espiritu Santo

Tour Operators - Santo Santo is the adventure capital of Vanuatu, a mecca for divers, fabulous beaches and many other natural wonders. The best way to see Santo, choose from any one of these experienced tour operators, it will certainly make your stay here much more enjoyable. Things to see and do. Luganville Market, Million Dollar Point, Blue Holes, Loru Conservation area, Lonnoc and Champagne Beaches, Port Orly, SS President Coolidge, Vatte Conservation area, Five Rivers, Offshore Islands, Malo Island, Millennium Caves, War Relics. Custom Villages, Wilderness Treks and Village Stay.

Butterfly Adventure Tours Email Phone+ 678 775 4491.

Santo Safari Tours Email Phone + 678 37 212

Espiritu Santo Cultural Tours Email Phone + 6787764137

Splash Extreme Email Phone +678547 0040

Paradise Tours Email Phone + 678 7747159.

Tarcisius Little Paradise Tour Email Phone +6785424893

Santo Destination Tours Email Phone +678 7758001

Vanuatu Tours Email Phone +678 7740958

Santo Discovery Tours Email Phone + 678 37818

Walkabout Vanuatu Tours Email Phone +678 5544420

Santo Heritage Tours Email Phone + 678 36 862

Wrecks to Rainforest Email Phone +678 37 365

Santo Island Tours Email Phone + 678 7742151

Discover what matters

Espiritu Santo

Discover what matters

Dive Operators - Santo Dives Alan Power Dive Tours Email Phone +678 36 822

Aquamarine Email Phone +678 36 196

The SS President Coolidge The SS President Coolidge was a 200 meter (650 foot) luxury cruise ship that was converted to a troop carrier for World War II. It had 5,000 troops on board as it entered the harbor at Espiritu Santo and struck friendly mines. Fortunately and miraculously all but 2 got off the ship thanks to the skipper and crew. The troops abandoned there gear on deck as the escaped from the ship and this equipment still litters the promenade deck. Million Dollar Point

Bokissa Island Dive Email Phone +678 36 913

Coral Quays Fish & Dive Resort – Absolute Adventures Email Phone +678 36257 or +678 5618906

Million Dollar Point is a huge underwater graveyard of equipment abandoned by the Americans as they departed Santo. They constructed a ramp into the sea at the Southeastern point of Espiritu Santo and drove every vehicle that would roll into the water. Though seemingly wasteful at the time it has now become a major dive attraction. Aore Island Dives

Santo Island Diving & Fishing, Email Phone + 6787758082.

A favorite dive on Aore is the Douglas Dauntless bomber wreck. Lying in 24 meters it is a good afternoon dive for the nitrogen loaded. the dive also includes nice coral and a considerable amount of other WWII stuff like ammunition and spare parts. The point of Aore is known as Cindy’s Reef. The reef offers a huge collection of different corals and fish. it is also a a fairly shallow dive.

car rentals - Santo Apex Car Rental Email Phone +67836 061.

Laho Rent A Car Email Phone + 67837 429.

Autro Car Rentals Email Phone +678 37 800.

Santo Car Rental Email Phone + 67836 250

Go Vanuatu Santo Email Phone + 67836 363.

Santo 4WD Rentals Email Phone +678 37 259

Welkam - the official guide from Vanuatu Tourism All resorts mentioned above have excellent restaurants, offering a wide variety of food styles and prices. All good value.

Restaurants and Cafes.

Le Jardin Des Saveurs Phone + 678 37 839.

Ocean King Phone + 678 36 929.

Le Nemo Restaurant Phone +678 775 0999.

Santo Chinese Restaurant Phone +678 36 452.

Natangora Cafe Phone + 678 36 811.

Victoria Cafe, Phone + 678 37 373’

Accommodation - Santo

There is a range of comfortable places, from backpackers, budget, mid-range to exclusive topend. Your budget, your choice. This is just a few, check out more at

Aore Resort, a delightful, tranquil place to stay. Email Phone+ 67836 705.

Lapita Plantation, a unique island experience. Email Phone +678 2 9999 2999.

Beachfront Resort, on Luganville’s truly sandy beach. Email Phone +678 36 881

Lonnoc Beach Bungalows, sensational beach, island style living. Email Phone +678 541 6465.

Bokissa Private Island Resort, stunningly beautiful, away from it all. Email Phone + 678 36 913.

Oyster Island Resort, the pearl of Santo, your perfect escape. Email Phone + 678 36 283.

Coral Quays Resort, a perfect holiday paradise. Email Phone + 678 36 257.

Ratua Private Island, your private piece of heaven. Email Phone + 678 553 4001.

Deco Stop Lodge, wake up to a million dollar view. Email Phone+ 678 36 175.

Turtle Bay Resort, affordable waterfront accommodation. Email Phone + 678 37 988.

Hotel Santo, right in the heart of town, Santo’s premier hotel. Email Phone + 67836 250. Discover what matters


Discover what matters

Tour Operators - tanna Tanna Island is famous for its volcano, the mighty Mt. Yasur, Custom Villages and its natural beauty. Tanna is combination of culture, customs and mystery. \A trip to see the volcano is a must, there no words to describe it, seasoned travellers are ‘blown away’ by this magnificent natural wonder! Seeing Tanna, Mt. Yasur, Custom Villages, Giant Banyan Tree, Ianata Bush Walk, Tanna Coffee Shop, Hiking on the White Grass Plains, Horse Riding, Lemnap Underwater Cave, Snorkelling at the Blue Hole, Port Resolution, Volcano Sand Surfing, these are just a few things that live long as treasured memories, of course there is much more to see and do in Tanna.

Amazing Tours Email Phone +678 25 609.

Tanna Evergreen Resort & Tours Email Phone +678 88 774.

Enkahi Discovery Tours Email Phone + 678 774 4725.

Friendly Bungalows Email Phone +678 26 856.

Three Star Tours Email Phone + 88 037.

South Island Adventure Tours Email Phone + 678 88 688.

Vanuatu Air Charters Email Phone + 678 55 44 206.

Vanuatu Sea Planes, Email paradise@ Phone = 678 5554200.

Accommodation - Tanna There is a choice of accommodation on Tanna, from bungalows and backpackers, budget and mid-range and island style. Here is a selection. Check out the rest at www.

Friendly Bungalows, authentic Melanesian style eco bungalows. Email Phone + 678 26 856. Tanna Evergreen Resort, traditional bungalows set in exotic gardens. Email Phone + 678 88 774. Lenakel Cove Resort Email Phone + 678 560 0526.

Port Resolution Yacht Club Email Phone + 678 88 791’

White Grass Ocean Resort, spectacular resort in a spectacular setting. Email Phone + 678 30 010.


For travel, tours and accommodation to these islands it is advisable to contact Vanuatu Tourism, details at www. there are some amazing things to see and do in these wonderful islands of Vanuatu!



Dining in Vanuatu is an absolute delight And there are so many different places to choose from, to suit every taste every occasion and every budget. There are take-aways, coffee shops, local fare and international cuisine. Seafood is especially good and so is the famous Vanuatu beef, definitely worth a try. It’s all here waiting to tempt your taste buds! Enjoy. Anchor Inn .......................................... 22 582

La Bodega........................................... 93 950

Starfish Cove....................................... 28 160

Beachcomber at Takara................... 23 576

La Verandah ( Le Meridien )............. 22 040

Sunset Bungalows Bar & Restaurant

Le Bar (Starfish Cove)......................... 28 160

.............................................................. 29 968

Le Café du Village............................. 27 789

Tamanu in the Beach......................... 27 279

Benjor Beach Club.............................. 26 078 Bistrot Lafet.......................................... 22 313 Breakas................................................. 23 670 Chantilly’s on the Bay........................ 27 079

Le Meridien Resort & Casino............. 22 040 Les Alizes.............................................. 24 306 L’Houstalet........................................... 22 303

Tang Dynasty....................................... 27 383 The Barge............................................. 23 103

Club Vanuatu...................................... 22 615

Mangoes.............................................. 24 923

The Thai (Melanesian)........................ 22 150

Coconunt Palms Resort...................... 23 300

Moos Bar & Grill................................... 26 800

The Warhorse Saloon......................... 26 670

Erakor Island Resort & Spa................. 26 983

Namabawan Café, Bar and Internet......................................... 44 826

Trader Vic’s Waterfront

Eratap Beach Resort.......................... 55 309 Harbourview Chinese Restaurant..... 23 668 Hideaway Island Resort..................... 22 963 Iririki Island Resort Dining.................... 23 368 Island Chicken Takeaway................. 24 736 Jill’s Cafe.............................................. 25 125

Olympic Fish & Takeaway................. 27 355 Paradise Cove Restaurant and Bar................................................. 22 608 Port Vila Pub........................................ 27 716 QE3 Lunch & Dinner Cruise................ 25 595 La Terrasse........................................... 22 428 Roxys on the Lagoon.......................... 26 983

Bistro & Nightclub................................ 26 800 Tillys Restaurant................................... 27 079 Tusker Terrace (Starfish Cove)........... 28 160 Cafe des Artes.................................... 26 484 Vila Chaumiéres.................................. 22 866 Waterfront Bar & Grill......................... 23 490

Kaiviti Village Motel............................ 24 684

Sara Beach Restaurant...................... 23 191

Wenzhou Chinese restaurant............ 27 187

Lagoon Terrace (Le Lagon).............. 22 313

Sawadee Ban Thai Restaurant......... 22 426

Worawia Melanesian Feast............... 25 498

The official guide from Vanuatu Tourism

Issue 15







Issue 15

The official guide form Vanuatu Tourism



World Car Rentals See more for less!

Local and competitive Largest fleet in town We pick up and deliver

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Stay ImpreSSed.

Whether it’s a romantic escape or a fun family holiday, the new Holiday Inn Resort Vanuatu will impress you. 60 acres of tropical palms, private beach frontage, kids club, swimming pools, daily activities, watersports, plus secluded quiet zones and a day spa await you.

Plus kids stay, eat and play free. (conditions apply) Call +678 22040 or visit

The official guide from Vanuatu Tourism


Issue 15




INvesting in vanuatu’s future BY LINDSAY BARRETT


hen one begins to write about Vanuatu and tries to summarise in a few words the best it has to offer, superlatives seem to flow, but quite apart from Vanuatu’s physical features (it’s stunning tropical rainforests, jungle waterfalls, hot springs, volcanoes, crystal clear turquoise waters and being the “happiest place on earth”), opportunities for the new investor abound. TOURISM

Vanuatu’s tourism industry has been a success story over the past few years, with tourists now arriving in record numbers. They are not only attracted to Vanuatu for its beauty, but also to its culture which mixes its fascinating indigenous customs with the influence of some of the best of French and British traditions. Whilst most tourists come from Australia, New Zealand and New Caledonia, Vanuatu has a need to penetrate markets further afield. Already there are discussions taking place about the need to create infrastructure to handle larger aircraft arriving, possibly from South East Asia. Even without the markets further afield, there continues to be a strong demand for additional accommodation, and this represents a real chance for new investors. Supporting the need for development of infrastructure, the Millennium Challenge Account, a U.S. Government initiative, is building a much-needed ring road around Vanuatu’s main island of Efate of an all-up cost of $US120million. Once finished, this will put virtually the whole of coastal Efate near to the capital Port Vila and open up more land capable of being developed for tourism projects. Already, there are several new major developments in the planning and initial stages. Whitesands Resort, Manuro Paradise Resort, and Ocean Blue Resort are


Issue 15

just three which anticipate new 18-hole golf courses combined with major residential and Resort developments. Supporting all of these is the Strata Title Act, 2000, which allows for the ability of the developer to strata title not only the land, but also multiple residential developments within it. New investors are generally comfortable with the strata process and know that procedures are put in place to ensure the common property is properly maintained. The Strata Title Act has enabled the integration of major resort and residential and commercial developments to be properly planned. AGRICULTURE Whilst tourism is a mainstay of Vanuatu’s economy, it ignores the fertility of its soil and its ability to provide a stable platform for a growing agricultural sector. Already Vanuatu is a net exporter of beef (which is largely organic) and continues to sustain a strong export market in coconut products. It also grows the majority of vegetables consumed in the economy. Commercial development of food both for local and export consumption is definitely an area which seems underdeveloped. LOW TAXES The country boasts an advantageous tax regime which is enhanced by several unique features when compared to many other countries which are commonly called “offshore finance centres”. Vanuatu’s international finance centre has been established for almost 40 years and has no:- income tax - capital gains tax - withholding tax - estate duties - exchange controls

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There are, of course, some taxes, such as VAT at 12.5%, stamp duties and registration fees on real estate transactions, and another significant income source is customs duty on imported goods. Nevertheless, Vanuatu continues to be one of the lowest taxed countries in the world according to a survey carried out by the World Bank and Pricewaterhouse Coopers in 2007. The low tax regime has attracted more than the country’s fair share of banks, chartered accounting firms, legal firms and trust companies, who assist new investors to establish themselves in the country. These firms have helped create a stable business environment for the new investor who can often find that the local rules are difficult to handle. They also provide the new investor with the ability to cut what can be weeks from the time it may take to conclude investment approvals. GOVERNMENT STABILITY One aspect of investment that is often overlooked is the stability of Government.



HOW TO INVEST Investing in Vanuatu is simple enough, but there are many different matters to be taken into account. Some of these are:-

1. Identifying and obtaining land or buildings suitable to the purpose. This can involve complex negotiations with indigenous landowners to ensure all parties are in agreement. 2. Vanuatu Investment Promotion Authority (VIPA) approval must be obtained. 3. Residency requirements must be met. 4. Work Permits for any expatriate employees must be obtained. 5. A company may need to be registered. 6. VAT approval may need to be obtained. 7. A business licence needs to be approved. 8. Strata title applications and approvals may need to be obtained. 9. Government incentives and concessions to be investigated.

All of these are separate in themselves and it is recommended that professional advice is sought in order to ensure any project is progressed as quickly as possible. Without that advice and support, the process can extend for several months longer than one might expect, and lead to a great deal of frustration.

Vanuatu has been lucky over the past few years of having a stable government, without the problems which have featured in many other South Pacific Island countries. This stability is testimony to the ni-Vanuatu people, who have an innate ability to find solutions to problems which may not be seen by supposedly more “sophisticated” people. Vanuatu has enjoyed unprecedented growth in GDP over the past 6 years, averaging out at 6.3% based on the latest (2008) available figures. Vanuatu will of course, be affected by the world’s Global Financial Crisis, but most local bankers and economists believe that it will be affected much less than other countries and may

not slip into recession at all. NEW INVESTMENT GROWTH

Vanuatu. Bred Bank and W.R. Carpenter are two such players who have committed to large permanent investments to

Perhaps an indication of the progress enjoyed as a consequence of the burgeoning economy is the rapid improvement in telecommunications with the entry of Digicel as a second mobile network provider. This has in turn motivated its rival Telecom Vanuatu Ltd to commit further major capital expenditure on its own network.

Vanuatu in the last 5 years.

Another indication that the economy continues to grow in strength is the burgeoning number of new larger investors moving into permanent locations in

for over 35 years, is Managing Partner

With low taxes, a plentiful supply of land available for development, fertile soil, low taxes and a stable government, it almost becomes a “no-brainer” to investigate possibilities. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose. Lindsay Barrett has lived in Vanuatu of Barrett & Partners, a Member of The Offshore Institute and The Society of Trust & Estate Practitioners.

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The official guide form Vanuatu Tourism


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The official guide from Vanuatu Tourism

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Welkam to Vanuatu Tourism April-June 2013  

Welkam to Vanuatu Tourism April-June 2013.

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