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News from the office Miss Vanuatu 2013 professional photo shoot Getting ready for Miss Asia Pacific World 2013

Media release September, 03: In the lead up towards getting ready for the Miss Asia Pacific World 2013 contest, Ms Valerie Martinez – Miss Vanuatu 2013, went through her first professional photo-shoot which took place last week in several sites around Efate Island. The photo shoot was made possible through the generous support from local businesses and industry colleagues in Vila. “The idea of the professional photo shoot followed after a meeting and had good response by the several businesses who were happy to partner up and assist, even if the request came in a little late”, remarked Linda Kalpoi, Chairlady of the Miss Vanuatu Committee. Kalpoi continued, “It is great to see businesses supporting our call in getting Miss Vanuatu ready for the Miss Asia Pacific World. Our sincere thanks to companies from the tourism industry and associated business houses”. Read full article.

Vanuatu Tourism Ambassador ‘Mekem Gud Mekem Mani Program’ launches

On Friday 30th August, the VTO Management and staff took part at an important launching of the Vanuatu Tourism Ambassador Mekem Gud Mekem Mani Program (more pics of parade and launch on next pg). The Vanuatu Tourism Ambassador Program is a one year pilot project funded by the New Zealand Aid Program which aims to enhance tourist experience and improve tourism businesses hospitality services. The program will involve performance audits of participating transport, tour operators and retail businesses and provide coaching to help them improve their service standards. Read more.

Vanuatu Tourism Industry promoted through USA famil group

As part of the VTO-USA rep and industries’s annual familiarization program, the Vanuatu Tourism Office (VTO) hosted a group of wholesalers and airline representative from the United States of America from 25 – 31 August. The famil aimed to promote Vanuatu diverse accommodation options, unique cultural experiences and amazing natural landscapes, showcasing multiple islands and not just Efate, encouraging these long-haul market tourism decision makers to discover the destination at first-hand and influence the retail agents to send their clients to Vanuatu islands. The group, pictured below with Bador (Trade/events Mgr) and Kalpoi (VTO GM) included Colette Levine - Journey Pacific, Chris Blaha - Fiji Airways US sales representative, Karen Marie Tibbs - Dolphine Destiny, Patricia Battram Travel Experts, Susan Herrick - Vanuatu Tourism Office US representative, Teresa Cabading - Scuba Travel Ventures. The wholesalers shared into 2 groups with one group heading off to Espiritu Santo and the other flew to Tanna. The VTO acknowledges all industry operators who assisted in the famil namely Poppys on the Lagoon, Holiday Inn Resort, Evergreen Tours, Aore Island Resort, Coral Quays, The Beachfront Resort, Village de Santo, Hotel Santo, The Espiritu, Moyyan House by the Sea Oyster Island Resort, Jungle Zipline, Warhorse Saloon, Entani Company Ltd, White Grass Ocean Resort, Big Blue Dive, Ekasup Cultural Village, Hideaway Island Resort & Dive, Tanna Evergreen Resort, Tanna Lodge, Friendly Bungalows, Eratap Beach Resort, Warick Le Lagon, The Havannah.

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VTO Staff Out & About Below are photos taken on Friday 30th August (last week) during the parade and signing ceremony between stakeholders of the newly launched Tourism Ambassador Program. Tourism Ambassador – Mekem Gud Mekem Mani, is a project funded by the New Zealand Aide & Government, steered by the Department of Tourism. Story on previous page.

Local Industry Vanuatu Mobile Massage

Celebrity Corner – Villa 25

Vanuatu Luxury Limousines is excited to formally introduce to the industry, Vanuatu’s newest locally owned and operated mobile massage service where guests can now experience exquisite relaxation in the comfort of their own accommodation or alternately indulge in a ‘Romantic Pamper Package’ including stretch limousine transfers to one of Vanuatu Limo’s exclusive beach-front locations. ‘Vanuatu Mobile Massage’ is owned and operated by ‘Vanuatu Luxury Limousines’ where guests are provided first class VIP services. Read more.

September update from Villa 25: We are not always at liberty to reveal who is or has stayed with us but there are a few occasions when we can. Recently we had the pleasure of having Tim Finn (Splitz Enz, Crowded House) and Marie Azcona (MTV - VJ) and family to stay – they had a blast and loved the whole ethos of Vanuatu. Tim and the kids had a wonderful jam session at Villa 25 with a couple of the locals. For more information on Villa 25, email . Visit

Trade & Media Where Mount Yasur Vanuatu is at – Virtual Tourist

An 8th Wonder of the World update: Virtual Tourist has advised the VTO that Mount Yasur is currently in the Top 200* out of 334 nominations. We have 1 ½ months to move up the leaderboard as voting closes on September 30th so industry operators, colleagues, please remind your business partners, family, friends and fans to vote! To gain more votes, forward this link and ask recipients to vote for Mount Yasur, Tanna, share the link on your social media channels, have the link in an email blast or newsletter to your subscriber base and ask them to vote for Mount Yasur. Top Place groups are Top 5, Top 10, Top 25, Top 50, Top 100, Top 150, Top 200, Top 250, Top 300, Top 350. Help the VTO help Vanuatu get into the finals and make us known to a wider scope of potential tourists!!!

Real Pasifik’s Journey Begins this Saturday!!

Real Pasifik, just can’t wait to show New Zealand and the world exactly what Real Pasifik is all about: traditional food, ancient cultures and 5 star cuisine all through the eyes of young Pasifika chefs and hosted by Robert Oliver. Finally, Real Pasifik’s world premiere is on Saturday 7th Sept at 4pm on TV ONE, and the episodes play out over the following 7 weeks. The series will roll out to 80+ countries across the world and for those not in New Zealand, LIKE “REAL PASIFIK” on facebook, to receive global air dates and channels. Vanuatu is proving to be a hot favorite and will air on Saturday 21st September 2013! Click here for more.

Pacific Paradise in Vanuatu – The Terraces

The Terraces was featured as the lead travel story in the Sunday Star Times. Click here to read the article. For more information or to book, phone +678 24923 e: Visit The Terraces on

EVENTS & festivals Stan and the Earthforce to play at Fest Napuan 2013

Written By Mark Remedy Taiki: Many local bands have attempted to penetrate the regional market with their albums however only a few have managed to leave a lasting impact. “Stan & the Earthforce” successfully gained the public’s attention with their debut album “Easy Rock Steady” since its release in 2011. The bands work ethic has resulted in constant radio play, overcrowded shows, and a reggae award in New Caledonia. I recently sat down their lead singer Stan Antas to find out the driving force behind his music. Unable to describe his methods of song writing, he regularly draws inspiration from Bob Marley, Lucky Dube, and a range of reggae artists from the 60’s and 70’s. His experience in live performances in Fiji, and cultural influences from his home in Malo has given his music a distinctive sound. His team of musicians are from a range of islands- Futuna, Eromango, Makira, and Pentecost. The name “Earthforce” was derived from one of Bob Marley’s quote’s in which he says “Reggae music, rasta people carries earthforce”. Building on this momentum, the band….. Read more.

The land time forgot. And you’ll never forget. The refreshingly unaffected environment and people of Vanuatu create an unforgettable holiday. It’s a magical ancient culture blessed with everything from deserted sandy beaches to active volcanoes. Both relaxation and adventure are just hours away.

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