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The Value of a Proper Risk Assessment 1


The Value of a Proper Risk Assessment 2

ompletion of a ‘suitable and sufficient’ L egionella r isk assessment has long been a requirement under ACOP L 8 (the original ACOP being published in ’91 and HSG 70 before that). The guidance also makes numerous other recommendations for ongoing control programmes; however the starting point and basis for the management programme should always be a comprehensive risk assessment.

The Value of a Proper Risk Assessment 3

Although many simple risk assessments can be completed in-house, even relatively small buildings can have complex w ater systems and it is usual for the ‘Responsible Person’ to seek external competent help. It is not uncommon that premises instigate a programme of monthly temperature checks and leave out the r isk assessment, or have the assessment completed every 2 years without acting on the findings.

The Value of a Proper Risk Assessment 4

t is worth remembering that even though routine temperature monitoring results may indicate no problems; this does not mean there are not areas which could harbour bacteria e.g. deadlegs / secondary return standby pumps. Similarly being aware of the risks and not acting on them could be seen as even worse!

lthough relatively few Legionella cases have made it all the way through to the law courts (a trend that is surely set change) the most common failings are either lack of pr oper r isk assessment / inadequate risk assessment or failure to act on the findings of the assessment.

The Value of a Proper Risk Assessment 5

good example being the high profile Barrow in Furness case, highlighted within the post case report were both of the aforementioned.

The Value of a Proper Risk Assessment 6

proper Legionella Risk Assessment is central to compliance with all current Legionella guidance. Emphasis is placed on both client and service provider and we have recently seen a service provider prosecuted for inadequate assessment. With BS8580 now in place this should provide clients with a good benchmark of what to expect from their report. Not completing an assessment at all could leave the door wide open for prosecution.

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The Value of a Proper Risk Assessment  

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