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Name Badges - Corporate Identity Management

Name Badges - Corporate Identity Management Managing corporate identity has become a major concern for the modern corporations. Today creating favourable corporate image plays a crucial role in success of a business and therefore has been taken very seriously by modern organisations. Today you can find the large enterprises promoting or organising local fares or sponsoring national sports teams to improve their corporate image. In this process thousands of dollars are being spent regularly. Businesses, however, can save big expenses in promoting the name of their brand and at the same time can magnify the effects of their efforts by using corporate name badges for the same. Corporate name badges although humble in its appearance can be a very powerful tool in building corporate image. We are quite used to in seeing employees wearing name badges at their workplaces. It is now very much a part of the corporate culture. We know that not only making identification easier, corporate name badges also play the important role in promoting the professional image in the minds of the customers. However, we have so far failed to fathom the power of corporate name badges as promoting brand image. This article has therefore been dedicated to the discussion of- role of name badges in corporate identity management. The recent technology has allowed the corporates to customise their name badges to include logos, slogan, colours so on and so forth to turn it into the true representative of their brand. A good example of corporate name badges contributing to the brand management of a company is the great food giant- McDonald's. There the employees wear the M shaped name badge which represents McDonald's. You can easily identify one McDonald's employee from the badge she wears. How you can use corporate name badges to maximise its reach? In offices: In offices it’s almost a rule for the employees to wear their name badges. It helps in creating a favourable image into the minds of the customers. Further, whenever an employee is


Name Badges - Corporate Identity Management

walking out to grab a cup coffee, she is also carrying the company's name outside. In seminars: When you are attending a seminar with delegates from other organisations, your customised name badge would let you make a mark in their minds. Corporate name badges therefore helps in corporate networking. In events: If you are organising an event or have put up a stall in a fare then you mustn't forget to wear name badges. Corporate name badges are particularly useful in networking in large gatherings. Further, if you are representing a popular company, people will easily recognise you from the badges carrying the company's logo. There is now a wide range of options available for the companies to choose from. From metal name badges to plastic name badges all can be customised to meet the particular requirements of your company. You can further save expenses by choosing plastic name badges. Plastic name badges don't need to look cheap. These can become an excellent carrier of your company's name since these can be customised to a great extent. You can have your company's name or logo engraved and can even paint the badges in company colours to make these a perfect representative of your company.

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Identity | Corporate Name Badges  
Identity | Corporate Name Badges  

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