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OmniShield Suite of Fraud Management Solutions

The New Face of Fraud The fraud landscape is shifting at an alarming rate. If you don’t fight to keep up, you’ll put your institution and cardholders at risk. As organized crime groups lead card fraud efforts globally, they utilize increasingly sophisticated software. The black market makes it easy to purchase skimming equipment and stolen card information online, allowing criminals to commit fraud anywhere – from retail stores to the gas pump, and even the ATM. No financial institution is safe – and they’re beginning to notice that fraud’s not going away. In fact, debit card fraud has increased fivefold in the past five years, and debit and credit card fraud losses are expected to reach $10B by 2015.

How It Affects You Card fraud can be devastating. A single major compromise can wipe out your financial institution’s entire fraud reserve and jeopardize your cardholder’s trust. Meanwhile, most institutions are experiencing high-fraud losses – but struggle to pinpoint exactly why or what they can do to mitigate it. Plus, with frequent, fast and more sophisticated attacks, managing fraud today is harder than ever before. It is a complex and resource-intensive process. Mitigating fraud is a cumbersome process that diverts employees from other responsibilities, sometimes at the expense of other operational areas. Most financial institutions also struggle with chargebacks and lose out on opportunities to fully recover losses. Facilitating chargebacks accurately is time-consuming. You have to know your rights, maintain a properly trained staff and file on time. But your employees might have limited time to spend on fraud-related activities, little to no insight into fraud activities, no one to back them up while they are out of the office, no specialized training and limited access to key law enforcement officials, network and industry experts. This leaves your portfolio vulnerable at critical times and puts you at a severe disadvantage to defend against sophisticated cyber attacks.

Outsource Your Fraud Management To fight fraud effectively, you need a solution that allows you to shift the daily tasks of fraud management, including detection, prevention, resolution and card-compromise event management. With OmniShield, you get just the support you need to get the peace of mind that comes with top protection. That includes:

• Optimized authorization rules

• Real-time fraud monitoring and prevention

• Human intelligence for spotting trends

• National perspective on new fraud trends

• Monitoring 24/7/365

• Implementing and improving best practices

OmniShield Suite of Solutions Our suite of fraud management solutions includes OmniShield Select, OmniShield Plus and OmniShield 360. You get the tailored solution your institution deserves.





Management: Fraud Chargebacks

Protection: Financial Reimbursement*

Tools: Real-Time Decisioning Real-Time Fraud Scores Fraud Monitoring Automated Fraud Reporting Enhanced Chargebacks

OmniShield Select

OmniShield Plus

OmniShield 360

OmniShield Select is our financial institution-managed fraud monitoring and prevention tools suite enabling you to effectively manage and mitigate fraud.

OmniShield Plus is for financial institutions that want active fraud management delivered by Vantiv. It is ideal for institutions that are comfortable handling their own signature disputes/chargebacks and Reg. E compliance.

OmniShield 360 is our fully outsourced fraud management solution. It shifts to us the daily tasks of fraud management, card compromises and dispute/ chargeback processing. And we provide financial reimbursement on fraud losses.*

Contact Us To learn more about how our OmniShield suite of solutions can help you fight fraud, contact your relationship manager or visit us online at

* Limitations and exclusions apply. Certain reimbursements provided by contractual indemnity insurance policy underwritten by a licensed insurance company and offered through a licensed insurance producer.


OmniShield - Suite of Fraud Management Solutions  
OmniShield - Suite of Fraud Management Solutions  

The New Face of Fraud The fraud landscape is shift ing at an alarming rate. If you don’t ? ght to keep up, you’ll put your institution a...