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Ogwehoweh Skills and Trades Training Centre [OSTTC] has made a dedicated effort to provide the Six Nations community and citizens with all the tools to be successful in pursuing a new career or employment opportunities. “To help our community succeed in the labour market and in school, OSTTC is committed to modify and develop new programming and training as required.”

GENERAL EDUCATIONAL DEVELOPMENT [GED] 2010/2011 OSTTC continues to promote access to higher education through local, community based alternative education such as GED. At OSTTC, 55 students attending the GED program, 44 individuals wrote the Official GED Test and 121 individuals challenged the GED assessment; assessments provide learners with an academic scoring in the five GED testing areas which then provides a basis for future individualized learning plans. When you are ready to earn your GED certificate, call OSTTC for more details!


WORK ETHICS TRAINING Work Ethics is a 2 day training focusing on the ten [10] work ethic characteristics. Today’s workforce is demanding and competitive. Employees must not only have good technical skills but demonstrate positive and cooperative attitudes.

THE BENEFITS FROM THIS TRAINING WILL: • Help individuals enter employment with positive work ethic skills to make them more employable and valuable • Help employers acquire employees with desirable work habits; and • Help employers have more motivated and attentive employees


PLAR and ILC’s allow participating community members an opportunity to advance their academic standing towards a grade 12 Diploma. Depending on work experience, participants can earn many high school credits.

Employment Readiness is a 12 week employment and career planning program. The 8 weeks of in-class learning focus is to provide participants with skills to assist in employment readiness and work ethics. All lessons centre on employment situations and scenarios which allow participants to build upon strengths and weaknesses in a positive manner. The 4 week on the job placement allows the participants to utilize the lessons learned through guidance and career education, participants become more confident, motivated and effective learners focusing on future career plans.



This new program is offered in partnership with Grand River Employment and Training. The 6 week program highlights advance trades math theory, techniques and advance grade 12 physics. The program was a huge success; it prepares students for entrance into post secondary studies, apprenticeship training and entrance into unions.

Due to limited classroom space or subject specific restrictions, not all students who apply for courses can be accepted. If you are interested in exploring education or vocational training opportunities at OSTTC, we encourage you to contact us early. To avoid disappointment, allow yourself two months from the time you decide you want to go to school or take training to complete the full application process.

WELDING TRAINING 2011 OSTTC has a unique approach to Welder Training based on the needs of the student entering the welding field. In order for the student to get a firm grasp on entry level welding, our training programs are designed to teach proper welding skills and instil good work ethics. This course involves various types of welding, to ensure the knowledge and proper skills needed to obtain the All Position welding tickets. Training is achieved through theory and hands on experience.


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First Nations Resource Magazine - Winter 2012  

The purpose of the publication is to bring the Aboriginal Communities together, through a positive media, on the issues of suicide preventio...

First Nations Resource Magazine - Winter 2012  

The purpose of the publication is to bring the Aboriginal Communities together, through a positive media, on the issues of suicide preventio...