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Delivering Programs to Meet Needs All of UQAT’s programs of study are accessible to Aboriginal students, as long as applicants meet admissions requirements. UQAT has also developed specific training opportunities for Inuit and First Nations students. These educational programs are designed to meet students’ specific needs. For example, UQAT offers a university studies preparatory program for students who need to upgrade their academics: this program allows students to gain the knowledge and skills necessary for university studies.

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my interest. UQAT is also located in Val-d’Or, which is a centralized gateway to the Cree communities, a town with many extracurricular activities from hockey to music school which my children are enrolled in. Being very family oriented, it was important that we make the transition for the children as smoothly as possible.”

The First Peoples Pavilion Situated right in the centre of Val-d’Or, the campus hosts the majority of UQAT’s Aboriginal students. If the architecture of the pavilion is a tribute to Aboriginal cultures, the Val-d’Or campus is an ideal place for exchange and sharing between peoples. Cultural differences are not only respected, but valued, on campus. More than a building, the First Peoples Pavilion is an expression of the institution’s desire to offer services that meet the needs of its students. Today, UQAT is proud to count more than 220 Aboriginal students among its graduates, and some of them stand out for particular reasons. Recently, Ms. Frances Kawapit and Mr. Christopher Diamond, two UQAT graduates, were awarded the Academic Excellence Award during the first Cree Nation Achievement Awards First Peoples Pavilion Photo credit: Mathieu Dupuis gala. Considered to be positive role models for their communities, these graduates received their awards on August 30 at the Centre des congrès de Tremblant. Handed out for the first time this year, the Cree Nation Achievement Award Foundation recognizes Leadership and Community Service, Corporate Community Involvement, Cree Language and Cultural Knowledge, Women’s Contribution and Academic Excellence. Nancy Crépeau, Coordinator of the First Peoples Services at UQAT, said: “These students represent great pride for UQAT, for themselves and their families, and for the communities from which they come. Academic success is not only an important issue for UQAT, but also for Aboriginal communities that have a great need of resources.”


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For professors and sessional instructors, every year the First Peoples Services organizes an Aboriginal cultural awareness training activity. Topics addressed are, for example, the conception and history of Aboriginal education, instructional strategies and best practices for student success, and many others. In these workshops, participants can share their thoughts and talk with other colleagues. The selection of programs on offer is guided by consultations with the First Peoples. In 2009, UQAT created an academic entity known as the Unité de formation et de développement des programmes autochtones (l’UFDPA) [Aboriginal Training and Programs Development Unit], to ensure the development of programs which respected the needs and cultures of the First Peoples, while enabling their participation in the development, management and delivery of programs and services intended for them. In the Fall 2013 term, programs will be offered in French and in English. The Short Program and the Certificate in Aboriginal Studies will be offered in French on a part-time basis, but the majority of programs will be offered on a full-time basis:

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English: Certificate in Management and Regional Development Certificate in Administration Certificate in Aboriginal Studies University Studies Preparatory Program Bachelor in Social Work Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA)

Also full-time, but offered in French: • Programme préparatoire aux études universitaires • Certificat en accompagnement à l’enseignement primaire

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First Nations Resource Magazine - Winter 2012  

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First Nations Resource Magazine - Winter 2012  

The purpose of the publication is to bring the Aboriginal Communities together, through a positive media, on the issues of suicide preventio...