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8 Are you having a Bad Air Day? Andy Goundry on Tyre Safety Month

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• YOUR LOCAL TEAM It’s been a good year for blackberries. Humphrey sniffed them out in late July and almost everywhere I walked afterwards unearthed another bumper crop. The same was true in France, where my mother was busy making jars and jars of blackberry jam every other day. Not really being a jam eater, I decided to make my haul into blackberry gin, following my sloe gin recipe. I will report back in a couple of months as to whether or not it has worked!

CONTACTS Marcus Atkins, Sales Director 01483 420173 / 07702 132157 Jesse Boon, Sales 01483 418141 / 07542 710508 Lauren Broughton, Sales 01483 661088 / 07852 041227

Talking of sloes, there was also a great harvest in France, so I brought some back and will add them to the sloe gin I am also making. Given it will contain both French and British sloes, perhaps this should be christened the ‘Entente Cordiale’ vintage with which I hope I can toast a successful and amicable Brexit… The main article this month is written by Phil Kemp, an old friend of mine with whom I worked in my first ‘proper’ job over 20 years ago. We kept in touch and Phil has agreed to work with us on a more regular basis. He loves getting out and about, meeting and talking to local people and writing wonderfully readable articles about them and their life and work. Any suggestions from readers are always gratefully received, please just email me.

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Incidentally, Phil's article on local sport reminds me that our first ever article in our first local magazine in April 2009 was on Sport Godalming. It’s lovely that we are still able to promote and support these wonderful local organisations more than 8 years later. Thanks for all the lovely and positive comments on the new look Jottings which we launched last month. It seems to have gone down very well with readers and making them more readable means more publicity for our Jotters, a win-win all round.

Stefan Reynolds, Editor & Publisher 01483 421601

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Contributors: Andy Church, Andy Goundry, Phil Kemp, Beth Otway

Print: Buxton Press

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Are you having a bad


With Tyre Safety month upon us, Andy Goundry takes a look at the issues of poor tyre maintenance The need for the annual tyre safety campaign in October has once again been underlined by recent research carried out by the tyre safety charity, TyreSafe. These investigations revealed that Britain’s motorists could be wasting up to £600 million* on unnecessary fuel bills. Why? Because the research** suggests as many as 57% of car and van tyres on the roads are being driven below recommended inflation pressures, increasing both vehicles’ fuel consumption and the risk of being involved in an incident. As a result, the question the tyre safety charity is posing to the country’s drivers during October’s Tyre Safety Month is: Are you having a Good or Bad Air Day? 35% of tyres are seriously underinflated Chances are that most motorists are having a bad air day without even knowing it, especially as a shocking 35% of tyres are being driven at least 8psi (0.5 bar) below the vehicle manufacturers’ recommendation. At this level of under-inflation, tyres are not only more vulnerable to damage and wear more quickly, but they also


make the vehicle more difficult to control. This is because the pressure in the tyres has a decisive influence on the way your vehicle accelerates, brakes and corners. In fact, when pressures are as little as 7psi below the recommended setting, they can halve the amount of tyre in contact with the road***. That can be especially dangerous in the wet as the chances of aquaplaning are significantly increased. This, as the name suggests, is when the tyre is literally sliding on top of a thin layer of water on the road, giving no steering or braking grip whatsoever. In these circumstances, you and your passengers are absolutely powerless to influence the speed or direction of travel of the car, meaning that such events can often end badly. Stuart Jackson, Chairman of TyreSafe, said: “The sheer number of tyres being driven below recommended pressures demonstrates a concerning lack of appreciation among drivers of the risks and costs this brings with it. It’s the most common tyre defect and seemingly taken lightly but drivers should remember that it brings with

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Low tyre pressures cost money! As well as the obvious safety implications, low tyre pressures can hurt your pocket. The Tyresafe research demonstrated that having tyre pressures 6psi lower than recommended can use 3% more fuel. Not only that, but for every 10% a tyre is underinflated, its wear can also increase by 10%. How do I check my tyre pressures? The appropriate tyre pressures can be found in a number of places, such as in the owner’s manual and also often on a front door pillar or behind the fuel filler flap. For smartphone users, a handy online pressure checker App is also available at tyresafe. org. And note that there are usually different pressures specified for the front and rear tyres. Pressures should be checked at least every month and also before long journeys. They are also likely to need adjustment if you intend carrying a heavy load such as a full complement of passengers and luggage. These alternative settings will be found in the same places as mentioned previously. Always check your pressures after the vehicle has been standing for a few hours, because tyres heat up and pressures increase after the car has been driven for some distance.

Most filling stations have air pumps where tyre pressures can be checked and adjusted if necessary. However be wary of using these, as, not only will your tyres probably be warm as a result of driving to the garage, the machines can sometimes be inaccurate due to abuse or lack of calibration. Better to invest in your own tyre pressure gauge. These are readily available either from shops such as Halfords, or online, and are not expensive, particularly when set against the costs mentioned earlier. They are easy to use, however if you really aren’t able to do it yourself, any garage or tyre dealer will check the pressures for you, probably for a small charge, of course. References: * TyreSafe study using Department for Transport data 2016; Michelin’s Fill Up With Air data (compiled over the past eight years); The Society of Manufacturers and Traders; and fuel at an average cost of £1.21 per litre ** Michelin’s Fill Up With Air data (compiled over the past eight years) *** Maxxis International UK PLC FIND OUT MORE Andy Goundry spent his entire working career in vehicle design and development, and, since retirement has continued a close involvement with vehicles, writing for specialist magazines and websites, as well as producing his own motoring website www.

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October 2017

8/6/15 10:34 AM

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Championing Sport for Young People Phil Kemp discovers an exciting range of local sports opportunities on offer for young people to enjoy regardless of age and ability. LOCALLY SPORT is very much alive and well and there are many exciting opportunities for youngsters to get involved in a sport of their choice. Throughout

our local areas, there is a wellestablished network of clubs and sports councils enthusiastically promoting sports in their own particular area and ensuring that young people are welcome to come along and have a go. National sports bodies including Sport England work closely with schools and colleges to encourage participation in sporting activities for young people to, in Sport England’s words, ‘Increase the proportion of young people aged 11-18 who have a positive attitude to sport and being active’, and to ‘Increase

the number of children who are physically literate – in other words confident and competent in sport and activity’. I decided that the best way to find out exactly what is happening with youth sports in our area was to talk with some of the local sports councils. They have hands-on experience across all sports disciplines and are extremely pro-active when it comes to ensuring that sport remains accessible to all. “At Sport Godalming we run taster sessions, a Sports for All Day, where local clubs provide specialist instructors giving youngsters the opportunity to experience a particular type of sport,” explained Simon Crowther. “This is often in the form of a 15-minute taster session. Haslemere and Farnham have similar events". Simon, along with David Gill from Farnham Sports Council and Peter Lawrence of Sport


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October 2017


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Haslemere, have for many years been enthusiastic in championing sport for young people. “Junior sport is where things are really happening,” emphasised Peter. “All of the Haslemere clubs are pushing on with the juniors. Beacon Hill Youth Football Club is one of our star clubs in this aspect. Every year they have a tournament, where they have 80 teams there and 500 kids come along from all over the area to take part. Haslemere Rugby Club often have about 250 juniors on a Sunday morning.”

revolution, and I share the concern that many parents have in how many hours are spent slumped on sofas staring at smart phone screens instead of perhaps getting active and engaging in person with friends - as was the norm for previous generations. I asked our experts what they thought.

From left: Simon Crowther (Sport Godalming), Peter Lawrence (Sport Haslemere), David Gill (Farnham Sports Council)

“Farnham offers young people a wide range of opportunities to get active and have fun”, added David. “The biggest provider of sport and recreation in the Farnham area are the community sports clubs. We are very lucky, in our area the clubs are just amazing. They virtually all offer youth sections and provide for young people and they welcome everyone in the community. It’s easy to take part or find out more, just get in contact with them by checking out their website contact details, or simply pop along to a sports club of your choice.”

His fellow experts nodded in agreement. “The social side of sport is so important, and to get them off their mobiles and communicating with their peers is great to see. They have fun taking part and even if they don’t make it to the first team they can still play at lower levels.” Peter’s comment struck a chord with Simon who added: “Sometimes children have difficulty engaging with others, but if you can get them involved in team sports it can prove to be a real plus for them to build relationships. It’s something they will carry through the rest of their lives.”

There are also sports bodies providing for facilities and activities in other areas including Guildford, The Mole Valley, Midhurst and Petworth. All of the councils act as umbrellas for towns and villages near to them so it will be worth contacting the closest one to find out what is available local to you.

Local schools and colleges of course provide sports facilities and coaching for pupils, although on availability it

We are living in an age where there are so many distractions especially given the social media


“Sport in our area plays a key role in improving the physical and psychological wellbeing of young people. It often contributes to higher levels of self-esteem, motivation and selfworth”, explained David. “It can have a major influence on health issues in children and younger people including the prevention of obesity. Participation in sport and exercise is likely to contribute to better achievements at school, including socially and academically. It really can change young lives for the better.”

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is not a level playing field with differing levels of provision. This is where local clubs come in to their own. “Sport Godalming tries to work closely with local schools to raise the profile of local clubs,” Simon explained. “Last year we ran a Schools Challenge to celebrate the Olympics and Paralympics with Broadwater, Rodborough, Woolmer Hill and Glebelands schools. Over two hundred pupils across all four schools took part making for a very successful event.” Peter held up a colourful leaflet emblazoned with the slogan ‘Pick up and play – have a go!’ and covered in pictures of different sports in action. “We organise the Haslemere Festival of Sport in August, and in Farnham their similar festival last year over the August bank holiday attracted 2,000 participants of which the majority were youngsters. “Active Surrey, which is part of Surrey County Council, ran the Surrey Youth Games at the sports park in Guildford which was absolutely brilliant. There were hundreds of young participants taking part, each wearing a coloured shirt relevant to the

other young sportsmen and women too as it shows them what opportunities are available.”

borough they were competing for. Waverley came sixth which was a great achievement.” Although having never been particularly good at playing sports in my youth, a situation which sadly hasn’t changed in adulthood either, I found myself really wishing that I had had the opportunities that are presented to young people today. I would have been hooked! And what of those youngsters that really take to the sport of their choice and show real promise? “Sport Haslemere runs the Create a Star programme where we annually award £500 to ten upand-coming youngsters who are showing potential on a national or even international level in their sports. The award motivates

“Sport Godalming has three levels of funding, which is greatly helped by grants from both Godalming Town and Waverley Borough councils. This funding provides a balance between those at the top of their game to intermediates and relative newcomers who may be competing on a county or national level. Our Go for Gold is aimed at potential Olympians and Paralympians. This provides a grant-aid scheme to help subsidise the costs of participating in their sports.” The overall message from all three of our sports council chairmen was clear and simple. Come along and have a go – you won’t know what you are missing until you try. And that of course applies to everyone regardless of age. Perhaps the last word should be left to Peter who poses the question: “Why play sport? In a single word, it’s ‘enjoyment’ – enjoying sport, making friends - it’s the most social thing in the world to do!” Phil Kemp is a Godalming-based writer and photographer.

For more information about what is on offer at local sports clubs contact the sports council or public body nearest to you: Dorking Mole Valley District Council Listed under leisure Leatherhead Mole Valley District Council Listed under leisure Surrey October 2017

Farnham Farnham Sports Council

Haslemere Sport Haslemere

Godalming Sport Godalming

Chichester District Council Listed under leisure

Guildford Active Guildford Listed under leisure


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Speciality and Themed Cruising Andy Church, from GoCruise, looks at some of the themed cruises that are now available

Uniworld offers a ‘Bordeaux, Vineyards and Chateaux’ aboard the River Royale

In a previous article we discussed cruising for the first time, and why cruising can be for everyone. In this article, we will look a little closer at cruises which are designed to attract those interested in a particular subject – whether that is a hobby, interest or geographical field. Themed cruises are a growing part of the industry aiming themselves at holidaymakers who want to dig deeper into a specific area of interest – and there are many different themes to choose from – both on ocean and river ships. In almost all cases these cruises will appeal to those who just want to experience the destinations, as much as to those who want to explore their passion. This means that a couple or a group can all travel together, with some enjoying immersion into their chosen area, whilst their partners or friends can just enjoy a regular cruise. Wine is something that appeals to many, and the possibility of discovering more about it, and particularly being able to sample the goods, makes wine themed cruises extremely popular. Indeed, many river cruises wend their way through some of the best wine-producing country there is. Cruises around Bordeaux are offered by many of the river cruise lines with the most luxurious, Uniworld, offering a cruise called ‘Bordeaux, Vineyards and Chateaux’. Over the course of 8-days guests savour the unique heritage of southwest France, from delightful Pauillac, the gateway to the storied Médoc wine route, to elegant Bordeaux, the 'Pearl of the Aquitaine', as the region is also known. Explore Saint-Émilion’s astonishing 12th-century Monolithic Church, and enjoy


the beautiful Médoc vineyards on a bicycle. It’s immersion in all things wine, with tastings and incredible food – as is the case on all of Uniworld’s cruises. On Uniworld everything – that’s food, drinks and excursions - is included. This year’s hottest spot for river cruising is the Douro in Portugal, where most of the major cruise lines offer an itinerary which will include some visits to wineries, along with both wine and port tasting. Most also offer pre or post cruise extensions to what is usually a 7-night cruise – either in Porto, or with a short journey up to Lisbon. Some take it further though. Amadeus Cruises are offering three specific wine themed cruises in 2018, with cruises on rivers which are not necessarily so obvious – the Rhone, Rhine and the Danube. On all these cruises you have the opportunity to visit four vineyards. Amadeus are all inclusive apart from the excursions, so these tours are in addition to the base price. However, this means that if you are travelling with someone who is not so interested they can opt out by either staying on the boat or enjoying a different excursion entirely. These cruises do include a Captain’s dinner and a wine dinner – both of which include wine pairings – and a Master of Wine on board to share their expertise at lectures and wine tastings. Cunard’s Queen Victoria hosts its first dedicated Voyage du Vin, calling at some of Europe's finest wine and port destinations including Oporto, Lisbon and Vigo. On this sailing in 2018 guests have a unique opportunity to join the new Cunard Wine Academy, where they can elect to take the Wines and Spirits Education Trust Level 1. The Academy will also feature a bespoke series of dinners, tastings and masterclasses with leading Iberian wine producers and experts to satisfy the interests of oenophiles, from budding beginners to advanced enthusiasts. Something a little different can be found on the Holland America cruise ship MS Koningsdam – an intimate venue at which wine connoisseurs and novices alike can experience the art of winemaking. Called BLEND, it is run in collaboration

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river cruise, getting your hands-on quality cuisine has never been easier.

P&O offers masterclasses with legendary chef Marco Pierre White

with Chateau St. Michelle, Washington State’s oldest and most acclaimed winery. Guests are able to blend their own wine and enjoy it either at dinner or in the privacy of their own stateroom. Given that so many people consider themselves to be 'foodies' these days, it is no surprise to learn that the cruise lines are catering more and more to this market. From having famous chefs demonstrating onboard (James Martin and Marco Pierre White on P&O for instance) to being taken to extraordinary restaurants along a speciality

Almost all cruise ships these days have a variety of extraordinary places to eat, but many now also offer other experiences, such as culinary academies, where you will be taught all manner of cooking techniques. Christmas Market cruises are another growing sector with more and more cruise lines offering short breaks to see markets as diverse as Antwerp, Amsterdam, Brussels, Rouen, Honfleur, Hamburg, Strasbourg, Bremen, Budapest and Vienna to name but a few. These are either short 2-3 day trips on ocean cruise liners or 7-day river trips and sail in November and December. There are cruises which offer African safari excursions, or to see caimans and sloths in the Amazon. From fitness to painting, the variety of cruises on offer today is truly extraordinary, and whether you have an existing interest, or want to learn about something new, it’s likely that you will find a cruise to suit. We will discuss more in a future issue of VantagePoint, but in the meantime, please call GoCruise if you would like some help. FIND OUT MORE GoCruise is your local cruise specialists, run by Andy Church & Olivia Chapman. Tel 01483 808787, email or visit

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October 2017

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We’ll be there, when life comes full circle. VANTAGEPOINT 17

The Allium expert • GARDENING

With Beth Otway We’ll follow whatever the client wants, we had one client who was only in the UK between May and September, so every plant in their garden had to be flowering then. But most people want their garden to be low-maintenance, but pretty for as many months of the year as possible. We've designed child-friendly gardens, bee-friendly gardens; we enjoy creating whatever type of garden the client wants. People have strong feelings about colour, so we select plants from the specific colour palette that the client wants, but we love plants, so we want to put as many in the garden as we can!

Jackie Currie at Hampton Court (Beth Otway)

Inside the Floral Marquee at the RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show I met Jackie Currie, a passionate Allium expert and Garden Designer from Surrey. The RHS judges presented Jackie with a Silver-Gilt Medal for her first ever exhibit at Hampton Court, which featured some of Jackie's National Collection of Alliums. Beth: Congratulations on your beautiful Allium exhibit and success here at Hampton Court Jackie! Jackie: I am pleased with a Silver-Gilt, but that’s not what it turned into, what it turned into was meeting a myriad of amazingly interesting people, from top botanists and horticulturists, to amateur gardeners. They were so interesting and interested, it made me realise how much plants and gardens connect people – and that’s what it was all about. I am grateful to my fellow Garden Designer Lorraine, my business partner, who has helped me to assemble this exhibit.

Beth: Do you maintain the gardens? Jackie: We get somebody in to do the actual physical hard landscaping, and we do all the planting – we don’t get somebody in to plant it. We feel that need to work the soil to double-check that the plants we’re putting in will cope with the conditions; sometimes you start digging and somewhere is moister than you’re expecting, or drier, so occasionally we have to make changes. So we do all the planting ourselves. We only ever plant from October to March; we don’t plant in the summer because I think plants just sit there and don’t cope very well; it’s best for the plants to become established and settle in over the winter. So we have started to maintain gardens in the summer as well. Beth: What area do you cover? Jackie: The Guildford area, through to the other side of Petworth. Lorraine lives in Petworth, so we have quite a few clients there, and because I’m up this way, we do Guildford, Godalming, Fernhurst, and Brook.

Beth: Tell me all about your garden design business Jackie. Jackie: It’s called Euphorbia Design. Lorraine and I are unusual garden designers in that we’re more plant-based - we’re very keen on our plants. A lot of designers are very keen on their hard landscaping, but they’re not that knowledgeable on their plants, whereas our thing is that we’re really passionate about our plants. We won’t put a new plant into somebody’s garden unless we’ve trialled that plant for a couple of years.


Allium ledebourianum (Beth Otway)

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Garden Glory That’s As Easy As ABC!

Enjoy a beautifully created outdoor space all year round

A change of season signals a change of garden routine. Autumn is the perfect time for a tidy up as well as planning – and planting – ahead. Use these ABCs to give your garden some TLC and it will look glorious right up until next Spring… A is for Annuals – hardy varieties such as Nigella, Ammi Majus and Cornflowers can be sown in the Autumn. B is for Borders – deadhead perennials to prolong flowering; remove weeds; plant Spring flowering bulbs such as Alliums and Narcissus and use fallen leaves to make homemade leaf mould – an excellent soil improver to help keep your borders beautiful! C is for Colour – ornamental grasses come in an array of beautiful Autumn tones and will add structure and colour to your garden throughout the colder months. Containers can also be planted up now with evergreen shrubs, cyclamen and winter flowering violas for a splash of colour that will last until early Spring. Now’s the time for planning ahead in your vegetable patch too. Sow spring onions and oriental leaves for an early Spring crop. Plant soft fruits whilst the ground is still warm enough to establish a strong root system and you’ll enjoy the fruits of your labours next year. If your garden needs a make-over rather than a make-do, ask award-winning designers Boardman Gelly to come up with the perfect design for your plot. Get in touch now so you can sit back and enjoy your new garden in all its glory next Spring.

Planning a landscape project? Give us a call… We plan, design & construct stunning garden landscapes & outdoor areas. Let us create something special for you & your family to enjoy. Our fresh approach & our expertise from creating award-winning gardens gives you access to showstopping designs, whatever the scale of your project. • Planting

• Water Features

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• Decking & Steel Work

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Award Winning Garden Design & Construction

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October 2017

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Beth: What are your recommendations of the easiest Alliums to grow? Jackie: The summer flowering ones: Allium nutans, Allium senescens, Allium tuberosum, and Allium angulosum. They’re easy peasy Alliums, stick them in the ground and they’ll grow. Beth: What’s your best gardening tip or advice? Jackie: Right plant, right place. It's really important. Also, soil preparation is everything, you have to prepare the soil properly, dig it over by hand, and get rid of the rubble. We use mushroom compost because it’s weed-free. A few years ago there were problems with chemicals that had made it into manure based composts. We won’t touch manure because you can’t be sure it’s free of herbicide. We’ll dig in compost, we plant, and then we mulch with mushroom compost to keep the moisture in and the weeds down, and add nutrients to the soil. The preparation, which you don’t see, takes the most time, but is the most important part.

Allium tuberosum

Beth: Do you have any gardening ambitions? Jackie: I would love own an Allium nursery! Beth: What a great ambition, I am sure that you will! Jackie: Yes, it’s just finding somewhere really. Beth: You never know, a wonderful person might be reading this article, and they might be able to help! FIND OUT MORE To read the rest of Beth’s interview with Jackie Currie, visit her website where you'll find gardening advice for the month ahead, the results of her 2017 Sweet Pea and Daffodil Trials and much more.

FISHERMAN’S FRIENDS Sunday 5 November 01306 881717


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It's nearly pumpkin time... FOOD & DRINK •

Pumpkin Soup Ingredients


1kg pumpkin, peeled, deseeded and chopped into chunks; 2 carrots, chopped into chunks; 2 onions, chopped into chunks; 2 tbsp olive oil; 750ml chicken or vegetable stock; 150ml double cream; freshly grated nutmeg; salt and black pepper. Serves 6 1. Preheat oven to 220 C / Gas 7. 2. Place pumpkin, carrots and onions in a baking dish or roasting tin. Drizzle with olive oil. 3. Bake for 40 minutes until the vegetables are soft but not blackened. 4. Pour the stock into the pan, add the vegetables and bring to the boil, then simmer for 10 mins. 5. PurĂŠe until smooth. Return to pan over low heat and stir in cream, nutmeg, pepper and salt. Heat gently; serve.

Pumpkin Marmalade Pinterest

Ingredients 1.5kg pumpkin; 1 litre water; 2 oranges, sliced into thin semi-circles; 3 lemons, sliced into thin semi-circles; 100g fresh ginger root, finely shredded; 1kg preserving or granulated sugar. Makes a 1.75kg jar of marmalade

1. Peel the pumpkin and remove all the seeds and fibres. Slice the flesh into pieces and grate coarsely lengthways, so the strands are as long as possible. 2. Put the grated pumpkin in the preserving pan with the water, oranges, lemons, and ginger. Bring to the boil, then simmer for 25-30 minutes or until the citrus peel is just soft. 3. Add the sugar, stirring until it has dissolved. Return to the boil, then cook over a medium heat for 25-30 minutes or until the mixture is thick enough for a wooden spoon drawn through the centre to leave a clear channel. Recipe taken from Preserving Through the Year, 4. Remove the pan from the heat and leave the fruit to by Oded Schwartz, published by DK, ÂŁ16.99, settle for a few minutes. Ladle the marmalade into the hot sterilised jars, then seal. October 2017

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Beare Charlwood DEVIL'SGreen PUNCH to BOWL: HIGH ROAD AND PINE VALLEY This 10-mile walk takes you through woods and fields to a lunch stop in Charlwood. The walk was submitted by Guildford Rambling Club (see

• THE WALK 1. Continue along the Newdigate Road for about ¼ mile, passing Palmers Farm, to find a footpath, left, by the start of the track to Willow Tree Farm. Follow this alongside a stream. It then runs a short way through a private garden and turns right to cross the stream and a stile and reach the Willow Tree Farm access track. Turn left to walk along the track. Take a footpath out left into a field, immediately before the farm’s gate. Ignore the immediate left and, instead, go a few yards forward and turn right to traverse a gap into a field. Walk around the field anticlockwise to the far side and, just past a large oak, take a path right. Walk up the left-hand side of the next field, through a gap and along the lefthand side of another field to a road. 2. Do not go out on to the road, instead turn away right to walk a few yards towards a building and then turn left to walk along its access track. It runs alongside the green in Newdigate. Turn and head half-left across the green, aiming towards the Church. Exit the green, between a couple of benches in a shelter, on to a road opposite a shop. Turn right and walk along to the Six Bells, opposite the Church. Cross to walk up Church Lane. Walk as far as the vets and cross over to take a path right, into a field by the side of the vets. Head out parallel to the right-hand side of the field at first but continue forward when the field expands out to the right. Go through a gate into another field and cross it halfright. Go through a gate and along the left-hand edge of the next field. 3. Exit over a footbridge and continue straight ahead and through a gap into another field. (See a farm and caravans off to your left.) Cross the field and go over a stile onto a wide track at a 4-way signpost. Continue straight ahead (east) along the


left-hand side of a field. (See a lake away to your right.) Pass a 3-way signpost and continue straight ahead towards trees. Go over a footbridge, through a gate into a field and along its left-hand side. Exit through a gate onto a track and turn right. At a bend, follow a path which breaks away on the left to run along a fence and continues in a strip of trees between fields. Go through a gate/stile on the left and immediately turn right to walk south, still in trees, with a fence to your right. You are in Cudworth Copse. There is a stream to your left. The path swings away to the right. Quickly turn left to walk roughly parallel to the stream. There is no obvious path but stay parallel to the stream until you see a footbridge over it, on your left. Cross the footbridge. You are now heading east again. 4. Pass a stile / duckable gap and continue on for a little way before dropping off to the right and passing a stile/gap to reach and cross another footbridge on your left. Go up a short slope and walk in trees parallel to the stream which soon runs through the bottom of a little valley that it has cut for itself. Stay parallel to it until you can cross it to the left. In the field on the other side, head half-right, running alongside a little ditch to reach the corner and exit on to a track. Turn left and walk to a road. Cross, jinking left, and turning right along a path at the side of a field. At the end of the path, take a stile on the righthand side to continue forward for 5 yards to reach a wide track. Jink left and take another wide track right (NOT the little path heading off into bushes just before it). Ignore rights and lefts. Eventually, go down some steps to a bridge and cross it (or maybe just jump over the stream). Climb some steps on the other side and continue forward, ignoring lefts and rights. Eventually the trees on the left-hand side

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Moat near Cudworth. © Nigel Mykura


become a field and then there are fields on both sides. Emerge at the end of a dead-end road in Charlwood. Walk along it to a T junction at the point where Russ Hill becomes Rectory Road. Go straight across and along the footpath opposite to turn left at the far end along The Street. Look, on the left, for the Half Moon or a place to picnic. 5. After lunch, continue left on The Street and walk past the Norwood Hill Road junction. After about 200 yards there is a footpath right, just past Barbers Cottage. Follow this for about 1/3 mile to reach Stan Hill (a road). Turn left and follow the path at the side of the road until you can turn left along Beggars House Lane. Follow this for about a mile. Along the way it becomes a track, passes a farm and a footpath left. Reach a road. Turn right and walk 200 yards to turn left along Burnt Oak Lane. Walk again for about a mile, ignoring lefts and rights. Along the way the road becomes unmade and later becomes metalled again. Also, you pass Cudworth Moated Manor (a Grade I listed, 16th century medieval manor house with its own moat. Ownership carries with it a Lord/Lady title). Reach a T-junction with a road and turn right. 6. Walk to a junction, in Newdigate, where Church Lane becomes Hogs Pudding (also known as New Barn) Lane. Turn right to walk along Hogs Pudding Lane. Reach, on your right-hand side, Mulberry Place. Take a path just inside Mulberry Place to continue forward. Ignore a quick turn right, stay on the path. The path swings right and later left, crosses a footbridge and passes a stile to enter a field. Walk along the right-hand side. Go over a stile onto a wide farm track and continue forward. Immediately before some houses, take a stile out left and walk a few yards across a field to exit onto a road. Cross and turn left. Walk about 200 yards to find a footpath right that runs along the side of a garden. It then turns sharp left to run along behind the far end of the garden. Continue forward. The path turns sharp right. Continue until turning right again to follow a blue arrow into Reffolds Copse. 7. Turn sharp left at a 2-way signpost. Now, ignoring lefts and rights, continue for about ½ mile through the copse. Reach a road. Cross and go 10 yards right to pick up a footpath forking off to the left. Enter a field and cross it, half-right, to exit onto a paved access road by some houses. Cross the

access road and go straight between the houses. Look for a path left that will take you across fields to emerge on the Newdigate Road close to where you parked. Don’t worry if you miss it, just continue straight ahead down the paved lane (Henfold Drive) for about ½ mile to reach the A24 at the side of a petrol station. Turn left and walk down to turn left into Newdigate Road.

DISTANCE: 10 miles OS MAPS: Explorer 146 Dorking, Box Hill & Reigate STARTING POINT: Drive south down the A24 and turn left into the Newdigate Road in Beare Green. Park a little way along here, on the road opposite the green. GR 5 178 1 429. For many more walks, please visit our website at

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Neither the publisher nor the author can accept any responsibility for any changes, errors or omissions in this route. Diversion orders can be made and permissions withdrawn at any time.

October 2017

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Mole Valley Indoor Bowling Club • PROFILE scheme will help new bowlers through the introduction phase into bowling, and the relevant club procedures and facilities. Following suitable basic coaching (if required) all new members are quickly introduced to the roll up sessions and opportunities to join internal leagues. With mixed leagues and games arranged for ladies and men, in the mornings, afternoons, evenings and weekends, new members should easily find a time to bowl that fits with their schedule.

On each Saturday morning in September a team of greeters, coaches and helpers welcomed new bowlers to Mole Valley Indoor Bowling Club (MVIBC) for a free introduction to indoor bowling as part of the main recruitment drive for the new season of indoor bowling. MVIBC is located within the Leatherhead Leisure Centre with its main entrance accessible from the rear car park. The club has been in existence for 42 years, now with a membership of 300, it was originally developed from an indoor roller skating rink. A new floor was laid for the bowling green and over the intervening years major changes included a building extension that allowed for the addition of changing rooms and a viewing balcony. Subsequently the ceiling was re-painted and new lighting installed that vastly brightened up the on-green bowling experience. More recently a new changing room has been built and the existing rooms re-decorated, a bar and storage area added plus work on the balcony wall that increases the view of the bowling green. New furniture also improves the comfort level for everyone while they watch and socialize during club events. MVIBC has one of the county's lowest cost for annual membership, and provides a full programme of bowling within internal leagues, club championships, friendly matches with many other area clubs as well as Surrey county league games and some members qualifying for national competitions. A full team of qualified coaches is available at all levels to help and encourage new and experienced bowlers. The club prides itself on offering a warm and friendly welcome to all members and, if required, a ‘buddy’


Along with the regular bowling programme the club has supported several charitable events. A disability day was arranged where local groups met at the club for a sociable event and the Swans hold regular weekly sessions for their less able members. Funds have been raised for The Prince Alice Hospice, Macmillan Cancer Support, The Royal Marsden and a marathon bowling event was organised to raise funds towards specialist treatment in Toronto for a sufferer of cerebral palsy. Get Active – Stay Active – Enjoy Bowling and make new friends, that’s our message this year. The main period of activity for the indoor bowling season is from October to April, although many of our members continue playing indoors for the full 12 months of their membership. However, it is during our winter months that we all need encouragement to maintain activities that will help us physically and mentally through the dull weeks - and indoor bowling can do just that. Plus, it’s fun and you are sure to make new friends in a warm and comfortable environment whatever the weather is doing outside. Mole Valley Indoor Bowling Club provides this opportunity and welcomes new and experienced bowlers, from all ages and all social groups. FIND OUT MORE For more information visit or email or phone Guy Tortise on 01372 374653. From the leisure centre you will also find helpful posters and directions to the club.

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Jottings is your FREE community noticeboard for charities, local events, groups and information, compiled by Jane Gosnell. To feature here, please email us at jottings@ by the first Friday of the month prior to month of publication. Please note that space is limited and inclusion cannot be guaranteed. We believe you should demand the highest levels of service from your travel company. Here at Travel Dream, we tailor make your holiday experience by listening to your ideas, then hand pick resorts for you in stunning locations around the world.

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Ok, so autumn has well and truly begun - although I find it sad to say goodbye to summer and see the leaves falling from the trees in the drizzle, I also love to see the autumnal colours. A perfect time to visit Winkworth or Onslow Arboretum, RHS Wisley or other National Trust properties near you with stunning grounds and specimen trees. Oh yes... and to totally panic you all, it’s only 12 weeks until Christmas - jottings about all things festive are starting to flood in, so I will keep you posted on what is coming up near you in next month’s edition. Probus Social Events For Retired Men Every first Tuesday Each month they meet at Tyrrells’s Wood Golf Course for lunch followed by a speaker of note, covering subjects such as ‘Brooklands Past and Present’ and 'Drones Uses and Abuses’. Also, mid-month social lunches, theatre visits, and outings for family and friends. Contact Jon McCarthy on 07947 361406,, who will explain all and will arrange for you to attend with member as their guest. Dorking Local History Group Talk Monday 2nd October 7.30pm Professor Richard Selley will be speaking on The River Mole Its birth, life and death . Held at Crossways Baptist Community Church, Junction Road, Dorking. All are welcome. Free for members, £2 for non-members. More details from John Patterson 01306 888401. Watermill Jazz at Betchworth Park Golf Club Dorking Various dates during October Dorkings Watermill Jazz start their October programme on the 3rd with a duo performance from America of saxophonist Dave Liebman and pianist Richie Beirach, subsequent Tuesday evening concerts features the trio of pianist Kate Williams, joined by the Guastalla String Quartet and vocalist Georgia Mancio on 10th. Nat Steele's 'Portrait of the MJQ' on 17th, Dave O'Higgins Quartet on the 24th and a solo piano performance on 31st by Nikki Yeoh, winner of the 2017 Jazz FM Instrumentalist of the Year Award. Visit www. for full details and to book online, or call Steve on 07415 815784. Leatherhead Rotary Club Meetings Wednesday Evenings 7pm Meeting at the Police Federation Headquarters in Highbury October 2017

Drive, Leatherhead. For further information about the club and its wide range of community, fundraising and social activities please visit or contact Simon Edmands on 07753 821964. Learn to Sing in Harmony Wednesday 4th October 7.15pm-10pm A free opportunity for men to learn or become re-acquainted with singing using an a capella style over a seven week course. Join The North Surrey Barbershop Harmony Club at the Methodist Church Hall, Church Road, Leatherhead, KT22 8AY. For more details visit Dorking Museum exhibition: ‘Time Gentlemen Please!’ Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays until 14th October The story of the public houses of Dorking from the 13th century to the present day, revealing their past and some of their stories. Map of locations, old images of how they looked, modern photographs, pub memorabilia. Families welcome – pub sign drawing competition and old pub games. Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, 10am to 4pm, at 62 West Street, Dorking RH4 1BS. Details: Move Over Mrs Markham Wednesday 4th to Saturday 7th October 7.45pm This wonderful farce is set in a top floor London flat, belonging to Philip and Joanna Markham. When three sets of people converge on the apartment, expecting to find it empty, chaos and confusion ensue. Matinee at 2.30pm on the 7th. The Nomad Theatre, Bishopsmead Parade, East Horsley, KT24 6RT. Tickets from Creative Writing Group in Walton-on-the-Hill Wednesday 4th October 10am-12 noon and then weekly for 10 weeks Friendly, non-competitive, write-on-the-spot group. Complete beginners to more experienced writers welcome. Contact to reserve a place. Neals Store & Workshop 20% off throughout October To celebrate the rebrand and opening of their new showroom, Neals Store & Workshop is offering 20% off all their furniture and repair or refurbishment work in October. Their boutique showroom has a wide range of vintage and upcycled furniture as well as offering a comprehensive repair and refurbishment service of furniture and kitchens. They also provide bespoke

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onsite services such as shelving, cloakroom and under stair storage along with other projects. Pop along and meet Neal or Les, where a warm welcome and professional, friendly service is assured. The Studio, Whipley Manor Farm, Bramley GU5 0LL. Chasamba Dance Fitness Every Thursday evening 6pm-7pm This is a partner free fitness class using Ballroom and Latin dance steps. No previous dance experience required, just a desire to get fit in a fun way. Classes held at Capel Village Hall, 55 The Street, Capel RH5 5LD. Drop in price £7, first two classes half price. Optional five week block £25. For more details see Facebook Chasambafitness with Sheila Chamberlain, or email for more information. Creative Writing Group - Bookham/Fetcham Thursday 5th October 7.45pm-9.45pm and then weekly for 10 weeks Friendly, non-competitive, write-on-the-spot group. Complete beginners to more experienced writers welcome. Contact to reserve a place. Dorking and District RSPB Group Birdwatching Walks Wednesdays 10.30am Wednesday 4th October Banstead Countryside. Meet at car park for Banstead Woods in Holly Lane, Chipstead on B2219. Wednesday 18th October River Mole from Burford Bridge. Meet at Burford Bridge car park near roundabout on A24 one


mile north of Dorking. All welcome. Members free, visitors £5. For more information on meeting places see uk/groups/dorkinganddistrict or call 01372 454850. Amazing Apples at RHS Wisley Friday 6th October to 19th November: Apples are amazing; they provide us with food and drink, they can grow in different locations all over the country, and they are homes for a diverse range of insects, birds and animals. In this family-friendly exhibition in the orchard, you can find out all about apples and how they grow them. With images of beautiful artworks from the RHS Library collections and all the sights, sounds and smells of the Orchard, there’s something for all in this autumn exhibition. For further details about this and other events, visit African Drumming class Every Thursday evening 8pm-9.30pm Jali Djembe runs weekly djembe drumming classes upstairs at the Dorking Christian Centre every Thursday evening. All ages and abilities welcome. The classes are fun and friendly, taught by Mod’lamine Cissokho, an experienced Senegalese djembe player. Cost is £8.50 per person (£1 drum hire). Visit or call 07867 794326. Cranleigh Folk Friday 6th October 8.30pm Cranleigh Folk will be continuing its new season of acoustic music and song at The Punchbowl Inn in Okewood Hill, RH5 5PU. Music from talented local singers and musicians and

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YOUR COMMUNITY NOTICEBOARD • ranges from contemporary to traditional. Admission is free and all are welcome, whether performers or listeners. For more information email Dorking Scrabble Club Every Wednesday 7.30pm For a friendly game of Scrabble, pop along to The Roy Currie Room, United Reformed Church, West Street, Dorking. You will be welcomed whether you are a beginner or an expert. For more details ring Priscilla on 01737 767072 or David on 01306 889308. Leatherhead Lunchtime Concerts Various dates during October 12.30pm Leatherhead's lunchtime concerts are part of 2017's Mole Valley Arts Alive Festival. Concert organist Mark Brafield plays for the organ concert at Christ Church, Epsom Road, on 18th. Concerts at Leatherhead Methodist Church, Church Road, continue with cellist Jacqueline Phillips on 5th, The Two Classical Guitars of Francisco Correa and David Massey on 12th and a string quartet from the Royal Academy of Music on 26th. Free to enter with retiring collection. Tea and coffee available after each concert. Full information can be found at

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Whist Drive at Leigh Village Hall Held every Thursday at 7.30pm Join this fun, friendly and welcoming group who are looking for new members to boost their numbers. Admission is only £3 so why not pop along. For more information call them on 01306 631373. Dorking Walkers Every Tuesday and Thursday Would you like to try walking with a friendly local group? Two hour walks (4-5 miles) within ten miles of Dorking. Check out their website, email or contact Ann on 01306 888745. Beare Green and Newdigate Choral Society Saturday 7th October 7.30pm Beare Green and Newdigate Choral Society are now eagerly awaiting their next concert on 7th October at 7.30pm in St. Paul’s Church, Dorking, celebrating two big anniversaries – Jamie’s 20 years as a conductor and 80 years of the choir. They will be singing some of their favourite pieces including ‘Little Jazz Mass’, ‘Libertango’, ‘Seal Lullaby’, ‘Nella Fantasia’ and ‘Rhythm of Life’ plus Chilcotts ‘Song and Cries of London Town’ which they have not performed before. Ticket can be purchased beforehand from 01306 631115 for £12.50 or for £15 if purchased on the door. On 11th October the choir will be back to rehearsals in Newdigate Village Hall preparing for the Christmas concert on 20th December and the Leith Hill Musical Festival next April. Ashtead Bowling Club Free Indoor Coaching Session Wednesdays and Thursdays Sessions are tailored for beginners and provide an excellent introduction to the sport of bowling. A £1 fee is required to cover temporary membership for the day. You would then be eligible for full membership of the club with use of all its facilities. Please contact Mike Bradford on 01372 273142 to book a session. October 2017



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19 Cannon Grove, Fetcham, Leatherhead KT22 9LG

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Jottings A Great Village Harvest Weekend Saturday 7th October 6.30pm-9.30pm Inviting everyone who works, lives and plays in the the parish to come and meet local clubs and charities while enjoying local musical talent and harvest activities for all ages. Bring food and drink to share. Held at the Tithe Barn, Manor House Farm, Little Bookham. Free entry. To Hire - Walliswood Village Hall RH5 5RJ The recently refurbished hall is ideal for holding birthday parties, family gatherings and business meetings. For further information or to arrange to view the hall please contact Valerie Miles on 01306 627248, Moira Cassidy on 01306 627786 or email Alternatively visit the website Harvest Hymns at St Lawrence Church Sunday 8th October 10am Join the community to thank God with traditional harvest hymns and words. Held at St Lawrence Church, Effingham. Music in Dorking Various dates during October October sees the 23rd annual Mole Valley Arts Alive Festival in and around Dorking. This splendid celebration of the arts has gone from strength to strength and expanded enormously over the years. It now offers an amazing range of activities embracing all the arts. There are a good number of musical events – far too many to describe every one in detail. All the information is contained in a neat brochure, available from the Dorking Halls, the Performing Arts library and widely around Dorking. Do pick one up and go to some of the events. Peace Rose Planting and Celebration Sunday 8th October 10.30am-12.30pm Dorking Quakers are holding a themed meeting and celebration of 170 years of the Quakers’ (Society of Friends) presence in Dorking and the 70th anniversary of the Nobel Peace prize being awarded to Quakers in recognition of the work they undertook during and around the Second World War. Meeting House, Butter Hill, Dorking, RH4 2LE. Further details from or call 07973 752090. Beat Loneliness in Surrey The Alzheimer’s Society in Surrey urgently needs volunteers to enjoy hobbies with people with dementia. Launching their innovative Side by Side service in a bid to reconnect people with dementia with their communities and favourite pastimes. From joining a local club or just going for a stroll in the park, this service, pairs people with dementia and volunteers with shared interests. Visit sidebysidevolunteer or call 0330 333 0804. Quiz and Fish and Chips at the Oddfellows Dorking Monday 9th October 8pm Come and test your general knowledge at a relaxed quiz evening organised by Peter Christie followed by fish and chips from the local family-run fish and chip shop in Dorking. Just come and make up a team on the night. All orders for fish and chips are placed and paid for on arrival at the event. Please join us at the Oddfellows Lounge (Oddfellows Hall) Dorking


High Street RH4 1QT. Turn left at the top of the stairs (there is a stair lift), through the door and turn left again you will find our lounge and a warm welcome. For more details Please contact Cynthia 01306 500140 or via Jenny at the office on 01306 877792 or E. for more details. Horsley Floral Decoration Group Tuesday 10th October 2pm This month they have a demonstration by Christine Nash entitled 'Blooming Marvellous'. The Horsley Floral Decoration Group is a friendly afternoon flower arranging club. They meet at East Horsley Village Hall on the 2nd Tuesday of each month. Visitors and new members very welcome. For more details please phone Beryl on 01483 831422. Dorking Radical Film Festival presents Tuesday 10th October 7.30pm-10.30pm Presenting 'Mad to be Normal' at Dorking Halls, Reigate Road, Dorking RH4 1SG. To mark World Mental Health Day Dorking Radical Film Festival will be showing this extraordinary film, with speakers and aid agencies in attendance, and discussion afterwards. David Tennant plays the psychiatrist RD Laing, who became a 60s counterculture hero for challenging what he saw as the profession's heartless prisonhospital ethos of tranquillisers and electroconvulsive shock treatment. Admission £10.40, Concessions £8.20. Visit www. for details. The Arts Society Leatherhead Monthly Lecture Wednesday 11th October 7.15pm This talk tells the fascinating story of everything that makes a traditional hand-bound book. The art of bookbinding, surely the most complex of all hand crafts, is as beguiling and enchanting today as it was when it was invented on the banks of the Nile 2,000 years ago. The society welcomes visitors for £5 at the door, but please make initial contact via email to or telephone John Andrews on 01372 373083. Horsley Decorative and Fine Arts Society Wednesday 11th October 2017 The new season of lectures starts with a talk on Rene Lalique: Master of Art Nouveau Jewellery and Art Deco Glass by Anne Anderson in East Horsley Village Hall, Kingston Avenue KT24 6QT. Visitors (£5) and new members welcome. For more information and the full programme phone 01372 451015 or see Alison Jesson Book Launch Thursday 12th October 7.30pm Join local author Alison for the launch of her new novel, Holding The Threads at Dorking Library. Plus a talk on “How to turn family history into a novel and become a published author!” Tickets £5 in advance from either Dorking Library or from Alison. Places limited. Guildford Home-Start Volunteers Needed Can you spare a few hours each week to help a family with young children? Home-Start Guildford is a family support charity covering the whole of the Guildford Borough, plus Bookham and Fetcham in Mole Valley. They provide home

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YOUR COMMUNITY NOTICEBOARD • visiting volunteers to support families who have at least one child under five and are struggling to cope, support families with a whole range of difficulties: postnatal depression, lone parenting, illness/disability, multiple births or family breakdown. Please call Debbie or Liz on 01483 511181, or email for more information.

Affinité the Social Club for Active Mature Singles The club has a fantastic programme of lunches, Saturday night dinners and informal club nights. Plus visits to the theatre, cinema, concerts and places of interest. If you would like to get yourself a social life and a bunch of new friends, visit Leatherhead Museum - Cathy Brett Exhibition Every Thursday and Friday from 1pm-4pm and Saturdays 10am-4pm until December Leatherhead Museum is open again after its annual refurbishment. Local artist Cathy Brett has created a stunning array of new exhibits to mark the 70th anniversary of the Leatherhead & District Local History Society. Topics covered range from flood to drought, to food tasting, pop music and the Olympics, with the River Mole central to a new time-line display. Entrance is free. Hampton Cottage, 64 Church Street, Leatherhead. Visit for more information. The Dorking Group of Artists Exhibition 2017 Friday 13th October to Sunday 15th October 10am-5.30pm One of the largest art groups in Surrey, will be once again holding their annual exhibition at Denbies Wine Estate. Over 250 pieces of exciting new and original art, all for sale at affordable prices. The paintings should appeal to every taste, featuring different subjects and styles and covering a wide variety of prices and media. Entrance to the exhibition is free. Denbies Wine Estate, London Road, Dorking RH5 6AA. The Dorking Group of Artists Tuesday afternoons Meeting at Beare Green Village Hall through to Easter. Membership is open to artists of all abilities, from beginner to professional and costs just £20 per calendar year. The activities programme is varied and includes workshops and demonstrations, plus outdoor painting and sketching during the summer months. For more information contact Jane Anderson Wood on 01372 375123, email j.andersonwood@ or visit Going South Charity Jazz Evening Saturday 14th October 7.45pm An evening of jazz, blues, soul, funk and latin grooves in aid of Dorking Beatitudes. Held at The Upper Room, St Martin's House, Dorking RH4 1UT. Suggested donation of £10 per person. Visit or email bookings@ Leith Hill Place Exhibition ‘Wedgwood at Home' Until late October Friday to Sunday and Bank Holiday Mondays from 11am-5pm. A collection of Wedgwood ceramics will be on display at Leith Hill Place this year, returning to the house for the first time in October 2017

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Jottings over 50 years. The exhibition is being held in memory of the late Sir Martin Wedgwood. Entrance to the exhibition is free, but admission charges for Leith Hill Place will apply. National Trust members receive free entry. A series of special events will be held throughout the year and will be advertised on the National Trust website RNLI Barn Dance and Fish Supper Saturday 14th October Come and join the fun at this very popular Barn Dance and Fish Supper at the beautifully restored Grade II listed 15th Century Manor Farm Tithe Barn in Bookham with their live band The Byfleet Brewers and their snappily dressed caller Jon who guides the dancing to a banjo, accordion, fiddle, guitar and bass. You also get a delicious fish supper from Michael's Fish Bar in Bookham. There will be a cash bar. The event is organised by the Bookham and Leatherhead Branch of RNLI and all proceeds go to save lives at sea and on the River Thames. Entry is by advance ticket only £22 available from david@rnli-leatherhead. or call 01372 378812. For more information about the RNLI or the branch see The Horsley And Clandon Society of Arts Exhibition Saturday 14th October 10am-4pm They will be holding their Annual Exhibition of members' work in the East Horsley Village Hall. Paintings in a variety of media and ceramics are to an excellent standard and all are for sale. There is ample parking and refreshments will be available throughout the day. Admission is free and catalogues are £1. The HCSA is always happy to welcome new members. The exhibition is a great opportunity to see the work some of their members create. For further information contact Mrs Robyn Cormack on 01483 224063. Local History Society Monthly Meetings Third Friday of each month 8pm The society has a full programme of lectures held at the Leatherhead Institute's Dixon Hall. Every talk starts at 8pm, with coffee served from 7.30pm. Admission costs just £2. Guests are always welcome. For more information go to www. Wooden Spoon Concert - Treorchy Male Voice Choir Saturday 14th October 7pm For 130 years the Treorchy Male Voice Choir has been recognised as one of the greatest ensembles of all times.
 On the evening the choir will be joined by The Jazz Band from Therfield School, Leatherhead. Wooden Spoon is a Children’s Charity of Rugby, funding projects that support children and young people with disabilities and facing disadvantage in Surrey. Held at the Leatherhead Theatre. Tickets are £22 with concessions. Apply direct to the box office on 01372 365141. Polesden Lacey Celebrating Maggie Greville To end November Beer to Champagne: the rise of a sparkling socialite. This autumn at Polesden Lacey they are celebrating Maggie Greville's rise from humble beginnings to beloved socialite. Meet the men who paved her way to success: her father, William McEwan, whose vast wealth equipped her with all the trappings an Edwardian socialite could need; her husband, October 2017

• Caring Independent Practice • Advice on all aspects of Pet care • Discounted Health Plan available • Consultations by appointment

Out-of-hours services from Monday to Friday until 10pm on weekends/bank holidays 9am-6pm. Covered by Vets Now Guildford weekdays after 10pm and weekends/bank holidays after 6pm.

Opening hours: Monday – Friday 0830 – 1830 hours, Saturday 0900 - 1100 hours Sunday emergency Clinic 1000 – 1100 hours 20 Knoll Road, Dorking RH4 3EP - 01306 883086 Rothwell House, Church Road, Bookham KT23 3JP - 01372 452531 Station Road, Gomshall GU5 9LE - 01483 205066

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r u o Y t e G ANT" "BAA-RILLI


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Ronnie Greville, whose address book boasted the names of anyone who was anyone; and King Edward VII, whose friendship ensured Maggie's social standing even after Ronnie's untimely death in 1908. Visit www.nationaltrust/ polesden-lacey for full details. Dorking Business Breakfast Group Every Thursday from 7am This is Dorking's oldest and largest business networking group with members from over thirty local businesses. They meet at Betchworth Park Golf Club near Dorking, to exchange business referrals and discuss matters affecting the town. For further information about Dorking Business Breakfast Group, please visit 10th Annual Mole Valley Pumpkin Show Saturday 14th October 1pm-5pm Dorking allotment holders associations show theme will be Alice in Pumpkinland, with a mix of the weird and wonderful world of Pumpkins, Squash and Gourds plus fun activities for Children. Tea, coffee and cake will be on sale with sweet and savoury pumpkin meals. Entry to the show is free as part of the Mole Valley Arts Alive Festival. Held at the Christian Centre, Dorking RH4 1DW. Capel Choral Society Autumn Singing Capel Choral Society is now a couple of weeks into its 2017/18 season and starting to learn the music for the 2018 Leith Hill Musical Festival and for its own Christmas Concert on the 11th December in Warnham Parish Church.


406 506 In addition to traditional carols for choir and audience the latter includes three pieces by local composer Mark Browse. Tickets will be on sale later this month at £12.50, including mulled wine and nibbles, from the Ticket Secretary, Yvonne Allmond, or 01403 269884. www. Jazz café with the Greensand Band Saturday 14th October 8pm-10.15pm Dorking's popular Greensand Band swing the night away in a special memorial gig for founder member David Ord. Enjoy the café atmosphere and soak up the jazz over a glass and a bite. Nibbles provided, bring your own drink (and something to drink from). Held at Betchworth Village War Memorial Hall, Station Road, Betchworth RH3 7DF. Admission is £10. Proceeds to St Catherine's Hospice. Email sheilagray@ or call 01737 843258. Box Hill’s New Riverside Walk Opens The National Trust at Box Hill is delighted to have opened up just over 80 acres of conservation-grade farmland for public access immediately below the famous viewpoint at Box Hill. Snaking its way down the hill, the new walk, called the Riverside Walk is a three mile route taking in some of the finest views and stretch of river that Box Hill has to offer. There is also car parking, toilets and a café. Free copies of the walks leaflet and map can be picked up at the visitor centre, or downloaded at box-hill-riverside-walk.

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YOUR COMMUNITY NOTICEBOARD • Harvest Hog Roast at Gildings Farm Sunday 15th October 12.30pm-4.30pm Please join Dorking Friends of Cancer Research UK for a Harvest Hog Roast at Gildings Farm Newdigate in support of Cancer Research UK. With music from The Greensands Jazz Trio. Tickets £15 each, £7.50 for children under 10. Gildings Farm, Partridge Lane, Newdigate, Dorking RH5 5BW. For tickets, to be booked in advance, call 01306 711688, 01737 842084 or email Volunteer Centre Epsom, Ewell and Mole Valley Would you like to meet new people? Take part in new activities while being out and about over the autumnmonths? There are volunteering opportunities involving outdoor pursuits such as gardening and conservation projects, leading walking groups, helping disabled children and adults ride adapted bikes or becoming a sports buddy. If you have a few hours a week to spare we can help you find a volunteering role that suits you. Call on 01306 640369 or email

Dance Shows and Gym Displays Nativities and Pantomimes Music and Choir concerts GCSE exam recordings Plays and Musicals Prizegivings and Award Ceremonies

Read My Lips - Leatherhead Tuesday afternoons, 1.30pm-3.30pm Part of the Diocese of Guildford Hear Here Project. These lip reading classes are held at the Fairfield Centre, 34 Swan Court, Leatherhead KT22 8AH. £5 per session, first class free. Contact Tracey Wade, Sensory Inclusion Adviser, on 01483 790327. Email Dorking Folk Club Wednesday nights 8.30pm The weekly program alternates between booked guests and 'Singers’ Nights'. The club's Singers’ Nights showcase local non-professional musicians and performers who get together and perform in an informal, friendly and supportive atmosphere. These evenings are open to all types of performance and acoustic music styles; musicians, singers, poems and monologues are all welcome. For further details please check out their website Entrance is usually £9 for Guest Nights and £3 for Singers Nights. Dorking Golf Club, Deepdene Avenue, Dorking RH5 4BX. Jane Austen’s Classic Sense and Sensibility 17th to 21st October 2017 sees the 200th anniversary of Jane Austen’s death and Dorking Dramatic and Operatic Society are proud to be joining in the celebrations by staging Jessica Swale’s wonderful adaptation of Sense and Sensibility. This play brings to life Austen’s dearly-loved classic as we follow the fortunes of the Dashwood sisters, while they chase their dreams from Devonshire to London and back. Green Room Theatre, Dorking RH4 1SG. Tickets from £10 at the box office on 01306 881717. Historical Association - West Surrey Branch Talk Tuesday 17th October 7.30pm Palm Sunday 1461, Towton, North Yorkshire – the scene of, by some reckoning, England’s bloodiest ever battle, costing more lives even than day one of the Somme. Historian George Goodwin will talk on ‘Fatal Colours: The disastrous reign of Henry VI and the 1st War of the Roses, culminating in Towton – England’s Most Brutal Battle’. Held at St Nicolas’ Hall, Bury Street, Guildford, GU2 4AW. October 2017




October Half Term Watts Gallery - Artists’ Village

Guildford GU3 1DQ |

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Jottings 288923

Volunteers needed now emotional support and practical help at home Life-threatening illness can strike out of the blue and can be devastating for the family. It’s often hard to cope – not just with the routine of hospital visits and treatment but with the emotional strain and worry. Our trained volunteers can make a real difference. 288923

Brigitte Trust volunteers offer regular time together and the chance to share some of the many feelings and concerns serious illness brings. Volunteers visit weekly, helping people facing any life-threatening condition when it’s increasingly hard to cope at home. Sitting and listening can be the most valuable help of all. Join our next volunteer “taster session” and training course. You’ll gain the skills to support local people at a time of real need.

Call 01306 881816 today

Non members welcome (£3 at the door or £12 annual membership), students free. For further information call Rollo Crookshank on 01252 319881 or email crookshank@

battle, led to a massive breakthrough on the Italian front in October 1917. The talk combines his knowledge of chemical weapons and the battlefields in modern-day Slovenia. Call Andy Thompson 07768 197990 for more details.

Horsley Garden Society They hold flower and produce shows, meetings, lectures and visits to bring together those with an interest in gardening - from beginners to experts. New members and visitors are always welcome. Membership is only £5 per annum, contact the Chairman, Roger Lindsay for details via email or Terry Lazenby at

Dorking Museum exhibition: ‘Dorking 1917’ Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 19th October The exhibition highlights the impact of the Great War on the life of the town in 1917. The strain on accommodation and services, shortages of food and basics taking their toll on health and morale, yet major summer celebrations raised morale and money for the war effort. Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, 10am-4pm, at 62 West Street, Dorking RH4 1BS. Details: uk. Enquiries:

East Horsley Womens Institute (WI) Wednesday 18th October 8pm The WI meets at the East Horsley Village Hall, Kingston Avenue, on the third Wednesday of every month except August and are entertained by a speaker before having refreshments and a good chat! This month their talk is entitled “Happy Child”, explaining work being carried out amongst the Street Children of Brazil. Within their WI they have other activities - Book Clubs, Painting Group, Bridge & Rummikub as well as outings and craft events. All visitors very welcome. Any enquiries to Western Front Association Surrey Branch Wednesday 18th October 7.45pm Simon Jones, leading expert on WW1 in Italy relates the story of The Battle of Caporetto. This remarkable but little-known


Leatherhead University of the Third Age Thursday 19th October 2pm Leatherhead U3A meets in the United Reformed Church Hall, Epsom Road, Leatherhead when the speaker will be Jennifer Kelsey. Her talk is entitled 'Mary Wollstonecraft was not alone – women and their writings in the 18th Century'. The U3A welcomes anyone no longer in full time employment or raising a family. For more information contact lhdu3amembers@ or check out the website www.leatherheadu3a. to find out about opportunities to pursue an interest and to make new friends. Age Concern Will Writing Service Once a month by appointment If you are over 50 and live in the Mole Valley area, you can use

To advertise, please call 01483 420173

YOUR COMMUNITY NOTICEBOARD • Age Concern Mole Valley’s Will Writing Service. Once a month local solicitors, Hart Scales & Hodges are taking appointments for Will Writing at the Age Concern Mole Valley offices in Dorking. (A suggested donation of £50 can be given to Age Concern Mole Valley for the service. A solicitor would charge over £200). To book an appointment call 01306 899104/07442 017169 or email From the Jam at Dorking Halls Friday 20th October 7pm From the Jam featuring original Jam member Bruce Foxton along with Russell Hastings who will perform this incredible album in its entirety on this one off, never to be repeated concert. From the Jam will also perform a selection of classic hits and albums tracks following the "The Gift" album. This is a concert any self-respecting fan of The Jam will not want to miss. Grand Hall - Dorking Halls, Dorking Halls, Dorking RH4 1SG. Advance tickets at £24. Visit purchasetickets to book. Thinkaction Surrey Mental Health Charity Commissioned by the NHS to offer free talking therapies to anyone over 18 years who has a Surrey GP. They offer 1:1 or group therapy and are currently running our ‘Mums in Mind’ and ‘Low Self Esteem’ courses throughout the year across surrey. If this is of interest to you and you feel that you could support thinkaction further in raising awareness of mental health issues and the support available, please contact them call the office on 01737 225370. Chair Exercise at the Christian Centre, Dorking Every Tuesday 11am Seated exercise to music designed for the more mature person to increase strength and flexibility. Why not join this fun and friendly group - it will do you a lot of good, everyone is welcome. Dorking South Street Caves – Cave Tours 21st October and group bookings throughout October various times Take a trip under the streets of Dorking to explore the famous 17th century caves. Discover how they were created and how they evolved over the centuries. Check out the ‘mystery chamber’. Tours bookable for any group or organisation, family or friends. Tours last 45 minutes. Email to arrange a group tour. Visit for Open Days bookings. Spook-tacular half-term fun with the National Trust Starting Saturday 21st October Spook-tacular tales and scary trails await brave families this October half-term at National Trust places across Surrey and West Sussex. Follow a gothic trail at Claremont Landscape Garden, meet children’s authors at Leith Hill Place and learn about autumn leaves on a trail at Hatchlands Park in Surrey. Every spook-tacular day out with the National Trust helps the conservation charity to care for special places now and Hallowe’ens to come. For the latest news and updates, please visit: Spooky Half Term at Squire’s Garden Centres Monday 23rd until Tuesday 31st October 10am-4pm Things are getting pretty spooky this half term at Squire’s October 2017

Curtains, Blinds and Soft Furnishings Friendly advice, competitive prices, lots of different fabrics to choose from. Full Interior Design service also available Book an appointment by calling Cheryl or Julie on 01483 282 600 |

Bode Interiors, Studio 12, Dunley Hill Court, Ranmore Common, Surrey, RH5 6SX


08.30 - 10.15

Garden Centres. Children can paint a ceramic pumpkin or skull tealight holder. There will also be a free monster pursuit around the garden centre and a ghostly colouring competition. There’s no need to book. Visit www.squiresgardencentres. for details. Saint Petersburg Symphony Orchestra at G Live Tuesday 24th October 7.30pm The orchestra are joined by the distinguished British pianist Peter Donohoe, who will be performing Rachmaninov’s elegiac 4th Piano Concerto. This will be preceded by Mussorgsky’s dramatic Night on a Bare Mountain and the concert will end with Rimsky Korsakov’s evocation of the Arabian Nights stories, Scheherazade. Tickets £12.50 for students and under 16s and from £25.50 for adults. Book online at Leatherhead Community Association Various dates There are many events planned over the Autumn months at the Leatherhead Institute including a visit to the Garden Museum London, a tour of Westminster Abbey and to the Music Museum with a Christmas concert and tea. There are also seven Art and History lectures on Wednesdays until the 8th November. There is a very varied walks programme take in an Ashtead Park Circular, the Denbies Estate, Painshill and a Downside Circular. Social Bridge ,Scrabble, Table Tennis and Snooker. Membership of the Institute is only £5 a year and most of the activities in the Institute are free to Members. Call 01372 360508, email or go to the website for full details.

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Jottings Walking in Dorking – Historic Guided Walks Group bookings throughout October Journey into Dorkings history with a guided walk of the town to see hidden Dorking: the secrets that lie behind the modern streets and the people who built the town’s reputation. Tours last 90 minutes. Group walks arranged by appointment, or check website for dates of Open Days for individual bookings. £3 per person, booking via website. More details on

PLANNING & DESIGN SERVICE Architectural drawings for Extensions, Alterations & New Build Free No Obligation Quotations

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Hallowe'en Fun Day Leith Hill Place Tuesday 24th October 10am and 1.45pm The National Trust and 'Into the Wild' are hosting a Hallowe'en themed day, packed full of spooky books, craft and storytelling. Come and see Leith Hill Place as you've never seen it before, transformed into a spooky mansion, and meet some fantastic children's authors. Tickets must be pre-booked on 0344 249 1895 or Leith Hill Place, Leith Hill Lane, Dorking, RH5 6LY. Age Concern Free Computer Courses Once a week for 6-8 weeks If you are over 55 and live in the Mole Valley area, you can use Age Concern’s free computer courses. Topics covered will include: browsing on the internet, basic keyboard and mouse skills, using an IPad/Tablet, setting up and using your own email or skype accounts and how to shop on the internet as well. Before coming to the course, you must register your interest by telephoning 07442 017169/01306 899104 or by emailing Ken Howard & Friends - The Auction Thursday 26th October 6.30pm for 7pm Prestigious charity art auction in aid of Dorking based charity - Kids for Kids, featuring works from some of this country’s best known and loved artists. At The John Bly Gallery, London, SW10 0TZ. Private View events on 19th and 24th October from 6.30pm. Online bidding available. For more information and to apply for entry, visit or email


Newdigate Fireworks and Bonfire Display Friday 27th October starting at 6pm There will be a fairground on site, BBQ available and soft drinks and a fully licensed bar in the Village Club, adjacent to the Brocus. Fire lit at 6.30pm, Firework display at 7.45pm. Held at Newdigate Brocus, RH5 5DA. Suggested donations £5 per adult, £2 per child, £10 per family. All the profits will be distributed to local charities in the village, so please come down and support this great event. The Royal British Legion Women's Section Every Second Monday 7pm Their meetings cover interesting speakers, members nights, raising funds for the Poppy Appeal and a lot more. If you feel this group is something you would like to try please go along. For further information please phone Jane on 01372 811422. Held at North Leatherhead Community Centre, Kingston Road, Leatherhead. Newdigate ‘Big Breakfast’ Saturday 28th October 8.30am-11am Following the success of last year’s breakfast the Newdigate Friends of St. Catherine’s Hospice are planning to provide another ‘Big Breakfast’ in Newdigate Village Hall. The cost for a full English Breakfast plus toast, marmalade, tea or coffee will be £8.50. All welcome. Dorking Ghost Walks 31st October 6pm, 6.15pm and 6.30pm Take a walk on the dark side of the town this Halloween. Surprising sights, spine-chilling stories and perhaps a few ghosts along the way. Not for the faint-hearted. Come along if you dare. The brave members of the Dorking Museum walks team will be there to look after you. Leaving from St Martin’s churchyard at 6pm, 6.15pm and 6.30pm. Survivors reach Pippbrook about 90 minutes later. £5 per person. Please book via the website, guided-walks-around-dorking/ Beginners Ballroom and Latin Dance Classes Every Wednesday 7.30pm Strictly Beginners is a fun, friendly and easy Ballroom and Latin dance classes held at West Horsley Village Hall on Wednesday evenings. Brand new beginners class will be starting in September. Phone Sue on 01483 282431 or email for more details. Fetcham Fireworks Display Friday 3rd November 5.30pm start for 7pm fireworks Oakfield Junior School and Fetcham Village Infant School will be holding a public fireworks display at Oakfield Junior

To advertise, please call 01483 420173

YOUR COMMUNITY NOTICEBOARD • School. Advance tickets are £4 per person (under 3s free) and can be purchased from The Kit Shop in Fetcham from Monday 2nd October. Entry will be £6 per person on the gate. Brockham Choral Society presents 'Entente Musicale’ Saturday 11th November 7.30pm This all French programme includes composers from the Renaissance to the 21st Century. The main work will be the Durufle Requiem together with other music by Faure, Passerau, Sermisy, and Lauridsen. Held in St Martin's Church, Dorking RH4 1UX. Admission is £12 in advance, £15 on the day plus concessions. For tickets contact Pauline Whitehead on 01306 881821 or online Combined Charities Christmas Fair Saturday 11th November 10am-2pm This annual event enables around two dozen local charities and voluntary organisations to sell Christmas cards and gifts to the general public. Free admission, plus cafe, tombola, Father Christmas and much more. Held at the Leatherhead Theatre and organised by the Leatherhead Rotary Club. Surrey Garden Design Tuesday 14th November 7.30pm The Surrey Garden Design will host a talk by Jackie Sweet on willow weaving and creating beautiful plant supports on Tuesday 14th November, 7.30pm at St Mary's church hall, Church Road, Stoke D'abernon KT11 3PX. Disabled access and toilet. £10 visitor fee for the talk. Cash or cheque on the door. The Surrey Garden Design Group meets monthly for either a talk or a garden outing. New members always very welcome. Please contact Nancy 07713 669568 for any queries. Race Night at St Mary’s Church Hall Fetcham Saturday 18th November 7pm Organised by Leatherhead Rotary. Come and lose your shirt at this annual fun night out in aid of Rotary’s international charities. St Mary's Church Hall, Fetcham KT22 9AZ £12.50 per person including hot supper. No bar, so please bring your

own drinks. Info and tickets from Simon Edmands on 07753 821964 or Fashion Show at the Old Barn Hall Bookham Tuesday 21st November 7.30pm Leatherhead Rotary Club presents this fashion show, with high street brands and designer labels at up to 60% off! Now in its third year and always a sell out with over 100 people attending, so book your ticket now to avoid missing out on a bargain. In aid of Prostate Cancer UK (www. Old Barn Hall, Church Road, Bookham KT23 3PQ. Doors open 7pm, show starts 7.30pm Tickets £10 in advance (to include a glass of wine) Further information and tickets from Maureen Nethercott on email, Festive Cruises on The Wey & Arun Canal Dates in December Bookings are already being taken for the extremely popular Santa Cruises which will be running on 10th, 17th, 21st, 22nd and 23rd December. Trips depart at 11am, 12 noon and 2pm and cost £10 per person to include festive refreshments and a gift from Santa for all children under 12 years of age. There will also be a Santa Cruise for the Grown-ups on Friday 15th December, 7.30– Santa will also have a small gift for everyone! Tickets cost £15 per person. On Boxing Day and New Year’s Day festive trips depart at 11am, 12 noon and 2pm. Tickets: £6 for adults; £3 for children. Booking in advance is essential for all the trips. Full details are available on the website and bookings can be made online. Alternatively please call The Wey & Arun Canal Trust Office on 01403 752403 or email www. GET IN TOUCH

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JLK Heating Ltd Plumbing & Heating Solutions

Edward’s Welding & Fabrication Services All aspects of welding undertaken on and off site, including stainless steel and aluminium: • fabrication and structural welding • heavy machinery repairs • security gates and balustrades • barn doors • plasma cutting • domestic welding, including fire pits and outdoor furniture fabrication

Contact Edward Graepel on 07471 509 072 |

• Plumbing & boiler breakdowns • Servicing all gas appliances • New installations & updates • Landlord gas certificates

T: 01306 710175 M: 07834 471810 E:

Bridge Workshop , Green Lane Farm , Newdigate , Nr. Dorking , Surrey RH5 5BH.

October 2017

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Nicola Jane Shiers Upholstery Traditional and Contemporary Based in Dorking Phone: 07855 686751 / 01306 898126 Email:

Paul’s Plumbing

Reliable, local plumber. No job too small. 24 hour call out.

Call Paul Buckland on 07751 538694/01306 500219

Abee Pest Control

Your local service for wasps, hornets, mice, moles, squirrels etc. For advice or a quote, phone Graham in Dorking on 01306 631656 My business card advert inVantagePoint magazine generates me around £25,000 worth of business every year... JP Orrin Decorating


Need help in the garden? • Lawn Mowing & Treatments FRE • Turfing QUO E TES • Hedge Cutting • Garden Clearances • Commercial Gardening • Pressure Washing • Gutter Clearing • Fencing

01306 295039


Southern Ltd

New Aerials Supplied - Existing Aerials Serviced TV, DAB, FM Aerials - Digital Aerial Upgrades Extra TV, Satellite, Telephone Points Satellite Dish Install & Repair

Call Graham on 01306 741491 07442 509598

Est. 1985

Providing professional monthly maintenance and experienced full time gardeners

07799 292573 Raffe Chimney Sweeps 0917_Layout 1 10/08/2017 14:44 Page


CHIMNEY SWEEP SASCHA MEDING Chimney Sweeping & Stove Servicing CCTV & Integrity Testing T: 0808 164 6030


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WIN... A pair of tickets to Guildford Choral’s performance of Haydn’s ‘The Creation’

Guildford Choral are giving away one pair of tickets for their concert in Guildford Cathedral on Saturday 4th November to each of 3 lucky winners. You can experience the joy of Haydn’s supreme masterpiece, with its bubbling melodies, moments of drama and roof-raising choral passages. The worldclass chamber orchestra, the London Mozart Players and award-winning soloists Charlotte Bowden, Hiroshi Amako and Michael Mofidian will join the choir; and dynamic Musical Director, Jonathan Willcocks, will conduct. To win one of three pairs of tickets, please answer the following question: Q: Which orchestra will be performing with Guildford Choral? Please enter online at by 20th October 2017. If you aren't lucky enough to win this time, tickets are available from Guildford’s Tourist Information Centre. Tel 01483 444333/4 or online: www.

WIN... A pair of tickets to Hairspray the Musical at G Live The smash hit musical comedy Hairspray is coming to Guildford with a production, guaranteed to have you dancing the night away!

It’s Baltimore, 1962 where Tracy Turnblad, a big girl with big hair and an even bigger heart, is on a mission to follow her dreams and dance her way onto national TV. Tracy’s audition makes her a local star and soon she is using her new-found fame to fight for equality, bagging local heartthrob Link Larkin along the way! Featuring the hit songs Welcome To The 60s, You Can’t Stop The Beat, The Nicest Kids in Town and many more. It runs from Monday 27th November to Saturday 2nd December. To win a pair of tickets for to any performances Monday 27th-Thursday 30th November, please answer the following question: Q: Name one of the musical hits from this show Please enter online at by 31st October 2017.

WIN... A Tiny C5 in-car radio DAB converter worth £100

While most new cars now have DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) radios as standard, many older models are missing out. Every car can be converted to digital radio, either by a replacement digital radio, digital radio adapter or smartphone. There are over 40 digital stations available nationally and alongside local DAB stations, digital offers a much wider choice of stations than analogue with more than 300 stations in total. In conjunction with Woodside Park Garage in Wormley, we have 3 Tiny Audio C5 DAB radio converters worth £100 plus free fitting worth £30 to give away to VantagePoint readers. To win one of three Tiny Audio C5s, please answer the following question: Q: What does DAB stand for? Please enter online at by 31st October 2017.

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“Sweating and smiling.” 3 months' membership for just £99 Gym, swim, classes and free fitness tracker app

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VantagePoint October 17 - Dorking & Leatherhead  

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