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THE EDITOR'S NOTE February is a funny old month. For some, there is the blessed relief that they can start drinking alcohol again after a dry January or begin eating normally now their diet is over. Those doing Veganuary can tuck in to those bacon sandwiches and others can get out their wallets now that the credit card bills have been fully settled. Sadly though, while getting lighter, the mornings are still dark, the cold weather is often yet to hit us and the joys of spring still seems a very very long way away. That might be one of the reasons why the month has only 28 days and someone decided it was a good idea to cheer many people up midway through the month with Valentine’s Day. Historically it was a interesting month. Mary Queen of Scots and Lady Jane Grey were both beheaded, and Lancastrian forces defeated the Yorkists at the Second Battle of St. Albans. A ‘Glorious Revolution’ brought the Protestant William of Orange and his wife Mary (daughter of James II and sister to Queen Anne, so well portrayed recently by Olivia Colman in The Favourite) to the throne of England after the Catholic King James II flees to France. Britain also went decimal, the Women’s Institute was founded, in Ontario, Canada, by Mrs Adelaide Hoodless and Margaret Thatcher became the first woman leader of the British Conservative Party. This month sees the return of our 'grumpy old git' in a new column entitled To the Point. This will appear periodically and will be a humerous look at some of the everyday issues that annoy, bewilder, irritate and perplex. With so much ammunition, we could probably fill the whole magazine! We also say hello to Alex Chidgey who has joined us to help with social media and design work for the magazine. Welcome!

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Contributors: Zoe Blake, Andy Goundry, Phil Kemp, Beth Otway, Kirstie Smilie Print: Buxton Press

Next copy date: 4th February 2019

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To the


Our grumpy old git (GOG) has his say...


ello. As a warning I’m going to talk total rubbish now . . .

Yesterday I reached a rage trigger point where I could only go one of three ways. Directly ahead completely angry-fuming. Slightly to the left (or right) with an angry face but relatively steamfree. Or in full reverse back down the leafy lane I’d emerged from, still annoyed but in vague agitated control. I’ll let you decide which way dear reader. Walking up an urban street I came across a nearempty litter bin where presumably the environmentally conscious local council had continued to fulfil its commitment to rubbishfree localities. But what was this? A take-away carton of a half-eaten but discarded takeaway (with soggy-looking salad and a pale brown cascade of something resembling sauce . . . or perhaps could’ve been something worse if you get my drift). And where was the carton? No further than four paces away from the clearly visible litter bin. As I walked further up the street (having pointedly placed the offending item in the bin – much to the vocal annoyance of a couple of crows who’d clearly been enjoying their impromptu meal) I was to encounter the general detritus of socially irresponsible members of our community. Actually, they don’t deserve to be members of any community. When I was a kid I was brought up to respect my locality. Parents and teachers and other elders



Haslemere, Midhurst & Petworth

made me see the benefits of always taking my rubbish home. We had clean streets. And clean public places. And litter-free gardens. And yet here there were cans (bizarrely some unopened) of everything from cheap alcohol, to so-called ‘energy drinks’ and takeaway coffee cups – scattered across a wide area, including the gardens of nearby homes. There were partempty carrier bags, multiple pages of a dismantled now soggy newspaper left to be carried in the wind – and rather spookily a discarded child’s rucksack in the shape of The Grinch. I’ve actually been fuming about this for many years. People discarding unwanted items everywhere. On public benches, in gutters, in hedges, on the floor in trains and buses. Everywhere. I have devised the HoFaToBi index* which I’m campaigning to be adopted nationally. In effect it measures the thoughtlessness of litter louts (and just how apt is that description – way more apt than ‘litter bugs’ in my book). Measured in walking paces (officially 0.75 metres) it provides a scientific method for identifying the oafishness and loutishness of litterers. The lower the HoFaToBi score the closer to the bin and the bigger their loutishness. Oafs the lot of them. * HoFaToBi : How Far To Bin Do you agree with GOG? What irritates you these days? Please let us know and we will publish the best comments and responses online. Please let us know by emailing us at

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Mag half page landscape Jasper01/04/18 February 2019

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Haslemere, Midhurst & Petworth

V. 9

Rely on Reputation

Excellent experience from beginning to end, good price versus competitors, no hard sell for example price was price and didn't magically reduce by half "just for me" which seems common in this business, good and genuine advice, honest and very pleasant service. Work completed as planned (lead time a bit shorter than competitors) and worth every penny. I would recommend any day, I love my blinds and my shutters even more, thanks Jamie and Martin. Customer in Woking


The blinds exceeded all my expectations and Richard, Jamie and Valerie provided a very customer focused experience. All three were a delight to work with! The Zoe Blake offers a few tips for the winter period... blinds were of excellent quality and Richard provided a very professional, efficient and tidy quote and fitting Jamie wastovery ike or loathe winter, it’s a time of year Cats areservice. often attracted thefriendly, taste ofknowledgeable anti-freeze soand ensure helpful during the quote process for the kitchen. Thank that can cause difficulties for us all. any containers are securely locked away and clear up any you so much for such a professional service and you have Sadly our pets can encounter problems spillagesalready straight away. The chemical is toxic to all pets and been recommended to family and friends. so we need to be more vigilant at this time. can prove fatal if in ingested. Customer Haslemere


Below are a few guidelines.

Outside When you are walking your dog ensure you avoid any areas that have been treated with salt. Contact can cause irritation/burns and tummy upsets if they were to lick it off. Snow itself can accumulate between the feet and cause problems. It is therefore a good idea to get in the habit of Absolutely first class in every washing and drying theirrespect. feet Product is of excellent quality, and thea fitting when returning from faultless. Polite,

Evaluate your outdoor housing for any smaller pets you may have living outside. Guinea pigs do not tolerate the cold very well and can develop pneumonia. Do you have the facilities/space to bring them into the house? If this is not an option, then ensure you provide insulation around their hutches whether your purchase them custom made or you use blankets and bubble wrap. Ensure good ventilation at all times. Regularly check their water bottles are not frozen, insulation covers can be brought, alternatively bubble wrap and an old wool sock can be just as effective.

efficient and courteous fitter (Jamie) and the whole thing was than half the cost Sandersons, who offered a Get less to know your dogofand very inferior UPVC product. If you want absolutely the how tolerant they are in best shutters, this is the company to use. Brilliant! Would colder temperatures, definitely use in the future their age/coat in Virginia length/general Customer Water

health should be considered

Inside Many plants that are popular at this time of year can be poisonous so if you are buying/ receiving some please do your research and check whether they are toxic to pets. The most common are lillies, ponsettias and amaryllis.

when whether toingo This is adeciding remarkable company every respect. The work waswalk. completed to for the your highest possible standard, for that A coat dog real I have no hesitation maycraftsmanship. be a good investment at thisin Pets can easily bump into candles and heaters, recommending CBS Ltd to anyone wishes for which may result in a burn or fire. Remember to place time of year. Keep yourself safewho by wearing excellence. reflective clothing and consider a light on candles and heaters well out of reach of pets if using them. Customer in Guildford your pet’s collar.

Don’t forget that ouratfavourite foods at thisshowroom. time of year can Creative Blinds and Shutters have just celebrated their 6th year their Wrecclesham Not With fewer daylight hours and colder, be poisonous, such as chocolate, nuts and raisins, so please only have they produced a steady growth every year, even through the recession, they have also wetter weather you may find that your dog ensure they are kept out of reach. It is always a good idea to received over 100 positive reputation reputation reports on Checkatrade in the last year alone. does not get as much exercise as he does in familiarise yourself to the toxic hazards on other foods as the summer. Obesity is a growing problem well if you are a new owner. in dogs and can lead to other illnesses from FIND OUT MORE chronic to acute. So it’s a good idea to For veterinary more information, please at monitor his weight and food intake, as you Zoe Blake is a registered nurse and runs visit The Mark's Friendlywebsite Pet Nurse. or his Instagram site at may need to reduce his food portions to Call 07917 094715 visit for more information. stop him putting on weight over the winter.

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Phil Kemp visits two providers of care for seniors and meets those committed to their well-being.


hen I was invited to visit two residential care homes over the Christmas period, I must be honest and confess that I had mixed feelings, given that I have had family and friends in care. However what I was to experience first-hand I found to be both uplifting and inspiring. Prior to my visits I undertook some research into the sector and was overwhelmed by the sheer volume of cold statistics defining and assessing what is provided and to whom. But what I was to encounter were very caring and very professional human environments where people undoubtedly come first. My first destination was the Robertson Nursing Home in Godalming, which is run by Beritaz Care and is housed in an impressive Tudor-style building tucked away on a leafy country lane. Penny King, who has 25 years’ hands-on experience working in the care sector, is the home’s manager and very quickly put me at my ease. And during my visit it was evident that the residents I met were clearly enjoying the warm and relaxed living environment too. “The home isn’t purpose-built but has been converted and has a lot of character,” said Penny. “Every room is very individual - from the smaller rooms to one that has got its own conservatory. And we encourage new residents to bring in items that mean a lot to them to personalise their



Haslemere, Midhurst & Petworth

room.” Penny’s office overlooked one of the home’s communal lounges where some residents were chatting over a cup of coffee, surrounded by Christmas decorations. “We do our utmost to make their day and arrange activities to make a real difference. So, in September we had animals come and visit us in our lovely landscaped garden. A donkey, some pigs and goats – it really livened up their day,” said Penny, and smiling added: “We have children come and visit too, which included a group of Cubs who came in to sing Christmas carols for us.” Other activities include cheese and wine evenings, music evenings and exercise sessions too, with the latter a weekly activity called very wittily ‘Seniorcise’ which provides residents with gentle exercise routines. The home also encourages visitors to bring in their dogs and children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren to lighten up the residents’ day. “We recently had a visit from Jeremy

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Ashton Manor Farnham

Robertson NH Godalming

Springkell House Hindhead

Nursing Care for Alzheimer’s & Dementia

Nursing Care

Residential Care for Alzheimer’s & Dementia

Beales Lane, Wrecclesham, Farnham GU10 4PY

Priorsfield Road, Hurtmore, Godalming GU7 2RF

Wood Road, Hindhead GU26 6PT

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We believe our clients deserve a quality lifestyle that respects their dignity and independence, providing assurance and peace of mind to their loved ones. Our family-owned homes are warm and welcoming; offering a professional, caring and compassionate approach in a secure environment, specialising in the care of the elderly and those with dementia or Alzheimers. Our Managers are always interested to hear from exceptional candidates who wish to join our great team. Pop in and talk to us or ring us on: 01428 604414. All our vacancies are on our website February 2019

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Haslemere, Midhurst & Petworth

V. 13

SENIOR LIVING Hunt, the local MP,” explained Penny, pointing to a framed photo recording the event. “He actually overran his schedule because he was so engaging, sitting with residents and taking time to talk with them. It was a very proud moment for the staff too, and when I had a chance to talk to him we discussed some very important healthrelated topics, especially helpful given that he used to be the Health Secretary.” Prior to my visit I had picked up on a bit of publicity over the staff’s new bright red tabards. “Yes, that was our little environmental bit towards reducing plastic waste. The old tabards were made out of plastic but the new ones are made out of a long-lasting material and do not need to be thrown away after each use. They look great too!” said Penny, smiling. I could see staff busy in the kitchen and raised the question of food, which sometimes gets mixed responses from residents in homes. “Our chef works extremely hard with everybody. She plans the menus with the residents, and she changes them according to the season, summer through to winter. The chef will go around daily and will

ask everybody for their choice. What would they like? What do they fancy today? Food is extremely important. It’s a very social event. We really encourage people to come to the dining room. The more in the dining room the more sociable people will be and, inevitably, the more they will eat.” As part of my visit I was introduced to residents and visitors. Mary, who was sitting in the dining area enjoying some food, was keen to praise the staff and what they do. “I like the staff because they are very friendly, kind and helpful – and I really enjoy the music and singalongs we have. The singing at this time of year makes you feel very Christmassy!” Alan, who was visiting his wife with a friend was keen to add: “She has several carers here and they are very caring indeed. It’s a very friendly atmosphere so when you walk in you always feel at home which is incredibly important. And she enjoys socialising with the other people too.” I then headed over to Hatch Mill in Farnham to meet staff and residents, and to find out about the charity that runs this and other homes in the area. The Abbeyfield Society was established in 1956 by a former Coldstream Guard, Richard Carr-Gomm, who had encountered a growing number of lonely older people that he realised needed support. Having resigned his army commission, he effectively became Britain’s first male home help. He soon invited four of his elderly cares to join him to live in his house in

Top: The staff outside Beritaz's Robertsons Nursing Home. Above: Teatime at Robertsons. Right: Penny King with Mary.



Haslemere, Midhurst & Petworth

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Alison Orchard Have you pledged to ‘Be more creative’ this year? Why not drop by Alison Orchard’s Art studio in Grayshott and see what a creative lifestyle really looks like. Alison has been a professional artist since 2009, selling her original seascapes and landscapes through galleries and direct from her studio. She is passionate about her work and inspires others to be more creative in her monthly art workshops. The studio is open to visitors, where you can see paintings in progress, or browse the gallery for original art, limited edition prints, hand-thrown ceramics or greetings cards. Simon, (Alison’s husband), runs the bespoke picture framing service, producing hand-made frames, with a range of finishes and glass options. Simon has a meticulous attention to detail and takes a real pride in creating lasting frames. Situated on Applegarth Farm, with its fabulous restaurant, this is well worth a visit and might just be the inspiration you need. ADVERTORIAL FEATURE

Excellent Care for Older People Making time for

older people

Wey Valley Society

Care Homes and Home Care - live the life you choose Care homes from £865/week and Home Care from £21.80/hr (all other times pro-rata) Contact 01252

735507 or email (although no appointment needed) Registered office: Wey Valley House, Mike Hawthorn Drive, Farnham, Surrey GU9 7UQ. Registered Charity No. 1168173. Comany No. 10259078. Housing Association No. H3294. Affiliated to the National Abbeyfield Society

February 2019

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Haslemere, Midhurst & Petworth

V. 15


Above: Abbeyfield's Hatch Mill. Right: Tracey Pollard with Alf

south-east London, and that saw the start of more houses being provided for older people. By 1960, Abbeyfield Societies were established across London and throughout the country, and today there are 500 homes operated by the charity. Hatch Mill in Farnham provides residential and nursing care in a large and spacious converted 18th century grade II building, which, following closure as a working corn watermill, saw various uses including an arts centre and rehearsal studios for the now defunct Redgrave Theatre. The home, which opened in 2001 and, following a full refurbishment, now provides 19 residential rooms on the ground floor and 27 for nursing care upstairs. The Abbeyfield Wey Valley Society was launched in 1986 and is effectively the merging of society homes in Farnham, Guildford and Haslemere working on a not-forprofit basis, and which as a group provide home care, sheltered accommodation as well as residential and nursing care. Wey Valley House and Hatch Mill were their first two homes. I met with Tracey Pollard, who as the society’s Well-being Manager proved to be the perfect ambassador for the society, especially as encouraging social interaction and engaging with activities to maintain mental awareness and sustain self-esteem is a core element of the care they provide. “I started here in 2002 as a senior care assistant and now look after the outings and activities, and co-ordinate fundraising and events. I love it as I get to do all the fun jobs!” Tracey’s broad smile clearly endorsed this. “Our in-house activities are very resident-led, as you’ll find that activities across our three homes in Farnham are slightly different depending upon what the residents want.” Given that my visit was over the Christmas period, the home was full of brightly-coloured decorations and there was a general festive feel about the place with residents clearly enjoying the atmosphere. “So activities can be anything from pilates and tai chi, musical entertainment, to skittles and hoopla. We’ve had musicians come in and



Haslemere, Midhurst & Petworth

play Christmas tunes, and it’s lovely to see residents singing along with smiles on their faces.” When I arrived I had parked alongside Hatch Mill’s minibus which had been provided by fundraising activities by the society as well as a grant from the National Lottery. “We have volunteers that help staff with outings, and again these are chosen by our residents. This year we’ve had trips to Hampton Court, Windsor Castle, Marwell Zoo and the Watts Gallery, amongst many other destinations.” The fact that these trips are clearly highly popular were endorsed by residents I was introduced to. “I very much enjoy the Runnymede boat trip along the Thames,” said Alf, the home’s longest stay resident. “And you get a very nice cream tea!” Shirley added: “The trip to Southsea with fish and chips down at the seaside is one of my favourites, and I must say that the staff here are very kind and do a wonderful job looking after us.” We also popped in to talk with Theo, whose room overlooks a pond in the garden where he watches the birds come and go, including regular visits from a heron. “I like all of the outings, and I do enjoy staying here and the staff are very friendly.” Phil Kemp is a Godalming-based writer and photographer. FIND OUT MORE Robertson Nursing Home & Beritaz Care Hatch Mill & the Abbeyfield Wey Valley Society

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Are you worried that you are unable to remain independent in the comfort of your own home? Now you don’t need to as Melody Live-in Care is a wonderful alternative to residential care. We have been providing the highest standard of care to those who want to stay living in their own homes since 2010. Benefits of Live-in Care include: Being able to maintain your independence and daily routines Providing flexible care built around your requirements Feeling secure whilst staying in the familiarity of your own home Keeping your day to day relationship with your pets (no pets are allowed in residential homes) Remaining within your local community close to your friends

If you would like to find out more about our Live-in Care, please call our team on 01428 690007 or email us at LIVE-IN CARE FOR THE ONES YOU LOVE February 2019

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V. 17

FASHION Kirstie Smillie

Wardrobe revisited With interviews for a new job looming and too much black in her wardrobe, Alison Gilbert had plenty of questions for fashion stylist, Kirstie Smillie.


t’s known as many things but a wardrobe declutter, edit or detox sorts out the clothes that make you look and feel great with those that don’t. Fit is essential, fashion not so. Time is set aside to find outfits for your everyday life and to learn your own personal style. It’s about growing in confidence too with a nudge to experiment more and enjoy colour and tone. Alison, a mid forties fashion lover, often feels a bit confused and asked me to help her decide what stays and what goes. We focused on her immediate needs for now, which meant storing away the corporate dresses and high summer layers and creating outfits for interviews ahead, day layers and options to wear instead of jeans. To 'fruit-label' Alison (not sure who started that idea!) I would say she is a slim apple. Full bust and straight waist with neat bottom and great legs. We discussed proportion and the reality of tall, slender

models wearing the brands she loves like Hush and Whistles. Clothes will always look different on real bodies so thinking about your own shape before you buy will save time and energy. As a guide, if the top half is longer and wider, the bottom half suits slimmer or shorter - and in reverse, if you have chosen to wear wide trousers or a full midi skirt, choose slim fitting or waisted jackets for fit. Alison’s grown up ruffle blouse gets balance with her boyfriend jeans and in reverse her midi pleated skirt suited the leather jacket and ankle boots to avoid looking too officelike.

“I feel that I always end up in jeans even when I’ve got other alternatives…I feel I will be overdressed!”



Haslemere, Midhurst & Petworth

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V. “I would like to stop buying stuff that I like on Instagram that actually isn't suited to my lifestyle....I'm not sure I know my style!” Alison’s quick style guide list: Wear skinny jeans with oversized knits Wide trousers need slim fitted knits and cropped jackets Midi skirts worn with fun t-shirts, waist length or tucked in. Wear short skirts with flatter boots and black opaques Wear more colour especially on the top half

Avoid long oversized tops with full skirts or wide trousers No to matt black near her face, unless there is a pop of colour nearby We agreed opaque tights and trainers and midi skirts was not for her, instead nude legs with ankle boots or long boots Try not to overanalyse - if it doesn’t work, recycle, even if the label is still hanging there - we all make mistakes What Alison learnt: Split up two pieces. Her velvet Toast t-shirt looks amazing with her Whistles dark green trousers that we pinned to become ankle length. The long velvet skirt became more relaxed-day with a slim fitting sweater. Mix up the under layers. If a top comes with a camisole, try a new colour. With Alison’s stripy shirt the navy cami relaxed the prim ruffles to add glamour to boyfriend jeans. Alter to perfect. Spend a little to make a garment fit. Shorten sleeves and see how it lifts the overall look. Alison agreed to shorten a Whistles leather t-shirt and re fitted a navy leather skirt, as these investment items won’t date and deserved the attention to detail. Just wear it. Alison has some gorgeous clothes that were hidden in her wardrobe. By trying on new outfit combinations, she was reminded how great she felt in them. Don’t keep for best.

“I thought I might have had lots to get rid of but having Kirstie go through items I was able to rework items which obviously saves money and helps me feel like I’m doing a bit towards my own sustainable footprint in the world. Kirstie doesn’t judge your wardrobe but she does ask questions of it. She gets to the crux of your needs always making sure you look stylish and modern..“ Ali. There are rules to follow but as we know these can always be broken. You are an individual so what works for one person will be different for another. Set a morning aside and start the process to achieve a coordinated wardrobe of clothes that you find easy to wear … a great way to start the year.

Kirstie is a Personal Fashion Stylist helping you to love your clothes and yourself. Foryour more details on Alison’s session, visit suits my website, " The first step is often own wardrobe, let’s work out what you.". Email: or call 07773 234947. Kirstie is a Personal Stylist helping you to love your clothes and yourself. Email: or call 07773 234947.

February 2019

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V. 19

Black cabs are going green Andy Goundry looks at the iconic black cab as it goes green...


he black cab is a world-famous London icon: convenient, functional, and a common sight on London’s roads. Unfortunately, though, their diesel engines are a major source of pollution. That’s why London’s Mayor announced that from 1st January 2018 all new taxis must be diesel-free and able to run entirely on electric power for a minimum of 30 miles. China has ambitions of becoming the dominant player in electric vehicles, a target which is well on the way to being achieved. For example, whilst London presently has under 200 electric buses in service, one Chinese city alone – Shenzen – has over 16,000! Geely, the Chinese company who own Volvo, have invested over £325 million in a new Coventry-based business, London Electric Vehicle Company, or LEVC, which has developed a groundbreaking new electric cab, the TX e-City.

All the electric drive parts are tucked away out of sight.



Haslemere, Midhurst & Petworth

Sensibly, in view of the iconic appearance of the traditional black cab, the new e-City is visually almost identical, but under that familiar skin lies a radically different product. After analysing how a cab is used by its driver and passengers, LEVC have brought it right up to date. For example, in a traditional cab, wheelchair space is tight, so the e-City has an extra 200mm of wheelbase. Coupled with a lower floor, wider opening doors and a higher roofline, this gives a simple, practical layout for both wheelchair users and able-bodied passengers alike. Creature comforts have not been forgotten either; the passenger compartment features a mains power socket for laptops, USB charging points and on-board WiFi, all topped off with a huge panoramic roof. The driving compartment has been brought right up to date using Volvo parts such as the driver’s seat, the central 9” touch screen and a digital instrument panel, all suitably revised to incorporate specific taxi features. By piggy-backing Volvo’s development investment in this technology, the cab driver benefits

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Feel safe and secure with Harvest Automation Harvest Automation grew out of the need for a bespoke one-to-one service, that we felt had been lost in the gate industry. Helping clients from the first discussions on their requirements, to installation and handover of the completed works. From groundworks to gate design and electrical, we can cater for all requirements of your driveway & entrance. All the way to your home & further, with new GSM integrated intercom systems. Wooden and metal gates of all designs & construction, traditional Oak posts also. All of our gate engineers also specialise in other industries, which only strengthens the competency level of Harvest Automation. For example, we have a bricklayer for walls & piers. Certified coded welders & electricians. This all goes hand in hand with the varied jobs required for a complete entrance installation, including the repairs & maintenance side of our business. Servicing all makes & models of equipment, please try us out, we have seen it all!

• Automatic Gate Specialists • Repairs & servicing to all makes and models of gates & automation • Insurance approved work undertaken • Metal & Wooden gates/ railings manufacturing

Instead of dealing with multiple people within a larger business, you always speak to one person at Harvest Automation. This helps guide the job in the right direction, from start to finish your in safe hands.

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Above: The driver's compartment, brought right up to date. Below: A London icon, now soon to be seen on Paris streets.

significantly, the previous cab being distinctly agricultural in comparison. The new cab also uses Volvo’s latest worldleading accident avoidance technology. A 31kWh battery pack is mounted under the front floor, which powers the electric motor. The battery can be topped up when necessary using one of the two fitted fast charging ports. Between them, these cater for most types of charging connections. The cab also has a Volvo 1.5 litre ‘range extender’ petrol engine for use where no external charging is available. Every component used in the cab has been tested using a specially-developed ‘TaxiDur’ test where components undergo test cycles ten to twenty times longer than for a typical passenger car. Over a million miles of durability proving has been carried out, in all climate conditions, with final testing completed last year in London. The average cabbie lives outside central London, drives daily into the city and then covers typically 100-120 miles of fare-carrying duties before heading home at the end of a shift. The new cab is therefore designed around this duty cycle. Typically, the cabbie will charge their e-City overnight at home, driving into town in the morning using petrol



Haslemere, Midhurst & Petworth

power, and switching to electric running on arrival into the city. With a battery range of up to 80 miles, the cab will easily get to lunchtime without needing recharging. A lunchtime fast charge will then top up the battery, providing ample power for the rest of the day. To cope with the occasional long-distance job, the cab can switch when necessary to petrol power, its 35-litre fuel tank giving it a range of almost 300 miles. The e-City cab will soon become a common sight not only in London but also around the world. The first international orders have already been shipped, whilst Paris has also recently announced plans to take the new cab. The battery is covered by a classleading five-year warranty. However, with sophisticated battery management on board, LEVC's engineers confidently expect a 15-year battery life. Although around £10,000 more expensive than the outgoing diesel cab, the average driver should save £100 a week by moving to the new vehicle. LEVC reckon the e-City should at least break even over a typical 5-year ownership period compared to a traditional diesel cab. Although about 600 of the impressive e-City cabs are now operating in London, uptake has been slower than expected, due not least to the very authorities who are calling for a significant reduction in emissions. While TfL are providing many new rapid charge points for electric cabs, they are apparently expensive to use – 22p per kWh, compared to 10-12p for domestic electricity. Also, the rumoured impending road use charging which could replace falling fuel duty revenue may make electric vehicle operation more expensive. Given these uncertainties over running costs, many cabbies are adopting a ‘wait-and-see’ attitude. So, TfL and Government, if you really want to reduce the pollution levels of our streets and see all of the 21,000 strong London cab fleet electrified, the ball is in your court! FIND OUT MORE If you would like to find out more about the new electric cab, please head over to the writer’s website www. © Andy Goundry 15th November 2018

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The Walled Garden GARDEN & TEA ROOM


Desktop & Laptop Repairs Wireless & Wired Networking PC Upgrades & Tune Ups Virus & Spyware Removal Data Backup & Recovery Server Support




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Digicast Audio Visual


01730 816881 • DOGS WELCOME 1 River Ground Stables, Cowdray Park, Midhurst GU29 9AL

February 2019

Discreet AV Design & Installation Cinema & Media Rooms, Home Automation & Control, TV, HiFi & WiFi Distribution, Lighting Control, HVAC, CCTV, 07738 126366

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V. 23



Grow top performing, tasty tomatoes! As you will know from last month, I just adore growing fruit and vegetables. Any form of edible gardening is a soul-enriching experience, which I would encourage you to try. Last year, I ran a tomato trial, to discover delicious, productive, and reliable tomato varieties. My tomato seeds were sown inside my glasshouse in the middle of March. So if you’d like to grow tomatoes, you have plenty of time to prepare. If you don’t have a glasshouse, you could grow your tomato plants on your window sill. My plants were planted outside in June, when all risk of frost had passed. All of my tomato plants that were grown for this trial were grown in Dalefoot composts - the top performing composts in my compost trials over the past five consecutive years. Dalefoot Composts are made with natural materials, including bracken and sheep’s wool, to create a nutrient rich, water retentive compost, which holds on to water longer than any of the other composts I have trialled. My outside tap and both of my watering systems broke, one after the other last year! During this time, I was away from home for a week. The fact that

all of my tomato plants, which were growing in small containers inside my glasshouse, survived a week of scorching hot weather without any watering is testament to how water retentive Dalefoot Composts are. I didn’t use any fertiliser or feed during my tomato trial as my tomato plants received sufficient nutrients from the Dalefoot Composts they were grown in. I trialled growing my tomato plants in Haxnicks Vigoroot Potato/Tomato Planters, in plastic containers, and in the ground. The Haxnicks Vigoroot Planters produced more productive plants in 12 out of the 15 tomato varieties trialled. I supported my tomato plants with lengths of twine tied to an overhead support system as I find this to be a simple but effective method. Sadly, the twine I used was prone to snapping unexpectedly, leaving my plants requiring urgent attention, so I’d recommend that you use a good-quality twine if you plan to support your tomato plants in a similar manner. I trialled a range of tomato types: cherry, cocktail, salad, and beefsteak. Of these, my favourite tasting tomato varieties were: ‘Honeycomb’, a delicious, small cherry tomato with an intensely sweet, fruity flavour and a great balance of acidity; ‘Cherry Baby’ produces small, tangy tomatoes; ‘Consuelo’ is a cherry tomato with a slightly sharper flavour; ‘Shimmer’ is a small plum tomato, it’s just slightly larger than a cherry tomato, with silky smooth flesh and a sweet, mellow flavour, without any acidity. Finally, ‘Orange Wellington’ is a beefsteak tomato, which produces large, juicy fruits with a soft, melting texture and a delicate, rounded flavour. Top: Tomato 'Consuelo'; left: Tomato 'Prange Wellington'.

FIND OUT MORE Visit my website to see my tomato trial report in full, and where you’ll also find gardening advice for the month ahead, a calendar of plant fairs, information on snowdrop garden openings and much more besides!



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Winner of the People’s Choice Award at Chelsea Flower Show 2018 Tel: 01483 893989 Email: February 2019

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V. 25


Valentine's Day chocolate recipes


Here are a couple of easy-to-make chocolate recipes for Valentine's Day, or indeed any other day. With January now out of the way, it is surely now time for some modest indulgence...

Chocolate Truffles

Chocolate Brownies





150g good-quality dark chocolate, 75% cocoa solids; 150ml pot double cream; 25g unsalted butter. Makes 25-30 truffles. 1. Chop the chocolate into small pieces and put into a large bowl. Pour the cream into a saucepan, add the butter and heat gently until the butter melts and the cream reaches simmering point. Remove from the heat and pour over the chocolate. Stir thoroughly until smooth. At this stage, you can add any flavourings to the truffle mix. If you want several, divide the mixture between bowls and mix in liqueurs or other flavourings one teaspoon at a time to taste. Try your favourite spirit (whisky, rum, Malibu, gin, brandy), the juice and zest of an orange or you can leave plain. Cool and chill in the fridge for at least 4 hrs. 2. About 30 minutes before you’re ready to make your truffles, take mixture out of the fridge and let it warm up to room temperature. Dip two spoons or a melon baller in hot water and scoop up balls of the mixture. 3. Coat your truffles immediately after shaping. Tip toppings into a bowl and gently roll the truffles until evenly coated, then chill on greaseproof paper. Eat within three days or they can be frozen. To coat, try crushed nuts, lightly toasted desiccated coconut or roll in cocoa powder. To coat in chocolate, melt 100g milk, dark or white chocolate in a bain marie per 10 truffles. Allow it to cool slightly. With a fork, dip each truffle into it to coat. Place on the baking tray, then chill.



Haslemere, Midhurst & Petworth

200g dark chocolate, min 70% cocoa solids; 250g unsalted butter; 4 eggs; 360g caster sugar, 65g plain flour, 1 tsp baking powder, 80g good quality cocoa powder. Makes 20. 1. Heat the oven to 180C/fan 160C/gas 4. 2. Line a 24cm square brownie tin with greaseproof paper. Melt the chopped butter and chocolate together in a bowl over a pan of simmering water until melted, stirring regularly. Cool to room temperature. 3. Whisk the eggs and sugar together until the mixture is light and fluffy. Fold the chocolate mixture into the egg mixture and sift in the flour, baking powder and cocoa powder. Mix this all together to give a fudgy batter. At this stage, you can add a variety of flavourings. Try chopped white or milk chocolate chunks; toasted and roughly chopped walnuts; dried cherries; baby marshmallows etc. 6. Bake for 25 minutes or until the top is cracked but the middle still a little bit gooey. Cool completely, then lift out of the tin and cut. Store in an airtight container. For many more chocolate recipes, please visit the following websites:

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 Bumper Scuff Repairs  Dent Removal  Paintwork Scratches & Chips  Alloy Wheel Scuffs

T: 01428 620110 / 07967 778232 Have you ever returned to your car and found it to be damaged? Maybe a small, but annoying dent, caused by a door being opened against it? A scrape from another driver’s parking error? A vandal scratch on the paint work? Or maybe you have misjudged a gateway, brushed a kerb with an alloy wheel, or scuffed a bumper corner? Smart Pro offers a mobile dent removal and paint repair service, specialising in small to medium area repairs, to body shop standard, at your home or place of work. Most repairs take only a few hours to complete and cost less than your insurance excess! The customer of this Honda Jazz was facing an insurance claim, which would have resulted in the bumper being replaced and the loss of their £250 excess. Smart Pro was able to repair the damage for much less than the excess and with no insurance claim on their record!



Prospects of Polesden An undulating walk from Ranmore Common in the Surrey Hills, through part of the National Trust estate of Polesden Lacey. From the walk there are good views of the Mole Gap, London, and on a clear day, the South Downs. Please note that there is admission fee if you wish to enter the grounds or house of Polesden Lacey (free for National Trust members). This is a Surrey County Council Rights of Way Group Self Guided Walk and is reproduced with kind permission of Surrey County Council. Go. From the Denbies Hillside car park, cross over Ranmore Common Road with care and then turn left along the wide grass verge. You will pass the red Charlotte Cottage to the left and then Rose Tree Cottage and the tile-clad Fox Cottages on the right. Immediately after Fox Cottages, turn right alongside a vehicle barrier onto the track into woodland (signed Youth Hostel). Ignore the first path forking immediately left, simply stay on the track alongside the cottage on the right. In 40m, at the fork, take the left branch signed again for the Youth Hostel. 1. Follow the woodland path which leads you steadily downhill for 1.1km. The woodland here is a mixture of oak, beech and yew. Young beech trees have been planted where the land slopes downhill and enters the Polesden Estate. The estate woodlands are managed to preserve their important landscape feature when viewed from the gardens of Polesden Lacey House. Eventually the track swings right to pass Tanners Hatch Youth Hostel on your left. Take a moment here to admire the ©Crown copyright 2019 youth hostel cottage and the valley Ordnance Survey. Media 005/19 beyond. Tanners Hatch is an old estate cottage that was restored and renovated by members of the Youth Hostels Association during the Second World War. Across the valley the long wall of Sheridan’s Walk can be glimpsed through the trees. The playwright and politician Richard Brinsley Sheridan bought the Polesden Lacey Estate in 1797. He described the old house as a ruin and had ambitious plans to rebuild it, but did not achieve this. The only visible legacy of his ownership is this long terraced walk, which is still one of the most impressive features of the garden. 2. Continue to follow the track down to the bottom of the valley (ignoring a signed path through a gate to the left). Stay on the main track as it swings left heading uphill between lines of coppiced hedgerows. After 100m fork left (signed to Connicut Lane) and the path leads you under an ornamental stone bridge. 3. Beyond the bridge, continue on the main track still climbing (note: Disclaimer

this stretch can be very muddy). Some way along, the view opens up back across the fields on the right to the Mole Gap. After about 1.2km you will reach a T-junction with the road, Polesden Road. 4. Cross over the road with care, go through the hedge gap opposite and then turn immediately left to follow the footpath running parallel with the road on the left. On a clear day, there are views of London to the right. At the end of the right-hand grass verge, you will reach the entrance drive for Polesden Lacey on the left. At this point you can take a detour to visit the house and gardens should you wish. NT charges apply for non-members. To do so, turn left down the drive. Opening times are displayed by the memorial arch, which was designed by Sir Hugh Casson and built in 1958. 5. To continue the walk, ignore the fork for the entrance drive on the left, simply keep ahead on the track signed to several cottages and farms. After 140m, at a signed junction of paths, stay on the main track which swings left heading steadily uphill. Stay on the track to pass Home Farm House and then continue downhill to join a cutting which leads you under a thatched bridge. The cutting was constructed in 1861 to allow vehicles to use this estate road without being seen from the gardens. The excavated material was used to make a causeway for the lane lined with yew trees which you will be joining shortly. 6. Pass under the second bridge and, where the tarmac track turns left, keep ahead along a track lined with yew trees (signed as a public bridleway). After 300m you will come to a staggered T-junction. Turn right heading uphill on the tarmac track, noting the views of the Mole Valley. You will come to Yew Tree Farm on the left. A few paces after Yew Tree Farm, keep left at the fork. Keep left again at the second fork, staying on the main track. Further along on the left, you will find a small rest area with a bench. Take a moment here to sit and admire the lovely view back towards Polesden Lacey.

This walking route was walked and checked at the time of writing. We have taken care to make sure all our walks are safe for walkers of a reasonable level of experience and Þtness. However, like all outdoor activities, walking carries a degree of risk and we accept no responsibility for any loss or damage to personal effects, personal accident, injury or public liability whilst following this walk. We cannot be held for responsible for any inaccuracies that result from changes to the routes that occur over time. Please let us know of any changes to the routes so that we can correct the information. Walking Safety

For your safety and comfort we recommend that you take the following with you on your walk: bottled water, snacks, a waterproof jacket, waterproof/sturdy boots, a woolly hat and ßeece (in winter and cold weather), a fully-charged mobile phone, a whistle, a compass and an Ordnance Survey map of the area. Check the weather forecast before you leave, carry appropriate clothing and do not set out in fog or mist as these conditions can seriously affect your ability to navigate the route. Take particular care on cliff/mountain paths where steep drops can present a particular hazard. Some routes include sections along roads Ð take care to avoid any trafÞc at these points. Around farmland take care with children and dogs, particularly around machinery and livestock. If you are walking on the coast make sure you check the tide times before you set out.

Neither the publisher nor the author can accept any responsibility for any changes, errors or omissions in this route. Diversion orders can be made and permissions withdrawn at any time.



Haslemere, Midhurst & Petworth

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A view of the beautiful Polesden estate, taken during a walk in October (Stefan Reynolds)

The present house was designed by Thomas Cubitt as a Grecian villa, and built in 1824 by Joseph Bonsor. Several owners have since added to it. Bonsor planted many of the avenues and woods on the estate. The house became a focus of Edwardian society when the Honourable Mrs Ronald Greville lived there, and entertained the social and political leaders of the time. In 1923 the then Duke and Duchess of York, later King George VI and Queen Elizabeth, spent part of their honeymoon there. When Mrs Greville died in 1942 she bequeathed the estate to the National Trust as a memorial to her father. Some way further up the hill you will come to a short waymarker post with blue and yellow arrows, marking a crossroads of paths. 7. Keep straight ahead on the main track and then ignore the next path signed left. About 50m later, fork right to join a bridleway marked with a blue arrow (not the blue NT arrow). Keep straight ahead across a stone vehicle track and continue along the bridleway through woods for 450m to reach a junction with the road. Cross the road with care and go along the track opposite (signed for the Ranmore Campsite). Pass the scout campsite on the left and continue downhill for 100m to reach a signed junction. Turn left here to join the North Downs Way (marked by an acorn symbol). 8. Keep ahead on this path, passing through a wooden staggered barrier, along the edge of Ranmore Common woodland. After 700m, at a staggered crossroads, go ahead through a kissing


gate into Steer’s Field. Take the left-hand of the two paths ahead, heading for Ranmore Common’s St Barnabas Church spire, noting the view of Westcott to the right and Dorking ahead. In 1850, the elaborate but now demolished Denbies house was designed and built by Thomas Cubitt, who was the well-known builder and architect of the oldest part of Polesden Lacey house. St Barnabas Church was built in 1859 near Denbies by Cubitt’s son George, later Lord Ashcombe. The National Trust acquired 99 hectares (245 acres) of the Denbies hillside in 1960 and manages it to conserve the chalk grassland. Follow the path as it swings left and pass through the gate to reach the car park where the walk began.

DISTANCE: 5 miles OS MAPS: Explorer 146 Dorking, Box Hill & Reigate START POINT: The walk starts and finishes at the National Trust Denbies Hillside pay and display car park on Ranmore Common Road, about one mile north-west of Dorking. Free for National Trust members. For many more walks, please visit our website at: February 2019

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V. 29



Little Lumpy Cycle Sportive 2019

Hampshire to the South Downs at South Harting, where the Challenge and Epic routes branch off, taking riders over some pretty testing climbs. For example, where it says Downs, it usually means Up with a vengeance! Please note that cyclists under 16 yrs of age must be accompanied by an adult.

By popular demand, Haslemere Festival’s Little Lumpy Cycle Sportive 2019 is back for its 11th year, to test the dedication and stamina of local cyclists - and it’s bigger and better than ever! This amazing not-for-profit event is taking place on Sunday 19th May and The Little Lumpy is pleased and proud to announce that its partner charity for 2019 is The Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice. There are three routes and levels of endurance for cyclists of all ages and stages in life to choose from, Epic, Challenge and Sport, ranging from 40 to 100 miles and a climb of 3131ft to 8434ft! All the routes take you along the back roads and through the prettiest parts of West Sussex, Surrey and

However, what goes up, must come down and The Little Lumpy Cycle Sportive start and finish location is again at Haslemere’s Woolmer Hill Sports Association Clubhouse, who are also kindly providing free parking, changing facilities, showers and all the comforts of a modern clubhouse. Cyclists who have competed before will know that the delicious selection of yummy cakes provided are all homemade by volunteers and Haslemere bakers and is becoming quite legendary! Plus there are free teas and coffee and a bacon butty breakfast (veggie options available!) provided at the very beginning to kick start you into action!. So, enjoy a fantastic day out in the stunning local countryside, plus the opportunity to support your local community too! For more information on the event itself and ticket prices visit or go on the Facebook page - littlelumpysportive.

EQUITY RELEASE Based in Merrow, we are whole-of-market Equity Release specialists. After reviewing your circumstances, we will be able to give you all the information you need to help you make the right decision for you and your family. To book a no obligation face to face meeting, please call or email us on 01483 531025 or THIS IS A LIFE TIME MORTGAGE. TO UNDERSTAND THE FEATURES AND RISKS, ASK FOR A PERSONALISED ILLUSTRATION. Heritage Independent Mortgage Advisers Ltd is an appointed representative of The On-Line Partnership Ltd which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.



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Jottings - your community noticeboard Jottings is your FREE community noticeboard for charities, local events, groups and information, compiled by Nick & Angie Crisell. To feature, please email by the first Friday of the month prior to month of publication. Please note that space is limited and inclusion cannot be guaranteed. By submitting an entry, you agree to Vantage Publishing using your data for marketing purposes as per our Privacy Policy on our website. You can opt out at any time.

Well, January is over and to all those who decided to give up alcohol, grow a beard, stop eating, walk 10 miles a day etc, I do hope you were successful and that you feel much better for it. I guess spring is around the corner; however I might not be alone in this but we actually had a daffodil out in the garden before the end of December. It’s still standing there defiant as I write. Is this the result of global warming I ask myself! Historic Haslemere Runs until Saturday 2nd March An exhibition which reveals the fascinating history of Haslemere, told through beautifully illustrated story boards, where visitors will be taken on a journey about the history of the town. Some interesting and rare exhibits will also be on display. For anyone interested in local history, this exhibition at Haslemere Museum is a must! The Great Brick Safari Until Sunday 3rd March Escape the winter blues and go on a journey inside the Glasshouse at RHS Garden Wisley to search for more than 40 LEGO® brick sculptures on The Great Brick Safari. The life-size brick creations can be found nestled amongst the lush foliage in both the temperate and tropical zones of the cathedral-like Glasshouse. Sculptures include animals such as an elephant, lions, meerkats, turtles and a gorilla. Beautiful LEGO® brick plants created especially for RHS Garden Wisley include a Venus Fly Trap, Golden Barrel Cactus, Bird of Paradise and Water Lilies.

40th production, and is a present-day staging of Shakespeare’s astonishingly modern examination of sexual harassment and the abuse of power. At the interval six characters will gender-swap and replay the show again from the beginning to encourage discussion preconceptions of gender and power structure. It takes place at Holy Trinity Church, Guildford and there are 23 performances. Tickets range from £26 to £16.50. Call 01483 304384 or go to where you can also find more information. Mindfulness Visualisation Meditation (MVM) This is apparently a proven technique developed by a western meditator with over 42 years experience. Learn to be calm and relaxed when you want to, not when your mind decides! Harnesses the real power of your mind so that it will work with you. There is a free ‘taster’ first session and after that it is £10 per session. The sessions are held at the The Grange Centre in Midhurst. For more details contact Graheme Parsons at

Adult Ballet Classes for Beginners Friday afternoons We Love to Dance is now offering a beginners class on a Friday afternoon in Liphook. If you're interested, give Rachel a call on 07946 363556 or email

The Arts Society West Sussex Tuesday 5th February 2pm Douglas Skeggs will talk on David Hockney ‘The Old Master of Modern Art’. Hockney's paintings show a charm and humour that sets them apart from others of his generation. This talk will follow a career full of wit and imagination. On Tuesday 5th March there will be a Spring Lunch at 12.30pm followed by talk at 2pm given by Sian Walters entitled ‘Leonardo and the Festa Del Paradiso’. 2019 marks the 500th anniversary of Leonardo de Vinci’s death. The talk will explore art and dance in Milan and Leonardo at the Sforza Court. Meetings held in Fittleworth Village Hall at 2pm Doors open 1.40pm. There is tea and coffee after the lecture. Call 01903 411086 or email jackiebuckler@sky. com. Visitors most welcome - £5. More information at

Measure For Measure Until Sunday 24th February Guildford Shakespeare Company’s next show will be their

Sherlock Holmes – The Sign of Four Tuesday 5th to Saturday 9th February Crammed full of adventure, romance, comedy and of course one

FOR MORE INFORMATION, PLEASE VISIT US AT WWW.VANTAGEPOINTMAG.CO.UK Look out for exclusive online competitions, charity profiles, Jottings from all five geographical editions, weekend walks and much more... February 2019

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Haslemere, Midhurst & Petworth

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Bourne Buildings 0718_Layout 1 15/06/2018 11:22 Page 1





ONLY £229

ONLY £469






5x5 1-storey

7x5 or 8x6 2-storey

ONLY £259

ONLY £445

ONLY £345

£629 / £679













Stone Ornaments

Garden Furniture






NOV, DEC, JAN, FEB 10.00am – 4:00pm Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday


or two rather brilliant deductions, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s epic second Sherlock Holmes tale is a breath-taking yarn, brought to life in a spectacular new stage adaptation at The Yvonne Arnaud Theatre in Guildford. Featuring original live music, stylish theatricality and magical storytelling, it is an unforgettable theatrical experience. For more information and to book, visit or call 01483 440000. The Arts Society Grayshott Thursday 7th February 2pm They will meet in Grayshott Village Hall when Paula Nuttall will focus on ‘Leonardo, The Painter’, with a thorough overview of his career from the early years in Florence, his time at the Court of Milan and eventual return to Florence while placing his magnificent works in their historical and artistic context. Then, on Thursday 7th March, Roger Rosewell will discuss ‘Radiant Art – The Splendour & Sorrow of Medieval Stained Glass’. For more information about these events and the society, contact Caroline on 01428 714276 or visit Eco-warriors Half Term Fun Friday 8th to 18th February 10.30am–3.30pm Unlock the eco-warrior inside you for a whole programme of fun activities at RHS Garden Wisley. All will be revealed on the website,, so check it out for the 32


Haslemere, Midhurst & Petworth

01252 718481 / 725733 39 – 43 Guildford Road, Farnham, Surrey GU9 9PY

complete low-down of where and when. Included in normal Garden entry (book your garden visitors tickets in advance, for a 10% discount). Waverley Dowsers Society Friday 8th February 7.15pm for 7.30pm Local dowser Roger Taylor introduces his dowsing experience. He will be talking about his experiences including Orgone a subtle life energy force which is understood to be a syntropic influence promoting order and how it can enhance growth and energy. The venue is the Unitarian Hall, Meadrow, Godalming GU7 3JB (opposite the Texaco Garage on the A3100). Meetings are held every 2nd Friday of the month and all guests are welcome. Free refreshments are available during the meeting. The Waverley Dowsing Society is both a fun and a scientific group who meet to learn and practice dowsing. Check their website for more information or contact Chairman Geoff on 01276 472977. The Fernhurst Centre – Spanish Lessons If you are looking to learn Spanish or want to build and practise your Spanish language skills – the Fernhurst Centre is offering Spanish Conversation at four levels. The absolute Beginners course commences on Friday 8th February from 11.30 am– 12.30 pm. Beginners (with some knowledge

To advertise, please call 01483 420173

JOTTINGS TO SUBMIT A FREE ENTRY, PLEASE EMAIL US AT JOTTINGS@VANTAGEPUBLISHING.CO.UK of the language) commences on Friday 8th February from 12.45 - 1.45 pm. The pre-intermediate course commences on Monday 11th February from12noon – 1 pm and the Intermediate course commences on Tuesday 12th February from 1 – 2 pm. All levels are taught in 10 week tranches at a cost of £80. Please contact them at indicating which level of Spanish you are interested in. There is free parking at the rear of the centre.

February Half Term

Tues 19 - Sun 24 February

Haslemere Natural History Society Saturday 9th February 2.15pm The audience will hear about the ground-breaking inventions and discoveries of father and son, Sir William Henry Bragg and Sir William Lawrence Bragg, who were Chiddingfold residents. These two Nobel Laureates gave us the Bragg Peak, used in radiotherapy, and Bragg’s Law revealing the double-helix of DNA and the cause of Mad Cow Disease. This talk will be at Haslemere Museum, GU27 2LA. Nonmembers are welcome, for £4 at the door.




Fernhurst Films Saturday 9th February Watts Gallery - Artists’ Village They are screening two films on this day. The first is Book online now | ‘Incredibles 2’, the exciting and long-awaited sequel to 'The Incredibles' of 2004. Everyone's favourite family of Guildford, GU3 1DQ superheroes is back but this time Helen is in the spotlight, leaving Bob at home with Violet and Dash to navigate the day-to-day heroics of ‘normal’ life! Doors open at 4pm and the film starts at 4.30pm. Rated PG. This screening is 03/01/2019 in aid of Friends of Fernhurst School. The second film is Feb Half Term 2019.indd 1 ‘The Guernsey Literary & Potato Peel Pie Society’ staring Lily James, Matthew Goode, and Penelope Wilton. This is a great film (I saw it a while ago) about a visit to Guernsey by Juliet, a charismatic and free-spirited writer who receives a letter from a member of a mysterious literary club in Nazioccupied Guernsey. As the secrets from their wartime past unfold, Juliet’s growing attachment to the island, the book club and her affection for Dawsey, the writer of the letter, will change the course of her life forever. Doors open at 7pm and the film starts 7.30pm. Rated 12A. Both films will be shown in the Village Hall. For a synopsis of the season’s films, click New Roofs • Repairs • Flat Roofs • Guttering • Roof Clearance & Coatings • Lead Work • UPVC Fascias onto • Soffitts • Valleys • Flashings • Pointing • Roof Windows

Darwin Day 2019 Saturday 9th to Sunday 17th February The library at RHS Garden Wisley is open from 10am–4pm weekdays and 11am–4pm at weekends and Bank Holidays. To celebrate his 210th birthday there will be a display, in the Wisley Library, all about Charles Darwin and on 12th February (his birthday), the herbarium specimen that Darwin collected on his historic voyage with The Beagle in the early 1830s. Included in normal garden entry (book your garden visitors tickets in advance, for a 10% discount). February 2019

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Haslemere, Midhurst & Petworth

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V. FOR MORE INFORMATION, PLEASE VISIT US AT WWW.VANTAGEPOINTMAG.CO.UK Surrey County Walkers They have a great programme of weekend walks coming up in February. Here are the details. On Saturday 9th there is a 7.5 mile easy walk around Puttenham Common, Rodsall Manor, Gatwick. Meet at The Tarn Car Park, Littleworth Rd (Ref 186/910456). It will be led by Barry and Judy (01252 703869, 07789 741161). On Sunday 17th there is a 5 mile easy walk around Stockbridge Pond, Tankersford Common, Tilford. Meet at Tilford Village Green Car Park (186/876436). It will be led by Jill (01252 724171). Finally, on Saturday 23rd there is a 5.5 mile easy walk around Sheepleas, Lovelace Bridges, East Horsley. Meet in Sheepleas Shere Road Car Park (Ref 187/085515) N.B. NOT Sheepleas Green Dene. Led by Tom and Brigitte (01832 342456, 07941 553222). All these walks start at 10am. National Garden Scheme Gardens are beginning to open and in West Sussex there are quite a number that are opening in February. To mention a couple, on Sunday 10th The Manor of Dean, Tillington, Petworth GU28 9AP will open from 2pm–4pm. It’s a traditional English garden of approximately 3 acres with a variety of early flowering bulbs including snowdrops. Home-made teas will be available. On Saturday 23rd Coign Cottage, Church Road, West Lavington GU29 0EH will open from 10.30am – 4pm. It’s a one acre country garden which has been created and developed over the last 9 yrs with swathes of snowdrops and hellebores. Light refreshments will be available. Unfortunately, I can’t list every garden that will open its doors, however if you go to find-a-garden you can find full details. Wellbeing Afternoon Sunday 10th February 2pm-5pm Take some time out at Grayswood Village Hall for a relaxing and restorative afternoon of yoga, bootybarre, meditation, skincare workshop, mindfulness and delicious afternoon tea. Tickets cost £45, email Clayton Fine Jewellery Sadly, they will be closing down as the proprietor, Keith Clayton, wishes to retire and he’s not yet found anyone to take on his successful business in Haslemere which offers a fantastic selection of jewellery, watches and gifts along with jewellery repairs and re-modelling and watch repairs. Keith has been overwhelmed and very grateful for the kind comments he has received from his loyal customers. The shop won’t be closing until the spring, but right now they have a sale to clear over 5,000 items of stock, so almost everything has at least 30% off, with hundreds of items at half price or less. Might be some great bargains! 34


Haslemere, Midhurst & Petworth

Godalming and Haslemere Ramblers They have a programme of 19 walks in February, ranging from 5 to 10 miles in length and led by experienced walk leaders. If you enjoy friendly and relaxed country walking, why not give one of these walks a try? Further details at, or look on Facebook. Midhurst Garden Club Monday 11th February 7.30pm The talk by Alan Sargent will be ‘Confessions of a Gardener’. Alan is a leading management consultant, author and columnist and he started his horticulture career in 1968 specialising in 18th and 19th century gardens. He became Head Gardener to the Goodwood Estate in 2001 leaving after six years having overseen the design of the new private garden. He will entertain with amusing stories from his time as a Landscape Gardener to the rich and famous. Talks take place at The South Downs Memorial Hall, North Street, Midhurst. Refreshments available from 7pm and visitors are most welcome. For more information, contact Denise Skinner on 01730 814194, email or check the website Haslemere U3A Events Monday 11th February 2pm This sounds as if it will be a fascinating afternoon. ‘A Butler to Royalty’ is a talk by William French at Haslemere Hall. Starting his career at the age of 16 when he joined the Royal Navy, his duties during the following five years while working on the Royal Yacht Britannia included service to The Queen, Prince Philip and other members of the Royal Family. Enjoying 25 years travelling the World as a top butler to VIPs, William has many stories to tell. Admission free. Nonmembers welcome.Membership enquiries to Clare Fripp on 01428 643561 or email membership1@haslemere-u3a. More information at Fun and effective exercises for the over 60s Do you want to improve your balance, strength and coordination as well as heart health. You are welcome to try our class, a great start to the New Year. Mondays 2pm-3pm at Methodist Church, Farnham; Tuesdays 2pm-3.15pm falls prevention at High Lane Community Centre, Haselmere; Wednesdays 11.30am-12.30pm at United Church, Godalming; and Thursdays 2pm-3pm at St.Joan's hall, Farnham. For more information contact Joanna Payne on 07880 722272. Guildford Cardiac Support Group Tuesday 12th February 7.30pm The group has been operating for over 25 years and meets every second Tuesday of each month at St John's Centre, Stocton Close, Guildford GU1 1HA. We have close links

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with Royal Surrey's Cardiac Function and are affiliated to the British Heart Foundation. They normally have a guest speaker at each of their meetings who would give a presentation on their own dedicated topic - typically this would relate to cardiac, dietary, exercise or other current medical issues affecting people many who have undergone cardiac procedures. Talks (many are illustrated) normally last for about 30 minutes and are followed by discussions over refreshments. Visitors and new members will be made very welcome; contact the Secretary, Jennifer Korolowicz on 01483 826175 or visit Grayshott Gardeners Wednesday 13th February 7.15pm for 8pm At their next meeting in the Village Hall, they welcome Nick Bailey, a garden designer, best-selling author, columnist and presenter on BBC Two's Gardeners' World as their Keynote speaker this month. The title of his talk is ‘365 Days of Colour In Your Garden’ His book of the same name covers ideas on how to use, combine, design with and prolong colour, it focuses on achievable ways of growing plants of every tone through 12 months of the year. Members free, visitors £8. Details of tickets can be obtained by calling 01428 722000 or by visiting www. February 2019

Les Amitiés Françaises Thursday 14th February 7.30pm The February lecture for Les Amitiés Françaises at the Baptist Church Hall, Queen Street, Godalming GU7 1BA will be by Catherine Greensmith. She will lecture (in French) on La Revolution Française - berceau de la France modern; an amazingly topical subject. Doors open at 7pm and coffee, tea and biscuits are available before the lecture. Les Amities Françaises are one of the largest and most active groups in the country with a growing membership and are linked to, and have the support of, the Alliance Française de Londres. For details of events and membership, email or visit and their Facebook page: @ amitieswaverley. New members are very welcome. Milford Probus Club Friday 15th February Milford Probus is a club for retired and semi-retired professional and business men and women. They have members from Waverley and beyond, and meet in Godalming on the third Friday of each month for lunch followed by a talk on a wide variety of subjects. At the next meeting, a Metropolitan Police Officer will talk on ‘Scam and Crime Prevention’. Guests are always welcome to meetings by invitation, and also on their outings. A visit to the Bank of England Museum and other sites of interest is

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Haslemere, Midhurst & Petworth

V. 35


Milland Model Railway Modellers Along the way there was a change of emphasis and group members decided it would be preferable to have more of a club atmosphere. In U3A in the UK, there are around 8 model railway groups. The MVM is currently six members strong, but is ripe for expansion into a slightly larger group, whilst retaining its friendly ambience. It meets once a month (nine times a year) for 3 hours each at a local village hall, where the members work on group projects or on individual projects, with lots of chat and chocolate digestive biscuits washed down with coffee, tea or hot chocolate.


he model railway hobby as a club activity in the UK started in 1910, with the first such club in the world, called appropriately ‘The Model Railway Club’, which still exists. There are currently over 400 clubs in the UK and the hobby is present in most countries in the world. This group is a lot younger, having started as a U3A group called ‘Building a Model Railway 2017’, an instructional group formed to run for 12 meetings, covering all the elements of building a typical layout.

Retirement sale now on!

As those who watched the recent new series on Channel 5, 'The Great Model Railway Challenge', will have seen, the hobby can be enjoyed as a team effort or as a solitary effort at home. Many modellers do both. However the building of a layout doesn’t need to be in any way competitive, despite what the programme included. The hobby can provide continuing enjoyment over long periods, whilst creating a chosen layout. Meetings Every third Wednesday each month starting at 2pm for 3 hours (earlier start in winter months). No meetings in July, August or December. Meeting Venue Redford Village Hall, Linch Road, Redford GU29 0QF (Approx 3 miles from Liphook or Midhurst). Cost/Conditions You need to be a paid-up member of one local U3A (Liphook, Midhurst, Haslemere, Petersfield or Woolmer Forest). See their websites for details of membership costs and conditions. Group membership fee: £33 per year February 2019 to January 2020 inclusive based on current membership numbers. Refreshments £1 per meeting which are donated to Railway Children charity

At Orlando we offer a comprehensive jewellery service including repairs and restorations, valuations, insurance claims, professional cleaning and polishing, design commissions, re-threading and much more. 1 Sydenham Road, Guildford, Surrey GU1 3RT Tel: 01483 566822 Email: 36


Haslemere, Midhurst & Petworth

Visitors are very welcome. You can have up to two visits to see what the group is about at £2 per session. Please contact them first. FIND OUT MORE Website: Facebook page: Milland Valley Railway Modellers. Please contact Tony Bettger by email to

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TO SUBMIT A FREE ENTRY, PLEASE EMAIL US AT JOTTINGS@VANTAGEPUBLISHING.CO.UK planned for 10th June. Prospective members are invited to attend a meeting without obligation and lady members will be especially welcomed. For more details, visit www. or contact Mike Thompson on 01483 428181 email


Visit the market town of Petworth for a vibrant farmers market, featuring a variety PETWORTH FARMERS MARKET PETWORTH FARMERS MARKET FARMERS MARKET of producers, growers & artisans showcasing the bestPETWORTH intheseasonal & local produce. Visit the market Visit market town town of of Petworth every month for a vibrant Visit the market town of Petworth every month for a vibrant farmers market, featuring a variety of producers, growers & artisans, showcasing the best in seasonal & local produce.

farmers market, featuring a variety of producers, growers & artisans, artisans, 9am-1pm MARKET SQUARE, PETWORTH showcasing the best in seasonal & local produce.


9am - 1pm Saturday 23rd February MARKET SQUARE, PETWORTH, WEST SUSSEX MARKET SQUARE, PETWORTH, WEST SUSSEX MARKET SQUARE, PETWORTH, WEST SUSSEX Saturday 23rd March -- 2pm 9am 2pm 9am - 1pm MARKET SQUARE, PETWORTH, WEST SUSSEX MARKET SQUARE, PETWORTH, WEST SUSSEX MARKET SQUARE, PETWORTH, WEST SUSSEX Saturday 27th April Saturday 25th May Saturday 22nd June WWW.DISCOVERPETWORTH.ORG Visit the Visit the market market town town of of Petworth every month for a vibrant

SI Surrey Hills Friday 15th February 7.30pm They are part of Soroptimist International, which is a global volunteer movement working together to transform the lives of women and girls. The group is based in Godalming but covers Haslemere, Farnham, Aldershot, Cranleigh and Guildford. Members are holding an informal meeting at the Inn on the Lake, Godalming so do join them to learn more about the group and its work locally. Meetings are normally held twice a month on the first and third Mondays of the month at 7.45 pm at the Godalming Baptist Church, Queen Street, GU7 1BA. For more information, email or contact them via www. Chiddingfold Village Hall Cinema Friday 15th February 8pm They will be screening ‘BlacKKKlansman’. Directed by Spike Lee and nominated for 2 Golden Globes it is based on actual events. Ron Stallworth, an African American police officer from Colorado Springs, successfully manages to infiltrate the local Ku Klux Klan branch with the help of a Jewish surrogate who eventually becomes its leader. Tickets are £6 (£3 for children under 15) on the door, in advance via, or from Treacle’s Tea Shop on The Green. Season tickets are also available. For all the latest information and screening dates, sign up to their Mailing List, either online or in person at the cinema. Email Guildford Rambling Club A programme of their walks can be found at www. Visitors are very welcome to give them a try. They normally start at 10am. For the 10 mile walk from Walton-on Thames on Sunday 17th February, call Alan C on 01483 480168. Bramley is the start point for the 5.5 mile morning walk on Thursday 21st February, contact Olive on 07872 613505 for that one. It is Olive again for the 10 mile walk from Tilford on Sunday 24th February. Then Bob, on 07745 572494, for the 10 mile walk from Wimbledon on Sunday 3rd March. And, finally, a 9 mile walk led by Sally B (01306 885976) will start from Bookham on Sunday 10th March. Art Monday 18th to Saturday 23rd February The Yvonne Arnaud Theatre sees Nigel Havers, Denis February 2019

Visit the market town of Petworth every month for a vibrant market, featuring a variety of producers, growers & artisans, farmers artisans, farmers market, featuring a variety of producers, growers & artisans, produce. showcasing best in seasonal & local 2016 showcasing thethe best in seasonal & local produce. 2017

20182017 Saturday 22nd April Saturday 27th28th January 23rd April January Saturday Saturday Saturday 27th May Saturday 24th25th February 28th May February Saturday May Saturday Saturday 24th June Saturday 24th25th March 25th June March Saturday Saturday March Saturday 22nd July 23rd July2017 Saturday 2016 2017 2018 26th August 27th August Saturday Saturday 22nd April Saturday 27th28th January 23rd April Saturday January Saturday Saturday Saturday 23rd September Saturday 27th May 24th25th February 24th September 28th May February Saturday May Saturday Saturday Saturday Saturday 28th October Saturday 24th June 24th25th March 22nd October 25th June Saturday Saturday March Saturday Saturday March Saturday 25th November Saturday 22nd July 23rd July Saturday 26th November Saturday Saturday 16th December Saturday 26th August 27th August Saturday


December - To To Be Be Confirmed Confirmed

Saturday 23rd September

Saturday 24th September Saturday 28th October WWW.DISCOVERPETWORTH.ORG Saturday 22nd October Saturday 25th November Saturday 26th November Saturday 16th December








01243 699525 / 07887 655113

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Haslemere, Midhurst & Petworth

V. 37

V. FOR MORE INFORMATION, PLEASE VISIT US AT WWW.VANTAGEPOINTMAG.CO.UK Lawson and Stephen Tompkinson star in one of the most successful plays ever. Having opened in 1996, the show took both the West End and Broadway by storm, winning every major theatre award including the Olivier, Tony and Molière. Yasmina Reza’s dazzling study of friendship, prejudice and tolerance has been packing in audiences worldwide for more than twenty years. For more information and tickets, visit or call 01483 440000. February Half Term Family drop-in event: Celebrating Stamps Tuesday 19th February 10.30am-1pm Stamps are often one of the first things people collect. Come along and enjoy a fun-filled morning as Haslemere Museum celebrates the simple postage stamp with lots of colouring and design activities. Members £2, non- members £4. No need to book. Midhurst U3A Tuesday 19th February 2.30pm The next meeting at the Methodist Church Hall, North Street, Midhurst, has Mark Perry-Nash talking about ‘The Swinging 60s – a light-hearted look back at the last half century’. They used to say that if you can remember the 60’s, you obviously weren’t there; I make no comment! Refreshments available from 2.15pm, followed by the talk at 2.30pm. For more information on events, groups and meetings contact the Membership Secretary on 01730 813374.

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0800 0742 721  



Haslemere, Midhurst & Petworth

The Arts Society Haslemere Tuesday 19th February 2pm There will be an interesting lecture by Christopher Chanter entitled ‘The Rebuilding of the Town of Ypres After The Great War’ at Haslemere Hall Bridge Street Haslemere. Despite the suggestion that the ruins of Ypres be retained as a memorial, already before the end of 1918 some of the local population were beginning to return from their places of refuge and there was a pressing need to accommodate them in new housing and to rebuild the shattered infrastructure. The decision was made by 1920 to rebuild the city as a replica of its ancient image, restoring the buildings in the Flemish medieval and renaissance styles of the old city. Visitors and new members are very welcome, contact Sue Wright on 01428 683578 or email membership@ Further information can be found at Early Birds at Haslemere Museum Wednesday 20th February 9am-10am Special opening of the Museum, for families with children who have an Autism Spectrum Condition, to come along and

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Discover Hindhead & the Devil’s Punchbowl Half-term history and mystery family trail 16-24 February, 10-2pm

Uncover the history behind Gibbett Hill, the Devil's Punch Bowl and the sailors stone on this free trail. Plus on Saturday 23 step back in time to meet National Trust co-founder, Robert Hunter at a special storytelling fire circle, hearing tales and sharing your own. Make more of your day: explore the natural play trail and enjoy light lunches and freshly baked cakes in the café.

Hindhead Common & Devil’s Punchbowl, parking: GU26 6AB Tel. 01372 220644 enjoy the Museum free from the hustle and bustle of the public. The galleries will be open to explore and there will be an opportunity to handle special artefacts too. It’s free but donations would be welcome. You need to book in advance, call 01428 642112 or go to Milland Valley Railway Modellers Wednesday 20th February This is a special interest group of Liphook & Midhurst U3A and starts its 2019/20 year with its first 3 hour session at Redford Village Hall, Linch Road, Redford GU29 0QF on 20th February starting at 1pm (earlier start to enable members to get home in the light!). Visitors welcome. Haslemere Post Office As you have probably noticed, the post office has been closed so that an extensive refurbishment can take place. It will take approximately 3 months and is due to re-open on Tuesday 30th April at 1pm. To maintain Post Office service in central Haslemere during that time a temporary Post Office is going to open across the road at 32 West Street. It will be open Monday to Saturday from 9am–5.30pm, which is five hours more than was the case. This a very exciting development as the new post office will not only have a new post master who is a local, but also a cafe/bar and toilets. February 2019

Liphook W.I. Wednesday 20th February 7.30pm The February meeting in Liphook Village Hall is ‘All About Bees’. As there has been recent concern at the dramatic decline in the bee population, not least among the W.I at local and national level, this should be a thought provoking talk. Afterwards of course there’s always tea and biscuits followed by information about the various activities which are available to our members in Liphook, Hampshire and nationally. Lots to hear about! Haslemere Gardening Society Wednesday 20th February 7.45pm The first lecture of the New Year will take place at the Catholic Church Hall Weydown Road, Haslemere. It will be of particular interest to anyone who delights in ‘Growing their Own’. Entitled ‘Vegetable Growing - Techniques, Ideas and Advice’ it will be given by Barry Newman, former chairman of the National Vegetable Growing Society. It is sure to be a great inspiration to all who are just starting to plan their crops for the coming season. Chiddingfold Horticultural Society Wednesday 20th February 7.55pm Brian Deaville will be the speaker at their next meeting to be held in the Village Hall in Coxcombe Lane, Chiddingfold. He

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Haslemere, Midhurst & Petworth

V. 39

V. FOR MORE INFORMATION, PLEASE VISIT US AT WWW.VANTAGEPOINTMAG.CO.UK will talk about 'Bulbs, Corms and Tubers'. Tea and coffee will be served. Their major event for 2019 will be a talk by Nick Bailey, from 'Gardeners' World' on Wednesday 17th April when he will speak on '365 Days of Colour'. Surrey Branch Western Front Association Wednesday 20th February 7.45pm Dr Peter Hodgkinson will give a talk entitled ‘Clearing the Dead 1919-1939’ at Cobham Day Centre. There is currently considerable interest in battlefield archaeology. After WW1 the British army began to search the battlefields for ‘the Missing’ with the search teams finding 200,000 bodies and a process, similar to modern archaeology, was carried out to attempt to unearth the missing and bury them properly in IWGC cemeteries. How was this done? Who did it? What were their experiences? For further information, contact Andy Thompson on 07768 197990 or email Surrey Postcard Club Wednesday 20th February 7pm for 7.30pm The evening begins with a browse through dealers’ stocks and members’ spares. Coffee, tea, and biscuits are provided. Followed with a talk by club members Nigel and Michael entitled ‘Some aspects of village life’. Proceedings normally wind up around 9.30 pm. Visitors with a genuine interest in the hobby are always welcome. Held at Friends Meeting House, Ward Street, Guildford GU1 4 LH. Rother Valley Croquet Club (Duncton/Petworth) If your New Year’s resolution is to spend more time outside taking gentle activity to keep you healthy and your brain active, this could well be for you! They have club days, coaching days and friendly matches with other clubs. They are located in a beautiful setting in the South Downs with ample free parking. They provide all the equipment; you just need flat soled shoes. Trial membership is available. Contact Alan on 01798 813563 or email or visit The Midhurst Society 21st February 7pm The Midhurst Society welcomes Adrian Moore of Midhurst Community Land Trust, a not-for-profit social enterprise set up by local people for the benefit of the town and its surrounding villages. Its overarching aim is to make available a long-term stock of affordable housing for local people to rent or buy and to offer short-term rented accommodation to key workers. Adrian will bring everyone up to date on the latest developments of this exciting initiative. It will be held at The South Downs Memorial Hall, North Street, Midhurst GU29 9DH. Easy parking. Entry is 40


Haslemere, Midhurst & Petworth

£5 payable at the door. uk/. Aladdin Friday 22nd to Sunday 24th February 7.30pm The MAD Company of Liphook present their 27th annual family friendly Pantomime at Liphook Millennium Centre. You probably all know the story - A poor son of a washerwoman Aladdin falls in love with a princess, he is tricked by an evil baddie into finding a magic lamp and the Princess is kidnapped. But with the help of two genies all turns out well and as ever there is a happy ending. Come and join in the fun and help Aladdin in his quest for love! Tickets are £12 Adult and £8 for children. There are matinee performances on Saturday and Sunday at 3pm. Tickets can be purchased through mad; and details also available at www.themadcompany. co. Mansfield Park Friday 22nd and Saturday 23rd February Opera South presents their production of Jane Austin’s Mansfield Park at Haslemere Hall. Their professional emerging stars present a thrilling enactment of Jonathan Dove’s witty adaptation. The designer is Rachel Szmukler and it is directed by James Hurley. In a chaotic household, Fanny Price watches helplessly as relationships are tested and the social order unsettled. Will the Bertram daughters escape untarnished by Henry’s wanton advances? For more information and tickets, go to or call 01428 642161. You can also find out more about Opera South at March of the Women: Surrey's Road to the Vote Saturday 23rd February to Saturday 30th March Stopping at Haslemere Museum, this is a touring display, telling the story of key individuals and events in Surrey's suffrage history. 2018 marked the centenary of the first women being granted the right to vote in national elections. This project display reveals key moments in Surrey's journey; from Emily Wilding Davison's actions at the 1913 Epsom Derby, and the bombing of David Lloyd George's house in Walton-on-the-Hill, to the Great Pilgrimage passing through the county. Discover more about some of the leading figures on both sides of the fierce debate, including the Pethick Lawrences, the Farrers, Dorothy Hunter, Dame Ethel Smyth, Bertha Broadwood and Margaretta Lemon. Jumble Sale Saturday 23rd February 2pm–4pm Iping’s annual Jumble Sale takes place at St Mary’s Church, Nr Midhurst West Sussex GU29 0IP. There will be stalls for

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The LOCAL Independent Choice for ALL Your WINDOWS, DOORS & CONSERVATORIES Giving a Family Service Since 1992 to Our Private and Trade Customers

Tel: 01483 894489

• PVCu - Timber - Aluminium • Bespoke Conservatories • Soffits & Fascias • Guttering & Cladding • Highest Quality of Workmanship • Full 10 Year Insurance Backed Guarantee • Deposits Insured • Trade Counter • Genuine Customer Care with a Relaxed Approach

bric-a-brac, furnishing fabric off-cuts, costume jewellery, cakes, second-hand clothes, toys, small furniture items, and anything else they may be given. Do go, you never know what treasures you may find! More information from Vanessa on 01730 817547.

The Tannery, Tannery Lane, Gosden Common, Bramley, Guildford GU5 0AB

can help please contact her on 07711 762129 or email sue.

Historical Association West Surrey Branch Tuesday 26th February 7.30pm There will be a lecture by Professor David Edgerton of King’s College, London entitled ‘The Rise and Fall of the British Nation.’ Edgerton sees rise where others see fall and vice versa. His recent history has attracted widespread interest and controversy at a time when British identity and capability is under the microscope. It takes place at St Nicolas’ Hall, Bury Street, Guildford GU2 4AW. Students free, non members £3 at the door. Further information from Rollo Crookshank on 01252 319881 email crookshank@

The Fernhurst Society Thursday 28th February 8pm They are delighted that Lord Egremont is the guest speaker at their next meeting in Fernhurst Village Hall when he will be speaking on his life and times in Petworth House. He is well known simply as Max Egremont the historical biographer, whose books include those of Siegfried Sassoon and Arthur Balfour and many others while at the same time he lives in Petworth House which his family gave to the National Trust in 1947. Amongst his many interests, he is currently President of the Susssex branch of the CPRE and of the Sussex Heritage Trust. The talk is open to all; members free, visitors £1. Refreshments available and the doors open at 7.30pm. For further information, contact chairman@

Community Banking Sue Lambert is the Community Banker for NatWest covering Haslemere, Midhurst and Petworth. Sue’s role includes visiting customers who are housebound or in hospital to help with their finances. Sue also gives talks to local community groups around scam awareness and weekly visits to the areas for drop in clinics. For more information on how Sue

Surrey Border Movie Makers First Friday of the month They meet on the first Friday of each month and are a film making club whose members consist of retired professionals, experienced film makers and complete beginners. They share a love of making films which they do to the best of their ability including holiday films, drama,

February 2019

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Haslemere, Midhurst & Petworth

V. 41

V. FOR MORE INFORMATION, PLEASE VISIT US AT WWW.VANTAGEPOINTMAG.CO.UK comedy and documentary. They always welcome new members. If you are interested in seeing what they do, go along to one of their monthly meetings. Your first visit is free. They meet at St Joan's Centre, 19 Tilford Road, Farnham GU9 8DJ and there is plenty of parking. Contact for more information. They are also on Facebook SurreyBorderMovieMakers/timeline. Coffee Concerts Saturday 2nd March 11am The Friends of Haslemere Parish have announced their spring 2019 programme of Coffee concerts in St Bartholomew’s Church, Haslemere. Robert Goldfinch, former Organist of St Mark’s and St Andrew’s Church, Surbiton follows on Saturday 2nd March and the Season finishes on Saturday 6th April with Brian Cotterill, a former Director of Music at Lanesborough School and St Edmund’s School, Hindhead and currently a professional Musician. All Recitals commence at 11am with free coffee and biscuits from 10.30am and a retiring collection. No tickets required. Witley Gardening Association Wednesday 6th March They will be welcoming Roy Lancaster who will be giving his superbly entertaining talk ‘A Plantsman's Travels’. The renowned horticulturalist, author and Gardeners' Question Time stalwart will be regaling the audience with tales of his travels, collecting plants from all over the world. Not to be missed! The talk takes place in the Chichester Hall, Petworth Road, Witley GU8 5PL. Doors open 7pm, talk starts promptly at 7.30pm. Tickets are £5 for members, £10 for nonmembers and can be purchased at www.witleygardening. org/bookings or by calling 01428 683281. Wey & Arun Canal Trust The Trust is holding a number of taster days for those interested in joining its working parties, giving the chance to try out some of the jobs volunteers tackle and see some of the restoration teams in action. The restoration of the canal is a huge undertaking and will take many years to complete. However to date 22 bridges and two aqueducts have been reconstructed, eleven locks restored and a new one built, several culverts rebuilt and many miles of canal bed cleared and dredged. None of this could have been achieved without volunteers. The taster days are being held from 11am to 1pm on Wednesday 20th February and Thursday 14th March at the recently restored section at Dunsfold/Alfold. For full details and to sign up see their website, or email events@ 42


Haslemere, Midhurst & Petworth

All That Jazz Saturday 23rd March 8pm Grayswood is gaining quite a reputation for its Jazz nights -this year the Friends of All Saints Church are hosting the Eagle Jazz Band in the Village Hall. There will be a cash bar and room to dance. The band was founded in 1951 and has delighted audiences worldwide since then. They will perform a wide repertoire of New Orleans jazz and popular songs of the 20s, 30s, and 40s. As well as top notch music, the audience has the option of a delicious two course Jazz Supper at the nearby Wheatsheaf Inn. All profits from the Jazz night go to maintaining the church and its grounds. Tickets £15, or £27 to include supper, from lamb@ or call 01428 643798. The Gondoliers Tuesday 26th to Saturday 30th March Just giving advanced notice that The Haslemere Players next musical show at Haslemere Hall will be the hugely successful comic opera from Gilbert & Sullivan, The Gondoliers. The Players will be supporting The Hunter Centre with this production, a local charity which provides care and stimulation for those suffering with various forms of dementia. Tickets are available from Haslemere Hall now, call 01428 642161 or online at www.haslemerehall. Special Cruises on the Wey & Arun Canal, Loxwood Sunday 31st March Special cruises will be running on the canal on Mothering Sunday. A ‘Coffee & Danish Pastry Cruise’ will depart at 11am and Cream Tea Cruises will depart at 2.15pm and 4.30pm. Black tie service will enhance the relaxing treat for Mums (and all passengers)! The trips take 1½ hours. Tickets cost £14 for adults and £10 for children and must be booked in advance. Also, themed Easter Cruises will be running on Good Friday, 19th April, Easter Day, 21st April, and on Easter Monday, 22nd April. More details in next month’s issue. Bookings for all special events and weekend public trips can be made online via the Trust website For enquiries about private charters, volunteering opportunities and membership, call The Wey & Arun Canal Trust Office on 01403 752403 or email Farnham Beerex The 2019 Beerex will be on Thursday 11th April until Saturday 13th at the Maltings Farnham. This very special event will be the 43rd. It is a wonderful achievement that so many of those that attend can lay claim to have attended most if not all of the previous ‘Beerex’s’ but it’s also great to see so many younger supporters discovering

To advertise, please call 01483 420173

JOTTINGS TO SUBMIT A FREE ENTRY, PLEASE EMAIL US AT JOTTINGS@VANTAGEPUBLISHING.CO.UK Beerex and now returning year after year. Tickets will be available for all BEEREX sessions whilst stocks last on a first come first served basis at the Farnham Maltings from 8am-9am on Sunday 10th February. Any remaining tickets will be available to purchase online via the Farnham Lions website and also from the Maltings Box Office from 11th February whilst stocks last. Abseil Challenge Saturday 20th April Princess Alice Hospice is looking for daredevils who have a head for heights and nerves of steel to take part in an Abseil Challenge for Princess Alice Hospice. Even if you generally prefer your feet firmly on the ground, why not push yourself to new heights and take on a challenge for a worthwhile cause? Abseil 100 metres from the Spinnaker tower in Portsmouth, one of the most iconic buildings in the South of England and help raise vital funds for Princess Alice Hospice. Registration is free but a minimum sponsorship of £250 is required. Call 01372 461808 or email Little Lumpy Cycle Sportive 2019 Sunday 19th May By popular demand, Haslemere Festival’s Little Lumpy Cycle Sportive 2019 is back for its 11th year, to test the dedication and stamina of local cyclists - and it’s bigger and better than ever! They are delighted to announce that their partner charity for 2019 is The Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice. There are three routes and levels of endurance for cyclists of all ages and stages in life to choose from, Epic, Challenge and Sport, ranging from 40 to 100 miles and a climb of 3131ft to 8434ft! It is a great day out in the stunning local countryside and a chance to support a very important local charity. For more information on the event itself and ticket prices visit or go on the Facebook page - littlelumpysportive GUTS Motor Tour 2019 – save the date! Sunday 22nd September Apologies, a small glitch in last month’s Jottings. The date for the 2019 classic car tour is Sunday 22nd September. Some past tour images are on their new Facebook page at - why note take a look and see if you fancy joining them this year, it really is great fun. For more details, please email gutsmotortour@ or call 07545 243746.

PLANNING & DESIGN SERVICE Architectural drawings for Extensions, Alterations & New Build Free No Obligation Quotations

Tel: 01483 417555 Mob: 07818 014357

ROOFING & GUTTERING SPECIALIST OF HASLEMERE, MIDHURST & PETWORTH We are a small family run business and can help with the following... plus much more

Roofing Work

• Flat roofs repaired or renewed • Lead valleys repaired or renewed • Ridge tiles rebedded & repointed • Strilling and retiling • Chimneys rebuilt and repointed

UPVC Work • Guttering • Downpipes • Fascias & soffits • Barge boards • Moss removal from roofs • Exterior painting



Fully Insured • All work guaranteed • For advice please call:

To send in a FREE entry for Jottings, please email us 60-80 words to by the first of the month prior to your event.


February 2019

T: 01428 788675 • M: 07774 257400 Freephone: 0800 303 2998

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V. "I have been advertising with Vantage Point for many years and have gained many clients through this advertising platform and even more enquiries. If you're thinking of advertising you can't go far wrong with VantagePoint." Sam Segar Reflexology

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Your local POND cleaning specialist

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• Pond cleaning • Clearance • Seasonal maintenance • Water-gardening • Clear water solutions • Blanket-weed - green-water - duckweed removal • Installation & maintenance of pumps, filters & UVs • Professionally qualified & aquatic trade accredited (OATA)

Call Richard today: 07711 995665 or 01730 815647 Email: GEI Ltd_Layout 1 14/06/2013 09:44 Page 1


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Patricia Ellis, Wizard Video

GEi (UK) Ltd Fully Independent Stove Installers HETAS Approved

Chimney Sweeping Services also Provided

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Skips delivered and Skipson delivered collected small and collected on lorries to access most small lorries to access most properties.

If you require help

If or youadvice require on helpyour or advice on you waste needs waste needs or or requirements call call requirements Godfrey on the Godfrey on the number’s below he will be happy number’s below he to help.

properties. Friendly and

local Friendly reliable and reliable drivers. local drivers.

will be happy to help.

Local family run waste transfer station, based in Duncton. Local family run waste transfer sta on, based in Duncton. & Midi skips available, prices on request. Mini &Mini Midi skips available, prices on request.

Call us – tel 01730 817750 – mob 07979 820932 www.


email us to book a free trial session:

Tel: 01428 608153 Mob: 07876 230634 Apex Aerials_Layout 1 07/09/2012 11:07 Page 1

Apex Aerials

Haslemere, Liphook & Petersfield

›› TV and Radio aerials ›› Satellite systems (Freesat, Sky, foreign channels) ›› TV installations including wall mounting etc ›› Wired and wireless broadband networks We do good work! Contact: Gary Cox and Alex Kis Tel: 01428 656795 or 01730 267311 Mobile: 07850 830605



Haslemere, Midhurst & Petworth

You can tell VantagePoint is being delivered because our phones start ringing... Patricia Ellis, Wizard Video


PAINTING AND DECORATING Paperhanging Specialist

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1st Advanced heating Ltd

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w installatio

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Large Format Printing • PVC Banners Exhibition Graphics • Pop Up Banners Shop & Office Signage Email John on to discuss your printing and signage needs Creating the WOW effect

Ovens & More

For the cleaning of Domestic Ovens from £45, Hobs & Extractors from £16, Ranges, AGA/Rayburn, Combi ovens I can also clean Showers, Microwaves, Fridges Defrost Freezers. Why not get the BBQ, Patio or Garden Furniture cleaned For more information, a quote or to book please call or e-mail Darren

01428 735135


VantagePoint are recruiting!

Graphic and Web Designer Salary £17,000-£19,000 Godalming-based

We are recruiting a full-time position to design and put together our existing five monthly magazines, create adverts for our customers, work on custom publishing projects and manage our website and social media activities. Working alongside the Publisher and our sales team, we are seeking a dedicated, personable and talented designer with an understanding of design across print and web. You should be creative, original, highly literate with an exceptional eye for detail in layout, content and typography and able to work to tight deadlines. You need to be skilled in using Photoshop, InDesign, MailChimp, WordPress and have knowledge and experience of social media and SEO. Please contact Stefan Reynolds on 01483 421601 or email February 2019


VantagePoint are recruiting!

Sales Executive Full time, Godalming-based

Do you like meeting people? Do you like looking after clients and developing relationships? Are you hungry for success? Do you like being part of a dynamic sales team? Then we need to hear from you! We have been publishing local community magazines for almost 10 years, and our magazine VantagePoint continues to hold to its original values of being ‘the local magazine produced by local people for the local community’. Our business continues to grow as we have an established reputation for excellent editorial and the successful development of our business customers and advertisers. With success comes the need to grow our own team to maintain high client service levels. This is a full time (Mon-Fri) appointment for a Sales Executive, based in our Godalming office. The successful candidate will manage a group of business sectors and be expected to develop new business streams. We believe the company is a great place to work where people are respected and success well rewarded. Some advertising sales experience would be really useful, but ‘natural’ sales talent, initiative and great interpersonal skills is an excellent starting point. Basic salary £20,000 plus commission. If you think that you have the skills and energy to be a successful member of this dynamic team, please contact Marcus Atkins with your CV and a covering email at

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Haslemere, Midhurst & Petworth

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COMPETITIONS Enter at Postal entries can be sent to us at the address given on page three.

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WIN... a meal for two at the Wellington Arms up to a value of £50 Having sat in decline for over two years, the all-new Wellington Arms in Stratfield Turgis has finally re-opened following its sale to award-winning local pub company Red Mist Leisure and a £2.5 million refurbishment. Situated on the Hampshire/Berkshire border within the Wellington Estate, The Wellington Arms is a family-friendly pub, offering the perfect combination of a traditional English pub with relaxed and modern design. The pub has a strong emphasis on fresh, locally sourced and seasonal ingredients with which to create its menus by award-winning Head Chef Jay Williams. January saw the opening of its 25 boutique bedrooms and event space. For more information, visit To win a meal for two up to the value of £50, please answer the following question: Q: On which estate is the Wellington Arms situated? Please enter online at by 28th February 2019.

WIN... a family day at the Spectrum Leisure Complex in Guildford Guildford Spectrum Leisure Complex provides families with the complete leisure experience, and all under one roof! There is an amazing variety of activities to keep you and your family entertained all year round. Guildford Spectrum houses an Olympic-sized ice rink, which is the coolest place to have fun in Guildford. You’ll also find 4 different swimming pools which include a leisure pool which is packed full of slides and has a wave machine and a dedicated diving pool. That’s not all - Guildford Spectrum has the ultimate family fun experience: a massive 32-lane tenpin bowling alley. All these amazing activities and more can be booked online at To win a family day out, please answer the following question: Q: How many swimming pools does the Spectrum have? Please enter online at by 28th February 2019. 4 persons (max 2 adults) to enjoy 2 out of the 3 options, ice skating, swimming or bowling. Use before April 30th 2019.

WIN... a meal for two at the Wheatsheaf, Farnham up to a value of £50 The Wheatsheaf is a relaxed, contemporary pub with a focus on fresh, locally produced and seasonal food and drink in the heart of Farnham, with its very own secret garden. This independent pub and restaurant holds its 'field-to-fork' ethos central to its operation, with strong relationships with local farms, breweries and vineyards to ensure its food and drink quality remains second-to-none. Serving locally brewed, fresh ales from Tilford Brewery and Hogs Back Brewery, locally distilled gins and award-winning Surrey wines, makes it an ideal, lively place to meet friends for drinks, catch up over morning coffee and enjoy exceptional British food every day of the week. To win a meal for two up to the value of £50, please answer the following question: Q: Name one of the breweries that supplies the Wheatsheaf. Please enter online at by 28th February 2019. TERMS & CONDITIONS OF ENTRY: By entering these competitions you agree to receive periodic emails from VantagePoint Magazine, Vantage Publishing Ltd and the originator of the competition you are entering. You can opt out of receiving these at any time and your data will never be passed on for use by third parties. The prizes are nontransferable and have no cash alternative. Only one entry per person per competition and prizes will only be sent to homes with a GU, KT and RH postcode.

WHY PAY MAIN DEALER PRICES? Come to Surrey Land Rover Specialists All service & repairs at least 1/3 off main dealer prices Over 40 years combined Land Rover main dealer experience Only genuine parts used maintaining manufacturer’s warranty • • • • •

Land Rover and Jaguar main dealer diagnostic equipment Free local collection and delivery 3 minute walk from Haslemere Station All other makes serviced and repaired We also handle bodywork, minor scuffs and repairs and wheel refurbishments • MOT by appointment.

FREE WINTER HEALTH CHECK WITH THIS ADVERT Lights, tyres, steering, brakes, wipers and fluids

01428 778123 FREE WINTER CALL: HEALTH CHECK WWW.SLR-AUTOMOTIVE.CO.UK WITH THIS FLYER Unit 1A , Unicorn Trading Estate Weydown Road, Haslemere GU27 1DN

Moss Master






OFF 10% & 20% on orders placed in January 2019 S R E T “TDG 01” when booking your FREE Survey & Quote GUT FPlease OOFS quote T OF R GEPOIN After NTA Moss Master Ltd is a family run VA After FOR EADERS booking Moss Master Ltd isinaHampshire, family run business operating R when Before y e ” v P business operating inareas. Hampshire, SurBefore Surrey & surrounding e “V Quot our Free y Surrey & surrounding areas.

CLEAR... CLEAR... Before






CLEAN... Before CLEAN... Before



We offer a wide range of services We offer a wide range of services which include: which include: • Manual Roof Moss Removal power washing) •(not Manual Roof Moss Removal (not Inhibitor power washing) • Roof Treatment Roof Inhibitor ••Fascia and SoffitTreatment Cleaning Fascia and Soffit Cleaning ••Vacuum Gutter Cleaning ••Patio, PathGutter & Driveway Cleaning Vacuum Cleaning ••Friendly Team&of Specialists Patio, Path Driveway Cleaning ••Reliable, Service FriendlyCost-Effective Team of Specialists ••Long-Term Solution Reliable, Cost-Effective Service ••Guaranteed Fully Insured Long-Term & Solution ••Free Survey &&Quote Guaranteed Fully Insured • Free Survey & OF Quote TAKE CONTROL YOUR MOSS,


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cleaned upfriendly, beforehardworking they left. I and fullyexplained reecomment work. ”Richard and Sam were very exactly thier what they were going to do. The resultant mess was cleared up beautifully. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend.

2019) Contact us today for a FREE quotation on(Reviewed 01420January 479 746 | Contact us Unit today for Park, a FREE quotation on 01420 479 746 7, Business Chase Road (Spur), Lindford, GU35 0FE | Unit 7, Business Park, Chase Road (Spur), Lindford, GU35 0FE

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VantagePoint February 2019 - Haslemere, Midurst & Petworth  

Your best view of what's going on locally

VantagePoint February 2019 - Haslemere, Midurst & Petworth  

Your best view of what's going on locally