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What are the implications of a successful appeal against dismissal? At TWM Solicitors, we regularly find ourselves advising both individuals and employers about appeals against dismissal. The implications of appealing are not widely known, but can have significant consequences. A string of cases in recent years have considered the effect and established some important principles. It makes a lot of sense for employees to appeal against decisions to dismiss them, after all, it promises at least the possibility that the employer will reconsider and reverse the dismissal. Appeals are also encouraged since, in some circumstances, awards for successful claims of unfair dismissal can be subject to reductions of up to 25% if a right of appeal has not been pursued. Inevitably some individuals only appeal against their dismissal to maximise the money they might recover if they successfully pursue a claim of unfair dismissal - they may have no genuine desire or intention to return to their job. However, matters are not quite so simple. The Court of Appeal decision in Roberts v West Coast Trains Ltd is the leading case. This, and other subsequent cases, have developed a clear principle that when an employer decides an internal appeal against dismissal in favour of an employee, this revokes the dismissal. The effect is to erase the dismissal and the employment relationship is treated as if it had existed throughout. This applies even if the employee does not in truth wish to continue in employment. Although the cases have involved contractual appeals, it is likely that in fact the contractual status of the appeal process makes little difference. The case of Salmon v Castlebeck Care (Teesside) Ltd again concerned a contractual right of appeal, but the Employment Appeal Tribunal commented that it is implicit in any internal appeal that success will negate the dismissal regardless of whether the appeal is governed by a contract.

The implications of erasing the dismissal are significant. The employee can no longer claim unfair dismissal there is no longer a dismissal. However, the employee may respond by resigning to pursue a claim of constructive unfair dismissal based upon the employer’s conduct, since the history of what has taken place is not erased. If so, the employee will be responsible for establishing that there has been a fundamental breach of contract that justifies resigning and treating themselves as constructively dismissed - and that dismissal will then also have to be accepted as unfair by an Employment Tribunal, if the employee’s claim is to succeed. There are further interesting aspects to the case of Salmon v Castlebeck Care (Teesside) Ltd. It was decided that upholding an appeal has the effect of erasing the dismissal without the need for an express direction to reinstate. Just as significantly, this becomes effective as soon as the appeal is decided, which can mean that the dismissal is erased before the employee is even made aware. Employees and employers alike therefore need to consider very carefully how to handle appeals against dismissal. If you are thinking of submitting an appeal against a dismissal, or if you are an employer potentially dealing with an appeal, our Employment Law team have the knowledge and experience to advise you and will be very pleased to assist.

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10 Pets in winter Zoe Blake offers a few tips for the winter period

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THE EDITOR'S NOTE February is a funny old month. For some, there is the blessed relief that they can start drinking alcohol again after a dry January or begin eating normally now their diet is over. Those doing Veganuary can tuck in to those bacon sandwiches and others can get out their wallets now that the credit card bills have been fully settled. Sadly though, while getting lighter, the mornings are still dark, the cold weather is often yet to hit us and the joys of spring still seems a very very long way away. That might be one of the reasons why the month has only 28 days and someone decided it was a good idea to cheer many people up midway through the month with Valentine’s Day. Historically it was a interesting month. Mary Queen of Scots and Lady Jane Grey were both beheaded, and Lancastrian forces defeated the Yorkists at the Second Battle of St. Albans. A ‘Glorious Revolution’ brought the Protestant William of Orange and his wife Mary (daughter of James II and sister to Queen Anne, so well portrayed recently by Olivia Colman in The Favourite) to the throne of England after the Catholic King James II flees to France. Britain also went decimal, the Women’s Institute was founded, in Ontario, Canada, by Mrs Adelaide Hoodless and Margaret Thatcher became the first woman leader of the British Conservative Party. This month sees the return of our 'grumpy old git' in a new column entitled To the Point. This will appear periodically and will be a humerous look at some of the everyday issues that annoy, bewilder, irritate and perplex. With so much ammunition, we could probably fill the whole magazine! We also say hello to Alex Chidgey who has joined us to help with social media and design work for the magazine. Welcome!

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To the


Our grumpy old git (GOG) has his say...


ello. As a warning I’m going to talk total rubbish now . . .

Yesterday I reached a rage trigger point where I could only go one of three ways. Directly ahead completely angry-fuming. Slightly to the left (or right) with an angry face but relatively steamfree. Or in full reverse back down the leafy lane I’d emerged from, still annoyed but in vague agitated control. I’ll let you decide which way dear reader. Walking up an urban street I came across a nearempty litter bin where presumably the environmentally conscious local council had continued to fulfil its commitment to rubbishfree localities. But what was this? A take-away carton of a half-eaten but discarded takeaway (with soggy-looking salad and a pale brown cascade of something resembling sauce . . . or perhaps could’ve been something worse if you get my drift). And where was the carton? No further than four paces away from the clearly visible litter bin. As I walked further up the street (having pointedly placed the offending item in the bin – much to the vocal annoyance of a couple of crows who’d clearly been enjoying their impromptu meal) I was to encounter the general detritus of socially irresponsible members of our community. Actually, they don’t deserve to be members of any community. When I was a kid I was brought up to respect my locality. Parents and teachers and other elders



Guildford & Villages

made me see the benefits of always taking my rubbish home. We had clean streets. And clean public places. And litter-free gardens. And yet here there were cans (bizarrely some unopened) of everything from cheap alcohol, to so-called ‘energy drinks’ and takeaway coffee cups – scattered across a wide area, including the gardens of nearby homes. There were partempty carrier bags, multiple pages of a dismantled now soggy newspaper left to be carried in the wind – and rather spookily a discarded child’s rucksack in the shape of The Grinch. I’ve actually been fuming about this for many years. People discarding unwanted items everywhere. On public benches, in gutters, in hedges, on the floor in trains and buses. Everywhere. I have devised the HoFaToBi index* which I’m campaigning to be adopted nationally. In effect it measures the thoughtlessness of litter louts (and just how apt is that description – way more apt than ‘litter bugs’ in my book). Measured in walking paces (officially 0.75 metres) it provides a scientific method for identifying the oafishness and loutishness of litterers. The lower the HoFaToBi score the closer to the bin and the bigger their loutishness. Oafs the lot of them. * HoFaToBi : How Far To Bin Do you agree with GOG? What irritates you these days? Please let us know and we will publish the best comments and responses online. Please let us know by emailing us at

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PETS IN WINTER Zoe Blake offers a few tips for the winter period...


ike or loathe winter, it’s a time of year that can cause difficulties for us all. Sadly our pets can encounter problems so we need to be more vigilant at this time. Below are a few guidelines. Outside When you are walking your dog ensure you avoid any areas that have been treated with salt. Contact can cause irritation/burns and tummy upsets if they were to lick it off. Snow itself can accumulate between the feet and cause problems. It is therefore a good idea to get in the habit of washing and drying their feet when returning from a walk. Get to know your dog and how tolerant they are in colder temperatures, their age/ coat length/general health should be considered when deciding whether to go for that walk. A coat for your dog may be a good investment at this time of year. Keep yourself safe by wearing reflective clothing and consider a light on your pet’s collar.

With fewer daylight hours and colder, wetter weather you may find that your dog does not get as much exercise as he does in the summer. Obesity is a growing problem in dogs and can lead to other illnesses from chronic to acute. So it’s a good idea to monitor his weight and food intake, as you may need to reduce his food portions to stop him putting on weight over the winter. Cats are often attracted to the taste of anti-freeze so ensure any containers are securely locked away and clear up any spillages straight away. The chemical is toxic to all pets and can prove fatal if ingested. Evaluate your outdoor housing for any smaller pets you may have living outside. Guinea pigs do not tolerate the cold very well and can develop pneumonia. Do you have the facilities/space to bring them into the house? If this is not an option, then ensure you provide insulation around their hutches whether your purchase them custom made or you use blankets and bubble wrap. Ensure good ventilation at all times. Regularly check their water bottles are not frozen, insulation covers can be brought, alternatively bubble wrap and an old wool sock can be just as effective. Inside Many plants that are popular at this time of year can be poisonous so if you are buying/receiving some please do your research and check whether they are toxic to pets. The most common are lillies, ponsettias and amaryllis.

• Caring Independent Practice • Advice on all aspects of Pet care • Discounted Health Plan available • Consultations by appointment

Pets can easily bump into candles and heaters, which may result in a burn or fire. Remember to place candles and heaters well out of reach of pets if using them.

Don’t forget that our favourite foods at this time of year can be poisonous, such as chocolate, nuts and raisins, so please ensure they are kept out of reach. It is always a good idea to familiarise yourself to the toxic hazards on other foods as well if you are a new owner.

Out-of-hours services from Monday to Friday until 10pm on weekends/bank holidays 9am-6pm. Covered by Vets Now Guildford weekdays after 10pm and weekends/bank holidays after 6pm. Opening hours: Monday – Friday 0830 – 1830 hours, Saturday 0900 - 1100 hours Sunday emergency Clinic 1000 – 1100 hours 20 Knoll Road, Dorking RH4 3EP - 01306 883086 Rothwell House, Church Road, Bookham KT23 3JP - 01372 452531 Station Road, Gomshall GU5 9LE - 01483 205066



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FIND OUT MORE Zoe Blake is a registered veterinary nurse and runs The Friendly Pet Nurse. Call 07917 094715 or visit

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Phil Kemp visits two providers of care for seniors and meets those committed to their well-being.


hen I was invited to visit two residential care homes over the Christmas period, I must be honest and confess that I had mixed feelings, given that I have had family and friends in care. However what I was to experience first-hand I found to be both uplifting and inspiring. Prior to my visits I undertook some research into the sector and was overwhelmed by the sheer volume of cold statistics defining and assessing what is provided and to whom. But what I was to encounter were very caring and very professional human environments where people undoubtedly come first. My first destination was the Robertson Nursing Home in Godalming, which is run by Beritaz Care and is housed in an impressive Tudor-style building tucked away on a leafy country lane. Penny King, who has 25 years’ hands-on experience working in the care sector, is the home’s manager and very quickly put me at my ease. And during my visit it was evident that the residents I met were clearly enjoying the warm and relaxed living environment too. “The home isn’t purpose-built but has been converted and has a lot of character,” said Penny. “Every room is very individual - from the smaller rooms to one that has got its own conservatory. And we encourage new residents to bring in items that mean a lot to them to personalise their



Guildford & Villages

room.” Penny’s office overlooked one of the home’s communal lounges where some residents were chatting over a cup of coffee, surrounded by Christmas decorations. “We do our utmost to make their day and arrange activities to make a real difference. So, in September we had animals come and visit us in our lovely landscaped garden. A donkey, some pigs and goats – it really livened up their day,” said Penny, and smiling added: “We have children come and visit too, which included a group of Cubs who came in to sing Christmas carols for us.” Other activities include cheese and wine evenings, music evenings and exercise sessions too, with the latter a weekly activity called very wittily ‘Seniorcise’ which provides residents with gentle exercise routines. The home also encourages visitors to bring in their dogs and children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren to lighten up the residents’ day. “We recently had a visit from Jeremy

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Mag half page landscape Jasper01/04/18 February 2019

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V. 13

SENIOR LIVING Hunt, the local MP,” explained Penny, pointing to a framed photo recording the event. “He actually overran his schedule because he was so engaging, sitting with residents and taking time to talk with them. It was a very proud moment for the staff too, and when I had a chance to talk to him we discussed some very important healthrelated topics, especially helpful given that he used to be the Health Secretary.” Prior to my visit I had picked up on a bit of publicity over the staff’s new bright red tabards. “Yes, that was our little environmental bit towards reducing plastic waste. The old tabards were made out of plastic but the new ones are made out of a long-lasting material and do not need to be thrown away after each use. They look great too!” said Penny, smiling. I could see staff busy in the kitchen and raised the question of food, which sometimes gets mixed responses from residents in homes. “Our chef works extremely hard with everybody. She plans the menus with the residents, and she changes them according to the season, summer through to winter. The chef will go around daily and will

ask everybody for their choice. What would they like? What do they fancy today? Food is extremely important. It’s a very social event. We really encourage people to come to the dining room. The more in the dining room the more sociable people will be and, inevitably, the more they will eat.” As part of my visit I was introduced to residents and visitors. Mary, who was sitting in the dining area enjoying some food, was keen to praise the staff and what they do. “I like the staff because they are very friendly, kind and helpful – and I really enjoy the music and singalongs we have. The singing at this time of year makes you feel very Christmassy!” Alan, who was visiting his wife with a friend was keen to add: “She has several carers here and they are very caring indeed. It’s a very friendly atmosphere so when you walk in you always feel at home which is incredibly important. And she enjoys socialising with the other people too.” I then headed over to Hatch Mill in Farnham to meet staff and residents, and to find out about the charity that runs this and other homes in the area. The Abbeyfield Society was established in 1956 by a former Coldstream Guard, Richard Carr-Gomm, who had encountered a growing number of lonely older people that he realised needed support. Having resigned his army commission, he effectively became Britain’s first male home help. He soon invited four of his elderly cares to join him to live in his house in

Top: The staff outside Beritaz's Robertsons Nursing Home. Above: Teatime at Robertsons. Right: Penny King with Mary.



Guildford & Villages

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Usable all year round

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Cooler in summer

“You could have fried an egg on the table in there in the summer, I now look upon the conservatory as a new room. It is quiet, restful and cosy.” Carol Doyle, Surrey

“There is no doubt that the conservatory is much warmer than previously, and no, the room is not darker either!”

Reduces energy bills

“I’vealreadyturnedtheunderfloorheating down. Lovely job guys, thank you!” Anne Bird, Bristol

Quieter in bad weather

“Forthefirsttimein10yearswedonot have to close the door to the conservatory when it rains, as the noise is minimal and beforeIfounditdifficulttoheartheTVover the loudness of the rain on the old roof.” Mr & Mrs Bailey-Webb, Warsash

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Above: Abbeyfield's Hatch Mill. Right: Tracey Pollard with Alf

south-east London, and that saw the start of more houses being provided for older people. By 1960, Abbeyfield Societies were established across London and throughout the country, and today there are 500 homes operated by the charity. Hatch Mill in Farnham provides residential and nursing care in a large and spacious converted 18th century grade II building, which, following closure as a working corn watermill, saw various uses including an arts centre and rehearsal studios for the now defunct Redgrave Theatre. The home, which opened in 2001 and, following a full refurbishment, now provides 19 residential rooms on the ground floor and 27 for nursing care upstairs. The Abbeyfield Wey Valley Society was launched in 1986 and is effectively the merging of society homes in Farnham, Guildford and Haslemere working on a not-forprofit basis, and which as a group provide home care, sheltered accommodation as well as residential and nursing care. Wey Valley House and Hatch Mill were their first two homes. I met with Tracey Pollard, who as the society’s Well-being Manager proved to be the perfect ambassador for the society, especially as encouraging social interaction and engaging with activities to maintain mental awareness and sustain self-esteem is a core element of the care they provide. “I started here in 2002 as a senior care assistant and now look after the outings and activities, and co-ordinate fundraising and events. I love it as I get to do all the fun jobs!” Tracey’s broad smile clearly endorsed this. “Our in-house activities are very resident-led, as you’ll find that activities across our three homes in Farnham are slightly different depending upon what the residents want.” Given that my visit was over the Christmas period, the home was full of brightly-coloured decorations and there was a general festive feel about the place with residents clearly enjoying the atmosphere. “So activities can be anything from pilates and tai chi, musical entertainment, to skittles and hoopla. We’ve had musicians come in and



Guildford & Villages

play Christmas tunes, and it’s lovely to see residents singing along with smiles on their faces.” When I arrived I had parked alongside Hatch Mill’s minibus which had been provided by fundraising activities by the society as well as a grant from the National Lottery. “We have volunteers that help staff with outings, and again these are chosen by our residents. This year we’ve had trips to Hampton Court, Windsor Castle, Marwell Zoo and the Watts Gallery, amongst many other destinations.” The fact that these trips are clearly highly popular were endorsed by residents I was introduced to. “I very much enjoy the Runnymede boat trip along the Thames,” said Alf, the home’s longest stay resident. “And you get a very nice cream tea!” Shirley added: “The trip to Southsea with fish and chips down at the seaside is one of my favourites, and I must say that the staff here are very kind and do a wonderful job looking after us.” We also popped in to talk with Theo, whose room overlooks a pond in the garden where he watches the birds come and go, including regular visits from a heron. “I like all of the outings, and I do enjoy staying here and the staff are very friendly.” Phil Kemp is a Godalming-based writer and photographer. FIND OUT MORE Robertson Nursing Home & Beritaz Care Hatch Mill & the Abbeyfield Wey Valley Society

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Bringing Warmth to your Home

At Huddleston Fireplaces we have one aim in mind - 'Bringing warmth to your Home�' We all know the joy of coming home and sitting down in front of fire and putting your feet up. We can supply and install from a large range of products from Limestone, Marble and Bath Stone Fireplaces, along with gas and electric fires and wood burning stoves.

Huddleston Fireplaces Bringing warmth to your home Suppliers and installers of quality fireplaces, gas and electric fires and log burning stoves Visit us at or find us on Facebook and Instagram

Our team of experienced surveyors and installers can bring your vision to life. Call or email us today mention Vantage Point magazine and get 10% off any purchases. Huddleston Fireplaces 07444 154366 ADVERTORIAL FEATURE

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From beautiful curtains and blinds to sumptuous drapes and soft furnishings, you will find everything you need to make your house a home at C & H.

Unit 7 White Lion Walk Guildford, Surrey GU1 3DX TEL: 01483 504208 February 2019

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Guildford & Villages

V. 17

FASHION Kirstie Smillie

Wardrobe revisited With interviews for a new job looming and too much black in her wardrobe, Alison Gilbert had plenty of questions for fashion stylist, Kirstie Smillie.


t’s known as many things but a wardrobe declutter, edit or detox sorts out the clothes that make you look and feel great with those that don’t. Fit is essential, fashion not so. Time is set aside to find outfits for your everyday life and to learn your own personal style. It’s about growing in confidence too with a nudge to experiment more and enjoy colour and tone. Alison, a mid forties fashion lover, often feels a bit confused and asked me to help her decide what stays and what goes. We focused on her immediate needs for now, which meant storing away the corporate dresses and high summer layers and creating outfits for interviews ahead, day layers and options to wear instead of jeans. To 'fruit-label' Alison (not sure who started that idea!) I would say she is a slim apple. Full bust and straight waist with neat bottom and great legs. We discussed proportion and the reality of tall, slender

models wearing the brands she loves like Hush and Whistles. Clothes will always look different on real bodies so thinking about your own shape before you buy will save time and energy. As a guide, if the top half is longer and wider, the bottom half suits slimmer or shorter - and in reverse, if you have chosen to wear wide trousers or a full midi skirt, choose slim fitting or waisted jackets for fit. Alison’s grown up ruffle blouse gets balance with her boyfriend jeans and in reverse her midi pleated skirt suited the leather jacket and ankle boots to avoid looking too officelike.

“I feel that I always end up in jeans even when I’ve got other alternatives…I feel I will be overdressed!”



Guildford & Villages

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V. “I would like to stop buying stuff that I like on Instagram that actually isn't suited to my lifestyle....I'm not sure I know my style!” Alison’s quick style guide list: Wear skinny jeans with oversized knits Wide trousers need slim fitted knits and cropped jackets Midi skirts worn with fun t-shirts, waist length or tucked in. Wear short skirts with flatter boots and black opaques Wear more colour especially on the top half

Avoid long oversized tops with full skirts or wide trousers No to matt black near her face, unless there is a pop of colour nearby We agreed opaque tights and trainers and midi skirts was not for her, instead nude legs with ankle boots or long boots Try not to overanalyse - if it doesn’t work, recycle, even if the label is still hanging there - we all make mistakes What Alison learnt: Split up two pieces. Her velvet Toast t-shirt looks amazing with her Whistles dark green trousers that we pinned to become ankle length. The long velvet skirt became more relaxed-day with a slim fitting sweater. Mix up the under layers. If a top comes with a camisole, try a new colour. With Alison’s stripy shirt the navy cami relaxed the prim ruffles to add glamour to boyfriend jeans. Alter to perfect. Spend a little to make a garment fit. Shorten sleeves and see how it lifts the overall look. Alison agreed to shorten a Whistles leather t-shirt and re fitted a navy leather skirt, as these investment items won’t date and deserved the attention to detail. Just wear it. Alison has some gorgeous clothes that were hidden in her wardrobe. By trying on new outfit combinations, she was reminded how great she felt in them. Don’t keep for best.

“I thought I might have had lots to get rid of but having Kirstie go through items I was able to rework items which obviously saves money and helps me feel like I’m doing a bit towards my own sustainable footprint in the world. Kirstie doesn’t judge your wardrobe but she does ask questions of it. She gets to the crux of your needs always making sure you look stylish and modern..“ Ali. There are rules to follow but as we know these can always be broken. You are an individual so what works for one person will be different for another. Set a morning aside and start the process to achieve a coordinated wardrobe of clothes that you find easy to wear … a great way to start the year.

Kirstie is a Personal Fashion Stylist helping you to love your clothes and yourself. Foryour more details on Alison’s session, visit suits my website, " The first step is often own wardrobe, let’s work out what you.". Email: or call 07773 234947. Kirstie is a Personal Stylist helping you to love your clothes and yourself. Email: or call 07773 234947.

February 2019

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Valentine's Day chocolate recipes


Here are a couple of easy-to-make chocolate recipes for Valentine's Day, or indeed any other day. With January now out of the way, it is surely now time for some modest indulgence...

Chocolate Truffles

Chocolate Brownies





150g good-quality dark chocolate, 75% cocoa solids; 150ml pot double cream; 25g unsalted butter. Makes 25-30 truffles. 1. Chop the chocolate into small pieces and put into a large bowl. Pour the cream into a saucepan, add the butter and heat gently until the butter melts and the cream reaches simmering point. Remove from the heat and pour over the chocolate. Stir thoroughly until smooth. At this stage, you can add any flavourings to the truffle mix. If you want several, divide the mixture between bowls and mix in liqueurs or other flavourings one teaspoon at a time to taste. Try your favourite spirit (whisky, rum, Malibu, gin, brandy), the juice and zest of an orange or you can leave plain. Cool and chill in the fridge for at least 4 hrs. 2. About 30 minutes before you’re ready to make your truffles, take mixture out of the fridge and let it warm up to room temperature. Dip two spoons or a melon baller in hot water and scoop up balls of the mixture. 3. Coat your truffles immediately after shaping. Tip toppings into a bowl and gently roll the truffles until evenly coated, then chill on greaseproof paper. Eat within three days or they can be frozen. To coat, try crushed nuts, lightly toasted desiccated coconut or roll in cocoa powder. To coat in chocolate, melt 100g milk, dark or white chocolate in a bain marie per 10 truffles. Allow it to cool slightly. With a fork, dip each truffle into it to coat. Place on the baking tray, then chill.



Guildford & Villages

200g dark chocolate, min 70% cocoa solids; 250g unsalted butter; 4 eggs; 360g caster sugar, 65g plain flour, 1 tsp baking powder, 80g good quality cocoa powder. Makes 20. 1. Heat the oven to 180C/fan 160C/gas 4. 2. Line a 24cm square brownie tin with greaseproof paper. Melt the chopped butter and chocolate together in a bowl over a pan of simmering water until melted, stirring regularly. Cool to room temperature. 3. Whisk the eggs and sugar together until the mixture is light and fluffy. Fold the chocolate mixture into the egg mixture and sift in the flour, baking powder and cocoa powder. Mix this all together to give a fudgy batter. At this stage, you can add a variety of flavourings. Try chopped white or milk chocolate chunks; toasted and roughly chopped walnuts; dried cherries; baby marshmallows etc. 6. Bake for 25 minutes or until the top is cracked but the middle still a little bit gooey. Cool completely, then lift out of the tin and cut. Store in an airtight container. For many more chocolate recipes, please visit the following websites:

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in Surre

Tommy Miah MBE International

Guildford Spice wins prestigious award: 'Best Indian Restaurant in Surrey'

Contemporary and Tradi “Winner - Best Indian & Bangladeshi c Indian Restaurant Vegan & Vegetaria in Special Surrey”

“Winner - Best Indian Restaurant in Surrey”

There were many celebrations recently at the Royal Regency Hotel, Manor Park, East London where the ‘Tommy Miah MBE International Indian Chef Awards’ event was held.

Tommy Miah MBE International Indian Chef Awards

Contemporary and Traditional Indian & Bangladeshi cuisine Special Vegan & Vegetarian Dishes

Tommy Miahawards MBE International Indian Chef Awards Since 1991, the Tommy Miah MBE has set out to recognise the individuals, teams and businesses that would shape the Indian cuisine hospitality industry.

Contemporary and Traditional This unique long-running competition has provided Indian & Bangladeshi cuisine a pathway to success for ambitious chefs, presenting their innovation and quality in ethnic cuisine. The SpecialofVegan & Vegetarian event showcases the excellence their ideas and skills under the scrutiny of expert judges.


Indian restaurants in each UK County were judged. The winner f the acolade 'Best Indian Restaurant in Surrey' was Guildford Spice!


01483 572572 @theguildfordspice 52a Chertsey Street, Guildford GU1 4HD

So take this opportunity to come and dine with us in February. We are offering £10 off on all takeaways and meals inside the restaurant. Minimum order £30.

Guildford Spice 52a Chertsey Street, Guildford, GU1 4HD 01483 572572 / 07908855299

*£10 off throughout January 2019! Eat in / takeaway. Min order £30. One voucher per order. We wish our customers a Happy New Year!

A5 Leaflet 12.18.indd 1

*£10 off throughout February 2019! Eat in or takeaway. wish our a Ha Min order £30. OneWe voucher percustomers order.

*£10 off throughout January 2019! Eat in / takeaway.

A5 Leaflet 12.18.indd 1


01483 572572 @theguildfordspice 52a Chertsey Street, Guildford GU1 4HD

To advertise, please call 01483 420173 Guildford & Villages V. 21 *£10 off throughout January 2019! Eat in / takeaway. Min order £30. One voucher per order.

February 2019

52a C

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Walking for Health

To quote some of our wonderful walkers: ‘’Walking in a group is great for you mentally and physically. You get to socialise, meet and chat with other people which helps to combat loneliness. You get to exercise with others and know you will not be walking alone, so you feel safe and have support.’’ ‘’Walking for Health has transformed my life. It took me back into the community from growing isolation and mental health problems. Without it my battle would be much tougher.’'


can hear you mutter ‘’all walking is healthy, what is so special about this one?’’ Walking for Health is about organised and risk-assessed short community group walks. It is the name given by Dr William Bird (MBE), who started the first health walks in the early 90s. He felt his patients could do without some medications if they just got outside to walk and talk in a group. He set up walk schemes to encourage people in the UK to exercise in order to promote good health, and he was awarded an MBE for his contributions to health and physical wellbeing. Walking for Health is the largest network of group health walks nationwide, and it is one of the little pleasures in our society that you can go on a free volunteer-led walk almost everywhere. Every GP should be able to recommend a local community walk for those patients who need it most. The walks are all led by volunteer walk leaders trained by the Ramblers organisation. Thousands of people across the country are out doing health walks, making new friends and leading more active lifestyles. The walks are led by friendly, specially trained volunteers who are on hand to provide encouragement and support, making sure no one gets left behind. Walks tend to be an hour (or shorter), with backmarkers walking at the pace of walkers at the rear. The walks tend to be over easy terrain, open to everyone, but are especially aimed at those who are least active. Walking has so many benefits: it helps keep weight down, and can also help to control blood-sugar levels, reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes, heart disease and stroke; it lowers blood pressure, increases life expectancy and reduces pain for people with arthritis. It is the perfect antidote for loneliness. Walking makes you feel better, relieving symptoms of depression and anxiety, particularly walking in green spaces. Walking in a group gives you a sense of belonging.



Guildford & Villages

‘’I joined Walking for Health after I lost my husband as I needed to exercise having suffered badly from sciatica that year and was nervous of walking in the countryside alone. The walks have been so beneficial not only in health but in coping mentally with my loss. I have made many friends on the walks and some of these have provided great support for me especially as I do not have family close by. It is now, rain or shine, an integral part of my week.’’ ‘’The walks are not only helping me to recover from prostate cancer but also beat loneliness as I was recently widowed. They are a lifeline for many and are such a friendly group of people. I would strongly recommend them.’’ FIND OUT MORE For more information on Walking for Health, visit their website at

Guildford Walking for Health has a number of walk groups around Guildford, with walks on weekday mornings: From the Shalford Seahorse Inn Wednesdays at 10 am; the Whitmoor Common Jolly Farmer Fridays at 11am. The Boxgrove Park walks are a bit more strenuous as they are hillier and up to 90 minutes long -- these walks encourage walkers to stretch themselves. The Boxgrove walks are at 10am on Mondays, from the Peacocks Greengrocers, Cunningham Avenue. Well-behaved dogs on short leads are welcome. Two new groups are planned, with walks from Worplesdon Place on Tuesday mornings, and the Shere Village Hall on Thursday mornings. Walks can’t take place without the valued assistance of volunteers. Helping others is a fabulous way to give back to your local community. Volunteer walk leaders are needed to make the above new walks a reality. Please email, or call 07554 423010.

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Your garden… our expertise Stunning outdoor spaces

Planning a garden makeover? Give us a call… • Landscaping • Planting • Patios & Stone Work

• Decking & Steel Work • Water Features • Outdoor Play Areas

Contact us for a free estimate: 01306 611 231 email: Award Winning Garden Design & Construction

• Automatic Gate Specialists • Repairs & servicing to all makes and models of gates & automation • Insurance approved work undertaken • Metal & Wooden gates/ railings manufacturing


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Guildford & Villages

V. 23

HEALTH IS WEALTH Jo Butler from Physio 1to1 on the benefits of keeping active


ealth is wealth is a saying we don’t use enough in daily life. Unfortunately ‘Time is money’ tends to get quoted far more often. We live in a wealth-focussed landscape but it is really our health that will ultimately define us. It is our health that allows us the ability to make the most of the personal circumstances we find ourselves in. During the good times, our good health can help us reach our highest goals and achieve our dreams and ambitions. When we find ourselves in difficult times, sometimes challenging circumstances, our good health can help us be robust enough to withstand all that befalls us and get back on our feet. Health is

We make hand stitched, bespoke curtains and roman blinds, ensuring every fitting is Instagram worthy. We also sell tracks and poles and have loads of beautiful fabric books to look at . . . . . call to make an appointment.

07882 144943 susie_wigg Hambledon, Godalming

the currency we use to navigate through the various circumstances we find ourselves in throughout our life. An online poll by YouGov this year worryingly found that in the past year, 74% of people have felt so stressed they have been overwhelmed or unable to cope. 46% responded that they had begun to eat too much or eat unhealthily due to stress, whilst others reported an increase in alcohol consumption. It is all too easy to get into a downward spiral with stress. When we feel stressed a hormone called cortisol is released by the body and if this happens too often, our body can no longer respond to stress and starts to feel fatigued. Stress can also exacerbate heart, respiratory and other underlying conditions. Even something as mild as increased muscle tension can contribute to musculoskeletal injuries. We need to pay more attention to the ‘health is wealth’ mantra and take time to reflect on how our lifestyle is impacting on our inside health, then take control by taking steps to change and improve it. As a Chartered Physiotherapist, I spend a lot of my time encouraging people to be more active. Regular exercise is one of the lifestyle choices that can have a profound effect on improving your health and wellbeing. Evidence suggests that physical activity boosts the natural production of serotonin (a feel-good chemical), not just during the activity but for hours after it. Serotonin is also used in antidepressants due to its positive effect on mood and wellbeing. Rather than take medication, you can produce it yourself just by exercising. Starting to become active can be daunting, especially if you haven’t done much exercise before or if you are managing a health condition. It is all too easy to stop moving when you have a health condition. Keeping moving is one of the most important aspects of managing long term health conditions, ranging from arthritis,



Guildford & Villages

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Do you need roof repairs? Whatever the size of your roof or the scale of your problem, you can count on a team of professional roofers to sort it out in no time at all. Come to us for quality repairs; we have the experience, tools and materials to deal with any requirement. Call us out to wherever you live in Surrey, Hampshire or Sussex for a free, no obligation consultation and quotes on all parts of your roofline that need repairing.

Our services are available 7 days a week for all types of Roofing repairs and new installations. These services include: • All Types of Roofing Repairs • New Roofs Installed • Guttering & Leadwork • Chimney Renovations • Flat Roof Installation & Repair • Slate & Tiling • uPVC Fascias & Soffits • Storm Damage & Insurance Work Also Experts in fixing or replacing • Guttering, Facias & Soffits • Moss removal Typical prices: Re-guttering from £150 Replacing up to 12 roof tiles and clear out gutters from £225

Contact BESPOKE ROOFING SERVICES for your bespoke quotation

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A service you can rely on

HEALTH IS WEALTH chronic pain through to conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis (MS) or Parkinsons Disease (PD). If you have arthritis, it is okay to experience some pain, or even a slight increase in pain during and after exercise. As long as it settles back to pre-exercise levels within 24 hours, your activity level will be about right. If it lasts longer try reducing the level of exercise.

activity levels and do things at your own pace, monitoring your improvement over time. If you are in a wheelchair most of the day, move within your level of ability. This could be arm movements holding light weights, marching your legs up and down or bending and straightening your knees. It is sometimes useful to adopt a 24-hour approach to moving. Try to break up your day so you don’t stay in the same position for too long. This is particularly important if you are limited in your ability to move. Sometimes a change of position, such as lie down in bed to stretch out your legs, can be hugely beneficial to your wellbeing.


The pain should also not be too severe or coincide with protracted swelling, heat, or redness of joints. You could try exercising in a pool initially where there is decreased weight bearing through your joints. You don’t have to be able to swim, just walking in the pool, doing some squats or marching will all help build muscle strength. You can then aim to do this on land once you feel stronger. If you have chronic (long-term) pain, focus on how your ability to do the activities changes rather than expecting the pain to reduce. Once again gradually increase your

With long term conditions you can have good and bad days. Monitor your activities based upon how you feel and don’t get overly concerned with the bad days, they will come and go. If you are unsure always talk it through with your GP or Physiotherapist. Exercise should be gradually introduced to allow your body to get used to the increased activity. Remember ‘Health is wealth’ so take time out of your schedule to pay attention to your body. Get moving, enable those natural feel good chemicals to flood your body and melt away your tension. FIND OUT MORE Jo Butler MSc MCSP is from Physio 1to1, Physiotherapy and sports injury clinic, Godalming. Tel : 01483 424470 or visit

The LOCAL Independent Choice for ALL Your WINDOWS, DOORS & CONSERVATORIES Giving a Family Service Since 1992 to Our Private and Trade Customers

Tel: 01483 894489

• PVCu - Timber - Aluminium • Bespoke Conservatories • Soffits & Fascias • Guttering & Cladding • Highest Quality of Workmanship • Full 10 Year Insurance Backed Guarantee • Deposits Insured • Trade Counter • Genuine Customer Care with a Relaxed Approach



Guildford & Villages

The Tannery, Tannery Lane, Gosden Common, Bramley, Guildford GU5 0AB

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Retirement sale now on!

Care and Support at Home • A friendly, flexible service with help available for ½ hour per week to 24 hour live-in care. • A family owned and run business who were fully compliant at our last inspection by the Care Quality Commission. • Trustworthy, caring, professional staff, fully trained and with Criminal Records clearance. •referenced A friendly, flexible service with help

At Orlando we offer a comprehensive jewellery service including repairs and restorations, valuations, insurance claims, professional cleaning and polishing, design commissions, re-threading and much more. 1 Sydenham Road, Guildford, Surrey GU1 3RT Tel: 01483 566822 Email:

•available We can offer from you support with: personal care, bathing, ½ hour per week to 24 hair washing, physical therapy exercises, companionship, hour live-in care. nursing care, simple cooking, shopping, medication management, light domestic •ironing, A family ownedduties andand run business dog walking.

who were rated GOOD in all areas at our last inspection by the Care Quality For further information, or Commission. to arrange a free no obligation meeting in your

Care and Support at Home 01483 797950 home, please call

or visit our website • Trustworthy, caring, professional • A friendly, flexible service staff, fully trained and referenced with help available for ½ with Criminal Recordshour clearance. per week to 24 hour live-in care. Please call us if you are interested in • A family owned and becoming an Astor carer.

Astor Care 17x4.indd 1

09/08/2016 14:56

run business who were fully compliant at our • We can offer you support with:by the last inspection Quality Commission. personal care, bathing,Care hair

washing, physical therapy exercises,

• Trustworthy, caring, professional staff, fully trained and companionship, nursing care, simple referenced with Criminal Records clearance.

cooking, shopping, medication

• We can offer you support with: personal care, bathing, management, ironing, light domestic hair washing, physical therapy exercises, companionship, nursing care, duties andsimple dogcooking, walking. shopping, medication management, ironing, light domestic duties and dog walking. For further information, or to arrange a free no obligation meeting in your home, please call 01483 797950 or visit our website February 2019

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V. 27

09/08/2016 14:56

EMERGENCY DRAIN CLEARANCE Drains Internal/External High Pressure Jetting Manual Rodding Pipe Laying Non Excavation Relining CCTV Surveys Insurance Work Undertaken All Work Guaranteed Fully Qualified Engineers




0800 051 9317



PLUMBING • HEATING • DRAINAGE Emergency Plumbing Leaks New Boilers Boiler Repairs/Breakdowns Power Flushing Central Heating Installations Bathroom Installations Shower Installations Wet Room Installations





0800 051 9317



Rotary Club of Guildford District


Walkers come from Guildford and surrounding areas and set off from Shalford Park on a 5k or 10k route that takes in some wonderful Surrey countryside. This year, the event, sponsored by OSP Architects, will take place in Sunday 19th May. They would love to see you there and dogs are welcome too!


he Rotary Club of Guildford District is made up of an enthusiastic group of professional men and women of all ages who give their time, talents and knowledge to try and help various community groups and charitable organisations in Guildford and surrounding areas. Each year the club raises funds through a number of events including a Bikeathon challenge with TurnFit Studio, raising funds for Topic of Cancer and their research programme at Surrey University, in addition to funding special support groups and specialist exercise classes for cancer patients and survivors. For many years the club has successfully run a family-friendly charity walk that provides those taking part with the opportunity to raise funds for any charity or community group of their choice. Local charities and community groups themselves are also invited to join in and it’s free to enter. Rotary organise the entire event and all the details like health and safety and marking the route are taken care of by the club.


Guildford & Villages

Meetings are held on the first and third Wednesday of the month at The Keep, 29 Castle Street, Guildford GU1 3UW at 7.45am for 8am and at lunchtimes on the second and fourth Wednesday of the month at The Club House of Guildford Golf Club, High Path Road, Merrow, Guildford. GU1 2HL at 12.30pm for 12.45pm. When there is a fifth Wednesday in the month evening meetings are arranged where partners may also attend. Rotary is all about, ‘Service Above Self,’ and is an International organisation that reaches across countries and nationalities to make a difference globally wherever there is a need, often responding to international disasters, national problems or local issues.




Members attend regular meetings to talk about up and coming events; listen to a variety of entertaining and interesting speakers and to share news with Rotary friends.

We are always looking for new recruits so if you think this is a club you would like to find out more about please do get in touch via the website details below. They look forward to seeing you!

Call Jake: 07776 235010 Out-of-hours are available at no extra charge for evenings and weekends

There is also the annual schools concert sponsored by Downs Solicitors. This fabulous event showcases some of the amazing young talented musicians we have in the area providing them with the opportunity to perform on a large stage whilst also raising money for their school. It takes place at Guildford’s prestigious G Live and this year will be on Wednesday 13th March.

For more informatuion, please visit

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Your local blind & shutter company

February sale 20% off everything*

Transform your living space with our vast range of Blinds, Shutters and Awnings. See what our valued customers say about our trusted local company on Fast local service Over 20 years experience Free relaxed home visits and estimates with no pressure

Tel: 01252 727490 - 01483 478857

* Offer ends 28th February 2019

Come and vist the showroom Monday to Saturday. 11 The Street, Wrecclesham, Farnham GU10 4PPGODALMING 33 FARNHAM & VILLAGES R&A x 25



Prospects of Polesden An undulating walk from Ranmore Common in the Surrey Hills, through part of the National Trust estate of Polesden Lacey. From the walk there are good views of the Mole Gap, London, and on a clear day, the South Downs. Please note that there is admission fee if you wish to enter the grounds or house of Polesden Lacey (free for National Trust members). This is a Surrey County Council Rights of Way Group Self Guided Walk and is reproduced with kind permission of Surrey County Council. Go. From the Denbies Hillside car park, cross over Ranmore Common Road with care and then turn left along the wide grass verge. You will pass the red Charlotte Cottage to the left and then Rose Tree Cottage and the tile-clad Fox Cottages on the right. Immediately after Fox Cottages, turn right alongside a vehicle barrier onto the track into woodland (signed Youth Hostel). Ignore the first path forking immediately left, simply stay on the track alongside the cottage on the right. In 40m, at the fork, take the left branch signed again for the Youth Hostel. 1. Follow the woodland path which leads you steadily downhill for 1.1km. The woodland here is a mixture of oak, beech and yew. Young beech trees have been planted where the land slopes downhill and enters the Polesden Estate. The estate woodlands are managed to preserve their important landscape feature when viewed from the gardens of Polesden Lacey House. Eventually the track swings right to pass Tanners Hatch Youth Hostel on your left. Take a moment here to admire the ©Crown copyright 2019 youth hostel cottage and the valley Ordnance Survey. Media 005/19 beyond. Tanners Hatch is an old estate cottage that was restored and renovated by members of the Youth Hostels Association during the Second World War. Across the valley the long wall of Sheridan’s Walk can be glimpsed through the trees. The playwright and politician Richard Brinsley Sheridan bought the Polesden Lacey Estate in 1797. He described the old house as a ruin and had ambitious plans to rebuild it, but did not achieve this. The only visible legacy of his ownership is this long terraced walk, which is still one of the most impressive features of the garden. 2. Continue to follow the track down to the bottom of the valley (ignoring a signed path through a gate to the left). Stay on the main track as it swings left heading uphill between lines of coppiced hedgerows. After 100m fork left (signed to Connicut Lane) and the path leads you under an ornamental stone bridge. 3. Beyond the bridge, continue on the main track still climbing (note: Disclaimer

this stretch can be very muddy). Some way along, the view opens up back across the fields on the right to the Mole Gap. After about 1.2km you will reach a T-junction with the road, Polesden Road. 4. Cross over the road with care, go through the hedge gap opposite and then turn immediately left to follow the footpath running parallel with the road on the left. On a clear day, there are views of London to the right. At the end of the right-hand grass verge, you will reach the entrance drive for Polesden Lacey on the left. At this point you can take a detour to visit the house and gardens should you wish. NT charges apply for non-members. To do so, turn left down the drive. Opening times are displayed by the memorial arch, which was designed by Sir Hugh Casson and built in 1958. 5. To continue the walk, ignore the fork for the entrance drive on the left, simply keep ahead on the track signed to several cottages and farms. After 140m, at a signed junction of paths, stay on the main track which swings left heading steadily uphill. Stay on the track to pass Home Farm House and then continue downhill to join a cutting which leads you under a thatched bridge. The cutting was constructed in 1861 to allow vehicles to use this estate road without being seen from the gardens. The excavated material was used to make a causeway for the lane lined with yew trees which you will be joining shortly. 6. Pass under the second bridge and, where the tarmac track turns left, keep ahead along a track lined with yew trees (signed as a public bridleway). After 300m you will come to a staggered T-junction. Turn right heading uphill on the tarmac track, noting the views of the Mole Valley. You will come to Yew Tree Farm on the left. A few paces after Yew Tree Farm, keep left at the fork. Keep left again at the second fork, staying on the main track. Further along on the left, you will find a small rest area with a bench. Take a moment here to sit and admire the lovely view back towards Polesden Lacey.

This walking route was walked and checked at the time of writing. We have taken care to make sure all our walks are safe for walkers of a reasonable level of experience and Þtness. However, like all outdoor activities, walking carries a degree of risk and we accept no responsibility for any loss or damage to personal effects, personal accident, injury or public liability whilst following this walk. We cannot be held for responsible for any inaccuracies that result from changes to the routes that occur over time. Please let us know of any changes to the routes so that we can correct the information. Walking Safety

For your safety and comfort we recommend that you take the following with you on your walk: bottled water, snacks, a waterproof jacket, waterproof/sturdy boots, a woolly hat and ßeece (in winter and cold weather), a fully-charged mobile phone, a whistle, a compass and an Ordnance Survey map of the area. Check the weather forecast before you leave, carry appropriate clothing and do not set out in fog or mist as these conditions can seriously affect your ability to navigate the route. Take particular care on cliff/mountain paths where steep drops can present a particular hazard. Some routes include sections along roads Ð take care to avoid any trafÞc at these points. Around farmland take care with children and dogs, particularly around machinery and livestock. If you are walking on the coast make sure you check the tide times before you set out.

Neither the publisher nor the author can accept any responsibility for any changes, errors or omissions in this route. Diversion orders can be made and permissions withdrawn at any time.



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A view of the beautiful Polesden estate, taken during a walk in October (Stefan Reynolds)

The present house was designed by Thomas Cubitt as a Grecian villa, and built in 1824 by Joseph Bonsor. Several owners have since added to it. Bonsor planted many of the avenues and woods on the estate. The house became a focus of Edwardian society when the Honourable Mrs Ronald Greville lived there, and entertained the social and political leaders of the time. In 1923 the then Duke and Duchess of York, later King George VI and Queen Elizabeth, spent part of their honeymoon there. When Mrs Greville died in 1942 she bequeathed the estate to the National Trust as a memorial to her father. Some way further up the hill you will come to a short waymarker post with blue and yellow arrows, marking a crossroads of paths. 7. Keep straight ahead on the main track and then ignore the next path signed left. About 50m later, fork right to join a bridleway marked with a blue arrow (not the blue NT arrow). Keep straight ahead across a stone vehicle track and continue along the bridleway through woods for 450m to reach a junction with the road. Cross the road with care and go along the track opposite (signed for the Ranmore Campsite). Pass the scout campsite on the left and continue downhill for 100m to reach a signed junction. Turn left here to join the North Downs Way (marked by an acorn symbol). 8. Keep ahead on this path, passing through a wooden staggered barrier, along the edge of Ranmore Common woodland. After 700m, at a staggered crossroads, go ahead through a kissing


gate into Steer’s Field. Take the left-hand of the two paths ahead, heading for Ranmore Common’s St Barnabas Church spire, noting the view of Westcott to the right and Dorking ahead. In 1850, the elaborate but now demolished Denbies house was designed and built by Thomas Cubitt, who was the well-known builder and architect of the oldest part of Polesden Lacey house. St Barnabas Church was built in 1859 near Denbies by Cubitt’s son George, later Lord Ashcombe. The National Trust acquired 99 hectares (245 acres) of the Denbies hillside in 1960 and manages it to conserve the chalk grassland. Follow the path as it swings left and pass through the gate to reach the car park where the walk began.

DISTANCE: 5 miles OS MAPS: Explorer 146 Dorking, Box Hill & Reigate START POINT: The walk starts and finishes at the National Trust Denbies Hillside pay and display car park on Ranmore Common Road, about one mile north-west of Dorking. Free for National Trust members. For many more walks, please visit our website at: February 2019

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V. 33

Closing Down Sale at least

30% off all stock 100’s of rings, jewellery & watches at

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Pilgrim Wood_Layout 1 14/10/2013 16:05 Page 1

9 High Street, Haslemere, Surrey GU27 2HG Tel: 01428 656138

Pilgrim Wood is an elegant, 1920s country house situated in three acres of grounds in an area of outstanding natural beauty close to the North Downs Way. Our elevated position provides remarkable views of the surrounding countryside, yet we are conveniently located only two miles from the centre of Guildford. Registered and compliant with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) for 35 residents over the age of 65 years, we provide long term residential and dementia care as well as respite and convalescent care in an individual, family run home. We encourage our residents to partake in an active and varied lifestyle, including festive and social events, regular outings, and a daily program of group activities. We welcome visitors, so please feel free to stop by or call to make an appointment.

Sandy Lane, Guildford, Surrey GU3 1HF 01483 573111



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Jottings - your community noticeboard Jottings is your FREE community noticeboard for charities, local events, groups and information, compiled by Jane Gosnell. To feature, please email by the first Friday of the month prior to month of publication. Please note that space is limited and inclusion cannot be guaranteed. By submitting an entry, you agree to Vantage Publishing using your data for marketing purposes as per our Privacy Policy on our website. You can opt-out at any time.

Well January has flown by! I’ve busy making plans to

extend my skill set with a few training courses and planning what I want to achieve during 2019. Goal setting is always a good way to start the year and so far I’m on track. My next goal is to look at giving a little back in the community - there are many charities out there looking for volunteers including Home-Start and Wey and Arun Canal Trust. Have a good month and heads up for all parents out there looking for something to do during half term to keep the little ones occupied, we have several entries for half term activities.

Surrey Border Movie Makers First Friday of each month

They are a filmmaking club whose members consist of retired professionals, experienced film makers and complete beginners. They share a love of making films which they do to the best of their ability including holiday films, drama, comedy and documentary. They always welcome new members. If you are interested in seeing what they do, go along to one of their monthly meetings. Your first visit is free. They meet at St Joan's Centre, 19 Tilford Road, Farnham, GU9 8DJ. Contact for more information.

Guildford Walking for Health Various days of the month

Go out for a healthy walk and talk this winter with Guildford Walking for Health. Their friendly walk groups offer free 60 minute fast and slow walks, from the Boxgrove Park shops Mondays at 10am; Shalford Seahorse Inn overflow car park Wednesdays at 10am and the Whitmoor Common Jolly Farmer pub car park Fridays at 11am. Optional hot drinks afterwards. Email, call Annelize on 07554 423010 or visit for more information.

Volunteers needed at Pewley Down First Saturday in the month 10am

Can you help look after a GBC Nature Reserve near the centre of Guildford? Pewley Down Volunteers meet inside the gate to the allotments at the top of Pewley Hill. They stop at 12 noon for hot drinks, which are provided. Please wear your oldest, warmest clothes, including work boots and thorn proof gloves. The ground is uneven with plenty of rabbit holes. They provide goggles. Work safely with hand tools, such as loppers and saws. You can also learn about rare species on

Pewley, such as Chalkhill Blues and Pyramidal Orchids. Email for more details.

Discover your Creative Side Various days during February

The Lightbox gallery and museum in Woking has plenty of inspiring activities and events to offer to its visitors in 2019. From exhibitions and associated events, to creative workshops and engaging art history talks, there's something to suit all tastes. On Thursday evenings The Lightbox is open late, with free entry to all galleries between 5pm and 8.30pm. For a full schedule of upcoming events, talks and workshops visit, call 01483 737800, or email info@

Made for Measure - Guildford Shakespeare Company Until 24th February

This will be their 40th production and a present day staging of Shakespeare's astonishingly modern examination of sexual harassment and the abuse of power. At the interval six characters will gender-swap and replay the show again from the beginning to encourage discussion preconceptions of gender and power structure. Held at Holy Trinity Church, Guildford. Visit measure-for-measure.

ToC Voices - in harmony against Cancer Mondays 6.30pm-8pm

They are a choir whose members have all either had a cancer experience, are living with Cancer or have cared for/caring for someone with cancer. Recent research tells us that singing helps boost the immune system, reduces stress and makes us feel good. Make new friends and have some fun. If you would like to find out more, join them for a rehearsal at All Saints Church Vicarage Gate, Guildford GU2 7QJ.

Badminton and Squash in West Horsley Wednesdays 7.30pm-9.15pm (Tuesdays and Wednesdays for squash) during term time

CPA Sports Club is a friendly, mixed ability club using the lovely facilities at Cranmore School. They are inviting new members for badminton and squash. Go along for a couple of free sessions. Very competitive membership fees. Contact or ring Joanna on 01372 452513 for more details.

FOR MORE INFORMATION, PLEASE VISIT US AT WWW.VANTAGEPOINTMAG.CO.UK Look out for exclusive online competitions, charity profiles, Jottings from all five geographical editions, weekend walks and much more... February 2019

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V. 35

V. FOR MORE INFORMATION, PLEASE VISIT US AT WWW.VANTAGEPOINTMAG.CO.UK Father of Lies by Guildford Fringe Monday 4th to Friday 8th February 7.30pm

Are you or someone you know struggling with an addiction? Alcohol, Drugs, Gambling, Sex, Co-dependency & Relationships, Spending, Internet & Computer Games, Work, Compulsive Overeating & Bulimia – these are just some of the addictive behaviour that people can have issues with. Addiction destroys lives, rips through families, damages relationships, health, careers and opportunities. Its effects are always wide-ranging, often incalculable, and sometimes fatal. I offer 1-1 help for people with all addictions - a professional and face to face treatment to help people turn their lives around.

Call now and book an assessment - Based Central Guildford

Peter J Davies NCAC Accred Telephone - 01483 533808

Making a Murderer meets Rosemary’s Baby… Father of Lies tells the chilling true story behind a mysterious, unsolved murder in West Germany, in 1973. This is a thrilling horror show about haunted priests, jealous widowers and satanic cults. Held at The Back Room of The Star Inn, Quarry Street, Guildford GU1 3TY. Visit for details.

Guildford Ramblers Walking Programme Various dates during February

All are welcome to join Guildford Ramblers walks, as the days begin to lengthen and we start to see the first signs of spring, it's a great time to get out and about. For those wanting to make a gentle start to walking on Monday 4th, there's a eight mile walk through Clandon Park. Call Mike 07890 000213 for details. On Saturday 16th, there's a pleasant eight mile walk from Friday Street up Leith and Holmbury Hills (call Philip 07954 153084). On Saturday 23rd there is nine and a half mile walk from Westcott up onto the North Downs and back through the forests and hamlets of the Surrey Hills (call Richard 07967 496819). Full details of all February's 18 walks can be found at www.

Downs and Weald Rambling Group Every Sunday

Go along and try a Sunday walk with this friendly group. Eight to ten mile walks in and around the beautiful Surrey countryside with a leisurely pub lunch or bring your own pack lunch. To find out more call Bev Rand on 07939 191887 or visit www.dwrg.

Polesden Love Stories Tuesdays and Thursdays 5th to 28th February 1pm

Margaret Greville, the Edwardian socialite who owned Polesden Lacey was a renowned matchmaker. She had an eye for a budding romance and enjoyed bringing people together for romance as well as politics. In the spirit of the romantic Mrs Greville, this February they celebrate Polesdens love stories over the years with a programme of events, talks and activities in the house and gardens. Show your favourite person how much you love them and tie a special message to their love tree for Valentine’s Day. For full details visit polesdenlacey.

Corona Worldwide: West Surrey Branch First Tuesday of the month 11am

If you have lived overseas and would like to meet women with similar experiences, you are warmly invited to join this group for coffee and companionship in the Beano Café of the Guildford Institute, opposite the Library in North Street - entrance in Ward Street.

Guildford Travel Club Tuesday 5th and 19th February 8pm

On the 5th Chris Beynon will give a talk entitled ‘Indian and Nepalese Himalayas’. He will contrast little-visited Arunachal Pradesh in NE India with some of the more mainstream tourist



Guildford & Villages

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Guildford’s Yvonne Arnaud Theatre

Thur 7 - Sat 9 Mar - BOX OFFICE 01483 44 00 00 - areas of Nepal. On 19th Jenny Bowen will go on ‘A Journey through Southern Africa’ and weave some quirky tales as she travels through Botswana, Namibia and the Kingdom of Swaziland. Guildford Travel Club meets twice a month at Onslow Village Hall for illustrated talks on travel by a range of photographers, travellers, explorers, mountaineers and writers. The Club welcomes a limited number of visitors to each talk at £7 per evening (students £3.50). For further details please visit, contact Barbara Rogers on 07899 868128 or email

The Great Brick Safari at RHS Wisley Until 3rd March

Escape the winter blues and go on a journey inside the Glasshouse to search for more than 40 LEGO® brick sculptures. The life-size LEGO® brick creations can be found nestled amongst the lush foliage in both the temperate and tropical zones of the cathedral like Glasshouse. Sculptures include animals such as an elephant, lions, meerkats, turtles and a gorilla. Beautiful LEGO® brick plants created especially for RHS Garden Wisley include a Venus Fly Trap, Golden Barrel Cactus, Bird of Paradise and Water Lilies. Visit for more details.

Surrey County Walkers Various dates throughout the month

They have walks every weekend, usually in West Surrey, in the Farnham, Guildford, Woking or Dorking areas. Some walks are held in neighbouring counties, such as Hampshire or Sussex. February 2019

Most walks are completed in a morning, followed by a visit to a local pub. Some walks, in summer last all day. This is often the case for walks along long distance paths, such as the North Downs Way, South Downs Way, Thames Path and the Mid Sussex Border Path. For the full programme visit www.

The Surrey Hills - alive with The Sound of Music Tuesday 5th to Saturday 9th February 7.30pm (plus 2.30pm Saturday matinée)

The Peaslake Players present one of their most ambitious productions to date, the fabulous family musical ‘The Sound of Music’. Featuring West End stars Karen Holmes and Ellie Quinn, the cast includes many local talented children and adults. A full production team of 50+ people have come together to perform this much-loved musical. This not to be missed production features all the memorable songs from the original stage show and songs from the major motion picture starring Julie Andrews. Held at Peaslake Memorial Hall. To book your tickets visit www.

DeStress and Relaxation Course Evening and day courses starting in February

Are you feeling stressed and tired? Want to know how to stop and become more relaxed, energised and love your life and who you are again? Life is so busy, juggling endless balls in the air, that it's hard to switch off. Join this course (5 sessions) with Nicky Anstey in Elstead, GU8. There are evening and day

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Guildford & Villages

V. 37


EQUITY RELEASE Based in Merrow, we are whole-of-market Equity Release specialists. After reviewing your circumstances, we will be able to give you all the information you need to help you make the right decision for you and your family. To book a no obligation face to face meeting, please call or email us on 01483 531025 or THIS IS A LIFE TIME MORTGAGE. TO UNDERSTAND THE FEATURES AND RISKS, ASK FOR A PERSONALISED ILLUSTRATION. Heritage Independent Mortgage Advisers Ltd is an appointed representative of The On-Line Partnership Ltd which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

time sessions available to work around your schedule. She is passionate about health and wellbeing and helping to be free people from stress. For details on dates and times, or for a chat, visit, call Nicky on 01252 706995 or email

Wonersh and District Garden Club Wednesday 6th February

This will be the first meeting, where Graham Payne will give an illustrated talk entitled ‘Gardens and Plants around the World’. There will also be the usual ‘Three snowdrops in a vase competition’ for the Snowdrop Cup. Members are also reminded that Annual Subscriptions are due this month. At the next meeting on Wednesday 6th March, 2019, Simon Richards from London Royal Parks will be giving an illustrated talk on ‘Richmond Park and the Isabella Plantation’. For further details contact the Chairman on 01483 893808.

Professional Writing Workshop: From Comedy to Thriller Thursday 7th February 7pm-9pm

Professional writer Nev Fountain gives a guide to writing for radio and television. A look at sketch, joke and sitcom construction with practical exercises and a quick overview of the current market for topical comedy. For those who want to make it in a more serious vein, there will be a chance to discuss writing novels, concentrating on the thriller genre. For more information or to book, please call 01483 562142, or visit www.



Guildford & Villages

WEA Guildford Various dates during February

From famous court cases, architecture, The Royal Collection, an introduction to Islam, arts and crafts gardens, civil engineering, Stanley Spencer’s art, A talk with readings on A A Milne, the ever popular art in pastels and, to end with, a local flavour – The first 500 years of Loseley House. All on your doorstep. Held at Guildford Baptist Church and the Guildford Reformed Church. For more information contact Sally on 01483 424795.

Shere Village Cinema - The Florida Project Thursday 7th February 8pm

Set over one summer, the film follows precocious six-year-old Moonee as she courts mischief and adventure with her ragtag playmates and bonds with her rebellious but caring mother, all while living in the shadows of Walt Disney World. Leave No Trace is on Sunday 17th February at 8pm: A father and his thirteen-year-old daughter are living an ideal existence in a vast urban park in Portland, Oregon, when a small mistake derails their lives forever. Book online at or go to online at or email

Community Yoga classes 8 classes every week in Guildford, Shalford and Bramley Guildford Yoga offer drop-in yoga classes suitable for all. The mixed ability classes are great for beginners and intermediates alike. Yoga

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New Truck Mount Equipment Fast and Efficient

Specialist in Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning, Hard Floor Cleaning & Wood Floor Restoration Services A family run business providing cleaning services in Surrey and surrounding areas February offer 10% off stone floor cleaning for work booked by 28 Feb 2019 (VP0219)

01483 566802 Therapy sessions cater for people with injuries, illness, stress, anxiety or those who need some TLC. Feel free to drop-in to any of the sessions and pay as you go, or check out the website for discount payment options. Further details and the schedule of classes can be found at

The Unattached Group (TUG) Weekly meetings

Is your New Year's Resolution to have fun, companionship and exciting things to do? Then why not join The Unattached Group - a social group for single people aged 55-69. Theatre, walks, meals out, day and weekend trips are some of the exciting events on offer. They have a weekly pub meeting and new members are most welcome, so if you want to find out more visit or call 07855 008897.

The Vaccines at G Live Thursday 7th February

Without doubt one of the biggest and most adored British bands of our generation, The Vaccines. Starting their career with a bang in 2011 with the year's best selling debut album What Did You Expect from the Vaccines?, 2012 then saw the release of the equally successful Come of Age, which charted at number one in the UK. This combined, the band have sold over 1 million records worldwide. The Vaccines have also earned BRIT Award nominations for Best Live Act and Best New Artist, a Q Award nomination for Best New Band and won an NME Award for Best New Band. For more details visit February 2019

Guildford Natural History Society Thursday 7th and 21st February 2.45pm-4.15pm

They have their AGM on the 7th and on the 21st Eileen MacDonald will tell you about her Antarctic Adventure - a visit to the Falkland Islands, South Georgia and the Antarctic Peninsula. Talks are held at the Guildford Institute in Ward Street and are free to members of the Society. Visitors are very welcome but they do ask for a small donation. Further details from Vanessa McClure on 01483 303417.

Guildford Museum Coffee Time Talks Thursday 7th February 10.30am

Join Guildford Museum for the second of their new fortnightly talks about aspects of Guildford's history and the museum collections. Find out more about the history of Tunsgate from town guide Nick Bale. He will talk about the changes in this distinct part of Guildford from 1918 to 2018. Learn how Tunsgate changed from a dark, narrow street of houses to the 'place to be; with a cinema and coffee bar. Discover more about the small businesses that moved into the area and the development of the shopping centres.Book your free place via 01483 444751 or

The Vaccines at G Live Thursday 7th February

Without doubt one of the biggest and most adored British bands of our generation, The Vaccines. Starting their career with a bang in 2011 with the year's best selling debut album What Did

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V. 39


Furniture Store & Workshop • Repair, refurbishment and re-painting service for furniture & kitchens • We design, make, paint and fit built-in units, understair storage, cloakrooms and alcove units • We buy and sell antique, vintage & painted furniture

You Expect from the Vaccines?, 2012 then saw the release of the equally successful Come of Age, which charted at number one in the UK. This combined, the band have sold over 1 million records worldwide. The Vaccines have also earned BRIT Award nominations for Best Live Act and Best New Artist, a Q Award nomination for Best New Band and won an NME Award for Best New Band. For more details visit

Bookham and Horsley Rotary Various dates

Rotary combines the opportunity to really make a difference in the community whilst enjoying the company of like-minded friends. A really positive experience awaits you at Rotary – whether as a Club member or if you help out occasionally. For all details and to see what’s coming up, visit www. or contact their secretary Mark Secker on 01372 458733 or

Cracking the Cryptic Crossword Code Thursday 7th and 14th February 10am-1pm

Prestige & contemporary furniture, mirrors & soft furnishings Approved stockist of T: 07534 078182

The Studio, Whipley Manor Farm, Palmers Cross, Bramley, GU5 0LL

Learn how to solve cryptic crossword clues over this twosession course. The activity is fun, as well as being good for the grey matter. Crossword compiler and editor Susan Purcell will introduce you to the specialised language of crosswords and you will tackle a crossword from one of the broadsheet newspapers together. Suitable for beginners. See the Guildford Institute website for details; or telephone 01483 562142. Held at The Guildford Institute, Ward Street, Guildford GU1 4LH.

Probus ’83 Club Guildford First Thursday of the month

This is a club for retired men with a professional or business background to meet for drinks, lunch and an after lunch speaker. Other activities include golf, bowls, visits to places of interest and an investment group. Held at Weybourne House, Old Portsmouth Road, Guildford. They welcome new members. Visit, call Paul Sherren on 01483 531623 or email

Study Days: Museums and Artists at Watts Gallery Friday 8th February 11am–4pm

Whether you're an artist or a cultural organisation, hear case studies and receive advice on developing creative partnerships between museums, galleries and artists. Watts Gallery Artists' Village was the home of G F and Mary Watts, two significant 19th-century British artists who established an artistic community in Compton, Surrey and helped to cultivate creative skills and enterprise to regenerate local communities. Join this event to find out about setting up Artist in Residence programmes and how to get the most out of being an Artist in Residence. Visit for more details. Pre booking required.

The Lock-In Cabaret Saturday 9 February

After 5 years and 100’s of packed houses at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, The Lock-in Cabaret is back where it all began,



Guildford & Villages

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JOTTINGS TO SUBMIT A FREE ENTRY, PLEASE EMAIL US AT JOTTINGS@VANTAGEPUBLISHING.CO.UK Guildford. Join award winning hosts and magicians Griffin and Jones for the ultimate 21st century variety show! They have handpicked some of the finest cabaret acts in the country. You can expect comedy, magic, variety, and burlesque. A rare chance to catch this show in it’s home town. You won’t want to miss it. Going by past experience, anything can happen! The Back Room of The Star Inn, Quarry Street, Guildford GU1 3TY. £15 + booking fees. Book at

Eco-warriors Half Term Fun Friday 8th to Monday 18th February 10.30am-3.30pm

Unlock the eco-warrior inside you for a whole programme of fun activities at the RHS Garden Wisley. All will be revealed on the website, so check it out for the complete low-down of where and when. Included in normal Garden entry (book your garden visitors tickets in advance, for a 10% discount). RHS Garden Wisley, GU23 6QB. Call 01483 224234, email uk or visit for full details.

build your own breakfast Choose from our freshly cooked items Served daily until 11:30am Epsom Road, West Horsley, KT24 6AR

Waverley Dowsers Society Friday 8th February 7.15pm for 7.30pm start

Local dowser Roger Taylor introduces his dowsing experience: Dowsing and beyond. Roger will be telling you about his experiences including Orgone, a subtle life energy force. This is understood to be a syntropic influence promoting order and how it can enhance growth and energy. Held at the Unitarian Hall, Meadrow, Godalming, GU7 3JB. Meetings are held every 2nd Friday of the month, guests welcome. Free refreshments available during meeting. Visit or contact Chairman Geoff on 01276 472977 for more information. The Waverley Dowsing Society is both a fun and a scientific group.

February Half Term

Squires_advert_Vantage Point_71.5x91mm(WH).indd 1

Tues 19 - Sun 24 February

ToC Fit for cancer patients Every Friday 10.30am

07/01/2019 13:08:26

ToC Fit offers fitness and exercise classes for cancer patients in treatment or recovery. All trainers have received relevant training to help vulnerable patients. ToC Fit is located in the TurnFit Studios in Bridge Street, Guildford. There is an additional exercise class on Tuesday mornings and a yoga on Wednesday mornings. This service is offered free of charge. Members really enjoy their sessions and feel immediate benefit from the classes, so why not join them and try it out. Find out more email

A Hundred Words for Snow 9th February 8pm

One woman’s quest across the arctic and through grief to honour the memory of her father challenges ideas of what women can and can’t do. A Hundred Words for Snow is a journey of epic proportions in every sense - through grief, adolescence and across the Arctic - as it follows Rory on her mission to get the ashes of her Arctic enthusiast dad to the North Pole, whilst discovering the full extent of the planet's destruction and a lot about herself along the way. Held at the Mill Studio at Yvonne Arnaud Theatre, Guildford, GU1 3UX. To book call 01483 440000 or visit

February 2019




Watts Gallery - Artists’ Village Book online now | Guildford, GU3 1DQ

To advertise, please call 01483 420173

Guildford & Villages

V. 41

V. FOR MORE INFORMATION, PLEASE VISIT US AT WWW.VANTAGEPOINTMAG.CO.UK Onslow Village Residents’ Association Saturday 9th February 7pm for 7.30pm start

Their ‘Fab Feb Quiz’ will be held at the Village Hall, Wilderness Road, Onslow Village, GU2 7QR. There will be a light buffet supper, bar and raffle and prizes. Join a team or form your own – maximum of eight in a team. Tickets are £8 each, available on 01483 571807 and 01483 566353, as well as the Wilderness Cafe, Budds Electrical and Williams Newsagents.

Darwin Day at RHS Wisley Saturday 9th to Sunday 17th February 10am–4pm weekdays, 11am–4pm at weekends and Bank Holidays

A RANGE OF CANOPIES DESIGNED SPECIFICALLY TO ADD STYLE AND PRACTICALITY TO YOUR HOME. Attractive aluminium structures are available with a range of retractable or fixed roofs. Keep the worst of the weather off your patio or driveway. CALL TODAY FOR A FREE QUOTE

To celebrate his 210th birthday there will be a display, in the Wisley Library, all about Charles Darwin, including, on 12th (his birthday), the herbarium specimen that Darwin collected on his historic voyage with The Beagle in the early 1830s. Included in normal Garden entry (book your garden visitors tickets in advance, for a 10% discount). RHS Garden Wisley, GU23 6QB. Phone 01483 224234, email or visit www.

Guildford Swing Jam Sunday 10th February 2pm

0800 0742 721  

Guildford Swing Jam is a monthly live jazz jam for swing dancing. It’s all about the celebration of live music for swing dance – perfect for Lindy hop, Balboa, Shag and Jive. The house band (Katie’s Crooked Swing Band) plus special guests will bring you favourites from the 20’s 30’s 40’s and 50’s to dance to all afternoon. Enjoy some live music from fantastic musicians, dress up in your favourite vintage outfits and dance all afternoon till your heart’s content. The Back Room, The Star Inn, Quarry Street, GU1 3TY. Visit

The Lady Vanishes Monday 11th to Saturday 16th February


A new adaptation of the much-loved film directed by Alfred Hitchcock, Juliet Mills and Maxwell Caulfield star in this quickwitted, devilishly fun thriller. Socialite is travelling home to England on the train when an accident introduces her to the mild-mannered Miss Foy, who suddenly disappears. For details visit or call 01483 440000.

Audio Visual

Horsley Floral Decoration Group Tuesday 12th February 1pm Lunch and AGM (members only)

Discreet AV Design & Installation Cinema & Media Rooms, Home Automation & Control, TV, HiFi & WiFi Distribution, Lighting Control, HVAC, CCTV

The Horsley Floral Decoration Group is a friendly afternoon flower arranging club. They meet at East Horsley Village Hall on the second Tuesday of each month (except August) at 2pm. They have a varied programme of Demonstrators, Speakers, In-house entertainment, trips, internal competitions (optional), sales table, refreshments, etc. Visitors and New Members very welcome (Feb/AGM Members only). Join them (first visit free) for fun, flowers and friendship. For more details phone 01483 831422, text 07939 139442 or email, 07738 126366

Guildford and Woking Humanists Tuesday 12th February 7.30pm



Guildford & Villages

This month’s talk is titled 'Malthus was Wrong: we can solve the

To advertise, please call 01483 420173

JOTTINGS TO SUBMIT A FREE ENTRY, PLEASE EMAIL US AT JOTTINGS@VANTAGEPUBLISHING.CO.UK problem of world population growth' by David Hepper. David is a computer scientist with a biology degree, working part-time for the British Dragonfly Society, maintaining their scientific records, and part-time for Population Matters. In this talk he will show that population concerns fits well with Humanism but the threats from those wanting to bring on the Apocalypse or breed a Socialist utopia are equally clear. We now have the tools to steer world population to a sustainable future without frying the planet, thus avoiding the 'Malthusian Catastrophe'. But do we have the collective will to use them? The Guildford Institute in Ward Street, GU1 4LH.


Join us for the Six Nations 2019

Volunteers needed for Home-Start Guildford

Can you spare a few hours each week to help a family with young children? Home-Start Guildford is a family support charity covering the whole of the Guildford Borough, plus Bookham and Fetcham in Mole Valley. They provide homevisiting volunteers to support families who have at least one child under five and are struggling to cope. They support families with a whole range of difficulties: post-natal depression, lone parenting, illness/disability, multiple births, family breakdown, financial worries. Their next Volunteer Preparation Course starts in March. If you have parenting experience, would like to make a real difference and are interested in learning new skills on our friendly, free course, call Debbie or Liz on 01483 511181, or email

Guildford Cardiac Support Group Second Tuesday of the month 7.30pm

They normally have a guest speaker at each of their meetings who give a presentation on their own dedicated topic - typically this would relate to cardiac, dietary, exercise or other current medical issues affecting people who may at some stage have undergone cardiac procedures in hospital. Followed by discussions over refreshments. Visitors and new members welcome. Held at St John's Centre, Stocton Close, Guildford GU11HA. Please contact Jennifer Korolowicz on 01483 826175 or visit

Fri 1st Feb

Wales v France


Sat 2nd Feb

Scotland v Italy


Sat 2nd Feb

England v Ireland


Sat 9th Feb

Scotland v Ireland


Sat 9th Feb

Wales v Italy


Sun 10th Feb

England v France


Sat 23rd Feb

Scotland v France


Sat 23th Feb

England v Wales


Sun 24th Feb

Ireland v Italy


Jazz at The Pavilion Wednesday 13th February 7.30pm for 8pm start

‘Remembering Blossom Dearie’: Vocalist Zoe Francis and her quartet led by the award-winning guitarist Jim Mullen perform songs from the repertoire of American singer and pianist Blossom Dearie. Zoe has chosen a selection of tracks from Blossom’s iconic albums and re-visited them in her own, highly acclaimed style. Advance booking recommended. Held at Guildford Rugby Club, Guildford Road, Godalming, GU7 3DH. Tickets are £15 and can be purchased in advance from www.

Circle Dancing Various days each week 7.30pm-9.30pm

The evenings are lengthening so why not try something new? Circle Dancing is great fun, helps to keep you fit and is relaxing. The dances are international folk dances done in a circle, creating a wonderful sense of community and no partner is required. The ethnic music, from many different countries, February 2019

Enjoy our new 50 inch LG Smart 4k Ultra HD, HDR LED TV and our big round table that seats 10. Book it now!

Contact us for bookings Tel: 01483 572160


9 Millmead, Guildford GU2 4BE

To advertise, please call 01483 420173

Guildford & Villages

V. 43



Julian McEvoy Family Law

including Greece, Romania, Israel, Russia, Serbia, is beautiful. There is a wide range of dances from slow to fast and simple to more complex. Men and women of all ages welcome. Classes at St Catherine's Hall, Guildford. Call Lynn on 01420 474881.

Art Classes at Shalford Village Hall Wednesdays

A few places remain for these lively and structured classes each Wednesday with fully experienced tutor Veronica Dunce. For more details please call 01483 893723.

Arts Society Guildford Wednesday 13th February



I am Julian McEvoy, a family lawyer dealing with divorce, separation, and the financial issues and children’s issues that arise from the breakdown of relationships. My office is in Godalming and my clients are situated throughout Surrey and beyond. What is different about me, and the approach that I offer to Family Law? Firstly, I try to avoid conflict wherever possible and offer alternative approaches to court such as Mediation, Collaborative Law and Arbitration. Avoiding court reduces the stress of Divorce, Separation or Children’s Disputes, and can also reduce the expense of legal bills. Secondly, I offer a service which is tailored to the requirements and budgets of my clients. I have many years of experience in advising about Divorce and Family Law. I put my client’s interests first, and I always seek a fair and balanced outcome, whether in negotiations or in the court context. If you would like to discuss your Family Law issue, please contact Julian McEvoy on:

01483 901061 or email me on 44


Guildford & Villages

When Britain Clicked: Fab Photos from the Swinging Sixties - A lecture by Brian Stater. British photography enjoyed a golden age in the 1960’2. Young, talented newcomers broke the studio conventions to revolutionise perceptions of fashion, portraiture and popular culture. This talk looks at the works of David Bailey, Jane Brown, Tony Ray Jones and Terence Donovan. Visit www. for more information.

New Public Speaking Club Every Second and Fourth Wednesday 7.30pm

For anyone looking to improve their public speaking skills, Surrey Speakers Club is a new public speaking club which aims to help people overcome their fear of public speaking or just to improve their speaking skills. Whether for work or personal reasons, they provide a friendly and supportive environment where people can practice their speaking skills without fear of criticism or ridicule. Meeting at The Keep, Castle Street, Guildford. See for details or contact Hannah at

The Arts Society Horsley Wednesday 13th February 10.30am

Roger Askew will give a talk entitled 'Curiouser and Curiouser: The Life and Works of Lewis Carroll' in East Horsley Village Hall, Kingston Avenue, KT24 6QT. Coffee available 9.45-10.15am. Visitors (£5) and new members welcome. For more information and the full programme phone 01483 285770 or visit www.

Trust plans to create a beautiful waterside path

The Wey and Arun Canal Trust is set to embark on a major volunteer-led restoration project thanks to the acquisition of a 900 metre stretch of abandoned canal near Bramley in Surrey. The Trust is planning to create a new circular canal side walk linking to the Downs Link, providing an attractive amenity for locals and visitors. For full info visit

Les Amitiés Françaises Thursday 14th February 7.30pm

The February lecture for les Amitiés Françaises will be held at the Baptist Church Hall, Queen street, Godalming GU7 1BA. The lecturer will be Catherine Greensmith. She will lecture (in French) on ‘La Revolution Française - berceau de la France moderne’, an amazingly topical subject. Doors open at 7pm and coffee, tea and biscuits are available before the lecture

To advertise, please call 01483 420173

JOTTINGS Milford Window Company Oct 13_Layout 1 12/03/2015 14:57

TO SUBMIT A FREE ENTRY, PLEASE EMAIL US AT JOTTINGS@VANTAGEPUBLISHING.CO.UK which starts at 7.30pm. Les Amities Françaises are one of the largest and most active groups in the country with a growing membership and are linked to, and have the support of, the Alliance Française de Londres. For details of events and membership, please email or visit and their Facebook page: @ amitieswaverley. New members are very welcome.


Guildford Jazz Two gigs every month

Guildford Jazz aims to bring some of Britain’s finest jazz musicians to a local audience, in an intimate and welcoming 'Jazz club' environment. They run two gigs each month at The Pavilion at Guildford Rugby Club on the second Wednesday of the month and a Jazz Cafe in the bar of the Electric Theatre on a Tuesday night each month . For full details on what’s on go to

• Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors • Composite Front Doors • UPVc WIndows • Aluminium Windows • Conservatories • Porches • Orangeries

Library of Things Guildford Thursdays 4pm-7pm

Guildford Borough Council, in partnership with Surrey County Council, have launched the Guildford Library of Things. Local residents can borrow hand-held DIY, gardening and decorating tools at a fraction of the cost to buy. For more information and to book an item please visit news/guildford-library-of-things. Held at Guildford Library, 77 North Street, Guildford. Enquiries to

SI Surrey Hills (part of Soroptimist International) Friday 15th February 7.30pm

Insurance Backed Guarantees 1st Class Workmanship

01483 426141

A global volunteer movement working together to transform the lives of women and girls. The group is based in Godalming but covers Haslemere, Farnham, Aldershot, Cranleigh and Guildford. Members are holding an informal meeting at the Inn on the Lake, Godalming, so please join them to learn more about the group and its work locally. Meetings are normally held twice a month on the first and third Mondays of the month at 7.45pm at the Godalming Baptist Church, Queen Street, GU7 1BA. For more information email or via

Est. Godalming 2019

thinking about extending your property?

Guildford Gag House Comedy Saturday 16th February 8pm

Here to ensure your February is fabulously funny, your monthly professional comedy club Guildford Gag House Comedy Club barges into The Back Room of The Star Inn, where Steve Best, Tom Glover, Matt Stellingwerf and Joe Hobbs are ready to give you a seriously comical Saturday night. To book call 01483 361101 or visit . Guildford Gag House Comedy Club usually takes place on the third Saturday of the month. The Back Room, The Star Inn, Quarry Street, Guildford GU1 3TY.


Gardening Talk Saturday 16th February 10am for 10.45am start

Hosted by the Southern Counties Group of the Hardy Plant Society, this month’s talk is on- 'Epimediums' by Sally Gregson. Also plant sale, raffle, free tea and coffee. Visitors welcome February 2019

Contact 07745915299

To advertise, please call 01483 420173

Guildford & Villages

V. 45


n he tc

REFRESH YOUR TIRED KITCHEN by just swapping the doors and worktops Before

• Excellent reputation • From simple door replacements to fully fitted kitchens • Choose from a wide range of quality doors, worktops, appliances, sinks & taps • Installed quickly and cleanly by our own local professional fitters in just a few days




01483 750518

Visit our showroom: 56 Westfield Road, Westfield, Woking GU22 9NG

£4. Held at The Old Barn Hall, 55 Church Road, Great Bookham, Leatherhead, KT23 3PQ. For more details visit or call Sandra on 01372 727715.

Family Half Term fun: Polesden Pairs Saturday 16th to Sunday 24th February

In this imaginative trail for families, there’s panic in the house. King George VI and Queen Elizabeth (the Queen Mum) are visiting for their honeymoon and Mrs Greville’s servants have been emptying the rooms to prepare - but lots of items have gone missing! Help them find the missing objects hidden around the gardens, pairing them up with the pictures on the trail sheet. To find a full list of seasonal events visit www.nationaltrust. Entry is free for National Trust members, entry fee for non-members from £15 for adults.

Guildford Rambling Club Various dates during February 10am

For the ten mile walk from Walton-on Thames on Sunday 17th, call Alan C on 01483 480168. Bramley is the start point for the 5.5 mile morning walk on Thursday 21st, contact Olive on 07872 613505 for that one. It is Olive again for the ten mile walk from Tilford on Sunday 24th. Then Bob, on 07745 572494, for the ten mile walk from Wimbledon on Sunday 3rd March. And, finally, a 9 mile walk led by Sally B (01306 885976) will start from Bookham on Sunday 10th March. Visitors are welcome. A full walks programme is available via their website at



Guildford & Villages

EST. 1999


Over 400 reviews on

See what our customers have to say

February Half Term at The Lightbox, Woking 19th to 22nd February

This February half term, The Lightbox gallery and museum is offering a full week of workshops and activities for children of all ages to use their imaginations and get creative. With a mixture of free drop-in and bookable paid workshops, there’s plenty of crafting to be done - with the chance to make Cardboard Cameras, Colour Spinners and Lollipop Frames, and well as Painting Light and Shadow in an exhibition-inspired workshop. Visit for full details of times and prices.

Godalming Operatic Tuesday 19th to Saturday 23rd February

They would love to see you at one of their performances of H.M.S. Pinafore and Trial by Jury this month. Enjoy a fantastic evening of Gilbert and Sullivan's wonderful music and entertaining plots. Accompanied by a 22 pieces professional orchestra, all members of the family will love this very popular show and with child, senior and group discounts available, there's every reason to buy your tickets today. Held at the Godalming Borough Hall. Tickets available online at www. or via the Box Office on 01252 703376.

February Half Term at Watts Gallery Tuesday 19th to Sunday 24th February

There are several events running for all the family, including, Puppets, Poetry and Projections, Sing Song, The Poetry

To advertise, please call 01483 420173

JOTTINGS TO SUBMIT A FREE ENTRY, PLEASE EMAIL US AT JOTTINGS@VANTAGEPUBLISHING.CO.UK Providing legal adviceinand support in matters: all family law matters: Providing specialist legalspecialist advice and support all family law Providing legal adviceinand support in matters: all family law matters: Providing specialist legalspecialist advice and support all family law Divorce and Separation • Children • Divorce and•Separation • Children Divorce and Separation • Children • Divorce and•Separation • Children • Financial Remedies • Mediation and law Collaborative law • Financial Remedies • Mediation and Collaborative • Financial Remedies • Mediation and law Collaborative law • Financial Remedies • Mediation and Collaborative • Domestic Violence • Domestic Violence • Arbitration • Arbitration • Domestic Violence • Domestic Violence • Arbitration • Arbitration Lynn

Lynn Henderson If you arematrimonial experiencingand matrimonial and relationship If you are experiencing relationship problems thenproblems then Henderson If you arematrimonial experiencingand matrimonial and relationship If you are experiencing relationship problems thenproblems then we can support you to explore options and find affordable solutions. weProviding can support you to explore options and find affordable solutions. Providing specialist legal advice support in matters: all family law matters: specialist legalyou advice and support inand all family law we can to explore options and find affordable solutions. we can support you tosupport explore options and find affordable solutions. Our you aim move is to help you move forward and get on your life back on track. Our aim is to help forward and get your life back track. Our you aim move is to help you move forward and get on your life back on track. Our aim is to help forward and get your life back track. Divorce and Separation • Children • Divorce and•Separation • Children we please can help then please us for a free initial appointment. If we can help Ifthen contact us for acontact free initial appointment. we•please can help thenRemedies please us for aand initial appointment. If we can help Ifthen contact us for•acontact free initial appointment. Financial •free Mediation and law Collaborative law • Financial Remedies Mediation Collaborative

THEViolence WHITE HOUSEViolence | |2aGodalming Meadrow | Godalming | Surrey THE•WHITE HOUSE 2a Meadrow Surrey | GU7 3HN | GU7 3HN •| Domestic • Arbitration Domestic • Arbitration THE WHITE HOUSE | |2aGodalming Meadrow | Godalming | Surrey THE WHITE HOUSE | 2a Meadrow Surrey | GU7 3HN | GU7 3HN

01483 901060 01483 901060 01483 901060 01483 901060


If you arematrimonial experiencing matrimonial and relationship then If you are experiencing and relationship problems thenproblemsNikki Lynch Lynch can to explore options and find affordable solutions. we can supportwe you tosupport explore you options and find affordable solutions. Our you aim move is to help you move forward and get on your life back on track. Our aim is to help forward and get your life back track. we please can help then please contact us for a free initial appointment. If we can help If then contact us for a free initial appointment.

THE WHITE HOUSE | |2aGodalming Meadrow | Godalming | Surrey THE WHITE HOUSE | 2a Meadrow Surrey | GU7 3HN | GU7 3HN

01483 901060 01483 901060



Takeaway and Terracotta Clay Goblins. To find out full details and to book your places visit

Wey and Arun Canal Trust volunteer taster days Wednesday 20th February and 14th March 11am-1pm

Everyone can make a difference. That’s the message from the Wey and Arun Canal Trust as it launches an appeal for volunteers in 2019. The Trust is holding a number of taster days for those interested in joining its working parties, giving the chance to try out some of the jobs volunteers tackle and see some of the restoration teams in action.For full details and to sign up see their website, or email

The Guildford Scrabble Group Every Wednesday 7.30pm-10.30pm

This is a very friendly group who welcome all new players, from beginners to seasoned players. Meeting in Salvation Army Hall, Woodbridge Road, Guildford weekly. Car parking is free and the cost is £4 per evening, which includes three games of scrabble, tea, coffee, cake and biscuits. All equipment is provided. For more information contact Barbara on 01483 579873 or David on 01483 715756.

PeerTalk Every Wednesday 7.30pm-9pm

A peer support group for anyone feeling down or depressed. A safe, confidential space to share and to be heard, to offer and to February 2019

receive support from others who also know depression. No judgement, just acceptance and respect. Facilitated by trained volunteers. Followed by refreshments. Meeting at The Spike Community Centre, Warren Road, Guildford, GU1 3JH. Just come along, a warm welcome awaits. Visit uk for more details.

Surrey Postcard Club Guildford Wednesday 20th February 7pm for 7.30pm start

The evening begins with a browse through dealers stocks and members spares. Coffee, Tea, and Biscuits are provided. Followed with a talk by club members Nigel and Michael ‘Some aspects of village life’. Finishing around 9.30pm. Visitors with a genuine interest in the hobby welcome. Held at Friends Meeting House, Ward Street, Guildford, GU1 4LH.

The Arts Society Horsley Lovelace Wednesday 20th February 10.30am

This months lecture is ‘Fresh Encounters: Contemporary Sculpture and the Public Space’ by Anna Moszynska. Held at East Horsley Village Hall, Kingston Avenue, KT24 6QT. Coffee is available beforehand from 9.45am. New members are welcome and visitors pay £5. For information phone Clare on 01483 283635 or visit

East Horsley WI Wednesday 20th February 8pm

The WI meets at the East Horsley Village Hall, Kingston Avenue,

To advertise, please call 01483 420173

Guildford & Villages

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GODALMING, SURREY Full upholstery service with a focus on design. • Modern and traditional • Sofas, winged armchairs, footstools, drop in seats, headboards • Chair and sofa cushions replacement • Fabric to order


VantagePoint are recruiting!

Sales Executive Full time, Godalming-based

Do you like meeting people? Do you like looking after clients and developing relationships? Are you hungry for success? Do you like being part of a dynamic sales team? Then we need to hear from you! We have been publishing local community magazines for almost 10 years, and our magazine VantagePoint continues to hold to its original values of being ‘the local magazine produced by local people for the local community’. Our business continues to grow as we have an established reputation for excellent editorial and the successful development of our business customers and advertisers. With success comes the need to grow our own team to maintain high client service levels. This is a full time (Mon-Fri) appointment for a Sales Executive, based in our Godalming office. The successful candidate will manage a group of business sectors and be expected to develop new business streams.

• Email a photo or call for a free quote.

Upholstery Day Workshops & 10 Week Courses available

See website forand details For further details to book 01483 801108 - 01483 801108

Studio space is available for private hire

We believe the company is a great place to work where people are respected and success well rewarded. Some advertising sales experience would be really useful, but ‘natural’ sales talent, initiative and great interpersonal skills is an excellent starting point. Basic salary £20,000 plus commission. If you think that you have the skills and energy to be a successful member of this dynamic team, please contact Marcus Atkins with your CV and a covering email at

on the 3rd Wednesday of every month except August. This Cheer on Hugh Jackman, lust after Zach Efron and hiss Rebecca month speaker is Stuart Riddle, who will talk about Plastics Ferguson (…or maybe not) as you experience The Greatest Recycling and what is recyclable and what happens to our Showman in the greatest way possible - with lyrics on the vert_SarahLouiseDix_artwork.indd 1 14:34 so you can join in as loud and proud as you want. And waste. After the talk they have coffee and cake and a good14/01/2015 screen chat. Plans for the year’s Craft activities and Outings will it’s marching on to the beat we drum. Their live host will teach be announced. They have other activities including book everyone a unique set of dance moves, show you how to use clubs, painting group, Bridge and Rummikub. All visitors very our interactive prop bags, and also get you to practice your welcome. Any enquiries to cheers, your boos and even a few wolf whistles. It couldn’t be easier or more fun! Fancy dress is strongly encouraged and full audience participation essential. Please note: This is a screening Surrey Branch Western Front Association of the movie not a live stage show. Visit for Wednesday 20th February 7.45pm more information on this and many other things going on. Dr Peter Hodgkinson: Clearing the Dead 1919-1939. There is currently considerable interest in battlefield archaeology. After Guildford Museum Coffee Time Talks WW1 the British army began to search the battlefields for ‘the Missing’ with the search teams finding 200,000 bodies and Thursday 21st February 10.30am for 11am start a process, similar to modern archaeology, was carried out Join us at Guildford Museum for our new fortnightly talks about to attempt to unearth the missing and bury them properly in aspects of Guildford's history and the museum collections. Join IWGC cemeteries. How was this done? Who did it? What were museum volunteer Pamela Holt to hear more about Gertrude their experiences? Held at Cobham Day Centre. For further Jekyll who was born locally. Learn about her artistic studies, information please contact Andy Thompson 07768 197990 or friendship with architect Edwin Lutyens and her garden designs. email Pamela will also tell us more about Jekyll's interest in old Surrey crafts. To pre-book your free place please phone 01483 444751 or email Sing-A-Long-A: The Greatest Showman at G Live

Wednesday 20th February

Singalonga Productions, producers of Singalonga Sound of Music and Singalonga GREASE brings you their newest show, the smash hit film musical that everyone can’t stop singing - The Greatest Showman! Look out ‘cause here it comes….



Guildford & Villages

The Arts Society Guildford Wey Valley Thursday 21st February 10.45am

Please join them in Shalford Village Hall for their next lecture on ‘The Rivalry beween Leonardo and Michelangelo’ by James

To advertise, please call 01483 420173

JOTTINGS TO SUBMIT A FREE ENTRY, PLEASE EMAIL US AT JOTTINGS@VANTAGEPUBLISHING.CO.UK Lindow. Drawing on examples of the work of these two preeminent figures of the Italian Renaissance, James will explore and seek to explain their bitter rivalry. Refreshments available from 9.45am. Visitors £7 and new members very welcome. For more information about their programme, contact the Membership Secretary on 01483 423090, email info@tasgwv. or visit

Oakleaf Quiz Night Friday 22nd February 7pm

Join mental health charity, Oakleaf and put your general knowledge to the test whilst raising money for better mental health in Surrey. Only £15 per person including dinner. The Quiz will take place at St. Catherine’s School, Station Road, Bramley, GU5 0DF. There will also be a raffle with lots of fantastic prizes to be won and all the proceeds will be donated to Oakleaf. To book a table of 8-12 people, or to book an individual place and join a group team, email or call 01483 303649.

The Walled Garden GARDEN & TEA ROOM



Seasonal gifts

Occam Singers Concert Saturday 23rd February 7.30pm

An evening of wonderful French music. Frank Martin’s Mass for Double Choir is full of vitality, beautiful harmonics and passion. Duruflé’s lovely Quatre Motets are based on Gregorian chant and composed in 1960, while Dupre’s Motets were composed in 1916. Throughout this year Occam Singers are pleased to be supporting the work of Meath Epilepsy Charity. Held at St Nicolas’ Church, Bury St, Guildford GU2 4AW. Tickets via, call 01252 783977 at the Record Corner Godalming (155 High St, 01483 444333) and www.

A Song at Twilight Monday 25th February to Saturday 2nd March

Simon Callow and Jane Asher star in this hugely entertaining, sparkling drama, full of sharp wit and repartee, about harbouring secrets and regretting missed opportunities. Noël Coward himself made his farewell stage appearance playing the semiautobiographical role of Sir Hugo in the West End production of the play in 1966. For more information please visit www. or call 01483 440000.

Historical Association, West Surrey Branch Tuesday 26th February 7.30pm

Lecture by Professor David Edgerton of King's College, London: 'The Rise and Fall of the British Nation.' Edgerton sees rise where others see fall and vice versa. His recent history has attracted widespread interest and controversy at a time when British identity and capability are under the microscope. Held at St Nicolas' Hall, Bury Street, Guildford GU24AW. Students free, non-members £3 at the door. For further information please call Rollo Crookshank 01252 319881, or email crookshank@

Screen Sirens with Sue Richardson Tuesday 26th February 7.30pm


01730 816881 • DOGS WELCOME 1 River Ground Stables, Cowdray Park, Midhurst GU29 9AL

Sue Richardson and the Screen Sirens show – a musical February 2019

To advertise, please call 01483 420173

Guildford & Villages

V. 49



VantagePoint are recruiting!

Graphic and Web Designer Salary £17,000-£19,000 Godalming-based

We are recruiting a full-time position to design and put together our existing five monthly magazines, create adverts for our customers, work on custom publishing projects and manage our website and social media activities. Working alongside the Publisher and our sales team, we are seeking a dedicated, personable and talented designer with an understanding of design across print and web. You should be creative, original, highly literate with an exceptional eye for detail in layout, content and typography and able to work to tight deadlines. You need to be skilled in using Photoshop, InDesign, MailChimp, WordPress and have knowledge and experience of social media and SEO. Please contact Stefan Reynolds on 01483 421601 or email





celebration of the golden age of Hollywood. Sue brings a cast of beautiful, tempestuous women to life, including Ginger Rogers, Marlene Dietrich, Betty Davis, Judy Garland, Rita Hayworth, Grace Kelly, Marilyn Monroe, Carmen Miranda, Audrey Hepburn and Doris Day. Held at The Electric Theatre, Onslow Street. Guildford, GU1 4SZ. Box Office 01483 501200.

Horsley U3A Wednesday 27th February 10.30am

There will be a talk by Neil Sadler on journeys on the waterways of Britain, entitled ‘Gongoozling for Beginners’. The U3A welcomes new members, the only qualification being that you must be no longer in full time employment. The aim is to “Learn, Laugh and Live”, so if you want to try something new, joining one of the fifty plus activity groups within the organisation, making new friends and sharing experiences, the U3A may be for you. For information, please visit or contact Sylvia Lillywhite on 01483 283906.

The Arts Society Surrey Hills Tuesday 26th February 9.45am for 10.30am lecture

ROOFING & GUTTERING SPECIALIST OF GUILDFORD & VILLAGES We are a small family run business and can help with the following... plus much more

Roofing Work

• Flat roofs repaired or renewed • Lead valleys repaired or renewed • Ridge tiles rebedded & repointed • Strilling and retiling • Chimneys rebuilt and repointed

UPVC Work • Guttering • Downpipes • Fascias & soffits • Barge boards • Moss removal from roofs • Exterior painting

QUOTE VP FOR 20% OFF Fully Insured • All work guaranteed • For advice please call:

T: 01483 331867 • M: 07774 257400 Freephone: 0800 303 2998




Guildford & Villages

Continue their programme with a lecture entitled ‘Frida Kahlo & Diego Rivera: The Golden Age of Mexican Painting’ presented by Chloe Sayer. This Lecture surveys the work of both artists, who have iconic status in Mexico and chronicles their turbulent marriage and Mexico’s history after the 1910 revolution. The Society meets in Shalford Village Hall on the fourth Tuesday in the month. New members and visitors are very welcome. Details of their programme can be found atwww. or call 01483 414976.

West Surrey Natural History Society Thursday 28th February 8pm

Swifts - The Birds You Can Help: illustrated talk by Edward Mayer. In 2003 Edward Mayer pioneered ‘Swift Conservation’, an approach to preserving the future of the Common Swift (Apus Apus) through advice, talks and the encouragement of widespread volunteer action. Advice is offered via its website and Edward gives training sessions to various organisations. Free leaflets and nest box designs are available, as well as recordings of Swift calls for attracting the birds to new nest sites. There is now an extensive "Swift Local Network" across the United Kingdom. Held in Ripley Village Hall. Non-members £3

To advertise, please call 01483 420173


Members are reminded that this meeting will be the Annual General Meeting, followed by in-house entertainment. This is your chance to have a say in the running of the club and they look forward to seeing as many of you as possible at the meeting in Shalford Village Hall.

Rotary Club Charity Quiz Friday 1st March 7.15pm for 7.45pm start

The Rotary Club of Guildford Chantries is holding its annual charity quiz at St Peter’s School, Horseshoe Lane East, Merrow for teams of 4-8 people . Funds raised will be for SERV Bloodrunners (motorcyclists carrying urgent blood and medical supplies to and from hospitals across Surrey) and Sight for Surrey. The evening will include a main course supper with a bar and raffle. Tickets £15. Contact Des Flanders on 01483 351808 to book.

Mindfulness Meditation and Self-Improvement Weekly drop in sessions and courses available

Looking to improve your life? Want to reduce stressful, busy and tiring thoughts? Take control of your life and decide to improve it by attending a session where you’ll learn to maintain focus, calm your mind and enhance your happiness. The sessions will include positive actions to improve your outlook, some calming meditation and slow relaxing movements. No previous experience is required. Existing meditators are also

PLANNING & DESIGN SERVICE Architectural drawings for Extensions, Alterations & New Build Free No Obligation Quotations

Tel: 01483 417555 Mob: 07818 014357 February 2019

welcome. Free sessions for new attendees. Held in Central Guildford. Further details can be found online at www. or call 07853 406668 for more information and bookings.

Handbell Rining Wednesday evenings

Haven't you always wanted to ring handbells? We need new recruits for a good team which practises on Wednesday evenings in Normandy Village Hall. It will help if you know a little bit about music-reading. It's good for the brain cells, socialising and giving pleasure to other people. Contact: 01483 538373

GUTS Motor Tour 2019 – save the date! Sunday 22nd September

Apologies, a small glitch in last month’s Jottings. The date for the 2019 classic car tour is Sunday 22nd September. For more details, please email or call 07545 243746.


To send in a FREE entry for Jottings, please email us 60-80 words to by the first of the month prior to your event.




Feng Shui can help to improve your luck, to bring balance, harmony and happiness to your life. I specialise in Feng Shui consulting for your: 1. Existing house, office, shop, restaurant etc. and 2. Designing new building projects, large or small For enquiries, please call: Bedzi: 07488 284948 Email:

To advertise, please call 01483 420173

Guildford & Villages

V. 51

V. "I have been advertising with Vantage Point for many years and have gained many clients through this advertising platform and even more enquiries. If you're thinking of advertising you can't go far wrong with VantagePoint." Sam Segar Reflexology

Stuart Fearnehough

Building - Plastering - Decorating Over 30 years experience 01483 202322 / 07922 537254

urban&rural urban &rural landscape construction Ben Gatford 10 The Ridges, Artington Guildford, Surrey, GU3 1LH M: 07876 682 146 T: 01483 497 693

01483 861168

Large Format Printing • PVC Banners Exhibition Graphics • Pop Up Banners Shop & Office Signage Email John on to discuss your printing and signage needs

LANDSCAPE & GROUNDWORKS From landscaping to extensive site excavations, we offer a high quality, honest, reliable and competitively priced service, guaranteed to meet all your needs.

07871 051661 / 01372 458616

M.H Electrical Services

Established since 1997

Matthew Harle Electrician

Specialists in:

Commercial Residential Rental Refurbishments

Mobile: 07780 591255 Email:

MAXIMISE THE SPACE POTENTIAL! Email: Telephone: 07768 861271



TEL: 01932 862744 | 01932 860973 Email:




Guildford & Villages


Call us FREE on 0808 1646030

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BUSINESS CARDS To advertise here from just £25 per month, please call 01483 420173 or email


See if I can slash your monthly mortgage payment!

Independent Mercedes Benz specialist

• Whole of market Advice • Free no obligation quote or review of Insurance. • Residential, Re-Mortgage & BTL • Life Insurance, Critical Illness & Income Protection • Administration support through to completion

Servicing • Repair Diagnostics • Air Conditioning Free Collection and delivery Digital service books maintained

Call now: 01483 331835 or 07482 225492


Contact Trevor Masters: 07927 916088 - 01483 283914 Vetted • Inspected • Qualified Bramble Farm, Shere Road, West Horsley KT24 6ER


• • • • •



• • • • •


Contact Cameron Avery, Master Locksmith

M: Ltd_Layout 07766 901 484 T:09:44 01483 GEI 1 14/06/2013 Page506 1

20 Glebe Road

Road Cranleigh Connor Dollerson20 Glebe 20 Glebe Road Cranleigh Connor Dollerson Surrey, GU6 7AS Cranleigh Connor Dollerson Surrey, GU6 Road 7AS 20 Glebe Surrey, GU6 7A M: 07842 481000 07842 on Connor Dollerson M: Cranleigh E: 481000


We are local. Visit:

M: 07842 4810 GU6 7AS E: Surrey, W:Page totbc 1 16/08/2011 12:36 E: connor@tot Wills Etc_Layout 1 W: M: totbc 07842 481000 W: totbc E: W: totbc

GEi (UK) Ltd Fully Independent Stove Installers

Wills. Lasting Powers of Attorney. Estate Planning. Court of Protection.

Chimney Sweeping Services also Provided

Home visits, lunch time meetings. We come to you.

01483 564833

HETAS Approved

01428 643484 07563 618415

JC Spiers Ltd

Host Families Required


Fencing, Gates, Decking, Patios, Driveways, Small Constructions, Turfing, Garden Maintenance, Tree Surgery, Removals Tel: 01483 361114 and 07984 139196 Email: Fully Insured February 2019

At UK2Learn we offer a professional and caring guardianship service to international students between the ages of 8 and 18 years of age studying and living part time in the UK. We offer great rates of pay for hosting at weekends, half terms and short stays throughout the year.

Visit us: Call us: 01483 425500 Email us:

To advertise, please call 01483 420173

Guildford & Villages

V. 53


COMPETITIONS Enter at Postal entries can be sent to us at the address given on page three.

Please visit to see all our competitons!

WIN... a meal for two at the Wellington Arms up to a value of £50 Having sat in decline for over two years, the all-new Wellington Arms in Stratfield Turgis has finally re-opened following its sale to award-winning local pub company Red Mist Leisure and a £2.5 million refurbishment. Situated on the Hampshire/Berkshire border within the Wellington Estate, The Wellington Arms is a family-friendly pub, offering the perfect combination of a traditional English pub with relaxed and modern design. The pub has a strong emphasis on fresh, locally sourced and seasonal ingredients with which to create its menus by award-winning Head Chef Jay Williams. January saw the opening of its 25 boutique bedrooms and event space. For more information, visit To win a meal for two up to the value of £50, please answer the following question: Q: On which estate is the Wellington Arms situated? Please enter online at by 28th February 2019.

WIN... a family day at the Spectrum Leisure Complex in Guildford Guildford Spectrum Leisure Complex provides families with the complete leisure experience, and all under one roof! There is an amazing variety of activities to keep you and your family entertained all year round. Guildford Spectrum houses an Olympic-sized ice rink, which is the coolest place to have fun in Guildford. You’ll also find 4 different swimming pools which include a leisure pool which is packed full of slides and has a wave machine and a dedicated diving pool. That’s not all - Guildford Spectrum has the ultimate family fun experience: a massive 32-lane tenpin bowling alley. All these amazing activities and more can be booked online at To win a family day out, please answer the following question: Q: How many swimming pools does the Spectrum have? Please enter online at by 28th February 2019. 4 persons (max 2 adults) to enjoy 2 out of the 3 options, ice skating, swimming or bowling. Use before April 30th 2019.

WIN... a meal for two at the Wheatsheaf, Farnham up to a value of £50 The Wheatsheaf is a relaxed, contemporary pub with a focus on fresh, locally produced and seasonal food and drink in the heart of Farnham, with its very own secret garden. This independent pub and restaurant holds its 'field-to-fork' ethos central to its operation, with strong relationships with local farms, breweries and vineyards to ensure its food and drink quality remains second-to-none. Serving locally brewed, fresh ales from Tilford Brewery and Hogs Back Brewery, locally distilled gins and award-winning Surrey wines, makes it an ideal, lively place to meet friends for drinks, catch up over morning coffee and enjoy exceptional British food every day of the week. To win a meal for two up to the value of £50, please answer the following question: Q: Name one of the breweries that supplies the Wheatsheaf. Please enter online at by 28th February 2019. TERMS & CONDITIONS OF ENTRY: By entering these competitions you agree to receive periodic emails from VantagePoint Magazine, Vantage Publishing Ltd and the originator of the competition you are entering. You can opt out of receiving these at any time and your data will never be passed on for use by third parties. The prizes are nontransferable and have no cash alternative. Only one entry per person per competition and prizes will only be sent to homes with a GU, KT and RH postcode.

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