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Spotlight on Sustainability PLUS: How Green Are Your Suppliers ? · Leading Examples Easy Going · The Journey to Green · Using Paper Responsibly · Sustainable Shipping



Sustainable innovation is a big driver for us at Staples Advantage. In volume 1 of Vantage Point, we share our industry leading expertise to help you implement environmentally responsible values in your procurement programmes and employee purchasing habits.




How Green Are Your Suppliers?

The Journey to Green

Leading Examples

What to look for when selecting a supplier

Reconsider your buying habits for a sustainable future

A spotlight on partners driving positive change




Portucel, the Paper Pioneers

Sustainable Shipping

Easy Going

Footprint reduction initiatives for mailing and shipping

Discover how to make your choices straightforward

A story about a company that’s getting it right

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SEE PAGES 3 & 5 FOR OUR SIMPLE STEPS TO A SUSTAINABLE OFFICE Great ideas from Staples Advantage for saving energy and the environment in the workplace.

welcome Inspiring sustainability in the workplace

As industry leaders in sustainable innovation, Staples Advantage is constantly looking for ways to help our customers run their businesses smarter and with less impact on the environment. With a broad offering of sustainable products and services, and a few simple tips, we’re making sustainability easy. Sustainability may be a very subjective thing, but at Staples Advantage we have discovered that people are often more energy and waste aware at home than at work; a vigilance that could greatly benefit your business. We understand that it all goes way beyond selling recycled products, and with a slight change in operational mindset your organisation can make a big difference to both its footprint and its costs.

Discover how we can help your organisation build a procurement programme that will surpass your environmental targets without hindering daily activities. How? We only collaborate with brands and people with common ‘planet conscious’ goals. We encourage all of our customers to consolidate their orders, we package and send sensibly to reduce our emissions and yours, we offer re­cycling programmes and planet preferable products, and this is just the tip of the melting iceberg! So, on behalf of Staples Advantage I would like to introduce you to the very first edition of Vantage Point. This issue is entirely dedicated to creating and maintaining an environmentally conscious workplace. Its main aim being to inspire, provide industry insights and innovative solutions, as well as motivating professionals across the board to bring their eco-conscience to work. Keep a look out for our ‘Simple Steps to a Sustainable Office’ and good luck in ‘greening’ your office and your organisation.

Did you know?

‘ 82% of office workers are more environmentally friendly at home than in the office.’

— OnePoll

Staples has the broadest range of eco-conscious products in our industry, with over 12,000 products and counting.

Kind regards, Christian Horn Senior Vice President, Head of Staples Advantage Europe



How green are your suppliers? Did you know? Staples offers more recycling services than anyone else in the industry.


‘Going green’ is more than jargon, and it affects more than just the environment. A brand’s eco reputation is becoming a growing concern for consumers. People are actually looking for conscientious businesses to support.

From an organisational perspective, prioritising the environment shows you value more than just the bottom line, building trust in your markets and improving contentment within your workforce. Environmentally conscious choices also lead to more efficient systems and greater profits. While it’s easy to have an overview of your company’s own operations, your suppliers’ green credentials also play a role in your sustainability claims. The following tips will give you a deeper view on who’s supplying you.

Establish Companies can expect their business partners to operate in compliance with local laws and regulations. A single supplier is easier to pilot than many, but by creating a simple, concise supplier code of conduct you can clearly define your expectations. You can also incorporate the standards set forth in SA8000 or the Global Social Compliance Program (GSCP), or benchmark your standards against those of other companies. The best idea is to find a proactive account manager that works hard to exceed your corporate responsibility goals!

S TO A SIMPLE STELPE OFFICE SUSTAINAB TAKE THE STAIRS Skip the elevator or escalator and take the stairs. It helps the environment by saving electricity, and it’s good for your health.


Lead by example Corporate Responsibility training for employ– ees will help them to make educated choices, and sharing results with the business can help achieve senior level buy in. Offering your sup– pliers training will improve their performance as well as showing them how seriously you take the subject of sustainable operation.

Collaborate You could ask your suppliers to provide you with detailed information about their social and environmental practices, but taking an interest in their ‘whys’ and their ‘hows’ will help you build a more collaborative working relationship. Carrying out a factory visit will allow you to experience firsthand the practices and protocols of your supplier, and involving factory management and workers will help you to solve any questions, queries or problems, quickly, efficiently, and face to face.

THE COST OF PAPER Did you know? An average office worker goes through 10,000 sheets of paper a year.

A case of paper costs €38 on average

per worker

SAVE WATER Flushing toilets accounts for 30% of total indoor water use.

Carefully evaluate potential suppliers. Do they have an environmentally conscious supply chain? If so, what steps do they take to lower their own emissions. Do they have the product assortment to fulfil your needs? Do they offer recycling services? Do they offer the lowest total cost? In addition to cost, criteria such as working conditions, environmental practices, safety standards and human rights should be part of the selection process. Do they have a supplier code of conduct? Also, take into account the social and environ­mental legislation in the countries of production, and investigate how the supplier enforces these rules.

Report your efforts







Communicate Define your expectations of suppliers at tender stage, and work together to ensure that they can help your organisation meet its sustainability goals. Should a supplier struggle to meet these expectations, keep lines of communication open. Devise a clear plan of action, a defined timeline of improvement, and an agreed evaluation process.


USE FRIENDLY PAPER The average employee uses 50 kg of paper at the office per year. This means about 20 people consume nearly 1 tonne of paper.

Including supplier performance in your annual report shows appreciation for their efforts and helps set a precedent. Reporting your results and your efforts helps future buy in from senior management, and it helps to build trust with customers and other stakeholders.

Learn more about sustainable practices at: VA N TAG E P O I N T  •  VO L U M E O N E


The journey to green Small actions, big impact

Adjusting how your employees purchase and use consumables can have a huge impact on your programme’s footprint. Exercises such as order consolidation, just-in-time delivery and eco-preferable product choices are just some of the ways to affect change. Here are some guideline suggestions to help you on your way.

Why bulk can be bad Ordering in bulk has long been considered synonymous with efficiency. But efficiency comes in many forms. If running a greener office is your goal, over-ordering on your consumables can actually be self-defeating. Consider your consumables and how long these products will last. Beyond food and break room supplies, some unexpected products have a limited shelf-life. For example, ready-to-glue surfaces on envelopes lose their stickiness after a period of time, and solvent-containing liquids such as cleaners can spoil.


Excessive supply means purchasing additional storage, taking up precious office space that might accommodate more employees, or give existing ones a little more breathing space.

Be an energy smart organisation

Positive consolidation

Reducing energy consumption isn’t just kinder, it can also be profitable, and there is now a wide choice of readily available and affordable energy-efficient products.

Reducing the amount of separate stock deliveries you receive is the obvious solution for keeping your company’s carbon footprint in check. However, how can an organisation keep delivery frequencies down without purchasing unwarranted quantities?

Energy efficient. An obvious choice but a conscious choice is energy saving lightbulbs. They may be slightly more expensive per unit than traditional lightbulbs, but they can last 10 times longer, and use a fraction of the energy to produce the same brightness.

We understand that a procurement programme is what keeps a business up and running. Being caught without the essentials cannot be justified. But with a little professional guidance, your company can maintain a low delivery frequency and cut down on office administration, without resorting to bulk buying.

Energy saving. If your current equipment has energy saving settings, make sure they’re active. When purchasing new equipment look for the ‘Energy Star’ certification. Consolidate your technology. The installation of a multi­ functional printer/copier will use less energy than 50 individual machines, delivering huge savings on energy bills and paper. Employees that have to walk to a printer are less likely to print superfluously!

Consider your business’s needs across all categories. Think about all the different products and all their different purposes. We’re talking about the range of products not quantity. Stationery, kitchen supplies, toilet and washroom supplies and cleaning, if you can combine everything in a single order, instead of processing them separately, the planet will thank you for it.

Employee accountability. Encourage em­​ ployees to shut their computers down properly when leaving for the day, or put them to sleep when they are away from their desks. Computers left on standby still consume 50% as much power as when in use.

S TO A SIMPLE STELPE OFFICE SUSTAINAB COLD WATER WASH People typically wash their hands seven times a day, but they do it at a far higher temperature than is necessary to kill germs.



per employee per year

TURN OFF, TURN DOWN Be clean and kind Many products used in the office environment can contain unpleasant substances. From consumables which need to be handled with care and disposed of correctly, to furnishings and décor which gently emit less welcome compounds into the atmosphere. Consider the following to reduce your office’s impact on the environment. Cleaning products. Choose neutral cleaning products or those with reduced chemical content, in reusable containers. Recycle all of your batteries. Or make dif­ferent choices. Batteries can leak hazardous chemicals so they must be safely disposed of. You could avoid the need for them by using solar-powered calculators, mechanical pencil sharpeners, etc. Office furnishing. Where possible choose natural products. Particle board emits formaldehyde, sustainably sourced wood doesn’t. Make sure that carpets are secured with tacks instead of toxic adhesives.

Be collectively less wasteful

Did you know? •  Staples Easy on the Planet covers more than 12,000 eco-preferable products •  Our environmental cal­culator makes it easy to measure the environmental impact of your programme and help identify ways to improve •  Every year our Small Order Reduction programme saves 37 metric tonnes of CO₂ emissions and 50 tonnes of packaging materials

Reduce lighting costs by as much as 15%, just by turning off lights in rooms and corridors that aren’t being used. Save money on your heating bill by turning down your thermostat for at least 8 hours a day – up to 1% per year for every degree! SAVE ENERGY SAVE MONEY

COMPUTER TO SLEEP Activating ‘sleep mode’ on just ONE computer can prevent 136 kg of C02 emissions per year.

136 kg

RECYCLE E-WASTE According to the EPA, only 18% of e-waste is recycled. Recycle your used electronics and help keep toxic chemicals such as lead, beryllium, cadmium, and arsenic out of landfills and groundwater.

Avoiding unnecessary waste seems like an obvious rule for an eco-conscious office. If yours is still clinging to throwaway habits, think about what you could change.

Learn more about sustainable practices at: VA N TAG E P O I N T  •  VO L U M E O N E


From recycled file folders and toner cartridges to refillable writing instruments and solar-powered calculators, Staples has a plentiful choice of products which help you operate a greener office. And we don’t stop there. We also look closely at how those products are made, so you can purchase with consideration to the full environmental picture.

Leading examples Transitioning your office to a more ecoconscious workplace is a rewarding process. But negotiating the maze of suitable supplies can also be challenging when there are so many different ‘green’ credentials to take into account. That’s because the finished items on your employees’ desks tell only one part of the story. While reusable products and those made from recycled and sustainable materials are always a wise choice, the way they’re manufactured is also an aspect worth thinking about. Fortunately, many manufacturers are committed to practicing sustainability all the way through their own operations. From the use of less harmful substances and responsible consumption of resources through to choice of packaging materials, they are minimising their own environmental impact so that you can do the same. Since 2007, Staples has been helping customers identify environmentally preferential products through our Easy on the Planet label. Applied to items which satisfy general criteria and third-party certifications, Easy on the Planet is your assurance of a good choice in sustainability. And since 2009, our own exclusive Sustainable Earth line of ecopreferable products has made it even easier to shop responsibly for every part of the office, from the breakroom to the boardroom. 6

Staples is proud to offer products from a number of brands who go the extra mile when it comes to responsible manufacturing. Brands such as Esselte Leitz, whose com­mitment to a sustainable present and future has seen their manufacturing facility’s CO₂ emissions decrease by 40% since 2005. During the same period they’ve also reduced water consumption by 22%. Recycling in their factories currently stands at 98.9%. With durability and recyclability at the core of their corporate philosophy, Esselte Leitz strives to provide sustainable, high-quality products that serve customers for many years, thereby minimising demand for new resources. From product develop­ment to production and sales, the company is firmly focused on minimising impact on the environment.

Meanwhile, 3M looks to the future by viewing sustainability in terms of shared global needs. As the population grows, particularly in emerging economies, 3M is acutely aware that challenges such as energy availability and security together with raw material scarcity must be addressed in equal measure to human health and safety, education and employment. Ensuring people across the planet can lead healthy, fulfilling lives leads the company’s own growth strategy. Another company we’re really excited about is Pilot. A brand synonymous with creating new writing solutions for over 90 years, Pilot serves today’s sustainability demands through its Begreen range of 22 products made from recyclable materials. Among these, their B2P Gel and Ballpoint pens combine

responsible use of resources with attractively quirky presentation. B2P stands for Bottle to Pen. And that’s exactly what you get with plastic pens made from recycled bottles, styled to look like the bottles from which they’re made. As a business with Japanese origins, Pilot Corporation of Europe takes a characteristically long-term view of the future, believing this happens in harmony with the environment in the broadest sense, encompassing society, nature and the global economy. The three companies highlighted here are a small representation of the progress being made by leading global brands to facilitate sustainable business. Look out for products by them and others identified with Staples’ Easy on the Planet label.

from brands you can trust

Be The Force BEHIND AN

EnvIronmentally FrIendly OffIce

3M is a company committed to sustainability. This isn’t a new initiative or a recently introduced strategy. For more than 30 years, it’s the way we’ve done business. From our products, to the environment, to community involvement, we’re inventing with the future in mind.



All Post-it® Notes made with virgin paper are 100 % PEFC certified Chain of Custody.

Post-it® Super sticky notes & Post-it® Recycled notes are now made with a unique renewable resource adhesive. The adhesive is 60 % plant-based material by weight. (The plant material is a non-food plant that grows annually).


RECYCLED CONTENT/POST CONSUMER All Post-it® Recycled Notes are Blue Angel Certified (made with paper 100 % recycled Post Consumer Waste).

We believe preventing pollution is better than trying to clean it up later. We’ve reduced total pounds of volatile organic air emissions 96% since 1990 and we’re using less water and releasing fewer pollutants.



RECYCLable All Post-it® Notes are recyclable*. PLEASE RECYCLE *During the recycling process, the paper is recycled and the adhesive removed.

3M and Post-it are trademarks of 3M. © 2015, 3M. All rights reserved.



How beautiful can How beautiful green be? The can green be? re:cycle range from The Leitz re:cycle Leitz is the answer. range is the answer. 100% recyclable, 100% 100%recycleable, durable. A 1unique 00% durable. system that A unique system even allows the that even allows to lever arch file the lever arch file for be dismantled to be dismantled for complete recycling. A range that’s complete recycling. completely A range that’sgreen – and beautiful. completely green– and beautiful.

14787_ad_recycle_200x130_UK_v2.indd 1

24.04.15 16:03

Pilot’s B2P range celebrates sustainability with recycled plastic pens attractively designed to reflect their former purpose. Since 2008, this Bottle to Pen Gel project has given new life to around 6.5 million plastic bottles.


NOW IT’S A PEN. Which looks like a bottle.

And the good news doesn’t stop there. All Pilot’s ballpoint pens and 80% of their gel ink and rollerball pens are refillable. So those recycled plastic bottles go a long, long way.

Developed by Pilot, a long-trusted name in writing instrument innovation, B2P is part of the Begreen range which bears both ISO 14001 standard and EMAS certification. Independent proof of commitment to work in greater harmony with the planet’s ecology and ecosystems.

Using paper responsibly Paper is the biggest source of waste in most offices, and it is a resource that should be treated with respect. Some organisations go to great lengths to produce environmentally preferable products. Implementing a paper policy across your entire organisation can help raise awareness and help save you money.

Here are a few simple ideas… • Mandatory double-sided printing • Distribute documents electronically • Use recycled inks and toners • Avoid unnecessary colour printing

Portucel, the paper pioneers An eco-conscious alternative to recycled paper A leading global force in the pulp and paper market, Portugal-based Portucel revolutionised the industry in 1957 when they became the first in the world to produce paper pulp from the Eucalyptus globulus tree, a species now recognised around the world as the ideal wood for manufacturing quality paper products. Eucalyptus globulus has a higher number of fibres per weight unit, creating a heightened perception of quality, and resulting in paper with better porosity, opacity and formation. Navigator Expression 90g/m² is equivalent in quality to competitor 100g/m² papers, so you can buy the same quality for less. Portucel’s Navigator paper is the perfect marriage of functional quality and responsible production. A genuinely sustainable product, Navigator paper is made from renewable natural resources grown in certified, sustainably managed woodlands. Portucel’s responsible forest management model ensures the net amount of wood is retained, or even increased, year on year due to constant replanting.

The Eucalyptus pulp is combined and processed with carefully selected raw and subsidiary materials at Portucel’s technologically advanced mills in Portugal. Their commmitment to environmentally responsible production means that these facilities are specially designed for eco-efficient production. CO₂ emissions, water and fossil fuel consumption and waste are kept to a minimum, and the end product is both recyclable and biodegradable. It’s little wonder that Navigator has become the world’s best-selling brand of premium office paper.

Scan and watch

• Consider a managed print solution for optimal paper and toner use • Choose responsible paper, and recycle after use

Facts & Fiction ontrary to popular belief, forested C areas in Europe have actually increased by 17 million hectares in the last 20 years. This is equivalent to 1.5 million football pitches. In Europe a wood fibre is used in an average of more than 4 paper products across its lifetime A responsibly managed forest can maintain or even increase the amount of wood produced for the pulp and paper industry.

Discovery™ Eco Efficient (left) and Navigator™ Universal (top) are two of the industry’s most responsible paper choices

Learn the benefits of using Discovery™ paper in your office:

V9 A N TAG E P O I N T  •  VO L U M E O N E


Partner with HP for the environment Recycle Original HP cartridges Did you know that by using recycled plastics in Original HP cartridges rather than new plastics, HP is able to reduce water consumption in production by 75%. In just one year, HP saved enough water for 228 million showers.* To date, HP has used 2.5 billion post-consumer plastic bottles, 566 million used cartridges and 1.1 million pounds of recycled plastic hangers to manufacture new HP cartridges. This ‘closed loop’ cartridge recycling process results in a 33% lower carbon footprint, and 54% lower fossil fuel consumption compared to the manufacture of new plastics.* ‘From recycled plastic, to energy efficient printing products and waste reducing packaging design’, Senior Vice President of Inkjet and Printing Solutions, Stephen Nigro, explained how HP helps their customers reduce their impact on the environment. Reduce your environmental impact without compromising quality and ‘Partner with HP for the environment’.

© 2015 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. The information contained herein is subject to change without notice. HP shall not be liable for technical or editorial errors or omissions contained herein. * Data and assumptions drawn from a 2014 life cycle assessment performed by Four Elements Consulting and commissioned by HP: Calculated with the US Dept of Interior, US Geological Survey data

Sustainable shipping Mail & Ship products that will help reduce your footprint

Online shopping continues to increase in popularity as millions of packages are shipped throughout Europe every day. This is great news for online businesses and e-tailers, but not so great for the planet. Shipping a higher number of product packages over greater accumulated distance calls for increased resources, so how do you ensure your package has a successful and ecoconscious journey?

Recycle We have to remember that it’s not just what’s inside the box or envelope that’s important. Whilst the right packing materials are crucial, it doesn’t mean they have to be harmful to the planet. Why consume valuable resources on something that only gets thrown away? Staples offers a great selection of recycled paper products, boxes, fillers and tapes. Enabling organisations to package to perfection without being unnecessarily wasteful.


Did you know? By following the guidelines on this page, Staples has reduced its shipping volumes by 30%.

Look out for these labels Reuse Why throw away perfectly good packaging when it’s good enough to perform again? Staples’ reusable packaging materials are designed to live more than one life, but how can you implement this? An organisation can employ a sound internal shipping process but it can be tricky to influence a box once it leaves the depot. Staples advises a returns policy that requests that customers return unwanted items in the same box they were sent in. Lead from the front, get creative and communicate company ethos.

The FSC symbol allows consumers to identify Mail & Ship products produced from well-managed forests.

100% From well‑ managed forests



Reduce At Staples, we try to practice what we preach, working to minimise our own carbon footprint as well helping you to reduce yours. Every box you buy from us has been locally sourced to reduce the miles it has had to travel before we send it to you. Reducing your impact on the planet is all about long-term change, it’s about changing the way your entire organisation thinks and acts every day.

FSC 100% Contains nothing but fibre from FSC certified forests

From responsible sources


RECYCLED Made from recycled material


FSC Mix Any mix of fibre from FSC certified forests, reclaimed timber or fibre, or materials from other other controlled sources. FSC Recycled All the timber or fibre is from pre– and post consumer recycled materials.

For more information on how you can reduce your company’s impact on the planet visit


Confused ? We know. It’s a j ungle out there.

FSC : a closer look The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is an international non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting responsible forestry. The FSC symbol allows consumers to identify, buy and use timber and forest products produced from well-managed forests. An FSC certification shows compliance with the highest social and environmental standards on the market, and they’re strict about distributing them. Interested in learning more? Visit

Easygoing At Staples we recognise that there are many different definitions of ‘green’, we also understand that you don’t have the time to do a background check on every single product you purchase. So how on earth do you define a planet preferable, eco-conscious, low-impact product? To help you out we have tested thousands of our products against the most recognised and stringent environmental criteria. If a product meets one or more of the listed accreditations, it qualifies as part of our the Staples Easy on the Planet initiative. The Staples Easy on the Planet icon is used to identify a category of eco-conscious products that we believe demonstrate reduced environmental impacts compared to other products in their category. Being refillable, solar powered, or rechargeable, tests well against our criteria. As do remanufactured materials or the incorporation of other environmental design features. We also promise third party co-operation. All of our suppliers must first agree to our Supplier Code of Conduct before their product(s) can even be considered as Easy on the Planet. The Easy on the Planet labelling system has been designed to make ‘eco’ easier. Allowing you to get back to doing your job; comfortable in the knowledge that you are making better choices for your business and the environment.


Says who?

Third-party environmental certifications or standards include: FSC, Blue Angel, Nordic Swan, Rainforest Alliance Certified, Austrian Eco-Label, Fairtrade, European Ecolabel, PEFC, Energy Star Certified, TCO Certified, NF Certified, EN13432 Certification of Biodegradability and Compostability.

Don’t worry, our standards are credible, continually updated and based on sound science. They also reflect the current state of the industry. Staples is a founding member of SOFEA (, an industry group working with the European Commission to produce a consistent environmental labelling scheme for all office products. Through this we also maintain consultation with independent scientific advisors, which will enable us to stay at the forefront of supplying offices with eco-conscious products.

For more detailed information about individual product qualifications, visit


In summary We’ve used this first edition of Vantage Point to Here’s a quick recap of the key areas discussed for look at one of the most important considerations effecting change in your procurement programme: businesses face today. How to operate sustainably • EVALUATE current suppliers closely and minimise your procurement programme’s Is sustainability a focus area, throughout the eco-footprint. Sustainable innovation is at the supply chain and product lifecycle? heart of everything we do at Staples Advantage • EDUCATE end-users on the and we hope to inspire you to do the same. The benefits to making green choices right changes at programme level can significantly Are your employees utilising innovative, green products to enhance their work practices? reduce your impact, which is something we’ve experienced ourselves at Staples Advantage. • RE-APPRAISE mail and ship practices We are pleased to share our experience and expertise to help your organisation and achieve its sustainability goals.

Are your processes efficient and as planetpreferable as they could be?

• USE and source paper responsibly

Is your organisation implementing sustainable policies for this precious resource?

To learn more about how a partnership with Staples Advantage can benefit your organisation and support your sustainability goals, visit or speak to any one of our European associates.

You can get in touch with us a number of ways: Online

Telephone +31 (0)20 651 1111 to talk to our Global Accounts Team

Write us Staples, Inc. Global Accounts Team Hoogoorddreef 62 1101 BE  Amsterdam The Netherlands

Questions? Email our Sustainability Experts at

DON’T FORGET: OUR SIMPLE STEPS FOR A SUSTAINABLE OFFICE has great ideas for saving energy and the environment in the workplace. VA N TAG E P O I N T  •  VO L U M E O N E

Feel-good choices Sustainable Earth by Staples™ Sustainable Earth™ is our exclusive line of ecopreferable products. Offering a wide range of environmentally minded solutions to suit all your business needs, with the same great quality you have come to expect from Staples. From the product components and packaging materials we use, to the third party suppliers we choose, everyone and everything’s held to our brand’s high environmental standards.

From sustainable office supplies to environmentally friendly breakroom and cleaning products, Staples utilises renewable resources, recycled materials and certified eco-preferable manufacturing practi­ces to satisfy business demands without plundering our planet. For planet preferable operation all the way from the breakroom to the boardroom, Sustainable Earth™ by Staples is the convenient win-win solution. For more information visit