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Volume 4


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In business, you could call risk the yin to the reward yang. We’re sure you’ll agree the world has changed, and so has the risk landscape along with it. Volume 4 of Vantage Point offers some insights and tips to help you navigate this tricky territory and find the solutions that are right for you.

Risky Business

Reset your company’s risk radar with results from a global risk survey and tailored risk management advice.

How to Become a Neat Freak

Learn how to become more organised at the office in six simple steps.

Why Too Much Choice Will Make You Miserable

Discover why having more options isn’t always better for your business.

Break a Habit, Make a Difference

See how your office can become more sustainable one step at a time.

It’s Easy Being Green

Meet our new Easy on the Planet programme, the simplest way to reach your company’s sustainability goals.

How to Scoop the Office Snoop

Find out how you can address a low-tech threat that can have a huge impact on your business: visual hacking.

Walking the Walk

See how we’ve evolved our way of working to reduce our environmental impact with a sustainable super-warehouse in the UK.

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Welcome The term “risk management” is a loaded one, and unfortunately, people’s associations are often negative, so we hope our cover image brought a smile to your face. While it’s a serious topic, it needn’t be a scary one. We like to think of risk management as simply being a tool to safeguard your assets, similar to how you’d use bubble wrap to protect fragile items. Of course, managing risk has always played a role in running a successful company, but there now seem to be more factors to consider than ever before. In this issue of Vantage Point magazine, you’ll read all about the biggest risks your business faces right now, including the often-underestimated threat of visual hacking, and how to get the risk management help you need from your Staples Account Manager. And that’s just one of the many ways we can help you to turn your possibilities into realities. Making your life simpler is another theme explored in this issue, with tips on how to become more organised at the office and an article about the paralysing paradox of choice. You’ll also learn more about how our new Easy on the Planet programme can help you to reach your company’s sustainability objectives. Our new name, Staples Business Advantage, stands for the benefits that our unique expertise can bring to your business. And, because we’re always thinking up solutions for your business, our new, more user-friendly website is always jam-packed with handy business advice (see We trust you’ll find plenty to inspire you in this issue of Vantage Point magazine.

Kind regards,

Did you know? The average consolidated total cost of a data breach is 3.6 million Euros.

— 2016 Ponemon Institute Cost of a Data Breach Study

If one tree takes 10kg of CO2 out of the air for each year of its life, imagine how much CO2 has been offset by Staples’s sustainability partner Plant-for-the-Planet, which has planted 14 billion trees since 2008.

The word “decide” shares an etymological root with “homicide”, the Latin word caedere, meaning “to kill”. No wonder choice is so frightening.

Hervé Liboureau Senior Vice President Head of Staples Business Advantage Europe



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Risky business Risk is the unavoidable burden of doing business. But in today’s unstable world, the cost seems higher than ever, so it pays to be prepared. Fires. Floods. Malfunctions. Accidents. Attacks. Injury. These are just a few of the risks that can get in the way of doing business. Unfortunately, many companies only assess their risk levels after a crisis hits, which is obviously too late. And, along with all the fall-out from lost productivity and reputation damage, there are the inevitable shoulda-woulda-coulda’s. To thrive these days, businesses require a robust risk radar and the ability to act quickly and decisively. There are some things you can’t control, but if you understand and recognise the risks your business faces early, you can effectively manage them, protect what’s valuable to you and, perhaps, even turn those risks into opportunities.

Global risk survey Last year, over 500 risk management experts from mid-sized firms and large multinationals across 44 countries were surveyed* on the main risks facing their businesses now and in the future. Over 87% of respondents described the world as “a riskier place”. Increasing competition, economic slowdown and business interruption were revealed as the three biggest overall threats. Some 56% of all respondents across all regions saw increasing competition as their biggest threat, and 62% predicted that this risk will have the most impact over the next decade. Roughly 75% of the respondents from EMEA, 74% from Asia-Pacific and 64% from the Americas said the ability to harness technological changes and to innovate and meet customer needs will add significant value. Concerns about market changes varied regionally: 51% of respondents from EMEA were very concerned about market changes compared with 44% in Asia-Pacific and 34% in the Americas. Issues such as the

ambiguous future of the EU and the (then) impending prospect of a Greek or British exit were weighing on the minds of EMEA respondents. Traditionally, the main causes of business interruption were occurrences that caused physical damage, like fire or natural catastrophes. Nowadays, a whole range of events, such as cyber-attacks, terrorism and pandemics, can disrupt business, and while there have always been substantial risks, the nature of the dangers are changing fast. Over 42% of all Global Risk Landscape respondents surveyed viewed business interruption as the biggest threat to their company.

Tailored risk management solutions The big business challenge is how to adapt: how to recognise and respond to current risks and opportunities and how to spot emerging issues that could impact your business further down the line. Smaller, agiler companies may have an easier time adapting their business models than larger, slower multinationals, but whatever the size of your company, you’ll have to develop flexible strategies that take external factors into account. The good news is that you don’t have to do it alone. Our advisors are always on stand-by with expert advice. They can provide your organisation with tailored solutions that help to minimise the risks of external disturbances. From anti-bacterial wipes to ergonomic office chairs and privacy-proof screen filters, Staples Business Advantage has an extensive product range with the best solutions for your business. Contact your trusted Staples Account Manager today to learn more. * The Global Risk Landscape survey was conducted by BDO, an international accounting and consulting firm.


Fit for the job A healthy workplace remains one of the pillars of risk management, and one of the best ways to prevent physical work-related injuries is by using ergonomics—the science of fitting a job to a person. The discipline has been successfully applied to a host of office products that help lessen muscle fatigue, increase productivity and reduce the number and severity of work-related musculoskeletal disorders.


Vantage Point   |   Volume Four

Bakker Elkhuizen, a specialist in designing ergonomic solutions for computer work­stations, offers a range of solutions backed by scientific research, including an award-winning adjustable notebook stand, a forearm-friendly vertical mouse, an in-line document holder and writing slope that prevents neck strain and a compact keyboard for extra comfort.


From monitor risers to climatecontrolled foot supports, Fellowes offers ergonomically-designed desk accessories for every desk-related health complaint, providing extra care for workers’ backs, necks, shoulders, wrists, legs and feet.

Traditional cleaning methods and tools are hard on workers' health, due to repetitive movement and the lugging and lifting of heavy materials. Nilfisk mops feature user-friendly one-hand grips, handles that adjust to fit the height of the user and its three-field design allows for maximum dirt retention with a minimum of friction and fuss.


Vantage Point   |   Volume Four

Developed using insights from a study of over 100 cleaners in four European countries, Tork Easy Handling™ packaging systems for paper towels, toilet paper and other supplies save time and minimise unnecessary aches and pains. Comfortable integrated handles make the packages easier—and more efficient— to carry. The boxes open easily without requiring sharp cutting tools, offer features for various finger sizes, and fold flat for easy removal and recycling.

Keep your employees safe. Improve your bottom line Love them or hate them, time clock systems can play an important part in workforce and health-and-safety risk management. They help to streamline hour and payment tracking, and can save your company up to 10% of annual payroll expenses. And, in the event of a fire or another emergency, knowing where your employees are in real time helps to keep them safe. Safescan’s time clock systems are easy to install and use, so you will always know exactly who’s on site at any given instant,

but did you know that you can also use your time-clock data to generate project overviews, work schedules and print fire roll-call reports? Some systems allow you to send automated input to your payroll system and collect all your HRM data in one place — all based on data you’re already recording. Safescan’s technology also makes it impossible for employees to clock in for one another, a practice that costs nearly three-quarters of all companies money.



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How to become a neat freak It may sound obvious, but a safe, clean, organised workplace is essential if you want your people to perform to the best of their abilities. Healthy staff have more energy and produce better quality work, while an ordered environment makes it easier and more enjoyable to be productive. In fact, physical clutter negatively affects your ability to focus and process information, say researchers at the Princeton University Neuroscience Institute. So, if you’d like healthier, happier employees who do better work, it’s time to banish that mess.

Six simple steps to an organised office: Purge and file

Archive away

Clear your workspace, keeping only the bare essentials you need every day on your desk. Place the equipment, files and supplies you use regularly within easy reach. Throw out any information that is outdated or unnecessary and archive resource materials, keeping in mind that 80% of what we file is never used again.

What to do with trade magazines, catalogues and research materials you want to keep? Or how about all those files and materials from that project you’ve just completed? Simply place it in a clearly labelled box and archive it. Storage boxes are a great way to keep such materials safe and tidy but often make the office look drab. The Leitz Click & Store range 3 offers a practical storage solution with a contemporary design in an attractive range of colours to complement your office’s decor. Laminated surfaces safeguard your archived materials and a collapsible design ensures easy storage.

Use a filing system that combines form and function, like Elba’s new ART collection 1 , an elegant monochromatic range with a lacquered finish, elegant curved embossing and all the sturdiness you’ll ever need. Keeping things organised when you’re on the go is just as important as when you’re in the office. It’s a cinch with the award-winning Leitz Complete Laptop Smart Traveller 2 , a quality lightweight business bag with a smart design that keeps all your mobile devices and A4 documents safe and tidy.

Give it a name Make sure you and your colleagues can find everything easily by creating dedicated areas for office supplies, reference materials and archived files. Organise your desk with clearly labelled paper trays, marked “to do”, “to read” and “to file”. Rearrange your drawers by placing items used together in the same containers, e.g. pens with post-its, stamps with envelopes and staples with paper clips.



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Create customised labels to keep your office organised and under control with DYMO LabelWriter™ 4  and LabelManager™ 5   labellers and labels, the easiest way to create any label you might need, with handy features such as colour-coding and barcoding. Worried about water or dirt getting to your most important communications? Choose a hassle-free system to keep them protected, such as Leitz’s iLAM laminators 6 and foolproof pouches. Use clear display information for separate rooms and areas that visitors and customers access. Ideal for the rigours of daily use, Durable signage systems 7 are made with high-grade aluminium, with a non-reflective acrylic panel in nine formats.


Choose the right tools Technology can have enormous benefits in the workplace, but it can create a productivity challenge, too. Office workers regularly become frustrated when faced with slow or faulty equipment. Efficient, well-functioning office products, on the other hand, serve as an essential tool for good time management. So, for example, Leitz Complete Portable Mini Bluetooth Speaker makes crisp, clear audioconferencing possible anytime, anywhere. It’s so compact, you can hold it in your hand, and easily connects with any Bluetooth device.

Take notes Research shows that how you take notes can influence how information is processed in the brain and how much is retained. Taking notes longhand as opposed to typing requires your brain to use deep memory processes, thereby improving retention. Select a notebook that lets you take notes quickly and efficiently during meetings while presenting a professional image. Oxford International notebooks 8 are lightweight and hard-wearing, with convenient storage pockets and smart-ruled pages to ensure that your notes are well-organised. Make the latest technology work for you, with the new Oxford Smart Charts and proprietary PowerChart scanning app 9 , which let you seamlessly convert your handwritten flipchart notes into digital files to share after your meeting.


Keep it up Once you’ve created a system you like, spend a few minutes at the end of every day tidying up your desk and putting everything back where it belongs, so you can start off fresh the next day. Set a fixed day every week to file all your papers. How does “Filing Friday” sound to you?




Vantage Point   |   Volume Four

Why too much choice will make you miserable From desk accessories to hand soap, the more options the better, right? Wrong. Better buying isn’t about having more choice. It’s about getting the right supplies from the right place, so you can save time and money today. Who has the patience to sort through all the endless options out there anyway? Your business is unique, and you want a supplier that takes the time to understand your needs; a supplier who makes smart recommendations from a carefully curated collection of products to find those that are just right for your business. A trusted partner, like your Staples advisor, who takes the bother out of buying.

The paradox of choice We’ve come to believe that greater choice is the greater good, so why does it leave us feeling so unsatisfied and anxious? American psychologist Barry Schwartz may have the answer. In his book ‘The Paradox of Choice’, Schwartz argues that infinite choice is paralysing and exhausting to the human psyche, leading us to set unreasonably high expectations, question our choices before we even make them and blame our failures entirely on ourselves, thus undermining our happiness. Interestingly, there’s plenty of research to back up the paradox. In one study carried out in a posh Californian supermarket, researchers set up a sampling table of jams. In the first test, they displayed 24 jams. In the second, only six. While more shoppers stopped at the display with 24 jams, 30% of those who stopped at the table with six jams actually purchased a pot, against only 3% of those who were offered more variety. Most of the Californian

supermarket shoppers faced with 24 jams simply chose not to buy any. Other researchers have had similar findings from experiments with pens, coffee, and even pension plans.

The sensible solution It’s been over a decade since Schwartz penned his book, and it seems as if we’re faced with more choice than ever—from how we swipe past potential partners on-screen to how we purchase products— there are even apps now to help people deal with all those choices. That’s why it makes sense to work with one supplier who can cut through all that clutter with only the best solutions for your business. Every day, you can rely on us to deliver more expertise than ever. Whether that’s advice about the latest ergonomic office furniture solutions or the best coffee for your breakroom, our people are passionate and purposely specialised, always proactively thinking about solutions for your business. We know that you will be satisfied with your products and their prices, because we are committed to giving you more for your money. And, because we offer so much more than just office supplies, you can choose from among all your favourites, including the latest innovations and the new products we’re adding all the time. You can rely on us to get you started and keep you going with specialised support services, because we’re always looking for more ways to help you. Yes, you can get all that and more from just one supplier. As choices go, it’s actually a really easy one.


The best products for your next presentation Preparing for a big presentation? We have just what you need. Making the magic happen at meetings has so much to do with creating the right space, with all the tools in place to help you and your team collaborate better. But, with so many presentation products out there these days, the choice can be overwhelming. Luckily, we’ve tried and tested them all, so you don’t have to. Simply rely on us to provide you with the best products for your brainstorm or meeting, from the perfect pen to the ultimate presentation products.

Simple, affordable, and built to last, BIC® products combine a no-frills, sustainable approach with high performance and iconic designs that have lasted the test of time.


Vantage Point   |   Volume Four

Unleash your inner creative with our best-selling Pilot gel ink pens. Water-resistant, smear- and shock-free, these elegant ergonomicallydesigned pens come in a rainbow of colours and your favourite pen tip.


Jot down all those big ideas in luxurious Leitz notebooks in classic and contemporary colours. Carry it all to your presentation in lightweight Leitz laptop bags, while staying charged with the credit card-sized iPhone charger and portable USB power bank for smartphones and tablets. Or audioconference it in with portable mini Bluetooth speakers.


Vantage Point   |   Volume Four

Make your communications visible with Legamaster’s premium presentation products, including ergonomic metal flipcharts, scratch-resistant whiteboards, microfiber whiteboard wipes and accessories.


Break a habit, make a difference

Where it comes to wasteful behaviour in the office, it’s never too late to change your ways. But it doesn’t have to be all or nothing: you can start becoming more sustainable with a few small steps and take it from there. And with the right partner to guide you, it’s easy.

One step at a time All businesses negatively impact the environment in one way or another, so it makes sense to seriously consider how you operate and where you can improve your company’s green credentials. A simple change—like consolidating your orders with a single supplier or switching to eco-preferable paper or breakroom products—is a start to reducing your company’s impact on the planet.

Pick the right partner Need a little guidance? We’re here to assist with expert advice on how you can really make a difference. Staples is a global sustainability leader in its industry, with the right programmes and tools to help you make a real difference, including our proprietary Easy on the Planet programme (see page 21). We offer the broadest range of eco-conscious products, including our exclusive range of Sustainable Earth by Staples™ products and our carefully-selected Easy on the Planet products.

Make sustainability a habit It’s one thing to want to change, but old office habits are just as hard to break as any bad behaviour, because we’re used to doing things a certain way day in, day out. In fact, repetition has a big part to play in most of our automated behaviours, say researchers from the University of California, and our habits are so powerfully linked to certain signals and triggers that they often overrule our best intentions. So how do we change them? One way is to remove the trigger. Another method is to find a substitute for the behaviour when you are triggered. And, perhaps the best way to change a habit is to keep on trying, so that eventually sustainability itself will become a habit, too.


Vantage Point   |   Volume Four

Created with the environment in mind, these eco-preferable products are made with renewable resources and/or recycled materials and are third-party certified to validate their environmental attributes. Partner with us and you’ll have access to thousands of sustainable products and services, and to the world’s largest recycling programmes.

Change your printing habits. Help the environment. Logging, harmful emissions and chemicals are just a few of the ways that office printing negatively impacts the environment. Did you know that a tonne of office paper emits the equivalent of 6.3 tonnes of CO² in its entire life cycle? Yet, despite the obvious environmental perks of a paperless office, most of us find it hard to break our old printing habits. With Discovery’s range of eco-conscious paper, we may not need to. The “most environmentally friendly office paper in the world” is manufactured from the pul p of the evergreen Eucalyptus globulus tree from renewable, responsibly managed forests, which have a stabilising effect on the climate by absorbing CO2 and releasing oxygen through photosynthesis year-round. To produce exactly the same amount of paper, Discovery uses 40% less wood than paper made from pine and roughly a third

of the forest area that would be needed for birch. What’s more, the tree’s fibres are shorter and its cell walls thicker than all other tree species. Combined with Discovery’s state-of-the art papermaking technology, which uses fewer chemicals, it delivers a lower grammage paper that’s thicker than regular office paper with comparable or better quality. This means you effectively use less paper without having to reduce the number of sheets you print or compromising on quality. In fact, lab tests show that the performance of Discovery surpasses that of most standard office paper in the market.


Staples is proud to be partnering with Plant-forthe-Planet, an organisation that has taken on the legacy of UNEP’s Billion Tree Campaign. Since 2008 they have planted over 14 billion trees worldwide, organised 800 Academies in 51 countries and trained over 64,000 Climate Justice Ambassadors. To find out more, visit


Vantage Point   |   Volume Four

It’s easy being green Going green at the office may be the right thing to do, but it can be a daunting task. Allow us to introduce Easy on the Planet, a new programme that will help you navigate the steps and save your company some money along the way, too. You want to make informed, sustainable choices when placing orders with us, but it’s not always as simple as it seems, is it? As your partner, we understand how you operate, we know where you need to make changes and how you can gain quick-wins. Our new Easy on the Planet programme was designed to help you reach your company’s sustainability objectives using a customised plan, which generally involves consolidating your product categories, reducing the number of inefficient, small orders you place and rewarding you for favouring eco-conscious products. To offset some of the residual emissions that you can’t reduce or mitigate further, Staples has teamed up with a credible partner, Plant-for-the-Planet, to plant trees on your behalf, with each new tree taking 10 kg of CO² out of the air, for each year of its life. According to a 2013 report by the TEEB for Business Coalition*, the negative environmental impact of doing business costs the global economy $4.7 trillion a year. However, the report also states that businesses that take their natural capital impacts into account can better manage risk, ensure more resilient supply chains and improved investment strategies, thus gaining competitive advantage. So isn’t it high time you got started?

Banish small orders One of the easiest ways you can be a better friend to the planet is simply by minimising the number of small, inefficient orders you place. This cuts back on excess packaging and transport emissions and has the added benefit of reducing your administration costs. We will use the number of small orders you placed in the previous year as a baseline, planting trees on your behalf as a reward for improvements each following year.

Buy eco-conscious products Our range of eco-conscious Easy on the Planet products are clearly labelled with an easily identifiable icon, so you won’t have to investigate whether the products you buy are made with recycled, renewable, or recyclable materials. Because the work is done for you, it makes your green procurement decisions all the easier. Using your order history in the previous year as a baseline, we will look at the number of eco-conscious products you buy each following year, rewarding gains by planting more trees via Plant-for-the-Planet. Staples offers many brands with a sustainability track record, such as tesafilm®, which has been made with renewable raw materials, such as natural rubber, since 1936. The award-winning tesa ecoLogo® range, manufactured with predominantly organic, solvent-free materials in recycled packaging, meets stringent ISO 12021 standards for ecological products. HP has a 25-year history of recycling with over 682 million ink cartridges recycled to date. Today, over 80% of Original HP ink cartridges and 100% of Original HP Toner cartridges contain recycled content.

Consolidate your product categories Using one primary supplier across all categories will result in even greater efficiency in the use of packaging materials, transport costs, and administrative resources. We will work closely with you to arrange a smooth consolidation process, and provide a customised report for you to track the improvement of your green credentials. *The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity programme for Business Coalition, backed by the Group of Eight economic powers and the United Nations Environment Programme.


5 more ways to reduce your carbon footprint at the office Our Easy on the Planet programme is a one-stop solution for reaching your sustainability goals, but here are a few more helpful hints to help you go green:

Recycle and buy recycled or reusable products Recycling helps to reduce eight types of water pollutants and 10 varieties of air pollutants and eases the strain on landfills— particularly important for office electronics, which contain toxins that could contaminate groundwater. It’s estimated that for every tonne of paper recycled, about 17 trees and some 26,500 litres of water is saved. It’s not just what you stock the office store cupboard with that counts, however. Sustainable Earth By Staples™ breakroom products are made with renewable resources and recycled materials and Katrin washroom dispensers are manufactured with durable, reusable materials and economically dispenses paper that’s certified-sustainable.


Vantage Point   |   Volume Four

Buy products with refills It’s estimated that 29% of US greenhouses gas emissions result from the provision of goods. Using refills can dramatically reduce your office’s carbon footprint. Over four million disposable pens are thrown out daily in the USA alone, so why not stock the supply cupboard with reusable pens and refills instead?

Pilot’s revolutionary range of patented Frixion pens replaces all your old pencils, leads, rubber, and even correction tape with one refillable pen with thermo-sensitive ink and an integrated eraser.

Switch it off

Think about printing

Did you know that the bulk of your office electricity bill is paying for power consumed by machines on standby? Use energy-saving technology to automatically switch off computers, monitors and printers after hours. Doing so will not only help reduce your CO2 but save you money too.

In terms of paper use, it is estimated that approximately 18 trees are cut down for every 10 employees per year. Implement a print policy that encourages saving files digitally instead of printing everything out. To save paper, set photocopiers and printers to default to single copies and print double-sided. It also makes sense to buy sustainable office paper, in addition to eco-friendly ink cartridges. Navigator’s ecological Eucalyptus-based paper is FSCŽ and PEFC certified and was awarded an EU Ecolabel license. It is biodegradable, recyclable and made from a natural renewable resource.

Automate lighting and climate controls Roughly 40% of the electricity consumed in a typical office building is used for artificial lighting. And while most offices have switched to LED or energy-saving light sources, lights are often left burning around-the-clock. Use natural daylight as much as possible and install motion-activated light switches to turn off lights in unused offices and spaces. Working in uncomfortable temperatures is a common complaint from office workers and temperature can drastically impact productivity. Studies suggest that temperatures above 25°C can lead to a 2% decrease in efficiency. The solution? Install a programmable model at a comfortable level throughout the year, which automatically turns off the heat and air-conditioning after hours.

To get involved, and discover how changing your procurement habits can have a positive effect on the environment, get in contact with your Account Manager today.



Vantage Point   |   Volume Four

How to hold the ‘hachoos’ at bay A healthy office makes for a happy and productive office, but as we head into cold and flu season every door knob, desk phone and keyboard becomes a potential source of infection. In a study conducted by Kimberly-Clark Professional, researchers swabbed nearly 5,000 surfaces in a range of office buildings and found the dirtiest spots to be the tap- and microwave door handles in the office canteen, followed by keyboards, refrigerator door handles, and water fountainand vending machine buttons. While most people think bathrooms are the biggest germ havens, the study shows that contamination can be spread throughout the workplace while eating lunch, making coffee, working on your computer or even answering the phone. Sure, you can’t avoid germs completely, but changing your habits—by diligently washing and drying your hands and sanitising them in-between—can reduce rates of cold, flu and stomach illness by up to 80%. Wash your hands when you get to work, especially after taking public transport. Try to avoid touching your face after shaking someone’s hand. Keep hand sanitiser at your desk and use it immediately after every meeting. High performance Kleenex® hand sanitisers can kill up to 99.999% of common bacteria that cause sickness, making it one of the most effective and trusted tools to keep staff healthy. And, if you have caught that bug, a good supply of Kleenex® Balsam facial tissues imbued with a fine layer of protective calendula can prevent your runny nose from becoming red and dry.



Vantage Point   |   Volume Four

How to scoop the office snoop

Some say there are only two types of company: those that have been hacked, and those that will be hacked. No surprise, then, that the European Parliament voted for stricter data protection laws in April 2016. Due to come into force in 2018, the new rules will make it compulsory to disclose if a breach has occurred—within 72 hours where possible—and introduce fines of up to 4% of global turnover for failure to protect sensitive data. Yes, the risks of hacking for your business are very real.

A low-tech threat with a huge impact One of the fastest-growing hacking threats facing businesses today—known as “visual hacking”—is also one of the most low-tech and under-addressed. Defined as a method for obtaining sensitive information for unauthorised use by visual means, some real-life hackers are dismissive of the term, calling it “shoulder surfing” or old-fashioned “office snooping”. However, a recent experiment has shown that you should be concerned about threats from malicious and negligent insiders. In a Global Visual Hacking Experiment, carried out in 2016 by the Ponemon Institute and sponsored by 3M Company, a leading manufacturer of privacy filters for computers, tablets and smartphones, researchers were able to capture sensitive or confidential corporate information just by snooping around. An undercover visual hacker was sent into participating corporate offices in 8 countries. In 91% of the trials he successfully obtained information such as login credentials, financial information and privileged and confidential documents, with an average of 3.9 pieces of sensitive information captured per experiment. Nearly 52% of sensitive information was captured from employee computer screens. Some 68% of the time, the visual hacking went unnoticed or unchallenged by employees and it happened fast - usually in less than 15 minutes.

Hack your hacker These findings show how easy it is for a company to be hacked without even knowing it. Hackers play on employee carelessness with company data and the lack of awareness of low-tech security threats. A hacker often needs only one piece of information to expose your company to a data breach, and while large-scale breaches may make headlines, low-tech threats can expose company and customer information for unauthorised use, which could lead to brand- and reputation damage and financial loss. Whatever you think of the term “visual hacking”, the phenomenon is a growing area of concern that can no longer be ignored. While it is estimated that a data breach could cost a large organisation up to €3.96 million, protecting your organisation is up to you. But the good news is that “visual hacking” is relatively easy to address.




7 √



Vantage Point   |   Volume Four

5 Seven steps to help protect your data:


Make your employees aware of the problem: implement a visual privacy policy and training, as well as mechanisms for reporting suspicious snooping behaviour.


Implement a clean desk policy, requiring employees to turn off all computer and device screens and remove all documents from view when not at their desks.


4 3

Use a secure remote network to access corporate information and limit the types of data that can be accessed while working outside the office.


Angle computer screens away from windows and high-traffic areas, use password protected screen savers and install privacy filters on all screens, including those used for working outside of the office.


Make sure passwords and login information are not posted at employee workstations.


Make document shredders available throughout the office, especially near copiers, printers, faxes and desks, and implement standardised document shredding policies for confidential documents.


Perform regular visual hacking audits to identify and address any visual privacy vulnerabilities throughout the office.


Think visual hacking can’t happen to you? Think again. Why protecting your sensitive information is up to you A covert experiment in which an undercover visual hacker was sent into participating corporate offices around the world exposed how easy it is to capture sensitive company information just by snooping around.


Obtain sensitive or confidential information using only visual means.

Based on global trials conducted by Ponemon Institute during the “Visual Hacking Experiment,” 2015, and the “Global Visual Hacking Experiment,” 2016, both sponsored by 3M.

Keep visual hackers in the dark with 3M™ privacy filters Available for computer monitors, laptops, smartphones and tablets, innovative micro-louver technology blacks-out side views from snoopers, while offering crisp, clear clarity for the intended user seated in front of the screen. Or choose a new Hewlett Packard Sure View business laptop, featuring the PC industry’s first integrated privacy solution, developed with 3M Privacy technology.


Vantage Point   |   Volume Four


countries targeted

China, France, Germany, India, Japan, Korea, the UK and the USA

68% of the time visual hacking

went unnoticed

The hacker had a




success rate obtaining sensitive information

of sensitive information hacked was captured from

It took only


computer screens

minutes or less

in nearly half of all attempts

What was hacked?

27% included login credentials, financial information and privileged and confidential documents

username passw




pieces of confidential information was hacked on average

Reduce your risk of data theft with Fellowes Paper Shredders Regularly shredding sensitive documents should be part of every business’ visual privacy protocol. Fellowes Paper Shredders are your first line of defence. There’s a machine for every kind of business, built for durability and performance, with innovative features to meet all your document shredding needs.


Walking the walk At Staples, we don’t just help customers like you become greener with over 12,000 eco-preferable products and CO2 offset programmes, we constantly evolve the way we work to reduce our own impact on the environment. That’s why we invested £50 million in a smart new UK super-warehouse. The new warehouse and distribution centre had to merge three of our existing UK warehouses, align the consumer- and business sides of our business and create space to grow. It also had to be sustainable, worker-friendly and super-efficient. A challenge, certainly, but one that provided an exciting opportunity to overhaul our existing systems and invest in brand new technology to create a work environment fit for the future.

Blueprint for perfection Along with a team of specialists from across Europe, we devised a blueprint, with projections for what was needed at the new location from the number of pallets, to space for our product lines. From here we set out to find the perfect site to fit our needs: it had to be an existing building, perfectly positioned, with easy access to the motorway system and strong green credentials.

Robust planning and investment in the right equipment has resulted in a zero landfill promise: all our packaging is recycled—bailed cardboard, plastic, paper and metal—and any non-recyclable material is burnt for fuel. The facility is system driven and uses logs and weight stations to eliminate errors, which reduces repeat orders and returns while keeping customers like you happy.

Everything had to be durable, practical and efficient and all our partners and suppliers had similar values. So, for example, we didn’t just install the most affordable or attractive conveyor belt—we researched its efficiency, how it had performed in the past, and how it could be developed and updated in the future. We considered capacity, how we wanted to grow, and how we could extend and evolve automation without interfering with current operations.

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People and planet At the new super-warehouse, there are now intelligent lighting and efficient shuttling systems that


help us to save on electricity, and rainwater harvesting systems to flush office toilets and urinals. A people-centric site design aims to increase worker well-being with ergonomic workstations, plenty of natural light and amenities such as pool tables, quiet areas and a cafeteria serving hot meals throughout the day. And, innovations such as a solar wall for heating water, a carpet made from recycled car tyres and tools that cut boxes to size to save on transport, packaging and waste, are real talking points.

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With two-thirds of the warehouse up-and-running, we are looking forward to getting the rest of the building operational in the coming two years. In the meantime, we are working with our partners to see how we can improve things even further. We are always looking at ways to practice what we preach, with ambitious year-on-year targets to recycle more and reduce waste, cut carbon emissions and scale back electricity use through a number of aspirational campaigns.

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Making a difference, together There’s now a simpler way to help the planet, the Easy on the Planet programme by Staples. By reducing your small orders, selecting eco-​ conscious products, and consolidating all of your purchasing categories by choosing Staples as your single supplier, you’ll reduce environmental impacts and administration costs. Our Easy on the Planet programme will even reward your sustainability efforts by planting trees on your behalf, so we can all breathe a little easier.

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