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Your partner. strategy. process. goals. We go beyond simply delivering office supply products. The Staples Advantage Global Accounts Team is a pro-active partner that takes ownership to reduce expenses and improve operations for our customers. Our financial stability, low operation costs, industry-leading growth and expertise give us a competitive advantage in providing you with superior service and a customised programme with the lowest total-delivered cost to you. You can rely on us to provide you with: • Global reach • World-class Account Management • Global reporting • Endless product sourcing • Global Master Framework agreement • Local experts • eBusiness expertise • Financial strength • On-time delivery • Staples Soul

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Our extensive global network provides the exible and scalable solutions required by a global programme allowing you to leverage your spend and achieve lowest total-delivered cost in every country.

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Staples is proud to offer more than 4,000 Staples ­branded products and over 10,000 eco-conscious ­products through “Sustainable Earth by Staples”.

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supplies. facilities. breakroom. furniture. Your solutions. Count on one supplier with solutions for every need, whether you’re opening a new office, initiating a telecommuting programme or focusing your efforts on sustainability.

Staples offers a full range of branded products and customised solutions to match your organisation’s needs. We offer you both a wide pan-European common assortment and recognise your local product assortment needs. Going beyond the basics of office supplies, Staples can provide: • Facilities • Promotional products • Technology • Print Management • Furniture • Mail and Ship

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Your advisor. guide. manager. We pride ourselves on great customer service, but that’s only the b ­ eginning. We put a series of processes and resources in place to deliver the best customer experience.

Our centrally managed Global Accounts Team provides a single point of contact for our multinational customers. Our proven account management model exceeds our customers’ expectations by providing: • Optimised product assortment and services • Budget and savings objectives • Review ordering procedures to optimise process costs • Ensure best logistical solutions • Change management expertise

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We take the time to understand your procurement objective and direct the efforts of our sales team around the world to ensure both your global and local needs are met.

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Global reporting. Our centralised data warehouse ensures all key programme metrics are measured and reported across countries.

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Your control. reporting. integration. Our customised eBusiness solution helps you control costs, streamline ordering, increase programme compliance and minimise time spent on p ­ rocurement. Our expert e-commerce team is here to support your implementation process. Staples can provide you with a range of customisable options including: • Personalised shopping lists containing items frequently ordered • View order status and manage account quickly • Real-time pricing for all products, including contract offers and special offers • Budgetary controls • Third party integration or use the Staples customisable online ordering site • Authorisation levels • Global Master Framework agreement

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Your priorities. values. community. planet. Operating with integrity is a way of life. You’ll be partnered with a supplier that holds itself accountable to its customers, its community and its environment.

As a global corporate citizen, we understand that you want to ensure the products you use have been produced and sourced responsibly. Staples Soul reflects our commitment to corporate social responsibility. It’s what moves Staples associates to give back to their communities, embrace diversity, sustain the environment and practice sound ethics. Ways we enhance our Staples Soul: • Working with major paper suppliers to establish a more environmentally preferable offering • Running recycling programmes with our customers • Minimising our facilities’ environmental footprints • Optimising our procedures to limit the number of deliveries made • Sponsoring charitable organisations • Encouraging associates to give back to their local communities

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The Staples Easy on the Planet standard is used to identify a category of environmentally preferable products that demonstrate reduced environmental impacts compared to other products in their category. Our wide assortment will help you meet your environmental goals.

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About Staples. Staples Inc., the world’s largest office products company, is committed to making it easy for our customers to buy a wide range of office products, including supplies, technology, facilities, furniture and business services. With $24 billion in sales, Staples serves businesses of all sizes and customers in countries throughout North and South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

Contact For more information about Staples Advantage and our global solution, visit us at Telephone +44 (0)121 331 3000 and ask for our Global Accounts Team. Staples Advantage Global Accounts Team Tameside Drive Holford Birmingham, UK B6 7AY

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