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A better workplace by design

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What could my space look like?


Furniture Solutions

The CINTEO redesign project Project: CINTEO GmbH Design: myworkspace by Staples

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Sometimes it’s hard to imagine the potential of your space without being shown a tangible example. CINTEO, a Stuttgart-based company that provides digital marketing and sales solutions for Mercedes-Benz, made their dream work environment a reality, with the help of myworkspace by Staples. Their vision was to transform an existing building into an open and light-flooded space covering 2 floors and 1,100 m². Our interior designers developed the concept digitally and presented it to the client using the latest Virtual Reality technology, before bringing it to life. The overall design concept incorporates critical elements such as acoustics, lighting, ergonomics, technology, design, and work processes. From the bare structure to the open office space with distinct thematic areas: • Reception • WORKSPACE / project areas • Communication zone • Lounge area • Think tank / break out areas • MEETSPACES • BREAKSPACES

Furniture Solutions


Office design is constantly evolving and adapting to meet the rapidly changing needs of modern businesses, and for good reason. Design plays an integral role in our productivity, creativity and overall well-being.


Furniture Solutions

In today’s world what are the factors informing our design choices? • The average demographic of the workplace is changing, and millennials have unique requirements that must be met. • More emphasis is being placed on health and its relationship to productivity and well-being. • In this digital age, we require our technology to be integrated, flexible and highly reliable – supporting agile thinking and connecting us everywhere. • Companies are exploring the many ways they can reduce their carbon footprint as sustainability is no longer something that can be ignored.

• Businesses are competing to win the war for talent by offering the younger generation of prospective recruits the things they want.

The space you always wanted – without the stress Research has proven that the right space has a substantial impact on how we feel in our daily lives. We can help you identify what isn’t working and explore the ways your space can accommodate agility, new technology and innovative ways to collaborate. Because when your space works, everything works.

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Create the workplace of tomorrow today In this modern age, business moves fast. A new, younger workforce is changing the way we work and this needs to be reflected in your space.

The right WORKSPACE helps bring the best ideas to life. From the chair and the desk that provide ergonomic support to the right acoustic solutions that enables focus and innovation – Staples WORKSPACE solutions are built around your way of working, so you can you get more out of what you do. An inspiring MEETSPACE allows your team to get the most out of their time together – whether they’re seated side by side or dialling in from a different time zone. From lighting and acoustics that help things run smoothly, to the right design that sparks creative ideas on the wall before they’re put into the world – Staples MEETSPACE solutions ensure work, works for everyone.

An energizing BREAKSPACE restores your energy and enables chance collaboration, because sometimes the best ideas come from a casual conversation. From the right design and furniture, to the right lighting and plants – Staples BREAKSPACE solutions help you maintain a space that refuels and renews, so you can keep making a difference, even on your break. A great and relaxing WASHSPACE leaves you feeling refreshed and taken care of. Our solutions help you focus on what matters.

With a full spectrum of needs that includes Furniture and Design Solutions, we’ll partner with you to make sure your space does all these things and more. Behind everything we do is a commitment to the environment. Our Easy on the Planet programme helps you reach your sustainability objectives by consolidating your orders, favouring eco-conscious products and helping you measure your company’s ‘green’ progress. To offset residual emissions that can’t be mitigated further, Staples partners with Plant-for-the-Planet, an organisation that plants trees on your behalf.

Furniture Solutions


The right lighting to focus For a more productive WORKSPACE.


Furniture Solutions

68% percent of employees complain about the lighting situation in their offices.

Of all the five senses, vision is the one we rely on the most at work. In fact, 85% of the information we receive is through our sense of sight, so it’s no wonder good lighting is absolutely crucial. The right light for the right space The right lighting at work can: • boost productivity • enhance interpersonal relationships • increase overall well-being It’s about creating optimal lighting environments to suit the functions of your different spaces – so your WORKSPACE is set up for innovation, your MEETSPACE boosts collaboration and your BREAKSPACE is full of energy. Our lighting solutions meet the requirements of the technical and statutory regulations that govern lighting levels, harmonious brightness distribution, glare limitation, direction of light, modelling, light colour and colour rendering.

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From modern open plan spaces to traditionally designed offices, we can light any kind of workplace, tailoring our solutions to meet the needs of each space you need to light. myworkspace by Staples can help you choose lighting that strikes the right balance between performance, comfort and ambience. The future of indoor lighting: Biodynamic lighting Biodynamic lighting is an artificial light source that achieves the effects of natural daylight using a light management system. By mimicking the naturally occurring changes in temperature and intensity, it helps the body produce the right levels of hormones at the correct time of day. Biodynamic lighting elicits the same benefits of natural light, synchronising our internal clocks so that we’re balanced, well rested and ultimately, more productive. myworkspace by Staples has a broad range of lighting solutions that includes biodynamic lighting systems. Contact one of our experts to carry out an assessment and evaluate your lighting needs. Furniture Solutions


Acoustics to boost concentration


Furniture Solutions

The evolution of acoustic solutions Studies show that we care more about interior acoustics than we do about anything else. Traditional office design used to be about privacy. Focus was placed on cubicle partitions, overhead absorption, and background sound levels that masked unwanted noise. Today, modern workplace trends are changing the way spaces are designed. To increase interaction and openness between team members, visual barriers between workstations are being removed. And while open plan WORKSPACES promote collaboration, they no longer provide the same level of privacy and separation previously enjoyed in more traditional WORKSPACES. Now that you can actually see – and hear – the people you work with, office acoustic solutions need to evolve. Fewer distractions, increased productivity • Roughly 70% of all employees working in open plan spaces report that chatty colleagues have the biggest impact on their productivity. • Once we’re distracted, productivity takes a nosedive, because it takes over 23 minutes to get back to a task after losing concentration. • It takes 23 minutes and 15 Seconds to get back to task after being distracted meaning a third of workers are distracted for up to three hours a day. • 759 hours are potentially wasted each year due to workplace distractions. Our acoustic solutions are as easy as ABC. Absorb Acoustic panels are designed to capture reflected sound energy from hard surfaces like glass and concrete, lowering the reverberation time in a room.

70% of employees say they would be more productive if they worked in quieter environments.

Block Placing dividers or screens between the noise source and listener blocks sound travelling from one area to another. Cover Using a loudspeaker system that emits a soft, inconspicuous background sound, sound masking covers noisy distractions and causes ambient sound levels to become more uniform.

Furniture Solutions


Green works


Furniture Solutions

Increasing employee engagement, concentration levels and productivity Numerous scientific studies have proven the benefits of a greenified WORKSPACE. From a living green wall to a potted plant on your desk – any degree of greenery can make a considerable impact. Plants increase productivity by boosting creativity and reducing stress, sickness and absenteeism. They reduce levels of airborne dust, air temperatures and distracting background noise. A gorgeously green WORKSPACE also appears more attractive to job applicants, giving you the competitive edge when it comes to winning over the next generation of talent. myworkspace by Staples offers a variety of green solutions, from living walls to a large selection of plants. Our experts can help you choose the right greenery for your type of space, taking into consideration how often they can and will be watered, and the availability of natural light.

The numbers don’t lie. Greener workplaces make for happier, healthier employees. Boosts cognition by 26% Increase sleep quality by 6% Reduces sickness related absences by 30% Reduces dust by 20% Reduces bacteria by 50% Reduces mould by 60%

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Healthy body, healthy mind


Furniture Solutions

The risks associated with a sedentary lifestyle like weight gain, heart disease, lowered productivity and injury don’t just harm your employees, but your business too. Ergonomic solutions aren’t just good for the body, but also for the mind. Discomfort causes stress, which is on the rise and accounts for up to 80% of workplace accidents. A simple investment in ergonomic furniture and accessories can result in far fewer small workplace injuries, like sprains and strains. So, isn’t it time to focus on getting comfortable? Ergonomic solutions like natural light, good ventilation, standing desks and laptop stands reduce minor workplace injuries and create a positive, productive environment. Our Display Screen Equipment (DSE) certified experts are happy to visit your office and take an Ergonomics Survey. By assessing your employees’ posture and the overall work environment, they’ll determine what’s needed to stay comfortable and productive.

Spending less time sitting and more time standing lowers blood sugar, cholesterol and weight, and it improves productivity. Furniture Solutions


Set up your WORKSPACE for productivity 14

Furniture Solutions

Collaboration drives productivity and innovation Collaboration has been proven to be hugely beneficial to a business’ bottom line – boosting productivity, driving innovation and sparking creative thinking. On average, when employees collaborate: • 73% to do better work • 60% are more innovative • 56% are more satisfied • and they work 15% faster The modern workplace is changing, with collaboration techniques like Scrum and Agile becoming an essential part of the way we work, and workplace design is evolving as a result. It’s crucial to design each space around its unique function. And although optimising these different spaces results in different benefits, ultimately, they all increase the productivity of your business. myworkspace by Staples provides more than just furniture and design solutions; we can also help you explore the many ways you can optimise your entire WORKSPACE for collaboration and increased productivity. • Open plan WORKSPACES that facilitate collaboration by encouraging hot-desking, so people who don’t usually work together can interact. • A BREAKSPACE where people can unwind, eat lunch and share ideas in a more informal setting. • Sparking creativity and agile thinking with MEETSPACES that accommodate all kinds of gatherings – from stand-up meetings to boardroom sit downs.

Research shows that carefully designing your WORKSPACE to support what your employees actually do, pays off in both business terms and in positive changes to corporate culture.

• Bright, clean WASHSPACES that help employees feel refreshed, recharged and taken care of.

No matter what size or type of space you have, we’ll help you turn it into a hub of productivity.

Furniture Solutions


Our services


As the full-service supplier for your furnishing needs, we help you get more out of your space. Because when office design works everything works. A thoughtfully designed workplace improves employees’ morale, increases productivity and sparks inspiration. As you strive to create your ideal workplace for today and tomorrow, we’re here for you every step of the way.

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We can help you minimise risk and maximise productivity

We can take you from a concrete shell to a beautiful space to work and perform

Furniture Solutions


Bring your ideal space to life With our sophisticated 3D interior design software that creates realistic renders of your space, you can see the WORKSPACE you’ve always envisioned, before it even exists. Acoustics that minimise distraction and increase productivity. Plants that keep your team healthier and happier. Lighting that supports your staff’s circadian rhythms – improving their health and well-being.


Furniture Solutions

Ergonomic furniture that reduces workplace injuries and creates a positive, productive environment. Design that optimises your entire space for collaboration and increased productivity.

Furniture Solutions


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A better workplace by design  

A better workplace by design