190617 Rexel Promax Safety Notice UK

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Important Safety Warning RRRexel Promax Shredder Models REX823 and RSX1035 Replacement Programme ACCO Brands is initiating a replacement programme of Rexel Promax Shredder Models REX823 and RSX1035. This product was sold between December 2016 and May 2019, through office product resellers. We have become aware that some Promax Shredder Models REX823 and RSX1035 may fail during operation, possibly causing a risk of burns to consumers’ hands, arms or face, or fire to adjacent objects such as furniture. Customer safety is the top priority for ACCO Brands and we have voluntarily initiated a free replacement programme for consumers who have an impacted shredder. Please see below for further details.

Identifying your Promax Shredder Compare your shredder with the images below. An impacted Promax Shredder has a Model Number of REX823 or RSX1035 at the top right hand side of the machine. Model Number REX823

Model Number RSX1035

Note: This programme only affects Promax Shredder Models REX823 and RSX1035. No other Promax shredder models or Rexel shredders are impacted by this programme.

What to do if you have an impacted Promax Shredder If you have an impacted Promax Shredder, please stop using it immediately and unplug it. Please visit our webpage at https://RexelPromaxReplacement.expertinquiry.com to arrange a replacement free of charge. If you have any questions you can also contact us: • •

by email: RexelPromaxReplacement@Stericycle.com by phone:

Austria: Czech Republic: Denmark: France: Germany:

0800 291481 (800) 800 144 381 80 83 02 09 0805 08 18 76 0800 1810654

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Italy: Netherlands: Norway: Poland: Russia:

800 728021 0800 022 9258 800 25 031 0-0-800-4911963 8 (800) 301-38-46

Spain: Sweden: United Kingdom: All other countries:

900 905 471 020-10 93 74 0800 098 8524 +44 2080893729