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Techniques For Getting Your Home Purchased Look on the internet and find some good tips on home staging. Here you can also see local home stagers work and maybe even hire one to get your home in its best shape. Reading through this article, you may recall homes that you have seen on the market. Those that looked great and those that were awful. Keep this in mind as you clean your place up and get it ready for sale. This means packing things up inside and out. The first area of concern may be your front door. Start here and make notes as you walk through your home as to what should be packed and what should be thrown. Another area to consider involves updating fixtures and countertops. Changing out light fixtures will provide one of your best returns on investment. This is a relatively cheap fix that will give a lot of bang for the buck. Treat your bathrooms like miniture spa areas with matching soap and cotton ball holders, a nice fat candle, pretty soaps and such. For the kitchen, keep the countertops clean and shined up nicely. This includes the inside of the microwave and all your cabinets. Cleaning up the kitchen is always a more time consuming task than you think, so give your self a few days. The drawers and cabinets need to be wiped down and organized on the inside. Remove all magnets and pictures from the refrigerator and also remove junk from the top of it. This is a great time to throw stuff you don't need out. Keep your cleaning products under the cabinet and the stove, microwave and refrigerator wiped down. Don't be cooking any pungent food while your home is on the market. If they can smell it, we can't sell it. Limited service real estate agents have thrown the towel in and gladly accept a fee upfront from those that choose to sell their homes themselves. Be prepared to be exposed to potential liability as you may have exposure, but you won't have advice. The agents working with buyers are to represent a buyer and a buyer only. Not the seller or some for sale by owner person who doesn't have to follow the ethics or standards setforth in the licensing laws of agents. Most importantly and beyond the marketing aspects your listing agent is the one who will monitor the paperwork and make sure all the T's are crossed and the I's dotted when you do get an offer. It is that level of knowledge, experience and service for which your listing agent is paid, not how many lookers he or she marches through your home. The listing agent was hired to represent you and market your home, the many buyers that show up to look at it are proof of their efforts to get it sold. Any agent can, and probably will, market your property thoroughly. Many won't take decent photos or spend the extra money on a professional photographer. The other part that distinguishes one agent from another happens when you have a buyer who has made an offer. You need an agent who will look out for your best interests in every way once you start

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Techniques For Getting Your Home Purchased  
Techniques For Getting Your Home Purchased  

In order to be ready for market, your home should ...