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Innovative Technology at its best Bakery products are one of the most essential components of an Australian's diet. So it's very important to have a wide range of these products available at the highest levels of quality. Vanrooy Machines has an extensive range of machines and appliances created out of the latest technological components in a bid to serve the bakers better. Vanrooy was originally incorporated in Australia after which it opened up a branch in New Zealand. For more than three decades, we have been engaged in the provision of the best sales & services in the field of Bakery Machines. Our range extends from Commercial Dough Mixers and Pizza Ovens right up to various other tools and appliances needed in the armory of a modern day Industrial Baker. The high quality core components of our modern bakery appliances have ensured that we make a name not only for ourselves- but also our customers availing the use of our appliances. It is a well known fact that dough which has been seamlessly integrated with just the correct amounts of moisture makes the end product soft and incredibly enticing experience to eat. Our Pizza Ovens ensure that the pizzas created do not only tingle the taste buds of the customer- but also place before him an absolutely hygienic and delightful experience to be relished. Our Pizza Ovens made out essential authentic components ensure that a Pizza is baked at specific temperatures as desired by the baker. Also having an accurate & easy-to-operate temperature control system, it combines the ease of operating along with a high degree of effectiveness. We also provide an exhaustive range of baking equipment and baking supplies necessary in the arsenal of every established baker. Our baking equipment and baking supplies are made out of the purest high-grade ingredients and parts thus ensuring that you have what it take to churn out the best bakery products available in the market place today. We believe in the creation of products which are considered to be superior amongst its peers - which is why we ensure that technological innovation and creativity are at the helm of everything we manufacture. With world population growing by the minute, it has become imperative to develop a niche product which you are known for. In this ultra-competitive industry- this is possibly the only way to survive and step forward. Our exhaustive range of dough mixers, pizza ovens and other baking equipment and baking supplies can ensure that you make a mark on the world and are known for the quality, integrity and baking prowess that you already possess.

Innovative technology at its best  

Pizza ovens - - Electric Pizza Ovens come in various user-friendly designs that are very convenient and practical...