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Each year there is a specific toy that comes to the market and sends parent into a wild frenzy to get their hands on this toy. Most likely this year is going to be the Elmo Live Toy. He is poised to sell out so if you want to buy Elmo live this Christmas for your special little one you had better do it before the Elmo frenzy starts. In years gone by, the hot toy of the season has sparked many fights in store aisles and at checkout counters just to avoid having a disappointed child on Christmas morning. Recently some parents have began to check in stock levels at various websites online just so they are sure that they do not end up as part of the group that will not have the years hot toy for their child. If all else fails for getting their hands on the toy is go to eBay and pay double the price or much worse. Most likely this year is going to be the new Elmo Live Toy. Here are the reasons that this will be the one: *It's Elmo and Elmo anything is usually a Hot Christmas sellers *Elmo Live Doll will appeal to a large age group in the younger children *Some frenzy's come and go but Elmo is always a forerunner *Parents love Elmo as much as kids do *Elmo is a very impressive interactive teaching toy The Elmo Live Toy was shown at the Toy Expo in February but just recently was released for purchase so the information on Elmo is a bit limited but he has already become quite a contender and lots of stores are already putting up the sold out sign. Lots of people have viewed a 3 minute video and were prepared to buy Elmo Live early to avoid the rush. Okay so now we can buy Elmo Live Toy but is he worth his retail price. I watched a lot of videos online and read a lot of Elmo Live Reviews before I purchased one for my granddaughter. The main concern I could find was noisy gears. I decided to see just how bad the loud gears were and purchased my Elmo Live Doll. I carefully took Elmo out of the box so I could repackage him and set to play with my Elmo Live doll. I did not find his gear sound was to excessive, actually as I got playing with him, and lost all concept of why I was playing with him, so they did not distract me. I was simply amazed at all the things that the new Elmo Live Toy could do. He tells three full stories about 3 minutes long, tell a multitude of jokes and sings songs. He also sits, dances, and plays games like Elmo says. He is very polite and always uses his manners and blows kisses. This is just a short list of the new live Elmo's capabilities.

I am glad that my granddaughter will have the interaction of this toy. I do not know many people that he will not be able to entertain. I'm glad I was able to buy Elmo Live Doll and experience him fully before passing judgment on him.

As a caring grandmother, I would hate to see disappointed children on Christmas morning because of a shortage of the New Elmo Live Toy. So avoid the sell out and Buy Elmo Live Doll Now

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==== ==== For More Great info on Elmo and his alter egos -Elmo Live Encore, Tickle Me Elmo, Baby Ellmo and many more check this out... ==== ====

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