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Doc Next at IDFA 2011

View from my window, 1968-1979 chronicles

Doc Next at IDFA 2011

Doc Next Network is a unique European movement consisting of six organisations and their respective networks and communities of young media-makers in Europe: ZEMOS98 (Spain), Future Film Programme / BFI (UK), Association of the Creative Initiatives ‘ę’ (Poland), MODE Istanbul (Turkey), Metropolis TV and IDFA (The Netherlands). We are mainly active in the UK, Spain, Poland, the Netherlands and Turkey, but are also connected to other parts of Europe and its neighbours. We organise media-workshops for media-talent and storytellers. In doing so, we are collecting videos, stories, photos and other media art productions of young people. We are inspired by the huge potential of new accessible media tools and parallel environments on the internet that provide a

new generation of media-makers to influence the public debate. Young Do-It-Yourself (DIY) documentary makers are now ready to represent Europe: with fresh ideas, with new forms of documentary and with unseen local heroes. They portray another Europe to us. Our goal is to strive for a more inclusive public debate and imagery in and of Europe. We want to give access to media for young people who are likely to be excluded from mainstream public discourse. We want to make room for a new generation of young media-makers who show what Europe is really about. We bring their stories to various audiences at festivals (such as IDFA), seminars and online and offline screenings. More information? Please find us on

Doc Next at IDFA 2011-3

From the video: Wires by Jacob Dwyer (23) from the UK 4-Doc Next at IDFA 2011


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Doc Next Network hubs

Association of the Creative Initiatives ‘ę’ Warsaw, Poland

Since 2002, the Association of the Creative Initiatives ‘ę’ has been conducting social projects and workshops across Poland that seek to educate and inspire young people to be creative in artistic activities such as film, photography and theatre. The Association of the Creative Initiatives ‘ę’ supports new media-makers, cultural animators, nongovernmental organisations, teachers and artists in discovering passions, facing new challenges and realising ideas in the cultural sphere. Future Film programme, British Film Institute London, UK

The British Film Institute (BFI) promotes the understanding and appreciation of film and television heritage and culture. The BFI maintains the world’s richest and most significant collection of film and television, and is the UK’s leading body for film. The BFI backs a flourishing film environment in which innovation, opportunity and creativity thrive through connecting audiences with the widest choice of cinema, investing in creative, distinctive and entertaining work, promoting British talent to the world and supporting the next generation of filmmakers and audiences. 6-Doc Next at IDFA 2011

MODE ISTANBUL Istanbul, Turkey

Mode Istanbul is a motion pictures and digital arts initiative which organises cultural, social and educational activities such as film screenings, exhibitions, video workshops and seminars. By supporting artists of different ages and backgrounds and contributing to various creative productions, MODE Istanbul inspires cultural dialogues that go beyond borders and generations, and encourages further film, video and animation productions through strengthening the networks between audience and filmmakers. ZEMOS98 Seville, Spain

ZEMOS98 is a creative cultural management team that focuses on new narrative forms such as internet, digital video, internet radio and weblogs, and produces cultural events dealing with communication, education and digital culture issues. ZEMOS98 has been responsible for research and training projects in various formats such as seminars, workshops, exhibitions, conferences, courses, debates, projections and audio-visual concerts.

Metropolis Amsterdam, NL

Metropolis is a globally produced website and TV show initiated by the Dutch public service broadcaster VPRO and the NGO Hivos. Metropolis has its own radically different approach in reporting on global issues: all of their stories are produced by local filmmakers who form a network of over 60 video journalists from six continents. They each explore their local surroundings and capture stories that go beyond the increasingly dominant culture of sound bites and headlines that currently defines global news media. IDFA Amsterdam, NL

The International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (IDFA) is the world’s pre-eminent festival for creative documentaries. It is unique for its international film programme featuring a great variety of genres, politicallycommitted themes and many European and world premieres. IDFA has come to represent those cinematically-intriguing and innovative documentaries that are both current and socially relevant, and challenge the viewer to reflect, question and discuss. IDFA strives for a diverse and topical programme that works to generally improve the international climate for creative documentaries.

Doc Next at IDFA 2011 programme guide 16 – 27 November Amsterdam

Wednesday 16 – Sunday 20 November 10 Doc Next DIY media-makers attend the IDFAcademy, including a Doc Next workshop by Condition ONE. See biographies mediamakers, page 32. Thursday 17 – Sunday 27 November Doc Next screenings - prior to feature documentaries in the main IDFA program. see programme guide IDFA for hours and locations of the screenings Wednesday 16 – Sunday 27 November Doc Next Mini Cinema - every day a special ongoing Doc Next film programme in the Doc Next Mini Cinema at the Rembrandtplein, at the heart of the festival. Free entrance! Doc Next Mini Cinema - every day from 12 to 8 pm (Sunday 27 Nov until 6 pm). Sunday 20 November / 10.30 am – 12.00 am Doc Next Industry Panel: “Is the documentary industry over the hill?” Against the backdrop of an aging television audience there is a new generation of media consumers, who in many cases are also media producers. Should the documentary industry try to adapt to these “prosumers” and how should it go about doing so? Doc Next at IDFA 2011-7

8-Doc Next at IDFA 2011

Doc Next at IDFA 2011 Doc Next at IDFA 2011

Doc Next 2011 Film Selection Doc Next 2011 presents a selection of short documentaries made by talented young media makers. These do-it-yourself media-makers are ready to represent Europe through their fresh ideas, new documentary formats, personal views and unexpected local heroes. Shown on the big screen prior to the festival’s featured films, and in the Mini Cinema, Doc Next films are personal reflections portraying a different Europe.

Doc Next at IDFA 2011-9

I’m Looking for Someone by JANusZ koJro (26) PolAND (03’23)

Did you ever bump into an interesting person on a bus and then wanted to track them down again – without a clue how to do that? Every month around 3000 people are looking for someone on a Polish internet portal. In a city the size of Warsaw, a reunion of two bystanders will only happen, statistically, after 17 years. Adverts used in the film are authentic. Fs/MC (festival screening & Mini Cinema) 10-Doc Next at IDFA 2011

Doc Next at IDFA 2011

Launderette by Alex NeVIll (21) UK (09’16)

This short, reflective documentary revolves around the late night inhabitants of a launderette. In just nine minutes, viewers are given an existential insight into the human condition, memories of childhood ambition, stories of lost family and broken relationships, and reflections on the vastness of the universe. The film won Best Documentary at BFI Future Film Festival 2011. Fs/MC Doc Next at IDFA 2011-11

Epidermis by AlFoNso AlcAlÁ olmo (27) sPAIN (02’16)

This video is dedicated to all people that are the happy owners of a beauty that is multiple, alternative or fragmented – people who don’t mind providing a contrast to the images dictated by the marketplace. Fs/MC 12-Doc Next at IDFA 2011

Doc Next at IDFA 2011

Guilty Until Proven Innocent by mAhmouD AlI, sAmAr IbrAhIm, DANyAl lAskAr, AbDIrAhmAN AhmeD, mAsoomA husseIN, bIlAN yussoF, mAZIDA khAN AND osmAN yAQub (16-20) UK (3‘52)

In 2008, Hashi Omar was arrested under terrorism charges. Later he was found to be innocent, but the media had already portrayed him as guilty. While listening to Hashi’s story first-hand in this short film, viewers are challenged to consider their responses to media headlines. MC Doc Next at IDFA 2011-13

It’s a Hard Knock Life by gAVIN Vout (20) UK (2’44)

Filmmaker Gavin Vout talks about the doubts and difficulties he faces being a young gay man. MC 14-Doc Next at IDFA 2011

Doc Next at IDFA 2011

Draw Me a Crisis by AlketA rAmAJ (21) greeCe/AlbANIA (2‘35)

What crisis looks like, according to young Greeks. Fs/MC

Doc Next at IDFA 2011-15

Narrated by Athens by FIruZe kArAoglu (18) greeCe (02’01)

This short film on the current situation in Athens is dedicated to the Greek hospitality that filmmaker Firuze Karaoglu experienced during his year in Thessaloniki. MC 16-Doc Next at IDFA 2011

Doc Next at IDFA 2011

Ece’esque by bAhAr DemIrkAN, okyAr IglI, hAyAtI kose, morteZA moghADDAm (18-36) tUrKey (06’36)

Ece’esque was inspired by Ece Ayhan verses, such as: “I put the camera on the shoulder of Melahat from Canakkale, I look from there, genuine and true.” In this film, the women of the Turkish town of Canakkale give multiple meanings to the city with their stories and imageries. MC Doc Next at IDFA 2011-17


Gulo by eleNe AsAtIANI, mIrek korANDA, sophIA tAbAtADZe AND elIANe esther bots georgIA (14’59)

Gulo explores the subject of life and death while visualising the theatrical themes and settings that surround burial rituals in Georgia. The film reveals the ideas of people who are directly connected to the passage between life and death. MC 18-Doc Next at IDFA 2011

Doc Next at IDFA 2011

Chiatura, My Pride by stephANIe eNDter, mAxIm kuZmeNko, lIsA muller, ulrIke peNk AND kAJetAN tADrowskI georgIA (12’57)

Chiatura used to be one of the most prosperous industrial cities of Georgia, boasting rich resources of a precious metal called manganese. Due to its location, in a steep valley surrounded by high mountains, Chiatura designed a system of cable cars to transport both workers and manganese. MC Doc Next at IDFA 2011-19

Political Brands, Empty Words by rocÍo treJo ZAmorANo (21) sPAIN (01’24)

A political video remix of brands and words, related to ‘global’ politics. Fs/MC 20-Doc Next at IDFA 2011

Doc Next at IDFA 2011

Mo & Jo Fighting for the Troops by JIm bIrkett AND mIke howArD UK (07’32)

The lovely elderly couple Mo and Jo from England send personal letters and parcels to ‘their lads and girls’ who are involved in long-term foreign military missions. MC Doc Next at IDFA 2011-21

View from my window, 1968-1979 chronicles by kAtArZyNA NAlewAJkA, ulA klImek, mIlosZ hermANowIcZ, kAmIl rADZIsZewskI AND JAkub pIAtek (18-33) PolAND (01’50)

A documentary remix of 40 pictures that were taken by the late Polish photographer Mariusz Hermanowicz from an apartment building on Nr 23, People’s Army Street. Fs/MC 22-Doc Next at IDFA 2011

Doc Next at IDFA 2011

Wires by JAcob Dwyer (23) UK (07’35)

In Wires, a man wakes up on a rooftop with no recollection of who, or where, he is. He discovers a sequence of photographs and as he moves from one to the next, he starts to remember things. But did the photographs prompt his memory or become his memory? Fs/MC Doc Next at IDFA 2011-23

Media Deception by ZArAh kANwAl, FAtImA pAtel, tAyyAbA mAlIk, rumANA All, NAsAybAh hussAIN AND khADeeJAh bepArI (13–18) UK (02’50)

What do young Muslims think of the media? An eye-opening short documentary on how the media influences the public according to Britons. Fs/MC

24-Doc Next at IDFA 2011

Doc Next at IDFA 2011

Tron (15M version) by FelIpe g. gIl (30) sPAIN (05’46)

This political video remixes footage of the acts of recent demonstrations of the Spanish revolution known as the 15th May Movement, the digital era and the movie Tron, as they relate to the current European crisis and basic human rights such as housing, work, culture, health and education. MC Doc Next at IDFA 2011-25

Dear Brother Sakir by oZge yesIlcImeN, borA bAlbey, bADe selcuk AND cANer kececI (18–30) tUrKey (05’47)

Dear Brother Sakir is a short film about Sakir Turker, the captivating, beloved and fatherly owner of Sakir’s Place, a cafe which has turned into one of Canakkale’s symbols in Turkey. MC 26-Doc Next at IDFA 2011

Doc Next at IDFA 2011

Brothers by Emi Mazurkiewicz (19) Poland (06’15)

An intimate portrait of two little boys filmed by their sister. The film depicts the imaginary world young children live in, and captures the love, life and imagination of the young brothers. fs/MC Doc Next at IDFA 2011-27

Hairminators by DAtA chIgholAshVI, sAlome JoglIDZe AND bIrgIt kuch (22–27) georgIA (14’16)

This gloomy short film focuses on hair as a quality of character. It reveals the daily life and dreams of Tbilisi barbers. MC 28-Doc Next at IDFA 2011

Doc Doc Next Next at at IDFA IDFA 2011 2011

Ebb and Tide by AkIle NAZlI kAyA (31) tUrKey/ CZeCh rePUblIC (10’38) This personal documentary challenges the existing imagery of Turkish people living in Europe. Fs/MC

Doc Next at IDFA 2011-29

From the video: I’m looking for Someone by Janusz Kojro (26) from Poland

30-Doc Next at IDFA 2011

Doc Next at IDFA 2011-31

32-Doc Next at IDFA 2011

Doc Next at IDFA 2011 Doc Next at IDFA 2011

Doc Next Media Makers at IDFA 2011 Meet some of our Doc Next DIY media-makers, portraying a new Europe through fresh ideas, new documentary formats, personal views, unexpected local heroes and intimate reflections. These media-makers attend the IDFAcademy, including a special Doc Next workshop in cooperation with IDFA’s Doc Lab.

Doc Next at IDFA 2011-33

“My ambition is to look for unique stories and characters… and finding humour in everyday life.”

mAwAAN rIZwAN oNlINe PreseNter/ProDUCer, UK

the IQbAls: FAtImA (2011)

Self-made YouTube sensation Mawaan Rizwan (20) recently graduated from the industry-funded film training initiative Second Light, where he developed his skills in screenwriting and directing. “I write, perform and edit my own online comedy show, which has 47,063 online subscribers and over 10.5 million views on YouTube. My ambition is to look for unique stories and characters. I want to find more quirky stories covering themes such as immigration, cultural differences and disoriented families. I want to travel the globe, meet people, learn and creatively engage with different lifestyles and cultures while finding humour in everyday life.”

“Movies make me discover the world around me.”

Iwo koNDeFer stUDeNt, PolAND Iwo Kondefer (19) made his first documentary at 16. He recently graduated from the Andrzej Wajda Master School of Film Directing where he directed Miejski srodek komunikacji. “Film is the greatest passion in my life, so my ambition is to work as a film director in the future. Movies make me discover the world around me. And for me it’s also a way to communicate.” For his second film, Everything, Iwo received the Grand Prix at the OKFA Festival in Konin, and First Prize at the Festival of Funny Independent Films in Lubomierz. “My next project will be a short feature film based on a story by Polish writer Lidia Amejko. The realisation of this movie is now my main goal.” 34-Doc Next at IDFA 2011

Doc Next at IDFA 2011

“Cinematography provides me with the perfect mix of creative and technical challenges.” Alex NeVIll FreelANCe CINeMAtogrAPher, UK An up-and-coming cinematographer with experience working on award-winning narrative and documentary short films, Alex Nevill (21) studied Digital Film Production at the University of Gloucestershire where he achieved a first class honours degree. “Cinematography provides me with the perfect mix of creative and technical challenges. I see film as the oldest and richest art form and storytelling as an intrinsic part of human nature. Using a visual medium to evoke emotion, portray narratives and entertain is something that both fascinates and encapsulates me. It gives me the chance to express myself.” See Alex’s film ‘Launderette’ at IDFA (p. 11)

“I want to build my life around filmmaking; it has captured me completely” selIN guNDuZ FIlMMAKer, tUrKey Selin Gunduz (21) is an aspiring DIY filmmaker with tremendous self-motivation. She has not attended university or received any formal media education. Rather, she pushes herself to learn more about filmmaking, screenwriting, photography and acting by attending certificate programmes, workshops and seminars. “For me, filmmaking is not a temporary interest. I want to build my life around it; it has captured me completely. I save money by working other jobs, so I can make films and attend screenings and other film-related events.” Selin is now working on a script for a short film and preparing a documentary on internet censorship in Turkey. sesler Ve golgeler (2010)

Doc Next at IDFA 2011-35

“I prefer to work on several projects simultaneously.” JAkub pIAtek DIreCtor/sCreeNWrIter, PolAND At age 18, Jakub Piatek (26) started a movie club with a few friends that eventually evolved into a 500-seat open-air cinema. He recently graduated from the Polish National Film School. “I prefer to work on several projects simultaneously. Currently I am developing an observational documentary about a truck driver and his teenage son, editing a personal fiction documentary about my mother and myself, and working on a feature project with several producers I met during film school.” His work has been awarded at FIKE Festival in Portugal, Art-House Film Festival in Georgia, Iran International Film Festival and at the International Short Film Festival in Bulgaria. See Jakub’s film ‘View from my window’ at IDFA (p. 22)

“Most of my projects were beyond common sense, but all framed within the context of audio-visual and digital culture.” FelIpe g. gIl FIlMMAKer, sPAIN From a young age Felipe G. Gil (30) devoted himself to recording radio programmes on cassette tapes and fantasising about how one day he would become a great communicator. It was during his audio-visual communication study that he developed many projects, “most of which were beyond common sense, but all framed within the context of audio-visual and digital culture.” So far he has only released and distributed a small part of his work, including Videoenrecreant, el Tenista and Anything. In his spare time he “tries to further reflect and to produce work on issues such as communication, remix, education, DIY, meta and fiction.” See Felipe’s film ‘Tron 15M version’ at IDFA (p. 25) DIsolVeNte (2005) 36-Doc Next at IDFA 2011

Doc Next at IDFA 2011

“My biggest ambition in life is to make creative, innovative and inspiring films.” AkIle NAZlI kAyA DIreCtor, tUrKey Born in Turkey, Akile Nazli Kaya (31) is an award-winning animator/director/designer who works and studies in Prague. Her productions focus on important themes such as immigration, food security and personal freedom. “My biggest ambition in life is to make creative, innovative and inspiring short animated films and documentaries that address social and environmental issues. My dream is to open an animation studio in both Prague and Istanbul that will create socially and environmentally concerned ‘green’ films.” Her animated short film Zlinska Polevka/Zlin Soup (“A portrait of the city of Zlin”) has won several awards, including the Best Short Film Award at the Green Film Festival in Seoul in 2009. See Akile’s film ‘Ebb and Tide’ at IDFA (p. 29) ZlIN soup (2010)

“I believe in the multidisciplinary aspect of filmmaking.” pAblo DomÍNgueZ FreelANCe grAPhIC DesIgNer/vIDeogrAPher, sPAIN Graphic designer/videographer Pablo Domínguez (27) considers himself as a blend of several different artistic disciplines. “I believe in the multidisciplinary aspect of filmmaking because there are so many different ways to transmit the same message. I like to work with different techniques and methods, but currently my main focus is on video graphics. I also have a special interest in the environment and nature since I grew up in a village near North Seville. Later, I went to Budapest to continue my artistic education. At the moment I am working on audiovisuals and graphic designs, as well as teaching teenagers on these subjects.” Doc Next at IDFA 2011-37

”Since I am part of so many different cultures, this gives me a unique perspective.” AleksANDr kheyFets INDePeNDeNt vIDeogrAPher, estoNIA Independent filmmaker and videographer Aleksandr Kheyfets (31) was born in Russia, grew up in the US, studied film in the Czech Republic, produced TV ads in Tajikistan and is currently based in Tallinn, Estonia. “I have a wide experience in directing, shooting and editing documentaries, short fiction films and commercial videos. Since I am part of so many different cultures, this gives me a unique perspective. My ambition for the future is to transition into making fiction films.”

hostel loomINg (2011)

“Creating media productions enables me to inspire, teach, inform and mobilise all sorts of people.” phIlIp bAkker Ceo AND ProDUCer, Nl Philip Bakker (27) uses modern media tools to pioneer towards a next level. His ambition is to create political documentations on upcoming changes. “We are facing difficult times and both in politics and on a communal level we have to make some hard choices. In creating media productions and documentaries on these topics, I hope to inspire, teach and mobilise all sorts of people. And I intend to keep doing this for as long as I live.” (With special thanks to Imagine IC, Amsterdam) 38-Doc Next at IDFA 2011

European Cultural Foundation The European Cultural Foundation (ECF) initiates and supports cultural expression and interaction that empower people to realise a shared future in Europe. We enable voices that are too often unheard to be heard. We link inspirational people and ideas to cultural policy-making, both in local communities and on the European political stage. We are an independent foundation, based in the Netherlands, and have been operating across Europe for nearly 60 years. Our guiding principles commit us to the whole of Europe and its neighbouring regions, but we do target our support where it is most needed. We champion and transmit cultural exchange and new forms of artistic expression. We also share and connect knowledge across the European cultural sector, and campaign for the arts at all levels of political decision-making. ECF is now embarking on a search for Narratives for Europe – seeking people and communities that are building stories and visions which shape the Europe of today and tomorrow. Until 2012, this will be ECF’s thematic focus in all we do. Our ambition is to ensure that these narratives are shared and spread across Europe and beyond, and are also brought into spheres of influence.

The European Cultural Foundation is grateful for the longstanding partnership with the Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds. As a result of this partnership ECF thankfully acknowledges the annual financial contribution – via the Cultuurfonds – from the BankGiro Loterij, the Lotto and the Nationale Instant-Loterij.

Doc Next at IDFA 2011-39


Doc Next Network is a unique European movement consisting of six organisations and their respective networks and communities of young media-...